COVID-19 MAP (by /r/CovidMapping) Google Maps Updated Frequently : COVID_19_Mass
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COVID-19 MAP (by /r/CovidMapping) Google Maps Updated Frequently

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COVID-19 MAP (by /r/CovidMapping) Google Maps Updated Frequently

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Posted by1 month ago

Community Job Board - Local, National, International - Post Em!

The novel Coronavirus COVID19 affects us all. And due to social distancing, we are mostly now all out of work and forced to stay home and away from crowds. To that end, let's help each other out by offering employment of some kind, whether it's data entry, dog walking, contract negotiations, purchasing/ordering, training, volunteering to check in with the elderly, whatever. Real jobs can be posted here too.

Payment should always be in the form of electronic transfer. We suggest using apps like PayPal or Venmo, there are others. Some banks offer direct transfer. Please indicate the amount you will pay and the frequency of the job (if possible).

If you're not local to Granby, Massachusetts USA where this board is located, post the address of the job, or if it's online, the nature of the online work.

Once you've hired someone, please take down your advertisement so we don't have to keep scrolling through dead job posts.

Thank you!

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Created Mar 6, 2020