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Henry II, Duke of Bavaria

Henry II, Duke of Bavaria, c. 990

Henry II (951 - August 28, 995) was a member of the Saxon Ottonian dynasty and was Duke of Bavaria from 955 to 976, and gain from 985 to 995, as well as Duke of Carinthia from 989 to 995.

Henry was born in 951 as the son of Henry I, Duke of Bavaria and Judith of Bavaria. Henry succeeded his father as Duke at the age of four, under the guardianship of his mother. Upon Emperor Otto I's death in 983, Henry relied on his ties to the South German duchies of Swabia and Bavaria as well as to the adjacent Kingdom of Burgundy. In 974, Duke Henry resolved to oust Otto II from the throne. With support of his sister Hadwig, he forged alliances with Bavarian and Saxon nobles. In fear of a rebellion, Otto II captured Henry in Ingelheim, but in 976, Henry managed to escape and instigated a revolt in Bavaria. It was defeated, however, when Otto II occupied Regensburg and stripped Henry of his duchy. Following the War of the Three Henries in 978, the deposed duke was placed under arrest.

Henry II was released from captivity after Otto II died from malaria in Rome in 983. He once again tried to usurp the German throne when he abducted the infant Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, and had himself proclaimed King of the Romans. However, he lost the support of the German dukes. In 985, he finally submitted to Empress Theophanu and regained Bavaria in 989, where he died six years later.

Family Edit

Henry married Princess Gisela of Burgundy.

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