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Volume XI - No. 275

April 2,




as Labor and Economics

The Bridge to Plenty


Ilurvard Discharges Scrub


World Distress Pot SnoTS


Social and Educational. . Cause Remedy

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Conditions in China
Tjiei IB Pkedicteb for

"Three Billion Dollar



Federal Stop to Cigarette Lies (Jive Mollie a Chance


Finance Commerce Transport ation


Mail Eoutes to Panama

Political Domestic and Foreign

Chicago's Tax Problems


Law and

Order in Nicaragua
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England an Intruder in India Exercising the Franchise in Hungary

Agriculture and Husbandry


Georgia's Plantations


Home and Health

Some Facts About Vaccination

Cure for Cancer Sacramento's Poisoning Bee


"The Only

Expi.an ation


More Kind Words for the II. D. 's Again Let the M. D.'s Be Fair



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Where Are the Dead The Devhi in India "When Thou Doest Alms"


Resurrection of Jesus Blble Questions and Answers The Children's Own Radio Story


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Wednesday, April 2, 1930

Number 275

The Bridge
THAT is not
true the real

to Plenty
something puzzling about a world in which a is regarded as a national calamity", while another remarks that "nearly everybody wants more of the good things of life: I know thousands that are suffering for want of more even in these prosperous times: and we were never so well equipped to produce more. Yet all along the road today we have seen closed factories: and right now millions of workers are without jobs, or on part time, because they have produced too much".


name of the book. Its The Road to Plenty", but in

bumper cotton crop

our judgment no such road exists, nor can exist, until Satan has been bound and his whole crowd have gone down in ruin in Armageddon nevertheless this book by William T. Foster and Waddill Catchings would do something to help matters for a time. The book is an account of an imaginary conversation between various types of men in the smoking room of a Pullman. They consider at length why it is that "even in Massachusetts a

fourth of the old people are making hopeless efforts to live decently and comfortably on less than four hundred dollars a year and such meager aid as they get from relatives and

The Vicious Spirals

The book, of course, has its who understands economics. He

These men marvel that in a country bursting with riches half of the families in the great city of Philadelphia have no bathtubs at all or share

hero, the man points out that there are two vicious spirals. In the vicious spiral of inflation, "People rush into the markets and try to buy more goods than the markets
afford. Business booms.

them with other


families, while four out of five have no bathtubs, and nine out of

ten of them have no running water, or electric lights, or motor trucks. They note that the average annual wage of industrial workers is no more than nineteen hundred dollars, which amount "barely covers
the needs of a family for food, clothing, shelter, and ordinary sickness it leaves nothing for extraordinary hard luck, nothing for vacations,

So manufacturers pay more wages, make more goods, build more equipment, place orders further ahead, and speculate in commodities, all of which causes a further rise in prices, a further expansion of industry, and so on." In the vicious spiral of deflation, 'Goods were piling up on the shelves and prices falling.' "Things went from bad to worse. The movement did not correct itself, because falling
prices usually are so discouraging that business men discharge workers, reduce wages, curtail

insurance, travel, education, or old age", and they ponder over the curious fact that with conditions like this confronting them "there are no pains too great for manldnd to take to avoid the trouble of thinking". One of the oddest things
it all is that the average man bitterly resents the suggestion that he should reason his way down to the foundations of Satan's rotten empire, economic, religious, or political. One of the speakers points out that "there is

output, postpone additions to plant, buy only from hand to mouth, and keep down their inventories, all of which causes a further fall in


consumer income and a further fall in prices. That leads, naturally, to a further retrenchment of business, a further fall in wages and dividends, a further fall in prices, and so on."
Certain facts are set forth to wlrich all will agree: that "we have abundant production facilities: there is no lack of savings": "nearly every industry is oversupplied with savings. In some cases the excess capacity is notorious

Pollak Foundation for Economic Research, Newton, Mass.,




tires, iron, steel,


Bhooklin, N. S.



shoes, cotton,

industries are corn, wheat, fruit," and nearly all output of the very now equipped to increase the

goods which the people want. " A s one of the speakers put it, "The war taught into con08 that, after it had thrown industry four million workers away fusion and taken from their jobs, the workers who were left prowas duced enough to supply all the wealth which in battle, enough to sunk at sea and blown up
millions supply our own Army and Navy and more to enable the people abroad, and enough standpeople at home to enjoy at least as high a ard of living as before the war." The hero sums up the situation as follows: "Machines, materials, men, and money in superevery abundance: hungry mouths to feed and willing hands to work means of feeding them: of

labor continuously at any approach to capacity, unless individual incomes, week in and week out, are such that the people buy all the finished products of home industry, or the equivalent in imports, about as rapidly as they are ready

for sale".

In other words, the standard of living of the people must be raised, if business is to be prosperous, but if savings are to be made, out of which shall come yet further improvements in the standard of living, for an ever increasing number of people, there must be an increase in the volume of money available to consumers. "The question is not whether a rising standard
of living requires a growing volume of money, but how the growth is to be brought about at the right rate." The Federal Reserve System does this important service for the producers, but there is no machinery in existence at present for doing

work with. Now, the question is, why could no immediate means be found of machines, maletting this stupendous wealth of
and plenty

for the consumers.

men, and money go on with the world's work?" "We are wasting our savings, whereas
it is

we only in so far as' we use savings that make progress." there is no All hands in the party agree that good things of lack of desire for more of the that "even in our prosperous country,

Advance Payments to Consumers When wages are paid out to the workers who build factories, railroads and machines, to those who supply tools and materials, and to those who do the transporting, insuring and financing, most of it is paid out and spent by consumers
facilities under construction are supply the markets with goods. These ready to wages are advance payments, and "these advance payments, paid in anticipation of the sale of goods which have not yet been produced, add to the demand for goods without for the time


and most of the people would be much better off if who reads they had more wealth". Let the one could make this judge for himself whether he also good use of a greater revenue. All hands agreed that "we cannot have a plenty unless we
create a plenty".


Production is Restricted Nobody can deny the self-evident proposition world does that "the only reason the business more is because it can not sell more. not produce Lack of markets is the trouble. We never promuch". duce a plenty for fear of producing too deny that the buying of wageNor can anybody earners increases about as rapidly as their incomes. "The very fact that we cannot get rid ot what we make, even in these prosperous years, withtheir out persuading the people to mortgage further into the future, incomes further and people seems to show that the flow of money to not keep pace with who want to buy goods does
the flow of the goods." The proposition naturally follows "that we cannot hope to use our capital savings or our

being adding to the supply of goods". building It thus follows that "as long as the telephone lines, and of new factories, railroads, of so on, brings about a sufficient expansion for the prodmoney in circulation, the markets ucts of the old capital facilities are brisk enough to keep business prosperous". "In order our to enable the people to buy the output of ones: present facilities, we have to build new
in order that the people may buy the output of the new ones, we have to build more

and then,



development and use of the automobile. "A ago, single industry, non-existent a generation enough money to enable them now pays people bread and, to buy the country's total output of output of woolen, worsted, in addition, the total and silk goods." Because of this new industry plants, billions have been invested in automobile


the illustration of this truth is seen in





of tender hearts, and thai they are really in earnest in trying to find a way out of the present economic impasse, is very plain from the following touching soliloquy, which we quote in full. It may be added that others have been touched by this book, and that some of its suggestions seem to have come to the favorable attention of President Hoover. References to the opinions of Foster and Catchings are now quite common in the metropolitan press.
the dusty window, the Little Gray Man of trudging workers- stretching from the factory gates all the way down the ugly street. Another day's work done, he thought, and tomorrow

and other

billions in iron, steel, plate glass,

lumber, copper, paint, oil, tires, garages, filling has stations, automobile freight cars; and this helped things all around. Now comes the point of the book, and that is when the government spends money for
that consumers public works it adds to the income of most needed. What and thus helps where help is to put the government should therefore do is hands when busimoney into consumers'


ness is falling off, and less money when thus, tion is under way'. The government would government debts, by its acts, in paying off building public works, etc., check both of the viinfla-

Through saw a line

cious spirals of inflation and deflation, and keep things running more smoothly. "A decline of business, however initiated, cannot develop into

there will be another, and the next day another. And beyond that, what? Endless anxiety, even for most

a depression




is sufficiently

of those who, by a special good fortune which they dare not hope for, actually do hold their jobs. How many of them, he wondered, if they had the choice

sustained." "If the new policy succeeded, it would necessitate constant increases in the volume of money in circulation : but the time would come when no further increases would be possible, without abandoning either the gold stand-

the one

make tonight, would care to Ave over a day like now ending? How many of them, if they knew what the coming days had in store for them, would
have the heart to go on?

ard or the present gold reserve ratio." The plan proposed in The Road to Plenty
"calls for a separate Federal Board, which shall itself gather and measure the data best adapted to show the adequacy of the flow of consumer income, using, however, for its own purposes, the wealth of data gathered by other agencies. Having thus collected the needed information, the Board shall advise the Government how to use it as a guide in all fiscal matters. The Board itself, guided in the same way, shall determine when certain expenditures are to be made, which already have been provided for by Congress, under a policy of long-range planning of public works. Thus the Board, both through its own acts and its published reason for its acts, will provide private business with the needed leadership". "Public works built in that way might actually cost the country nothing: for if they were not built, the country might lose more than the cost, through the idleness of men and of capital savings." "When produc-

Through the city the train flew : past row upon row of dreary factory dwellings: and on and on into the
field, toward a dilapidated barn more dilapidated house, came a farmer, leading a pair of horses. "The plowman homeward plods his weary way," thought the Gray Man. Yes, and truly "leaves the world to darkness and to me." For some time, clouds had been piling up in the west. Now the Gray Man observed the sky was as murky as the factory dwellings, as murky, almost,


through a

and a


as his



Soon the rain began to beat on the windows. He watched the drops as they gathered in little streams, wavered their way down the dirty panes, and were shaken off into space. Like himselfappearing suddenly out of the unknown, following for a moment an aimless course, buffeted hither and thither, and then, suddenly, off again into the unknown. What was it all about? "What did it all matter? What did anything matter? Useless, he thought, for me to allow myself to be crushed under the burdens of thousands upon thousands. The task is far beyond my poor powers. What

tion is far below capacity,

and many workers

are unemployed because demand for their products is insufficient, it is far better for the Government to spend money on public works than
to use the

I cannot help, I must forget. So he stood up, summoned his old-time good cheer, threw back his head and shook himself, as if to cast "Yes," ho off the burdens which bore him down.
decided firmly,






will comfort myself at least

Touching Soliloquy

That the authors of The Road


Plenty are

my little, as others do, for they are right; I have set life upon a hopeless quest. But then, of a sudden, right before him appeared





now overwhelmed

Ebooklyn, K.


Mary Harden, lustrous, perplexed, pleading eyes, just as that very morning they had followed him about the dingy chamber where she lay, with scarcely strength enough to turn her head.
the eyes of

him. His throat choking, his spirit quite broken, ha looked out across the wide




once, he

back, limp,

knew that it was no use. He dropped upon the scat. Thousands and thousands

was more than rain that blurred the distant


of sufferers, massed in a table of statistics that ho might forget. But one penniless, widowed mother, her

new-born babe at her

could not forget.

side, bereft,

beseechingthat ho

What a blessing the justice and truth and righteousness and mercy of God's kingdom is

Hard as he had tried to pull himself together, in the culmination of a life of disappointments, one frail human being, her eyes appealing straight to his heart,

men who can write like that, and because they really feel it in their hearts! The only books worth reading are visionary books, and The Road to Plenty is such a
to be to


can write


* World Distress


Reined v


for the address of a speaker whom the radio audience of America delights to hear. And it is a pleasure to announce that such is the subject chosen by Judge Rutherford, president of the International Bible Students Association, for Sunday morning, April 27. On that day he will speak at Oakland, Califor-

indeed are those words as a


Columbus, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Wheeling, West Virginia Fort Wayne, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana Evansville, Indiana





Chicago, Blinois Chicago, Illinois St. Louis, Missouri St. Joseph, Missouri Muscatine, Io^va Lincoln, Nebraska

over two hookups, one for the East and one for the West.



For Eastern and Central Territory Direct from Oakland through the following
stations regularly associated in the


TOWER network:
Bangor, Maine Boston, Massachusetts
Providence, Rhode Island York, New York York, New York Poughkeepsie, New York Syracuse, New York Paterson, New Jersey Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Scranton, Pennsylvania

Sioux Falls, South Dakota



Over any of the above stations the ^ixtyminute program, including the address of Judge
Rutherford, will be heard according to the lowing time schedule: Eastern Daylight Saving Time 10 to 11

New New



Eastern Standard Time Central Daylight Saving Time Central Standard Time

9 to 10 9 to 10
8 to

A M.





Pacific Coast

and Mountain Territory


Washington, District of Columbia

Norfolk, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Charlotte, North Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina Hamilton, Ontario Cleveland, Ohio



second presentation of the same sixtymhiute program will be broadcast direct from Oakland through Station (Oakland) and a special network including stations along the coast from San Diego to Vancouver, also at Salt Lake City and Denver. This second presentation will be audible according to the



following schedule:
Pacific Standard Time Mountain Standard Time


10 to 11
.... 11 to 12

Every reader of The Golden Age is cordially invited to join in giving the widest possible publicity
to this unique opportunity to hear



Judge Rutherford.

It is expected that the full list of stations for the Pacific coast and Mountain territory can be announced in our next issue.

Pot Shots
Huge Bricks
for Fai

Voting in Kenya Colony


*- vania State College it is will be long, paving bricks will be made which thick twenty feet long, five feet wide, and enough that they can be laid for pavement at

British Negroes in made at PennsylASA result of experiments likely that, before THE Hindus andEast Africa, the asking that, are ony of Kenya,

property when they have met the education and they shall have tests which may be fixed by law, now the same rights to vote in Kenya as are in simple by the whites. Could they,


ask for less?

Plain Speech by Louisville "Times"


Louisville Times says with AN INgreat editorial the speech "Civilization has RUSSIA'S plainness of
civilization, been for a long time a gun-muzzle and despoilChristianity nominal, bloodshed making." ment part of the routine of history what about That being true,, and it is true, then whole the birds that have the nerve to call the aggregation 'Christ's kingdom'?




calendar, expected to be put in operation soon, will date from Novemrevoluber 7, 1917, the date of the Bolshevist of five days each tion, and will have six weeks


Sundays will in everv month. Saturdays and law in be eliminated. The private practice of Russia has been eliminated.

New York
Four Bottles of Beer


Waning Forests
mill that will ever operate in

mother, was in a cell, tenced to prison. Her child was born born it was dead. If this is and when it was civilization, what is next?

home in California prohibition officers matron of found four bottles of beer. The to become a the home, a young woman about arrested, tried, convicted, and sen-


THE last Queens


Borough, New York city, is now engaged in cutting up one of the few remaining are still forests within the city limits. There in one of some good forests on Staten Island, of radio the principal ones of which is the site


Australia's Wild


Youths Commit Crime




the New York Times points

bookout that twenty-five million clerks, and day lakeepers, factory hands, mechanics this borers average $25 a week, and that while marriage. precludes is a subsistence wage it States Four-fifths of the crimes in the United the ages of are committed by youths between eighteen and twenty-five, because of dissatisfac-

thinking it would be fun to introduced rabbits, years ago. shoot them, They multiplied so fast as to become a pest, and "now they have to be shot to keep them down. More recently camels were introduced, and then place. turned loose "when automobiles took their multiplying with great Now the camels too are has berapidity, and as they have gone wild it squads to shoot come necessary to organize

themtion with the conditions in which they find




A Funny
Scranton's Crooked Rulers

One on the



grand jury

at Scranton

'DINOSAUR'S skeleton was discovered near

has indicted the sheriff of the county, four formchiefs of police, two ex-chiefs of police, a

who was er civil service commissioner, a man city, and sixty-nine others twice mayor of the in of like honor and integrity, for conspiracy machine ring. We preconnection with a slot officials sent on this page a photograph of the who are now open to in Scranton and vicinity
suspicion of things that are even worse.

Tctuan, Morocco, and a group of Spanish began scientists solemnly descended upon it and how many to make the usual calculations as to thousands of years ago it had lived. hundreds of They got along very well with the identification discovered of the various parts until they finally

was a haymaking machine made in Chicago which a Spanish farmer had abandoned during the Riff war and which had later been covered by a landslide caused by heavy rains.



Colorings of Lobsters


BBOOKr.rx, N. Y.

have been found which have been of the following colorings: pure white, jet black, dark green, bright blue, gray, red, reddishyellow, and cream. There are also spotted (or
calico) lobsters, exhibiting a variety of colorings, in patterns.


to their differing foods, lob-

Ancient Wall of Jericho Found ANCIENT wall, twenty feet x be the most magnificent yet high, said to discovered in Palestine, has recently been uncovered at Jericho and is believed by some to be part of the wall mirae. >verthrown in the days of Joshua. About 165 feet of the wall has been un-



Persecution of Jews in Russia "M" OT only have many synagogues been taken * ^ away from Jews in Russia and converted
into Coimnunist clubs and workmen's dwellings, but burial grounds have been seized, rabbis have been imprisoned and exiled, the teaching of Hebrew has been forbidden, and the teaching of even two children to say their prayers may result in

Peter Better Fixed


fact that a

Sow Roman

Catholic archbishop

was able to pay $1,500,000 for the pro: : the Mindoro Sugar Company suggests times have improved somewhat fnr Peter sinee he said to the poor cripple, "Silver an gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee."

in the Philippines

imprisonment for whoever does



Sunday Schools

Instruction for the Isolated

step taken by the'Office of Education of the Department of the Interior is to provide education by correspondence for such children as are now too remote



TX THE last twenty years the Anglican


England -'ered a decrease of 1,133,766 Sunday scholars; the Wesleyans have lost
177,7.97, the Baptists have lost 68,096, and the Congregationalista, 74,615. Dr. Douglas Brown, president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, has declared that at the present rate the church would be as dead as the dodo

from any school to be able to attend. These will include children in lighthouses and on islands remote from the mainland, as well as those that are disabled.

in another ten


Hurrah for Konefsky!


a blind boy, fifteen years of age, who entered America less than four years ago, not knowing any English at the time. He has just completed an eight-year course in three years and four months and now speaks English so pure that he was chosen to make the valedictory address of his class, most of whom have their



know who Konefsky

The Reformation of Krupps




i.ich at one time filled the world with terror, is now giving close attention to market gardening and building acres of glass houses with the idea of supplying the whole of


industrial Germany with (lowers, fruit and vegetables, and every kind of industrial instrument, including sewing machines and gramo-

phone needles. Germany has learned that war

does not pay.

Russellville's Astonishing Bootlegger


AT RUSSELL VILLE, Arkansas, just before


The Use

of Antitoxin

Christmas, a number of citizens were approached with the question, "Say, how would you like to buy a quart of corn?" justice of the peace and several church members thought they would appreciate such an investment, when they got home found that they had purchased corn, shelled com at that," not even ground into meal, and had paid $2 a quart for it. The purchasers are still looking for the alleged bootlegger. They wish to explain some things to him.

Medical Journal, May 15, 1923, said: "Medical opinion generally is rapidly coming over to the side of believing it advisable to eliminate the prophylactic use of antitoxin." In view of the deaths at Bundaberg and Dallas this seems reasonable, and yet we find that the

rPHE Army

Health Department of New York city has large and expensive posters about the city pleading with parents to have the doctors do, not without
remuneration, what the
thinks inadvisable. posters.


Medical Journal


the public pavs for the




twenty-first of last
called Christ-



Harvard Discharges Scrub Women

Louisville's Hard-boiled Magistrate

THE December, four ONdays before the day popularly

twenty scrub women, some of whom had been over thirty years on the job, were summarily discharged because the State Minimum

hard-boiled magistrate, Al*-* bert Nisbet, has been up for trial for embezzling the church's funds. He is now blind. His daughter claims that the pastor of the church knew of the embezzlements and that both


Wage Commission had

ruled that their wages thereafter must be increased from $10.50 a week to $11.10 a week. Harvard is the recipient of
gifts of millions of dollars every year.

he and the church profited while there were profits to divide. Meantime, the pastor adroitly says that Mr. Nisbet was not "authorized" to abstract the church's funds. Probably not. Permission .and authorization are different words.

The Cost of Poorhouse8


average cost of caring for each of the 85,889 persons now in poorhouses in the United States is $334.G4. bill has been intro-

Paid a Dead


Six Years

in Congress which would provide federaid un a 50-50 basis to any state enacting old age pension legislation. At present the United States and China are the only large nations that


N. J., was on the penof New York city at the time of his death, in April, 1920; but he forgot to notify the bookkeeper or somebody else that he
in Soinerville,


*- sion pay

do not have some form of national old aye pension legislation. Wonder if the supreme court of China would declare old age pension legislation unconstitutional.

out, so his monthly check came along regularly for the next six years. A man by the name of Ahem found the checks perfectly good,

had passed

and now, after getting $4,054 in that way, he has the embarrassment of having to explain why he forgot to say something about it.
Chiropractors in

The Dentifrice Racket


New York



name The New Republic pub-

lishi's an article giving Ora-Noid, Scmafor, Orphos, Pepsodent, Pebeco, Listerine, Mu-SolDent, X-lt, Miracle Pyorrhea Powder, Mucol, Ipana, Tartaroff and Forhan's a free advertisement which they will remember but probably not appreciate. Most dentifrices claiming to cure pyorrhea consist of baking soda and boras, sold under fancy names for prices ample to pay

T/[7".1IEN the World War was over, the United ' v States government sent 328 ex-service men
to Davenport, Iowa, to train for a profession

for the advertising and profits therefrom.

wherein they could make a livelihood, and now one of those men undertakes to practice in New York state something which is perfectly legal elsewhere, and which should be legal everywhere, he is in danger of being imprisoned as a felon. Looks like medical liberty with a minus sign before it.


Tax Problems

Famine Conditions



TT SEEMS that the Big Business men * Chicago succeeded by some hook or crook


million have already starved to death in Shensi province, China, and two million

getting 5-100,000,000 in valuations cut out of the assessments on property in the Loop. The mayor did not think that was fair, so he vetoed -. the city 1 on the outskirts did not think it was fair either, and are in an

will starve before June. In some instances the survivors continue to live by eating the bodies of their follows who have already starved or frozen to death. In places nothing is left of


angry mood, but Big Bus; ness lias had its way, for the present, and another intolerable burden has been piled on the backs of those least able to bear it. Chicago is at present virtually in the hands of anarchists masquerading under the high-toned name of "Citizens' Committee", selfappointed. The banks, instead of standing by the city in its plight, are refusing funds and
standing by the anarchists.

houses but one room, the rest having been used for firewood because of the bitter weather, the worst in forty years. Coal is $118 a ton; charcoal $190 a ton. In one village of 80*0 inhabitants where the starving people had had no grain food for three months, the soldiery distributed

some small



sight of real

food drove the people insane, and the soldiers were forced to beat them off with whips before any distribution of the food was possible.


No More

Bbooklyjj, N.


Liberty in IndianapoHs


(Kansas) Methodist pastor asks Real Silk Hosiery THE non-uniondischarged seventeen mills of ABYERS of the town to stop getting shaved the men workers Indianapolis

then orfor their union activities. The workers tickets. The Real Silk ganized a dance and sold stating Hosiery mills posted signs at the mills After the that the dance would be called off. Indianapolis Bign was posted the police of familiar with the banned the dance. Persons of time facts are wondering at just what point land of Indianapolis made its escape from the disenthe free and the home of the brave, and of the Constigaged itself from the provisions tution regarding freedom of assemblage.
Shortridge Would


to place their barber costs in the missionstill better one is to funds. Good idea!

get their religion over the radio, and then the preacher can go into the barber business, which by that time will have been vacated. The only

unsolved problem remaining is, What shall we do with the poor barber that first loses his job under the "no shave" deal? The chances are he would make a better preacher than the other
one, so

we put him back

is solved.

in the dominie's job,

and the problem


Los Angeles Getting Religious


month, ker, H. H. Pike. Mr. Pike's

in Sugar lobby up for study, Washington. a especially W. H. Baldwin, who gets $2,500 sugar bropart of it from a New York




in the Los Angeles Paul's Presbyterian that in St.


are examined

saying, "Shortand disclose a (California ridge, Cal. Not influential. C. & H. Hawaiian Sugar Company) will certainly



church of that city the Rev. Dr. G. A. Briegleb has been preaching on "Jack Horner's Christmas Pie"; "Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall"; "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep"; 'Old King Cole," and other subjects which he thought would be up to the level of his audience and not beyond his


Shortridge what to do." If that information out correct, how would it do to let Shortridge
the California and Hawaiian
state of

own powers.

wonderful how religious Los getting to be. As George Kendall is

I: is

and openly elect Sugar Company to represent the great

alleged to have said at the convention in Alleare right back gheny, "Isn't it wonderful?


we California in the Senate? At the very least, governing, and who would then know who are
to blame for things.
Splitting Georgia Plantations

here where
verily I

we were

forty years ago."


Colonel J. L. Evans, Ashburn, Ga., has split twenty his five-thousand-acre farm into equipped with modern machinery farms, each and started out with a good supply of farm animals of all kinds. Mr. Evans says of this plan "Where once these farmers lay by when the cotton was picked, they are now handling

products. the poultry, the livestock and farm and other crops come on the When the cotton produce season is over." Mr. Evans is hopeful to divide to encourage other plantation owners create a class of farm owners their lands and nain the South that can become buyers of the of being, as they have been, wares instead

Household Economics in St, Louis the head of "Household Economics" St. Louis Post Dispatch says "When the stewing tomatoes, rhubarb, apricots, or onions, look around the kitchen for the aluminum saucepan that needs brightening and use it to cook any one of these articles. All work and effort on your part towards a shiny kettle will be over." The Post Dispatch forgot to add that if every time you cook such foods you thus stew the discolorations off your pots and subsequent-


all ly eat them, not only will you shortly cease shiny kettles, but you will work and effort to get at length cease all work and effort of every kind.


and hopeless tenants,


from hand

to mouth.


thinks the old tenant plantation


What remains to be done will be done first by and the doctor, who will not know what to do, who will. And thus the then by the undertaker,
aluminum returns
to the earth as it was.

system has had



Facts About Vaccination

Against Compulsory Vaccination ($1.00), by H. B. Anderson, pubfacts in this article are taken from The Facta Broadway, New York, N. Y. lished by Citizens Medical Reference Bureau, I860

are no compulsory vaccination laAvs in Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Florida, abania, Mississippi, Louisiaua, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, or in any of the states west of the Mississippi river, excepting only New Mexico and Oregon, and in the latter state the requirement is optional with the local authorities. The states of Maine, North Dakota, Arizona and California, which were once _ the vaccination column, have stepped out of it.



November, 1922, contains a declaration

by Dr. W. S. Rankin, while secretary of the North Carolina state board of health, in which he unburdened himself of the following: Last year we inoculated 70,000 persons against
typhoid fever, and 1,000 children between 6 and 12 years of age against diphtheria. The county commissioner paid the local practitioners 25 cents for each complete inoculation and that was $20,000 which went to the profession last year which otherwise would not have been received. The work of the medical profession with the state board of health does not stop when that $20,000 is paid. It goes on. In the dispensaries which were conducted in Union County, North Carolina, with 35,000 people, the physicians vaccinated 10,000 people in a campaign of five weeks. That was $2,500 paid to twenty physicians only $125 each,

Massachusetts has abolished the compulsory

vaccination of infants.

England and Australia have repudiated compulsory vaccination, and Holland has suspended it for a year on account of the prevalence of
cases of encephalitis following it. Dr. William Brady, syndicate writer on health, says that lie should vote a positive "No" on any proposition of compulsory vaccination for any group of people or even for all the people.

but think of the effect on the business of the profession hi keeping up that work. It goes on.


American Medicine, in an



1914, speaking about the reluctance to vaccination, said:

not confined to laymen but is taken by those leading men in the medical profession who postpone vaccination of their own kith and kin until the last moment. Two world renowned men have confessed to us that they have had their children vaccinated only in obedience to public opinion in and

Speaking of the tendency of the unscrupulous to foist anything upon the public in the way of medicine (or vaccines) that the public can be made to pay for, American Medicine said editorially

This attitude


medical bodies are sought and are appropriated by not too nice stratat other times egy. Medical journals are subsidized and new ones number of makers pay a regular are pubUshed.
Official positions in

out of the profession.

stipend secretly to complaisant doctors here and there over the country, who, in return, are expected to read "useful" papers and at every possible turn to uphold the wares of the benefactor. Thus it comes that
therapeutics has reached

The London Lancet, in an editorial, January, 1927, made the following statement:
Vaccination at the ago of six months inflicts an infectious disease on the child at a time when its digestive mechanism is being rapidly modified, and many reasonable people, although convinced that vaccination will prevent smallpox, think that the advantages of immunity do not outweigh the disadvantages

present low estate.

Dr. Frederick R. Green, former secretary, Council on Health and Public Instruction, American Medical Association, in an address before the Utah State Medical Association, September 30,1914, is quoted as saying:
Another error into whieh we have fallen as a profession is the tendency to regard the medical profession as a divinely authorized class, whose sacred and distinctive function is the protection of the people either with or without their consent. It is difficult to
understand on what rational basis such a belief can
rest in a scientific profession like ours.


the Michigan State Medical Society, August, 1928, under the head of "The Economic Side of Immunization or Treatment"

The Journal of


had the following highly interesting paragraph: the 100.000 people born every year in Michigan aro vaccinated against smallpox at birth, the income to the physicians would approximate $200,000. The 500 cases of smallpox that occur every year, treated at an average of $50.00 per case, bring physicians $25,000. Thus the physicians, by adopting tho
practice of vaccination at birth,


inconsistencies in


states and localiinterferes with anone set of laws


other, were brought out by a Doctor Godfrey at a conference of health officers at Lansing, Mich-



12, 1923.

Doctor Godfrey was

would increase


income by nearly $200,000. The journal of the American Medical Asso427

reported as having said: In our city unvaceinated children, even though they are not exposed to contagious disease, can not come to



Beooklik, N. Y.

school until tliey are vaccinated. Unvaccinated children are turned over to the school board, and excluded
school, and then as soon as the records show they are not in attendance at school they are arrested for non-attendance. In other words, we get them going and coming.


of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce canceled their trips to Mexico rather than submit to vaccination; but the same dispatch that revealed this fact revealed another one still more interesting, read22, 1926, 130

On April


were 24,436,889 vaccinations and a total of 75,339 deaths from smallpox. In Australia, where only 30 percent of the people are vaccinated, there were only six deaths from smallpox in the fifteen years from 1909 to 1923, inclusive. These figures ought to show, and do show, that improved sanitation is what helps the smallpox
It seems that the real facts about smallpox are covered up by the advice given to physicians to report as smallpox all cases of so-called Cuban itch, Philippine itch, alastrim and seven other diseases of various names. In making diagnosis it is common for physicians to give some other name to the malady if it is found that the patient has been vaccinated. This is done so that vaccination will not get a bad name.

ing as follows Nearly 100 American medical men who were expected in Mexico at the end of April after a conference in Dallas have fared better than the commerce body. Arrangements have been made for allowing them to enter the republic without vaccination. Dr. John P. Koehler, commissioner of health, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in an article in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, November, 1925, outlines how a campaign in favor of vaccination

worked up.



Since people can not be vaccinated against their will, the biggest job of a health department has always been, and always will be, to persuade the unprotected people to get vaccinated. This we attempted to do in three ways : first, by education second, by fright and third, by pressure. We dislike very much to mention fright and pressure, yet they accomplish
; ;

more than education because they work

education, which



normally a slow process.

The department of health of New York city has for sale nineteen kinds of vaccines and serums. The Massachusetts department of health has only nine of these, but can get the others when they are wanted. A surgeon of the United States public health service proposed a schedule of seventeen trips to a doctor's office to provide immunization against four diseases. S ->ral hundred trips would be necessary to immunize against all diseases now known or which it is hoped to find. trip every day, as long as able to make it, is in the offing.

In England smallpox mortality has greatly declined. In the ten years from 1872 to 1881, in-

England were vaccinated and the number of deaths from

clusive, 85.5 percent of the people of

smallpox was 37,082 but in the last ten years for which records are available, namely, 1912 to 1921, only 43.4 percent of the people were vaccinated and the total deaths from smallpox were only 122. In the United States, which is largely unvaccinated, the average number of deaths per year from smallpox for the past twenty years is only 313, which, in a population of 120,000,000, is as near to nothing as could reasonably be expected. Japan has had compulsory vaccination since 1874, and yet in ten plague years since that time has had 77,500 deaths from smallpox. Italy has been vaccinated and revaccinated repeatedly, yet in 1919 it had 18,213 fatalities from smallpox, as against 358 smallpox fatalities the same year in the generally unvaccinated United States of America. In the Philippine Islands, in the ten years from 1911 to 1920, inclusive, there

People have been inoculated with extracts of newspapers, dandruff, blonde hair, brunette hair and house dust. You can get almost anything in the way of a serum shot into you if you are willing to pay for it and do not particularly care what happens. Horse dung extract and a scrum made from Le Page's liquid glue were considered by a learned committee of doctors, but "in consideration of their indefinite composition" they were declared "unacceptable for new and non-official remedies"; and so say



Doctor Charles Armstrong, in a work published in 1927, refers to 98 cases of lockjaw following vaccination "over a period of several years". There have been such deaths in recent
year-s in

Wilkes-Barre, York, Allentown, and

Peekskill, ten cases in Pittsburgh, and fifty cases in New York state in 1914. Lethargic

encephalitis (sleeping sickness) has become a in the world, and the number of cases of encephalitis traceable to vaccination is on the increase. Physicians admit that vaccina-

new problem

Th e





up or transmit various


including leprosy, and foot-and-mouth disease, No physician can be absolutely certain that any

batch of vaccine virus is free from impurities, and no physician can guarantee that vaccination will bring immunity from smallpox.

Events in Canada

By Our Canadian Correspondent

connection the following news item appeared in
the Mail and Empire, of Toronto: A letter to Premier Mackenzie King urging that ho call a conference of financial, industrial and labor leaders to consider "the serious unemployment condition throughout Canada," has been sent by A. R. Mosher, president of the all-Canadian Congress of Labor and the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employes. In a statement issued to-night Mr. Mosher referred to a conference held in Winnipeg between representatives of provincial and municipal governments and of organized labor for the purpose of dealu g with the

ONE by one the provinces of Canada are adopting an Old Age Pension Act on the
basis that the expenditure in connection therewith will be shared equally by the Dominion government and the province concerned. There are now 13,394 old age pensioners in Canada, and $3,389,089 has been spent on pensions since the passing of the federal act two years ago. It is instructive to look back on criticism of
the measure heard when it was laid before parliament. Some contended it would never work 'because the provinces would refuse to cooperate'. It was 'inadequate because no one could



on $20 a month'. Finally, it was 'anti-social because it would discourage thrift and pauperize the aged'. These were the principal arguments, and they were used. Time has shown how pointless they all were. The pensions law is working smoothly. It has been accepted by five of the nine provinces, the five having two-thirds of the country's population. The pension of $20 a month, while not a munificent income, has brightened the lives of thousands of aged citizens, and relieved them of dependence on grudging charity. And no one complains now that the prospect of getting $20 a month from the state at the age of seventy will make people idle or improvident. The pensions law is a credit to Canada, and will in due course have effect in all the provinces. Stupid objections to it are already forgotten, and are worth recalling only as an example of the sort of nonsense reactionary people talk whenever any faintly radical economic measure is proposed.

Mr. Mosher stated that in his letter to Premier King he called attention to the fact that, from the time it was ascertained that the wheat crop would be a partial failure, the railways had made immense reductions in staff, and their example was being followed by other industries which were similarly affected, with the result that buying power had been considerably diminished. A widespread business depression was threatened. Seasonal unemployment had appeared at an unusually early period, and the stock market collapse had, in his opinion, exerted an adverse effect fully as great in proportion to population in Canada as in the United States.

was of the utmost importance, Mr. Mosher 's


be restored by a survey of business conditions and that plans be drawn up for the provision of employment by both public and private agencies. Actual unemployment and the fear that it would spread to great proportions

ter stated, that public confidence should

had curtailed public expenditures, creating a vicious circle which might work extreme havoc in Canadian

Smashed Stocks and Unemployment The recent collapse of the New York stock
market, together with the fact that this year's crop in Western Canada will be but half of last year's, is being felt in this country in no uncertain way, and is particularly reflected in the large increase of unemployment through the closing down of many factories. conference of financial, industrial and labor leaders is being urged to deal with the situation, and in this

The Winnipeg conference brought out the fact, Mr. Mosher contended, that unemployment in the west was greater than at auy period in the previous five years, and regretted the attitude of the federal government, which apparently considered that unemployment was a matter for piwincial and municipal authorities to deal with. Mr. Mosher took the ground
that, in

a time of crisis, technicalities of jurisdiction should not prevent the rallying of the constructive forces of the country, and that the federal government alone could give the leadership which the situa-

tion demands.

Pending the holding of the conference which it proposed, Mr. Mosher 's letter suggested to the prime




casts are

Bhooklik, N.



minister that the railways be asked by the governto carry on as much construction work as possi-

ble, with a view to providing employment, and retaining the maximum number of employes in the


Mr. Mosher's statement added that the prime mintaken up his letter with the minister of and the minister of labor, and had assured him that his representations would receive every considister has



Why Wheat

that the world import requirements of wheat are 770,000,000 bushels and that the export surplus is only 708,000,000, and gives this fact as the reason for the pool's confidence in holding its wheat for higher

Is Held Back The wheat poolJiead reveals

This year there has been a world crop failure. Foresomewhat speculative with regard to the Argentine and Australian harvests, but it is expected that Australia will garner little more than half of last year's crop, while the Argentine will be short of its splendid crop of last year by at least 100,000,000 bushels. Canada expects her crop will amount to little more than half of her great crop of 1928. Last year's crop brought us $470,000,000 for inspected wheat. If the Pool were to sell its loldings at the present prices it would mean a loss to the grain growers of the west in purchasing power close upon $175,000,000. This would have its repercussions on Eastern Canada.

Can any sensible business man claim that the management of the wheat pool is acting short-si ghtedly in holding large stocks for the present? The August shipments of wheat and flour

made up

In the Family Herald and Weekly Star appears the following editorial concerning the situation

total of 13,000,000 bushels,



some 2,000,000

more than the usual average, although it is quite true that in 1928 under an abnormal pressure

General business would be making a mistake if it took seriously the hue and cry being raised by some of the sliipping interests against the wheat pool, because grain is not being rushed overseas, to suit the convenience of transportation companies. It is perfectly true that many stockholders may be trembling over the possibility of deferred or reduced dividends, because vessels or freight-cars are not operating to their full capacity, but there may be more impoi-tant interests than theirs to serve. The whole is greater than its part, and that the Dominion at large should be made to prosper by the receipt and subsequent expenditure of large sums of money is more important than that the fortunate people, who live wholly or in part upon the profits of their investments, should have rather less money to spend, just at the moment. Last year produced a wonderful record crop of wheat the marketing of which gave financial prosperity to the whole Dominion.

of overplus grain 30,000,000 bushels were sold. No doubt eager buyers, banking upon the small supplies everywhere, would gladly have taken 30,000.000 bushels last August at last year's prices of

from a dollar to a dollar-ten per bushel! The prices actually realized for what was sold ranged from around $1.50 to $1.60 per bushel.
There could be no sound reason for selling our wheat in a hurry at this juncture for what it would bring, and thus losing the country the incoming and circulation of from $60,000,000 to $100,000,000.
In times like the present, such a sum might make the difference between prosperity and anxiety to the general trade of the country. There can be no controverting the statement of tho General Manager of the Wheat Pool, that the world situation justifies a higher rate than that which rules at present.


should Canadian farmers

fail to profit

by the

existing situation, as would men engaged in any other line of business if facing similar conditions?

Law and Order

Butler, of the Marine by Pittsburgh papers to have given the following account of the manner in which an election in Nicaragua was conducted under his supervision. The speech was given at a dinner of the Pittsburgh Builders' Exchange. Tho fellow we had in there nobody liked. But he was a useful fellow to us. So we had to keep him in. How to keep him was the problem. We looked up the
v3f Corps,

in Nicaragua
election laws

f*< enteral Smedt.ey D.


and found that the polls had to be open At least that's the way we translated it and that a voter had to register to be eligible to vote. The district was then canvassed, and 400 were found who would vote for the proper candidate. Notice was given of opening the polls five
(a sufficient length of time).

minutes beforehand, the 400 voters were assembled in a line, and when they had voted, in about two hours, the polls were closed. The other citizens had not registered and therefore were ineligible to vote.


npiIE above
is the subject of

Billion Dollar Thefts Predicted for


Boys and Girls Steal Vast Amount"

an article appear * ing in Lookout, called a "magazine of Christian education", and published December 29, 1929, by The Standard Publishing Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio, and distributed by the Christian Church to their Sunday school pupils throughout the United States (so I am told). One of them was handed to me by a man whom I was canvassing a day or two ago, with the thought, I suppose, that it would be a help to me in the proclaiming of the Kingdom message; and it surely did serve me, and is continuing to serve me, in proving by their own lips (Luke 19: 22) just what the Bible Students have been telling them for a long time, that is, that the churches have proved a failure as a teacher of morals, and that the time has now come for the world to
4. 5.


C. D.

Ebie (Indiana)

"A rapid increase in juvenile delinquency. "A rapidly spreading emphasis on agnostic


materialistic views of reality which tend to eliminate a personal God from the life of the rising generation.
G. "An army of untrained unsupervised voluntary religious teachers attempting to teach

7. "Commercialized amusements and the influence of vividly portrayed criminal conduct in the daily press and the movie screens."

And then, after again accepting the blame for the low state of morality in our American youth, the author summarizes by asking, "When
will the crime wave end, and how long will it last?" He answers, "Until society builds a system of moral and religious schoois to match the public schools of our land"; and again, in making his New Year resolutions, the author states,



the interesting statements made is one to the effect that in a school of forty-six pupils every one was found to be dishonest in an examination at the beginning of the school term, and that after spending 200 hours during the term in teaching morality again a test was given and the forty-six pupils proved one-hundred-percent honest, showing that morality can bo taught and will prove effective in producing an honest law-abiding young citizenry. The article states that the above vast amount will be stolen by the boys and girls of America during 1930, and almost all of them under twenty-five years of age. Then it asks, "Who is to blame for this great juvenile delinquency! Who has failed? The home? Yes. The state? Yes. But the major blame for the present crime wave must be borne by the church. [We knew it long ago.] The church assumed the responsibility
for the spiritual


"I dedicate










talents, to the teaching service of


church, knowing that the kingdom of heaven can only be ushered in by teaching our boys and girls to do justly, love mercv and walk humbly before God."
will note that this D. D. still thinks that will be possible for them to clothe the earth with their moral achievements and then the



will be permitted to come.



dacity, after admitting such



expecting another chancel


(the D.

D.'s) should not say anything about 'Pastor



and moral training of the


country when religion was removed from the curriculum of the public schools, but the church has failed as a moral teacher. Why has it failed? The answer is clear. The church has never taken its educational work seriously." And then the author goes on to state a number

dren of

teaching a second chance' (which he did not) when they have had 1900 years of chance and now admit a complete failure. They will soon know that the Lord has taken the Kingdom privilege away from them. And this also shows why they oppose the Kingdom message for they know they have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting and it is about to be taken away from them.

of facts, as follows

"Millions of children unreached by the eduprogram of any church. 2. "A low level of ethical ideas in selected samples of American youth.


The reason for the total failure above mentioned lack of common, ordinary, everyday honesty on the part of the religious leaders. They fear to come right out and tell the common people that they have lied to them about the meaning of the words sheol, hades,

3. "A high susceptibility to immoral conduct among typical groups of American youth. 431

gehenna, and tartaroo, and that the doetrine of "eternal torture" is a lie from beginning to end. They fear it will injure business to tell the truth now, so late in the day.Editor.

Where Are



THREE items

of recent news are of interest

The first is an alleged admission by Doctor Cadman, when

as touching on this subject.

asked this question. He is said to have replied, "I do not know: Judge Eutherford is the best authority on that subject." This over the radio. The second item refers to the death of George H. Austin, 46, an employee of the Eastman Kodak Company. Smitten suddenly with a heart attack, Austin passed away. The account

market in those days and in order to help the poor fellows who are in that business we are doing all possible to encourage them to buy alarm clocks and overalls and work up callouses on their hands in preparation for the better
day, for it is nigh, even at the doors. The third item is much like the second one, except that the symptoms of death were even more pronounced. The dispatch, which is from Little Eock, Arkansas, reads as follows

Juda Campbell,
Slater, chief of the



company's medical service, tried the usual resuscitation methods for two minutes without results, as it was too late. All respiration and heart action had stopped, reflexes of the pupils had ceased and the face had taken on an
Dr. Benjamin
ashen color, sure signs of death. An injection of adrenalin then was tried, 8 drops being administered directly to the heart through a needle. The first heart beats were hardly perceptible but there was action. The man was rushed to a hospital and there regained
full consciousness.


stopped for thirteen minutes, while she was under

an anesthetic for a tonsil removal, was alive and well Monday as the result of a new
discovery hi resuscitation.






revived after


had been suspended when Dr. S. F. Hogo injected oxygen

directly into her blood. Previously it had been believed


I had fainted and

sensation was the same had been revived," Austin

as if



Those who read this item may say that Austin did not die ; but it is manifest from the account that if the adrenalin had not been injected into his heart there would have been no change in his condition from the time he seemed to die until his resurrection, except that his body would have gone on into complete decay and dissolution. The man had ceased to be, but the machinery was there and in such condition that
could be set in motion again. As far as the man is concerned it will be noted that Austin did not come back with any fairy tales about having been in heaven or in hell or

that such an injection would cause instant death.

Physicians here said they

regarded Dr. Hoge s method as a phenomenal contribution

to science.
their knowledge,

Never before, to had such an

injection been


for such

a purpose. All agreed that Juda was "dead" when the injection was made. Her breathing had ceased. Her heart had stopped.

in 'purgatory' or in 'limbo'

or in the atmosphere in any other place. He merely knew that ho or had "fainted" and been revived, and when, by the Lord's power, the dead are awakened, that will be all there will be to it. The Devil's theology that the dead are not dead will have no

All her vital functions were at a stand-still, and adrenalin had been administered without

one proselyte; and when he


more the


of hell than


Five minutes after the oxygen needle was jabbed into a large vein, the girl gasped and began to breathe. few hours later she regained consciousness, apparently unharmed.

Federal Stop to Cigarette Lies


Air Mail Routes to



Federal Trade Commission has compelled one lying cigarette company to discontinue advertisements which purport to show that the smoking of its particular brand has caused actresses to stay slender and men to be-


United States now has two air mail

routes to Panama, one via Miami and the other a land route via Mexico City and Nicaragua and Guatemala. The new route saves two days in mails from the west coast to

come healthy and vigorous.



The Devil
a farmer is willing to raise Devil will loan him enough money opium, the to engage in the work and will not charge him any interest. But if he desires to raise wheat upon his lands, so that, the people may have

in India
tian nation and does not tolerate
ing, in Britain.




opium smok-

But why does

the Devil allow in India that

proper food, then the Devil


will lend

him noth-

which he disallows in Britain? Oh, why ask such simple questions? The British government has officially answered that question by saying that "in the present circumstances the revenue deindispensable for carrying on with efficiency the government of India". Here is a nice problem. If "the powers that be" are represented in part by the British gov-

rived from opium


In India the Devil has a monopoly of the opium business and maintains 17,000 stores where individuals who desire

may purchase as much

as they please and as often as they please, and even provides divans where

ernment, how should a Christian render obedience thereto? The answer is, By agitating
against the smoking of

opium in

Britain, where



white men, and by agitating for



who desire to smoke opium may do so under

in India,






his protection. In India, if

to put

r^p?^ //

a man tries a stop to the opium traffic he is put in prison, but in Great Britain he


be sent to prison for as long as ten years for having opium or tools for
in his possession. Britain is a Chris-

opium smoking

seems to be the logic of it. Meantime, what about that Man who said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"? Oh, that was said back there in Palestine two thousand years ago, but we have progressed a long way since then! Now we have archbishops, bishops," and a string of other clergy such as neither Jesus nor the apostles in their simplicity knew anything whatever about. These are the spiritual advisers of the British Empire, which rules over India and over Britain.

"When Thou
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites for ye compass sea and land to make

Doest Alms'
Like the Air Mail, the Dollar-a-Sunday standard of giving ia comparatively new, but is socially correct. Persons of good breeding and good manners meet their obligations in a dignified and honorable


made, ye make him twofold



23: 15.

heed that ye * do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. But


when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine
be in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, himself shall reward thee openly."Matt. 6:1,3,4.



way, and they conform to prescribed usages. Each parishioner has an obligation to pay his or her proportion of the cost for maintaining parish church or school. If you're doing your part, you will not hesitate to enclose your contribution in an envelope bearing your name. There are rare cases where anonymity is the robe of charity, but excepting thoso very rare cases, it is an excuse and a dishonorable



In The

Catholic Neivs


notice a revised

version of these instructions. There is a twocolumn advertisement, eight inches deep, showing a young woman putting a dollar in the collection basket,

England an Intruder 'in India



pope, bishop,

and below appear Jesus' new inthrough Mary, via "St. Peter", the the proper cardinal, archbishop, and



The Catholic News:

only six opposing votes two thousand members of India's National Congress have declared England an intruder in India and demanded complete independence. program of civil disobedience is contemplated.



Cure for Cancer

By M.


the number THE immense increase in the past fewof vicyears cancer during

tims of nothing short of appalling. An authority is states that statistics inform us that one out of every eight adult deaths in the United States

due to cancer.

This condition has proved a challenge to the medical profession to which many of its members have responded by devoting time and enerin labgy to different kinds of research work mice, rats, guinea pigs, and oratories, using perhaps other small animals, for their experiments. These workers have found out some things
that cancer is not, but not- much on which to base curative treatment. For instance, all their work has failed to discover a cancer germ, so

Medical Society of Wisconsin tells us, "Cancers in some locations can be prevented very simply. It is said by reliable authorities that cancer of the mouth and tongue never occur among persons who keep their teeth and mouths in good and clean condition. The jagged tooth, the illfitting dental plate, rubs until it makes a sore which develops into cancer. Sores upon the lip may be produced by holding a hot pipe too much in one position." If external irritation, such as described in the quotation, will produce cancer, which fact seems to be recognized by medical societies as tenable, why may not internal irritation be productive of internal cancer? That is a theory advanced

by Doctor

they conclude it is not a germ disease. Also, it But is not contagious and it is not inheritable. the most important thing of all is conso far as cerned, the cause of the dread disease, which would open the way to ascertaining its prevention,

C. T. Bctts, of Toledo, Ohio, who claims that the irritation by the aluminum compounds that are produced when food of any kind is cooked in aluminum utensils is a prolific cause of cancer. This theory needs no elucidation in

the pages of The Golden Age, since articles by Doctor Betts explaining it have been published
in this magazine.


if irritation will

doctors seem to be floundering as helpless

as a ship at sea without a rudder. And after many years of investigation and search for some remedy they appear to be just as unable gained to suggest a cure, after the disease has chief resort is the knife, much headway. Their the efficacy of which is liable to prove only tem-

porary, at best, since the growth may come again. Radium is used as a curative agent, though to a rather limited extent. Various theories as to the cause of cancer have been advanced, but have generally been flouted by the profession as a whole. One of the foremost surgeons of England, Sir W.

Arbuthnot Lane, declared it was his belief that cancer is due to eating white bread and the rich concoctions of modern kitchens and that, since savages are not afflicted with it, it is distinctly
a product of civilization 1 In spite of the eminence attained by Doctor Lane in his profession, this theory has not met with general acceptance by physicians. Yet there would seem to be good reason for his assertion, since the foods to which Doctor Lane takes exception are those which have a tendency to clog the alimentary canal and thus to retard the elimination of poisons from the system. Another theory is that cancer is caused by irritaquotation from a Bulletin of the State tion.

cancer in one place in the human not in other places? It may be that there is more than a single definite cause for cancer; that irritation of tissue is one cause, and that faulty elimination of systemic poisons or secretions is another; and there may be still others. The State Medical Bulletin previously quoted states that "Cancers of the breast are believed to be due to stagnation of the natural secretions".- Such stagnation would certainly produce decided irritation through retention of unhealthy substance. It is trite to say that if or when the cause shall be known the remedy will be forthcoming. Meanwhile thousands are doomed and are suffering a torturing death because the medicos have no remedies in their pharmacopceia, and no form of treatment but by the knife and by radium and they give no credence to anything as a means of cure that is suggested by anyone

cause system, why

outside the charmed circle of their own profession, even though the most careful and intelligent research has been carried on and proof of

cure by special treatment can be demonstrated by particular cases, cases diagnosed by regular physicians as malignant cancer and pronounced hopeless unless an operation would prove effective.











first called to

the subject

Case Number Three I paid no more attention to the subject of cancer till I became acquainted with a woman somewhat over sixty years of age who was cured of an internal cancer which her physicians had predicted would lead to her death within a few months at most. This woman had suffered from a severe stomach trouble for a long time and had been obliged to five on a very simple diet, mainly of coarse cereals, vegetables and fruits. A peculiar condition of stoppage near where the stomach joins the intestines was diagnosed, and an operation advised. During the process of the operation the surgeons discovered a cancer back of the stomach, and so far advanced that its removal was considered inadvisable because so fraught with danger to the tissue. The operation they were attempting was lasting between thirty-five and forty days. At performed successfully, and members of the first the tongue becomes quite thickly covered family were told that the patient had three or with a white coating which lasts until nature four months to live at the most. But the suchas completed the curative process with the aid cessful removal of the obstruction in the aliof fruit juice and enemas and an abundance of mentary canal, and the continuance of a plain water to drink. After a certain time, generally and wholesome diet of vegetables, fruits, and thirty-six to thirty-eight days, the coating disap- foods made from coarse grains were the means pears from the tongue and the patient is ready of restoring this patient to complete health, and to begin cautiously on a diet of simple solid it was several years subsequent to the operation food. I was told by the person who superin- that I first made her acquaintance. tended the treatment of these cases that oatThis case would seem to be good evidence that meal gruel, very tliin and strained, could be stagnation in the circulation or inadequate tsed in place of fruit juice if so much fruit elinunation of systemic poisons may create a juice disagreed with the patient. center which will be the starting point of that These cases offered such complete proof that loathcsome growth known as cancer; and that cancer is curable, even in an advanced stage, the freeing of the circulation, combined with a that I supposed, in my ignorance of the mental diet provided by the bounties of nature in siminvulnerability of the medical fraternity to ple form, will provide a cure. The daily enema methods outside their own profession, that the was not used in this case, though doubtless reattention of doctors everywhere would be called covery would have been more rapid if it had to these cures by articles in medical journals, been. since in both cases the physicians who had diagWithin the last two or three years I have nosed the cases saw and examined the patients heard of a few well-authenticated cases of cure

of cure for cancer about eighteen years ago when I was staying in Norwich, Connecticut, for about two months in the summertime. While there I met a lady, a resident of the city, somewhat less than fifty years of age, who had been cured of malignant cancer of the breast by living on grape juice and taking every day a high enema of plain warm water, temperature of comfortable warmth, from 100 to 105. I will give a few more details of tins case later and will refer to it as Case Number One. Case Number Two was of a lady who had heard of the cure of Case Number One and who came to Norwich from another state to take a course of treatment for cure of cancer of the breast. This lady was about sixty years of age. She did not confine herself wholly to grape juice, but took other fruit juices when she wanted to vary, such as orange, grapefruit, pear, and apple, perhaps a pint in all. The fruit juice was pressed out fresh every day. The drinking of plenty of water was advised, and this she partook of freely at intervals, and the high enema was taken daily, with never an omission. Complete cures resulted in both cases, though in each case physicians of the regular school had declared that an operation was necessary and that death was inevitable without it. In each of these cases the treatment followed the usual course,

after the eures were effected. But though I have read many statements by doctors on the subject of cancer and have followed closely the reports of several medical conferences on this subject, I have never seen a hint regarding the grape juice or fruit juice cure. It may be that those women have written accounts of their cures for publication in health magazines for the encouragement of other poor sufferers, as medical journals would not be likely to publish them.




Bhooklxn, N.


of cancer by remedies made from herbs in some cases and by the grape juice cure in others. In no case have I heard of fever or vomiting or cure other symptoms of discomfort after the that the daily had begun to work. It is probable high enema would tend to relieve the patient of such distressing conditions. few more facts relating to Case Number One may be of special interest, as this case was of so extreme that its cure seems little short This lady told me her story in demiraculous. three tail herself. She had already endured for removal of cancer and, when the operations growth started a fourth time, her utter despair can be only faintly imagined. Finally the time came when she was having so much pain that her sleep was greatly broken at night and she could not lie down in bed but had to be bolstered

to her diet until vegetables and fruits of all kinds, cereals, including the unpolished or natural brown rice, and nuts were all included.

Eight months after completing the treatment, when I saw and talked with her, lier health was so established that she was doing her own house-

work for a family of four. While staying in Norwich

I met, besides the

two cancer patients, a minister from Pennsylvania who had come to Norwich to take the
fruit juice treatment for the cure of arteriosclerosis. He claimed to be entirely cured. He had been able to be up and around and to take a

walk each day while taking the treatment and said he had lost very little flesh and no strength whatever. Another case which I was told about as a remarkable cure was that of a truck driver who had cut the flesh of his right hand or arm up in almost sitting posture to get what rest and blood poisoning had set in. The physicians she could. Her physician said that she would he consulted could not prevent the poison from have to resort to morphine ana live under its spreading, and decreed that his right arm would influence for the rest of her life unless she had have to be amputated. He was a man about an operation at once. Without an operation she forty years of age, and the loss of his arm told could live about three or four weeks, he would have meant loss of work for liim, possigive her three her. After an operation he would bly for the rest of his life. He heard of the or four months to live, and her days would be grape juice cure as something which would practically free from suffering, though her prove efficacious in cases of impurity of the strength would gradually decline. did so with comheard of the blood. He decided to try it, and It was just at this time that she plete success. In these cases, as in the cancer grape juice treatment and decided to give it a cases, the high enema every day was an essenjuice trial. It was early in September. Grape tial part of the treatment; and as also in the out to the amount of about a pint was pressed cancer cases the treatment lasted a little less fresh each morning from ripe grapes, for her than forty days, when the tongue cleared, which use through the day. She sipped a little of it indicated that the curative process had comfrom time to time as she felt a little faint or pleted its work and that the patient was in a a craving for food. The daily high enema was condition to begin to take solid food. never omitted; and this case was so extreme "Prevention is better than cure." So it is that a pordtice was advised of a kind of earth, better to prevent cancer than to suffer the agony said to contain curative qualities, which was of mind and torture of body incident to having nfixed with water and applied fresh every day. cure it. The question has The poultice was used for two or three weeks, one and struggling to ever hear of a person with and by that time the growth had decreased so been asked, "Hid you with cancer?" That would much "and the general condition of the patient pure blood afflicted answer with assurance of accuwas so much improved that it was discontinued. be difficult to manifestly impossible to apply The treatment lasted in all for nearly forty racy, since it is the" blood test to everybody. But it seems readays, when the coating on the tongue disapassume that purity of blood and unpeared and the obnoxious growth had so with- sonable to impeded, perfect circulation would go far toered away that it had practically vanished. sense urges the need When the coating of the tongue had completely ward prevention. Common precaution to guard against reasonable disappeared the patient began to take solid food, of every a disease which is the fourth most frequent toast and a simple starting with whole-wheat of death in the United States. It surely vegetable soup, made without any meat what- cause was done to overother articles were added is time that something drastic
ever. Little






to the

as a


race offered by in the dread disease of cancer, especially since young the last ten or fifteen years it is attacking elderly people. Its victims used to be old or persons, but now the middle-aged are its prey,

come the menace

be considered a cause of cancer, eliminate all aluminum utensils from your kitchen. Drink plenty of pure fresh water. Eat simple wholesome foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, as far as practical in their natural state. Eat very and even young people under thirty Can this little meat, or none; the protein supplied by inperhaps be due, as Dr. Betts holds, to the meat can be obtained from other foods. crease in the use of alununumware aB kitchen Case Number Three gives good evidence that utensils? Some definite thing must account for cancer may sometimes be cured by a carefully among persons


compound of aluminum)


by any possi-

the prevalence of this affliction irriof all ages ; and what more likely than the substances taken into the stomachs of the tating millions of families that use aluminumware? If the irritation of a "chemical ferment" (such

arranged diet of vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains. I know of a case successfully treated by such a dietary with the addition of grape juice at intervals between meals.

Sacramento's Poisoning Bee


has just had a poisoning

bee, all unintentional, of course, but fifty

persons made desperately ill. There was the usual grand rush of bacteriologists, poison experts, food experts and doctors galore and, of course, none of them had the faintest idea what caused the wholesale poisoning. But a doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, must have been reading The Golden Age; for he wired one of the victims, "Chances are aluminum cooker poisoned your guests." Thereupon it developed that the creamed chicken had been made up early in the afternoon and had stood in an aluminum pan from then until nearly midnight, when it was mateaten. Then the newspaper reporting the
ter hypocritically says,

not with any authority give any account of the poison which came so near proving fatal to about fifty persons. It was far too powerful to he an ordinary food
poisoning, to

my belief,






Chicken remained hot in aluminum approxthe imately four and one-half hours; tomato gelatine, cold, ten hours; cauliflower cooked in new aluminum; no other than aluminum wars was used. In one hour
after eating I

became violently ill. Scientific American, Literary Digest and imaginary health experts who are so freely given space in the Devil's own press, please note that
the above italics are our own. But on no account will you please come out now and tell the truth about this, and cause us and other inno-


poison being caused by

possibility of the the contact of acids in

cent people to fall dead with surprise.

investithe vegetables with the metal is being Neither the bacteriologists, gated." Never fear. epidemiologists, food experts, poison experts, what doctors or newspapers will ever find out because they would have caused the poisoning, that did to admit that it was aluminum utensils committed to the untruth on it, and they are costs. this subject and will stand by it at all revelation of how completely fooled the


later report

from our own Sacramento

correspondent says:
I secured an interview with. Mrs. Lillian Bardin, "J" Street, of this city. She had full charge of the preparations of all the food served at the dinner.

As a

dish was of chicken and veal, served with pimento tomato sauce. The chicken and veal was cooked in aluminum, allowed to cool: then was honed and placed again in an aluminum dish and sent to

The main

people are by the presumptuous and ill-founded little claims of the medical trust, and how either the medicos or the people know what poithey are about on this matter of aluminum following naive letter from soning, note the

Mrs. Bardin 's home where it was diced and again placed in an aluminum kettle. After being covered with the sauce it was reheated ready for serving. The sauce was made in an aluminum utensil and,

one of the sufferers

In reply to your letter of inquiry as to the victuals can that were cooked for the Foresters' banquet, I

was in such container five and one-half The chicken and veal was in aluminum four hours. and one-half hours.
all together,


and hope

very grateful for this opportunity of service I have gained the information you wished-


The Only Explanation i

Persons who partook of the roasts were made suddenly and violently ill. Most of them were able to leave the hospital after a few hours' attention.


time every regular reader of The

Golden Age knows that we are absolutely right in our stand on the use of aluminum cooking utensils and that The Scientific American, The Literary Digest, and most of the M.D.'s are dead wrong, and as immune to facts or to reason as the D.D/s are on the "hell" question.

The truth on either subject offends the "doctors".

We now ask our readers to note the following

dispatch, which appeared in the Oregon Journal of January 10, 1930, and to note with particular care "the only explanation local physicians could give for the poisoning". Are the local physicians more afraid of offending the

After writing the foregoing we held it for a time, to see if something further would turn up on this; and surely it did, as anybody can see from what follows. Is it not marvelous how a bright man like Doctor Strieker could not at all discover what caused the poisoning at The Dalles? It seems there was only one thing he was perfectly sure of and that was that the only
thing that caused the poisoning could not possibly have caused it. Wiseman! Har! Harl The clipping below is from the Oregon Journal give the (Portland) of January 15, 1930. appeared in the scare head and all, just as it

hardware dealers than they are of losing patients? Looks like it.



The Dalles, Jan. 10. (U.P.)Eight local residents were being treated by physicians today in hospitals and homes for food poisoning, contracted yesterday from roast pork and roast veal served at a lunch counter here. All were made violently ill, but were reported improved today, with recovery expected. The cook at the lunch counter placed the raw meat, surrounded by raw vegetables, in an aluminum roaster the night before, physicians who investigated the and affair said. The roaster was placed in the oven permitted to stand there during the night, without



Following an
residents of

tion of the poisoning of eight

The Dalles by food eaten in a restaurant January 9, Dr. Frederick Strieker of the stat there iced today that the cases were board of health, ax mum cooker, mentioned of food poisoning, and - the poisoning, had nothing to as a possi
do with the mala

heat being turned on.

Early the next morning the

oven was wanned and the meat roasted. A chemical reaction formed by this combination of

raw food standing


was the only explanation

All of the victims recovered the following day and detailed investigation was almost impossible. However, facts which were obtainable pointed to ordinary

local physicians could give for the poisoning.

food poisoning, Dr. Strieker said.

[Italics ours.]

More Kind Words for

the M.D.'s


E. J. Stanvalt (California)

TOUR December 11 (1929) issue INGolden Age an article written by Harold




Dawson which


my attention in par-

ticular because of the spirit of fairness manifested, and for which I wish to express my appreciation. And in addition I want to say that

ly confront us on the printed page, will say that, were we compelled to follow all of these lists (each claimed to be the ideal one), we should soon have no need of food of any kind. personal feeling in the matter is that most of these lists are an 'abomination of desola-


the removal of tonsils is such a heinous believe crime, as some writers would have us make the stateit to be, then why did Jesus ment recorded in Matthew 5: 29,30"? This statement was certainly not meant to apply to the hand alone. If it was, then it meant the

the appearance of having been compiled by some one who had a special liking for those particular items and is now trying to make all others conform to his way of thinking. To my mind 1 Timothy 4: 3, 4 seems to have

They have

eye or and right eve and right hand only; the left eye retained, no matter left haiid would have to be how useless they might be to us.
Secondly, as to the diet

special reference to
It is


diet lists.

that so frequent-

go a matter, and it seems they never make even an effort to exercise the spirit of a sound mind; consequently

human weakness

in all matters to

to extremes either for or against






could not endure to have any one suffer who had appealed to him for aid when it was in his power to relieve him. Such men were men of sterling worth, men who loved their fellow men, and who considered

when some one

sees a blade sheep in a flock, and calls attention to it, immediately the multitude condemn the whole flock and heap the sins of

the one upon the heads of all within the fold. The writer is intimately acquainted with a number of physicians who are still practicing, and with others who have answered their last call in the present order of things, who to the writer's personal knowledge have traveled over many miserable miles of terrible roads, when two horses could scarcely pull the light vehicle through the mud, with rain pouring down in torrents at the same time, and at times a combination of snow or sleet and rain and freezing as fast as it fell, and who in spite of these obstacles continued on his way to relieve the agony of some poor suffering mortal who would in all probability never pay for the service of mercy rendered to him, the kind-hearted physician knowing while he was toiling over those weary miles that he would probably never get any pay for it.

a God-given talent to relieve suffering humanity. So why pick out a few disreputable ones hero and there and vent all of our pent-up prejudices against the innocent with the guilty? The newer lines of practitioners in the relief of human ills have their own black sheep in their flocks; so why go to other folds to give vent to (righteous?) indignation?

Many articles on this subject have made their appearance in the public press within the past few years; some very good, some very bad,
some indifferent in some respects, and, I am sorry to say, some of them too silly to be worthy of serious consideration, because the writers were not familiar with their subject. I am also in full accord with what Mr. Dawson says in regard to the A.M.A. The same is true, however, in all walks of life in this day, and few who have to work for a living can say that they are not enmeshed or hampered in some way by some organization or merger of some kind.

The writer, in his young manhood days, made his home with a physician who had a large rural practice, and whom he has often heard others reprove for going on those long and miserable trips at the sacrifice of his own health, but whose answer always was that he

Again Let the M.D.'s Be Fair

By Frank W. Rogers (New



wondering if Harold L. Dawson (Illinois) is an M. D. in his effort to be fair to them, in an article to that effect published in this valuable Golden Age, which strives to get to the people at large as much truth as possible.
This article appeared in The Golden Age No.

other things are parts of the facts, theory, parts of the truth, etc.

Take the word "aluminum", with its Latin ending, and detach the Latin ending; and you will get "alum". Alum is not fit for any stomach, human or otherwise. Years ago alum was dumped by the hundredweight into reservoirs
of drinking water of cities, recommended by boards of health whose head officer and health adviser was and still is an M. D. Alum forbids itself to the taste. It is a very powerful astrin-

I am replying to said article in behalf of groaning mankind, and most of them in the TJ. S. A., and elsewhere, are groaning largely as the direct result of M. D. propaganda, surgery, serum, vaccines and toxins. My fleshly father, Sidney F. Eogers, now dead, not in heaven nor getting cooked, was an M. D. My great grandfather was also an M. D. neither is he getting roasted. The writer of this was last graduated at the age of 44 years. Let us not stop at an effort to be fair with anything until we arrive at the truth as is, because being fair leaves an opening for some other
things besides facts

But you say, What is a few hundred pounds of alum in a great reservoir of water? I answer, Indigestion, or an item contributory to that ailment. Oh, yes, alum in the drinking




of those

water, in infinitesimal doses distributed over a vast body of water, is indistinguishable and clarifies the water beautifully by shrinking all matters and causing them to settle to the bottom. But, my dear Dawson, what will the alnm do to the stomach over a long period of tww?




Bkookltn, N.


Dietetics? Siire! We are trying to get the people away from metallic iron, for one thing. Please, sir, take into your stomach some iron as prescribed by M. D.'s, tincture iron, muriate, supposedly for your blood, and after a couple of days' dosing catch the feces (bowel movement) in chamber for observation. You will see that the stool is ahnost black, because the stomach refuses to digest or the intestines to absorb metallic iron. Dietetics teaches people to use vegetable and fruit iron, because it is welcome and absorbed into the blood, etc. Space, or rather lack of it, will not permit elaboration on any one subject; so I can only hit some of the high spots.
Vivisection, or the cutting up or into living animals, belongs to Moloch, the pagan god, and

tion; so the appendix is an oil can, if you please, or a factor in bowel lubrication. No, textbooks do not teach this, but observation


careful scrutiny of vital statistics cov-

ering a period of twenty-five or thirty years will show alarming increase of insanity, coupled with cancer, syphilitic diathesis, etc. If the medical profession are not after money, why do they insist on vaccination, serums, and toxins? Let us admit that these have prophylactic value, and then admit that they are contributory factors in producing other objectionable conditions, given, of course, favorable
constitutional tendencies.

has no place in God's arrangement, and any material, tangible benefit accruing therefrom is not evident; arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. Tonsillotomy, or, more correctly speaking, tonsillectomy, is not necessary, provided the groaning peoples could be made to see at this time preventive measures of dietetics to counteract acidosis, in turn producing pus in the human body. Acidosis, with its allied conditions, produces refuse matter, which, in spite of elimination by bowels, must locate somewhere, if produced in sufficient quantity. Saline fruits in season, and saline vegetables, through proper education, that is, dietetics, help largely to allay acidosis or decomposition, the same as saline, such as saltpeter or niter, saves beef in the butcher's market so he can sell it as "corned

You say, "John is a typical citizen of this planet," etc., and that John represents 90 percent of earth's inhabitants; but if John can be taught how to live better, not right, but better,
then you won't be able to say he represents 90 percent of the typical citizens of this planet. Your primary teacher taught yon that three times one are three. You grow to manhood and some fellow tries to convince you that three times one are one, but that docs not. alter the lads; likewise G ay*a Anatomy (a recognized authority in it.? sphere, and, by the way, is so recognized by ftL D.'s). teaches that the spinal vertebrae are hollow, and that in a living human the hollow interior has a spinal cord and that the spinal cord gives off nerve trunks between each two vertebra, right and left. Examination of a skeleton will show the hollows and right and left foramen. Physiology teaches the existence of the spinal cord and nerve trunks; and examination of a cadaver will show thorn, together with the fact that each nerve trunk goes to supply nerve foi'ce, vitality, to organs, tissues, etc. Impingement shuts off nerve force at the base of the nerve trunk at the spine, with resultant trouble. Relieve the impingement and
assist the physiological

If the M. D.'s are not "all wet", they as a class are at least pretty damp. I have stood at

an operating table the patient, a man, was being operated on for hernia (rupture). The surgeon said, "Now, I'll take out his appendix, then he'll never have any trouble with that." Experience teaches us that removal of the appendix sometimes produces adhesions, and, in a large percentage of cases, chronic constipa;

apparatus to resume


healthy function. Medicine won't do this; and neither are three times one, one. Morphine locks up practically all the functions and lessens the chances for recovery.



Exercising the Franchise in Hungary Hungary, at an election their ballots. General Smedley Butler,

recently there were two polling stations, one for the government and one for the opposition. As the opposition voters came along they were herded into a cattle market and kept there until closing time, without opportunity to cast

in an address in Pittsburgh, reported that in elections in Nicaragua very similar methods were employed, and by that means the great name of America and her claim to stand for freedom and


were upheld,


Son Jesus is tlie great executive of the Most High. One of His titles is "the Logos", meaning that He speaks for Jehovah and in harmony with the will of God. Another title is "the Son of the man", meaning that He is the full and rightful owner of everything that the perfect man Adam lost. Before His birth God directed that He should be called Jesus, moaning that He would save the people.


The first essential work toward the salvation of the people was the death of the perfect man Jesus that the ransom price might be provided. The man Jesus could not become the Redeemer and Deliverer of the human race, however, and remain dead. The value of that great sacrifice must be presented in the courts of heaven as the price necessary to obtain the release of mankind from death and the effects thereof. To be sure, God could have appointed some other creature to present that ransom price in the heavenly courts; but it pleased Him to have His beloved Son do so. Therefore Jesus must be raised from the dead. Also, Jehovah had promised Him the kingdom through which the blessings of the people shall be given, and if lie remained dead for ever He could not fill the high office of King. The resurrection of Jesus, for these reasons and others, becomes vital to the outworking of God's purpose.

Furthermore, I submit the proof that Satan used the clergy of that day, first in an effort to prevent the resurrection of Jesus, and then to destroy the evidence or hide the fact of His resurrection. If this proof is made it should give all who believe it a clear vision of the enemy of God and his methods of action, and at the same time plant in the heart of honest men a greater desire to know Jehovah and to do His will.
Resurrection of the dead means an awakening out of death and a standing up again to perfect life. The man Jesus was dead and must remain for ever dead as a man, to the end that His right to live s a human creature might furnish the redemptive price.

The resurrection of Jesus was up to that time the greatest demonstration of God's power ever made manifest to man. The resurrection of Jesus was and is a part of God's great provision for man's deliverance. This being true, it is to be expected that Satan the enemy would do all within his power to prevent the resurrection of
Jesus, and, failing in that, he would do everything possible to blind the people to the truth thereof. Such is exactly what is found in the record. It is reasonable to conclude that Satan knew the words of the prophecies. It was written concerning Jesus: "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness." (Ps. 17:15) "For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell ; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou wilt shew me the path of life in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." (Ps. 16:10,11) These scriptures are sufficient to show that the resurrection of Jesus was purposed by Jehovah. Now let the evidence be considered proving that Satan by his agents attempted to prevent the resurrection of Jesus. At the first sober moment following Jesus' death Satan and his clergy would recall the words of Jesus concerning His resurrection. The record is: "Now the next day, that followed the day of the preparation, the chief priests and Pharisees came together unto Pilate, saying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, while he was yet alive, After three days I will rise again. Command therefore that the sepulchre be made sure until the third day, lest his disciples come by night,

Ask yourself now, Who would be specially interested in preventing the resurrection of Jesus, and. after His resurrection, in keeping the people in ignorance of that great truth? Immediately the answer comes to the mind, Satan the Devil would desire to prevent the resurrection of Jesus, in order that God's purpose to


feated and

King who

the Savior of the world might be dein order that Jesus might not be the will deliver the people from oppres-


Satan knew that if Jesus should become the mighty King he, Satan, would be put out. should expect, also, that Satan would use

every person and every possible means to defeat the resurrection of Jesus and prevent the knowledge thereof. Now I shall present, the proof showing that Jesus was put to death as a man and must for ever remain dead as a man; that God raised Jesus up out of death a divine creature and clothed Him with all power in heaven and in earth and that Jesus is alive for evermore.




At once

Bbooklih, N. I.



He is

him away, and say unto the people, risen from the dead so the last error shall
; :

be worse than the first. Pilate said unto them, Ye have a watch go your way, make it as sure as ye can. So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch."
Matt. 27 62-66.

the unholy triumvirate called a In this council are seen the commercial, the political, and the religious element, expressing all the wisdom they had and trying to solve their difficulty. After much deliberation the financial part of the trio raised a large sum of money and passed it into the hands of the clergy,

But how would the chief priests and Pharisees, who composed the clergy of that time, know that Jesus had said that He would arise from the dead on the third day! There is no evidence that He had made such a statement to them or in their presence or hearing. On the contrary, the Scriptures show that Jesus had
told His disciples that He would rise on the third day. But He had told them privately, and not even they understood at the time what He meant; but subsequently they did understand it. Matt. 16:21; 20 17-19 Mark 9:31; Luke 9:19,22; 18:31-33.
: ;

and they

in turn bribed the



guardsmen to lie, His disciples came by night

and stole him away while we slept. And if this come to the governor's ears, we will persuade him, and secure you. So they took the money, and did as they were taught: and this saying is

commonly reported among the Jews until this day." Matt. 28:13-15. So well did they work this scheme that for over nineteen centuries a major portion of the
peoples of earth have not believed in the resurrection of Jesus. The Devil was able to create such a doubt that many have not known whether Ilis disciples carried away the body. But notwithstanding this effort of the enemy, Jehovah

The reasonable conclusion is that Satan the enemy knew of the words of Jesus to the disciples, and that he had put the thought into the minds of the Pharisees. Satan would reason
that he would, if possible, prevent the resurrection of Jesus; and, failing in this, he would so confuse the minds of the people that they would not believe that Jesus had been raised from the

saw to it that an abundance of proof was provided, sufficient to satisfy any searcher for truth then or thereafter that He had raised up His beloved Son out of death.
The Proof
"When God raised up Jesus out of death, the great Master did not appear to the clergy that they might see Him and be witnesses. Had He done so they would not have told the truth about it. It will be observed that the Lord never uses evil ones for His official witnesses. Some may talk in His name and yet do so without authority. The Lord chose as witnesses to the resurrection those who had been faithful and those who loved Him. Matthew was a faithful man. He afterward gave his testimony; and having previously received the promise from the Lord that the words the disciples spoke on earth would be confirmed in heaven, the testimony of Matthew may be taken as importing absolute verity. His testimony is that at the end of the sabbath day, which would be early in the morning of the first-

dead. Satan failed in the first, but he has fairly well succeeded in hiding the truth concerning the resurrection of Jesus. God has given such abundant proof, however, as to the fact of the resurrection of Jesus that all may know, and all will know when their minds are opened to a proper understanding.
it is

to the scriptures just mentioned seen that Jesus was careful to tell His disciples, when they were alone, concerning His resurrection. The Pharisees therefore could not have expected His resurrection within three days, unless the enemy had injected such thoughts into their minds. Having received this suggestion from Satan, and having been authorized by Pilate to provide a guard, the clergy hired a guard and put them at the tomb to watch. This guard kept close watch ; but in due time there came to the tomb the angel of Jehovah, rolled back the stone from the door, and opened the sepulchre. The guards, greatly frightened by what they saw and heard, hurried

By reference

day of the week, which we commonly

day, two faithful



women made



to the


to the city to tell their employers that Jesus had been resurrected from the dead.

sepulchre of our Lord. They there saw an angel of the Lord, who appeared in the form of a man. (Matt. 28) "And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not





them from


here; for he

Come, see the And go quickly, and place where the Lord lay. risen from the dead; tell his disciples that he is into Galilee; and, behold, he goeth before you told you. And there shall ye see liim: lo, I have sepulchre, with they departed quickly from the bring his fear and great joy, and did run to And as they went to tell his disciples word. saying, All disciples, behold, Jesus met them, came and held him by the feet, hail. And they unto and worshipped him. Then said Jesus
is risen,

as he said.

their lips and from what he saw. Since there is no difference in the principal facts, there is no reason to doubt the testimony of any of these witnesses. In addition to that, the record was written under inspiration and is safeguarded by the Lord, and therefore can

that them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren, and there shall they see thev go into Galilee,



Following the direction that had been given to them, the faithful eleven disciples journeyed Jesus had Galilee and into a mountain where worappointed them, and there they saw and shiped Him.Matt. 28: 16, 17.
veracof the best methods of testing the about the same subity of witnesses who testify testimony is ject matter is to note that their

be readily accepted as the truth. It was God's purpose to make the evidence conclusive concerning the Lord's resurrection, not for the benefit of the enemy, but for the benefit of those who would desire to know either then or thereafter. To this end the Lord Jesus appeared on a number of occasions to His disciples, for a brief space of time on each occasion, and left some striking testimony that
-would be convincing. He did not appear in the body that was crucified. Had he done so they would have been inclined to think that it was merely the man Jesus that had gone to sleep and had awakened again. Somewhere and in some way Jehovah miraculously disposed of
that body. It did not see corruption, because the Lord* said it should not see corruption. (Ps. 16: 10) When Jesus was raised from the dead He was no longer a man, but, on the contrary,


word substantially the same. If one witness tells has said, it is for word what the other witness almost conclusive proof that both witnesses are manutelling a falsehood, and that they have purpose. But factured their testimony for a where the same cardinal points are set forth in different their testimony, then, though told in a manner, this is strong circumstantial evidence subthat they are telling the truth. There is a these agreement in the testimony of

He was

the express image of Jehovah, had access to and ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. (Heb.

1:3; Phil. 2:6-11) Such would have been impossible for a human being. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Cor.


witnesses. Each one told his story in his own particular way, and told the truth. The testimonv of Mark is practically the same testias that of Matthew. (Mark 16:1-7) The that of the mony of Luke also corroborates

Jesus was raised from the dead He declared: "I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." (Rev. 1 18) Again He said that all power in heaven and earth was committed into His hands. (Matt.


tells other two witnesses above mentioned. He and found that the women went to the sepulcher the the stone rolled away; that they entered gone; and tomb and that the body of Jesus was why that while perplexed and reasoning about

28 18) Being clothed with all power in heaven and earth, then it follows that our Lord had the power to create a body at will, in which He might appear to His disciples; and this explains how He appeared to them at various times in

was so, two men (angels, in fact) appeared unto them and said: "Why seek ye the living

different bodies.

Had He appeared
crucified they

in which

He was

in the body would have im-

among the dead? Luke 24: 5, 6.



not here, but

is risen."

of John differs somewhat in that of detail, but is substantially the same as (John 20:1-10) the other three narrators. These disciples would gather the facts from the women who were the first to be at the tomb,

The testimony

mediately recognized Him, but it is remembered that when Mary saw Him she did not recognize Him until He spoke to her in His familiar way. His appearances to the witnesses shortly following His resurrection are briefly stated as

and each one would


the facts as he heard

the first day of the week, the morning of His resurrection, Mary

On Sunday morning, on

Magdalene Baw


Bbookltm, N. T.

near the sepulcher, "and not that it was Jesns. Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thouT whom seekest thou?" (John 20: 14-17) Mary on this occasion thought that He was the gardener, until she heard the sound of His familiar voice.


On the same morning the women returning from the sepulcher saw the Master. "And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him. Then
said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid : go tell my brethren, that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me." Matt. 28:9,10.

Afterward Saul of Tarsus was called Paul. He accepted the Lord, was begotten and anointed of the holy spirit, and became a special minister of Christ, clothed with power and authority to speak the Word of truth.1 Cor. 1 1, 2. Writing concerning the Master, Jesus of Nazareth, Paul said: "For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ

died for our sins according to the scriptures;

and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures; and that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve after that, he was seen of above five hundred
brethren at once ; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James, thou of all the apostl last of all he was seen e born out of due time." of me a 1 Cor. 15:3-8.

Simon Peter saw Jesus on the same day near Jerusalem. (Luke 24: 34) On this same sabbath
morning, while walking to Emmaus, two of the disciples were overtaken by Jesus; and He journeyed with them, and they did not recognize Him until He sat with them to eat and blessed the food in His familiar way. Luke

24:13-21, 30,31.

On the same Sunday evening, near Jerusalem, ten of the disciples saw Him. John 20:19-25. Thereafter He again appeared to the disci-

Then Paul sets forth an argument clear and convincing, concerning the resurrection of the Lord, in which he proves that Christ Jesus was raised from the dead and that His resurrection was necessary, and that unless He was raised
from the dead there is no hope for the human family. But with positiveness he asserts that Christ was raised fn lead and has become the iirstfruits of them that slept, and that the resurrection of Christ Jesus was and is a guarantee that in tne time He would

ples at Jerusalem,

when Thomas was with them. This was one week after His resurrection.

John 20:26-29.

A few days later, while seven of His disciples were fishing in the sea of Galilee He appeared to them and held conversation with them. John 21: 1-13. A few days later He appeared to the eleven on a mountain near Galilee. Matt. 28:16-20. Again He appeared to a company of more than live hundred gathered by appointment in

resurrect others who have died. Cor. (1 15: 12-26) The importance of the resurrection of Jesus is at once apparent.

Again Paul wrote that God has appointed a day for the judgment of the world and that He has given assurance of that time, in that Ee raised up Christ Jesus from the dead. Acts

Galilee.! Cor. 15:6.

17 31.


another occasion James saw




Cor. 15 7. His last appearance

was on




Olives, to


Acts 1:6-9.


disciples, at the time of

His as-

The beloved Apostle John, faithful and true Lord to the end, under inspiration wrote this concerning the Lord Jesus: "That which was from the beginning, which we have hoard,
to the

Saul of Tarsus had opposed the Lord and persecuted Him. Bent on the slaughter of the disciples of the Lord, Saul was on his journey to Damascus, when suddenly there shone about him a light more brilliant than the sun at noonday. This was a manifestation of the Lord in

Lord spoke

His resurrection glory. On this occasion the to Saul and said to him: "I am


thou persecutest." (Acts 9:1-9)

which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; (for the life was manife and we have seen it, ar witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ." 1 John 1:1-5,





The proof


The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is proven so cogently and convincingly by the Scriptures that there cannot remain a doubt in the mind of any one who believes that the Bible was written as the Word of God.

is conclusive that Jesus was made and dwelt amongst men; that He suffered death in order that He might provide the re.demptive price for men; that God raised Him out of death a divine being and exalted Him to

The value of the perfect human life laid down at the cross, but which right to life survived, constituted the purchase price, or ransom price,
which we
call merit, as heretofore defined. Jesus died upon the cross, but His right to live was not taken away. There is a vast difference

between living and having the right to live. Adam had the right to live, but he sinned. Immediately after the judgment was entered against him his right to life was gone, yet he survived for 930 years. Jesus actually died upon the cross; but, dying as a voluntary sacrifice, His right, to life did not perish, but survived. That right to live as a human creature constituted the price to be paid for the release of Adam and his offspring. It was Adam's commission of sin that caused God to sentence him to death. If Adam or any of his race were ever to be released it must be after the offering for sin is made, which offering must be the ransom price, namely, the merit or valuable thing or right to a perfect human life. This offering must be made in heaven. Therefore, in order for Jesus to present His sin-offering He must be raised from the dead a spirit being and appear in the presence of God in heaven itself and there present the value of His sacrifice at the court of sentence. Heb.

a position above all others in the universe, God alone excepted. "Who, though being in God's form, yet did not meditate a usurpation to be like God, but divested himself, taking a boudman's form, having been made in the Likeness of men; and being in condition as a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. And therefore God supremely exalted him, and freely granted to him that name which is above every name; in order that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those beneath; and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, for the glory of God the Father."Phil. 2:6-11,

The voluntary death of Jesus Christ was the greatest exhibition of love ever made by a creaHis death provided the price of man's reHis resurrection from the dead makes certain the establishment of His righteous government, through which all the peoples of earth shall have an opportunity for the blessings of life, liberty and happiness. The sufferings of Jesus were not essential to the ransom, but these were vitally essential in the outworkture.




ing of God's purposes. On the next occasion here consideration will be given to the sufferings of Christ and why such were permitted by IJis Father.

Give Mollie a Chance

reporter I would be a farce, as I am to picture to you one of the wonders of this world. Her name is Mollie and she runs a help-yourself restaurant in Sharon Springs, Kansas. If you ever stop here, give Mollie a chance, for you will be convinced that the Millennium has already been ushered in.




Miller (Kansas)


*- unable

Sirloin steak, potatoes, navy beans, lima beans, corn, peas, spinach, green olives, onions,

true that the long tables are covand paper napkins for your bib, Mollie serves all you can eat by using deep vegetable dishes for the food and always keeping them well filled. Here's the menu for
it is


ered with

oil cloth,

two kinds of jelly, two lands of homemade bread, and two kinds of cake, five kinds of dessert, all served in big dishes, and you can have all five kinds if able to consume them all. Anything to drink and when we ordered iced tea (it was a very warm day) they brought us in a glass and then left a full pitcher. My wife and I had three each.

All you do is carry your soiled plate into the kitchen where Mollie is and pay fifty cents a


Wednesday evening:

Bible Questions and Answers



husband and wife

live to-

gother after the resurrection is completed, both are in harmony with Godt if Answer: The Scriptures do not reveal what the relationship of men and women will be after



confession of obligation by a government that it owes the pensioner for sendees already rendered and which were not adequately compensated for at the time the work was done. This is a separate question from whether or not one

the resurrection is completed. The most that we know is that there will be no children born during the last 100 years of the Millennium because (Isa. 65:20), nor any bom after that, not have children after they men and women do

reach the age of 100 years. Whether the identity of the sexes, as such, will be preserved, we do not know. There have been some well authenticated instances in which women have been

should enter the employ of the government, though the government has many kinds of work in which the most conscientious Christian could engage without hesitation. How could it injure the eternal interests of a Christian to sell postage stamps, or deliver letters, or build levees, or work in the printery or weather bureau or

bureau of

fisheries or

department of labor? But

transformed into men, and it is possible that this transformation may become general and we shall all be brothers together. Question: Is it right to accept a pension from the government 1 pension is a Answer: Most certainly it is.

the Christian should properly draw the line at engaging in occupations which might require him to take human life. However, if he has previously worked in such departments, and been inadequately paid, we see no reason why he should refuse back compensation freely given to others who rendered the same service as he did.




Radio Story By

C. 7. W., Jr.

Story Forty-nine

had THE band of men which the high priestGethcapture Jesus in the garden of sent to semane was for the most part rough fellows, as we would say, "toughs," of the streets of Jerusalem, but among them were a few of the high Boman priests' own servants, and some of the
constabulary. These fellows were armed with swords and sticks and staves, presenting the appearance of a body of invaders ready to storm a stronghold, instead of capturing one innocent and
gentle man.




and Pharisees of the temple

were waiting in readiness to question Jesus. Now at this point we are sorry to have to say of the disciples that their weakness as hu-

man beings

overcame, for a time, their strength faith in Jesus; for the Bible tells us that of when the men laid hold of Jesus to take Ilim

Jesus said to them, as He was being led away out of the garden, "Are ye come out, as against take me I a- thief, with swords and staves for to daily with you teaching in the temple, and T.sat ye laid no hold on me." Then the Bible says,
scriptures of all this was done, that the prophets might be fulfilled." For many the hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus, David and others had written of the coming of the Messiah, and how the people would reject and persecute Him, and put Him to death. The assembly, with Jesus in their midst, proceeded in disorderly fashion to the house of


away, "His disciples forsook Him, and fled.', For the moment, human impulses and the human fear of death got the better of the disciples, and they ran away, as any other men would probably have done under the same conditions. But Jesus knew their weaknesses, and also knew their hearts, so He was not angry with them. But one of the disciples turned and came back into the crowd that bore Jesus away, and went with them to the house of Caiaphas the high priest, and waited below while Jesus was being questioned in the priest's chamber. This was Peter, who had said so recently, TLord, I will go with thee, even unto death.' And we remember that the Lord made answer, 1 tell thee, Peter, that ere the cock crow, thou

Caiaphas the high priest, where a group of the


deny me thrice.' Peter sat in the servant's hall of the priest's palace, waiting to hear the OUthigh






deny and he was overcome with remorse and shame, and went out of the servant's hall into the bleak night, where dawn was just showof Jesus, 'Ere the cock crow thou shalt

come of Jesus' trial. One of the young girls in the employ of the high priest approached Peter and said: "Thou also wast with Jesus of Galilee." But Peter answered her with a shake of his head, and said, "1 know not Avhat thou sayest." So that was the first time Peter denied his Lord. Then Peter arose and walked to another part of the hall, where he was met "by another handmaid of the high priest, who said, addressing those who were standing around, "This fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth." And Peter, with an oath, denied Christ again, saying, "I
do not lmow the man." And a little later several persons came up to him, and said, "Surely thou also art one of them; for thy speech bewrayeth thee." The followers of Jesus, of course, did not speak as the common men of those times, who cursed and used very bad language. But Peter, to prove he was not "one of them", answered the people in the servant's hall with curses, and said, swearing a tremendous oath, "I know not the man." And just then a cock in one of the outbuildings attached to the palace crowed long

ing faintly over the top of the Mount of Olives. And the Bible says of this incident, that Peter "wept bitterly". And we need not feel very sorry for Peter, for he was one of the beloved of
the Lord, and had seen the glorious things that Jesus did, and had heard His words of life and

and should not have been ashamed to own that he was a follower of Jesus. Bather, he should have proclaimed with a loud voice the name of his Master, and glorified Him before the servants of the high priest. But Peter was ashamed of his cowardice, as we see ; so we may be sure there was good in his heart, which the Lord saw, and so overlooked his weaknesses. Now the chief priest and the elders questioned Jesus, asking Him if He was really the Son of God. "When Jesus answered, *You say that I

and loudly!

am,' the miserable old high priest accused Him of blasphemy, and wanted more than ever to put Him to death. But the Jewish council demanded that Jesus be taken before Pilate, the

Then Peter suddenly remembered






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Sharp Decline in Employment Milwaukee Not Hard Up


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Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday, April 13, 1932

Number 323




Latest Aspects
Part II






NE of the first stops toward being entrapped

demonism is to place reliance upon "signs" and thus to stray away from reliance, upon God and His Word and seek guidance otherwise, that is, from the demons. It is astonishing in what a variety of forms demonworship has manifested itself. We mention some of the ancient and modern forms alphabetically, and we do not claim that the list is complete. It
is not.

Botanomancy Divination by herbs. Capnomaney Divination by smoke from the



Cartomancy: Divination by means of playing


Catoptromancy Divination by mirrors. Ceromancy: Divination by dropping melted



in water.

Chaomancy: Divination by appearances

the air.

Aeromancy: Divination, (invocation of the demons prophesying) by the state of the air or from the atmospheric substances.

Aleetryomancy (or Alectoromancy) Divination by means of a cock encircled by grains of corn placed on the letters of the alphabet, the letters being then put together in the order in which the grains were eaten. Alcuromancy, Alphitomancy Divination by

Chartomaney Divination by written paper. Chiromancy Divination by the hand. Cleromancy: Divination by dice or throwing


Coscinomancy Divination by the balanced or suspended sieve. Crithomancy: Divination by the. dough of

cakes offered in sacrifice.

flour or meal.

of a

Divination by the entrails



Avithmaney Divination by numbers. Aruspicy or Haruspicy Divination by interpretation of lightning and natural prod:

Crystallomancy Divination by crystal gazing. Dactyliomancy: Divination by finger rings. Extispicy: Divination by the ^entrails of animals sacrificed. G'eloscopy Divination by the mode of laugh: :



Genethliaes: Divination by the stars at birth. omancy Divination by aspects of the earth. Gyromancy Divination by walking in a circle.







of winds.

Divination by the observance Divination by a balanced ax or


performed by drawing a ring or and walking in or around it until the walker falls from dizziness, the prognostication being drawn from the place



of the


Belomancy: Divination by arrows. Bibliomancy Divination by passages of Scripture taken at random. Hletonism: Divination by power of locating subterranean waters, as by sensation. Named after Bleton, a Frenchman, who early in the 19th century claimed this

Halomancy: Divination by salt. Bieroscopy Divination by observing the



jects offered in sacrifice.


Divination by water. Hypnotism: Control of one mind by another, probably by intentional or unintentional


invocation of the aid of demons. The hypnotized person is put into a state resembling sleep, but hypnosis differs from




Brooklyn, X. Y.

normal sleep and breaks 'down the human


on which a victim has been consumed


in sacrifice.


Divination by fishes' entrails.

Theomancy: Divination by

responses of

Lithomancy: Divination by precious stones. Meteoromancy: Divination by meteors.


form of sorcery, which, in

Myomancy: Divination by movements of mice.

Necromancy Divination by pretended talking

worst forms, includes murder, human


and cannibalism.

with the dead. Nomancy: Divination by letters. Numerology: Divination by numbers, as by day of birth or month of birth, etc. (Enomancy Divination by the color and pe:

FelinomancyTunicomancy Ichthyomancy In Burma and Siam cats in the heathen temples are believed to enshrine the spirits of the dead. In Japan they are credited with the power
to bewitch

culiarities of wine.


Divination by dreams.

humans. Chaliapin, the Russian singwas unwilling to perform in any theater where be saw a black cat.

Onomancy "Divination by the the name of the person. Onyehomancy: Divination by



the finger nails

Tn ancient Sweden the demons lddded the old Vikings into thinking that in the place where they were going, Valhalla, they would need their
best battle clothes, and so it is still the idea in some parts of Sweden that when a man dies after having been a faithful husband, the shirt

as reflecting the sun's rays. Ophiomancy: Divination by observation of


Orniscopy, Ornithomancy: Divination by observation of the flight of birds. Palmistry Divination by the hand. Pegomancy Divination by springs and foun: :


Pcssomancy: Divination by pebbles. Potiomancy Divination by the making of love



Psychoanalysis: The Modern Confessional; an explanation of the mysteries of life resting on a sex basis. A so-called "scien-

method of polluting the minds of women and girls. Psychomancy: Divination by "ghosts". Pyromancy Divination by the sacrificial fire. Khabdoinaney Divination by means of a wand
: :

which he was married goes to heaven with him. What happens if he wears tins shirt out in the strenuous battle of life is not stated. If his wife dies first and he is married again, he must destroy his first shirt on the eve of his second wedding. In June, 1931, a woman, evidently laboring under a form of ichthyomancy brought into the State. Hospital, Far Eockaway, a suburb of New York city, a four-month-old baby evidently choking to death. The doctor held the baby by the legs and shook her a goldfish fell from her mouth, whereupon the mother said she had fed the child the goldfish as a cure for whooping cough. She expected that the cough would leave

the child and enter the goldfish.

or rod. It is interesting in this connection to note that divining rods arc said to be always made of ivitcMmzcl; & curious thing, to say the least, if the demons have nothing to do with divining rods.
Divination by reading the ScaTjulhnancy cracks and burnt spots after scorching the animal's shoulder blades over coals of fire. Sciomancy: Divination by consulting the shades of the dead. Sideromancy: Divination by observing straws burning on red-hot iron. Sortilege: Divination by drawing lots. Stichomancy Divination by lines or passages from books. Tophromancy Divination by the ashes of the

CatoptromancyPotiomancy Voodooism In its issue of August 28, 1929, the New York Times gives the following interesting suggestion as to how people became involved in this partienlar form of deception
people came to uso polished metal instead of a woodland pool for a mirror, you can be sure they treasured these as a very intimate part of their own



And when

glass cainc into



have than that when mirrors were broken their ghost self their precious too was destroyed? So, if you broke a mirror, you were out of luck with no land friend working for you in the land of spirits, dreams and mystic hidden things. You would have to wait, until a new self was created in the physical world so that there would be a corresponding new self in this world of reflection. In other words, you would have to wait seven years.


logical belief could they





China. In
its issue


So generally did people come to believe that breaking a mirror brought bad luck that they forgot all the explanation lying back of their belief.



23, 1928, the

New York Times

to obstruct

says on this

original use. of China's beautiful screens





issue of April 19, 1931, the New York narrates the following which took place

and confound



seems that a

in Czechoslovakia:

The disinterment of the body of a child from a cemetery for the preparation of a love philter marked an almost unbelievable case of superstition in Zipser Neudorf. A widow named Andrejcak who had a love
with a railroad employee, Joseph Kocry, thought she detected signs that her admirer's affection was cooling. On the advice of a gypsy she went one night to the cemetery and disinterred the body of a child

Chinese devil can travel only in a straight line. It cannot turn a corner. So when it meets a screen across its path there is nothing for it to do but to retire in confusion and embarrassment.

which had been buried the day before. A gendarme meeting her accidentally on her way home arrested

Mussolini a Cartomancer The Atlanta Journal of April 26, 1931, says "It is well-known that Mussolini never makes an important move without first consulting the cards, which he deals himself." There are gamblers who refuse to play cards if a dealer is left-

her confession that she intended to use the body for secret ceremonies incidental to the- preparation of a love potion, both she and the gypsy who had advised her were committed for trial.


handed. In addition to the foregoing,

Referring to voodooism, in its issue of December 23, 1928, the New York Times says The so-called Leopard Society and the Society of the Tiger bear strong resemblance to the medieval werewolf superstition, which was the belief that witches had the power to change their forms into those of animals. Tho initiates dress themselves in the skins of animals when they are about to embark upon their
Prominent among the voodoo rites is tho inducement of trances and frenzies by the beating of tomtoms, by monotonous chanting, by rhythmic dancing, by fasting and by the use of drugs. So firm is the
belief of the savagery in the efficacy of the witch doctors'

it is believed that Mussolini's reluctance at receiving guests is prompted by his fear of being cursed by the "evil eye" known in Italy as "la jettatura". The Catholic Review in its issue of December 8, 1928,

says In Italy especially the evil eye has been believed in and guarded against for centuries. It is known as "la jettatura" and many persons were and still are
laiown as 'jctlatori", or possessors of the evil eye, who have the quality of injuring all on whom they look, even against their own will. Those who meet them cross their fingers or make the sign of the cross or touch some charm against the evil eye.

Miscellaneous Superstitions Ancient contracts for the purchase of real estate

power that the mere warning that he has been


appointed to die at a certain time times sufficient to kill him.

said to be some-

Epistolomancy Capsulomancy Biombomancy In its issue of April 26, 1931, the Atlanta Journal tells of the president of a department store as personally taking the time to forward a chain letter. This letter was in his own handwriting and contained the following sentences, and the other man in this case was simpleton enough and coward enough and enough under the influence of the demons that he did not dare say nay: '"'Send this letter to twelve friends within twenty-four hours. If you don't do this, serious trouble will follow. If you do send it,

have been brought to light which show upon their faces that the curse of the king of heaven and earth, the sun god, and other gods, were written into contracts.

There are some superstitions that seem to have a shred of common sense about them, as, for instance, the one against passing under a ladder. It stands to reason that one. is less likely to be hit with something dropped from a ladder if he goes around it than if he goes under

you may expect good


of East India break eggs against a board and study the size of the bits of shell and the positions into which they fall to foretell events. It is well known that the most beautiful

The soothsayers

screens sold throughout Christendom come from

The hot cross-bun has no reference to the cross of Christ, but dates back to offerings made to the gods in the days of Pharaoh. In parts of Great Britain it is regarded as unlucky for a mine if a woman enters it or if a miner meets a woman when first leaving a mine or leaving his home to enter one. Some people are superstitious about twodollar bills; some think a hangman's rope is lucky; some actors think Shakespeare's play Macbeth is unlucky; some theater managers refuse to allow yellow costumes in their plays;


it is




unlucky to open an umbrella is magical; some are careful to make no gifts of knives; some actors will not sit on a trunk; some dancers rein the house;

some think

some think iron

fuse to discard old shoes until completely worn out; some think the touch of a gold ring will cure a sty some think that one who turns over a mattress on Christmas day will die in the ensuing year some think a book placed at the head of a newly born child will make him quick at reading; some think toothache can be avoided by putting the right stocking on before the left; some gamblers think they change their luck by wallring around their chair some think the fourleaf clover is lucky; some old sailors think the sound of the waves foretells certain events some persons in the coal mining regions think that when the clothing of a child is buried, the evil spirits go out of it and some persons think that if a baby cries at its christening it wards off the Devil, but if a baby does not cry it will grow up wicked and cross-tempered.
; ; ; ;

and though they do not know probably the reason why to this day women wear wreaths and trinkets around their necks, and why every good Catholic is supposed to do so. In other words, this is a bid for demoniacal protection.
off all evil,


In rural Denmark, before a new-born infant put into its cradle, the women place amulets there to prevent evil spirits from hurting the child. Along with the amulets are placed bread,


and something made from



arc just so many recognitions of and just so many bids to the demons.

During the World War, hundreds of thoubattle, carrying charms supplied by their friends and relatives. Some of these were written charms; all of them, in effect, bids to the demons, and therefore recogsands of men went into
nition of them. In the occult magazines there are advertisements of talismanic jewelry. These talismans

All Kinds of Bait

But now see what yon can get when you are willing to go farther, for just, one magazine offers to provide its readers with a training in the following subjects^ crystals, ouija boards,
yoga philosophy, clairvoyance, occult powers, seership, mediumship, sex regeneration science, dynamic thought, mind power, personal magnetism, mental science, psychoanalysis, metaphys-

are made in accordance with old alchemic laws in which each metal is supposed to focus the rays of the beneficent planets. This point will

be discussed under the heading of astrology

when we get




"new thought," mental healing, suggestive therapeutics, constructive occultism, esoti philosophy, Rosierueian philosophy, psychic research, theosophy, astrology, numerology, etc, But that isn't all. There is a widespread belief in charms of all lands. Some of these are as follows: Garlic is used as a charm against vampire bats in Bolivia, where they really have vampire bats and where it is perhaps some protection to the people to have strings of it aruund their necks or the necks of cows, horses and

Gamblers are such believers in luck, that is, in the powers of the demons to control their affairs, that some of them have watch chains famous for their size, and for the charms depending from them. Some gamblers have been known to have a charm depending from every link. Tigers" claws, rabbits' feet, engagement rings, lucky stones, medicated rings, love charms and magi-.- squares are all charms that have their
devotees to this day. A magic square is an arrangement of numbers in the form of a square so that in every column and in each of the two diagonals all the numbers add up alike and this brings us to numerology, which will also be mentioned elsewhere.

mules; but the odd thing about it is that in in the Middle Ages, the people hung garlic over their beds because they believed in human vampires. Quite likely the demons carried this information from the wilds of Hungary to the wilds of Bolivia before there was any visible connection between the two countries.

Ouija Boards and Planchettes


One of the first steps in the road to ruin by the evil angels is the use of the ouija board or planchettc. These apparently innocent devices, freely advertised as games and sold everywhere,
have led thousands of people into clemonism. Husbands and wives working together over these things have both gone insane. A woman who became a planchette medium and then a writing medium finally became obsessed. She experienced pains at the base of
the brain, her sleep

Widespread Belief in Charms The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Orientals believed that a precious stone, a piece of writing or a ring tied around the neck would

was interrupted, her health







and the intelligence that had comwith her took full command of her municated ody so that she no longer was a free agent. Voices sounded in her head, sometimes as many as four at once, talking with one another and freely conversing about her. Some commended her conduct others blamed her, swore at her, cursed her and called her names so vile that she could hardly bear them. At length they urged

an to


"In writing these articles, I am little more than an amanuensis, and I am at liberty to take a detached and appraising view of this presentation of a great topic for the sheer reason that the presentation is not mine."
JIc goes on to say, in effect, that these evil good Christian Scientists and that they are the ones really responsible for the silly
spirits are

her to commit suicide In the London Daily Neivs of January, 1929, gentleman tells us about his experiences with the planchette. He says

chatter that "all is good, there is no evil" for when asked why they never expressed themselves on what human creatures call 'faults', the look demons said "We do not know them.


I did not believe all the planchette wrote, and one wiling, shortly after I had found out that it did not always tell the truth, I told the company present that I had finished with it and that it was of the Devil and


the good, never any evil. cannot perceive evil and are conscious only of blanks when it is present." This shows that these are not from God; for God declares that His eyes are in every place "beholding the evil

upon you and see


was going to tell it so. I did, and you may imagine our surprise when it bounded out of my hand, flew across the room, and bounded back again into the wall, as if it were in a temper. I consider spiritualism to be a serious menace to mind and body. For days after using the planehetle I coiild scarcely use my arm, such power had gone out of it.
that I

and the good". The demons not only have produced writing and painted pictures, but have composed poetry and drawn architectural details. A woman in St. Paul, Minn., in March, 1928, who had never studied Egyptian mythology or had a lesson, revealed a detinite knowledge of the days of the Pharaohs. She did not know whence the knowledge came, but we can tell her that it came from one of those old birds that were practicing this same game of deception in Egypt itself while

The Devil is always bringing out something new to help those who are willing to surrender to him. Thus The Fellowship Forum of September, 1930, describes the invention of a Belgian

professor for receiving supposed messages from the dead, consisting of two glass prisms, a dry battery and an electric bell. This, of course, is merely a modified form of the ouija board.

Pharaoh was still alive and on the job. Charles Hanson Towne, in a copyrighted article in the New York American of November
24, 1931, tells of his experiences in connection

Automatic Writing From using the mechanical devices of demonism, it is an easy step to spirit writing, but when a man whose own hand the demons used to produce a beautifully drawn picture of his mother became angry and took the picture and threw it into the flames, he was immediately subjected to torments and was also ordered to

with automatic writing

One Sunday afternoon I happened to be reading a book in my rooms and was quite alone. Suddenly, and for no reason which I have ever been able to explain, I was seized with an impulse to try automatic writing. I closed my novel and went solemnly to my desk. I remember feeling a little foolish as I picked up pencil and paper, for the sunlight was streaming in at the

commit suicide. The Watchtoicer tells us that there are two kinds of writing mediums one in which the control is what is termed 'mechanical control', and then the connection between arm and brain is entirely severed and yet the manifestation is made through what is called the nervous fluids,

My hand moved indolently across the paper, and the pencil made curlicues for a long time. Then, as if through some force beyond my will, words began to form indeed, they raced across the page. The letters came faster than I have ever been able to write "Do not be afraid. I am Gas [the nickname of one of my deceased friends]." I was naturally not a little

a certain portion of which is retained in the arm i'l' the purpose of action ; but when the manifestation is what is called an 'impressional manifestation', then the brain and the entire nervous system is used. Basil King, in the Cosmopolitan Magazine, ya of himself:

frightened, but I kept on. "Do not be afraid," the writing continued, "your sister Minnie lias just come through." Really alarmed now, I asked aloud: "Do

you mean that


my sister is dead?" "Yes," the paper "She had pneumonia." Then it was that I

note of the time, as I was sure I had something of importance for the Psychical Research Society. I had such a sister in the far West, from whom I had






Brooklyn, N. Y.

not Iieard in a long time. So I put pencil and paper aside, rushed out of the house to the nearest telegraph office, and wired to niy sister, inquiring how she was.
in a short while, "Never better. the matter with you?" This happened in 1918 and niy sister is still alive. Who can account for such a bewildering experience? I am sure now that Theodore Dreiser was right when he told all us younger people, so long ago, hearing of our "experiments",

The answer came



The same writer, after recording a number of experiments seeming to show the use of levers and suckers of great power emanating from the body of the medium, said respecting the sitters at the seance
supply most of the energy required for and this energy is taken in some unknown form from their bodies. If a person is in poor health the drain of vital energy may be disas.



the manifestations,

not to go on with them. "That way madness lies," he quoted. And yet, in the light of what occurred that sunny afternoon, one cannot help wondering. I am




The cerebellum

of the brain
it is

house of the body, and

is the power from this center that

the evil spirits seek control over the reasoning faculties located in the cerebrum, and over the whole body. Contact with these demons causes the victims to lose sleep, to become dizzy, and to have a constant headache in the base of the brain. A gentleman who got into the trap through a oui ja board and became a writing medium said I was ashamed to go to a doctor, so I simply had to wear this uncanny spell off. In my sleep I was tortured by hot, strangling fumes, and a sensation as if something was pushing me headlong over a cliff, and would wake from the sound of pencils rattling. To
abuse or bruise the mind or make it the tool of unknown and unscrupulous agents is unhealthy and

After such an experience as above it is noted that the medium comes to himself with feeble, uncertain, scarcely perceptible pulse, a little deaf, extremities cold, sensationless, taking some time for recovery. Sometimes a medium has to cease from seances altogether for a period of weeks.
Control of Voice and Sense of Smell


Demons have power over the voices of those they obsess and have vocal powers of their own. gentleman who had experience with them says
They could
imitate the


of speech peculiar

and acquaintances, and so exactly did they give the particular intonation and inflections of voice that I would have been compelled to believe the imitation to be the real had they not also imitated the voices of some whom I knew to be living. Upon one


dangerous business.
Spirit Pictures

and Levitation

occasion that occurs particularly to my mind, the voice, style of address, and intonation were so exactly

The demons have power

draw and paint

personified that for the


I felt positive that the

pictures, and they can do this either through using the human hand or through making use of the ectoplasm exuded from the medium. They have directed the staging of a play, and they play musical instruments, such as guitars, harps and bells, and produce a variety of other sounds. They do various lifting feats, such as the elevation of tables and chairs off the floor. mechanical engineer who attended a seance gives the following data:

gentleman and the lady represented had deceased, and that their disembodied spirits were before me. But when I knew by the evidence of my physical senses that it was not the case, I was then convinced that the spirits were presenting assumed characters. All my experiences with these creatures who surround us in
the air

sum up

this distinct conclusion: that they de-

light in evil as their chief object,

branch of

called deception.

and especially that If any one thing

Although a heavy man sits upon the table, it moves about the floor with great ease; or, the table being levitated, a strong man pushing from the top cannot depress it to the floor-; or the table moves to the side of the circle farthest from the medium, and an experimenter is asked to lay hold of it and try to prevent its return to the center, but he is totally unable to do so or the table's weight can be temporarily so much increased that it cannot be lifted, or, on the other hand, so much reduced that it can be raised by an upward force of an ounce or two; or the table, being turned upside down on the floor, cannot be raised by a strong pull on the legs, being apparently fastened to the floor.

pleases them more than any other, it is to make those in the earth-life believe the most monstrous and absurd theories.


The Watchtoiver contains a story of a fine who was approached clairaudiently by

evil spirits

who promised that,


she would sur-

render her will to them, they would make her the finest singer in the world. Alarmed, she refused, and her voice shortly began to fail until now its beauty is all gone; but the Lord gave her the truth instead. As the demons have the power to produce impressions on the organs of sight, hearing and touch, so they are also able to affect the sense

I 13,





of smell, and there are several well authenticated instances where at seances and at time of death and even in insane asylums they did produce odors recognized as sandalwood, roses, violets, and what have been lyingly put as the "sweet, wild odors of the heaven land", but the truth of the business is that when the origin of these odors is known, the worst-kept barnyard would, to the nose of any honest person, be attar of roses by comparison.

In July, 1931, there were in New York city vicinity 200 palm-reading gypsy camps, or groups of chiromancers. The New York Times says that no one knows how Halloween originated, but it gives the following information as to how divination was Originally practiced on Halloween night:

A man who

put a spoonful of salt in his mouth,

D.C., was said to have seventy-two aslrologists, card readers, clairvoyants, cosmologists, crystal gazers, fortune tellers, letterologists, metaphysicians, palmists, tea leaf readers, trance mediums and witch doctors. The licenses cost $25 apiece and are good for a year. Their offices are said to be well filled with prominent people

Demonism at the Capital In February, 1929, Washington,

drank no water and walked away in silence to a place where three croasroads met and sat thereon on a threelegged stool, was rewarded at midnight by hearing a sepulchral voice announce the name of the neighbor who would die within the year. On his return to his home and the water bucket it was his privilege to make the news known, and with the victim's wife sewing on the shroud, the preacher asking him to prepare and the neighbors inquiring solicitously about his health, it often came to pass that the prophecy was fulfilled. In Scotland to this day the housewife
empties a thimble of salt on every breakfast plate before going to bed, and if in the morning the salt has fallen out of shape on any plate it is believed that that individual might as well get ready, for the bell has


of the time. If they have only 100 clients apiece, that would still represent 7,200 families, or approximately 30.000 people, and shows the

very large influence that the occult has





for him.

of February 10, 1929, discussing the various occult (demonistic) practitioners then practicing in Washington, has the following to say about tea leaf reading:
Up-to-date lea rooms

The Washington Star


Divination by the Stars


The idea of the astrologer that Saturn and the are evil 'planets' and Jupiter and Venus are good ones is, of course, perfectly silly, as is

now have

professional fortune

tellers on their staffs and a reading of tea leaves is thrown in with a meal. This childish practice seems to have gripped the imagination of a part of the feminine public. It probably was not at first intended to be taken seriously, but the fact remains that many patrons in expensive fur coats do take it seriously and go back again and again. The claim is that the "vi-

also the theory that all the children born in a given area at a given time will have exactly the same conditions of life, death, love and disaster, yet to our day tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of people are interested in astrology.

brations" of the patron's hand in holding the teacup serve to arrange the leaves in symbolic designs which, interpreted by a specialist, are significant of the and future. The tea-leaf reader usually is a clairvoyant, and if the curiosity of the customer is sufficiently whetted by the revelations of the leaves she will reveal more of the designs of the infinite at a private sitting.

There ai'c a number of magazines devoted to it; some newspapers make references to it in every issue; and some of the so-called great financiers of Wall Street (who are responsible for getting the world into the jam in which it

now is)


do nothing of consequence until they

have consulted their astrologer to determine whether the move is going to be lucky or unlucky. Some astrologers charge $50 a reading.
clients are furnished with a daily service suggesting the exact hours which are lucky or unlucky for them. There are astrologers that make incomes of $50,000 a year.

Crystal GazingChiromancyHalomancy


There is in the National Museum at Washington a globe of glass fourteen inches in diameter and weighing 110 pounds, which it is known that several senators and representatives regularly

on certain days of each week. What would

you think of a "statesman" sent

to Washington to safeguard the interests of the people who

Throughout much of 1931 a tooth paste company employed a woman to broadcast lectures on this worse than nonsense over the Columbia network. A book from this woman went through
four editions in two months. In the ten-cent stores, millions are invited to purchase little books and to "read the answer in the stars". God, the Bible, Jesus, and everything else that

would spend any time looking in a glass ball trying to find which way he should jump when the party whip cracks ?



bbooklys, n.


any real hope for lmmanity, is missing from astrology. People look as they look and are what they are because they were or were not born under the influence of certain planets! Early in 1928 a large department store in

weather, etc.; but all attempts to identify the stars or planets as having any appreciable influence on earth's affairs are futile.

New Tork city featured astrological sill? scarfs, each scarf having "your sign and birth mark hand-embroidered in the corner'. One could

buy zodiacal


shoes, hosiery, belts,

jewelry and handkerchiefs.

Astrology in the White House One reason for the current interest in astrology is given bv the Washington Evening Star in its issue of February 12, 1929
Three strange ladies called at the home of an astrologer in the spring of 1920 and asked to have their horoscopes cast. They did not give their names. She told one of them that her husband would be the next president of the United States. This lady was the late Mrs. Warren G. Harding.

There is a custom among foresters that timber cut while the moon is waning is less liable to rot than if cut at other times. It is doubtful if this custom rests on any scientific basis. In July, 1927, the Astrologer's Guild undertook to prognosticate by the stars from day to day the weather for the month of August of that year. The result was a complete failure, as the guesses were right in only six out of a possible thirty-one.

The so-called "astrological tables" are entirely inaccurate, and, indeed, as the ancient astrol'equinoxes, their

ogers were unfamiliar with the precession of the months are now some ten days askewr

Astrology Is Sun Worship

already been nomiabove-mentioned interview nated at the time the took place, and, without a doubt in our minds, the astrologer either knew Mrs. Harding from her public photographs or was a spirit medium, and the demon in control of her identified Mrs. Harding and the guess that Harding would be

No doubt Harding had

The widespread buying of swastikas a few years ago was a recognition of the interest aroused in America by that branch of astrology commonly called "sun worship", inasmuch as the swastika is the Egyptian symbol of it.
In the Middle Ages astrologers were assistants to the doctors and surgeons. They studied the skies and fixed the hour when the patient could have his arm or leg chiseled or sawed off with the least danger. One of the ancient astrologers advised the faithful that the best time to take a bath is in May. We recommend this to
present-day enthusiasts.

elected turned out to be a good one. The spiritists claim that Abraham Lincoln
Avas a -spiritist; that he

frequently attended

seances and that the Emancipation Proclamation was the result of advice received at a seance. We doubt this, and think it likely that this

merely another one of their lies. However, we do know that today there are relatively few of the so-called great men of the world who have any real faith in Jehovah God or in the Bible as His Word. Practically the whole world has been led astray on this subject and is leaning for help upon the doctrines of demonism.

MesmeT, the hypnotist, was originally a student of astrology and naturally and gradually went over into that form of demonism with
which his name is associated. Traces of astrology are to be found in the unwillingness of certain actors to start a new play on Friday or of business men to start a trip on Friday or of certain people to call in a doctor on Friday. Superstitions respecting the doing or not doing of certain things in certain phases of the

Bunk Science The modern science of astronomy had its rise in astrology. Long after the astronomers knew
Astrology a


no truth in astrology they continued to make some recognition of it because only so could they obtain from wealthy patrons the means wherewith to continue their honest scienthere

rest upon a somewhat similar basis, but some of these it maybe suspected have a moiety


one denies the potent influence of the sun and, to a lesser extent, of the moon, upon earth's affairs and that they pour down sufficient light to make a difference in respect to crops, tides,


of truth in them. The reason a horseshoe is considered lucky is that it bears a partial resemblance to the moon in the second quarter. The horseshoe stands for good luck everywhere, in Hindustan as well as
in of


Europe and America. read the other day of a man's coming out his own house where he had himself tacked a







horseshoe over tho door. lie slammed the door a little too hard off came the horseshoe and hit him oji the head, knocking him senseless. Just how that horseshoe brought him good luck, we

Psychoanalysis Rottenness

One of the most diabolical manifestations of demonism is the modem curse of psychoanalyIt is well-known that in the Eoman Catholic confessional something like SO percent of all confessions deal with sexual subjects. The psychoanalysts outdo the confessional. They do not wait for confessions, but interpret everything



for others to explain.

Witchcraft and

Bug Worship

The demons have distorted ar.d misused everything in connection with God's wonderful creation. Thus they deceived many of the ancients into believing that the rainbow is a bridge or road by which the spirits of the departed reach

in terms of sex.

They have been instrumental

in breaking up many happy homes, poisoning the minds of many poor girls, and even spoiling


in the heavens.

the minds of innocent children and adolescents. For a complete presentation of this phase of de-

That the demons are back of witchcraft in its various forms is proven by the beliefs and rituals that are common to all who practice it, whether among the Negroes of Africa, the hill tribes of East India, the Devil worshipers of Tibet, the shamans of Siberia, or some of the

monism, see The Golden Age No. 188.

Some of these psychoanalysts transfer to themselves the confidence and affections of both married and unmarried Avomen, the same as often happens as a result of the supposed sacred
but actually filthy confession. There are said to

German farmers of Pennsylvania. Concerning these practices the New York Times of February 23, 1928, says
One practice invariably found in all centers of magic, despite the. barriers of land, sea, language or race, is that of modeling in clay, wax or some other substance the effigy of the person whom the witch doctor wishes to destroy, and burning the image,
or otherwise maltreating it. The idea is that the practice will cause the person to suffer and eventually to die.
sticking pins into

be in the United States about 1.000 practitioners of this peculiar system of metaphysics. There is nothing good that can be said for this system. It is wholly evil, and there is no end of harm it has done.



Egypt's Ancient Mysteries

the meanness and smallncss of demons, consider how they have desold of the ceived the poor Hindus into thinking that if they kill a bedbug they may have put out of business the reincarnated soul of an ancestor. A wealthy Hindu recently left $100,000 for the budding and endowment of bug houses in cen-

As showing

At the present time, numerology is the form of demonism which has the greatest number of adherents. The practitioners frequently admit that this is a survival of tho mysteries of ancient Egypt. In other words, it is demonism pure and simple. The patient is flattered, is shown a table in which each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value. From this table is obtained the key number which is supposed to show that certain definite characteristics influence such an individual's mind. There are said to be more than a thousand professional numerologists in the Tinted States at present. Numerology is a branch of astrology, and both depend upon the foolish philosophy that every-

Poor travelers are allowed to sleep over night in these bug houses and are even paid a small sum for doing so on condition that they let the bugs feed upon them, but if they retaliate by actually killing even one bug, they are at once ejected by the attendants and forfeit their sleep money. There are 200 such bug
tral India.

thing on the earth is in some way tied up with the other planets and the stars. mere detail of the numerology swindle is

houses throughout India. The demons seem to have exhausted their ingenuity to see how unhappy they could make the poor people of India. Nobody but the big DevU or the little, devils or the big and little ones together could possibly be responsible for the hideous customs that prevail throughout Africa, where women distort their lips, noses and ears until they lose all semblance of humanity. Surely the demons responsible for this do it to reproach the Creator.

the superstition regarding the



Napoleon, Bismarck, and Victor Hugo were all afraid of the number thirteen. There are skyscrapers in New York city which have no thirteenth floor. There are no number thirteen berths on the London & Northeast Railway sleeping cars. The people on Thirteenth Street, Far Roekaway, asked to have the name of their street changed. At a state luncheon in Paris in June, as thirteen guests were about to take







their seats, the minister of finance rushed out

and got an extra guest so that there would be

fourteen at the table instead of thirteen.

The Path

to Insanity

Observers who have paid attention to the experiences of others have noted that those who dally -with demonism in any form always lose rather than gain by the process and are eventually left fit for nothing. Even after a disease is temporarily healed by these evil creatures, yet in the end the victims are driven to insanity. Human brains are not capable of withstanding continued contact with these superior and devilish intelligences.

Malignancy of the Demons Some idea of the malignancy of the demons can be gathered from the fact that once a year at Puri, in Arissa, India, on the roadway leading to the great temple of Jagannath, scores of poor demonized creatures arc buried alive as the barbaric car passes. Some remain buried for half an hour, some for a day or more, with their arms sticking out of the ground like so many rows of posts. Who but a devil could want to see any human put through such an experience f


devils, both in the Catholic

Church and


their victims sometimes sleep on beds

Thousands of the insane hear voices of demons. They see faces, too, but the faces which they see are not the faces of their loved and lost ones, but, whatever they seem to be, arc nothing less than the faces of devils. Surely none but a devil would stoop to harassing poor unfortunate humans who had landed in an insane asylum.

Having gotten the confidence of their victims, mediums frequently show that they are in the control of devils by the unprincipled tilings which they do. They are frequently brought into court for inveigling property away from

of spikes. In India they go a step farther and pierce their cheeks with iron skewers. Who but the Devil would ever have put it into the hearts of the medicine men of Mexico to pull the heart out of their victim while he still breathed? This horrible thing is still done in Siberia to appease the spirits, but a horse is used instead of a human creature. man who ran amuck in a Polish village and killed six persons and wounded, five stated when he was finally overpowered that a devil had placed in his hands the bayonet with winch the killing was done. Quite likely he told the truth.

make them


who have fallen into their clutches. In the London News Chronicle of July
Adrian Conan Doyle, referring
shall always




death of his father, said

Chicago sea captain who was convicted of his excuse that in a dream the previous night he had seen his dead mother, his grandmother and God and had been told that if he went into the street and saw a desperate burglar he was to shoot to kill, which he did.

murder gave as

know when he is speaking, but one be careful because there are practical jokers on the other side as there arc here. It is quite possible that they may attempt to impersonate him. But there are tests which my mother knows, suck as little mannerisms of speech, which cannot be impersonated and which will tell us that it is my father himself who is
lias to


Dishonesty and Incapacity


The cures performed by demons arc worthThe London Daily Express of February
about a

10, 1931, told

medium pouring a stream




into the

body of Rev.

Vale Owen, a


for our quoting the foregoing is provides the evidence that even those who are most fully committed to the practice of communication with the evil spirits have found from experience, as this young man has found, and as his father most certainly found, that nothing that comes from them is to be believed.

The reason

medium placed his hands on him and told him he was going to get well, and the London News Chronicle of March 9,
spiritist preacher.



showed that


preacher didn't live thirty

A spiritist hymn book contains

to hold seances

a warning not

more than

twice, or at the most,

three times a week, as to do it oftener has a tendency to weaken the will. That statement is of itself a confession that demonism is the Devil's own business from start to finish.

The German police have tried to use clairvoyance in the detection of criminals, but have been able to accomplish nothing, and it is good for the rest of us that they have not been able to accomplish anything. Imagine the conditions that would prevail if the common people, with all the other troubles they have, had to fight for their rights in the public courts against the testimony of these demons, whose word on anything is worse than nothing at all







Despite the fact that he knew that the demons could not be trusted, the late Sir Arthur Con an Doyle (brought up a Catholic) wanted to see clairvoyance used in police work. The legislators of New York state are so convinced of the dishonesty of the spirits and of their inability to prognosticate that there is now a fine of $250 in that state for pretending to tell fortunes for profit or where lost or stolen goods may be found.

otherwise capable and intelligent men were deceived by these impostors into believing that
in heaven.


son, the friend of


them, JefferPaine, the confessed

Mark Twain,

the confessed agnostic,

and Napoleon I, the master murderer. Roosevelt and Washington, according to these demons, were in the same heaven with Jefferson, Mark Twain and Napoleon. The demon who represented Washington presented to mankind
the following

Abuses of Prayer The British have had

spiritism within bounds.

gem through a



to take steps to


whose cheeps were published in the Wichita

Since that time the world has went forward in the and sciences by leaps and by bounds. You have bread up better statesmen, you have far greater advantages for education.


Bull, in its issue

of January

18, 1930, said:

Next week the House



will be asked to

give a second reading to a Government bill compelling individuals and organizations who collect money from

the public to register and to be accountable to the

Charity Commission. A better opportunity has never been provided to put a stop to the money-making

The thoughtful who are familiar with Washington's stately writings will at once sense that
if this report is true then "St." Washington, not having been properly "bread up" in heaven's schools, has not "went forward" in grammar. Conan Doyle and his colleagues in demonism were led on from one stage of foolishness to another until they acknowledged having been told the idiocy that heaven has among its attractions undulating hills and verdant slopes, purling streams and fragrant flowers meandering rivulets and glassy lakes, with the wealth of field and forest, grotto and lawn; with sportive lambkins and paradisaical birds; with towns and cities, hamlets and villages, brotherhoods and associations, schools and sanatoria, colleges and laboratories, museums and observatories, newspapers and libraries, theaters and art galleries, temples and lowers, chateaux and palaces, rural cottages and stately mansions.

methods of a gang of pseudo-religious apostles of faith-healing who for years have obtained immense sums of money from the public, and have never divulged what happens to the revenue. They call themselves pastors, and their leaders arc three brothers. These men were once miners at Maestcg, in South Wales, but they forsook the perils of the pit for the profits of the pulpit, and ever since have played and preyed upon humanity's wreck. Sensitive and . highly strung people are reduced to a state of psychie intoxication under the influence of the presiding pastor, whose every word and movement is white-hot with hypnotic suggestion. They are seized by a form of catalepsy and incoherent mutterings are heard from them during their shakings and convulsions. Then the pastor proceeds to interpret their mutterings, which lie declares to have been uttered by a divine voice:

in the midst, of thee. Thou shalt give my servant [here the name of the pastor is mentioned] the

"I am



Prayer, unless it is addressed to Jehovah God and is presented in the name of Jesus Christ by one who has the right to use that name, may go to the demons instead of to God; for a certain London spiritist publication advises its readers that before commencing a seance they should always pray for protection and guidance.

Telepathic Achievements

With their superior powers of observation and memory, the demons seem to some people to have very much greater powers than they acThus there is on record the case of a father attending a seance who was told by a medium that at 11 : 25 a. m., when he supposed his daughter in a distant city was at school, she was instead playing a piano. He telegraphed home and found it true (though he might as well have found it false, because these liars arc so absolutely untrustworthy), but be did as a matter of fact find that she was playing at ,just that hour, having been detained at home with a
tually possess.

In London, in January, 1931, the ministers of denominations were discussing spiritism and had made arrangements for a future seance.

Impostors and Frauds The demons take a peculiar delight in making humans believe the most unreasonable and impossible doctrines.

Conan Doyle and numerous



without being affected in any way.

Bbooklvx, N.


Acting upon this and other similar bits of information, Prof. Hyslop, investigator of psychic phenomena, came to the conclusion that telepathy is not a matter of thought waves, but that messages are carried from mind to mind by tbe spirits. We do not know that it is true, but are informed by the Manchester Guardian that a telepathist, Gaston Ouvrieu, when completely blindfolded has driven a motor car through crowded streets with nothing to guide him except the mind of another person, a passenger in the car.


do not

the insulating powers are, and do not need to know, and do not care to know. merely record the fact. It may be that all the senses of the observers are deceived by mass hypnosis, as elsewhere explained in this article. The holy angels also understand how to insulate against heat, for they did so in the case of the three Hebrew children that were cast into the fiery furnace.

know what


We charge
Ou one




demon ism.

occasion we had a subscriber who desired to present to us evidence that he had discovered that telepathy is a true science. Drawing him out by inquiry we found that in his own case he could obtain telepathic results only when the experiments were carried on with those of the opposite sex. This looked fishy to us, and its having the general appearance of demonism made us conclude not to publish his article. If telepathy is a bona fide, legitimate achievement of man it ought to be operable between man and man as well as between man and woman.
his wife were Japanese earthquake the night before it happened. The explanation is very simple. The demons without doubt have powers of penetration of solids and liquids and could

We have recently published articles questioning the generally accepted theory of gravitation. Demons manifestly understand how to insulate against gravitation, if it exists. To the
existence of this power we attribute the erection of the Great Pyramid, the handling of the great stones at Baalbek, the setting up of the statues at Easter Island, and the placement of blocks in the Peruvian fortress above Cuzco.

The demons have some powers of stanching the flow of blood that we do not comprehend. Thus there are numerous instances in which
daggers, nails and knives have been thrust into the bodies of mediums without, at the moment, giving any indications of pain or producing a
ilow of blood. Just how this is done we do not know and do not care, but that such powers are demonistic and of no possible value to man is

Conan Doyle claims that he and

told of the

very apparent.
Linguistic and Musical Achievements

The demons have an intimate knowledge of the human voice is produced, but can and do use some vocal organs more effectively than others, for the very good reason that some peoon upper Fifth Avenue, New York city, who ple naturally can imitate any sound which they suddenly stopped, looked behind her and said, may hear. Throughout the year 1927, an Ameri'"If I did not know my husband was in France, can 'direct-voice' medium, Gr. Valiantine, was I could have sworn he called me." Within a few used by the demons to record on phonograph hours she received a cable from Nice that her records messages in old and modern Chinese, husband had been killed in a motor crash. Again Hindustani and Italian, all of which languages the explanation is simple. The demons saw the were luilcnown to the medium. crash, knew where the man's wife was, and A similar case of demonism is that of Joseph made a lightning trip to America to try to lead Schmidt of Austria. When demonized he speaks her off into demonism and to use the incident ancient Babylonian, old Hebrew, classical Greek to misguide thousands or millions of others. and Arabian, but in his ordinary state he knows none of these languages, being familiar only Heat and Gravitation Phenomena with Roumanian and German. It is evident that the demons understand Probably within the same category are to be something about heat and gravitation not yet included some of the musical prodigies that have understood by humans. It is well known that in recently attracted attention. Thus there is Sidmany parts of the earth witch doctors and oth- ney Sherrington, the four-year-old son of an

readily discern the tottering condition of the submarine rock cliffs, the falling of which brought about the Japanese disaster. An editorial writer in the New York American tells of a vivacious French lady at a dinner



ers walk across stones that are heated whiteand are even biu-ied in white-hot ashes,

English miner, w ho is said to have astonished music masters with his piano playing. His parT





ing to exercise power over the affairs of others. charmer is one who claims to be able to put spells on people or animals; the newspapers contain frequent references to these as brought

cuts are spiritists and claim that the spirit of is using their son as a medium. Mozart has nothing to do with it. If the child has any


help from the unseen world (and he probably has), that help conies from the demons. Quite probably in the same category is the prodigy mentioned in the New York Times of November 26, 1931. The dispatch from Berlin says A new phenomenon was added tonight to the contemporary roster of musical wonder children when six-year-old Ruth Slenzynski gave a piano recital in the Baehsaal and dumfounded a huge gathering with her almost unbelievable performances of numerous and exacting compositions of Bach, Haydn, BeethoShe ven, Schubert, Scarlatti, Chopin and Weber. never began a piece without first looking long and intently at her audience as if to command attention and silence. The power which the child can summon at will seems altogether uncanny, coming from so

up in the courts from time to time, not only in France, Italy and other European countries, but occasionally even in America. consul ter with familiar spirits is a clairvoyant. A wizard is one claiming occult wisdom or occult power. And a necromancer is one claiming to hold communication with the dead.

a frame. Her rhythm, sharpness of accent, sense of phrase values as well as clarity, accuracy and velocity of finger work are matters to move even the most skeptical hearer to consternation.

Spiritists are quite unable to understand why the churches should frown on the things that they do, because they claim to specially uphold one of the church's prominent doctrines, namely, that of the immortality of the soul. How very true! The Bible says the soul shall die. The churches say it does not die, and spiritism "proves" (?) that the churches are right and the Bible wrong.
It was Jehovah God that passed sentence of death upon rebellious man. Death is to be dreaded. But for divine power it would mark the complete end of its victim. Spiritism is the Devil's own religion; because it teaches men and women not to fear death, assuring them that life does not cease, that the soul is immortal, and that at the moment of death they go immediately to the spirit world which is to all intents and purposes as nearly like the earth they have just left as two peas in a pod are like each other. It is self-evident that in teaching the nnscriptural doctrine of the inherent immortality of the sold, organized religion is in deed and in truth nothing but organized demonism. Organized religion, as we have clearly shown in the foregoing article, is one of the principal channels by which these evil spirits give expression to their doctrines and find opportunity to exercise their malignancy against Jehovah God, His Word and His witnesses in the earth.

God's Curse on All These Things The Scriptures group all these forms of deviltry in two verses, in Deuteronomy 18: 10, 11:
There shall not be found among you any one that makcth his son or his daughter to pass through the

or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Reviewing this passage we see that one who uses divination is one who receives information from the fallen angels by means of omens or oracles. The manner is immaterial, The fact is the important and evil thing recognized in the Scriptures. An observer of times is an astrologer, one who fixes lucky or unlucky days. An enchanter is a hypnotist. witch is a medium or mouthpiece of the fallen angels or one claim-

Tbose Peruvian Bonds

to the testimony before the Senate Finance Committee those $100,000,000 of Peruvian bonds are now worth about $7,000,000, and the American people who invested in them will lose about 93 percent of the money they put into them. The bankers that floated the loans made $5,475,000 gross profit


on the deal, and got entirely out from under, thus letting the people who purchased the bonds hold the bag. The New York bankers paid $415,000 rake-off to the son of President Leguia for the privilege of shoving these Peruvian bonds over onto the American people. Some people call that a bribe.

Snowfall in Southern California


Death Valley

No Longer


15, for the first time in fifty years, Los Angeles and all adjacent parts of the orange belt of California were treated to a fall of snow.


California, once one of

Less Noise Delivering Milk



bo less noise in decity.

*-*' the most dreaded spots in America, now no longer exists as what it once was. highway traverses the territory, and in the heart of the valley a comfortable and attractive hotel, the Furnace Creek Inn, provides accommodation for the wayfarer.

livering milk in

New York


will be equipped with rubber tires instead of iron; milk carriers will be rubber-lined and drivers wdl wear rubber heels and refrain from loud and unnecessary talking.

New York State year 1931 the prohibition administra* tors of New York state, 330 in number, raided 455 stills, 6,217 speakeasies, 386 night clubs, 171 breweries, 94 cutting plants and 64 drug stores.
Prohibition Industry in


Sense of Smell of the Ant ant has such a remarkable sense of smell *- that when, in pitch darkness, beneath the ground, it meets another ant it can tell at once the species, caste, sex and approximate age of the individual about to be encountered. At least,


They seized 122,510 gallons of wine, 1,482,192 gallons of beer and 399,564 gallons of liquor, and took in 17,513 prisoners.

A Demon's Act of Malice

BRIDGEPORT, early ATored man seventy years of February, a age was ordered



what students of ant

life claim.

Turken Has Possibilities turken, a cross between IT IS believed that theturkey and a Rhode Isan Austrian white land red hen, has some possibilities. The turken has three or four times as much meat as an ordinary chicken and is said to be a more tasty
dish than either chicken or turkey.

by go

invisible voices to cut his

arm and

throat and

obeyed this voice of demoniacal origin so thoroughly that it was necessary to take thirteen stitches to close the wound.
to police headquarters. lie

Oil Concessions in


Under Protest of the service charges and general hoggishness of the public utility companies, the citizens of many Pennsylvania towns are now attaching stickers to their utility bills, the stickers reading, "Paid under protest, until rates are reduced to conform with conditions."
Utility Bills Paid


A New Use for Aluminum Sheets

sheets will cover one-sixth of the outer surface of ten of the great buildings now being constructed in the Rockefeller development in midtowa New York, generally known as Radio City. Three million pounds of the metal will be used on the job.

people now hold about $100,000,000 of bonds of Colombian states and municipalities, expected soon to be in default. In June, 1931, so the Patman impeachment charges against Secretary Mellon have brought to light, Colombia approved the Bareo concession, an oil company in which the Mellon s have a controlling interest, and twelve days later the National City Bank advanced the last $4,000,000 installment of the big loan. Now the American people hold the bonds and Mellon has the oil.

rpiIE American


Pasadena's Municipal Light and Power Plant

figure of

electric light

and power

at the

over one cent per kilowatt hour, the city of Pasadena charges its patrons four cents, with the result that its annual profits are now around $700,000. These profits are being used to erect new civic buildings.

Get Somebody from Canada the year 1923 there have been 7,805 bank failures in the United States, of which 2,290 occurred during the year 1931. During those same eight years there was a grand total in Canada of just one bank failure. Now that America's greatest financial minds have been shown to belong to a bunch of incompetent and dishonest nincompoops not fit to run a peanut stand, wonder if we couldn't send over to Canada and get a few honest bankers that would show us howT to do something in the banking business in a straightforward, upright, honorable manner. Might be worth trying, anyway.



APBlt, 13, 1932



1931 the

Warmest Year


Will Raise Nobody's


New least in the THE year 1931, atthe warmest vicinity of of us FOR that most was York
have ever seen, and yet there were no really scorching-hot days in it. In G3 years there has not been such uniformly pleasant weather. Every month was warmer than usual, and the sun was

more than half of the possible


one year, except with presidential consent, nobody in Uncle Sam's employ will receive a raise of pay or promotion to a better position. This special rule, attached to every appropriation bill, stops all appointments and interferes with contracts already made with apprentices who have waited for years for regular

appointments in the postal service.


Crops Grown near Arctic Circle


Matanuska (Alaska) Agricultural Experiment Station, only a short distance from the Arctic Circle, the following crops have


Grew Too Fast

THE present hard times find Detroit with the largest per capita debt in the United States,
due to the fact that during the past twenty years Detroit has tripled in population and increased in area beyond all expectation. Had the growth been slower, and had so many things not been needed all at once, the present financial
condition of the city would be

oats, barley, wheat, potatoes, asbeets, cabbage, carrots, kale, kohlrabi, paragus, spinach, peas, leeks, onions, lettuce, parsley,

been raised:

forage crops and berries. The Alaska Railroad, serving the district, wants settlers.



Alabama Will Raise Alfalfa

year, and that has been and other hay to enable it to harvest alfalfa now be overcome by crops. This handicap will In two hours the artificial drying of alfalfa. chopped to lengths ot after cutting the alfalf a, the sack. The drier has Vi" to %", is ready for hour. a capacity of one ton of dry hay an

ALABAMA has 42 to 60 inches of rainfall a too much hitherto

Aviation Industry in the United States

was the There were 6,881 were in the transport grade. whom 532 were women. 17,739 licensed pilots, of were There were 9,016 mechanics, of whom 5 greatest number of women. California has the Union, pilots and mechanics of any state in the most planes. but New York has the


1 the States

numb jr

of aircraft in 10,780, of which

Willing to Take the Cotton

Presbyterian THE Mississippi Synod of the the cotton of THE Industrial Relations Committee says that Church has agreed to take present in America 2 percent own 60 pertheir church

2% Own 60% of the




at the fictitious price of

are used 20c per pound, provided the proceeds pledges. The to liquidate their unpaid church loses idea is, anyway, that the church member it can the cotton and 'the church gets something

turn into money.

The Financial Dictatorship

over the Columbia IN A SPEECH broadcast S. Copeland, referSenator Royal network
ring to the hysteria controlling the banking world, made the following statement: "But there is one place in the banking system where there is no hysteria. The men at the top were

own cent of "the wealth of the nation 33 percent and 65 35 percent of the wealth of the nation percent own 5 percent of the wealth of the nais what tion. The thing they did not explain the relahappens when the 2 percent take over people tively small balance that the rest of the now. now have. And it couldn't be long
; ;

Mrs. Roosevelt a Spiritist ernor of New York state, and a for the democratic nomination for president, has let it be known that she consulted a spirit medium to ascertain if her hubby would be nominated. The spirits were said to be confident he would be nominated and elected. This means that if Roosevelt should be elected there would again be demonistic influence in the_ White House as there was in the days of Harding and
the Ohio Gang.

Mrs. Fkaxklin D. Roosevelt, wife of the govcandidate

never more calm, deliberated and resourceful. Thev have seized upon their long-awaited opportunity. This is their day. Already they are exercising despotic rule. Unless the people arc aroused there is no length to which the superbankers may not go. We- are in danger of a
financial dictatorship."'



Churches Collect Eggs and Pigs





Cucumber Bed beds in California IN TWO adjacent cucumber In one of the beds an experiment was tried.

Evening Post THE Charleston (S.C.) rural sections several churches in



of of the

insulated wires, four feet apart, were strung eight inches below the surface. Then, by means of a thermostat, a temperature of 70 degrees was maintained and the current was on about two hours out of five. One-half of the crop in the wired section was ripened and marketed before the first cucumber ripened in the other bed.

where the pastors are accepting eggs and pigs in lieu of cash? "Why not? It only requires a little work to turn these valuables of the people into money, and a little work some time in
a week of absolute rest is good for the digestion. In Jesus' day the clergy were willing to take anything they could get their hands on, even widows' houses.

Agricultural Prices Cut in Half

Bureau of Agricultural THE index of the farm products were only Economics shows

The Buildings on the Moon

more than pared with 1929. With the farmers getting only follows, as a half price for what they raise,

half in price in 1931



THE man the moon has IFbuildings in expected that constructed any they will be obit is

matter of course, that they cannot buy the things they need, and the factories that normally supply them what they want can run oidy
part time.
Hawaii's Polyglot Population has one of the greatest mixtures of races in the world. Not including the United States military forces, there are on the islands a total population of 370,000, of whom 190,000 are Japanese, 28,000 are Portuguese, 23,000 are Hawaiians, 27,000 are Chinese, 7,000 arc Porto Eicans, 7,000 are Koreans, 3,000 are Filipinos, 50,000 are Americans, and 35,000 are

servable when the new 200-inch telescope is in place at Mount Wilson. This telescope will magnify distant objects ten thousand times, so that the surface of the moon, which is actually 240,000 miles away, will seem to be but twenty-four miles distant. This would enable objects on its surface thirty feet apart to be separately distinguished.


Return to Customs of a Generation Ago slump in prices of farm products lias brought about a return to many of the customs of a generation ago. Farmers are doing their own butchering, and taking their own grist


of mixed parentage.

National Wealth of United States total national wealth of the United States in 1930 was $320,700,000,000, and, the total national income for the same year was $71,000,000,000. The National Industrial Conference Board estimates that if these sums could have been distributed equally among all the families in the nation, each family would have had $10,9G1 of capital and $2,366 of in-


They are getting their oavu fuel out of the woodlots, and their wives are making their own butter and doing their own baking. There is even talk-, in some quarters, of a revival of home tanning, home spinning and home weaving. The farmer is a hard man to comto the mill.

pletely lick.


York's Spiritual



Monday morning New York


papers give readers a digest of some of the previous day's sermons. In a recent digest Bishop Manning says the world needs more religion we would say it needs more Christianity.


Dies in Horror

the World War more than 75,000,000 Mills bombs were used. For this invention Mr. Mills was knighted and received a fortune of $13S,000. He has just died in horror that the child of his brain should have been used to hurl so many of his fellow men into eternity. During the last years of his life he sought in every way to forget what he had done, but all


Reverend Lynch thinks that indiscriminate and unscientific thinking is the cause of the misery of the world: we would say it is because it worships the wrong -Cod'. Rev. Lon Ray Call says& "I would place intelligence above conscientiousness'' and we think this means he has a call to Japan, where "this particular form of religion is most popular. Rabbi Katz says that he believes

in telling the children the truth that "this is a

world based on greeJ".

for the soul.


so endeth the food

to no avail.





the Flowers

: :

rose opens at 4 30 in the morning, the day lily at 5 30, the black nightshade at 6: 30, and the morning glory at 7: 30. The fig marigold opens at 8 : 30 a.m., the purslane at 10 30, the thistle at 11 30, and the potato flower at 1 30 in the afternoon. The four-o'clock is true to its name: it does not open until four in the afternoon the evening primrose opens at 6: 30 p.m., the Jimson weed at 7: 30 p.m., and the queen of the night waits until 9 30 before it condescends to say good morning, just as the. rest of us are getting ready to go to bed.



The reason assigned for misdemeanor cases, and all civil cases involving not more than $100, are handled by 28 political magistrates whose usual
in the civilized world'". this is that nearly all

merely that they were elected to fill it. It is said that the incumbents are mostly politicians and that justice is Therefore administered politically, which means
qualification for the position is
it is

not administered at


Fifteen Years for an Apple


headlines the Halifax Daily Star

Too Many Crooks



Judgk Jarecki, in rnling that the assessment rolls of Chicago for the years 1928 and 1929 were fraudulent, and that taxpayers might tender what they considered a reasonable amount and file objections to the balance, called attention to the fact that the Board of Assessors arbitrarily omitted $15,000,000,000 of personalty from the rolls for 1928 and 1 929 and many years
prior thereto. The city is now owing $20,000,000 in salaries to its school teachers and other school employees. And it has 6.j0,000 jobless.

makes much of the fact that in New York city a man who entered a kitchen and ate an apple was given fifteen years in prison, because he was a third offender. The man claims that he was driven to it by hunger. The judge who sentenced him says that he will approve freedom for him after five years. Contrast this happening with the mild and belated "justice"' meted out to Daugherty, Sinclair and Fall.
Only a Life Sentence for Stealing Shoes

FOE the benefit of our British readers we wish

to explain that

John Moore


not to be put

Five Small Boys in a Dark Attic

to death for stealing a pair of shoes at WinstonSalem, N.C. That was the original sentence, but

FIVE small boys climbed the fire escape of an

East Side (New York) theater and let themselves down from a skylight into the attic, whence they expected a trapdoor in the ceiling would enable them to see a movie without the customary admission charge, which they did not Everything worked all right except the trapdoor in the ceiling, which unfortunately did not exist. The boys got into the attic, and could not. get out. Finally the proprietor of the show found them and lifted them out, one at a time, but he missed the chance of a lifetime when he failed to take them in and

the governor of North Carolina has commuted it to life imprisonment. We do not like to have our British readers think we would do such a

thing in this country as to put a man to death for stealing a pair of shoes. All we do is to imprison him for life.
Besides, we have at times made reflections upon the severe sentences which British judges in South Africa have inflicted upon some of the poor colored men that have come before them, and we do not like to have any Britisher who has read such articles think that we would officially murder a colored man for swiping a pair of shoes when all we intended to do to him was to lock Mm up for life. If the British want to be severe against the poor blacks under their control in South Africa let them do so, but we mean to advertise to the world that here in America Ave are more merciful. Of course, we showed neither justice nor mercy to Saceo or Vanzetti, and we have shown none to Mooney, and thousands of others, but now at last, here in North Carolina, we can show a case to which we can point with with with something or other, whatever it is that nations


to possess.

give them the best seats in the house. Instead,

he turned them over to a policeman, and the cop scolded them gently and sent them home. Probably he was a boy once himself.
Justice in Philadelphia

American Judicature SoTHE Journal of the many words that "Philaciety

states in so

delphia appears to have the worst system of administering justice, so far as the smaller civil and criminal cases are concerned, of any place

point with at such times.




BnooKLi'x, x. y.

Sharp Decline

department of labor reported the employment since 1921. Reports furnished monthly by New York state emstate


New York Slate Employment THE first of February the New York

The net result is that the common people will pay the interest on these bonds, and pay the
losses on the liquidation of the frozen assets which the new corporation will take over from the money lenders. And if any of this money of the people ever gets back to some of them in the form of loans they will have to pay interest on

sharpest decline in

ployers showed employment only 65 percent of normal and pay rolls only 55 percent of normal. In other words, a third of the workers are idle,

again to get the use of


and the



in circulation, as


for wages,

only 55 percent of normal.

One Reason

for Beckley's Riches

Europe Buying More Bibles

the fact that in the -* last ten years the circulation of the Bible in western Europe has almost doubled. The dispatch from Paris which contains this information adds the interesting remark that "the clergy and ministers are the most surprised by this information because the empty spaces in their church pews have not received increased patronage". Apparently the people are trying to learn at home what the Bible really teaches. Can you guess what books they have to help
is called to

SOMEBODY has sent us Vol. 1, No. 14, of the

little church paper published by the First Baptist Church of Beckley, West Va. The arti-


them in that ?
Proposed Rededication of Tomb

made that there THE statement has been the tomb of the will unrededication of
be a


11, 1932.


soldier at Washington, D.C., on Novemdo not just see the need of it, make a suggestion. The Standard Oil Co.

on the first page is entitled "I Rich'", and as it is in quotation marks we presume that it refers to Revelation 3 17, which please see. At the conclusion of the article, which has gone the rounds of the press, appear the words, "None of my wealth depends upon business conditions or market reports."' In this particular instance we suggest a reason why this is true. The back page of the little paper contains what is said to be the "Honor Roll", being a list of those who "have pledged and paid this year's pledge to date". do not know what it is they pledged, Ave can guess. The poor saints of that combut munity that are not on that Honor Roll are about as popular in the congregation as a civet cat at a debutante's ball.




Burgling Not What


Used to Be

China and at the present look of things we might be able to make goid use of the money the rededication would cost to have a fresh tomb built to some unknown soldier somewhere in Asia. Big Business that is always so forward to, as they put it, "hallow the soldier dead" may want to do some hallowing on
has large interests

the other side of the Pacific.

what it used to be. A Brooklyn woman came home and found a burglar busy at his trade of tying up all her bes-t things in a bundle. She handed one brick to a neighbor and told her to sock the burglar with it if he tried to come out the front way. Then she took another one and ran around to the back door to hit him if he
tried to get out that way. On her way she asked a third lady to call the police, which was done.


complain that burgling


The Two-Billion-Dollar Relief Corporation


two-billion-dollar relief corporation is

merely a plan for taking two billion dollars from the common people and using it as a revolving fund to help the big and little banks that at the present time are crushed under their
load of frozen assets. Bonds of the new corporation will be sold to the bankers. And how will the bankers get money enough to pay for them? Easy enough. The Government will print the money and give it to the Federal Reserve at a cost of y of 1 per2 cent, plus only 65c per $1,000 for printing cost.

the police came and rescued the poor man he said he was glad to be in safe hands once more and away from those angry females. He sees now that his life has been misspent and he should have hired out to the Power Trust in his youth. Then he would be able to rob every home, and do it every month, and would be welcomed in the most exclusive financial circles. As it is, as a penalty for making a bad start, he must now go back to Sing Sing, there to live with the little burglars, the ones that don't know how to do it and get away with it.






Man's Land in Colorado


Wise Professor Patten


THE Louisiana WISE Professor Patten, of Dartmouth Col- BYquisition of TexasPurchase and by the acthe United States came after forty years of search, has
found the skeleton of the original sea scorpion to which all college professors may now trace
their ancestry. Professor Patten says that this skeleton is between 500,000,000 and 1^000,000,000 years old. He knew this, we may be sure, because he found one of these dates stamped at

most of Colorado, but there are 1,500 square miles in the state which technically do not belong to the United States or to any other country. They were merely overlooked when treaties were made. Actually Colointo possession of

the nose of the scorpion and the other stamped at its tail. That would be the only possible way

belongs to Jehovah Cod, for, as the Scriptures well declare, "The earth
rado, every foot of


he could have told. He tells us that there has been no essential change in 1,000,000,000 years, or, in other words, that the sea scorpion of- so long ago had about as much sense as a college professor has now and maybe he is right, at

man owns

[Jehovah's], and the fulness thereof." Xo a foot of it all men are merely God's

tenants at His


Getting Ready for Trouble in India

offiits up Indian troops and cers and men and 155,300




Army in India being brought THE Britishfull strength of 68,900 white to


Missouri Legislators in a

Bad Business MISSOURI is a great state. The population on April 1, 1930, was 3,629,367. Just at

In the British equipment in India there are eleven armored car companies each of which is equipped with twenty armored cars of the
latest type.

present a good


of those, inhabitants are

good and mad at their legislators at Jefferson City. And they seem to have some reason to be

seems that to help them in their arduous duties the legislators have gradually put on clerics and more clerks until they have a grand total of 904 helping them in the two houses. Every time one of the legislators wanted to help a friend he made him a legislative clerk lie went on the payroll of the state and thereafter everybody lived happy. But now the judgment day has come and somebody has dug up the facts that the great states of California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio have a combined population of 24,204,216, or more than six times that of Missouri, and yet somehow they manage, collectively, to get along with only 480 clerks all told. That is a little more than half as many clerks to do more, than six

Present indications are that before the Indian trouble is settled Britain may have use for all her troops. It is hard to fight millions of people that are willing to die for an idea and that will not resist except passively. Reprisals against such people operate in the reverse direction

from that intended, for so



human nature put

Mahatma Gandhi claims to find the greatest joy in his voluntary poverty, and after a struggle his wife and children have all come to share Ids views and are expecting imprisonment with him, as are some millions of his fellow Hindus. He was arrested at three o'clock in the morning and hustled off to prison for advising a renewal of the campaign of civil disobedience. Not unlikely he will now be sent to a penal island, perhaps for years. The charge against him is treasonable activity.


has urged his followers to discard liquor


times as

much work.
the people

and narcotics,
people of

You have probably heard about

do no violence, to protect Engclasses and to withdraw from

cooperation, individually or

from Missouri: that before they spend their good money they have to be shown what it is they arc going to get for it. Well, here is a case where their good money was first spent for them by their own Solons, and now the people want to know just why they dipped in their pockets
about twelve times as deep as they should have. The Missouri legislators have been in a bad

the government


His program embraces boycott of the courts and legislatures, the surrender of all public offices and the withdrawal of all children from government schools. We understand also that it includes nonpayment of taxes and the
things British, as far as that is possible. Upon his arrest the merchants of Bombay declared a strike of one month.

boycott of


Events in Canada

By Our Canadian


ever, has

question the year 1931 witnessed

the greatest depression and privation for the people of Canada in history. Hope, how-

remained strong and 1932 was looked forward to as the year for the return of prosperity. As 1932 opens up conditions are anything hut bright and the people are becoming
restless with discontent.

railways, with their enormous debts and rapidly falling revenues, are a problem of first importance. The government has appointed a commission to investigate the whole situation


best to deal with it. While completed, some idea of the the report is not yet seriousness of the problem may be gathered from the following editorial appearing in the

and report as



from the privately-owned automobile. People think nothing of motoring to Hamilton, Oshawa, Orillia, Midland, Cobourg, Peterboro, Kingston, Owen Sound people even motor to Florida, and in the summer to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver. Almost any day one may see. cars in Toronto bearing number plates from New York, Michigan, New Jersey or any of several states, some of whose inhabitants love to roam afar. Not only the steam railways suffer from the private automobile. The suburban radials have been nearly put out of business everywhere by them, and the street cars suffer heavily. A few years ago one could stand on a corner up town in the morning and see a stream of automobiles go by, most of them driven by owners who rode alone. This year on the same corner one will
observe that nearly every ear has three or foui", sometimes six, persons in it, and the same cars will be seen

Toronto Telegram:
In recent issues there have appeared in these

umns articles

considering different angles of the transportation problem in Canada and what is at this time of some importance the shape of public opinion on the subject. W. A. Irwin has an informative article in MacLean's Magazine on certain phases of the problem
decline in passenger traffic and earnings in the past two years. The fact is brought out that the railways of Canada actually carried fewer passengers in 1930 than they did twenty years earlier, in 1910. The total of passengers annually carried in the ten years 1910-20 increased from over thirty-five millions to over fifty-one millions, but by 1930 had declined to a little over thirty-four millions, a lower figure than twenty years

morning after morning going by at the same time with the same passengers. It is possible that people living in apartment houses and due to arrive down town at a stated time are offered lifts by one of them who is

and particularly the

helped establish the present persons employed in the same office, residing in the same quarter of the city, may be given a chance lift by one of them who is driving, and a habit becomes established. Sometimes one man takes his car one day and his neighbor the next. The effect on street railway earnings in Toronto is serious, but there is nothing that can be done about it.


may have


Government Railways in Distress Speaking further upon the same matter the Telegram says:
These be strenuous times with the railways. Coupled with the industrial depression comes truck competition. And as if that were not enough, the short crop in the west, running in part to famine areas, cuts down freight tonnage. Already the two big systems have made drastic cuts in expenditures. But the end is not yet. The matter of cooperation between the systems is being considered by the Government at Ottawa and the railway executives and the near future promises some rather sensational announcements. Just what they will comprise is at present only guesswork, but one thing is assured, and that is that competition in fast trains between commercial centers will go into the discard. Passes service has never paid, according to railwaymen. In some quarters it is estimated that the loss on this arm of the service runs as high as $20,000,000 a year. And much of this loss is chargeable to the craze to give business men an extra hour in some city, an hour the business man probably sits around a hotel

before, although there

was an increase

of 2,800,000 in

population. Mr. Irwin gives

in table


Passengers Carried

All Railroads in Canada

35,894,000 51,318,000

1910 1920 192S 1929 1930


40,592,000 39.070,000

Automobiles Versus Railways

It will

be observed that even

in the


year, 1928,

there was a heavy falling off from 1920 in passenger carrying. The revenue lost to the railways from passenger carrying is greater than the loss of annual revenue from freights and express. Motor competition


primarily responsible for it: good roads, built at cost, are competing seriously with the rail-

roads, which, too, were built at




of motor competition injuring the railways, have the motor bus and the motor truck in mind, but Mr. Irwin says, and quite truly,

when they speak


frill is

All this

and fad

stuff is to go in the

the motor bus is a relatively minor factor, as the competition is largely

that as regards passenger


economy and
spirit is to be

just one indication of



name of boom

worked out of the railways.

43 s

AritlL 13, 1032




In passenger trains as in other walks of life, men are going to move more slowly. And the result will probably be that they will enjoy life a little more and
live a little longer.

with the record made in the year immediately preceding. The production figures here referred to do not include the premium received by the gold-mining companies, due to the current rate of exchange. With the
exception of British Columbia and Nova Scotia, all gold-producing provinces of Canada registered substantial gains in output of precious metal. At this time there is every reason to believe that the present

Cutting Down the Service The railways, according to Sir Henry Thornton,

considering carrying freight on passenger trains order to combat the competition of the motor truck.

This can only mean a return to the mixed trains of long ago. It also means that passengers will have to sit and gaze at box cars, water tanks and rural depots while the locomotives do their shunting and remake
the train. But what, of it? The de luxe passenger trains to rural points have become a habit, and a very extrava-

year will show even greater improvement in yellow metal production than that recorded in 1931.

The Cigarette Curse The Ottawa Journal gives us the following


luminating item concerning the hold cigarette smoking has upon the people of this land. It says

gant habit for the railways.

Railroads, and passengers as well, will have to get bade to a less luxurious mode of living or go bi'oke.

And in these days when every other man has an automobile it may be that the railways could, instead of carrying freight on passenger trains, work a further economy by carrying passengers on freight trains.
Second Gold-Producing Country While the mineral wealth of this vast country has only been scratched, the results thus far obtained have been most gratifying and the year
931 made Canada the second largest gold-producing country in the world. The following item

a man smoking a cigabut suspect by his friends? Well, last year, according to a bulletin of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Canadians smoked 5,000,000,000 cigarettes, paid $50,000,000 for them. Or thereabouts. In 1913 our total cigarette consumption was less than 1,000,000,000. By the end of the war we were smoking 2,000,000,000; by 1926 we were close to the 3,000,000,000 mark in 192S we had got to 4,000,000,rette

Remember way back when



and now we are up

to 5,000.000,000.

are probably consuming by the Bureau of Statistics include only those cigarettes which are manufactured in Canada ; takes no account of the
figures given

As a matter of fact, we many more than that. The

from the Mail and Empire of Toronto found of interest in this respect



imports of British and American brands ; takes no account of smuggling. Actual imports are likely light,
but, if

The gold mines of the Dominion, and particularly

those of Ontario, ended the year with many new records chalked up to their credit. Actual mining operations




are to believe Canadian manufacturers who year before the Tariff Board, nearly a
cigarettes are


smuggled across the

were proceeded with at a record-breaking pace

and most of the producers carried their development to new low levels and in almost every instance the mineral zones, where opened up at depth, proved to
run higher in gold per ton than on the upper horizons and generally there was favorable enlargement of the mineralized sections. While all companies arc engaged in mine development on an expanding scale, the majority have merely started their big programs and there is no doubt that the present year will see even greater improvement, both in development and production of precious metal, than was readied in the
record year 1931. The year 1931 closed with Canada secure in her position as the second largest gold-producing country of the world. According to figures issued by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, total production from all

If there arc 6,000,000 persons in Canada over fifteen years of age, then they are averaging, smokers and non-smokers, over 800 cigarettes apiece per year. About forty packages per head. Fifty million dollars looks like a lot of money to

spend on cigarettes, yet it is not as bad as it looks. "For the money, really, doesn't go up in smoke. A lot. of it
goes to our tobacco growers, a lot more of it goes to thousands of workers in tobacco factories, some of it

goes to wholesalers and retailers, a share of it to advertising mediums, a goodly share of it into a hardpressed treasury.

Babies Have a Right to Cry

mines in this country amounted to 2,679,72S fine ounces of gold, with a value of $55,394,892. The above figures not only make a new all-time record for the Dominion, but indicate an increase in production of gold of over half a million ounces when compared

That babies have a perfect right to cry has been wisely determined by a very learned judge, according to a Canadian Press Despatch which reads
Crying is a normal occupation for a normal baby, and is not ground for canceling an apartment lease, it has been decided by Mr. Justice Archambault in the




Brooklyn, N. 1.

action taken b>C edit Circuit Court, in dismissing an Lews, lather of the bal General, Inc., against H. H. aged 1* years, was The plaintiff said that the baby, disturbing adjoining tenants continually crying and tenant was bound to Under the terms of the lease, the

"That Saskatchewan last year produced 30,000,000 $30,000,000. eggs, had a poultry production of Manitoba produces one-third of the annual "That
Ontahoney crop of Canada, ranking second only to Saskatchewan are coming rio and that Alberta and

father suggested that apartment, it was claimed. The on the lease would be to put such an interpretation principles of humanity. contrary to the essential

should emanate from that no such annoyance



now surrounded by market gardens, grow most of their own extensive

most, western cities are


"That the west


now producing some

of the finest

Overgovernment The Canadian press has much



pay today,

concerning the fact that (.anafollowing dianfa?e much overgovcrned. The Expositor: item is culled from the Brantford nronerlv

are entirelegislatures of the various provinces the axe could ho population, and ly too large for the with good effect. It is just

of Canadian strawberries. on ir"That sugar beets are now grown extensively Alberta. rigated land in southern "That the sugar beet factory at Raymond, Alberta, having turned out 25.is now the largest in Canada, year's beet 000,000 pounds of refined sugar from last


used in the provincial fields

business can prosper and carry a question of how long taxation imposed upon it in the enormous burdens of end, comes out of the peothis country. This, in the has afforded a splendid ple The present depression thorough investigation of this whole opportunity for a has been paid to it. nas Deen pam ut ... ouestion, question, but little attention of Canada, through remains, therefore, for the people of opinion, to demand ot their -. sneer lurec u public sheer force of yi.. - r and provincial, that they take acrulers, both federal government throughout the tion to reduce the cost of Dominion costs $1,000 country. If government in the woman and child is 000 000, it means that every man, appalling sum, this purpose. This is an taxed $100 for services rendered. out of all proportion to the

"People are forever advising the prairies to because they don t for mixed farming. Perhaps it is has been gone in realize how much mixed farming

go in

However, mixed farming does not appear


distress, although be the solution to the present better feed himself i.m iu Wlll nolp tne lariuer to it will help the farmer

^ ^^

Toas the following item from the

_._ ,i ! ronto Globe reveals:

days in the Vegetable farming is having its gloomy farmer on Indian Port Credit district. R. Hill, a that some days Road, speaking to the Globe, reported baskets of mixed vegea-o he shipped 72 eleven-quart him eight cents tables to Toronto. The baskets cost received word each, or a total of $5.76. Yesterday he Toronto that he owed from the commission agent- at on the shipment, as his consignment


A Mixed Family

The Millennium is surely here, for little chicks he down has come when kittens and news item from fcartogether, if the following
niaistrue. It reads: A hen owned by Russell German of Mooretovyn,
brood of eleven which, in addition to mothering a unusual attention since she has tle chicks, is attracting wing. taken five small kittens under her days ago and The mother of the kittens died a few


fu B K* the time


of $3.50

received, , had, according to the card being returned to not sold/ The baskets are now and he must pay the exhim, but before he can have them $3.60 for carriage. Hill already press company another 1,500 baskets of fruit and this season has shipped some receipts for the lot are vegetables to Toronto, and his less than $100.



every night the chicks and kittens is a common sight wiiws of the hen. During the day it and kittens drinking milk toto see the little, chicks while the old hen sits congether from the same dish her unusual family. tentedly by clucking to


up under


Drought Commission has apThe government of Saskatchewan the causes pointed a commission to investigate three years in southof drought during the past Saskatoon Star-Phamx, ern Saskatchewan. The
speaking editorially thereof, says
drought, wonderful opportunity lies before the appointed by the provincial govcommission recently drought in southern ernment to study the causes of preventing the Saskatchewan and the possibility of of that misfortune. Their continuance or recurrence,

Mixed Farming mixed farmSpeaking of the development of the Ottawa Journal ing in the Canadian West


western wheat, most So much has been heard about is the West's sole prodof us have an idea that wheat wrong. We pick up an uct. The idea is profoundly find: official bulletin, and we

which will restore that fertility and prosperity and district to a condition of the thousands o bring happiness and contentment to


result in action





atheist to listen to instruction in religious belief.


farmers who have occupied it for so many years. The government action will meet with public approval, and the commissioners, who are undertaking the task without remuneration, will receive the thanks of the people of this province for the publie-spiritedness which
they are showing.
or a lack of rain was considered as being 'an act of nature', the changing of which it was useless to attempt. The study of climatic conditions and weather along scientific lines has revealed some of the causes and that those causes
in part be controlled. Thus the absence of trees allows the too rapid evaporation of moisture from the soil. The absence of lakes, sloughs and other bodies of water means that there is no reserve supply from

not to try to force the children of the conscientious

"While the Christian churches were making converts more rapidly in Africa than in any other mission field, the Mohammedans were making converts even more
rapidly, reported Rev. A.


Banfield, of the British

Time was when an overabundance

and Foreign Bible Society. To the mind of the African, Mohammedanism, with its allowance of plurality of wives and its charms and amulets had a special appeal. A man with only one wife had no social standing in an African village.


Milwaukee Not Hard Up

they have a socialist administration of the city, reports that all city bills are paid and there is a surplus of $2,234,000 in the municipal treasury. It is still easy to remember when several newly elected members of the New York legislature were deliberately thrown out of the chamber to which they had been chosen, and the only reason assigned was that they were socialists. Teddy Roosevelt, Jr., was a member of the legislature that performed this feat of statesmanship.

which nature can draw the rain so necessary for crop growth. Continuous tilling removes fiber from the soil, allowing it to drift before the wind. These are only a few of the known causes. There are many others. These can be controlled. Trees and shrubs can be planted. Sloughs which have been drained can be

"lyriLWAUKEE, where


and the flow of rivers may be arrested to form lakes which will constitute a reserve supply of water; and in some cases it is possible that water

courses may be partly diverted to provide irrigation. All these mailers will come under the attention of the


The districts of southern Saskatchewan now burned out have not always been dry. For 20 years or more they produced some of the best crops in the west. Then came three dry years. Possibly the climate will normally return to its former state, but if nature can be aided by the arts and sciences of man, so much the better. And if a recurrence of the dry conditions can be prevented, a wonderful work will have been performed.

Prayers for the Creative Spirit



recent meeting of the Saskatoon Minishaving passages from the Bible read, without comment, by the teacher as an opening exercise was considterial Association the question of

At a




The Saskatoon Star reports the matter in and we quote therefrom in part as


said Canon Armitage. If Catholic school boards preferred, he could see no objection to these passages' being read from the version authorized by the Roman.Catholic church.

number of drawn up,

In Ontario a similar plan has been adopted by a cities, and a series of consecutive readings

Federal Council of Churches in its appeal for prayer for the Arms Conference asks, "Let us pray that the creative spirit may move among the peoples." America has an amphibian tank, bombproof and gasproof, that will go ten miles an hour in the water, fifty miles on a rough road, and seventy miles an hour on a smooth road. It has the Akron, able to carry a flock of aii-planes around the world. Russia has 20,000,000 men and women well militarized. Italy has offered to blacken the skies with planes. Japan has 32 airplane squadrons. The German Junkers project a plane that will fly from Berlin to New York between breakfast and dinner. The Big Bertha can shoot 75 miles. In


Rev. James Strahan of the First Baptist church preferred that such readings should contain passages from the writings of Buddha and Confucius. Rev.

A. Donnell agreed, urging that every religion was seeking after God and that Christianity should not be treated as the only religion. They should be careful

muniThere are varieties of poison gas against which no mask is any protection. Our latest machine guns will shoot 800 bullets a minute and all the bullets will go nine miles. We can guide our bombing planes by wireless. Creative spirit? Creative spirit? What more do we want 1 If war comes we can create thousands of chaplains over night ready to bless it all.
tion plants.

America the

influential arc given stock in

Truth Sometimes Comes

to the

Surface Quickly

By Dr.

Chas. T. Beits (Ohio)

goes THE poisoning of the American public from constantly on. Reports come in daily

kind of food, and how long the food was stored or prepared and cooked.

some part of America, showing same symptoms, even though the best foods have been carefully selected and prepared by the most careful process. Manufacturers of aluminum kitchenware continue to advertise that those opposed to the manufacture of aluminum cooking utensils are wrong, in spite of the fact that the reports show that such ware is used previous to 99 percent of all group poisoning cases.

The following answer was written on January?:


received your letter, and you are asking us to a report of how it happened.

Well, here it is. It was the first day of the year. My mother sent us some soup in an aluminum dinner pail. The time was about 11 30 a. m.

We find it very difficult to ascertain the exact

facts in most of these cases, but here which took very little time.

I put the pail with the soup out in a little hallway to keep cool, and did not use it till 5 30 p. m. Then I warmed it for dinner, and the family sat down to eat


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on January 2, 1932, the group poisoning of Mrs. Frank Reyas, 109 Lyricway, McKeesport, Pa.
Children at McKeesport Made 111 to Hospital The New Year's dinner at the home of Frank Eeyas of 119 Lyricway, McKeesport, resulted in the poisoning of Reyas, his wife and their two children. Physicians at the McKeesport Hospital said the illness was caused by eating; cither vegetable soup or fruit cake. None are believed to be in a serious condition, according to hospital authorities.

Just as soon as we were through eating, we became We were then taken to the hospital, and I don't remember anything else.

The vegetables used were fresh. My mother raises her own. The meat that was used was also fresh, having been butchered for New Year. That is all.
So, dear reader, the story has been told here as in hundreds of other cases which we investigate. Last week extensive group poisoning was reported in Overbrook Hospital of Cedar Grove, X. J., where more than 200 were severely aflarge number fected by food contamination. were poisoned at the Hall where the law students live, at the University of Michigan. One hundred nineteen students were taken to hospitals recently, at Purdue University, all of whom recovered.

Parents and


Are Taken

The following



at once


Mrs. Reyas:

One of your friends forwarded as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazctic which contains the report of your food

Our people

will put

up with


kind of con-

are interested in determining the cause of the plague upon our people at this time. Reports of this kind are coming in from every section of America, showing thousands of persons being poisoned. And in no case have the authorities found the cause.


dition until our authorities act for the benefit of strenuous effort is being made by the all.

aluminum interests to maintain aluminum culinary ware.


their sales of


believe that

we know the exact cause in many

instances, but are continuing our investigation of all poisoning cases coming before us, so we desire a report from you personally.

Kindly advise us by return mail on the back of this what kind of cooking utensils were used, what

In December, 1931, a series of articles was bein a national magazine attempting to prove that aluminum kitchenware is harmless. The wrath of the American public will be brought down upon the heads of such persons, in due time, because it is evident that they know and are familiar with the physiological effects of aluminum compounds produced by their wares.



Would Do
Japan, recognize Russia, put

(taebisox Villard, editor of The Naif he were dictator of America lie would muster out the fleet, reduce the army to 25,000 men, send all the generals and admirals to Guam, abolish all tariffs, boycott




says that

on prison farms, and transfer Mr. Hoover and his cabinet to the island of Yap. He thinks these steps would restore sanity to America and they

might help, at



Another Rooster Heard From

dominies as "roosters", and it seems a particularly good sobriquet. Their usefulness is about on a par. The loud voice, the strut, the quarrelsomeness, the special headgear, the fine
feathers and the. empty head the likeness.
all lit

Judge Rutherford frequently

refers to the

yard seems very big and very beautiful and so he seems to himself but to nobody else.
; ;

nicely into

In writing to Timothy the apostle said of the dominies that they "lead captive silly women"; and doesn't a rooster do that? Anil then the Revelator speaks of Babylon as a henhouse of unclean birds, and he must have meant that if we looked around a little we should find one of them was a rooster, one for each pen.

ft0 69ff2S "20 CfilB



further evidence that the

word seems


to fit the mental likeness. When the ladies of the Reformed Church at Marion wanted to advertise their bargain in noodles and apple sauce

they inserted a picture of a rooster as a matter of course; so here he is, showing off. And if you study the picture closely you can see that he looks very big and very beautiful and, by comparison, the world down in the corner looks very small and insignificant.



UfMsit-i 2>iOi.e

depends on the eyes with which one looks at a dominie, whether he is very big and important or whether he is just what he usually is, and that is so small we would not attempt to
It all

&iven Jiv


(\ppue >fjoca SfM.\o~




the ladies, the boss of the barn-



_-??> ESQ




Radio Witness Work



III. "Please send me your booklet as announced over station


Sunday morning. I like your talks very much. Why do you not talk on church people mixing their religion with politics? I think that
the church people should take care of their rehave any to take care of, and letpolitics alone." (An M.D.)
ligion, if they

Aqutlla, Tex. "Please mail me the little book The Kingdom. I have been studying some of Judge Rutherford's books and find them the most interesting of any Bible studies I have ever had. I also heard his lecture over the radio Sunday evening, while visiting, and enjoved it very much. I feel sure that he must really be inspired of God."

Bay City, Mich. "I would be very much pleased to receive a free copy of a book showing that the kingdom of God is at hand. I know it is at hand, even at the door; these perilous times we live in prove it. I am a listener over the air each Sunday at 10: 30 through the Bay City chain. You are telling the truth the kingdom of God is at hand. I will sincerely appreciate the little book; you shall receive your reward in the kingdom of Cod."

Palisade, Mtnx. "I received my set of books and pamphlets. Thanks for the extra ones sent. They are a revelation to us. Please send price list of German and Swedish books; I wish to get some of the books and pamphlets in those languages to give to my friends who cannot read English. If they get as much comfort reading these books as I, then I will bg well repaid. I keep my radio almost exclusively to hear Judge Rutherford's broadcasts each Sunday morning."

World Peace
from the rpHE prospects for world peace, accomplishment, were standpoint of human are today For every as never so hopeless--l-i they nn rr to establish ii .,i ~--cj LUC nwiiu endeavoring agency 111 the world v.**~~ thousand agencies there seem to be a ueace' in a turmoil from a nrmosed to it The world is ecclesiastical standpoint.



with little based upon his own particular terms, It must be inor no consideration for others. human agency can creasingly apparent that no be the diffibring about peace. What seems to
clllly , culty?

imgnw~ natnre The greatest obstacle is in human


Political financial

objectives have The various conferences, whose some arbeen the establishment of assured, have rangement whereby peace may be



* (SiSft. London Naval

Conference, Current Affairs* which was also a failure, had

at present constituted. whole world r;T, +1irps publish that the v The Scriptures establish Satan, the adverthat lies in the wicked one; that heis the god of this world and sary, is reasoning faculties blinding the minds or the purposes of God may of the people so that the them. Consequently, the




it is

brevity, monthly magazine of gratifying subject: this to say on the was a "dud". The The London Naval Conference

not be understood by people is based reasoning of all the nations and advantage ot upon selfishness, a desire to take
everything to advance their own distrust and i ear terests, and, as a consequence, to all. There arc of one another is in evidence the world who altogether too many people in advantage of others tor are still willing to take

particular in-

people of the world[tea hopes of the peace-loving armament and the creat on radical reduction in naval of peace of a temperate atmosphere high have been wrecked. All the nations-these hopes all the purple delegates and words pronounced by the uttered by the the the dispatch which




to the czar when he Rus ian general, Brusiloff, sent Masurian swamps by Hi, was being routed from the lno advance-backwards. denbure's armv: "We



reminded of

and where that is true, cerwith nations or tainly no fault can be found them. people who do the same thing to



nations which patriotisms of the various conference wrecked everything. were members of the and fear is a primal inPatriotism is rooted in fear; England fears that by reifficult to overcome. tmc supply may be cut off and food

condition in the earth The. Lord described the peace to the today in these words: 'There is no most fundamenwicked' Those who ignore the


ducing her navy her

everything on

***^$& gainst
cm-selves, 'arc afraid of

ST^S^'^iSS upon P mflingint


and such laws of righteousness are wicked, means, expect peace, cannot, by any manner of way of peace. Jesus for they do not know the principle wlucli laid down the fundamental peace in these words: would always result in should Do unto others as you would that they easily simple enough, do unto you.' That seems rule cannot be even appreciated

world. Thus crash the hopes of the

t sS^t

our Americanism.

periodicals echo other magazines and Affairs. That;aftort th sentiment of Current world peace, like the piein the direction of have since taken ceding ones and those which
place, has placed

can scarcebeen an entire flop. They people . and lew ly be called a gesture, by them. more deceived indeed crashed, But have the worlds hopes Is there no certain hopeless


applied but this * ongly ui^^i -uclUe^practi^ . b me wr_ ov the wiujij.v disposed, foundation ot rightbv them. It presupposes a unreasonable eousness which would not expect clear-sighted justice things of others but with fairly and genergees the necessity of dealing To this end the Bible ously with one another. the truth to Ins counsels, "Speak ye every man the judgment of truth and neign between nation and gates." Peace, betw(jen natlon


peace in vour

Is the proposition these questions prospect for world peace? To upon from which qua tci ve answer, It depends the various^nafaons peace is expected. Certainly ostensibly made ritetato which have so far have demonstiated further the object of peace lirst concern, their first concern. that this was not indeed hat

as dominant warnation is impossible as long within the nations themselves like elements exist foment strife whk-h deliberately and willingly whatever for the welfare have no concern



There is here a very great difficulty by the leadwhich is perhaps better appreciated general. The. lust for suers than by people in this great premacy, power and wealth is so
of others.



oyer tne







tion are so impelling, that they can usually

what they want.

Idealists may call for peace and for the disarming of the nations, but it must be immediate-

ly apparent that as long as there is even one nation that is dominated by those who believe in resorting to force, for reasons which they may deem adequate, as long as there is a single nation that refuses to sincerely and completely

white race or the black and the white. 'All of these animosities are but side issues in the great struggle between truth and righteousness on one hand and falsehood and evil on the other. More than that, it is a conflict between God and the opponent of God, Satan the Devil. Although the Bible is very explicit in its statements of
the activity of Satan and his organization, yet a great many people do not believe in the existence of Satan as a powerful spirit creature, or that he has a powerful organization deliberately planning to keep the people away from

disarm, there can be no world peace; for the peace-loving nations, if there were any of such, would have no assurance that they would not sooner or later become the victims of the warlike nations. History is replete with records of instances where peacefully disposed people who were quite content to go about their own peaceful ways were attacked by others not at all peacefully disposed, and thus they were obliged either to resort to arms themselves or become the servants of their foes.

God and His benevolent purposes

This problem of world peace

for them.



beyond the

ability of

manifested the hopelessness of human world peace. No individual or human agency has sufficient power or authority to force all nations into a condition where peace would be assured to all. Nor is it altogether a question of nation preying upon nation or people upon people. Within the nations themselves there is a conflict between groups and classes which, although it is carried on in a less spectacular manner than by armed combat, is nevertheless essentially the same in its ultimate effect upon the victor and the vanquished. Today every large city in the United States has innumerable groups of racketeers which take advantage of the people in general and by every conceivable lawless means prey upon the people. The less fortunately situated are oppressed by the more powerful and better endowed. Thus, life seems to present but one aspect, the aspect of continual conflict in every sphere of human activity. And this is in no sense exaggerated; it is actually the case. This conflict is a much more momentous issue than appears to most people. It boils itself down to a conflict between the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil, a struggle which seems to have, and actually has, continued for ages, and which, in this our day, has reached a magnitude never before attained.



efforts to bring

agency to accomplish. It is be considered, not from an earthly standpoint, but from a heavenly viewpoint. Realizing that human resources are entirely inadequate to meet the necessities of the situation, as must be apparent to every thinking man and woman, we should turn our minds to some superhuman agency for the deliverance of the world or else be reconciled to continue indefinitely in this condition of misery and distress.
In turning our minds to some superhuman agency for deliverance, the question naturally

any human an issue that must

To whom should we turn? Whence shall come our hope! There should not be any doubt in the minds of those who claim to be Christians, in this respect. Nineteen hundred years ago Jehovah God gave assurance that it was His ultimate purpose to establish peace on earth, good will among men, and glory to God in the highest, as a result of the work He would perform through Him who was then the babe of Bethlehem. Jesus assures us, in the model

are approaching the climax of this issue. France against Germany or England against some other nation, nor is it simply a conflict between the yellow and the
It is not a question of


prayer which He left for His disciples, that God's will shall be done on earth as in heaven; that that will will be perfect and acceptable and that it shall be the desire of every living creature. With these assurances given by the Lord, each one should now reverently turn to His Word for a serious consideration of what He has to offer in respect to world peace. The theories of men should be laid aside, whether those men claim to be representatives of God or not. If their statements are not in harmony with His Word, they are valueless. Through the prophet of old Jehovah laid down the rule "To the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no [truth]
: :

in them."


nit. and turn to the Lord, they ot prey der about and be the and scrupulous men the assume that the majority of monj sinful, are not in ha imperfect and present content with their

the people


Brooklyn, N. Y.




"*J*J^ ^*^j PJWj*"g

*^^^* 5



cncc ?

as God's judgment and n righteousness and establish

lieiice.f orlh

of His Son, Christ earth representative wffl rule the




something not be changes ^erywhere, i,e that there must affairs ol men the but only is themselves, schedule for the nations. No nee t ti I i effor ts j the world by evangelistic

*e longing for


even forever, authority, government having divine without interferand exercising that authority man, can bring "peace on




Uor tie benefit of



Fol He has put and unto Him


4 a government that togs


shall the


Thfin sliaU

tl0J1 .

requirements. All these slow but pitiii By frmtless be not only painfully

<f" *g^H

toon* dwell together in tfns aw

Humanity has repeatedly, and

tried every

^'^*W* *f' 3


amity and peace and no


swords But* Sev shall beat their but t > pruninghooks. The para-

into plowshares

lUUt^a ij _. iviila-fiiiitplv. would go on indefinite *y. seems as though this h^ever when the

rU^?K war any^e. Now




The time is approaching the prophet, m these Lord assures us through saith the Lord,wm words "Wait ye upon me, the he day that I rise up to


gather the nations, that 1 mine upon i einlne the kbigdoms, to pour angei [a id j tierce indignation, even all my pure lanto the people a then will I turn the name ot all call upon ;;a'ge that they may him with one consent the Lord, to serve the new and that The time is approaching, will wipe out the God future when Jehovah greed and oppression
is to

may !^<"fj


comfort in these words. perfect themselves n bendmg every effort to train ever increasing he art of war and to they shall learnwarno forces of war. But then the wealth and more The time and effort, present insane.program material, wasted in the then be turned to better of preparedness, will benefited. and the nations be immeasurably

the nations are

But the peace that God's mere cessation means more, much more, than only one between nations. That is



ho tmties

the efforts of puny the to establishJfoi them fatuous selfishness seek righteousness, will enc .elves a kingdom of that they will at las a debacle so tremendous Jerealization of then fcgg be driven to a full am He alone is Cod hovah will manifest that wdl the longe dloi hat only as He is recognized othei attained. There is no <-oal of peace be this for fee human 'that can accomplish His Word says that through




time when

men, who


aspect of the matter, though he breasts o stir The animosities that now foreign, the strange oi men, the dislike for the P^eptow ami bar, w for that which is not f more and for love wi o a broad tolerance; hatreds, an unreasoning more, take the place of and kindness will replace envy Spfulness and to expect too much

an important one





Does not

Gods Word



these words blessing .aessing and peace, in be peace and of righteousness shad and assurance righteousness quietness

The Lord who come to Jehovah uiusu "" v " hose


^g* ^.^-^ ******


. . of flesh'! God says, abundance of peace and truth. them the


assure us that he will them hearts the stony heart and give reveal unto "I will


Tiio work The ivor

f oi

ever."Isa. 32:17. vw. without "gheousims There can be no peace and there can be no

""j>-~ptiuaj/a object ***** Rnr some ue wiu j But someone wdl perhaps Prncrmenlarv seiec^ -,.i i-^ o-f f seieeqnote u c which Jfve tiom the uiu Tegtament prophecies ,r x *- * tions turns irom me JP situation. Hot upon the ^ have no direct bearing were written ememb Sir ^remember that what things eje


. '

a jrsttss.

^^^^^1^ Sa

application for


age are come. upon whom the ends of the to mind the words

""Times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began." (Acts 3: 19-21) Again, someone may say that the times of reconstruction apply only to the nation of Israel, and not to other nations. Let such remember that the Lord tells us through His prophet that the nations shall go up to the house of the Lord, "to the house of the God of* Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths ; for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. And he shall judge among inany people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anv more." Mic.


righteousness. And. learning righteousness, they

have the effect and result of righteousness, which is peace, cmictness and assurance forshall


What has been said is only a very small part of the. abundant testimony in God's Word on the subject of world peace. As already stated, ail the prophets bear witness to its coming. And not only they, but Jesus Christ, the faithful and true witness himself, confirms the assurance that there is a certain prospect for world peace
shall not fail of accomplishment, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Commendable Pastoral


When the judgments of the Lord are in the earth the inhabitants of the world shall learn

Clacett Skikxeh, leading Baptist clergyman of Lynchburg, Va., in a printed "Pastoral" says in part: "As dark misery settles clown on us and our refuges of lies fall in pieces one after one, may the hearts of men,


at last serious, turn to refuges of truth.''







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In his booklet


Judge Rutherford
statement, but proves it: not only makes the following of the The present unrighteous governments against them people. God's judgment no h5 Whatsoever to the theret ore, tod of the world, IHnres they must go down. The hope or government o God w h is the righteoxxs kingdom on y hope,

world can hold out

CI vis


tribulation right co He w,l rule he reconstruction of the world. the people will learn are in the earth ness, and when his judgments

the thereof. Immediately following Jesus as invisible Ruler king just ahead Christ Jesus the whieh is




.poted statement




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" JJ

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in this issue

Complete text of address by Judge Rutherford
delivered, and simultaneously broadcast, at I'luinfleld, New Jersey, Sunday, July 30, 1933









a a

copy year




& Foreign 1.25

Vol. XIV- No. 363

August 16, 1933







Wages Less than Carfare

Postal Deficit


British Imprisonment for Deafe

Thirty-Hour Week Governor Pinchot Is Bight World Bankruptcy in Sight How Mill Owners Fight tees


social and educational

Lecturing in Front ow

Machine Gtjns
Messages of Excousac;::,:i:\v HEKK, ThERK AND EvERYWHlLTJ: Homicide in Mississippi

Effect of the Movies Boycotting the Chicago Fair


Well Said You Cannot Blame the Boys

Volume XIV

Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday, August 16, 1933

Number 363

Lecturing in Front of Machine

no honest employment to occupy Roman Catholic church are busily engaged in the destruction of all that goes to make up American life. Their aim is to produce another Spain or Mexico, where their "church" can be supreme, and nothing that criticizes it will be allowed to survive. They do not stop at instigating murder. We are sure that there are some true Americans whose hearts will burn with indignation when they learn of what is going on at Plainlield, and of the latest outrage, where at a peaceable Christian meeting Judge Rutherford was surrounded on every side by police officers, detectives, plain clothes men and thugs armed with machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, automatic revolvers and like implements of war, all no doubt waiting for an agreed-upon signal to take his life. That is what happened July 30,





their time, the priests of the

that committed the outrages, are not

They are enemies of Jehovah, the true and living God, and the Scriptures say of such,
to live.

"For, lo, thine enemies, [Jehovah], for, lo, thine enemies shall perish: all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered."Psalm 92 9.

Lecture Announced for Plainfield

Before his return from Europe Judge Rutherford announced that on July 30, at the Strand theater, at Plainfield, a religious meeting would be held for the benefit of the people of the city, at which the question would be answered, "Religious Intolerance Why Practiced Now." This address we are delighted to present in full to our readers, in this issue.

The police, as such, were not invited to attend this lecture. They were welcome as citizens, the


Those who read our issue of July 19 are familiar with what happened June 4 at Plainfield, when fifty-six men and women were arrested and thrown into prison for preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. They know that its chief of
police is responsible for thrusting twenty-nine women into three cells, each intended for the

same as any other citizens, but there was no need for them to bo present in their official capacity. As it was, they swarmed all over the place. The huge guns in every doorway made
the place look like an arsenal.

accommodation of one prisoner. Only twelve could sit down throughout the night the other seventeen were forced to stand, or to lie down on the bare concrete, between the feet of those

The same sinister influences that operated to cause the arrests on June 4 resulted in seventeen more arrests on July 29. The local press refused to carry an advertisement of the meeting, so handbills were taken around to the homes inviting the people to attend, and those arrested were accused of this "crime" of extending the
invitations in this manner.

that stood.

Though the night was suffocatingly hot, not so much as a drink of water was extended to these suffering women. "We invito the American people to consider what would have been the
outcome if twenty-nine Roman Catholic nuns had been thus treated in an American city.

formerly a

Among those locked up on July 29 was a man, Roman Catholic, who first heard of

The trial which followed the first night in prison was as brutal as the imprisonment itself. Details of this have been published in The Golden Age. The priests back of these outrages, and

the truth when those arrested on June 4 were brought into prison. After becoming convinced, as a result of several conversations, that it really is the truth, he said, "If I ever get into prison again, it will be as one of Jehovah's witnesses";






quickly, in these days,

does the division between the sheep and goats take place.



ally clear,

Brooklyn, N. Y,

After these second arrests occurred, sixty

automobiles traversed the streets of Plainfield

A feature of the address which was exceptionand in manifest course of fulfilment that very day, was the division of the sheep and

and Summit, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday forenoon, each bearing huge banners on either side inviting the people to come
and hear Judge Rutherford free at the Strand theater. No two of these cars were adjacent to each other there was no parade it was better than a parade. By three o'clock every seat in the theater was filled and some were standing. The capacity of the theater is 1,800. It was apparent that it was an audienee of exceptionally
; ;

now actually taking place in Plainfield. of the good people of that city are lining up on the side of Jehovah God.


After the lecture one of the officers, who is evidently a good man, said he was not in sympathy with the abuses and injustices that have been leveled against Jehovah's witnesses, and had gone along and done as he was bidden to do only for fear of losing his job if he refused.

intelligent, thoughtful people.

The Strand Theater an Ar3enal Long before the hour for calling the meeting
to order, the police, though not invited to do so, came in and took it upon themselves to brandish

weapons in every corner of the theater. Two machine guns behind him could have kilkd Judge Rutherford instantly and turned the
place into a shambles.

The people that heard Judge Rutherford's address liked it. Over and over again they punctuated it with applause. As one listened to it he could hardly refrain from asking himself the question of why the rulers should "take counsel together against [Jehovah]" (Psalm 2:2) and by their acts embarrass the innocent and peaceable.

The display of automatic


and other

weapons were at every and all over the house. It was reported that more than half of the total police force of sixtyfour were in the theater, either in uniform or as plain clothes men. Judge Rutherford, serious
Officers bristling with


artillery so conspicuously in evidence at the Strand theater reminds one of Jesus' inquiry,

but gentle, looked

like a sheep in the midst of wolves. The show of weapons looked very much out of place, and was out of place. They would not have done it in a Catholic church, nor even


a Protestant one.

incident of any kind occurred, and Jehovah's witnesses knew full well there would not. Judge Rutherford was at his best. His clear, kindly voice could be heard in

Not an untoward

"Are ye come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves for to take me!" (Matthew 26:55) But no one was taken this time. The patrol wagon was waiting at the door while the lecture was going on, but there was no need for it it went away empty. The day had a happy ending. Nevertheless, on Judge Rutherford's account and on account of others of Jehovah's witnesses, and of the American people

the remotest corner of the gallery.

The speech

was broadcast over WBBR,

and thus covered


all of New Jersey and several adjacent states. It was a grand witness for the truth, and a telling rebuke of bigotry.

as a whole, we take this occasion to protest vigorously against this unwarranted and illegal intrusion of armed men into a religious meeting. lay this directly to the priests and believe they sought to use the "strong-arm squad" under their control to do away with a man whom they have come to hate and fear because he tells the


people the truth.

Some Messages

of Encouragement
Hazleton, Pa. "Lecture clear-cut. Jehovah be praised." A. K. S.

JUST before the crisis at Plainfield, the Seattle company workers, by their director, sent Judge Eutherford the following encouraging message:
to send

More power

to message.

Baltimore, Md.




perfectly. words." C. C. 1".

Hollis. N. Y.



speech heard in Baltifor such courageous

"Workers here gathered today after field service voted you a message expressing continued loyalty and heart sympathy, and assuring you of their prayers in your hehalf for the task Jehovah has assigned to you for next Sunday at Plainfield." H. G. B.

After the lecture was delivered, the following messages were received:

"About seventy people listened in at Masonic Temple, Brooklyn, to Brother Rutherford's wonderful lecture broadcast through WBBE from Plainfield, New Jersey. We aU join in congratulating him and look forward with utmost joy to overthrow of Satan's organization and full establishment of Jehovah's kingdom on earth. Your
fellow witnesses, Brooklyn,
es." X.

company of Jehovah's


M. B.

Religious Intolerance:
is not made for the purpose of holding up to ridicule or denouncing men for their misconduct and wickedness, even though there are those in this community who justly deserve much castigation. Jehovah God


Personally delivered at Plainfield, N.J., and simultaneously broadcast, by Judge Iiutherford, Sunday, July 30, 1933


punishment in His due time. My work one of His witnesses to tell the facts. "We have reached the time of greatest crisis in the history of man, and it is of vital importance that everyone know the facts and the reason for the existence of the same. This speech is not made for the unfaithful clergy, nor for their blind dupes who attempt to hide behind the law and shield themselves in .the performance of their wrongful acts. It is made for the benefit of the people who desire
will inflict
is that of

mediately incarcerated in prison. Their only offense was going from house to house on Sunday and preaching the gospel of God's kingdom, for the aid and comfort of the people. more complete statement of the facts and proceedings of that mock trial is set forth in the Golden Age magazine under date of July 19, 1933, a copy of which magazine you may have only for the



I quote the words of the magistrate before this farce trial was had in which he re-

righteousness and fair-dealing and who are anxious to follow out that course. Men claiming to be

law-abiding citizens of New Jersey have tried to prevent the holding of this meeting and to thereby prevent you from hearing the truth. Even
of police of this city Las asked the tfc t for the use thereof on this occasion, and that after the full rental price had been paid. The owner

owner of


ferred to the ordinance which he claims had been broken, to wit: "That law is made to protect your and my family from impostors who go around and rob men." The magistrate knew that all the defendants were Christian men and women and that they could not properly be classed as "impostors and robbers", and in proof of this I cpote further his words from the record, to wit: "I think your intentions are all right and that you are good Christian people." If he was sincere in this latter statement his other words and conduct in connection with the case were wholly out of order. It is manifest
priests and clergycruel and malicious influence which caused these inoffensive, innocent and devout Christian people, without just cause or excuse,

that there

in utter disregard of the rights of other persons, those arrested were then brought before the socalled '-court", unlawfully compelled to testify against themselves, prevented from making their own defense, and were summarily convicted in the absence of law or evidence and im-

A few weeks ago in the city of more than fifty good citizens, and known to the officials to be harmless, were arrested without warrant or cause and thrown into prison. Twenty-nine of these prisoners were en, who earn their bread by daily labor, employ good, honest and faithful women. At the time their days of rest, and particularly Sundays, in the weather was exceedingly hot and yet these going from house to house to comfort and encourtwenty-nine women were crowded into three age the people and to point out to them that the small cells, each made for one person, and most hope of relief and blessing for mankind rests of them compelled to stand up all night. The entirely upon Jehovah God's kingdom. The next morning they were fingerprinted as though real persecutors of these humble men and womthey were desperate criminals. In gross vioen are known to be prominent leaders in the relation of the fundamental law of the land, and ligious world. The people are entitled to know
this vicinity.

preferred to honorably stand by his contract rather than to yield to sinister influence. I ask you to calmly and dispassionately follow my speech to the end, and I hope that you may receive benefit therefrom. It is necessary for me to briefly refer to certain events that have recently come to pass in

was exercised by

men some


be incarcerated in prison.
in this

Many good citizens of this land are why such outrageous things are possible

country, where the fundamental law of the land provides that every person shall worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience. In this time of greatest stress and suffering of the people these good Christian men and wom-


this religious intolerance is practiced in

day of enlightenment, and I shall submit to you the conclusive answer to that question. The Bible or Holy Scriptures contains Jehovah God's Word of truth. The clergy are compelled to admit that. Court officials lay their





BnooKr.TN, N. T.

hand upon

Bible and solemnly swear by it All such are therefore precluded from gainsaying the Bible as true, and they tacitly admit that they must be bound by the teachings of the Bible. By the Bible, and it alone, I shall answer the question why religious intolerance is practiced now in this country. The Creator of heaven and earth is the Almighty God, whose name alone is Jehovah. The name "Jehovah" means the Eternal One and His purposes toward His creatures. There is a mimic god who opposes Jehovah God and who is man's worst enemy, and the name of that mimic god is Satan the Devil. He is otherwise known as Serpent and Dragon. Centuries ago the Devil challenged Jehovah to place men on earth
to tell the truth.

designated a "murderer from the beginning". (John 8 44) Early in the age of man the Devil organized religion and used it as a means of deception to turn the people away from Jehovah. In the name of religion the greatest amount of intolerance has been practiced amongst men. Intolerance is never employed by Jehovah or by His faithful servants, but it is used by and is
limited entirely to Satan and to his servants. The religions which the Devil has employed to turn men away from Jehovah God appear at different times under different names, but the general Bible name therefor is Baalism. The word "Baal" is derived from the word meaning Devil; and therefore every religion, regardless of name, and which the Devil has employed to turn men away from Jehovah, is properly called Baalism. For centuries the Devil has been the invisible ruler of this world, and as such has constantly blinded men lest they learn the truth. (2 Corinthians 4: 4) Long centuries ago Jehovah gave His word that in His due time He would send a righteous ruler who would rule in the stead of Satan and who would destroy the Devil and his organization and who would then give abundant blessings of peace and life to the obedient ones of the human race. God always keeps His promises, and that promise is absolutely certain to be fulfilled. Jehovah God organized the Jews, or Israel-, ites, into a nation and gave them the truth. He did not do this because the Jews were naturally
better than others, but because He would use them as His typical people by whom He would teach others lessons of great importance, and, especially, that if they would live they must be obedient to Jehovah God. The Jews agreed to obey Jehovah's law, but later they yielded to the subtle and seductive influence of the Devil, and that nation, with but a few exceptions,

true and faithful to God conditions, the Devil claiming that he under all could turn all men away from and against Jehovah. That challenge raised the issue of Who

who would remain

supreme? Jehovah could have killed the Devil immediately, but had He done so the Devil would have been denied the opportunity to make proof of his challenge and all creation would have been denied the opportunity to choose voluntarily to serve either God or the Devil. Jehovah

grants to every
freely his


the privilege of exercising

own will. Jehovah God accepted the Devil's challenge, and fixed a time limit, during which time the
Devil should have full opportunity to prove his boasted challenge. Therefore Jehovah said to the Devil, as is recorded in the Scriptures "But for this cause have I allowed thee to remain, in order to show thee my power and in order that they may proclaim my name throughout all the earth." (Exodus 9: 16, Leeser) This means that in due tune Jehovah would have His name declared in all the earth by His witnesses that the people might have the opportunity to choose as to whether they would serve Jehovah God or whether they would continue to serve the Devil. That time has now come ; and that is the reason why the question for consideration today is of such great importance to you, regardless of what previous religious convictions you may have
: ;


It is to

your interest


even though the truth proves

It is only

all religions to

have the truth be


turned away from Jehovah God. To His chosen people Jehovah sent His faithful prophets, whom He made His witnesses in the earth to testify His truth to the people. Because these faithful prophets testified to the truth they suffered all manner of persecution at the hands of bigots and intolerant ones in
the religious organization. From the Scriptures I quote the following concerning those faithful witnesses of Jehovah, to wit "And what shall I more say ? for the time would fail me to tell of Gcdeon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae of David also, and Samuel, and of
: ;

by the truth that we



free and learn the


to eternal life.

John 8: 32. Prom the very beginning the

Devil attempted

to destroy every one who was faithful to God. He caused Abel to be murdered, and is therefore

the prophets ;

who through


subdued king-




bear witness against themselves in the trial recently had. In both instances such course of action was unlawful. Jesus was convicted without just cause or excuse and was put to an ignominious death, and this was done by a court made up of religionists who claimed to be servants of Jehovah God. Jesus and His apostles did not build houses in which they assembled the people to preach to them, but they went from house to house, to the homes of the people, and taught them the truth, even as Jehovah's witnesses arc doing in this

doms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. And others had trial of cruel mockings and seourgings, yea, moreover, of bonds and imprisonment they were stoned, they wore sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; (of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. And these ail, having obtained a good report through ] not the pr Hebre 2,33,36W ho caused the persecution of those faithful prophets' It is obvious that Satan by and through his intolerant religious agents did so. :;ts would not torture and persecute own people. God permitted Satan to do his -gainst those men, and at the same time afforded an opportunity to them to prove their rity and faithfulness to God. They proved faithfulness, sealing their testimony with
: :

(Acts 20 20; Luke 19: 5) The apostles of


Jesus Christ, because they preached the gospel,

were also maltreated, arrested and thrown into prison. These faithful apostles were abused by
court officers and ordered to leave the community and to refrain from their work, and to them the apostles replied: "We ought to obey God rather than men," because "we are his witness-


Then Jehovah God sent to earth His great P: :phet and Witness, Jesus, His beloved Son. Today big religionists, public officials and the metropobtan press speak with scorn and ridiule of men and women because they designate
emselves Jehovah's witnesses. In this conneci I mention the fact that Jesus Christ was Jehovah's great Witness, and it is man's greatt privilege to follow in the footsteps of

(Acts 5:29,30,32) The faithful apostles continued to bear witness to the name of Jehovah, and their maltreatment and persecution continued and they all died as martyrs, sealing their testimony with their lif eblood. Following the days of the apostles true Christianity continued to grow, and the Roman emperor Constantine, manifestly for a selfish pures".


of Jehovah. lien on earth Jesus bore witness to the name Lovah. He was haled before the then great Roman ruler of Palestine, and, in answer to a ^rion of Pilate, He said: "To this end was >rn, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth."

to be a witness to the


pose, formed a state religion and labeled it "Christianity" on earth. There is where the Papal system of Rome had its birth. Thereafter followed the most wicked inquisition and persecution of the true followers of Christ Jesus. The fires of torture were kept burning for years in the countries of Italy, Spain, France, Mexico and other places, and millions of people, by such
inquisition and torture, were compelled to support the Papal religious system. I am referring to these facts briefly in order to show the constant course of religious intolerance that has existed and persisted for centuries, and then I shall point out from divine prophecy the cause for such unjust and wicked treatment of innocent human creatures. Religious intolerance and persecution mali_



and harmless One, never did yet was charged with every crime iwn to the calendar, and time and again men sought to kill Him. Finally lie was arrested on the false charge of sedition and was brought before the court and His trial was had, which trial was a farce and mockery from beginning to end.

IS : 37. the holy

of the fifty witnesses of Jehovah in Plainfield a short time ago forcibly reminds one of the trial of Christ Jesus. Read, if you will,

the history of that trial in the book designated Deliverance and mark the similarity between the two. Jesus was compelled to testify against himself, even as men and women were made to

ciously practiced in Europe drove brave men and women to the bleak shores of America, that there they might find a refuge where they could worship God in peace and without interference. It was those brave souls who laid the foundation of the American republic. So completely had religious intolerance been burned into the minds of these early immigrants to America that the

framers of the United States Constitution and




Br.ooKr.YN, N. T.

the constitutions of the various states expressly prohibited by such fundamental law any interference with any person in preaching the gospel and provided that men should be privileged to serve God and preach the gospel according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Selfish and cruel organizations, parading under the name of "Christian", have steadily intolerant persecution of Jehovah's witnesses and constantly increased in America. They have in New Jersey and other places in this day is grown in numbers and grown in power. One of instigated and pushed forward by the clergymen, these organizations, to wit, the Papal system, who pose before the people as preachers and has made every possible attempt to control the servants of Jehovah Cod. Jehovah is the God United States Government, but up to this hour, of justice and love and He never persecutes any thank God, it has never been able to put one of creature, and no one who is the servant of God its crowd in the office of president of the United could or would persecute any man. Whom, then, States. The people of America, knowing the do these instigators of religious persecution in history of this system, have resisted every enmodern times represent ? Jesus answered that croachment upon the political affairs, and for question when He said to the clergymen of His this reason the Papal representatives have been day who were perseeu:>g Him "Ye seek to kill the ones who have howled the loudest about bigme, a man that hath told you the truth, which otry and intolerance. I have heard of God: . Why do ye not unIn these last days, when the faithful followers derstand my speech? even because ye cannot of Christ Jesus under the clear command of the hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, Almighty God go about to tell the truth to and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was the people in order that the people may be aided a murderer from the beginning, and abode not and receive comfort, these witnesses are sub- in the truth, because there is no truth in him. jected to the most vicious persecution, and this When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own is done upon the pretest of "protecting the peofor he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8: ple from impostors and robbers". It is appar- 40,43,44) Jesus authoritatively shows that
: . .

The men who persistently persewho caused His death, were the clergymen of that day, and who posed before the people as teachers of God's Word. The great inquisition practiced for years in Spain and other countries was instigated and carried forward by clergymen of the Papal system. The
cuted Jesus, and

who had sworn

that such pretexts or claims are hypofalse in the extreme. The persecution of Jehovah's witnesses in Plainfield and vicinity during the past few months has greatly shamed and stunned those who love the principles upon which the American government is founded. The fiasco in the form of a court trial that was enacted in Plainfield recently by men

ent to



men who fraudulently claimed to represent God were in fact the active agents of Satan the Devil. That rule applies at all times. Then turning to His true followers Christ Jesus said to them "If they [the clergy] have persecuted me, they will also persecute you." (John 15: 20) And thus He fixes the responsithose

to render fair

and even-handed

justice to its citizens, shocks the sensibilities of every self-respecting American lawyer and

causes all honest Americans to hang their heads in shame and to ask, How is it possible for such religious intolerance to be practiced in America


The fact that men claim to represent and serve Jehovah God is no evidence that their claim is true. On the contrary, the known facts abundantly show that wicked men and wicked systems parade under the name of God and His
Christ who do not have the spirit of Christ but who are cruel in the extreme and who manifest the spirit of Satan the Devil. Those who caused the persecution of Jehovah's prophets were all

for such persecutions upon the clergy. It class that persecuted the apostles of Jesus to death. It is the clergy who have instigated and are pushing forward the intolerant persecution of Jehovah's witnesses in New Jersey, and upon the authority of the statement made by Jesus these persecutors fraudulently claim to be Christians and to represent God but in fact are the agents and representatives of the Devil and ids bidding they will do.

was the clergy


Xow I submit to you the conclusive proof from

the Scriptures as to why religious intolerance practiced in this day; and the specific answer is of vital importance to every human creature, regardless of religious convictions.

Jehovah God declares in His Word that He




permits Satan to go on unhindered in his wicked work nntil the end of a certain and fixed time at that time He will destroy Satan and all his agencies. lie appointed Christ Jesus to inflict that punishment. When Jesus ascended on high Jeliovah said to Him 'Yon must wait until my due time to put down the enemy and destroy him.' (Psalm 110: 1) The Scriptures then show that the year 1914 marks the end of that period of time for waiting and the beginning of the In His great prophecy recorded reign of in Matthew twenty-four Jesus states that that time would be marked by a world war, followed
I :

ing to God's commandment; and this they do because they love God and have agreed to do His will. In doing this they are but pursuing their divinely given rights of worshiping God according to the dictates of their conscience, and with which rights no municipality, state or other government can properly and rightfully


quickly by famine, pestilence, revolution and of nations. All of these things have eome to pass since, and which began to have bnent in 1914. The Scriptures show that, -ame time, a war was fought in heaven by Jesus and His angels against Satan I jrees and that Satan was ousted from eaven and cast down to the earth. This record is found in the twelfth chapter of Revelation. you know that since 1914 the peoples of larth have been in great distress and perplexity. The reason for such suffering and perplexity on the part of the people is made clear by the ?ds of Jesus recorded in Revelation 12 12, whieh read "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth, of the sea for the devil is come down unto on. having great wrath, because he knoweth hath but a short time." Satan knows that his time is short until the great battle of Armageddon, which will then be decisive as to me, and at which time Satan's orzLz:-:. :. -:.:d! be destroyed. Before that great ; place, however, God commands that itnesses must go through the land and before the rulers and before the of and concerning Jehovah and His kingiah 43:10-12; Matthew 24:14) This ae in order that the people may be informed to destroy the wicked one and a righteous government on earth to e he the means of the complete uplift and blessing of the human race.

Since the Constitution forbids the enactment of any law or laws interfering with the preaching of the gospel, then why are these faithful witnesses of Jehovah arrested and thrown into jail That question is answered by the Lord, at Revelation 1 2 17. Jehovah's testimony is com.'

In o

nee to this

men and women

commandment of Jehovah devoted to God and

Hi; king lams

w go from house to house preaching the good news or gospel of the Kingdom. They are not doing such work for commercial gain, br. are doing it at great financial loss to themselves. They work in the shops and in the fields to earn their bread, and then devote their spare time to preaching the gospel accord-

mitted primarily to Christ Jesus, and He commit? to His faithful followers, who are also Jeh's witnesses, the obligation of delivering such testimony. For this reason Satan the Devil seeks to destroy every one who is telling God's truth. Jehovah's witnesses now on earth conite the remnant of God's organization, which organization is symbolized in this scripture by a woman, and the Lord says concerning these that the Devil is extremely mad at them and goes forth to make war against those who keep the commandments of God and who have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 12:17) That scripture is conclusive proof that the Devil is the one who instigates and carries forward the persecution of Jehovah's witnesses and that the visible persecutors of these witnesses of Jehovah are acting for and as agents of the Devil. Even though priest, clergymen and other associates in persecuting Jehovah's witnesses claim to be Christian, the facts show that such claims are false, for the reason that God and Christ Jesus do not persecute anyone and certainly God would not have one set of His servants to intolerantly persecute another company of His servants. If these fifty or more men and women who were recently persecuted and imprisoned upon the charge of being peddlers and hawkers are in truth and in fact Jehovah's witnesses and His representatives, and if the charge is false, why then woidd Jehovah permit them to be thus wrongfully treated and persecuted by men who represent the Devil? The answer is, In order to cause the enemies of God to identify and mark themselves and to afford opportunity for Jehovah's witnesses to prove their faithfulness. The Scriptural answer to that question is illuminating and of vital importance. The Scriptures declare that what came to pass upon the

Jews, or Israelites, 'foreshadowed what must to pass on "organized Christianity" at the end of the world, where we now are. (1 Corinthians 10:11) "Christendom," or "organized


Christianity", is the antitype of ancient Israel.

The Devil overreached the Israelites and turned them away from God. Likewise the Devil has
overreached "organized Christianity", particularly the leaders thereof, and turned such away from God. Because the Jews indulged in Baal religion and persecuted Jehovah's faithful


who were sent to teach them, Jehovah selected Jehu, made him His executioner, and sent him to inflict punishment upon the Baal

worshipers of Jewry. On that occasion Jehu was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom God has appointed to execute His judgment against

since the World War Jehovah's witnesses have been permitted to proclaim the message of His kingdom throughout "Christendom", and explains why it has been possible in that time to print the message of the Kingdom in fifty-eight different languages and to put in the hands of the people more than 140 million books containing that message. All this work has been done at God's commandment to give the people an opportunity to identify themselves as to where they stand. This is God's work, and no human power can stop it. The intolerant persecutors may throw many of Jehovah's witnesses into prison and kill others, but that will not stop the witness work. Where one falls in the ranks Je-

hovah God will raise up others

to take his place.


has decreed that the testimony must be giv-

of His enemies, and particularlv against


Jehu called a great assembly of the people, and every one of the Baal worshipers assembled at one place. Then Jehu commanded that all
the preachers, prophets, clergymen, priests, servants and worshipers of Baal should put on

garments by which they would identify themselves as the followers and worshipers of Baal, and this they did. In that manner Jehu caused every one of them to identify himself and to take his stand cither on the side of Baal or on the side of Jehovah God. This marvelous picture is set forth in 2 Kings 10 19-28. When the identification and the division were complete, then Jehu directed his soldiers to slay utterly every one of the Baal worshipers, and this was done and thus ended Baal worship in Palestine

at that time.

That graphic identification and the slaying prophetically foretold the identification and destruction of all false religions in the world, and particularly the destruction of all those who defame God's name and persecute His faithful witnesses. The purpose of Jehovah's witnesses in going from house to house in this day and preaching the gospel of God's kingdom is not to convert the world. The purpose, according to the commandment of God, is to notify the rulers and the people that Jehovah is the God supreme, and that His kingdom is at hand, and that God will now vindicate His name, and that He will now afford the opportunity to all who hear to identify themselves as being either on the side of Jehovah God or on the side of His enemy the Devil. That explains why during the time

and it will be given. Jehovah's witnesses are preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, not for filthy money, but in obedience to God's commandment, and the only way for men to be faithful to Jehovah and to their covenant is to obey His commandment. Like the early apostles, the witnesses count not their lives dear unto themselves and they are determined to obey God and not man and for this reason they go on amidst great opposition, bearing testimony to the kingdom of Jehovah. The proof shows that in every instance it has been and is the priests, pastors or clergymen of so-called "organized Christianity" who cause the persecution and ill treatment of Jehovah's witnesses. Those clergymen are therefore most reprehensible. By their action they have identified themselves as being against God and for His enemy the Devil. The message of the Kingdom in printed form has been supplied to them by Jehovah's witnesses, and that without charge, and they now without just cause or excuse attempt to hide their wrongful action behind some municipal ordinance, and use this as a shield while they carry on the persecution of Jehovah's witnesses. Thus they completely identify and mark themselves. The rulers of "Christendom" have likewise been served with copies of the message of the Kingdom, which affords them an opportunity to take their stand on one side or the other. Police officers, magistrates and judges of the courts are also putting on the garments and thus identifying themselves as to where they stand. Jehovah God therefore permits the persecution of His faithful witnesses now for the very purpose of furnishing opportunity for men to identify and mark themselves








to thus take their stand on one side or on the other. Now the message of the Kingdom must go to the people, that they may have an opportunity to identify themselves and to take their stand on one side or the other. The message or gospel of the Kingdom is therefore the people into two ral classes, and Christ Jesus is the one who is doing that separating work. With which class will you identify yourself 1 That is a question now which every one who hearanswer. You cannot identify yourself as being on Gods side and at the same time and sympathize with or approve tee persecution of Jehovah's witnesses. One of the sons, therefore, why God permits His witses to thus suffer is for your benefit, that you may see the truth and have the opportunity of identifying yourself with the right side.
; -



The last prophetic parable Jesus spoke when on earth was that concerning "the sheep and

He said would His coming for judgment. That time is now here, and the people are thus gathered and by Him made to identify
the goats'* and which prophecy
find its fulfilment at the time of

themselves, even as Jehu, the prototype of Jecaused the Israelites and Baal worshipers to identify themselves. Jehovah has given the people of the nations of "Christendom" a knowledge of His kingdom, and thus He has gathered them before nis Executioner, and who says, as written in Matthew 25 "And he shall septe them [the people] ... as a shepherd disheep from the g .-.:-.'" "His sheepr* class that are on the Lord's side, the _oats' represent the class that are against the Lord and on the Devil's side. Continuing then Jesus said: "And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the
: ;

Jehovah's witnesses call at your door and tell you the comforting message concerning God's gracious provision for your blessing. In turn you have given them a cup of refreshing water to drink; and if you found one of them sick you gladly ministered unto that sick one. When the twenty-nine harmless women were crowded into those hot prison cells and required to stand there all night amidst suffering, some of you stood in the streets at midnight and sympathized with them and wished that you might do some good to them. You wanted to comfort them by your presence. The Lord knew your heart condition and your desire and your kind sympathy. He counts that goodness as unto Himself and He likens such who thus sympathize with Him to sheep. To such Jesus says: "For I was an hnngred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink I was a stranger, and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me." (Matthew 25:35,36) On the other hand there is a class of persons pictured by goats because such men are cruel and heartless. Such men are extremely selfish. They have caused innocent men and women to be thrown into prison because they wanted to keep you in ignorance of the goodness of God's kingdom and to save themselves from being exposed as false teachers and impostors. When men and women assembled in the streets in close proximity to the prison for the purpose of expressing by their presence their sympathy and comfort to the imprisoned ones, and when some tried to make a photograph of the sympathizers and the prisoners, such sympathizers, as well as the pris:

left." (Matthew 25:33) In this striking prophetic parable Jesus counts His true and faithful followers as though they were Himself, and the people who have been good to His followers He credits as being good unto Himself; and those who have illtreated His brethren or followers He counts as doing evil to Himself. Thus He brings the application of the scripture right down to the present day. He shows that if a person abuses, illtreats or persecutes Jehovah's witnesses, that person thus identifies himself as an enemy of God and of Christ. Many of you people have been glad to have

were illtreated and thrown into prison. Thus the harsh ones, cruel and intolerant persecutors, put themselves in the goat class, and to these billy-goats Jesus now says "For I was an hnngred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink I was a stranger, and ye took me not in naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hnngred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee! Then snail he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me." (Matthew 25: 42-45) Thus Jehovah permits cruel and selfish men to intolerantly persecute His faithful witnesses in order that His faithful ones may bear testioners,
: : :




Erooklik, N. Y.

inony to His name and at the same time cause the persecutors to identify themselves as being against God and His kingdom. Clergymen who pose as your spiritual advisers, and public officials who have sworn to look well to your general interest, have violated their obligation, played the people false, reproached and sneered

As further proof that God has permitted His faithful witnesses to suffer at the hands of intolerant persecutors in order to cause the persecutors to identify themselves as against Jehovah, note the words of Jesus addressed to His faithful followers, at Mark 13:9: "They [the intolerant persecutors or clergy and their allies] shall deliver you up to [the courts] ; and in the

and defamed the name of Jehovah God and His Christ, and thus they have put on the garments and have identified themselves as God's


Now, if you will, hear the words of final judgment of Jehovah pronounced by Christ Jesus concerning these two classes who have thus identified themselves. To those who identify themselves as lovers of truth and righteousness, and Avho are designated under the symbol of harmless sheep and whom the Lord thus places on His right hand of favor, He now says "Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the

world." Happy is the lot of such To the cruel, malicious and ruthless persecutors of Jehovah's witnesses and defamers of God's name, the great Judge, Christ Jesus, now says, as it is written (verses 41 and 46) "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into life eternal." Furthermore Jesus said "Shall not God avenge his own elect [witnesses] Then He answers His own question and says: "I tell you that he will avenge them speedily." Luke 18 7, 8.
: : :

synagogues ye shall be beaten ; and ye shall be brought before rulers and Icings for my sake, for a testimony against them," that is, against your persecutors. Every man must stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and these men who have wrongfully and intolerantly caused the persecution of Jehovah's witnesses will never be heard to make the defense that they did not know they were fighting against God. (2 Corinthians 5:10) They claim to be teachers of the Bible, and they are bound to know what is therein contained. By their course of action they oppose the message of God's kingdom, and thus they bear testimony against themselves that they are guilty before God. The hypocritical claim that they are punishing Christian men and women in order to "protect the people against impostors and robbers" will be no excuse or defense before the Lord. The faithful witnesses of Jehovah who thus suffer for righteousness' sake thereby maintain their integrity before God. Filthy prisons will not deter these men and women from continuing
to give their testimony. They wnll rejoice to continue their faithfulness unto God even unto death and to suffer as Christ Jesus suffered. To them therefore the Lord caused these words to be written, at 1 Peter 4 14 "If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part

this state

In the past two years and more the clergy of have persistently and intolerantly per-

secuted Jehovah's witnesses, not for doing wrong, but because these faithful men and women, at great financial and physical inconvenience to themselves, have walked in the roads and come to your homes to bring you aid and comfort by bearing testimony to the name of Jehovah and His kingdom. By the intolerance of these priests and clergymen they have thus prevented many honest Catholics and Protestants from hearing the message of God's kingdom. They have done the people a positive injury and have abused and defamed God's holy name. It appears to me that by the long and cruel persecution of these faithful men and women God has permitted this day to come that the honest people may hear the truth and have the opportunity to see how they have been grossly de-


is glorified."

But shame upon

the priests and clergymen

who have connived at and caused the persecution of Jehovah's witnesses in order that they might keep the people in ignorance of the truth and thus shield themselves from exposure; shame upon those who have been ready and willing to class Jehovah's witnesses as selfish peddlers and hawkers in order that they might serve their own selfish ends; shame upon the lawyers who practice upon the bench and before the bar, Avho because of fear of losing some personal advantage have side-stepped the issue and failed and refused to decide squarely the qucs.

ceived by

men who

should know better.


15, 1053

v* men can



tion as to

whether or not

be prevented

from preaching the gospel of God's kingdom by the enactment and enforcement of municipal orsf peddlers and hawkers. this is that we have come to the g foretold by the holy prophets of has placed Christ His King upon His

in His temple for men to hear Him. of the subtle and wrongful influence gy as Satan's agents, lawyers, judges blic officials are ashamed of the name of rist and of Jehovah and are ashamed their duty concerning the construction and





survive. (Jeremiah 25:34) To the people of good will, and who want to do right and who want to identify themselves as on Jehovah's side, He now says through His prophet: 'Before the wrath of God break upon, you, seek meekness and righteousness if you would be hidden and taken through that trouble.' (Zephaniah 2:1-3) Therefore let every one who would live refrain from the intolerant persecution of Jehovah's witnesses, seek meekness and do that which is right. In the language of the Scriptures: Tf this work be of men it will come to naught; but if it be of God ye cannot overthrow it,' Acts

5 : 38, 39.

forcement of the law of the land. To such rl ones Jesus now says (Luke 9 26) "For rhosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my rords, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed,
: :

To His

faithful witnesses

Jehovah by His

Word now



says 'Be of good courage : the eterthy refuge, and underneath are the

when ho

everlasting arms.'



in his




in his

Father's, and of the holy angels."

The world has ended and the Devil must



Before he




however, God concerning the

commands that His testiKingdom must be deliv-

ered by His witnesses. Regardless of all opposite' faithful witnesses will proceed to give that testimony; and when that work is done, Jesus declares, there shall immediately
follow upon the world the greatest tribulation ever known. (Matthew 24: 14-22) That will be the battle of the great day of God Almighty, and not one persecutor of Jehovah's witnesses shall

At the hands of religious hypyou have suffered much persecution for righteousness' sake. Our Lord Jesus likewise suffered, and blessed is the man or woman who follows in His steps. (1 Peter 2:21) It is to you as His faithful followers that Jesus now says (Matthew 5:10-12): "Blessed are they
which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before vou."




itizens of America who love truth, fair-dealing, freedom of thought and freeo of speech, will read with keen interest the letter in this issue by Judge Ruther-

addressed to the Catholic press in reply to the unwarranted and un-American upon him and radio stations which have broadcast his lectures. We are of the opinion that the American people are not yet ready to submit to any organized religious association the right to determine what the people shall hear.Editorial note]

Brooklyn, N. Y., July 2G,



the Catholic Press and Specifically to the Editors of the

Cleveland, Ohio

Named Newspapers
Dubuque, Iowa


St. Paul,


Chicaco, III.



Kansas City, Mo.


West Warwick,
Baltimore, Md.


Dubuque, Iowa



Providence, R.

St. Louis, Mo.


Huntington, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana


Columbus, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pa.

N. Y.


Buffalo, N. Y.


Milwaukee, Wis.

Cleveland, Ohio

Plaixfield, N. J.

Fresno, Calif.


St. Louis, Mo.


return from Europe I find absence your papers liave inaugurated a campaign to prevent the American people from hearing the truth of Jehovah God's Word which it has been my privilege to tell them for some time. You make me the scapegoat in order to thus deprive the people of the opportunity of learning at this time the very thiugs that they should know, to wit: That Jehovah is the Almighty God; that Christ Jesus is His anointed King; and that the worship of man is an abomination in the sight of God and that the kingdom of God under Christ is the only remedy for suffering humanity.


now on my

that in


to get this information to another way. Newspapers should the people in publish the truth, if for no other reason than the fact that they accept money from the people for subscriptions upon the implied contract at least that they will publish the truth. The publication of only a small part of the truth is much more unfair than to make no publication at all.

and may compel me

attempted your readers and thus to do injury to the message I have spoken by charging that I am an "ex-convict", which charge is untrue. A convict is one who is guilty and is convicted of a crime. When the judgment of a law court is reversed and the case
to belittle


in the eyes of

This letter I am addressing to you jointly and severally because the charges in your papers are similar and show that you are acting in concert. I have hopes that there may be at least one fair-minded editor among you who will publish this letter that your numerous readers may hear both sides of the case. Your failure to publish this letter will be unfair to the public


then dismissed the


judgment was rendered

therefore not a convict.

against whom the exonerated and he is

Briefly I refer to the facts that

you may


clergy call what you should already know have followed have hated me for years because I the lead of the Lord Jesus Christ and told the


people the truth only as







lc. 1S33

Jehovah's greatest witness, was a "convict", wrongfully charged and convicted of the crime of sedition, and His conviction and death were procured by the clergy of His time ; and which wrongdoers find their counterpart in the clergy of the present time. I am delighted to be permitted to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to be in the same class where the clergy placed
to convey to the public the thought that I attempted to hide the fact of this unlawful trial and that you had kept it alive by pigeonholing the facts at the time and now brought it forth. You ought to know better than to try to put over such a falsehood on the people. The clergy thought that court experience above related would linish me for ever. But they were doomed to disappointment. Immediately following my release 1 visited every large city in America and by full-page advertisements in the largest daily papers invited the public to come and hear. The advertisements amongst other tilings said "SENT TO PRISON FOR

ber of those men wanted to kill me, and they attempted to find some legal means by which they could accomplish their wicked purpose. The World War seemed to furnish them an opportunity. Shortly after the United States entered the war a convention of clergymen assembled in Philadelphia, laid out a plan of action, and then selected and sent a committee to Washington to carry out their wrongful purpose. They presented a petition to a committee of the United States Senate demanding that the Espionage law be so amended that the trial of alleged offenders must be held before a military
court and that the penalty to be inflicted must be death. President Wilson disapproved of their course and the Senate did not amend the law as the clergy desired, general of the United States army, in the presence of two witnesses besides myself, told me the above facts and then added "But they are going to get you at any rate." In the spring of 1918 the clergy and their al_ lies "teamed" a case against all the officers of our Society, including myself. I was arged with the publication of an objectionable paragraph in a book which I did not write and which was written and published before the United States entered the war and before the enactment of the Espionage law. Upon this and other illegal testimony, and at the direction of a prejudiced judge, and during the excitement of the war, a jury returned a verdict of guilty and we were sentenced each to eighty years in prison. Catholic judge denied us the privilege of bail, which the Constitution guarantees we should have, and we were immediately landed in prison. My attorneys prepared a brief setting forth 125 errors in the record of that trial. When the ease was presented to a justice of the. Supreme Court of the United States upon an application for bail Justice Holmes immediately admitted us to bail. The case was then heard by the appellate court, and the judgment reversed and remanded. Because of the gross outrage practiced upon me and my brethren three United -s senators and two other prominent American lawyers volunteered to defend mo at the hortly thereafter the Government lissed the case and we were thereby exoner-

Him. Your papers try

THE REASON WHY." The people crowded out every great hall and theater where I spoke, thousands being turned away. That persecution by the clergy had much to do with advertising our work and enabled me no doubt to write and cause to be placed in the hands of the people more than 140 million books since that time, which books contain the message of God's kingdom and which are published in 58 different languages. You are welcome to all the satisfaction you can get out of that "ex-convict" story. RADIO: Because in a recent radio address I stated the plain truth for the benefit of the people, your papers, at the instance of Catholic clergymen, began a vicious campaign to "silence" me. Vigorously you say, "Rutherford must be muzzled; he must be silenced; put him off the
air." With the hope of accomplishing that end yon and your associates inaugurated a cam-


paign of coercion against radio stations. You threatened to boycott these stations, to cause
building contracts and paint contracts, and other contracts, to be canceled, and to use every means within your power to injure the stations and their clients financially. All fair-



But for the sake of the argument, suppose I were a convict according to your definition.



which I

that be cause to reject the truth of God's am proclaiming? Jesus Christ,

minded men and women must and do condemn your course of action and your mode of procedure which is entirely un-American and unfair.

The people are

entitled to


the truth. If I



less of

Brooklyn, N. Y.

have stated falsehoods against your organiza? tion, then it is your duty to show the people wherein tlie statements made by me are untrue. It appears that the Catholic clergymen have r.o weapon of defense except a gag and a bludgeon. Every man who speaks the truth, which
truth does not tingle the ears of the clergy, the Catholic clergy say should be gagged. Every one who publishes the truth contrary to their ideas of what is right the Catholic clergy say should be browbeaten, coerced and clubbed into submission. God and Christ Jesus never employed any such methods, and that of itself is most conclusive proof that men who resort to the gag and bludgeon method do not represent God and Christ. Such methods used to keep the people in ignorance and to blind them to the truth are the ones employed by Satan the Devil. (2 Corinthians 4:4) When a man, whether a clergyman or the editor of a newspaper, resorts to the gag and bludgeon method, whom then does he represent, God or the Devil? Judge ye!

how untrue your statements




another proof of your coercive and bludgeon methods. I have no quarrel with any individual, and no occasion to attack personally any man.
claim to believe the Bible and to teach it, and therefore you are bound by what the Bible says. The Bible says that Jehovah is the only true God, and that Christ Jesus His beloved Son is King; that Satan the Devil is the opponent of God, and that the Devil resorts to fraud, deceit, coercion and bludgeon methods to blind the people to the truth. Men are either servants of God or servants of Satan the Devil, and by the fruits or doctrines which they carry to the people it is to be determined whom they represent. It is written in the Scriptures "Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves serv-


The gag and bludgeon method employed by yon and the clergymen of your organization
frightened a few radio stations into submission and caused them to cancel their contracts. Out of the numerous radio stations in the United States used by me to broadcast the truth you succeeded in inducing ten stations to cancel their contracts. That is a rather good record in America for your method of procedure. If you had a Eoman Catholic in the office of president of the United States now you would browbeat every radio station in the land into submission. Thank God your intolerant organization has never been able to place one of your organization in the office of president of the United States. The more the American people learn about you and your unjust methods, the more they shun you; and you know that to be true, and that is why you employ the gag and bludgeon. There are millions of good Catholic people who heartily disapprove of your unrighteous methods of suppressing the truth, and of this I have positive knowledge.

ants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness!" (Romans .6: 16) In harmony with this Jesus states: "He that is not with me is against me" and that is true whether the one be a priest or a layman. (Luke 11 23) Again "If any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his." (Romans 8:9) Christ never
; ; : :

employed coercive, gag or bludgeon methods to accomplish His purposes. When men employ
such wrongful methods, contrary to Christ, then they prove that they have not the spirit of Christ, and that they are not His servants but that they are servants of the enemy of God and

It is true that the "spirit of Christ is love", but that does not mean that lie loved wickedness and that He stood by and saw pious-faced hypocrites proceed to deceive the people and remained silent because He might "offend the sensibilities" of the clergy or some of their allies. Read the twenty-third chapter of Matthew, wherein Jesus denounced the clergy of His day in the most scathing language that has ever been applied to any creatures. He was speaking to men then who posed before the people as the

SLANDER: You charge me with attacking men with slanderous speech. That charge is wholly untrue.

representatives of God, and He plainly told them that they were hypocrites. Love, which is the spirit of Christ, means an unselfish effort put forth to do good to others and to honoT Jehovah God. It does not mean to consent to the
of Jehovah God's being defamed. The mere fact that a man bears the title of clergyman or priest is no evidence that such a man represents God or Christ or that he speaks the truth. In proof of this, note the words of Jesus addressed to the clergymen and priests of His

Never have I delivered a radio speech or other public address in which I have attacked any man. I have called in question the doctrines



teach to the people ; and if that is not permissible, then the people would be compelled

hear only what your side has to say, regard-




for telling the truth.


day who denounced

ll\Ti that hath




where we now
boast of their

Why do ye not understand ray sppech? even because ye cannot hear my word le are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaktb a he, he speaketh of his own for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:40-441 The Scriptures then show that exactly a similar condition would exist at the end oi rerld


em: " Ye seek t0 kil1 me a man > you the truth, which I have heard


own goodness and greatness and aetame God s name and persecute humble men and women who attempt to tell the truth. See John 15:19,20; Mark 13:9; 2 Timothy

and that clergymen would

should the people be denied the opportunity of learning what God's Word teaches, merely because those divine truths when uttered offend the sensibilities" of certain men who are oHhatlacr? not in harmony with God? I agree that one man I have no personal antipathy to the man who has no right to attack another man personally at the present time holds the office of pope of the but when any man brings forth a doctrine relatCatholic church. So far as I know, he may be a ing to God's dealing with the human race and good man of the highest integrity, asks the people to believe as that term that doctrine, then it is generally applied. I know nothing about him is the right and duty of others who do not agree except that recently when I used a number of to call attention to the fact that such doctrines laclio stations Europe to broadcast the mespromulgated do not proceed from God but pro- sage ot God s kingdom I was informed that the ceed from God's enemy the Devil. pope had instructed all Catholics to refuse to I have nothing against Catholics as men or hsten to what I had to say. They did not obey women I only take issue with the aim, however, because I doctrines had many letters of apwnicfl that organization teaches. If the Cathoprova and commendation and best wishes from lic clergy want to be fair, why don't they accept Catholics which letters came from Holland, niy proposition to publicly b ranee, Austria, Spain, Italy discuss these quesand other places tions or doctrines and then let the people deterEurope. mine for themselves which is truth? The ga<r he C t] a man oecu P ie s the office of and bludgeon method can never pope l^ ol the Catholic organization make any of the nf Ti n is no evidence that people free, but, in the language he speaks with divine authority of Jesus, "the or that he has truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) You the approval of God and of Christ. In proof claim to speak for millions of Catholics; but I of this I refer you to the historical facts contell you that you do not speak for them. There cerning men of the past who have occupied that are millions of good people in the Catholic oroffice. The records of many of these men are ganization who do not believe too bad to what you Why not let them all have an opportunitvsav ceedingly publish here. Some of them were eximmoral and bad men, which to proves hear both sides of the question that they were not servants discussed and of God and of tiien let them speak for themselves? You are Uinst. not their guardians except You speak of the pope as "the holy by self-appointment. father" POPE: Your papers say that I "slan- and your sensibilities are shocked when others do not publicly agree with you. dered the Pope whose integrity You do this in is unquestioned the face of the plain statement by any reputable character". by Jesus, to wit: You cannot cite a Call no man your father single word that I have upon the earth- for ever uttered that is a one is your Father, which is in heaven."



slander of the man who occupies the office of pope of the Catholic organization. I have said nothing whatsoever against him as a man. What 1 did say is that no man, pope or otherwise, has any authority from God and Christ to declare any year a holy year. Neither Jehovah God nor Christ Jesus ever created the office of pope, and nowhere the Bible does any such title appear. Neither God nor Christ Jesus ever appointed any man to the position of pope of the Catholic ,0 a Cal1 lipon y a t0 P ublj sh one *ord Iron, r,' "r? J Scriptures the Holy that even tends to prove to the contrary. The title of pope was never applied to any man until more than 300 years after the crucifixion of Christ. (See > Encyclopedia Britannica; ? McClmtock S Strong's Encyclopedia, Volume 8, page 403.) If God and Christ wanted the pope on earth to tell the people what they shall believe or not believe, then why does not the Bible, rd f G d SiVG S mC evidencc


5S?7 J* n




permitted thew 23:9) Surely I should be quote the words of the Lord Jesus without offending honest men. Since neither Jehovah God nor Christ created therethe office of pope and no mention is made Word of in the Word of God, and since God's officer of any docs not authorize any man or the


do you then repplainly teaches. resent in thus trying to blind the people to the
truth of Jehovah God's Word? (2 Corinthians 4 4) Surely you do not represent Jehovah God and that being true, you must be the servants


of the god of this world whether or not.Romans 6 : 16.

you know


then organization to declare this a "holy year", in any orI ask by -what authority any official it ganization can declare this a "holy year". Is and to induce your desire to mislead the people them to believe that a man has the authority and power to make any year holy? When this the year is past and the people look back upon have endured, great amount of suffering they and upon the great amount of wickedness and ot injustice practiced both inside and outside

OTHER FALSEHOODS: Almost everything

you have published about my radio speeches

"vitufalse. You charge me with indulging in foreign to the facts. peration", which is entirely Your statement concerning the radio and its use


men, who

also untrue. There some clergydid not want to hear the truth, prois

well know the Catholic organization, they will year, regardless of all that this is not a holy proclamations concerning the same. There are believe millions of people on earth who do not authority or power to dethat the pope has the and clare this or any other year a holy year, have the right to hear other millions of people for the evidence, that they too may determine want to believe. themselves what they tribunal I suggest to you that no court or yet decided (and I hope never America has ever from calling will) that a man can be prevented doctrines or teachings of other in question the organizations. If such a coercive rule

Commission tested to the Commission and the You did not publish the stopped the broadcast. further fact, however, that immediately therethe after 406,000 citizens of Canada filed with



as von advocate were adopted and party then it would mean that the political successfully prevent the other parpower could attention to acties out of power from calling falsely advocated and practions and policies your ticed upon the people. If you could have compel the people of America way you would doctrines to acknowledge without question the organization, which doctrines the of the Catholic masses of the people do not believe to be true. Whenever the courts exercise the power to proof hibit the criticism of doctrines or teachings organization, then the liberties of the Amerany ican people are gone and the purpose for which exist. the nation was organized has ceased to the editors of newspapers, who claim that

Commons a petition asking continued on the air. that my lectures be The message which I and my brethren are proclaiming is not the message of any man, but concerning His it is Jehovah God's message kingdom. You may be able to prevent radio the stations from broadcasting the truth and for a time, Lord may not interfere with you not but His arm is not shortened and you will His Word. at all retard the proclamation of Your opposition has only increased the desire kingdom, of the people to hear more about God's ways and means. and Jehovah has provided the
Canadian House

Already hundreds of transcription machines -red and placed in the hands have been mm with numerous records of speech, which are' daily being delivered to the people i: God's kingdom. and inform! r. : ti learning more and Every day the people are more" that opposition sodh as you offer does not proceed from Jehovah, but that it proceeds

from the god of

this world, the Devil.

You, you are publishing your papers in the interest commisof the people, by calling upon the radio bar any man from the air because he sion to organizacalls in question the doctrines of your or tion, are thereby demanding that the courts
people tribunals take away the liberties ol: the and keep the people in ignorance of what Cod's

say that these lectures are attacks on Catholics "and insulting to Catholics. The peountrue. ple know that such statement f y on is lectures Every statement yet made in any of my of God, which is fully supported by the Word honest person is the truth. (John 17:17) No could be insulted by God's Word of truth. There of the are many honest persons in the ranks held there Catholic organization who have been because they had no opportunity to hear and now. learn the truth. But they are learning it



For keeping the people in ignorance in this manand ner the pastors and clergymen and priests


for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions are accomplished and ye shall fall like a pleasant vessel. And the shepherds shall have

their allies are held liable, and God gives His He will punish them for their wrongdoing.-See Ezekiel 34 1-20 ; Jeremiah 25 : 33-36.

"Word that

go down to destruction. Then the Catholic organization as such will be no more; and only
those honest Catholics who turn their hearts away from "man worship", and who turn them wholly to the worship and service of Jehovah

charge that my words are seditions and no way to flee, nor the principal of the flock to wholly false. Never have I uttered a escape. A voice of the cry of the shepherds, Sous word against the Government. It was and an howling of the principal of the flock, the clergymen and priests and their allies that shall be heard for the Lord hath spoiled their falsely charged Jesus with the crime of sedition pasture." and hiding behind the judgment of a false and You complain because I speak the truth conwicked court, they caused His precious blood cerning "purgatory". For many years the Cathto be wrongfully shed. You may get my lifeolic organization has taught the people that their blood and thereby hope to stop the proclamation dead friends are conscious in a place called "purof the truth; but be assured that the message gatory" and that Catholic priests, who are of God's kingdom will continue to be proclaimed merely imperfect men, can pray for the dead just the same. I am but one of those of Jehoand benefit them and thereby shorten the duravah's witnesses who as a "voice in the wildertion of their punishment and in time secure ness" is crying out to the people that the king- their release from "purgatory". You will not dom of heaven is at hand and that this kingdom attempt to deny this as one of the doctrines under Christ is the only hope of mankind. Your preached by your organization, and this you gag and bludgeon methods will not in any man- have done and continue to do in the face of the ner retard the proclamation of the message of scriptures which read that 'all the dead are in God's kingdom, which He is now sending to the the grave' (John 5: 28) and, "The dead praise peoples of earth. not the Lord, neither any that go down into JUDGMENT: Jehovah God has written His silence." (Psalm 115:17) "The dead hroiv not judgment against Satan and every part of his any Hung"; "there is no work, nor device, nor organization, both visible and invisible, and at knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave whither the battle of the great day of God Almighty, led thou goest." (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10) You would by Jesus Christ, that judgment will be executed have the people believe you rather than to beand every part of the wicked organization shall lieve God's Word of truth. By your teaching of


God and Christ, will survive. For this reason Jehovah now says to His people through His
"Before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it mav be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger."Zcphaniah 2: 2, 3. God's judgment is written against the pastors and the shepherds and clergymen who have taught and misled the people and who together with the principal of their flocks have coerced

you have induced many a poor person to give up his or her money to have prayers said for their dead ones who are supposed to be in "purgatory". That is obtaining money by taking advantage of the
ignorance of the people.

this false doctrine of "purgatory"



made no reference to personal deeds committed by men or organizations except for the fact that you have made it necessary. You could have opposed my speech without attacking me personally.

In this letter I would have

have preferred the


In keeping with your fixed policy you latter; therefore the com-

radio stations and others to refrain from proclaiming the truth of God's kingdom. His judgment written shows that such opposers will find no way of escape at the execution of His judg-

ment at Armageddon. Note Jeremiah 25 34-36 "Howl, ye shepherds, and cry and wallow your: ;

The best part of my life on earth and all my material substance has been spent in an honest endeavor to teach the people the plain Word of God's truth and to turn the minds of men away from creature worship and turn them to the faithful worship and service of Jehovah God that they might gain eternal life in endless hapyou have been able to find but one so-called T)lack spof on my record, namely, the fact that I was imprisoned duiriii;'
piness. In that time

selves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock:




Bhooklis, N.I.

imprisonment was the World War, and which conspiracy formed and carprocured by a cruel ried into effect by your organization.
Catholic hierarchy has spent more than Word 1500 years in hiding the truth of God's from the people and in turning the minds of men instead to the service and worship of creatures


for the rights of the people. Simultaneously Jehovah's witnesses starts : the perseeoti b continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. in the Did this happen? or is it the carrying out of an order from the headquarters of your hierarchy? a to report You were the first

God. The of the worship and service of Jehovah work of that hierarchy has been and is done by say selfish men concerning which the Scriptures "Men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the foltruth, supposing that gain [in numbers of from lowers and material wealth! is godliness:

the persecution of Jehovi. ria; and this for the v..-ry cited and carried out by tolerant organization.

ses in Bavaof your in-

asm that it was in-


such withdraw thyself." (1 Timothy 6: 5) Every page of the history of the Catholic hierarchy has employed is marked with black crime. It to the cruel Inquisition to compel the people all follow its doctrines and practices. It has in
those fifteen centuries resorted to coercion to in quessilence everyone who has dared to call held tion its doctrines. If your organization

and taught the truth you would welcome criticism and would gladly come forward and dispeople, cuss the matter in the presence of the and that they might exercise their own free will determine for themselves what they wished to

was at the instance of your organization faiththat in June last twenty-nine innocent and Jersey were arrested ful women citizens of New in Plainfield and thrown into prison, crowded stand into small and filthy cells, and required to because as Jehovah's witnp all night, and this nesses they were calling at the homes of the people in this time of distress, and seeking to comfort them by directing them to the study of God's Word of truth. The arrest and imprisonment of those good and faithful women was not only intolerant, but was barbaric cruelty, wholly uncalled for in a civilized land. There was a time

when the Protestant church organizations


you have no truth, and since your in organization was 'born in sin and shapen oppressive iniquity', you resort to cruel and methods to hide your sins and to deceive the truth people. "Why don't you hear and teach the In the and encourage others to do likewise? language of Jesus the answer is, Because "ye of are of your father the devil, and the lusts your father ye will do". John 8 43, 44.
believe. Since

sented your oppressive methods; but in this this evil day they have ceased to protest, and bold in your persecution makes you ever more
of the true followers of Christ Jesus.

APPROACHING STORM: From every quarthe ter of the earth I see gathering together of Satan under the leadership of Gog, hordes

greatest of which the Catholic hierarchy is the visible part, and all of these marching on with the malicious purpose and intent to accomplish the destruction of Jehovah's witnesses. I know
that already your hierarchy

Although you know that up to this time there free expresis no law "in America to prevent the the doctrines or sion of opinion concerning teachings of others, yet you continue to browcoerce beat, threaten to boycott and otherwise to the broadcasting of stations to prevent
radio the truth.
interest of

seeking some

You claim that you do this in the common decency and for the good

in of the people; which claim is hypocritical "intolerance" and "bigthe extreme. You cry when in fact your organization is the

apparent legal excuse to kill all of Jehovah's witnesses. I would be appalled and faint with sickness because of what I see is shortly coming upon the earth were it not for the fact that Jehovah has given His Word that He will smite deliver the wicked oppressive organization and His faithful people. Jehovah's witnesses must and will finish the work God has assigned to them. That witness work may be about done for
there the present; and when completed, then Jesus shall come upon the world, as the Lord "great tribulation, such as was not declares, [known] since the beginning of the world."

most intolerant and bigoted one in existence. Because I say to the public that no man, whethyear er he be a pope or otherwise, can make a

make holy, for the reason that only God can intolerant campaign things holy, you begin an

me and my

brethren, which campaign

Matthew 24: 14-22. The clergy of the Catholic hierarchy have assumed to be shepherds of the people and call
themselves such, but they are not true shepherds

you carry on maliciously and without regard






hence Jehovah now says to them: "Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock ; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them."' (Ezekiel 34: 10) Jehovah then says that this shall be the plague wherewith He will smite those that have fought against His organization: 'Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and

pear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad." (2 Corinthians 5: 10) You have received notice, and when standing before
that judgment seat of Christ, who is the great Judge, you can never be heard to say that you ignorantly opposed the proclamation of themessage of God's kingdom which is now being carried to the people by Jehovah's witnesses. I think you have heretofore received a copy of


and their tongue

consume away in their holes, shall consume away in their Zechariah 14:12) Jehovah God will acercise His power in the interest of the poor oppressed people "lie shall judge the poor

the people, he shall save the children of the \ and shall break in pieces the oppressor."


72: 4.

Now, gentlemen, I have said nothing here

but have written these lines wholly in interest of truth and righteousness. I have

the Kingdom booldet but, that there may be no mistake, I am sending each of you a copy, under separate cover, with my compliments. You and other clergymen whom you represent have declined my kind invitation to come forth in the open and discuss the truth, that the people might hear and judge. You have thus prevented them from hearing the truth. You prefer to resort to coercion, gag and bludgeon methods to thus keep them in ignorance. You have received fair notice. Now you must take the re;

your attention to the Scriptures as well the facts, and every one who honestly serves God wants to be judged according to the Scriptures and the facts. "For we must all apailed
as to



et Jud * utherford ^ntions above, presenting a copy thereof to each of of* v newspaper editors with Catholic his compliments, was served on all the clergymen, politicians, big business men and military and naval commanders of "Christendom", and has "had an unpreceng genCral pUblic in morc than fort ^nguages. The Kingdom the Hope y ?J of the nll is I odd but one of fourteen attractive booklets, of 64 pages each, containing select radio lectures delivered by Judge Rutherford.Editorial Note)
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Here, There and Everywhere

Augustine Island Disappears "POLLOWING about a hundred violent earth-1 quake shocks, Augustine island, Alaska, twenty miles long and five miles broad, disappeared. It is thought several trappers disappeared with it.

Taxes per Capita

TTIOR city government the taxpayer now pays 1more than ten times as much as he did one

hundred years ago; for state government, twenty-nine times as much; and for federal government, nineteen times as much.

The National Wealth

HHHE national wealth in 1928 was estimated at

*- $360,000,000,000, of which one-fourth the hands of two hundred corporations.

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Wages Less than Carfare "NTIXETY-FOUR cents was the munificent pay x > received by a Buffalo girl from the Bernard Dress Company of that city for
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Beneath the Dead Sea

Br.ooKi.iS, N. X.

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alt* of Detroit, has had unwisdom of the air about the to say and lost plunged in the stock market

Press Gets After Coughlin

abduction their children and prevent to be frequently, and it is^best ing letters come tend to offset dangers on the safe side. Such


cfone it with

for charitable demagogue, a finanConghlin as a hypocrite and


money that was contributed! denonaees purposes. The Press

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.







World of


Motion of fast motion is now wide open aentist. Pictures taken at the rate ond give fullest details of just what
or the

British Imprisonment for Debt year 23,844 persons were sent to prison in Britain for the nonpayment of money.

s in the flight of birds or insects

ipid operation of machinery of any kind. suitcases hold all the apparatus required.


The Anglo-Persian Oil Agreement DEE the new Anglo-Persian oil agreement

There were never fewer than 1,350 such persons in prison during that period, and the cost to the State of their maintenance was 69,000. This amount was apart from prison upkeep, the salaries of officials, and other relevant expenses.
Roosevelt's Inflation Policy

Persia will get four shillings for each ton oil extracted, irrespective of world prices, ler annual receipts must never sink below 0,000 per annum. The area allotted to Angli- exploitation has been considerably reduced.

California School Buildings

to find out just why it was that so many comparatively new school buildings in the major quake area collapsed while all other modern

"Doosevelt favors inflation. In everyday language, that means that you will get less, considerably less, for your dollar, with no very definite assurance that you will have more dollars to make up for the shortage caused by the lower value of the number of dollars you have



been getting.

going to try


structures stood. Looks as if they had the vrong architect or building inspector, or both.

Postal Deficit postal deficit has averaged a hundred J- million dollars a year for the past six years.

A thousand women

vote of 634 to 568 that they will not bear arms. students who were present at the meeting were not allowed to vote on the

Glasgow Students Will Not Bear Arms CJTUDENTS of Glasgow University, following the example set by those of the Oxford Union and Manchester University, decided by a

mote the wide circulation of newspapers and periodicals as media of education.

some measure to free mail sent out by the government. The low rates on second-class matter are in the nature of a subsidy designed to pro-

This deficit was paralleled by, and may bo charged to, the loss on second-class mail and in

Thirty-Hour Week

JT IS confidently expected that the enactment * of a thirty-hour work-week law will result in
giving employment to 6,000,000 unemployed. This arrangement would result in increased leisure for millions of workers. If wisely employed this leisure time would tend to raise the material and cultural status of the people. Not less work, but better work, more work and better paid work, is the need. There is plenty of work to be done in this world.

Only Way to Bring Them to Terms TXTm. Green, president of the American Fed eration of Labor, says, "We canuot organize the workers in some of the mills in the South because the employers discharge them immediately when they organize, they drive them out, they discriminate against them, they eject them from their homes, and they terrorize them."

Crime Wave

in the Riviera

Third of Brain Removed npWENTY months ago a young woman of * Cleveland, right-handed and therefore using only the left side of her brain, had the right hemisphere of her brain removed. It has left her with complete loss of sense of position of the left arm and leg, and the sense of heat



sensitiveness to touch on that side of the body is also impaired, but no change is discernible personality or intellectual abilities.

care, another cleaned 150,000 francs out of the safe, and another swiped the winning ticket of the Spanish lottery. Moreover, worst of all, six professional gamblers employed by one of the casinos got their heads together and by a conspiracy cleaned out their employer to the extent of 10,000,000 francs. It makes a man feel so sad that he feels like saying Ha! Ha!

m his

big criminals that run the gambling and Monte Carlo are shocked because a night watchman stole a pay roll left

joints at Nice


They Walk On


Setback to German-made Goods


against the Hitler govern-

ment has made it hard to sell in America Gergoods bearing the familiar mark, "Made turning many." As a consequence, buyers are Czechoslovakia, Holland and England to Japan,

Darkness SEVERAL heads of railroads have been vigwages orous in their demands that union a 25-percent reducmust be lowered. They seek



in of the articles hitherto obtained

receive All the executives will continue to salaries: and this is entheir inordinately high which Satan's tirely in keeping with the way in

American Air Service in Argentina American air service in Argentina has Arbecome so reliable that the president of performance bond, on gentina has returned the of the Amerithe proved ability and efficiency travel time between Bu can company. The been cv. Aires and the United States has





in Mississippi





men and women

'idlied'hi Mississr colored person and

y whites and 10 by hose slayers were un-

known. Ther:

70 colored persons^ mur:her colored persons, 58 by dered: 2c' races ,1 20 by unknown slayers. Both wfe" ~Beesa fa beep

seven days.
Borne, Sweet Borne

Katy Locomotive No, -377 Railway Missouri, Kansas and Texas

mothers, some carrying tiny babies, campaign came to Washington by bus to administration's homo for an amendment to the interest mortgage refinancing bill, lowering waiting in the 5 to 3 percent. While


THE regular locomotive No. 377, operating on a

rates from executive office lobby they sang

"Home, Sweet

Kanpassenger run between San Antonio and distance oi total sas City, since 1927 has ran a a 410,000 miles without undergoing more than to the as general overhauling. This is as far

moon and three-fourths

of the

way bacK.

London Loses Some
of lis


God's Bible School, Cincinnati BIBLE SCHOOL, 1810

some of its rum the other day to when flames from a lumber yard spread of the value ot stored a dock whereon was barrels ot it, $45,000,000. The nun, all but 200 burned, and even the water burned, the docks fire and the docks was a mass of liquid



vanilla, Cincinnati, Ohio, offers tea, coffee,


around would have burned a little more quickly than it down British necks and into Britdone if poured did less harm ish stomachs. Probably the rum the it would have done in the way it went than

Island sandwich spread, mayonnaise, Thousand noodles, shell dressing, French dressing, egg mops, macaroni, salt, .even kinds of brooms, Easter cards, pens and pencils, birthday cards, to make mottoes and stationery, and is willing extra trousers. and suits, topcoats, overcoats School the word "God" or "Bible or Just whv with tins proposishould lie used in connection something not made clear. Supposedly,
tion is

was intended

to go.

helps sales.

Morgan Mezzanine


was WHEN Johns-Manville the Morganfamity the market, about 78

stock in and intimate friends were 47i/ , 2 shares at a price of

selling at

Too Long, Too Long, Too Long Ba^xixg, pasReveeexd Doctor Charles F.
tor of the

awarded 340,385 and a group of floor clients were what were termed mezzanine nothawarded 57,5S0 shares at 57%. They had

stock at $2U ing to complain of, as they got the but it must have a share under the market value, made them feel peculiar when they discovered awarded to that six times as much stock as was The dear public at a price $10 less.

them went

is the final


Hill Baptist church, New York Queens, N. Y, is reported in the the church Times as having said: "Too long the laboratory has stood outside the door of Too long Ue waiting for a few crumbs of faith. holding church has stood in the market-place without asking out its hat for a few pennies, wo how those pennies were gained. Too long science and to ministers have been 'yes men' time we declared the whole sysbusiness. It is tem is unchristian."







Effect of the Movies studies of the movies show that when children go the chances are four out of five that they will be entertained with dramas of love, crime, sex or war, and that the tilings which they see have a profound influence on

an Easy Racket"


TN PHILADELPHIA a bogus Catholic priest,

Daniel Gavigan, was given three months in the House of Correction, but as he was led away he said to detectives, "It's an easy racket, one of the best Avays I know to make a living." Wait till they get to leading the rest of them away, and then you will hear something. The racket is just as easy for the ones not yet caught as it is for the one that was jailed. They all lived to*

youthful conduct, leading to delinquency and



House of Morgan SOME idea of the power of the house of Morgan may he gleaned from the fact that memof the


bers of the banking firm are directors of eightynine corporations and banks, including railways, public utilities and insurance companies, with total assets of more than twenty billion


Italian Children Slain



AT LEAST ten Italian children were

or about
into their veins.


May 1 by having antitoxin injected

The Therapic
Institute, at

Winter Sports in Germany

the Zugspitze, in glide on skis for twenty miles, meantime gradually descending 7,000 feet, or about one foot of drop in every sixteen feet of slide. An electric line carries the people to a comfortable hotel only 1,000 feet from the summit. Thousands of people often visit the summit in one day, 14,000 tickets hav-

Germany, AT ONE Bavarian Alps, one may

place in

Naples, where the antitoxin was administered, has been closed, and a general suspension of vaccinations has been ordered throughout Italy. Meantime New York's hard-pressed taxpayers continue to advertise these serums, and the blood streams of their children continue open
to these invasions.



Morgan Favor


the Morgan ON THE favor ofnew issues ofcompany, stock at receive

entitled to

ing been issued in one morning in February.

at three-fourths of one percent, the big fellows offered him six times as much, and when he wanted to borrow $500,000,000 for five years at 2-7/8 percent, he was offered six and one-half times as much as he needed. This was despite the fact that the new issues do not contain the clause that they are payable in gold.

WHEN for ten months 000,000

Uncle Sam's Credit Still Good Uncle Sam wanted to borrow $400,-

market value, were John J. Easkob, Newton D. Baker and William G. McAdoo, of the democratic party chiefs, and Calvin Coolidge, Charles Francis Adams, Charles D. Hilles, Norman H. Davis, C. N. Bliss and Joseph R. Nutt, of the republican party chiefs. The houso of Morgan also had the present secretary of the treasury, William H. Woodin, on the list.
less than their

Governor Pinchot



Governor Pixchox says that no state can afford to allow employers to pay 15-year-old girls as little as 30 cents wages per week. He urges action on the following measures (1) es:

Boycotting the Chicago Fair American Federation of Teachers has received resolutions from scores of teacher organizations in every part of the country stating that they will boycott the Chicago World's Fair because Chicago's teachers have not been paid their wages. It is claimed that the teachers have not been given an even break with other public employees in the matter of partial


tablishment of old age pensions; (2) a system of compulsory unemployment insurance; (3) a
for women and minors ; (4) limitation of working hours; (5) a more stringent prohibition of child labor, including ratification

minimum wage

of the child labor amendment to the Federal Constitution. The governor seems to realize that the people need protection from conscienceless profiteers.

of back salaries. The Chicago teachover $30,000,000 due them. They have ers have staged demonstrations and parades in order to get their pay and have been successful in frightening the authorities into getting together some money for partial payment. San Francisco teachers voted unanimously that they would not attend the fair unless or until Chicago teachers are paid in full.




is like


Brooklyn, N.

The Church Is Sick ttrrtBE church today


sick patient; it

needs to undergo an operation," declared Bev. Frederick H. Bone, of the Delavan Avenue Baptist church, Buffalo. "The church has a throughfever," he further stated, "and its voice out the world has dropped to a whisper." Somethat one should break the news to the pastor
that the church is afflicted with leprosy, and nothing can cure "Organized Christianity".

shipped 111 barrels of hams he into France, all nicely packed in talcum; The French customs labeled them as talcum. to one authorities thought 111 barrels of talcum they opened one of man was a good many, so hams. And the barrels for luck and found the

Talcum Powder on Hams Not a Success



his talcum. so the Italian lost both his hams and sprinkle on little folks Talcum is all right to barrel, hot weather, but on big hams, and by the

mercy, no

Motor Train for Union Pacific IMPRESSED by the loss of passenger travel Pacific to buses and "airplanes, the Union
Railroad is having built a train of three cars, hinged together, with one truck between each at two cars, which it is hoped to drive by motor hour. The train will be a speed of 110 miles an

Another "Religious Test" Case

THE Jew non-kosher meat TOgious. Imagine the embarrassment of Ben




alconstructed of stainless steel or aluminum more than one Pullloys and weigh all told no man sleeping car. The train will be streamlined,

and at

first will

run only by daylight.

proviBi-anl'man, secretary of the biggest kosher when two Desion manufacturers in New York, partment of Health employees, three Department of Agriculture operatives and two orthoof dox rabbis found him supervising the receipt do not know non-kosher briskets of beef. Ben explained the presence of the excom-



municated briskets. Perhaps he


Well Said

Pkesident ANfiELL,

of Yale, speaking on behalf said, "If of Fisk University, for Negroes, conclusivehistory has taught us one thing more cannot permit ly than any other, it is that one illany segment of a population to be snubbed, without treated and deprived of opportunity, paid a having the bill come back home to be which thousandfold, at the hands of the group treatment." indulges in that kind of ungenerous There are 21,000 Negro college graduates in America today.

Mrs. Buck Ought to Know many years a missionary in China, Mrs. but not Pearl S. Buck lost her job as such, can never have done till after she had said: "I people that in with mv apologies to the Chinese have sent such the name of a gentle Christ we ignorant people; people to them. We have sent sent arwe have sent mediocre people, we have people rogant people, we have sent superstitious theowho have taught superstitious creeds and of hungry-hearted ries and have made-the lives and more sad." people wretched


Smith and O'Brien Look Well in Pants Alfred E. Smith, one-time candidate for president on the Roman Catholic ticket, and


to the Real


John O'Brien, mayor of New York city, are a shown in a picture with Cardinal Hayes and Keverend Cicogperson described as the Most papal delegate to Washington. Smith and

AN address at INReverend Doctor

James Memorial Chapel, John Baillie, of Union

Theological Seminary, said

rendered ourselves of Christianity and thus has not had a fair the real thing. Christianity to

"We have inoculated our society with a minute dose immum

not O'Brien both look well in pants. We are them. Hayes certain how they would look without and Cicognani were dressed in skirts. They do bonnets not look well, even though they have know how they and all to match. We do not

been on trial chance in 2.000 years. That which has Christianity at all. The expen all these rears is not been made ment of living in the Christian way has not anything about i and until it is we just don't know Christianity no doubt are true cnou-


would look in pants, and, honestly, we would the rather not have to look to see. Seems as if departpope should overhaul his dressmaking ment and encourage these cardinals and deleadults. gates to adopt the dress of other male

F which has been passing for Christianity. no longer persecutes Christians haps the world Christians. Ask cause there are no longer any
of that

criticisms of

man who

dares to say that the Christian come easy if he has ever tried it."

way has


Auct'ST 1G,





Cold Comfort for Evolutionists T^HE evolutionists comfort one another coldly. -*Thus Dean Inge says: "Our jaws are getting narrower. We are becoming balder. Possibly our sight and hearing are not so good as those of the savage. Certainly our sense of smell is less and we are losing our claws and fur." And he might have added that besides all these sorrows we have evolutionist clergymen who have discredited and defamed the helpless chimpanzees.

Radio Waves from Milky Way CIENTISTS of Bell Telephone Laboratories report mysterious radio waves coming to them from the middle of the milky way, but do not know what these wild waves are saying. Remembering something of the way telephone rates went up and stayed up when everything else was coming down, we can't help but wonder if the wild waves were telling them to raise the rates again and they didn't just have the nerve yet to try to put the deal across.

Church Property Seized in Spain Cortes of Spain have formally approved J- of tbf seizure by the government of all Catholic church property in Spain, estimated as worth at 1 '.000,000. This includes all


"Religious" Test





-.; pal palaces, rectories, seminatheir ornaments, pictures and other




The people paid for these

April 23

in the fin

and are now repossessing them-

selves of them.



voted in

Spain for the



Colorado making unlawful to apply a religious test to applicants for the position of school-teacher. In some quarters there had been discrimination against Catholic applicants. New York has a similar law. It seems the discrimination against Catholics is based upon the position that they owe allegiance to a foreign potentate, the pope, who is not only a religious or ecclesiastical supervisor, but also a temporal sovereign, ruler of Vatican State.

LAW has been passed in

before the findings of Consumers Research, Inc., that besides pure cream, fruit flavor, milk and sugar, the ingredients are also not infrequently dried egg white, dried skim milk, gelatine, artificial color and artificial flavor, all whipped or puffed with air to expand the "ice cream" to double the original volume. Returns of old creams arc worked into the chocolates. Bacillus coli are plentiful in even the most ex-L

The Taste for Ice Cream fPllE taste for ice cream fades somewhat

pensive creams.

in Pittsburgh twelve largest banks in Pittsburgh paid -L more than 22 percent dividends for 1932. In the same year, in the same city, unemployment relief was limited to 90 cents per individual per week. Men who were unemployed for some months were so weak from undernourishment that they could work only a few hours when they got the chance. In the same year Andrew Mellon's Aluminum Company of America gave its preferred stockholders $4,417,875 in dividend checks.

The Depression


Harvey Not Appreciated

B. Harvest, chairman of the United -*-* Forces for Prohibition in Knoxville, was attacked on the floor of the Tennessee state senate because he was reported as having stated that the beer bill could not have passed by the majority it did "withoutthe senate being bought". Said Harvey, "It must have been money that

""Dnv." W.

Uses of a Chaplain

TN AN article in * Colonel Julian

says in part

the Army and Navy Journal E. Yates, chief of chaplains,

"The chaplain is an indispensable factor in the military service from every standpoint. Strategists
him in terms of military advantage. Some commanders go so far as to say of him, 'We count our chaplain as good as a hundred men in a fight, because the men fight so much better when he's with them.' "
like to appraise

bought them out." Senator John Brown, from Shelby, remarked, "I don't know the Rev. W. B. Harvey and I thank God for that. I am not very hot on preachers of any kind." Another senator said, "I want to say that if this gentleman will lay down the legal sword and take up the sword of the Spirit, he'll do much more good for humanity in his field of activity."

said that a soldier partly drunk, but are not sure if that proves anything. Anyway, it seems that the chaplains are rated high as goreit


have also heard

fights better

when he







Bbooextk, K.


Gog Busy

from an Australian paper dated ** May 21 "provides that no person shall distribute any printed or typed or written matter whatsoever unless authorized in writing by the Commissioner of Police". This holds good in the Sydney domain. The people are still allowed to breathe without getting a permit from the
commissioner, but how much longer that will be permitted before the clergy or other interested persons undertake its suspension is a matter of guesswork.


in Australia

Mill Owners Fight Unions secretary for the Central Labor Union -1at High Point, N. C, was recently kidnaped, taken six miles into the country, beaten with a rubber hose, bound and forced to swallow a quart of castor oil, by agents of the textile mill owners. The "castor oil treatment" is popular with the Mussolini regime, and makes the victim deathly sick. The Union official recognized one of the terrorists and also noted the license number of one of the kidnapers' automobiles, and so informed the authorities. The authorities, however, were afraid to take action.



World Bankruptcy in Sight world has just as much available raw

material as before,


New Cathedral

crops are larger than

ever, it has millions of willing but unemployed workers, it lacks nothing whatever to make

mankind comfortable, happy and prosperous. But Secretary Hull says that the world as a whole will gravitate toward bankruptcy unless something can be done. He is right. The most prosperous business is bound to be wrecked when rim by obstinate, blind and inveterate

New York

Edison Company

is a great city in which there arc many homeless, and many more housed in dwellings that are unfit for human habitation. It is about to have one of the most magnificent Roman Catholic cathedrals ever erected. The Liverpool Post and Mercury tells of the preparations for laying the corner stone. First a bishop blesses salt and water, then mixes them and sprinkles the place where the altar will stand. while the choir sings one Latin song andoneLatin psalm. Then the bishop prays and blesses the first stone. Then there are a number of invoca-


of New York sought better rates from the J NewYork Edison Company, it came out in the hearings that the administrative employees' salaries are 40 percent higher this year than

TK7EE& the Retail

Dry Goods Association

but the rank and file of employees have had what amounted to an 8 percent cut in pay. This general system of raising the big fellows and cutting the little ones seems to run all through present American business methods. How does that system appeal to you?

and two more prayers. Then the stone is sprinkled with "holy water". Then a cross is scratched on each of its six sides. Then th< bishop prays. Then the litanies are sung. The:, the bishop prays. Then the corner stone is carried to the place where it is to be lowered. Then

to take

Facts in Hitler's Career

was born and lived in a small Austrian village, Branau, whence came several of the world's prominent spirit mediums, among them Willy and Rudy Schneider. Erik Jan Hanussen, one of Europe's best known clairvoyants, years ago predicted the rise of Hitler to power. Hanussen's real name was Steinschneidcr he is said to have been of Jewish extraction. His bullet-riddled body was found in the woods early in April. In the pockets of Ivar Kreuger were receipts signed by Hitler himself, showing that Kreuger furnished some of the funds used by him in his rise to power.

doli'h Hitler

another Latin psalm is sung. Then the bisho] puts his hand on the stone and says that he is about to set it. Then the stone is lowered. Then it is sprinkled with "holy water". Then the bishop blesses the foundations. Then he sprinkles "holy water" around the entire site, but he halts twice on the way to say special prayers. Meantime the choir sings two more Latin psalms Then the bishop prays. Then another Lati: song is sung. Then the bishop prays twice mor-r and finally imparts his blessing. Wo don't knov just what is included under the numerous invocations and the unstated number of litanies, mr somehoAv, in spite of the two songs, four psalms four blessings, four sprinklings, six crosses an nine prayers, we don't feel quite easy about thithing. Will the new cathedral, which will built with money wrung from the poor, be haven for the homeless and moneyless? Loo as if the bishop himself did not feel quite sure else why so many prayers?





No Way


Loss of Revenue Causes Terrible Immorality (?) Brooklyn Tablet expresses grave concern over conditions in Mexico. It seems that the Catholic youth, and in fact the people in general, being temporarily deprived of the ''religions worship'' of the Catholic church, are turning to all kinds of nameless vices. Evidently t3 igkras instruction" these youths re^d from the priests before the latter periled themselves out of the country was not ._ kind. When the cat is away, the II play. Or it may be that the "religious ihe Mexican people have sudden_oilingly sensitive to "immoraliDefore were passed over with indul doubt the American public will know e the propaganda which the Catholic in getting into the papers, and


Look but Up appealing cartoon the Nashville Ten* nessean compares the spirit of 1928 with that of 1933. The 1928 man is insanely rushing after the mirage of the $ sign ahead of him, not seeing the chasm into which he is about to plunge. In he goes, into a great pit labeled "The Depression". Stunned and bruised, he gropes along the wall of his circular prison, finding no way of escape. Finally he does the only thing left to do. He looks up, no longer aspiring to see the almighty dollar, but to see the hand of the Almighty Father, which alone can lift him out. The title of the cartoon is "When We're at the Bottom There's No Way to Look but Up".




in its


Vaticam Treaty to Sell Gambling Stock



few watd

gambling joint on earth in which the Vatican ^rolling interest. Business for some leeaosd. American suckers have been zaonious. Not long ago a night

( M :>nte Carlo,



lele a pay roll left in his care, aned 150.000 francs out of the safe, and ed the winning ticket of the Spanthis was hard enough on a poor

School-Teachers Attend Mass TX7"HY a special mass for public school teach ers as such should be considered necessary by the Roman church is not altogether clear, but it seems to justify the opposition many Americans show to the idea of having Catholics teach in the public schools. There was an attendance of 1500 of these teachers at the ninth annual mass held for their special benefit in the St. Augustine church, Brooklyn. These teachers are reported as interested in "the religious instruction of public school children". The pope, as is well known, is hostile to public schools. Then why a special mass for Catholic public school teachers?


:nbrose, but the climax


Events of Spanish Interest

whei on fa
elea the t of last

onal gamblers that he depended - got their heads together and

SPAIN is much in the public eye. By a vote in

the Cortes of 278 to 50 no teaching may be done by the 80,000 monks and nuns, after this year. The $500,000,000 of churches and church treasures was nationalized. The pope excommunicated everybody, and everybody was glad he did. The Socialist ambassador to Germany


head of their establishment to .000,000 francs. This was half



load Brit

Scores of the losers at on the grounds every year. awnts the Vatican was trying to unr__ ."!:._' stock on a British duke and a per magnate. All this is very !r:g so soon, you know, after the pped open the "Holy Door" with "It Gold Hammer', and after Judge Ruthide

was recalled by request, and when a German ship came into Barcelona harbor flying the Nazi
swastika emblem, the Spaniards refused to unload it. Alfonso wired his son not to marry the girl of his choice, and told him if he did he could never be king of Spain, but his mother also wired him and told him to go right ahead, for the king business is up anyway, and the son obeyed his mother. Alfonso insists on proving to all Spaniards that the people of the country made no mistake when they chased him over the Pyrenees. The Roman Catholic church hopes to put him back on the throne and that shows that they haven't any more sense than he has.

to select his best man question that Ambrose represents on earth his highn reat big sure-enough Devil himself. Meantime the "Holy Year" is getting under way in good shape. Mussolini has served notice that he prefers that the ambassador from the United States to Italy shall not be a Roman Catholic. Motion-picture records are being made of all the principal events of the

d challenged him


The System by Which Erie


Clever Arrangement

milE system by ^Wch

the people

ottbe eny

inspector's teacher received the


AaSStod Gas and Electric

Corporation winch

Sri the right hand were called upon


fox an-

j pt^







paid by the householder of Ashtabula.

in the near-D}


anv paper we know of, as of God's kmgdon resist the estabUshment recently pubworld, has the one hope of the that we are articles admitting Shed a seris of

** *** Scfcool 2W, which and does has resisted


Machine Gns /or tfte ffnffr Tr IS best for the 15,000,000


living in the times of J* * *** >**?



said there ymLAU

Tf TJ tllf^^^^^^^^ T ^n^tund^etS^on:

that are out of work ^impat ent if they least not to get too g ry, or at so as Troops have been shifted r Pt hvmTY. trouble -case of instantly availa blc in w~ p in an\ v avanuuu: to or centers of population "of the great the shift heThe way or industrial areas.


the United

W have that significance,

, ,

c C au


nn wav "no i sure to "com This auy otler route are vain. the prophet, the statement of

Armageddon out": in other words, deliverance by and all hopes of

:oiive.yo mi-

Itll have no way

to flee,

The sliepncrub the principal of nor



method ot distriouuun ui ^^t been weeded have becn weedcd out "Black' Plan. Radicals P trouble starts anywhere of tnt a rmv and if funerals. there will be numerous
Nazi Revolution

Jeremiah 2o do. the flock to escape."

in tierthe Nazi revolution


1/'within which three within wniCll liU-CC xvithin wnicn ui

nta the salary of the president increased by L to Issumnce Society was president of SfnOO a vear, the salary of the


Ll^pontan Life

mtmm ^^yyears the great life inytcno . oj assistance

Thc biggcst thing in th


not been the poht

of the Equi-


a year, and the s^arytf New York Life Insuiance the president of the



* !*3


not surprising that they follow the course they

Samuel Rothstein Runs Away Again

Simttel BoTHSTEisr, 104 years of age, has run away again. This is the third time that he has collected his things and sneaked out of the Home of Old Israel. Once he was out when the
thermometer showed 88 degrees. He went in swimming with some younger boys and had to be pulled out. This last time he was out live hours. He stepped into a synagogue, and the rabbi wormed it out of him that he was a runaway and that is how they got him. Samuel is a good boy usually. The only thing about him is that he will run away.

The Radio Announcer and the Chief Justice A BATHER comical incident happened in * Washington on March 4. Chief Justice Hughes, with hand upraised and ready to administer the oath of office to Mr. Roosevelt, had
to wait until the radio

announcer Edwin C. Hill

had announced to all the world what the chief justice was doing, or rather what he was about
to do. It is the first time a chief justice of the

Supreme Court and an incoming dictator at that, have had to wait


president, a
until a radio

You Cannot Blame the Boys

year there are just twice as many boy criminals in New York city as last year. "Juvenile delinquency is increasing," said District Attorney Thomas C. T. Crain. "Youth is the most persistent violator of law. The need for the development in the young of moral fiber was never more urgent than now." All this talk about moral fiber is so much ballyhoo. Children and grown-ups act upon what they believe. Having wrong, misleading and superstitious ideas


announcer had finished with his spiel. But. so the world in which we live today. Argentina,

Australia and Europe reported clear reception.


presented to them by word and example,

it is

National Wealth of the United States National Industrial Conference Board J- estimated that the national wealth of the United States in 1920 was $488,700,000,000; in 1929 it was $362,000,000,000, and in 1932 it was $247,000,000,000. These estimates do not consider stocks and bonds, but are estimates of tho value of the physical assets upon which the stocks and bonds are based.
|l ll( lilt II II . >, II II II 111 II II ||l

n II

1 1 II l| ill II II II . |i It


1 I it it it

it ii ii

ink 1 inn n n ii

What Started All This?

speech which the religionists


.AVE that IT the pretext for a great controversy?


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human governments which have



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People's Free Radio Essential to

Liberties The Federal Octopus Glimpse at the Devil's^ World
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SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL What a Land Is the Great U.S.A. 395

Illumination of Schoolrooms . Makes 50 Any Way You Figure It Tlie Golden Calf Lynchings Greatly Increased
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Prison Comforts May Teach Their


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South M'ican matte r at Brooklyn, Entered as second-class

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Act o( March







Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday, March 28, 1934

Number 379

League of Nations- Anglo -Papal Conquest of the U.

conquest bankers are more powerful than bullets. Propaganda is many more times effective than machine guns. It is not our business to keep the United States out of the




Mr. John A. Kennedy, writing in the New York American of



1934, says of this propa-

ganda scheme (and we doubt if even he begins to see the magnitude of the stakes for which Britain and

past two hundred years it has had extensive experience in India in governing twenty or more native states representing a conglomeration of
peoples, religions and interests that is equaled in complexity only by the League of

League of Nations, but

it is


hierarchy are playing)

our business to expose the crooked bunch that is trying to inveigle this country into it. There is more to this issue than even the legislators at Washington have seemed to

most comprehensive propaganda machine ever set up In America Is now engaged In an effort to force the United States into the League of Nations and Its World Court, a survey discloses. Backed by funds of approximately
*16,000,000, It Is reaching out In an effort to control public opinion through schools,
libraries, colleges,


Nations which meets at Geneva.

Early in the war Britain conceived the idea of getting all nations into the conflict

The League of

is the Devil's counfor God's kingdom. Thus this is more than a question of mere 'entanglements by foreign alliances'. It is


churches and civic and professional organizations on the subject of American participation In International


it Is


Its effect In

ington where a flood of petitions, seeking ratification of the League Court, are being received by the Senate.
Internationalists in that body are seek, ing immediate action on the Court at this session of Congress.


and having a league of nations at its close which would be dominated by Great Britain. The idea of a league
of nations did not originate
in the

United States, though

one in which each legislator comes into responsibility before his Maker. Hence we
ble, the

was often mentioned here. Wluttier had a poem about it, and he had been dead for

here set ourselves to prove, as briefly as possifollowing facts :

i.e., the international bankers, are back of the League of


The British government,

twenty-seven years. In the year 1918, before the war was ended, the National Committee of the Churches on the Moral Aims of the War prepared a brochure


The Federal Council of Churches

league with the British government, (3) The Eoman Catholic hierarchy is supporting the Federal Council of Churches. (4) The National Broadcasting Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System are in league with the Federal Council of Churches and the Catholic hierarchy.

is in

The Idea of a League of Nations

In 1511, again in 1538, and again in the seventeenth century there were what were called Holy Leagues" of nations. The British government was not in any of those leagues. In the


and other orprogram." In England Premier Lloyd George, former Premier Asqmth, Viscount Bryce, Viscount Grey, Arthur J. Balfour, the archbishop of Canterbury, and hundreds
ganizations, have declared in favor of the

of the world economic betterment and education for self-government." -The co-operation of the Allies has been the world's most successful experiment in brotherhood " In England the powerful British Labor Party, the Anglican and free churches, business

Through the Churches, 70 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. It stated, among other things, that "the time has arrived when the free nations must undertake the orderly development

"League of Nations Outlined for DisThis work was copyrighted by The World Conference for International Friendship




Brooklyn, N. T.


of other prominent men and women in all walks of arc ardent advocates of a league of nations.

"Great Britain Is the League"

World War is well known. President Wilson was the spokesman

What happened

after the

for the League of Nations, put forward


General Jan Smuts and Great Britain's hand that shaped the covenant and the Treaty of Versailles.
others, hut it

by himwas

time was 800,000 copies per day, and in addition many extra copies were printed and distributed. Thus Britain had notice served upon it at its very seat of government. Shortly thereafter millions of copies of that same address were distributed freely from house to house throughout the United States. The president and other members of the government at Washington were personallv served with copies therethereto

Under the terms, five of the belligerents among the Allies, Great Britain, France, Italy,
Japan, and the United States, were in the first class of belligerent powers, i.e., the class with general interests. Germany was forced to sign the treaty June 28, 1919. Great Britain ratified in 33 days, but it took Italy 101 days, France 107 days, and Japan 124 days to ratify. The United States has not yet ratified, but desperate efforts are being made to cause it to do so. The reason why Great Britain was so prompt to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League of Nations is that the League is Britain's own child, the agency through which it hopes to govern the entire world throughout the future as it has governed India in the past. In the London Daily Express, April 30, 1931, appears in bold-face type a truth which to the editor of the Daily Express required no argument. It merely said, "Great Britain is the League. We are its one great strength." In May, 1926, Judge Eutherford himself told the British government that very thing to its face. Speaking to an audience that packed out the huge Royal Albert Hall, London, he said:

Of the 57 member states of the League of Nations, seven are Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Irish Free State, New Zealand, and South Africa. The population of Australia is the same as that of Ohio ; that of Canada a little more than that of Pennsylvania; New Zealand has less than Connecticut; the Irish Free State has less than Indiana and there are twice as many whites in the little state of New Jersey as there are in the Avhole Union of South Africa. Great Britain itself has a population equal to that of New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio, which states include about 40 percent of the population of the United


was and is the idea of British statesmen if and when the United States joins this League of Nations it must come in on the same basis as, let us say, New Zealand. The only


difference is to be that the United States shall have a ehromo, i.e., be a permanent member of
the council.

Federation of Churches Is the Tool

Ilcre we prove point (2), The Federal Council of Churches is in league with the British government. In January 1919 the august body of ecclesiastics composing the council of the church federation issued the following blasphemous proclamation:
time has come to organize the world for truth, and humanity. To this end as Christians we urge the establishment of a League of Free Nations at the coming Peace Conference. Such a league is not

No one

will attempt to

deny that the British world

the earthly agency that was responsible for the formation of the League of Nations compact. The

Empire is the very bulwark thereof. Let Britain ivithdraw and there ivill he, no League of Nations. But who is primarily responsible for the League of Nations compact? Is it formed and does it exist by divine right and authority? I answer, No. The Devil is its father, the British Empire is its mother, and the other nations which support it are its wet nurses. At this time the advocates of the League of Nations are desperately striving to unite its belligerent members. With fear and trembling they see that unholy offspring of Satan headed for perdition, even


right, justice

merely a peace expedient

2)ressi6n of the

it is

rather the political exearth.

. .

kingdom of God on


church can give a spirit of good will, without which no League of Nations can endure."

as the Lord foretold.

Revelation 17


The day following Judge Rutherford's address the Daily Neivs of London, one of the leading newspapers, carried a full report thereof the regular, circulation of that paper at that

which the British government has using to coax the United States into the League of Nations is the Federal Council of Churches. We present herewith excerpts from the annual reports of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America



used and








"We have repeatedly urged all the members of the churches to write strongly worded letters to their senators urging them to take a stand in favor of the ratification of the League Covenant, to urge their
friends to write to their senators and for the local world alliance to send a strong resolution to the senators and to Mr. Lodge, the chairman of the foreign relations committee." ... "A prayer on the League of Nations was prepared and distributed among the preachers of the country. This prayer was read from the pulpits of many churches." . . . "Throughout the whole year we have urged the preachers of the United States to present in sermons and in classes the

Protestant denominations were enlisted, and through the church peace union and the world alliance the Roman Catholics and Jews were brought in so that the national committee on the churches and the moral aims of the war may be said to be probably the most representative committee that has ever attempted to speak in America for the totalreligious life of our people. When the war came to a victorious end, we were at once faced with the necessity of setting to work to help build a new world order in which the repetition of such a disaster to civilization would be

great idea of the League of Nations. It is estimated that we have reached fully ten million people in our campaign." From the Report of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ for 1919.

made forever impossible. "Report for 1920, page 160. "The commission on international justice and good will has never had a year when its opportunities and
tasks were so great. Immediately following the conference on limitation of armaments came the question of informing the public with regard to its achievements and their significance and of securing public sentiment to bring about the ratification of the treaties. This was carried on by our-usual procedure, through communications sent to the local council of churches and to the secular and religious members, a

for the future is in the League of Nations. This is the one worth-while definite thing that has come out of the war. The call for our nation to enter this league and help make it a really effective instrument for righting

"The Supreme Hope for the Future" "The League of Nations. The supreme hope

mass meeting in Washington and a special letter sent to all local churches in the constituency

wrong and adjusting



call that

national difficulties is the greathas ever been given to the church

of the Federal Council. This letter was sent out by the church peace union together with similar communications

in all its history. The peace of the world and the hope for humanity rest upon the proper strengthening and functioning of the League. " . . "There is one clear

from the National Catholic Welfare Council


the two national organizations of Jewish rabbis." Report for 1922.


incisive call to the

Churches of Christ in America

and that is the call for co-operamen and women of good will to the end that our nation may speedily and heartily become a part of this great, international enterprise."
at the present time, tion on the part of

Willing to Accept



The clergy have shown with unanimity that

they do not desire God's kingdom, for which Jesus taught us to pray, and that they are will-

... "Of the nation as of the individual it is true that the way of love and trust is the way of salvation and that he that would be greatest must be servant of all. welcome, therefore, the development of a league of nations which shall be in truth an association of free peoples for the achieving of world peace, for mutual disarmament and for constructive


any substitute for it. Everybody knows that the various peace conferences in Europe have been a succession of dreary failures. The Watchtower (edited by Judge Rutherford), in its issue of July 15, 1923,
says on this point:

ing, nay, eager, to accept

upon our own nation to join with other nations in moving along this new pathway of hope."Report for 1920, pages 157, 158, and 313.

and we

Catholic Hierarchy Supports Federation

Point (3) charges, The Roman Catholic hierarchy is supporting the Federal Council of Churches. This is a hard point, but, if yon are hard to convince, read the following excerpts
"Before the Paris Covenant was published this committee had edited and published a series of six lessons on the League of Nations, which were distributed to the churches and about one hundred thousand copies were used. The entire work cost about one hundred thousand dollars, and through the commission on international justice and good will all the lead-

"When the League of Nations compact was formulated in 1919, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America called upon the people of the earth to support it and hailed it as the savior of mankind, employing the statement 'It is the political expression of God's kingdom on earth.' The American people repudiated the League of Nations at the polls ; but the professional politicians, big business and big preachers

are still trying to inveigle the people of this land into the League. A press dispatch from Washington under date of May 31, 1923, says

'A call to 125,000 congregations in America to rally to tho support of President Harding's proposal that the United States enter tho Permanent Court of International Justice was issued here today by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in Ameriea. With the Federal Council are affiliated thirty communions with an adult membership of more than 20,000,000





Beooki.yk, N. V.

few years ago there was a campaign put on by 140,000 clergymen of the United States to force the United States into the League of
Nations. .We continue with citations from the annual reports of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America in further confirmation, showing that in the years since the war the Federal Council has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Instead of putting its hope in God and in His Word, it is putting it in men in whom nobody any longer has any confidence whatever.

which convened on January 21st and continued until April 22nd. In this conference the churches of the United States took keen interest. During the autumn of 1929 the Federal Council conferred with the archbishop of Canterbury and the outstanding leaders of the British free churches and agreements were reached to observe Sunday January 19th as a

day of prayer. The evangelical churches of France and Japan were also invited to join in observspecial

prophecies of Micah and Isaiah at last begin Mighty nations are actually scrapping weapons that cost them hundreds of millions. These are epochal days in the history of the


ing the day. Christian people in all these lands welcomed that significant gathering of statesmen and followed its proceedings with prayer until it closed. When it appeared that the conference was in danger of adjourning without an agreement having been reached, the administrative committee, on February
28th, expressed its earnest

receive fulfilment.

kingdom of God."

"Disarmament Sunday was

widely observed in every part of the land. In response to the same appeal, a petition to President Harding was signed by 22,500 clergymen of all denominations."

delegation at the way to translate into fact the spirit of President Hoover's address on Armistice Day, 1929, in which lie will reduce our naval strength in proporsaid, tion to any other. ' ' Having said that it only i-emains

hope 'that the American London Naval Conference will find the



Report for 1921.


statement was issued by the Government after the conference was over stating that of the thirteen million letters, telegrams and other requests which came to the government, urging a reduction of armaments in some form, more than twelve million boi-e on their face evidence of having come from people who were thinldng of the


well known, an

for the others to say how low they will go. It cannot be too low for us. 'Report for 1930.


"The heads


more than twenty denominations

Report for 1924. problem in religious terms. "Before the war closed the churches with practical unanimity were calling for the formation of a league of nations in which justice, fair dealing and security would be assured to all alike, great and small, powerful and weak. "When the concrete plan, however, came to our people, in the treaty of Versailles, and became a decisive political issue, the churches and the Federal Council ceased to urge American membership in the League." Report for 1928. "Fifty -three nations, including the United States, have renounced war as an instrument of national policy. They have agreed that the settlement of all disputes 'shall never be sought except by pacific means.' The churches rejoice in this great moral victory. "When the proposal for a renunciation of war treaty was first made by Mr. Briand, the members of our churches were quick to respond. From pulpits and pews there was voiced a strong desire that the United


of the Federal Council in churches and allied religious organizations the observance of Sunday, November 8th, as a special day of prayer in the interest of world peaee and the reduction of armaments. From many pulpits and pews the prayer was offered 'that the governments represented at the disarmament conference may succeed in so scaling down armaments and armament budgets as to enable them to give greater

joined with the


to the

attention to the spiritual, social and humanitarian needs of their respective peoples.' " Report for 1931.

Federal Council Makes a Good Tool

known that England gets along in playing peoples of one race and reliIndia by gion against peoples of another race and religion. For this reason, and because the Anglican church is part and parcel of the British Empire, it more readily occurs to British statesmen to make use of a church organization for political purposes than it would to some American statesIt is well


States co-operate with other nations in putting away forever the instruments of war. When the pact was finally negotiated 180,000 members and friends of the various communions in the United States signed the

Anyone who

will carefully consider the fore-

memorial prepared and distributed by the commission petitioning the Senate to ratify the treaty."

going citations from the Federal Council's annual reports will observe that the only reason why the Federal Council lias remained silent some of the time in recent years on the subject of the United States' joining the League of Nations has been of a political nature. the change in political leadership March 4, 1933, the hopes of Great Britain and of the Federal Council of Churches that the United

Report for 1929.

British Connections of Federal Council "The outstanding event of the year in the movement for world peace was the London Naval Confer-



28, 193-1




States could be inveigled into the League were revived and strengthened. The new attempt to get the United States in is not made under the name of the Federal Council of Churches, but under the name of the League of Nations Association, Inc. But the names back of the association, Raymond B. Fosdiek, president, and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, chairman of the Council, reveal that the persons who are interested in getting the United States into the League of Nations now are the same people who were interested in getting it into the League fifteen years ago. The following is a portion of the account of the new movement to crowd the United States in as it appeared in the New York Times of February 15, 1934:

contribution to peace by stating the tenns under which memberslup would be possible; and by appointing in the meantime an official diplomatic representative to the

League of Nations

to participate in its de-

At the bottom of the signature sheet inquiry, clear across the sheet
"In a world
as dark as this,



why blow

out the only

light there is?"

the outside of the petition sheet or folder, is more than twice the size it needs to be for the number of names contained, appears the following letter, and it will be observed that those who have written the letter are so deeply impressed with what they regard as their wise saying that they have repeated it




Nation-wide plea to be made for naming of an official delegate to Geneva. Is backed by 15 groups. 1,000,000 signa hires sought for request for statement of terms of membership. Immediate appointment by the United States of an official representative to the League of Nations is urged in a petition just started which is to be circulated throughout the nation by fifteen organizations interested in world peace.



National Headquarters 6 East 39th Street, New York, N. Y.


B. President


Acting Driector

B. Nichols Treasurer


Friends of the League of Nations:




will be presented to President

Roosevelt as soon as
also asks that the

contains 1,000,000 signatures,


government define the specific terms under which the United States might be willing to accept membership in the League. The League of Nations Association, of which Raymond B. Fosdiek is president and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler chairman of the council, started the movesent several thousand copies of the pebranches of the participating organizations in every State in the Union.
tition to

Our generation has witnessed the attempt to build a new instrument of social control, a new type of collective machinery, based on the belief that in a world economically and politically interdependent old ideas
of isolation must give way to a realistic ternational consultation and teamwork.

method of


ment and has

The Appeal Itself The petition sheets provide for twenty


natures each beneath the following heading: We, CITIZENS OF THE UNITED ST"ATES, Anxious to avoid war and organize peace, in which
prosperity can thrive, Believing that the collective system of the world community which includes the Kellogg-Briand Pact (Pact of Paris) to which the United States is a party, and the League of Nations, can best prevent war, Mindful of the fact that the United States is participating in many activities of the League of Nations,

In this moment of nationalist reaction we need to be reminded that it takes faith and patience to develop a community of the nations of the world. No new social institution is ever born to its maximum strength or has gone forward without occasional threats of a return to the old order. The cause of the League of Nations today is more vital than at any time since its founding. As President Roosevelt so clearly pointed out in a recent speech, "the old policies, alliances, combinations and balances of power have proved themselves inadequate for the preservation of world peace." We believe that the alternative to such a procedure is the League machinery.

At the present moment there are two currents of public opinion maldng for closer American relationship with the League of Nations. Since it is a definite
policy of our Government to give open cooperation to the League, many citizens wish that this relationship could be regularized and increased by the appointment

of an


diplomatic representative.

that without the privilege of membership in the League the United States is placed at a disadvantage, and the moral integrity of the world com-


Also, there is increasing discussion as to the terms on which the United States might become a full member of the League. This discussion has been given im-

munity is weakened, Urge that the United States reinforce the League's

petus by the movement throughout the world for a revision of the Covenant. If such revision were to be

Brooklyn, N.T.



broadcast programs that these chain companies and


pctittontnd return it promptly?



those of your friend*


(Signed) b



B. Fosdick President

money religious systems without hem more to price, are willing f will aUo* only such and time on the same basis, as tbey material to be broadcast "religious" detail, will be.made in approve. This evidence, moment, this is to Congress. At the available any detail. not the place for it in to put it The way matters now stand, backers MJg of the the bankers, the international








broadcasting systems, the financially, the United States

same ones^who ruined



The Community of


the . pral Council of Churches, British government of the ft e regions wing yestabRoman hierarchy is sufficed Couuci [he the Federal U bed from the reports of portions especially those herein published, italics which we have printed in worked with the FedNot only has the pope to eral Council of ChriHfcM last tail, League of Nations, but States into the Italy threatened YaueanVeu-spaper departed and unieiiaDiircy -'tt cor-rptivoness. evasiveness

sen-ants of the Djvfl, 'J;,-,,* ,"" they are looiung ioiw* *nti#i R0V . lhe R tish gov world, can control the whole financed by the Roman hierarchy,

f ~-~


S ment and ^^internat^albanlce^^hap^n sharing m the anticipation of



has been the United States toi Devils substitute J of Nations, the League earth. thP kingdom of God on Church erovfd hat The fif. Business and Big Nabjn as League



advertising the

ta *-*-;


have no excuse for to tne referred to hunself and

iail n uuul

Lan Cathoiie,

and the

United method of bringing the work out pressure must necessarily their joint advantage. to the Hierarchy's

Bgg-*- States **

Geographic Theater

under and telescope, whether


&l^a^r h SSS


aeenas to he a




Shall Discrimination, Censorship,

and Interference of Radio Continue,

1, 1934.

or a Square Deal?
(Speech of Hon. Louis T. MeFadden, of Pennsylrania, in tlte House of Ecprosentatives, Thursday, March From the Congressional Record)

McFaddest. Mr.the

attention of the

Mr. Chairman, I want to call House to a bill I intro-

at the next session of Congress. I say this subject must be dealt with fully now to prevent

duced on March 9, 1933, House Kesolution 19, which is pending before the Rules Committee, proposing that the House authorize the appointment of a select committee of seven men to examine into the present radio situation. I have repeatedly asked the Chairman of the Rules Committee for a hearing on the bill but I have had no response. The country is thoroughly aroused upon this subject, aud wants
full action at once.

further entrenchment of selfish interests.

In remarks I made on the floor of the House on the 31st of January I called attention to the political censorship of radio. During the present year very important elections are to take
place; the full membership of the House is to be elected and one third of the Senate. If radio

Likewise, on the 14th of February of this year I introduced a resolution following some re-

marks which I made on the floor of this House on January 31 last in regard to discrimination, censorship, and interference of radio. Radio broadcasting calls for a "new deal" "a fair

during this summer is to be controlled parti sanly, it means something to the membership of this House and the country. Likewise the question of international relations will be discussed all during this year, and if this present censorship referred to is to keep off the air broadcasts that are in opposition to their views it means partisanship a plenty.

a fair bill ; it deals squarely with the question of polities, religion, and education by radio. The gentleman from Texas, Mr. Raybuius", Chairman of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, following the message of the President, has introduced a bill proposing to establish a new bureau called the "Bureau of Communications." This bill proposes to take from the Interstate Commerce Commission supervision of the radio and put it under the jurisdiction of the new Commission, which will supervise telegraph, telephone, and
bill is

new deal." This

One phase of censorship which has been set up by the chain broadcasting associations, which control 80 percent, directly and indirectly, of the broadcasting of the United States, is to assume
censor all religious talks that may take place over the radio. The N.B.C. have vested the censorship in the so-called "Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America" under the guise of its religious contribution to the radio audience, whereas it is used as a smoke screen to prevent other programs of wide public interest to be given beeause the latter may be considered to be inimical to its own selfish interests. This policy applies not only to religious programs but to political and educational programs as well. And they are permitting James J. Farley, Postmaster General and chairman of the Democratic Committee, to censor political broadcasts, and the Columbia System are cooperating in the political censorship. I submit that the so-called "Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America" do not represent all the God-fearing people in the "United States, nor does the Democratic Party possess all the God-fearing people. And the American people have certain vested rights as to what they shall hear over the radio. It is a well-known fact that the so-called "Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America" are' working in cooperation with many other organizations in paeifistic movements in the United States, going so far as to voice their cooperation in matters pending before Congress,


At the other end of the Capitol Senator Dill has introduced a bill, S. 2910, quite similar. I now call attention to the present censorship,


indirectly, in radio broadcasting.

have been introduced at the instance of the President to conform to his message do not deal clearly with the question of censorship. If the Rayburn-Dill bills are to become law, the subjects covered my bill, H.R. 798G, should be included therein. The two major chain broadcasting systems have a self-established censorship policy, which includes politics, education, and religion. In this they are attempting to tell the American people what they shall
bills that

The two

hear and what they shall not hear. The attention

of the membership of the House is directed to the fact that these two bills propose that this new commission, when it is organized, shall make a study of all phases of broadcasting and report



Brooklyn, N. Y.

such as their opposition to the recent Vinson naval hill; likewise, their opposition will be voiced against the Anny appropriation bill; and at the present time, they are cooperating in the program to have this country join the League of Nations and adherence to the World Court. In fact, this censorship is being used to involve the United States in international affairs. I hope in answer to a request made of the chairman of the radio committee of the House (which is the Merchant Marine, Fisheries, and Radio Committee) that they are going to give some consideration and a hearing on my bill. I want the membership of the House to un-

derstand that my bill is necessary, pending the putting into operation fully of the President's plan as represented by the Rayburn-Dill bill establishing a new commission of communications, and I am now requesting the chairmen of
three committees that they give consideration to the subject covered in my bill No. 7986, which is as follows

the Radio Act of 1927, approved February 23, 1927, as amended (44 Stat. H62). Be it enacted by the Senate and Bouse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Radio Act of 1927, approved February 23, 1927, as amended (44 Stat. 1162), is amended by the addition of two new sections to follow section 28 of said Act (44 Stat. 1172), said new sections to read as follows: person, persons, company, association, or corporation
bill to


owning and operating a radio broadcasting station, and receiving and broadcasting radio programs for hire, shall discriminate in the use of such station in favor of a program of speech sponsored by any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office, and/or by any religious, charitable, or educational company, corporation, association, or society or any other like association or society, and against or to the exclusion of another person who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office, or of another religious, charitable, or educational company, corporation, laws association, or society chartered or licensed under the


of the United States, because and for the reason that such person, religious, charitable, or educational company, corporation, association, or society holds and promulgates and advocates views contrary to those expressed in programs that have been broadcast. The owner, lessee, or operator of any broadcasting station contracting for or accepting and broadcasting radio programs for one legally qualified candidate for a public office, and for one class of religious, chariassociation or table, or educational company, corporation, and broadsociety, and refusing to contract for or to accept broadcast cast for hire radio programs of speech offered for or by another legally qualified candidate for a public office, bv any other religious, charitable, or educational company, corporation, association, or society within the provisions of legally this section, because or for the reason that such educaqualified candidate, or such religious, charitable, or holds or tional company, corporation, association, or society promulgates a contrary or different view from that which is expressed by the person or parties broadcasting programs, All shall be deemed guilty of an unlawful discrimination. and persons, companies, corporations, or associations owning operating a radio station who shall be guilty of a misdemeanor nor more shall be punished by a fine of not less than $500 than $5,000, and in addition thereto may be required to forfeit the license for operating such broadcasting station. "No person, persons, company, association, society, or corporation shall by threats, or by coercion, or by misrepresenprevent, tation, or any other like manner interfere with or of or attempt to interfere with or prevent, the broadcasting any radio program by any owner, lessee, or operator of any radio broadcasting station; or interfere with or attempt to interfere with, or to prevent any owner, lessee, or operator of any radio broadcasting station from entering into a conassociation, tract with another person, persons, company, broadcast prosociety, or corporation, to accept, receive, and grams of speech and music by radio. No person, persons, company, association, society, or corporation shall induce or attempt to induce any person, persons, company, association, financial supsociety, or corporation to withdraw business or staport 'or social intercourse from any radio broadcasting broadcasting tion, or the owner, lessee, or operator of any radio or in station in the ubo and operation of such radio station broadthe broadcasting of any and all programs offered to be station. Any cast, or which may be broadcast at any such person, persons, association, society, or corporation violating punishable by this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor tho a fine of not less than S500 nor more than $5,000, or in case of an individual or the responsible officials of an association or corporation, bv imprisonment for a term of not leas than sixty days nor more than two years, or by both such line

and imprisonment." (By unanimous

consent, Mr.

McFadden was granted

leave to

extend his remarks in the Record.)

What McFadden's



to Correct



St. Lotjis,

Mo. "I have listened to your programs with much joy. For years I have read
the Scriptures reluctantly, as I have not been able to get a great deal of meaning out of them. Really I have never been classed as a Bible student, but some of your books, Creation being the first one, were bought by my wife. She told me about it, but I did not even look at it until perhaps a year or so later.

"One day, while alone, I picked up the book, opened it, "and it opened at one of the sacred pictures. I became interested and have read and reread your books. I also have read and understood more of the Bible, and had pleasure in it, than ever previously in the fiftytwo years of my life. I have claimed to be a Baptist all my life, but I have not been to church for over two years. I sang in the choir, and always tried to enter into the spir-


28, 193-1




of the worship. My Mends tell me that they would not read books that would cause me to stop going to church.

"Before studying your helpful books I used radio to get sermons of all creeds, and I thought I was getting a lot of comfort out of them. But now I rarely listen to a discourse; if at all, just for a brief period. I prefer to get my Bible and read it in silence, to try to get the promises understood, rather than to. listen to some of the statements made


by the learned' ones. "At first, when reading your books, I thought some of your statements were radical; but after further study I deem them true, and, I am sure, classed as radical by those that do not understand. I am reminded of the text, 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' I feel that the truth is being unfolded to me and it is freeing


indeed of the vague, superstitious ideas I once held.

"I find that I speak often and freely of Jehovah God and His promises to my relatives and friends that is more than I ever did for

years. I find there is much to be understood, and I study every chance I get to learn more

of Jehovah and His workings for the benefit of man. Ever so often, in speaking to passers-by I am led from the tone of their answers to know they have read some of your works. "I am reading Light, Deliverance, Creation, Harp of God, Prophecy, Government, and Life. Of the two books of Light I am just getting started on Volume I. I am getting an insight into Revelation that I never saw before. Of the several books I have bought I have only four books at home, having loaned them out, and they were never returned. I find one can read one of these books time and again and continually find something new and of interest. I get your programs over and also from Columbia, Mo.; I do not recall the station designation. "I thought you would be glad to hear from some of your listeners in Missouri. I know you cannot answer all reports coming in, but if you have anything I have not read, mention it I may be glad to read. Your story of Job I have read ODly once. I am going to read it several times again to get a better understanding of the picture. I may write you later of some of my impressions, and responses from others with whom I come



What a Land

Is the

Great U.S.A.!

(From the Herald' and Examiner, Chicago, rearranged)


^ Laws

defied and evaded, ignored with a thumb to the nose;

Codes of honor distressingly faded In an era of bunk and of pose; Gangsters romping and robbing and shooting, Judges black as the depths of the sea, Tales of brokers with penchants for looting What a country we've turned out to be

Indignation a lost public virtue, Lawlessness looked upon with a wink; And a shallow belief it won't hurt you Just to grin at iniquity's sink; People herding each day in the bread lines, Children's eyes that have never known bliss;

Morals blocked for a goal in the headlines


a jolly old country

is this!


falling each






the masters of

man wring

their hands

Trade beset by strange furies and devils Through weird forces no man understands; Gunmen working their will with derision, Vice, corruption and graft riding high Crooks who laugh off a high court's decision

Coppers framing up women defenseless, Lawyers shaking them doAvn for their all. Paid reformers quite futile and senseless, Justice pinned with her back to the wall;
Holdups, murders, assaults, executions, Scandals touching the great ev'ry day; Graft in private and state institutions What a land is the great U. S. A.


a country to live


or die

Free Radio Essential to People's Liberties

GENUINE lovers of truth and

worship God according

of freedom to

to the dictates of

one's conscience are in favor of the exercise of such rights and privileges over the radio. Those who interfere with efforts to preserve such rights and privileges to the people are at once

convicted of the charge that they are seeking to steal away the freedom of the people for their own selfish ends. The employment of coercive measures to prevent the people from hearing what they wish to hear, and efforts to force them to accept only certain views, which happen to please or serve the purpose of a minority, or even a majority, are contrary to the fundamental law of the land and what is more, it is contrary to the divine

The function of proper government, it has been truly said, is not to give the people certain rights, but to secure to them the rights which are naturally and properly theirs. It is therefore the
responsibility of those

who are

the governmen-

tal representatives of the people to


inwardly, however, the church organizations and allied interests seek to interfere with freedom of speech over the air and otherwise, and thus abridge the free worship of others. The use of coercive measures to prevent the people from hearing what they wish to hear, and efforts to permit oidy such views to come to them as happen to be in line with the aims and objectives of a minority, or even a majority, have been made, notably by the so-called "religious leaders" of the people. case that is now well known to the people generally is the efforts made to prevent the broadcasting of Judge Rutherford's lectures, sponsored by Jehovah's witnesses, who seek to broadcast the Scriptural explanation of the times in which we live. Judge Rutherford's lectures are broadcast over hundreds of radio stations and have aroused the determined opposition of the clergy class, particularly the Catholics. They concede that Jehovah's witnesses have the right to broadcast their views, but at the same time seek to prevent it by coercive

the inherent and inalienable rights of the people. The most fundamental and the most important of human rights is the right to worship God without hindrance. Worship must be voluntary and free. It cannot be coerced or exacted under compulsion. The free exercise of the right to worship God is therefore a fundamental necessity. No one could properly worship God who was not persuaded that his course of action

Criticism of Clergy in Order

was right. Coercion in the worship and service of God is as repugnant to justice and proper human sentiment as it is contrary to consistency.
Efforts to coerce the conscience of the individual have constituted some of the most terrible violations of justice and love that have ever been perpetrated.

Their efforts to throttle the Watchtowek programs, which feature Judge Rutherford, are "justified" by them in the charge that he has attacked the clergy and the pope. This, however is untrue. Judge Rutherford voices, not his own, nor any man's opinions, and does not attack individuals. He deals with timely Scriptural truths and shows their unquestionable application to world conditions at this time. His references to the pope, so bitterly resented by the Catholic press, and misrepresented by them, were not in any sense personal. They were not

Churches Oppose Free Speech To safeguard the liberties of the people, and particularly freedom of worship, is the preeminent duty of the American Congress. It is for

aimed at the head of the Roman Catholic hierarchy as an individual. It was the official pronouncements and actions of the Catholic pope that were being given consideration, in view
of a world-wide movement which he sought to inaugurate. Clearly the public actions and statements of the Roman pontiff are proper subjects for discussion and criticism in non-Catholic

them to take cognizance of any effort to abridge the liberties of the people to hear, consider and discuss what they please. That such efforts are being made continually in various fields is well known, and, outwardly at least, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and others express themselves as deploring interference with the rights of the people. Outwardly and in theory nearly everyone is in favor of free speech. In practice, and

It is understood that Catholics themselves are

not permitted to question any action of the hierarchy or its head, even the most trivial. It is for them to decide whether they will submit to this unscriptural bondage, but it is manifestly intolerable for them to seek to impose these







restrictions upon others or to censor reference to the hierarchy and its head in the press or over the radio. If Paul took the liberty to "withstand" Peter, is the Roman pope, who unscripturally claims to be a successor to Peter, to be above criticism? The attempt of the Catholic press to subject non-Catholics to the restrictions current within the confines of the Eoman fold is a poor piece of business.


Golden Age. It was neither desirable nor necessary to use the name of a Catholic priest and lecturer to obtain signers to a petition for free speech. On the contrary, it would be inappropriate, in view of the traditional attitude of Catholicism toward freedom of speech, or indeed any kind of freedom except freedom to support the Catholic hierarchy, right or wrong.

people, should be free to hear the truth on every subject, and they should, especially, be permitted to freely discuss and try by the Scriptures any movement or course of procedure in which their cooperation is solicited, as in the case of the socalled "Holy Year'.

The American people,

The necessity of calling attention to Catholic interference with free speech was imperative, and was a responsibility not evaded for policy's sake or for any other reason. The Petition and
Protest states the simple truth, and Jehovah's witnesses have no' desire to represent cither themselves or their activities as other than what they are in fact.

Judge Rutherford took occasion to freely disand even to criticize the public pronouncements and official actions of the Roman pontiff. It was this one lecture that aroused the already

In circulating the petition for freedom of the

strong animosity of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States to a point where they could no longer keep it under control, and as a result they launched a campaign of misrepresentation and intolerance by which they hoped to effectively silence this frank

and bold exponent of

the truth.

Judge Rutherford, following in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, sets forth the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in his discourses, lie does not shun to declare the whole counsel of God, including the divine disapproval of clerical sham and oppression, just as Jesus

who engaged in that work were particularly interested in the continuance of Judge Rutherford's lectures, and frankly so represented themselves. It might have been simpler, and it would doubtless have met with an even greater response, to present the petition merely as a demand for freedom of speech over the radio, without mentioning the notorious example of interference with that right, a factor which would inevitably prejudice some Catholics. The fact that Judge Rutherford was mentioned particularly shows that there was no desire whatever to misrepresent the matter.
air channels those

The Real Issue

Regardless, however, of whether every single signer to the petition realized fully the significance of that document, the question at issue remains: Shall the radio be made the tool of selfish interests, or shall it be the means of frank and open consideration of questions concerning the public interest, convenience and necessity, both materially and spiritually?

Let Honesty and Truth Prevail

The petition circulated by Jehovah's witnesses and others, calling upon Congress to safeguard the right of the people to hear over the radio whatsoever they wish to hear, received a wide response. It manifested that the people want to have the truth told. The clergy, to shield themselves in their inconsistent position before the people, not only have sought to mis, represent and oppose Judge Rutherford, but have also misrepresented the petition which was signed by nearly two and a half million persons. They have branded it as a fraud, and have thus sought to obscure the real issue.
It was charged by them that the name of a Michigan priest was used to induce the people to sign the petition. The absurdity of the charge

was pointed out

in the preceding issue of


The question is, further, whether any person or group shall be allowed by boycott, threats and other coercive measures to browbeat and compel any citizen or radio station to do anything that it would not otherwise consider doing. Petition or no petition, this is the issue, and it is up to Congress to take appropriate action. Bill H.R. 7986, now before the Congress for consideration, meets the needs of the case exactly, and, if passed, will prevent further interference with the free use of the radio or unjust discrimination against some and in favor of other broadcasters.


and Educational
square of 26 combinations totaling 50 in this can be placed in these squares figures. Figures to total any sum desired over 40. 5

Illumination of Schoolrooms Las "United States Public Health Service of schoolmade a study of the illumination follows: rooms, and makes its findings as and 2d The ideal schoolroom is 32 feet long room for feet wide, to provide comfortable width of more than 2d about 30 children. row of seats feet is not desirable, because the receive propfarthest from the window will not


10 19

er illumination. bongThe illumination is of great importance, has shown continued study of natural lighting requirements. certain definite fundamental should exThese are as follows: The windows and the tend to as near the ceiling as possible,

Makcii 28, 1934





George Bernard Shaw Cleared His Brain Poktek, of Connecticut, writes "A story of how George Bernard Shaw gained his health and his marvelous physique, and how he maintains them at seventy-four, is told in a recent issue of a popular magazine. "Arthur Brisbane said that George Bernard Shaw has 'the clearest brain of any person now


been much pain and discomfort, distress of body and mind; but, in the vast majority of cases, there is peace at the last. Often the final hours are such as to bring great rehef to~";he patient and even great relief of a kind to those who sor-

row for

the patient.


There are facts of the central nervous system which arc apt to mislead the uninstructed observer and which have been systematically used


him 'My

a very young man Shaw's father said son, I'm afraid I'm a failure. Take



priests of all religions in times past in order their office.

me as your guide. Whatever I've done, don't do.'

"Mr, Shaw noticed that his father ate indiscriminately and consumed large quantities of meat; that he smoked all day, drank alcohol, and took no exercise. He noted that most men had the same habits as his father, that they were failures, were frequently ill and died early. He decided to face about and institute a new pro-


for himself.

"Mr. Shaw ate no meat, shunned alcohol, and gave up tea and coffee. He did not smoke, and he took all the exercise he could. His body
'gained perfect health, and his brain became clearer and more brilliant every day'. Delighted with this success, he determined to eliminate every possible irritant and poison from his

When consciousness and conscious control are suppressed, as in some kinds of sleep, and during anaesthesia, and near death, and in many kinds of illness, the lower levels of the nervous system are apt to act in a reflex way, and the observer sees movements, perhaps violent or slow, but often contorted and distressing to witness, which look like indications of pain, and even agony, of body or mind. Yet nothing is more certain than the fact that, in such instances, the patient feels nothing whatsoever.

unless he or she be an anaesthetist, or nurse,

or doctor,

The sole

distress is in the mind of the onlooker

food so he stopped using mustard, pepper, piquant sauces and the other "appetizers'. "Being more than six feet tall, and young and active, he grew hungry; so he 'ate his till of

quite well that these movemay be seen for a few seconds or more in the body of an animal already decapitated and certainly incapable of suffering pain.

who knows

ments are

such as

vegetables, fruits, nuts, and coarse breads,


milk. On this diet he has become the world's wittiest playwright and most brilliant



"Today Mr. Shaw does not appear to be nearly the age that the record shows. He starts his day by chopping wood and by striding vigorously over the countryside with the elasticity and pace of a twenty-year-old. He is also fond of cycling, and knows considerable about boxing." To which we merely add that Mr. Shaw"* clear brain would be still clearer if he gave due honor to the Creator, Jehovah.
Deathbeds Usually Peaceful By Dr. C. W. Saleeliy
(Reprinted from the London Daily Neies)

is a large and important one, for reasons but my concern here is to assert that the so-called death agony is a myth, and is not an agony at all, but is a delusion engendered in the mind of observers who do not understand what they see. And I will add that, only too often and long, men and women have been wrongly made to fear death and the pains of dying, by priests and others who may themselves be deluded by appearances, and are therefore to be pitied ; or may not, and are therefore to be despised.

The subject


Seeing the World

TDoos Tuck Mjxg,


twenty-four-year-old Chi-

late Sir

of the highest rank, such as the

naman, is seeing the world, traveling mainly by foot, but using a bicycle to help out. He has covered 22,000 miles in this way since June 28, 1930, and plans to cover several thousand
miles more before returning to China. A Chinese organization in England paid his fare from that country to America. He carries a scrapbook with him and collects pictures, signatures and other mementos as he goes.

William Osier, and, more recently, Sir Humphrey liolleston, have published their experience, which entirely conforms with that of doctors in general. As a rule, deathbeds are peaceful. During a last illness there may have

Finance and Government

Foolishness of the Interest System

steam engines,

electric motors, radio, railroads,

savings bank we inreveals the innate self-destructiveness of the interest terest system. And yet it is before this system that the so-called "great financiers" are thencasting themselves prostrate and now, in They have agony, crying, "0 Baal, hear us!"

by a FROM some advertising matter put outwhich cull the following

interest account would be opened was with as small a sum as one dollar, that interest would he compounded at the rate of four percent once a

up to the wrong god. man went to a bank cashier and upon

told that



deposited year, for as long a time as the amount should remain, and in ease the depositor died it would

name. be paid to his heirs or any person that he might came back and deposited one In a short time he days he dollar and received a pass book. In a few officials brought the pass book back and told the bank book with them and five that lie would leave the pass hundred years from the day he made the deposit to pay the sum remaining to his credit to his oldest livperfectly ing descendant. In order to make all this complications among legal and to prevent possible possible heirs, he was told to figure out the amount that would be due at the expiration of the five hundred years and to date a check five hundred years ahead, sign it, which would fill in the amount to be paid and the pass book and his instructions then be attached to bank carried out to the letter. After a few days the the check officials were astonished when, glancing at which their customer had brought in, which had been made out according to their instructions, to see that it called upon the bank to pay some child, five hundred
years hence, the sum of $611,527,439.85 (six hundred and eleven million, five hundred and twenty-seven

ocean liners, automobiles, or aeroplanes. wagon load of diamonds, for general purposes, would have no more value than a like amount of broken glass; yet nations have gone of to war against each other, and thousands in the struggle for lives have been sacrificed, possession of a single diamond. string of pearls with a fabulous value, among starving men, could be bought for a handful of beans. We bow to fashion, dare not appear different from our fellow men, and a fad becomes more exacting and drastic than the law. To the people who eater to our needs we give a bare subsistence, while to those who cater to our fads, follies, and weaknesses are given wealth and honor. When Edward Bellamy wrote Looking Backward, it was regarded as ideal, but was impracadvocated tical. When Dr. Sheldon wrote and

doing as Christ would, he was a visionary, and



was impossible.

have turned our Christianity inside out, the false gods rule, and we are eminently pracside. tical, taking our lessons from the seamy


American Air Transport

companies have played an important part system in building up the present extensive The British, operating in the United States. are while paying a larger subsidy in proportion,
imitating the plan in operation in the United States, while the Dutch, who are by no means behind in the field of air travel and air transport, have sent experts to study our system of night flying, as have also the Swedes. The United States air lines fly in excess of 150,000 miles daily, almost half of which total is flown at night. During the fiscal year the carriers of air mail were paid a total of nearly


subsidies to air transport


and thousand, four hundred and thirty-nine dollars eighty-five cents). This vast sum in the comparativefrom the inly short space of 500 years will accrue when compounded once vestment of one single dollar
a year at 4 percent.

The Golden Calf

By John


are more people today who worship

the golden calf of

Mammon than there


$20,000,000 for this service.

when Moses threw down

the tablets. as a standard, represents Gold, established wealth, and we bow before it, and seek it with avidity, crushing every opposition. The horseshoe, or the bolt that drops from automobile, we would not stoop to gather,

Performance of




an nor would we soil our hands with it; yet it has a greater value to mankind than gold or jewels. Deprived of iron, the world would turn back for thousands of years. There would be no

plane recently perfected carries a the full load of 14 passengers in addition to as well as 600 pounds of mail or crew of three, miles express. It has a maximum speed of 217 with 400 gallons of gasoline can hour, and

in mne travel 1,000 miles. It climbs 10,000 feet full load, and in 24 minutes can minutes with a

attain a height of 20,000 feet.





The Federal Octopus



a radio address by

Sterling E.

must give way


night, and which no citizen can find in any published compilation, outside of the bureau that issued them.

are gone; and in their place we find more than four hundred federal administrative agencies that have issued and are issuing hundreds of thousands of laws, which they may change over-

CJR general law of universal application and our right of appeal to our ordinary courts



wl!f ? Watch Tower,


d T 6 Crisis (5c P ublished > y The u !\ Brooklyn, N.Y.]


to the kingdom of Jehovah God'a Christ Jesus. This address appears in

This growth of bureaucratic tvrannv

best seen in the rise of st flats. the Department l Acstbia. Whole towns are Agriculture. On August 20, starving, wit! 1787, Gouverneur schools closed, streets uncleaned Morris offered a resolution in the and unlit, not Constitutional a wheel turning, and the inhabitants Convention in Philadelphia, to literally incorporate in going en masse on begging the Constitution, then being expeditions. framed, a provision tor a federal department Fhaxce. The French are eaten alive of agriculture. It died with taxes, at least sixty a day, committee and was disallowed. in one way or anotherFifty-two it even costs to look years later Congress created out of a window. There is a an agricultural sales tax on every article of 6 Pateilt 0ffi merchandise. Bach*> gather statistics, elors are taxed, and widows. with $1,000 w!fhT/nnn appropriated for two employees Last year, in 1932, this modest Sr-Aix. There are few section, become schools, no hospitals, and almost no drainage. Thousands raen f Sri* tur e, consumed $333,of families ! Sn live nr caves, drinking from streams 8 d suPP rt an army of and eating f2 i f 30,000 federal job-holders. roots. Thousands of other families never havl What is happening to us todav is what has any food except potatoes, eggs, bread and oil. happened to all other republics of Englaxd. The highest number of history. In suicides in the words of Mr. Justice its history, 5,147 last Story, again year. Widespread unemlley have .P",isllcd and perished by their own ployment. Too much of everything except work. i,ol7 prosperity hands; has enervated them, corruption America. The biggest cities has virtually bankrupt; practically all the great business leaders proved absolutely dishonest and untrustworthy Can we turn back? a fourth of the people out of work. The answer to that solemn question Asia. Japan is attending to lies in the that extent of virtue and capacity Vatican City. The pope is on the for self-sacrifice job. winch remains in the people themselves. When we consider the displacement Lynchings Greatly Increased of the three branches of our government by the execu- 'pHE spirit of mob violence is on the increase, tive, and the centralization -* confirming the prophetic statement that of their powers in Sahis single person, the chances tan would manifest exceptional of self -rescue apwrath toward pear remote indeed. For that the end of his rule. During is a historical 1933 there were 28 stage the progress toward the ^progress 01 lynching, overthrow of cases of Aching, to compare with ten in the ollcn tLe tyranny of the legislaPreceding year. Thirteen of the victims were III i aS f reseen and predicted and subsequently burned, eight by none were handed other than Thomas Jefferson "<' two and ' of these burned, three were himself, in warnbeaten to ing us to vigilance. death, two were hanged and



ha " of

i ta

bad, and business w so dead, that ships in the /" s J ness is , f are h <*e into

Glimpse at the Devil's World "DUSSIA. People have something to eat, but " ot eno gb- In Moscow there are often 7" three families a single room. Prices are sky-high. Norway. The housing shortage in Oslo is so






3 w T !w?

^ *


[In other words, the question


dence of

Government Endure?" Most of our readers will remember Judge Rutherford 's impressive address on this subject.and his conclusion drawn from

"Can the American

ment with

the eviprophetic scripture, that this governall other earthly governments, has been the balance and found wanting and that

shot, one was beaten and shot, and one was beaten, shot and strangled, according to the report of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Evidently folks who believe that their god will burn people forever and ever after they have died will be disposed to follow the example, at least as far as they are able

'Bugs' Baer Sizes It


The N. A. A. C. P.

Brooklyn, N. Y.




tjgs' Baek, comic writer for the New York American, sizes it up in good shape in the

THE National Association for the Advance25th ment of Colored People has had


"Way we figure this international thing

lend nations money to buy our goods. the coin for our merchandise. Then, when we go ahout the business of collecting, they ask why should we

that we They return


anniversary. It has 375 branches, and a memrace riot in Springbership of about 80,000. field, 111., in 1908 prompted the formation of the association in the following year, the centenary

pay twice!"

Absurd as that sounds, frequent communications from British possessions indicate that just
this principle, or lack of

of Lincoln's birth. It was at first concerned mainly with injustices suffered by member's of the Negro race, but it now works for the general advancement and improvement of the colored

has been drilled into

millons of people till they honestly think it entirely wrong for other people ever to pay America anything they owe. In their eyes the United
States is just one big wallet, stuffed full of money and g'oods of all kinds, upon which the rest of the world may draw ad libitum, but if Uncle Sam wants anything back he is a Shyloek and wants to rob honest people of what is rightfully their own.

people. Its commendable efforts have gratifying results.

met with

Newfoundland Ends Self -Government

to THE people of Newfoundland are willingthe give up self-government and submit to

virtual dictatorship of a governor appointed by England. Here is another example of "democ-

The unamusing thing about

is that

the whole affair

not only lost billions upon billions on his own account in pulling Britain's chestnuts out of the fire, and loaned billions upon billions to Britain, France and other countries, which billions are also for ever lost, but these and other nations are entirely unwilling to repay moneys borrowed since the war.



proving a failure. The war which was fought to make the world safe for democracy evidently did not succeed in making it fit for that knid of government. There is far less democracy in the world today than before the



Cuba Remembers the Poor

something for its poor AN INCuba's effort to dorecently issued a decree president
that the government lands and estates of former Machado officials shall be open to settlement by the poor. Under this decree an individual may receive not to exceed 33 acres of land, together with a yoke of oxen, a cow, a plow and a supply of seed. No taxes would be levied the

The only

thing they are willing to do


borrow more, but as soon as they have

is to safely

in their possession they begin throwing rocks as usual, doing all they can to convince the world that a miser has them by the throat and only is choking the life out of them. Then the way to keep them quiet is to lend them some

two years.

more, on the same terms. 'Bugs' has it about right.

Street Begging to

Wisconsin State Prison

in the Wisconsin state prison are totally different from those on Welfare island. The 1,700 prisoners borrow more than 3,000 books a week. The prison officials wisely and tactfully encourage the prisoners to read really worthwhile books.

Be Discouraged


STKEET-BEGGINC- has assumed the

ter of a menace to public health.



beggars have communicable diseases, and a large proportion of them suffer from chronic alcoholism. Police in New York city are rounding up the beggars, and one man was found possessed of $23, which he stated had been collected in two days; another had more than a thousand dollars' in cash on his person. Many of them are habitual beggars and have made
for years. The public the practice by refusing is urged to discourage to give money to beggars.
their living in this

Prison Comforts
Chicago, in a recently published article, stated that prisons were more like clubs than penal institutions, and that the comforts were about equal to those furnished in

Judge Kavaxagii of


boarding schools. In one large prison the prisoners had radios in their cells.

Invention and Miscellany

Bewildering List of New Inventions By Harold W. Kline

An American
1. is

the selfishness and commotion of the present time will stifle the possibility of the common people to enjoy many of the recent inventions, I read with interest the following, which show but a few of the blessings man will enjoy shortly, after Armageddon cleans the


silver dollar weighs one ounce one and one-half inches in diameter; and

one-tenth of an inch thick.


Nonpoisonous illuminating and cooking gas; garage doors opened and closed without getting out of one's car porch and garden lights which attract and electrocute insects; gas-, oil- or coal-operated unit which air-conditions homes in summer and heats, ventilates and humidifies

Two hundred and fifty billion dollars weigh 15,625,000,000 pounds, or 7,812,500 tons. To transport such tonnage would require 3,906 trains of forty cars each, or a total of 156,240 cars, each carrying fifty tons. Each train would thus be a third of a mile in length and the total length of the 3,906 trains coupled end to end would be 1,302 miles.

2. Two hundred and fifty billion silver dollars laid edge to edge in a continuous line would ex-

in winter; store scales that print weight; pie pans that bake pies already cut into wedges;

garterless hose and clothes that will not lose shape through use of elastic yarn; telephone switch that silences radio when receiver is lifted; restaurant tables with tiered tray in center on which meal rises upon checking of

menu and dropping


in slot

waterproof paper

tough, flexible, washable, acid- and boiling-liquid-proof; pillow radio loud-speakers

tend a distance of 5,918,560 miles, or over 236 times the circumference of the globe. This amount of silver would be sufficient to belt the earth at the equator with a silver girdle over 29 feet wide and of the thickness of a silver dollar. 3. This vast sum, if piled one dollar upon another, would reach over 394,560 miles above the base; which is the distance from the earth to the moon and two-thirds of the distance back to earth again. The moon is about 240,000 miles

which are not heard by others, for use in hospitals and Pullman berths paper barrels, lighter, stronger and cheaper than wooden ones ; flexible cast-iron; aluminum-covered (also porcelain) shingles; liquid coating to make iron and steel permanently rust-proof; filamentless lamp, us;

This vast sum, if drawn into wire weighing pounds per mile, would be sufficient to run six lines from the earth to the sun. The suu is about 92,500,000 miles distant.


ing fraction of current ordinary lamp requires new poison (retenone) fatal to insects, harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals uniform temperature in railway coaches summer and

5. This vast sum, if rolled into railroad rails weighing ninety pounds per yard, would be ample to construct a standard-gauge silver-rail railroad 49,321 miles, which is a length about twice the distance around the globe at the equa-

6. This vast sum, if built into a column ten feet square, would have its top far above the clouds, indeed far above our atmosphere; it would reach an altitude of 325,520 feet, or nearly sixty-

winter; electric razor which uses no blades, brush or lather; electric refrigerators which

accumulate no frost:


snow and

sleet re-

moved from windshields by

infra-red rays producing neither heat nor glare etc., etc.

two miles.
7. This vast sum, if divided equally among the entire population of the globe, would allow each man, woman and child about one hundred and

now reposing in the patent offices of the world are released for the general good of man, verily it will be a new world and doubtless everyone will be glad that "the former things have passed away" financiers, clergy and politicians who have ridden upon the backs of a long-suffering proletariat.
the inventions


seventy dollars.

The Silver Cost of the War




Fletcher (California)

TT IS now conceded that the recent terrible war

cost above two

hundred and

fifty billion dol-


pioneering in the province of Quebec, one of the coldest localities in America, for the past five years. He sends us the two suggestions which follow, claiming that he has found them both extremely beneficial. They seem odd to us, but may be O.K.

Two Odd Suggestions "C^ W. Greenwood has been





Brooklyn, N. Y.

Lie on the ground face 'downward, with head to the north. Cover the head if sun is shining brightly; exposing the rest of the body to the sun is beneficial. If weather is cool, spread a blanket down and cover oneself well. The reason
this is so beneficial is that the earth is full of

which draws the poison out of the

system, recharging it with new vitality. The Arabs, Avho are noted for their great endurance, when they rest on a long journey, throw themselves upon the ground, flat on their faces. Two or three hours of this repose is worth twice the amount in an ordinary bed. Asthma sufferers will often find that severe spasms can be alleviated by following this

The existence of such a layer of ice had been suspected before, but it appears that the French investigators are the first who have succeeded, not only in proving this phenomenon of nature, but also in establishing its height above the earth. To accomplish this they employed the method of transmission of echoes which ships use in order to measure the greatest depths of the ocean. The ships measure the time that elapses from the report of a cannon till the echo
returns to the same ship after having gone down to the bottom of the sea and up again. Knowing the speed of transmission of sound, it is easy to establish by this method the depth of the water. By the same process, the French investigators have made soundings of the atmosphere and have proved that the supposed roof of ice must float at a height of one hundred kilometers above the earth's surface. This roof of ice is composed of tiny particles of water, infinitely smaller than a drop of water, but in the aggre-


when many

other remedies


cold weather is here for many of us. For who shrink from the cold, we give a simthose ple way to increase bodily Avarmth and energy. At night and in the morning, or only once a


day, take one or two teaspoonfuls of dry flaxseed. Put it in the mouth and drink water to wash it down. It can be chewed if preferred. Instead of flaxseed, Unseed meal can be used; this is flaxseed ground with a small quantity of other grain (to absorb the extra amount of oil
in the flax).

gate forming a layer of compact ice. The French Polar investigators and meteorologists of the expedition believe that this roof of ice plays a very important part in the origin (Spanish says formation, i.e., formation genesis or beginning. H. G.) of storms in the


this linseed meal,

a teacup one or two teaspoonfuls of pour on it boiling water, and stand until sufficiently cool to drink. Drink

whole of the Northern Hemisphere. Basing their conclusions on their observations (Spanish says 'notes'), they hope to be able to prove that storms have their origin in the North.

commence with, only the liquid of it is best. Milk and sugar can be added when taken at night. This is often better than the ordinary midnight lunch for many people. See how well you sleep, and how fit you feel when you wake in the morning. Flaxseed is a great, heat producer, supplying

or, to


Teach Their



off the top



axd Mrs. A. J. Smart of Yineland, N. J., have been carrying on a two-year fight for

the same to the body in a most easily assimilable form.

the privilege of teaching their children at home, and have at last won out. Among other things, Mr. Smart maintained that the compulsory education law interfered with his rights as a private

The "Treasures of the Snow and Hail"

(Translated from La Yanguardia, Barcelona, Nov.

and insisted on home education for his who were enrolled in the National League of Mother-Teachers. Inasmuch as vaccitizen



height of at of a roof THE existence kilometersof ice theanorth pole over one hundred

cination is considered a prerequisite to attendance at public schools, though unlawfully so, the right to teach children through other agencies

one of the most important discoveries of the French expedition which has spent a whole year in Scoresby Sund, to the east of Greenland, making investigations of a scientific character. Members of the expedition, which returned to France only a few weeks ago, have made important revelations concerning their discoveries to the United Press.

and means should be granted to parents who realize the danger of vaccination.
Kidnapers' Pro/its
cases reported to the authorities, demands kidnapers totaled a million dollars. The cost by of efforts to bring these criminals to justice


records show that during 1933, in

runs to

many more


Traditional Record Not in Scriptures

following events, not recorded in the Bible, are said to have occurred during the period from the last of the prophets to the coming ot Christ, an interim of about 400 years. During this period the Jews were influenced by the rule of four different dynasties: (1) The Dominion of Persia, 536-333 B.C.: (2) of
3"1 (3) 0f the Asmoneans, ; lbf-bd B.C.; (4) of the Idumean Antipater and Herod, 63-1 B.C. Under the Persians, whose rule began with the capture of Babylon, the Jews enjoyed great liberty. Out of the form of government that -\eheniiah set up came a greater,

By Nemo




^ t

priest with veneration. The Jews loudly wished him all prosperity. All the spectators were dumb with surprise, and one of the Greek generals asked the king how it was that he, who was

This they obeyed, marching to a place in full view ol Jerusalem, and waited. Alexander was struck at the sight of the high priest, in whose mitre and lorehead a golden plate was fixed on which the name of God was written. Alexander advanced with great respect, bowed his body and adored that august Name, and saluted the

his priests in their vestments, and others in white to meet Alexander and not to fear any evil from that kmg, inasmuch as he would protect them".

to him dream and bid him "cause flowers to be scattered up and down the citv, set open all the gates and go, clothed in his pontifical robes, in a

priest offered sacrifice and public prayers for Gods help. In the night God appeared

35,000 Greeks and conquered all Persia in six years. Alexander was" enraged with the Jews for withholding supplies, and only a miracle saved them. This great army was approaching Jerusalem. The high

"the tradition of the elders" or oral law. (2) The Dominion of Greece. Alexander the (xreat came with an army of

The first, written by God immutable: the second was orally taught to Moses by God on Mi. Smai This oral Law was repeated by Moses to Joshua, by him to the elders, and they to the prophets till it reached Jeremiah: then through Baruch to Ezra, and he to the Great Synagogue, which Nehemiah supplied with a library of all the sacred books he could collect. (II Mace. 2: 13) Our Lord refers to

"The Great Their duty was to watch over purity of doctrine, especially as regards the law. The Jewish theory was that the Law was given a twofold form, viz., the written and the

of them, 1,0 B.C. For 3% years they had no or religious liberty. Then God delivered them through the noble family of the Asmoneans. The pious high priest Mattathias and his hve sons gamed many victories.

Syria and igypt, who were at war) became corrupt God punished them-the Icing of Syria came, plundered the city and temple, and killed many

written for the library at Alexandria, which became known as the Septuagint, so called because written by about 70 Jews (six from each tribe). The Jews had a high priest, Simon the Just, who repaired the temple, the walls, and made a reservoir, "m compass as the sea." After a hundred years of prosperity the Jews became subject to the kings of Syria, in the reign of Antiochus the Great, 198 B.C They divided the land into five provinces: Galilee bamaria and Judea, west of Jordan, Trachonitis and lirea on the east. Judea (between

Jews of the dispersion" (1 Peter 1:1), and became a connecting link between the Jews and hea thens Then these Jews wanted a Greek Bible, which Ptolemy Philadelphus caused to be

adored by everyone, should adore the high priest " s J do not adore the lugli priest," replied Alexander, "but the God whose minister he is for while I (in Macedonia) was how to conquer Asia, this very man, planning dressed in the same robes, appeared to me in a dream, exhorted me to banish every fear, bid me cross the Hellespont boldly, and assured me that God would march at the head of my army, me victory over the Persians." So and give Jerusalem was spared, and the Jews gained a great friend, in place of an enemy! After Alexander's death Palestine belonged to one of his generals for a little while, then to Ptolemy, king of Egypt. Under the Ptolemies the Jews were peaceful and happy, were allowed to build synagogues in all their settlements, and this spread them, and their religion, in all their countries Thus the Greek language gradually became the language of the Jews scattered








their banner

is like

made Judea
quered by

derived their family name, Maecabee. The temple was reconsecrated and a feast of dedication of eight days took place annually. (John 10: 22) Their pros perity was short. Pompey took

the gods, O Jehovah?" Prom the tials of these words M. C. B. I. was

unto Thee

among Hebrew ini-

Jerusalem and


subject to the Romans, finally conHerod the Great of the Jewish


gion, a favorite of

own "faith. From



Rome. He enlarged the kingthe power of the high priest. dom, but reduced To keep the Jews in subjection he repaired the
temple at great expense. In the thirty-sixth rear of the reign of Herod, while Augustus was emperor of Eome, the Savior of the world was born at Bethlehem. The intercourse of the Jews with Gentiles

ments they had undergone, checked their tentheir dency to idolatry, and confirmed them in
choice or necessity they setand tled in Asia Minor, in Greece, in Africa that when our Lord appeared there was so

Empire scarcely a country in the whole Roman be found. in which a Jewish colony might not in every It was therefore true that Moses had,

Babylon and elsewhere, and the severe chastise-

those that preached

him.Acts 15


Lord Tavistock and Ruskin



G. E. Dixson {Oregon)

needed thought and study along this line, been reading about Lord Tavistock's much says I'VE if we are to avert dire calamity. He humanitarian plan. Coming, as it does, from a titled multi-mil"Suppose it should turn out, finally, that a from a Russian Red or an true government set .to true work, instead of lionaire, instead of I.W.W., it ought to carry some weight and in- being a costly engine, was a paying one, that fluence for good among the intelligentsia. your government, rightly organized, instead of would prothe late John" Ruskin, anMany years ago itself subsisting by an income tax, millionaire, by inheritance, in the shape other humanitarian duce its subjects some subsistence A true government suggested this same idea of a national dividend, of an income dividend . . somewhat in the method of dis- set to true work! Not easily imagined, still less though differing inbursement, possibly. obtained, but not beyond human hope or student of social and poRuskin was a deep genuity." through litical economy, and a vein of it runs We have immensely improved our methods wider readall his works, which deserve much and abilities in production ; isn't it time we deefforts will ing. His humanitarian educational the imvote more of our time and ixgexuity to be more and more appreciated as the years go of distributive methods? And is not provement bv. one of the great factors, paragraph, from him on this our monetary system brief
! .


I quote a that seems to me quite apropos at this time in the hope that it may stimulate some


distribunot the greatest factor or agency, in



The Quest
are not speaking of the NO, WE of Germany, Japan or aims


World Power
Watch Tower)
million tons miles in extent at sea level, forty is estimated, would flow conof water a day, it sun, tinuouslv, to be evaporated by the fierce produce from water turbines an and thereby output of 160,000 horsepower. Another scheme is for making greater use ot tapthe internal heat of the earth. Not only by geysers and hot springs, but ping volcanoes, in the will be pumped down one borehole

(Contributed by Northern European Office of the


world power, but of the Vowles. It ing book by Hugh and Margaret for new and cheaper deals with man's quest to sources of power as he ceaselessly endeavors sometimes to his harness the forces of nature, own hurt. Many an invention has been put to uses the inventor little dreamt of. The book The, Quest for World Power propounds many interesting schemes. One, for example, proposes to obtain immense turbine power by running the sea water from the Mediterranean to the Qattara Depression in the Libyan desert. Into this depression, 7,000 square

any other of a very interest-


a reservoir at the base and up purposes. another, thus being heated for power miles will give a temperature A depth of two
earth, through

equal to boiling point at atmospheric pressure. gas Other schemes include the evolving of a revolutionize the producturbine, which would







power from coal and oil, and of a mercury vapor turbine; the development of more efficient heat accumulators; wireless transmission of power; the production of new synthetic materials; the tapping of the energy radiated by the sun by devices in which tliis is focused on boilers by means of parabolic reflectors or absorbed by special material in long shallow insulated vessels covered with layers of glass with an air space between to prevent re-radiation. Great stress is laid, too, upon the harnessing of the tides as a source of power. It is computed by Prof. A. H. Gibson that if a barrage were built across the Bay of Fundy, which has a tidal range of 40 feet, energy equivalent to more than 100 million horsepower hours could be
tion of

developed. The authors remark, "Though the importance to mankind of power-driven machinery can hardly be overstressed, we must not forget that, after all, the abiding problems of life are not technical, but moral. . With the advent of power and its promise of material plenty for all, there has dawned a new hope in the heart of man that at long last he may escape to wider horizons." Yes, the abiding problems of life are not technical, but moral, and until the disturbing forces of human nature are also brought under control science cannot properly become a handmaid to minister to the needs of man. That is why Japan uses scientific inventions to wantonly destroy thousands of lives in her schemes of selfaggrandizement. That is why time and again the discoveries of science prove a curse instead of a blessing to mankind. Take, for example, the great aniline dye industry. It was a benefaction to the human race, but through misuse it became the basis on which the great explosive industry
. .

of destruction, for war, as it has employed all the resources it has hitherto discovered. Eobert Ingersoll once wrote, "Is there to be no change? Are the laws of 'supply and demand', invention and science always to be the enemies of those who toil?" Judging from the present condition of the world, with millions hungering whilst the warehouses are full, and crops destroyed because it does not pay to transport them, one might almost answer, "Things will always be the same." But no there will be a change, and that change will be in man, because the Lord has arranged for a New World, when the good things 6i WiCHsaeihrax, will be used for the blessing of all. Then it will be possible to entrust man with power, because the administration will be righteous, and because then, and only then, will the dark and disturbing forces of human nature be brought under control.
. . .

Last Summer's Heat in the Land of Sunshine



Mrs. John W. Wilson, of California: was with much interest that we noticed news item in the last issue of The Golden
in the Imperial Valley of

Age regarding heat




temperature one day in

August was

119, the highest ever reported in

that spot'. are wondering just where 'that spot' could have been, as it would have been a


comfortable location at times from the excessive heat. I live in El Centro, in Imperial Valley.
"Believing in giving the Devil his dues I wish add to the above report on temperature. Many times each summer the temperature rises to over 120 degrees in towns, while in rural sections and on the desert proper 124-130 is acceded to be common however, the average daily temperature is around 115 degrees. These readings are seasonal, and are not extraordinary. Some days and nights the humidity comes in for its glory and hovers around 60-70% for a week at a time then groaning creation in the Valley
; ;



No scientist, when actually at work in the laboratory, has the faintest idea of what the ultimate application of his work may be, though he might think so. It is possible that one of the next
discoveries will be the release of interatomic forces. That may make possible the propelling of ships across the Atlantic by the release of energy from a piece of matter no bigger than a pea. Now it is clear that mankind is not to be trusted with power of that importance. If mankind had that particular piece of knowledge at its disposal at the present time, it is quite certain that it would use it not only for driving ships across the Atlantic, but also for purposes

is 'all


"To a loyal Californian the weather in California is either perfect or unusual; not having been perfect this summer, it must have been unusual, so it is said that we were blessed with an unusually cool summer And this must be as correct as 'three times one is one'; because our

summer weather began about July, and as late as October 27 the temperature registered between 90 and 99 degrees during the day."

Home and Health

Dogs ommon Salt and Poisoned


^^^^^P^ ^


ssssasp B=SP w^

some a^hsmee poisoning dogs in



discovery to the

5S5tfte Phoned dogs it was yoong man

I was' a boy or

given to




g"^T ^

eating extracts tbe idea of possibly godparents > rf some c ban



ingredients in

to Pro-

Msway! losing only one, ontWy Ton too big and was



own bahing


Si^tlvrrnCrdogsn^saved the porwhich bad


sn a

\U convulsion attcr ano*he ; he went into one tabtosa t ana conmion ave him a large dose of opHShe minutes he vomited in less than five

^^ Md


add a




Mdhrat (m*

tnen j

S^epUjg^K l^^n JKK&tKS^^^- -ST3U^*" ^g d^^Sl ^^ ^^ ^

concisions one after time after, which they out. poison has been thrown

or no hntte,


eggs are

dog recovered, and

the verihetes >tte ims evei todaj is well as


be They pancakes cannot be beaten griddle. baked quickly on a hot l Honey sugar> goes best

of our

^is ^theso MA
M iddleton





gyrap .

thfy sometimes

Better wear gloves for effect of the poison. the dog does not eat otVetfon And make sore it at poisoned food again; bury

you; as does not B^reM^snap dog you when under the



Fourf een



Tallow the
once, deep.




Ht , ycw rort) article time ago I read in an



^ ^ m g^ <Sn ^ ^-^^^

Joh* MABBh^ tfft,

,^S tad


gente nces to

was a wise







dangerous associates ioi

euP5 e

Tnf Jhe

wish age" which makes us men, were ly medical






H. W, Ewarts and L. W. Franks, in New York, on infant feeding was carried out for over

Effect of Pasteurization of Milk CjAYS Lieut. Col. C. Maddoek, England: "A very interesting observation by M. Ludd,

had bought it some number of clearance sales, or maybe new, or a goodly time, before present instant. But it is such good material that it
would have passed unseen, unnoticed, unsmelled


The infants were divided into four groups. The first were fed on pasteurized milk
alone; the second, on pasteurized milk plus orange juice; the third, on pasteurized milk plus orange juice and cod liver oil and the fourth, on certified milk, which was the only raw milk obtainable in New York.

but for that smell, moth balls!

smell, too,

"The lady herself smells the


looks about sheepishly when other passengers' blundering glances stare around until they dis-

cover her. This takes out all the joy of being thrifty enough to save one's purse from having to flatten at every clearance sale, or before.

percentage gain in weights of these different groups showed that those fed on pasteurized milk alone gained 1.7 percent in weight; with pasteurized milk plus orange juice the gain Mas 7.9 percent; with pasteurized milk plus orange juice and cod liver oil the gain was 9.5 percent; while those fed on raw milk gained 14 percent in weight.

salts in

effect of pasteurization

Now, how to be thrifty and not smell like it: Don't use moth balls! Use 'Mule Team Borax'. Get a ten-cent package of it at any grocer's. Over every layer of clothing in the trunk, chest, or even pasteboard carton, sprinkle the wellpowdered borax, seeing that it gets well into the corners that might make nice moth nests. In the spring all of this white powder, and the great white spots, will completely brush out
from the garment; and borax never did smell, anyway. If the goods be a tightly woven serge

and D. Harvey, working in the Rowett Research They demonstrated that the calcium in milk is in two forms, a soluble one, and an insoluble one bound up in cascinInstitute, Aberdeen.

on the calcium milk has been studied by II. E. Magee




to get out the

spots. Occasionally the goods may have to go to the cleaner's; but they invariably corn/ out clean, bright, and smell-less,


calcium content of the blood, the importance of is now being raised. "As nature gave raw fresh milk as the only

growing children, must be a very important factor m growth and development, not only in the formation of bone and teeth, but also in the

ogen. After pasteurization the total of the soluble calcium is very much diminished. This loss of soluble calcium, as regards infants and

and moth-hole-less,

in the spiing, or the fall."

More Whole-Wheat Recipes M"ksW. Beach, of Missouri, l>*** following recipes:

1 cup flour;

gives us the

diet for the offspring of all mammals, I stiil believe that when man steps in and interferes

prove this

with nature some hardship must ensue, and that it is only a matter of time before research will

tom and edge, to keep from blistering. Bake moderate oven about 15 or 20 minutes.

oughly and add sufficient cold water to make crust of ordinary consistency. Roll out and cover pie tin. Prick all over botin

Whole- Wheat Pie Crust No. 1 2 y cup peanut butter. Mix






Moths and Borax

why ? "Why? Why, because it is a thrifty lady who cannot throw away a perfectly fine garment just
because she or her mother or her grandmother

Kate Ronde, of Oregon: "This is the time of year when one can board anv street car and smell that smell. Sure enough. A glance around will always show some very genteel lady in some rich material that might have passed for goods bought at some recent clearance sale had it not been for that smellmoth balls. And


Whole- Wheat Pie Ceust No. 2 cup flour; } cup butter or olive oil. Mix, 1 add cold water. Proceed as with crust No. 1.
Whole- Wheat Date Beead
1 cup dates, dissolved in 1 quart

Pour through colander and drain water

warm waoff

seeds and fiber. | ounce compressed yeast dissolved in date water; 1 heaping teaspoon salt; 5 tablespoons olive oil or butter; 3 quarts flour.
into dough. Mold in pans at once; allow to raise 1 hour in warm place. Steam 1 hour. If loaves are large, steam 1 hours.



New Overlordship
All the heathen "wise



^"* *%&&*

nment o>dy .could receive enUghte

from h






correspond.*, ;, ins for Darnel ,~w,JSm to begin Christ Jesns by Jehovah forth relates and therefore KiT, amidst His enemies, men of worldly to the vear 1914. Tbe political or-


and S,frfs religions, commercial


completely mystery concerning solve be >


f fteh^race.



rdte thUgMs^n

^JS ^ Z&X^jti^***?*

to? rlmSt of His faitbfn,


?^mt thatVy

might make

n ant

^eS^Ur \ u,

tbe dream- "I



the in the midst of


"*. came in the magicians,

the soothsayers the Chaldeans, and

*Q ^tfanSds
and ^told


of to the the earthy creation


now "wiseacres" of the world job in despair. hands and give up the

throw np then


^^ ^^ ^

aed. u.e concerned He








then saw the possibility of extending his regal power over many peoples that should spring from Adam and Eve by reason of God's commandment given to them to "be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it". (Genesis 1:28) Greed for selfish gain or "the love of money" moved Lucifer to commercialize mankind. That was the beginning or the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6: 10) Regal power

faithful "holy One" of Jehovah, turned His attention to the things which pertain to and affect the earth, and particularly man.

The Decree
cried aloud, and said thus, Hew down the and cut off his branches, shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his branches." (Daniel 4:14) That decree means that the eicht to the overlordship was then and there taken away from Lucifer, now Satan, and that he (Satan) and his spirit subordinates were cut off from Jehovah's organization and were henceforth outlaws and that no earthly creature was required to remain under Satan's organization, for the reason that he was no longer any part of the "higher powers" and no more furnishes protection and nourishment and help for mankind. All those Avho would have the blessings of life must give their allegiance and devotion to Jehovah God and His holy Watcher.



or overlord ship, together with the organization under it, there began to expand; and so it is written "The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth." (Daniel 4: 11) That does not mean that Satan was visible, but his power or overlordship was discernible throughout the earth. The overlord supervised all the earth and must be looked up to and recognized by all the earth. The base or root stock of the tree was in the earth, and thus pictured man, and shows that it is the man whom God created, saying: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; This divine decree did not mean that at the and let them have dominion over the fish of the time of Adam's sin and of Lucifer's fall God's sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the ."judgment was to be executed immediately and cattle, and over all the earth, and over every Satan and his invisible organization were cast creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." out of heaven and down to the earth; but that (Genesis 1: 26) The dominion of man was and decree declares God's purpose concerning the is limited to the earth, but above man was the same. That decree began to be executed in 1914, invisible organization, headed or topped by Luwhen Christ Jesus was sent forth to rule and cifer, who afterwards became Satan. Thus "the to cast Satan and his wicked angels out of heavleaves [of the tree] were fair, and the fruit en; it will be completely executed at Armagedthereof much, and in it was meat for all: the don. Ezekiel 31: 10-18. beasts of the lield had shadow under it, and the Satan has exercised overlordship in his wickfowls of the heaven dwelt in the boughs thereof, ed organization, which includes the human race, and all flesh was fed of it". (Daniel 4 12) Even even to the present time; but he has exercised after iniquity was found in Lucifer and he bethat regal power without divine authority and came Satan, all the earth has since been com- has rebelled against Jehovah God. Jehovah's pelled to feed from that "tree". "The whole purpose was announced in the decree, but lie world lies under the evil one." (1 John 5:19, has permitted Satan to go on in his wicked Diaglott) The creation of earth has been under efforts to prove his side of the challenge flung the shadow of that wicked organization. into God's face. In other words, Satan has Lucifer, when appointed to overlordship, was operated by the sufferance or permission of Jea part of Jehovah's organization, and hence hovah. Man has been left to exercise his own formed a part of the "higher powers". (Romans free will to serve either God or Satan, and al13 1 ) Lucifer was made God's watcher over most all of human creation have yielded to Sathe interests of the things of the earth, but betan and followed him. came unfaithful and no longer was a watcher. There was another watcher over and above The Stump Lucifer, and this is the one whom NebuchadNever could it be possible for man to have nezzar saw in vision "I saw in the visions of sustenance and life from that old "tree in the my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher midst of the earth", because such tree had beand an holy one came down from heaven." This come wicked and must now be cut down, "its means that the Logos, Jesus, the beloved One leaves shaken off, and its fruit scattered. How: : : :




ever, the decree declares : "Nevertheless, leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field ; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the earth." (Daniel 4: 15) The "stump of his roots in the earth" represented or pictured original man, at first made a part of the organization over which Lucifer was given overlordship. The leaving of the stump signified Jehovah's purpose to provide an organization or a new tree by and through which obedient mankind might have life everlasting, namely, the kingdom of God with Christ Jesus as the Savior and enthroned King and Overlord of

(Daniel 4: 16) The "seven times" must be symbofic of and hence equal to the "times of the Gentiles", to wit, 2,520 years. (Luke 21:24; Leviticus 26 : 18, 21, 24, 28) The whole period of

earth's creation.

The "band of iron and brass" around the stump shows that a long period of time would
elapse before the opportunity for the restora-man under God's organization would come. In that time period man would be under the restraining rule of wicked spirit creatures, pictured by the copper, or "brass", and also under earthly rule of imperfect men, pictured by the iron. But while mankind is alienated from God, out in the world ("field") with
tion of obedient

time is ascertained by multiplying the days of a lunar year, 360, by 7 (times), equaling 2,520; and as the Scriptures fix a "day" as a symbol of a year (Ezekiel 4:6; Numbers 14:34), the period of "seven times" equals 2,520 years. The beginning of the counting of the seven times must wait until the overturning of Israel's last king, in the year 606 B.C. From that time the scripture (Ezekiel 21:27) applies which says: "It shall be no more, until he come whose right it is" to have the kingdom and rulership of the world. There it was that Satan became 'the god of the whole world' (2 Corinthians 4:4) and the "seven times" began to count; meaning that God would not interfere with the beastly rule of earth until the end of that specific period of time. That period of seven times, beginning in 606 B.C. and extending over a period of 2,520 years, ended in 1914, when Christ was enthroned

by Jehovah and was sent forth to rule amongst His enemies. Psalm 110:1-5.

no proper habitation, yet God would not permit the race to perish and become entirely hopeless, but it should be kept wet with the dew from heaven, that is, the refreshing promises which could be laid hold upon by those who love God and righteousness. (Deuteronomy 32:2) The whole race woidd be restrained and bound in a cruel rule, and those who would have faith in God would receive benefit and hope, pictured by "dew". The stump of the original tree, representing man, and the roots of it in the earth have waxed old, and yet there have been some

The Kingdom of Men


in the earth, pictured

by the roots, that

have scented God's truth and reached out for it and have clung to Jehovah and His precious promises, and these have promise and hope of
being brought into the new tree. Since man's expulsion from Eden his portion has been "with the beasts in the grass of the earth". Rulers under Satan have been bestial, brutish, inhuman, cruel and oppressive, and the human race has been subjected to such cruel rule. These earthly rulers, being a part of Satan's organization, are likened to ferocious beasts. (Daniel 7 3-17) This is in harmony with the divine decree: "Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him."

The decree continues "This matter is by the decree of the watchers [Jehovah and His Logos], and the demand [the judicial decision, Strong] by the word of the holy ones [Jehovah and Christ Jesus, the Logos] to the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men."Daniel 4: 17. The words "the kingdom of men" do not refer to the petty kingdoms of Satan's wicked world, but to the kingdom or invisible lordship set up over man. Jehovah has no responsibility for the national governments of the present wicked world, and certainly not as to who gets into office or is put out of office by the votes of men. Those who are wholly devoted to Jehovah, therefore, can have no part in the selection of such rulers. The fact that Satan has been permitted by Jehovah to continue to exercise ovcrlordship of man is no contradiction of this. The fact that Jehovah
: ;

directed Jesus to remain inactive and wait until 1914 to begin His work of interference with the

enemy proves that Jehovah is "the Most High [who] ruleth in the kingdom of men", and that He is therefore supreme. In His own due time He delegates His power of rulership to whom-


28, 1D31



soever He pleases, and He makes known now that He has given it to Christ Jesus and that He will associate with Christ Jesus in that organization 144,000 others, the true and faithful footstep followers of Christ Jesus, who maintain their integrity to the end. (Daniel 7 13-27) As Jesus said to His followers '"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32) These words are not only strong, but conclusive, proof that the' giving of the kingdom over mankind is exclusively within the power of Jehovah the
: :

comes from Jehovah and


given only

those who are entirely obedient to Him. (Isaiah 57:15) In harmony with this divine rule Ezekiel was caused to write "I [Jehovah] have brought down the high tree, have exalted Exalt him that is low, and. the low tree, abase him that is high." (Ezekiel 17 24; 21 26) The overlordship of earth is changed, but this change of overlordship does not take place until the eud of the seven times, which occurred in 1914, at which time Jehovah placed His Son upon His holy hill of Zion and sent Him forth
: . . . : :

Most High.
Jesus, although the beloved Son of Jehovah, had to suffer humiliation in order to prove Jehovah's side of the question at issue and in order
to demonstrate His own qualification to become the Vindicator of Jehovah's name. (Hebrews 5:8,9) He was meek and lowly. (Matthew

to rule.Psalm 2

6 ; 110 :

1, 2.

faithfully and fearlessly interpretation of the prophetic declared the dream. (Daniel 4: 19-27) About twelve months later it began having fulfilment upon Nebuchadnezzar, but in a miniature or small-scale way only. He went stark mad, imagining himself a

The prophet Daniel

11 29) "He was despised, and we esteemed him not." (Isaiah 53:3) He made himself of no reputation and humbled himself even unto an ignominious death, and was therefore brought low. (Philippians 2: 7, 8) Therefore in harmony with the prophetic dream it is seen that it pleased Jehovah to 'set up over it [the kingdom or rulership of men] the basest [the low One] amongst men'. "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


into the fields, where the brute beasts for seven he mingled with years. The major fulfilment takes place on Sa-

and was driven out

(Philippians 2:9-31) Jehovah thus fixes the qualifications of the One to whom He gives the Kingdom. The 144,000 associated with Christ Jesus in the Kingdom must possess similar qualifications, and hence these are the low ones of earth whom the Lord uses for His purposes "For ye see you* calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called but God hath chosen the foolish things of the world, to confound the wise; and Godliath chosen the weak things of the world, to confound the things which are mighty and base things of the world, and tilings which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are that no flesh should glory in his presence."! Corinthians 1:26-29. Nebuchadnezzar as Satan's representative
: ; ;

tan and his organization, reaching a climax with the reign of Christ and the fall of the enemy organization. (Verses 28-33) In the ease of Nebuchadnezzar the "seven times" passing over him were literal; but in the major fulfilment they are symbolic. At the end of these seven symbolic times, to wit, in 1914, the Gentile ruling powers, and particularly that part of it called "Christendom", were certainly a beastlylooking lot, like Nebuchadnezzar at the end of his "seven times" amongst the beasts of the

and they went forth and made war upon each other like wild beasts, even as the prophecy
Since then these earthly representatives of Satan have been warned concerning God's purpose but they refuse to give heed to that divine counsel and all of them "walk on in darkness". Psalm 82 5.

The New Tree

boasted and fell. Self-exaltation led to his fall and complete abasement. (Psalm 138 6) Ex:

At the end of the 'seven years' of humiliation Nebuchadnezzar appears in a different role. His reason having returned, he now pictures regal power as exercised by Christ Jesus. "And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the Most High and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation." (Daniel 4: 34) The time limit having




Brooklyn, N. Y.

must been reached, the tree stop down band of copper and iron. So, from the inauguration the Lre, the time had come for as such rightful King as ruler, and of earth's (^ebuchadnezzai) acHe is pictured by one name of Jehovah knowledging and extolling the Supreme One, beand declaring Him to be the The restoration of sides whom there is none. Nebuchadnezzar to the throne was


has thus set up King and Overlord of man He men" in the eyes Him who was "the basest of new tree is far more of others of creation. This
excellent than the original tree. The people of good will now


announced by His servant of Jehovah's word as close of the Gentile Daniel. Likewise at the Christ times the enthronement of holy God's word as spoken by His vindication of

live. Into this new and, doing so, they shall faithful body members of are first brought the followers) who are Pr Christ (his 144,000 faithful rightful part Jesus is the righteous and privilege of being made a organiza- blessed with the earth. His is the capital shall administer that overlord of of the tree or organization therefore the new cedai ot mankind. Untion of Jehovah and is to the obedient ones blessings for hope thereto, which the people must look tree, to organization, and as servants take of the der that the Lord God, I will also class. (Revelation "Thus saith comes the "great multitude" cedar, and wUl set old weie pichighest branch of the high 7-9-14) The faithful prophets of his young crop off from the top of in the old stump, it- I will the tender roots left plant it upc*.an tured by will form twigs a tender one, and will because of their faithfulness they top ot and mountain and eminent [namely, the into that organizahigh new tree; and mountain of he a part of the those of good will Jehovah's organization] in the shall also be Sphered all tion shall bung Israel will I plant it ; and it height of themselves wholly to Jehovah God a goodly who will give boughs, and bear fruit, and be government. The new tree is forth every and His righteous bears the name under it shall dwell all fowl o cSar and a tree of hope. That tree branches thereof the shadow of the Jehovah's organization wing; in Jehovah gives it is trees of the heJd that representing BhaS they dwell. And all the In fitting conclusion the king, brought down that I the Lord have Christ Jesus since shall know regal power as exercised by the low tree have Nebuchadnezzar praise and the high tree, have exalted made the dry 1914, savs: "Now I all whose the green tree, and have dried up honour the King of heaven, spoken, and extol and nourish; I the Lord have ways judgment and tree to works are truth, and his 22-24 he is able to abase. have done it."-Ezekiel 17 removed those that walk in pride bands of copper and iron being witnesses as heirs or The [V* 37) Now Jehovah's original tree, no more also "praise and from the old stump of the he Kingdom with Jesus do spirit .d human race be ruled by wicked of shall the extol and honour the King J. human creatures. The new cedar tree people. His truth and cruel truths to the government with light to bear His the righteous overlordship and being made known the and judgments are now is made availas Head, King and Savior be made known until Christ and must continue to race who will be obe- eartn is the Most able for all of the human shall know that Jehovah was lowly and de- all to God. The One who that all those like Satan, dient the earth and angels is now ex- over all pride, Jehovah is spised of men and of wicked continue to walk on in and thus Jehovah who abase and destioy. to the highest place, alted and will, completely enthroning His Son as able to, creates a new tree; and

on earth, and Jonadab eass the otherwise designated as the tender Kings 10: 15-23), are pictured in (2 as Job 14: i-J which, roots in the old stump *each out "through the scent oiprater* states, precious tiuths the after God and lay hold upon Word and render themselves in obedience of His organization under Lhrist, to His righteous tree




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will protect


how I have been watching this must today, and feel as though happening Babylonian govof be the final destruction

things are

very dark






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and then I started to read




? nizati^ and also about

,or both

ot them.

Md "



tto best explanation of Scrip res ve ever read. I think r am nearer to Him than knmv G ever before

is this:


been more or less of a shnt-in the last tVo or three years, but perhaps for that rea Sn f

'4 afiTee'it'no^"'







Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise


was sont a booldet

The eternal years of God are hers; Bui Error, wounded,


writhes in pain,




his worshipers.


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Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday, April 11,


Number 380

World Control
Chain broadcast from Lo8 Angeles, March 25, 1934, by Judge Rutherford

FOR several years past has been my privthe people God's message of

ilege to tell

truth as it is set forth in the Bible and to use the radio for that purpose. The truth is not popular, and hence provokes much opposition. Nineteen centuries ago God sent Jesus to earth to deliver His message of truth. Jesus faithfully

of good will are those who have an honest and sincere desire to see justice and righteousness control everything, and hence that the will of

God may be done on earth and in heaven. God, "whose name alone is Jehovah," is the Supreme Being and the source of righteousness and life. Jesus Christ is the Son of God the

performed His commission and was crucified for

telling the truth.

The truth

will never be popular until there is a complete change of world control. I beg you to carefully follow my speech now, that you may more fully appreciate why there is such

The address on WORLD CONTROL, which begins on this page, was given at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, March 25, 1934. It .was delivered directly to a cheering audience of 12,000 liberty-loving Americans that unanimously adopted the Resolution.
It was broadcast over the American continent on a special network of 151

chief executive officer of Jehovah, the Redeemer of man, and the world's rightful rul-

Satan the Devil is the wicked one, the opposer of God, and man's greatest enemy. For centuries Satan has been the invisible overer.


great opposition to the truth and what is the only safe and proper course for the people to take. The people of good

to press, word comes from South Africa and from Australia that the speech was heard distinctly in those far-off lands; thus It may truly be said that this address, of world-

As we go

lord or controller of the world. There must be a change from Satan's rule to

that by Jesus Christ.

must now hear, because this message is for their spewill

and comfort in this day of great world distress. It is not the message of any man, but the message from
cial aid

God's Word delivered according to His will. First I give the Scriptural

wide import, echoed In every corner of the entire world. March 15, 1934, Judge Rutherford, through his attorney, appeared before the Congress of the United States, with the statement found on pages 425-429 of this Issue. It Is his demand for noninterference in the work of Jehovah's witnesses. It is made In the name of Jehovah, the true and living God. It should be heeded, without question, without hesitation.



That impending and will

take place within this generation. Now I give you tho proof showing how the Devil became the ruler of the world.

"world", and who controls the world and why a change of world control must shortly come to pass. "World" means the peoples of the earth

then show you

Jehovah God created the earth and put perfect man upon it, and made the spirit creature Lucifer the invisible overlord of the earth. Associated with Lucifer were many spirit creatures or angels forming a part of his immediate organization. Lucifer rebelled against Jehovah God, in which rebellion his host
of angels joined, and man was led into lawlessness and sentenced to death. Since the entire human race sprang from that one man after he had sinned and was sentenced to death, all man-

organized into forms of government under tlie supervision of an invisible power or overlord. In the Bible the word "heaven" is used to represent the invisible part of that rule, while "earth", as there used, means the visible, power that rules and it is "heaven" and "earth" together which constitute the world. The people

kind have been born imperfect. (Romans 5: 12) God changed the name of Lucifer to that of Devil, Satan, Serpent and Dragon, and since



and there

Brooklyn, N. Y.

then Satan and his host of wicked angels have

controlled the world.

will be a complete change in the rulership of the world.

Satan defied Jehovah God to put on earth that would be faithful and true to G-od. That challenge God accepted. Although sentenced to death Satan and his wicked angels have been permitted to continue for a definite period of time unhindered in the prosecution of their wicked work, God abiding His own due

After the flood the human race multiplied in

the earth and then men began to organize themselves into governments, the first organization being under the leadership of Nimrod. In that


time to take action against them. As the human race increased on the earth, other angels which had been wholly devoted to God materialized in human form and were induced- by Satan and his wicked angels to mingle with humankind and marry the daughters of men, and from that union there came forth an unusual offspring. There followed a period of great wickedness in the earth, and God announced His purpose to destroy the "world that then was" by a flood. That time in the Scriptures is called "Noah's day", because Noah was a righteous man and remained true to God.

government and in every government from then till now three elements have constituted the visible ruling power, to wit, religion, politics and commerce. During all that time Satan the Devil has exercised his subtle power over the men of the nations, defrauded and deceived them, and led them away from the true God. But in all the centuries past God has had a few men on earth who have remained true and faithful to Hun, and such men He has caused to be His
witnesses in the earth.

Then J ehovah organized the people of Israel into a nation for himself and used that nation to foreshadow and foretell His purpose toward the human race. For some time that nation was
faithful to God, but in the course of time the rulers and people fell under the wily influence

Jehovah God then told Noah to build an ark in which he would find refuge for himself and the immediate members of his household. Noah did as commanded, and then there came upon the world the deluge or great flood which destroyed all flesh. That destruction of all flesh

was a type foreshadowing the destruction of the present wicked world. The saving of a few persons who found refuge in the ark pictured or
foreshadowed the millions of people of good will who will be carried through the battle of the great day of God Almighty soon to be fought. knowledge of the truth of and concerning these things is now of most vital importance to all persons of good will; hence that message is now declared as a notice and warning to all such

of the Devil, turning away from God, and then that nation was completely destroyed. Israel was a type foreshadowing "Christendom". The nations of earth now called "Christendom" began to serve Jehovah, but in the course of time those nations fell away from the true worship of God, yielded to the seductive influence of Satan, and became corrupt, and God's decree is that they shall be completely destroyed at Armageddon, even as Israel was destroyed. Satan, the wily and subtle foe, in order to deceive man, has caused the people to be kept in ignorance of himself and his work, his agents even denying that Satan exists at all. The ques-


In the flood God destroyed all flesh, but He did not destroy the Devil and the other wicked spirits, but permitted them to continue to exercise

you must determine now is whether and accept the word of man or believe and accept the truth of the Bible, which is God's Word. This message is addressed to
tion which


will believe



believe that the Bible is the



Why did not God then destroy the Devil? Jehovah's answer to that question is found in the Bible, at Exodus 9 16, in these words "But for this cause have I allowed thee to remain, in order to show thee my power and in order that they [my witnesses] may proclaim my name throughout all the earth." (Exodus 9:16, Leeser) But the day of final reckoning must come, and in that day Satan and his power will be completely destroyed
: : ;

influence over God's due time to take action.

power and



be a comfort to them, but not to others. Now the world is in great distress the rulers in every nation under the sun are in very great perplexity. They sense disaster ahead, but do not know the reason why, nor will they give heed to the Bible truth of and concerning the same. Many religious leaders have told you that the present troxible upon the world is a punishment from God, whereas the Scriptures plainly state that Satan the Devil is the one causing the great distress and woe now upon

God; and





the people. Therefore it is written "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth, and of the sea for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." (Revelation 12: 12) Now I tell you why Satan has brought this great woe upon the nations of earth.
: !

for centuries suffered or permitted Satan to be the invisible ruler; but now that time limit is

up and the end of Satan's world has come, and

the time for Christ Jesus to take over the af-

At the beginning of Satan's rebellion Jehovah God promised that He would produce a ''Seed'' that would in due time rule the world in righteousness, destroy Satan and his organization, and bring blessings of peace, prosperity and life to all the peoples and nations of the earth that would do justice and righteousness. That promised "Seed" or Ruler is Christ Jesus, the beloved Son of God. Concerning Him it is written: "The government shall be upon his shoulder ; and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, The mighty [Ruler], The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, . The zeal of [Jehovah] of hosts will perforin this." (Isaiah 9: 6, 7) Thus Christ Jesus is identified as earth's rightful ruler, by and through whom the human race must receive the
. .

and just before He begins the administration of blessings He will destroy the wicked ruler of this world and all who support that wicked ruler.
fairs of the world,

Satan knows that it is only a short time until Armageddon, which will be the final fight by Satan and his angels on one side and Christ Jesus and His angels on the other side, and, knowing this, Satan brings great woe upon the
world, his purpose being to turn the people away from the true God and cause their destruction. This is further supported by the words of Jesus, who said that at the end of the world there would be great distress upon earth, with perplexity, and men's hearts failing them because of things they sense coming upon the world. This is exactly the condition that we see today. The great change from unrighteous to righteous rule or control of the world is impending.

desired blessings. In A.D. 33 the man Jesus, after having delivered God's message of truth to Israel, was killed by Satan's agents. God then raised Jesus out of death and gave Him life divine and made Him the most exalted one in the universe and appointed Him to the office of King or Ruler of the world. Jesus was required to wait, however, until God's due time for Ilim to assume His rulership. (Psalm 110:1) When on the earth Jesus declared that He must go away and receive the Kingdom and that He would then come again and set up the Kingdom; and for that reason He taught Christians to pray 'Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth.' In answer to the question as to what would be the proof of His coming and His kingdom Jesus stated that the world war would mark the beginning of His operations concerning the world. That world war came in 1914 in fulfilment of the prophecy uttered by Jesus. It was in that year that Jehovah God installed Jesus and commissioned Him to rule the world. (Psalm 2:6-12) Christ Jesus is a spirit now, and cannot be seen by human eyes. As Satan has long been the invisible ruler over the world, hence unseen by men, so now his rule must cease and Christ Jesus becomes the invisible ruler and controller of the world. Jehovah God has

Seeing the great danger of world collapse, earthly rulers organized the League of Nations as a substitute for God's kingdom, and the religious element of the world hails that


of Nations as "the political expression of God's kingdom on earth" ; which claim is wholly false. Today an organization in America known as

"The League of Nations Association, Inc.", by its president, has issued an appeal to the people to support the League of Nations, and which appeal among other things says: "In a world as dark as this, why blow out the only light there is?" meaning that the League of Nations is the only hope of the world. I warn the people that the League of Nations is the
product of Satan, brought forth to deceive the people and blind them to the truth concerning God's kingdom. The League of Nations is absolutely certain to go down with the other parts of Satan's organization. God foreknew and foretold this confederacy of nations, and concerning it by His prophet He said 'Associate yourselves together, ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces. Bind yourselves together, and ye . shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought.' Isaiah 8 9, 10.
: . .

In giving His answer concerning the evidence proving the end of the world Jesus referred to the League of Nations as that "abomination that





Brooklyn, K. Y.


assumes to take His folthe place of God's kingdom. He said to shall see the abomination of lowers 'When ye Nations] desolation [which is the League of
desolate", beeaase it

kingstand in the holy place, then flee to God's dom/ (Matthew 24:15,16) Jesus gives this warning because the League of Nations is Sato the truth. tan's scheme to blind the people Nations All who seek refuge in the League of kingdom under will come to disaster. God's

has apworship and serve God in the way He the religious, pointed for them. In the year 3919 "Christenpolitical and commercial elements of dom" setup the League of Nations in opposition and since then to God's kingdom under Christ, vigorously opposed visible riders have


Jehovah's witnesses.




of the

and Christ is the only hope of the human race, organization. refuge will be found only in God's For more than 1800 years the Israelites were stated God's typical people, and it is expressly that what came to pass in connecin the Bible what shall tion with that nation foreshadowed at the end of the world, where we come to pass now are. The nation of Israel began to function people while domiciled in Egypt, and there the pictured or represented the peoples of Israel now on earth who are on the side of God and conChrist and who desire to sec righteousness the king of trol and oppression end. PhaTaoh, Egypt, represented or stood for Satan, the god Pharaoh or invisible ruler of the wicked world. and the officers of his government heaped great oppression upon the Israelites. Jehovah God witnesses sent Moses and Aaron to Egypt to be type of to His name and power. Moses was a JehoChrist Jesus, while Aaron was a type of direction of vah's witnesses working under the

and Lord His witnesses have served notice has warning upon the riders that the world hand, at ended, and that the kingdom of God is demanded of the riders that God's peoand have

to serve ple be permitted without interference has and worship Him in the manner Jehovah notice appointed for them. The serving of such the and warning constitutes the fulfilment ot prophetic nine nine plagues of Egypt.; which have been fulfilled upon the rulers of the plagues was great world. As the ninth plague on Egypt the world darkness, just so now the rulers of purpose, beare in great darkness as to God's

This is cause they refuse to heed God's truth. League particidarlv shown by the fact that the the only light of Nations "is openly claimed to be only exception that now shines on earth. The those persons who to this great darkness is that

God and have taken their stand on the side of light of the His kingdom are now enjoying the Word of God and by it are directed the right plague the conclusion of the ninth

course. At upon Egypt Pharaoh

Christ Jesus. God commanded Moses and His peoto go before Pharaoh and demand that worship ple Israel be permitted to serve and appointed for God in the way that Jehovah had them. Pharaoh refused to grant that request. Then God commanded Moses to bring plagues Egypt, that the rulers and the people



'Be gone and see me been served the ninth antitvpical plague has effect have upon the riders of the world, they gone and let said to Jehovah's witnesses 'Be Pharaoh deus have no more to do with you.' the world are fied Jehovah God. The rulers of now doing the same thing. They oppose Jehowarning, and vah's witnesses and spurn God's

said to Moses and Aaron: no more.' Even so now after

is might be informed and warned that Jehovah commandments the Almightv God and that His must be obeved. In all there were ten plagues was that that befell Egypt. The ninth plague

God and His kingdom. will of After this, and in harmony with the God as He has commanded, Jehovah's witnesses
they reject
will give
Tillers of

Egypt exof sreat darkness over all the land of people were, cept that part where God's chosen and there the Israelites had complete light, which was a special favor from Jehovah. Now at the end of the world Jehovah has sent the Greater Moses and has sent

attention Armageddon of notice and warning concerning kingdom, even as Moses and Aaron and God's just gave special instruction to the Israelites

no further notice and warning to the to the the world, but must now bring message of the people of good will the

Egypt. before the tenth plague came upon

firstborn of Egypt under their law hence stituted a specially favored class ; and represented the prophetic picture the firstborn visible ruling element of the earth.

Christ Jesns and forth His witnesses, pictured by Aaron, that His testimony must be given to commanded that the rulers of the world and to the people the Supreme One and that His peoJehovah is to ple shall be permitted without interference



the present The tenth and last plague which










this He sent His angel throughout the land of Egypt and slew every one of the firstborn of the Egyptians, but gave protection

Egypt was

are kept in store, reserved unto [destruction] against the day of judgment and perdition of

to the lirstborn of the Israelites because they

obeyed His commandment, showing faith in man's Eedeemer. The Israelites immediately left Egypt and were pursued by Pharaoh and his official organization, all of which were destroyed in the sea. That foreshadowed or pictured Armageddon, which will mean the complete destruction of Satan's rule of this world, both visible and invisible.

ungodly men. . Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens, being on lire, shall be dissolved, and the elements Lvisible ruling powers] shall melt with fervent heat.'2 Peter 3 3-7, 12. Those inspired words recorded in the Bible
. . :

tell what shall shortly come upon the world, making a complete end of Satan's rule, thus

reveal that God never takes advantage of the ignorance of anyone, but always gives notice and warning before taking action to vindicate His name. Mark this, that 1 le caused Noah to testify to men and angels of His purpose to destroy the world before He brought the flood, which destroyed the world. He caused Moses and Aaron to give full notice and warning to Egypt, and then came the destruction of that world power. He caused Jesus to give fair notice and warning to the rebellious nation of Israel, and then followed the destruction of that nation. Now Jehovah has caused His witnesses to give full and fair notice and warning to the rulers of this world; and when

The Scriptures

clearing the way for the righteous rule of Christ Jesus. Continuing the apostle says "Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new

heavens and a new earth, wherein dwclleth righteousness." (2 Peter 3: 13) This marks the complete change of world control, the "new heavens" being the Christ or invisible rule, and

"new earth" meaning those faithful men of from Abel to John the Baptist, who being resurrected as perfect men shall become the visible rulers in the earth ; and that rule shall be
the old

witness work is completed, there shall quickly follow the complete destruction of the world. The flood, the destruction of Egypt, and the fall of Jerusalem brought great trouble upon the people, but Jesus declares that Armageddon

upon the world the greatest tribuknown, and that it will be the last. (Matthew 24:14,21,22) Hence we may know that the impending battle of Armageddon will be the final and complete execution of Jehovah's .judgment against the wicked, both invisible and
shall bring

lation ever

one of righteousness.-Psalm 45 16 ; Isaiah 32 1. In Eevelation 21 the new rule of the world is symbolically called "the holy city" or organization, and is described as coming down from God out of heaven, which holy and righteous rule under Christ shall bring the greatest blessings to the people. Exercising His supreme power by and through Christ Jesus, Jehovah the great God of the universe will then bless all the people who obey His righteous law. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes ; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new: . . for these words are true and faithful."Revelation 21 4, 5.
: : . :



will not be

fought between


of the nations of earth. Armageddon is Hie 'battle of the great day of God Almighty', in which Christ Jesus and His angels will fight against

Satan and his wicked host, and Christ will be completely victorious. Mark now the words of the record in 2 Peter 3, to wit: 'In the last days shall come those who will deny and scoff at the kingdom of God, and for this they willingly arc ignorant of the truth, that by the word of God the heavens and earth that were of old, constituting the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished; but the heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word

bring to your attention that the socalled "holy year" has failed to bring the promised peace and prosperity, and that failure of itself should convince the people of good will that God did not authorize the year 1933 to be called a holy year, nor will He answer the prayers of men who try to make it a holy year. Upon earth there is now no peace, and poverty continues to stalk hideously through the land. As Jehovah's witnesses we have no controversy with men. Our only purpose is to be obedient to God's commandment to tell the message of truth. As He has commanded this message to be delivered, by His grace we will do it, regardless of opposition; and when we have thus done,




new Rider
servant, in
of the world,

Brooklyn, N. Y.

our responsibility ends and yours begins. I must the tell you that all human schemes to recover world are certain to fail. The world is sick unto death, and it is going to die. There may be a temporary period of prosperity, but it will be very brief. Jehovah's decree is that there shall be a complete change of world control, and for this reason the old world must perish. In the terrible disaster that shall soon come upon the present world all who oppose God will

and says 'Behold



whom my

soul is pleased.



show righteous judgment to the nations, and in his name shall the nations hope.' (Matthew 12:18-21) Having been warned, men are at
whatsoever organization they may but let the people of good will who desire wish to see righteousness, peace, prosperity and life everlasting on the earth take their stand wholly
liberty to join

no possible way of escape. (Jeremiah 25:33-36) Money, property and worldly influence will not avail anyone to buy


will find

protection or relief in that time of great trouble. Concerning the same it is written in God's Word: "The land shall be utterly emptied, and
utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have trans-

on the side of God and His kingdom. There is no place of safety anywhere else. To take your stand on Jehovah's side you do not need to join any human organization, but in the privacy of your home devote yourself to God and His kingdom under Christ. Be diligent to study the


gressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant." (Isaiah 24: 3, 5) The everlasting covenant here mentioned is God's covenant concerning the sanctity of life. (Genesis 9 1-11) Every nation on earth has grossly violated and willfully broken that covenant by causing the unnecessary and untimely death of human creatures. Examples of such needless bloodstains upon the record of America are the cruel treatment to winch the Indians have been subjected, and the wanton slaughter of animals; and which was done chiefly because of greed for gain. The commercial and political elements of the earth have unjustly oppressed and killed

and learn the way of righteousness. Avoid all controversies and strifes. If riots and revolutions come, keep away from them. Deal honestly and justly with your fellow man, and worship and obey the Almighty God.
of truth

There are on earth today millions of people of good will who desire to know and to do what is right, and those who follow the instructions given to them in the Word of God may be hid in the time of the great tribulation, and be carried through it safely, and then live for ever on the earth and never die. Hence it can be truly
said, "Millions

now living will never die." Opposers of God's truth may soon make


millions of

creatures, and the religious element has connived at and condoned such wrongful deeds. God will balance the books at


Armageddon. I warn the people of a wicked conspiracy formed by Satan, and in which conspiracy there
are joined the international bankers, the unfaithful clergy, and the conscienceless politicians, among the purposes of which conspiracy are these: To put America in the League of Nations, control the money and all other property, rule the people by the hand of their one-

impossible for a time for you to hear the message of God's kingdom by radio, but Jehovah has provided other means. This speech, and others containing His message electrically transcribed, will be delivered to the people in every part of the land. Look for notice of such coming meetings and then assemble yourselves together and hear the truth and learn the way of righteousness.

The change


world control just at hand

not only will bring relief to suffering humanity but will bring boundless blessings and endless joy to those who obey God. All who desire the righteous kingdom of Jehovah under Christ, and who are seeking safety, must take their stand now on the side of JehoI propose that this audience, visible and invisible, adopt the following resolution, to wit: vah.

man dictator, destroy the freedom of speech and

press, and Christ.

stop the true worship of

God and

Resolved, That we do

now take our stand on

But be of good courage The hand of Almighty God at Armageddon will smite all these enemies
to the dust!

"What, then, is the hope of the nations of the earth? Jehovah God points to Christ Jesus, the

the side of Jehovah God and His kingdom; and that we will obey, serve and worship Jehovah God and His beloved Son, Christ Jesus, who is the rightful Ruler of the world, and we will thus participate in the vindication of Jehovah's name.

fudge Rutherford's Statement to Congress

details appear on subsequent pages, but the outstanding event connected with the hearings on the McFaddenbill, II.R. 7986, before the House of Representatives Committee on Merchant Marine, Radio, and Fisheries,


ignate these Christian people in united body engaged in their specific work under the direction of the corporation above named. Seeing that Jehovah God's chief purpose was and is to take out from the nations

Washington, D.C., March 15-20, 1934, was the

following statement.

a people for His name to be used for His witnesses these Christian people, by the Lord's favor, have tak-

en the name Jehovah's witnesses and are generally known throughout the earth by that name.

Being in California for his health, and confronted with the fact that he was widely advertised to speak over a nation-wide network from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, March 25, Judge Rutherford was unable to be present, but alter his affidavit was read for the record, it was placed in evidence by Ms attorney. The committee gave this closest attention, and we urge the same upon all our readers
To the Congress of the United States The Seventy-third, Second Session
Washington, D. C.

purpose of the organizations above menJehovah God as He has commanded in His Word, the Bible, which requires all who have devoted themselves to Jehovah God to be obedient to nis laws or commandments. The persons of this Association or organization are taught and firmly believe that there is one Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and whose name alone is Jehovah, which latter name specifically means His purpose towards His creatures; that there is one Redeemer of mankind, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the Son of Jehovah God. We accept and believe and teach the Bible, which is otherwise designated the Holy Scriptures, and this we understand, to be the




to serve

Supporting House Bill II.R. 7986

The undersigned, Joseph P. Rutherford, makes the following statement under oath My name is Joseph F. Rutherford, my residence
124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn.
rily I

of God given for the instruction of of righteousness.


in the


York. TemporaI



San Diego,


am, and since

1917 have been, the president of the following organizations or corporations, to wit Watch Tower Bible & Tract Socibit, Peoples Pulpit Association, INTERNATIONAL BlBLE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, all of which are in fact one and the same and engaged in identically the same work, being organized in different places and under different names for convenience.

We have no formal creed such as is formulated and promulgated by other organizations. We believe the Bible and that is our creed. We put forth no effort to obtain members, nor to propagate the doctrine of any human organization. The Bible teachings which we fully accept we understand to be the following,
to wit:

created the earth and created the first man and placed him on the earth ; that God made His spirit creature Lucifer the overlord of man; that Lucifer rebelled against God and thereafter his name


About the year 1879 a company of Christian people at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, formed themselves into an organization under the name of Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, and in the year 1884 by process of law became incorporated by that name and title. In 1896, by order of the Common Pleas Court
of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, duly entered of record, the name of the corporation was changed to

was changed from Lucifer to Satan, Serpent, Dragon and Devil that Satan induced man to sin against Jehovah's law, and for that wrongdoing man was sentenced to death, and all the human race, being the

offspring of that first man Adam, by reason of inherited sin, were born as sinners or imperfect; that Satan challenged Jehovah God to put on earth mcu that would maintain their integrity toward Ilim and

Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. In 1009 the Peoples Pulpit Association was created and organized under the Membership Corporation law of the State of New7 York. The term International Bible Students Association was a generic term apthat of
plied to all people of a
tries of the earth

be faithful to God under the severe test ; that God permitted Satan to live and carry on his rebellious work in order that his challenge might be fully put to
the test and in due time for ever settled in the right
tion to the

way, and that a testimony might be given to all creaname of Jehovah in order to give oppor-

common faith in different counwho were associated together in a

tunity for


to voluntarily take their

stand on the

side of Jehovah

God and

live or choose to take their

work, and in the year 1914 a corporation was formed under the laws of England by that name. The term '"Society" is often used to desspecific Christian

stand on the side of the Devil and be destroyed. The great climax must be reached at some time, and that


at hand.


eaaKsir^-i; ;S=-

_i^-i4-^ -.-.-- ^--^ I



The Bible further
believe, that

Brooklyn, N. Y.

To carry out His side of the question put at issue by the challenge Jehovah promised that lie would
send to earth a redeemer of man, which redeemer would purchase the human race, and in God's due time would establish over the earth a government of righteousness and under which all men might have the opportunity for everlasting life and happiness ; that God sent Ilis beloved Son Jesus to the earth for this purpose that the death of Jesus provided the redempfrom the tive price for man; that Jesus was raised creature and made Jehovah's chief repdead a divine resentative in the universe and the rightful Kuler of


which we accept and

that within the time from A.D. 1914 until the battle of period of Armageddon the faithful followers of Christ Jesus

Jehovah has commanded

on earth must be witnesses for Jehovah and must inform the rulers and the people of Jehovah 's purpose place to destroy the wicked rule of earth and in its and stead to establish His government of righteousnaness under Christ Jesus for the blessing of all the this end, therefore, Jehovah tions of the earth. To God commands His witnesses to proclaim and teach that the millions of people who have died are not in purgatory, nor in a place called hell, nor are they conscious in any place, but that they are dead, in unthe grave, know not anything, and hence are not dergoing suffering anywhere; that during the reign or the of Christ Jesus all who are in their graves shall be resurrected and be given an state of death opportunity to take their stand on the side of the Lord and obey Him and live for ever on earth ; that are the Bible shows conclusively that, since the dead unconscious and out of existence, no man or actually men can offer prayers in behalf of the dead, and that prayers of men offered for the dead are wholly without value and avail nothing ; that all prayers must be made to God in the name of Christ Jesus, and only God can forgive sins in answer to prayers; that Jehovah God alone is the life-giver, and hence that He means life-giver), is the Father (because "father" He alone can bestow the blessings which men soreand ly need; that under Christ Jesus' reign these blessings His folwill come, and for this reason Jesus taught Kingdom come; Thy will be done lowers to pray, 'Thy on earth as in heaven,' and since then all of His true
followers have thus

the world. The Scriptures further plainly set forth and teach that men have formed governments from time to time and endeavored to carry them forward and that Saexercising his subtle and wrongful influence over

men, has influenced them and caused and induced dishonor their governments to become corrupt and to carrying on the name of Jehovah God; that Satan,
this unrighteous work, has overreached religious organizations and has used them as his chief means to

turn deceive the people, as well as the rulers, and to them away from the true God, and henee the world and in general has come under the wrongful influence the Devil; that the majority of domination of Satan
are ignorant of this great fact and it is God's will that testimony should be given concerning the same, that men may understand the truth thereof.


The Scriptures plainly show that in Jehovah's due time Jesus must come again and set up .His kingdom might of righteousness ; that the time of His coming were watching and waiting be known by men who therefor the Scriptures declare that this time should
be marked by a world war, accompanied by pestilence


sincerely prayed to


and perplexity upon the nations of the the world; that in 1914 this prophecy concerning world and the coming of the Lord's kingend of the dom began to have fulfilment and the understanding thereof became possible only after that date; that

and great



Jesus Christ approximately at that time cast Satan the Devil down to earth and for that reason there is now great suffering, woe and distress upon the nations and peoples of the earth, and that Satan is the pricause of such distress and suffering and he

The Bible further teaches, and which teachings we accept and strive to obey, that those who are devoted the to God must proclaim the good news concerning the rulers and to the people kingdom of God both to to inform them as taught by the Scriptures that


brings this upon men in order to turn them away from the true God and His kingdom ; that just now Satan particularly the nais gathering all the nations, and "Christendom", to the great battle of Armations of geddon, at which battle Satan's organization will be completely destroyed that according to the Scriptures ever that will be the greatest tribulation the world has will be the end of all trouble upon the known and

and that the only hope of the world is God's kingdom, purpose of this testimony must be given, not for the in converting men of the world now, but as a witness that those who desire may serve God and live order privilege; or refuse to serve Him and lose that great work is completed there that as soon as this witness Armageddon and will follow the great tribulation of Armageddon will come the resurrection of following earth the dead and the blessing of the people of the kingdom. who obey the laws of God's by The teaching of these Bible truths as commanded

earth; that following

Armageddon peace and


perity, happiness and life will come to men who are ever obedient and that the obedient will abide for and there will never be another war ; that upon earth

that the great battle of Armageddon is impending and present generation. it will come to pass within the

become greatthe Lord has caused religious leaders to these Bible truths ly angered at us, for the reason that make'known the fact that the people have been taught manv doctrines which are not supported by the Bibeen deceived greatly ble and hence the people have injury. For this reason leaders in religious
to their

denominations have launched an




11, 1904



no controversy with any man and we have no fight with any man, but we must be obedient to Jehovah's commandments and declare His truth as set forth in His Word, and it is His Word of truth that has caused tho great -ition to our work and has resulted in much persecution of the faithful and harmless Christian peohavc engaged in this work of proclaiming the
against Jehovah's witnesses. "We have

The radio


the creation of God, and not of any

our God-given privilege and duty proclaim the truth which is set forth in the Bible, in order that the people might hear, and this we have been doing. The truth proclaimed by radio has exposed the errors taught by men, and therefore it is the truth that has caused the opposition to our using the radio. Instead of replying to the teachings which we have been promulgating from the Scriptures the opposcrs seek to destroy our opportunity of using the radio for that purpose and to try to deprive the people of having the opportunity of healing these truths by radio. Repeatedly I have offered to discuss these Bible questions with the clergymen by radio, not for the purpose of holding up anyone to ridicule, but that the people might for themselves determine what they desire to believe, butall such requests for such a public discussion have been ignored and the opposition to our work has inhence
it is

to xise the radio to

creased in the manner above mentioned. The very existence of the governments and peoples of the earth is now at stake, and for that reason there could be nothing of such public and vital importance to the people as a correct knowledge and understanding of Jehovah God's purpose of and concerning them. If the people go the wrong way they shall surely die whereas if they go in the right way they may receive the blessings of life. Hence the message of God's kingdom proclaimed as set forth in the Bible comes clearly within the purview of the Radio Act concerning public interest, convenience and necessity. Many radio stations have gladly broadcast our programs, and during the past three years there has been a wide proclamation of the truth in this way, and this has afforded to the radio stations much legitimate revenue, since we have paid for the broadcasting of such programs. In that time millions of people have heard these Bible instructions and have rejoiced, and these truths have helped them to be better men and women. Such has been the expression by many thousands both of Catholics and Protestants, Jews and non-Jews. It must be conceded that the people have the right to hear what they please without interference from anyone, and as long as that which is broadcast is moral and upbuilding, and for the good of those who hear, surely no one has any right to interfere with the proclamation of the same. The Catholie people as such are not against the message which we proclaim, and this is evidenced by the Buraersus letters received from Catholics in va-

rious parts of the country. Many of theni have expressed their great desire to hear more, and thousands of them are reading that message that is in printed form. It is the priests or clergymen and officials of the Catholie organization that have engaged and carried on and are carrying on a vigorous and vituperative campaign against us. That they have a, right to abuse us no one will call in question, but they do not have any right to employ the means of boycott, of threats and coercion, against radio stations in order to force such stations to cease taking and broadcasting our programs. The Catholic press and the Catholie clergymen throughout the country are employing these very wrongful methods and threaten business loss and disaster to radio stations in order to prevent them from taking and broadcasting our programs and thus arc depriving the people of hearing them as well a3 depriving the radio stations of legitimate right to broadcast such things as they may deem proper. We are not here asking for any favor of Congress, but we are here demanding that our rights and tho rights of the general public be safeguarded and that men and organizations be prohibited from employing threats to destroy the business of radio stations and using that and iike coercive methods to compel radio stations to deny us the use of their facilities. We will be the last ones to ever complain to opposition to us, but we do insist that we have the right under the fundamental law of this land, and, above all, under the law of God, to contract with the owners of radio stations to broadcast our programs and that such stations have the right to freely contract with us without interference or fear of suffering loss at the hands of other persons or organizations. For that reason we are asking this Congress to make it a criminal offense for any person or organization to use threats, boycotting or other coercive, methods to hinder or interfere with the free making and performance of contracts between persons or organizations with reference to radio broadcasting. Such a ride of law is general and for the general welfare, and not in the interest of any particular organization, and every honest and lawabiding person should be in favor of such a law. It extends the same privilege and protection to all, regardless of religious faith or previous condition of



was declared

elaborate pontifical ceremonies the year 1933 to be a holy year in which united prayers

should be made to bring to the world peace and prosperity. In a radio speech I called attention to this as being presumptuous before the Lord, since no man has any power or authority to declare a year a holy year. That proper and legitimate and Scriptural criticism

"Holy Year"

called forth

from the Catholic press

abuse and vilification against me and repeated threats to destroy the business of radio stations that would dare to continue to broadcast speeches made by me. Concerning the personal abuse of myself I have no complaint but threats made against
a tirade of



Brooklyn, N.T.

owners and lessees of radio stations who broadcast putting such programs as they desire, and therefore in fear of loss of business or such owners and lessees depriving milsocial support, and which resulted in hear, is lions of people of hearing what they wish to
so grossly

For the guidance of the Federal Radio Commission and for the public interest Congress therefore should clearly so amend Section 11 of the Radio Act as to define the meaning of the phrase therein, to wit: "public interest, convenience and necessity."
to If the Roman Catholic hierarchy be permitted determine what is of public interest, convenience and necessity and can by means of threats or other wrongwhat ful means prevent radio stations' broadcasting such religious organization, then the is displeasing to Roman-Spanish inquisition will be in full force in America, even though in a somewhat more refined form, and the freedom of speech hi this land will action, not cease. The Congress should take positive but in behalf of or against any religious organization, to safeguard the in behalf of the people in general, guarrest and the rights of the people which are

wrong that


demands the

serious attention

Catholic clergy believe of Congress. Let the what they desire, but when they attempt to and teach or may not tell American citizens what they may


hear or what they

threats, boycott

may and may



wrongful purpose, then it is proof this land should take positive action for the
tection of

not do, and employ means to accomplish their that the law-making body



Surely it has not come to the point in America that of an the people are permitted only to hear one side important question at issue. The so-called "Holy Year" has come and passed, and the united prayers in of the political religious institutions have resulted bringing neither prosperity nor peace to the world, poverty but, on the contrary, wars are threatened and
continues to stalk abroad in the earth. Jehovah God conditions in the Bible has told why these unhappy it here and what will be the outcome thereof. Is are convenience and nenot of greatest public interest, cessity that the people hear these truths? religious, political or financial institution has

anteed by the Federal Constitution.

care if it is not at all material, nor do we Catholic institution increases its followers by the the ormillions, because that responsibility is upon that

With us


Radio the Constitutional right to use the Federal Commission either directly or indirectly in an attempt and to frighten the owners or lessees of radio stations refrain from broadcasting certain thus cause them to right or specific programs which they have the legal case in point is this: After broadbroadcast.

it, and they must and not to us. We are comaccount to Jehovah God, manded by Jehovah God to sound His notice and warning to the rulers and to the people concerning His name, the establishment of His kingdom, and what shall shortly fall upon the world, and this we must do in order to meet the responsibility laid upon of such mesus, and all who oppose the proclamation

ganization and the

men who conduct



speech on

"Holy Year" by

a large


ber of radio stations in the United States,

and after

the sage of truth will receive a just recompense at God. The obligation now resting hand of Jehovah upon this Congress is to see that no hindrance is put and in the way of a free proclamation of God's Word, or met by merethat obligation cannot be side-stepped
ly ignoring

the Catholic press and the clergy had launched a vigorous attack upon me and against the radio stations had that had broadcast the same, and after the clergy vigorous protest to the Federal Radio Commismade Radio sion against such speech, then the Federal list of staCommission requested me to file with it a that had broadcast that speech and to furnish

Commission, a copy of the speech to the Federal Radio which request I readily complied with. After all of furnished this, and after the Commission had been then the Federal Radio the information requested, Commission addressed letters to numerous radio sta-

There arc two gigantic radio corporations in Ameristations, to ca owning, leasing and operating radio The National Broadcasting Company and the wit: Columbia Broadcasting System. These corporations, by their officers, have undertaken to determine what with refthe American people may or may not hear to what the Bible contains, and hence have erence
limited the use of their facilities to certain religious organizations and have unjustly discriminated and

on the list requesting such I had furnished to the Commission, stations to advise the Commission as to whether or not they had broadcast my speech concerning the "Holy Year". The manifest purpose of such letters the various stations was not to obtain information
tions, the

names of which

stations were

do unjustly discriminate against all others, including of ourselves, "and which is detrimental to the interest corporations millions of American citizens. Such radio
hire have denied the use of their facilities to us for teach is not pleasing to certain rebecause what we do ligious organizations, which organizations they


asked for, but was an indirect way of advising such radio stations that further broadcasting of such speech by myself might be grounds for refusing to renew their license. That some of the stations so understood and construed those letters, I know to be true, because

Such unjust discrimination should not be pernecessary mitted, and this Congress should take the such discrimination. The rights of steps to prevent organization the people are supreme to that of any minority cannot or corporation, and the right of the
takes action be properly ignored. Unless this Congress then millions of people will be deas here suggested, truth nied the opportunity of hearing God's Word of

managers of radio

stations so expressed themselves.





Congress will bear a great responsibility

therefor before Almighty God.

We call attention to these facts which are fully supported by God's Word the Bible, and by the physical facts which are now apparent to all, that it may that the world has reached a great crisis, and that no man knows the way out, but God's Word furnishes and clearly points to the only way out and
the only possible way of escape to safety; that God has commanded that these facts must be brought to the attention of the rulers and to the people them-

under Jehovah God; that His kingdom is at hand, and that this matter of notice and warning is given to you in harmony with the expressed will of God, as set forth in the prophecies, and, these facts having been brought to your attention, such adds greatly to your responsibility, as declared in the following and


other supporting Scriptures, to wit: Ezekiel 3:18-21; Psalm 2: 6-12.

and a failure of God's witnesses to so do would them their lives. In this hour of great crisis upon the world, and when the people are in such dire need of knowledge and understanding of God's Word of truth, every effort should be put forth to give the people an opportunity to hear and understand the Bible truths.


State of California

County of San Diego


person, persons, companies or corporations should be permitted to put in fear owners and lessees of radio stations and thus wrongfully prevent the people from hearing by radio the all-important message of Jehovah's Word. Having brought these matters to your attention our responsibility ends and there yours begins. In all kindness I suggest that before passing finally upon the question raised by the petitions filed in support of this Bill you give due consideration to the fact that Christ Jesus is earth's rightful King


On this 14th day of February A.D. 1934, before mo, Marguerite DeLuca, a Notary Public in and for said county, personally appeared Joseph F. Rutherford, me known and known to be the person who signed the statement set forth in the foregoing pages, and being by me first duly sworn, says that he signed and executed the same and that the statements therein are

Subscribed and sworn to before



the day and date

Marguerite DeLuca

Other Items of Interest

at the

Hearings on the McFadden


skill with which The Associated Press and the other press agencies deprived the American people of auy knowledge of the great-



Jehovah's witnesses, under the
[Association], operate

of the Peoples' Pulpit

a small radio station at Brooklyn, N. Y.

ever presented in the history of legislation, or of the hearings which followed its presentation, is noteworthy. The Evening Sun, Baltimore, is an exception. From a report two
est petition

Jehovah's witnesses
tho world.


operate in sixty-one countries of


do they get financial support?" asked Representative

columns long, published on the first day of the hearings, we quote some of the colloquy which, if The Associated Press wished at all to serve 2.41(5.141 who signed the Protest and Petition, presented to Congress January 24, 1934, would have been published in eveiy newspaper in the

"By voluntary contributions," replied Wertz. of the head of Jehovah's witnesses and of all
limited to S15 a

"The income



month and board and room."

adherents has the organization?"

"How many

15,000,000 people in the United States."


"These adherents of Jehovah's witnesses," went on Wcrtz, "are made up of Catholics, Protestants and Jews."
Mr. Edwin S. Wertz, attorney, of Cleveland, Ohio, represented Jehovah's witnesses before the Radio Committee of the House of Representatives, at Washington, D,C, in the hearings on the McFadden bill, March 15-20. 1934. Mr. Wertz has his law offices In the Union Trust Building, Cleveland. He was selected as a lawyer of ability In whom Judge Rutherford ha3 confidence, as to both his ability and his honesty. He has represented Jehovah's witnesses In Ohio and other states. He was United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio during Presi-

corami"^ consisting of representatives of tlie Protestant, lie and Jc"i5!i faiths have banned Jehovah's witnesses,

said Wertz.*






church?" asked Representative John Brown

(Deni., Ky.).

attack the doctrines of the Catholie church,

the individuals of that church."




dent Wilson's administration,

McFadden 's



Brooklyn, N. T.

forbids discrimination and censorship in tho


uso of radio and makes its violation a misdemeanor to be punished by a fine of not more than $5,000. McFadden, who was the first witness, said that at present the radio company did discriminate both between political candidates and between religions and other organizations.



in this


been such charges," replied also, I have been told,

static or other conditions

have stopped certain political ad-

He said that petitions signed by sent in to Congressmen, protesting ngainst the existing censorship. He went on to declare that much radio advertising was
really political propaganda.

2,416,000 citizens had been

"I havo been told," went on McFadden, "that witnesses is controlled by the National have testified that Station Broadeasting Company and that no religious addresses of any kind can be put on the air over that station until such addresses have been approved by the censorsliip committee of tho Feder-


ation of Churches.

JUMPS INTO BIO BUSINESS Getting well under way McFadden read a scorching attack on "big business", which, he said, had turned "the toiling millions" into "serfs and paupers". "Every branch of the Government, " McFadden declared, "is controlled and contaminated by big business, which, also,
controls the




munication tional Telephone and Telegraph Company controls radio in the

a movement on foot to control all means of cominternationally. I understand that the Interna-

United Slates."

army and navy."


big business elect Roosevelt?" asked Representative

' '

Charles L. Gifford (Hep., Mass.). ' I think it had a good deal to do with

Chairman Schuyler O. Bland (Dem., Va.) quoted from the radio law the clause which forbids a radio company to exercise censorship over what is spoken over the radio and, further, the provision that if one candidate is given time, his
opponents must be given equal time. McFadden said that the National Broadcasting Company



McFadden went on

to say that


business owns or con-

trols practically all the

newspapers and magazines and all the clergymen of the country '. "Did the distinguished gentleman call the attention of tho country to these dangers while he was chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee of the House!" asked Representative


allotted certain time for religious addresses

insisted that all such addresses

and that it must be approved by the Fed-

eration of Churches of Christ.

"William I. Sirovich (Dem., N.Y.).

Ramspeck went on to ask if the securities act, the Stock Exchange Control act and other legislation proposed by the Roosevelt administration were not bitterly opposed by big

" Y es, " replied McFadden. "What specific clergymen does

sisted Sirovich,

the speaker refer



"I mean


Federal Council of Churches of Christ in

ANSWERED BY COMMITTEE McFadden agreed that certain sections of big

business did

America," said McFadden.



object to intolerance in the use of the radio," he de-

not approve such legislation. "I have been told that the bank deposit insurance bill," said McFadden, "was passed practically at the demand of investment bankers, who were responsible for looting the banks


do you mean by 'intolerance' on the radio?" asked

the spreading on the radio of propaganda for in-

and were afraid

to face the suffering depositors."

"I mean

Statement of Anton Koerber

Jehovah's witnesses have been asked the question by members of Congress and others, "Is the petition as recently presented by millions of American citizens an anti-Catholic movement, and are Jehovah's witnesses in favor of H.K. 7986 for any such reason?" The answer is emphatically "No There is no act or intention on the part of American

ternationalism," said McFadden.

favor a few clear channels on the air to be owned and operated by the Government?" asked Sirovich. "That may become necessary," McFadden replied.

"Would you

REPORTS CRITICISM been invited to speak over the radio on the subject of your bill?" asked Representative Gifford. "No," replied McFadden, "but a year or two ago when 1 introduced another radio bill, the Rev. D. Parks Cadman

"Have you


citizens (including Jehovah's witnesses) who signed this petition to restrain or interfere with the rights of

severely criticized me, but I

was not given an opportunity



class of people, be they Catholic, Protestant, or



was working on a bill which would create "the national university of tho air", and under which the most eminent men in polities, science and education would
Sirovich said he

address the public over air channels



by the


"Are there instances where the Radio Commission has suggested to announced speakers that they had better not speak!"
asked Gifford.

Jewish, but, on the other hand, the petition protests against certain acts on the part of the clergy (including those of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, and particularly the Roman Catholic hierarchy) who have by unethical practices sought to restrain and interfere with the rights of others in the free worship and service to God in the use of the



think later witnesses will so testify," said McFadden. British government controls the radio," said Gifford.

the Government cut off

its political

opponents from

The purpose of the petition and its signers is not associated with any movement to agitate or arouse a religious controversy, but rather is a cry for relief from the oppression fostered by organized clergy and
the principal of their flock, namely, big business,

the air?"











the God-given ether waves for their



and the



gy as mouthpieces in suppressing We see nothing in the bill that



at hand, and that the blessings to all the famof the earth, which God promised, are now available. To receive these blessings at God's hand, all


oj of their rights as American

citizens. Tiic

proposes legislation to prohibit lawless forces from further eovetousness and overt acts that result in the dispossession of those rights. The bill further provides :uards to protect the inherent rights of American people in the worship and service to God according to the dictates of their own conscience

must put their trust in Jehovah God and have knowledge of His purposes. Jehovah's witnesses are engaged in giving the message of God's kingdom unselfishly by pointing to His Word, as expressed in the Bible, as the only lawful course of action to follow. This is
referred to in the Watch Tower charier as "the dissemination of Bible truths". We hold that God's kingdom is the only hope of the world. Organized clergy, including the Catholic hierarchy, have proved that they are against God's kingdom, because they have taken every possible step to estop the message of God 's kingdom, which Jehovah through Christ Jesus has commanded shall be given for the vindication of His

without interference.

The question must come to yotu' mind, "Why should the clergy of all people, who claim to represent God and the Bible, seek to throttle and prevent others from expressing freely God's purposes as stated in the Scriptures, except it be through fear of exposure?" The love of God casts out all fear, and truthful persons are bold to both hear and proclaim the Word of God. (1 John 4:17,18) We arc warned that the clergy in the Lord's day had a form of godliness but denied God's Word of truth. (2 Timothy 3:5) The clergy killed God's prophets, crucified Christ Jesus, imprisoned and killed the disciples, and used the Inquisition during the Middle Ages. (John 8:40-44) Organized clergy of the present generation is no different from the past. The veneer is simply more polished, but the same wicked intention to exclude or destroy anyone who interferes with their a schemes to control the people persists today. Matthew 23 27.

Word and

name. In each case of a number of stations, either a Catholic priest or Protestant clergyman has been responsible for the unethical campaign to exclude others from the air. The complaints were entirely a case of personal animosity. That they have the right to abuse others under the cloak of religious immunity is not questioned here. But they do not have the right, in order to carry out their malicious purposes, to employ
such means as threats, boycott and coercion to the detriment of business firms who advertise, radio stations which broadcast, and the people who desire to hear what they consider to be a proper expression of
the Bible.

granted certain powers by eleetiou relative to laying out a course of action for the people to pursue, but the clergy and the principal of their flock have assumed that power by usurpation. Today the people are dominated by these factors and have no voice and are given no choice in the matter their rights are not protected by those who have the authority to do so. Oppression is rampant r the guise of religion. The great Creator did

A Congressman

not make ITis creatures to live upon the earth under such conditions forever, and the Scriptures give abundant evidence that the time has come when all will be granted the right to serve God in spirit and in h open hearts and minds, unhindered by rerejudice. Therefore it is a most opportune time for those who love God and desire to do good to their fellow man to boldly declare these facts to copie and open the way for a better understanding ig these who desire to serve God.


Catholic, Protestant, nor Jewish people,

Further, if Congress has not deemed it advisable to grant to the Radio Commission the right of censorship, surely that power cannot be exercised by the clergy without legislation. For the latter class to assume that role without legal authority is lawlessness in the extreme. As American citizens the clergy have no more rights than any other Americans, and therefore should be restrained from such wicked practices the same as others. The fact that one person, because he is a pope or cardinal, can say anything he wishes without interference does not preclude another from contradicting the former's statements because such matters are considered controversial and an insult to the pope. Whether a man is a pope, cardinal, international banker or an honest workingnian, the laws of this country place all on the same footing and the Constitution of the United States prescribes protection to Americans from just such a condition as exists today in radio matters. We understand the proposed legislation in the

Fed or guilty of the wicked practices freedom of political, religious or edo pressions by radio, nor have they pression against certain Scriptural programs of speech which seem to have incensed the clergy. Bather, the very message that has incensed the clergy has brought comfort to millions of people of good will. These people are glad to know that God's kingdom, for which they have long prayed,

MeFadden Radio


H.R. 7086, carries no


privileges in favor of any. It cannot, possibly be con-

strued as favoring any particular person or organization, but rather affords equal opportunity for all to contribute to the welfare of others in giving a square deal in broadcasting, relative to the important points at issue. It provides that station owners shall have the free exercise of their rights to contract for legitimate programs without interference by disin-




Brooklyn, N. T.

prohibits undue discrhnination terested parties, exclusion of another when hi behalf of one party to the considered equal. all conditions should be with features in the bill, together The above-stated threats coercion against the provisions of protection and no of arc surely for the welfare and boycott particular. The bill extends iu the interest of any in measure of protection to all the same privilege and views religious faith ana regardless of their political that portion of the charitable efforts. It expresses apply to radio today rehv Constitution that should and freedom of worship and tive to good government Roman Catholic hierarchy sei'icc to God. That the to express by radio other clergy have the right




practicable by means of stening areas as far as could be covered if we had he smalle/stations than and stations used by free access to the powerful

expense by comThis greatly increases our telephone-line connections to us to carry more number of stations to cover toe required greater


CBS Many

compelled to use now of the stations we are are unable to cover have"little sending capacity. tions a these smal of Jhe same areas with the use are the larger stations cover by use of


could ot money and we compelled to expend larger sums provide the programs doTot get the service, nor do we
for all

^ We


desire to hear.

and throughout European naand otSwise certain views m terfer


States tions as well as the United questioned here. But ence is not views based upon the a right to express contrary element hhdi power. Those interference by the clergy without listening areas of the United expressed are capacity to reach all because the facts 01 am' other element exclusion of the other staThe Constitution States at any time, to the the views of the clergy. contmry contain certain.proti and laws of the United States chain was organized, American Tn recent years a regional the inherent rights of visions to protect ^ering New E,gtand. known as the Yankee network, whether the latter be of izens against monopolies with CBS lhe'Yankee Today both of the This chain is now associated element. religious or of commercial stations with preferential network includes smaller commercial basis latter arc operated on a who arc walking contracts as to time. The creatures in this country powerful CBS outlet seeking to do good The city of Washington has a humbly before the living God and and two NBC outlets, undeniable right to unin WJSV; it has also to their neighbors have an independently owned station of without Christ it has also one any clfiS Proclaim the gospel of J esu^ express on an are prevented from usmg power, WOI, This right of freedom oi molestation. declines to express J oho yah on o'f these four stations. freedom of participation for others the distavoi of the programs for fear of incurring us is now claimed in the our concerning


Todav these chains monopolize the preferred option o time by station ownership and by stations that have been ason independently owned the operating frequencies and signed to use the choice stations havetoe chain-controlled

United States








God's purposes For proposed legislation of H. R. 7986.




are in favor of


Statement by A. R. Goux follows NBC stands In the statement which Company and Ctfb for National Broadcasting Columbia Broadcasting System.

The two cham systems Federal Radio Commission. Washington stations. dominate the other three of the United A number of the populous areas as Chicago, St. reach; such States wc are unable to with the sma^ Pittsburgh, New England even L preferred option oi tune held er stations, due to the that have adequate sendhe chains on the stations

began operations hi 1926. CBS began operating in 1927. controlled only During the time that NBC and CBS make up our own chain a few stations we were able to dissemination

ing capacity.





July 24,

was used by us on one occasion: program, broad1927. This was a one-hour


and could



fairly well with the

been permitted to use Since then we have never

given for the

by 51

systems have expanded to rienfy^s both of these powerful stations. These chain by acquiring other contract a prior claim on companies also acquired by time on independently practically all the desirable




present time.these owned stations. Therefore at the practically all of toe two chain companies control

powerful stations

in the

United States.

systems to carry Owing to refusal of these chain compelled their networks, we are our programs on tTmake'up a separate chain of short radius of transstations with small power and a

inducted broadcasting enterprise is thei would have to purposes, and that we for commercial Advisory their take the matter up with religious policy commitAdvisory Council includes a of members: a representative fee composed of three faith; and of the Protestant the Catholic faith; one

was that primarily



one of the Jewish faith. Advisory Counci1 is desigThis committee of the Religious Activities, and to natcd as the Committee on






the NBC has entrusted the responsibility of governing the broadcasting of programs connected with reit

ligion or the Bible.

This committee has always refused to permit us to use the service of the NBC to broadcast our programs of Bible instruction. The committee refuses our programs, saying that the NBC networks are adequately provided with religious program material furnished and approved by their committee. We have requested NBC to broadcast our programs. Such requests have been made repeatedly since 1927. have offered to pay for the time at commercial rates and have always been refused, except the first time, July 24, 1927.

requested permission of the CBS to take off the regular commercial-chain feature for that date only. This request to CBS was telephoned by the general manager of the station and, according to our local representative's report, the request was flatly refused and the station manager refuses further to consider removing the CBS program for our program for fear
of what


might do in


Statement of C.
like to




it is

refuses to accept our programs, stating that

In support of verbal testimony given here, I would show the Committee how the organization referred to in the "Petition" as the Roman Catholic hierarchy operated in this country to exclude from the air, by unethical methods, programs of speech by Judge Rutherford because his expressed views differed from those of the Catholic hierarchy and were
considered inimical to the latter 's interests.
the visible head of may be interestto know that there arc 310 official Catholic publications in this country which the pope freely admits is his voice in America. The editors of these papers are chiefly bishops and priests. However, their publications and activities are not confined to religion, but cover commercial, political and social life. In addition, there are some 35 Catholic organizations of
It is well

contrary to their policy to accept programs of this nature. CBS has never broadcast our programs on its networks. Last November we entered into a contract with "WPG, Atlantic City, New Jersey, for a one-hour program in electrical transcription, to be broadcast December 31, 1933, on the subject "Religious Intolerance: Why". Before the date of the broadcast we that the CBS were informed by the manager of had written to him and advised him to cancel the

known that the pope


the ing


Catholic organization. It


men, such as the Knights of Columbus, and approximately 75 Catholic organizations of women in this country, which cooperate with and support the Catholic press and Catholic programs. Their expressed purpose is for the advancement of Catholic interests and the suppression and abolition of other parties considered inimical to Catholic interests. In other words, if any religious, educational or political organizations publish or broadcast what is considered by the Cathhierarchy as inimical to Catholic interests in this country, the command is given through their press that the undesirable person or persons shall be taken off the air or put out of business. As experienced recently, the said organization then functions as follows


Besides owning a number of stations, directly or through its subsidiary corporations, the CBS has prior

claim on time of many independently owned stations, through contracts with such stations which are highly restrictive according to information given us from time to time by the stations. For example, independently owned stations located

Birmingham, Ala, Montgomery, Ala.

Boston, Mass.

Tacoma, Wash.



had reported to us their readiness to carry our program on March 25, 1934. The station at Akron, Ohio, had given us similar report and had even signed a contract to take our program. Later we were advised by each of these stations that they would be unable to accept our program on March 25, 1934, for the
reason that the CBS claimed a prior right to the time which we desired to use. Stations at Wichita (Kansas) and Indianapolis

(Indiana), independently owned and associated under contract with CBS network, advised us that their contract with the CBS strictly forbids them the right to broadcast any chain program other than the Columbia chain.

which was anxious to clear the half-hour period required by us for the March 25 private network broadcast. The station


station at

Memphis (Tennessee),


has carried our programs for



Through their publications the Catholic population are induced to believe that the pope has been insulted by certain broadcasts of speech and, therefore, serious wrong has been done to all Catholics. Further, that it is their solemn duty to cooperate in having the offender put off the air. The Catholic publications write articles concerning the method to be used in ostracizing the undesirable person or corporation, which in some cases has resulted in boycotting by threats and coercion. The usual procedure to accomplish their purpose is, first, for a bishop or priest to demand in behalf of the Catholic people of his community that the radio station owners break their contracts with the so-called 'offenders' and exclude them in the future. When such request is refused, as is often the ease, then the station owner is threatened
that he



some business, and immediately word



and the attention
of the to articles of similar



given to tlioir different Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, to bring pressure on that particular station. The pressure, in substance, is to approach the advertisers who use the facilities of the station involved, with a threat of loss of business by withdrawal of patronage unless they cooperate and
join in

Committee was call* import appearing in other Catholic newspapers, of which names and dates were given, and the papers themselves were left with the Committee for their further examination.

demanding that the


manager withdraw

the undesirable programs. In certain eases where the people and advertisers have refused to do this, their so-called "vigilant committee" has called upon the station owner and intimidated the manager and advertiser. In other cases, such as at Philadelphia, a Catholic cardinal induced the station owner to discontinue broadcasting upon threats to boycott his

Other exhibits filed with the Committee for incorporation into the records of the hearing were the following
the Catholic Press, published in No. 363 and republished In No. 376. The article "Ler.gue of Nations Anglo-Papal Conquest of the U.S.", published In THE GOLDEN AGE No. 379. The article "Radio Needs a Revolution" published in the FORUM and CENTURY magazines fcr February, 1934. The article "Censorship on the Air" published in the AMER-

Judge Rutherford's

letter to


department-store business. It should be most interesting to this committee to


that the common people, Catholics, Hebrews and Protestants, are not protesting against the Watchtower programs and have not engaged in th - nnelhical practices referred to, but that these "vigilant committees", these editors of Catholic publications and heads of other organizations inciting such lawless



manazine for March,


representation of the award cf the French Diplomas reproduced in THE GOLDEN AGE No. 378. A sheaf of letters from officials of radio stations commending programs. the broadcasts of the A sheaf of affidavits, with letters attached, in support of the claims of interference and discrimination set forth In the Pro-







to accomplish their purposes, part, priests, bishops, cardinals and other clergy

are, for the

of the Catholic hierarchy. When such station owners realize that their whole business is threatened to be destroyed, they acquiesce
to these unfair demands.

In addition, such a station

owner dare not mention the matter, for fear of further reprisals; but sufficient evidence unmistakably shows that this is their method of operation and that it continues even to the present time.
to their publications, most of these activarc directed, as far as this country is concerned, through the central office in Vfasliington known as the National Catholic Council or Conference.

Jehovah's witnesses were the only proponents of this bill which guarantees free speech over the radio. Several were present to back up their C. H. Carr, affidavits with oral testimony. opportunity to so do. Albany, N.Y., had the The only opponents of free speech over the radio, and advocates of the continued discrimina.



and interference which make the bill a newere and are the following avowed ene-



The Catholic Press article recently showed Mi-. James H. Hanley, one of the Radio Commiers,


Catholic, was interview ed regarding the in which to have Judge Rutherford banned from the. air. So far as we are able to determine. principal reason given by the Catholic hierarchy that Judge Rutherford shall be banned from the air is to the effect that Judge Rutherford mentioned doctrines



mies of the people: The National Association of Broadca.-ters. National Broadcasting Company, Colombia Broadcasting System. National Council of Catholic Men, Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, and the Federal Radio Commissi' n. These do not wish the people to hear what the people themselves wish as the record plainly to hear, and so testifie


of purgatory, hell fire torment and trinity and prayers for the dead as being entirely unscriptural. By this we assume that no one dares mention anything which controverts the views of the Catholic hierarchy.

At the conclusion of the hearings, the attorney, Mr. Wertz. said to his clients, in substance : i may say that we 'Speaking as an ar

have abundantly, and mo:

established the truth or


we have

Following are several of


made and every



in this

specific instances to

substantiate this statement. In addition, I have 1G9 other Catholic publications showing the same unethical practices, which arc here for your information if you

them for your


Placed in the Records There were then placed in the record a great number of excerpts from Catholic newspapers fully establishing every statement above made,

For the full story, with all the evidence on with the both sides, file an order immedii >vernSuperintendent of Docivments, F r the ment Printing Office. Wi si -ad Fishpublication "Merchant M arine,



will tell

Committee Hearings on you when it



H.R. 7986."

and the cost (probably stoat

;i April) ybe less).






given to their different Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, to bring pressure on that particular station. The pressure, in substance, is to approach the advertisers who use the facilities of the station involved, with a threat of loss of business by withdrawal of patronage unless they cooperate and

and the attention of the Committee was called to articles of similar import appearing in other Catholic newspapers, of which names and dates were given, and the papers themselves were left with the Committee for their further examination.

manager withdraw the undesirable programs. In certain cases where the people and advertisers have refused to do this, their so-called "vigilant committee" has called upon the station owner and intimidated the manager and adjoin in

demanding that the


with the Committee for incorporation into the records of the hearing were the following

Other exhibits


in other eases, such as at Philadelphia, a Catholic cardinal induced the station owner to discontinue broadcasting upon threats to boycott his department-store business. It should be most interesting to this committee to


the Catholic Press, published In No. 363 and republished in No. 3/6. The article "League of Nations Anglo. Papal Conquest of the U.S.", published in THE GOLDEN AGE No. 379. The article "Radio Needs a Revolution" published In the FORUM and CENTURY magazines for February, 1934. The article "Censorship on the Air" published In the AMER-

Judge Rutherford's

letter to

loiow that the common people, Catholics, Hebrews and Protestants, are not protesting against the "Watchtower programs and have not engaged in these unethical practices referred to, but that these "vigilant committees", these editors of Catholic publications



representation of the

magazine for March. 1934. award of the French Diplomas repro-

duced In THE GOLDEN AGE No. 3T8. A sheaf of letters from officials of radio stations commending the broadcasts of the WATCHTOWER programs. A sheaf of affidavits, with letters attached, in support of the claims of interference and discrimination set forth in the Protest

and heads of other organizations

inciting such lawless




methods to accomplish their purposes,

for the


part, priests, bishops, cardinals

and other clergy

of the Catholic hierarchy. When such station owners realize that their whole business is threatened to be destroyed, they acquiesce
to these unfair

demands. In addition, such a station

Jehovah's witnesses were the only proponents of this bill which guarantees free speech over the radio. Several were present to back up their C. H. Carr, affidavits with oral testimony. Albany, N.Y., had the opportunity to so do.

owner dare not mention the matter, for fear of further reprisals; but sufficient evidence unmistakably shows that this is their method of operation and that

The only opponents


of free speech over the

continues even to the present time. According to their publications, most of these activities are directed, as far as this country is concerned, through the central office in Washington known as
the National Catholic Council or Conference.

and advocates of the. continued discrimination and interference which make the bill a necessity, were and are the following avowed enemies of the people: The National Association of Broadcasters, National Broadcasting Company, Columbia Broadcast - S] - an, National Counml Council of the cil of Cat!. ia An rica, and the FedChurches t Christ .:--. ... Tl se do not wish the eral Baa. a people themselves wish people to hear w record plainly to hear, and so testifif

The Catholic Press article recently showed that Cffl missionMr. James II. Hanlcy, one of the R crs, a Roman Catholic, was interviewed regarding the .lined manner in which to have Judge Ruthe from the air. So far as we aTeable to determine, the

principal reason given by the Catholic hierarchy that Judge Rutherford shall be banned from the air is to the effect that Judge Rutherford mentioned doctrines
of purgatory, hell fire torment and trinity and prnycrs for the dead as being entirely unseriptural. By this we assume that no one dares mention anything which controverts the views of the Catholic hierarchy.

Following are several of many specific instances to substantiate this statement. In addition, I have 169 other Catholic publications showing the same unethical practices, which arc here for your information if you


them for your record.

Placed in tke Records There were then placed in the record a great number of excerpts from Catholic newspapers fully establishing every statement above made,

shows. At the conclusion of the hearings, the attoribstanee ney, Mr. Wertz. said to his die:. that we attorney. I :. "Speaking as an abundantly, have abundantly, and aent we have established the truth of i n in this he, made and every position we matter." For the full story, with all the evidence on h the both sides, file an order immediat GovernSuperintendent of Documents. U.S. ment Printing Office. Washington, D.C.. for the Fishpublication 'Merchant


Committee Hearings on Bill H.B. 798G." He will tell you when it is ready ( early in April and the cost (probably about 25c, maybe less).


and Educational
the constitution guaranteeing the right of free speech, but newspapers are afraid that in an emergency free speech would go a-glimmering. and the change is for It's a changing nation

You Ask Me
(Elm, in the Hutchinson Eerald)




the idea of free speech

in these United States isn't losing out a bit. Americans, it seems, are becoming rather touchy on various controversial subjects and the underdogs may be suffering. The radio has to be so careful not to offend anyone. Mr. Cantor or Mr. Wynn springs a fast one on the plumbers or the icemen and immediately the Amalgamated Order of Plumbers or

the worst,




and Baffling Use of Nines George Aker (alias Johnny Dab), of SAYS Indiana "Being somewhat an amateur 'maInteresting


who obtains

his so-called 'mysteries'


the Association for the Advancement of Icemen registers a great big complaint. The good old American sense of humor seems
to be passing on. And radio stations are tossed off the air be-

natural laws only, and having noticed the 'Study in Nines', here is one that is a real trick and may be worth your attention. This is supposed to be an effect in rnind-rcading, a thing which is possible, provided you know in advance what the

cause the owner has said something which has offended an organization. "Or perhaps the organization holds the opinion the radio speaker

wrong. If the organization


strong enough

other person is going to think of. Have someone write down on a slip of paper a row of figures, any number of digits; e.g., 5492873. Then have him add the figures across, which in this case gives 38. Then have him subtract this

the radio owner scrams. In Chicago interesting movies of rioting in Paris and Vienna are banned because the mayor thinks riots might get going in that great city. The newspapers have printed pictures of the riots and stories have followed black headlines. But the movies are barred. That's censorship and a clamping down on free speech. religious leader speaks his ideas over the radio and the organization he criticizes works to have him barred. And yet the nation was founded on the idea that religion was to be free, that all faiths could be followed and preached. Radio stations are closed to him. He can pay and is willing to pay. But stronger organizations elarap down on him. Free speech rights are forgotten. The radios claim they want no controversial stuff going into the ether. They bar one speaker and permit another one. The address of the one remaining on the air may be controversial and answerable by the man barred. Governmental departments shut down on news. They give out only what they want published. That's censorship and the free press is

from the original number 5492873 minus 38; which gives an answer of 5492835. Correct? "Using this last total, allow him to secretly cross out any one figure he may care to and to give you the remaining figures and you will tell him correctly the figure he crossed out. This is the how. Suppose the figure crossed out is the 4. The number given to you will then be 592835. Write this number down and mentally add the row, which in this case gives 32. And here is where the old nine comes in. Simply subtract this number, 32, from the next higher multiple

of nine, which in this case is 36, and your answer is 4, the number crossed out. Simple, isn't it?. And it works every time. In the event that the number is a multiple of nine, then either a nine or a zero has been crossed out. To learn which, merely ask if it was a zero, explaining that a

zero has no value if they reply Yes, you have found the number ; if they answer No, you know the nine is the number crossed out."

Relief in

New York

Increased Tenfold

Council of New York THE Welfarethe cost of relief for thecity reneedy ports that

no longer


radio station with more influence than a weaker one sees to it that the weaker one is pinched. The weaker one may be nipping at the


heels of the influential station.

Soon the nipping

is halted entirely. The president claims there is no thought of censorship in the newspaper code because of 435

during 1933 totaled $110,000,000. This is about eleven times the amount spent for that purpose in 1929, the year in which the prosperity' bubble burst. In addition to the $110,000,000, large amounts are spent caring for people in institutions. The people need a righteous government, in which graft and profiteering will not be tolerated and in which relief will be a thing of the past.

New York

Finance and Transportation

Overgrown Box of Capitalism SAYS Arthur Breuton, of Australia: "There is not a single country where western methods of production are in operation, in which there is any technical productive problem at all, either agricultural or otherwise and the problem we have to solve is a problem of distribution. Imagine a closed box, representing the industrial system, a box in which are all the plant, material, craftsmanship, and other factors of production. Let there be an outlet from the box through which are to appear those final results

sidiary of that corporation a



sum of $40,174,412. made by Deeds represent a net gain

of 140,615 percent. Rentschler sold enough stock to net him $9,414,869 and still leave him nearly $8,000,000. Some inconsiderate persons might charge these men with making easy money at the expense of the people of the United States.

New Orleans' New Airport

from all directions, arriving Orleans, will land in a park of all at but Edcnic beauts-, when trees now planted shall have reached maturity. Thousands of trees, comprising oaks, palms, cedars, junipers and

ALU passengers

of production, which alone justify the undertaking of any production at all namely, consumable goods, in their widest sense of all the means of life, material and cultural. Let us all stand around this box with slips of paper in our hand


bearing the injunction: -'You must consume less, so that the box can produce more.' What does allow as this mean? Obviously, that Ave mast come out of the box as possible. But little to observe, the injunction says that this is to enable the box to produce more. More what, then? Surely not consumable goods, for these are of no use inside the box. Quite right. It is not

consumable goods, but more 'capital' goodsmore of the above-mentioned factors of productionthat are to be produced. In other words,

trees, will combine to make Shushan Airport, the four-million-dollar the state-owned terminal on Lake Pontchartrain, one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The port has concrete runways 4,800 feet long, illuminated by lights having a combined candlepower of more than 20,000,000, an administration building with modern and luxurious hotel accommodations, hangars whose main sections are 100 by 200 feet, sufficiently large to accommodate the largest planes that are likely to be built for some time to come.

The Largest Shipment of Gold

ever of gold that THE largest shipmentStates arrivedhas Febon to the United

we are to stop up the outlet in order to increase the size of the box. And what then? Well, we go on to the next stage of making use of the increased productive power of the box to draw out of it a larger supply of consumable goods? By no means, but to increase still more the size and power of the box. And so ad infinitum. Thus according to the current economic prinwe become 'prosperous'. It is upon this principle that the financial system bases its policy. It Will create and issue money to be used "for enlarging the box, but not for buying
ciple do


ruary 15, at which time $45,0130,000 worth of the yeSow metal came from England and France via the French liner Paris. Gold is still esteemed of more value than human happiness, and while millions of people live in want and misery the "great men'' of the earth entertain themselves in moving gold from one place to another. The time is near when, as Jehovah's Word assures us. a man shall be more precious than fine gold. Isaiah 13:12.

goods out of the box."

Making a



THE senatorial investigation of air mail INcontracts recently Charles W. Deeds, 31

old, told

Pan-American Highway Nearing Completion highway from Laredo, Texas, to Mexico city will be open for comfortable travel next


stock in 1926, five million a few years later. Another investor, Fred B. Rentschler, put in $253, and his paper

how he "invested" $40 in airplane and how it was worth more than

was $35,575,848. Rentschler received $1,585,514 from the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation in six years, during which period the government paid a single subprofit in 1929

A fifteen-car procession from Mexico, Washington will mark the completion D. F., to of the road. It is hoped that the motorcade, carrying prominent officials from Mexico to Wasliington, will be able to reach Washington on Columbus Day. The work on the main highOctober.

way and


subsidiaries will furnish steady em-

ployment for 15,000 men.


Science and Invention

The Delicate Balance of Life
New York Times) ^OR some reason a paragraph or two about ( ozone in the report that Dr. C. G. Abbott prepares annually of the Smithsonian Instituin the

(By Waldemar Kaeiupffert,


activities received far more week than it deserved as a piece of news. About us lies an atmosphere in which


nials. Except for the absence of the rare gases mentioned it was much like the air we breathe. In ten experiments the test animals all died. Other experiments with helium and oxygen proved how important were the exceedingly -rare gases. An atmosphere composed of 0.03 percent carbon dioxide (the amount present in air) and 99.7 percent oxygen is fatal.

little ozone is distributed so little that if compressed, presumably to the point where it is

So, as in air, there are other gases as rare and as important as ozone in the maintenance of life.

about to become liquid, it woidd make a layer but one-eighth of an inch thick. "Were this trifling quantity of atmospheric ozone removed we should all perish," Dr. Abbott remarked. "If it were ten times greater we could not hive. Rickets would prevail universally. Why! Because the layer would cut off the sun's beneficent ultra-violet rays. It is astonishing and even terrifying to contemplate the narrow margin of safety on which, our lives thus depend." We can take nearly every constituent of the atmosphere and reach similar conclusions. L?fe and water are synonymous. Aridity spells death. Three-fourths of a man is water. Take the aqueous vapor out of the atmosphere as rapidly as it is formed, and the oceans of the earth

Stone Age Smarter than Brain Age

"D EPUTED scientists are very clever in tell'*' ing us exactly how old the human race is. Their conclusions seldom vary more than a few
millions of years. Recently, however, their calculations were somewhat upset. They found a genuine "stone age" lady, or her skeleton, and, lo and behold, her brain capacity was larger than that of modern ladies. Now, how old is the human race, anyway! These disturbing discoveries may lead scientists to accept the Bible's

assurance that the human race old, nor as smart, as it thinks.


not nearly as

The Speed of Sound

would dry out. Carbon dioxide, the stuff of which all vegetation is made, is likewise held in the atmosphere. Remove it and there would be no trees and grass, and consequently no higher animal life. The same can be said of the oxygen we breathe and of the nitrogen by which it is diluted, so that we may not be consumed by a process of flameless combustion, and of the comparatively rare gas hydrogen. Life depends not only on an atmosphere, but on a very complex atmosphere of the right chemical composition and
physical state.


travels at the rate of 1,087.13 feet a second, as determined by experiments made

with microphones set up along a four-mile course. A gun was connected to one of the microphones and fired. As the other microphones caught the sound that fact was registered on a film. The film record can be remeasured to within a thousandth of a second.

Rose Preserved


Cement Block

But if we want to have it driven home even more forcibly how delicately balanced is the atmosphere, we have but to turn to the work that Dr. J. Willard Hershey has been doing in McPherson College, Kansas. He proved that
such small animals as rats, pigeons, cats, guinea pigs and monkeys die in two to five days when kept in pure oxygen. More startling is his discovery that even the rare gases argon, helium, neon and krypton, comprising less than one percent of the air, are essential to the maintenance of life. Dr. Hershey tried a mixture of nitrogen (79 percent) and oxygen (21 percent) on his ani437

concrete from an old building was being broken up, at Hutchinson, Kans., recently, a rosebud was brought to light which was in a perfect state of preservation. It had been encased in the concrete for eighteen years, but still had its original color and even a faint fragrance.


Cold Weather Raises Bridge


of sixteen below zero

-^- caused the contraction of the cables of the Mount Hope bridge, between Bristol and Portsmouth, R. I., lifting the 1200-foot center span 21 inches. The center span of the George Washington bridge, New York, was lifted three feet above normal.

rovernaiental Problems
Loss of Confidence
Bit Li'tnix O'Donnel]



the "greatest debauch the world has ever known, the so-called "World War', when

twenty millions were killed, wounded and maimed, the savings of four centuries blown up in powder and smoke" the International Business Machine, of finance, religion and politics, has operated, unchecked, in all civilized nations and in semieivilized and barbarous countries. The result is that the masses of the people of the civilized countries have lost faith in business men, in newspapers, in public officials, in the agencies that "uplift" the people and that are supposed to guide them in politics, religion and finance, until the people themselves have lost confidence in one another. They trust nobody. They think they have been duped and tricked in their investments. The taxation methods of every country have been proved to be unfair, favoring the few at the expense of the

not buy government bonds or securities unless they are tax-exempt. Always the threat of rei -;1 to loan looms in the picture; and borrowers, like beggars, eaanot choose. Today there are sonic $22,009,000,000 worth of tax-exempt seeariti -s ra this country, which do not pay one cent in taxes to maintain government." Tln-i-e you have it. Farmers are turned out of their homes and off their farms because they cannot pay taxes, while the selfish rich threaten to buck the government if it imposes a tax on the biliions of hoarded wealth which they hold. The Scriptures make it clear that this consideration for the rich and oppression of the poor is one of the reasons why God will .sweep all present institutions and governments into oblivion. Not one of them is worthy of continuance.

Huey Long on Common Sense TJ i*ey P. Long recently said something which
contains more truth than poetry. quote failure to see what actually is God's law has brought on America's whole woe. Here we have hewn a country out of a wilderness to where it is worth $400,000,000,000 in normal times, maybe more. It took the lives and labors of hundreds of millions, dead and living, to do it. Yet these fruits and products of labor, welded by so many million hands, are owned by a mere handful of men who probably did no more to

many. Our natural heritage, the resources of the land, have been exploited for the benefit of the few, and our cities have been made the 'happy hunting ground' for the public utilities, collecting exorbitant rates for the inside coterie holding their stocks and bonds, and never for the benefit of the cottage owner or tenant and



The people believe they arc the victims of a world-wide system that leaves
citizens generally.

them unemployed and without means

a livelihood.



Undoubtedly the practice of usury and extormany forms and guises, preached against by all the Scriptural prophets, forbidden by
tion, in

produce them than any other equal number of men. Can a country survive which permits human labor and sacrifice to be thus stolen from T se entitled to share in them! I say it cannot."

secular laws of many countries, but that is little mentioned by the newspapers and public men, is responsible for the present world-wide conditions; breeding revolution in many eoontrii -. and the most intense dissari a with their




a all.


the Press Sees Fit to Print

T\a. AYillard G. Bleykr, of the University of

Wisconsin, at the recent convention of the

own government that has ever been

citizens of the

exhibited by

American Association of Schools of Journalism,


United States.

Tax-Exempt Securities


following comment in the Mt. Vernon -* Daily Herald is significant '"Once more the perennial battle in Congress to do away with

tax-exempt securities is lost. This time the president personally interfered, asldng Congress to not consider such legislation because such a move might jeopardize the treasury's finance program. In short, big financial interests have notified the government that they will

Newspapers are tending toward greater greater degrees of monopolies. "2. Newspapers may continue to have freecl'iii. but readers and advertisers have little freedom in the choice of a local daily. ''3. In the monopolistic character of presentday newspaper publishing lies great danger to the formation of sound public opinion. "It, lies within the power of any local daily to color or suppress news or to print publicity of propaganda, thereby endangering public opinion."


this or


More Stars


Henry's Crown

By $i/diteu M. Crane (Indiana) AVTNG read of various selfish policies of different corporations as shown toward their employees, I wish to add just one more to that long list, I have been employed at the Ford Assembly Plant at Chicago for six years and live months steadily. The employees who drive to work are obliged to park their cars in a space provided for that purpose. On May 21 last, as we left the plant for home we were greeted at the parking place by part of the office force taking down the make of the car, license number, and badge number. Of course, whoever was lucky enough to be driving a model T or A passed out without any questioning. The following 28th of May the men who were so unlucky as to be caught with some make of car other than a Ford (with the exception of the bosses) were discharged, and they were given a chance to buy a model A. As for me, I was finally given the air after two days' deliberation, during which time I was trying to reason with them. I explained that I would get rid of my Dodge and buy a model A. I am also paying for a home and I have a wife and four small children, all of which I have taken unto myself since going to work for Ford. My case was taken to the manager, together with details. So I, the same as hundreds of others, am looking for a chance to sell the only

any part thereof. I remain a friend and reader of the best magazine on earth.

Ability to Shoot Well

Captain Walter C. Mayer, firearms instructor for the Chatham Phenix National Bank and Trust Company,

TN The American Rifleman

New York city, gives

lery which is fitted

details of the shooting gal-

up for the employees in the stationery storeroom. Of the nineteen kinds of

targets shown, nine are of





supposed to practice unthey can shoot to kill. Captain Mayer gives

officers are




ability on the part of any bank staff to shoot well will discourage robbery attempts ; it should reduce

insurance rates ; it will create confidence on the part of the customers; and it will benefit the shooter as well as the employer. It is a valuable asset which no bank can disregard.
well-trained staff has confidence in its ability to protect itself and to discourage banditry. It is the duty of every bank employee to learn how to use the firearms with which he is equipped not only a duty

which he owes his employer, but one which he owes

and himself as well. person may carry or possess a firearm for years without knowledge of how to use it, and never have any trouble but when "old man trouble" does come, that person will either
his family

freeze in his tracks and be shot down, draw his firearm and shoot some innocent bystander, or scatter

shots all over creation

and never



thing I have, that





not the first that has occurred. Another one took place when the model T sales declined. Just before that model was abandoned, the order was given to keep all makes of cars out of our parking space except Ford products. This lasted nearly a year.


selfish deal is

The old




what you

in a pinch," not.


One man who

will do thoroughly

familiar with firearms

equal to four or five

who are

The trained man knows that as the average man uses a gun it is rarely effective even at point-blank range, for the simple reason that if the gun is pointed
directly at another's chest at a distance of 10 feet,

With the Ford Motor Co., it is abuse upon injury continually. They do not respect even
the state law, unless it is in their favor; to wit, they do not pay the men when they run out of material or when machinery breaks down or when some other department is unable to furnish their output in sufficient quantities. They merely knock the men off on their own time, and at the same time keep the doors locked so that the men cannot get out. thereby taking as much as fourteen hours of time paid for as eight. I have desired for the last three years to write part of this outrage; and when this last order came, it was the straw that broke the camel's
back. So here
it is.

and the muzzle wavered ^ an inch when the trigger pulled, there will be a miss and a miss in an emergency means cither a harp or a shovel. Contrary to popular belief, few gunmen can shoot straight, due to the sudden yank they give when pulling the trigis


It is a well-known fact that fully 90 percent of

the people shot by bandits have powder burns on their bodies, which indicates that the gun was held practically against the


The firearms usually carried by bandits are not of

The Golden Age may


Many are of cheap foreign make that have been smuggled into this country. Due to the fact that permits for firearms are so difficult to obtain, tho crooks get what they can. Their firearms are neither well made nor well balanced. This, no doubt, accounts for the poor marksmanship of the average criminal.
the best.

Hard Lessons


right on


c Not Even Original chancell&r of Eev. Br. John Wesley Hill, Lincoln Memorial University, Cumberland


Gap, Tenn., in a speech at the Kiwanis Club, St. Louis, Mo., is alleged to have said "And if I had my way, that government would load all radicals advocating such changes on a ship of stone, with sails of lead and the wrath of God as a gale, and with Hell as its nearest port." It is too had that these would-be clerical murderers cannot even be original. If we recall correctly, these are the words that were used by Rev. Hillis, of Brooklyn, some time in the manufactured red scare in the fall of 1919. Readers

; sit right down here and you the whole story. My husband died five days ago, which was on Tuesday morning, and the reason I haven't sent for you before is that my husband was a Christian Scientist, as well as all of us, and our friends have been coming here every night, telling us not to bury him, that they were going to raise him from the dead. In the meantime the body began to smell, and the good lady next door told the chief of


And that is why the chief of police sent for you.' The poor woman was in great distress as the scene went on, more so than any
other person he ever knew, so the undertaker informed me. Surely the missionaries should come home, and begin here right at their doors, and among themselves as well as among the other people."


care to take the time will find the identical

in a


copy of The Golden Age some twelve

years back. At that time Mitchell Palmer had hopes of riding into the presidential chair on the wave of a red scare which existed only in his own head. He used the government to help put it across, but even with government backing the scare was a rank failure and was finally given


Reverend Whelpley Erred

Reverend Thomas H. Whelpley, pastor THE the Chelsea Presbyterian church, New
city, was formerly from Nova Scotia. The Canadian papers are taking note of the fact that he recently said in New York that the Old Testament is filled with difficulties and even absurdities and that he is convinced it is the source of most of our spiritual disasters; also that even the hero stories have a tendency to make heathens of our children. When Jesus asked the


The government loaded up 'a ship with people it did not like, and that were not liked by some of our prominent 100%-profit Americans of the
across the ocean to the greatness of his Russia. Rev. Hillis, out of soul, composed the blessing outlined above. If Rev. Br. John Wesley Hill seeks to convince us that he is a great man because of the strength of his similes and metaphors, we are unconvinced but if he wishes us to think that he and Hillis are as alike as two not very coodlooking horses' tails, then we have all the evitime,

and timidly steered



know not

"Bo ye not therefore err, because ye the scriptures?" (Mark 12:24) He

dence we need.

meant the "Old Testament" scriptures, which Reverend Whelpley despises; but then it should be remembered that Jesus was a true and humble child of God, and Whelpley is a clergyman.
Presbyterian Missions

Resurrection in Virginia

Scott, of Virginia, says "My work is that of selling undertakers' supplies, and I often come in contact with the dead, and attend many funerals. Not many months ago, a certain Virginia undertaker was called upon early one Sunday morning, by the chief of police of his city, to come to a home to make arrangements for the burying of the head of a certain family. "On arriving at the home, the undertaker noted a great odor that burst out of the door as it was opened. The undertaker inquired of the person who opened the door, what was the odor; and here is the reply the undertaker got: 'Come


is in a dollar has involved it in a loss of about $100,000, affecting the activities of its missions in heathen countries to that extent. If the Presbyterians are still bringing the heathen the bad news of

Foreign Missions THE Presbyterian Board ofin the value of the bad way. The fall

great misery that the majority of the human race, including all their ancestors, are predestined to spend infinite years in conscious tor-

ment, then this setback of the missionary activities is that much of a blessing to the heathen. We presume Presbyterians still cleave to this "doctrine of devils", as they have never officially




and pensions, and now announces an annuity plan whereby, in consideration of a gift of suitable proportions, it will return the giver an income from the amount, on condition that at his death the gift becomes the property of the church. Looks like a good scheme. Who, having a pile of ducats which he knows not how to invest safely (and what investment is safe in these days?), and who fears the climatic conditions in the w? orld to come will be not all that could be desired, would not willingly turn over his roll to a bunch of dominies who need it, thereby assuring himself of plenty for
the life that now is, and an eternal interest in a frigidaire in the life that is to come? The other scheme is not so pretentious, and yet it may bring in more coin of the realm. It does not go after the whole pile, but merely after the loose change. The idea is that every member of the family, when he gets a spare nickel, shall put it in a little pasteboard bank, to be turned over to the dominie once in so often. The cost of the pasteboard banks is 60c a dozen, but the gracious provision is made that the cost may be deducted from the contents of the boxes when opened. In other words, by the second scheme you also get some of your money back.

The Truth Makes Free Judge Rutherford has stated more than once
that the teaching of the churches has turned people away from God. Here is a letter from one who wa.- offended by the preachments of religious and who now has found the



Judge Rutherford, Dear Sjr: I am penning you a few lines to express my opinion and sentiments on your writings. They are the
only common-sense books I over read. In my opinion you fear nothing but God your Maker, and He takes of you. If not, they would biunp you off. As for me, I never belonged to anything, My people were mostly what they called "Free Baptists". Now, I never could see anything free but the air we breathe. As to the clergy of any kind, I never had any use for them. I could see there was something wrong, and because I never would go and listen to these hypoerites I v^is considered a bad boy. Those old church grannies said I would be hung before I was 30. I will be 6S in coming May, and I have lived a rough-andtumble life. To tell the truth, I did not care much nor think about God, man or devil. I just looked on religion as a fraud and the system of the way things are run as just a graft, and the preachers as the worst of all. friend lent me some of your books. Well, I said, here is the only thing that ever looked right So I sent and got all your books up to that time, and a Bible. But what' gets me is some of my relations back east, who have always read the Bible and belong to any church and listen to a preacher of any kind. The Bible tells what they always were and are blind lending the blind. I admire your courage, and God grant you more power to enlighten the people. As for me. I lose my patience with most people. They don't want truth; nothing but nonsense. . . But the God whom you serve will look after your safety as He did Daniel in thi li as den, and He will not let the wolves de-

Clever idea. An idea still more clever give them any of it at all.


not to

The Smothering of Presbyterianism Rev. H. McAllister Griffiths, editor of Christianity Today, in a sermon in Philadelphia, in February, urged 1,300 Modernist ministers of the Presbyterian church to quit the ministry. He affirmed that the only peace the Presbyterian church now has with these preachers in their midst is "the peace of a church that is dying without a struggle", and that "if the

stroy you.


sincerity, I


N. C, British Columbia.

New Ways




get money, or at least to ask for it, and it is no mean achievement, in these days, after all that has been done in that line, for a church to be able to think of a new way to ask for mon

THE United Church of Canada has found two new

The United Church of Canada is a union of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational churches. It maintains all the usual departments of. home and foreign missions, education

process should continue unchecked, fifteen years will see historic Presbyterianism regarded as a quaint relic in the then so-called 'Presbyterian Church'." We comfort Mr. Griffiths by expressing our conviction that in fifteen years from now every variety of Presbyterianism and all the other isms will have completely ceased. God's kingdom is at hand it is functioning in the earth the old world is passing away, and groaning as it passes. And everybody, including Mr. Griffiths, will be glad when it is gone. Nobody will want to preserve any of the quaint relics of the past. Indeed, the prophet says that "they shall not be remembered nor come into mind".



Readers Miscellany and Smiles for Catholic

Wakulla Spring, Georgia
8. a.


sample do with the gain in weight than the


spring, this

W. Williams (Alabama) w. tmrnuma ^.~~, see waituna all your readers could work of God, for no mammoth
fully portray its

of medicine.

pen picture can


grandeur and
visit to

bubbles up not far this marvel of nature which line. _ from the south Georgia a glass-botOne pays 25c and rides out in waters gushing tomed boat over crystal-clear The Golden Age says ivp from 186 feet below. the bottom let one can see a penny lying on witness, ftat objects of me tell you, as an eye the full depth The less size may be seen at does not appear to be water is so clear that it over 50 feet deep. spring is One of the attractions of Wakulla be fish. The fish seem to the schools of flying man's arm. They can jump about the size of a and go back about six feet clear of the water from their startmg point, into it several yards


scribe recently

made a

morning is the time we is the time least care to drink water; and that we we need it mostthe interior bath and if we do two full glasses of water on arising


arising in the

drink not so

need of other beverage. Many people go days without a glass of water tor because, through habit, their requirements etc. We drink are supplied through tea, coffee, can develop a water habit.


feel the

There's frost in the meadow There's song in the air. For the birds are holding


has babbled along For ages untold.

jubilee there. There's a song in the valley, And if you will look. The songster, you'll find.

Its wealth is far greater Than sliver or gold. Its source is just yonder. Cod taught it to sing. Let's take the old bucket And go to the spring.

Is the babbling brook.

and they do this constantly. big spring. There are many kinds of fish in the every kind in its own They travel in schools, were not friendly, school. The various schools
mingling together as

In Case Chris Should Slip ALL who dig up $1 or more, the SalvatoDivine Savior, rian Seminary, Society of the Manitowoc county, Wisconsin, Saint Nazianz, Box B, offers a choice of four medals, one P the St. Christopher of which we notice is called


expected seemed to be as selfish as the them to do. They religious denominations of today. down -with me I wish von could all have been tangled wildwood of Florida, where in the deep,

we would have


single spring. a full-grown river is made by this picnic to watch the flying nsli It is a regular

a i bt. medal: and special Christopher is the acknowledged against accipatron of travelers. He is invoked and in this day dents, storms and sudden death, is all the more of automobiles such protection of this medal is a necessary. The pious wearing
It savs about this Christopher

play leapfrog.

for his protecconstant, invocation, as it were,


The Fountain of Youth By i'. J. Bullock (Florida) BELIEVE that pure water is a great factor preserving the health. in building up and trainloads of soft drinks, teas In these days of God-given and coffees, and hooch, the good old bubbling up through the spring on the hillside, process, has rocks and purified through nature's been sadly neglected. ,.,,- i sulWe have free stone springs, lithia, iron, us mineral springs furnishing

accident doesn't that look like a good side of the medal policv"? It surely does. One around Sows "St. Christopher" being steered neck, bo hv a baby Jesus, seemingly astride Ins the medal over, and far, so good. But we turn "T am a Catholic. In case of


on its back it says, an accident kindly notify a priest.'' What is wrong with that? Nothing, only. Onlv that this method of insuring

Onlv what?

phur and other

with drink that


far better than any beverage

brought forth by mere man.

was much unI recall that several years ago I of medicine, der weight and received a sample were the following instrucalong with which a serpent, and tions : "Banish care as you would gained twelve drink lots of water." I did so and weeks. I often wonder if 'banishpounds in two hadn't more ing care and drinking lots of water'

of what to do against accident, with provisions doesn't work, makes us think in case the policv who knew he was going of the church member they put in his coffin Ins to die. He asked that membership nicely framed certificate of church chemical fire-extinguisher and along with it the always hung in the that up till that time had intend to take any chances. front hall. He didn't him. bend And, on the whole, you can't blame a medal. in your dollar and get





"Catholic Association Urges World Parliament"





of an article in

The Literary

covering almost a full page of its tssne of Btardt 17, 1934. The opening sentence iiething like a parliament of nations and i.

a federation of the world is proposed by the Catholic Association for International Peace." The conclusion is: 'Tut it all together, and it spells brotherhood of man, an economic federation iii which nations, employer and employee, capital and labor, producer and consumer, would have representation. St. Peter's is the basdica
of a faith

while over the radio. And so the "Holy Office" has figured it out that if a church is not crowded the mass is good merely within the walls, but if it is overcrowded it is good for 10 meters outlooked it side, and that is positively all. a meter is 39.37 inches, and so 10 meters up come to 393.7 inches, or 32 feet 9.7 niches. In practice it works out this way: If your feet are within 32 feet 9.7 inches of the wall of the church, then you are in focus, provided there is



ecoa basilica for will bring them a nomic and social creed that little nearer to the Kingdom of God on earth."*

common may erect

to all countries.

Perhaps the

a common

This proposition for a Catholic League of Nations is well timed. It is announced just at the close of, the pope's "Holy Year". An intervening paragraph says: "The study, which is to be published in several languages, is the joint work

a big crowd, and provided you keep on your feet. If you keep your feet in the same place you are out of luck if you sit down unless yon turn your back to the church. If you face the other way, your feet are in the mass, but your brains and the rest of you, except your shins and little study makes it all knees, are out of it.


"For the Love of the Divine Infant"

of the Ethics and the Economic Relations Committees of the Association, and was under the immediate preparation of the lit. Eev. John A. Ryan, of the Catholic University of America; Prof. Parker T. Moon, of Columbia University and the Rev. R. A. McGowan, assistant director of the Social Action Department, National Catholic



hand a

circular letter, an ap-


St. Christopher's Lin, Garrison,

Welfare Conference/'

Y. The inn is under the care of Fr. Anselm Francis, S.A., "spiritual director." Meals given out in 1925 were 49,969 meals given out in 1930 were 118,130. Night lodgings in 1925 were 16,636; night lodgings in 1930 were 39,399. The report shows the -increasing strain being put on every part of the machine. Men's hearts are




maintained by the


bishops of the Roman hierarchy, is the clearing house through which the efforts were made last year (and are still being made) to force Judge Rutherford off the air. As soon as a station has been coerced into breaking a contract, the N.C.W.C. fixes up a news dispatch so framed as to make it appear that it was a voluntary act, and sends it out over all the country to induce and intimidate other stations into doing the

them for fear. Anselm says "I beg Fr.


of you for the love

of the Divine Infant to send us an offering," and terminates his letter with "Asking the Divine Babe to love you". The letterhead shows a great throng of the hungry unemployed. In a corner, with the hay all about him, is a 'Baby Jesus' in a one-piece Rubens suit. Apparently he is about

a year




sent this to us. They say, "Please tell me, why doesn't this babe ever grow up? Will you kindly ask them? I haven't the heart

The Learys

Mass Out of Focus at Ten Meters

Daily Wiadomosci of November 18 contains the inCode nation that the mass read in the terest! Catholic church is valuable outside of the church only over a distance of ten meters, and that is





Well, we are "lean", too, but willing to do anything to be accommodating. That Jesus was a baby once, we admit; the Scriptures show that He grew to be a man, and is now the express image of the Father's person, the Lord of life and glory, with all power in heaven and in earth.
takes this unemployment proposition in hand, and there will be something doing. Meantime, we are glad for all the good anybody is doing in lending a helping hand to the

no good over the radio. It seems,' in an item bristling with no less than 45 z's, 34 s's and 31 w's, that the "Holy Office" has discovered that somebody is holding out on them since it became possible to get something worth


it is




poor and needy.


Bkooklyk, N.Y.


which fishermen are denev to exaggerate with think the monster be Stowed, we still


His Dupes the Devil Mistreats



ex I ran across an out witnessing today



So ^^ nu-y

ordinary. foBiething out of the


was Sdng

of a in a little shack



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in existence

would seem



had to eat was the scrap I "ear and that all he butcher shop. meat and boues from a other day .ho


the met another ex-minister

waa 'having

with trod visions and talking


Work Glad to Be Doing Useful of the TVTSPATCHES from Cleveland tellthey are pastors ; conversion of two more, gang shovel on the road woiktog wtth pick and No doubt they are both ot Cm ahoga county. useful to at last be doing tor each get 50c an hour and, besides that, they 30 hours every week.


predictions. He was also inspired doctrines and garb, in filthy garb. titute destitute and dirty and allowing us to see "" "Surelv Jehovah is now ___ Surely jenovcui V. .w if, rWitnt.e. circumstances, destitute circumstances false prophets in these darkness while hw'ry and almost naked, and in have food conpromise, own! true to His for mind and body." venient

The Norris

JN orris rpiiu<**


million cubic yards 953 feet and require over a of a in the forma ion

tion in the cmui, iu* constrac ,,:!,+ f ' ot h ght n rise to a height of \antj, , Tennessee Valley, will risc


^^ T7"


Origin of the League Idea

will result o concrete It an area of eigh^will extend over lake More than four thousand three square miles. engaged on the project.




A. J. West (England)


Judge R^herford's assertion overwhelming that the that "the proof is compact originated with League of Nations Mr. Lloyd George BritfS officers", a speech of



Cripples The Business of Killing

United TT IS a new industry in theit is getting

States, that

but P of Idlln" cripples,


W a>


is of interest.



the member who was proposed the first resolution for "rears a,o who Allied statesmen of the principal League oi the Covenant ot the in 1919 upon which cabinet of wh.ea based. The Nations was afterwards the wor d Sad was the only government I was th conference met before the

tion of those

dus town

m mPam

a purgatory cripp stoked. If you are a the fires are well watch your purgatory, not a booster for


guidance and under \h e general

who advocate





^ ^


sweet-iaced little hunch have met the intelligent, Av^, Pitts Grace Black, 50 'Cedar
back. Miss


of readers of


committees of that cab nut mrarts of the war there were for setting up an association to frame a scheme eartn. for ensuring peace on
of nations

have wished to go, She went as she would "guilty" only of arreted on a false charge, fo lowing Hi Lord's command, and


Waters Huge Sea Serpent in Northern seen on several \ HUGE sea monster has been of the coa st f occasions in the waters

the gospel of example of preaching Millvale, Pa dom from door to door, Pfischner, with 52 Brought before Burgess




j" ^^^Z^^t******* 5TlSKSi5a 5*fi committed any <^ have * d-cliar^ an J*-^** aU
reported that fishery British Colmnbia. It is ^et of its body have seen at least somewhat hfc that of and that its head, shaped

witnesses, she, others of Jchovali's discharged not having the others, was


tfStf ^"di'L^^^

P More about

pages. Millvale on next two


the glory.

Jehovah's witnesses 'Standing for Their Lives'

personal letter from Pittsburgh to a

New York


Dear AThought perhaps you would be interested in

our last Saturday's experience with the transcription machines [employed to reproduce Judge Rutherford's Bible discourses in lecture
Ed.], as it was