How much did Ashley Greene earn from Twilight? - Answers


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i dont really know but i think that is private information

2016-06-29 07:41:57
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Q: How much did Ashley Greene earn from Twilight?
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Does Ashley Greene like her role in Twilight?

Yes. Ashley Greene has told the media and has announced it many times on her Twitter account that she loves Twilight and her role as Alice. She also likes working with Rob, Kristen, Jackson and the other cast and crew very much.

How much does Ashley Greene weigh?

Ashley greene is 45kgs and 164cmShe is 5'6 and around 120 pounds.I read in a twilight note book that shes around 100-105 pounds. so about 50kilograms.she's stated she weights 120 lbs.

How much did the book twilight earn?

Too much

How much did the cast from Twilight earn?


How much does Ashley young earn a week?

130 000 pounds per week

How much money did Kristen Stewart earn for the movie twilight?

20 million.

How much money did Twilight earn?

not sure on exacts, but millions of $. for good reason, too.

Who played the people in Twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn?

Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Mackenzie Foy, Judi shekoni, Dakota Fanning and much more - basically type in Twilight saga cast and then go on to Wikipedia and there you will find the cast of the twilight saga series.

How much did twilight movie earn?

Twilight earned about four million dollars at the box office. It was most popular among teenage girls.

How much does Ashley Cole earn in money a week?

he earns 110 .000 a week that's 5.720.000 a year

How much did the rest of the cast from Twilight earn?

depends on how much the box office gets for the movie so example if the movie twilight made 150billion in sales at the box office then the actors make 1.5million cause they get 10%

How much will the twilight movies cost?

Many millions to make. However that is speculation on the part of the producers. They hope they will earn much more than they invested.

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What movies and TV shows did Ashley Greene star in?

Ashley Nicole Greene has: Played Herself - 2012 in "The Maury Povich Show" in 1991. Played Student in "The Incurables" in 2007. Played Little Ellen in "Learning to Fly" in 2008. Played Bobbi in "To Wander in Pandemonium" in 2009. Played Singer in "Actors Entertainment" in 2009. Played herself in "Actors Entertainment" in 2009. Played Young Constance in "God Fly" in 2009. Played Little Girl in "War Machine" in 2010. Played Champane in "Will to Live" in 2011. Played Naomi in "Naomi" in 2011. Played Herself Guest in "Teens Wanna Know" in 2012. Played Dancer in "I Rock My Tutu" in 2013. Played Caroline in "Silver" in 2013. Played Caroline in "Love Thy Neighbor" in 2013. Played Carissa Donnelly in "Junior Eye" in 2014.Ashley Greene hasn't been in much.In 05' she was Punk'd [TV]In 06' shes was on the shows Crossing Jordan and Desire.In 07' Ashley played roles in King of California and SharkIn 08' she played i minor role in Otis and had her breakout role as Alice in the movie Twilight.Ashley Greene is now in post-production working on "Summer's Blood" "Skateland" "Warrior" and "New Moon"

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It depends where you by Twilight.

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