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Consumer Column: Your survival guide to buying in the Black Friday sales

At the end of a disastrous year Irish retailers are gearing up for the annual Black Friday sales.

And as this year’s Black Friday sales coincides with the expected easing of Covid Level 5 restrictions retailers are hoping that consumers will be out in force and help fill the coffers with some badly needed cash from sales. And who can blame them?

The sales may also prove a lifeline for people who lost income during the past six months but still need to shop for Christmas. Big stores like Harvey Norman which supplies computers and electronic goods so popular as Christmas presents are already headlining massive discounts, as are others like DID Electrical.

Black Friday sales
Pic: Shutterstock

Boots is another popular destination pre-Christmas and it is offering cuts on a range of products.

But not all retailers join in the Black Friday sales frenzy and those who do often see record numbers of returns from people who panic buy after a rush of blood to the head. So what are your rights returning sale items?

Follow his handy guide before you shop in store or hit the sales online this Black Friday.

Black Friday sales
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Buying in store

Do your research before you buy and check what the price was before the discount so you know what exactly you are saving.

You have the same rights if you buy a sale or full price item. Just because the price is reduced it does not mean your rights are. If an item is faulty you are entitled to a replacement repair or full refund depending on the fault. The exception is if the item is marked ‘sold as seen’.

Change of mind? You don’t have an automatic right to exchange or refund although most retailers do offer the option as a gesture of goodwill. Check the T&Cs on the receipt or ask at the till. Don’t forget to check the time period for returns.

Keep your proof of purchase. If you lose the receipt a copy of the debit or credit card will suffice.

Black Friday sales
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Shopping online

Online sites like Amazon are hugely popular for pre-Christmas shopping. But before you buy online from any site in the Black Friday sales do the following:

Check if the price includes any taxes including excise duty if buying outside the EU.

Check the information on delivery and returns.

Only buy from reputable websites and check reviews. TrustPilot is particularly helpful for this and always use a secure payment method.

Black Friday sales
Pic: Shutterstock

Check the company’s physical address. Some websites use the .ie domain but they are not necessarily based in Ireland or the UK. And if they are outside the EU you cannot rely on consumer rights.

If you buy online from a business based in the EU you can cancel your purchase within a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period and get a refund even if you have simply changed your mind. But check the postage policy.

Does it look too good to be true?

Finally, if it looks too good to be true than chances are it is. While that’s not the case with genuine retailers, some non-EU sites offer branded goods at massive discounts but if you haven’t done your homework, they may not be all they seem. Always check the manufacturer’s website for authorised sellers to make sure the item and seller is genuine.

If you have a consumer problem or query contact This column provides general guidance on consumer legislation and is not intended to replace individual professional advice on consumer disputes.

Every celeb is wearing leather right now, and we found the best high-street pieces

There is one fabric that is reigning supreme in our favourite celebs’ everyday wardrobes at the moment, and that’s leather.

Katie Holmes was spotted wearing the most coveted coat of the season only this week: the leather trench!

So, we’ve rounded up some of the chicest leather clothes money can buy so you can channel the celeb-approved style of the moment.

leather clothes
Katie Holmes. Pic: LRNYC /MEGA/GC Images

Last month, Olivia Palermo showed us that double leather looks can look incredibly chic without feeling like a nostalgic throwback.

The style icon was seen out and about wearing a leather shacket with cropped leather trousers and sophisticated leather brogues.

leather clothes
Pic: Gotham/GC Images

Amanda Holden turned up the heat this week as she wore a button-down leather dress to work at Heart Radio.

The presenter showed just how sleek a fully black outfit can be, bringing a sophisticated edge to her outfit with pops of gold accessories with her Dior saddle bag and heeled boots.

leather clothes
Pic: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock

Here are our top picks of leather must-haves from the high-street.

Zara faux leather trench coat, €89.95.

leather clothes
Pic: Zara

Tommy x Zendaya leather flared trousers, €499. 

leather clothes
Pic: Tommy Hilfiger

Monki faux leather coat, €80.

Pic: Monki

Grey PU tie shacket, €68, Topshop

Pic: Topshop

Tibi faux mini leather dress, €237. 

Pic: The Outnet Ireland

& Other Stories oversized faux leather blazer, €299.

Pic: & Other Stories

Moves leather blouse, now €47.20. 

Pic: Zalando

River Island faux leather cigarette trousers, €60. 

Pic: River Island

Mango leather pleated skirt, €49.99. 

Pic: Mango

Object shirt dress, €228. 

Pic: Zalando

Vero Moda leather-look midi dress with belted waist in dark green, €69.99.


Premium ankle-length leather trousers, €219. 

Pic: River Island


The best budget foundations as good as high-end versions

The best budget foundations can compete with high-end versions because the beauty world moves fast and new technology and better formulas are launched all the time.

We know that finding the perfect foundation is like hitting the jackpot, but there really are some brilliant budget options if you consider a couple of things before splashing the cash.

Coverage, finish, shade, and skin type are some things to think about ahead of purchasing. As a quick guide these are the foundations we think are best buys for different skin issues, see ca you find ‘the one’ that’s perfect for your daily needs.

For Oily & Dehydrated Skin – 

Pic: Maybelline

If minimising pores and slowing excess oil are your biggest wants from makeup Maybelline’s Dream Radiant Liquid is top of the best budget foundations list for your skin type.

It also has Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen inside to keep skin hydrated while you wear it, a great buy at just €13.99 and 12+ shades, pharmacies nationwide.

For Dry Skin –

Pic: The Ordinary

The Ordinary Serum Foundation offers light coverage, skin toning, and hydrating hybrid of face colour and skincare with an SPF 15.

Twenty-one shades are available which is very inclusive, and it costs just €6.70, brilliant! Dept stores & online.

For Dull & Mature Skin –

Pic: No7

The best budget foundations list has to include this medium coverage star buy from No7 at Boots.

It has skincare inside, an SPF 50 which is as good as you’ll get, and light-reflecting particles in the formula gives skin an instant glow, €23.50.

For Sensitive Skin –

Pic: La Roche-Posay

You may know or not about Toleriane from French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay, it is skincare and even mascara for the most sensitive skin and eyes.

This foundation is perfectly suited to very sensitive skin, it evens tone and provides great cover and controls oil too, €18.99, pharmacies.

For All-Day Wear –

Pic: L’Oreal Paris

For just €13.99 this L’Oreal Paris Infallible foundation offers 24-hour all-day wear that is both waterproof and transfer-resistant.

It comes in a decent amount of shades, 26 to be exact and the coverage looks really natural but it veers medium to high. Who says you need to spend big to get a foundation that really delivers?

For more beauty on EVOKE click here


Deirdre O’Kane’s financial worries persist despite landing dream RTÉ show

Deirdre O'Kane Talks Funny Pic: Andres Poveda

‘Oh God yeah, it’s time,’ Deirdre O’Kane enthused discussing her delight at becoming a woman in entertainment at the helm of a primetime chat show, a traditionally male-dominated arena in RTÉ.

The national broadcaster’s weekend TV listings have long been synonymous with the likes of Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny, Ryan Tubridy, Ray D’Arcy, Brendan O’Connor and Tommy Tiernan. So, Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny will be a welcome bit of gender balance on the bill when her show airs on Saturday.

Sharing her feelings, she stated, ‘I mean it’s not like I’m the first, I know that there have been others, but I don’t think there have been many primetime slots with women in entertainment.’

‘There has been a lot in current affairs and they’ve been flying that flag for a long time, but I think on my end in entertainment there have been slim pickings so yeah, I am delighted, and I’m kind of delighted it’s now and that I am the age that I am,’ the 52-year-old said.

‘I don’t really know that I would’ve been ready or maybe as good as I’m hoping I will be,’ she laughed, before adding, ‘Now, with a life lived.’

Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny Pic: Andres Poveda

This time last year Deirdre told EVOKE how she’d ‘love to’ host her own show expressing that it made all the sense in the world to get comedians to front chat show.

While she wasn’t among the five women pitching pilots to RTÉ for a Saturday night slot at the time, the universe has delivered for her.

At the time national broadcaster was reviewing pilots by Kathryn Thomas, Stefanie Preissner, Jennifer Zamparelli, Doireann Garrihy, and Angela Scanlon, with Scanlon winning the slot, only for the pandemic to scupper those plans.

Asked if she had to do a pilot and compete for the dream gig she has landed, Deirdre said it came to her. ‘I actually am utterly unaware. I was offered this job, I didn’t have to do a pilot or audition for it. I didn’t have to work for it, it came to me which is always very nice.’

Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny Pic: Andres Poveda

Describing Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny she explained that it will feature ‘innately funny people’ and be more conversational than interview led.

‘Oh, you wouldn’t be crying unless you think it’s absolutely rubbish,’ Deirdre joked, adding,  ‘I think you’ll be entertained, you’ll laugh but there are very warm moments in it, there’s food for thought in there.’

Like every other show, the pandemic has robbed her of an audience and while that made recording more ‘intense’, she felt the challenge it brought had its perks too.

‘It certainly makes you a better listener because you’re not playing for a cheap laugh, you’re not playing for any laugh. You’re just reliant entirely on your guests and you, and that’s actually a great thing if you do it well. So if I don’t, it’s really all on me.’

‘I’d like to think that 30 years of being out there and knowing my craft will serve me well enough to be able to focus on that person and not need the noise,’ she stated.

Pic: RTE

While she’s delighted to have landed her dream RTÉ gig, it hasn’t made her financial worries evaporate as the disruption to her tours continues with no end in sight, due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Deirdre explained, ‘All of my live work is gone so if I didn’t have [the RTÉ show], I would have absolutely no work.’

Her Sky programme has been pushed back and, like all other live performers, her gigs postponed: ‘I have resigned myself to not working until the New year and trying to just write and create stuff at the minute.’

‘I always worry financially,’ she admitted explaining that fluctuation in earnings from one year to the next as a self-employed artist is trying even when there’s no pandemic.

‘The thing about us I feel is when you have a good year, it usually is meant to last for three years so you always have to have this little fund for the rainy day which is just around the corner and I guess people think that you have money because you’re on the telly – but this is Ireland.’

Deirdre O’Kane. Pic: Michael Chester

Her first show will feature a conversation with Pat Shortt — a somewhat serendipitous first guest for her given that she was his opening act on tour 20 years ago when she was a rookie comedian.

The Killnaskully star gave Deirdre a bad dose of ‘the fear’ recounting tales of drink-fuelled nights gone by so we’re intrigued to see where the trip down memory lane leads them.

She had a ‘big input’ in picking her guests but did add, ‘We were obviously limited to people on the island because we couldn’t be flying people in so that took a lot of people off [the list] that I would’ve loved.’

However, if it goes well, she hopes RTÉ might grant her a second series post-pandemic when she could fly guests in ’til her heart’s content.

Watch Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny each Saturday on RTÉ One at 9:10pm.

EXCLUSIVE: Why Matilda’s Mara Wilson thinks the film resonates with Irish people so much

Mara Wilson Matilda

Star of the massively popular film Matilda, Mara Wilson has been making headlines on our shores recently. Why I hear you ask? Well she recently tweeted about her love for the group Ireland Simpsons Fans and as can be expected, Mara’s Irish fans and the group freaked out.

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, the film Matilda was one of the staples in my VCR. The story about a young girl and developing powers drew me to the screen like a moth to a flame but it turns out, the film wasn’t a big success from the get go.

When initially released, the movie directed by Danny DeVito wasn’t considered a massive hit domestically but elsewhere, Roald Dahl fans flocked to the cinema to see it and buy it on tape afterwards.

When chatting to the star of the movie Mara Wilson, we asked her why she thinks the film resonated with Irish people more to the point that her tweet sent us all into a complete meltdown.

Mara Wilson Matilda
Mara Wilson. Pic: Ari Scott

‘Maybe it’s because it’s about the underdog and Ireland is a small island and throughout most of its history it has been seen as the underdog,’ she surmised. ‘You know, mostly because of who it was surrounded by. I think that’s definitely a theme there.

‘The idea of the underdog succeeding is an idea that we do like here in America but I don’t know if it’s necessarily as resident with us. I think it might be more resident with other places.

‘It is interesting because although it wasn’t a huge hit in the US when it came out, in fact, I was in Canada at the time and it was doing better in Canada, and I think that maybe there’s sort of a darker sense of humour [outside the US].

‘Roald Dahl was Norwegian and British and both of those cultures have a very dark sense of humour and I think that’s not necessarily something that always carried over to the US. It’s kind of silly and it’s kind of extreme and I think that is something that other places have definitely appreciated.’

Mara Wilson Matilda
Pic: REX

This variation in where the film succeeded is echoed in her fan mail as she shares that she gets a lot of messages from Ireland, the UK and.. Brazil!

‘It’s amazing!’ she says. ‘I never would have thought that [Matilda] would still resonate this many years later. But I am proud of it.

‘I think Matilda is probably the movie that I’m proudest of because it meant a lot to me. And I hear from people all the time that tell me they didn’t come from a loving family and they didn’t treat them well, did appreciate them but that the movie gave them hope. It’s about finding your family and finding your people, which is really important I think.’

During the making of Matilda, Mara’s mother Suzie was battling cancer and often had to go get chemotherapy while they were shooting. Alas, Suzie died prior to the film’s release and it was only later in life that Mara discovered her mother had the opportunity to see the film, all thanks to Danny DeVito. He visited Suzie in the hospital before she died and shared with her a rough cut of the movie they had all put so much effort into.

Mara Wilson. Pic: Ari Scott

‘I felt so glad to hear that because she got to see what she was working on,’ Mara shared. ‘She got to see what we had put so much effort into to and Lucy Dahl (Roald’s daughter) always called her the backbone of our team and she really was.

‘It had always made me sad that she wasn’t able to see it and I was thrilled that they dedicated the movie to her. It’s still an incredible thing to think about and for a while, I was just so happy to hear that and people tell me all the time that “When we heard that your mom was able to see it brought tears to my eyes” and for me it was beyond tears. I was just so relieved and so happy.’

In terms of her love for Ireland Simpsons Fans, not only does she find the memes hilarious, but she’s actually learning a fair amount about our dear Emerald Isle.

New Year's Eve Tv
Mara With Sally Field and Robin Williams in the movie Mrs Doubtfire Pic: 20th Century Fox/REX

‘I was like “Oh I never knew that about Ireland. I want to learn more!” For example, I’d never heard the phrase “The Tans” before,’ she chuckled. ‘I very quickly learned who it was about because it’s pretty obvious but I had no idea they were called that. I had never heard that particular phrase.

‘I had to look it up and went “Ah ok this is why they’re called that” which is very interesting. And also, 90 per cent of white Americans will say “Oh I’m Irish” and I know actual Irish people that I’ve met have been like, “C’mon guys,” because everybody says that they’re Irish.

‘But I am actually part Irish — my grandmother’s family is from Cork. I do often feel like I’m neglecting that part of my heritage so it is kind of funny to me that I’m learning more about daily Irish culture through Irish Simpsons Memes.

‘Like I don’t want to offend Irish people by saying this is how I’m learning about your society, your culture, I actually want to go to Ireland and learn first-hand, but I do think that the Simpsons are like a big cultural artefact, which they are in a way at this point they’ve been around for so long, it can be a good way to learn about things.’

Mara’s book Where Am I Now? The Stories Of Girlhood and Accidental Fame is on sale now in most book stores.

Homesick Niall Horan has one special person he wants to see this Christmas

Niall Horan joined Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show tonight all the way from rehearsals for his charity gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London and he certainly left some viewers misty-eyed.

During the segment, the singer revealed that he is feeling somewhat homesick and that there was an extra special person he is missing that he hasn’t seen since last Christmas.

Niall took a break from rehearsals for his show tomorrow night to chat to Ryan where he admitted he would love more than anything to get home to Mullingar for this Christmas.

Niall Horan on the Late Late Show. Pic: RTE

On the show, a homesick Niall Horan shared that had not been home to Mullingar since Christmas last year, whereas he would normally get home five or six times a year.

Sharing with Ryan his hopes of coming back to Ireland this Christmas, he said: ‘I would love to get home for Christmas. For obvious reasons, it would be weird to get home.’

He also addressed the fact that this Christmas could be a very different one for many, as the pandemic could cause issues with travel.

‘There’s going to be a lot of people that won’t make it home for Christmas which is so sad really, especially if you are Irish, there’s something about going home for Christmas, it’s nearly a sin if you don’t go home.’

‘Hopefully. I can get home for Christmas, it will be an awful shame if not,’ he added.

Then, talk turned to family, as Niall revealed that there was one person he was really missing and that’s his granny. Niall revealed that she had celebrated her 90th birthday in August but is still fighting fit.

‘She’s flying, nobody would think she’s 90!’ he added fondly.

Niall shared that distance doesn’t stop him from having a taste of home and enjoying a pint of the black stuff, even when gigging abroad.
In keeping with the Taking Care of Business theme of the show, Niall revealed to Ryan how he buys Irish and manages to keep his crew happy at the same time: ‘There’s a keg of Guinness in my dressing room right now, so we are definitely buying Irish here.
Niall Horan. Pic: Getty Images
‘It’s so important, I always get stuff from home as well, as you know, you gave me a home package when I was there the last day…’
Also on the show, Niall told Ryan that he thinks it will be a long time before he himself is gigging in front of large audiences again. In the meantime Niall will be playing a special one-off live streamed show on Sat 7 November at an empty Royal Albert Hall in London.

All profits from the show will be shared between Niall’s touring crew who are currently unable to work and the #WeNeedCrew relief fund.

What’s new on Netflix this week? Revenge and Christmas romance

It’s Friday which means we finally get to swap our work pyjamas for our weekend pyjamas!

Whatever your plans for this weekend, we’ve rounded up the best of what Netflix has to offer this week from some classic hits to some early-bird Christmas films

Here’s what to watch:

1) The End of the F***ing World: Season 2

Netflix Shows This Weekend
Netflix Shows This Weekend: Tune in before it’s gone. Pic: Netflix

Series two of the hit show sees the introduction of Bonnie whose fraught relationship with her mother drives her anti-social behaviour, but revenge is what she really cares about.

Elsewhere, Alyssa, now 19 is getting married as she tries to live a normal life off the grid, while James struggles to her how he really feels, until their past catches up on them.

The show’s producers have confirmed that this will be the last series of the show so don’t delay in tuning in before it drops off Netflix.

2) One More Try

Netflix Shows This Weekend
Netflix Shows This Weekend: This one is all too real. Pic: Netflix

When a women’s son becomes critically ill she reconnects with the boy’s father and they are forced to consider having a new child to try to save their son.

Their decision inevitably puts a strain on their existing relationships at the worst possible moment.

3) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Netflix Shows This Weekend
Netflix Shows This Weekend: Looking for a way to keep them occupied?

The first animated instalment of the Spidey film franchise is set in a multiverse known as the Spider-Verse and follows Mike Morales as he becomes the new Spider-Man.

Morales must join with other Spider-People from the various dimensions to save New York City from destruction from the evil Kingpin. Definitely, one to keep the little ones entertained for a few hours, but it has major adult audience appeal too for anyone who loves a superhero movie.

4) Midnight at the Magnolia

Netflix Shows This Weekend
Netflix Shows This Weekend: Faking it becomes the real delal for two best friends. Pic: Netflix

Midnight at the Magnolia sees two friends Maggie and Jack who hatch a plan to fake a relationship to get their radio show picked up.

When their families catch them pretending on New Year’s Eve they can’t bear to tell them the truth but sure enough, they soon begin to wonder if their feelings are real.

The first in a long line of slushy Christmas films coming your way from now until the big day.

5) A New York Christmas Wedding

This romantic retelling of A Christmas Carol sees a bride-to-be visited by an angel in the run up to her big day.

The angel gives her a glimpse of what her life would be like if she had followed her heart and married her childhood best friend.

Here are 5 things you never knew about November babies!

Pic: Getty

You may not know this but the month that you’re born can actually have a significant impact on your life.

And we’re not talking about your star sign here – we’re talking about actual studies that have been undertaken by serious researchers.

So, if your birthday is this month (or you’re about to have a baby within the next four weeks!), this is for you.

Here are 5 facts you probably never knew about November babies:

1. Boys born in November are more likely to be left-handed

Pic: Getty

How random is that? It was reported in the Cortex journal that men born from November to January are more likely to be left-handed than those born in other months.

Although the specific reason is unclear, scientists suggest it may be as a result of exposing the pregnancy to sunlight early on, thereby increasing testosterone levels, which in turn increase the chance of being left-handed!

2. They could end up being quite sporty!

how to be motivated to exercise

According to research undertaken at Essex University, babies born in October and November are fitter and stronger than their peers. This is believed to be caused by the fact that their mothers get more exposure to sunshine and vitamin D in the final months of pregnancy.

Vitamin D produces stronger bones and muscles and therefore, more athletic children!

3. November babies are less likely to have heart or lung issues

Pic: Shutterstock

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association reported this finding.

However, the same scientists learned that people born in November have a greater risk of respiratory illness.

4. The chrysanthemum is the birth flower of the month

november babies
Pic: Getty

We didn’t know birth flowers were a thing either but apparently they are.

And the chrysanthemum is a good one to have – it’s bright, cheerful and hard-wearing. Also, in feng shui it is thought to bring happiness and laughter to the home.

5. They could end up winning an Oscar…

Matthew McConaughey, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sally Field, Emma Stone and Martin Scorsese are just some of the Oscar-winners born in this illustrious month.

You never know…

WATCH: The cute Lidl Christmas ad before its Late Late Show reveal

This Christmas, it seems that Santa isn’t the only one checking his list.

The Lidl team is busy getting everything ready for Christmas and it seems they have got a little bit of help: from the Lidl elves.

The Lidl Christmas ad goes behind the scenes as the Lidl elves get everything ready for the big day.

The Lidl Christmas ad 2020 will air on the Late Late Show this evening. Pic: Lidl

Yes, the Lidl store is given quite the festive makeover as it transforms into a one-stop-shop to prep everything that Irish families need for a perfect Christmas.

It’s not all work and no play during the fun festive ad as the Lidl elves are seen doing taste tests on everything, including yummy mince pies.

They even have to check if the Christmas pudding lights up the way it should!

In the Lidl Christmas ad 2020 even the Lidl elves are having their own bake off! Pic: Lidl

You may find your stomach grumbling as it’s onto the main event next: Christmas dinner.

The elves are seen survey impressive spread meticulously, from the roast spuds to the most succulent-looking ham and turkey, of course.

Aoife Clarke, head of communications and marketing for Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland revealed that the Lidl Christmas ad 2020 has been in the works for some time now.

Pic: Lidl

‘We’ve been working on this for a while, so Christmas really came early for us. We know that 2020 has been quite the year, and we can’t wait to share a Lidl magic with everyone now the season is properly underway,’ she said.

‘We’d like to thank all the Elves who make Christmas at Lidl so special.’

Pic: Lidl

Aidan Gillen to star in gritty Irish crime drama to rival Love/Hate

There’s a brand new drama coming to our screens from RTÉ and it has a cracking cast of Irish talent.

If you still have a Love/Hate-shaped hole in your heart then you’ll be happy to hear that Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen has just been cast in the gritty new production, Kin.

Here’s what we know about the exciting new show.

Camille O’Sullivan and Aidan Gillen. Pic: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

According to Deadline Kin follows the lives of a fictional Dublin family embroiled in a gangland war and sheds light on unbreakable bonds of blood and family.

The show is being co-created by Peter McKenna and Ciarán Donnelly, the minds behind the epic historical fictional series The Last Kingdom.

While not many details have been shared about the new TV show we are so excited to see such an incredible Irish cast gracing our screens.

Aidan Gillen will join a host of other Irish names including Maria Doyle Kennedy (Outlander) and Ciarán Hinds.

Actress and singer Maria Doyle Kennedy. Pic: Getty Images

Also billed is the director and actress Clare Dunne whose film, Herself, was selected for the Sundance Film Festival last year. Emmett Scanlan and Sam Keeley are set to star also.

The English actor Charlie Cox has also just been cast in Kin.

Charlie is best known for Boardwalk Empire, the Netflix show Daredevil and also for something a bit more lighthearted, starring alongside Claire Danes in Stardust.

Charlie Cox. Pic: Karwai Tang/WireImage

There has been no report on the release date for Kin just yet but principal photography has begun in and around Dublin city.

So, certainly, watch this space!

Johnny Depp fired from Fantastic Beasts but vows to clear his name

johnny depp appeal

It’s been a week from hell for Johnny Depp who not only lost his domestic abuse libel case against The Sun newspaper but has now had to resign from his role in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise.

The actor took to social media today to reveal that he has been asked by Warner Bros bosses to part ways with the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the Harry Potter spin-off.

The 57-year-old told fans that he has agreed to do so despite his disappointment out of respect for the studio.

Johnny first popped up briefly in the 2016 film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before returning to screens with a much more prominent role in the 2018 sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Pic: Warner Bros

The actor’s casting was questioned by many from the start due to the serious allegations from his ex-wife Amber Heard that came to light at the time.

Despite everything, both J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros stood by Johnny and their decision to have him play the role at the time.

It seems they’ve now had a change of heart as Johnny’s Instagram post notes.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Johnny Depp (@johnnydepp) on

‘I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and I have respected and agreed to that request,’ he wrote.

Thanking everyone who has supported him to date, Johnny revealed that he will continue to ‘fight to tell the truth’ despite this week’s crushing news.

‘The surreal judgement of the court in the U.K. will not change my fight to tell the truth and I confirm that I plan to appeal,’ he said.

PIC: Shutterstock Johnny Depp, 2020

‘My resolve remains strong and I intend to prove that the allegations against me are false. My life and career will not be defined by this moment in time.’

Warner Bros confirmed Johnny’s departure announcing that the role of Gellert Grindelwald will be recast.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is in production right now and the film is expected to debut in theatres worldwide summer 2022.

10 surprising facts about famous royal weddings you probably didn’t know

Royal weddings are a pretty big deal and we get to see almost every single detail about the big day.

But there are lots of peculiar details about these nuptials that tend to go unnoticed or simply forgotten in the annals of time.

We’ve found 10 facts that will surprised about the most famous royal weddings.

1. Princess Beatrice’s made history

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Benjamin Wheeler after their wedding. Pic: PA Wire

Princess Beatrice was due to marry her beau Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in May of this year. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Instead, the couple had a private ceremony in July attended by Queen Elizabeth. And this was actually historical as Beatrice became the first royal in 200 years to marry in secret.

2. Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress tradition

The Wedding Of Queen Victoria And Prince Albert In 1840. Pic: Getty

We couldn’t imagine a bride in anything other than a white wedding dress, but that tradition is less than 200 years old.

When Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert in 1840, she wore a white satin design and inspired millions of others to do the same.

Most brides, at the time, were unable to wear white because it stained too easily. Instead, they wore colourful dresses that could be worn again. But the monarch changed that almost immediately, and a whole new industry was born.

3. Princess Eugenie paid tribute to her Irish heritage

Pic: Getty

You may not have looked closely at Princess Eugenie’s dress but she used her bespoke gown to pay tribute to her heritage.

Including her mother Sarah Ferguson’s Irish roots.

According to Kensington Palace, the silk featured: ‘Thistle of Scotland, acknowledging the couple’s fondness for Balmoral, a Shamrock for Ireland as a nod to the bride’s Ferguson family, the York Rose and ivy representing the couple’s home.’

4. Princess Diana spilled perfume on her dress

Pic: Getty

The iconic wedding dress of Princess Diana enchanted millions of girls and women across the globe, as one of the most famous royal weddings.

But on her wedding day, she apparently had a big blunder when she attempted to spray perfume on herself. Instead of giving herself a little spritz, she ended up spilling the contents onto her gown.

Apparently, her make-up artist showed her how to hold the dress to cover up the stain.

5. Queen Elizabeth bought her wedding dress with ration coupons

File photo dated 20/11/1947 of Queen Elizabeth II alongside the Duke of Edinburgh as they leave Westminster Abbey after their marriage ceremony.

The then Princess Elizabeth tied the knot to her beau, Philip in 1947 just two years after World War II ended.

She ended up using ration coupons to buy the material needed to create her custom-made wedding dress.

We would never have expected this from the future Queen of England.

6. Princess Diana’s shoes held a hidden message

Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, London, Britain – 29 Jul 1981. Pic: Rex

Princess Diana made sure that her wedding day was special to her. Particularly her wedding shoes.

Her stunning heels were covered in 542 sequins and 132 pearls making them pretty dazzling.

She also painted C and D, hers and Charles initials into the soles of her wedding shoes.

7. Meghan Markle was the oldest royal bride

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day. Pic: Getty

We honestly can’t believe it but yes, Meghan Markle made history for her age.

She tied the knot to Prince Harry at the age of 36 making her the oldest royal bride.

Kate Middleton was 29, Eugenie was 28 and Beatrice was 31 when they had their own famous royal weddings.

8. Kate Middleton did her own make-up

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge exits following her marriage to HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey. Pic: Getty Images

While we’re sure she had endless opportunities to get professional help on her wedding day, Kate opted to do her make-up herself.

She did take professional lessons before her big day but she still did it herself before walking down the aisle.

9. Every royal bride has a sprig of myrtle in their bouquet

Pic: REX/Meghan Markle nail detail May 2018

Another tradition started by Queen Victoria is the fact all royal brides have myrtle in their bouquet.

It is the herb of love and has featured in every royal bouquet over the past two centuries.

Victoria was such a fan she went on to plant a shrub in her garden at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight afterwards.

10. Queen Elizabeth broke her tiara

Princess Elizabeth with Philip Mountbatten. Pic: Getty Images

A moment which struck fear into the future monarch’s heart was when she snapped her tiara on her wedding day.

Thankfully she didn’t have to go without as the court jeweller was rushed by police escort to repair it before the bride left for Westminster Abbey.

Legendary M·A·C MUA Terry Barber on the future of makeup post-Covid

M·A·C Director of Makeup Artistry Terry Barber has been with the much-loved beauty brand for close to two decades.

In that time he has gained the well-earned reputation of being a visionary and experimental artist, and his knowledge of makeup products and trends is unsurpassable, the straight-speaking Welshman is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to beauty.

For artists, his Instagram account provides endless inspiration and an alternative look at makeup, for the rest of us pretty much how we wear makeup will have trickled down from trends Terry and his team predict.

Pic: Terry Barber/Getty Images

Now that 2020 has entirely affected the makeup world, we spoke exclusively to Terry from his London base about where 2021 will take us.

Agreeing we will see a shift in makeup Terry says, ‘As detrimental to people’s lives the pandemic has been, it’s served as a bit of a palette cleanse for beauty. Having spent a lot of time makeup-free, I think many people are taking a clean slate approach to use it again, believing in quality over quantity rather than the obsessive consumption of products that we’ve seen in previous decades.’

‘I think health and well-being will be bigger factors than the “full beat” face and that effortlessness and nonchalance will once again be the new cool’ he adds. ‘Naturalness will no longer be seen as a failure but as an aspiration.’


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Terry Barber Makeup (@terrybarberonbeauty) on

Terry Barber and his team share their top trends each season with the press, and 2020 was no different yet totally different at the same time now that we must wear face masks.

Terry tells me that, ‘The necessity of wearing masks into the foreseeable future seems like the perfect time to reignite a moment for big eye makeup perhaps harking back to the Sixties and Seventies when the ultimate statement was about throwing everything into your eye makeup.’

‘It’s a move away from the cut crease/cut brow obsession of the Instagram beauty movement, instead, it’s reclaiming the drama and decadence of jewel-coloured lids, a sweeping socket line and full feathery lashes for iconic grown-up glamour’ he adds. ‘The beauty of major eye makeup, of course, is that you can get away with using very little on the rest of the face.’

Pic: Terry Barber backstage at Marques’Almeida London Fashion Week February 2020

The makeup we see from plenty of Fashion Week shows are created by Terry and his team, a far cry from most of what we see on social media, I asked him will the ‘overly’ makeup look disappear with time?

He says, ‘I don’t think social media beauty will necessarily disappear, but it will open up to more options. The problem is that it’s created an ideal; a ‘one- face- fits -all’ that most people either can’t achieve or don’t aspire to in their everyday lives. I think it will move into celebrating all aspects of beauty, from a natural enhancement to high glamour and everything in between.’

‘Up to now, it’s been used as a platform for young aspiring makeup artists showing off their skills as some kind of competitive sport’ he says. ‘Going forward I feel that there will be a more democratic approach to beauty on all levels and from many different perspectives.’

Pic: Backstage Marues’Almeida, London Fashion Week February 2020/Getty

As we near 2021, I asked Terry what effect face masks will have on how we wear makeup. He says, ‘I think there will be far more emphasis on utilitarian products which make us immediately look and feel better without having to labour over a full face.’

‘A lot of the technology that goes into making products, particularly skin, is heading towards less coverage and more enhancement’ he explains. ‘It’s about smoothing veils of texture with an added glow so that the finish is more like skincare than visible foundation. Brows are similarly moving away from being heavily painted: instead, dressed in products which add texture and volume with no harsh lines.’

M·A·C makeup is available at Brown Thomas nationwide, Arnotts and on

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Fair City Spoilers: Yates finally makes an arrest for Paul Brennan attack

What a week has been in Carrigstown and things are just starting to heat up.

Sunday night’s episode sees the drama over Paul’s balcony accident intensify. Jane, it seems will do anything to protect Callum even going so far as to provide him with an alibi.

She lies to Yates about his whereabouts on the night of the accident and forces Callum into a tight spot.

When the detective questions him over some incriminating video footage Callum goes along with Jane’s lie but he isn’t happy about it.

Fair City Callum is convinced to lie to Yates by Jane but she soon wonders if he is actually guilty.Pic: RTÉ

Jane does her best to reassure him that he has done the right thing in lying to Yates but he is still eaten up with guilt. Later we see him express regret to an unconscious Paul not realising that Jane is listening in on the conversation.

His words now make her question whether or not Callum could actually be the mystery person who attacked Paul. When Paul comes round he is questioned about what he remembers which prompts the detective to arrest Oisín but as we know there is more to the story than that.

Fair City Callum is eaten up with guilt but Oisin is ultimately arrested as Paul’s mystery attacker. Pic: RTÉ

Elsewhere, Carol is meddling in Ali and Dean’s blossoming romance and manages to put a wedge between them. Dean takes the plunge and tells Ali that he loves her but doesn’t get the reaction that he wants. Carol steps in and tells him to act as if nothing has happened.

We later see her become concerned that Ali might actually be falling for Dean. The couple talks about moving in together but she turns down the chance to be with him.

Sunday’s episode of Fair City also sees Damien in the hot seat over his secret engagement to Mairead. Will is taking far too much pleasure in toying with him and now he is starting on Mairead.

He slyly plants the seed of doubt in her mind about whether the wedding should go ahead but she keeps her concern hidden from Damien. When Mairead suggests telling Phoebe about the engagement he is thrilled, but all is not well as she rejects his romantic gesture but tries to reassure him that the lack of intimacy is a temporary blip.

It certainly looks like Will’s meddling has done the trick.

Catch Fair City on RTE One at 8pm on Sunday.

River Island has restocked its feathered Sleeper pyjamas dupe

River Island caused a sensation when it released the dreamiest pair of party pyjamas earlier this year. They were feathered. They had polka dots. They were utterly fabulous.

It was really no surprise that they subsequently sold out in rapid-fire speed, but the great news is they’re back in stock and to be honest they would quite frankly make the perfect outfit to wear for the entire month of December.

They are a fabulous high-street dupe of the feathered pyjama sets by the cult fashion brand Sleeper.

The pyjama set of dreams are back in stock. Hurry before they sell out AGAIN. Pic: River Island

Yes, River Island is bringing the party with its fabulous feathered button-down pyjama set which features oversized look-at-me polka dots and feathered cuffs on both the top and bottoms.

Worn together they would make a seriously (comfy) style statement but they can easily be worn separately.

You could wear the top tucked into your favourite jeans and the bottoms would look very chic worn with a simple white tee and a blazer.

Pic: River Island

They are very similar to the style of pyjamas made famous by Sleeper.

You can’t move on Instagram without spotting at least one pair of the brand’s luxurious feathered loungewear sets. They come in a range of colours and prints, but none with feathered top.

They usually go for around $290.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sleeper (@daily_sleeper) on

If you are on the hunt for a party outfit that will look incredible but brings the kind of comfort we expect from our wardrobes right now, then this River Island pyjama set should be on your Christmas wishlist.

We really suspect they will fly off the shelves so get them quick. The top is €55 and the bottoms are €60 and they are sold separately.

Black long sleeve spot feather cuff shirt, €55. Pic: River Island
Black spot print feather hem trousers, €60. Pic: River Island

Feathers are having a moment right now. Recently, Holly Willoughby showed us that it is never too early to get in the sparkle season mood as she wore a stunning feathered dress.

If you want to steal her style, which we very much suspect you do, you can see our top picks of the best feathered frocks available now. Check it out here.


Liam Payne in agreement with Cheryl to spend time away from son Bear

Liam Payne's Son

Liam Payne says he’s agreed with his ex Cheryl that he can be away from his son Bear.

The 27-year-old has been in and out of his three-year-old son’s life due to work, but was forced to stay away during the lockdown.

In an interview with Tings Magazine the singer didn’t give a clear reason as why he was staying away but said he discussed the decision with Cheryl.

Liam Payne's Son
Liam Payne says he’s agreed with his ex Cheryl that he should take some time away from his little boy Bear Pic: Getty

The former One Direction star said: ‘[Lockdown] it’s the longest I haven’t seen him [Bear] in his life.

‘But we discussed from the start and for different reasons, me and Cheryl decided I should be away for a little bit.

‘It’s not unusual for me to be in and out of his life.

One Direction Reunion
The former One Direction star said: ‘[Lockdown] it’s the longest I haven’t seen him [Bear] in his life Pic: Rex
‘He’s a quiet and chill child. He doesn’t worry about things too much.’

Liam split from Bear’s mum Cheryl, 37, in 2018 and is now engaged to US model Maya Henry, 20.

Liam told the magazine he loved to keep his role as a dad out of the spotlight.

He said : ‘I get to be a dad and have a family in that way, that’s complete opposite of that [showbiz] zone. It’s mine for my own, expect for Cheryl and Bear.’

Liam Payne

Since then Liam has clarified through his social media that he couldn’t see his son because of restrictions and that the interview in question was done during the first nationwide lockdown at the height of the coronavirus, in which he was discussing the difficulty of not being able to see his child, which is difficult for any parent.

‘I couldn’t see my son because of the worldwide pandemic that is happening not because I had anything wrong with me…’ he told his followers to put an end to speculation.


Emmerdale faces furious backlash over controversial Down Syndrome storyline

Emmerdale. Pic: ITV

Emmerdale has landed itself in hot water over a controversial storyline involving Laurel Thomas and Jai Sharma who are having an abortion because their unborn child has Down Syndrome.

Viewers vented their fury after the storyline aired on Thursday with many saying they were adding to the stigma against those with Down Syndrome.

It was also claimed the soap was helping to promote the idea they didn’t deserve to live.

The soap’s controversial Down Syndrome storyline has been condemned online Emmerdale. Pic: REX

The upcoming winter storyline will see Laurel and Jai attending their first scan together where they are told their child has Down Syndrome.

It’s at that point they make the incredibly difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy.

Such has been the backlash to the story that a petition has been made by fans while others expressed their immense disappointment on social media.

Sharing a photo of her daughter Willow, Hannah Welbourn wrote in a powerful post: ‘Dear Emmerdale, As a mummy to a little girl with Down Syndrome, I am asking you, how would you feel if you saw this headline!?

Emmerdale fans with children who have Down’s Syndrome slammed the soap on Thursday after Laurel and Jai’s abortion storyline was revealed Emmerdale. Pic: ITV

‘Not only are you doing this when people close to us are fighting hard to get abortion rules changed so those with Down Syndrome have the same rights as any of us, but you have also done this straight after Down Syndrome Awareness month…

‘A month where we as parents advocate for our children and shout out about our amazing experiences and lives!’

Hannah continued: ‘Disappointed is an understatement! Have you thought about the consequences this will have on expectant mothers who have chosen to continue their pregnancy, or new mums who have just had their beautiful new bundle!

A petition has even been set up by viewers who want the storyline to be pulled Emmerdale. Pic: REX

‘Or even the fact that young adults and adults with Down Syndrome watch your programme and will be extremely hurt by this ‘story line’!?

‘I am thankful that Willow is too young to understand this. But let me ask you, will this storyline be sensitive to those people listed above?

‘Or to me and my husband who have this amazing girl you see? Willow is worth more than a ‘storyline’, and maybe you could take a leaf out of @jojomamanbebe book and advocate in a positive way for our children?! Regards, A blessed and proud mummy!!’

Baby girls conjoined at the head are successfully separated in landmark surgery

Conjoined Twins Separated

An operation to separate two baby girls who were conjoined at their heads has been hailed a “landmark surgery.”

The medical staff at UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento successfully performed the 24-hour surgery on the sisters, Abigail and Micaela Bachinskiy last weekend.

The 9-month-old sisters were born connected at the head, an extremely rare condition known as craniopagus twins.

Conjoined Twins Separated
Sacramento twins conjoined by heads successfully separated, Liliya Miroshnik with Micaela. Pic: UC Davis Medical Center

They are currently recovering while their parents, Liliya Miroshnik and Anatoliy Bachinskiy, are counting their blessings, the hospital said.

‘This is a landmark surgery for us at UC Davis Children’s Hospital,’ Dr. Michael Edwards, lead pediatric neurosurgeon.

Conjoined Twins Separated
The team at UC Davis Children’s Surgery Center with Abigail and Micaela Bachinskiy. Pic: UC Davis Medical Center

‘Abigail and Micaela are doing well and recovering in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, thanks to an amazing team effort dedicated to ensuring these very rare twins have the best shot at a healthy life ahead.’

The twin’s 33-year-old Mum Miroshnik, said: ‘Everything went well. It felt almost impossible to separate them, but God and the doctors and nurses at UC Davis made it possible. We are so thankful.’

Conjoined Twins Separated
Miroshnik was told at 11 weeks her twins were conjoined Pic: UC Davis Health

Miroshnik was told by doctors her children were conjoined at the head when she was 11 weeks pregnant.

The mother-of-five said she needed her husband to help her cope with the shock of the news.

The mother-of-five says she was left in a deep state of shock after being told by doctors about the news Pic: UC Davis Health

‘It was very tough. I just was shocked. I couldn’t process,’ Miroshnik told media in the US.

‘When I got home my husband said that everything will be good. We will get through it. This is our kids. We already love them.’

Conjoined Twins Separated
Abigail Bachinskiy after the successful surgery. Pic: UC Davis Medical Center

“This is a landmark surgery for us at UC Davis Children’s Hospital,” Dr. Michael Edwards, lead paediatric neurosurgeon, said in a statement.

The doctors also explained why they felt the surgery was needed.

Conjoined Twins
Doctors said they needed to operate on the twins before they got any older Pic: UC Davis Health

‘As they get older, there are more risks of shared blood vessels and organs becoming larger or more entwined.

‘The upcoming flu, COVID-19 and RSV season was also a concern,’ Dr. Granger Wong, the lead plastic surgeon, explained of the urgency in the press release.

‘It’s a very, very rare anomaly,’ Dr. Edwards added to KCRA

As our favourite 90’s TV stars hit NETFLIX… Where are they now?

‘Go home Roger!’ The Nineties gave us the best teen sitcoms of all time. FACT!

You only have to look at the steady stream of re-boots and revivals to see just how timeless and beloved some of these shows really are.

This week sees arguably one of the best shows of the decade Sister Sister, along with another heavy hitter Moesha find their way to Netflix. As we settle in for a weekend of nostalgia viewing, we have to wonder what became of our favourite teen stars after all of these years.

So we did a bit of digging and here’s what we found out.

Nineties TV Stars
Nineties TV Stars: Sister Sister. Pic: Getty Images

Sister, Sister- Tia and Tamara Mowry

Putting aside the unlikely separated at birth storyline, Sister Sister was one of the most relatable shows around.  Who didn’t fight with their sisters over clothes and boys back in the day?

The show wrapped up in 1999 and since then the now 42-year-old twins have been keeping themselves busy. Over the years, Tia has appeared on The Game and landed her own reality TV show Instant Mom which followed her experience becoming a stepmother.

Nineties TV Stars
Tamera Mowry-Housley (L) and Tia Mowry. Pic: Getty Images

She now plays Cocoa McKellan in the Netflix comedy Family Reunion. she married the actor Cory Hardrict in 2008 and they ow have a son and daughter together.

Tamara is also a busy working mum of two and also a son and daughter. In an interview with Hot 97 several years back the actress who is a devout Christian confessed that she remained a virgin until she was 29 and felt so guilty afterwards that she vowed to remain celibate until she married her journalist husband Adam Housley. These days she is a co-host on the panel show The Real.


Nineties TV Stars
Nineties TV Stars: Brandy, Moesha – 1996. Pic: REX

Following the huge success of Moesha, Brandy Norward went on to carve out a successful recording career which included the noughties anthem The Boy is Mine (it’s stuck in your head now isn’t it?). Fast forward a couple of decades and Brandy is still recording. Back in May, she released the track Baby Mama.

Her singing career isn’t her only achievement, she has also kept up with her acting and appeared as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Naturally enough she was snapped up as a judge on America’s Got Talent and even appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Phew!

Brandy. Pic: Getty Images

Brandy has also had a colourful love life. She briefly dated the tragic Kobe Byrant and her ‘first love’ Wayna Morris. in the early noughties she became involved with the producer Robert Smith and they had a daughter. Her reality show Brandy: Special Delivery followed her pregnancy and their relationship and supposed marriage. They split in 2002 and in 2004 he revealed that they pretended to marry to preserve her image.

She then dated another basketballer Quentin Richardson and when they broke up reportedly had a tattoo of his face on her back changed to a cat.  Brandy has also been linked to Flo rider and producer Ryan Press.

Tragedy struck in 2006 when she was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of the other motorist. The case was settled out of court.

 Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Film and Television
Nineties TV Stars: Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart. Pic: REX

There will only ever be one Sabrina the Teenage Witch as far as we are concerned and that is Melissa Joan Hart. Hart ruled the Nineties with hit shows like Clarissa Explains It All but it was her turns as the angsty teen witch Sabrina which catapulted her to global fame.

The show wound up in 2003 and since then Hart has dipped in and out of acting. She found renewed success in the sitcom Melissa & Joey with Matt le Blanc and recently appeared in No Good Nick and The Clarissa Explains it All reboot.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart. Pic: Getty Images

Melissa married her husband musician Mark Wilkerson in 2003  and they have three kids but not before she enjoyed a few wild years.

She dated her Sabrina co-star Ryan Reynolds, Nick Carter and Jerry O’Connell, partied with Hugh Heffner at the Playboy Mansion and was according to her autobiography the first person to sneak Britney Spears into a nightclub. She also claims to have experimented with ecstasy, marijuana and magic mushrooms while hanging out with a bad crowd.

Alex Mack: Larisa Oleynik

Larisa Oleynik. Pic: Getty Images

Ok, Alex Mack was practically an amalgamation of Clarissa and Sabrina but it was still very watchable. Larissa career went from strength to strength after the show when she landed one of the leads in the cult teen flick 10 Things I Hate About You.

Since then she has worked steadily in hit shows such as Mad Men and Hawaii-Five-O. Back in 2013, she was forced to take out a restraining order against a fan who began stalking her and leaving her gifts. Since then she has kept quiet about her personal life.

 Kenan and Kel: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

Film and Television
Nineties TV Stars: Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell. Pic: REX

‘Aw, there it goes’. Kenan and Kel’s ongoing series of scrapes made for essential TV viewing on a Friday afternoon.

Since finding fame on the show, Kenan has had a fairly successful career in acting and comedy.

Kenan Thompson. Pic: REX

He has been a regular on Saturday Night Live since 2003 which makes him the longest cast member in the show’s history and has appeared in everything from Snakes on A Plane to the Grinch. He is currently filming the Home Alone reboot. Thompson married his wife, the model,  Christina Evangeline in 2011 and they have two daughters.

Kel Mitchell. Pic: REX

Kel has cropped up in numerous cameos as himself including a Kanye West video and has featured on Dancing With The Stars. He has been married twice, first to Tyisha Hampton-Mitchell, the mother of his son and daughter and then to rapper Asia Lee in 2012.

The couple has one daughter together and announced in May that they were expecting their second child back in May.

Boots Black Friday deals are here, these 10 buys are half-price or more

The month-long Black Friday deals have arrived at Boots and there are plenty of great gifts and discounts on offer if you’re looking for a bargain.

While most stores traditionally have just one or two days of great deals, Boots is going all out for the month across beauty, skincare, makeup, and electrical.

There are more than 150 deals on offer, some at half-price or more and we think these 10 best buys deserve your attention but be quick, these won’t be around for long.

Pic: Clinique

Clinique Superstars Gift Set is a gorgeous collection of Dramatically Different moisturiser, All About Eyes eye cream, makeup remover, and makeup. Worth €90, get it now at half-price for just €45.

Pic: Spotlight Oral Care

Galway brand Spotlight Oral Care has a great Black Friday deal, their set includes teeth whitening strips and pen, toothpaste, luxury pillowcase, eye mask, and more. It retails at 135, get it now for €59 (save €76).

Pic: Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has this duo of Stunna Lips and Killawatt Cheeks in the Boots Black Friday selection. It’s worth €59, get it half-price for €29.50.

Pic: Iconic Bronze


All your Christmas tanning needs are sorted with the Iconic Bronze The Icons set, it’s a mix of instant, self-tan, and makeup for face and body. Worth €85, it now costs €39.99.

Pic: Remington

Maybe a new hairdryer is top of your wishlist for Christmas? Remington Curl & Straight Confidence dryer costs €59, right now it’s €29.99 for Black Friday.

Pic: Champneys

The Champneys Ultimate Indulgent Pamper Set has body care for both morning and night, plus a free tote. It usually costs €65, right now it’s €29 (save €36).

Pic: No7

There is so much makeup and skincare in the No7 Party Perfect gift set we don’t know where to start, it’s colossal. Worth €266, it’s now €90 for Black Friday, that’s a saving of €176!

Pic: TanOrganic

Kildare brand TanOrganic is also in the Black Friday offers, they have a couple of sets with different self-tan formulas, face serum, and mitts. This set is worth €52.97, it’s on offer now for €29.99.

Pic: Soap & Glory

Face, body, and hands, Soap & Glory’s Around The World gift set is a big old thing. Sizes inside are 500ml and 300ml, get it for €25 and it’s worth €55, bring a trolley to get it home!

Pic: Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata’s Ultimate Bronzing Heroes is another star buy in the Boots Black Friday offers, it has everything you need to be a golden goddess, get it quick for €49.99, it’s worth €130 (save €80.01).

All Boots Black Friday deals are at

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Famous faces voice Marks & Spencer Christmas food campaign

Marks and Spencer are known for their scrumptious food and this time of year we love nothing more than drooling over their beautiful foodie Christmas ads.

This year the retailer has gone all out with their campaign signing up nine massive stars to voice the iconic adverts.

Dame Julie Walters, Eddie Redmayne, Dame Helen Mirren and Tom Hardy are just some of the famous voices you’ll hear seduce you into your nearest M&S food hall.

Marks & Spencer
Olivia Colman is just one the famous faces voicing this year’s ads Pic: WireImage

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, Marks & Spencer will donate £100,000 on behalf of each of the stars involved (£900,000 in total) to a number of charities of their choice.

The first advert airing is voiced by The Crown star Olivia Colman.

The ad sees the Academy award winner gush over M&S’ Light Globe Gin Liqueur, Triple Chocolate Panettone, Best Ever Smoked Salmon and Collection Mini Beef and Porcini Yorkshires – hungry yet?

The first of the nine Christmas ads voiced by Olivia Colman. Pic: Marks & Spencer
Pic: Marks & Spencer

Olivia chose to split her £100,000 kitty between three UK charities close to her heart – Tender, Back Up Trust and Anthony Nolan – all of which get a mention on screen.

‘Cor, what a year! Let’s try to make Christmas a little brighter, shall we?’ the actress says as the ad begins to play and we’re 100% on board!

Other celebrities involved in the campaign include Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeremy Irons, Naomie Harris and Gillian Anderson.

Marks & Spencer
Yum! Pic: Marks & Spencer

‘This year, we’re putting charity right at the heart of Christmas and donating £2 million to good causes,’ M&S proudly states on its website.

‘And that’s not all. We’ll also be making donations on behalf of special M&S colleagues and through some exciting charity partnerships.’

All charities featured in the TV add will receive their donations before Christmas ‘so they can use the money immediately where it’s needed the most.’

Watch Olivia’s M&S food ad below. Warning: You will be hungry.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver wears grandmother’s vintage Dior gown at wedding

Eunice Kennedy Shriver honoured her late grandmother on her wedding day by walking up the aisle in her vintage Dior wedding dress.

In a world where weddings are anything but traditional due to the restrictions of COVID-19, Eunice found a way to carry on the Kennedy family tradition last weekend.

The granddaughter of the famous American philantrophist, Eunice Kennedy, who founded the Special Olympics and was a sister of President John F Kennedy, also tied the knot in the same church as her namesake.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver wore a vintage Dior dress her grandmother wore for her wedding in 1953. Pic: Instagram/ekshriver

The 26-year-old chose her grandmother’s 67-year-old wedding gown as her ‘something borrowed’ and despite wear and tear from over the years, she told Vogue it was perfect.

‘My grandmother wore [the dress] at her wedding to my grandfather on May 23, 1953, and 67 years later, I wore it to marry Mikey,’ Eunice said in conversation with the publication.

The bride added that she ‘didn’t care’ that the garment had accumulated some holes over the years, nor the fact that the original colour had ‘aged into a French vanilla ivory.’

Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to England, is shown dancing with the bride, his daughter Eunice Mary, at the Waldorf reception that followed her marriage to Robert S. Shriver Jr., of Chicago, in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Pic: Getty Images

Eunice worked with a luxury bridal boutique to restore the precious dress which had its last outing in 1953, creating a new matching bodice and ivory veil for her big day.

‘The dress was as delicate as tissue paper,’ she explained. ‘So we had to handle it with great care. I was afraid to even sit!’

For her own comfort – and peace of mind – the bride changed into a short ‘after-party skirt’ later in the night which she dressed down with runners.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver wore a vintage Dior dress her grandmother wore for her wedding in 1953. Pic: Instagram/ekshriver

Eunice continued to honour her grandmother with her ‘something blue’ by hopping into a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible on her way to St. Patrick’s Church in Miami – the same car Eunice Kennedy Shriver gifted to her husband Sargent Shriver.

Despite initially planning a big wedding for 200 guests, Eunice and her hubby, car dealership president and CEO Michael “Mikey” Serafin Garcia, embraced the limitations of the global health pandemic to host an intimate ceremony with just 32 guests in attendance.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver wore a vintage Dior dress her grandmother wore for her wedding in 1953. Pic: Instagram/ekshriver

The groom, kitted out in Brioni and Tom Ford, walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with his mum while the bride was accompanied by her dad.

‘It might have looked physically empty in the church with only 32 guests but the energy of that day filled the room,’ Mikey told Vogue.

View of the head table of at the Kennedy wedding reception, Newport, Rhode Island, September 12, 1953. Pic: Getty Images
Robert Francis Kennedy and his bride, the former Ethel Skakel, and the groom’s sister,Eunice Kennedy, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding. Pic: Getty Images
Eunice Kennedy, daughter of U.S. Ambassador to England Joseph P. Kennedy, ready to marry Robert S. Shriver, Jr. Pic: Getty Images

‘We drink everyday’ Clodagh McKenna on life in lockdown with fiancé Harry

Irish chef Clodagh McKenna recently got engaged to partner Harry Herbert and the pair have been loved-up at their beautiful country home.

They live together at Broadspear House, situated in the picturesque and idyllic Highclere Park, the same grounds where Highclere Castle, the filming location for Downton Abbey, sits.

This is also where Clodagh has been cooking and writing up a storm to produce her latest cookbook.

And in an interview with the Irish Times, Clodagh, 45, opened up on life with ‘gentle character’ Harry.

Clodagh McKenna and Harry Herbert at The Ladbrokes Winter Carnival, Newbury Race Course, Berkshire, UK – 30 Nov 2019 Pic: DAVID HARTLEY/REX/Shutterstock

‘People say lockdown either makes or breaks you, and with Harry, I mean, anybody could lock down with him, he’s a very gentle character,’ she told the publication.

Speaking about the process of writing her latest cookbook during lockdown, Clodagh’s Weeknight Kitchen, she said in the mornings she and Harry would film for IGTV and in the afternoon she spent time developing recipes.

‘We had a nice time. We got into a routine very quickly. Working in the day, and in the evening, we’d treat ourselves to a drink every single day. I don’t care. It’s lockdown, we’re doing it,’ she said.


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At the start of October, the chef revealed that the pair were set to say I do, writing on Instagram: ‘We got engaged! We are over the moon with happiness and thank everybody for the lovely warm wishes ❤️❤️’

The couple have been working on making Broadspear, where they live with a slew of animals including their two dogs Alfie and Nolly, a fully sustainable homestead, documenting the process on their dedicated Instagram account.

Harry, 61, grew up in Broadspear House in Highclere Park, where Highclere Castle, the filming location for Downton Abbey, sits nearby, and his brother George Herbert, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, actually owns the castle.


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Over the past 2 years as we are doing our best here @broadspear to become a sustainable homestead and learning so much along the way 💚 I’ve learned so many ways from you guys, podcasts and books about how to live more sustainably. Here are my top ways you can start having a more sustainable home 💚 1. Instead of using firefighters that have kerosene in them, use leftover stubs from used candles, pine cones and dried citrus – wrap them up in used paper. Works brilliantly 🔥 2. Save Energy – reducing your use of energy, you can help to reduce carbon emissions. Switch off standby appliances, turning your heating down and hanging clothes to dry instead of using a tumble drier. 3. Less Plastic – use linen bags to store your bread, vegetables and cheeses. When buying vegetables and fruit in supermarkets always choose the produce that are loose and don’t have plastic wrapping. I always bring extra cloth bags for this. 4. Reduce Food Waste – if you have leftovers, don’t throw them away, try and be a bit creative on how you can use them the following day or just freeze them. However, if they do go off, use them to create compost for you garden. Read more about my wormeries on my website. 5. Lemon Heaven – Use your leftover used lemons to clean your dishwasher, slot the lemon into a peg on the top drawer of the dishwasher. Glasses come out shiny and the dishwasher is degreased. 6. Coffee Grinds – don’t throw out your used coffee grinds, instead use them as compost. Keep a small bucket beside your coffee making area to keep all the used grinds. Read how you can do this on my website. 7. Leaf Compost – collect all your leaves 🍁 so many at this time of the year! And store them in a bin or similar. Every few weeks give them a turn with a fork. After a few months you’ll have beautiful rich compost for your beds.

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His father, the 7th Earl of Carnarvon, who was known as Porchy and is portrayed in The Crown, was the Queen’s racing manager and close friend.

The pair ‘just sparked off one another’ when they met at a Fortnum and Mason lunch through a mutual friend in 2017, and moved in together in 2018, with Clodagh previously telling EVOKE that Harry has made her ‘the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.’

Harry Herbert and Clodagh McKenna at Hatchards booksellers, London, UK – 15 Jan 2019 Pic: Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock

‘Harry is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s so lovely and he makes me be a better person. He’s made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m so lucky.’

Their first date was at the celebrity-loved Chiltern Firehouse in London, while their second was at Highclere Castle.

Royal watchers are predicting Princess Eugenie’s baby name

Princess Eugenie announced that she is expecting her first child in September of this year, two years after tying the knot.

She and Jack Brooksbank are set to become parents in ‘early 2021’.

And obviously, with any royal baby, people are already making guesses on what they could call their first born.

Bookmakers are pretty confident that the child’s name will begin with A.

Pic: Getty

According to People Magazine, the top prediction for a girl is Alice, with odds of 9/1. Of course, that is a family name for Eugenie as her great-grandmother, Prince Philip’s mother, was Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Whereas, there are two traditional boy’s names tied for number one. Arthur and Henry are tied as the top prediction for a boy, also with odds of 9/1.

Both have a history in the royal family, Eugenie’s cousin Prince Harry’s given name is Henry. As Eugenie and Harry are so close it would be a lovely tribute to her big cousin.


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While Arthur is a favourite middle name for the royals, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Louis all sharing it. When Kate was expecting little Louis royal watchers were convinced that they would go with the name for a forename.

Regardless of what they name the baby, they won’t have a royal title. The new arrival will be the Queen’s ninth great-grandchild and will be 11th in the line of succession, but because Jack has no royal title himself, the baby won’t inherit one.

Pic: Getty

According to BBC: ‘Because the child will be born down a female line of the Royal Family—and drinks executive Mr Brooksbank has no royal status—he or she will be plain Master or Miss Brooksbank.’

Of course, Queen Elizabeth could step in and appoint the child a title. So we’ll have to wait and see!