Thinking about Kristen Stewart, we oftentimes associate her with her iconic role as Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise. Yes, playing the role of Bella Swan skyrocketed Kristen's career, however, there's a lot more to Kristen than playing the lead role in Twilight.

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She's been an actress since she was first discovered at just eight years old, and since then she's quit school to pursue her acting career. Of course, being in the spotlight also comes with a little drama, as she was caught in a cheating scandal a few years back, but that's the price Kristen's had to pay for fame and a successful acting career.

10 She Was Noticed At 8 Years Old

Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles, California, however, her family eventually moved to Colorado where they lived for a few years before deciding to make the move back to Los Angeles. When she was just eight years old, Kristen was in a Christmas play. What she didn't realize was that small amateur play was what would kick start her a career as an actress. During the play, she was noticed by a talent scout that would eventually give her the opportunity to start her career.

9 Her First Role Was Non-Speaking

Once Kristen Stewart was discovered by the talent scout during the Christmas play she was in, she made the decision to officially get into acting. She got her first role not long after, however, it wasn't exactly for the role she hoped it would be. You can see Kristen in the Disney TV move called The Thirteenth Year where she had a very small role. It was so small that Kristen didn't even get to speak. Nevertheless, it was still a role and that's when her career got started.

8 She Landed A Role Alongside Jodie Foster

Although Kristen Stewart got a few roles here and there, it wasn't until 2002 that she got the role that would ultimate catapult her career into success. She appeared in the movie, Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster. Kristen played the troubled teenage daughter of Jodie Foster and was highly praised for the role, which she ultimately became known for. Other big names in the movie included Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto. After that performance, she was on her way to superstardom not long after.

7 She Dropped Out Of School

Although Kristen really got involved in acting when she was just eight years old, it wasn't until she reached seventh grade that she finally decided that she was going to drop out of school. She wanted to really take her acting career seriously, and that meant stepping back from school and a normal life to pursue her career. Although she dropped out of school in seventh grade, Kristen still continued to be homeschooled so she would be able to still graduated along with her classmates while still focusing on acting.

6 Her Parents Have Hollywood Connections

Kristen Stewart might not have come from Hollywood royalty, however, her parents did play a role in Hollywood that helped her get her foot in the door. Kristen's mother was a script supervisor, while her father was a stage manager.

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Although they did have roles in front of the camera, they still had important jobs behind the scenes when it came to filming. Kristen's parents were extremely hardworking in Hollywood and the most definitely passed that down to their daughter and her successful acting career.

5 She Sings And Plays Guitar

When it comes to actors and actresses, sometimes they are able to double-dip their talents into the music world. Luckily for Kristen Stewart, she's one of those actresses. Kristen is able to sing and play the guitar, even though she might not advertise it and have her very own music career. You can still see Kristen sing and play the guitar, however, as she did so for her roles in The Runaways as well as Into the Wild. We admit we didn't know that Kristen was so musically inclined!

4 She Was Once One Of The Highest Paid Actresses

All hard work really did pay off for Kristen Stewart as it was announced in 2012 by Forbes that she was the highest-paid actress that year, earning approximately $34.5 million over the course of the year. At the time, she was only 22 years old, which made her the youngest actress on the list, yet another incredible feat for Kristen. Since then, Kristen has only continued to work harder to have her career continue to prosper and stay in the spotlight after the Twilight franchise came to an end.

3 She Directed Her First Film In 2017

Besides acting and music, Kristen Stewart had made it known that she also wanted to try her hand at directing, too. In 2017, she was able to make those directing dreams a reality as she made her debut as a director for the short film called Come Swim.

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The short film made its big premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and had plenty of good reviews. Hopefully, the directing bug really bit Kristen, and it would be something she'd like to continue to pursue.

2 She Notoriously Got Caught Cheating

For a few years when Twilight was being filmed, there was a lot of speculation surrounding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating in real life. Unfortunately, things were confirmed in a bad circumstance, when Kristen was caught cheating on Robert with director Rupert Sanders. Pictures of the two of them were published in Us Weekly which set off a firestorm of events. Ultimately, Kristen and Robert broke up, and there was a lot of media attention surrounding her for quite some time.

1 She's Bisexual

After her high profile romance with her co-star Robert Pattinson, along with a few other men, Kristen Stewart decided that she wanted to come out and announced that she is bisexual. Since her big announcement, Kristen has been seen dating quite a few women such as singers and musicians Soko and St. Vincent, model Stella Maxwell, as well as stylist Sara Dinkin. She's currently dating Dylan Meyer and things seem pretty serious between the two of them. We certainly wish them the best of luck with their relationship.

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