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Late Janusz was a 'fun, kind person'


The late Janusz Jasicki

The late Janusz Jasicki

The late Janusz Jasicki

The funeral of a Bray man who tragically lost his life in Carrick-on-Shannon took place on Monday afternoon.

Janusz Jasicki (30) was missing for 11 days before his remains were finally found on the banks of the River Shannon last Wednesday night.

His partner Cat, his family and friends all said farewell to Janusz on Monday with a ceremony at Mount Jerome in Harold's Cross, a Polish Mass in Harold's Cross, and a gathering at the Harbour Bar.

The couple lived in Bray for the past five years, and shared many happy memories, including time in the Harbour Bar and Dockyard No.8 with their dog Wilson, and up and down Bray Head and along the Cliff Walk.

Cat said that her beloved Janusz was 'a fun, kind person' who would do anything for anyone.

'Since he was great at everything that meant he spent a lot of time busy,' she said. 'He worked extremely hard, harder than anyone I've ever met, we were saving for our own house, we had just got a mortgage approval and were very excited looking for a home - something we never thought we would be able to do in today's economy.'

Janusz was born in Poland and was one of eight brothers. he moved to Ireland about 10 years ago and really found his home here, with the Irish sense of humour and a Polish-Irish accent. He came with no English and taught himself with tapes and by making lots of Irish friends.

'We have a dog and two cats,' said Cat. 'He loved to just spend time at home, all of us snuggled on the sofa being silly. Our dog is going to be in a movie, a Neil Jordan film, ironically called The Widow.

'His friendship to people is reflected in the amazing support that I have received, he was very loved by many good people,' said Cat. 'He was active and fit and we loved adventures. We learned to snowboard together with his best friend Graeme. Janusz then went on to teach his younger brother Robert, and a couple of friends and we had many fun holidays with friends.'

Cat said that it was an earth shattering and shocking time when Janusz went missing.

'He was out on his best friend's stag do and got lost walking home. His friends called him within 10 minutes but he had somehow wandered into an unpopulated area and he couldn't find his way back,' said Cat.

'Many of his friends and brothers came to help look for him, and the support we received from the locals was unbelievable. People came round with boxes of food, giant pots of steaming homemade soup, provided accommodation for us, offers of laundry, and so many thoughts and prayers sent our way.

'It was a horrific time, looking in ditches for the love of your life, driving around for hours on end putting up missing posters in the hope that he had got stuck on someone's land or something.

'The services were amazing. The gardai, the Coast Guard with the helicopters, civil defence, sub-aqua teams, everything possible was thrown into finding him. The support we received helped us feel less isolated in our pain and fear.'

Cat said that she and Janusz were a team. 'We were each other's future, proses of eternal love and a life with children and our very own home. With Janusz by my side I felt I could cope with anything, something I am certain his close friend's and family will have experienced.

'As I told him many times, he was my home. I was always home and safe when I was with him, wherever in the world we were.'

Janusz was last seen on September 30 in Carrick-on-Shannon where he was out socialising with friends. He got separated from his group. His friends raised the alarm immediately.

Janusz's remains were retreived from the River Shannon at approximately 8.45 p.m. last Wednesday by five members of the Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club. They notified gardai who sent the Garda Water unit to the scene. His remains were then taken to Sligo General Hospital.

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