The Dark Knight Movie Review

*Waring this post contains spoilers for the Dark Knight Movie*

This may very well be one of my favorite movies. And I’m not in any way ashamed to say that.


The Dark Knight is the second in Nolan’s batman trilogy. Most people, including myself, rank it very highly on a list of superhero movies. In this review, you might find out why.

The first scene was an exiting ride. The clowns were talking about the Joker as if he were some sort of overlord. No one, however, knew he was part of the robbery. The clowns took each other down one by one. The Joker had obviously planned this through very thoroughly, giving secret instructions to each of his men. This scene and the rest of the movie have a few little moments that make the overall film so much better. The clowns making people hold active grenades was one of them. It all builds up to our first look at the Joker. When he takes off his mask and reveals his scared and painted face, everyone knows that no matter how good anyone’s performance is, it would never compare.


The next scene shows Batman taking down some thugs. I liked how they brought scarecrow back. His appearance is one of those nice touches I love so much about this film. In other superhero series, the villains are throwaway. The fact that Nolan brought one back from Batman Begins is one way this trilogy separates itself from others. I also liked the copycats, they’re a prime example of how Batman has made a difference in just a few years. It’s also good how they depicted Batman getting injured. Or a battered Bruce Wayne stitching himself up. It adds humanity to an otherwise emotionless role. In Marvel, once the suits are on, no one can get injured and no one gets hurt. It’s just another difference.


The next small bit I did fret over. When they introduced Harvey Dent, I was worried they had too many villains, like in Spiderman 3. They handled it well and Dent became one of the cooler characters in the movie. There was that cool bit of foreshadowing where he himself said, “You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Another detail I liked was the section where Bruce asks for a new suit from Fox. Other movies might just change it between films without an explanation. Nolan, however, takes the time to build things up.

One of the few things I don’t like in this film is Rachel Dawes. She’s been replaced with a new actor for this film. The change was made because in Batman Begins, she came across dull. In this version, it wasn’t that much better. It was, however, an improvement.


The Joker is a whole other matter. He dominates every scene he appears in. Almost every line he speaks has become almost, in a sense, iconic. The two scenes where he threatens his victim with his scares are pure genius. I also love the interrogation scene and how Batman can’t get anything out of the Joker and how it becomes apparent that the Joker is just toying with him.


Two-Face is one of the more powerful bad guys in the comics and animated TV shows. They could have had Dent rip off his bandages in a post credit scene and build hype for the next movie. But the fact that Dent is so powerful and just becomes the Joker’s lapdog only makes the painted villain better. The two boats was a brilliant metaphor for Gotham. That scene was a good build up and afterwards, Batman was convinced he had won. But Gotham had lost. Dent killed a bunch of people and Batman had to take the blame. Though everyone was saved and the Joker gets caught, the Joker still won. Everything Dent stood for was destroyed. And that’s the fantastic part.



Percentage: 99%

Letter Grade: A+

Do you agree with this review? If you want to see more of Nolan’s trilogy, you can read my Batman Begins Movie Review. Anyway, nerd out!

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