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Terre Haute Tribune (Newspaper) - January 5, 1953, Terre Haute, IndianaThe Terre Haute Tribune. Maid Testifies Wife W She Killed Colonel By William C. Barnard. TOKYO. Jan. 5.—(ft—A Japanese maid testified today that Dorothy Krueer Smith brandished a kitchen knife over ber dying husband and cried: “I’m so glad I did it:” Mrs. Smith, daughter of retired Gen. Walter Krueger of World War II fame, is being tried by a U. S. Army court martial on a charge of murdering Col. Aubrey Smith in their Tokyo home the night of Oct. 3. The maid, Shigeko Tani, 28, testified she wrested a foot-long hunting knife from Mrs Smith and hid in a downstairs living room. She said Smith was stabbed with the hunting knife. Miss Tani, speaking in Japanese,! told the nine-member American! court: She ran back to the Smiths* bedroom and found Mrs. Smith holding a small kitchen knife over the bleeding colonel in his bed. Breaks Down In Court. Mrs. Smith had the knife in her right hand and the colonel was holding Mrs. Smith’s right wrist. Mrs. Smith wept frequently at today’s opening session. Twice she broke down in wracking sobs. She is 40 and the mother of two. Miss Tani, a cool and composed witness, said Smith, 45-year-old chief of the plans and operations division of the logistics section of U. S. Far East headquarters, told her he had been stabbed by his wife. Mrs. Smith is charged with premeditated murder, for which the maximum penalty is death and the alternate penalty is life imprisonment. Lt. Col. W. H. H. Jones, attorney for the prosecution, declined comment when asked whether the death penalty would be asked. Before the trial, Mrs. Smith was under observation in an Army hospital. The defense has indicated it would challenge an Army board’s finding that Mrs. Smith was able to distinguish right from wrong. PARROT IN CLINK; HAPPY AT RELEASE Troops, Reds, | Clash In Iran; Two Are Killed DEA THS COWIN SIDDONS. Edwin Skidoos. 36 years old. 1034 Tip-. pecsnoe street, died et the Union Ho*-! pi tai Monday at 9:30 a.m. He Is aumvedi bv the wife. Mrs. Sarah Stridor**; two stepsons. Everett and Robert Dewey, both of Terre Haute; the mother. Mr* Maude! Starks, of Evansville; a half sister, Hekeb . n. ■ .t *    rem TW Schaumburger. of Evansville; a half TEHRAN, Iren., Jan. 5.—GB—Two brother. Frank Starks, of Chicago, andj nercnne were killed    and 26 Other    si*    grand -stepchildren The body    was person.* were uuea    ana co mutt    to thc Cllht Memory chapel.    Sid-1 seriously injured as army troops donx was , member of Euclid Lodge 573.J opened fir. on Communists today re*- at the climax of three days of    “    ----- rioting    CBAKLES S. FAIST. HttnHrpH« of nthprt    wpre less se-    The body of Charles S Faust. 611 years, Hundreds OI omers    were less se    ^    forrner rodent of Terre Haute    who verely injured and about 200    per-    d;ed    at    Evansville Friday night, w*u ar-, conc were arrested in wild Street    rtv*    ln    Terre Haute Monday night    and sons were arrested in who street i    ^    ^ken ^ ^ Gilllg Memory; fighting near the Parliament build- Chapel Funeral services will be held at Ina    Tehran and    the ancient holy    the Gulls Memory    Chapel    at 10.30j mg    leman ana    inc aneurin uwy    ocJock Wednesday morning    with the town of Qum.    Rev R Powell Mead, pastor of the Cen- Pnlire said one student believed tral Christian Church, officiating. Burial rouce said one iiuueui urucvru wlll ^ ln Roe<lawn Memorial Park with] to be a Communist was Stabbed to Masonic Lodge No. IS conducting grave- death and 18 persons were seriously j side rites.__ injured in a clash between    Reds    flotd o. Langford. and right-wing Pan Iranians    near    Floyd    o. Langford. 40 years old.    died ♦ bp    Parliament    building Most of    at the residence. 400    Locust    Street, at me    ramamem    auiiuiug. must s»    U;15 oclock Sunday    morning He is DEPORTATION faces millionaire the injured suffered deep knife survivediby on. daughter^m™ Laverne drat! dodgei Serge Rnbenstein wounds.    Ion. joseph Langford Ensimger of suih- (above) alter nearly 18 years of At Qum, one person was kiUed van. and one sister. Mr* Oralwoeof fighting to .vert the action, and eight seriously injured Sunday    h»u«.    ^bod^    ... U.S. Attorney General James night when the rioters refused lo nerai Home where funeral service* win McGranery ordered Rubinstein, disperse and troops opened fire £^**.55 u who served two and one-hall ; Troops were stationed around the MaJor rred w Batsch of the volunteers years on a 1847 draft conviction, Parliament and Pan Iranian Club of America officiating. to surrender himself. Rubinstein, in Tehran.    henry w. Maybeury. Premier Mohammed Mossadegh, Henry W Mayberry. 7^ years old. died 44 entered the United States from Canada in 1938 on a Portuguese passport.    (Internation a1) Priest Thwarts Robbery By Parish Member CHICAGO, Jan 5.—«*—A Roman Catholic priest subdued a knife-wielding youth who tried to rob the Sunday church collections, and found that the hoodlum was a member of his parish. The Rev. Umile Broccolo, pastor of Holy Rosary Church, and an usher were walking through the church basement to the office with $800 when a masked assailant attacked them Sunday. He slashed them with a butcher knife. Rips Off Mask. The priest overpowered his attacker and succeeded in ripping off the mask. He recognized the assailant as a graduate of the church’s parochial school. Broc- .    —-    - .    _    .    rficmiScal    at the residence. 1523 South Sixteenth ordered the immediate ais mi rf street Saturday night. He to survived of District Police Chief Ahmed J by the widow. Ollie; five sons. Edward Shaari for failing to take necessary    t^b..    ,™'dc*"d precautions. Shaari was later ar- aren and four great-grandchlldreji. The rested body was taken to the Bell Sc Bracken I Funeral Home where funeral services HENRY ORSATTI, clerk In a New York store, awaits rescue after two armed bandits handcuff him to a water pipe in the store’s washroom and fled with “several hundred dollars.” Police freed him with cutters. (International)  _R. R. 3, entered pleas of not guilty Rioting under way for two days iniwtiTbe held'at 2” o"cl«:k “Tuesday" after-1 niece. Mrs John Dyer, In Coal City. Only I to intoxication. Charles Ellmger, ..roc caid tn ha va flared UD;noon Wih Elder Richard De Bow officiat- other survivors are three other nieces. vpars old PRI cleaded Qum was said to nave Iiarea up Bunai wm be in Grandview came Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of Coal City, and -ca J ears Ola, n. n. A, picdueu ...... Mrs Eva Collenbaugh and Mrs. Bertha guilty to intoxication and all the SSS..    RaUR' 2anco.1 men’s casts were postponed until City. The body was taken to the Schop- Jan. 13. perihorst Funeral Home.    group was arrested after Charles f. Houston.    the vehicle allegedly driven by CLINTON. Ind.. Jan. 5.—(Special) following the return of Moslem re- lery ligious leader Ayatellah Borghei,    curt    allen whitsell. Iran’s “Red dean,” from the Com-; Gur^ Alien whitseii, infant son of Mr munist “peace” congress in Vienna, and Mn. Dale e whitseii of r r. i, died ,    , •    Monday morning at 1:30 o clock. Besides Austria.    the parents he is survived by a sister. Mary Alice WhitseU; the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Whitsell of New Goshen, and a grandmother. Mrs Emma Nichols of Terre Haute. The body was taken to the Gillis Memory Chapel where funeral services will be held at 3 p m. Tuesday, with burial in Highland Lawn cemetery. Knowland Feels Hawaii Certain To Get Statehood Continued From Page One. mrs. blanche m. pleasant. Mrs. Blanche M. Pleasant. 70 years old, 1110 South Tenth street, died at the resi-dence Monday at 8 30 a.m. Surviving are i the husband. Arthur E. Pleasant; a daughter, Mrs. Ruby Herbert, of Indianapolis; a son, Ralph T. Pleasant, of Terre Haute; a sister. Mrs. Gladys Stryken, of Terre Haute, and two grandchildren The body was taken to the Gillis Memory Chapel. COLUMBUS. 0., Jan. 5.-^-Toj    IT as J°Seph An' lh. master of a 119-year-old parrot    ,h named Bill, the situation wa sstrict-ly for the birds today. William Bradley, 43, remained in jail in lieu of $200 bond. The ancient parrot rested comfortably in its Richmond. Ind., home, but his master stayed jailed because he couldn’t furnish bond on a charge of having physical control of an auto while intoxicated. Both Bills were arrested here Saturday by police, but the bird’s mistress, Mrs. Bradley, rescued her pet Sunday night from the Humane Society’s animal shelter where police took the bird. The only comment on the situation was the bird’s. It yelled, “Hi Margaret, ever been here before?” when Mrs. Bradley showed up to claim it. O'DWYERS TOGETHER. Police said the usher, James Debiase, was carrying the money, proceeds from the days’ collections, when Collets sprang into the room and shouted, ‘‘I want that money.” When the pastor leaped at the youth, police said, Colletti wildly slashed at the two with a butcher knife. Broccolo suffered a cut wrist and Debiase a cut thumb. Parishioners called police. Authorities planned to question the youth about other recent slashings and robberies. Colletti formerly attended St. Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Ind. STRIKE CLOSES CITY SCHOOLS sufficient support to pass the bill in the Senate.’* The republican platform called for granting statehood to Hawaii immediately. Knowland said he and his three colleagues are ‘‘all very much interested in statehood for Hawaii and* hope it will have an early place” on the Senate calendar. Knowland said statehood for Alaska was not discussed at today’s session. He said such things as the length of time Hawaii has been a territory, and the size of its population, give it priority over Alaska. 8 HERE VOLUNTEER FOR ARMED SERVICES SARAH ALICE MURPHY. Sarah Alice Murphy, 94 years old. 518 North Fifth street, died Monday at 6 a m. She is survived by two sisters. Mrs. Lula Alice Owens and Mrs. Ola A. Bennett, both of Terre Haute. The body was taken to the Gillis Memory Chapel where fu 3. Clinton, died at the Vermillion County Hospital at 7:30 o'clock Sunday night following a four months illness. He is survived by one son. Ira of Clinton; one daughter. Mrs. Gladys Lloyd, Benton Harbor. Mich.; two brothers. James and . Howard Houston. R. R. 2, Clinton; one 111., pleaded guilty IO running sister. Mrs. Nora Foltz of Terre Haute, and three grandchildren. The body was taken to the Frist Funeral Home. HARRY DALE. SHELBURN. Ind., Jan. 5.—(Special)— Harry Dale. 71 years old. died at 2 o'clock Sunday morning at the residence. He is survived by three sisters. Mrs. May Russell and Mrs. Iva Hauger, both of Shelburn, and Mrs. Effie Rogers of Lafayette. The body was taken to the McHugh Funeral Home, where services will be at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial will be in Little Flock Cemetery. Monday, January 5, 1953. Senate Expects Early Test On Filibusters WASHINGTON, Jan. 5.-J.*-Sen. Ellender (D.-La.) predicted todiy t projected move to revise Senate rules so as to make it easier to halt filibusters “will be beaten by better than a 2-to-l margin.” The test may come tomorrow or the next day. The Senate, after organizing under republican control Saturday, recessed until tomorrow. Sen. Taft (R.-Ohio), new G.O P. leader, apparently was in position I to cut off debate and obtain a quick test at any time he wishes. Taft Saturday persuaded opposing sides to delay until Tuesday the start of their dispute over the issue, the ancient Senate custom of unlimited debate. In the past, southern democrats have used this as a weapon—called the filibuster—to talk civil rights measures to death. The old rule covering the point says that Senate debate may not be limited unless 64 of the 96 mem-1 hers vote to do so. Backers of civil (rights legislation contend it is virtually impossible to get the votes of 64 senators to limit debate. They propose a rules change which would allow 49 senators to shut off debate on any measure : after it had continued for 14 days. .Sen. Anderson (D.-N. M.)t acting J for the group, made the initial move Saturday, proposing that the Senate consider adoption of rules mr .rutLtr ,uc«u„    , Selection of jurors to hear the for the next two years. Without William Ellineer left the highway evidence in the charge of assault such consideration, the Senate and ran down an embankment into! and battery with intent against would.operate under the same rules the bottom lands of the Wabash La™* Henson. 29 years old. 929 it used last year River it was reported    Tippecanoe street, was under way Co-sponsors of this effort to get Lesiie Ray RR I Dennison, in the Vigo Circuit Court Monday new rules include 14 democrats, before Judge Herbert R. Criss. 4 republicans and I independent. red light and was fined $3.75. Henson is charged with attacking Taft said any senator could cut Marion Boatman, 22 years old. Mrs. Gertrude Dawson, 72 years off debate on the proposed rules 1237 North Eleventh street, was old, of 1665 Locust street on Sept..change simply by asking that An-placed under $2,000 bond Monday, IS in the vicinity of Fruitridge ave- derson’s motion be tabled. Taft pending an investigation concern- nue an(i Poplar street, where the said he probably would do this ing Boatman’s alleged association police reported they f°un<J *he after a brief debate—probably two Three Speeders Fined $11.75 In City Court George W. Bolin. 30 years old.; 427 North Twelfth street; Kenneth j Pugh, 28 years old, 309 McKeen street, and Carrell Crawford. 24 years old, 2643 Fen wood avenue, drew fines of $11.75 Monday from City Judge Edward S. Everett, on their pleas of guilty to speeding charges. Pleading guilty to charges of! intoxication, Curtis Soloman, 73 years old. Twenty-fifth street and Haythorne avenue; James Donahue, 62 years old, of Kokomo; Fred A. Divis, 30 years old, oil West Terre Haute; Chester De-Moss, 55 years old. 109 North1 Thirteenth street, and Earl Shelley, 69 years old, of the same address, were assessed fines of $5. DEMES CHARGES — David Weintraub, U.N. economic council chief has been named among 38 Americans on the U.N. payroll who have received "adverse" loyalty reports. Wein-tranh has been described before The latter two defendants were] the chief committee as a ' flagrant” example of allegedly disloyal American U.N. employes. He denies the charge. (International Sonndphoto) arrested after police found them pushing an auto which DeMoss had mistaken for his. William Ellinger, 26 years old. R. R. 3, West Terre Haute, pleaded not guilty to driving while intoxicated and two companions, Dewey) Ramsey, 46 years old, R. R. 3, West Terre Haute, and Martin Lawrence, 25 years old, also of! Henson Assault Trial Under Way In Circuit Court OLLIE DORSEY. MARSHALL. 111.. Jan. S.—(Special)— Ollie Dorsey. 80 years old.    died at I tu    vw..,c    XU-    o’clock    Sunday    afternoon    at    his re.i- neral    services will be held    Wednesday at    ^nce/Anur,1711 w.n ^ It ii»    Mar/. Fl. I n rn    with    Rpv    L    E    Ppvton    officiating    The body whs taRcn to the    *. larrs r u® p    wlin    Kev    **    outdating    Home from where funeral serv ices will be held at IO o'clock Tuesday mom‘Ir The Rev. H. J. Kemp will of Burial will be in Highland Lawn cemetery. MARSHALL PAISLEY. Word has been received here of the death of Marshall Paisley, IO years old. which occurred Saturday at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Paisley of Washington, D. C. Besides the parents, survivors are the grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Charles Paisley, formerly of Terre Haute. Eight Terre Haute and Wabash Valley area men, three who volunteered for service in the Army; four in the Air Force and one for Army airborne service, reported at the Indianapolis induction center today. Local recruiters identified the enlistees as: Army: Clarence W. Archer, 17 years old, 2211 Putnam avenue; MRS. RUBY HAZEL SMITH. LINTON. Ind., Jan. S.—(Special)—Mrs. Rudv Hazel Smith, 47 years old. formerly of Midland, died at 10:45 o'clock Sunday morning at the residence. 848 North Sherman Drive. Indianapolis, where the family moved about seven years ago. She is survived by the husband. Orval Smith; five children. Mrs. Vivian Rose Wood of Terre Haute, Mrs. Betty Jo Keller of Indianapolis. Jackie Smith of Jasonville and Billy and Judy Ann Smith, both at home; the mother. Mrs. Nancy Ann McBride of Terre Haute; a stepsister. Mrs. Viola Stalcup of Midland, and eight grandchildren. She was a member of Summerville Church of Christ near Midland. The body was brought to the Welch St Comet Funeral Home, where friends may call after 5 o’clock Monday afternoon. Funeral services will be in the funeral home at IO o'clock Wednesday morning. Brother Waldo Hoar of the Church of Christ officiating Burial will be in Lebanon Cemetery near Midland. MEXICO CITY, Jan. 5.-0B-Former U. S. Ambassador William CLARENCE LEE. „____   WESTFIELD.    III..    Jan.    5—(Special)— William C Tarksnn 18 Years old I Clarence Lee. 78 years old. died at 2 William E,. jaCKSon, lo yeaia i ^.|oclock sunday afternoon at his resi- West Terre Haute, and William    idence. five    miles east    of    Westfield.    He is BALTIMORE, Jan. 5. — GP    — The    Henry Sears, 19 years old, 3036    ?urv‘ved    by th*    wife,    Emiiy;_four    daugh O’Dwver and    his    wife    chowed    up    strike of 3'300 city cmP1°ye1s    which    North Sixth and One-half street. !*.    Lu    Lm    Olinda v    has choked off garbage collections    Air Force:-Ch a des E. Whitesell, together at a bull fight Sunday for the first time since they separated three weeks ago. Friends interpreted the appearance as an effort to halt divorce rumors. rn#. HH in this city of nearly a million vir- 20 years old, 208 South Twelfth tually paralyzed the public school s street; Gordon L. Neff, 23 years system today.    iold, 3561 Sheridan Road; Jerald G. Two-thirds or more of Balti- Englehart, 21 years old. 2415    ...... more s some 160 public schools had Thompson street, and John S Nel- Marr* Funeral Home in Marshall, and ters. Mr*. Iris Beddow of Terre Haute. Mrs. Gladys Ulrey of Martinsville. 111., Mrs Ruth Foster and Miss Catherine Lee, both of Chicago; four sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Parker and Miss Cecile Lee. both of Terre Haute, Mrs. Zona Newlin of Westfield, and Mrs. Muriel Fitzgerald of Arthur. III., and two brothers, Oscar of Springfield. Mo., and Clayborn of Martinsville. III. The body was taken to the It kl Unma in Marc-hall an/I I-JV tT I * ficiate and burial will be in the Marshall Cemetery.____ SUPERIOR JURORS HEAR FRAUD CASE The case of Mike Bellisne against Jack R. Ensley, George V. Parmley and Dr. J. Hubert Cusick, pushing a civil charge of fraud, was on trial in the Superior Court before Judge Thomas P. Gallagher and twelve jurors Monday. In alleged claim of $4,200 against the defendants was made by Bellisne in the suit filed in 1949. It was alleged that the matter arose in the transfer or failure to transfer stock and assets in the Wabash Valley Investment, Inc. Evidence was to get under way Monday afternoon. Members of the jury hearing the cases are Ralph Fields, Melvin Hunt, Ralph Newpoit, John H. Alsup, Sandford Scott, Arthur E. Walls, Jr., Gerald Cesinger, Everett Oberholtzer, Max I. Hix, Charles Norris, William Thomas and Dorph Brown. Originally filed by Attorney Lee R. Criss, who represents the plaintiff, three other attorneys are now in the matter representing the defendants. They are Hunter J. Von Jerdie Lewis and George with a juvenile girl. CHURCHILL IN U. S. FOR TALKWITH IKE Continued From Page One. elderly woman stripped of her hours for each side, clothing in the early morning    senators    agreed that    a ho"TS- „    , ...    .combine    of most republicans and to take Mr* Dawson and .nother ^^hera demtKrats woald quickly couple to their home from a tav-; a    effort, although not all em on North Tenth street. Henson put ^ prospective margin as high is alleged fo have taken the couple as Filer tier did in ta.king to I to their home and then driven toireP°^ter- Fruitridge avenue where he a1-! Taft said he believes the existing legedly attacked Mrs. Dawson. rule governing debate limitation Attorney N. George Nasser is de- never has had a fair trial. He fending Henson. In addition to a contended that civil rights raeas-previously not guilty plea he also tires could be considered under filed a special pleas of insanity and present Senate rules. He did not a motion to suppress evidence. amplify this. Attorney Nasser passed the jury    -- about 11:30 a. rn. and Prosecutor!i said he    believed is ‘‘along    the frontiers of the Iron Curtain in;John R. Jett was questioning jurors! Europe.”    when    the    noon recess was    called. Asked about economic    relations    Court    officials believed that    a jury between    Great Britain    and    the^^id    be    -mpanelled late Monday!    ;- United States, Churchill said:    afternoon.    f    NTOYORK,    Jan^S.. “Our views are very simple. We it was reported that Dr. C. R Lewis, L nitro Mine LEWIS SCORNS T-H LAW AMENDMENT SPI«» ck* down because there was no son. 19 years old. of Center Point    ™SS~wi*"£:Harm,c-! heat, authorities estimated. The Armv    Airborne:—Edward    W. hew at I o’clock Tuesday aft»rnoon at : !?    trwlnu    ofter    m—i_t_ '    ,« ______ j    n____ Rtchwoods Church, and burial will be nrs vi 3—John _________ ^__ ^    _      Workers don’t want to live on you. We want) Vanarsdall and Dr. N. M. Silver- ^-n*°a president, today turned aside to earn our own living . . . but if raan had been named by the court I    a    bout    amending the Taft- you shut the door and won’t take to examine the defendant on the Hartley Act and declared, “I rn for anything that we want to make, it:insanity plea. is hard to see how the unsatisfactory situation can be avoided or how we can find our real strength. That’s what we mean by trade, not aid.” Refers To Tariffs. His remarks referred to United States tariffs which make the import of some British products unfeasible. Questioned about British atomic developments. Churchill remarked that the United States had not stuck to the promise made by the late President Roosevelt to exchange with Britain the “fullest information” about the atomic bomb. “We want to be a useful partner,” Churchill said. “Wfe don’t want to ask any outright repeal. “The act is a pestilence and a scourge,” Lewis told reporters on his arrival aboard the liner Argentina from a South American labor conference. He said the designation of Martin P. Durkin, A.F.L. plumbers’ union chief, as secretary of labor in the Eisenhower cabinet should be confirmed by the Senate. Reminded that Sen. Robert A. --1    Taft (R.-Ohio)., had described the R. Impellitteri’s proposal for set-1 appointment as “incredible,” Lewis tiling the wage-hour dispute.    remarked: Allan S. Haywood, executive vice “Taft is, of course, against any president of the C I O., told the    bona fide    representative of labor meeting that the mayor had a duty    serving in    the cabinet.” to call a conference to speed nego- Lewis was accompanied by his Itiation of the strike issues.    daughter, Kathryn. He had attend- The mayor, taking note of this    ^ the Rio    de Janeiro biennial con- ything that" would remark, arranged the series of    frrence of    the World Confederation FEEL IMPACT OF BUSSTRIKE Continued From Page One. Before You Buy Any TV J j schools had reopened today after Kirkham, 19 years old, of Green-||| the Christmas holidays.    castle. i||l Janitors and firemen in the The Army and airborne volun-i schools are among the city labor- jteers will be sent to Fort Custer, lif ers affected by the five-day-old ’Hch., for training while those rn iH{strike.    the Air Force will go to Lackland Some are members of the A.F.L.(Air Force Base, Tex. ! International Teamsters Union,!      — Richwood* Church, and burial will in the adjoining cemetery. LAUHER. DEATH CHECK YIELDS meetings today between representatives of the T.W.U. and struck lins which represents the striking gar-;\4/fNpi n WAD I VFT m bage collectors, street cleaners,I¥VMR 1 VCI HI water and sewer department work-ig| ers and other manual laborers. Ifs The school board prepared to put III on television classes. • • • be sure to try a WILLIAM H PARIS. Ill . Jan. 5 — (Speciali-Funeral services for William L. Lauher, 68 years, ->ld, Kansas Township fanner, poet and former minister who died at Paris Hospital, were held at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon at the Harmony Church, north of Kansas. Burial will be in Harmony Cemetery. The body is at the Taber Funeral Home. Oakland For many years the Rev. Lauher was a, the pastor of churches in Edgar and TAKEN BY DEATH p“m^r,1;nd. CounUM H“ p“,ry- deil- STEWART-W ARNER 21 Ways Better J VIGO TELEVISION SALES 902 Chestnut. C-6634 GUNMAN LEAVES TIP. DETROIT, Jan. 5.-J1F—Norbert Schroll thought he could ar peal to the better instincts of a gunman whom he had picked up as a hitchhiker. “I’m on my way to church,” Scholl told the robber. George A. Carroll, 59 years old, an employe of the Terre Haute Water Works Pumping Station for a number of years, died at the veterans’ hospital at Indianapolis at 2 o’clock Monday morning. Sur- not be of common benefit.” Churchill had high praise for (President    Truman,    who    he    said    irJTx’    ...    .    a ^ GUNS, RED PAPERS has "headed    a™ah,e    Period    32 rn American history.    ejght    compjmje5    has    halted    33, buses. The    mayor    proposed    Saturday that the men    go    on a 40-hour    week of Free Trade Unions. Come to think of it, it would have been a better idea to name this month after Jack Frost. MONTREAL, Jan. 5.—G?v-Police making a routine check on the death of a 60-year-old Greek over the week end found his dingy room crammed with stacks of Communist code sheets, subversive literature and a miniature arsenal. Police said the man, Constantine Stathopoulos, apparently died of viving are the wife, Martha, and Sycamore Street, died at 6:30 o'clock Sun-one brother, Harry, of Cleveland !    <*■">' ing with everyday life problems and facts, was published in several autholo-gies. He was born near I sa bal. Edgar County, and is survived by the widow.! .    ,    _    „    -j    u- Juna. and two children, Mrs. Christine natural Causes. They Said he W 3S Evans of r r. 4, Paris, and Hadwin a member of the labor Progres-Lauher of Kansas.    .    ,     .    . - sive party and an agent here for mrs. lucille Baxter.    a p^ew York magazine, the Amer- CLINTON, Ind., Jan 5.—(Special)—    flrppk    Trihune Mrs. Lucille Baxter, 28 years old? of 835 lcan OreeK    lrioune.  _________ -______weeks’    ill- Ohio. He was a veteran of World ness She is survived by a son, Robert Lee War I. a member of Lawton- Byrum Post No. 972, V.F.W., and Curtis of Long Beach, Cal., and Mrs. Besides the code sheets and Red literature, the police found a fuily- He was a veteran of World; ness she^is survived by a sonj Robert^Lee loaded sub-machine gun and a long-handled hatchet in Stathopou- .    .___.    x«u^„itnp    KnoiAc    I    /vipp    I    Annabelle Lilley of Clinton, and four The    gunman,    who had    taken;t“ r    J    a t.    .    . brothers. Raymond    and Carl Hunt, both $56.10    from    Schroll, tossed    back The body was taken    to the    P. J. I of Gary; Edward    Hunt    of st. Paul Ryan & Sons Funeral Home where Minn., and Eugene Hunt. with the United a1.IU.    i    . 0    ^♦a.i__i.    States Army, who is en route home from “That aucht to be enough for Services Will be held at 8:30 O CLOCK; Korea. The body was taken to the Frist the collection plate." the gunman Wednesday montins: vrith requiem Tuner* Homx^--- mass at 9 o clock at St. Josephs:    charles    r. shill. ! church.    Burial will    be in St. I brazil, ind.    Jan.    s.-ispeciai— Joseph’s    cemetery. Military    rites charles r shun. 75    year*    old. of Toledo. r    -    ]    Ohio. died at the home of his daughter. los’ littered rooming house quar- He has taken great and valiant decisions, which have made us all feel better,” Churchill said. Churchill, after a stay of a few days in New York, will go to Washington to pay his respects to President Truman, then will go on to Jamacia for a two weeks vacation. No Congress Speech. He said he had not been invited to address a joint session of Con-1 gress, as had been reported in Washington, and had no plans to do so. He said there was “nothing) extraordinary” in his meeting— probably Tuesday — with Eisenhower. He said he had met Eisenhower perhaps IOO times during March I, with increases of 18 to 20 cents an hour in basic wages. - SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. * PLACE A ’WANT AD.” EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED Op»B Mondays Til 7 PM—Sand* J By Appointment Glasses Repaired While You Wait Gold-Standt Optometrists 8 North 7th St.    C-S6»7 945 OHIO TERRE HAUTE C-2223 • C-2224 THE UPTOWN LUMBER YARDS 606 W. NAT. BRAZIL 2-6261 said. PERSON to PERSON BANKING SERVICES Tuesday night. BANK THE EASY WAY! Banking by mail is just a part of the helpful, personal service yon’ll find here! Use our special mail deposit envelopes—your receipt comes back tho next day. ters. A neighboring roomer had {World War II. found the man dead in his bed. j “And even though this may be   -our 101st meeting,” he said, “it INSPECTOR GENERAL    doesn’t follow that anything should go wrong any more than at any of LOOKS OVER PLANT th« previous meetings.” Churchill sidestepped a question about the possibility of an economic blockade of China, reportedly under consideration by Eisenhower. A picket line of about 25 men Findlay,    Ohio,    and    two    arandchitdran.l Hie    I G. tour    will cover Terre    and women marched outside the The    body    was    taken    to    Miller    Sc    son    Haute    Ordnance    Depot Monday,    pier as the ship docked. They hart^Funeraf *Home e^nseFindiayf ^jhio* Tuesday and Wednesday and re-1 identified themselves as members where funeral services will be held at ajonai ._    130    o’clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial ® IS EXTINGUISHED wlH be in Lee Cemetery at Findlay. ---- During    the    annual    general    inspection, the officer is available to DIX' c o IST lilt will be Conducted at the grave by Jgrs gva Berry of Poland Sunday I members of the Law’ton-Byrum 'morning He is survived by the widow. rrv.~    ...ill K-    Ina Shull; two daughters. Mrs Clara Post. The rosary Will be recited Broadwater of Adrian. Mich., and Mrs. Col. D. M. Muth is in Terre Haute this week representing the office of the inspector general, at the Ryan chapel at 7:30 o’clock Berry; one sister Mrs. Glen Bullock, and Fifth Army headquarters, Chicago. FT. J one brother William Shull, both of    I    n    «i11    mvor    Torrp STRAW STACK FIRE CORDIA SHAKE. PAXTON. Ind.. Jan. 5—iSpeciaD- Terre Haute firemen today ended   ___    ,    _ „    -    Cordia Shake. 67 years old. of R R a 40-hour battle to extinguish s Paxton, widow of the late James Organized Reserve head quarters at 417 South Fifth street. of the American-Irish Minute Men of 1949. They bore sings with slogans such as “Unite Ireland” and "Eng- hear any complaints of personnel. jan(j g0t 35 billion dollars from the smouldering fire deep in a huge Shake-died at Mary Sherman Hospital    ^ .♦ tv,-    I!?L** 7*> °*J°<* Sunday eve- PASTORS HEAR TALK    Bernard    Baruch,    financier,    v,ho DR. C. MAXWELL will be Churchill’s host in New York. boarded the ship to greet BY j Stack of baled straw at the Weston nirg She is survived by seven brothers. Paper and Manufacturing Com-iwniiam b. Aisman. Paxton: id Aisman. ; K _    .    .    ,    ®    Farmersburg;    Jess Aisman. Oaktown; ipany, Prairieton road.    Ernest. Vergil and Roscoe Aisman of Pax-1    n ^ Mawr oil of the First Uho British loader The hlaro was discovered at 4-47 ton- and Lexie Aismcn of Sullivan, and; Dr. Clay Maxwell OI me rirsi Ute tsriusn leaaer. .1 U C * J aiscoverea ai 4one sSater Mrs Maude Watkin> of Du(i. p Baptist Church discussed re-    - o’clock Saturday afternoon. Thurs- «er. The body was removed to the New- ,    V    Noarn    on    sia    nnn/AOU    LSI** day night a similar fire did an est,-    Horn. .. pt...,n.vlll.. igtons of he American Negro on NQ PRIVACY FOR HIM, mat-1 $1,000 damage to one of the    mss raftman    the general erne    _    ncriADEC    BABIfltV company’s straw stacks it Six-| poLANp. ind:. Jan. J^^Pfciai^u;    Association    DECLARES    BARKLEY __j    'TU®    neral services for Ro** Raftman. 68 years    Haute teenth and Chase streets. The old pr„idrnt of the Poland Bank. who Jan. 5.— OU cause was unknown in both cases, died saturday, win be hew at zion meeting.    editor*    *^V A fire Sunday did an oMimatod E.v?n,leli^1    Churt*    at L3o Rev. Martin Bellinger of Salters After 40 years in public service, A fire Sunday did an estimated, o.^Tugdjgr    Methodist    Church    conducted    devo-    says retiring Vice President Aiben to the residence    tho    v    w    C    A.    gathering.    Birkie?, how can he retire to a $50 damage to the L. E. Jenkins rstHanm ruvxt v«-+h    Co.r.nfi,    Home and returned to the residence14;ons at    the Y.W.C.A. gathering.    Berkley, how    can he retire residence, 3026 North    Seventh    Monday afternoon The body will be ‘ions    U,e ‘    -    app    nrival* life'’ street, when an electric    iron was    taken to the church from the residence Two new    members introduced are    private me. left on unattended. HE COUNTER-PUNCHES. an hour before time of service*. Burial )R    Vn*i Hnrd of Second Baptist Such a man “may not hold will be in the .dining cemetery. . Rev woeMdora £ ^ ThoiiiAs of office but he will not be private,” anna louise lark.    , M FoiscoDal Church.    75-year-old    veep told inter- _________    brazil, ind. Jan 5 —'Special)*    *     —    viewers on CBS—TV’s “See It GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 5. n^-iif'diShST of"Mr a^d Mr*    DF AD DUCK*    Now,” yesterday. His    own future, -tip—Laverne Vincent, 23, was at Par,«S ^ c*r|*on who died at her    - ihe said may be in lecturing, writ her job as a grocery clerk when a £^f^m ? ASS Tuw-1 DUCK, N. C.—IP*—The 50 resi mg. business or law. young holdup man pointed a gun <|ay afternoon with    ***£    dents of this tiny fishing village on To Richard Nixon, his successor at her.    Currituck Sound wonder appre- aa vice president and Senate pre- hensively about the future of their siding officer, Barkley counseled: coal CITY'n* Jan s-.special)- community. The young people are “Learn the rules and master them He slapped her back then took Adam Kent. as ye.ri old. a life long re*i- moving away and the old-timers ... and take into consideration the * —a j    ’    .dent of coal cuddled    dying    off.    ^idiosyncrasies of senators.” Laverne slapped him across the face. To All Residents of Indiana: BE MONEY WISE UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST FROM $60 TO $1,200 One of the nation’s oldest and most substantial businesses. 314 BLOCKS OF BASIC ISSUE STOCK HAVE BEEN PURCHASED TO DATE BY RESIDENTS OF THIS LOCALITY. THESE PEOPLE ALL LISTENED CAREFULLY FOR A FEW MINUTES—ASKED QU ESTIONS—THEN PURCHASED OR CHECKED AND INVESTIGATED—THEN IN FROM I TO IS DAYS CAME BACK AND PURCHASED. Few people have ever had an opportunity to invest in the basic financing of a legal reserve stock life instance company. Basic iuit stack at 86 per share ta thla Indtaa* rsrperstieu termed ha AprU, 1932, ta pew effered ta the public and Is going feet. held hp prespcctes enlp. Ask fer veer*—des’t delay—art »esr! Get Ike facts—investigate. Be sere. THEN BUY: RECORDS OF ALL LIFE Bl EU RA NC I COMPANIES IN TM* 0. E ABX IN OUI OFFICE—ALL QUESTIONS GLADLT ANSWERED. Doe to the rush on this investment, office open by appointment —5 P. M. to 9 P. M. SEE, WRITE OR CALL R. D. BOWSHER 507-509 Ohio St.. Terre Haute. Iud.    OMI    I $50 and escaped. Sunday morning

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