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Geography Of Ancient Greece And Ancient Rome 6th Grade

River civilization- much farmable land
Greece/Rome- little farmable land
River civilization- flat, river valley
Greece/ Rome- mountains and hills
River civilization- river, fresh water
Greece/ Rome- sea, salt water
River civilization-fertile land, silt
Greece/Rome- little fertile land, no silt
River civilization- irrigation
Greece/Rome- rivers dry up in summer
River civilization- variety of crops
Greece/Rome-limited crops
River civilization- garden vegetables( cucumbers, lettuce, onions, beans)
Greece/rome- shrubs
River civilization-grains: wheat and barley
Greece/rome - some grains: wheat and barley
Greece/rome - major crops...
Grapes and olives
River civilization- plants of major exports
Flax= linen
Papyrus= paper
Greece/rome- crops of major exports
Olives= olive oil
What do both river civilization and greece/rome trade?
Crops that they produce
Both river civilization and greece/rome use the Mediterranean Sea for...
Importing and exporting crops
Both river civilization and greece/rome raised...
Domesticated animals
What domesticated animals did river civilization and greece/rome raise?
Italy- mountain ranges
Alps, Apennines
Greece mountain ranges-
Italy has Blank Large peninsula. That gives Italy blank Land space than Greece
One, more
Greece has blank small peninsulas which gives them blank land than Italy
Two, less
Italy only has a blank islands, and blank is the largest
Few, sicily
Greece has over blank islands and blank is the largest one
Four hundred, Crete
Italy's major export
Grapes, wine
Greeces major export
Olives, olive oil
Italy surrounded by seas on west and east
Tyrrhenian and Adriatic
Greece is surrounded by sea on east
Aegean Sea
Italy has blank fertile land than Greece and its called the blank
More, Latium plain
Greece has blank fertile land than Italy
Both Italy and Greece have
Italy and Greece are both
Italy and Greece both consist of
Both italy and Greece grow
Olives and grapes
Italy and Greece both jut into this sea
Mediterranean sea
Italy and Greece share the blank sea
Italy and Greece both have blank fertile land
What is the difference between an island and a peninsula?
Island is surrounded by water on all sides and a peninsula is surrounded by water on 3 sides
Why did most Greeks and Romans turn to the sea for survival?
They had little fertile land and they were surrounded by the sea, so they became seafarers and counted on the sea for survival. They also used the sea for travel and trade.
What is the mythological significance of mt Olympus
They 12 Greek gods and goddesses are believed to be there.
How did Ancient Rome get its name
A Latin princess in alba longa gave birth to two sons Romulus and Remus. She dies and the evil king has the boys put into a basket on the Tiber river. Wolf rescues, feeds them milk, and raised them. Ferrel children. Shepherd finds and raises them, they miss wolf family. The boys create a city, Romulus killed Remus , and Rome Is named after Romulus, their first king.