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How significant is the latest Russia-Iran satellite launch? - analysis

Israel and the US are concerned the technology could be used for intel and nuke progress.

Russia's space agency to launch Iranian satellite into orbit

The satellite, named Khayyam, was developed and manufactured at enterprises that are part of Roscosmos.

Debris from China rocket launch will crash land, but no one knows where

The 23-ton laboratory is the second module of the station to be built on Earth and shot off into space, the first having blasted off in late April 2021.

Iran's satellite program is a growing threat - analysis

Iran's growing confidence in space can be seen in the report that the IRGC is planning on launching not just one, but multiple satellites into space within the next year.

Mysterious lights, possibly SpaceX Starlink, spotted in Israel's North

Footage has been shared over social media of what seems to be a trail of lights that can be spotted moving from east to west without making a sound. 


China wants to defend the Earth from asteroids using the moon

The new project entails putting three guardian satellites carrying loads of fuel and kinetic weapons into the moon’s orbit around the Earth.

UK heatwave examined from space by British scientists

Scientists associated with the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), located at Space Park in Leicester, produced a map of the UK displaying land surface temperature.

How much of a gamechanger is Russia’s new potential space laser for US, Israel? - analysis

An open-source investigation published last week by The Space Review found that Russia is developing a new laser system in the Greater Caucasus mountain range that will disable foreign satellites.

Russia building new laser weapon to disable foreign satellites - report

Deep in the Greater Caucasus mountain range, Russia is constructing a new laser weapon to be used for "electro-optical warfare."

Russian space agency Roscosmos shares images of NATO summit location

Russia accused Ukraine of receiving information from private Western satellite companies through NATO.