A Petition on Behalf of the Heirs of James II, the Last Rightful King of England

His Royal Highness, King James II of the House of Stuart, Last Rightful King of England

His Royal Highness, King James II of the House of Stuart, Last Rightful King of England

To the Secretary General of the United Nations,

Your Excellency,

In furtherance of my correspondence regarding the continuing unlawful regime now holding claim to the Crown of my Nation, the One, True Kingdom of England (enough of this “United Kingdom” nonsense). I do send my congratulations, in a purely personal sense mind you, as I am a father myself and aware of the joy a child can bring to ones life, to William Windsor and his wife Catherine Windsor nee Middleton on the birth of the second child Catherine Windsor. I hope that this young lady and her brother George have a long and healthy life. They are but children and are no conscious or deliberate party to the ongoing political crisis that has gripped my nation for over 300 years. My complaint, if it must be said, is not even with the current usurper on the Throne of England, Elizabeth Windsor. The ascent of the Windsors, or more accurately the German family Saxe Coburg Gotha, is merely an accident in history. The Windsors benefit, but the original sin, as it were, is not on their conscience.

No, Sir, my quarrel is with that heretic, though rightful, King Henry VIII the conspirator Henry, 1st Earl of Romney, and that damned Dutch Stadtholder William of Orange! I will address my charges chronologically, and though the subject matter is worth his excellency’s attention, I will be brief.

King Henry VIII

This King did knowingly, as the result of a surreptitious affair, and betrayal of Catherine, Queen of England, bring about the expulsion of England from communion with the Roman Catholic Church. This great crime against God and the souls of the People of the Kingdom of England is one that will forever stain the reputation of this rightful King of England. While this alone would be outrage enough this crime was but the motivating factor for the calamity that was to come!

The Conspiracy

After 120 years of heretical rule and influence upon the population James II of the House of Stuart, the last rightful King of England, a good Catholic, and practitioner and champion of religious toleration, was topped by a conspiracy of anti-catholic fanatics known as the anglican clergy, protestant MPs and treasonous nobles. This perversity, which the propaganda books in our schools would have us call the “Glorious Revolution” (the gall!) was nothing more than a anti-Catholic panic and pogrom that led to the toppling of the legitimate King of England (and France as far as I am concerned…but that is a subject for another letter). This coup led to the end of religious toleration, the banning of Catholics from the throne of the Kingdom of England, and the instillation of the Usurper William III of the House of Orange and King James II hateful heretic daughter Mary Stuart as monarch of England. This succession went on from the heretical branch of the House of Stuart through blood and marriage to the House of Hanover and from there on to the present day.

THIS INJUSTICE MUST BE REMEDIED! 326 years of intolerance, heresy, and unlawful governance! I petition his Excellency the Secretary General of the United Nations to bring to the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly a Resolution calling for the IMMEDIATE and IRREVOCABLE restoration of the Crown of the Kingdom of England to the Rightful, Catholic, Royal House of Stuart and in the person of the rightful King of England Francis II, Duke of Bavaria, a direct descendant of His Royal Highness King Charles I of England. As a gesture towards reconciliation to the Windsor House and their supporters, who have no fault in the matter, the Windsors may continue to reside at the properties built after the usurper William took the throne. The revenues and title, therefrom and thereof, however, will revert to the Stuart House as the Royal House. I do hope this is done in haste, and with as little to do and bloodshed as possible. There is no reason this must get ugly.

Sincerely and With Respect,

Sir Hubert Stuart IV, Esq., By Right Duke of Cambridge

Long Live King Francis II, rightful King of England!

p.s. I do hope you stop burning my letters