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Faithful Husband
ssmcg9 July 2006
I am enjoying this movie very much. I am particularly touched by the performance of the jilted husband. His actions are a model in forgiveness. This was a beautiful aspect of the story line IMHO. What I find especially enlightening is that the husband's character was not particularly religious. He did not attend church with his wife regularly, and he was openly hostile toward the pastor of the church (whom he viewed as mercenary). This is an example of how goodness and godness are not necessarily interchangeable terms. Some people just have an innate sense of right and wrong. When I saw the faithful hubby coming to his philandering wife's rescue again and again, I was truly moved.
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A Thoroughbred in the Lifetime Movie Stable
duncmoll8 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Watching Lifetime Movie Network is one of my secret enjoyments, and "Guilty Hearts" is, to me anyway, the shining epitome of LMN's "true/based on a true story" variety. LMN always shows it in its entirety (3 hours), so it lasts 4 hours with commercials (a veritable Godzilla of a melodrama). If you enjoy above-average acting, a storyline which draws you in, and characters who are neither all-good or all-bad, then "Guilty Hearts" is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon. Marcia Gay Harden plays Jenny Moran, church organist on Sundays, mother of 3, and wife of the sometimes surly, seemingly insensitive Matt Moran, played perfectly by Gary Basaraba (who just likes things as they are in his home). Jenny, however, is a simmering crockpot of spousal neglect and an artistic spirit who longs for a soulmate. SO, Jenny does the LMN thing: she leaves her husband and moves in with her mother, telling Matt she "just wants out!". Matt, of course, is stunned, since he hadn't really spoken with Jenny in 8 or 10 years, and takes everything badly, virtually kicking her out of their home. Now, enter Dr. Stephen Carrow, portrayed by Treat Williams. He, his wife, and Jenny attend the same church, and it isn't long until he and Jenny discover their shared appreciation for classical music concerts and holding hands in the local art museum. As Matt fumes back home, Jenny and the Doctor consummate their affair, planning to divorce their spouses and marry. Not likely. Around Christmas, someone slips into the Carrow mansion and at midnight and rather callously blows Ms. Carrow's brains out (quicker than divorce, but frought with red tape). Whodunnit? Everyone's a suspect until Carrow casually confesses. The larger problem is that the Jenny/Carrow affair becomes public news, and Jenny cracks under the strain, swallowing a fistful of pills. At this point, Matt, who realizes that he still loves the unfaithful Jenny, carries the day. He reforms himself into a more sensitive LMN husband and helps Jenny find the strength to testify against the evil, manipulative Carrow, who is found totally guilty of snuffing Ms. Carrow. At last, the Moran clan is back together, with Matt and Jenny pledging to forgive each other and to listen more actively.
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usmcmom9922 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the acting was very well done. I really liked the part of Dr. Carrow played by Treat Williams. I also thought that Marsha Gay Harden did a superb job as the other woman, however I feel there were some things left unanswered,one thing that has really been confusing to me is the question of "the tie" where did it come from & why was it never addressed again? I would appreciate it if someone could answer that question for me,I feel it was a key piece of evidence that was left out? I feel the part of Jenny's husband Matt was excellent! Matt was showing real emotion throughout the whole ordeal,the reality of his family and their life together was more important to him than his own feelings,he really wanted to be a family again and it made him take a realistic look at himself and the reasons Jenny felt she was drifting away from their marriage. I would absolutely watch this movie again and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a real life drama.
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well put together film
newenglan2232354 November 2006
You have to remember that this man was a manipulator. he used this women to get what he wanted. an excuse for killing his wife. It didn't matter who's lives he destroyed, his own children didn't matter to him. he was caught having an affair, he used to to try to put suspicion on another man, than he used this woman's emotions to further his quest for an insane plea. it doesn't take much to figure out this man should have been locked up long before his crime. This movie was well put together and should be used as a training film by victims of domestic violence groups as a format on what type on person to avoid. Teaching women the right kind of relationship to avoid is clearly defined in this film. It was well put together.
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Very "average" presentation
caa82125 February 2007
In feeling this film to be "average," I mean it is exactly that -- not great, but good enough to be interesting, and with two attractive leads in Williams and Harden, who probably deserve a higher standing in film than they've been accorded.

Treat Williams has become masterful in portraying the type of "horse's ass" character here (Stephen) - smarmy, manipulative, cold, and (of course) murderous as well.

He played this same type, although in entirely different characterizations, as the Irish thug in "The Devil's Own," and the devious colonel in "Mulholland Falls." An excellent actor, he has also portrayed his share of good guys and strong/tough characters as well.

His character in this film was so thoroughly devious, at every turn, with everyone (including his children), in every way, and at all times, that it was impossible not to feel as much fascination as dislike for him.

Harden's husband was likable and sympathetic, even if a bit oafish "around the edges." And while the Harden's character's (Jenny) dilemmas, for which she couldn't claim an absence of responsibility, warranted her laconic demeanor to a point -- perhaps if she had displayed a bit more energy and thought (both before and after the tragedy and Williams' subsequent chicanery) her marriage problems, and the subsequent added problems which beset her, might have been avoided to a major extent. (Towards the end of the flick, during Christmas holidays, she wandered around in a trance-like manner, seeming naíve about what was going on. In this portion of the story, I found her "creepy," even more than Williams' - no mean feat.) Also, at about this time, every character in the presentation seemed as if the water supply of the community had been laced with massive quantities of Xanax, Valium, or perhaps both.

Finally, I wonder??? Are there ever ANY of these TV flicks of this genre which AREN'T made these days in Canada, or (occasionally) in Seattle?
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I thought this was a very, very good movie.
indialecarre27 December 2013
My husband and I both loved this movie and especially the characters Jenny Moran and her husband. Never a big fan of Williams, but felt he was adequate to this role. He did a good job as the minister, and is actually at his best in some parts of this film, especially the prison scenes.

This movie had a good moral compass, and was, in the end, surprisingly uplifting. I would love to buy it, but cannot find it, and suppose it must not be for sale in a DVD as it was made for TV. It hasn't been on TV for a while, and I was hoping that this Christmas season it would be.

There are so few good movies today which have a comforting, moral ending and we both felt that the way Jenny's husband stood by her was beautiful and inspiring.

In summary, I would give this movie a nine out of ten rating, in part because of the fine acting and in part because it was such an interesting story. Olympia Dukakis had only a small part, but was just wonderful as Jenny's mother.

I hope to be able to buy it if it is available on a DVD. The editing may be off a bit, and it seemed choppy in parts, but that may have been due to the commercials.
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Interesting movie about betrayal and deceit
DPerson62616 December 2003
I thought that Treat Williams was a poor choice as the philandering doctor but Marcia Gay Harden was good as his love interest, Jenny Moran. The movie deals with a woman in a mid life crisis who leaves her husband and gets involved with a manipulative doctor who takes advantage of her vulnerability. I was impressed with the acting of Neally Glenn who plays the part of the doctors eldest daughter and Katie Boland, the young daughter of Jenny. They were both very convincing in their roles. The movie was poorly put together as it seemed to skip about and show snippets of scenes without fully developing them. However, I did enjoy it and would give it a rating of seven of ten.
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Soap Opera with some bad casting
guilfisher6 October 2004
This 2002 mini series was shown tonight and I wanted to watch because I like the work of Treat Williams. It was directed fairly well by Marcus Cole and written by JB White ("The Beast") and Steven Siegel ("K-9" series). I found the mistake was in the casting of Marcia Gay Harden as "the other woman". First of all she's totally unattractive as to woo the likes of Mr. Williams, who remains one of today's hunks. Someone should have cut those bangs. She looked like Morticia from The Adams Family. And to top that she walks around with one expression on her face. For Treat to reject Jennifer Dale, his lovely wife, for the likes of the plain jane looks of Harden was hard to swallow.

If you put aside Harden's performance, which is hard to do, as she monopolizes most of the film, with close-ups, mind you. Gary Bassaraba was very good as the husband of Harden and you wanted to tell him to tell her to "get lost". He keeps forgiving her. Why? She was cheating on him. Then she walks out on him. And we're supposed to have sympathy for her? Please.

Add that talented lady, Olympia Dukakis as Harden's mother, John Bourgeous, the Reverend who kicks Harden out of the church (don't blame him) and Lawrence Dane, another fine actor, wasted in this flick.

All in all, a boring film saved by the presence of Williams, Dukakis, Dale and Basaraba.
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A Depressing Mini-Series
Cottsteph1 June 2005
I found this mini-series to be a little under the weather.Treat Williams played his character well.I didn't like the character but you have to give him credit for pulling it off so well.The character that I found to be pulling the whole story downward was Marcia Gay Harden's.Due to mediocre direction,Marcia's talent is wasted in this movie.She is one of the most talented and attractive actors around in my book.She is directed in this movie though as if she is on medication which gives her a zombie-like personality.Her hair looks like a wig.If it's real hair or not,it does make her look more unattractive than she really is.She looks like a high-school graduate of the 1960's.This actress in reality is very attractive.Take one look at the movie "The First Wive's Club".You probably will be startled to find out that the sexy-looking therapist Dr. Leslie Rosen is in fact Marcia Gay Harden.Her character in that movie compared to Guilty Hearts is like night and day.I had to look her name up in the internet movie database to make sure I was seeing the same woman in both movies.Marcia,do be careful of the projects you get involved with as well as directors.You are much too talented and beautiful to appear in a downer like this.
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