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We Grew Too Many!

It takes a year and a half to grow an orchid. That means we make assumptions about what is going to happen in the future. Sometimes we get it wrong resulting in a surplus of our beautiful plants. Don't miss our special offers and help us find these plants a home.

Help Us Home Our Orchids

British Family Growers

At our nursery in the heart of the New Forest, everything we grow gets months of love, years of attention and six decades's worth of experience

Care and Attention

Think orchids are hard to grow? Worried about killing your beautiful plants? Read on for basic care tips to ensure your orchids last for months not days.

British Family Grower

We’ve been growing high-quality houseplants at our nursery in the heart of the New Forest for over 60 years — and counting.

Orchid Experts

As the UK’s largest grower of Phalaenopsis orchids, we’re always happy to share a thing or two about how to make them thrive.

Quality Guaranteed

Every plant we grow is quality-checked by our head grower, Malcolm, and his team of bona fide orchid experts.

Sustainably Grown

From our UK-local focus to the biomass boiler that heats our greenhouses, we care about growing in a sustainable way.

Delivered Direct to Door

All of our orchids are delivered fast and fresh, direct to your door, with free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Long Lasting

We grow each of our orchids for over a year, so that yours will last in flower for months, not days.