Soundaboard: The Downchild Blues Band - 40th Anniversary Concert

October 28, 2012

The Downchild Blues Band - 40th Anniversary Concert

Please welcome aboard some more blues from Canada by The rippin' Frog!

The Downchild Blues Band, Dan Aykroyd, James Cotton, Colin Linden, Jonas, Wayne Jackson, Colin James

It’s time for Canada to celebrate the legends of Blues! And when one thinks of blues music in Canada, the first name that springs to mind is DOWNCHILD. It’s been 40 years since Donnie “Mr. Downchild” Walsh and his late brother, Hock formed the renowned group that would be the inspiration behind the world famous Blues Brothers and DOWNCHILD celebrated their anniversary in style, with some very special friends – including blues brother and movie icon DAN AYKROYD. Opening on the tour is COLIN LINDEN who will be performing both solo and then with the band. JAMES COTTON and WAYNE JACKSON OF THE MEMPHIS HORNS as well as JONAS, BOB WALSH and NANETTE WORKMAN who all make guest appearances along the way.

Downchild band members include some of the most well respected musicians in the country, who have performed together for over 15 years. This includes silky smooth singer and harmonica player CHUCK JACKSON, tenor sax player PAT CAREY, MIKE FITZPATRICK on drums, rhythm captain GARY KENDALL on bass, and former American super-group rocker MICHAEL FONFARA (of Rhinoceros fame) on keyboards.

Track Listing for this Concert

1    Soaring Donnie Walsh (composer)    6:59
2    This Must Be Love Donnie Walsh (composer)    4:34
3    I Need A Hat Donnie Walsh (composer)    4:00
4    Time To Say Good-Bye Chuck Jackson (composer)    3:35
5    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:37
6    Rendezvous Donnie Walsh (composer)    3:54
7    Come On In Donnie Walsh (composer)    4:25
8    Down In The Delta   Chuck Jackson (composer)    6:10
9    Big Hill Donnie Walsh (composer)    5:14
10    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:57
11    What Was I Thinking Donnie Walsh (composer)    5:21
12    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:13
13    A Garden In Her Front Yard Donnie Walsh (composer)    6:30
14    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:44
15    Soul Man Issac Hayes (composer)    3:15
16    Jump Right Up Donnie Walsh (composer)    4:11
17    Tell Your Mother  S. Ling (composer), Jimmy McCraclin (composer)    4:36
18    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:30
19    Somebody Lied Donnie Walsh (composer)    6:14
20    [talk from stage : Chuck Jackson]    1:28
21    (I Got Everything I Need) Almost Donnie Walsh (composer)    4:56
22    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:58
23    Flip Flop And Fly Calhoun (composer)    7:46
24    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:17
25    It's A Matter Of Time Donnie Walsh (composer)    5:54
26    [talk from stage : Dan Aykroyd]    0:33



Mike said...

Would it be possible to repost this Downchild concert. Only recent;y discovered the band....huge fan.....but nowhere else to grab this show.

As an aside, thanks for everything you do on this have brought me and many others countless hours of incredible music. I really appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Downchild Blues Band 40th Anniversary Concert (CBC Podcast)
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update your zip program if u cant open it
as explained in many of my post !

Rippin Frog said...

thnks for your kind words!
nice to hear