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Setplex continues to support delivering country-specific content to expats around the world. This began with TVAlb and NimiTV, and continues with USNile where we deliver Arabic content to expats living in the US and Canada.

This partnership with USNile brings Arabic TV via an OTT platform to the people in the US and Canada region. While Setplex is one of the leading OTT and IPTV bundled solutions providers in the market, USNile is a dominant player in the Arabic OTT market in the region. This partnership will enable people to have streamlined access to Arabic live as well as VOD content in North America.

“We continue to support this model, and USNile is another client where we provide a turnkey solution to deliver content from the MIddle East to USNile subscribers in the US,” said Marc Mulgrum, SVP of Sales at Setplex.

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The Arab population in the region has been growing every year. The USA is currently home to over 3.7 million inhabitants of Arabic descent. Additionally, Canada also houses nearly 751,000 people hailing from the Middle East. For many of these people, their only connection to their native lands is through TV channels. But only a limited number of Arabic channels and programs are relayed on conventional cable or satellite TV in the US and Canada. This has led to a massive gap in supply and demand.

Fortunately, the Arab-speaking population of the region can rest assured that USNile, along with Setplex's end-to-end OTT solution, has brought Arabic TV to the North American shores. People can now access a wide variety of live as well as in-demand Arabic video content via the USNile platform with just a few clicks

Apart from the basic OTT services, namely, live TV and SVOD, USNile offers a host of other features to the audience. One of their features, called Catchup, enables users to rewind live TV and back up by as many as seven days. The audience can now easily recap their favorite shows without missing out on anything. One of their other unique features is called Time Shifted TV. Setplex helped USNile set up a system wherein all Arabic channels were time-shifted by 7 hours to match the Western time zones making it perfect for people living in America.

Established in 2013, USNile has grown to become a dominant force in the Arabic OTT market. By endorsing Setplex's OTT platform, this dominance will only grow further. Moreover, they'll also help fulfill the rising demand for Arabic TV in the USA and Canada, helping the native Middle Eastern populace maintain its connection to their homeland.