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asian cultural council 2018 annual report

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Message from Chairman & Executive Director 2. Board of Trustees 3. Partner Foundations 4. Messages from ACC’s Asia Directors 8. 2018 Program Overview 12. Public Programs & Partnerships 14. 2018 Grantee Highlights 20. 2018 Grants 22. JDR 3rd Award 24. BHR Award 26. Global Anniversary Celebrations 36. 2018 Events around the World 37. Donors 40. Financial Summary 42. Staff

Cover: Ethnomusicologist Susie Ibarra tracing the sounds of the Ganges River

The Wooster Group performing The Town Hall Affair in Japan

AT THE HEART OF ACC is a celebration of meaningful connection across borders. We believe that bringing people together from seemingly disparate backgrounds to discover commonality and appreciate differences is what creates a global consonance and commitment to a shared future. By empowering artists, scholars, and arts professionals to travel and pursue lifechanging experiences in Asia and the U.S., we enact our core belief that cultural exchange is the most powerful tool we have to build a more harmonious world.


MIHO WALSH Executive Director

In 2018, ACC celebrated 55 years of work in cultural exchange, our investment to date of $100 million in direct grant-giving, and support for exchange opportunities to artists and scholars in Asia and the U.S. We showcased our brilliant alumni and gathered our ever-expanding global network of friends at our 55th Anniversary Gala in New York, where we honored John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award recipient Shen Wei (ACC 1995, 2017) alongside longtime ACC supporters and leading philanthropists David and Susan Rockefeller, who announced a $1 million endowment gift from the Estate of David Rockefeller, Sr. We continued to expand our public audience and programming with our annual East-West Dialogue lecture featuring Fumihiko Maki (ACC 1976) and Peter Grilli in Tokyo, and by co-hosting a panel on international artist residencies with the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) at La MaMa. We built on our belief in the value of partnerships through exciting new alliances with BCAF, establishing a multi-year fellowship program to increase opportunities for exchange for artists from China and the U.S., and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which provided a three-year grant to augment ACC’s capacity to support American artists and scholars to travel to Asia. Finally, our long-time partner, the Henry Luce Foundation, provided critical funding to support a targeted survey program in seven countries in Southeast Asia evaluating both the needs of the field and ACC’s impact among our alumni community. Throughout 2018, we were constantly inspired by and grateful for our worldwide ACC community of dedicated board members, alumni, donors, and staff who continue to demonstrate their steadfast commitment to our mission and illuminate the importance of cultural exchange between and within the U.S. and Asia. The current challenges and increasing complexities of our world affirm ACC’s dedication to building connectivity across cultures. The experience of an individual’s journey outside of their home provides for a transformative platform to learn about another and to reflect on one’s own identity and worldview. Cultural exchanges also create connection on a person-to-person level — it is these relationships built on a global scale that give us hope and confidence for a better future for us all.


BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers Wendy O’Neill Chairman Hans Michael Jebsen Vice Chairman Josie Cruz Natori Vice Chairman Jonathan Fanton Treasurer Valerie Rockefeller Secretary Trustees

Life Trustees

Elizabeth J. McCormack Chairman Emeritus

Hope Aldrich Colin G. Campbell John H. Foster Kenneth H.C. Fung Stephen B. Heintz Russell A. Phillips, Jr. Isaac Shapiro Michael I. Sovern William G. Spears

Richard S. Lanier President Emeritus Kazuko Aso Ernest de León Escaler Douglas Tong Hsu Tonia Hsu Julie Ann Kohn YiLing Mao Carol Rattray Missie Rennie Charles Rockefeller David Rockefeller, Jr. Ruby Shang Dan Swift Yuji Tsutsumi John R. Witt Mercedes Zobel

as of June 1, 2019

Board members retired in 2018-2019 Jane DeBevoise (2009-2018) John H. Foster (2002-2018) Erh-fei Liu (2006-2019)

ACC PARTNER FOUNDATIONS ACC enacts its mission through the collaboration of our offices and partner foundations in New York, Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, and Tokyo. The generous and steadfast support of our partners across Asia and the United States is crucial to the success of ACC initiatives. ACC Japan Foundation Councilors: Wendy O’Neill Yuji Tsutsumi 堤猶二 Hiroo Chikaraishi 力石寛夫 Hiroshi Ogawa 小川博 Trustees:
 Kazuko Aso 麻生和子, Chairman Miho Walsh
 Nobuo Nakamura 中村信夫 Akira Tatehata
建畠晢 Yuji Akimoto 秋元雄史 Auditor: Keiichi Tsuda 津田敬一

Asian Cultural Council (HK) Foundation Limited Executive Board: Hans Michael Jebsen, Chairman Wendy O’Neill Marissa Fung Shaw 邵馮詠愛 Miho Walsh John R. Witt Kenneth H.C. Fung 馮慶鏘, Honorary Chairman Legal Advisor: Mabel M. Lui 呂馮美儀 Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers

ACC Taiwan Foundation Douglas Tong Hsu 徐旭東, Chairman Su-Hwa Yang Chou 楊周素華 Chen-Mei Lin 林珍玫 Hsiu-Cheng Shen Tsai 沈蔡秀真 Pao-Lin Hsu 徐寶玲 Ching-Hui Hong Chien 洪簡靜惠 Suzie Ho 侯王淑昭 ** **Deceased January 8, 2019 ACC Philippines Foundation Inc. Ernest de León Escaler, Chairman Ma. Isabel G. Ongpin, President Ma. Lourdes Gamboa Lindo, Treasurer Alan Jose A. Reyes, Corporate Secretary Concepcion C. Cruz Joven R. Cuanang, M.D. Alice Eduardo Rajo T. Laurel Louise A. Marcos Anton Mendoza Josie C. Natori Miho Walsh Isabel Caro Wilson Mercedes Zobel


MESSAGES FROM ACC’S ASIA DIRECTORS ACC in 2018 In 2018, ACC celebrated 30 years of providing life-changing, cultural exchange opportunities for creative talents in China, Hong Kong and Macau. To commemorate this milestone, we presented the ACC Hong Kong 30th Anniversary IMPACT Awards to Tian Mansha and Oscar Ho Hing Kay. These awards recognize alumni whose longterm contribution towards the arts and cultural exchange have made tremendous impact on their communities. JOSEPHINE WAI ACC Hong Kong

Tian Mansha (ACC 2004-2011), a Sichuan Opera master from China, was awarded for her artistry and educational work, as well as for bringing this traditional art form into the contemporary art scene and international arena. Oscar Ho Hing Kay (ACC 1992), a curator, critic and educator, is among the pioneering generation of curators in Hong Kong’s contemporary art scene. His educational work in nurturing the next generation of art administrators and curators has had far-reaching influence on the artistic development in the region. We also welcomed our 2018 cohort of grantees. Eleven individuals from China and Hong Kong received ACC’s support to realize their goals. The results of their work are not immediately visible, but I am confident that the investment ACC is making today is crucial for fostering a lasting impact on cross-cultural dialogue. The work of ACC in Hong Kong is made possible by our generous patrons. We are most grateful to our present and former Chairmen, Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen, Mr. Kenneth Fung and Mr. J.S. Lee for their leadership over the past 30 years, as well as the former Friends’ Committee members, the present ACC Hong Kong Foundation Board members, Patrons Circle members, donors and supporters for their commitment to our work.

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ACC’s Tokyo office had a dynamic year of programming that connected alumni, current grantees, patrons, and peers in conversation around the importance of cultural exchange. In June, “PINTOKYO: Contemporary Philippine Art Exhibition” brought our local and international boards, alumni, and supporters together to view works from Pinto Art Museum. RITSU YOSHINO


In November, Japan continued to be a hub for ACC Tokyo ACC Japan Foundation ACC’s international community, as we hosted a 55th Anniversary Gala at the Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel. This dinner and benefit auction featured testimonials by dancer Akiko Kitamura (ACC 2003, 2015) and visual artist Ishu Han (ACC 2014), as well as a performance by Mr. Akihito Obama (ACC 2011) and Mr. Hidejiro Honjo (Keigo Ayusawa) (ACC 2015) playing shakuhachi and shamisen. The next day, we presented ACC’s East-West Dialogue lecture at International House in Japan featuring architect Mr. Fumihiko Maki (ACC 1976) and Chairman Emeritus of the Japan Society of Boston Mr. Peter Grilli in discussion on U.S.-Japan exchange. 2018 not only marked the 35th Anniversary of the ACC Japan Program but also the formation of the Asian Cultural Council Japan Foundation (ACCJF) led by ACC Board members Mr. Yuji Tsutsumi and Mrs. Kazuko Aso. ACCJF supports ACC’s global mission and will continue to build an ever-growing community around the arts and cultural exchange. This year, we awarded eight grants from Japan, and supported six grantees from the U.S., Korea and Taiwan for intensive research and creative activities in Japan. ACC’s program of immersive fellowships is made possible through continued support from The Saison Foundation and Mikimoto, as well as many individuals, companies and foundations, friends and grantees. We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at ACC Japan events! 日本語はこちら 5

MESSAGES FROM ACC’S ASIA DIRECTORS ACC in 2018 2018 was a memorable year for ACC Philippines. We are invigorated by the work of our grantees and alumni, developments in the field of art and culture, and the unwavering support of our board and partners who believe deeply in our mission of cultural exchange. It began with successful fundraisers. Art Fair Philippines featured ACC’s first Filipino visual artist grantee José Joya (ACC 1967, 1969), followed by our annual art auction in partnership with León Gallery and Jaime Ponce de León. TERESA RANCES ACC Manila

In June, we set off to Japan for the “PINTOKYO” benefit exhibition of contemporary visual artists from Pinto Art Museum. This was made possible by our Trustees led by Dr. Joven Cuanang and Rajo Laurel; the support of the Philippine Ambassador to Japan, Hon. Jose Laurel V; and the work of our ACC Tokyo office and trustees from Japan, Mr. Yuji Tsutsumi and Mrs. Kazuko Aso. We extend our thanks to Roche Bobois whose auction benefited the ACC Philippines Fellowship Program and Pinto Art Museum, which held its second “Pinto Manhattan” exhibition. ACC’s 55th anniversary celebrations continued with “Portraits by Andres Barrioquinto,” an exhibition in partnership with the National Museum of the Philippines (ACC 2005). The successful benefit exhibit featured 18 portraits of industry leaders and art patrons. In 2018, ACC Philippines supported seven grants in the fields of theater, art criticism, curation, dance, film, and ethnomusicology. We are inspired by the promise of our newest cohort, as well as the success of our alumni. We congratulate Sam Penaso (ACC 2013) and Michael Bacol (ACC 2005) for receiving the Philippine National Art Awards and Kidlat Tahimik (ACC 1989) for being honored as National Artist for Film. Kidlat joins seven alumni who have been conferred as National Artist, the highest artistic recognition given by the Philippine government.


Over the past 55 years, ACC has supported the immersive exchange of artists and arts professionals in Asia and the U.S., yielding a vast, interconnected international network. In celebration of this global community, our staff and dedicated supporters, Group 33, organized a 55th Anniversary Gala centered around the phrase “Step out into the world, find your own voice.” RITA CHANG ACC Taipei

Douglas Hsu, ACC Taiwan Foundation Chairman, elaborated on this phrase as one central to “the beliefs that have kept ACC committed to its cause since its establishment. The beliefs in the value of people, of human connections, and of the arts that can make a difference in this world. We foster these values by helping artists to go out into the world and find their voices.” The event was a collaborative effort of ACC alumni, staff, and supporters to rehearse, script, edit, and light. In Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center’s performance hall, everyone was a producer, performer and joyful audience member. The event focused on the traditional arts of Taiwanese puppetry, opera, and nanguan, while highlighting contemporary creative expression of theater and dance. Following the performance, the audience stood up and used their hands, arms, and bodies to form the shape of “ACC.” This collective motion reflected the spirit of ACC as an international family. In 2018, this family grew, as ACC supported six individuals and two organizations from Taiwan in fields ranging from dance to theater, conservation to visual art and more. ACC hopes to continue to be a platform that shines light on our inspiring grantees and alumni.

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ACC’S PROGRAMS 2018 Overview Each year at ACC is as exciting, unique, and inspiring as the individual fellows and projects that we fund. If 2018 were a grantee, it would have been an energetic, cross-disciplinary artist with a strong research practice who challenged us to dig deep into our alumni community and beyond to re-engage members of our network for ideas, reflection, and evaluation.

CECILY D. COOK Director of Programs

In spring 2018, ACC sought out two previous funders, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Henry Luce Foundation, to support two priority areas: increased opportunities for American artists and arts professionals to travel to Asia; and a Southeast Asia initiative assessing needs in the field, alumni engagement, and evaluation of ACC’s impact in this region.

ACC’s inaugural Mellon Fellows were a diverse group of artists carrying out projects in Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, research for our Luce-supported survey and evaluation had ACC staff traveling through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, conducting over 140 meetings over a six-week period. This ongoing project has and will continue to yield important data contributing to our current and future program strategy. Spring also marked the beginning of ACC’s new partnership with the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF). Their three-year grant exponentially increased our capacity for supporting exchange between China and the U.S. and with the rest of Asia, and signifies an exciting new chapter in our work in this area. Fall 2018 brought a succession of exciting events from galas celebrating the critical work of our alumni to panels, lectures, board meetings, and more. Dynamic against this backdrop of lively activities were, as ever, ACC’s Fellows. From the moment they begin to prepare for their project to their departure, from their visits to ACC’s offices for advice to their final reports upon return home, these original, creative, resourceful, visionary individuals are a source of constant inspiration and reminder of why ACC’s work is so important. With and beyond the resources and support ACC provides, our grantees surmount economic, social, political, cultural, and international barriers with dedication and commitment. We are honored to follow their lead.


ACC’S PROGRAMS Fellowships & Grants A C C F E L LO W S H I P S are thoughtful investments in both current and future generations of cultural leaders. ACC nurtures arts professionals at every phase of their careers by providing customized and immersive opportunities for research and creative exploration. Each fellowship is tailored to address the specific goals and needs of each grantee, providing both grant funds and personal guidance from ACC staff and leaders in related fields to make the fellowship experience as enriching as possible.

6 ,0 0 0 E XC H A N G E S . 2 6 C O U N T R I E S . 1 6 F I E L D S . 5 O F F I C E S . 1 A C C . NEW YORK FELLOWSHIP

six months in New York with ACC housing and comprehensive programmatic (research guidance, introductions, and network building) and logistical (visa, housing, and travel) support from ACC staff INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP

one to six months in Asia or the U.S. for self-directed research trips, with programmatic support from ACC staff GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP

one year scholarship for travel expenses and living stipend of students pursuing graduate degrees in the U.S. TRAVEL GRANT

less than one month in Asia or the U.S. ORGANIZATION/PROJECT GRANT

for collaborations involving 3+ individuals or organizations facilitating cultural exchange opportunities for individual project participants 9

2018 GRANT PROGRAM Numbers & Disciplines





13 fields

9 1 Architecture (2)


$ 1,368,406 total grants to


individuals $ 1,183,600


organizations $ 143,000


public program* $ 41,806

Art History (3) Arts Administration (1) Arts Criticism (3) Conservation (2) Crafts (2) Curation (6) Dance (8) Ethnomusicology (2) Film/Video/Photography (2) Music (5) Theater (12) Visual Art (7)

*public program: East-West Dialogues lecture series 10



In Exchange With... BANGLADESH (1)



















*some grants involved travel to multiple destinations 11

HIGHLIGHTS Public Programs E A S T-W E S T D I A LO G U E S is a lecture series established through the generous endowment gift of Tsuneko and Shoji Sadao that presents thought leaders in conversation to encourage critical discourse and around cultural exchange. The 2018 East-West Dialogue at International House in Tokyo featured Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki (ACC 1976) and American film producer, writer, and Japan Society of Boston President Emeritus Peter Grilli. J O I N the dialogue! View their conversation here.

I N T E R N AT I O N A L A R T I S T R E S I D E N C I E S Panel & Discussion ACC is committed to convening professionals and practitioners in the field of arts and cultural exchange. Co-hosted by ACC, La MaMa E.T.C., and Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation as part of the Creative China Festival 2018, the half-day panel explored international artist residency programs through three topics: Artist Residencies & Community Engagement, The Experience of the Residency, and After the Residency. PA N E L I S T S I N C LU D E D : Jamie Bennett, ArtPlace America Jay Brown, Lijiang Studio Ping Chong, Ping Chong + Company Cecily D. Cook, ACC Jane DeBevoise, Asia Art Archive David J. Diamond, La MaMa Umbria Ursula Eagly, Choreographer Susan Hapgood, ISCP RenĂŠ Lorenceau, Swatch Art Peace Hotel Li Mu, Visual Artist Fito Segrera, Chronus Art Center Jennifer Wen Ma, Visual Artist Karen Wong, New Museum Mia Yoo, La MaMa E.T.C. 12

Increasing Our Investment in Cultural Exchange A S I A N C U LT U R A L C O U N C I L is committed to increasing our investment in cultural exchange opportunities. ACC has identified strategic areas of our program for growth and actively pursues support for these critical initiatives.


C H I N A | B E I J I N G C O N T E M P O R A R Y A R T F O U N D AT I O N ( B C A F ) ACC and Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation launched a three-year partnership that further supports exchange between artists and arts specialists from the U.S. and China.

U N I T E D S TAT E S | T H E A N D R E W W. M E L LO N F O U N D AT I O N The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and ACC began a three-year partnership to support opportunities for American artists traveling to Asia.

S O U T H E A S T A S I A | H E N R Y LU C E F O U N D AT I O N The Henry Luce Foundation supported ACC’s Southeast Asia Research and Partnership-Building Initiative. This project allowed ACC staff to conduct interviews and survey alumni and partner organizations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand.




Curator Reaksmey Yean (2018 ACCMandarin Oriental Fellow) received his Graduate Fellowship to support his first year of an art history M.A. at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.

Zhu Jinglun received a Graduate Fellowship to complete an M.A. at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.

“LASALLE offers an interdisciplinary teaching approach, which combines theoretical, sociocultural, sociopolitical and historical studies. In addition, the program has a strong emphasis on Southeast Asia and contemporary arts. I am honored to have this opportunity to further my education and sharpen my knowledge and capacity. ACC also opened for me an access to their wide network of art practitioners and cultural leaders. I enjoyed meeting some interesting and inspiring people via ACC. For instance, I met fellow ACC grantees in Thailand, as well as during my recent trip to Japan. It is important that grantmakers do not only offer financial support, but also continue to support in other ways, especially building a network, such as the one built by ACC. Thank you for these wonderful experiences.”


“The ACC community gives me a sense of belonging while studying in the U.S. ACC’s vast network continues to offer me enormous support for pursuing my professional goal in the curatorial field. My thesis project explores forms of visual representation of Chinese rural migrant workers who are largely excluded from political and cultural domains. By bringing artworks by Chinese artists to New York, I aim to forge cultural exchange between China and the U.S. Having the privilege to engage in cultural production and receive liberal arts education in New York has given me the opportunity to examine and critique the differences between China and the U.S. in regard to the art market, the educational structure, and the political system. It is a great honor to be able to participate in conversations about art and culture in this international platform, which would not have been possible without ACC’s generous help and support.”



Playwright Yi Heng divides her time between Hong Kong and Beijing, creating works that include theater, contemporary opera, and experiments in performance.

Utsa Hazarika received a Graduate Fellowship in 2017 and 2018 as she pursued her M.F.A. at Parsons School of Design.

During her six-month New York Fellowship, she participated in the exciting and vibrant performing arts scene in the U.S. “Living in New York is a good experience. ACC encouraged me to be unique and different, to develop my own beliefs and appreciate difference. I believe that having distance from my home and what is familiar cleared my mind and gave me fresh imagination. The clarity I experienced meant that I could really understand and know myself, and I could see my inner self with new logic. This is important. Imagination means visualizing something you really don’t know. At first you don’t know how to respond to the unfamiliar and it is confusing. And then, with time, you can see that you have met something new and can be reborn.”

“ACC’s support has transformed my practice. It has expanded the community I work in and learn from. ACC’s network has also connected me with practitioners globally, and has allowed me to form exciting new connections. The program at Parsons has introduced me to artists, curators and writers, whose critical guidance has broadened my artistic research and vision. The school also provides access to fabrication shops and a ceramics lab, and libraries and archives around the city. These resources have been crucial for the growth of my practice, which brings together art and anthropology, as well as video and sculpture. In 2018, I visited Yunnan, China as a Student Fellow at the India China Institute at The New School. ACC’s incredible global network meant that even in a province removed from the big urban centers, I had people to connect with. I met local and international art practitioners, and visited Lijiang Studio (ACC 2006), where I hope to return as a resident artist.” 15



Curator Koichiro Osaka received a six-month New York Fellowship to expand his network of academics and art professionals.

Zeny May Recidoro received a Graduate Fellowship to begin an MFA in Art Writing at the School of Visual Arts (SVA).

“Networking and sharing peer knowledge among communities of artists and curators are essential parts of professional life which impact all levels of productivity and creativity. Everyone at ACC is extremely helpful to my research, suggesting available opportunities for cultural events and lectures most relevant to my interests. They also have connected me to their peers at Columbia and New York University, which has enabled me to deeply research film and media theory, non-profit management, and studies of philanthropy.

“Thanks to ACC, I was able to meet friends and colleagues at SVA with whom I share common interests, ideas, the intention to further improve our craft as writers and artists, and the pursuit of developing a voice that we could use to respond to the contemporary world.

I spend my days here sometimes super active, and other days I’m completely still, just bringing in all alternative thoughts that I once had but did not have the time or opportunity to pursue further, absorbing and digesting what I find here and brainstorming for the future; being somewhat released from the constant pressure for achieving target ‘projects.’ It is an intense but nourishing moment. And perhaps that’s what this opportunity is all about.”


I think criticism is an exercise in humility, a kind of humility that also defers to humor. A humor that resonates with tender ideas like hope and compassion, with tenderness itself. The spirit of the MFA Art Writing program at SVA also looks at criticism as crisis that leads to change. Being aware of these ideas encourages a deep awareness and intuition in order to respond to the many pressing cultural and political issues of our age. With these thoughts, I approach the subject of criticism in relation to my home, the Philippines, through education. Particularly, how criticism as crisis and conversation could possibly contribute to the cultivation of ways of thinking and seeing.”



Theater director and playwright/ actor Koh Choon Eiow received a six-month New York Fellowship.

Composer and musician Susie Ibarra’s Individual Fellowship supported her travel to India to collect and record sounds along the Ganges river–both the sound of water and that of community life within and around the river.

“After I arrived in New York, I found the ACC network expanded my ideas and understanding and offered me many possibilities for future collaboration. New York is like a Chinese Box; there are many boxes and surprises inside. Some of these you find with guidance, and others you have to find yourself. ACC gives me the chance to explore beyond my comfort zone, meeting New York artists and other ACC grantees from different fields— visual artists, musicians, playwrights—artists I never thought of getting to know. The ACC grantee community has great artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, and more. We gather sometimes to share information and thoughts and talk about possible cooperation in the future. I believe our encounters will contribute to the ACC network, and, at the same time, we are building something of cultural value here that we can give to the world.”

“ACC connected me to the extraordinary Delhi-based conceptual artist Vibha Galhotra (ACC 2016). Vibha introduced me to Rajesh Kumar Singh, a filmmaker/photographer who had lived in Varanasi for over 10 years and was the perfect fit for my field documentation. The gift of connecting and collaborating with these artists in India exposed me to layers of life and culture I would have otherwise never seen. I am very honored and grateful to be an ACC Fellow, placing me amidst an amazing international arts community. Some of these connections have turned into dear friendships and sparked inspiration for creativity and ideas for future collaborations. The opportunity to engage deeper in one’s artistic practice with meaningful cultural exchange is something that ACC has nurtured, and in the process has created a vibrant global family.” 17

GRANTEE HIGHLIGHTS Alumni Partnerships in Action AMERICAN DANCE FESTIVAL U N I T E D S TAT E S The American Dance Festival (ADF) received a Project Grant to support four dancers from Southeast Asia to participate in ADF’s 2018 International Choreographer’s Residency (ICR) Program. ACC, ADF, and Yayasan Kelola (ACC multiple grants, 1997-2018) partnered to create a program that engaged alumni to select emerging choreographers from their artistic communities. In January 2019, the ADF cohort and the ACC alumni who nominated them then traveled to Solo, Indonesia for a week-long workshop focused on developing skills as artists and organizers, and intentionally growing a network of contemporary dance artists in the region.

MEET THE ARTISTS “Through dancing, we can connect with each other and understand more people around us. It’s a value of cohesion that ADF created for our community in dance.” ~Sam Thi Hong Pham (ACC 2018)






Textile scholar Urmila Mohan weaving in Flores, Indonesia

2018 GRANTS CAMBODIA Reaksmey Yean Curator, Graduate Scholarship in Singapore

Jason Wong Sze-yuen Pianist, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. Yi Heng 意珩 Playwright, New York Fellowship


KO R E A Sangmin Chae 채상민 Media artist, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S.


Tong Shanshan 佟姗珊 Theater director and producer, New York Fellowship Wang Nan 王南 Professor of architecture, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. Wang Weiwei 王慰慰 Curator, Individual Fellowship in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Yao Mengxi 姚梦溪 Curator and art critic, New York Fellowship Zhu Yan 朱妍 Prima ballerina, New York Fellowship Zhu Jinglun 朱经伦 Curator, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S.

H O N G KO N G Ho Lun Fredie Chan 陳浩倫 Documentary filmmaker, New York Fellowship Irene Cheng 鄭舜妮 Architect, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. Hochi Lau 劉浩知 Media artist, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S. Morgan Wong 黃榮法 Artist, New York Fellowship 20

Utsa Hazarika Artist and art writer, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S.

JK Anicoche Theater specialist, New York Fellowship


Marika Constantino Artist and writer, New York Fellowship

Joned Suryatmoko Theater scholar, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S.

Maria Joselina Cruz Curator, New York Fellowship

Yayasan Kelola Dance, Project Grant with participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia

Grace Nono Ethnomusicologist, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S.

J A PA N Mika Eglinton エグリントン みか Theater scholar, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. and Taiwan Miyama McQueen-Tokita マクイ ーン時田深山 Musician, New York Fellowship

Zeny May Recidoro Arts writer and curator, Graduate Scholarship in the U.S. Anna Margarita Reyes Dancer and filmmaker, New York Fellowship


Koichiro Osaka 大坂 紘一郎 Curator, New York Fellowship

AICA Taiwan 中華民國藝評人協會 Arts criticism, Project Grant with participants from Hong Kong and Vietnam

Michiko Tsuda 津田 道子 Artist, New York Fellowship

Hana Chen 陳映慈 Dancer, New York Fellowship

Suguru Yamamoto 山本 卓卓 Playwright and theater director, New York Fellowship

Ting-Fu Fan 范定甫 Conservator, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. Choon Eiow Koh 高俊耀 Director, playwright, actor, New York Fellowship

TA I WA N ( C O N T I N U E D ) Val Lee 李奧森 Artist, New York Fellowship Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum 台原亞洲偶戲博物館 Theater, Project Grant with participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China Pao-Chang Tsai 蔡柏璋 Director, actor, educator, and playwright, Individual Fellowship in the U.S. and Korea Yuwen Weng 翁宇雯 Graduate student in art history, Individual Fellowship in the U.S.

U N I T E D S TAT E S American Dance Festival Dance, Project Grant with participants from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam Association for Asian Studies Arts criticism, Project Grant with participants from India, Tibet, East Timor, Cambodia Elena Comendador and Elizabeth Roxas Dance artists and educators, Individual Fellowship in the Philippines Sajata Epps Visual artist, Individual Fellowship in Hong Kong and Taiwan Ed Herbst Ethnomusicologist, Project Grant in Indonesia

Susie Ibarra Composer and musician, Individual Fellowship in India Cameron McKinney Dancer, choreographer, and educator, Individual Fellowship in Japan

Mary Alinney Villacastin Performance artist, Individual Fellowship in the Philippines The Wooster Group Theater, Project Grant in Japan

Urmila Mohan Anthropologist and curator, Individual Fellowship in Indonesia San Jose Museum of Art Visual art, Project Grant with participants from Vietnam Julia Santoli Multi-media artist, Individual Fellowship in Japan Gemma Sharpe Writer and Ph.D. candidate in art history, Individual Fellowship in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Hong Kong Roberto Sifuentes Interdisciplinary performance artist, Individual Fellowship in Vietnam St. Ann’s Warehouse Theater, Project Grant with participants from Thailand Tomoko Sugawara Musician, Individual Fellowship in China Weston Teruya Visual artist, Individual Fellowship in Vietnam Sandra Vanderwarf Conservator and curator, Individual Fellowship in Mongolia


JDR 3RD AWARD RECIPIENTS 1986-2017 The John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award is given to an individual from Asia or the U.S. who has made a significant contribution to the international understanding, practice, or study of the visual or performing arts of Asia. 2 0 1 7


2 0 1 5

2 0 1 3

2 0 1 3

2 0 1 3

Shen Wei

Duk Hyung Yoo

Amna Kusumo

Pichet Klunchun

Chinary Ung

Founder Shen Wei Dance Arts

President Seoul Institute of the Arts

Director Yayasan Kelola, Jakarta

Choreograher & Dancer Pichet Klunchen Dance Company, Bangkok

Composer Nimrita Composers Institute in Asia, UCSD

2 0 0 5

2 0 0 3

2 0 0 2

2 0 0 0

Mella Jaarsma and Nindityo Adipurnomo

Judy Mitoma

Yang Meiqi

Ellen Stewart

Founder Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou

(1919 - 2011)

Founders Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta

Director Center for Intercultural Performance, UCLA

1 9 9 5

1 9 9 3

1 9 9 2

1 9 9 1

Setsu Asakura

Donald Richie

Kapila Vatsyayan

Chou Wen-Chung

(1922 - 2014)

(1924 - 2013)

Stage Designer Tokyo

Film critic and writer Tokyo

Director Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

Director Center for U.S.-China Arts Exchange, Columbia University, New York

Founder & Artistic Director La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, New York

2 0 1 0

2 0 0 8

2 0 0 7


Samina Quraeshi

Ratan Thiyam

Nestor O. Jardin

Lin Hwai-Min

(1944 - 2013)

Founder and Director Chorus Repertory Theatre, Manipur

President Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

Artistic Director Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Taipei

1 9 9 7


Writer, Artist, Designer Shepard/Quraeshi Associates, Inc., Boston

1 9 9 9

1 9 9 8

Proeung Chhieng

Nguyen Van Huy

Beate Gordon

Ma Chengyuan

Dean, Faculty of Choreographic Arts Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh

Director Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi

(1923 - 2012)

(1927- 2004)

Arts consultant & writer New York

Director Shanghai Museum of Art

1 9 9 0

1 9 8 8

1 9 8 7


Sherman E. Lee

James R. Brandon

Jose Maceda

John M. Rosenfield

(1918 - 2008)

(1927 - 2015)

(1917 - 2004)

(1924 - 2013)

Former Director Chairman Professor The Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Drama & Theatre, College of Music, University of the Philippines, Manila University of Hawaii, Manoa

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Fine Arts, Harvard University


BLANCHETTE HOOKER ROCKEFELLER AWARD The Asian Cultural Council established the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Award in 2009 in honor of its first Chairman, the wife of John D. Rockefeller 3rd. The Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Award honors the generosity of the enlightened individuals who believe in ACC’s mission of furthering international dialogue, understanding, and respect between Asia and the U.S. through the transformative experience of cultural exchange. This year’s BHR Award was given to Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen.

ACC Chairman Wendy O’Neill presenting award to Hans Michael Jebsen in Hong Kong

BHR AWARD RECIPIENTS 2009-2018 2018 HANS MICHAEL JEBSEN Chairman, Jebsen & Co., Ltd. ACC Vice Chairman Hans Michael Jebsen first joined ACC’s Hong Kong Friends’ Committee in 2004 as Chairman. Mr. Jebsen was already a loyal supporter of ACC for many years prior, having established the the Hans Michael and Désirée Jebsen Fellowship in 1997. Mr. Jebsen’s generosity has supported countless individual fellows from Hong Kong and China, and has brought ACC’s operations in Hong Kong to the level of a truly international philanthropic organization. Mr. Jebsen has served on the ACC’s Board of Trustees since 2003 and became Founding Chairman of the ACC Hong Kong Foundation in 2015. His extraordinary gift of $20 million HKD enabled the establishment of the ACC’s Hong Kong Endowment to ensure future exchange opportunities for ACC Fellows.



SEIJI TSUTSUMI (1927–2013) President, The Saison Foundation

D R . D E A N N A R U T H TA K Y U N G R U D G A R D, O.B.E . N o n - e x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r, Hysan Development Company Limited


ACC NEW YORK 55th Anniversary Gala

On October 3, 2018, ACC celebrated our 55th anniversary in New York with an evening of food, drink, and art to benefit the ACC Fellowship Program, which provides life-changing opportunities to artists and scholars across 26 countries and 16 fields. The evening’s program was designed to create immersive artistic experiences and featured site-specific works by ACC’s talented and inspiring alumni—including Bangladeshi visual artist Kalidas Karmakar’s (2006) live performance painting, a surround sound installation composed using recordings of the Ganges River by American musician Susie Ibarra (2007, 2018), and a multi-screen video work by American mixed media artist Nina Kuo (2002)—brought the creative evening to life. Yasuno Miyauchi (2015), a composer from Japan whose works use only the human voice, led the entire audience in creating an interactive collective forest soundscape. Guests also enjoyed a musical tribute by sopranos Ma. Rhina Paula Palma-Cruz and Bianca Camille Lopez of the Filipino vocal duo The Nightingales, as well as the premiere of ACC’s alumni montage video, narrated by ACC Trustee David Rockefeller, Jr. ACC Chairman Wendy O’Neill co-chaired the Gala with ACC Trustee Mercedes Zobel. The event honored David Rockefeller and Susan Rockefeller, along with dancer, choreographer, and visual artist Shen Wei (ACC 1995, 2017) who was presented with the JDR 3rd Award by ACC Trustees Valerie Rockefeller and Charles Rockefeller. For 55 years, ACC has been committed to a vision of a world made more harmonious through mutual respect and understanding. John D. Rockefeller 3rd formed the Asian Cultural Program of the JDR 3rd Fund because he understood the unparalleled capacity of cultural exchange to create understanding and meaningful connection. It was quite fitting that David Rockefeller, Jr. announced a $1 million endowment gift to ACC from the Estate of David Rockefeller, Sr. With this gift, ACC joins the illustrious group of organizations to benefit from the proceeds of the record-breaking 2018 Christie’s auction of the Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller and is excited for the mission-driven programs that will be made possible through this support. ACC is grateful to every one of our supporters who enable us to uphold our mission of advancing understanding through cultural exchange.


ACC PHILIPPINES Andres Barrioquinto “Portraits” Exhibition

Embracing the shared value of philanthropy, renowned artist Andres Barrioquinto partnered with the Asian Cultural Council for a special benefit exhibition of his portrait paintings in celebration of ACC’s 55th Anniversary. Unveiled on November 8, 2018 at the National Museum of Fine Arts, “Portraits by Andres Barrioquinto” highlighted the artist’s creative progression through his personal take on contemporary portraiture. Barrioquinto generously donated proceeds from this exhibition to support the ACC Philippines Fellowship Program. Close to two hundred guests attended the opening show which featured a collection of eighteen portraits containing a cross-section of industry leaders, patrons, and creatives, including ACC Trustee Josie Cruz Natori. The week-long exhibition was hosted by the National Museum of the Philippines, which received an ACC grant in 2005. In addition, two of its professional staff—Robert Balarbar and Mariah Camille Calanno—were recent ACC grantees. Mr. Balarbar received a grant in 2015 to apprentice at the Conservation Department of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and Ms. Calanno completed an internship in preventative conservation at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and Yale West Campus in 2016. Guests included U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Amb. Sung Yong Kim; ACC Chairman Wendy O’Neill; ACC Philippines Foundation Trustees; ACC Trustees and staff. We are grateful to all our friends for helping to make this such a highly-successful fundraising event.


ACC JAPAN Celebrating Our History and Our Future

On November 12, 2018, approximately 200 people gathered at the InterContinental Yokohama Grand Hotel to celebrate ACC and our mission of deepening international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange between Asia and the United States. The evening began with a silent art auction followed by opening remarks from ACC Chairman Wendy O’Neill. Ms. O’Neill described her great uncle and ACC’s founder John D. Rockefeller 3rd’s longstanding commitment to Japan. “My great uncle first visited Japan in 1929, and then extensively again in 1951 as a member of the peace treaty delegation. From his travels and experiences abroad, he held a strong belief that mutual understanding and respect among peoples and cultures states on an individual level, person-to-person. And, in turn, that international understanding and respect can help us a build a more peaceful world.” This person-to-person exchange remains a hallmark of ACC’s fellowship program, which provides highly individualized support to each grantee. Providing a platform for ACC alumni to share their experiences, dancer Akiko Kitamura (2003, 2015) and visual artist Ishu Han (2014) were invited to the stage. Ms. Kitamura’s three-month grant in 2015 allowed her to research traditional dance and martial arts in Cambodia, Myanmar, and India, while her earlier grant took her to the American Dance Festival. Meanwhile, Mr. Han’s grant allowed him to research contemporary art and explore what American identity means in the United States. Their powerful testimonials were followed by an improvisational performance by the vibrant duo shakuhachi performer Akihito Obama (2011) and shamisen player Hidejiro Honjo (2015). Board members, donors, friends, and grantees gathered not only to celebrate ACC’s history, but also to celebrate ACC’s bright future with the establishment of the ACC Japan Foundation on November 9th under the leadership of Mrs. Kazuko Aso and Mr. Yuji Tsutsumi.


ACC HONG KONG 30th Anniversary Gala “Luminous Journey”

On November 17, ACC’s anniversary events continued as we celebrated ACC Hong Kong’s 30th year with a gala dinner and a multidisciplinary art program featuring ACC fellows. Entitled “Luminous Journey,” the gala was brimming with music, dance, light installation and immersive scenography led by ACC fellows Kingsley Ng (2013) and Stephanie Cheung (2015), and performances by Allen Lam (1989, 1993), Carol Lin (2006-2008) and Yeung Yang (2012). Actress Kearen Pang (2017) and composer Steve Hui (2016) took on the role of MC and music direction. ACC Chairman Wendy O’Neill presented the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller (BHR) Award to board member Hans Michael Jebsen, in honor of his philanthropic leadership which has inspired and created countless life-changing opportunities for ACC artists and cultural specialists from China, Hong Kong, and Macau. As part of the celebration, the ACC 30th Anniversary IMPACT Awards recognized ACC alumni Tian Mansha (2004-2011) and Oscar Hing-Kay Ho (1992), for the significant impact of their work and commitment in the arts and cultural exchange. A benefit auction took place throughout the evening and featured paintings donated by alumni Hon Chi Fun (1969) and Wei Qingji (2006), and cultural experiences offered by other ACC alumni and supporters. With an exciting live auction and a poetry recital closing the gala, it was a night of joyous celebration honoring our artists and supporters and showcasing the multi-faceted talents of ACC alumni. With more than 220 attendees, the evening was a success due to the generosity of our patrons, grantees, and friends, including our Fundraising Committee members Daphne King (co-chair), Tasha Lalvani (co-chair), Yama Chan, Cherry Chu, Angelina Lee, Sheryl Lee, Fiona Kotur Marin, Janet Nathanail, Marissa Fung Shaw, Lily Ahn Riddick, and Anne Witt.


ACC TAIWAN An Evening of Puppetry, Music, and Dance

240 guests—from ACC Trustees and grantees to local supporters and friends—celebrated the Asian Cultural Council’s 55th anniversary in Taipei with a gala performance by Taiwanese grantees. Under the artistic direction of alumna Wu Su-Chun (2010), the event was led by theater director Shih Tung-Ling (2016) and Taiwanese opera singer Chen Yu An (2018). The opening performance featured ”Taiwan Puppetry Carnival” by Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company. Founded by Chiang Je-Mei, the first female puppeteer in Taiwan, this puppetry company has continued her legacy of innovation and creativity under the direction of her eldest grandson Ko Shih-Hung, who received his M.A. from the University of Connecticut’s Puppetry Program with support from ACC in 2006. Next, Wang Xin-Xin performed a nanguan—Chinese classical music—rendition of Li Bai’s poem “Bring in the Wine.” In 2011, she traveled to Japan on an ACC fellowship to learn satsuma biwa, a style of Japanese lute performance from the Edo era. She is regarded as both a key figure in the heritage preservation of nanguan music, as well as its innovation in contemporary performance. Ma Pao-Shan (ACC 1995) and Chang Chin-Ping took the stage with their performance “The Chairs,” an adaptation of French avant-garde wright Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist play “Les Chaises.” Ma Pao-Shan, the director of GuoGuang Opera Company and a founding member of Contemporary Legend Theatre (2005, 2006), received an ACC grant in 1995 to explore contemporary theater, opera, and other performing arts in New York. The final performance of the evening was Waiting for the Wave by dancers Chang Chien-Hao (ACC 2016) and Ying-Chih Chen (2018). In a cross-media collaboration between dancers and digital new media artist Chen Yi-Chieh (2005), Waiting for the Wave, was a performance of light and shadow, stillness and movement, balance and conflict.


2018 SNAPSHOT ACC EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD In 2018, ACC brought together our trustees, alumni, and friends in Asia and the United States to celebrate the inspiring connections and collaborations made through cultural exchange. To learn more about this exciting year of events, click on the video below.


THANK YOU ACC Donors John D. Rockefeller 3rd founded the Asian Cultural Council with the belief that cultural exchange builds a more humane world, and that artists and arts professionals are the visionaries who show us a new, more compassionate future. Today, ACC promotes those ideals with the help of many dedicated donors from around the world. ACC is deeply grateful for every supporter and every gift—from gala attendance, to planned gifts, to offerings of time and expertise. Every contribution makes it possible for ACC to provide unique and profound fellowship experiences to artists and arts professionals, and to maintain an unparalleled network of relationships across Asia and the U.S. ACC’s fundraising is led by our trustees, who are our greatest champions. They advance the mission and values of cultural exchange in many ways, including through generous annual support and by inspiring others to give. These efforts enable artists to develop new relationships, ideas, and work through encounters that otherwise would not be possible. ACC is honored to recognize the contributions of our donors in 2018.

Theater scholar Joned Suryatmoko at the 2018 Indonesian Film Festival in New York

THANK YOU 2018 ACC Donors Board of Trustees Hope Aldrich & Michael Jeffers** Kazuko Aso Ernest de León Escaler Jonathan Fanton & Cynthia Greenleaf Fanton Nelly & Kenneth Fung** Douglas Tong Hsu Tonia Hsu Désirée & Hans Michael Jebsen Julie Kohn


Richard & Mary Lanier Erh-Fei Liu YiLing Mao Elizabeth J. McCormack Josie Cruz Natori Carol & Timothy Rattray Wendy O’Neill & David Rayner Charles Rockefeller David & Susan Rockefeller Valerie Rockefeller


Ruby Shang* Michael & Patricia Sovern** Bill & Maria Spears** Dan Swift Missie Rennie & Zach Taylor Yuji Tsutsumi John & Anne Witt Mercedes Zobel **Life Trustees

Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC Curtis Greer & Pamela ACC Hong Kong Foundation Jane DeBevoise Kohlberg ACC Philippines Foundation Alice Eduardo Jean Ho Alice Hung ACC Taiwan Foundation Goldman Sachs Gives Joe & Clara Tsai The Andrew W. Mellon The Ida C. & Morris Falk Foundation Foundation Foundation K11 Art Foundation Blanchette Hooker The Incorporated Trustees of Sir Kenneth Fung Ping Fan Rockefeller Fund Hsin Chong - K.N. Godfrey Foundation Trust I Henry Luce Foundation Yeh Education Fund Tasha & Anish Lalvani Karen T. Lee Mandarin Oriental Anthony & Sharon Lee Jaime Ponce de León (León Foundation Sheryl Lee Gallery) Antonio Carlos R. Mendoza Fiona K. Marin K. MIKIMOTO & CO., LTD Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Miller $50,000–$99,999 Katie & Peter O’Neill Janet Nathanail & William Flanz Alisan Fine Arts $10,000–$24,999 Jorge Z. Ortoll Andres Barrioquinto & DF Art Rockefeller Capital Agency Inc. Abigail & Tony Alvarez Management Maine Community Nancy & John Clifford Marissa & Jay Shaw Foundation DANDANS Cherry & Frank Tang The Saison Foundation East West Bank United Overseas Bank Xiaoyang Yu Katherine Farley & Jerry Linda Wang Speyer Sir Gordon & Lady Ivy Wu Marissa Fung Shaw Mr. & Mrs. John Ying Yama & Goodwin Gaw 38

$5,000–$9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Hideki Aikawa Yama Chan Jennifer P. Goodale Curtis Greer & Pamela Kohlberg Agnes Gund Miriam & Merle Hinrich Mrs. Elizabeth R. Kabler Jana & Gerold Klauer Nancy Lee Wendy Lee Nelson Leong Rosa Ling Emma & Max Lummis Marga Donald McCain Newman’s Own Foundation Roche Bobois Manila Sta. Elena Construction Yangtse Foundation Anna Ann Yeung Zhang Jianjun*

$1,000–$4,999 Ambie Abaño* Ayala Foundation Bank of Singapore Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P.A. Broderick Jay Brown* Anton del Castillo* Shirley Chan Susen Chen Polly Cheng Hui-Hsien Chiang Chu Hing Wah* Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP Sarah & Douglas Fleming Ma. Lourdes Gamboa Lindo The Gramercy Park Foundation David Halperin Doris Magsaysay Ho Bonnie Kwan Huo Reuben Jeffery III Jewish Communal Fund Edwin Josue Tomio Koyama Angelina Lee Wan Ru Lu George D. O’Neill Ma. Isabel G. Ongpin Lam Tung Pang* Joseph & Anne Pierson Marnie Pillsbury Jorge Pinto and Christine Tsui-hua Huang* Lily Ahn Riddick Sandra Roces Jerry Sibal Susan Skerritt Lybess Sweezy & Ken Miller Tomio Koyama Gallery

Amy Wood Shirley Young Margaret Yu Yumiko Chiba Associates

$500–$999 Sarah Kinney Contomichalos Robert & Joan Easton Fast Management Asia Pacific Ltd. Yoko Fukuta Yasuro Hashimoto Masako Koyano* Kyoichiro Nitta Sam Penaso* Drew Tagliabue & Mark Jones Doreen Wang Mark Wang Annie Yang Zhou

$499 and under Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Henri Benaim Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Blum Dawn Byrnes John Chang Lauren Cherubini Mi Young Cho* Li-En Chong Eileen Connor Rachel Cooper Bernadette Cruz-Moxey DESIGNART Inc. Jillian Flexner Jeremy Gleason Stephen Goldstein* Lynn Gumpert* Shinichiro Ikebe* Reiko Irino

Kumiko Isohata MaryJo Kelly Charmaine Lee Kimiyo Mishima* Kohei Nishikawa* Sophie H. Pirie Abby Robinson* Ralph & Andrea Samuelson Chieo Senzaki* Gallery Sokaku Tomoko Sugawara* Gaho Taniguchi* Jonathan Verity Josephine Wai Miho Walsh Christine Weaver Fiona Wong* Y++ Wada Fine Arts Setsuko Yamada*

Donations In-Kind Gallery Hirota Fine Art ShugoArts Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel Co., Ltd.

*ACC alumni


2018 FINANCIAL SUMMARY Condensed Statement of Financial Position year end December 31

2018 Assets Cash & cash equivalents

$ 580,722

Contributions receivable


Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses Total current assets Investments, at fair value Property & equipment, net Security deposits Total assets



4,411 109,478 1,655,168


27,401,916 144,561



60,123 $ 29,261,768

22% Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable & accrued expenses Grants payable Accrued pension & post-retirement benefits Deferred rent Total liabilities

$ 227,762 836,660 3,068,703 18,681 $ 4,151,806


With donor restrictions


Total net assets


Total liabilities and net assets

Regional Offices $ 764,438 Foundations & Corporations $ 751,000

Net Assets Without donor restrictrions

Individuals $ 1,413,427

Events $ 467,428

$ 29,261,768

The financial summary shown is derived from ACC’s financial statements, audited December 31, 2018, by independent certified public accountants Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP.

Consolidated Statement of Activities year end December 31




Support and Revenue Contributions Investment return, net Endowment draw Total support and revenue

$ 3,396,293 (1,279,226) $ 4,286,212


Expenses Program services Grants, fellowships, & related expenses


2, 169,145


$ 2,810,191

Supporting services General & administration Fundraising

$ 503,030 972,991

Total supporting expenses

$ 1,476,021

Total expenses

$ 4,286,212

Results from operations

$ (259,963)

Temporarily restricted contributions


Permanently restricted contributions Benefit plan adjustment

Programs $ 2,810,191 Fundraising $ 972,991 Administration $ 503,030

598,434 523,554

Change in net assets

$ (1,645,591)

Net assets, beginning of year

$ 26,755,553

Net assets, end of year

$ 25,109,962

For the full audited financials, please visit 41


Charlotte Fleming


Kurumi Kido

Miho Walsh

Development and Communications Associate

Josephine Wai

Program Associate, ACC Japan Program

Executive Director

Liz Behrend


Jeremy Gleason

Kathy Ip

MaryJo Kelly

Program and Administration Associate

Teresa Rances

Finance and Operations Manager

Jocelyn Mui

Annaliza Villar

Arts Administration Trainee

Program Associate



Masako Shiba

Rita Chang

Director, ACC Japan Foundation


Senior Program Officer

Dawn Byrnes Manager of Communications


Program Manager

Eileen Connor

Charmaine Lee

Director of Finance and Operations

Assistant to the Executive Director

Cecily D. Cook

Masako Shiba

Director of Programs

Director of Engagement and Outreach

Ritsu Yoshino as of June 1, 2019


Meng-Shan Wu Program Associate

Director, ACC Japan Program

Photo credits: Cover, Rajesh Kumar Singh; Table of Contents, Yashikazu Inoue; ACC Directors and staff photos: Charmaine Lee; p. 18: Ben McKeown; p.22: photo of Ellen Stewart courtesy of La MaMa E.T.C.; p. 24: Gabor Eder; p. 26: Ben Rosser and Drew Levin; p. 36: Creating Connections video by HyoJeong Choi Design: Charlotte Fleming; Editor: Dawn Byrnes


Dancer Hana Chen from Taiwan

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities in Asia and the United States to create a more harmonious and peaceful world. This mission is accomplished through fellowships and other programs that support individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals.

Profile for Asian Cultural Council

Asian Cultural Council 2018 Annual Report  

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities in Asia and the...

Asian Cultural Council 2018 Annual Report  

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities in Asia and the...