Hermann II of Celje

Hermann II of Celje

Hermann II ( _sl. Herman II. Celjski; _de. Hermann Graf von Cilli, Ortenburg und Seger) (c. 1365 – 13 October 1435) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia. Hermann was the son of Hermann I, Count of Cilli, and his wife Katerina of Bosnia. Her maternal grandfather was Stephen II Kotromanić. About 1377, Hermann II married Anna, Countess of Schaunberg.

In 1396, Hermann II, a soldier in Sigismund of Luxembourg's Crusade of Nicopolis against Bayezid I of the Ottoman Empire, saved Sigismund's life in battle, and was rewarded with the county of Seger (Sagor, Zagorien, Zagorje) and the town of Varaždin.

In 1406 Hermann founded a major Carthusian monastery. [ [http://www.kartuzija-pleterje.si/ang/scrol_zgodovina.htm St. Bruno and the History of the Carthusians ] ]

In 1408, Hermann's daughter, Barbara, married Sigismund, the King of Hungary who later became King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor.

Hermann died in Pressburg (Bratislava).

When Hermann's son Frederick of Celje divorced his first wife Elizabeth of Frankapan and married Veronica Desnic, Hermann was angry about the whole situation. He had Veronica tried and executed for being a witch. [ [http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=8215934 Frederick of Celje (1379 - 1454) - Find A Grave Memorial ] ]


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