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Fox was a brand name used by a number of different television channels throughout the world, owned by Fox Networks Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. It shares its name with the Fox Broadcasting Company, a now un-affiliated American television property owned by the Fox Corporation.



  • Fox Asia
  • Fox Japan
  • Fox Korea (co-owned with T-cast), In 2020, due to the ongoing expansion of the Star brand internationally. Tcast the licensor for the Fox channels in Korea announced that it had terminated its license agreement with The Walt Disney Company Korea rebranding its channels effectively starting January 1, 2021. Fox will be rebranded to NOW in the region and will drop all content related to 20th Century Studios keeping all acquired series intact.
  • Fox Thailand
  • Fox Taiwan
  • Fox Philippines


  • Fox is a Flemish channel launched on October 1, 2015.


  • Fox is a Bulgarian channel launched on October 15, 2012.


  • Fox is a Finnish channel launched on April 16, 2012.


  • Fox is a German channel launched on May 20, 2008.


  • Fox is a Greek channel launched on 1 October 2012.


  • Fox is an Indian channel launched on 22 November 2008.


  • Fox is an Italian channel launched on July 31, 2003.

Latin America[edit]

  • Fox Channel is a Latin American channel launched on October 15, 1993. On November 27, 2020 Disney announced that they would be renaming the Fox branded channels in the region to Star in February 2021.[1]

Middle East and North Africa[edit]

  • Fox is a Middle Eastern and North African channel launched on March 1, 2011.



  • Fox is a Norwegian channel launched on July 1, 2013.


  • Fox is a Polish channel launched on 6 November 2010.


  • Fox is a Portuguese channel launched in 2003.


  • Fox (previously Fox Crime) is a Russian television channel, launched on March 5, 2008.


  • Fox is Serbian television channel, launched on October 15, 2012.

South Africa[edit]

  • Fox is a South African channel launched on April 9, 2013.


  • Fox is a Spanish channel launched on June 30, 2002.


  • Fox is a Turkish general entertainment channel launched in 2007. It replaced TGRT.

UK and Ireland[edit]

  • Fox (previously FX) is a British and Irish channel launched on 12 January 2004.

United States[edit]

  • Fox Broadcasting Company aka FOX or FBC. The original network of channels, that the first Fox channel, but was not sold to Disney with the rest of the Fox channels, thus no longer part of the group of channels.

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