Khashoggi's body parts found in Saudi consul general's garden: report

Khashoggi’s body parts reportedly found in Saudi consul general’s garden

Jamal Khashoggi’s cut-up and disfigured remains have been found in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home in Istanbul, Sky News reported, citing two sources.

Turkish officials did not confirm the report.

The Sky account contradicts the explanation from Saudi officials that the body was rolled up in a carpet and handed over to a local collaborator to dispose of the evidence, the UK news outlet reported.

On Monday, Dogu Perincek, leader of Turkey’s left-wing nationalist Patriotic Party, alleged that Khashoggi’s remains had been found inside a well in the diplomat’s garden.

The unconfirmed reports about the remains being found were “deeply disturbing,” British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said Tuesday.

“The location of Mr. Khashoggi’s body is just one of the questions we need answers to and as such we await the full results of the Turkish investigation,” he said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told lawmakers in Ankara on Tuesday that Khashoggi’s body had not been found and demanded Saudi officials reveal its whereabouts.

“Why has the body of someone who was officially said to be killed not been found yet?” Erdogan said.