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Has anyone tried Heather Robertson's workouts?

Posted byu/[deleted]12 months ago

Has anyone tried Heather Robertson's workouts?

I am thinking of starting her 12-week program on youtube and was wondering if anyone enjoyed her workouts?

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I just did one of her youtube workouts for the first time yesterday. It was a 30 min HIIT with no equipment.

I really enjoyed how straightforward it was and I was definitely sweaty afterwards! I probably wouldn't recommend it for beginners though. I would consider myself to be in pretty good shape and I had to modify a couple of her exercises.

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Yeah, I have been working out for quite awhile, but it's hard for me to be self-motivated which is why I wanted to try her program. Thanks!

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Yes! I love them. They're definitely challenging. I like that there is a timer and she doesn't talk during the workouts, which is nice but also personal preference.

I started her 12 wk program when I was finally able to get some dumbbells and have been really enjoying them. The workouts are really varied and there are alot of different exercises so I don't feel like I'm always doing pushups and mountain climbers everyday.

I would highly recommend :) She also has a private Facebook group you can join for encouragement.

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Awesome! I'll try the workouts out and hopefully I'll enjoy them enough to join the program. Thanks!

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Yes! I love her workouts. I haven't done the 12-week program, I've just been randomly choosing them but they've all been great. As someone who just wants to get 'er done I appreciate the fact that she doesn't talk throughout the videos, but it is still easy to follow along. Definitely recommend! :)

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Okay, thanks! I will definitely give her a try!

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Honestly I realized I prefer when the instructors are a little more interactive during the workouts than she is, but that's just my personal preference. No beef with the workouts themselves--the few I tried definitely gave me a good workout. If you haven't tried any of her videos I'd do a few individual ones to see if you like the feel of it before starting the program.

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Ohh, I see. I will try some of her workouts first before going straight into the program. Thank you!

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These are my current favorite. I never knew how much I disliked chatty instructors before her videos.

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I am three weeks in and I am really enjoying the program. The workouts are short but still effective. They are fairly high impact so I have to modify some of the moves.

I love that she doesn't talk at all during the workout. Annoying hosts are one of my biggest pet peeves about online workout videos, so she gets a 10/10 from me.

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I have. I like them because she doesn’t talk throughout and uses a timer. I’ve only done a few but feel like I get a good workout from them.

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I just scanned the videos, they look great! I do a lot of Madfit workouts and they are structured similarly. I just wish there wasn’t so much jumping in Heathers! I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor and can’t jump

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I love them! I just did a strength-only one this morning, but my favorites are the weighted hiit videos. I like the music and feel like I can get into more of a flow than videos with a lot of chatter. The timer is helpful as well.

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Haven’t tried her program but I do some of her HIIT workouts, especially her low impact ones are pretty nice! Let us know how it goes if you through the 12 week program, also interested to hear if it’s worth it!

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I’ve been doing her videos for about a week and a half and LOVE them. They are great for someone who was a regular gym goer before quarantine, as I find them more challenging. I love that she has longer videos and that she’s not someone who’s talking through the entire thing. I can’t handle some of those peppy girls on other videos, it makes it hard to get in the zone.

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Started doing her videos recently and I am a fan! She’s straight to the point and very efficient.

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Yes!! I love her workouts so much! They’re straightforward and there’s no talking. I’ve been doing her workouts 5 days a week and she has low impact workouts as well which I’ve been using as I have knee pain sometimes. Probably one of the best channels for workouts 👌🏾

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Thanks for all the replies, y'all! I will definitely give her workouts a try!

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I have been doing them during the lockdown, I did the 7-day challenge and am about to start the 12-week challenge. I would consider myself quite fit but I have had to do some modifications. I enjoy how challenging her videos are and definitely get sweaty. It took me a while to find a workout channel that I like and stick with... I actually love the fact that she doesn't talk and that each exercise has a timer. I realised I don't really like chatty instructor videos.

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hello lovely ladies! i’m a teen girl, just turned 17. a few weeks ago i signed up for my high school’s strength training class, mostly out of a desire to bulk up a bit in my arms because i am essentially a twig. today was my first class, and i was one of only 2 women in a class of about 15 other men, and also 2 male coaches.

not gonna lie, i was very intimidated. like i said i’m already pretty small, 5’1 and 96lbs, and even the other girl was half a foot taller (and already friends with half the class, so i really was the odd one out). i’m undoubtably the smallest one of the whole class, and also of course a girl.

i don’t want to say this discouraged me, but i’d be lying if i said it didn’t. i just felt like i was already under so much scrutiny and judgment even though realistically i know they probably couldn’t care less, i just don’t want to be the tiny girl in the corner of the class struggling to lift 20lbs, y’know?

sorry if this was a stupid post, but any advice would be appreciated! TIA 😁

edit: hi all! i didn’t expect this to get so many responses :0 but know that i’ve read every single one and i really feel so much better. thank you all so so much for your comments! i have my next class tomorrow and i’m feel a lot more confident about my abilities, and i now know that realistically the other students aren’t concerned with me. so really thank you all! i hope i’ll be able to come back to this sub and post about my progress 😁

also why did nobody tell me how many typos i had in this post 😭

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So this has got to be the most interesting thing that’s happened at the gym to me. I was trying to adjust a machine, but basically forgot how to pull it for it to move since it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to the gym. I admit I probably looked lost and I ended up glancing at the front desk, but wasn’t gonna call an employee to help because I had literally just adjusted it a few minutes before.

Then as I glance back at the machine, this guy from a machine behind me was just adjusting the machine with an expression that I can best describe a “shaking my head” and I think smiling? Like one you give to a kid that doesn’t understand how to do something and I was startled so all I could say was “o thank you”. He didn’t say anything or nod and just returned to his machine.

I mean I’m grateful, but does anyone else find it just a bit weird that he didn’t say anything ?!?I’ve had help in the past when I was lost but they first said something before giving advice or adjusting the machine and didn’t just sneak up on me and dip lmao

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Given the pandemic and closure of gyms last year, a good number of us had to pivot our fitness lifestyle which, for many, may have included working out at home.

I have seen across reddit and other fitness groups I’m in that some people are never ever going back to a regular gym!

Personally, I noticed that my workouts at the regular gym are WAY more pumped even though I hate the crowds, the strangers, the looking for missing dumbbells and waiting for bench.

But when I’m working out at home, even with the same routine and weights, I feel extraaaaa tired and lethargic. My workouts at the gym feel 80-100% and at home they always feel about 50-75%.

Part of me is wondering if the gym crowd unconsciously drives me to do better. Or maybe since I dont have a dedicated room for the gym, I associate the room that I do use as relaxation (only place w/ enough space is my living room).

I’m curious to know if others feel the same way or if working out at home has no impact on your mentality with fitness. Maybe your workouts are actually better at home?

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Posted by3 days ago

I love swimming! I'm currently training for a triathlon and have done a few before, it's absolutely my favourite way to work out and I swim 2-4 times a week, 1-2km each time.

However, I feel super uncomfortable in swimming costumes. I'm confident with my body I just like to be a bit more coved up. I wouldn't go to the gym or for a run in my knickers, so why would I go for a swim in a swimming costume that is cut the same?

Does anyone else who likes to feel a bit more covered while swimming have any suggestions? Are there such things as swimming leggings or longer shorts?

I could wear my tri-suit but I only have one and they are expensive...

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Name: Alexandria, VA Solo Time Trial

Date: April 17, 2021

Distance: 26.2 miles

Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Time: 4:59:46 (per Apple Watch)

ETA: Here's a pic of me at the finish line (if this works!)


I started running in 2014 and ran my first half marathon in 2017. Pre-pandemic I would race 8Ks, 10Ks or halfs 4-5 times a year. I never liked running very much and would do the bare minimum training. But I LOVE race days. In May 2020 when my spring half was cancelled I did a solo time trial and it went terribly. Without much else to do during lockdown, I decided to train seriously for the first time.

I beat my half PR by 20 minutes (2:30 -> 2:10) in October 2020 and ran 10K under 60 minutes for the first time in November. After that great fall running season, I started wondering what was next. I decided to do a full marathon- something I have always said I would never do. I have a strong fitness base with experience hiking, backpacking, doing yoga and lifting weights on and off. The most I've ever hiked in a day is probably 20 miles and until I started this training the furthest I'd run was 13.1 mi.

Goal Description Completed?

A Finish Yes

B Finish in under 5 hours Yes

Splits (11:26min/mi pace average)

Mile Time

1 10:23

2 11:00

3 11:28

4 11:18

5 11:05

6 10:33

7 11:15

8 11:56

9 11:03

10 10:33

11 10:20 (fastest)

12 11:20

13 11:40

14 10:59

15 11:08

16 11:38

17 10:45 (surprisingly fast for being mile 17)

18 12:53 (little bonk)

19 11:56

20 11:55

21 11:48

22 12:32

23 11:39

24 12:15

25 12:56 (slowest)

26 11:10 (surprisingly fast)

27 10:49 (had to push to get it in under 5 hours!)


I trained for 16 weeks using a modified version of Hal Higon's Novice 1 Marathon plan. I started in early January on week 4 or 5 after doing 25 mpw through December. I added mileage overall and also swapped in some hiking miles (including a 37 mile hiking week).

In February I developed extensor tendonitis from shoes that were too small and laced too tight. Lesson learned! My foot improved with a week and a half off, though it wasn't back to 100% until late March. Taking the time off and missing three weeks that were supposed to be 40/31/45 miles stressed me out (I did 22/5/20 instead). But I was still 8 weeks out from the race and figured I'd just keep to the plan. My peak week was 50 running miles which felt pretty badass!

Two things that would have improved my training: speedwork and lifting weights. I did weights until about 6 weeks out from the race and I was making good progress, I shouldn't have dropped them like I always do. I meant to do intervals or tempo runs once a week and it just didn't happen. I ran nearly all my training miles at an easy effort and they averaged 11:46 mins.


I want to lose weight but I've been eating at maintenance or a little over during training. Running this much makes me so hungry and my performance and recovery suffer if I don't get enough food. I'm 33F, 5'6.5", ~163 lbs and I ate 2400-3000 cal/day. I'm vegetarian and eat a lot of fruits and veggies, beans, nuts, tofu and dairy, as well as tons of carbs. I try to get 100g protein every day but don't always succeed.

I practiced eating while running and planned to eat 150 cal every 45 mins during the race. I ate Honey Stinger waffles and gummies, as well as fruit leather and date energy balls.


My spouse created us a race route in a nearby city where we'd park, run out and back on a multiuse path south of the car, return at the car to replenish food and water, and then run north through the city. We started running at 7:10am. It was clear, sunny and a brisk 45*F.

The first leg of the race felt good and easy. I tried not to go out too fast and stick to a 11 min/mile pace. I knew I shouldn't try to bank time but I also knew there was no way I'd be able to run my later miles fast, based on my long (16-20mi) training runs. (I think I could improve this with tempo training.) I ended up running a 11:04 min/mile average for the first 14 miles and a 11:53 min/mile average for the last 12. Oops.

I first started to flag around 7 miles when my stomach was bothering me, so I took a walk break and gave myself a pep talk. I got back to the car at the half marathon point and that was a distraction and a boost. My hips, pelvis and right hamstring started hurting right on time at mile 15. Then I had to navigate my route, which slowed me down a bit, then I got on a long straightaway for miles 16-19.

Around mile 17 I think I started to bonk? though I had been following my eating plan. I felt really overwhelmed and brain-foggy. My stomach didn't want to eat but I forced myself to and felt better. It seems those feelings of almost fear are a sign that I need to eat. I rallied and cruised along for a few miles.

At mile 21 I checked my time. I had been running for 4 hours, so I needed to cover the remaining 5 miles in an hour, which I could do even running slow 12 minutes miles. From mile 22 to 25 I resided in the pain cave, and it was later in the day so the sun was beating down and the multiuse trails were busy. I trudged along. With one mile left to go I summoned the last of my energy and laid down a 11:10 mile, finishing just under the wire in 4:59:46.


My husband finished an hour before I did, so he met me at the finish around noon. We went to get brunch then to get our first Moderna shots! Right after the race my legs were extremely achy and my skin all over felt tender to the touch which is weird. I spent Sunday wiped out from the race and/or the vaccine. I've felt really parched and have been chugging water.

For the past month or two I've been really looking forward to finishing this race. Both so I can think to myself "I ran a marathon!" as a confidence boost for the rest of my year and also to pursue other fitness goals. I'm going to restart strength training (GZCLP), trade endurance efforts for HIIT and speedwork (though I may keep my Friday long runs), and do a quick cut. I'm sure this won't be my last marathon, and I want to do a trail ultra some day!

Thanks for reading! If anyone has questions, I love talking running!

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I’m very inexperienced with fitness and don’t work out much, but I’m wanting to start using the gym at my uni campus more often. I occasionally like to use the treadmill there to do some short runs at the end of my day.

I’m a D cup, so I like to wear tight, high impact sports bras for lots of support. So it’s kind of uncomfortable to wear for the whole day, but at the same time, it’s annoying and adds an extra step to have to change into another bra in the gym bathroom. As a stressed out student with ADHD who really has to force myself to exercise and manage time, that extra step makes me not want to workout at all.

For bigger chested women who workout often after work or school, do you just wear sports bras constantly through the week, or do you take a sports bra with you and change into it?

First time posting so sorry if this is a dumb question!

EDIT: Wow, so many comments! I can’t really reply to everyone but thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to reply and give me suggestions.

This afternoon I tried my regular sports bra with the shoulder straps released during the day and tightened them before my run and it really helped! I’ll also definitely check out all the sports bra suggestions as well. Thanks again!

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