How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Person

Create A Wikipedia Page

By Guest Author(Evana Adams)

Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia has became one of the largest encyclopedias. It is a free encyclopedia which is available online. It is free because you can create it without any charges and access it anytime from anywhere. On Wikipedia, you can recreate the information. It is an open online substance reference book, which is made through the synergistic exertion of the network of the clients called as Wikipedians. It is available for everyone so any person can envision the site and can make his or her article for distribution. The best advantage of this platform is anyone can create a content, article and any reader can edit any article of Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia, anyone can make his or her page. In addition, the only requirement is to pass the eligibility criteria of the Wikipedia community. If you are satisfied with this concern, then you can publish your content. If you want to become perfect Wikipedian then you need to write good content with a defined format. There are many types of pages available on Wikipedia such as, for the company, for advertising, for the organization, for a movie, for the actor, and yourself also.

How to create a page on Wikipedia?

All the pages on Wikipedia are created by the accessing page title and usually by clicking on a red-colored link. The creation of a Wikipedia page is very simple and based upon clicking a red link; you will be transported to a black page. Once you enter any text, then click on the Publish changes button. There are many pages, which are created by a user, seen with an existing red link on the page.

There are two methods for creating a page on Wikipedia, one is with the help of searching, Second is Previewing a Red link. Both methods of creating a page are given below. WW


In this method, you have to enter the text in the search field for which title you want to create a page. If you entered text which do not exist or it is not technically restricted on the page, then it is advised you that you can create your page. Then the Wikipedia platform will provide you the red link for the page title. However, make sure, before going to create any type of content on this platform, you first need to learn about the Wikipedia community and read how it works. Then your next step is to create an account. For creating an account, you need to fill right information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. If you are going to start the initial level then you should start from small content. After that, collect your sources and submit your page for review.

Previewing a Red Link:

  • In this method, you have to follow some steps:

  • In the first step, you need to click edit on any accessible page.

  • Then click on the page title that you want to create, write it in the double brackets for example [[Title]].

  • Now you have to click on the Show preview button, but make sure you do not need to click on the Publish changes button.

  • Now, click on the red link revealed.

By all these steps, you can create a Wikipedia page for any person or yourself.

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