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Vol 1 Edition 4



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THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

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with the opportunity to be heard and valued for their voices, intellect and input. The effect this has had on its participants is proof that programs, aimed boosting confidence levels and ideas of self-worth, can actually change a person’s life path. ‘’Some of the people from the boarding house that have mental illnesses have been severely isolated from the world in general. Being in the choir has brought them out and they

are now socializing and singing. It is amazing!’’ While Mr Fox’s involvement in the choir was not the only element that helped him to turn his life around, he believes it was the most important one. With no money, form of income or roof over his head, Mr Fox’s ‘’self- esteem just crashed down to nothing,’’ he said. “There’s a lot of services out there but there’s nowhere you can go to help your self- esteem

once it is ruined. I felt totally isolated.’’ But the choir helped to change everything-the isolation broke and feelings of self-worth set in. ‘’It was so good for my selfesteem. While you are singing, you can’t think of anything else. It’s like you are on a high. Once your self-esteem is up, you start to help yourself ’’. And most importantly, once that is taken care of, ‘’then you can help others’’.

Vicki Kritikos, Herbal Practitioner at Life Organic Newtown, reported no significant rise in customers and a decrease in purchases of detox kits during January 2010 in comparison to January 2009. Yet owner of Newtown Gym, Jeremy Bratt declared, “January is the busiest month of the year by far and I think there has been a slight increase this year.” His verdict on the people of Newtown sticking to their new years goals this year? “They are doing pretty damn well I think!” Jeremy suggests that success in this instance depends on commitment and determination, otherwise any excuse will do. There is also an emphasis on setting realistic goals, and taking everything in moderated, Nike-laden steps. So far Newtownians still seem more or less on their goalgeared wagon. And if they do fall off?, Well, there’s always next year - Michelle Rumery

South Sydney Youth Services Moves to Erskineville Town Hall The historic Erskineville Town Hall at 104 Erskineville Rd has a new tenant – and it is NOT South Sydney or Sydney City Council. South Sydney Youth Services has been running since 1975 and was initiated by a group of local mothers who were concerned about the welfare of teenagers in the local area. It has had several different bases over the years, most recently next to Waterloo oval

Created from a unique fusion of cross-media print and digital technology, The Newtonian brings together residents, visitors and local businesses for an immediate interactive experience, putting written and video interaction on the same page, literally, to benefit one and all.

This is your Newtown, your NEWspaper, tell us what you think.

Hoff is undertaking the role of information referral worker for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages around the Newtown, Redfern and Waterloo areas. His role is also to assist local organisations in better servicing and attracting Aboriginal clients. If you require any further information on the services offered or would like to help this vital organisation in any way please call (02) 9557 2848.

Goal Kicking

About us

The Newtonian is a ‘first of its kind’ newspaper that delivers both a printed and online version, that incorporates Facebook, YouTube, Twitter plus 2D scanning code technology, enabling readers to connect to information and advertising web-based services instantly.

skate park, but has maintained its functionality as a holistic support service which offers skilled staff over a range of distinct fields including casework and counselling services, mental health services, education and training groups, computer access and children’s programs. Recently however the organisation has employed a worker not specifically assigned to assist only people under the age of 30. James

- Sarah Newton-John Romance is magical and haphazard Quite haphazard A glance across a shoulder on King Street, A certain tone of voice in Corelli’s, where dogs are always given Bowls of water People seem to care, you hear Just the right words as you saunter to The Bank for a drink or three They just make sense, you are alive, Laughter that fills your heart and maybe Fills your flat next morning somewhere in the inner west February 14 calls us all into account To whom do we offer our heart? This year might be it, a turning point, where one becomes two Who do we sanctify as Special? As the world turns to look into the eyes of the Other And the general mood is sooky and sultry by turns Newtown is a mischievious backdrop for romance The girls are the guys are the girls From the gasp of youth opening their mail to the Hearty smile of a happy husband It is a good festival - despite Hallmark and all the Quick bucks of mass merchandising Take a hand and make some magic in a haphazard way Roll down King and make it your patch, your loving pathway

Gym member Lisa pointed out, “If you don’t make ‘em, you can’t break ‘em”. But then a pattern began to emerge among Newtown locals – the reoccurrence of the word “goals”. “I didn’t make a resolution really, just set goals to get more fit”, said 29-year-old Newtown resident Ricardo Samuel. Another local, 47-year-old Jill, also set herself goals, which she described as unsuccessful, to Keeping healthy, Maria and Ricardo stick to “stop putting on weight, and get their New Year resolutions. rid of these flabby bits”. Pic: Sandy Knipe So it appears the Newtonians of 2010 have not thrown in the towel on their new year’s resolutions just yet, society in which we live, the As we crash into February but on the actual phrase. After 2010 and New Year resolutions words “lose weight”, “get fit” and all, the term “goals” seems less seem like a thing of the past. As “eat healthier” are practically infinite, cushioning the kick in interchangeable with the term. hangovers throb through the one’s non-existent abs when skulls of your average Saturday Are the people of Newtown they are not reached. sticking to their aspirations? night King Street , another Most popular on the Initially, it seemed they had goal-motivating list is a new painful thump hits the brains in fact not made any health of Newtonians. wardrobe, and simply looking conscious resolutions, and quite good. So what exactly is the The New Year’s resolution, rightly as 43-year-old Newtown hindrance to success? in this aesthetic-obsessed


Valentine’s Day

The Sydney Street Choir - Yasmin Noone Life has seen them branded as ‘’disadvantaged’’ and ‘’homeless’’. Yet for the many who have either heard their voices or life stories, there is but one word to describe them‘’inspirational’’. The Sydney Street Choir is a community singing group made up of, primarily, people who were or are still without a permanent place to call home. But do not be fooled. This popular enclave of performers is not just your average community choir. They have sung for the Pope, wowed audiences at Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre and entertained many at iconic venues across Australia. With weekly rehearsals at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre due to recommence in February, the choir will continue to offer more than just singing practice throughout 2010. The SSC’s benefits extend into many parts of its members’ lives, positively transforming

confidence levels and boosting self-esteem. Jane Barnett and Robert Fox are current members of the choir. Their stories, although unique, are not uncommon. Jane’s experience of homelessness was borne of a relationship rife with domestic violence, while Robert’s life spiraled downward once he lost his job. ‘’I came to know the choir two years ago,’’ Ms Barnett said. ‘’I had just been diagnosed with kidney failure as a result of taking medication for bipolar disorder for 30 years. I just got really depressed. I found a leaflet for the choir at Mission Australia when I went there once. I just walked in to the choir and have never walked away.’’ Participation is ‘’not so much about perfection but about singing from your heart and giving it your whole soul.’’ The choir has been a refuge of sorts for its members since 2001. It provides participants

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

The Best In The West

A short stroll from the hub of Newtown you’ll be delighted to walk by The Floral Decorator. With an enticing array of flora decorating the path way, the girls inside are an inviting bunch as well. The beautifully laid out shop suggests real passion and a knowledge of what is best in the floral market. The flowers are hand picked from the markets and you can clearly see why The Floral Decorator is the best in the west. St Valentine himself would surely boast proudly with a bunch and no doubt knock his partners sox off. For an educated purchase for your loved one this Valentines day, drop by and say hi to the girls, your partner will thank you I’m sure! 112 Erskineville Road, Erskineville NSW 2043 P: (02) 9516 3113 enquiries@thefloraldecorator.

JULIE McCROSSIN TO LAUNCH LOCAL VOICES INITIATIVE lesbian people today. Both speakers have views on the place of alternative voices in society and how they might be better valued. The talks are organised by Newtown Spirituality in the Pub (SIP) which is now in its third year. The group is excited about moving to a new venue, the Town Hall (Townie) in King St, near the railway station. Other conversations planned for the year are: May 11: Australia Street Infants School principal Bernard Cheng will speak on education; July 13: Dr Stephen Gibson and David Lehmann-Monck from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital will discuss health and

-The Wiki (aka Darryl Anderson) So you didn’t get the gift you were wishing for? No chocolates, no roses and not even a dinner out on King Street. It’s traditional your guy buys you these things, right? Well before you complain, just thank heaven he didn’t buy you the oldest traditional gifts for 14 February. No fashionable girl would want the skin of a sacrificial goat, or to have her man chase her naked through the streets of the city! Rome’s pagan festivals were a mix of public holiday and religious ritual, and the oldest of these was a fertility rite called Lupercalia (‘wolf ’s cave’), held each year in February. The celebrations were in honour of the founding of the city by Romulus and Remus – the twin sons of Mars who were suckled by a wolf in their infancy. Special priests called februars, who naked save for rawhide belts, were smeared with the blood of sacrificial victims and then ran around the city carrying thongs cut from goatskin. By striking women with their whips, the

februars were believed to give the gift of fertility. The festival ended with a lottery to match single men and women of marriageable age. During the Middle Ages, The Church struggled to end this celebration by making it the feast day of St Valentine, a priest who had continued to marry the youth of Rome despite a ban by the Emperor. In his day, husbands were exempt from military service and so marriage services were forbidden. St Valentine was thus martyred for his devotion to love, and became the lover’s Patron Saint. Up until the late 1700’s in many parts of Western Europe, however, the “Love Lottery” survived as the key part of the feast of St Valentine. Makes me wonder, really, where can I buy a ticket? Happy Valentine’s, or, “scratch me happy.”



Modern Australian served with chips and salad & Mediterranean Steak Dianne, Lamb Cutlets, T-Bone Steak, Veal Schnitzel Gourmet Cuisine. Plus: FAMILY Our mouth watering Octopus, Calamari,

All meals can be Crumbed Fish Fillets, Pasta ordered as Take Away. dishes and Risotto plus much much more! Pick Up and save. Also: OS PI IN

Our incredibly famous Traditional & Gourmet Pizza’s





My companion was taken by the Tzatziki and I have to confess that I dipped in to taste, and was surprised and delighted at the delicacy of both texture and flavour of this classic dish.

To think that Torinos have no meal over $20 is an amazing feat. I know that they have an enviable reputation for their Pizzas, but I would recommend that when thinking of an evening out to sample the best of what the Mediterreanean has to offer here in Newtown, you think no further than Torinos. Susie and George have an iconic restaurant and will be happy to take you on your own tour around the food highlights of the Mediterranean.

– The Ancient Origin of Valentines

Pizza Restaurant


The laid back ambiance of Torinos sets the scene as you wander through the array of mouth-watering dishes. Our waiter for the evening, Nick, was both attentive and informative as we made our choices. I opted to start with the Taramasalata, which is made to a home spun recipe by Susie’s sister and was simply beautiful. This caviar like dish is a great way to get the taste buds working and prepared for what’s to follow.

For the main event, I went for my favourite dish and what I use as a benchmark, that being the Pasta Marinara. Oh what joy! The seafood was varied, plentiful, beautifully fresh and however the chef weaved his magic, magic it was. The tomato base was bursting with aromatic flavour, while the freshly made spaghetti, carried a soft tang of lemon that worked really well in a balancing act. My partner took a seafood direction as well, settling for the salt and pepper squid. Once again, a dish worth it’s weight in praise. Our dishes were accompanied, like all meals with a salad fit for a king.


It’s easy to understand why the Torino Pizza Restaurant in Enmore Road has lasted the distance. For over thirty years, Susie and George have catered for the increasingly discerning palate of their clients. The title of the restaurant is something of an understatement, as the menu reads like a food travelogue around the best of Mediterranean dining, with both classic and contemporary dishes.

pain management;. September 14: Graeme Mundine, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission (NATSIEC) chief, will discuss Aboriginal Issues; and November 9: The Hare Krishna’s Ace Simpson, Newtown Mission’s Brian Unterrheiner and a St Vincent de Paul representative will reflect on inner-city poverty. All speakers live, work or have a relationship with Newtown. The conversations last from 7.30-9pm. Contact: Anna Beresford on 9230 7631 or Publicity: Barry Morris 9519 3595

A Roman Holiday



Dining Review


Local voices from Newtown exploring our passions and dreams will be heard in an innovative and exciting series of talks throughout the year starting on March 9. In the week immediately

following Mardi Gras, broadcaster and comedian Julie McCrossin will launch the conversations when she addresses the topic Valuing Gay and Lesbian Voices. After 20 years as a broadcaster, McCrossin now talks to people for a living and shares stories with wisdom and humour. She will be joined by Paul Harris who for the past 13 years has been a co-ordinator of Acceptance Sydney, a group for gay and lesbian people committed to living their faith in the Catholic Church. McCrossin and Harris will share their stories and their perspective on the challenges, hopes and dreams of gay and



Eat in or Take Away

Delivery, or Pick Up Specials 2 X medium pizzas plus garlic bread plus 1.25l drink, $27 Family size pizza plus garlic bread plus 1.25l drink, $27 2 X family size pizzas plus 2 x garlic bread plus 2 x 1.25l drinks, $45 For more details on our menu go to You will also find our baby, “Bambino Torino”, at 195-197 Missenden Road, Newtown. You will find a menu bulging with Gourmet Pizzas, Pasta & Risotto. And the menu soon to be increased with more Torino favourite dishes and all dishes available to be home delivered or take away. Call: 9517 3695, or visit

BYO: 155-157 Enmore Road, Enmore. Delivery or Pick Up.

BUSINESS Wishing you a very happy New Year

The Oldest Pizza Restaurant In The Area.

CALL : 9557 3956 9557 4949


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Sudoku Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

From New York With Love


not talking about a goddamn wallaby on the front porch. I’m not complaining about a stray kangaroo scampering through the bloody foyer: you have roaches. Now, I might be impressed by their massive size and sometime flying abilities in the abstract... but in practice, they are still the same pain in the ass that I avoid at all costs while living just about anywhere. I do, however, appreciate his effort and find it hilarious. This also led me to wonder: what allowances am I making for wildlife here in Australia that I do not make at home? For example, the magpie that inexplicably dive-bombs for my eyeball as a I stroll towards the beach. People tell me that sometimes women wear bows in the back of their hats or hair as a means of diverting them to that area. Well isn’t that considerate? Because having some crazy bird assault the back of your head is just so much better, I suppose. Well, at least you will still have the gift of sight. I have a good idea what would divert the hell out them- take that bow and tie it around it’s paranoid neck, that’s what. Defending it’s nest. Like I care about your nest.

Gentle Exercise Class for over 55’s When? 10AM - 11AM Thursdays Where:? Newtown Neighbourhood Centre Town Hall, 1 Bedford Street Opposite Newtown Station Who:? Anyone over 55 years Why: Regular weekly exercise programme. Classes are conducted by a trained instructor. Participants are requested prior to joining the class to complete an application form and have it signed by their doctor. Cost: Casual Attendees - $4/per session Regular Attendees - $3/per session



Looking at flat shares this week. On a budget of course. The first I knew was probably too good to be true, being $160 per week and in the CBD. But not wanting to dismiss the possibility out of hand I decided to go take a look. At first, the place seemed livable, if not particularly clean. Then, when I wondered aloud why the living room furniture was piled up on top of itself, I learned that the place was infested with rats. The upstairs bedroom had roach traps strewn about. Fine, this all finally made sense, no problem because I knew the thing was a long shot to begin with. But as I’m taking off to go, the guy thinks he’s going to convince me with “Oh, you don’t know? This is Australia, the land of animals!”. Really. Really, guy? I mean, we’re

These are the facts

Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris. When the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door. Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding. Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night. When Chuck Norris crosses the street, the cars have to look both ways.

And the flies. Perhaps you are tired of talking about the flies.Everybody complaining, chit-chatting, “Oh these flies are such a nuisance! They’re so aggressive! Why do they have to try to fly into my mouth all of the time?”. Well guess what, since I think it is safe to assume none of us want to eat these flies anymore I have a suggestion. In the tradition of those great Kaldor public art works, let’s have Christo and Jeanne-Claude come and flypaper the coast. I still can’t understand why they didn’t do it the first time. They obviously had the means: all you would have needed was a nice adhesive backing to that tarp or whatever it was, and “voila!”. My humble suggestion. See, I don’t just bitch, I come up with really good solutions. Perhaps I should look for a job in the public sector... All told, though, I love Sydney, I really do. Just imagine me in the Outback with a knife, a flare gun and a dream. Eh? -Melinda Faylor Melinda is originally from New York but now enjoying every moment of Sydney life!

Community Centre

Indecent Behaviour Off Simmons St (probably Pemell Lane)

In March 1899 Jane White was arrested for “ behaving in an undecent manner in a public lane of Simmons Street, Enmore”. What exactly Jane was up to we can only imagine? Whatever it was however, she was fined 40 shillings or had to spend 14 days in gaol. (TWR March 25, 1899). Courtesy of The National Trust.

Cool Sites Any more? we would love to hear what blogs you visit or what you dig!

Valentines Kissing Corner Haiti Appeal


Marrickville Council will donate $10,000 to the Australian Red Cross Haiti Appeal.

Lara, one of our photographers, seems like she is having too much fun taking these shots!

The money will provide relief in the most effected areas where the priority needs are water, food, medicine and shelter. The Mayor of Marrickville, Councillor Sam Iskandar said that the massive impacts of the earthquake in Haiti will be felt by the people of that nation for decades to come. He said he was shocked at the scale of the physical, social, personal and economic devastation to the capital city, port-au-Prince and surrounding areas.

Complete the Sudoku puzzles correctly and send to PO Box 422 Newtown. WIN FREE TICKETS TO THE DENDY winners are displayed on our website!

“The suffering and tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Haitians and others, who have been killed, injured, emotionally traumatised and made homeless is beyond belief,” he said. The Mayor urged local residents to donate to the Australian Red Cross Haiti Appeal by calling 1800811700

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4



THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

International – Honduras -Julie Gibson AH, FEBRUARY. Cupid’s month. So, how did you meet your special someone? Work? Maybe. Night out? Possibly. Drunkenly surfing the net? No? Oh, that was just me then. I usually reserve my latenight surfing while under the influence for making crazy purchases on eBay. But I stopped that after I ended up bidding on – and winning – a John Coltrane jazz poster. That probably sounds fairly innocuous…except it was designed to be hung in a subway and is about the same size as a small Pacific island. So on this particular night, I ventured on to an online dating site instead, as you do. And there she was. In the cyber equivalent of our eyes meeting across a crowded room, the cute surfer girl’s radiant smile stared back at me. With the courage you get only after a bottle or two of Australian red, I clicked the button to make contact. In the sobering cold light of day, two things occurred to me. One, red wine gives me the most awful hangover. And two, even if I had been looking for a girlfriend, was it really sensible to be interested in someone living on the other side of the world? I found myself asking the same question a couple of months later as I lay under the stars on a secluded campsite in the Blue Mountains. My wine-influenced activity hadn’t begun and ended with an exchange of round-theworld emails. No, the promise of a surf lesson had brought me Down Under. I think what really won her heart was the sight of me in my Union Jack boardies crashing about in the waves like… well, like a Pommie having a surf lesson. On a trip packed with the most amazing experiences, my first ever bush trek will long live in the memory. Driving into the mountains with the 360 degree vista opening up before

my eyes, I have never felt so at peace. The love affair with Australia which had started on my first visit some 20 years earlier had grown ten-fold. But that had more than a little to do with the amazing company I was sharing. I doubt anyone else could have got me to scale that huge mountain. OK, so maybe it wasn’t quite Everest, but with corporate feet more used to walking from my desk to the water cooler, our four-hour trek up to the heights was a huge personal achievement. And lying under the Southern Cross with this remarkable woman, after our failed attempts to build a campfire – organic firelighters don’t work, burn the box and you’ll have more success – I don’t think I had ever been happier. Of course, there was that minor problem…if you want to get involved with someone from across the globe, even going out for a cuppa involves the added expense of a Qantas air ticket. But when someone truly special comes into your life, that is a minor inconvenience. I returned to the UK, and the daily round of texts and emails and long-distance phone calls. Physically there were 10,000-plus miles between us, spiritually, we were growing closer by the day. But rather than singlehandedly keeping Qantas in business, the day came on a subsequent visit when we made the momentous decision that I would follow my heart and move to Australia. The decision was easy. Making it a reality has proved less so. But when you know something is right, nothing will stop you. So, now I’m saving my hardearned cash, finding a tenant for my house and selling my unwanted possessions to be with the woman I love on the other side of the world. Does anyone want to buy a rather large jazz poster?

Pic:s provided by Rosie Wong injuries) against an active non-violent resistant movement. Zelaya was months away from completing his term and had implemented a number of social reforms in response to grassroots demands, amongst them a 70% increase to minimal wage, rejection of privatisation of the national telephone company and halting further mining concessions. These reforms, plus many others Local resident Rosie Wong has recently spent time in Honduras and pouring salt into the festering wounds of many vested interests. I responded to a call for international observers from brings us this tale of the turmoil that is continuing. the organization, Democracy Now. They arranged for my Rosie Wong. accommodation and while there, I accompanied the movement in I love living in Newtown. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere their work on the streets, in the Central park, in internet cafes and else. Having lived all over, I know that in Sydney, this is my home. in people’s homes. I met some truly amazing and brave people, On a practical level, what I love is being able to walk to a food cooperative where you can bring your own containers. These sorts of one of whom, human rights defender Walter Trochez, was brutally assassinated in December. things are brought about by people who have come to want these Accompanying the masses was amazing, the sheer energy kinds of things, so your flat mates don’t think you are just idealistic and determination and numbers of people that were prepared and crazy and live in another world. While we all have different to stand up and be counted. I was there when President Zelaya visions, we all have hopes, and see the need for alternatives in this clandestinely made it back inside the country and before the world. There is more to life and happiness than being typically massive repression that followed, the atmosphere was amazing. ‘successful’, i.e., having the traditional family, the house, and here, This opportunity for a return to the democaratic process was you don’t feel so alone for believing in an alternative way. lost in a brutal crackdown as the military imposed a 40 hour Another place I feel very connected to is Central America curfew. Inside the house we felt helpless as we heard terrible things (many trips later and causing tonnes of pollution in the outside; armed officers running after young people, capturing a meantime!). Have you heard about what is happening in young person and pushing the protesting and screaming mother Honduras? In June 09 a military coup took place; the Honduran to the ground, constant helicopters in the air. president Manuel Zelaya with a gun to his head was taken to the The people’s struggle for constitutional order and U.S. military base and put on a plane for Costa Rica. I was reading selfdetermination and against the repression and killings is news reports from at the time and stronger than ever. If you are interested in learning more please was absolutely shattered learning about the repression (including go to opening gunfire onto the protesting crowd causing death and HANDS UP THOSE WHO KNOW WHERE HONDURAS IS? I can hear the rustle of atlas pages a turning as confirmation is gleefully arrived at. There it is, sandwiched in between the great land masses of North and South America. So small, but just like many of it’s close neighbour’s, subject to its disproportionate share of internal strife.

SAN FRANCISCO January 27, 2010—Apple® today introduced iPad, a revolutionary device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and much more. iPad’s responsive high-resolution MultiTouch™ display lets users physically interact with applications and content. iPad is just 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds— thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook. iPad includes 12 new innovative apps designed especially for the iPad, and will run almost all of the over 140,000 apps in the App Store. iPad will be available in late March starting at the breakthrough price of just US$499. “iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPad creates and defines an entirely new category of devices that will connect users with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

Announcing Calls For Submissions For Fringe 2010

Sydney Fringe Festival Coming to Newtown in 2010 • Calls of submission NOW • • (SYDNEY, AUS) January 27, 2009. THE SYDNEY FRINGE, a multidiscipline cultural event set within the theatres, galleries, clubs and public spaces of the inner west and showcasing the independence and irreverence of Sydney’s creative community today announced the opening of the submission process for the 2010 festival.

From January 29, artists will be able to visit au and submit their project. Disciplines include theatre, comedy, dance, musical theatre and cabaret, physical and visual theatre, music, visual and digital arts, film, craft, food, family, special events, literary and Fringe In Process. Submissions will remain open until April 1, 2010.

“We want to create a submission process that artists will find easy to manage – we really just want to hear what has excited them in the project and why they want to get it before an audience,” said Kris Stewart, director of the Sydney Fringe. “There will be a lot of opportunities across a range of disciplines, so we want to hear directly what people are interested in creating.”

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

demographic transformation in the last decade or so and as a consequence, is very much an address that is regarded as a “des res”. Like any cloistered community Erskineville has it’s own mores that pervade the daily routine. And of these an important one, being to refresh the body, and what finer a place to do so, than in the “Erko”. The Erko, or more correctly titled the Erskineville Hotel, has occupied a central place in the heart of Erskineville for longer than most can remember. I suspect that Rev. Erskine might have been fond of dropping in himself, had it been around when he first set up shop as the suburb established itself.

A trip down the hill There is no doubt that once you take the short stroll down the hill into Erskineville, you know that you have definitely moved through the “Stargate” and entered a world, while similar to the one left behind, is different. I can’t say that the traffic automatically slows down, but wouldn’t that be nice? But there is an ambiance to suggest you have arrived in country village setting. The wonder of Erskineville, a village within a city. It’s a treat really to know that there is respite from the non stop fervour up the hill, freely available to those who know the turf and have the occasional need to slow the conveyor belt of life, if only for a brief period. Erskineville has been undergone a

Fonzo Journalism from The Village Idiot Channel 7 has come to Erskineville. Well, Eveleigh’s Technology Park to be precise, but that’s considered pure village around here. As the self-proclaimed Village Idiot I thought I should examine the ways in which the lives of the Erskineville and Channel 7 differ, just so Rebecca Gibney doesn’t freak out during muffin-break whilst shooting Predictable To The Rafters.

At 6am 7 has Sunrise, but Erko is still in bed - drugaddled artists, failed poets and retrenched journalists have been nursing themselves through the wee hours with cold cleanskins and the wet memories of the mammary glands of the-onethat-got-away last weekend. Home Improvement is on

These days, Charlie Fenton is at the helm of the Erko and he loves it. Over the last few years he has witnessed the changing demographics and can readily see the vibrancy that new families are bringing to the area. Catering for families is central to the Erko’s outlook and extends to providing free soft drinks for the littlies. Charlie has a full schedule of activities taking place throughout the week, whether free trivial pursuit, free bingo, acoustic music, let alone making sure the social golf club is in the swing. But perhaps one of the bigger draw cards is the great menu, with nothing over $18 and a changing daily board of specials. The local feel and warmth shine through. As long time locals Ray and Maise would attest to, as would Ted Butcher (the only one in erko!) who arrives at 3.45pm to be revived. It strikes me that what Charlie is building on, has stood the test of time in this cosy corner of the inner west and so when next you are thinking of taking a trip through the Stargate, dial in Erskineville and the Erko for a sojourn that will be the first of many. after the news, but Erko’s up and digging into a big breakfast and the day’s first schooner. In the evening 7 is rolling in it’s at Today Tonight. However Erko’s missing the latest weight-loss scams by walking it’s spoodle towards it’s daily scent of labradoodle’s ding-dang in the park across from the Kurra where, just as Home & Away launches into Australia’s answer to The Iliad, she’ll get herself some frosty cirrhosis. 7 shows some Cronulla-style inhospitality to it’s cousins with Border Patrol just as Erko has reached the $10 jugs at it’s eponymously named pub, via a

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Hive E-Ville pilsener, and that band everyone thought was dead at the Rose, and is doing it’s bit for multiculturalism by buying a brew for that tall, dark number in the corner while a commonwealth of labourers shout-out the jukebox with an old Spanish guitar from their ute. As Home Shopping kicks in on 7 after midnight Erko has gotten it’s new foreign interest home for a sample of home-grown home-brew. I think that’s where we’ll bid them buonanotte. Besides, you’re wanted on set Miss Gibney. -Benito Di Fonzo


Erskineville - Tales from the Village Green - Lara McCabe Meet Ernie, he’s from Erko. When we say from Erko we mean it, born and raised here, right up to his tender age of 92. Ernie’s folks came straight from England to Erskineville, so he’s been around right through the working town days. Ernie has seen it all and is seeing less with age. Nowadays, the gleam in Ernie’s eye is from the pub lights reflecting off his bifocals. Don’t worry though, Ernie’s got plenty of thoughts and observations that he will share with you each month, in his own special way. Erskineville Rabbit oh’s A bloke my age has seen it all round ‘ere. I been livin’ in Erko since I was a mite, seeing as the folks came straight from Victoria’s land to Erskineville. Yep, round ‘ere I seen stuff that’s queerer than a two-peckered goat. I remember when the Rabbit oh’s cart used to come round and we bought our rabbits for tea, sixpence a pair. Now the only bunnies I see ‘round is on that Mardi Gras night. I’m telling ‘ya like I told the boys up the pub a few years back, there was a black one and a white one. I saw ‘em rabbits from behind first and from behind I liked what I saw. They

were in those shiny satin little outfits like cocktail waitresses used to wear in some city bars - with garters, rabbit ears and all. They was fancier than a cat’s knickerbockers in May. I was always a cheeky devil and walking behind ‘em heading towards the Kurrajong, where I am always headed, I said, “afternoon ladies, care to wet your whistle with me?”. Well, they turned round and it was two fellas , the two of ‘em dressed up as playboy bunnies. Before I could run like the dickens, they said with huge grins, “another time, honey, we don’t wanna miss the parade, - come along for some action”. I said, “mate, getting a little action for me these days just means my prune juice is working”. I headed straight into the pub to my bar stool and said to the boys – “if it’s February, don’t go offering drinks to any Erskineville Rabbit oh’s”. Bottoms up, Ernie

Erskineville Youth Centre 60 Prospect Street Erskineville Erskineville Youth Centre is a service provided by the City of Sydney Council. We provide educational, recreational and vocational programs, after school during the school term and daily during school holiday breaks for young people aged between 11 to 18 years. Term 1 - Daily Scheduled Activities: Mondays 3pm till 6pm, Court sport - Free

Coming soon on Monday afternoons

Legal Spray Art program – Free! Learn how to professionally and legally express yourself through spray art. All artwork will be displayed on the basketball court fence, which is an integral part of the centre. Tuesdays, 3pm till 6pm - Tweenies – On the Move – young people aged 9-13 years. Window art program – Free! Tuesdays, 4pm till 5pm - Homework and Assignment Help – Free! Wednesdays, 3pm till 6pm, -Weights training at KGV – free for young people aged 15 -18 years. Thursdays, 11am till 1pm - Employment and training assistance - Free! Thursdays, 3pm till 6pm - Girls Only - Hip Hop dance – for girls and young women aged 11-18 – Free! Fulfil your dreams to learn Hip Hop dance through unique and creative instruction, which includes organised choreography of your choice. Snacks provided. Fridays, 3pm till 8pm - Healthy eating and cooking program, and DVD’s Learn how to cook your favourite healthy meal, while also learning essential living skills. For more information contact Lorraine on 8512 8771 or check out

Council’s website: and follow the links


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The Moose Newtown

“Now here’s an interesting question for you cool funky people. What do you get when you turn left at the top of Alice and onto King, cross the street, mix, a measure of Michael Bublé, a jigger of Maple leaves, a twist of Moose essence and all shaken inside a flask of laid back cool funk? Answer....the Moose. Newtown serving up Cocktails and Tapas style food. And if, like me, you were one of those who pined when the Moose café closed its doors

for an extended break over the Christmas period, you’ll be smiling now. The cosy established Moose has come back from it’s summer sojourn wearing a laid back look, with an oh so subtle designer touch that adds to the overall ambiance. A wonderful fusion of glam and grunge. The great news is that the Moose now has a fabulous signature Cocktails menu and even better, available for just $10 between 5pm to 7pm! Cocktail waiter Mark displayed all of those skills you love to see

in a cocktail waiter and which he’s eager to show off! On the night we visited, the super friendly staff exuded a truly natural warmth that made us feel as if we had been the best of pals forever. Not too easy to fake! Following our cocktails we took advantage of the chance to build our own Mezza plate, and enjoyed a range of Tapas style dishes which we indulgently washed down with fine wine and mused on a trip to the Rockies to see a real Moose. Hell no! I’m staying right here and becoming a regular visitor

Watershed Workshops This February, pick up some ‘green’ habits from the free Urban Sustainability Workshops at The Watershed. “These workshops encourage residents to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours by providing simple tips for the home and garden. The Watershed has been a great initiative of Marrickville and City of Sydney Council in helping people live more sustainably,” Mayor of Marrickville Sam Iskandar said. The range of activities for February include: Worm Farming Learn how to convert kitchen scraps to rich garden compost. Everything you need to know to confidently start and maintain

your own worm farm at home. When: 6.30 – 8.30pm, Tuesday 2 February and 10am – 12pm, Saturday 6 February Where: Newtown Library, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown Sustainable Eating When: 6.30 – 8.30pm, Tuesday 9 February When: Newtown Library, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown No Dig Gardening Learn an easy way to grow your own food in small spaces such as containers, pots and balconies. Participants make a No Dig garden to take home with them as part of the workshop. When: 10am – 12pm, Saturday 13 February

Where: Tom Foster Community Centre, 11-13 Darley Street, Newtown Natural Cleaning & Home Detox Use natural ingredients to clean your home and avoid harmful household chemicals, improve indoor air quality, reduce water pollution and learn how to save money at the same time. When: 10am - 12pm, Saturday 20 February Where: Newtown Library, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown To Book: Phone The Watershed on 9519 6366 or email watershedworkshops@ and include your name and daytime contact phone number.

to this very unique watering hole. So whether it’s a drink out with friends or for a special occasion, mosey along to the funky Moose. Do you need any more persuasion that you should think Moose when heading out down King? With live music on Wednesdays, you have a venue to feed the senses at every level. Drop in and say hi to Mark and Kristy and tell them I’m coming back soon.” The Moose opening hours are Tue thru Fri 5pm 11pm, (not open Mon). Sat. 10am - 11pm, Sun 10am - 10pm.

The Sydney Fringe has launched itself into cyber space and just to up the ante submissions are now open. Festival director Kris Stewart encouraged all fringe artists to apply, even those who are relatively unknown. “It’s not about having this enormous track record of having done thousands of things before,” Stewart explained. “It should really be a place for people to get up and be seen maybe for the first time. I think people tend to sample during festivals like this - they’re actually interested in finding out the next things that are a bit exciting and different. So folks that feel that no one knows who they are shouldn’t see that as a reason not to submit. There could be some interesting opportunities to have their work heard or seen.” Stewart and his team have been busy locking in venues for the festival. Carriage Works,

Seymour Centre, Vanguard, the New and the Newtown Theatre are just a few of the many venues that have come on board. He said the main thing right now is for artists to jump online and start submitting their ideas. Although there was the option of uploading numerous images, clips and scripts what the organisers really wanted was an insight into the mind of the artist. “Tell us why you’re interested in doing this. Why do you want to do it and what attracted you to the idea of this performance. We’re really trying to get a sense of why people think audiences would be into it, why they’re excited by it and what’s the hook of it.” Artists should visit www. for more information and for online submission. Submissions close April 1st 2010. - Liz Galinovic

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They are 2 Dimensional Barcodes. They quite cleverly unlock interactive content right from the newspaper page. How to use them? Well to begin with, you will need a phone with camera and internet enabled. Visit: and download one of the most widely used mobile barcode readers available. Once installed on your phone, simply click the “app” icon to start the 2D Barcode scanner and scan the barcode using your phones camera. The scanned image will unlock the content behind the code and take you to the unique URL. Note that internet access

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Why would I want to? Well, it allows you to connect with the content behind the code without the need to type a www.address, or access a computer. So, there you are enjoying a coffee, or sat on the train when you see a code that sits inside a story, or promotional advertisement that is of interest to you. You scan in, and there you are, hey presto. Smart technology that enables you to go that bit deeper on a story or promotional offer, but only if you want to. Take the journey!

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They only recorded one win in the first seven games in 2009, but Newtown will be out in round one to prove that 2010 is the Year of the Jets. Last year was one of the worst season starts ever by the Bluebags, but they still managed to win when it mattered most and make the playoffs for the second consecutive year under head coach Greg Matterson. The old team thrived under pressure. Take their round 12 clash against competition front-

runners Bankstown Bulls. The same team that belted the Jets 18-56 at Henson Park earlier in the year. The same team that had NRL stars like Daniel Holdsworth, Michael Sullivan and even Queensland prop Ben Hannant in the squad. And the same team that was coached by Bulldogs legend Terry Lamb. The round 12 match was played at the Bulls home ground in Georges Hall. First place vs last place. David vs Goliath.

The Bluebags stole the show on the day to win 32-28 and proved to everyone what they are capable of when they remained mentally tough. The new team are hungry for wins. And hungry to boost their careers. Most of the guys are young up-and-coming footballers hoping to crack into the NRL. This year, despite a new lineup, the Jets will be out to prove not just that they can win a few tough games. They’ll be out to prove that they can win the Cup.

All you need to know is at

JB0625 CR-P-255_19 Print Oct 09

At you can find information about: • CityRail timetables • CityRail network maps • Fare calculator and ticket information • Transport and special events • Trackwork (you can even get trackwork information sent to you free every week by email!) • Trip planner • New initiatives Scan Me! • Information for students • Suggestions for day trips • Eating out with CityRail Transport Info 131 500 TTY 1800 637 500 (Teletypewriter service for hearing and speech impaired customers only)

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The club’s first premiership arrived in 1910. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that 100 years on, the magic returns. Looking at the new recruits and the calibre of the coaching staff, another premiership is certainly not out of reach. - Nate King

Hear the Bluebags humming, Newtown - Newtown Newtown is flying - there’ll be no denying Newtown - Newtown Thirteen men all dressed in blue, Look out ‘cause they’re coming through Newtown - Newtown Here’s the team that takes the field, It’s the team that will not yield, Bluebags hear the crowd - they’re roaring Flashing, dashing, Blues are scoring Newtown is coming, Hear the Bluebags humming, Newtown - Newtown Newtown is flying - There’ll be no denying Newtown - Newtown - Newtown!


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Paul Towner Out of the s*** hole

The 60’s 70’s and 80’s I’m with the band - Francesca Sidoti Let’s get one thing straightI don’t spend my time aiming to be a groupie. I have principles, dignity. At least I do until I’m walking down King St and see one of the musicians that made it famous. At that point, I couldn’t even say dignity, let alone spell it. The Whitlams managed to make Newtown a romantic destination long before I was old enough to leave home unaccompanied. They did for Newtown what Seachange did for the Australian coastline and what Paul Kelly did for Melbourne. They made me want to move there. I drink at The Sandringham because I know God drinks there too. But, as I’ve previously mentioned, I have principles. I don’t want to be one of those simpering women who could easily fit into a Beatles video clip. At least, I don’t want to be one until the Thundamentals walk into the Duke, or I walk past Tim Friedman outside of Istanbul’s.

The other problem is withstanding the Small Venue Dilemma. This is a curious phenomenon, rife in Newtown, when the venue is small enough that the musician will mingle after a show. The Vanguard is a killer for that, the Sandringham an absolute nightmare for those of us on a non-groupie detox. Notes, my new favourite venue, turned out to be a horror show for non-groupieness. I’d been good. I’d maintained a sensible distance from any musicians. If brought into contact, I made sensible conversation and avoided all dopey grins. Then Steve Poltz came up to the audience after his gig, and I was a mess. Dopey grins abounded, I believe I may even have twirled my hair. It was mid-simpering-sentence that I caught myself, and made a speedy exit. Conclusion? There is no way to avoid being a groupie in Newtown. You may as well embrace it. Dignity is a subjective term anyway.

Paul “Presser” Towner, an Enmore local known to most as the drummer from Australian electronic/rock sensation Gerling, has had a thing for making collages since his late teens. He recalls sitting around fellow band member Darren Cross’s place jamming and doing collages. Years later with the band on hiatus, Towner had a stack of art and an aunt who claimed she didn’t know he was an artist – neither did Towner. At her suggestion he had an exhibition in 2007 whose success proved that he was a pretty good artist. However, by this time Towner found himself floundering through the dark world of depression. “I spent one year just on valium trying to figure out what the f*** my life is about. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and drinking so much,” Towner said.” I wanted to start doing the collages again but I just couldn’t because I was shaking so much. After a while I realised I wasn’t getting any better so I got off the meds. The only thing that could really get me out of my hole was the artwork.” Towner buys books and

Pick Up A Copy Of From Fish Records

Newtown Alistair Hulett, musician and social activist, passed away in Edinburgh this week. Alistair was probably best known to Newtown residents as the lead singer of late 80s-early 90s celtic punk band Roaring Jack. RJ

magazines from the 60s to the 80s. “I stop around 88-89 because around that time most paper went to gloss and it just doesn’t look right. With my artwork there are no computers, no graphic design to it, it’s all hand done,” he said. Although Towner’s collages each convey a story, he prefers viewers to “take what they want from it and walk away with an entirely different translation to what I originally had.” Towner will be showing

his latest work at Mart Gallery in Surry Hills. This latest collection is so special because of what it says about Towner’s battle with depression. “This exhibition reflects the last two years of getting out of the s*** hole,” he said. When asked if he feels better Towner is optimistic, “I’ve had a few anxious moments but I’ve got better ways of controlling it now. I’ve got butterflies for this, it’s a big thing to put something on a wall and say ‘well here’s some of my soul.’”

Exhibition Details: Dead Galaxy II (Life Dust) Mart Gallery, Surry Hills February 26th – March 13th - Liz Galinovic

had a regular Thursday night residency at the Sando for many years and were a major part of the independent band scene of the era.

that could whip a crowd into a frenzy of drunken fervour and idealistic chants. To the RJ fan it was clear, the band and especially Alistair , cared about the downtrodden and the dispossessed, the man playing for the traffic at Martin Place.

Alistair maintained a commitment to social justice issues all his life and his character was marked by an integrity and sincerity rarely found today. He was always courteous and generous to his rabid fans, who must have seemed like young lunatics to him at times, and continued to respect their devotion to the band long after he had moved to other projects.

An RJ gig at the Sando was a raging, rollicking and outrageously drunken experience. At a time when society was dismally creeping down the dark and dank alleyways of materialism and individualism, Alistair Hulett could be heard singing passionately about Aboriginal rights, workers power, social justice and community values. Alistair may not have been the greatest singer, but he had the raw passion and charisma

The band played too many benefits to name , and were perhaps best known for their pivotal role in helping free Tim Anderson, falsely accused of bombing the Hilton Hotel. Tim appeared at the Sando shortly after his release to thank the band for their support and received a huge welcome from a sweaty, black clad crowd of RJ enthusiasts.

Many people in Sydney and across the country will miss Alistair Hulett. His death may not make the headlines of a newspaper or news report but it leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of those who knew him. Thanks for the music Ally.

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4



So you know you want to start exercising but if you don’t know what you should be doing or how much of it, where would you even start with your health and lifestyle transformation? In this months article I will give you some tips and info that should help. Australia is the leader in world obesity (wow! What a fantastic thing to come first in☹ ),with over 66% of the population affected by being overweight. The average non active person gains 8-9 kgs (mostly fat) from the age 18-55 & a further 1-2kgs each decade after that. So it quickly becomes evident we need guidelines to lose weight and also maintain weight. To prevent this weight gain, it is recommended you partake in 2 ½ -4 Hours of exercise a week at moderate to vigorous intensity. This includes some form of weight bearing and cardio vascular training (increasing your heart rate). This will counteract the

weight gains through those years. It will also keep you feeling great as exercise releases endorphins into your blood stream. This also decreases the probability of you falling ill, increasing your life expectancy and the quality of your life. To lose weight we would have to work a little harder, as the above would only counteract our natural weight gaining pattern. So, about 5 hours or more is generally associated with significant weight loss. Not forgetting a decent eating regime. So we need Cardio vascular training. Running, walking, jogging, dancing, group fitness or weight machines would achieve this type of work out. Remember we said moderate to vigorous so ensure intensity is factored in. This is why Group Fitness or Personal training is recommended, as when we train alone we have the tendency to slacken off due to boredom or just not being aware of our potential. A great indicator of intensity is we should be breathing heavy but still able to hold a conversation, so our heart rate has increased but we feel ok. Weight bearing exercise is also required. This will increase muscle mass and bone density, ensuring our health and strength. By increasing our muscle mass we ensure that we are efficient fat burning machines. Getting fit and a balanced lifestyle shouldn’t be hard. So move it to lose it and limit your calorie intake without starving yourself for long periods of time. Now this is so simple anyone can do it... insanity is doing everything the same way you always have...and expecting different results. Make that change today. For more fitness, health and lifestyle tips, recipes and advice visit our website:

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This offer is valid until the 24/02/2010


I WANT TO GO ON THE BUS You might have seen that article about me in The Newtonian (Vol 1 Ed 2), which I must say had such a creative headline (Whiskey Come Back – NEWTOWN CELEBRITY PUP) that it’s inspired me to write my own column. The CELEBRITY bit was a bit of a “try on” but my mates in Sydney Park reckon I’m their man to get a few things off our hairy chests. Banning us from public transport has to be near the top of the list. Why should I stay at home when my Mom wants to take me by train to the South Coast while she cools off at one of the beautiful beaches? And what about a trip on the bus to the Eastern Suburbs for the Bondi- to-Bronte Cliff Top Walk where I can smell the ocean and perhaps a few perky poodles! Newtown may be nirvana but last time I looked there wasn’t much in the way of a beach let alone dog-friendly ones to be found at Sirius Cove and Little Bay. Even a bus ride to Leichhardt could see me lolling about in Café Bones at Hawthorne Canal Reserve. What is it with these politicians who think we are second-class citizens? We’re good enough to sniff drugs for Customs, go to war, work on bomb disposal and search and rescue teams in disaster zones but not to place our paws on Sydney’s pristine public transport. When I promenade up King Street, I see many a human dropping rubbish and I’m sick of dodging cigarette butts, icecream wrappers and other muck, especially after a grooming. Litterbugs can get on the bus so why can’t pets? And I’m not talking goats or reptiles but cute and cuddly ones like me who’ll happily sit on a lap or quietly in the corner. Denying me the pleasure of public transport is affecting my social life as Mom has lots of friends with pooches in other suburbs. While she’s helping the environment by not driving I’m stuck at home alone looking for something to chew in retaliation. Apparently bus and ferry masters can accept us if they feel like it but trains only allow “assistance dogs”. Every animal I know who’s tried to infiltrate public transport ends up disappointed, so where are the standards? What do you think?

Parenting wisdom - Lynda Williams

IT’S JUAN OF A KIND - Claire Thompson

WHERE: 175 King St, Newtown WHEN: Mon – sat, 11.30am to 10pm and Sun 11.30am to 9pm PRICE: Sides from $4.50, tacos $7.90, burritos $9.90 Guzman Y Gomez may be a chain, but that doesn’t stop this tasty little Mexican eatery from being Juan of a kind. The bustling atmosphere and fresh tasty food is exactly what good Mexican food should taste and look like, vibrant colours, fresh taste, and great prices amigos! A love of all things Mexican, and especially the fiery cuisine encouraged founder, Steven Marks, to set up the chain, named after his two best friends from his homeland, when he landed on Australian shores. Feast your eyes on a menu that is simply overflowing with the taste of Mexico. From the good ole Mexican staples tacos, to burritos and quesadillas, this may be Mexican cuisine served in a rush for the busy Newtonian but with no compromise to quality or taste. We opted for a spicy pork chipotle burrito which at a mere $9.90 was packed to the gills with slow roasted pork in the house spicy chipotle marinade and doused with pico de gallo and tomatillo salsa complemented with rice, cheese and plenty of tasty black bean. We complimented this with a milder dish – barraumundi quesadillas served up in grilled soft tortillas with fresh barra, filled with salsa and drenched in cheese. Soak up the atmosphere from the communal seating along the windows and spice up your dining experience with a jovial atmosphere and fresh, locally sourced produce prepared at topnotch speed right in front of your eyes. Wash it down with a cool Corona and bienvenidos a Mexica, even if it’s just for a short while.

Children in Blended Families – Every child needs to be loved A blended family for a child means they are living in a family consisting of one biological parent and that parent’s partner and sometimes the partner’s children as well. Quite often the children are living between two blended families, if the other parent also has a new partner. For a child, this situation can have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages could be… • Children have two families who love and care for them. • More people to talk to who listen. • Children may be happy seeing their parents happier. • Household chores can be

shared between more people. • Children may become more organised. • New relationships formed with the partner’s children. • More people to care about. • More outings and different activities, holidays etc. • Increased interest and achieving higher in schoolwork. The blended family is usually very loving and caring, although it can sometimes be difficult for everyone, with positive encouragement and lots of love and care children do adapt to these new and different situations. Some of the problems children may experience include… • Having to share their toys, clothes, bedroom, parent etc, • Different rules, chores, lifestyle in the two different families. • Feeling unsettled after visits with the other parent. • Feeling of being left out when the parent pays attention to the partner’s children. • Having a ‘step’ parent and being disciplined by this new parent. • Moving to a new house, new area, and sometimes a new school. • Feeling sad and missing the absent parent. • Feeling confused or angry and finding it too uncomfortable to talk about it.

• Trying to fit the absent parent into their lives. Some children may find it very difficult adapting to the new family situation and can sometimes display signs of this difficulty in usual every day routines. Some effects for children when trying to adapt to a blended family could be… • Sleeping problems. • Experiencing problems with schoolwork, loss of interest. • Throwing temper tantrums and acting out to get what they want. • Loss of interest in previously played sports or hobbies. • Over or under eating, loss of appetite. • Becoming withdrawn. • Not knowing where they fit in, and having problems figuring it out. • Lots of acting out and attention seeking behaviour. • Trying to ‘play’ the parents against each other. Here are a few tips to helping children to adapt and feel comfortable living in the new family situation. • Find ways to have fun time with each child on their own, your partner should try and do the same. • Be honest and trustworthy, developing routines for the children that are predictable and consistent. • Try and play group games,

like yahtzee, monopoly, cards, dominoes etc, this also helps avoid too much TV and video games as well as to avoid arguments about who wants to watch or play what. • Encourage the children to talk about their feelings and worries that they might have. • Never disregard children’s worries, always tell them you understand and it’s ok to feel that way. • Don’t try to push your children into liking the new parent and their children, this will come as they get to know each other. • Sit down and eat meals together whenever possible. • Sit together as a family and agree on jobs and responsibilities according to children’s ages, and rotate the jobs when possible. • Talk to the children about what they want to call the adults, don’t make your children call the ‘new’ parent mum or dad.

Don’t forget… • It’s very important to tell children you love them, children need to know they are loved and adored by both parents. • Try and make time for your relationship, strains on your relationship will cause strains on the family, it is important to take time out together.


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Sthrs h

God Zone



for Newtonians Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Leo 24 July – 23 Aug

You’ll have difficulty connecting with people and some will resist your attempts to promote partnership efforts. So if you feel you are coming on too strong and being too pushy, pull back and wait it out. If you push, other people will push away and back.

When frustrated (which you will be this month) find ways to unwind and relax. It’s only natural that you feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and caught in some sort of personal holding pattern. That won’t begin to change until next month, so do take advantage of this time to finish the task you began last month by fine tuning personal plans for 2010.

The Feb 13 New Moon in your sign is all about YOU. You, your hopes, your wishes, desires and goals. Your New Moon represents a fresh start and a time to really focus on what it is you want to achieve over the next 365 days. Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar With the planets hanging out in your 12th house of past karma, self–renewal and subconscious thought – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and a New Moon Feb 13 – it’s time for you to really rethink your year so far and what you’re going to do with the rest of it. The New Moon encourages you to take a close look at your lifestyle. Healthy diet? Rest? Relaxation? Exercise? Habits? Be honest with yourself and make needed changes. Boost your immune system with good eating and not drinking too much alcohol – but more water and energy drinks and good for you smoothies. Aries 21 Mar – 20 April Friendship is a potential February hotspot for you Rams. Not that you won’t enjoy your pals and socialising with them. Far from it. But be a little wary, especially of anyone new. You need to take advantage of any little tidbits you learn from friends. Friends also bring with them opportunities for you to do those things you really want to do. Taurus 22 April – 21 May Single? Venus in Pisces from the 12th onwards is a good time for you - so celebrate and have fun with your friends and your family and go on blind dates and internet dates and whatever other dates you are set up on. While it’s wonderful to meet someone the old fashioned way – lust at first sight type thing – we are in the digital age and there is nothing wrong with meeting someone online. Hanging out at bars etc isn’t so conducive for many of us. Gemini 22 May – 22 June Life is upbeat and on track throughout February with only minor stresses and strains. Family relationships are all you could wish for this month towards the end of the month. Connect with relatives near and far and set aside extra time for family activities. All the drama you’ve had with in–laws will be a thing of the past with this Full Moon so let it go girls and boys! If there is still friction with family members do your best to smooth things over with them – even if it means that you have to back down somewhat. Cancer 23 June – 23 July Money’s too tight to mention boys and girls – so don’t get into any silly squabbles with your partner or friends or family about money. Hold off on any big purchases – especially travel tickets that you are excited to buy but can you afford to travel in the style you are used to? If you must do repairs on your car or home, get more than one quote – get three just to be on the safe side. There is a ’rip off sense in the air and people are out to make as much profit as they can. Plus you might feel that $100 here, $100 there isn’t such a big deal…but it is and it will be.

Look for inspiration around you mid month – it will be super easy to find. You are easily inspired to begin with and is usually the person revving other people up. Virgo 24 Aug – 23 sept Do you have a temper? Will you admit to having one? Half the battle most of the time! February is an easygoing month for the most part, but there will be frustrations and you will have to bite your Virgo tongue at times. But with Mars still out of phase in your 12th house of past karma, subconscious and self–renewal, you will deal with a lot of places and faces from your past – your long ago past and last year past in fact. You love being organized, so why not use this month to do so – organise your closets, drawers and financial records and make a little extra money by taking discards to a consignment shop. Libra 24 Sept – 23 Oct You could have drama with a friendship, dating relationship or group endeavor in February but on the flip side, you will finally make up your mind once and for all about something or someone and that’s always a good thing. Be true to yourself this month Librans, even if it means you have to walk away, but also listen to other viewpoints if only for what you can learn. Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov Expect delays and frustrations to continue on and off, and do your best to avoid bringing the stress home with you. Also be very cautious about voicing your opinions, even with someone you feel you can trust Other Scorpios are obviously going through the same thing, so don’t lean on other Scorpios too much. You are the cosmic expert at doing the right thing and being careful what you say and how you say it, so just keep that in mind that February is the month for you to adhere to your strengths and beliefs. Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec You’ll be pleased to hear that life is fairly easygoing in February. Since you’re spending more time at home it’s important that you make your home the prettiest, happiest place it can be. Why not dust off your do–it–yourself skills and redecorate a room? Or organize a ’girl’s night’ and have your friends come in and help you? Librans and Aries are usually up for a redecorating challenge and you can have some girl fun time too. Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan February is terrific for you for the most part with only minor hurdles and challenges and with great potential for success and growth. Be super cautious with investments and take time to review insurance policies – are you up to date with home owners/car insurance etc? Do you have tow truck and ambulance insurance? Pay up now! But before you do, make sure you aren’t able to get a lower rate and better coverage.

God Zone By Guy Rundle and Max Gillies There’s a fervour in the revivalist tent, where Reverend Kevin of Rudd Ministries, in a sermon from the German translated via Mandarin, tells his congregation that religion is the new politics and vice versa…. Sydney, welcome to Godzone: the latest creation of

legendary chameleon Max Gillies – one of the greatest satirical actors of the Australian political stage; and collaborator renowned political satirist and commentator Guy Rundle. Godzone is a political hot potato, tackling the elevation of religion on the national political stage, head on. Gillies’ menagerie of characters strut the boards – a political ‘conference’ - at Sydney’s Seymour Centre, from 23 February – 6 March; and the Parramatta Riverside Theatre 1013 March 2010; burning a trail of destruction through the nation’s affairs. Skewering political figures and taking aim at a whole new cast of victims, Gillies characters and Rundle’s words are on fire. Sydney identities will not be safe! Seymour’s preview night on Tuesday 23 February certainly sets the tone with ‘Enquiring Minds’ guest Bob Carr in Gillies’

Barb Dwyer

Dear Barb,

My partner and I are in our 30s. I have a good job, which I enjoy very much and pays well. I feel as if my career is just taking off and an exciting future is ahead of me. My partner is doing tertiary education in order to enhance his own career. Recently he mentioned that he would like to start a family, but I feel I am not ready yet. What are our options? A few years ago I probably would have said, if you are not ready then don’t have a child, and a tiny piece of me still thinks along those lines. But, in the last few years, we have learnt a lot about the disadvantages of leaving child birth until later in life. The deterioration in the rate of actually falling pregnant is quite alarming. Women are born with all the eggs they will have in their lifetime. It stands to reason then, that those eggs left at the age of forty will not be of the best quality. The chance of falling pregnant

Philosophising with Alice Tottle

hot seat after the show. Get ready for surprises; Gillies’ expert adaptation to last minute changes has been tested. A flurried re-write when the Liberal leadership transformed from Turnbull to Abbott during the show’s Melbourne rehearsals delivered up-to-the-minute satire to Melbourne audiences. Godzone is Gillies’ and Rundle’s much anticipated fourth collaboration. Popular tours of the pair’s The Big Con (2005), Your Dreaming (2001), and Club Republic (1996) saw the MTC immediately commission the proposed show and work began in 2007. The show comes direct to Sydney from Melbourne – where it premiered in December 2009, and will follow on to South Australia. This time around, a political roasting is given to our very own ‘Milky bar kid’ - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Shadow Finance Minister Joe Hockey, Barnaby Joyce, and Andrew Bolt to name just a few. Playing a multitude of characters, Gillies uses voices, prosthetics and ingenious makeup to impersonate and make mockery of key political figures and media personalities. With his razor-sharp wit, Guy Rundle shoe horns a cavalcade of political guests into the Revivalist tent of Reverend Kevin. Politics is the new religion – or vice versa. WHERE: Seymour Centre WHEN: Tues 23 Feb to Sat 06 Mar Tue 6:30pm, Wed-Fri 8pm, Sat 2pm & 8pm BOOKINGS: Box Office P: 02 9351 7940 W: PRICES – (including Multi tix $45, Concession Multi Tix - $45

will also be drastically reduced. At age 25 a woman will have a 25% chance of conceiving each month, at age 40 the chance is reduced to 5% and even at 30 the fertility rate is only 15%. The chance of having a miscarriage also increases with age, as does the possibility of having a child with Downs Syndrome. The answer to this month’s question is not so easy when taking into account all of the above. I haven’t mentioned emotions yet which, of course, is a huge consideration. Once the female hormones turn their mind to wanting a child, all reason goes out the door whether you are nineteen or forty. But as with the couple above, who are of sound mind and presumably good health, their options are many. Women in the work force have equal opportunity, they are entitled to maternity leave and are allowed to re-enter the work force at the same level at which they left. This couple need to communicate fully and discuss all of the above, it is not a simple issue. Perhaps the male partner would consider being a house husband, and full time carer of a baby. This had been a very successful outcome for many couples where the wife has chosen to continue her career. Whatever your decision, I wish you all the best for your future.

for living well was given by Aristotle, who said that to live well is an end in itself. This means that to live the Living Well best life possible IS our Ah, the good life! Some ultimate life goal. This is great people have it. Others dream philosophising! See how it of it. But what IS it exactly? neatly dispenses with the What defines the ideal life? problem of defining a goal? Happiness. Health. Wealth. For Aristotle living well was Pleasure. Contentment. Eudaemonia, an “activity of Enlightenment. Selfthe soul” which exhibits “the Knowledge. Virtue. Justice. most complete excellence in a God’s Grace. The answer varies and ‘-phile’, for example). One complete life” (Nicomachean depending on who we ask. But problem with many of these Ethics, Book 1). Eudaemonia is which one is it? As human living and faring well. (‘Faring’ goals is that they are too open beings we all share the same is the archaic verb for ‘going’ to individual interpretation. basic makeup. So it’s reasonable Another problem is that some or ‘travelling’, which is retained to assume that we would also of them are hard to define even today in expressions such as share the same definitive ‘train fare’ and ‘farewell’. What before the individual gets hold purpose in pursuit of the good of them, which means that it is meant by ‘faring’ in ‘faring life. Unfortunately it’s not that well’ is the same as what we is difficult to know just how easy: as human beings, one of far we would need to go in our mean by ‘going’ when we ask the essential things we have in striving to achieve the good life ‘How are you going?’) The common is individuality characteristics of Eudaemonia based on such ideals. Just like This leads to another Health and Wealth, do we know are action and excellence – problem. Expecting a simple specifically of body, character exactly what Contentment or answer is setting the stage for Justice are? If not, how can we and intelligence – and it disappointment. Let’s take expect to live in a way that aims is achieved through the Happiness, for example. What for them? development and exercise of is it? For one person it may be reason, judgment and skill. Perhaps we don’t need the freedom to eat whatever How’s that for an ideal? to specify an ultimate goal. they want; for another it may be Nevertheless, if we’re going to Want to live the good life? the ability to control their diet. talk about ‘the good life’ we still Simply aim for the most Health? How far would we need to determine exactly what complete excellence in body, have to go in chasing this goal? we’re talking about. And what character and mind, and it can In other words, how healthy we mean by the good life – the be yours! is healthy? The same goes for Technically, Aristotle’s best possible way of living – is Wealth. And Pleasure? This answer was very clever, but just as elusive as Happiness or one opens up a paradoxical can Justice. excellence is not something that of words (ones that end in ‘-ist’ we human beings are generally The most famous recipe

very good at (and as a practical goal it has a particularly high failure rate). But remember, the goal is an ideal. It is feasible to be guided by the goal of living and faring well by aiming for excellence. We don’t have to expect to achieve excellence: we understand that it is an unreachable ideal, but we can expect to live well. And the goal of complete excellence encourages us to live life to the full. Aiming for complete excellence means aiming to develop all of our abilities and talents – physical, intellectual, emotional, creative, spiritual – and aiming to nurture all of our relationships – family, friends, work, community. It also means aiming to cultivate and cherish our belonging to our wider worlds: the natural environment, the global society, and the technological world that we have created for ourselves. Of course we can’t reach Excellence in such a mammoth playing field! But we can use the Big E as an ideal to measure what is possible within the constraints of our own individual circumstances. We can aim for the goal of living well, and we can live better tomorrow than we do today. That’s nothing less than continual improvement. And that’s an excellent definition of living well!

+ Festival Powering On

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4


SHORT SWEET The Short+Sweet season has been playing to packed houses at Newtown theatre and on the 4th at 6pm. providing a vast array The season then moves on The Ivan Goodacre Sudios with the works of Rachelle of theatre. Gallery, at 62 Enmore Rd, is Burns and Nikola Davis and Audiences have been thrilled currently holding a series of whose works will be on show with the diverse works on exhibitions by local artists. between the 16th to 27th show, and which has provided The season kicked off with an February, in an exhibition titled, opportunities for many local exhibition of works by Peter ‘Light moments’. Opening artists to display their talents in Yates, which ran through drinks being held on the 18th this premiere short play festival. January. Many of Peter’s at 6pm. Somewhat surprising, well evocative works capturing To conclude the season Newtown by night and melding Elizabeth Eastland will have an to me at least, the first week the subtle tones as captured exhibition titled, ‘The terror of was won by a piece, written from a rooftop perspective. sublime’. by none other than me! The Peter cites American We are fortunate to have backstage comedy, ‘Putting modernism as both a passion such an abundance of local your best foot forward’, which as well as influencing much of talent and moreover an ability his works. to see their work hung in a local The season continues with gallery. an exhibition of works on paper For further information on by Janet Kossey from the 2nd to the exhibitions, please contact 14th February. Opening drinks Ivan Goodacre on 0418 629 050

Gallery Talk

Pedro tv Pedrotv is a web-based station devoted to contemporary art, film and music in the inner west of sydney. We spent last month exploring the mecca of the arts, carriageworks at 245 wilson st, eveleigh. As the name suggests this centre has been recycled from the shell of an old train building workshop. The old sounds of clanking metal and welding machines have been replaced by experimental theatre, performance art and currently, fantastic one-take guerilla music videos by shoot the player. We met the warm and engaging ceo, Sue Hunt who outlined the year ahead for the carriageworks. In it’s third year, Sue said that many of the successful festivals would return to build on their legacy including the popular children’s festival and a major showcase for galleries of the inner west. They even allow so you think you can dance to use their cavernous space for auditions.Currently on show is an amazing responsive set of

featured local actors Andy Leonard and Charles Billeh, who were outstanding, as they discussed the ups and down of the theatre. Week 2 was taken out by Victorian playwright Jane Miller’s moving and poetic ‘Perfect Stillness’. With beautiful performances from Ben Brock and Roanna Dempsey (capably supported by Chris Lewis) and directed with great love and care by Amelia Tranter Perfect Week 3 was won by ‘Lifetime’, which asks the question “is it possible to be

Pics: Geoff Sirmai

loved in a lifetime of ten minutes?” Week 4 was won by Nir Shelter’s “Life of Death” and wonderfully acted out by Brett Heath as Death and Tai Scrivener as Garry. They now progresses through to the Gala Final at

See for ticket details. - Pat Brennan

Rafael Butron has been a member of the Sydney Printmakers since 1996. Butron represented Australia in the Print and Drawing Triennial in Thailand last year for Drawing.

-Peter McGuiness

videos by Lynette Wallworth. Dealing with intense survival stories by real people that you can activate by touching the large screen. Physical interaction can be prolonged and engaged with. Such work breaks down the normal performerviewer relationship which is passive and temporal. Highly recommended and a perfect antidote to the noisy, mercantile world of king st that newtonian’s know and love. The beauty of the carriageworks is the accessibility of the huge space and the rich variety of work you can discover. A stroll down from redfern station or north king st will take you there and not only can you see major theatrical pieces but also tucked away in endless corridors and laneways, bold experimental installations and performances by emerging artists. It feels like a medieval city with large plazas and narrow lanes filled with secret and intrigue. Catch our interview with pedro meets sue on pedrotv.

the NIDA Parade Theatre on Saturday March 13th. With seats going quickly, you don’t have much time to secure one.

Rafael Butron

He is also showing at the Bradman Museum, Bowral, in the Cricketers Art prize exhibition, and is one of the finalists. Butron is currently painting a body of work which he will present to Wilson Street gallery hoping for an earlier show soon.

- Kathleen Hrayssi AMIDST the talent at Newtown’s Wilson Street gallery you will find the work of genius painter and printmaker Rafael Butron. Butron’s love for Sydney’s inner west transcends art and is a story in itself. Rafael Butron has more than a few stories he could tell you, born in Manila, his work is inspired by many of the countries he has visited but he loves Sydney best of all. In his works, simplified colours and forms give significance to landscapes, and his inspiration is taken from thoughts, memory and even mood.

“My works are a response to place and deal with recurring memory” the 47- years old said. “We are often affected by places we have been and generally the image that we are able to project our own emotions and interpretation to an otherwise literal image”. The city of Sydney offers him a great stimulus, lights and views providing an every day source of inspiration for Butron. “Sydney is a beautiful city. Eventually something captures me when for example, I cross the Bridge, see a light that hits the Harbor, it fuses into my

memory then all of sudden, I find myself creating this view either on an Etching or Canvas,” he said. Butron, is currently working at the College of Fine Arts in Paddington, believes that Newtown is a great place to live for young artists, as it offers a range of ways to show their works such asThe Newtown Arts Festival. “There is a diverse artistic community hereenabling artist to express themselves freely in a variety of genres” Butron said. Newtown’s diversity and multiculturalism is reflected through so many of its

inhabitants - poets, painters, musicians, photographers and writers are a happy melting pot who make the area for what it is best known, art in all forms and freedom of expression. Some might argue that the Art scene in Australia is still young and fragile, but others claim Sydney is a place where creation is promising and never cease to grow. “Art in Sydney has many facets, some are just too pretentious, and others have great calibre” Butron said. “Be passionate, do not become artificial to what you want to do and always be tenacious.”


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Chinese New Year Sydney welcomes the Year of the Metal Tiger from the mountains where he lived to frighten and sack people every New Year’s Eve. This year, if you want to chase away evil spirits and past year’s bad luck, join the launch celebrations at Belmore Park on Friday February 12, from 4pm. At the same time, indulge in the New Year Markets for a gourmet selection of food. Do not forget that dried oysters which bring good luck for the New Year.

Chinese New Year, February the 14th, gives us the opportunity to give a gift to a friend, the ideal gift being a lucky bamboo plant. Of course they are also ideal if you are giving to yourself! They are great in the office because they don’t suffer from the lack of natural light. Different numbers of stalks are thought to symbolize slightly different kinds of luck, so you can use this information to help with your selection if you want (or just pick an arragement that you like): 2 stalks = love 3 or 6 stalks = happiness 5 or 7 stalks = health 8 stalks = wealth 9 stalks = general good fortune 21 stalks = blessings Because Lucky Bamboo grows so well in water, you can grow it in a water fountain! You’ll need a fountain with a deeper bowl, so the root end of the stalks is in about 2” of water. Use pebbles or marbles to hold the stalks in place. You can also grow these plants in soil, they do equally well in

both water and soil. Bamboo is a symbol of luck and success because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude. One reason Lucky Bamboo is so popular is its reputation for being low-maintenance and pretty much “idiot-proof ”: in other words, it’s the perfect plant for people who know nothing about plants or who don’t have the time or inclination to care for them. Its hardiness also means Lucky Bamboo is well-suited for spaces with little or no natural light. The cost of these plants can be as little as $7.00 for a single stalk, although you can pay a lot for the larger, more complicated designs.

Dress in red, do not cut your hair, sweep your house and give your younger siblings some money. Trust, it’s for good luck.

bitter cold touch of the metal together with the warm colors of the Tiger will make possible the impossible, tradition affirms.

- Marina Freri

From February 12 to 28, Sydney will be the venue of more than fifty events, in a genuine traditional spirit. Firecrackers, dragons, lions, lanterns will animate the city for two weeks. Chinese New Year is a feast of great symbolism and two of the many events in program sound more than magical.

Sixty years on from its last appearance, the Chinese calendar is going to welcome The Metal Tiger: a combined sign of passion and determination that promises to lead our souls towards lifetime goals. Harmony and calm seekers might be in trouble in this upcoming tumultuous 2010, but adventurous and passionate individuals will find the ultimate stimulus to pursue their objectives. Coupling the

Firecrackers in Belmore Park. The use of the firecrackers dated more than one thousands years ago. Legend says that an evil creature, Nian, which means “year”, used to descend

The Dragon needs to be reawakened: Twilight Parade and Dragon boat races.

In order to be well prepared for the New Year, remember to clean every corner of your house to sweep away bad luck, give your friends a vase, which is the symbol of peace for the New Year. Wrap coins in red paper and give them to your children for good luck and success in their studies. Do not cut your hair or you’ll cut away the chances to have a better fortune, eat plenty of shrimps and enjoy your city in a unique atmosphere. For more details go to: http://www.cityofsydney.

When the dragon appears, something exceptional is going to happen. Sydney is waking him up on the night of Sunday 21 February, with the extraordinary Twilight Parade which gathers 350 acrobats from Chongqing in Western China. The Dragon needs to be re-awakened to watch over the New Year, providing people with rain and good harvests. This is not anyway the only homage Sydney is going to pay to the Dragon. On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29, the harbor will host a feast of colorful dragon boat races with more than 3000 paddlers.

Romancing the Bones: The Impact of Popular Culture on Archaeological Research since 1748 12 February 2010 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Dr Estelle Lazer is an Honorary Associate with Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. Her research interests include forensic archaeology and Antarctic cultural heritage management. She has spent seven fields sessions working on the human skeletal remains at Pompeii. Early researchers at Pompeii from 1748 onwards, focused on the more glamorous and romantic artefacts and ignored the wealth of information available in victims’ bones. Hear Dr Lazer discuss the relationship between popular culture and archaeological research as part of Library Lovers Day, 2010. When: Friday 12 February, 12.15pm - 1.00pm Location: Ultimo Library Telephone: 9298 3110 Bookings essential Healthy Ageing Talks in 2010 Get some great tips about how to age healthily in 2010, co-sponsored by Marrickville Council on Thursday 25 February 2010 10am - The Quality Use of Medicines Moya Turner 11am - Skin Cancer: Sunsmart Georgina Harper, Cancer Council NSW Admission is FREE and includes a morning tea.The talks will be held in Council’s Function Room, Level 3, 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham - a few minutes walk from Petersham railway station. Please RSVP by calling COTA (NSW) on 9286 3860.

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

A message from Phil Sigsworth

and the Newtown Junior Jets

From The Top On behalf of the club I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support. We appreciate the fact that there is a lot of competition for sponsorship, and we strive to add value for our sponsors for all their help. Our thanks go to The Sydney Airport Corporation, Camperdown Bowling Club, Westpac, Petersham RSL, Marrickville Metro, Birds Smallgoods, Red Apple Studios, Kylie Brennan and McGrath Real Estate, South Sydney Juniors and Kelly’s On King in Newtown. With out your support we simply couldn’t operate! I’d like to invite all Newtown players and supporters, our sponsors, and Rugby League lovers in general to come to the Camperdown Bowling Club on February 18 from 3.00pm until 7.00pm for the 2SM ‘Talking Sport’ program which will be broadcast live from the Club. Come and meet me, along with some of Sydney’s sporting greats as Graham Hughes and the team broadcast live.



The Big Day is sponsored by the 2SM, The Inner West Courier, Souths Juniors, Benton’s Real Estate and Camperdown Bowling Club. Kids will receive free Jets Ice Cream and snacks will be served from the Golden Bowling Ball Restaurant during the afternoon. Souths Juniors will be there with merchandise, and we’ll have some great Netwown Jets merchandise to give away as prizes as well! The Junior Jets and Newtown Jettets sign on days will be held at the Jets Sports Club, Holbeach road Tempe on Saturday 6th and 13th of February. You can also sign on at the Talking Sport afternoon on Thursday February 18! Of course, one of the big advantages of playing with the Newtown Junior Jets is that Registration and Insurance is free, along with Free Jersey, Socks and Shorts! Don’t forget to come and see me on February 18th! Check our website at or call 9519 9761.

1269 - AM

Join Graham Hughes and the team from Talking sport as they broadcast live from The Camperdown Bowling Club. Mallet St Camperdown from 10am - 1pm Thursday February 18, 2010



THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

gig guide Wed 10 Feb Catherine Traicos @ The Vanguard Having stunned audiences and music lovers across the nation with her critically lauded breakout release The Amazing, ‘ album real music fans would be mad not to own’ (Tony McMahon Inpress Magazine). Catherine Traicos launches her first single release, ‘Drunk On Your Breath’ Recorded early in 2009 at the legendary Pocketful Of Stones Studio (Melb) with Indie wonderchild Nick Huggins, ‘The Amazing’ forms a bridge between gentle and bluesy angst as it ruthlessly explores the emotions of the heart. Thu 11 Feb Carus @ The Vanguard Supported by Loren & Sam Buckingham Originally coming to prominence as part of the explosion of the ‘Roots’ scene singer-songwriter Carus Thompson is much more than ‘just another Roots act’ and his last album, the much lauded ‘Creature Of Habit’ proved that - receiving rave reviews both at home & overseas as well as an A.I.R award nomination. Like all of Carus’ performances this will be one not to miss! Fri 12 Feb The Killers @ Enmore Theatre Fans of The Killers’ can endlessly relive the band’s spectacular live performances in their first official DVD release Live From The Royal Albert Hall (out now through Universal Music Australia). Ensure tickets are secured quickly to avoid absolute devastation! VIRNA SANZONE @ The Vanguard Supported by Evan and The Brave Featuring Dan Mifsud Virna Sanzone returns with an exceptional band for a night of the deepest soul, fueled with her unique jazz styling’s and a world of diverse musical influences. An artist whose universality transcends genres, Virna has long been regarded as one of this country’s finest singers, renowned for her heart on sleeve lyrics, harmonic inventiveness and her remarkable improvisational approach. Sat 13 Feb JAY WALKER With Special Guests Melanie Horsnell and Aras – USA @ The Vanguard Following the band’s debut single ‘You Live You Learn’, and sold out shows in 2007, and the long anticipated wait since, the band are back with their debut album ‘The Light and Shade’ – You will be delivered a night to remember Sun 14 Feb THE SNOWDROPPERS in THE BITCH DARN LEFT ME @ The Vanguard With Special Guest: Melbourne’s The Frowning Clouds and Sydney’s Blues darling Lanie Lane Come celebrate heartache, loneliness and a case of blue balls with The Snowdroppers this February 14th. This is going to be a very special show where we expect everyone to dress the part, Snowdroppers stlye. This means guys in trousers and bow ties, girls in stockings and dresses. If you look nice enough, you may even find a valentine after all. Tue 16 Feb Gossip @ Enmore Theatre Supported by Friendly Fires & DJ Nick Findlay With singles constantly topping the charts and radio playlists and rave reviews of their outstanding new album Music For Men, these guys have skyrocketed from a DIY garage Post-Punk/Funk band to one of the worlds most exciting and infectious live acts! Thu 18 feb Tim Loydell & the Deckchairs @ The Vanguard Supported by Microwave Jenny and Wade Jackson Brisbane quartet The Deckchairs have barely stopped moving around the country since their debut EP release mid 2008. More than a year later and the touring has paid off for the progressive folk/roots act, helping them to break through and feature alongside some premier touring trollops.

Fri 19 Feb 
ARREBATO ENSEMBLE - With Special Guest MA @ The Vanguard The talented virtuosos of the Arrebato Ensemble have established themselves as a refreshing and exciting force within the Australian music industry, appealing to many audiences from the flamenco aficionado to jazz and world music fans –A night not to be missed. Sat 20 Feb Joe Rogan @ Enmore Theatre Direct From the US, Comedian Joe Rogan performs for One Night Only. This will be Joe’s first visit to Australia and if he is anything like Fear Factor the hit show he hosts, hold on as he will take you on the ride of your life! With his good looks combined with his engaging personality, Joe has managed to forge a successful career in what can only be described as, two diverse art forms - a phenomenal achievement. Endorphin @ The Vanguard Endorphin has dazzled his audiences with a live electronic show that weaves together an eclectic array of visual imagery and music. It is theatre for the dance floor and art for the ears. Sun 21 Feb Lupe Fiasco @ Enmore Theatre Supported by Phrase & Lowrider For anyone that’s experienced Lupe Fiasco’s incredible live show – you already know this is one summer event not to be missed; and for those that haven’t – the time has come to see what all the fuss is about. Jeremy Edwards and the Dust Radio Band and Chris E Thomas and the Free Range join for a special double bill @ The Vanguard Jeremy brings the swagger and sting of comrades the Dust Radio band to form a posse with the sweet, soul filled twang of Chris E Thomas and the Free Range. After years of teaming up with the likes of Adam Brand, Brian Cadd, Tina Arena and more, Chris offers up her fantastic new release One for the Roadie. Mon 22 Feb Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs @ Enmore Theatre Five-time Grammy Award winner Michael McDonald joins legendary singer songwriter Boz Scaggs to perform all of their greatest hits, along with songs from their latest albums, Soul Speak and Speak Low. With two music legends sharing the stage, audiences will be thrilled to hear all of their favourite songs from these exceptional artists. However, while the lyrics and the tunes might be familiar, in the hands of McDonald and Scaggs these songs will be reborn into something intoxicatingly original. Tue 23 Feb Jane’s Addiction @ Enmore Theatre Supported by Rolo Tomassi Jane’s Addiction have always stood out as an incomparable force, blending elements of art rock, punk, metal, funk and glamour into an ambitious musical juxtaposition of sublime beauty and utter decadence. NME was there to witness one of their UK shows and were left in awe… “The music is seismic. Gigs simply don’t come much better. They can’t. To have them back is a crazy privilege.” Wed 24 Feb Placebo @ Enmore Theatre Three years have passed since Placebo graced Australian stages and they are back as part of the stellar Soundwave Festival line up in 2010. With their charging rock songs and austere balladry be sure not to miss the chance to see Placebo perform their army of hits

Saturday 20th of February @ Iron Duke Hotel, Alexandria w/ Sceptic & Dseeva, DJ Skeamo One Sunday 28th of February @ Sandringham Hotel w/ DirtBox Kings, Gutcuttaz (Guts and DJ Paypercutts)

CARRIAGEWORKS PRESENTS P L A T F O R M 3 H I P H O P F E S T I VA L at their only Australian sideshow performances. STILLETOS AND SONGBIRDS @ The Vanguard This February The Vanguard is playing host to some of the finest up and coming female singersongwriters in NSW with this special bill featuring Amy Vee, Annaliese Szota, Fanny Lumsden and Shivon Coelho. See them give it all, and then some! Thu 25 Feb GEORGE HARRISON TRIBUTE @ The Vanguard The quiet Beatle certainly wrote some of the most memorable tunes in the pop lexicon. This beautifully put together show features some of Sydney’s finest performing his greatest hits. If you missed this show last year get in early and book now... Fri 26 Feb Urban Gypsies @ The Vanguard The Urban Gypsies offer a beautiful mix of fusion guitar compositions from the jazz tradition of improvisation and the rhythmic palette of gypsy, latin and world music. The creative writing skills and innovative sounds of the Urban Gypsies set them in a class of their own. Let the Urban Gypsies take you on a unique and imaginative musical journey that you’ll wish would never end……… Sat 27 Feb Monsieur Camembert @ The Vanguard Triple ARIA Award winning group Monsieur Camembert has been described as theatrical, irreverent, virtuosic and off the wall! While remaining completely independent, the group has been at the forefront of Australia’s Gyprock explosion, performing for more than eight years, and gaining a wide audience at a range of events - This is one show not to be missed. Thu 04 Mar Pavement @ Enmore Theatre Pavement, widely renowned as one of the most popular and influential indie-rock bands of the nineties, will be returning to Enmore Theatre as part of their 2010 world tour – you will be delivered a night to remember! Hot Lunch @ The Vanguard From the people who brought you the sold out show Sin For Breakfast, they are now ready to serve up the next course of their burlesque extravaganzas with: HOT LUNCH. Tasia, one of the most talented and amazing bodies in the Australian burlesque scene will be headlining this super serving of awesomeness.

Fri 5 Mar Pavement @ Enmore Theatre It’s been ten years since Pavement left the music scene. Since their split the band continued to grow in popularity with their string of nineties hits including ‘Crooked Rain’, ‘Slanted and Enchanted’, ‘Wowee Zowee’ and ‘Brighten the Corners’ becoming modern indie rock classics. A greatest hits album will also be released to coincide with the tour. Hot Lunch @ The Vanguard Joined by the stage burning antics of Lillian Starr, the back breaking sexiness which is Katherine Lambent, the odd......well just the odd Anthony Howes, hosted by Sydney’s underground legend Jaykatz and with live music from Erin Black. Sat 06 Mar Toyko Shock Boys @ Enmore Theatre While working on the 1980 Paul McCartney tour of Japan four roadies decided to form an act to do some funny stunts on Japanese TV…the Tokyo Shock Boys were born!
Don’t miss these four hilarious onion-crushing, milk snorting, Japanese comedians who will once again put their physical wellbeing on the line to make you laugh until you cry. Hot Lunch @ The Vanguard For 3 nights only this March at The Vanguard.

2 DAYS OF HIGH-POWERED HIP HOP CULTURE | 19-20 MARCH ‘10 PLATFORM HIP HOP FESTIVAL returns in March 2010 with a 2-day celebration of everything hip hop. Now in its third year, PLATFORM HIP HOP FESTIVAL is established as an all-encompassing showcase of the 5 elements of hip hop culture. DJs, MCs, beat boxers, breakers and graffiti artists from all over the country converge at CarriageWorks and turn the venue into a creative platform for the best emerging and established hip hop artists. PLATFORM 3 HIP HOP FESTIVAL will celebrate the best in Australian hip hop music, dance, art, film and hip hop theatre. The 2-day event will be haven for all the hip hop heads out there; the perfect place for enthusiasts to discover hot local talent, and a unique, fun and family-friendly opportunity for the hip hop novice to get involved and find out what it’s all about. THE FESTIVAL PLATFORM 3 HIP HOP FESTIVAL is in 3 parts – Friday Night Opening Party, Saturday Day Free Stuff, and Saturday Night. The full Festival lineup will be revealed in early 2010, but here are the details so far: FRIDAY 19 MARCH | DOORS OPEN AT 7PM | TICKET INCLUDES: • The Opening Night Party with DJs in the foyer • Pre-show hip hop theatre performance • *MAIN EVENT* Flexing Skillz – MC/ DJ/ Vocals / Breaking freestyle jam SATURDAY 20 MARCH | DAYTIME FROM 2PM | FREE ENTRY INCLUDES: • Graffiti and Tagging demos and comps, including pro writers creating pieces live • Hip Hop film exhibition & artist talk • Chalk it Up – chalking activities for kids and adults. Everyone can have a go • Kids Breaking Battle • Next Generation - Up & Comers Dance Battle, including popping, locking and breaking • Next Generation - Up & Comers MC Battle • Freestyle MC and Beatbox Battles and demonstrations • Freak the Technique – breaking battle heats SATURDAY 20 MARCH | BREAKING COMP FINALS 7.30PM | TICKET INCLUDES: • Pre-show Hip Hop Theatre performance • *MAIN EVENT* Freak the Technique – breaking battle finals

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4



THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

summer specials 5pm - 7pm daily signature cocktails $10

Spot The Difference The person to identify the 9 changes and submit the best poem regarding what syko one is doing will

The winning Poems and Answers to last months SPD. 1) Label on the front of his shirt 2) Guitar end piece missing 3) Plant missing between benches 4) Guitar knob missing 5) Label on crate missing 6) Book missing left hand side 7) Top of bag missing 8) Logo on guitar missing 9) Buckle missing on hat

WIN tickets to the Dendy! or

PO Box 422


Busking Busking for a little lusting or maybe a little food to be in the mood for wining and dining. Dimitra T Pakas

2010 Sydney Shakespeare Festival: Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice

Sing me a smile, Mr Busker Man Soothe me with a song As a walk this road alone... the road of alone

7 January 2010 – 14 February 2010 Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Doors Open 7:00 PM)

Bring me a laugh Mr Busker Man, the weather ain’t too friendly So I need a friend on this path...of solitude

Pack a picnic, grab your friends and celebrate summer with a night of theatrical magic on Sydney’s fabulous harbour foreshore. Proudly supported by the City of Sydney, the 2010 Sydney Shakespeare Festival kicks off in January with performances on alternate nights of Shakespeare’s wicked, yet poignant crowd-pleaser, Twelfth Night and his provocative and unsettling comedy, The Merchant of Venice.

I ain’t got no change but please do what I ask ya. Mr Busker Man will you be my friend... I’m so alone. Evan Bowring

We buy and sell 40’s to 70’s furniture

FREE for children 12 years and under, people with disabilities and people aged 65 years and over, the festival will take place in Bicentennial Park, Glebe Foreshore every Thursday to Sunday at 8pm from 7 January until 14 February 2010.

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4


DASH’S, SPICE OF LIFE Dash Gollan will be bringing a different inspirational ingredient to the streets of Newtown every month. The aspiring chef is currently searching for his mojo and is looking for a dining partner this Valentine’s Day. If you would like Dash to cook you up a romantic feast a deux this Valentine’s Day contact us at It hit me the other day that people are hardly ever named after food. We name our kids after seasons, months of the year, celebrities; even cars! Yet food - the one thing that hits us on so many aesthetic levels, keeps us going and has such a profound effect on our lives - seems to be ignored.Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named one of their offspring ‘Apple’. However apples are boring and so are Coldplay. If in the future I ever have a daughter (and if kids by now are no longer teasing one another in the playground) I would like to name her ‘vanilla bean’. Whilst this will probably never happen, I absolutely love vanilla. Real vanilla, either from the bean itself or good quality vanilla extract. (Vanilla essence is synthetically made, just plain offensive and is to be avoided at all costs). There are over 100 types of vanilla orchids which flourish in tropical climates, however almost all the vanilla pods we buy commercially are sourced from one species called Vanilla planifolia. The fruit is harvested under ripe before undergoing a 6month curing process. This essentially dries out the bean before they are kept in ventilated confines to ferment, producing the

unique aroma and flavor and transforming them from plump green fruits into the dark dry products we buy and use.

For things like vanilla bean ice cream, yoghurt, panna cotta, or fruit coulis the bean is usually split down the middle before being added during the heating process to infuse. The actual pod is then discarded with the remaining seeds being the little black specs you see in these deserts. Vanilla however is expensive so try keeping a Vanilla pod in a jar of sugar to be used for baking things like cakes and other sweets. The same bean will perfume the sugar for up to a year. For a vanilla flavoured hot chocolate sit a whole bean in the milk whist it is being heated and leave in the mug when drinking, much like a tea bag. When finished the bean can be rinsed, dried and returned to an air-tight contained many times over. Did you know? Vanilla planifolia is indigenous to Mexico; however the majority of commercial vanilla is produced in Madagascar. Vanilla was used to flavour xocoatl, the chocolate beverage of the Aztecs. Vanilla was introduced to Europe by returning Spanish conquistadors and instantly became a hit. Vanilla is indeed a spice and pure vanilla is the world’s second most expensive spice (after saffron). As the bee which pollinates the orchiad is native to Mexico, almost all commercial vanilla is hand pollinated.

As makers of quality handmade coffee, you’ll taste the passion of

Gloria Jean’s

Coffee in every CUP We offer a large variety of single origin, blends, flavoured and decaffeinated coffees carefully selected from the highest quality Arabica beans. Our menu includes a range of coffees teas cold drinks and a selection of fresh cakes pastries and savoury plus daily specials. Free internet Wi-Fi available to customers. Conditions apply.

Mention this advertisement and receive a 10% discount on Gloria Jean’s Coffees 156-158 King Street Newtown 9557 0056


inc gst

250gsm - Full Colour 2 sides - Letterbox Distibuted

400gsm - Gloss Cello 1 side - Full Colour 1 side Artwork & Supplied art flightcheck extra

inc gst

• Web Design + Development • Graphic Design + Branding • Print + Distribution • Photography

9526 6625


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Letters to the Editor To The Editor In the recent Vol 1 Edition 3 Liz Galinovic wrote about the Duke Hotel catering for patrons of the Enmore Theatre. Liz stated that the theatre opened in 1912. I have been researching the history of local cinemas as a project for Marrickville Council History and Archival Reference Centre, and, while we cannot determine the exact date for the Enmore opening, we assume that it was sometime early in 1910. Records of the former Newtown Council reveal that an open-air structure for Mr C Fielder’s Enmore Picture Company was approved in January 1910. Unfortunately local newspapers of the period no longer exist, and they would undoubtedlly have advertised the opening. Documents of Council and the Lands Department, show that Szarka Brothers (Willam and George) leased the premises in July 1911, erected a roof in August 1911, bought the site in June 1912, and carried out other improvements during subsequent years, with a

Letter from the Publisher Dear Readers, We have been on the streets for four months now and trust that you have enjoyed the emergence of a truly local newspaper. Our mandate is to tell local stories, as well as to occasionally stretch our wings and reach further afield for our content, but as you will note, there is always a tangible link back to this part of the inner west.

complete rebuild in 1919 the resulting structure being substantially what you see today. While a number of other purpose-built picture theatres opened their doors in Newtown and Marrickville at about the same time as Enmore, it is mostly impossible to ascertain their exact opening dates. Proprietors did begin to advertise programs in Sunday editions of the Sydney Sun, but the first Enmore Theatre notice did not appear until 10

September 1911, proudly stating that “we are covered in”. It seems that Szarka Brothers had more entrepreneurial flair than Mr Fielder who was said to have warned the new owners about buying a business in which he had lost money. The Szarkas did not look back. If any reader has, or knows of, information which could pinpoint the Enmore opening, the writer would very much appreciate receiving an email, - Robert Parkinson

This month we have Julie Gibson’s regular column from the UK with Cupids arrows laced within. We also have a moving piece from Rosy Wong that describes her time last year in Honduras and the travesty in which their democratic process is being torn asunder. But dropping back into the zone, we have felt the need to provide Erskineville it’s own Pied a Terre from which to tell it’s own unique tales and hope that you enjoy them. We

are looking to characterise in a more personal way over the coming issues and will seek your input as we refine our ‘types’! From the feedback we have received, we think we’re close to the mark in reflecting the diversity of the people that make up our eclectic melting pot. We would like to hear more from you about what you like, what you think is average and what is missing. We are not out to push anyone’s barrow, but provide commentary and stories of interest that set out to inform, educate and entertain. We have established a vox pop and want you to fill it up. Could I also encourage you to follow us on twitter and facebook, so that we can get an interactive feel of the pulse. Please also check out the rolling twitter feed on our homepage. This is an opportunity for us to promote local events and

celebrate what’s taking place. So please check it out from time to time and if you want us to load up a promo for you or something close to your heart, let us know. And finally, we want to stick around and if you are in the fortunate position of influencing the bosses advertising budget, let him know about us and the fantastic opportunities that will be afforded in reaching the Newtown demographic. Similarly we would like to see the classified columns increase. We’re here for you! Happy reading.

54 Mexican Kids, 37 Surf Boards, 2 Australian Parents WORLD PREMIERE & AUSSIE TOUR: The Inspiring True Story of the Aussie Couple Changing the Lives of Orphans and Street Kids in Tapachula Mexico, through Surfing! Somewhere Near Tapachula is the heartfelt true story of Australian couple Alan and Pam Skuse. And the unique surf community of orphaned, abused and homeless Mexican children - a refuge called Mision Mexico, they pioneered in Tapachula Chiapas on south coast of Mexico. Directed and produced by Australian filmmakers Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant of Surfing 50 States, the film premiers in Sydney on 25th February 2010 at Dendy Opera Quays and will tour for 20 screenings around Australia. The Skuses and the kids of Mision Mexico, tell their phenomenal tale of survival, love, life, hope, surfing – and of the first wave riders of Tapachula! Documenting the stories of the 54 children of Mision Mexico, who have come from places of unimaginable poverty, trauma and abuse; and their experiences of healing and transformation through surfing and love. The film is a powerful lesson on the important things in life, and the power of riding waves, whether you are a surfer or not. Empty nesters to six kids, the Skuses set up in Tapachula in November 2000 to volunteer for 12 months at the Mision Mexico orphanage where their daughter had previously volunteered. Shortly into their stay the major benefactor withdrew and the kids were to be turned onto the street. The couple’s volunteering adventure quickly turned into a life saving mission and Mision Mexico, Giving Love, Life and Hope was born. Mision Mexico’s mum and narrator Pam Skuse says: “In their short lives the children of Mision Mexico have experienced things that most of today’s society will never experience. Surfing is a potent form of therapy for these children. The ocean is not just a place of fun; it’s an escape from what life used to be for them. Through Mision Mexico we provide a

family and community which supports, guides, disciplines, encourages, and directs these children to better themselves.” “Surfing is something special, it’s not just a sport its part of my life, I feel like I don’t need anything more, I don’t need to take drugs, there is nothing better than surfing” says Jose one of the film’s young grommets, also a former street kid and glue sniffing gang member. The filmmakers, Aussie surfers Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant got involved in Mision Mexico when they were asked to donate a DVD of their new documentary Surfing50States. Moved by the children’s plight Stefen decided to volunteer for two months. Touched by the truly inspirational story, Stefen asked Jonno to join him with their camera equipment and Somewhere Near Tapachula was born. We were so touched and inspired by the amazing work of Pam and Alan Skuse, that I felt the story had to be shared. We are thrilled to be telling this remarkable story to fellow Australians” says Stefan Hunt & Jonno Durrant. In celebration of the World Premier, opening night audiences are being treated to taste the delicious flavours of authentic Mexican fare Guzman Y Gomez, Sydney’s legendary Taqueria. Founder Steven Marks is a strong supporter of Mision Mexico and is funding the Sydney screenings, as part of Guzman Y Gomez’s mission to give back to the Mexican community and economy, and to educate Australians about Mexican culture. Guzman Y Gomez currently employs over 80 percent Latin American staff in its five Sydney stores; and has a program of bringing out Latin America’s top musicians and bands to tour Australia as part of its cultural education program. “It is an incredible story, which has been brought to life so beautifully by the filmmakers. I have met Pam and Alan Skuse several times, and the devotion they have to the kids it’s incredibly moving and real. I plan to visit Mision Mexico in February this year and ride the waves with the children,” says Marks.

100% OF PROFITS RAISED FROM THE FILM, TOUR, DVDs, MERCHANDISE, DONATIONS ETC WILL GO TO MISION MEXICO Tickets available through – For more information on Somewhere Near Tapachula - Somewhere Near Tapachula Blog -; Twitter - @SNTmovie For more information on GYG’s visit For more information on Mision Mexico -


Jose and Maria getting amongst the action.

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4



THE LOVELY BONES - NATALIE SALVO Director Peter Jackson’s latest offering, The Lovely Bones is a chaotic mélange of disparate elements that occasionally work, but leave the overall feeling that the execution failed to realise its full potential. The film is an adaptation of Alice Sebold’s disturbingly tragic novel, taking in the period immediately preceding December 6, 1973 and the gruesome aftermath. Fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan

[Atonement]) is brutally raped and murdered by her paedophile neighbour, George Harvey (Stanley Tucci [Julie & Julia]). The subject matter alone makes for difficult viewing as the audience is led on a roller coaster ride questioning whether the perpetrator will be discovered and punished for his crime. The story however, is more than a gripping murder tale, as Salmon is left in an in-between land and watches over her family as they seek vengeance and try to deal with the painful

loss through some attempt at healing. The film is ambitious and conceptually daring but tries to achieve too much. The characters are often left in a one-dimensional state because less screen time is devoted to their development while more attention is granted to the dazzlingly surreal CGI imagery of this Fantasia-like purgatory. Sure, it’s heartening to see some good come from such a devastating loss but it does make for rather incohesive and disjointed storytelling, especially when combined with the concurrent themes

of pure violence and familial sentimentality. A solid cast of name actors including Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg make the most of what they are given, but fail to produce the piece of art that everyone involved had set out to achieve. Ultimately, The Lovely Bones is an emotionally intense and morbid account of a dark crime and the loss of innocence redeemed by elaborate artistic imagery and the hopeful possibility that perhaps all is not completely lost when someone dies.

Foxes like to court danger, hunt prey and endanger animals. The current film adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Roald Dahl’s classic tale starring a softer version of this wild canine is brought to life by writer/director Wes Anderson (The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums). Quaint stop-motion puppets are animated and lend a bright storybook setting to a slightly dark addition to the children’s genre, a world usually dominated by Disney sheen and computer graphics aplenty. George Clooney is Mr. Fabulous – oops, Fantastic – a fallible fox undone by his own humanlike flaws. Although his passport lists his occupation as a journalist, by night he indulges in the thrills of stealing poultry from three big, bad farmers- Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The trio overlook these initial transgressions but ultimately decide to kill the perpetrator. Not to be outfoxed, our star takes his family including wife Felicity (Meryl Streep); son Ash (Jason Schwartzman); nephew Kristofferson (Eric Anderson); and an eponymous Badger (Bill Murray); on a wild underground adventure where they continue to pilfer from the big bad Bs. An able cast of voice actors is combined with an excellent soundtrack of popular music and lends a pleasant agreeableness and charm to Dahl’s rich story. This is all filtered through the quirk and zaniness of Anderson’s vision as dark humour is juxtaposed by bright puppetry. The execution is occasionally weakened by stunted animation and instances where the story is over-told with visual pantomime-like proclamations re-telling the audience what is being played out on screen. However, the film remains a fun, nostalgic romp through the fox’s fancy-free playground. Ultimately, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a clever, children’s flick designed to impress the younger viewers as much as their parents’ own imagination and inner child. - NS

Into Art House The Road tells the story or rather fable, of a father and his young son who are fighting to survive an unexplained catastrophe. The world is now a vast landscape of grey devastation. Those who remain are living in despair; starvation and some have resorted to cannibalism. This grim, cold, dark wasteland is truly bleak, but the films true horror is the extremes some go to out of human survival instinct. This theme is fundamental to the film and continuously addresses questions to its audience about how far would you go to survive? Juxtaposed with the cannibalistic mobs, who have the same fundamental goal of survival as our protagonists; the angelic boy and his father provide the good and light side of a dark existence, or as the boy says – goodies over the baddies.

them short.

Fans of Cormac Macarthy’s novels (No Country for Old Men) will not be disappointed in terms of the bleak, despairing and chilling nature of the film. However, one shouldn’t expect the quirky humour the Coen Brothers’ Film, No Country for Old Men. Australian director John Hillcoat uses Nick Cave for the score and his music reflects the melancholy mood.


Aesthetically The Road is dark and depressing as is the tone of the film. Half way through, one may be tempted to give up, as also do the characters. However a turning point occurs and we begin to become engaged with the characters and hope to see them reach the end – whichever way that is. Viggo Mortensen’s performance carries the film; he is warm, loving, kind and strong, even as he becomes more ghostlike. His love for his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is beautiful and emotional and it is this very human condition that keeps us engaged and attentive. Charlize Theron and Robert Duvall also give good performances, all be

Lyndsay Kenwright

Unexpectedly inspiring and uplifting, given the grim plot and mood. A soulful film in a soulless setting! At best, one might come away feeling that human connection rises above all, even when faced with the darkest of circumstances. As in all good narratives - the good side always wins! Memorable enough to never have to watch it again and some would say thank goodness!

Next month I’ll be reviewing Martin Scorcese’s new film - Shutter Island, starring Leo DeCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley

Crazy Heart by writer/director - Scott Cooper and starring Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall and Maggie Gyllenhaal


THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

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look-out! The single column, I’m a rifle, accurate and straight to the point. I don’t miss a shot and when it comes down to it, I bring home the dinner. Some could say that I’m boring but I have you in my sights. I’m ready to explode and let the world have it. I’ve seen bigger but I’m always here, always ready to take down the competition. Advertising in newspapers works!

THE NEWTONIAN, Volume 1 Edition 4

Mistery Matthew Peet, known to the graffiti community as Mistery, has been painting walls all over Sydney for years. He is commissioned by businesses, councils, youth organisations and many others keen to use his skills. Urban Bites café customers on King Street and commuters at the bus stop across the road could not have missed one of his oldest existing works; a piece he fought to have recognised as part of his final assessment for a fine arts diploma in the early 90s. “I wasn’t a typical fine art student so that was an issue,” Peet recalls. “When I was actually painting that, I’d paint all night so when I got to class to get my name ticked off I looked like I was on drugs because my eyes were hanging out of my head. And I think they were like ‘what the hell is this guy up to’, so when I heard a rumour that I was going to be failed I got one of the teachers, popped him in my car and took him around the streets. I showed him that and a few other paintings

that I’d done and he stood up for me in the assessment.”

Following up on last months article on local talent LC Beats, we thought we would go to the opening night of the Sydney Festival to watch LC perform.

The theme of the King Street work addressed media attitude towards graffiti by painting graffiti script over Sydney Morning Herald pages that featured articles on graffiti. Unfortunately the part of the wall where the anti graffiti bias was most obvious was knocked down.

The back drop of the cathedral allowed us to take some fantastic shot’s that we can share with you. LC wowed the crowd with his hip hop performance and in the blazing heat he managed to keep his cool.

“There were articles about graffiti artists saying that we lived in sewers, we all carried guns and just crap. It’s funny, it’s like what are we? Mutant ninja turtles? That’s why we painted it up there, just to show the stupidity of it.” The artwork has been there since 1992. There has been some wear and tear and one year it was defaced with the words ‘if we kill more towel heads, we’ll have cheaper petrol.’ Although graffiti artists have been known to patch up their works, Peet says it can be hard to keep track of them all. “I’ve got paintings all around the joint, to keep tabs on each of them would be impossible.” - Liz Galinovic

Be sure to check out his blog spot and video Kaos in King Street


Profile for Roger Brennan

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