How “The Dark Knight” impact to the movies industry.

Hello, welcome back to my blog again, this time it is a special part of the content because we have some of the Podcast video to everyone to watching :D. Moreover, I also has a special guest from “NATCHAPOLNADEMAHAKUL Blog” which we know him in a content about the movies too. (you can also followed him at here). And both of us in this time, we will discuss about one of a super hero movie that it has a lot of impact to the movie industry until today. Actually I think it is one of the best super hero movies of all time, the reason is that they got a really high score from critics, got a high profit when it was released, and it won 2 Oscars in 2009. This super hero movie that I have mention to you is “The Dark Knightthe_dark_knight_poster.jpg

And this is trailer.

And this is some of the information from me and NATCHAPOLNADEMAHAKUL Blog that also review and comment about then things in this movie.

And this is our Podcast about “The Dark Knight

“The Dark Knight” (2008) is a second part of the story from “The Dark Knight Trilogy” that directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Inception, Interstellar), which the story will focus on “Bruce Wayne” (Christian Bale) life more than other Batman movies that it will focus on Batman story about how Batman protecting a Gotham City.


The story has continue from “Batman Begins” (2005)  that after people in Gotham know about Batman, there was a villain that people will known him as “The Joker” (Heath Ledger), which he was ruin the whole city and make chaos to everyone in the city because he want to beat Batman only.

Like I have said, the story didn’t focus on the way that how Batman will fight against the villain, but it just focus on how the main character (Bruce Wayne) think and how he feel with the situation that it has been occurred. Moreover, the story just make it realistic with everything in the movie will make it look so real and can be possible in our life including with action scene that Batman is a normal person, so he cannot fighting so much like in the comic or other version of Batman in the past (including with Batman in the future) but it concern on how realistic that can be happened in our life. In addition, the story is really in the serious tone, which other super hero movies has never do it before, and they do not want to do it because they thought that super hero movies is base on the concept of fantasy, however Nolan has elaborate it in a new way that didn’t base on the fantasy like other super hero movies, but he just base on the reality of the world, serious dark tone of the story, and play the role with human self consciousness. Thus all of this factor make “The Dark Knight” become a new kind of super hero movies, that the audience and critics also loving this movie, and it also make a revolution to the movie industry, not only super hero movie only but also all kinds of movies that make an impact to a lot of movies producers to notice that “A serious movie can be a fun and great movies too.” Therefore. after released “The Dark Knight” in 2008 there are also created an impact to society especially in movie industry that there are so many impact to them too.


Now, let’s see some of the impact to the movie industry after the release of this movie.

First thing that we will mention, it is about the impact to “Oscar Nomination” or Academy Awards Nominated”.  This movies also nominated for 8 Oscars, and won 2 Oscars  in Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Heath Ledger) and Best Achievement in Sound Editing. However, after the end of the Oscars in that year, people also blame and disappointed with the result of the nominations, especially about “Best Picture” that there are only 5 movies that it was a candidate to nominated on the Academy Award for Best Picture. People also blaming that why “The Dark Knight” doesn’t nominated in Best Picture Awards, it also great more than some of the movies that have been nominated in that time too, some people also said that it is a blockbuster movies and also in trends so they will not pick it to be a candidate in Oscar Best Picture Nominations. Thus, after a lot of complaining and blaming about this issue, The Academy Awards has changing the rule of “Best Picture Awards” that first there will be only 5 movies that will be nominated, but after that year they just increased the nomination into 10 movies, to give a chance to a blockbuster movies.


Second thing, it is about the way to make a movies for movie industry. After the successful of “The Dark Knight” in 2008, “Warner Brothers. Picture” also see that this is a new trends for a movies in this era right now, so this company also make a new policy for a new movies in their own company to have a tone of the story to become serious, dark and base on the reality that can be occurred in the real life like “The Dark Knight” ,so after the release of the policy, a lot of movies from “Warner Bros. Picture” also tell the story in a serious tone and has based like “The Dark Knight” such as “Man of Steel”, “Mad Max Fury Road”, “Batman v Superman”, “Godzilla”, and “Watchmen”






You can see these trailer that how was the tone of movies is.

It doesn’t impact to “Warner Bros. Picture” only but it also impact to other movies industry too, especially the way that the director has using this movie to inspire their own movies too.

For example, Sam Mendes, the director of “SKYFALL” and “SPECTRE”, also said to the press conference that “SKYFALL” (Bond 23) has been inspired from “The Dark Knight” because he think that this movie has focus on the right point of the main character and also has a serious tone of story, so he want to make the audience focus on James Bond feeling and the falling of his life. A the result is it is success on profit and reviews from critics too.

Skyfall - Daniel Craig As James Bond.jpg

Another example is, Movies from Marvel Studio, which a lot of movies from this studio will have a completely opposite tone of the story. However,  Anthony RussoJoe Russo (The director of Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War, and Avengers Infinity War) also seen that they can improve the story of Captain America to be excited too, so they got an inspiration from “The Dark Knight” when they was directed Captain America The Winter Soldier and just put some of the idea in to the movie. The result is it become one of the best part of Captain America in that time and also make it unique from other movies from their company, and also become one of the movie from Marvel that fans boys also loving it. (And they also using these inspirations into Captain America Civil War and the result is same with Captain America The Winter Soldier).

And This is some of the example of the impact of “The Dark Knight” to the movie industry. Actually there are more example about it, there are a lot of movies that got inspiration from this movies that I didn’t mention yet, so what do you guys think about it, do you agree with this, and what movies that you think I should mention about it, you can also comment about it too. And also you can followed NATCHAPOLNADEMAHAKUL Blog too, this is one of the blog post which I believed that a movies lovers will love with the content in this blog.


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