Is Jan hooks married? - Answers

Is Jan hooks married?

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How tall is Jan Hooks?

Jan Hooks is 5' 6".

When was Jan Hooks born?

Jan Hooks was born on April 23, 1957.

What is Jan Hooks's birthday?

Jan Hooks was born on April 23, 1957.

How old is Jan Hooks?

US comedienne Jan Hooks was 57 years old when she died on October 9, 2014.(birthdate: April 23, 1957)

Who are the actresses in the swiffer commercials?

Jan Hooks from SNL?

How did Jan Hooks die?

Jan Hooks died due to cancer which she had been battling from before her death. She died on October 9, 2014 in her home in Woodstock, New York at the age of 57.

Who is Jan jeffcoat married to?

she is married to me

Who were Stan and Jan Berenstain married to?

Stan and Jan Berenstain were married to each other.

Was Jan matzeliger married?

There are no existing records to show that Jan Matzeliger ever courted or married.

What months are not good months to get married?

if you don't like snow or being cold don't get married in Jan or Dec if u do like snow get married in Jan or Dec

Why did Miep and Jan Gies get married?

Miep and Jan were very much in love, and were married for over 60 years. They married because they knew they were "right" for each other.

Was Jan Matzeliger married and did he have a child?

No, there is no evidence that he ever married or had children.

Was Jan Van Eyck Married?


Where did miep and Jan gies get married?

In Amsterdam.

When did James Patterson get married?

He was married to Susan Patterson on Jan. 1, 1980

Where did anne of cleves get married to Henry VIII?

They were married at Greenwich Palace on Jan.6,1540.

Is bill Anderson married to Jan howard?

no, she is married to maurice acree jr

Is prison inmate Jan porretto married?

Yes he is!

What are Types of fishing hooks?

types of fishing hooks are circle hooks, j hooks, live bait hooks,baitfish hooks,off set hooks etc.

What exact day did Thomas Jefferson get married on?

On jan.1,1772 Thomas jefferson got married.

Is Jan Brett married?

Yes. She is married to Joseph Hearne who plays with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Who was miep gies married to?

Miep was married to Jan Gies, a Dutch social worker. They were married until his death in 1993.

Who is Jan louel olaguer?

jan louel olaguer is anghela avens boyfriend and will be married 5 years later

Is Adam Garcia married?

no he is currently single (jan 2010)

Are Stephen yardley Jan Harvey married?

Sadly, yes!