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Video Transcript
In the name of the father, the son, the Holy Spirit, Amen, I'd like to welcome you all to our perseverance family conversation this morning great to be with you and as always, we'd like to start off our. daily conversation by inviting Mary to be with us Mary is the mother of God. Mary is also the mother of the church. and Mary is also the mother of each and every one of us. In the hell of HOLY Queen. we invoke Mary as our life our sweetness and our hope. So let's invite Mary to be with us this. Morning. It's a beautiful morning in May, which is may is for Mary. and let's say the prayer that she loves most. Prayer that Mary loves most is the hail Mary, so let's pray the hail Mary. and find time today, of course to pray the Holy Rosary. may is the mother of Mary and Mary wants us to pray the Holy Rosary Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus Holy Mary mother of God. Pray for. Sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen. They're going to turn to our spiritual. guide our spiritual director. Our spiritual guide our spiritual director is God himself. He is the third person of the Trinity. He is the Holy Spirit. Among the many titles that we have for the Holy Spirit. my friends are he is the paraclete. It's also known as the. Gift of gifts. is also known as. Our counselor. He's also known as a console. He's also known as our sanctify He makes us holy. So we want to turn to the Holy Spirit. also and To beg him to help us to pray more and pray better. And Saint Paul says in Romans Chapter eight. He says, we don't know how to praise we ought but it's the Holy Spirit Intercedes with Ineffable Groans so that we can say. which means daddy or father. I ask the Holy Spirit to. Really give us a lot of light in our intellect. and set our hearts on fire with love for him as well as for the salvation of souls. As we Say the prayer the traditional prayer to the Holy Spirit. And that prayer is come holy Spirit. Fill the hearts of your faithful and a kind within us The fire of your divine love. send forth your spirit and they shall be created. And thou shalt know the face of the earth. Let us pray. Oh god who did instruct the hearts of your faithful. but let the Holy Spirit grant us by the same spirit We may be truly wise. and therefore rejoice in his consolation to the same Christ our lord Amen. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. Saint Joseph pray for us. Saint Michael pray for us. Saint Gabriel Pray for us Saint Rafael pray for us. se non esce Our Guardian angels pray for us all God's angels and Saints pray for us in the name of the father, the son, the Holy Spirit, Amen Good morning to all of you and. As we start off this new week. Let us pray for each other. and I promise as always to pray for all of you and his perseverance family I'd like to pray in a special way. placing you all on the altar. We have that beautiful beautiful. Word a day and the most powerful prayer is opus Day, which is the mass. I'll be praying for you when I celebrate my holy mass this evening. I'd like to offer. in a special way three intentions for all of you three intentions. First intention would be. That all of you. myself included. that we would be open to the Holy Spirit. Right now we're in the the middle of the novena to the Holy Spirit yesterday we celebrated. the ascension of our lord into heaven. And this coming Sunday, we'll be celebrating Pentecost, which is the the descent of the Holy Spirit. That he sent the Holy Spirit. upon the world the church. Our families as well as ourselves. So I'd like to pray that all of us would be open. And do so to the. workings of the Holy Spirit. In our lives. that's why. every. Conversation that we have, I always start by praying to Mary who's the mystical spouse the Holy Spirit. Then I pray to the Holy Spirit himself that he'll give us a lot of light and a lot of joy and a lot of peace. Also, I'd like to pray for all of your families and your children. No surprise for any of you that are children and young ones. teenagers are going through a real. Battle in these days. a real struggle in these days. My prayer will also be a place your children and and your teenagers and some of your grandchildren. On the altar. So that the precious blood of Christ. that he poured forth us. on Calvary the precious blood of Christ will cover and protect. your children as well as the mantle of Mary. So that's my second intention. My third intention for all of you. will be. That you'll attain to the grace. And one of the most important meanings of the feast day that we celebrated yesterday. And that is. when we celebrate the ascension of our lord into heaven. When celebrate the ascension of our lord into heaven. We're also meditating upon our final purpose in life. In our final purpose in life. For us to go to heaven. The basic catechism that we learned many years ago. There was a question. Why are we here? We are here. Know God. To love God. To serve God in this life so that we'll be with God forever in heaven. There's the basic. response to why we're here in this world. to know God. To love God. to serve God in this life so that we will be with God forever in heaven. so Jesus as he sends into heaven. He said these words at the last supper. I'm going now. to prepare a place for you so that where I am you also may be. In my father's house are many mansions. If we're not so I would not tell you. So all of you have a mansion prepared for you in heaven. So rejoice in that that Jesus. has not left his orphans. but he went to heaven to prepare a place for us. And now he's. Inviting all of us to be with Mary and the apostles in these 9 days is the nine-day Novena the first novena in the church. It's the event in which we're praying. for the coming of the Holy Spirit. that the Holy Spirit would come to visit us. I'd like to ask for one more intention. I'm praying for you and you pray for me. As some of you know over the past year. I have been AA guest on relevant radio for about once a month. And the program that I've been invited to is a program. In the name of the program is the inner life. Chuck Neff was the host for several years and now it's. Josh Ryan. And this it's a wonderful program because they call. They call priests throughout the country. To be The spiritual directors. The spiritual directors on air for that hour. So Josh will introduce the topic and the guest. And then the the priest will. explain the topic. And then. after a break the the phone lines are open and. the priest as well as Josh who's a host. respond to phone calls. So today at 9 o'clock shortly after our conversation. in our perseverance class a half hour later. if you're tuning in to a relevant radio. and you'll be able to. follow. Follow our conversation today So, invite all of you to. pray because it's it's a very. important Catholic Radio and we're able to reach a lot of a lot of souls, a lot of a lot of listeners. and I see it as a. Real. pulpit a real Cate platform. in which we. Preach the word of God. yesterday was the universal day of social communications. And Pope Francis and his letter said that we have to be aware of the fact that we're responsible for what we what we send out and what we receive. and we should always be. Be trying to transmit the truth to our listeners. And a week ago, the Holy father issued a document on a mini stadium. which instituted a new ministry, which is out of the catechism. Those two ecclesia. events are very much related to. The Ministry of the Word of God and the preaching of the word of God. And the whole concept of. trying to enlighten minds because there's so much ignorance out there today. We've never lived in a world with so much information. But also we've never lived in a world with so much confusion. There's a lot of information we can get all the information we want. Good or bad, but also we live in a world with a lot of confusion. So this opportunity that we have to be able to speak. on radio. 2 weeks ago, I was on EWTN. It's a way in which we can. Preach the word of God. Preach the word of God. And Evangelize the world. Thank you very much for your encouragement and your presence and I'll. pray for for you. You pray for me and let's work together to try to evangelize catechism and save as many souls as we possibly can. Could today I would like to dive into the word of God and then. We have time I'd like to go through. Another one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Remember in one of our earlier conversations, we're going through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And these gifts are seven. Wisdom. knowledge understanding counsel fortitude piety and fear of the lord. Those are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Okay, we're going through the acts the apostles. We've arrived at. Corinth And we're going to be moving forward to the city of Ephesus. I'd like to refresh your mind as to what we. What we're meditating upon last week. And it was this. The Saint Paul is on the movies preaching a lot he's moving from one place to another. Saint Paul Who share the same profession as Paul? ainda lembra Priscilla and Aquila have the same profession in Saint Paul they're tent makers. So they come together to. to work. work hard by making tents. But also they're very very intent upon. Spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, Priscilla and Aquila, which is a married couple. They become friends with Saint Paul. I think they're very interesting. a married couple. We have married couples on our perseverance family. Let's pray that the married couples will. We'll do all they can to promote the kingdom. The married couples. We'll try to become saints. Few years back. Pope Francis actually canonized a married couple. A husband and a wife. The name of this couple, the last name was Martin. Once I mentioned this couple you'll you'll probably have a big smile on your face. Because this married couple actually had a daughter that. Was you can I say she was canonized before them? The name of their daughter is Saint Therese of Les. The name of this couple would be Luis and Sally Martin Martin in English. They were canonized by Pope Francis. That's the ideal. The ideal for every family. Husband and wife is to grow. in love with you with each other. But also to grow in love with Christ. To grow in love with each other, but they grow in love with Christ. When I Officiate over marriages and I do it quite a bit. One of my Points that I make in the sermon. is to give a summary of. Fulton chain Like every summary of one of the books of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen, In the name of the book of Fulton Sheen directed to a married couples. It takes three to get married. The husband, the wife. For Jesus, Christ and Jesus Christ. if the husband and the wife have Jesus Christ in the center of their married life, it's going to it's going to be a good marriage. It'll be a Christ centered marriage. but when Jesus Christ is on the margin. In the life of husband or wife or both. And that matter that family is going to have a lot of problems. It's going to dominate is the capital sense. and Christ will be relegated to. a very low importance. So, We're going back, We're going back. We're kind of reviewing where we are with the ox the apostles. So Paul he meets with pursuing ola and he he works with them and he and he preaches also. now there's another person that comes on the scene. This person that comes on the scene. Is a very prominent figure. And his name is Apollo. Apollo Who is this person? Apollo? Apollo is a he's a he's got a Greek name, but also he is. educated as a Jew. And Apollo knows. the word of God very well. He's a stud individual. He knows the word of God very well. But not only does he know the word of God. but Apollo is a preacher. He's a teacher. And he's going from one place to the next and he's preaching. And he's eloquent. he's powerful. he's convincing He's dynamic He's a top notch. However, there is a problem. There's a problem. it's a pretty serious problem. And it's this. that Apollo even though he's highly intelligent. And he's well educated and in Jewish scripture. He's only been educated in Christianity. Very little. Only up to the preaching of Saint John the Baptist. So as preaching Saint John, the Baptist and his doctrine, which is great. but Saint John, the Baptist obviously was a precursor of Christ. John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ. So if you only had the the teaching. and the docs and John the Baptist, that would be a very incomplete doctrine. Priscilla and Aquila. husband and wife. they take him apart. And they educate him. On the new way. Would it be? the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? It's interesting that Apollo if you were puffed up with pride. You might say well, I'm the preacher. I'm the teacher, you're not. Who are you to tell me? So we're seeing Apollo a real. Attitude of humility and do. and submissive that he's humble, he's docile and he's. submissive. To those who know their faith better. And I think that says something to us. Learning from Apollo that we don't know everything. Quite the contrary we know our faith probably to a limited degree degree. But there's probably much more that we don't know than that we know. So we should all be in what's called the state of permanent formation. That's why we have these two documents of Pope Francis yesterday on the. the letter of social communications and last last Monday he issued an Apostolic letter on cats. The importance of all of us to teach the word of God. But before being teachers, we have to be good learners. Because we cannot give what we don't have. So Apollo. he. Humbly accepts. The teaching of Aquila and Priscilla so that after that, he's teaching the fullness of the faith. And that's going to have a strong impact upon the people. So move from that. And we moved from the from there to the greeting today. And it says that while Apollo's. was in Corinth. Paul traveled. Through the interior of the country. So Paul is on the move to also Paul has been in Corinth. So he's on the move and he's moving to the interior of the country. And he goes south. And he goes down to Ephesus. Now it goes on Ephesus and he. Some disciples in Ephesus. In Saint Paul meets these disciples, it's about twelve men there in Ephesus. and he. Yes, in this question. Did you receive? глаголы They answered him. Very interesting answer, they said We have never. even heard that there is a holy spirit. So once again, you have these followers. Of Christ that have a. Have a very limited understanding of the faith. Then Paul's follow up question is well. If you haven't received the Holy Spirit. Then he asked this question then how are you baptized? And they seem to have this about the same education as Apollo's. Before he meets up with Priscilla and Aquila. They responded, they were baptized with the baptism of John. And Paul follows up by saying that. the baptism of John. Was a baptism of repentance. Tell the people. to believe in the one who was to come after him that is in Jesus. So they only had the baptism. Of John the Baptist. So Paul intervenes and Paul baptize them fully not simply the baptism of John the baptism, but the baptism. Of Jesus. And then what Paul does is don't forget that. Paul. Peter James John Phil So being apostles and bishops. They have the authority. To administer the sacraments. baptism, but also they have the authority to administer the sacrament of confirmation. And so we see also this is a passage. Refers to the sacrament of confirmation. The says when Paul, laid his hands on them. Paul laid his hands on them. Then the Holy Spirit came down upon them. And then they began to speak in different languages. They began to speak in different languages and they began to prophesy. And altogether there were there were all together There are about twelve men like the twelve apostles the twelve tribes of Israel. So here we see. The administering of The two sacraments. the three sacraments of initiation baptism communion, as well as. confirmation. But here we see Paul teaching. preaching. Baptizing And conferring confirming. Paul is on fire. And Paul wants that he he wants the whole world to know about Jesus Christ. What was the yesterday for the ascension? Jesus said go out to the whole world. Teach them all that I taught you. Baptize them in the name of the father. and of the son. and of the Holy Spirit. And he says behold I am with you always even until the end of time. These were the last words of Jesus and missionary mandate. Saint Paul took this very seriously. This missionary mandate. To go out to the whole world. And I think that we should take this seriously. We spoke about Paul here. praying over them, then the Holy Spirit comes. Now, probably most of you have not all of you in the perseverance family. Most of you are adults. You have the three sacraments of initiation. You're baptized. you made your first communion you made your confirmation. Those are the three sacraments of initiation. When you're confirmed. The bishop confirmed you and he said, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And then the confirmation mass the bishop says that you are called. to defend your faith and to spread your faith. Those two different verbs. You are called to. defend your faith and you're called also to spread your faith. You are called also to defend your faith and to spread your faith. Talking about the ignorance we see. with Apollo and these people in Ephesus. One of the primary reasons my friends. Why people do not persevere? In the practice of their Catholic faith. Is that of ignorance? Let let me tell you something this this this this may shock you. But hopefully the motivator us to to become more. Apostolic energetic and and active. All of you have had some encounters with the Jehovah witnesses. All of you have some encounters with the mormons. This is a sad fact. The most mormons. most Jehovah witnesses. they used to be Catholics. And if you meet them, they'll say. Now that I'm a Jehovah witness now that I'm more, I finally found the real faith. I'd like to tell you an interesting story. related to missionary activity. imitating Paul and Apollo's. the presence of the Holy Spirit. and trying to do our best to. spread the word of God. Pope John Paul the second in his. in cyclical and tortoise. Which would be in English the mission of Redeemer, it's his missionary documents. Pope Francis wrote the joy of the gospel. Vatican Two you have a. John Paul, the second says that the the best mission territory today are the big cities. And the reason behind the big city is being good mission territory. they simply. That there are so many souls in big cities like LA, There are millions and millions of souls. And many Catholics, at least baptized Catholics. So for quite a few years. Set aside one morning it was Thursday morning. In which A couple hours in the morning. I would hit the streets. And I hit the streets and that would be with my missionary group. Knocking on doors. Knocking on doors of our parishioners and most of the people would open up the door and receive me. And we'd enter in there, we pray the rosary pray the divine mercy. enthroned of divine mercy. give an image of Mary. and I would maybe go out in the garage and hear confessions. And we see the people who are not married in the church, the babies that were not baptized the children who made their first communion The teenagers were not been confirmed. A great great work. Did this for quite a few years? But let me tell you an experience. and all I think this is related to Apollo and Paul preaching to the the Corinthians going on in Ephesus, preaching and the people emphasis didn't even know that there was there was a holy spirit. That's it's comical. Paul said. Did you receive the Holy Spirit? They said. We didn't even know the Holy Spirit existed. But anyway. One of my missionary. Experiences. This happened I was. Heading with our missionary team to knock on doors. And they're in the. The heart of we gardens, which. probably 75%, are are Hispanics that were almost all baptized Catholics. I met up with. two young men probably in the early 20s. With a white shirt. Black Tie blonde Blue eyes And they were they are bicycles. And they were I think you know these were these were Mormon. These were Mormon missionaries. Yes. these are Mormon missionaries so II talked with him a little bit. And you know what impressed me most. Here we have these missionaries. And they were able to express themself. In Spanish, almost a perfect Spanish, they're able to speak. And they're brought up and raised here. You're pressed to ask him where did you guys learn your your your Spanish? Do you think they said that they went to a Latin America for about a year? And they learned their Spanish. And the reason for that was so that they can come back from Latin America to Los Angeles and other big cities. And to convert. The Hispanic Catholics to become mormons. And I was impressed. I was impressed at the. Apostolic zeal. The initiative. the enthusiasm. the hard work. The effort that these two young men made so that they could. what they could evangelize and bring many people into their Mormon religion. In a certain sense. even though we do not believe in what they teach. they're not even they're not even Christians. Much less Catholics because they deny the divinity of Christ. Christ is just one of their one of their saints. They're also known as the as the latter day Saints. But I have to admit. I have to admit that I really admire. Zeal enthusiasm and Apostolic zeal. Preaching their message. So maybe we can learn from other. people. even religious act as such. The Apostolic active Like Paul, like Apollo. Like the Apostles, Like the Saints, because indeed my friends, if we if we if we really do love God. That we should love what God loves. Then the passage today, which is taken from acts chapter nineteen. One to eight. Says that Paul entered the synagogue. And for 3 months. to be debated boldly. with persuasive arguments. About the Kingdom of God. Enter the synagogue. and for 3 months. debated boldly with persuasive arguments about the Kingdom of God. So I think that this passage today. Should motivate all of us? To become. Catechists is. Pope Francis said in this Apostolic letter. Pope Francis and the Apostolic are basically was saying that all of us have to be engaged in one way or another. in imparting cats. He says that the first catechism should be the bishop of the diocese. The bishop, who has the fullness of the priesthood. Then, he says that the priests. We as priests, we are called also to be catechists. Is Vatican two points out the primary duty of the priest of the two piece. We're called to pray and we're called to preach. Than the deacons like Stephen and Philip. Are called the catechism. And then the pope instituted a new. Ministry so you've got lecture Ali now you got a ministry of a catechists. The lake catechism in the parish is very important. Collaborating with the priest. imparting the truth. I said I think in an earlier talk that. I believe that one of the biggest. Neglect. I say over the past 60 years. talking about preaching teaching and Cate. Is the following. That parishes direct energy to children so that they can make their first communion fine. Then they direct a lot of energy into the to the teenagers so that they can make their confirmation great. However, my friends. What about another group of people? That other group of people are the adults. So over the past 5060 years. The adults have been neglected in their Cate formation. So we're in a parish about 20 years ago. There's a priest that presented this idea to Cardinal Mahoney as well as the hundreds of priests the whole idea of family Cate. So I was very inspired by this and when I talked to him a couple of times and we. incorporated in our parish that all the children. that come for their first communion have to they have to go through a form of cats. While the teenager that'll be confirmed, their parents have to be catechism. And I consider that to be one of the greatest blessings in the parish. Because the importance of ongoing formation. My friends who else. Who else are called to evangelize? To be missionaries. To be catechism. To communicate the truth. Who do you think? Parents moms and dads. The family is known my friends. The family is defined as the domestic church. So the father should be the first he should be the priest of the family. For that reason on Saturday I started a new consecration program. consecration to our Lady of Fatima. And just sit in San Francisco. Which is a different one from my consecration through the midst of the rosary. Is that we want to involve my friends the whole family. And was the handouts online electronically. We're getting mom and dad to read. every day. With their children, the message of Jacinta. the message of Francisco. the message of Lucia. the message of the angel. the message of our Lady of Fatima, who appeared six times. And as the parents read, they stop to explain to their children. This gospel message because Fatima is. fathom is truly a gospel message. Is a gospel. message. so the whole family is being involved. in learning together. The whole family. Is involved in learning together. So my friends. We're in what is called the novena to the Holy Spirit. In the Movie of Father, Patrick Payton. Probably most of you know the father Patrick Peyton, who said the family that prays together stays together. he went to Hollywood. And He was. able to make the fifteen mysteries of the rosary in Hollywood Family theater. This is before the luminous mysteries. The second glorious mystery, which we celebrated yesterday the ascension of our lord into Heaven, where Jesus. says, go out to all nations and teach what I taught you. Jesus is basically telling the apostles to go out. To go out and to convert the whole world. To go out and to convert the whole world. In the movie, One of the apostles. With childlike simplicity, With childlike simplicity, one of the apostles. respond to Jesus, who says, go out to the whole world and preach all creature. Tease him all I taught you and baptized them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. How are we going to convert the whole world? We don't know anything. Jesus responds. Aware of their lack of formation. And he tells him. don't go yet. You're not ready, Don't go yet. But before Jesus on the mount all of it ascends to heaven. He tells the apostles to go to Jerusalem and to go to the upper room. That's where we are spiritually right now. Go to the upper room. It's also called the cynical. Go to the upper room and go with. My mother and your mother. was Mary. Spend 9 days and nine nights. In silence, Fasting In prayer, Invoking praying for the coming. the coming of the gift of God. The coming of the gift of God that gift of God is the Holy spirit our greatest friend. Who loves us best? So not to leave yet, but to go to the upper room of the cynical. So that's where we are right now my friends. Right now we with. Peter. James and John and Philip and Matthew. And the blessed mother. We are in the upper room. In prayer, In silence, In Pens, In harmony, We are present with. The blessed Virgin Mary Who is Mary, who is she? she's the mother of God? Mary The Church. Em Mar There we are with Mary and the apostles in the upper room. And we're begging with great humility. We're begging for the gift of gifts. The gift of gifts. Our greatest friend. our advocate. Our interior master The bond of love between the father and the son. Saint Bernard, presents it this way the father loves the son, the son loves the father the mutual bond of love between the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Saint Bernard the doctor says that the Holy Spirit. is a mutual embrace or kiss between the father and the son. So my friends. Let us go to the upper room. With Mary and the Apostles, let's await the coming of the gift of gifts. Let's ask Mary. And through her prayers, the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and radically transform them. Let's ask and Beg Mary to pray for us. Knowing that her prayers are very powerful. Mary indeed. is the daughter of God, the father. Mary is the mother of God, the son. And Mary is a mystical spouse of the holy Spirit of God. And Mary is your mother and Mary is my mother. So I invite you to pray for me in half hour, I will be on relevant radio. that we'll be able to preach the word of God. like Paul. in Apollo's and the Apostles will be able to preach the word of God to the whole world. My priestly blessing the lord be with you. May almighty God bless you the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. God bless all of you.
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