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>> so far most of the news-oriented programs, magazines, talk shows on the networks have been surprisingly, at least to me, surprisingly good. a rough reception for donald trump. he was met with boos and cheers. deadly isis attack. isis says it is responsible. imagine owning stock in the world's most profitable company. here's your chance. it's about to go public. what do they produce? we'll let you know. we're coming to you live from atlanta. i'm natalie allen.
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"newsroom" starts right now. thank you for joining us. the trump white house bracing for another bruising week after administration insiders telling congress what they know about the ukraine scandal. the president himself insists he's done nothing wrong yet is indicating once again he may not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. we get the latest from cnn's jeremy diamond at the white house. >> reporter: on his way to new york for a mixed martial arts fight, the president declined on saturday to say whether or not he would allow white house officials set to testify in the house impeachment inquiry next week. >> you have to speak to the lawyers. nancy pelosi has become unhinged. there is something wrong with
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her. if you look at the poll numbers, if you look at the poll numbers in the swing states, they're saying don't do it. i'm fine with it. we had a totally appropriate -- i even said perfect conversation with the president of ukraine. everybody knows it. the republicans have never been this unified. i'm at the highest level i've ever been at. but the republicans have never been this aoeuunified. and this whole impeachment scam, that's exactly what it is a scam, a hoax. democrats are using it as a political purpose to try to win an election they're not going to win. . >> there is no evidence to back up the president's allegations about the house speaker nancy pelosi there. we know the house impeachment inquiry is moving very fast and getting closer to the heart of the west wing and closer to the president. on monday, house democrats have already subpoenaed two white house lawyers at the center of this ukraine matter, john
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eisenberg, for the national security counsel who ordered the transcript of the call moved to the highly classified server. he and his deputy, michael ellis, have already been subpoenaed. it is not clear whether they will or will not comply with that subpoena. additionally, the president is also facing the prospect of robert blair, assistant to the president, potentially testifying on monday as well. jeremy diamond, cnn, the white house. as jeremy mentioned, president trump spent saturday night in new york at a mixed martial arts championship when he entered madison square garden, he was greeted with a loud chorus of boos and cheers. mr. trump is no stranger to this
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kind of entertainment. they said he likes a good fistfig fistfight. we're joined by professor of government at the university of essex. good morning to you, natasha. thanks for coming on. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> let's begin with the president arriving to a i mix of boos and cheers which reflects the mix we're seeing in the polls in the latest washington post/abc poll. america is half booing, half cheering donald trump right now. is it interesting that now under an impeachment inquiry he is extending public events. he was also booed at the world series a few days ago. >> well, i think it is very characteristic of trump that he is attending public events because he loves attention. and there may be a part of him that doesn't care if it's good or pad attention.
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he is absolutely addicted to publicity and whatever type of attention he can get. as we see with the different booing and cheering for him. as you already reread with the recent "washington post" poll, the country is very divided on partisan lines. you have most democrats wanting to impeach him, 82%, as you mentioned. and his approval rating is incredibly low. in fact, 91% disapprove of the job he's doing. and somewhere around 57% of independence disapprove of the job he's doing. he has 64% of republicans that strongly approve of the nab that he is doing. but on the other hand, you have 74% of republicans that approve. that is a shift. that is a slight dip from earlier in his presidency when he had even higher approval
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ratings. pore the most part, we are not seeing much change between how the democrats feel and how the republicans feel. but there is a little bit of a dip in republicans. . >> we just heard about yet another white house adviser who will not testify on monday even though requested to do that. what course will democrats have if the white house continues to dissue dissuade. >> they will accuse trump of obstructing justice. this could be an article of impeachment. they made that very clear. if he reduces to cooperate, that is the only way forward for him. that appears to be what trump will do. i don't think he will cooperate. i think he will try to stonewall. that's really the only defense that he has. if he does cooperate, if the witnesses do come forward and
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cooperate, there's no good that is going to come of it from him. already all the information has corroborated what the initial whistle-blower already stated. >> right. there are eight accounts of a quid pro quo of people testifying in the inquiry even with the white house not cooperating. that is mounting evidence that the president used taxpayer money. as far as evidence mounting, it's not looking good. >> no, it's not looking good at all. as we already mentioned, it doesn't seem to affect the way democrats feel. in the same "washington post" poll, most feel the impeachment inquiry is politically motivated and that the the republican response is politically
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motivated. the evidence is mounting. and if you look back to the nixon case, eventually people started to turn. but for the most it looks like trump's case is incredibly solid. they're happy to believe all the various defenses he has come up with. that there was no quid pro quo. you could delegitimize the people coming forward, it was okay to polledly ask china to investigate. >> let me ask you this. president trump said he is the war room, defending himself through this process. he has told 13,400 false or misleading staples since taking office. that said, he controls the message on twitter. his base remains solidly behind his messaging. of course he is communicator in chief on twitter.
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>> on the one hand, i think it is unlikely trump will be impeeved in the senate, that there will be a conviction. there is not enough numbers. something big would have to happen for republicans to change their mind on this. they have been pretty solidly behind. you saw that no republicans switched sides. but it seems like a terrible strategy -- to compare it to the clinton impeachment process. there was a huge room to deal with these types of issues so clinton could go about his job of governing the country. instead, this is a huge distraction for trump. because trying to do it all by himself, it's a very chaotic response. he's just lucky that he has this base that is unwilling to move. if he didn't have this base, who knows what would happen. he's not managing the process well at all.
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on the other hand, his supporters absolutely love everything he says and does. >> we appreciate your insights. we will likely talk again. thank you for coming on. . >> thanks for having me. well, president trump's signature campaign promise, a border wall, is full of holes, literally. the trump administration has been replacing existing barriers along the u.s./mexico border with steel slats imbedded in concrete. the "washington post" reports that drug smugglers and human traffickers using modern power tools have been able to breach these newer sections with relatively ease. they are even camouflaged for later use. the president was asked about the flaws in his border wall design. and here's what he said. >> i haven't heard that. we have a very powerful wall. no matter how powerful, you can get through anything.
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cutting is one thing. but it is easily fixed. one of the reasons we did it the way we at this time, is it's very easily fixed. you put the chunk back in. but you can cut through any wall. but we have a very praufl waowe wall. . >> congress refused to fund his border wall and congress shut down for 35 days. we switch to california now where firefighters are finally felting the upper hand. 12 of the wildfires that the state says are still active are more than 70% contained now. some of them are all but extinguished. the newest fire named maria is still going strong. as athena jones reports, things are looking up. >> reporter: hi there. we are 50 miles north of los angeles where the maria fire broke out thursday night. good news is favorable
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conditions today have allowed firefighters progress in putting out this fire. you can see the work involved in making sure that fire stays out. you can see in the distance they are spraying. you can see, as we look around, the trees are partially burned or at least charred. we are in the middle of an agricultural area. avocado orchards on one side, citrus on the other. this is what firefighters have been working to protect, petroleum equipment. we have 1300 firefighters who have been out fighting this fire, trying to make sure they get it under control. we have news on a possible cause of the maria fire. southern california edison
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informed regulators that on thursday night there was a high-voltage line, 16,000 volts near where the maria fire began. they had just begun to reenergize that lean about 13 minutes before the fire started. so we don't know for sure if that was the cause of the fire. i can tell you these power companies have been shutting off power, deenergizing the lines to keep fires from sparking. they just started to reenergize that line when the fire began. we will wait to hear what the final word is on the cause. we hope to see firefighters make more progress. back to you. well, some of the firefighters risking their lives in california aren't firefighters at all. they're prison inmates. 400 prisoners are helping to battle the blaze in kaefpl. it gives eligible inmates the tint to get advanced
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you're looking at the aftermath of what local syrian officials say was a car bomb attack at a busy market saturday. it occurred at a town along the border with turkey, killing at least 13 people, wounding many others. the explosion destroyed several buildings. this is the town turkey took control of last month. the operation aimed to clear
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kurdish forces from the border and resettle syrian refugees into a safe zone as they saw it in the area. isis claims responsibility for two more attacks in the african nation of mali. sam, that are you learning about this? >> reporter: well, i think the first thing, natalie, is in both mali attack cases, the so-called islamic state has not offered any kind of evidence whatsoever to support their claim of responsibility for these attacks. they would claim atrocities that were not committed by them or
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necessarily committed by people who were their followers. so we have to treat this with an extreme health warning. there wasn't been three. there have been several dozen almo almost, various groups on social media making these claims. until there is proof positive, we should treat it with kid gloves. of course what the whole purpose of the attacks, whoever committed them is to generate the brand. al qaeda never laid claim to the control over territory. it ruled over some 12 million people. they are desperate to get back into the game. one of the ways they can do that
1:21 am
is by making false claims, claiming responsibility for mass murder. >> right. as far as mali goes, what is the infiltration of isis in africa? >> it's a rather complex picture. there are a number of groups in africa of a broadly violent islamist nature. some pay bayat or homage to al qaeda. some to boca haram or isis. we have repeatedly seen boca haram in that they call smaller areas where isis lay claim to in
1:22 am
africa. whether or not those are harder to discern. particularly in mali in general where the whole concept of islamic state or al qaeda is tied up with efforts to get tribal autonomy and old-fashioned criminal activity, natalie. . >> all right. we appreciate it. sam kiley reporting from abu dhabi. michael weiss is co author of "inside terror." he spoke with us about isis across the middle east. >> well, this is an organization that persisted for 16 years and suffered already major strategic defeats. the last one before the collapse of the caliphate a year ago was in 2010, 2011, when they were cast out of iraq.
1:23 am
they had to go to the badlands region of anbar province, the desert, in essence. and then we saw in three years's time they came back with a vengeance. the caliphate was a rallying cry for jihadists around the world to come and join up with this global phenomenon. i call it the jihadist internationale. they have an expanding presence in africa. you mentioned mali. i would add mozambique. nigeria. remember when boko haram pledged allegiance to al baghdadi. this is indeed a worldwide
1:24 am
jihadist phenomenon. >> michael weiss with his perspective. coming up next, the mueller report on russian election interference fill hundreds of pages. but a lot of interesting details were left out. we have now learned ukraine was a hot topic in the trump campaign long before the 2016 election. we'll have the story for you in a moment. also ahead here, apple making a huge bet on streaming original content. we speak with an expert about the impact of apple tv plus and the growing streaming services you're about to be bombarded by. . anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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welcome back to your viewers in the united states and all around the world. we are watching cnn "newsroom". we appreciate it. i'm natalie allen. here are our top stories. president trump spent saturday night at a mixed martial arts championship. there were boos when mr. trump walked in and cheers from as well. firefighters are working to contain the maria fire. 12 other fires are 70% contained now. some are all but extinguished. 13 people were killed when a car bomb exploded at a market in
1:29 am
syr syria. turkey and kurdish forces are blaming one another. u.s. president trump has been pushing a debunked conspiracy theory that ukraine, not russia, was behind the hacking of democratic party computers ahead of the 2016 election. now we know where he may have gone such an idea. paul manafort, who had ties to ukraine, was making the claim when he was chairman of the trump campaign. it is just one of the fascinating details uncovered by then special counsel robert mueller but left out of his final report. cnn obtained 274 pages of documents collected by mueller's team. and there is much more to come.
1:30 am
shimon prokupecz picks it up from here. >> reporter: the newly obtained fbi reports show how president trump and other top 2016 trump officials repeatedly discussed how to get access to the stolen wick leaks emails. rick gates games discussions within the trump's campaign as it pursued damaging information about hillary clinton. some of what these discussions show recalled a time on the campaign aircraft when trump said get the emails. the interviews show michael flynn claimed he could somehow use intelligence sources to obtain some of these emails. and then rick gates describes how several close advisers to donald trump and trump's family members and trump himself consider how to get the stone
1:31 am
documents and even pushed for this effort donald trump jr. we're told in family meetings, according to these documents, would have discussions about this. michael flynn was present, jared kushner, paul manafort and people attached to the campaign, corey lewandowsky, jeff sessions who was part of the campaign at the time all expressed interest in obtaining the emails as well. this is just the start of more to come. cnn has sued for more of this. we're told every month we are expected to get more as the justice department has been ordered to release these documents on a monthly basis. the documents also show how the trump campaign, paul manafort at the time, erroneously raised the possibility that the ukrainians, not the russians, might have
1:32 am
been the ones responsible forring thatting the computers of the democratic national committee in 2016. this is what mueller was told when he was interviewed. these documents are just the beginning of what more is going to come within the next few months. we expect more documents like this to be released by the department of justice. shimon prokupecz, cnn, new york. the documents cnn has obtained from the mueller investigation lend contacts to the ukraine investigation now under way in congress. it's too soon to say if mr. trump will be impeached, but the risk of that happening seems to grow daily. we get more from alex march cart. >> reporter: a roller coaster of the week, one that took the impeachment inquiry into new heights and set the stage for a historic showdown on capitol hill. democrats and republicans in lock step with their parties as
1:33 am
the deeply divided house of representatives voted on thursday to make the inquiry official. two democrats joined the republican minority in voting against it, which the gop claimed as a bipartisan victory. >> the only bipartisan vote on that floor was against. >> reporter: while democrats who won the vote struck a somber tone and argued they had no choice. . >> this is a solemn day in the history of our country when the president's misconduct compelled us to continue to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: that will mean open, televised hearings and transcripts from the dozen closed door testimonies released to the public next week. one person ready to testify is the most senior u.s. diplomat in ukraine, ambassador bill taylor. he already told lawmakers he understood u.s. military aid for ukraine was tied to so-called investigations and was told in order for the new ukrainian
1:34 am
president to get a meeting with president trump, president zelensky would have to go to a microsoft and say he is opening investigations of biden and 2016 election interference. that was confirmed thursday by tim morrison, on the infamous july 25th call between the two presidents in which trump asked for a favor. morrison was told by his boss to stay away from the shadowy parallel ukraine policy led in part by rudy giuliani. however, morrison said nothing was wrong with the call saying, i want to be clear, i was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed. the white house is already looking ahead saying impeachment by the house is all but a foregone conclusion. >> this has been set up to impeach the president. so that's something that we're expecting. but we can always hope the dems will come to their senses. >> reporter: democrats are more fired up than ever, after long
1:35 am
time career officials have given damning testimony. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, top expert on ukraine on the july call saying this week he was so convinced that the president was blocking $400 million in aid for political reasons that vindman went to the national security counsel lawyers twice. the top lawyer quickly ordered the transcript of the call be placed in a highly classified server, restricting access to it. vindman, according to a source, testified he was told not to talk to anyone about the call. it was colonel vindman, along with ambassador taylor, who contradicted one of the main envoys, gordon sondland, ambassador to the european union. he denied pushing investigation spaos joe biden and his son in a july 10th meeting with ukrainian officials 6789 but vindman and boss fiona hill both understood he was.
1:36 am
vindman said hill even shut down a meeting over it. witness after witness compounding the evidence that the president linked aid for ukraine for investigations into his political opponents. the president declaring the democratic-led is the greatest witch-hunt in american history. . >> we are going to finish our investigation and the public testimony and then make a decision on whether the remedy of impeachment is warranted. >> reporter: even as much of this is set to go next week, the three committees are looking to hear from lawyer john eisenberg, as well as colleague michael ellis. the big fish they want to get is john bolton who said he will only appear if subpoenaed. bolton compared that rogue ukraine policy to a drug deal. alex march cart, cnn, new york. saudi arabia's crown jewel and the world's most profitable
1:37 am
company is looking at a stock market debut. we have a live report next on the long-awaited initial public offering. also coming up, thousands fill the streets of washington to celebrate a baseball first. yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. there's so much scent in new gain scent blast detergent...'ll either love it or... mmm... i guess not. new gain scent blast. love it or hate it. it's intense.
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thousands line the streets of washington, d.c. to celebrate their baseball team's first ever world series title. the washington nationals beat the houston astros to claim the title of champions. cnn's natasha chen has more on the celebrations in the u.s. capital. there was a sea of people in red and white with not an inch to spare on the sidewalks along constitution avenue. they watch as buses went by with their favorite players. they watched them raise the
1:41 am
championship trophy. and then people came to this stage behind us to come up to the microphone and really thank the fans. the players, the owner, the manager of the team, they gave a special thank you to the fans who really did not give up on them. at the beginning of the season, the nationals were down 19-31. the repeated message here was that they actually had a very small chance to get to this point. and so to defeat those odds is a really big deal. of course we are in the shadow of capitol hill, of course, in congress there are political fights happening every day. instead, on this stage, one of the speakers say people may think d.c. cannot be united, but he said the nationals have united d.c. people in the crowds spent 12 hours waiting there to get a great position. they said they have learned to tune out the politics in this town and just celebrate this
1:42 am
moment that is 95 years in the making much the owners said good things come to those who wait. they said this was definitely worth the wait. that stharb chen, cnn, washington. the team is set to visit the white house monday, but at least one player says he's not going to attend. pitcher shaopb doolittle tells the "washington post" he's skipping the visit because of donald trump. he referenced some of the u.s. president's policies and divisive rhetoric telling the paper, quote, as much as i wanted to be there with my teammates and share that experience with my teammates, i can't do it. i just can't do it. well, the world's most profitable company is moving ahead with its initial public offering. the oil giant will lift shares on the saudi stock exchange. plans would push back following the drone attack on facilities back in september that briefly knocked out half the company's
1:43 am
daily oil production. it's not yet known when the ipo will happen. but when it does, it could she the biggest on record. for more, i'm joined by cnn business emerging markets editor john. good to see you. >> hi, natalie. . >> it may be the biggest ipo in history. how much oil does this company produce? >> well, it is the crown jewel, if you will, of the kingdom, natalie. and you rightfully suggest it is the most profitable company in the world. we consume 100 million barrels a day. saudi aramco praoutsz about 10 million barrels. 1 out of 10 barrels every day in the market comes from saudi arabia. it produces oil at $2 to $4 a barrel, which is extraordinary. in 2018, they had two times the profits of apple. three things we need to watch
1:44 am
out for here. can they beat the listing of alibaba? the crown prince had a target of $2 trillion for the overall evaluation of aramco. this is a climb down of going public on the new york stock exchange or tokyo, hong kong or shanghai. right now the chairman said there are no plans for an international listing. but they were proud to say we look forward to the comparisons of other international oil companies. aramco has five times the other international oil companies. they have more reserves than all of them. they are looking forward to getting the public markoffering
1:45 am
the end of the year. >> it was damaged by a drone attack. and that cut down on its production. that has it recovered from attacks in mid-september? could it be vulnerable to other attacks that might diswade? >> the argument at the press conference today that took place in riyadh, look how quickly they recovered. 100% of the capacity and the ability to produce that level on the market, nearly 10 million barrels a day. it is extraordinary that in less than two months's time they are announcing the ipo after such a major attack on those facilities. we have to bring up the fact that after the murder of khashoggi and the arrest of 400 saudi businessman at the
1:46 am
ritz-carlton in late 2017, they see the ipo as a vehicle here to move forward and not to move back. in fact, natalie, when i was at the future investment initiative, last week in riyadh, they are not shouting from the rooftops. they want to deliver. this is part of the process going forward. >> all right. thanks so much, john. . >> you bet. >> apple is taking its shot in the video streaming wars. hear that from a tech and media expert as the tech giant takes on netflix, disney, and amazon. it's getting busy out there. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey.
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the reviews are starting to come in for apple tv plus. a day after the sub skreupgdz-based video service was launched in more than 100 countries. >> good morning. i'm bringing you some sad and upsetting news. and while i don't know the details of the al tkpwaeulgzs. >> she is throwing me under the bus. >> my co-host and partner of 15 years was fired today.
1:51 am
>> one of the new apple productions animal is making for $6 billion. from the likes of jennifer aniston, steve carell and reese witherspoon. it's a critical time as it looks for new revenue in the face of slumping iphone sales. apple tv plus joins a growing field with a wide range of pricing. netflix has a monthly subscription from 8.99 to 15.99. amazon prime is $12.99 and has other benefits. apple tv is $4.99. disney plus will cost $6.99. are you making notes here? then there is hbo max from cnn's parent company, that would be
1:52 am
us, warnermedia, it launches next year and will cost 14.99. many have discounts for annual subscriptio subscriptions. well, that's good. let's talk to media and technology expert who joins us from los angeles via skype. thanks for joining us, seth. . >> happy to be here. good morning. in morning. that is a lot of subscriptions to add to a consumer's wi-fi and cable bill. it sounds like we will all be spending more money. what is the reaction to apple tv's first venture? . >> it's a mix so far. it really is early stage. this is an ambitious thing they are doing. they are acting as a film executive, $5 billion production budget at play here. there is a long list of series that are coming basically.
1:53 am
there's a number out right now. . >> it is about to be more crowded and complex, never mind netflix. who else is jumping in? . >> there are a few coming in. hbo max is there. you mentioned the big incumbents out there. viacom has something called pluto tv. if you look more broadly out there, jeffrey catsen berg has mobile shorts.
1:54 am
so i think it will kind of keep occurring in the market for some time. perhaps there's a shakeout. >> it seems we are obsessed with making it shorter and shorter and shorter, thinking that's what people want. we will also see content bundles. >> that is the real thing going forward. and i think that's where entities like apple and disney is incredibly important to launch in a week and a half. what you will likely see are different services bundled in for perhaps a better price point. there's been talk -- nothing has been confirmed -- that they would bundle in their music service. their news service.
1:55 am
they have a pretty great gaming service called arcade. it might be 13 or 15 bucks. disney could potentially do this. they could bring in espn or hulu. it could be a significant thing to compete against netflix. >> oh, so let's talk about netflix. they were the first. remember when they said we're going to have an original series and we all went, what? they were the first to do it. we have come a long way since then. are we going to see changes from netflix if they feel threatened by all of this competition? >> in my view, i don't think any are netflix killers. apple plus is all about original content for now. yeah, i think there will be competitive pressures on them.
1:56 am
sure, they could pull back some of their catalog. every time netflix raises prices, you will expect to see subscriber drops. here in hollywood with film exhibitors, theater owners, it is a little bit of back and forth with them right now. this new martin scorsese picture, the irishman, there has been a fight over the window that the film theaters will actually have it before it goes into netflix. i still think they will be a very big provider of original content. same with amazon as well. >> it's a "new day", is it not? if people get too confused they can always just watch cnn.
1:57 am
hey, how about a shameless plug. seth, we appreciate you helping us out with that. well, thank you for watching this hour. i'm natalie allen. i'll be right back with another hour of news. please stay with us.
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trump. he returned to new york and was met with boos and cheers. >> also, new efforts by democrats hoping to replace him in the white house. how they're working to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. and isis claims responsibility for an attack that killed dozens. details


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