Daily Record West - 2021-11-25
Daily Record West 2021-11-25


Daily Record West - 2021-11-25

25. Nov 2021
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JOIN OUR CRAFT BEER CLUB & GET £10 OFF FIRST CASE PAGE 46 EXCLUSIVE dailyrecord.co.uk facebook.com/TheScottishDailyRecord Thursday, November 25, 2021 twitter.com/Daily_Record scotland’s champion 95p come on sky ... put the Game on PAGES 6&7 SNP politicians demand Sky TV shows Scotland’s crunch World Cup play-off matches... for free boat sinks on treacherous crossing MIGRANT TRAGEDYat least DANGER Kids in dinghy yesterday by tom parry 31 migrants died in the Channel yesterday after their boat capsized on the dangerous crossing. A child was among those who perished in the UK’s worst-ever migrant boat disaster. Boris Johnson said he was “deeply saddened”. full story pages 4&5 More than 30 drown in Channel trying to reach UK in desperate bid for asylum

Page 2 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 Info WWW.DAILYRECORD.CO.UK thursday £1,000 BB5 6HD BL3 1JZ BN42 4WH BR1 3TF CF15 7RT onlIne and on mobIle Today’s weaTheR Glasgow & West Mainly dry but it will be cold with sunny periods. Max 6C (43F). Winds NW at 9-11mph. UV index: 1. Edinburgh, Fife & Borders Some sunny spells but also the odd heavy shower. Cold. Max 6C (43F). Winds NW at 14-16mph. UV index: 1. Dundee & Aberdeen It will be a cold day with a chance of wintry showers. Max 5C (41F). Winds NW at 14-16mph. UV index: 1. Forth Valley A mixture of sunny spells and isolated heavy showers. Cold. Max 6C (43F). Winds SW at 7-9mph. UV index: 1. aIR qualITy TRaVel adVICe loTTo GL52 6PX HA8 8YQ KT3 5TB LE7 9GW LL65 3TD Inverness & Moray Cloudy with wintry showers. Max 4C (39F). Winds SW at 7-9mph. UV index: 1. Highlands & Islands There will be a lot of cloud and scattered showers. Breezy. Max 7C (45F). Winds W at 12-14mph. UV index: 1. sun, moon & TIdes Moon sets: 1.25pm Moon rises: 8.52pm Sun sets: 3.54pm Sun rises: 8.14am Lighting-up time: 3.54pm High water: Greenock 3.39am, 3.39pm Aberdeen 4.40am, 4.42pm Leith 5.57am, 6.06pm 7-day foReCasT Calls cost 60p per minute aa RoaDWa aT ch: 09003 401161 Wednesday, November 24 ThundeRball ■ facebook.com/TheScottishDailyRecord ■ twitter.com/Daily_Record Highlands: 3 Central: 2 UK Weather North East: 3 Borders: 2 Low (1) Very high (10) uk-air.defra.gov.uk www.metoffice.gov.uk 4 11 17 19 39 emeRgenCy helplInes NhS 24 National Rail inquiries Scottish hydro electric SP Networks Scottish Water gas emergencies childline crimestoppers Samaritans Victim Support Scottish Domestic abuse helpline Scottish SPca looKiNg foR a JoB? THOUSANdS OF VACANCIeS AT 11 15 29 35 37 13 for every ticket in these winning postcodes M19 2WB NP7 6LB PL14 5EL PL19 0PE PR3 3YA 42 59 111 0345 748 4950 0800 300 999 0800 092 9290 0845 601 8855 0800 111 999 0800 1111 0800 555111 116 123 0345 603 9213 0800 027 1234 03000 999 999 CoRReCTIons and ComplaInTs If we have published anything factually inaccurate, please contact the readers’ editor on 0141 309 3454, by email at readerseditor@dailyrecord. co.uk or write to Readers’ Editor, 1 Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA and, once verified, we will correct it as soon as possible. The Daily Record is published by Media Scotland, a subsidiary company of Reach PLC, which is a member of IPSO, fiSh4.co.UK the Independent Press Standards Organisation. We adhere to the Editors’ Code of Practice as enforced by IPSO, which is contactable for advice at IPSO, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street London EC4M 7LG Website www.ipso.co.uk Telephone: 0300 123 2220, email advice@ipso.co.uk If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to www.reachplc.com/ how-to-complain where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A How To Complain pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. phone 0141 309 3251 emaIl reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk TeXT DRNEWS followed by your comments to 63333 S12 2SQ S33 0EA SA18 3AY SK11 0RH SO20 6QT Sturgeon insists she won’t step down By KaT haRiNe hay RUMoUR Nicola Sturgeon wIdow needs answeRs oVeR deaTh PAGE 9 Tidal stream electricity projects get £20m boost THe UK Government has announced an investment of £20million per year in tidal stream electricity projects in Scotland as part of its move towards renewable energy. Boris Johnson broke the news at Prime Minister’s Questions, and told SNP MP NICOLA Sturgeon said she has “no intention of going anywhere right now” when asked about the future of her political career. In an interview with the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg yesterday, Sturgeon – who has been First Minister since 2014 – accused her opponents of “crossing their fingers and hoping I’ll remove myself from office”. Rumours circulated about when Alan Brown that the cash for the Orkney-based tidal energy project would come in the next round of funding for renewables. SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said: “The minimum required was a ring-fenced fund of at least £71million.” the First Minister might leave politics after she said that she and her husband – SNP chief executive Peter Murrell – may foster children in the future in an interview with Vogue magazine last month. But when asked if she can guarantee that she will lead the SNP in the next Holyrood election, Sturgeon replied: “I will fulfil the mandate I have been given to govern BaN Stella Creasy and son Speaker wants review on babies in the Commons THe Commons Speaker has requested a review into whether MPs can take babies into the chamber amid an outcry over Labour’s Stella Creasy being told she can no longer have her three-month-old son with her. Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who as First Minister for this term of the Scottish Parliament, I will set out my intentions. “It’s almost as if my opponents can’t beat me, or remove me from office themselves, so they are kind of crossing their fingers in hoping I’ll remove myself from office. “But they are going to be disappointed because I am going to be around a lot longer... a lot longer than they might wish me to be.” MP’s vow after salMond snaP I have no intention of defecting to Alba By ToRcUil cRichToN Westminster editor Joanna Cherry has insisted she has no plans to join alex Salmond’s alba Party after the former first minister published a picture of himself with the SnP MP. Salmond last night shared a festive image on social media of the Edinburgh South West MP flanked by himself and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, who is a leading figure in Alba. The picture in front of a Christmas tree – in what appears to be the foyer of a London hotel – was captioned with a paraphrased verse from Robert Burns: “Women and men o’ independent mind…” The tweet prompted speculation on social media that Cherry could become another high-profile defector from the SNP to Alba. But the QC stamped out the flames yesterday morning. She told the Daily Record: “I have no intention of defecting to Alba. I was elected as an SNP MP and intend to continue as one.” Cherry is one of the few leading SNP MPs to back demands for an alternative path to an early referendum and thinks that a legal challenge to the Conservative Government’s refusal to grant powers for a vote can be mounted. As a QC she was one of the driving forces behind the successful feSTiVe iMage Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh SNP’s Cherry denies switch rumour after posing with rival party leader challenge to Boris Johnson’s move to close down parliament during the Brexit debate and has become a respected Commons voice since being elected in 2015. But she has found herself isolated from the SNP leadership because of her support for Salmond and was dropped by Ian Blackford from the Westminster front bench. She has also been attacked by activists over her feminist stance in the trans rights debate which has polarised opinion in the SNP. Salmond failed to make a breakthrough in the Scottish Parliament elections with his new party, but the former SNP leader has said that the Alba Party, which wants an immediate independence ballot, will stand in local government elections next year. UNDeR fiRe Johnson Johnson mocked BORIS Johnson has been mocked for “clinging on” to power as Tory MPs lose faith in his leadership. SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford called on the Tory leader to say if he had “considered quitting before he’s pushed out the door” as Johnson faced another pounding at Prime Minister’s Questions. With Labour’s Keir Starmer accusing Johnson of breaking promises on social care in england, Blackford drove home the attack on the destabilised PM by highlighting reports that Tory MPs are writing letters demanding a leadership contest. accepted the ban “correctly reflects the current rules”, stressed it is “extremely important” that parents can fully participate in parliamentary work as he asked the Procedure Committee to bring forward recommendations for the House to make a ruling.

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 bailey bulletin Delighted Holly with the cute pup. Right, with Philip MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Holly allows pup on sofa Holly Willoughby introduced the newest member of her family on This Morning – a Golden Retriever puppy named Bailey. The adorable pet joined her and co-host Phillip Schofield on the sofa yesterday. Holly said: “I’m delighted to introduce you to the newest member of my family. “This is Bailey, who has sort of fallen asleep. Bailey, can you say hello?” Page 3 Strictly Rose can only moving Rose ajnd Giovanni bloom without rain... by MARK JEFFERIES Host Claudia reveals obstacles with the vibrations in her chest.” Strictly Come Dancing star Claudia, who learned some sign Rose Ayling-Ellis finds rain is language, told The Big Issue actress encounters in training a training hurdle as it messes magazine: “The first thing I with vibrations in her chest. wanted to learn, although I haven’t The deaf EastEnders actress, 27, had to use it, was, ‘The judges are and pro dancer Giovanni Pernice, has shared some behind-thescenes challenges Rose faces comes way down the list of the Talking also of the show’s first dancer. The fact she’s deaf horrid’.” 31, created one of the BBC1 show’s most moving moments when they to perform. extraordinariness of the charm all-male couple, John Whaite, 32, danced in silence for 10 seconds. She said: “Rose is fantastic ... of Rose. and Johannes Radebe, 34, she Host Claudia Winkleman, 49, she’s properly funny. I hope that “She finds it difficult to train added: “Representation is everything. Am I proud? comes across. She’s a fabulous when it’s really raining as it messes Absolutely.”

Page 4 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Record View Help is needed.. not xenophobia The heartbreaking tragedy that left at least 30 people dead in the English Channel was grimly inevitable. Too many have risked their lives in this dangerous stretch of water this year alone. No one other than the desperate pays thousands of pounds to board a flimsy craft in the middle of winter without a life jacket. Those fleeing persecution or simply looking for a better life are not the ones to be blamed. People traffickers are now using an alternative to hiding their human cargo in container lorries and ferries. Callous crooks, who should be pursued internationally with the full force of the law, are behind the vile trade. But the UK Government’s hostile environment, which makes it difficult for families to reunite or for people to pursue safe, legal asylum routes to Britain, also needs to be re-examined. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel last night spoke of how the tragedy shows the hazards of crossing the English Channel. They didn’t mention the dangers of pandering to the most xenophobic elements of their own party. Patel previously proposed blocking boats as they entered UK waters. A ridiculous suggestion that would risk even more lives. For too long, migrants have been demonised instead of being seen as what they are – human beings needing help. Restoration job The NHS buckled under the strain of Covid but did not break. The dedication of staff and the wholesale co-operation of the population kept the health care system from keeling over. But the cost was thousands of delayed procedures and operations. An injection of fresh funding is welcome to tackle the backlog but Health Secretary Humza Yousaf and the Scottish Government have to do more to get the NHS back on its feet. The devastating effect of the pandemic is going to be felt across society and the economy for years to come, with the mental health and educational consequences still to fully play out. Yousaf said the Scottish Government will “leave no stone unturned to do everything we can to improve the situation”. Ministers must be held to that commitment and judged accordingly if they fail. The NHS is literally vital to the health of our nation. Whatever it takes to restore its performance to meet the needs of the population must be done. There can be no more important task for this administration. recovery to take years – page 9 migrant crisis: horror deadly French cops watch on as desperate families load kids on a boat for a perilous crossing to Britain... hours later 31 dead bodies are found at sea GREETING Border Force welcome people MIGRANTS can be seen dragging a huge inflatable across the beach to the sea, with French police watching from a pick-up as children are loaded on to the boat for the perilous Channel crossing. The two officers did nothing to stop the dinghy setting off near the town of Wimereux just after 8am. Mercifully, six-and-a-half hours later, it arrived on the coast near Dover, where Border Force officials were there to help. The group survived the journey – but 31 other desperate migrants, including five women and a young girl, died attempting the same crossing. French interior minister Gerald Darmanin described the victims’ vessel as “very frail, like a pool you blow up in your garden”. French president Emmanuel Macron called for an emergency meeting of European ministers, as he vowed: “France will not let the Channel become a cemetery.” The scale of the tragedy unfolded by TOM PARRY in the afternoon when fishermen out at sea, 10 miles north of Calais, spotted bodies floating in the waves. By evening, French Coast Guard and Navy vessels had retrieved 31 bodies, and two survivors, with boats and helicopters searching for more. Six people had been seen alive in the water. The British Coast Guard was helping the operation and, with more than 20 boats setting out yesterday, officials fear other vessels could have sunk too. Four suspected traffickers were arrested and Dunkirk prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation for manslaughter and “assistance with illegal immigration”. Gangs have been charging refugees more than £3000 for passage in inflatable dinghies, with life jackets of little use in the treacherous currents and freezing temperatures of the Channel. French interior minister Gerard

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Page 5 end to channel voyage of hope crossing perilous mission Migrants drag dinghy to sea near Wimereux, in France, yesterday Boat sets out on 20-mile trip across Darmanin called for action to stop more people dying. He said: “There are no words strong enough to describe the criminality of the smugglers.” Before yesterday’s tragedy, 14 people had died on the crossing this year. More than 4000 migrants have made the journey in November alone, the most ever in a single month. The total for the year so far is more than 25,000, compared with 8000 in 2020, and 1000 in 2019. Britain pledged to give France £54million to stop the crossings but last night Boris Johnson, who chaired a Cobra meeting on the crisis, offered more support. He said: “The operation being conducted by our friends on the beaches, supported with £54million from the UK to help patrol the beaches, the technical support we’ve been giving, they haven’t been enough. Our offer is to increase our support and to work with our partners on the beaches concerned, on the launching grounds for these boats.” He said smugglers had to be shown “they can’t simply get people over the Channel” or they would continue to “get away with murder”. France has refused to let UK officers work on the other side of the Channel to detect people-smuggling operations. The two officers seen at the beach near Wimereux appeared powerless to stop the boat with around 40 families on board. The police truck flashed its lights and circled the migrants but soon gave up and PERIL Tot is taken to a dinghy in France went to patrol another area of beach. Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted: “This Government’s New Plan for Immigration will overhaul our broken asylum system and address many of the long-standing pull factors encouraging migrants to make the perilous journey.” But the Government is under pressure to offer safe asylum routes. Labour leader Keir Starmer tweeted: “The UK Government, France and the wider international community have a duty to prevent people being forced into such peril.” Robina Qureshi, of Scottish charity Positive Action in Housing, said: “Instead of finding a humanitarian answer, they have stopped rescue missions and sounded dog whistles to the far right. “The more that governments try to stop refugees arriving, the more they fuel the human trafficking trade.” Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf tweeted: “As Home Sect continues to put up barriers for safe passage to claim asylum, which every person has a right to, she is driving them into the hands of smugglers. Shameful.” Dinghy lands in UK on beach near to Dover

Page 6 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 SNP MPs aSk Sky SPortS to ScreeN WE HAVE » ‘These games will be truly national events that deserve to be enjoyed without cost, constraint or restriction’ dailyrecord.co.uk facebook.com/TheScottishDailyRecord FRIdAY, NOVEMbER 13, 2020 twitter.com/Daily_Record EURO 2020.. HERE WE COME » ‘Such a decision would be met with the gratitude of Scottish fans and generate invaluable positive publicity’ SCOTlANd’S CHAMpION 85p After 22 long years, Scotland have finally qualified for a major football tournament again, beating Serbia in a nerve-racking sudden-death penalty shootout in Belgrade WE’RE BACK MAKING HISTORY McTominay celebrates penalties win ON THE MARCH WITH STEVIE’S ARMY PAGES 4,5,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67&68 Scotland’S World cup play-off matches should be free-to-air on tV, the SnP has demanded. Steve Clarke’s side will find out tomorrow who they face in the semifinal next March when the draw is made in Zurich at 4pm. The men’s national team have won their last six matches in a row thanks to a string of sensational performances and are now just two games away from an appearance at the World Cup finals for the first time since 1998. But an existing broadcast deal between the SFA and Sky Sports means thousands of fans could miss out on watching the action unless they pay to join the subscription service. Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, believes a game of such significance should be free to view and has written to the TV giant to make the case. Sky previously agreed to make the Euro 2020 play-off between Scotland and Serbia in November last year freely available on one of its channels – but that was at a time when pubs nighT To ReMeMbeR Sky allowed Scotland’s win over Serbia to qualify for the Euros to be shown for free. Right, Ian Blackford by chRiS Mccall that deserve to be enjoyed without September. We believe it is only Deputy Political Editor cost, constraint, or restriction. right that a similar decision is taken across the country were closed due to lockdown restrictions. The Record understands the SFA is in discussions over how to make the World Cup play-off as accessible to view as possible but nothing has been agreed at this stage. In a letter to Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht, Blackford and SNP sport spokesman Gavin Newlands argue that making the “We are therefore proposing that these play-off matches involving the Scottish team – both the semi-finals and final – are made available free to air on one of your television platforms. “This would ensure that every Scotland fan has the chance to watch these crucial matches without the need to pay a subscription fee. “Households are already in terms of broadcasting this major sporting event. Such a decision would naturally be met with the gratitude of Scottish fans and generate invaluable positive publicity.” Tartan Army legend Ted Christopher has backed the call. The songwriter – who has performed for Scotland fans at more than 100 gigs over the years – feels matches of such importance should be game free-to-air would available to as many fans generate “invaluable free as possible. When you’re talking publicity” for the broadcaster. about national games, national games I think they “When you’re talking about The letter from the MPs they should be free should be free,” he said. said: “Throughout the “I can understand Sky qualifying campaign, Steve ted christopher tartan army veteran wants to make money from Clarke’s team have brought the leagues and those clubs us on a joyous journey that has united experiencing mounting bills across make a lot back from television the Scottish public in support for the board – they should not be forced rights. these players and their dream of to pay to watch this national event. “And I appreciate Sky bought the representing Scotland at the World “Obviously, there are a number of rights but I think on this occasion it Cup next year. precedents for taking this step, the would be right to show it for free. “These play-off games in March most recent being the decision to “There are so many people – next year now represent the final broadcast free to air Emma particularly in remote areas – who steps in that journey. These play-off Raducanu’s remarkable achievement don’t have Sky.” games will be truly national events in winning the US Open final in Ted, from Braco, Perthshire, added: The players will be boosted by playing in front of a full -house but the whole country watching them is also something they’ll be conscious of.” Scottish fans regularly complain on social media that matches involving their heroes are not broadcast live on terrestrial TV. The situation is made worse as a deal between England and ITV means qualifying games involving the Auld Enemy are routinely shown on STV. Scotland are guaranteed a home tie in the play-off semifinal after the recent 2-0 win over Denmark meant Clarke’s side will be seeded in tomorrow’s draw. A spokesman for Sky said: “We are a few months away from a potentially decisive qualification fixture.”

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 7 A DREAM ScotlaNd’S Play-offS for free HeRoeS John Souttar, left, and Che Adams, right, scored the goals that beat Denmark at Hampden If Sky can do it for Euros then let’s not miss out on the World Cup TaMcoWaN YOU would like to think all Scotland games would be on what we affectionately call council telly, whether it’s the BBC or STV. But that’s not the sort of world that we live in now when you have broadcasters like Sky and BT Sports who have all the money. It’s still very galling for fans on the night of a Scotland game when their game is on satellite, while STV is showing the England game – it’s like they don’t know what the ‘S’ stands for. Again, that’s down to contracts. I’m sure, if they could help it, STV would bid for some of the Scotland games. The bottom line for me is that Sky were able to show the game against Serbia freeto-air. It sounds awfully dismissive now, as if we’re suddenly gallus, but that was only the European Championships. This is the World Cup we’re talking about. The biggie. We’re comparing the Champions League to the Europa League, or the coWaN’S cHRoNicleS PAGES 18&19 Scottish Cup to the League Cup. Obviously there is going to be demand to see the play-off, irrespective of who Scotland gets drawn against. We’ll be hoping this points us towards our first World Cup finals since 1998, a whole generation and a bit ago. I don’t see how that would be a problem for Sky Sports. Perhaps if the SNP gently reminded them how much money Sky puts into English football compared to Scottish football, they could ask them to do us a turn and stick the Scotland game on free of charge. Of course, I am duty bound to remind everybody the whole game will be broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland. Nobody will miss out as long as you’ve got a tranny.

Page 8 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 House with castle ruins up for sale A TOWNHOUSE on the banks of Loch Lomond that comes with its own 16th century castle ruins has gone on sale. The eight-bedroom sandstone townhouse is in the Bannachra estate, near Arden, Dunbartonshire. It is set in 94.7-acre grounds that include a castle, waterfalls and a bluebell wood. No price has been set but it’s unlikely to be less than the average house price of £194,100. Rapist jailer is caged for fake date attacks He claimed to be a student called Claire to target men he met online predator Garry McDonald pretended to be a student called Claire to lure young men A FORMER prison officer was jailed for 10 years yesterday for posing as a woman online to lure men into sex attacks. Garry McDonald raped two victims after setting up a fake profile on a dating forum and pretending to be a teenage university student called Claire. McDonald, 42, formerly of Falkirk, was found guilty of five offences – two of rape and three of sexual communications. The first victim, now 26, told police he has learning difficulties and memory problems. He said he had met what he was told was a woman who was about his age online and they began texting. He travelled from his home in Fife to meet at an Asda in Falkirk but when he turned up he was approached by a man in his 40s who told him he was the person on the website. The victim said: “I think I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. The panic started to set in.” The man told him they were going back to his place, leaving him feeling uncomfortable. He said he did not want to have sex with the man but was told he would be I didn’t know what to do. The panic began to set in first victimafter first meeting McDonald by DAVE FINLAY reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk doing it. He added: “He wanted me to do it. I didn’t want to do it,” At McDonald’s address, he was told to take his clothes off and was pushed on to a bed where he was raped. It happened on February 23, 2019, and the second attack took place on May 16 that year. The second man, aged 24, was also in contact with “Claire”, who held out the prospect of a sexual relationship on condition that he have sex with a man. McDonald turned up at his home and raped him after telling him “Claire” would be unhappy if he did not comply with his instructions. The man said: “He kept saying, ‘Claire won’t be happy if you don’t do it’. I said, ‘I don’t want to do it.’” Asked what was said when it finished, he replied: “Claire would be happy.” Jailing McDonald at the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Boyd of Duncansby said it was clear that he posed a considerable risk to society. Shop manager McDonald was previously jailed for 54 months for taking drugs into Addiewell jail in West Lothian when he was a prison officer.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK sarwar demands fatal accident inquiry waRning Humza Yousaf NHS Covid recovery to take ‘years’ by chRiS Mccall ThE NhS in Scotland will take years to fully recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, humza yousaf has admitted. The health Secretary has pledged “we’ll leave no stone unturned” as hospitals try to clear the huge backlog in treatments. Patients face huge waiting times if they need to visit an A&E department or are booked in for non-emergency surgery. And the Record has told how the ambulance waiting times crisis has seen a pensioner die on the stairs of their home after waiting hours to be seen by paramedics. Asked on bbC Radio Scotland for a timescale on NhS recovery, yousaf said: “I would love to say to people, look, the effects of the global pandemic – which has been biggest shock to the NhS in its history – are going to be over in a matter of weeks or even months. “We are still in the midst of the pandemic so it’s not possible for me to say that. “It will take a number of years undoubtedly to recover from the effects of the pandemic but we’ll leave no stone unturned to do everything we can to improve the situation.” 500 STaff aTTacKS ScottiSH Ambulance Service’s staff suffered more than 500 physical and verbal assaults between January 2020 and last month. in one incident in oxgangs, Edinburgh, on November 20 last year, 999 crews received a hoax call for a cardiac arrest and when a crew was dispatched, the ambulance was pelted with objects. Pauline Howie, chief executive of the Scottish Ambulance Service, said: “Assaults and antisocial behaviour are completely unacceptable.” Don’t make Louise wait years for answers Labour leader wants probe into hospital infection row ScottiSh Labour leader Anas Sarwar has demanded a fatal accident inquiry into the death of a dad of five at a Glasgow hospital. He made the call after the widow of Andrew Slorance accused NHS bosses of concealing a deadly infection from her. Andrew, a civil servant who worked with t h e F i r s t Minister o n t h e pandemic, suffered f r o m cancer and was admitted t o t h e TRagic Andrew Slorance by PaUl hUTcheon Political Editor scandal-hit Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in October 2020. The 49-year-old, who lived in Edinburgh, tested positive for Covid after entering the QUEH and died in December. Louise, speaking to the Record last week, said she later found repeated references to the mould-based aspergillus bug in Andrew’s medical notes. But she said aspergillus was “never mentioned” to her and accused NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde of “deliberately” concealing it. She said the insides of the hospital need “ripped out” and insisted Andrew would still be alive had he not been admitted to the QEUH. Glasgow MSP Sarwar, who raised the case directly with Sturgeon last week at First agony Louise Slorance says husband should still be alive. Right, our story Minister’s Questions, has urged the Lord Advocate to set up an FAI. He said: “Families speaking out are reliving the most traumatic parts of their lives. “After her bravery, Louise Slorance shouldn’t have to wait years to get the answers about what happened to Andrew during his time at the Queen Elizabeth hospital. “In order to learn those lessons now, we need to act. “That is why we are asking the Lord Advocate to launch a fatal accident inquiry into the circumstances of Andrew’s death so that Louise can get the truth and justice she deserves, whilst also protecting families in the future.” Last week, NHSGGC urged Louise and her family to meet the organisation to discuss Andrew’s care, and address the issues raised. The Scottish dailyrecord.co.uk facebook.com/TheScottishDailyRecord Thursday, November 18, 2021 scoTlaNd’s champioN twitter.com/Daily_Record Scandal hoSpital lied to cover Up hUSband’S death EXCLUSIVE »Widow says he caught deadly bug days before death but was not told by paul huTcheoN 95p A GRIEVING widow has accused hospital bosses of deliberately concealing the circumstances of her husband’s death. Louise Slorance claims she wasn’t told about a deadly bug mentioned in Andrew’s notes from Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. »She brands wards a serious risk to patients and calls for radical changes Full sTory paGes 4&5 Page 9 TAM COWAN It could be our first World Cup in 24 years but it’s in a place where you can’t get blootered! aGoNy Louise. Below, Andrew, and the QEUH paGes 22&23 Government has said it will establish an “external review process” to investigate the matter. In February 2019, a probe found that 23 children at the QEUH contracted bloodstream infections in cancer wards between January and September in 2018. We later revealed the family of 10-year-old cancer patient Milly Main had not been told their child’s death was linked to an infection. The Crown said at the weekend it is probing Andrew’s death. A spokesman said: “We have received a report in connection with the death of a 49-year-old man on December 5, 2020, in Glasgow. “The investigation into the death is ongoing and the family will continue to be kept updated in relation to any significant developments.”

Page 10 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 2 women hurt in road smash £30,000 bonus for Two women were rushed to hospital yesterday following a crash at a roundabout. Emergency services raced to the scene in Glenrothes at 8am, following the smash which involved two vehicles. Police Scotland said: “Two women have been taken to hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. “The driver of one of the vehicles has been reported in connection with road traffic offences.” benefits axe boss New civil service chief pockets huge pay package.. after heading penny-pinching department that brought misery to 1000s megabucks DWP chief John-Paul Marks, left. Right, critic Pam Duncan-Glancy Scotland’s new civil service chief received up to £30,000 in bonuses as a director at the UK Government’s benefits-slashing Department for Work and Pensions. John-Paul Marks landed the extra payments on top of a massive six-figure salary. Labour MSP Pam Duncan-Glancy said: “This appointment raises serious questions about the SNP’s vision for social security in Scotland. “It is bad enough that they’ve spent years paying the DWP to deliver the benefits they have powers over, and now they are poaching their staff.” Marks was unveiled last week as the SNP Government’s new Permanent Secretary and could earn up to £180,000 a year. The appointment was made by First by paul Hutcheon Political Editor Minister Nicola Sturgeon, with the agreement of UK Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, and he starts in January. Marks is director general at the UK Government’s DWP, which is notorious for pushing through Tory benefits cuts such as the £20-a-week reduction in Universal Credit. In 2020-21, he enjoyed a remuneration deal worth about £235,000, including a near-£145,000 salary and a bonus of up to £10,000. Alba MP Kenny MacAskill said: “For the Scottish Government to think that this is an appropriate appointment simply beggars belief. “It strikes me as totally immoral that, as well as presiding over institutional cruelty, this Two journalists from Norwegian state television have been detained in Qatar by security officials, who deleted footage they had gathered at a migrant labour camp as they tried to report on worker issues ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Qatar’s government later accused NRK journalists Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani of “trespassing on private property and filming without a permit” as the two returned early yesterday. The Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said their arrest was “unacceptable”. He wrote on Twitter: “A Public servants need to command respect kenny Macaskillblasts appointment civil servant has received bonuses which are well in excess of what many people reliant on benefits have to live on to feed and clothe themselves and their families. “ T h e S c o t t i s h Government should think again and reconsider this appointment. Public servants need to command the trust and respect of the public.” Marks will replace Leslie Evans, who is leaving in the wake of the Alex Salmond probe debacle. A UK Government spokesman said: “We have strict rules around the award of bonuses and individuals must demonstrate clear highlevel performance in order to be awarded one.” A Scottish Government spokeswoman added: “These payments are a matter for the Department for Work and Pensions.” qatar holds journalists over world cup footage free press is crucial in a functioning democracy.” Norwegian news agency NTB later reported that the Qatari ambassador to the country was summoned to Oslo’s foreign ministry over the matter. The arrests, a year ahead of the World Cup, show the ongoing sensitivity of the autocratic government of Qatar. Journalists have faced similar problems and detentions while reporting in the country, particularly on the World Cup. Ekeland told reporters upon arrival at the Oslo airport: “It is pretty good to be back on Norwegian soil.”

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 11 exTension Devi Sridhar Vax scheme should have ‘gone further’ by chRis Mccall A Top adviser to the Scottish Government has said the Covid vaccine passport scheme should have been extended. Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at Edinburgh University, said it would have been “better to go further with certification now”. Nicola Sturgeon yesterday ruled out making Scots prove their vaccination status as a condition of being allowed in to pubs, restaurants and cinemas. Responding to Sturgeon, Sridhar wrote on Twitter: “I personally think it would be better to go further with certification now. “We’ve learnt that waiting and watching just makes the problem worse. And we’re heading into Dec-Feb, hardest months for the NHS.” waRning Dr Colin Morrison Struggling kids ‘fell off radar’ during crisis by cRaig PaTon ChilDren already struggling in education “fell off the radar” during the pandemic, a children’s rights campaigner has said. Schools closed in Scotland in March last year in a bid to halt the spread of Covid. But some pupils did not have access to online learning materials. Dr Colin Morrison, co-director at Children’s Parliament, said: “it will have long-term consequences in terms of attendance, the ability to work in that blended way, the way other children have become much more used to digital engagement with learning and they’re taking that home and using that to build on learning.” by Ryan caRRoll A schoolboy was placed in an induced coma after suffering a rare side effect of covid-19. Cameron Brown, eight, was rushed to hospital three weeks after recovering from the virus. The youngster, who tested positive for Covid but showed no symptoms, noticed a large lump on his neck and rashes on his body. Four days later, while watching television, he complained to his mum that his vision was blurry. Worried mum Lorraine and dad James rushed him to A&E where medics discovered he had paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS). The rare Covid-linked syndrome affects children and causes serious inflammation as the immune system goes into overdrive, attacking the body. Cameron deteriorated quickly and his heart began to fail. Medics placed him in an induced coma and he was flown from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. The little fighter pulled through but James and Lorraine have issued a warning to parents to be aware of symptoms after admitting they knew nothing about PIMS before their son fell ill. Lorraine, 45, from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, told the Record: “On November 2, he said he had a sore lump on his neck. “I spoke to the doctor and they thought it was just his lymph glands. “His temperature went up to about 40C but the doctor said it might be a reaction to his flu vaccine. “On the Thursday he was still very tired. He managed some food but was sick in the night. “After that, he wasn’t interested in food. We called the doctor again a n d s h e took urine samples, checked his bacK hoMe Cameron with dad James and mum lorraine after his ordeal pRIME Minister boris Johnson “follows all Covid rules”, No10 has insisted after reports emerged that he attended a performance of Macbeth without wearing a mask. An audience member at the Almeida theatre in London saw Johnson without his mask on Post-Covid illness put Cameron, 8 in a coma Parents’ warning to others after son is airlifted for emergency treatment chest and his pulse.” Lorraine was told to call 111 if television when he told his mum he couldn’t see the was my breakdown point. I had a chat with him before it Cameron’s condition screen properly. and told him, ‘You can’t go to deteriorated over the weekend. On the Saturday afternoon, Lorraine called 111 and they told her to bring Cameron into sleep, you’ve got to come back’. “But he wasn’t scared. He he developed a rash A&E. It was there they is a very strong-willed and on his hand and discovered the youngster had determined little child.” his face. symptoms of PIMS. He was then transported About half an Lorraine said: “They hooked him to the QEUH where he hour later, him up for various things and was kept in ICU for three days he was explained PIMS. before he woke up. watching “All night long, he was Dad James, 48, said: “The getting various tests done. consultant explained that with They were using haemoglobin to regulate his heart but it PIMS, they tend to see it in kids who have no underlying health wasn’t responding. conditions and have basically “At around 9am, they got strong immune systems. decided to put him into “Because the body largely an induced coma. recovered from Covid and the “I had just focused on immune system still thinks it’s him getting better but fighting the virus, it ramps up when they said that, that and gets to a point where no10 claiMs PM follows MasK RUle at all times during Tuesday’s performance, while another had seen him maskless in a public area of the London venue. on its website, the theatre urges patrons to wear a face covering during their visit unless eating or drinking. Mask-wearing regulations in England were dropped by the Government in the summer but some transport networks are continuing to enforce their use as a condition of carriage, while some venues and shops still recommend they are worn. Asked by reporters on Wednesday why the prime Minister was “not wearing a mask” during the performance, Johnson’s press secretary said: “The pM follows all Covid rules.” She repeated the answer when asked why the theatre’s request for patrons to have a face mask on was allegedly not complied with. woRRying Cameron’s symptoms included a lump in his neck and rash on his hands. Main, battling in hospital the immune system starts attacking the body and inflaming the major organs. “In Cameron’s case, it was his heart that was struggling. “As long as you can get the immune system under control, you can recover really quickly.” Cameron remained in hospital for a week and was discharged on the Saturday. The family now wants to raise awareness about PIMS. Patent attorney James added: “Watch out for the symptoms – a fever, enlarged lymph glands, conjunctivitis, rashes. “Keep an eye on the little things that could be a sign of this. Especially if your kid gets over it very quickly. “We are lucky with the fantastic medical care we received and that they managed to get the steroids working, another few hours and we might have had a very different story on our hands.” Covid deaths fall 22 in week The number of coronavirusrelated deaths in Scotland last week fell to 94 – down 22 compared with the week before, figures show. Sixty-nine of those Covid deaths occurred in hospitals.

Page 12 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 Abusive kids’ TikTok vids face police probe TIKTOK videos made by schoolkids with “derogatory comments” about staff and other pupils have been reported to police. Pupils at Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School in Dumbarton shared abusive content. Scotland’s biggest teaching union the EIS said it will “consider all options” to safeguard its members from abuse – and urged by saRah waRD councils to get police to investigate specific incidents where appropriate. Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie labelled the footage as “inappropriate”. She said: “Everyone has the right to be treated with respect.” The school confirmed in a letter that police had been informed and said it was “taking advice”. conceRneD Jackie Baillie Man charged over assault A 65-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested and charged in connection with the alleged assault of a man, 26, at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, on August 26. Window falls from store A GLASS window fell from the front of a former furniture shop, smashing on Dundee’s Barrack Street on Tuesday. No one was injured in the incident. laUgh a MinUTe Ant and Dec crack up two nighTMaRe TRial Richard Madeley Campers I may never go back to being EastEnders’ Ian ADAM Woodyatt insists he doesn’t know whether he will ever return to EastEnders – and wants to show TV viewers he’s not Ian Beale in real life. The 53-year-old played whinger Ian for more than three decades from the soap’s first episode in 1985. Adam said: “Why have I finally said yes? Because I am not in EastEnders! “That is the honest answer. I am not in contract with the BBC so I can come and do it. “Everyone thinks I am Ian Beale and it’s going to be great to show I am not.” Pushed for more detail of his career plans, he said: “I’m just quite happy doing what I’m doing at the moment, which is doing I’m A Celeb. “I’m doing Peter James’ Looking Good Dead [theatre tour]. I’m just taking it as it comes along.” Adam last filmed EastEnders scenes in November 2020. Asked if he would go back, he said: “I don’t know the answer. “And it’s not just my decision, it’s a BBC decision, it’s a timing decision.” Woodyatt, who is divorcing wife Bev Sharp, having separated in 2019, says the three things he will miss most in the I’m A Celebrity castle will be ice cream, his bike and coffee. He has switched to decaffeinated coffee for the past few weeks to help wean himself off caffeine, but planned to polish off a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream just before entering the castle. Looking ahead, he said: “There’s some trials I know I’m not going to be good at. I won’t be good if anything involves physical strength. “I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of swimming stuff – because it’s Wales not Australia – but I’m not a brilliant swimmer. Any of the other stuff, I’ll give it a crack.” Asked whether he could finish the show as King of the Castle, Woodyatt laughed and said: “Oh God, I’m not going to win it. Frankie Bridge has got too many followers on Instagram, she’s already won it, I think. “I’m going in there to just enjoy myself, to challenge myself and to have a laugh. Look, if I go a long way in it, great. If I don’t, c’est la vie.”

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 13 tv legends enter castle checK MaTes Louise and Danny dress in farm suit get some soap ReaDy Adam Woodyatt Rotten luck for failing Richard RICHARD Madeley had a horror of a trial when it came to Castle Kitchen Nightmares, winning just four out of 10 stars. The TV host had 10 minutes to find 10 stars hidden within the trial area in pots and shelves. Dec said: “Now as this is a trial it will be full of castle critters throughout.” The klaxon sounded and Richard looked around the kitchen, putting his hand in holes on kitchen shelves to find and collect stars. He then had to go headfirst into a chute – which made Ant and Dec crack up laughing – and scrabble around in a sewer-like pipe filled with rotten fruit and By MaRK JeffeRies SIMON Gregson says Coronation Street is a job for life – but he is keen to show he is not as stupid as his character Steve McDonald. The 47-year-old, who is heading into the castle as one of two late entries, joined Corrie in 1989 and plays hapless Steve – known for marrying many times and not being very bright. Gregson says: “The big differences between us is: I probably wouldn’t do half the things that that idiot does, and he probably wouldn’t do half the things that I do. “But it would be nice for people to see that I’ve probably got a modicum more intelligence than Steve.” And while some stars use the ITV show as a springboard for a new career, Gregson is very happy to return to the Corrie cobbles after his stint. He says: “I believe myself to be extremely blessed with where I work. “I love everybody there and they pretty much pay me just to go in and mess around all day and I just laugh veg. Despite Ant and Dec trying to help him, he struggled to find stars. Madeley let out a “holy moly” as fish guts and offal rained down while he struggled to unknot string on the stars he did find. Meanwhile Danny Miller and Louise Minchin had more success with their chicken-and-egg word game but they failed to bring home any grub after getting the kiosk question wrong. The pair had to dress up in a farmer’s costume which was joined together and work out which chicken coop a cuddly hen belonged in. After succeeding, they went to ye Olde Shoppe but lost out on the Scotch eggs. I have no plans to leave Corrie, I love it so much from the minute I go until the minute I leave. I’ve grown up with pretty much everybody there since I was a kid, so it’s a very, very good place to work and I’ve no plans to leave. No. Not at all.” Gregson was talked into appearing on the ITV show by his wife Emma and three children Alfie, 14, Harry, 12, and Henry Teddy, five. He said: “It was common knowledge I would never do I’m A Celebrity. “But my wife and kids were like, ‘Come on, Si, you’ve got to do it, you will have fun.’ And so, I’ve said yes! It is something cool for the kids to watch as dad screams like a young child!” Simon says his family and Corrie castmates will be praying he gets to do some disgusting trials. He said: “They will also definitely be voting for me. As much as they love me, they would love to see me throw up after eating something disgusting as well!” And Simon says he would love to make it to the end of the show as it would mean “brownie points at school” for his children. cobbles cRew Simon Gregson SNOOCHIE SHY Not much happening for her in this episode. Almost radio silence. DANNY MILLER Didn’t win Scotch eggs in the coin challenge but isn’t cracking up just yet either. ARLENE PHILLIPS DAVID GINOLA Took a stance and discussed The Clink’s issues. A diplomat with a six pack could be a winner. KADEENA COX Paralympian wouldn’t get a gold medal for her actions in the past 24 hours. RICHARD MADELEY Presenter’s trial really was a nightmare as he struggled to win meals for camp. LOUISE MINCHIN Got dressed up for Castle Coin challenge, which is eggsactly what she would enjoy. FRANKIE BRIDGE Had a quiet show but she remains the most likely eventual Queen of the castle. MATTY LEE Has dived down the poll in recent days, and will have to do more to get to the final stages. Delighted to have some female friends in camp, could be a new beginning for her. NAUGHTY BOY Much chirpier thanks to a robin. It’s amazing what a difference 24 hours makes.

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 WINNER Giuseppe Dell’Anno Bake Off final is a hit with 8m viewers by ALEX GREEN THE Great British Bake Off final on Channel 4 attracted an average audience of 6.9million viewers. Channel 4 said the final had a peak audience of eight million viewers and a 37.2 per cent share of the total TV viewing audience. Viewers tuned in on Tuesday night to watch Giuseppe Dell’Anno, a 45-year-old chief engineer from Bristol, crowned winner of the 12th series of the amateur baking show. Raheem for Radio4 England and Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling will serve as one of the guest editors of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme over the festive period. PICTURE: Alan Harvey/SNS MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK SCOTLAND STAR OUT OF HOSPITAL CONCERN John Fleck playing for Scotland, and after his collapse, below Page 15 fleck is on the mend Player ‘in good spirits’ after collapse Scotland star John Fleck has been released from hospital after collapsing during tuesday’s English Championship clash between Sheffield United and Reading. Players from both sides looked on anxiously, with proceedings stopped for more than 10 minutes after Fleck went down unchallenged, with the Scot receiving lengthy treatment on the pitch. But the ex-Rangers by DANIEL CAW daniel.caw@reachplc.com midfielder was conscious as he was taken to hospital, and even asked medics about the outcome of the match, which the Blades went on to win 1-0. Yesterday his club provided an update after the 30-year-old was discharged from hospital. They said: “Sheffield United is grateful to report that John Fleck has been discharged from hospital and will return to Sheffield today. “He was conscious when he was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and was communicative with club and medical personnel, as well as his family.” The Sheffield Star had reported earlier that Fleck was in “good spirits”. His manager Slavisa Jokanovic said: “John is conscious, he is in the hospital, he is talking with the doctors and he is in good hands.” Reading manager Veljko Paunovic added: “I hope that John will return as soon as possible in good shape in his normal life, and to play football like he did before.” ADVERTISING FEATURE SCOTTISH MUSIC AWARDS SHINES SPOTLIGHT ON LIVE MUSIC Event raises funds for a worthy cause THE Specsavers Scottish Music Awards returned to a physical event this year with a spectacular awards ceremony at the legendary Barrowland Ballroom. The event celebrated the best of Scottish live music with awards presented to Amy McDonald, Biffy Clyro, The Fratellis, and KT Tunstall among others. This was the third consecutive year Specsavers has been headline sponsor, and it’s not just celebrating Scottish music that encourages the opticians and audiologists to support the awards. Now more than ever, it was important to continue to support the fantastic work of Nordoff Robbins. The pandemic had a massive impact on so many sectors, particularly live music and charities like Nordoff Robbins which have found it incredibly difficult to fundraise and have had to find innovative ways to encourage donations. Specsavers also had to adapt during the first lockdown when staff were only able to see emergencies, with many stores across Scotland offering eye and hearing advice via video calls. The opticians and audiologists subsequently had to implement social distancing and hygiene measures to make sure stores are as safe as possible for customers and staff and have been proud to support the communities in which they serve. In spite of the pandemic, Specsavers stores across Scotland, plus its audiology and Home Visits services, have banded together to raise an incredible £15,000 for Nordoff Robbins. The funds will cover the cost of more than 600 music therapy sessions in Scotland. Four organisations Nordoff Robbins works with will benefit from the donation. Sight Scotland works with Nordoff Robbins to provide music therapy for children with a sight impairment. Most of the children have other complex WORTHY Amy McDonald disabilities and are and Sean residents in the Connelly, school which is Specsavers based in Edinburgh Trongate. and supports children from across the country. St Andrew’s Hospice in North Lanarkshire provides hospice care, including end of life and day care services for adults. Blythswood House in Renfrewshire supports adults with learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and Downs Syndrome. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE WORK OF NORDOFF ROBBINS BY VISITING WWW.NORDOFF-ROBBINS.ORG.UK AND FIND YOUR LOCAL SPECSAVERS STORE BY VISITING WWW.SPECSAVERS.CO.UK disabilities, autism and related conditions. Susanne Akil, Specsavers’ Scottish chair, says: “We were proud to once again sponsor the Scottish Music Awards and to be able to collectively donate this amazing sum of money between all of the stores in Scotland. “We have partnered with Nordoff Robbins on the awards for several years now and are still blown away by the difference music therapy can make to the lives of so many in the country. “It is fantastic to know that this money will fund more than 600 music therapy sessions.” Specsavers was also pleased to partner with Nordoff Robbins on a brand new feature of the Scottish Music Awards – BSL interpreters who signed along to all the songs performed on stage as well as the spoken elements of the evening. Susanne adds: “Not only were the BSL interpreters a huge talking point of the evening, it was really important to make sure the awards were accessible for anyone with a hearing impairment, especially as it reaches bigger audiences than ever now that the event is streamed online.”

Page 16 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Souness was ‘looking for trouble’ after sending off ‘fizzing’ Graeme Souness RANGERS legend Graeme Souness went out in Edinburgh “looking for a fight” after being sent off on his debut for the club, former teammate and fellow Ibrox great Terry Butcher has claimed. Souness was red carded for a reckless challenge on Hibs’ George McCluskey during a bad-tempered clash at Easter Road in Edinburgh in August 1986. by george mair The infamous challenge after 30 minutes sparked a mass confrontation among players on the pitch, before Hibs went on to win 2-1. Butcher, who played in the game, said Souness later insisted on going out in the capital and that he had to act as Souness’s “minder”. Butcher told BBC Radio Scotland podcast Sacked in the Morning: “Me and Graeme were staying at Norton House Hotel, near the airport, and Graeme Souness said, ‘We’re going out, it’s Saturday night’. “He was fizzing, really angry. “He’s not a big drinker, Graeme, but if he has a mission he wants to do something – and I think he was looking for a fight, looking for trouble. I was his minder.” xmas single & Back with fab five Alan Longmuir, Derek Longmuir, Les McKeown, Woody and Eric Faulkner Woody’s the leader of the gang now, with a festive single out next week, gigs and a fresh album from the next generation of the group in the new year.. he’s left the door open for old bandmates and is keeping the late Les McKeown’s spirit alive in the new songs they co-wrote during their reunion THE Bay City Rollers are back with their first-ever Christmas single, a new picture book and an album planned for next year. Seven months after singer Les McKeown died, Stuart “Woody” Wood, 64, is masterminding the next stage of the Rollers. Next Friday, they will release Rollin’ Into Christmas and fans will be able to pre-order Remember – a photo book of the reunion when Woody, Les and Alan Longmuir got back together. The group also play Edinburgh and Glasgow next month. Woody admitted he doesn’t want to say Bye Bye Baby to the band he joined at 17, saying: “Bay City Rollers is like a drug. You just want to get back to it again. “That’s why I’m still doing it because the reunion was so much fun. And I’ll keep on being the Bay City Rollers for as long as possible.” The Bay City Rollers formed in Edinburgh in 1966 and debut album Rollin’ in 1974 hit No1. While they had a string of hits in the UK and US, including Bye Bye Baby and Shang-a-Lang, they never made a Christmas record. Woody said: “It’s been a tough time for Bay City Rollers fans and we decided to do the single to offer some Christmas cheer. “We’ve lost Les this year, last year we lost Ian Mitchell and Alan by rick fulton passed in 2018. It’s our duty to give our fans something to Shanga-Lang to. “People always used to ask why we never did a Christmas song. We just never got around to doing it. There wasn’t one that was right. “I called it Rollin’ into Christmas because our first album was called Rollin’ so it’s a nice circle. It’s a rock’n’roll Christmas cracker.” Woody is settled after a few turbulent years since the 2015-16 reunion with Les and Alan. The three thrilled fans at Glasgow Barrowland in 2015 and T in the Park and the Glasgow Hydro in 2016. But old tensions arose, including an STV bust-up when Woody got annoyed with Les for plugging his solo album. Les told the Record he’d never work with Woody again but before he died he had softened after Alan had passed, and had talked about the pair getting back on stage. Woody, who joined the

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Page 17 pic book mark rollers’ return a Shang-a-Lang walk of fame Woody, flanked by the late Alan Longmuir and Les McKeown at the Barras christmas rollers The Bay City Rollers photo book and the Christmas single THE Proclaimers will play 11 Scottish dates next year. Craig and Charlie Reid are working on a 12th studio album. They kick off in Motherwell on November 24, going to Dunfermline, Dundee, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness and ending in Aberdeen on December 17. Tickets on sale tomorrow (9am) from proclaimers. co.uk Rollers in 1974, claims that the fighting wasn’t as bad as it was made out. He said: “Les and I were talking about reuniting again. It was a shock when he died. He passed too soon. “We were heading for making our peace with each other. We had been friends. Age brings wisdom so we’d have probably got back together. “He had reached out and said, ‘Let’s get back together but do it differently this time.’” The guitarist points out how happy the three were during the reunion shows – as the photo-book underlines. He said: “I just remember a lot of laughter in the band and a lot of fondness. With Al and Les not being here, it contains all the memories of all those great times. “We were worried before we went on at T in the Park because we weren’t sure any of the young people would turn up or they’d chuck stuff at us. But it was incredible. They were dancing and singing the words. Our tunes are loved by Scots down the generations.” Woody isn’t the last Roller from the classic line-up which includes original drummer Derek Longmuir and guitarist Eric Faulkner. Eric didn’t take part in the reunion as he’d nearly died in 2015 from viral encephalitis which led to post-encephalitic syndrome – a neuro-degenerative condition. Woody said: “I know Derek doesn’t want to do it again but for Eric, who’s played live since his illness, the door is always open. He’s more than welcome. “The last conversation we had was he wanted to get away from the Rollers and do his own thing.” Poignantly, Woody will include in the new set list Don’t Let The Music Die, a tune he wrote with Eric for 1977 album It’s A Game in tribute to his late bandmates. Les’s rock’n’ roll lifestyle reportedly led to his death but Woody was never a party animal. He said: “I was young when I joined the band and never started drinking until I was 20. In the early Rollers, the only pints I was having were pints of milk.” He added: “I reckon I’ve still got another 10 years of doing the Bay City Rollers and plan to be keeping the music alive.” After the reunion had crumbled Woody put together his own band, and since 2018 has been touring the world. Next year will see a new Rollers album – the first with new material since Breakout’85 in 1985. Woody reckons they have nine tracks, six of them strong, and some co-written with Les and Alan in the reunion. Woody, who now lives near his home town of Edinburgh after stints in Los Angeles and South Africa, is eyeing a busy 2022 with a new album, a tour and maybe a show at TRNSMT. He said: “The Rollers were great at T and would be great at TRNSMT. I see songs like Shanga-Lang being around for ever.” ● Bay City Rollers’ new single Rollin’ Into Christmas is out next Friday. Fans can pre-order the book Remember – The Reunion in Photographs next Friday. They play Edinburgh Liquid Rooms on December 12 and Glasgow Garage on December 13.

Page 18 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Grit Scot.. we’ve a lorry work to keep up with Yorkshire HATS off to Yorkshire Council who have surely come up with the greatest ever list of names for their gritter lorries. This winter’s fleet includes David Plowie, Basil Salty, Roger Spreaderer, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Gritney Spears and – my favourite – Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney. Terrific stuff. The best in Scotland so far? Well, in tribute to our new Scottish football anthem, I think it’s got to be Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie. PS. On the subject of names, I got an email recently from a fella called David Adam who says his teachers always called him by his surname at school and he absolutely hated it. However, he was able to get his own back a few weeks ago when he bumped into one of his old teachers who STILL snow bad Anti-Sip Machiney called him Adam. David immediately retorted: “It’s DOCTOR Adam to you!” The disgust on the old boy’s face was apparently glorious… ● My mate called out the TV repair man on Tuesday after flicking through all the channels and Alex Scott wasn’t on ANY of them. I’m half-expecting to see her doing the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. the lawn way home IT was reported this week that, after an £8000 raid on an equipment store at a cemetery in Nottinghamshire, a thief fled the scene at 4mph on a sit-on mower! Which member of the constabulary was giving chase – Frank Cannon? (There’s one for the teenagers.) Staying with transport, what about that incredible story on the front of Monday’s paper? An eight-minute emergency Sorry BoarJo but you’re too hammy to be Churchillian THEY say a week is a long time in politics but 80 years is evidently a VERY long time. According to a little gem that was passed on to me this week, in 1941 the Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: “We will fight them on the beaches.” And in 2021, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Have you been to Peppa Pig World.” Unbelievable, eh? Meanwhile, after top crime writer Val McDermid used the First Minister’s official residence in Edinburgh for her latest book launch, the SNP have stressed that Bute House is not “for hire”. Which is a shame for Douglas Ross, of course, as there’s now NO chance of him seeing what it’s like inside… ● It’s still my dream to open a Scottish barbers in Turkey. ambulance took 36 hours! Tell you what, ladies and gents, in this day and age it would take a very brave person – and certainly not me – to react to that headline with a joke about women drivers… pig in a pokE Boris Johnson Surely there must be a gap in the market? A pal texted me last week to say that there are now 14 Turkish barbers within a mile of his house. He’s not the brightest, though. I had to remind him he lives in Istanbul. builder’s tea is oot tar much But I like coffee Things are going from bad to curse, Mrs Brown’s Boys is back on the box I tried out feng shui. I turned my TV to face the wall and felt much better BUILDER’S tea, RIP. Yes, folks, the legendary strong brew is apparently dying out as we switch to herbal teabags and fancy coffee. Hands up, I’m guilty as charged. Used to LOVE a stewed, tar-like cup of builder’s tea but I now prefer a flat white with an extra shot. But I haven’t forgotten my roots. Nope, I like to sip my coffee while the crack of my a*** is peeking out the top of my jeans… Scientists have revealed that octopuses, lobsters and crabs have feelings and can experience pain, distress and harm. So, if you happen to bump into any of these creatures over the next few days, please don’t tell them the festive telly schedule includes two new episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys… Ach, that’s unfair. The knockabout sitcom starring Brendan O’Carroll as Irish mammy Agnes Brown continually gets a kicking but I’d have to be utterly two-faced to say a bad word against it. You see, folks, a couple of years ago when I was feeling really unwell – and even my doctor couldn’t explain it – I tried the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. That’s where you arrange your furniture in a certain way to create positive vibes… and it worked! The minute I heard the theme tune to Mrs Brown’s Boys, I turned our TV to face the wall – and I immediately felt much, much better… Talking of telly, a new series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here got under way on Sunday night. And earlier that day, I co-hosted an episode of Off The Ball which could have been called He’s A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Yep, that’s how I felt when our guest Dougray Scott – the Hollywood film star and diehard Hibs fan – suddenly dropped the F-bomb. And on the Sabbath as well! Apologies were offered all round – it was just a wee slip of the tongue – and I never thought anything else about it. Well, not until later that night when I got a text from Jose Quitongo – the former Hamilton Accies and Hearts winger who went one better swearY Mrs Brown and Dougray Scott years ago by dropping the C-bomb!!! – saying: “Enjoyed the show today, Tam, but your guest’s language was appalling…” Anyway, on the subject of your backside making buttons – and staying with football – did any of you clock the truly bizarre survey that was published this week? It’s been revealed that West Ham fans trump their rivals by doing the most farts in the English Premier League with up to 12 per match. In Scotland, I’d imagine Rangers supporters do the least number of farts as they’re terrified they might follow follow through… The club’s Premier Sports Cup

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 19 TAM COWAN’S chronicles instagram @therealtamcowan 1 4 campaign skittered to a halt on Sunday with a shock 3-1 defeat to Hibs. Rangers were rotten – at least the fans who battled with Hibs supporters on the M74 put up a fight. And, with a nod to Martin Boyle whose three goals put the Edinburgh club in the final, I loved the gag that were doing the rounds on Sunday night… What a tribute by Rangers to Celtic legend Bertie Auld – letting the Hibs No10 score a hat-trick against them. Brilliant! PS. After Conor Goldson sensationally revealed that his Rangers team-mates have lost their hunger, here’s a friendly bit of advice for the Ibrox board who 5 2 6 5 recently announced losses of £23million.. Sell the canteen at Auchenhowie. PPS. Returning to Radio Scotland for a second, here’s my top tip if you want to hear your request being played on Bryan Burnett’s brilliant music show Get It On. The theme on Tuesday night was “swinging” (big band, jazz, crooners, etc) and I texted in right away to ask for Matt Monro’s My Kind Of Girl. Nothing. Blanked. Patched. So I texted back, saying: “Hi Bryan, I’d just popped out for half an hour to get you a wee Christmas present – please tell me I didn’t miss my song?” It was played five minutes later… 3 1 2 Christmas officially under is way in Peebles. After last week’s ‘An Audience With..’ did you know that Adele was driven home by Noel Gallagher? Where does 3 Jonathan Ross buy his clothes in north-east Scotland? Every middleaged man 4 posing for a selfie. Rangers fans 5 going to work on Monday morning. Forget the elf 6 on the shelf – here’s Chucky on the Bucky. KEEN fisherman Ally McCoist has been offered the chance of a TV series featuring celebrities working as trawlermen. But which of his football pals would form the rest of Coisty’s crew? Well, I’d suggest.. Tore Andre Float, Rod Wallace, Caster Schmeichel (the goal-kipper), Lure Macari, Sole Campbell, Connor Salmon, Zinedine Sardine, Prawn Maloney, Paul Shoals, Shark Hateley, Neil Lemon Sole and – always good for a bit of fly-fishing – Paul JR Hartley. As a treat for the Rangers legend, let’s get Tina Tuna to sing Simply John West… ● I WENT for my Covid booster jag yesterday and I was asked if I had any side-effects after the first two. When I shook my head, the nurse said OK and asked which arm I’d like injected. I said: “The middle one, please..” ● MY wife says she’s leaving me due to my obsession with Star Wars. I told her: “May divorce be with you.” ● I GOT my Covid test result today – it says 30. Also, my IQ test came back positive. ● How many crime writers does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one but it has to have a good twist at the end. ● I TRIED to join a support group last week for people with Tourette’s Syndrome but they told me to f*** off. ● MY neighbours’ kids were in tears after their outdoor jacuzzi was stolen. To provide some reassurance, the police have said that when they catch the thieves, they’ll be in hot water. ● A VEGAN told me that people who sell meat are gross. But surely people who sell fruit & veg are grocer…? ● I WENT into the pub and asked if they did cash back. “Yes we do,” replied the barmaid. “Great,” I said. “Can I have the £80 I spent last night? The wife’s going mental.” ● I SWEAR that I’m not lying when I tell you that tennis legend Steffi Graf has a sister called Polly… Lookalike of week? NOPE, I’ve got absolutely NO idea who this looks like..! Believe it or not, this is not a photoshop – it’s a pic of an actual nun who popped up on the telly recently and it was kindly (aye right) passed on to me by a Motherwell fan. Uncanny, eh? And it’s all the excuse I need to tell you about the Mother Superior who, as a wee reward for Sister Agnes faithfully observing a vow of silence in the convent for five years, allowed her to say two words. “Bed uncomfortable,” she said. And a shocked Mother Superior got her a new mattress that afternoon. After another five years, Sister Agnes was allowed another two words. “Food bad,” she said. And a horrified Mother Superior immediately hired a new chef. Five years on, Sister Agnes was granted another two words. “I quit,” she said. And Mother Superior said: “Aye, it’s probably for the best, you’ve done nothing but complain since you came in here…”

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Page 21 stunningCartier brooch Queen Mum brooch sells for £50,000 By paul vass A CARTIER brooch bought by the Queen Mother for her youngest daughter Princess Margaret has sold at auction for £50,000. The Queen Mum paid £175 for the diamond and aquamarine jewel in 1947. Engraved with an ‘M’ beneath Princess Margaret’s coronet, it belonged to her until she died in 2002. It passed into the hands of a private collector in 2006 and emerged for sale at Dix Noonan and Webb. Frances Noble, head of jewellery at the Central London auctioneer, said recent high prices for royal items are due “in part” to Netflix series The Crown. “It has introduced a new younger audience to the stories and personalities of our Royal Family,” he said. good taste Tadgh with his Mexican-style winning recipe winnerSchoolboy on fish finger packet by ruki sayid reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk Move over Captain Birds Eye, there’s a new kid in town. Schoolboy Tadhg King, seven, will replace the old sea dog on limited edition fish finger packs. The competition winner is the first child Captain Birds Eye since he was first created in 1967. Judges found Tadhg’s Mexican twist Capt Birds Eye lands a tiddler Tadhg, seven, is new face of fish fingers specialPacks will go on sale at Iceland recipe for fish fingers in tacos with paprika, salsa, sour cream and iceberg lettuce was somefin special. Tadhg, of Manchester, said: “I’m so excited to be Birds Eye’s new Mini Captain – I can’t wait to go in store and see my face on packs of fish fingers! “They are my favourite on our Taco Tuesday family nights. “We change up the ingredients each week, although I love cheese as much as fish fingers so will always add that too. I hope other people try my recipe and see how yummy it is.” The competition was aimed at six to 12-year-olds to find their favourite ways of eating fish fingers. Birds Eye’s Sarah Stebbings said: “It’s lovely to get the next generation excited about them.” Tadhg will appear on packs exclusive to food chain Iceland from February.

Page 22 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 PDP LVL40 PlayStation stereo headset. Also available for Xbox & Nintendo* Mixx Streambuds LX £ 34 £ 18 Gioteck PS4 arctic camo wired controller £ 24 £ 15 Google Chromecast Selected ASDA stores. Subject to availability. May exclude small stores: asda.com/smallstores Amazon fire TV stick offer available until 30th November 2021. *Xbox headset was £24 now £15 and Nintendo headset was £26 now £15. Delivery, collection and minimum basket charges may apply. Carrier bag charges may apply. Delivery/collection slots subject to availability. Black Friday event ends 30/11/2021. Products shown offer ends 06/12/2021. each each £ 22 £ 12 each Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite £ 30 £ 15 each £ 30 £ 19 each pcs sacked for murder photos TWO police officers who took “shameful” crime scene photos and described murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman as “dead birds” on social media have been sacked following a tribunal. PC Jamie Lewis, 33, and former officer Deniz Jaffer, 47, used the offensive term when sharing messages on WhatsApp groups after taking pictures of the two women, who were found dead in bushes in Fryent Country Park, Wembley, north-west London. The pair have been warned they face “lengthy” jail terms when they are sentenced next month for misconduct in a public office. bike tragedy Losing Bronte scarred us all Family speak out as fiance is cleared over girl’s death by sally hind Reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk THE FAMILY of a woman who died in a horror bike crash spoke of their loss as her fiance was cleared of causing her death yesterday. Bronte Hutchison was described as a “kind, beautiful, wholesome girl” as former Royal Navy serviceman Bret Simpson, 30, walked free from the High Court in Edinburgh following a not proven verdict. The 23-year-old was a passenger on Simpson’s Kawasaki motorbike when it crashed in Galashiels, in the Borders, more than three years ago. She died at the scene after sustaining a fatal head injury and Simpson was charged with causing her death by dangerous driving by reaching excessive speeds on the A6091 Galashiels to Melrose bypass on August 5, 2018. But a jury acquitted Simpson of the charge following a trial yesterday. A statement from kind Bronte Hutchison Bronte’s father John said her death had left him, mum Samantha and her sisters Rebecca, Megan and Macauley “scarred”. It said: “Bronte was a kind, beautiful, wholesome girl who everyone adored. “She had her whole life planned out with pure ambitions of securing a good job, a dream home, getting married and having children. “Her death has scarred us all and is something I don’t think we will ever fully come to terms with. “All we can do now is find a way to move forward as one and be there for each other.” The family did not comment on the verdict.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 23 Today’s PC culture? Freddie TaRgeT Sophie Ellis-Bextor Sophie stalk weirdo could be charged A STALKER who bombarded Sophie Ellis- Bextor with gifts and “unsettling” messages could face criminal charges. Nishil Patel, 39, targeted the singer, 42, after they met in passing in July 2020. He sent hundreds of messages on Instagram, City of London magistrates heard. He also left 30 gifts at a neighbour’s home, including a wallet with a message that it was, “blue, not black like your soul”. Prosecutor Felix Keating said Patel was warned off by police in October last year but he continued to send her abusive messages. Police were yesterday granted a five-year stalking protection order, which means Patel will be charged if he contacts her. Patel did not contest the allegations. cUTTiNg BacK Brennan Supply boss’ warning on Xmas food by gRaHaM HiScoTT CuSTOMERS will have less choice this Christmas because of food shortages, MPs were told yesterday. Shane Brennan, chief executive of trade body the Cold Chain Federation, said suppliers were focusing on what deliveries were “achievable”. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has also forecast shortfalls caused by a lack of lorry drivers. The WSTA has called for urgent action from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. Brennan told the Commons transport select committee: “It’s not about shortages, it’s about simplifying. “Having less range is one of the key decisions you can make in trying to make supply chains more efficient.” would’ve found it difficult hit songs Easy On Me superstar Adele Plea Arthur Labinjo-Hughes big tunes Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran RECORDINGS of a six-year-old boy crying “no one loves me” and “no one’s gonna feed me” before his death have been released as the murder trial of his father and stepmother nears its end. Arthur Labinjo-Hughes died from a brain injury after what prosecutors called a “campaign of cruelty”, amounting to “torture”. Thomas Hughes, 29, and Emma Tustin, 32, both deny murdering Arthur after he suffered a fatal collapse while alone with his stepmother at her home in Queen’s Brian laments male and female Brit axe by aSHleigH RaiNBiRD QUEEn legend Brian May has blasted modern culture and said Freddie Mercury would have struggled with it. The guitarist, 74, made his comments as he lambasted the Brit Awards for scrapping their male and female categories. He said singer Freddie, who died 30 years ago yesterday aged 45 from complications linked to Aids, would have found the PC culture “difficult”. He said: “Freddie came from Zanzibar, he wasn’t British, he wasn’t white as such – nobody cares, nobody ever discussed it. “He was a musician, he was our friend, he was our brother. We didn’t have to stop and think: ‘Ooh, now, should we work with him? Is he the right colour? Is he the right sexual proclivity?’ “None of that happened, and now I find it frightening that you have to be so calculating about everything.” Brian believes even Queen, by RicHaRD veRNallS Solihull, near Birmingham, in June last year. It was alleged Arthur was force-fed salt-laced meals, kept isolated in the home, starved, dehydrated and routinely beaten by the couple. Hughes was said to have sent text messages to Tustin saying to “dig Arthur’s grave”, and “kid’s getting ended when I get back”. Tustin has claimed Arthur’s fatal head injury was self-inflicted, possibly by throwing himself down who have won four Brits, would not be considered diverse enough in the modern age. He said: “We would be forced to have people of different colours and different sexes and we would have to have a trans [person]. You know life doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different.” Brian was speaking against the decision to have an Artist of the Year award instead of British Male and British Female awards after non-binary singer Sam Smith criticised the ceremony for lacking inclusion. legeND Brian and Anita Dobson the staircase in her hallway, where he was forced to spend “12 to 14 hours” a day as part of the couple’s regime, jurors at Coventry Crown Court were told. They also heard the boy had 130 injuries, old and new, on his body including 30 on his head and neck. He did not have his own bed and had to sleep on the lounge floor without a mattress, the court was previously told. Tustin has accepted recording more than 200 audio files of Arthur while he was being we will RocK yoU Brian and Freddie play We would be forced to have people of different colours and sexes now brian may says queen would fail woke test It means Adele and Ed Sheeran are likely to go head-to-head at February’s ceremony. Critics argue female stars could be overlooked as they have been at previously male-dominated awards. Attending ITV’s Palooza at the Royal Festival Hall with actress wife Anita Dobson, Brian said: “It’s a decision that has been made without enough thought. “A lot of things work quite well and can be left alone. “I get so sick of people trying to change things without thinking of the long-term consequences. Some of these things are an improvement, some of them are not.” He said there is now an “atmosphere of fear everywhere because people are afraid to say how they really think”. He added: “I think so many people are feeling, ‘Hang on, this isn’t quite right.’ “But they don’t dare say anything. Eventually there will be some kind of explosion.” Boy wHo DieD cRieD ‘No oNe loveS Me’ punished, claiming they were to show Hughes how his son was behaving. Two files were made public for the first time since the trial began last month. In one, Arthur can be heard pleading: “No one loves me,” four times. In another he cries: “No one’s gonna feed me” seven times. Hughes, of Solihull, also denies aiding the killing and three counts of child cruelty. Tustin admitted one count of child cruelty but denies two other similar charges. The trial continues.

Page 24 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 Body found in hunt for man THe heartbroken sister of an Australian man reported missing in Scotland said her little brother will “never leave our hearts” after his body was found. Police launched a search for Cain Poulsen, 24, who had moved from Australia to Paisley three weeks ago. Officers found a body in the search for Cain at 10am yesterday in the Bracklinn area of Callander. There are no suspicious circumstances. Alexis said: “You left this world too soon but you’ll never leave our hearts, lil bro.” Van raiders smash ATM POLICe are hunting for thieves who stole a fivefugure sum of cash after smashing into an ATM. The incident happened on Glasgow Road, Milngavie, near Glasgow, between midnight and 12.20am yesterday. Police said the exact quantity of cash stolen has yet to be established. A green van, which was used to break open the ATM, has been recovered. The raid follows another on a cash machine at the esso petrol station in Bo’ness on Monday night. scot uses experience as young vandal can scot uses experience as young vandal cReaTive Tragic O’Hara has turned his skills to help freshen up council areas Artist Tragic O’Hara on how he is now paid to graffiti walls for charity and create sculptures after learning his trade as a teen avoiding the police gReaT whiTe woRK The stunning shark graffiti commissioned for a homeless charity A GRAFFITI artist who started out vandalising buildings as a bored youngster is now being paid to brighten up Scotland’s towns. As a teenager, Tragic O’Hara stalked the streets in the by RoRy cassiDy dead of night armed with spray paint, trying to avoid the police, to graffiti walls. But after honing his skills across west central Scotland, he now gets paid to do what could have landed him in jail. Over the years, his work has included painting a huge shark for a homeless charity in Glasgow. And the 35-year-old, real name Steven McIntyre, now creates paintings and sculptures for various councils. More recently, Tragic, of Ardrossan, Ayrshire, created That Black Friday feeling! Get Black Friday prices early and beat the rush.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK to brighten town’s waterfront do attitude Page 25 calling caRD One of Tragic’s original pieces from before his work became well known a series of “metal jellyfish” sculptures to brighten up Greenock waterfront. The robotic creations are actually solar powered lights which illuminate the prom at night. The project was funded by Inverclyde Council, the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Transport Scotland, and walking and cycling charity Sustrans. Tragic told the Record: “I have no clue about welding or any of that stuff but I thought I’ll never get an opportunity to get into this thing ever again. “So I put forward an idea of robotic jellyfish that are solar powered and light up at night. “Not that I’m one for talking arty or anything but the idea is, if we don’t look after the stuff we’ve got, then we’ll end up with weird Black Mirror animals to replace the ones we’ve got.” illUMinaTing Tragic with jellyfish sculptures and, above, his artworks HP Pavilion 14 Laptop - 14-dv1629sa Product code: 700459 • Intel ® Core i5 processor. • Audio by B&O. • RAM: 8GB / Storage: 512GB SSD. £529 Save £170 Was £699 from 26/10/21 - 16/11/21. Website offers and prices may vary. All offers subject to availability. Currys Group Ltd., 1 Portal Way, Acton, London, W3 6RS. Registered in England. No 504877.

CAmpaignerSinger Annie Annie Lennox backs show against abuse by vikki white ANNIE Lennox and Sadie Frost are among the celebrities backing a stage show to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Former EastEnders star Tracy-Ann Oberman and ex-Casualty actor Priyanga Burford are among those appearing in Punched in London on December 6. Aberdonian Annie said: “It is a living reality for millions of women, in every corner of the globe, many of whom have absolutely nowhere to turn.” Flatpack in the day An IKEA armchair designed in 1958 has sold for more than £12,000 at auction. The beech wood Cavelli was only in production for five years. MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK tragedy rocks former spice girl shattered Geri has lost brother Max, right Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 geri ‘broken’ by death of big brother Singer’s close sibling Max collapsed at home former Spice Girl Geri Horner has been left heartbroken by the sudden death of her beloved brother Max. The “utterly broken” 49-year-old was reportedly in the Middle East when Max Halliwell collapsed at home last week. Despite doctors’ best efforts, the 54-year-old passed away in hospital. A source said: “Geri barely knows what to say or think just by kirsten jones now – she loved him dearly.” Fans of Geri – who could reunite with the Spice Girls in 2023 – saw her brother in an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories back in 2010. Max, who lived in Hertfordshire, told how he looked out for his sister during her teenage years. He told Morgan: “Geri used to disappear to these raves for a day or even longer.” Max was worried when the young Geri began to work as a glamour model. He said: “I remember being a little bit concerned, stroke slightly horrified, thinking, ‘Where’s this going to lead?’” Geri, Max and their sister Natalie grew up in a modest house in Watford with mum Ana and their dad Laurence, who died in 1993 of a heart attack while Geri was away. During the interview, Max said: “Geri doted on her father. I’d call her a bit of a daddy’s girl.” UK TOUR JANUARY 2022 GLASGOW THE OVO HYDRO MON 3 10AM & 5PM TUE 4 10AM & 5PM GIGSINSCOTLAND.COM TICKETMASTER.CO.UK A DF CONCERTS & LIVE NATION PRESENTATION SHOW TIMES LISTED © 2021 MATTEL

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK mum’s warning to parents Sleepsuit gave my baby friction burn shocK Chelsea and Jayme and, above, the burn she found on her daughter Page 27 helD Julian Assange Assange in new move to tie knot by alan jones JuLIAn Assange and his partner have registered their intention to get married in the prison where the WikiLeaks founder is being held. Stella Moris said she hoped there would be no further interference, after they previously accused the prison governor and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab of preventing it being held. Assange is currently in Belmarsh Prison, London, while the uS continues legal moves to extradite him. Three-month-old’s neck left ‘red raw’ by clothing A mum has claimed a brand new Primark sleepsuit left her young baby with a painful friction burn on her neck. Chelsea Cumming bought the Minnie Mouse-style baby sleeping bag from the Livingston town centre branch last week and thought nothing of it when she put threemonth-old daughter Jayme in it for the first time. But the 31-year-old was horrified the next morning when she discovered her baby’s neck was “red raw” and looked as if she’d suffered a “rope burn”. Chelsea told the Daily Record: “She sleeps in the cot next to my bed. During the night when she’s feeding, you have to keep the lights down so she doesn’t wake up. “It wasn’t until the morning when I brought her downstairs and I was shocK Baby sleepsuit by claiRe galloway claire.galloway@reachplc.com changing her and giving her a bottle that I noticed her neck was red raw. “It looked like when you burn yourself on a rope.” Chelsea instantly suspected the sleeping bag was the cause of the injury but phoned her GP to seek medical advice. She said: “Automatically, I assumed it was the sleep bag and I texted my family asking them what to do. “Then I did think it might be a milk rash but looked further into and it was bleeding a bit from the rubbing. I’ve had a milk rash on her before and it was nothing like that. “I phoned the GP and they were asking questions, assuming it was a milk rash as well, but then told me it sounds more like a friction burn and gave us advice on how to clean it and told me to keep an eye on it.” The mum said she frequently buys baby products from Primark and had never had a problem before. Chelsea raised the issue with Primark, who have since launched an urgent investigation into the product. She said: “I was really angry, it’s not something you’d expect from a high street brand like Primark. “They did email back within 24 hours and have apologised.” Chelsea warned other parents on social media after her ordeal, writing: “I don’t want it happening to anyone else.” A Primark spokesperson said: “We are really concerned to hear of this and we are in contact with the customer and urgently investigating. “We take the safety and the quality of all our products very seriously and all of our products are tested by an independent accredited third party to ensure they meet the relevant safety standards.”

Page 28 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 Fan who wielded baton dodges jail A THUG who brandished a baton as a brawl took place outside a pub after the Scottish Cup final has avoided jail. James O’Hare was spotted with the weapon at Hoops fans’ bar the Ladywell in Dennistoun, Glasgow, on May 25, 2019. O’Hare, a construction supervisor, had earlier attended the pub but was turned away because he by coNNoR goRDoN was drunk. He later appeared with the baton as a group of men fought outside the bar at closing time. O’Hare pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner. The dad of one, from the city’s Blackhill was yesterday ordered to do 270 hours of unpaid work. BRawl Outside Ladywell Shin-kicking is back again THE World Shin-kicking Championships returns to Chipping Campden, near Gloucester, next year after a three-year absence thanks to new council funding. One hurt in house fire A PERSON was taken to hospital to be treated for breathing smoke following a house fire in Ardmory Avenue in Toryglen, Glasgow. DJ SARA COX ON NighT oN The DialS Sara Cox still mixes her music with her other loves Original Mattress Super Compact Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Big on big brands and massive savings See online for the full range: lidl.co.uk/blackfriday lidl.co.uk/blackfriday BLACK Single £199 . 99 FRIDAY RRP £499 From 26 Nov RRP £799 King £329 Top Pick £279Each 11.6” Chromebook Flip 42” Full HD Android TV Steam Surge Pro Platinum Subject to availability. Selected stores only, excludes RI & Ireland. Prices correct at time of going to print & valid for a limited period only. Asus 11.6’’ Chromebook Flip, C214, Intel Celeron N4020 Processor 1.1 GHz, £149.99. Sharp 42’’ Full HD Android TV, £259. Emma Original Mattress, Choose from King or Single, King/£329, Single/£199.99. Beldray Steam Surge Pro Platinum BEL01235, £39.99. Gtech Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, AirRam Mk2, £99.99. ® RRP £399.99 £149 .99 Each RRP £409.99 £259Each RRP £79.99 £39 .99 Each sARA Cox, girl gone wild with Zoe Ball, Gail Porter, Sara Cawood and Meg Matthews in the 90s, has swapped ladette for “full-on Disney princess.” Now 46, she hosts teatime TV shows and has swapped booze for bridles. Sara grew up on her dad’s farm near Bolton, rode horses and worked as a groom for a showjumping couple before moving to London to pursue modelling and a broadcasting career. She hasn’t owned a horse for 30 years but for the past decade has dreamt of getting back on one. She said: “Lockdown really taught me you’ve got to seize life by the ears. So I got Nelly a year ago and she’s beautiful. “She’s at a livery [near her London home] so gets looked after, but nobody else rides her, so I have to make the time to be up five days out of seven and riding her. Fresh air and being out with the horizons and the sky, it’s lovely. “We just had a little canter today. A fox popped up, a little muntjac deer, there’s bunny rabbits and I’m trotting around. I’m going full-on Disney princess.” It wasn’t all galloping in fields, though. Sara also wrote a book in lockdown – a debut novel, Thrown, out in May. It follows 2019’s Till The Cows Come Home: A Lancashire Childhood. It’s the latest in Sara’s morphing into domesticity. As well as her drivetime show on Radio 2, she’s I feel better when I read and 11pm is actually late for me sara cox spends her nights with a book PaRTy giRlS Sara with Zoe Ball and Meg Mathews back in the day by aBi JacKSoN abi.jackson@reachplc.com become a mainstay of cuddly BBC programmes like The Great Pottery Throw Down and Back in Time for... and currently Between the Covers. Gone are the late nights. Instead, the mother of three to Lola, 17 ( from her first marriage to DJ Jon Carter) and Isaac, 13, and Renee, 11, with husband Ben Cyzer, is all about physical and mental happiness. As well as riding Nelly, Sara also enjoys yoga and cycling. “Normally, I cycle in to the radio and back most days, that’s a nice bit of endorphin, I’m all about the endorphins really,” she said. “That’s how I look after myself mentally.” They’ve installed a Peloton bike in the garage too. “So I’ll go and do a bit of that,” added Sara. “I’ve got my brother’s Iron Man T-shirt and medal there to inspire me, so I’ll look at that as I’m puffing and panting and going the colour of a plum.” Her brother, David Cox, died in 2019 of an undiagnosed heart condition at 56. The presenter is also an avid reader. Just as well, as she had a lot of books to get through for BBC Two’s Between The Covers, the celeb panel show where she and guests chat about favourite books. The first series aired in 2020 and a third one is on TV now. She said: “I think

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 29 GOING ALL DISNEY PRINCESS Top of clops The late-night, hard-drinking ladette of the 90s has happily swapped the booze for bridles as she embraces country pursuits and the quiet life with her family chilleD Sara Cox has taken on cuddly telly programmes there was research done on it - not by me obviously, I was too busy eating biscuits – but some people found it difficult to read, and some found even more escapism in books. I feel better when I read. I sleep better. “At night, if I’m not doing a food shop online, I often write the next day’s opening link, try to get a bit of content for the radio, and then I’ll fall into an Instagram hole and end up looking at Zoe Ball’s latest gardening antics or Fearne Cotton doing yoga – you know what I mean? “You start looking at stuff and then you’re swallowed up and it’s nearly 11, which for me is late. “If I read in bed, rather than looking at a screen, I also feel a bit smug. I’m like, ‘Well done, Saz, you distracted your little brain’, which can be like a flock of sparrows sometimes. But times are tough, as we’ve got Succession and The Morning Show.. so it’s a struggle.” Sara admitted she is “completely awe-struck by a good book” now she knows how much work is involved. She said: “I’ve always admired authors, to be able to grab you by the scruff of your neck and drag you into a story and keep you there is a real skill. And if anything, since writing more, I can find it quite intimidating reading some books and thinking, ‘Wow, this is incredible’.” The idea of hosting Between The Covers left her a little intimidated initially: “I was like, ‘Oh God, can I sit in a room with four other people who are all going to be smarter and better read than me?”’ in the end though, she thought, “’So what if they are?’ It really doesn’t matter.” Plus, that sense that something is going to “scare me a little” and “give me a bit of a fire in my belly” is something Sara has come to look for when choosing projects. Like the other ladettes, she’s found an oasis of calm in midlife. She said: “I’m not bothered about what will get me exposure, nelly aDDicT Sara spends as much time as possible with her horse Nelly it’s not really about that. I feel like I’ve found a really good home on BBC Two. I love the shows I do, and Love In The Countryside, that taps into my upbringing and with my dad being a farmer.” And she likes keeping a bit of live TV in the mix, as it’s “using a different bit of your brain” than writing and radio. “I’m really lucky, there’s a nice range of work I’m doing at the moment,” Sara said. “It feels like the golden years.” ● Watch Between The Covers with Sara Cox every Wednesday on BBC Two and iPlayer.

Page 30 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 RSNO wants HQ to boost film projects ThE Royal Scottish National Orchestra wants its headquarters to be “the go-to studio” for film and TV soundtracks outside London. Newly installed facilities at its purpose-built base on Killermont Street, Glasgow – which saw the RSNO become the first orchestra in the UK to boast its own recording studio – will be promoted to producers around the world in a bid to secure projects. ACTORS’ UNION BOSS DEMANDS SEX RULES Give film pervs Equity red card Extra Special Wagyu sirloin steak £ 6 227g calling foR cHange Maureen spoke of on-set behaviour on Nicola Roy’s, left, podcast TV veteran Maureen says members bullied into dodgy bedroom scenes The Scottish boss of actors’ union equity has demanded tighter rules to prevent members being bullied into dodgy sex scenes. Maureen Beattie wants a dedicated mentor on every production to blow the whistle on anything untoward. Equity is stepping up demands for contractual obligations around sex scenes, bullying and harassment. Former Casualty star Beattie, 68, president of Equity in the UK, suggested there should be a nominated person on every production for actors to go to with concerns. The Glaswegian, only the second female president of Equity in its history, was involved in its “Safe Spaces” campaign, which launched in 2018 in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Beattie said there was ongoing resistance among “old-school” directors to the idea of having intimacy coordinators on set for sex scenes, preferring to put them on the spot instead. The actor, whose screen credits also include Outlander, Midsomer Murders We always knew the slimebags would crawl out maureen beattie on old-school directors by SaRaH WaRD reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk and Deadwater Fell, was interviewed by fellow actor Nicola Roy for her podcast The Cultural Coven. Asked what could be done to improve the safety of actors in rehearsal rooms and on sets, Beattie said: “We always knew the slimebags were going to crawl out from under their stones eventually. “They just ignored us and carried on behaving atrociously. “The one thing that’s really important is that it’s got to be embedded in our terms and conditions and contracts that they have to look after their workers from the point of view of heath and safety. “Part of that has to be making sure people are not bullied and harassed. “There is a movement in Equity to put a mentee scheme together. “I’d like to take it further so that in the rehearsal room on the first day, there’s someone that says, ‘If anybody has got anything happening or sees anything, I am the one responsible.’ Selected ASDA stores. Subject to availability. May exclude small stores: asda.com/smallstores Extra Special Wagyu sirloin steak 227g (£26.43 per kg), Delivery, collection and minimum basket charges may apply. Carrier bag charges may apply. Delivery/collection slots subject to availability. RanDy PUb TRio baRReD THREE people caught on CCTV engaging in sex acts in a Wetherspoon pub’s beer garden have been barred form the venue for life. Charley Malone, 28, James Hainey, 33, and Sophie Fitzgerald, 25, left punters in the James Watt pub in Greenock horrified. They were charged with public indecency. At Greenock Sheriff Court earlier this month, Fitzgerald, of Greenock, was put under supervision for three years and tagged for five months. Malone was given 270 hours of unpaid work and placed under supervision for three years. He was also tagged for five months. Hainey was handed 180 hours of unpaid work, supervision for two years and will be tagged for three months.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 31 piranha frenzy new aPPRoach The Snuts The Snuts get political on new song by RicK FUlTon THE Snuts have hit out at the establishment in their first political song. The group, from Whitburn, West Lothian, released Burn the Empire as a rallying cry against “corrupt corporations and politicians”. In February, they donated the £5000 budget for their single Somebody Love You to help refugees. Frontman Jack Cochrane said: “We were driven to stand up against the effects of big corporations.” Red sky a delight Three minutes of morning exposure to deep red light can improve declining eyesight, research from UCL’s Institute of Ophthalmology has found. gnaws The fish have huge teeth and feed in groups by naTalie Penza rampaging piranhas chewed off a 13-year-old girl’s toe and injured 30 other sunbathers who had jumped in a river to cool off. The teenager was rushed to hospital for an emergency skin graft after the frenzied mauling. TV footage showed another casualty with blood dripping from foot wounds and a third with a chunk of finger missing. Sergio Berardi is a lifeguard at the beach spot on Argentina’s Parana River, in Santa Fe. He said it is unusual for the fish to strike out of summer, which starts in late December. “Now we have seen the damage these piranhas can 30 bathers attacked in river attack horror Don’T go in Site where the piranhas struck do,” Sergio added. “The lifeguards on duty were rushed off their feet trying to deal with all the people who suffered bite injuries at the same time. “These fish tend to move in shoals, so we get a lot of simultaneous attacks.” The culprits are a type of piranha called palometas, which grow up to 50cms long. One expert described them as “voracious and with sharp teeth that really bite”. It is not the first time they have drawn human blood in the river. On Christmas Day 2013, 60 people, including 20 kids, were injured in a mass attack. A seven-year-old girl lost part of one of her fingers and young boy was left with an open fracture in his hand. DaMageD DigiT a mauled finger

Page 32 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 273 mile range^ Our most technologically advanced MG yet delivers class-leading range from a single charge. Now you’re talking. Fuel economy and CO 2 results for New MG ZS EV MPG (l/100km): Not applicable. CO 2 emissions: 0 g/km Electric range^: 273 to 370 miles. These fi gures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The New MG ZS EV is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures. The electric range shown was achieved using the new test procedure. These fi gures were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. ^From a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle: Combined Range: 273 miles (440 km). These fi gures may not refl ect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fi tted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Alesha’s loving feeling BRITAIN’S Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon says she tries to like herself more every day. The 43-year-old told Women’s Health UK: “I’m in a healthier head space compared with 10 years ago.” library’s in need of £400k aid Appeal to save 300-year-old building by haMish MoRRison One of the UK’s oldest purpose-built libraries is facing closure unless nearly £400,000 can be raised to save it. The Leighton Library in Dunblane was built in 1687 to house the collection of Bishop Robert Leighton, who donated his collection to the clergy of the town in 1684. Nearly 5000 books are in the collection – including a signed copy of Queen Victoria’s Highland Journal donated by the monarch and a first edition of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations from 1776. It is now a Category-A listed ResToRaTion Leighton Library building of historical and architectural interest. The oldest purpose-built library in Britain is Chetham’s Library in Manchester, which was founded in 1653. The restoration is expected to cost about £390,000, of which £150,000 must be covered by donations from the public, and it is hoped that it will begin next year. Project lead Alastair MacDonald, 68, said: “We have made applications to various funding bodies for grants, including Historic Environment Scotland, but there still needs to be a considerable local fundraising effort, up to at least £150,000, to preserve this treasure for future generations. “We hope to work with neighbouring historic sites, such as the museum and the cathedral, both of whom get many more visitors than us, to promote the library and the wonderful Cross area of Dunblane.” 7 year warranty * You get incredible peace of mind with our 7 year warranty. Now you’re talking. Fuel economy and CO 2 results for New MG ZS EV MPG (l/100km): Not applicable. CO 2 emissions: 0 g/km Electric range^: 273 to 370 miles. These fi gures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The New MG ZS EV is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures. The electric range shown was achieved using the new test procedure. These fi gures were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. ^From a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle: Combined Range: 273 miles (440 km). These fi gures may not refl ect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fi tted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. *Up to 80,000 miles. T/c’s apply.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 33 Brimming with tech • iSMART user app • MG Pilot Driver Assistance Systems • 10" colour touchscreen • Wireless phone charging * Now you’re talking. Fuel economy and CO 2 results for New MG ZS EV MPG (l/100km): Not applicable. CO 2 emissions: 0 g/km Electric range^: 273 to 370 miles. These fi gures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The New MG ZS EV is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures. The electric range shown was achieved using the new test procedure. These fi gures were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. ^From a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle: Combined Range: 273 miles (440 km). These fi gures may not refl ect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fi tted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. *Available on Trophy models only. Help us give answers to Blair’s family Cops’ plea after man, 32, found dying A fAmily is “struggling to come to terms” with the violent death of their son who was found fatally injured on a footpath. Police say Blair Gault’s loved ones are desperate for answers after the attack in Livingston. The 32-year-old died at the scene after being found at about 3am on November 16 near Buchanan Gardens. Detectives this week made a new appeal for information to find out what happened and “give the family the answers they seek”. And between the hours of midnight and 5am on By Debbie hall debbie.hall@reachplc.com Tuesday, community officers and detectives returned to the scene where Blair was found. Officers spoke with members of the public to establish if they were in the area the week before and if they had any information. Detective Superintendent Andrew Patrick said: “Blair’s family is still coming to terms with what has happened and it’s imperative we find out what happened to him and give the family the answers they seek.” vicTiM Blair Gault died at scene The fully electric New MG ZS EV From£28,495* Ash teals our heart Ashley Roberts shows off her incredible figure in her latest sizzling snap on Instagram. The singer, 40, who hosts heart Breakfast alongside Amanda holden, posed wearing a gorgeous set of matching teal underwear from sustainable lingerie brand Nudea. Now you’re talking. Fuel economy and CO 2 results for New MG ZS EV MPG (l/100km): Not applicable. CO 2 emissions: 0 g/km Electric range^: 273 to 370 miles. These fi gures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The New MG ZS EV is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures. The electric range shown was achieved using the new test procedure. These fi gures were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO 2 and electric range fi gures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. ^From a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle: Combined Range: 273 miles (440 km). These fi gures may not refl ect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fi tted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. *After PiCG. Model shown: New MG ZS EV Trophy with Battersea Blue Paint £34,040 on the road. mg.co.uk

Page 34 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Manuscript going home The oldest surviving Scottish manuscript is to return to the place it was written – for the first time in 1000 years. The Book of Deer was penned around 900 AD and will go on show in Aberdeen thanks to a £128,588 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Game for conflict Board games, video games and sports can prepare us for conflict and cooperation in life, a study at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology says. france ace guilty of sex tape extortion Real Madrid striker helped four pals blackmail football star LIMITED TIME ONLY Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has been found guilty of conspiring to blackmail a fellow French footballer with a sex tape. The £10million-a-year striker was given a one-year suspended term for helping four friends attempt to extort Mathieu Valbuena. Benzema, 33, was also fined £63,000 but he is to appeal the judgment. At a French training camp in 2015, he put pressure on Valbuena, 37, to pay off the blackmailers. Lawyers said Benzema had conspired with them to by tom parry act as an intermediary. He stayed away from Versailles Criminal Court yesterday ahead of Madrid’s Champions League game against Sheriff Tiraspol last night. Valbuena first lodged a formal complaint with police in June 2015 after being phoned by an unknown person about the sex tape. Police then posed as friends of Valbuena, luring four blackmailers into a trap and they were arrested. appeal Karim Benzema ON SALE FRIDAY 26TH NOV 9AM Black Friday 20% off almost everything* in store & online THE PROCLAIMERS 2022 PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS Valid 22 nd - 29 th November 2021 Scan this barcode at the till with your Reward Card or App, or type in the code online. Online Code: NOV20 *T&Cs apply: You can use this code online & barcode in store between 00:00 Monday 22nd November – 23:59 Monday 29th November 2021. It has no cash value and is not transferable. You cannot use it in conjunction with any other offer, including staff discount. You cannot use this voucher to buy gift vouchers/cards, books, DVDs, sunglasses, fragrance, confectionery, household cleaning products, toiletries, curtains, furniture, Virgin Experience Days, Totally Toys, Card Factory, Claire’s Accessories, products being sold to raise funds for charity, or in Matalan Clearance stores. This voucher cannot be used on selected brands, please visit www.matalan.co.uk/customer-services/terms for the full list of excluded brands. If you return a multi-buy item, your refund will be reduced by a proportion of the discount given. Full terms and conditions apply, see in store or Matalan. co.uk for details. Promoter: Matalan Retail Limited, Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7SZ. 24 MOTHERWELL CONCERT HALL 01 GLASGOW O2 ACADEMY 09 EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE 15 INVERNESS LEISURE CENTRE NOVEMBER 25 DUNFERMLINE ALHAMBRA DECEMBER 02 GLASGOW O2 ACADEMY 10 EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE TICKETMASTER.CO.UK www.proclaimers.co.uk 26 DUNDEE CAIRD HALL 03 KILMARNOCK GRAND HALL 14 PERTH CONCERT HALL 17 ABERDEEN P&J LIVE ARENA ATGTICKETS.COM (EDINBURGH ONLY)

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 35 insPiRaTion Scott Coldplay in auction for tragic Scott COLDPLAY have donated a one-off vinyl signed by singer Chris Martin to the charity set up in memory of late Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison. Scott, 36, took his own life on May 10, 2018, and his family founded the charity Tiny Changes to educate young people on mental health issues. The charity will begin an auction of Coldplay’s Champion of the World on eBay at 6pm on Sunday, with bidding starting at £1. It makes no sense how you can vanish close Caitlin with her grandad Paul, who went missing in September Anguish over grandad not seen for 10 weeks by KiRsTy FeeRicK A WORRIED granddaughter has made an appeal to find her grandpa, who has been missing for 10 weeks. Paul Johnson disappeared from his home in St Andrews on September 16, leaving his family distraught. The 74-year-old was last seen at about 10.45pm in Hay Fleming Avenue, on the edge of the Fife town. He has not been in contact with anyone since. Granddaughter Caitlin said: “Ten whole weeks without you being around. Ten whole weeks of confusion. “Ten whole weeks of really flipping missing you. “My grandad went missing from our home in St Andrews 10 weeks ago today. We are at a complete dead end and it really makes no sense as to how someone can completely vanish. “I am desperately asking if you have any information to please contact 101.” Paul is around 5ft 9in tall, slim with grey hair. He was last seen wearing a blue rain jacket and light walking trousers. Caitlin added: “Please help us find him.” 5million street valium seized Pills haul is the highest in six years by ellie FoRBes ellie.forbes@reachplc.com MORE than five million “street Valium” tablets were seized by police last year – as the amount of heroin recovered rose by 80 per cent. Officers recovered 5.3million benzodiazepine pills in 2019-20 – more than twice the amount seized the previous year and the highest number in a six-year period. Most of the blue tablets were made up of etizolam, the synthetic substance linked to hundreds of Scotland’s drug deaths. A Drug Seizures and Offender Characteristics report also revealed the amount of heroin captured rose from 127kg to 225kg in a year. The Scottish DangeR Etizolam Government report showed etizolam was the second most seized drug after herbal cannabis. Etizolam had been regarded as a legal high but was criminalised in 2017 and it and other “street” benzos caused 879 deaths in 2020. The Scottish Drugs Forum called for a move to a more treatment-based approach. Its chief executive David Liddell said: “People are self-medicating for underlying mental health issues, often resulting from childhood trauma. “Services should be working to ensure mental health problems are addressed appropriately along with the drug problem.” The figures come after the Lord Advocate announced plans to divert people caught in possession of Class A drugs away from prosecution. Scots Tory Jamie Greene said: “Scotland’s streets and communities are awash with drugs.” The Scottish Government said: “We believe the best way to reduce harm is to get people into the appropriate treatment and support services.” all alone Staffie Tyro Mystery of stray dog AN APPEAL has been launched after a dog was found lying in the rain a long way from home. The 11-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross was found in the east end of Glasgow but a microchip suggested its home is in Dumfries. Bosses at the Scottish SPCA were alerted and the dog, Tyro, is being looked after at its Dunbartonshire rescue centre. The charity asked the owner to come forward.

Page 36 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Beavers to be introduced to new areas of Scotland A chance to win £25k every 3 mins! The Health Lottery’s QuickWin game * is offering up to 480 jackpots to play for every day EVERYONE loves bagging a Black Friday bargain, but did you know there’s a chance to bag big cash prizes every three minutes with The Health Lottery QuickWin? With a possible 480 jackpots to play for each day, it’s easy to dip in and play. Match five balls and you could win a whopping £25,000. Now, that would be a great shopping spree! But it’s not just about the big jackpot, and the odds of winning a prize are one in six. Tickets cost just £1 to play, and 25.5p from each one will directly support health-related good causes across Great Britain. And every time you play, you know you’re doing good because the money raised by you makes a real difference to the lives 12,000,000 £ 480 play for every day of thousands of people every day. Whether that’s combating isolation and loneliness, boosting people’s mental health or giving extra support to local communities, you know it’s all in a good cause. Without players like you, none of the fantastic work achieved through The Health Lottery would be possible. So play The Health Lottery QuickWin today: you win, good causes win, everybody wins. 1 in 6 is a QuickWin winner 3,240 projects funded with the help of Health Lottery players £122million raised across health-related projects Get the Health Lottery Mobile app at The App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code *18+. BeGambleAware.org. Players must be 18 or over. T&Cs apply – see healthlottery.co.uk/terms/. Excludes NI. SCOTLAND’S beaver population will be expanded to new areas of the country to help boost numbers of the animals. Ministers said they will support translocation, which involves trapping and moving beavers to a more suitable area. Biodiversity minister Lorna Slater, of the Scottish Greens, said: “Beavers were driven to extinction in Wills and Power of Attorney are essential Should you be ill, or in any way incapacitated, nobody can deal with your personal finances or make important medical decisions on your behalf. This is so easy to resolve - set-up a Power of Attorney to protect you and your estate. POWER OF ATTORNEY NORMALLY COSTS UP TO £500! SPECIAL PRICE OF £240 (plus £81 Court Registration Fee)*Total £321 Case Study: Mrs Margaret King, East Lothian Mrs King contacted ILAWS when she was looking to make a change to an existing Will. She wasn’t aware of Power of Attorney at that point, but soon realised it was very relevant to her family’s situation. “A lady came down from ILAWS and she was very nice, FREE ADVICE ON PROPERTY TRUSTS did everything we wanted to and then asked if we had a Power of Attorney, which I’d never heard of, despite having a severely-disabled brother. “I’d always thought that if we had our Wills, we’d be alright, but when they explained, I instantly realised it was something we needed and that a Power of Attorney would help to keep us all safe. “When a gentleman came down to assess my brother, he was wonderful. “He knelt down to be near him, asked him questions and determined that yes, he was of sound mind and IF YOU GO INTO CARE THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAKE YOUR HOME TO PAY FOR YOUR CARE FEES Why lose your home? - you may be able to prevent this. Speak with us today. ILaws already covers the majority of Scotland but due to high demand are offering Wills and Power of Attorney appointments conducted by telephone with documentation by lucinda cameron Scotland but have now become an established part of our environment in some areas following their reintroduction, and today’s announcement will help them to continue to expand across the country. “Beavers will also contribute to restoring Scotland’s natural environment as they create wetland habitats that posted for signature, in the following ADDITIONAL AREAS - Inverness & Highlands, Moray, Argyll & Bute, Dumfries & Galloway and Borders. In all of our usual business areas, All staff members are sanitised and wear masks and gloves whenever they have interaction with a client support a range of species, and their dams can also help filter sediment from watercourses and mitigate flooding.” Sarah Robinson, director of Conservation at Scottish Wildlife Trust, added: “Achieving a thriving national population of beavers which is spread throughout Scotland’s lochs and rivers will unlock a huge range of benefits.” benefits Beavers Home and telephone appointments available to book now GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND ABOUT YOUR FUTURE so could be passed for Power of Attorney. “I feel a lot more comfortable now, especially for my brother. “That’s why I appreciated so much the gentleman from ILAWS taking the time to get to know him ILAWS have been brilliant and I would 100 per cent recommend them to anyone looking for a Will or Power of Attorney”. Arrange your Will now it’s quick, simple and stress FREE - a simple Will is only £48 INC. VAT Appointments in your own home available for NO extra cost home or office appointments continue as normal but as an alternative, telephone appointments are also available. Call FREE on 0800 049 9688 GLASGOW Bath Street G2 4JR EDINBURGH Bruntsfield Place EH10 4EQ GIFFNOCK Burnfield House, Burnfield Road G46 7TL ABERDEEN Thistle Street AB10 1XZ email: info@ilawsscotland.co.uk www.ilawsscotland.co.uk

INSIDE Hip to be square .. checks are back in style By fiora JacKSoN 38&39 beauty counter BATHTImE TREATS A selection of products to pamper yourself and make bathtime a truly relaxing experience daily record 25.11.2021 PLUS Sis-in-law plans to keep baby secret from dad 40 life. ediTed By SALLy mcLEAN Recharge CBD bath block & melt £15 kloriscbd.com Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Body Souffle £12.50 boots.com Soothing Muscle Bath & Shower £16 nourishskinrange. com Soul Providers Dry oil sugar scrub £12.64 (members) beautypie.com Jasmine & Ylang Ylang self- massage oil £31.50 crabtree- evelyn.co.uk if you’re in a winter slump and feeling glum, it’s time to take inspiration from the natural world Animal magic These cold, dark months breathing deeply ants lift a huge morsel of influences the life you lead. can be hard for many, and and enjoying the food. When we work with Keep your home tidy and feeling lethargic, low and release of others, we organised, and find grumpy is common. tension. achieve ways to decorate however, help could be at Raw food great things. your living space to hand from an unlikely like a rabbit Wherever you are in keep yourself source – animals. Your diet is your lifeforce, so life, play your role feeling comfortable. The natural world is full of vary it. Take the goodness of passionately, help Dance like a inspiring habits. plant power for meals those around and honeybee bursting with fresh flavours enjoy team success. Honeybees are known Sleep like a and colours. All those Be playful like for their waggle dance, sloth vitamins and minerals will a puppy which alerts fellow bees to Sloths sleep for 15 to 18 keep you bouncing. Play time is never wasted the best sources of nectar. hours a day and, while Sunbathe like time. You need regular breaks, Life is one big dancefloor. we don’t need quite as much an alligator even just for a few Dancing is great exercise and kip, remember rest is your Alligators sunbathe minutes at a time. feelgood music can body’s way of refreshing and to warm up their Taking your lift the spirits. Even repairing itself. Stay asleep bodies. And mind off if you’re just for as long as you need, so while we only tough cooking in the you feel recharged need a few minutes a tasks and kitchen with the when morning day, sunlight boosts doing something radio on, shaking your arrives. vitamin D levels creative or frivolous hips to a killer tune does wonders for wellbeing. Stretch like and puts us in a good will stop burn-out. a cat mood. Get out in Go slow like a Adapt just like a Cats stretch to keep daylight for at tortoise chameleon blood pumping after least 15 minutes a Many tortoises move at less Their colour-changing skin inactivity. Just like cats, you day and you’ll be than a mile an hour. But helps them adapt. were not made to stay still beaming in no time. going slow isn’t always a bad Stay flexible and you’ll all day. Teamwork thing – you get things done hit upon the best way to Indeed, when you’ve been like an ant in less time. Indeed if you’re handle any unfamiliar sitting in the same spot too Ants work as a team and hasty, you end up spending situation. long, your body may each has their role, extra time fixing avoidable ● Extracted by Elizabeth start to complain with from finding food to errors. So take a breath, then Archer from Animal aches and twinges. defending the resume your mission calmly. Wisdom: Nature’s So, every 20 colony. Ever Nest like Guide to a minutes, get up watched a a bird Happy Life by and stretch out team of Your environment Sam Hart (£7.99, your arms and legs, Summersdale)

life. d a i l y r e c o r d 2 5 . 1 1 . 2 0 2 1 10 of the best CLUtCh bAGs Slouchy, £95, Ted Baker at John Lewis Blazer, £50.95; trousers, £42.95, both na-kd.com Chec By Emma Johnson colourful tatte THIS season it’s combining horiz definitely hip to be with a thinner ve square. Checks are back And a dogtooth and whether you like always a sh them big or small, you’ll great style. not be short of choice. Check dress Stella McCartney, Saint day or night. A Laurent and Max Mara all looks great w showed checks on the boots, while a autumn/winter catwalks white mini dre and the high street has worn to the followed suit. jazzed up for e A Prince of Wales check jewellery. blazer is a classic piece, Go on, get ch featuring small and larger squares. It makes a great winter weekend look teamed with jeans and a T-shirt. If you want to make a statement, opt for a suit in a Snakeprint, £13.99, , Mango Animal print, £45, Oliver Bonas Beaded, £22.50, Accessorize Tunic, £10; scarf, £6; polo, £10 for two; jeans, £16, all studio. co.uk Metallic, £24, Dorothy Perkins at debenhams. com Diamante, £36, Lipsy at Next Rainbow beaded, £42, Next Blazer, £55; T-shirt, £28; jeans, £45, Savannah Miller at Next Burgundy, £29, Monsoon Rose gold, £17, Pink Boutique Rhinestone, £8.99, Shein

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life. 40 d a i l y r e c o r d 2 5 . 1 1 . 2 0 2 1 DearColeen.. The sTraighT-Talking problem page email dearcoleen@dailyrecord.co.uk is it foolish to Go back to lonG-term ex? Dear Coleen I SPLIT with my long-term partner about a year ago – we’d got into a rut and Covid lockdowns didn’t help. However, we met up recently and ended up in bed and it was obvious to us both that the sexual chemistry is still very much there. I’ve been quite miserable without him but have done my best to move on, although I haven’t met anyone else. Is it stupid to go back to a relationship and try again? My heart is saying yes, try again, but my head is nagging me to proceed with caution. I’d love any advice you can offer. Coleen says I THINK it’s important to really work out what the problems were in the relationship that made you split up. I think your head is right – proceed with caution. Don’t get into a routine of meeting up just to have sex, or move in together. Just start dating again and talk about what went wrong, and how it’s going to be different second time around. Sometimes relationships can be purely physical and that’s what keeps bringing you back together, but you need something more to sustain it long term. Trust your head – it’s not saying “no”, it’s saying be careful and take the situation slowly, and that’s a good way to proceed. problems? Sis-in-law wants to keep baby secret from its dad Dear Coleen MY husband’s sister recently told us she’s pregnant and planning to keep the baby and raise it on her own. She split with her long-term partner a few weeks ago and says there’s no going back and she doesn’t want any of us to tell him she’s expecting his baby. The thing is, her ex is a friend of ours and a really good guy as well. My sister-in-law is pretty high maintenance, intolerant and quick to judge people, and I think her ex was just too nice for her, or couldn’t meet her ridiculously high standards! He was devastated when they broke up – I think he always felt he was punching above his weight as she’s very pretty and glamorous – but he’s moved on and is doing OK. I don’t feel this news should be kept from him and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know whether my sister-in-law is planning to tell him at some point in the future but it’s going to be impossible to keep this a secret as we all have many mutual friends. What can I do about this ridiculous situation she’s created? you say “Thing is, her ex is a friend of ours and a really nice guy I’D like to respond to the lady who was annoyed that her husband bought her a pair of leather trousers (Dear Coleen, Nov 15). What a prude you are! I’m 56 and my husband bought me a pair last Christmas because he knew I’d look good in them, and I will still wear them in my 60s. Your husband gave you a huge compliment and you threw it back at him, so it’s no surprise he’s been subdued. Get them back from your daughter and ask her to help you style them to suit your age. I also don’t think his secretary has anything to do with it. Nickie, Belfast Coleen says I THINK you should try reasoning with her – she can’t keep a baby a secret and her ex has got a right to know it’s his. It’s also not fair to put that big a secret on all of his friends. If (or should I say, when) he finds out that all his friends knew about the baby except for him, he’ll feel betrayed by everyone. I don’t know why your sister-in-law would make this decision unless it was to hurt her ex, or if it’s about control. Perhaps things happened in the relationship that you don’t know about. Telling him doesn’t mean she has to have a romantic relationship with him but whether she likes it or not he is the baby’s father and she ought to want him to have a relationship with it. She should be thinking long term about how they can move forward sensibly and find a solution that works for everyone. But the break-up was quite recent and emotions are obviously still raw, so maybe she just needs some time to get used to the pregnancy herself and the idea of being a single mum. However, she should be the one to tell him and if she doesn’t, then she’ll have to accept that at some point someone else probably will. Girlfriend’s one-niGht stand is back stand and she’s being Dear Coleen honest with you now, so I I’VE been with my girlfriend for a couple of years and things are good. However, in our early days she slept with a colleague and we split up for a few weeks. She admitted what happened and explained that she wasn’t sure about us as the relationship was new but it made her realise she wanted me. So, we moved on think you should trust her. You can say, “If you choose to sleep with him again, there will be no coming back from it in terms of our relationship.” The difference now is that you’ve been together a couple of years, you have a proper relationship, you’re living together and you’re much more committed. and it’s all been going well, in charming and I can’t help feeling She’d be risking an awful fact we’re now living together. like I’m second best. lot by jumping into bed with her My problem is, this other guy Have you any advice? colleague and if she messes up has started working with her again, she is going to lose a again. She’s been upfront about it great guy. Coleen says and isn’t trying to hide anything She’s not trying to hide but I can’t help worrying. YOU’RE not second best – she anything from you, so have I don’t have anything against chose you but I think how you’re confidence in yourself, don’t him – he didn’t know we were together when they had their one-night stand – but he’s fit and feeling is completely normal. The good thing is, she was honest with you about the one-night constantly question her or talk about him, thereby making it into something bigger than it is. Tell Coleen Nolan about them and she’ll give you an honest answer… every weekday in the Daily Record If you have a problem, write to: Dear Coleen, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA or email dearcoleen@dailyrecord.co.uk. I cannot reply personally.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 record tv MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 41 cHilliNg Evil Meena confronts Ben HilaRioUS Who’ll be the Taskmaster winner? Pick of the day EMMERDALE STV, 7pm WHEN he hears he hasn’t got the job he went for because of the survival challenge bridge collapse disaster, Ben is fired up about taking all the blame. He convinces Aaron to keep Jai distracted while he goes to the HOP to find some evidence that will clear his name. He discovers something shocking but Meena appears at that moment – will she tamper with his evidence? Laurel is disappointed when Ben reveals that Liv is drunk at work and quickly sends her home. SMUg Peter loves his pine tree Bonce smitten… EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.40pm IN dramatic scenes, Rocky clutched at his chest and collapsed unconscious after his surprise 60th birthday party. He ends up being carted off to hospital in an ambulance. Meanwhile, Phil is checking in on Sharon and Alyssa when Jada turns up. Not trusting Jada, Phil opens up to Kat and later quizzes Jada about why she left Alyssa on the doorstep. With Peter feeling smug about the new Christmas tree, Mick and Janine come up with a cunning plan. don’t miSS Saturday magazine interiors unveils the decadent charms of royalcore books Frill your boots as Lara The Queen is cast as a detective after a murder in the grounds of Buckingham Palace PLUS M A G A Z I N E Hello, 20.11.2021 fashion Layer on the chic clothing.. and cope with Scotland’s changeable winter weather FOOD Anna samples the fabulous bakin’ joys of the Palmerston FREE superstar SEVEN Singer Adele is fronting Every a special show with guests, week songs in DAY TV and chat to celebrate her first new music for six years GUIDE the Record Your favourite weekend magazine has celebrity interviews, real-life stories plus recipes, fashion and a brilliant TV guide TASKMASTER Channel 4, 9pm ANOTHER prestigious grand final from the most consistently funny game show on telly. Taskmaster Greg Davies sums up the series: “We’ve seen each of our contestants, at times, soar like the mighty eagle of the plains… and we’ve also seen them be rubbish.” But, he wonders, what will we all talk about once the dust settles? TeNSe Finalist Charlie at work. Right, Alex, Mel and Helen HANDMADE: BRITAIN’S BEST WOODWORKER - THE FINAL Channel 4, 8pm THIS woodworking contest hasn’t quite captured the public’s imagination like Bake Off, but the series has carved out some enjoyable episodes and we’ve learnt more about different types of wood than we ever thought necessary. Mel Giedroyc hosts as it draws to its conclusion, with Misti, Radha and Charlie all vying for the title. Alex De Rijke, who judges alongside Helen Welch, is even wearing a cork suit in honour of the Could it be Victoria Coren Mitchell’s reliability in always carrying snacks, or Alan Davies’s towelling bath robe or that time Desiree Burch ate sand? Morgana Robinson and Guz Khan make up the pack of five contestants, all eagerly hoping that they can win over the Taskmaster. Loyal sidekick Little Alex Horne has set several daunting tasks for them to complete. First they must bring in the most final. Their last challenge is the biggest build yet. Alex explains: “We all love being outdoors and yet we spend most of our time indoors. We want you to make a garden building.” The woodworkers have two working days to sand, carve and plane huge creations that would usually take professionals weeks. “I think it’s going to be intense,” says Charlie. A towering teepee, raised geometric sitting room and serene meditation room all prove to be remarkable. But only one will be worthy of the win. magnificent floppy thing. The challenge makes Victoria want to weep within minutes. There’s a task to drink a pint of what looks like blackcurrant squash with their mouths open – fastest wins. It’s a lot harder (and messier) than it sounds, with much gurgling and choking. Then they must use their whole body to make individual characters to vividly describe the Taskmaster. THE MARTIN LEWIS MONEY SHOW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL STV, 8pm MARTIN Lewis is the bane of any company that’s trying to make a fast buck. If there are hoops to jump through, money to be saved, deals to be found and pitfalls to avoid, he is your man. He just wants to save us cash in whichever way he can and should probably receive some kind of unsung hero award. And he’s back in a live special tonight, tackling the big, scary spending season. Martin will be answering your questions ahead of tomorrow’s Black Friday supersaver day and reveals his savvy predictions with the return of the Festive Forecaster. Ably assisted by Angellica Bell, he’ll be on hand to help you save some of your hardearned, and inspire you to manage your budget at this tricky time of year. Expect a bill-breaking show, keep your notebook handy, and join in on social media if you have a question. And there’s romance (ish) as they have to propose to Alex in the most irresistible way. But only one will win Greg’s gilded bonce on a short spike. And then there’s the added excitement (or more possibly concern) of Alex’s promise to reveal a part of his body for the first time. It amazes how this inventive show, now in its 12th season, still manages to surprise and delight. PocKeT MoNey Martin Lewis is back with his live show

Page 42 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 All programmes Today’s are listed in Greenwich TV Mean Time previews (GMT). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat BBC One BBC Two STV Channel 4 Channel 5 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Morning Live Magazine. 10.00 Claimed and Shamed 10.45 Frontline Fightback The mother who fought back when car thieves struck twice. 11.15 Bargain Hunt Two teams compete at Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show. (R) 12.00noon First Minister’s Questions Presented by Kirsten Campbell. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 Reporting Scotland 1.45 Doctors Karen contemplates a radical idea from Maggie. 2.15 The Tournament Quiz. 3.00 Escape to the Country (R) 3.45 Clean It, Fix It The team constructs decking and a pergola for a family in London. 4.30 The Repair Shop The team restores a pair of tap-dancing shoes, an ornate silver purse and a magician’s table. 5.15 Pointless Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. (R) 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 Reporting Scotland 6.30am Clean It, Fix It (R) 7.15 The Repair Shop (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: The Mating Game Mating rituals. (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics Live 1.00 The Best Christmas Food Ever Slow-cooked duck. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 Antiques Roadshow From Blair Castle in Perthshire. (R) 3.00 A Vicar’s Life Fr Matthew Stafford visits a couple struggling with dementia. (R) 3.30 Heir Hunters Michael Buerk delves into the northern soul music scene. (R) 4.15 Nature’s Weirdest Events Bright blue frogs appearing in pools in Germany. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Glemham Hall in the Suffolk countryside. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Nina Conti, Nick Helm, Athena Kugblenu and Toby Tarrant take part. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Janette Manrara dishes up all the backstage gossip. 6.00am Good Morning Britain News, current affairs and lifestyle features. 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment and fashion news. 10.00 This Morning Daily magazine, featuring a mix of celebrity chat, showbusiness news, lifestyle features, topical discussion, health and beauty advice and more. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate with the panel. 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 STV News; Weather 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal David Dickinson and his dealers set up stall in Oldham. 3.00 Lingo Married couple Geraldine and Paul from Leeds, husband and wife Patrick and Bukky from Sheffield, and spouses Stu and Kate from Wigan take part in the quiz hosted by Adil Ray. 3.59 STV Weather Central 4.00 Tipping Point Quiz show. 5.00 The Chase David, George, Sarah and Ivy take part. 6.05am Countdown With author Ben Macintyre. (R) 6.45 The Big Bang Theory Comedy double bill. (R) 7.35 The King of Queens Triple bill of the sitcom. (R) 9.00 Frasier Triple bill. (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA Park’s Edge restaurant in Atlanta. (R) 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It Turning a hubcap into a clock. (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch Steph McGovern presents. 2.10 Countdown Shirley Ballas is in Dictionary Corner. 3.00 Moneybags Quiz show. 4.00 A Place in the Sun A former nurse seeks a property on the east coast of Italy. 5.00 Four in a Bed The rivals spend the night at Gables Pod Camping, Co Durham. (R) 5.30 Bidding Wars Auction challenge, with Kevin Duala. 6.00 The Simpsons Another trio of Halloween stories. 6.30 Hollyoaks Martine and Felix’s wedding day arrives. (R) 6.00am Milkshake! Children’s TV. 9.15 Jeremy Vine Discussion. 11.15 FILM A Bramble House Christmas (2017, PG) Drama, starring Autumn Reeser. ★★★ 1.00 Neighbours See 6.00pm. 1.30 FILM Tidings of Joy: Christmas in Evergreen (2019, PG) A sceptical writer shows up in Evergreen to get the scoop on the town’s famed passion for Christmas. Romantic drama, starring Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene. ★★★★ 3.15 FILM Magical Christmas Shoes (2019, PG) Premiere. Noelle’s holiday season is transformed by pair of magical shoes, helping her to rediscover her Christmas spirit and find true love. Romantic comedy, starring Erin Karpluk. ★★★ 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 6.00 Neighbours Jane lies unconscious and alone, until Leo finds her. (R) 6.30 Eggheads ’Our Drinking Team Have a Quiz Problem’ seek the Eggheads’ downfall. GET THE LATEST NEWS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX SIGN UP NOW AT dailyrecord.co.uk/newsletters 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 The One Show With Ronan Keating and Rylan. 7.40 EastEnders Phil wants answers when Jada turns up, devious Janine is desperate to teach Peter a lesson and Dotty does her best to help her mum. 8.00 Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon Stacey and her team help Cherelle and Tony Dowling transform their chaotic home through a space-saving reorganisation. Carpenter Iwan Carrington gives the home a spring clean. 9.00 MasterChef: The Professionals The chefs are tasked to prepare and cook sea bream served with a cous cous and a red pepper mayonnaise, before making crepes with a hazelnut spread, berries and Chantilly cream. 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.25 Reporting Scotland 10.35 Question Time Fiona Bruce hosts a debate from Cardiff. On the panel, Robert Buckland Eluned Morgan MS, Liz Saville Roberts MP, Guto Harri and Timandra Harkness. 11.35 Newscast Adam Fleming, Laura Kuenssberg and Chris Mason present their weekly round-up from Westminster, delivering their usual mix of serious analysis and lighthearted gossip about the biggest stories in politics. 12.05am Blankety Blank. Bradley Walsh hosts the revival of the comedy quiz show. Taking part this time around are David Haye, Esme Young, Sarah Hadland, Brian Conley, Alex Jones and Jordan North. (R) 12.40 Weather for the Week Ahead 12.45-6.00am BBC News 7.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Zoe Lyons and Noreen Khan turn their hand to antiquing in Shropshire. Along the way, they learn about a misunderstood mammal and the man who transformed mail order shopping. 8.00 Mary Berry – Love to Cook Recipes perfect for a crowd, including marinated pork, and a mouthwatering curry. 8.30 Nadiya’s Fast Flavours The cook rustles up dishes including a magical custard tart with a creme brulee twist. 9.00 Surgeons: At the Edge of Life At Royal Papworth Hospital, cardiothoracic surgeon Aman Coonar takes on a case involving 30-yearold Dannee, who has a rare type of tumour in the airway that leads to the lung. 10.00 Mock the Week Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis look back at all the stuff that’s been going on in the news this week, with Maisie Adam, Angela Barnes, Jen Brister, Rhys James and Ahir Shah. 10.30 Newsnight With Kirsty Wark. 11.15 Frankie Boyle’s New World Order The comedian continues trying to make sense of the modern world. (R) 11.50 Sign Zone: Life at 50ºC Documentary exploring the devastating impact extreme heat has across the globe. (R) 12.50am Sign Zone: Strictly Come Dancing. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman present the musicals special. (R) 2.05 Sign Zone: Strictly Come Dancing: The Results. Musicals Week concludes with a dance-off between the lowest scoring couples. (R) 2.50-6.30am This Is BBC Two 6.00 STV News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Long-running soap following the ups and downs of village life amid the Yorkshire Dales. Ben has evidence, Liv is gutted, and Lydia is left disturbed. 8.00 The Martin Lewis Money Show Christmas Special The cash expert answers viewers’ questions ahead of Black Friday, and reveals his savvy saving predictions with the return of the Festive Forecaster. 9.00 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Celebrity survival challenge, which sees a group of famous faces living in Gwrych Castle, North Wales, struggling to complete the tough daily tasks and dreaded Bushtucker Trials. Ant and Dec host, and also look at highlights from the past 24 hours. 10.15 ITV News; Weather A fresh perspective on the major stories of the day, featuring national and international news. 10.45 STV News; Weather 11.05 It’ll Be Alright on the Night David Walliams narrates a compilation of TV cock-ups, with Holly Willoughby revealing too much to Russell Crowe and Rylan Clark-Neal coming unstuck on the set of Supermarket Sweep. (R) 12.00m’t Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Wild China with Ray Mears. Ray treks alongside herbal medicine experts in the Himalayas. (R) 3.40 Wonders of the Coast Path. The 870-mile footpath that follows the Welsh coast. (R) 4.05 Unwind With STV 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News The latest headlines, in-depth interviews and analysis of political developments and current affairs. Plus, the day’s leading sports stories and up-to-theminute weather reports. 8.00 Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker – The Final At Wales’ Glanusk Estate, the three finalists make their biggest build yet – towering garden buildings. Presented by Mel Giedroyc. Last in the series. 9.00 Taskmaster With just one lap left to run, Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell each retain hopes of being crowned the winner by Greg Davies and Alex Horne. Last in the series. 10.00 Queens of Rap Poppy Begum documentary looks at the story of women in hip-hop culture, examining how Megan Thee Stallion – a battle rapper from Texas – and Cardi B – a former stripper and reality TV star – became two of the most famous women of the genre on the planet. 11.05 Unapologetic The hosts tackle parenting and family, alongside a specially invited panel including comedian Nabil Abdul Rashid, broadcaster Eddie Nestor and presenter Mercy Muroki. 12.05am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 12.55 Wife Swap USA (R) 1.40 FILM Labor Day (2013, 12) ★★★ 3.30 The Truth About Electric Cars: Dispatches (R) 4.00 Unreported World (R) 4.25 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 5.20 A Place in the Sun (R) 5.45- 6.05am Kirstie’s Vintage Gems (R) 7.00 Carol Klein’s Great British Gardens The plantswoman and broadcaster visits the Beth Chatto Gardens near Colchester in Essex. Its creator was a true pioneer and one of the most important plants-people of her time. 8.00 Inside the Tower of London It is June and staff at the Tower are bringing out the big guns to celebrate the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation in 1953, and a massive 62-gun salute is planned on the Wharf, but with his boss. 9.00 The Great Escape: Capture As they take their opportunity to flee, 76 out of the 200 prisoners manage to escape, and must navigate hostile enemy territory to evade being recaptured by unrelenting Nazis. Last in the series. 10.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts Dr Sue Mason and Sister Benita Wainwright prepare resus for Rory, a patient who has been found unconscious at home. Koby arrives after chopping off the tip of his finger. (R) 11.00 FILM The Enforcer (1976, 18) Maverick cop ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan is unwillingly teamed up with a female partner as he takes on a terrorist group. Crime thriller sequel, starring Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly and Harry Guardino. ★★ 1.00 The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show 3.00 The Great Model Railway Challenge. Railway layouts on the theme of ‘fire and ice’. (R) 3.45 The Great Gardening Challenge: The Final (R) 4.45 The Railways That Built Britain with Chris Tarrant (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R)

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Freeview 6 Freeview 27 ITV2 ITVBe 6.00am Love Bites 7.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Supermarket Sweep 10.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 5.00 The Voice USA 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase With Ade Adepitan, Clare Balding and Robert Webb. 7.00 Superstore Double bill. The employees address systemic racism in the store; Glenn returns from quarantine. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. Louise tries to take down her science teacher; Tina starts dating a ballet dancer. 9.00 Family Guy Five episodes. 11.25 American Dad! Double bill. 12.20am Bad Boy Chiller Crew. The rap trio appear at Leeds Festival. 1.10 Bob’s Burgers 2.00 Superstore 2.50 Iain Stirling’s CelebAbility 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Dave E4 Freeview 19 7.10am Lazy Boy Garage 8.00 Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 11.00 Top Gear 1.00pm QI XL 2.00 James May’s Cars of the People 3.00 Top Gear 5.00 Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico 6.00 QI XL With Aisling Bea, Lee Mack, Jason Manford and Alan Davies. 7.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA 8.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Naga Munchetty, Jordan Stephens, Sally Lindsay and David O’Doherty compete. 8.40 Would I Lie to You? Panel show. 9.20 QI Bill Bailey, Katherine Ryan and Rhod Gilbert are quizzed on ‘Operations’. 10.00 The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan Romesh visits Zimbabwe in the aftermath of Robert Mugabe’s rule. 11.00 Mock the Week Double bill. 12.20am Have I Got a Bit More Old News for You 1.20 Would I Lie to You? Panel show. 2.00 QI 2.30 Hypothetical 3.30-4.00am The Indestructibles 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Baby Daddy 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory 3.00 Mike & Molly 4.00 The Goldbergs 5.00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Grace and Nate set a trap for the Deveraux family. 7.30 Young Sheldon Lord of the Rings provides Sheldon with a new obsession. 8.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 9.00 Celebrity Gogglebox Shows including Big Brother: Best Shows Ever, Scarface, Us and First Dates are appraised. 10.00 Naked Attraction Double bill. More singletons hope to find partners. 12.10am Gogglebox 1.15 Rick and Morty 1.45 Robot Chicken 2.15 First Dates Hotel 3.10 The Big Bang Theory 4.00 The Goldbergs 4.50-6.00am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA BBC Scotland 7.00pm The River. Katie Scott prepares her horses for Kelso Races. 7.30 Grand Tours of Scotland’s Rivers. Paul Murton explores the lower reaches of the river Spey. 8.00 Scotland’s Best Dog 8.30 Landward 9.00 The Nine 10.00 Scot Squad 10.30 Burnistoun Goes to Work 11.00 The Karen Dunbar Show 11.30pm-12.00m’t Mirror Mirror BBC Alba 6.00am Alba Today 5.00pm Piseag & Cuilean/Kit & Pup 5.05 Sionnach agus Maigheach (Fox & Hare) 5.20 Shane an Chef 5.30 Abadas 5.45 Su Pic (Peek Zoo) 5.55 Stoiridh 6.00 Donnie Murdo (Danger Mouse) 6.10 Damhan & Durrag/Pipas & Douglas 6.15 Geamaichean Gorach 6.20 Na Danathursan aig Tintin/The Adventures of Tintin 6.40 Port Paipeir 6.55 Beartas nan Daoine (The People’s Riches) 7.20 Dan 7.25 SpeakGaelic. With Andrew Ditton, whose love of Gaelic inspired a move to Uist. 8.00 An La (News) 8.30 Eorpa 9.00 Eilean Chanaigh (Summer on Canna). A winter with the residents on the island of Canna. Last in the series. 10.00 Mach a Seo! 10.30 NEW Sealgairean Mara 11.25 Fraochy Bay 11.30 Transatlantic Sessions 12.00m’t-6.00am Alba Today Variations 7.00am The Real Housewives of Cheshire 8.00 Buying and Selling 9.00 LittleBe 12.00noon Best Cake Wins 12.30 The Real Housewives of Orange County 1.25 The Real Housewives of Cheshire 2.25 The Only Way Is Essex 3.10 Million Dollar Listing: NYC 4.05 The Real Housewives of New York City 5.00 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 6.00 Masters of Flip Kortney and Dave renovate an old farmhouse. 7.00 Buying and Selling A family of six who need a bigger house. 8.00 Dinner Date Dominique from London looks for love on the pages of a menu. 9.00 Vanderpump Rules Andy Cohen and the cast connect from home to get to the bottom of everything. 10.00 Love Island: Australia The boys welcome new bombshells. 11.05 Don’t Be Tardy Double bill. 12.05am The Only Way Is Essex 12.50-1.00am Unwind With ITV Drama More4 Freeview 13 Freeview 18 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.20 Bread 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.15 Peak Practice 3.15 All Creatures Great and Small 4.20 Pie in the Sky 5.20 Just Good Friends 6.00 Bread Connie and Oswald join the holiday to see Billy and Aveline. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Michelle has a plan. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Compo, Clegg and Foggy take a trip to Wales. 8.00 Zen The Ministry turns to Zen when a rich industrialist with political connections is kidnapped – but the detective’s search is hindered by the abductee’s family. 10.00 New Tricks After being released from jail, a notorious paedophile admits to the abduction and murder of a child 25 years previously, leaving the detectives wary. 11.15 Bad Girls Malcolm and Sylvia get married. Helen Fraser stars. 12.20am Judge John Deed 2.10 Kavanagh QC 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 8.55am Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau 12.05pm Grand Designs 1.10 Four in a Bed: five episodes 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. Crafters compete in Kirstie Allsopp’s best paper craft competition. 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Anna designs and produces her own wallpaper for the girls’ bedrooms. 7.55 Grand Designs Restoring a 100-year-old blacksmiths in Co Antrim. 9.00 The Good Fight Julius helps Diane to clear Kurt’s name, while Jay’s investigation of a case triggers a bout of PTSD. 10.15 The Secret World of Crisps The biggest players in Britain’s crisp industry. 11.20 24 Hours in A&E A moped delivery man is rushed to A&E after an accident involving a police car. 12.20am 999: On the Front Line. A woman has heart palpitations. 1.30 The Good Fight 2.40-3.40am 24 Hours in A&E ENGLAND As BBC1 except: 11.15am Homes Under the Hammer 12.15-1.00pm Bargain Hunt 1.30-1.45 Regional News; Weather 6.30-7.00 Regional News; Weather 10.25-10.30pm Regional News; Weather NORTHERN IRELAND As BBC1 except: 11.15am Homes Under the Hammer 12.15-1.00pm Bargain Hunt 1.30-1.45 BBC Newsline; Weather 6.30-7.00 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.25 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.35 The View 11.15 Question Time. With Fiona Bruce. 12.15am The Ulster Rugby Show. A look at Ulster Rugby’s latest matches. 12.45 Newscast 1.15-6.00am BBC News NORTHERN IRELAND As BBC2 except: 10.00-10.30pm The Ulster Rugby Show 11.15-11.50pm Mock the Week BORDER As STV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Border; Weather 6.00-6.30 ITV News Lookaround 10.45-11.05 ITV News Border; Weather 4.05-5.05am Unwind with ITV UTV As STV except: 1.55-2.00pm UTV Live 6.00-6.30 UTV Live 10.45-11.05 UTV Live 4.05-5.05am Unwind with ITV BBC4 SAVE UP TO 80% PLUS FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS! Freeview 24 7.00pm The Joy of Painting: Winter Specials A birch tree landscape. 7.30 Great British Railway Journeys Michael Portillo embarks on the last leg of his trip through 1930s Britain. 8.00 A303: Highway to the Sun Tom Fort travels along the A303 from Basingstoke to Honiton. 9.00 Walt Disney Conclusion of the documentary exploring the life, career and legacy of the animator. 10.00 FILM All the President’s Men (1976, 15) Fact-based political drama about investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who brought the Watergate scandal to light. Starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. ★★★★★ 12.15am Watergate. Documentary. 1.05 Inside Museums 1.35 B Catling: Where Does It All Come From? – Arena 2.45-3.15am Great British Railway Journeys 5 USA 6.00am TJC 9.00 Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 12.00noon Law & Order: six back-to-back episodes 6.00 NCIS Agents in Washington, DC search for their missing colleagues. 6.55 Entertainment News on 5 7.00 NCIS Double bill. A missing US Navy lieutenant’s body is found buried in a cemetery; a Metro PD cop’s disappearance is linked to a decade-old murder case. 9.00 Crossing Lines Part one of two. Hickman is arrested for murder. 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Triple bill. Benson helps the victims of a drugging and assault; the SVU team helps a detective; a pregnant teenager refuses to name the father of her baby. 12.55am Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.50 Chicago PD 3.30 Criminals: Caught on Camera 3.55-4.00am Entertainment News on 5 OK! BEAUTY BOX SUBSCRIpTIOn TRY YOUR FIRST BOx FOR jUST £2.99 * OKBEAUTYBOX.CO.UK/BLACKFRIDAY *£2.99 is only available to new customers, OK! Beauty Box subscription is £15 per month thereafter. This offer expires at 23:59 on 29 November 2021. ** The OK! Christmas Beauty Box is available to buy at £45 until 23:59 on 29 November 2021, only while stocks last. *** To qualify for the free OK! Black Friday Beauty Box you must purchase a 6 or 12-month OK! Beauty Box Subscription e-Gift voucher. The free box will be dispatched to the bill payer within two weeks of purchase. The offer is only available until 23:59 on 29 November 2021, only while stocks last. Page 43 BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! OK! ChRISTmAS BEAUTY BOX nOW £45!** FREE OK! BEAUTY BOX wITh EVERY 6 OR 12-mONTh SUBSCRIPTION GIFT VOUChER *** Sky Arts Freeview 21 F’view 11 6.00am Force of Nature Natalia 7.00 Son of Cornwall 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering 11.00 The Art of Architecture 12.00noon David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering 3.00 Matisse: From Tate Modern & MoMA 4.00 Music Icons: New York Hip Hop 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: Steve McQueen 7.00 Portrait Artist of the Year 2021 8.00 Discovering: Michael Keaton 9.00 Comedy Legends 10.00 Death of England 11.25 Classic Albums 12.25am Agatha Christie vs Hercule Poirot 1.45 Cheltenham Literature Festival 2021 2.45 Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories 3.45 Arts Uncovered 4.00 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00-6.00am The Art of Architecture

Page 44 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am LIVE Test Cricket India v New Zealand. 8.00 LIVE Women’s Big Bash League Semi-final between Melbourne Renegades v Adelaide Strikers. 11.30 LIVE DP World Tour Golf The Joburg Open. 3.00pm LIVE Ladies European Tour Golf The Andalucia Costa Del Sol Open De Espana Femenino. Day one of the tournament. 4.30 Sky Sports News. Round-up of the news. 5.00 LIVE NFL Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears. 9.00 LIVE NFL Dallas Cowboys v Las Vegas Raiders (kick-off 9.30pm). At AT&T Stadium. 1.00am LIVE NFL New Orleans Saints v Buffalo Bills (kick-off 1.20am). At Caesars Superdome. 4.30-6.00am LIVE Test Cricket India v New Zealand. The second day of the First Test. Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am LIVE Test Cricket India v New Zealand. 11.30 Best of ICC WT20 12.30pm Women’s Big Bash League 4.00 Best of ICC WT20 5.00 You Guys Are History 6.00 Test Cricket 7.00 Women’s Big Bash League 10.30 Test Cricket 11.30 You Guys Are History 12.30am Test Cricket 1.30 Cricket’s Climate Crisis 1.50 Best of ICC WT20 2.50 Test Cricket 3.50-6.00am LIVE Test Cricket India v New Zealand. The second day of the First Test. Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 Football Years 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 09/10 12.30pm EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games 1.00 Football’s Greatest Players 1.30 Football Countdowns 2.00 Football Years 2.30 EFL Play Off Final C’Ship 16/17 3.30 EFL Greatest Games 4.15 SPFL Greatest Games 4.30 Football’s Greatest Players 5.00 MLS Round-Up Show 5.30 EFL Highlights 6.00 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 6.15 EFL Highlights 6.30 Bundesliga Weekly 7.00 EFL Highlights 7.15 EFL Highlights 7.30 EFL Goals 8.00 EFL Highlights 8.15 EFL Highlights 8.30 Bundesliga Weekly 9.00 MLS Round-Up Show 9.30 LIVE MLS Colorado Rapids v Portland Timbers (kick-off 9.30pm). Semi-final play-off. 11.45 EFL Highlights 12.00m’t EFL Cup Retro 2.00 Championship Season Review 15/16 3.00-6.00am EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship BT Sport 1 2.30pm BT Sport Reload 2.45 WRC Review 3.45 5.15 LIVE UEFA Europa League Rapid Vienna v West Ham United (kick-off 5.45pm). 8.15 Premier League Reload 8.30 DIY Pundit 9.00 WWE NXT 10.00 Ultimate Goal 11.00 Premier League Match Pack 11.30 Ariel Helwani Meets 12.00m’t College Football Countdown 12.30 LIVE College Football Mississippi State Bulldogs v Ole Miss Rebels (kick-off 12.30am). 4.00 A-League Highlights 5.00 UEFA Europa Conference League 5.30-6.00am What I Wore BT Sport 2 6.00am Serie A – Full Impact 6.30 Premier League World 7.00 BT Sport Goals Reload 7.15 WWE NXT 9.00 ESPN FC 9.30 DIY Pundit 10.00 A-League Highlights 10.30 Extreme E – Electric Odyssey 11.00 WRC Review 12.00noon Nitro Rallycross Highlights 1.00 V8 Supercars Highlights 3.00 Serie A – Full Impact 3.30 ESPN FC 4.00 Ligue 1 Show 4.30 DIY Pundit 5.00 BT Sport Goals Reload 5.15 LIVE UEFA Europa Conference League NS Mura v Tottenham Hotspur (kick-off 5.45pm). 7.45 LIVE UEFA Europa League Leicester City v Legia Warsaw (kick-off 8.00pm). 10.30 UEFA Europa League Highlights 12.00m’t BT Sport Films 1.00 UEFA Europa League 3.00 UEFA Europa Conference League 3.30 UEFA Europa League 5.00-3.30pm LIVE Badminton Indonesia Open. Eurosport 1 7.00am Roland-Garros 10.00 Curling 11.00 LIVE Curling European Championships The round-robin stage of the men’s event. 2.00pm Curling European Championships 3.00 LIVE Curling European Championships The semi-finals of the women’s event. 6.00 Winter Sports 6.30 Curling 7.00 LIVE Curling European Championships The semi-finals of the women’s event. 10.00 Curling European Championships 11.05 World Superbikes Extra 12.00m’t Cyclo-Cross 1.00 Hall of Fame – Tokyo 2020 2.00 Ski Jumping 4.00 Freestyle Skiing 5.00-7.00am Snooker: UK Championship BEST OF THE REST – LIVE SPORT 5.00pm LIVE NFL Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears (kick-off 5.30pm). (Sky Sports NFL) 9.00 LIVE NFL Dallas Cowboys v Las Vegas Raiders (kick-off 9.30pm). (Sky Sports NFL) 1.00-4.30am LIVE NFL New Orleans Saints v Buffalo Bills (kick-off 1.20am). (Sky Sports NFL) 10.00am LIVE DP World Tour Golf The Joburg Open. (Sky Sports Golf) 3.00-4.30pm LIVE Ladies European Tour Golf The Andalucia Costa Del Sol Open De Espana Femenino. (Sky Sports Golf) ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Man About the House 8.40 That’s My Boy 9.15 Inspector Morse 11.35 Heartbeat 1.45pm Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 6.00 Heartbeat 8.00 Vera 10.05 DCI Banks 12.05am Deep Water 1.05 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 2.05-2.30am Unwind with ITV ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am The Protectors 6.25 The Champions 7.20 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 8.15 The Avengers 9.20 The Professionals 10.25 Minder 11.35 The Champions 12.35pm Giant Lobster Hunters 1.35 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 2.45 The Avengers 3.45 The Professionals 4.50 Minder 6.00 Giant Lobster Hunters 7.00 The Chase Celebrity Special 8.00 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport 9.00 River Monsters 10.00 FILM Lucy (2014/15) ★★★ 11.50 Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera 12.55am The Professionals 1.50-2.45am Minder 5STAR Freeview 31 8.00am Entertainment News on 5 8.10 Rich Kids Go Skint 9.00 Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law 10.00 Filthy House SOS 11.00 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.00noon Traffic Cops 2.00 Police Interceptors 5.00 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 6.00 Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law 7.00 Celebrity Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly for Help the Animals 8.00 Nightmare New Builds 9.00 Filthy Garden SOS 10.00 The Act 11.05 Ambulance: Code Red 12.05am Porn Stars: Our Secret World 1.05 Cold Case Killers 2.05 Nightmare New Builds 3.05-4.00am Wentworth: The Final Sentence Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 A Place in the Sun 2.00 Animal Cops Houston 4.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Ghost Nation 10.00 Hotel Paranormal 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Kindred Spirits 2.00 Teleshopping 4.00-6.00am Animal Cops Houston Paramount Freeview 32 9.00am Entertainment News on 5 9.10 Criminals: Caught on Camera 9.45 Traffic Cops: On the Edge 10.40 Traffic Cops 11.45 FILM White Feather (1955/U) ★★ 1.50 FILM Chuka (1967/PG) ★★ 4.00 Trucking Hell 5.00 Traffic Cops 7.00 Police Interceptors 8.00 Traffic Cops: Under Attack 9.00 Ultimate Police Interceptors 10.00 Doomsday: Caught on Camera 11.00 WWE: Raw Highlights 12.00m’t WWE: NXT UK 1.00 Fights, Camera, Action! 2.00 Beware: Grand Theft Britain 3.00 999: Criminals Caught on Camera 3.50 Criminals: Caught on Camera 4.35-5.00am 999: Criminals Caught on Camera Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Highway Cops 12.00noon Nothing to Declare 1.00 Border Patrol 2.00 BBC Radio 1 97.6-99.8MHz 7.00am Greg James 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie 12.45pm Newsbeat 1.00 Scott Mills 3.32 Going Home with Vick and Jordan 5.45 Newsbeat 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo 8.00 Sian Eleri 10.00 BBC Introducing Dance 11.00 Radio 1’s Residency 12.00m’t Radio 1’s Residency 1.00 Radio 1’s Dance Anthems with Charlie Hedges 2.00 Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents 3.00 Get Set with Radio 1 4.00 Radio 1 Dance 5.00-6.33am Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free BBC Radio 2 88-91MHz 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show 9.30 Ken Bruce 12.00noon Jeremy Vine 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon 5.00 Sara Cox 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist 7.30 Jo Whiley 9.00 The Country Show with Bob Harris 10.00 Rhythm Nation 12.00m’t OJ Borg 3.00 Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton 4.00 A Dance Through the Decades 4.30-6.30am Katie Piper BBC Radio 3 90.2-92.4MHz 6.30am Breakfast 9.00 Essential Classics 12.00noon Composer of the Week: Sibelius 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert 2.00 Afternoon Concert 5.00 In Tune 7.00 In Tune Mixtape 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert 10.00 Free Thinking 10.45 The Essay: The Weimar Years 11.00 The Night Tracks Mix 11.30 Unclassified Live 12.30-6.30am Through the Night Entertainment & Factual Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 The Librarians 6.00 Quantum Leap 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 NCIS: LA 9.00 Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 10.00 Fringe 11.00 World’s Most Evil Killers 12.00m’t Britain’s Most Evil Killers 1.00 Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK 2.00 Nothing to Declare 3.00 Border Patrol 4.00 Motorway Patrol 5.00-6.00am As 9am GOLD 7.25am Are You Being Served? 8.00 Ever Decreasing Circles 8.35 Are You Being Served? 9.15 Only Fools and Horses 10.00 Last of the Summer Wine 11.20 Blackadder Goes Forth 12.00noon Dad’s Army 12.40 Ever Decreasing Circles 1.20 Are You Being Served? 2.00 Only Fools and Horses 2.40 The Good Life 4.00 Blackadder Goes Forth 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Only Fools and Horses 6.40 Are You Being Served? 7.20 Dad’s Army 8.00 The Good Life 9.20 Not Going Out 10.00 Men Behaving Badly 10.40 The Cockfields 11.20 Live at the Apollo 12.25am Peep Show 1.35 Live at the Apollo 2.30 Not Going Out 3.00 Men Behaving Badly 3.30-4.00am Peep Show Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Royal Murder Mysteries 7.10 Secrets of the Solar System 8.00 Forbidden History 9.00 Bangers and Cash 10.00 Steam Train Britain 11.00 Impossible Railways 12.00noon Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Abandoned Engineering 4.00 World War Weird 5.00 Nazi Victory: The Post-War Plan 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Abandoned Engineering 8.00 Hornby: A Model World 9.00 Secrets of the Transport Museum 10.00 Great British Landmark Fixers 11.00 Porridge 1.00-2.00am As 6am Alibi 7.10am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1.00 Death in Paradise 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 Death in Paradise 9.00 Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators 10.00 Harrow 11.00 The Good Wife 12.00m’t Unforgettable 1.00 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2.00 I Am the Night 3.05-4.00am Murdoch Mysteries Sky Max 6.00am Grimm 8.00 Brit Cops: Rapid Response 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00pm Hawaii Radio Live UEFA Europa League BT Sport 2, 7.45pm Harvey Barnes (left) and Leicester will be targeting three points against Legia Warsaw at the King Power as they looking to reach the knockout stage. CHOICE The Exploding Library Radio 4, 11.30am In this intriguing new literary series, comedians are invited to spend half an hour paying homage to their favourite cult book. First into the fray is Mark Watson, who waxes lyrical about ‘rural sci-fi’ tale The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien, the pen name of Irish author and satirist Brian O’Nolan. BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 In Our Time 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Beautiful Country 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 Crossing Continents 11.30 The Exploding Library 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 Sorrow and Bliss 12.18 You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 Breakup 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: This Thing of Darkness 3.00 Open Country 3.27 Radio 4 Appeal 3.30 Open Book 4.00 Think with Pinker 4.30 BBC Inside Science 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 Relativity 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 8.00 The Briefing Room 8.30 Stolen Honour 9.00 BBC Inside Science 9.30 In Our Time 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Sorrow and Bliss 11.00 Fred at the Stand 11.30 Five-0 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 S.W.A.T. 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 Grimm 8.00 Rob & Romesh vs Almost Everything 9.00 Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol 10.00 The Russell Howard Hour 11.00 Temple 12.00m’t COBRA: Cyberwar 1.00 The Force: North East 2.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 3.00 Hawaii Five-0 4.00 MacGyver 5.00-6.00am S.W.A.T. Sky Atlantic 6.00am Fish Town 7.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 Six Feet Under 11.15 True Detective 1.40pm The Sopranos 3.50 Blue Bloods 5.45 True Blood 7.55 The Leftovers 9.00 Your Honor 10.05 Dexter: New Blood 11.10 Succession 12.15am Penny Dreadful: City of Angels 1.20 The Loudest Voice 3.30 Californication 4.05-6.00am Urban Secrets: double bill Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 UK Border Force 10.00 Send in the Dogs 11.00 Law & Order 12.00noon The Rookie 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Air Ambulance ER 4.00 Paramedics Australia 5.00 Nothing to Declare 8.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 FBI 10.00 FBI: Most Wanted 11.00 The Rookie 12.00m’t Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.00 The Resident 2.00 9-1-1: Lone Star 3.00 Chicago Fire 4.00 Road Wars 5.00-6.00am Brit Cops: Law & Disorder Sky Comedy 8.00am The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 9.00 Everybody Hates Chris 10.00 The Mindy Project 11.00 The Office (US) 12.00noon Parks and Recreation 12.30 Sex and the City 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 The Office (US) 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6.30 Sex and the City 9.00 Sort Of 10.00 Insecure 10.35 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 11.35 The Late Late Show with James Corden 12.30am Sex and the City 1.30 Ballers 2.40 The Mindy Project 3.30 30 Rock 4.00-5.00am Everybody Hates Chris Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Deadliest Catch 8.00 Building Off the Grid 9.00 Alaska: The Last Frontier 10.00 Fast N’ Loud 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Misfit Garage 1.00 Gold Rush 3.00 Ice Lake Rebels 4.00 Building Off the Grid 5.00 Wheeler Dealers 6.00 Fast N’ Loud Revved Up 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Bitchin’ Rides 9.00 Naked and Afraid 10.30 How Do They Do It? 11.00 Combat Dealers 12.00m’t Naked and Afraid 1.30 How Do They Do It? 2.00 Gold Divers 3.00 As 9pm 4.30 How Do They Do It? 4.55 Wheeler Dealers 5.40-6.00am How It’s Made National Geographic 8.00am Car S.O.S 11.00 Airport Security: Colombia 12.00noon Ultimate Airport Dubai 1.00 To Catch a Smuggler 2.00 Air Crash Investigation 4.00 Drain the Ocean: Egypt’s Lost Wonders 5.00 Ocean Wreck Investigation 6.00 Lost Treasures of Egypt 7.00 Air Crash Investigation 8.00 Wicked Tuna: North v South 9.00 Ice Road Rescue. Documentary. 10.00 Alaska: The Next Generation 11.00 Air Crash Investigation 12.00m’t Banged Up Abroad 1.00 Seconds from Disaster 2.00 Airport Security: Peru and Brazil 3.00 Hitler’s Last Stand 4.00-5.00am WW2: Hell Under the Sea Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week: Beautiful Country 12.48 Shipping Forecast 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping Forecast 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer for the Day 5.45 Farming Today 5.58-6.00am Tweet of the Day BBC Radio 5 Live 693/909kHz 6.00am 5 Live Breakfast 9.00 Nicky Campbell 11.00 Krishnan Guru- Murthy 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake 4.00 5 Live Drive. With Nuala McGovern and Tony Livesey. 7.00 5 Live Sport 8.00 5 Live Sport. With Jonathan Agnew. 9.00 5 Live Sport: The Euro Leagues Podcast 10.00 5 Live Sport 10.30 Colin Murray 1.00am Johnny I’Anson 5.00-6.00am Wake Up to Money BBC Radio Scotland FM: 92-95MHz, MW: 810kHz 6.00am Good Morning Scotland 9.00 Mornings 12.00noon Lunchtime Live 1.30 The Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth 4.00 Drivetime 5.30 (MW) Sportsound 6.00 (FM) Get It On with Bryan Burnett 8.00 (FM) Travelling Folk 10.00 (FM) Natasha Raskin Sharp 10.00 (MW) Natasha Raskin Sharp 12.00m’t- 6.00am As Radio 5 Live talkSPORT 1053/1089kHz 6.00am talkSPORT Breakfast with Alan Brazil 10.00 Jim White and Simon Jordan 1.00pm Hawksbee & Baker 4.00 talkSPORT Drive with Andy Goldstein and Darren Bent 7.00 Kick Off 10.00 Sports Bar 1.00am Extra Time 5.00-6.00am Early Breakfast Movies Film4 11.00am The Blue Dahlia (1946/PG) Thriller, with Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake. ★★★★ 1.05pm Kansas Raiders (1950/PG) Western, with Audie Murphy and Brian Donlevy. ★★★ 2.45 O.S.S (1946/PG) Wartime adventure, starring Alan Ladd and Patric Knowles. ★★★ 4.55 The Man from Colorado (1948/PG) Western, starring Glenn Ford. ★★★ 6.55 The Greatest Showman (2017/PG) Musical, starring Hugh Jackman. ★★★★★ 9.00 The Kid (2019/15) Western adventure, with Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke. ★★★★ 11.05 Punisher: War Zone (2008/18) Thriller, with Ray Stevenson and Dominic West. ★★ 1.10-3.20am Sauvage (2018/18) Drama, with Felix Maritaud and Eric Bernard. ★★★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 7.05am Lorelei (2020/15) See 4.45am. ★★★ 9.00 Locked Down (2021/15) See 6.00pm for details. ★★★ 11.00 Don’t Tell a Soul (2020/15) See 10.00pm for details. ★★★ 12.30pm Military Wives (2019/12) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★ 2.30 Too Close for Christmas (2020/PG) See 11.30pm for details. ★★★ 4.00 Riders of Justice (2020/15) Action comedy drama, with Mads Mikkelsen. ★★★★ 6.00 Locked Down (2021/15) Comedy, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway. ★★★ 8.00 Military Wives (2019/12) Comedy drama, starring Kristin Scott Thomas. ★★★ 10.00 Don’t Tell a Soul (2020/15) Premiere. Two teenage brothers, stealing money to help their sick mother, match wits with a security guard stuck at the bottom of a forgotten well. Thriller, with Jack Dylan Grazer. ★★★ 11.30 Too Close for Christmas (2020/PG) Drama, starring Chad Michael Murray. ★★★ 1.10am Riders of Justice (2020/15) See 4.00pm for details. ★★★★ 3.10 Misty Button (2019/18) Comedy thriller, starring Cillian O’Sullivan. ★★★ 4.45-6.40am Lorelei (2020/15) Drama, starring Jena Malone and Pablo Schreiber. ★★★ Sky Cinema Christmas 4.00pm Die Hard (1988/18) Action thriller, with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. ★★★★★ 6.15 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989/PG) Comedy, starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. ★★★ 8.00 Scrooged (1988/PG) Festive comedy, starring Bill Murray and Karen Allen. ★★★ 10.00 A Christmas Feast (2019/12) On Christmas Eve, a large Italian family prepare for the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes. Comedy, starring Skyler Gisondo. ★★★★ 11.45 Happy Christmas (2014/15) Comedy drama, starring Anna Kendrick. ★★★★ 1.20am Scrooged (1988/PG) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★ 3.10 Happy Christmas (2014/15) See 11.45pm for details. ★★★★ 4.45-6.30am Miracle on 34th Street (1947/U) Drama, with Edmund Gwenn. ★★★★★ Sky Cinema Family 4.30pm Dolittle (2020/PG) Fantasy adventure, starring Robert Downey Jr. ★★★ 6.20 Hero Mode (2021/12) Comedy, starring Chris Carpenter and Mira Sorvino. ★★★ 8.00 Bandslam (2009/PG) Musical, starring Aly Michalka and Vanessa Hudgens. ★★★ 10.00 Cats (2019/U) Musical, starring Judi Dench, James Corden and Idris Elba. ★ 12.00m’t Monte Carlo (2011/PG) Comedy, with Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy. ★★ 1.50am Marmaduke (2010/U) Comedy, starring Lee Pace and Judy Greer. ★★ 3.20 Swimming for Gold (2020/U) Drama, with Peyton List and Lauren Esposito. ★★★ 5.00-6.00am Sky Cinema Preview TCM 4.30pm The Odessa File (1974/PG) Thriller, starring Jon Voight and Derek Jacobi. ★★★★ 7.15 The Young Guns (1956/PG) Western, starring Russ Tamblyn and Perry Lopez. ★★ 9.00 Swordfish (2001/15) Crime thriller, starring John Travolta and Hugh Jackman. ★★★ 11.05 Unforgiven (1992/15) Western, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. ★★★★★ 1.50-4.00am Jeremiah Johnson (1972/PG) Western, starring Robert Redford. ★★★ GREAT! movies 5.00pm The Christmas Cabin (2019/PG) Romantic comedy, starring Peyton McDavitt and Chad Michael Collins. ★★★ 7.00 Push (2009/12) Sci-fi thriller, with Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. ★★★ 9.00 Green Zone (2010/15) A military officer searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction after the US invasion uncovers a conspiracy. Thriller, with Matt Damon. ★★★★ 11.20 The East (2013/15) Thriller, starring Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgard. ★★★★ 1.35am Awake (2007/15) Medical thriller, starring Hayden Christensen. ★★ 3.30-6.00am What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993/12) Drama, starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. ★★★★


advertising feature DiscOVER BlACK F DEliciOus, high-quality cRaft bEER IntroducIng Hopsmore beer club: dIscover delIcIous craft beer at fantastIc value drinking your first craft beer is like opening the first page of a bestselling novel. There are so many brilliant types of craft beers out there. All with varying tastes, aromas, colours, histories, ingredients and so on. If you haven’t tried craft beer yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. In 2016, only 24% of ale and lager drinkers knew what craft beer was and had drunk it. In 2019, this jumped to 59%. It’s becoming more and more popular, and there are good reasons why! Not 100% sure what craft beer is? It’s a beer that’s been brewed in a small independent brewery. Craft beer tends to be usually bolder, hoppier and sometimes has unusual flavours. The emphasis is always on flavour and quality. It tends to be served in smaller glasses or cans than ales and lagers do. This is because it usually has a higher ABV. A GREAT BRITISH GROWTH STORY More and more craft beer breweries have been opening up. In 2012, there were 1,352 operating in the UK. In 2018, this had increased to 2,274. CRAFTY FACTS craft breweries OVER 2000 in the UK OVER 9500 people are employed in the craft beer business beer drinkers say craft beer tastes better 32% than standard beer 49% of 25-34 year olds drink IPA These craft beer breweries are growing in number and they’re experimental and innovative 5in6 craft beer drinkers like to try different beers SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE These craft beer breweries are growing in number, and they’re experimental and innovative. Grapefruit flavoured beers? Tick. Ice cream flavoured beers? Yes, really. These craft breweries are up for producing all sorts of flavours, as long as there’s customer demand. So, open that book, and embark on your craft beer journey of discovery. Join our Hopsmore beer club and receive a selection of 30 craft beers every month. Visit hopsmore.co.uk to learn more. 59% of UK beer drinkers have tried craft beer 50% of people would try a new beer on recommendation 46% say IPA is their favourite beer type, making it the 2nd most popular in the UK Like the idea of craft beer but don’t understand the jargon? Here’s a little craft beer jargon dictionary of some of the most common terms: ABV - stands for ‘alcohol by volume’ which is a measurement of the alcohol content or strength as a percentage. Ales - beers fermented with top-fermenting yeast, they are typically fermented at warmer temperatures than lagers, and are often served warmer. Bitterness - in beer is caused by the tannins and hops. The amount of bitterness in a beer is one of the defining characteristics of a beer style. Body - the consistency, thickness and mouth-filling property of a beer. DDH - double dry-hopped, simply means using twice as many hops as you would normally use for the same beer. Dry Hopping - when hops are added late in the brewing process to increase the hop aroma of a finished beer without significantly affecting its bitterness. Hops - it’s a green cone-shaped flower of the Humulus lupulus plant. They give the beer a particular flavour and aroma. IPA - stands for India pale ale. This is a beer that was created in Britain and was then exported overseas. Its name is a result of its popularity with British troops stationed in India in the 19th century. Milkshake IPA - the use of lactose and fruit gives a smooth, delightful mouthfeel. NEIPA - a very popular style, a New England IPA has a tropical fruit hop aroma and flavour, dry hopped to the point of being hazy, smoother and less bitter than typical IPAs. Pale ale - a lightly hopped beer with low bitterness. Porter - a style of beer that was developed in London in the early 18th century, dark in appearance owing to the use of brown malt and popular with street and river porters. Session beer - typically lower-alcohol beer (under 5%). Sour - beer with an intentionally acidic or sour taste, and are often compared to NEIPAs with added tartness.

advertising feature What’s in your Hopsmore beer box? Simply head to hopsmore.co.uk to join our beer club. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a new beer box every month with a completely different set of beers. Here’S wHat yOu’LL get in yOur firSt bOx 1 2 3 4 5 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 GlAsGow BeerworKs’ PIoneer CItrUs IPA it has lemon and citrus character with a helping of orange juice concentrate that allows the hop qualities to shine. arOMa - Citrusy taste - fruit flavour, it has a lemon and citrus character with orange juice finisH - fruity aBv - 4.0% west Brewery BerKshIre’s Brewery reneGAde a pilsner lager which is brewed using 100% British ingredients. it’s pale gold in colour and is hoppy and crisp to taste. arOMa - Crisp, clean, and utterly refreshing taste - Hoppy and crisp to taste with sweet doughy malts finisH - Light bitter and moreish aBv - 4.1% Moor Beer’s nAno CAsK GoldInGs a session bitter, and a proper traditional english pale style. it’s evocative of sitting in a pub, with earthy notes and a hint of honey sweetness. arOMa - earthy, spicy, with a touch of honey taste - Malt body and goldings bring earthy, spicy notes with a touch of honey finisH - earthy notes with a hint of sweetness aBv - 3.8% whItewAter BrewInG Co’s MAGGIes leAP a citrusy india pale ale with an aromatic floral aroma and residual sweetness on the finish. arOMa - Citrusy with an aromatic floral aroma taste - Citrusy finisH - residual sweetness aBv - 4.7% GUn Brewery sCArAMAnGA an extra pale ale brewed using sussex spring water, extra pale malts, zesty and delicious hops. it’s well paired with seafood, mild cheese and lighter dishes such as salads. arOMa - floral taste - Zesty, floral with hops finisH - floral aBv - 3.9% 6 7 8 9 10 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 rAdeBerGer’s PIlsner a german pilsner, full-bodied and harmoniously balanced with a slight bitter hop character and a brilliant, honey-gold colour. arOMa - slight hint of vanilla taste - fresh green walnuts and juniper finisH - slight bitter hop character aBv - 4.8% QUAntoCK’s the MAn an established house pale ale base and a double dry hopping. arOMa - stone fruits and citrus taste - Big hitting american hops finisH - fruity and citrusy aBv - 4.8% WHAT IS HOPSMORE? So, Hopsmore is a brandnew beer club that we’ve created in an effort to make our readers’ beerdrinking dreams come true. by joining online at hopsmore.co.uk, you’ll get a wonderful box of different craft beers delivered to your door every month. yoU’ll reCeIve: a box that’s always worth £75 or more 30 great tasting craft beers every month free uK delivery worth £5.95 and fully tracked a Hopsmore magazine containing information about the beers a great snack exclusive early access to special edition cases FreedoM Brewery’s UrBAn lAGer Born from german migration to the states in the 1800s, this lager style soon spread in popularity down the east coast. a clean, refreshing pale lager with a robust character, brewed for the modern day. arOMa - refreshing taste - Clean and refreshing lager with a robust character. finisH - Clean and refreshing aBv - 4.2% from your first Hopsmore box, you’ll typically be spending much less than if you had bought the beers individually from somewhere else. you’ll get £10 off your first box. this means that while it’s worth £75, you’ll only be paying £34.99. that works out at just £1.16 a can, which you’ll agree is a right bargain! BeAtnIKz rePUBlIC’s only GIG In PArIs a hoppy session india pale ale that uses centennial and ekuanot. these hops combine to create a citrus forward easy-drinking seasonable beer. arOMa - Citrus taste - Centennial and ekuanot. finisH - Citrusy aBv - 4.1% FIrst ChoP CAl a west coast india pale ale, nice and bitter and filled with piney goodness. arOMa - Piney taste - nice bitter flavour finisH - Piney aBv - 4.8% Please drink responsibly CHRISTMAS SPECIAl! Now available: our festive beer box, with 20 hand-picked beers, perfect for celebrating or gifting this Christmas! Visit www.hopsmore.co.uk/christmas for more details visit hopsmore.co.uk today and get £10 off your first box. It’s worth over £75, but you pay just £34.99

stars. Page 48 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 with Russell Grant record readers. Aries March 21–April 20 Libra Sept 23–Oct 23 DoN’T stop dreaming. Remind yourself of your hopes and wishes and tell yourself you can do this. Look on what you can do and not what you can’t do and push the boundaries. Enjoy simple pleasures. People will be excited that a fun event is going to be repeated. For more call 0905 789 4171 Taurus April 21 – May 21 You will never find contentment through giving more than you receive. A friend or partner seems to think they can make important decisions and choices on your behalf. They need to be reminded you don’t always want what they want. Talk to them and find ways to even the balance. Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22 WITh you focusing more now on your private ambitions you may have to pull out of a group project. 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Helpline 0333 202 3390 TEXT‘SISTERS’ + YOUR QUESTION TO 61011 Texts cost £1/reply. Max 3 replies. 18+. Entertainment only. SP: Allstar Psychics Call or text our team of Psychics The Spirit Sisters BY PHONE BILL 0903 668 1031 Calls cost £1.50/min plus network access charge. 18+ Entertainment only. SP Allstar Psychics. CALL & PAY BY CARD 0330 880 1031 Calls charged at standard network price. 20 mins - £29.99 | 30 mins £39.99 All calls recorded. 18+. Entertainment only. We cannot answer questions in regards to health, pregnancy, legal or financial related matters. You may receive free marketing messages, to opt out, STOPALL to 61011. Helpdesk - info@allstarpsychics.co.uk. SP: Allstar Psychics. Letters.. BoJo’s betrayal Boris and his money-grabbing vultures are planning to take 85 per cent of the value of your home if you go into care. Thus, leaving you with no cash help for your sons or daughters, who might need help to start with a mortgage. Tories are only interested in the big house owners and the rich. These people have voted for them and now they repay them by biting the hand that fed them. sad thing is, i knew the way the Tories work like this and voters have been conned again. GM, Bellshill, Lanarkshire Letter of the week Every Saturday we will pick the best letter received during the week and award a £50 prize. Please include your full name and address in order to be eligible. ★★★ Bonkers Boris Johnson’s so-called social care plan is nothing more than a ploy to cream as much money off the elderly as he could, and escape his responsibilities. His draconian policy will strip many elderly people of their life savings and into extreme poverty – yet his Tory crony MPs, despite their usual bleating, went along with him like sheep. Stephen McCarthy, Glasgow A rubbish idea WHen are the local authorities going to realise that the more restrictions they put on wastesorting depots for public access @dailyrecord YesTerdaY we told how tributes had poured in for a young couple who were found dead in ardrossan. officers are treating the “sudden” deaths of sam roberts, 22, and Lauren Hetherington, 23, as “unexplained”. investigations are continuing into the incident and a report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal. Many readers shared heartfelt condolences on our social media channels. Flora Irvine wrote: “so heartbreaking, condolences to both families at this sad time.” Nicola Orr added: “still shocked at the news, Lauren. Thoughts are with your family and sam’s family. riP Lauren and sam.” Leanne Newman £50 TReaTMenT Families pay privately for cannabis oil Children deserve better WHiLE the Scottish Government’s gusto in trying to solve the dreadful drugs situation is laudable, it beggars belief that parents of children living with the threat of ongoing seizures have to pay privately for cannabis oil. Equally bemusing is the fact that private businesses are being subsidised to provide adequate ventilation systems while schoolchildren across Scotland are expected to sit in classrooms with coats on because the only ventilation is in the form of open windows. Unbelievable in 21st-century Scotland! So much for caring for our children. Hugh McKendrick. Kilwinning the more they will encourage fly-tipping which is now fast getting out of control? The message is very simple – make it easy for people to drop off their waste and there will be less fly-tipping to clear up. DFG, Aberdeen said: “Thoughts are with both families and all their friends and all who knew them, and their colleagues. riP both, fly high angels.” Yvonne Grayhurst wrote: “Thinking of both families at such a sad time.” Karen Baird added: “devastating heartbreaking for both families, thoughts and prayers with both families and friends.” PRIZE Eyes down to play our Prize Bingo card. Let’s continue to play Game 36 for £100. Today’s numbers apply only to Game 36. When you have crossed off all 15 numbers for Game 36, claim for a full house. Get in touch Write: Your View, Daily Record, one Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA Fax: 0141 309 3850 Email: letters@ dailyrecord.co.uk Text: DRViEW followed by your comments to 63333 Social media TRageDy Sam Roberts ■ facebook.com/ TheScottishDailyRecord ■ twitter.com/ Daily_Record How To claiM: Call our new number, 01420 525573 on Mondays between 10am and 3pm to claim. The prize for a full house is £100, split if there are multiple winners. Game rules available on request. BINGO GAME 36 57 25 66 73 58 41 86 63 85 10 Texts GJ, Glasgow (Record Readers, November 23) acknowledges that the electorate are wise enough to know that no party is perfect and can weigh up who to vote for, then complains when they vote for independence parties. GJ also states that the vast majority have no recourse to this situation. Surely the majority must be voting for the proindependence parties, unlike when the vast majority voted to remain in the EU and their votes counted for nothing, and when they continually reject the Tories and end up being governed by them. Peter Krykant Sr, Maddiston, near Falkirk UNioNiSTS are always talking down the Scottish Government. i take it you prefer the Tory Government which Scotland never voted for. i take it you prefer to be dictated to by right-wing voters and politicians in England. Colin Weir, EK iN ThE summer, the Scottish Government announced that the surgical removal of mesh implants would be available to women “free” from specialists in America and England – however, initial assessments in Glasgow were taking up to two years. The Government’s history on waiting times has been a disaster over the years and women are being left in limbo. HL, Kilsyth Pray hE LEFT not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. Acts 14:17 THERE are gospels according to spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Texts cost 50p plus standard network rates. Service Provider: JMedia uK Limited, Rh16 3Eg. Tel: 0207 720 7130

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 49 The easy way to get your paper.. without leaving the house Open up the App Store on an iPad, Google Play on an Android tablets or Amazon Fire app store. You can only download the tablet edition on a tablet such as an iPad, Android tablet or Kindle Fire. The app will download to your tablet, open it up and you will begin your free trial. Have a digital version of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail effortlessly sent to your tablet or iPad every morning read it JUSt LiKe tHe PaPer Click on Download or Install (it’s best to be connected to wi-fi where possible for this, rather than 4G). The app will automatically download the newspaper to your tablet each night. You can flick through the pages just like the print version… and you can even play the puzzles. free 60-daY triaL £9.99 after You’ll find a frequently asked questions page at www.dailyrecord.co.uk/e-edition city desk. Bust Bulb may cost us £500m tAXPAYERS ON HOOK FOR FAILURE THE collapse of Bulb Energy could end up costing taxpayers at least £500million, an industry expert has warned. Britain’s seventh biggest gas and electricity supplier failed this week, blaming a surge in wholesale costs and the Government’s energy price cap. Regulator Ofgem has applied to appoint City firm Teneo to take over Bulb’s running as “special administration”. If that goes ahead, the taxpayer will foot the bill for keeping the company going while Teneo tries to find a buyer, or offloads customers to rivals. Those costs are likely to include buying energy for Bulb’s 1.7million customers, potentially at a loss. Joe Malinowski, ftse 100 Abrdn .........................................254.1 +2.8 Anglo American .................2866.0 -13.0 AB Foods ................................1940.0 -16.0 Admiral Group....................2948.0 -16.0 AstraZeneca......................... 8471.0 -9.0 Aviva PLC .................................395.7 +1.0 BAE Systems...........................563.8 -4.8 B&M European........................614.0 +0.2 ...........................................2582.5 -3.5 Balfour Beatty .......................243.2 -2.0 Barclays.....................................193.4 -0.4 BHP Group .............................2016.0 +15.0 BR Land Co..............................533.2 +9.0 BP ................................................344.5 +5.1 BT ..................................................161.7 +2.0 Capita Group.............................44.5 +0.3 Carnival ..................................1386.0 +7.8 Centrica........................................67.0 -0.0 Compass ................................ 1535.0 -20.5 Currys PLC ................................133.6 -0.6 Diageo .....................................3875.0 +8.0 Direct Line ...............................266.2 -2.6 Easyjet .......................................557.0 +1.6 Ferguson...............................11855.0 +5.0 Frasers Group ........................694.0 -9.0 GlaxoSmithKline..................1539.6 +6.2 Halfords....................................343.0 +0.2 Hays ............................................153.1 +0.1 HSBC ..........................................443.4 +0.4 Imperial Brands ....................1617.0 -2.0 International Airlines Grp .152.8 +1.3 ITV ..................................................117.7 -0.7 JD Sports .................................1136.0 -21.5 Kingfisher ................................328.4 -3.5 Land Securities ......................747.8 +7.4 Legal & General ......................297.6 +2.8 Lloyds ...........................................49.5 -0.3 Marks & Spencer ..................243.3 -4.0 National Grid ..........................998.3 +5.9 NatWest Group ......................223.4 +1.0 Next ..........................................8150.0 -36.0 Ocado .......................................1774.0 -30.0 Pearson .....................................627.0 +2.6 Persimmon...........................2822.0 +49.0 Prudential .............................. 1431.0 -4.0 Reckitt ....................................6202.0 -12.0 RELX ........................................2343.0 +12.0 Rentokil Initial ........................621.8 +2.2 Rio Tinto ................................. 4718.0 +47.5 Rolls-Royce ..............................135.0 -0.8 Royal Dutch Shell B ...........1660.4 +21.6 Royal Mail ................................ 507.8 -1.2 J Sainsbury .............................295.0 +1.8 SSE ............................................1590.5 +8.0 Severn Trent ........................2848.0 +33.0 Serco...........................................135.8 +0.2 founder of TheEnergyShop. com, predicted at least £500million, and up to £800million, will need to be injected to keep the business operating. He also warned finding a buyer for Bulb “is not going to be a trivial task”. Ofgem says Bulb’s customers “need not worry”, with supply and prices remaining the same for now. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told the Commons: “We do not want this company to be in this temporary state longer than is necessary.” Shadow business secretary Ed Miliband said: “With so many companies going bust in just two months, something not happening anywhere else in the world, it points to a systemic failure of regulation.” LUXURY bag maker Mulberry saw half-year sales increase by a third to £65.7million as it emerged from the Covid crisis. But trade in the UK was hit by pandemic travel curbs that dented tourist spending. mAdE UP wItH REvOLUtION IN tHE US THE boss of beauty firm Revolution declared it a “British success story” after booming demand in the US helped drive a 39 per cent rise in half-year sales. The business, which sells make-up and other products online and through other retailers, gets more than a third of its revenue from overseas. “We are building this business into a beauty powerhouse,” said chief executive big WaiT Advent calendar Adam Minto. “We are a British success story.” Demand rebounded after Covid lockdown restrictions were eased, with sales hitting £78.6million during the six months to August 31. Despite an increase in production costs, Minto said: “We are not passing that on to customers at this time.” Big sellers include Revolution’s £32 advent calendar which had a 27,000-strong waiting list before it went on sale. up 19.6 at 7286.3 oil = $82.23 Smith & Nephew ..................1263.0 +13.0 Smiths WH .............................. 1514.0 -11.5 Stagecoach ................................75.1 +0.6 Standard Chartered ............452.3 -3.4 Taylor Wimpey ........................160.7 +2.8 Tesco ..........................................280.5 +0.7 Unilever .................................3908.5 +6.0 United Utilities ....................1082.0 +13.5 Vodafone ....................................117.8 +1.8 Whitbread ............................. 3024.0 +14.0 Reach PLC ..............................272.0 -7.0 Holiday £ Euro .........................................................1.163 Australian Dollar .............................. 1.798 Bulgarian Lev .....................................2.221 Canadian Dollar ............................... 1.644 Croatian Kuna ...................................8.543 Egyptian Pound ..................................18.12 New Zealand Dollar .........................1.866 Polish Zloty ........................................5.308 South African Rand .....................20.305 Swiss Franc ...........................................1.211 Thai Baht ..........................................42.554 Turkish Lira ......................................15.504 UAE Dirham .........................................4.746 US Dollar ..............................................1.308 graham.hiscott@mirror.co.uk @grahamhiscott 020 7293 3030

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Page 52 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 record pets. Your TV Reception Fixed Today! Bad Reception? No Signal? Picture Freezing? Friendly local fully insured engineers in your area today - Call now! Aerial & Satellite Specialists Free Estimates - TV Wall Hanging 0141 648 7968 07868 809 796 Scottish Aerial & Satellite Services Alarms & CCTV Your Home Made Safe Today! INTRUDER ALARMS FULLY INSURED FREE ESTIMATES CCTV SYSTEMS VIEW ON YOUR MOBILE FULLY RECORDABLE Call Your Local Trusted Tradesman Fast - Low Cost - Local 0141 648 7969 | 07868 809 400 Titus alarm & CCTV Dustbin lid helped dogs cope with loud sounds I REMEMBER, as a very young boy, staying with my sisters and parents in a hotel “in the country”. While my siblings wasted their time playing with dolls, eating ice cream and generally honing their skills for the Irritating Event at the soon to be held 1976 Montreal Olympics, I wandered off to watch the fascinating scenes at the local gamekeeper’s kennels. This row of timber and concrete structures held a myriad of labradors of three colours, a variety of cocker spaniels, one or two springer spaniels and a short-haired pointer who paced up and down the outside run relentlessly. Feeding time was a crazed cacophony of manic barking with the occasional, high-pitched spaniel “yip” thrown in for good measure. After dinner was over, a litter of labrador puppies was brought from a shed to join the throng and, as they battled each other for the grub that was laid out in a by neil mcintosh series of bowls, the gamekeeper would rattle tin utensils, clap his hands, shout and roar and bang a dustbin lid against the wall. Seeing me bemused, he explained that he wanted them to associate the different loud sounds with the pleasure of eating, so that they would not, in the future, be upset by gunfire. I recounted this to my mother, who took the message on board and our next pup (a black labrador, called Sam) was subjected to every sound and sensation that she could possibly think of. As a result, he remained bombproof to everything that happened thereafter. Fast forward half a century and I discovered that a survey, carried out for International Dog Day (why is there not an International Grumpy Old Vet Day?) found that four out of five dogs are afraid of or anxious of household appliances. Apparently, out of 1000 UK dog owners, 85 per cent said their dog displayed some type of fear and 21 per cent indicated that this resulted in behavioural issues, such as chewing, barking or attacking the appliance. Forty-five per cent of dogs disliked the vacuum cleaner, 24 per cent the hairdryer, 21 per cent the lawnmower, 15 per cent the washing machine and 13 per cent the blender. What is even more remarkable is that this survey comes at a time when many puppies have been reared with owners at home far more often due to Covid restrictions. It seems little thought, however, has been put into their socialisation. Or maybe they share my wife’s attitude to the vacuum cleaner, and only use it every six months or so. And as for the hairdryer… ANGUS BRAIDWOOD & SON LtD 10 Castle Drive, Bankside Ind Est, Bainsford, Falkirk, FK2 7XQ 01324 634314 OPEN AS NORMAL AGAIN! CALL COLIN - 07746 867 319 OPEN MON - SAT 8am - 5pm • TOP PRICES PAID! PER TONNE PER KILO BRIGHT COPPER WIRE £6600.00 £6.60 HEAVY COPPER £5900.00 £5.90 BRAZIERY COPPER £5300.00 £5.30 MIXED BRASS £3800.00 £3.80 LEAD £1300.00 £1.30 STAINLESS STEEL £1300.00 £1.30 ALUMINIUM CUT £1100.00 £1.10 VIR CABLE £2100.00 £2.10 PYRO CABLE £2100.00 £2.10 ALUMINIUM WHEELS CLEAN £1600.00 £1.60 MIXED ALUMINIUM £850.00 £0.85 BATTERIES £540.00 £0.54 ALSO BOUGHT GOLD, PLATINUM, NICKEL, CATALYTIC CONVERTORS SECOND HAND HERAS & PALISADE FENCING WANTED!! CALL FOR UP TO DATE PRICES MOBILE BALERS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO SERVICE CAR BREAKERS - TOP PRICES PAID PRICES MAY CHANGE DUE TO MARKET TRENDS

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Page 58 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 RECORD RACING Big winners tipped this week at www.dailyrecord.co.uk/racing GUERNESEY (2.25) looks set to cruise clear for Philip Hobbs in a hot handicap hurdle at Taunton. The five-year-old stayed on the upgrade when chinned by Getalead at Warwick last week. The grey is nicely unexposed over 2m 3f so can go one better on the faster surface. MANINTHESHADOWS (12.15) ought to shade a trappy 2m 7f contest for Jonjo O’Neill at Lingfield. The six-year-old improved by garry owen again over timber when giving Uno Mas most problems at Ffos Las, with last month’s race working out pretty well. Charlie Longsdon is flying so it’s worth backing HOOT AT MIDNIGHT (12.45) in the handicap chase. The six-year-old recorded a career best when denying Tommie Beau at Fontwell this month. The mare was value for more than the half-length HOBBS red hot NOW verdict so stands to follow up down in trip. GREEN PLANET (1.45) can extend Alan King’s winning run in a fascinating novices’ hurdle. The gelding was unlucky to encounter Go Dante on last month’s timber bow at Bangor. There is plenty to come from this pacy type who should deservedly open his account. DORKING LAD (2.17) can give Gary Moore further glory here in the novices’ chase. The six-year-old was an excellent second to Luckofthedraw at Fontwell 11 days ago. The gelding still lurks on an inviting mark over fences so can land a competitive event. ACCELERANDO (5.20) can power home for team Crisford on the flat at Chelmsford. The juvenile was narrowly beaten by Better Half on her handicap bow over track and trip three weeks ago. That is strong form so the speedy filly ought to capitalise on an attractive mark. SIR RODNEYREDBLOOD (6.50) looks regal for shrewd John Jenkins in a tricky sprint. The four-year-old relished the all-weather when denying True Hero here last month and ought to make light of a 5lb hike. HATHLOOL (7.50) looks a typical Michael Appleby improver in the lucky last. The gelding stands to prevail with a repeat of this month’s solid second at Newcastle on debut for his yard. too hot to handleHobbs 4.20 GARRY OWEN PA 4.20 Tippy Toes Tippy Toes 4.50 Dark Terms Nikki’s Girl 5.20 Accelerando Leap Abroad 5.50 Hul Ah Bah Loo Spy 6.20 Trumble mums Tipple (nap) 6.50 Sir Rodneyredblood Restless Endeavour (nb) 7.20 Artemis Sky pirouette Queen 7.50 Hathlool balgair EBF FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) Winner £3,780 (11 run) 6f 1 (6) 3221 Baileys Accolade (16) M Johnston 9-7 (D).. R Kingscote 75 2 (4) 22801 Sassy Rascal (85) G Boughey 9-7............T Marquand 79 3 (3) 222541 Tippy Toes (21) M Johnston 9-4 (CD)........................J Hart 78 4 (9) 063423 Blaast (31) (P) A Watson 9-0....................................H Doyle 74 5 (1) 83 Golden Spice (64) G Margarson 9-0...............J Mitchell — 6 (8) 240 Income (131) R Hughes 9-0..................................... Doubtful 74 7 (11) Rosequiano S C Williams 9-0............................M Ghiani — 8 (2) 24 Sixth Street (43) R Hannon 9-0.................... S M Levey — 9 (7) 82 Sparked (17) J Boyle 9-0.....................................C Bennett — 10 (5) 96 Summereyes (21) E Dunlop 9-0......... R Clutterbuck (5) — 11 (10) Tillymint D Loughnane 9-0................................ D Muscutt — BETTING: 7-2 Sassy Rascal, 9-2 Tippy Toes, 5 Baileys Accolade, Blaast, 7 Sixth Street, 8 Sparked, Golden Spice, 20 Tillymint, Rosequiano, 33 Others. BAILEYS ACCOLADE 2-1fav (9-0, Jason Hart) Close up, going easily 3f out, ridden 2f out, led over 1f out, kept on well final furlong, comfortably, won at Newcastle 6f 2yo mdn fll (5) beating Midheaven (9-0) by 3 1/2l, 9 ran 1m 14.68s. SASSY RASCAL 5-2 (9-0, W Buick) Slowly into stride, well off the pace in rear, headway out wide over 1f out, strong run inside final furlong, led towards finish, won at Lingfield 5f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Sep beating Kimngrace (9-0) by nk, 8 ran 58.80s. TIPPY TOES 7-2 (9-0, Jason Hart) Made all, pushed clear over 1f out, well on top final furlong, easily, won at Chelmsford City 6f (5) pol beating Amanda Hug’n’kiss (9-7) by 4l, 13 ran 1m 11.56s. BLAAST 4-1 (9-0, Jack Mitchell) Led, headed over 2f out, ridden and weakened inside final furlong, 3rd of 6, 9l behind Atomise (9-0) at Leicester 6f 2yo fll nov stks (4) sft in Oct 1m 15.65s. GOLDEN SPICE 33-1 (8-11, L Morris) Raced keenly, led, ridden over 1f out, headed inside final furlong, lost 2nd and one pace final 100 yards, 3rd of 10, 2l behind Golden Warrior (9-7) at Kempton 6f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Sep 1m 13.40s. ROSEQUIANO Equiano filly out of Warden Rose. SIXTH STREET 10-3 (8-12, Dane O’Neill) Prominent, ridden 2f out, hung left and one pace final furlong, 4th of 10, 5l behind Wowzers (9-3) at Bath 5f 2yo nov stk (5) gf in Oct 1m 02.19s. SPARKED 11-1 (9-0, Charlie Bennett) Chased leading pair, pushed along 2f out, ridden and ran on towards finish, 2nd of 11, nk behind Exclusive Times (9-0) at Wolverhampton 5f 2yo nov stks (5) 1m 02.41s. SUMMEREYES 250-1 (8-12, Daniel Muscutt) Towards rear and off pace, made some late headway, 6th of 13, 12l behind Tippy Toes (9-0) at Chelmsford City 6f (5) pol 1m 11.56s. TILLYMINT Galileo Gold filly out of Singora Lady. CHELMSFORD CITY RACECOURSE MEMBERSHIP 4.50 NURSERY (DIV 1) (6) (2-Y-O) Winner £2,322 (9 run) 6f 1 (4) 788410 Dark Terms (44) A Watson 9-9 (D).......................H Doyle 67 2 (5) 327555 Iur Cinn Tra (23) D O’Meara 9-7....................... J Watson 65 3 (1) 376 Robbie Roger (17) R Fell 9-7....................M Crehan (3) 65 4 (8) 24534 Intriguing Lady (26) (P * ) M Johnston 9-6..........J Hart 64 5 (9) 52427 Say Grace (55) R Guest 9-6 (BF).......... R Clutterbuck (5) 64 6 (3) 406845 Between The Sheets (22) (V) M Bell 9-5.................. ................................................................................ J Bradnam (7) 63 7 (2) 035705 Nikki’s Girl (26) E Dunlop 9-4.............................M Ghiani 62 8 (7) 608 Conducive (28) R Hannon 9-2......................... S M Levey 60 9 (6) 050 Good To Go (101) J R Jenkins 8-7.......................C Fallon 51 BETTING: 7-2 Say Grace, 4 Intriguing Lady, 9-2 Iur Cinn Tra, 5 Robbie Roger, 6 Between The Sheets, 7 Dark Terms, 14 Conducive, 16 Nikki’s Girl, 33 Good To Go. DARK TERMS 11-2 (9-5, Hollie Doyle) Prominent, ridden over 1f out, weakened final furlong, 10th of 11, 7l behind Pocket The Profit (8-12) at Newcastle 6f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) in Oct 1m 13.25s. IUR CINN TRA 11-1 (9-0, Jason Watson) Edged left start, chased leaders, pushed along over 2f out, led over 1f out, soon headed, no extra well inside final furlong, 5th of 9, 4l behind Lucky Man (9-1) at Newcastle 5f 2yo hco 0-75 (5) 59.00s. ROBBIE ROGER 13-2 (9-5, Callum Rodriguez) Led early, tracked winner until ridden 2f out, weakened inside final furlong, 6th of 12, 11l behind Anatomic (9-5) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo mdn stks (5) 1m 29.79s. INTRIGUING LADY 9-2 (9-4, Jack Mitchell) Chased leaders on outer early, progress after 1f and soon disputed lead, led under 3f out, ridden under 2f out, headed well over 1f out, weakened final furlong, 4th of 8, 9l behind Jilmod (9-7) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) in Oct 1m 29.46s. SAY GRACE 10-3fav (9-7, W Buick) Close up, pushed along over 2f out, weakened final furlong, 7th of 14, 5l behind Variety Island (8-12) at Newcastle 6f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) in Oct 1m 13.03s. BETWEEN THE SHEETS 10-1 (9-6, Callum Shepherd) Mid-division, headway 2f out, kept on until no further impression and dropped to 5th close home, 5th of 13, 3 1/2l behind Convection (9-9) at Kempton 7f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) pol 1m 26.92s. NIKKI’S GIRL 12-1 (9-4, David Egan) Bumped soon after start, held up, niggled along when not clear run and switched right over 2f out, limited impression from under 2f out and held final furlong, 5th of 8, 10l behind Jilmod (9-7) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) in Oct 1m 29.46s. CONDUCIVE 80-1 (9-5, Rossa Ryan) Took keen hold, close up, ridden 2f out, weakened inside final furlong, 8th of 14, 9l behind Honky Tonk Man (9-5) at Lingfield 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Oct 1m 25.63s. GOOD TO GO 250-1 (9-5, Joey Haynes) Chased leaders 4f, 13th of 14, 29l behind Jazz Club (9-5) at Windsor 6f 2yo mdn (4) gf in Aug 1m 12.00s. 5.20 Chelmsford City Racing TV. CHELMSFORD CITY RACECOURSE MEMBERSHIP NURSERY (DIV 2) (6) (2-Y-O) Winner £2,322 (9 run) 6f 1 (1) 4246 Liv Lucky (29) M Johnston 9-9...................................J Hart 67 2 (4) 753026 Benzema (17) (H) D O’Meara 9-7 (BF)................. J Watson 65 3 (8) 6052 Accelerando (21) S & E Crisford 9-6............J Mitchell 64 4 (2) 75794 Be Glorious (21) Harry Eustace 9-6.......... R Kingscote 64 5 (3) 312244 Therehegoes (43) R Brisland 9-6....................M Harley 64 6 (5) 9052 Leap Abroad (36) (T) P & O Cole 9-4.............M Tabti (7) 62 7 (6) 7653 Basholo (36) B Meehan 9-3 (BF)...................T Marquand 61 8 (7) 75031 Exceling (13) R Hannon 8-13 (D)...........................H Doyle 57 9 (9) 009 Storm Asset (19) M Wigham 8-2.................. T Heard (5) 46 BETTING: 7-2 Accelerando, 5 Benzema, 11-2 Exceling, 6 Leap Abroad, 13-2 Basholo, 7 Therehegoes, 8 Be Glorious, 10 Liv Lucky, 20 Storm Asset. LIV LUCKY 25-1 (9-2, J Fanning) Mid division, pushed along 2f out, never in contention, 6th of 11, 5l behind Wild Mountain (9-6) at Kempton 6f 2yo hco 0-75 (5) pol in Oct 1m 15.49s. BENZEMA 9-4fav (9-0, Jason Watson) Bumped start, led, ridden and headed inside final furlong, no extra towards finish, last of 6, 2 1/4l behind Lunasa (8-6) at Newcastle 5f 2yo hcp 0-85 (4) 1m 00.50s. ACCELERANDO 7-2 (9-5, A Kirby) Chased leaders, ridden 2f out, kept on inside final furlong but never getting to winner, 2nd of 12, nk behind Better Half (9-9) at Chelmsford City 6f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) pol 1m 13.61s. BE GLORIOUS 16-1 (9-6, K Shoemark) In rear, headway on outside 2f out, stayed on strongly inside final furlong, never nearer, 4th of 12, 1l behind Better Half (9-9) at Chelmsford City 6f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) pol 1m 13.61s. THEREHEGOES 7-2 (9-7, Jason Watson) Prominent, driven and led well over 2f out, edged right well over 1f out, headed 1f out, kept on one pace, 4th of 12, 3 1/2l behind Bluebell Way (9-1) at Bath 6f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) gf in Oct 1m 11.43s. LEAP ABROAD 14-1 (9-5, James Doyle) Prominent, ridden 2f out, ran on well inside final furlong, 2nd of 12, 1l behind Edge Nibras (9-2) at Kempton 6f 2yo hcp 0-60 (6) pol in Oct 1m 14.22s. BASHOLO 9-2fav (9-5, David Egan) Held up, pushed along 2f out, headway 1f out, ran on, never nearer, 3rd of 12, 1 1/2l behind Edge Nibras (9-2) at Kempton 6f 2yo hcp 0-60 (6) pol in Oct 1m 14.22s. EXCELING 4-1 (8-13, Hollie Doyle) Held up in touch, asked for effort 2f out, quickened to lead inside final furlong, ran on well, won at Kempton 6f 2yo hcp 0-60 (6) pol beating Cheese The One (9-3) by 1 1/2l, 12 ran 1m 13.83s. STORM ASSET 200-1 (9-5, T Hamilton) Held up in 5th, weakened over 2f out, last of 9, 16l behind Kidwah (9-0) at Doncaster 6f 2yo mdn (4) sft 1m 18.84s. BRITISH EBF FUTURE STAYERS’ NOVICE STAKES 5.50 (GBB RACE) (3) (2-Y-O) Winner £9,180 (9 run) 7f 1 (3) 76 Al Azhar (21) M Tregoning 9-5...........................D Costello — 2 (9) 7 Chequer Square (106) S C Williams 9-5.....M Ghiani — 3 (7) 90 Executive Pool (46) G L Moore 9-5.......................... ........................................................................R Clutterbuck (5) — 4 (1) 022 Hul Ah Bah Loo (28) S Dow 9-5........................H Doyle 78 5 (8) 05 It Is Now (24) R Varian 9-5.....................................J Mitchell — 6 (5) 98 Showman (13) H Morrison 9-5....................... R Kingscote — 7 (4) 4 Spy (27) M Johnston 9-5...................................................J Hart — 8 (6) 2 Arion (26) H Palmer 9-0......................................T Marquand — 9 (2) 23 Mizzen You (49) R Guest 9-0.......................... C Shepherd — BETTING: 6-4 Arion, 3 Mizzen You, 7-2 Hul Ah Bah Loo, 8 Spy, 10 It Is Now, 25 Al Azhar, Showman, 33 Chequer Square, 66 Executive Pool. AL AZHAR 50-1 (9-3, D C Costello) In rear, keen early, pushed along 3f out, made minor late headway, 6th of 9, 14l behind Manaafith (9-5) at Chelmsford City 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol 1m 24.67s. CHEQUER SQUARE 28-1 (9-5, T E Whelan) Off the pace in last pair, never on terms, last of 7, 8l behind Aeonian (9-5) at Yarmouth 7f 2yo nov stk (4) gf in Aug 1m 28.20s. EXECUTIVE POOL 200-1 (9-5, T P Queally) Mid-division, pushed along over 3f out, weakened quickly over 2f out, 10th of 12, 20l behind Secret Image (9-5) at Goodwood 1m 1f 2yo nov stk (4) sft in Oct 2m 03.39s. HUL AH BAH LOO 14-1 (9-5, Hollie Doyle) Tracked leader, led 5f out, ridden and headed inside final furlong, stayed on, 2nd of 14, 2l behind Honky Tonk Man (9-5) at Lingfield 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Oct 1m 25.63s. IT IS NOW 10-1 (9-5, David Egan) Chased leaders, ridden and outpaced 2f out, kept on same pace final furlong, 5th of 11, 6l behind Tangled Words (9-5) at Kempton 7f 2yo mdn stks (4) pol 1m 27.03s. SHOWMAN 50-1 (9-5, R Kingscote) Off the pace towards rear, headway chasing leaders 2f out, weakened final furlong, 8th of 13, 8l behind Bizarre Law (9-5) at Kempton 1m 2yo nov stks (5) pol 1m 40.88s. SPY 8-1 (9-2, S De Sousa) Prominent, ridden over 2f out, kept on, 4th of 12, 3l behind Last Hoorah (9-9) at Kempton 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Oct 1m 28.57s. ARION 17-2 (9-0, James Doyle) Held up, headway when not clear run over 1f out, soon switched left, pushed along and ran on to go 2nd close home, 2nd of 13, 2l behind Bermuda (9-0) at Newmarket 7f 2yo fll nov stks (4) gd in Oct 1m 27.48s. MIZZEN YOU 5-2 (9-0, Rossa Ryan) Held up in mid-division, headway chasing leaders 2f out, hung left over 1f out, soon switched right, went 3rd inside final furlong, kept on, 3rd of 14, 3/4l behind Rousay (9-0) at Chelmsford City 7f (5) pol in Oct 1m 26.29s. BETSI HANDICAP (2) 6.20 Winner £9,793 (6 run) 7f 1 (4) 201006 Mehmento (88) (P) A Watson 3 9-9 (D 3 )................H Doyle 104 2 (5) 548400 Mums Tipple (54) R Hannon 4 9-8 (D)............. S M Levey 102 3 (6) -96511 Trumble (19) D Loughnane 3 8-11 (CD 2 )........... D Muscutt 92 4 (3) 043433 Corvair (61) (T) R Cowell 4 8-10 (D 2 ).........................J Hart 90 5 (1) 799520 Alexander James (19) M Appleby 5 8-5.... J Watson 85 6 (2) 8U2145 Papa Stour (14) (P,T) S C Williams 6 8-5 (C 2 )....M Ghiani 85 BETTING: 6-4 Trumble, 3 Corvair, 6 Mehmento, 13-2 Papa Stour, 8 Alexander James, 10 Mums Tipple. MEHMENTO 15-2 (8-12, Hollie Doyle) Soon led, ridden and headed 2f out, gradually weakened, last of 6, 12l behind Toro Strike (9-3) at Goodwood 7f Grp 3 (1) gf in Aug 1m 23.62s. MUMS TIPPLE 66-1 (9-6, P J Dobbs) Raced centre, tracked group leader, led group 5f out, headed over 2f out, weakened, 15th of 16, 22l behind Aldaary (9-4) at Ascot 7f hcap (2) hvy in Oct 1m 29.63s. TRUMBLE 6-4fav (9-9, Daniel Muscutt) Tracked leader, ridden and switched right 2f, ran on well to lead inside final furlong, won gonig away, won at Chelmsford City 7f hcp 0-85 (4) pol beating Liberated Lady (9-6) by 3l, 9 ran 1m 23.14s. CORVAIR 6-1 (8-11, James Doyle) Close up, headway over 1f out, ridden and every chance inside final furlong, stayed on, 3rd of 8, 2l behind Jumby (9-7) at Newmarket 7f hcp 105 (2) gf in Sep 1m 25.15s. ALEXANDER JAMES 9-1 (7-12, Frederick Larson) Held up off the pace towards rear, some headway near side of group chasing leaders and ridden over 2f out, weakened inside final 2f, 11th of 18, 13l behind Boosala (9-2) at Doncaster 7f hcp 105 (2) sft 1m 30.50s. PAPA STOUR 7-1 (9-9, Marco Ghiani) Towards rear of mid-division, pushed along halfway, headway on inside over 1f out, ran on inside final furlong, not reach leaders, 5th of 12, 1 1/2l behind Muscika (9-2) at Chelmsford City 6f hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 10.36s. 6.50 CHELMSFORDCITYRACECOURSE.COM HANDICAP (4) Winner £4,347 (10 run) 5f 1 (7) 350342 Jack The Truth (105) (T) G Scott 7 9-11 (CD 4 )............... ....................................................................................... D Muscutt 86 2 (8) 333363 Restless Endeavour (14) M Appleby 4 9-7.......... ......................................................................................... H Doyle 82 3 (1) 574261 Thegreatestshowman (38) (B) A Murphy 5 9-7 (C,D 5 ). ...................................................................................S Cherchi (3) 82 4 (9) 76-270 Tropics (14) D Ivory 13 9-7 (CD 4 )....................... R Winston 82 5 (4) 533523 Invincible Larne (56) (V) M Quinn 5 9-4 (C,D 2 ).......... .................................................................................... C Shepherd 79 6 (3) 646151 Sir Rodneyredblood (49) J R Jenkins 4 9-3 (CD). ..........................................................................................M Ghiani 78 7 (10)941316 Araifjan (14) R Cowell 4 9-3 (C 2 )...............................J Hart 78 8 (6) 800569 Giorgio Vasari (38) I Furtado 3 8-8................ J Watson 69 9 (2) 746080 Saras Hope (20) (H) J Gallagher 4 8-6 (D 2 )..... D Keenan 67 10 (5) 406231 Red Walls (24) L Williamson 3 8-2 (D 2 )............................. ..................................................................... Josephine Gordon 63 BETTING: 4 Thegreatestshowman, 9-2 Jack The Truth, 5 Invincible Larne, Restless Endeavour, Sir Rodneyredblood, 11-2 Red Walls, 12 Araifjan, 25 Saras Hope, 33 Others. JACK THE TRUTH 25-1 (9-7, Louis Steward) Off the pace in last trio, good headway out wide over 1f out, strong run inside final furlong, going on close home, just failed, 2nd of 11, shd behind Typhoon Ten (9-10) at Lingfield 6f hcap (3) pol in Aug 1m 10.82s. RESTLESS ENDEAVOUR 16-1 (9-4, Hollie Doyle) Chased leader, led inside final 2f, ridden over 1f out, headed towards finish, dropped to 3rd final strides, 3rd of 12, 1/2l behind Muscika (9-2) at Chelmsford City 6f hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 10.36s. THEGREATESTSHOWMAN 9-2 (9-3, Stefano Cherchi) Made all, ridden and ran on, won at Wolverhampton 5f hcp 0-80 (4) in Oct beating Benefit Street (9-6) by 1/2l, 10 ran 1m 00.60s. TROPICS 66-1 (9-7, R Winston) Soon chasing leaders out wide, weakening when slightly hampered inside final furlong, last of 12, 13l behind Muscika (9-2) at Chelmsford City 6f hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 10.36s. INVINCIBLE LARNE 16-1 (9-1, Callum Shepherd) In rear, pushed along 2f out, ran on inside final furlong, nearest finish, 3rd of 10, 3/4l behind Lipsink (9-2) at Chelmsford City 5f hcp 0-85 (4) pol in Sep 57.70s. SIR RODNEYREDBLOOD 8-1 (9-1, Marco Ghiani) Prominent, ridden 2f out, headway to lead inside final furlong, ran on well, won at Chelmsford City 5f hcp 0-80 (4) pol in Oct beating True Hero (9-1) by 1 1/2l, 8 ran 58.51s. ARAIFJAN 12-1 (8-10, Grace McEntee) Led until inside final 2f, ridden and lost 2nd inside final furlong, weakened towards finish, 6th of 12, 1 1/2l behind Muscika (9-2) at Chelmsford City 6f hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 10.36s. GIORGIO VASARI 25-1 (8-13, Jamie Gormley) Raced wide in touch, ridden halfway, soon weakened, 9th of 10, 12l behind Thegreatestshowman (9-3) at Wolverhampton 5f hcp 0-80 (4) in Oct 1m 00.60s. SARAS HOPE 25-1 (9-7, Darragh Keenan) Not much room start, mid-division, switched left and effort over 1f out, weakened inside final furlong, 10th of 13, 7l behind Fine Wine (9-0) at Newcastle 5f hcp 0-70 (5) 59.88s. RED WALLS 14-1 (8-2, A Mullen) Chased clear leader, closed over 1f out, led inside final furlong, held on, won at Wolverhampton 5f hcp 0-85 (4) beating Night On Earth (9-7) by nk, 9 ran 1m 00.45s. HAVENS HOSPICE HANDICAP (5) (3-Y-O) 7.20 Winner £2,862 (6 run) 1m 5f 66yds 1 (4) 3566 Jack Kennedy K Frost 9-7..........................M Crehan (3) 70 2 (2) 553567 Kinderfrau (37) B Johnson 9-3........................J Mitchell 66 3 (5) 437738 Pirouette Queen (50) (T * ) G Boughey 9-1................... ....................................................................................T Marquand 64 4 (6) 882-02 Eagle’s Realm (33) (T) F O’Brien 8-13........... Doubtful 62 5 (3) 732362 Artemis Sky (28) (P * ) M Tregoning 8-13 (BF)......H Doyle 62 6 (1) 311404 Wadacre Gogo (28) M Johnston 8-9 (C).............J Hart 58 BETTING: 10-11 Artemis Sky, 7-2 Wadacre Gogo, 11-2 Pirouette Queen, 8 Kinderfrau, 10 Jack Kennedy. JACK KENNEDY 18-1 (9-7, C J Todd) Reared and dwelt start, held up in last, pushed along well over 2f out, no headway and held well over 1f out, last of 6, 11l behind Riches And Rubies (8-9) at Beverley 1m 4f mdn hcap (5) gd in Aug 4m 19.13s. KINDERFRAU 20-1 (9-3, George Rooke) Steadied start, held up in rear, switched left over 2f out, stayed on from over 1f out, never dangerous, 7th of 13, 7l behind Angels Landing (9-2) at Kempton 1m 3f flls hcp (0-70) (3yo+) (5) pol in Oct 2m 20.96s. PIROUETTE QUEEN 18-1 (9-0, David Probert) Midfield, pushed along over 3f out, ridden over 2f out, made no impression, 8th of 12, 33l behind At A Pinch (9-0) at Kempton 1m 3f mdn stks (5) pol in Oct 2m 21.90s. ARTEMIS SKY 11-4fav (9-7, Oisin Murphy) Tracked leaders, pushed along 3f out, ridden over 1f out, driven and stayed on close home, just failed, 2nd of 8, ns behind Lady Elysia (9-12) at Chelmsford City 1m 6f hcp 0-60 (6) pol in Oct 3m 02.70s. WADACRE GOGO 3-1 (9-4, J Fanning) Soon led, pushed along over 1f out, headed inside final furlong, no extra, 4th of 8, 2l behind Lady Elysia (9-12) at Chelmsford City 1m 6f hcp 0-60 (6) pol in Oct 3m 02.70s. Going: Standard. Course: Left-handed Polytrack of just over a mile in circumference. There are chutes at the 7f and 1m starts. The run-in is 2f. DRAW: Little effect. Top Trainers: Mark Johnston 81-490 (16.5%), Michael Appleby 67-597 (11.2%), Stuart Williams 51-394 (12.9%), Saeed bin Suroor 46-184 (25.0%), Richard Hughes 42-213 (19.7%), Dean Ivory 36-322 (11.2%), Richard Hannon 32-333 (9.6%), Archie Watson 29-225 (12.9%), Michael Bell 26-151 (17.2%), Simon & Ed Crisford 26-143 (18.2%). Top Jockeys: Callum Shepherd 51-349 (14.6%), Jack Mitchell 40-258 (15.5%), Hollie Doyle 39-346 (11.3%), Tom Marquand 36-348 (10.3%), Martin Harley 32-180 (17.8%), Richard Kingscote 30-179 (16.8%), Josephine Gordon 30-333 (9.0%), Dougie Costello 28-215 (13.0%), Daniel Muscutt 26-276 (9.4%), Sean Levey 25-194 (12.9%). 7.50 CHRISTMAS PARTY NIGHTS HANDICAP (4) Winner £4,347 (10 run) 1m 2f 1 (6) -68641 Balgair (28) Tom Clover 7 10-1 (CD)..............T Marquand 82 2 (2) 627565 Roman Dynasty (14) (P) Joseph Parr 3 9-11........... ...................................................................................J Mitchell 81 3 (8) 3457 Cerulean (194) I Furtado 3 9-9.................................J Hart 79 4 (1) 123205 Pactolus (28) (H,T) S C Williams 10 9-8 (CD 2 )............ .................................................................................. M Ghiani 75 5 (10) 22-23 Toromona (17) (B) C Appleby 3 9-5................. R Winston 75 6 (7) 626468 Pledge Of Honour (15) D Ivory 5 9-4 (D).............. ...................................................................................D Muscutt 71 7 (3) -48361 Wimpole Hall (33) (P) W Jarvis 8 9-3 (CD 3 ).....H Doyle 70 8 (4) 602 Hathlool (17) M Appleby 3 9-0........................... J Watson 70 9 (5) 346252 Gold Wing (33) (P) S bin Suroor 3 8-11................C Fallon 67 10 (9) 585131 Jenson Benson (47) S Lycett 3 8-7 (C 2 ).................. .............................................................................C Shepherd 63 BETTING: 4 Toromona, 5 Jenson Benson, Balgair, 6 Gold Wing, 8 Wimpole Hall, Roman Dynasty, 10 Hathlool, Pledge Of Honour, 14 Others. BALGAIR 5-2fav (9-11, Oisin Murphy) Close up, headway to lead over 1f out, soon edged left, ridden and ran on, won at Chelmsford City 1m 2f hcp 0-80 (4) pol in Oct beating Ghost Rider (9-7) by 3/4l, 6 ran 2m 04.26s. ROMAN DYNASTY 12-1 (9-8, David Probert) Chased leaders, not clear run and switched right over 1f out, weakened inside final 150 yards, 5th of 11, 4l behind Excel Power (9-10) at Chelmsford City 1m hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 36.34s. CERULEAN (9-2) 7th of 14, 9l behind Ultra Violet (9-2) at Nantes(FR) 1m 3yo mdn hvy in May. , L Boisseau) 1m 44.60s. PACTOLUS 11-1 (9-10, David Probert) Headway to track leader after 2f, ridden 2f out, weakened inside final furlong, 5th of 6, 7l behind Balgair (9-11) at Chelmsford City 1m 2f hcp 0-80 (4) pol in Oct 2m 04.26s. TOROMONA 3-1 (9-2, R Winston) Led, keen, pushed along over 2f out, headed over 1f out, no extra, 3rd of 7, 4l behind Gaassee (9-9) at Newcastle 1m 2f nov stk (5) 2m 11.12s. PLEDGE OF HONOUR 9-2 (9-9, S W Kelly) Went left and slowly away, behind, ran on final 100 yards, never dangerous, 8th of 14, 6l behind Hover (9-9) at Kempton 1m hcp 0-75 (5) pol 1m 39.11s. WIMPOLE HALL 9-1 (10-0, Cieren Fallon) Towards rear, ridden and headway over 1f out, led inside final furlong, ran on, won at Chelmsford City 1m 2f hcp (0-65) (6) pol in Oct beating Beyond Infinity (9-10) by 3/4l, 12 ran 2m 05.52s. HATHLOOL 9-1 (9-2, Jason Watson) Midfield, ridden and headway 2f out, briefly led over 1f out, headed 1f out, ran on, 2nd of 7, 1 1/2l behind Gaassee (9-9) at Newcastle 1m 2f nov stk (5) 2m 11.12s. GOLD WING 16-1 (8-13, Cieren Fallon) In touch, ridden and headway entering final furlong, stayed on to go 2nd towards finish, 2nd of 13, 1/2l behind El Camino (8-9) at Chelmsford City 1m hcp 0-75 (5) pol in Oct 1m 37.25s. JENSON BENSON 7-4fav (8-13, Thomas Greatrex) In touch in mid-division, ridden and good headway out wide over 1f out, went 2nd inside final furlong, stayed on to lead towards finish, bit in hand, won at Chelmsford City 1m hcp (0-65) (6) pol in Oct beating Healing Power (9-4) by 3/4l, 12 ran 1m 36.22s. TOP TEAM’S TIPS MERIDIAN’S YANKEE Accelerando (5.20 Chelmsford City), Sir Rodneyredblood (6.50 Chelmsford City), Hathlool (7.50 Chelmsford City), Green Planet (1.45 Lingfield). KLONDYKE Hoot At Midnight (12.45 Lingfield), Dorking Lad (2.17 Lingfield), Guernesey (2.25 Taunton). ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Manintheshadows (12.15 Lingfield).

Page 59 Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK RECORD RACING Big winners tipped this week at www.dailyrecord.co.uk/racing Going: Good-Good to Firm in places. Course: Right-handed oval track of 1m 2f with 7 fences, 150yd run-in. Top Trainer: Paul Nicholls 53-197 (26.9%), Top Jockey: Harry Cobden 33-139 (23.7%). Going: Good to Soft-Good in places. Course: Polytrack all-weather course, running inside turf track, left-handed and 1m 2f round. The turf course is left-handed and undulating. It is just over 1m4f round with a 3f run-in. Top Trainers: Gary Moore 75-562 (13.3%), Alan King 17-158 (10.8%), Jonathan Portman 17-173 (9.8%). Top Jockeys: Jamie Moore 12-81 (14.8%), Aidan Coleman 11-37 (29.7%), Tom Cannon 10-72 (13.9%). Taunton Racing TV. Lingfield Sky Sports Racing. 12.55 SHORT RUN PRESS ‘NATIONAL HUNT’ NOVICES’ HURDLE (GBB RACE) (4) Winner £5,174 (7 run) 2m 104yds 1 473-21 Jay Jay Reilly (17) D Skelton 5 11-5 (D)... Bridget Andrews 121 2 0-516 Key To The Moon (18) (H) N Twiston-Davies 5 11-5 (D)...... .................................................................................S Twiston-Davies — 3 420-3 Earth Company (19) P Hobbs 5 10-12............................. ...........................................................................Sean Houlihan (3) — 4 306-42 Gala De Corton (19) P Nicholls 5 10-12..........H Cobden 108 5 8224B Gorcombe Moonshine (19) (H) J Frost 4 10-12.......... ............................................................................................M Kendrick — 6 61-56 Brilliant Present (25) N Henderson 5 10-5 (D)............ ...................................................................................... N De Boinville — 7 327-50 My Keepsake (15) P Hobbs 5 10-5...................... B R Jones — BETTING: 2 Jay Jay Reilly, 11-4 Gala De Corton, 3 Earth Company, 6 Brilliant Present, 8 Key To The Moon, 50 Gorcombe Moonshine, My Keepsake. 2020: RUNSWICK BAY 5 10 12, Ben Jones(3) 7-4 Fav (E Lavelle), 14 ran. JAY JAY REILLY 5-1 (10-12, Bridget Andrews) Raced keenly, made all, joined 2 out, shaken up asserted between last two, stayed on well, won at Kempton 2m nh nov hdl (4) gd beating Midnights Legacy (11-5) by 9l, 10 ran 3m 48.90s. KEY TO THE MOON 16-5 (11-5, Sam Twiston-Davies) Led, headed under 3 out and soon weakened, 6th of 11, 34l behind Lebowski (10-12) at Ffos Las 2m nh nov hdl (4) sft 3m 54.75s. EARTH COMPANY 10-1 (10-9, Sean Houlihan) Keen behind leader, ridden to press leader last (usual 2 out), kept on flat but no chance with winner, 3rd of 9, 4 1/2l behind Knappers Hill (11-4) at Wincanton 1m 7f NH nov hdl 4-6yo (3) gd 3m 33.28s. GALA DE CORTON 11-1 (10-12, Bryony Frost) Led, ridden and headed before last (usual 2 out), no extra flat, 2nd of 9, 4l behind Knappers Hill (11-4) at Wincanton 1m 7f NH nov hdl 4-6yo (3) gd 3m 33.28s. GORCOMBE MOONSHINE, did not finish, 66-1 (10-5, Caoilin Quinn) Held up in rear, brought down 2nd, in a race won by Knappers Hill (11-4) at Wincanton 1m 7f NH nov hdl 4-6yo (3) gd, 9 ran 3m 33.28s. BRILLIANT PRESENT 6-1 (10-12, Nico de Boinville) Mid-division, pushed along after 5th, headway 3 out, soon weakened, 6th of 12, 29l behind Trapista (11-3) at Huntingdon 2m 4f mrs nov hdl (4) gd in Oct 4m 48.30s. MY KEEPSAKE 40-1 (10-12, T J O’Brien) Chased leaders, jumped left 2nd, weakened before 3 out, 11th of 14, 35l behind Shirocco’s Dream (10-12) at Exeter 2m 2f mrs nov hdl (4) gs 4m 38.40s. 1.25 SUMMERFIELD DEVELOPMENTS NOVICES’ HANDICAP HURDLE (4) Winner £4,248 (6 run) 2m 7f 198yds 1 42-515 Just A Whim (133) L Horsfall 7 11-12 (BF)...Mr J Andrews (5) 115 2 8032-7 Famoso (32) (T) P Nicholls 5 11-7 (BF)......................H Cobden 110 3 4P215- Young O’leary (229) T Vaughan 7 11-3 (BF,C).................... ....................................................................................... D Prichard (5) 106 4 34-398 Fantomas (36) N Twiston-Davies 5 11-2.....S Twiston-Davies 105 5 1/54P4 Nelsons Rock (19) C Tizzard 6 10-7 (D 2 )...... H Kimber (7) 96 6 54-5 Aeronisi (28) (T) T Vaughan 5 10-7.............................A Johns 96 BETTING: 9-4 Famoso, 3 Nelsons Rock, 4 Just A Whim, Young O’leary, 10 Aeronisi, 12 Fantomas. 2020: NOBEL JOSHUA 4 11 7, Fergus Gillard(7) 4-1 (D Pipe), 11 ran. JUST A WHIM 15-8fav (10-9, Charlie Price) Chased winner, not fluent 6th, pushed along after 4 out, beaten before last, 5th of 7, 10l behind Drumlee Watar (11-7) at Worcester 2m 7f nh nov hdl (4) gd in Jul 5m 49.30s. FAMOSO 3-1fav (11-1, Lorcan Williams) Took a strong hold early, prominent, pushed along after 3 out, ridden and weakened quickly before 2 out, tailed off, last of 7, 39l behind First Quest (11-3) at Wincanton 1m 7f cond hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gd in Oct 3m 31.71s. YOUNG O’LEARY 9-4fav (11-7, David Prichard) Keen tracked leaders until 3rd, lost touch towards rear 8 lengths of leading trio, pushed along 6th, mistake 10th, ridden next, weakened 5 out, tailed off, last of 5, well behind Out For Justice (10-0) at Chepstow 2m 3f hcp ch 0-110 (4) gd in Apr 5m 10.94s. FANTOMAS 40-1 (9-12, Eddie Edge) In rear, mistake 1st, pushed along before 6th, well beaten before 3 out, tailed off, 8th of 9, well behind Bigbadmattie (10-7) at Worcester 2m 4f nov hcp hdl (3yo+) (2) sft in Oct 5m 20.10s. NELSONS ROCK 28-1 (10-5, Harry Kimber) Prominent, relegated to mid-division before 3rd, ridden and no impression before last (usual 2 out), 4th of 9, 15l behind Knappers Hill (11-4) at Wincanton 1m 7f NH nov hdl 4-6yo (3) gd 3m 33.28s. AERONISI 150-1 (11-1, Charlie Price) Pushed along and struggling 4 out, always towards rear, 5th of 10, 44l behind Monbeg Genius (11-4) at Ffos Las 2m 4f mdn hdl (4) sft in Oct 5m 13.55s. 1.55 SHORT RUN PRESS - YOUR LOCAL PRINTERS NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE (4) Winner £5,228 (5 run) 2m 7f 3yds 1 /00-24 Landsman (175) (T,V) T Vaughan 8 11-12..................A Johns 120 2 P2P-05 Eragon De Chanay (19) (V) G L Moore 7 11-9................. ...................................................................................N F Houlihan (5) 117 3 6P4-23 Roque It (36) (T) P Nicholls 7 11-7............................H Cobden 115 4 62F-33 Caspers Court (14) K Woollacott 7 10-8.... B Godfrey (5) 102 5 352321 Catch The Cuban (14) (P,T) C Tizzard 5 10-8 (C)............... ......................................................................................... H Kimber (7) 102 BETTING: 2 Catch The Cuban, 5-2 Roque It, 3 Caspers Court, 6 Eragon De Chanay, 10 Landsman. 2020: FAVORI DE SIVOLA 5 10 3, David Noonan 16-1 (Nick Williams), 11 ran. 12.15 ATTHERACES.COM CONDITIONAL JOCKEYS’ HANDICAP HURDLE (5) Winner £2,342 (15 run) 2m 7f 1 2-4111 Imphal (5) G L Moore 7 12-5............... Miss Ellie Vaughan (10) 103 2 161712 Thirtyfourstitches (6) Dr R Newland 6 11-10 (D)....... ........................................................................................C Leonard (3) 101 3 85-312 Manintheshadows (40) (P * ) Jonjo O’Neill 6 11-4 (D)...... ............................................................................................C Quinn (5) 95 4 9-636P Benny Flies High (25) S Humphrey 5 10-13.........J Tudor 90 5 1754-7 Auenwirbel (180) Mrs L Young 10 10-11.............M Bastyan 88 6 0704-5 Malinas Island (40) (T) N Mulholland 6 10-8.....K Brogan 85 7 P-5665 King Cool (54) (B) G L Moore 10 10-6 (BF)......A Cheleda (3) 83 8 /82P-6 Timely Gift (40) (T) T Vaughan 8 10-5 (D)... Charlie Price (3) 82 9 07U-95 Freethinker (25) (T) C Longsdon 5 10-1............L Murtagh 78 106P3506 Sense Of Adventure (25) (V) L Allan 7 10-0................. .....................................................................................Shane Quinlan 77 11 91-F33 Soarlikeaneagle (10) R Rowe 9 10-0...Tabitha Worsley 77 12 7P/8-9 Castcarrie (30) (T * ) R Walford 6 10-0..........Isabel Williams 77 13 4/7-39 Mr Fitzroy (15) (T) Miss J Davis 11 10-0 (C)........................... ............................................................................. Miss H C Tucker (8) 77 14 4PP-7 Mickyh (15) (T * ) A West 5 10-0................... B Ffrench Davis (5) 75 15 7-P5P9 Givehimhisdew (25) (B) K Davis 6 10-0....J A Anderson (7) 69 BETTING: 2 Imphal, 7-2 Thirtyfourstitches, 5 Manintheshadows, 12 King Cool, Malinas Island, 14 Timely Gift, 16 Freethinker, Auenwirbel, Soarlikeaneagle, 20 Others. 12.45 DOCKER HUGHES MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE (5) Winner £2,505 (12 run) 2m 7f 110yds 1 3U3-52 Lilith (9) (T) A Honeyball 6 11-12....................................R Dingle 105 2 6-456P Doitforthevillage (25) (T) P Henderson 12 11-12 (C 2 ). ..........................................................................................N Scholfield 105 3 84-P11 Movethechains (16) G L Moore 7 11-7 (CD 2 )....Jamie Moore 100 4 33/9P- Norwegian Woods (349) T Vaughan 8 11-4 (D)............... ................................................................................... Charlie Price (3) 97 5 49-595 Getastar (18) (P * ) P Bowen 5 11-0............................ J Bowen 93 6 9/P-P Robins Field (189) (T) D Skelton 6 10-13.....Mr T Durrell (7) 92 7 56P3-3 Bretney (28) H Daly 6 10-10 (BF)..........................T J O’Brien 89 8 5P3-61 Ballintara (169) Mrs D Grissell 9 10-10 (D)..... M Goldstein 89 9 P13P-P One For Dunstan (38) (P,T * ) R Walford 6 10-9...T Cannon 88 10 632241 Hoot At Midnight (20) (P) C Longsdon 6 10-6... C Deutsch 85 11P5P-U6 Vital Sign (16) R Rowe 8 10-0.................Tabitha Worsley (5) 77 12 49299 Allsfineandandy (23) (P) C Tizzard 5 10-0.......Doubtful 74 BETTING: 5-2 Movethechains, 4 Robins Field, 6 Hoot At Midnight, 13-2 Ballintara, 8 Bretney, Lilith, 20 Others. 1.15 KEVIN CLARK MEMORIAL DAY CLAIMING HURDLE (5) Winner £2,342 (7 run) 2m 3f 110yds 1 433431 Celestial Force (14) Christian Williams 6 11-10 (D 2 )....... ............................................................................................. J Tudor (3) 120 2 P465-7 Dream Du Grand Val (25) (P) A Irvine 8 11-0....J Bowen 102 3 184-86 Finisher (13) M Gillard 6 11-0................................. T Gillard (5) 91 4 68571/ Norse Castle (1298) M Bosley 8 11-0 (D)...Tabitha Worsley (5) 78 5 /647-6 San Pedro De Senam (191) (B,T) G L Moore 8 11-0...... .........................................................................................Jamie Moore 102 6 957013 Secret Secret (14) (T) G Harris 5 11-0 (D)...K Brogan (3) 97 7 PD6P7- Kalaya (241) F Brennan 5 10-7..................................T Bellamy 80 BETTING: 1-2 Celestial Force, 6 San Pedro De Senam, 8 Dream Du Grand Val, 10 Secret Secret, 14 Finisher, 25 Norse Castle, 33 Kalaya. 1.45 READ HOLLIE DOYLE’S COLUMN ON ATTHERACES.COM NOVICES’ HURDLE (4) Winner £4,084 (17 run) 2m 1 Crossing The Bar P Hobbs 4 10-12..............T J O’Brien — 2 7-1 Duke Of Rockingham (27) O Murphy 5 10-12 (D)........ ............................................................................................A Coleman — 3 8R21-6 Exmoor Express (22) (H) V Dartnall 5 10-12 (D)...J Bowen — 4 4-2 Green Planet (30) A King 4 10-12...................... T Cannon — 5 02 Heltenham (115) D Skelton 4 10-12........................H Skelton — 6 /227-6 Hey Joe (30) Jonjo O’Neill 6 10-12.........................R McLernon — 7 467-46 Jersey (21) D Skelton 5 10-12............................Mr T Durrell (7) — 8 P/ Kalakawa Enki (663) (H * ) A Irvine 7 10-12......Page Fuller — 9 4-531 Ocean Heights D Pipe 4 10-12 (D)..............T Scudamore — 10 63-U Piaff Bubbles (23) T Lacey 5 10-12................S Sheppard — 11 24-4 Sherborne (23) C Tizzard 5 10-12....................... B J Powell — 12 2-6 Time Bandit (195) Ben Clarke 4 10-12.............L Murtagh (3) — 13 5570 William Ewart (8) Christian Williams 4 10-12.. N Scholfield — 14 9 Glorious Isolation (23) A Honeyball 5 10-5..R Dingle — 15 4/6 Hot In The City (20) R Walford 7 10-5........................J Best — 16 Lady Isabel Joseph Parr 4 10-5.............................J Quinlan — 17 Rock Of Fame V Williams 4 10-5.........................C Deutsch — BETTING: 7-2 Duke Of Rockingham, 4 Crossing The Bar, 6 Heltenham, Green Planet, 8 Ocean Heights, 12 Sherborne, Rock Of Fame, 14 Others. LANDSMAN 20-1 (11-2, Charlie Price) Held up behind leaders, raced keenly, lost place before 4 out, mistake and weakened 3 out, 4th of 7, 26l behind Montanna (10-9) at Ffos Las 3m hcp chs 0-130 (3) gd in Jun 6m 07.10s. ERAGON DE CHANAY 4-1 (11-5, N F Houlihan) Held up towards rear, ridden in last after 13th, modest headway before 3 out, one pace, 5th of 6, 6l behind Kauto The King (11-10) at Wincanton 2m 4f cond hcp chs (4yo+) (3) gd 4m 57.63s. ROQUE IT 11-2 (11-0, H Cobden) Chased leaders, mistake 4th, went 2nd 3 out, every chance 2 out, not much room before last, switched left and not fluent at hurdle, 3rd and no impression flat, 3rd of 9, 10l behind Bigbadmattie (10-7) at Worcester 2m 4f nov hcp hdl (3yo+) (2) sft in Oct 5m 20.10s. CASPERS COURT 11-4 (11-6, T Scudamore) Chased leaders, not fluent on occasions, dropped to rear 8th, pushed along 5 out, went 4th before 3 out, left in 3rd 3 out, ridden after 2 out, stayed on run-in, 3rd of 5, 4 1/2l behind Catch The Cuban (11-0) at Taunton 2m 2f nov hcp chs 0-120 (4) gf 4m 43.37s. CATCH THE CUBAN 9-4fav (11-0, Brendan Powell) Prominent, disputed lead 3rd, pressed and led 3 out, soon ridden, 3 lengths clear final fence, ran on but idled closing stages, just held on, won at Taunton 2m 2f nov hcp chs 0-120 (4) gf beating Naizagai (11-3) by hd, 5 ran 4m 43.37s. 2.25 SHORT RUN PRESS CELEBRATING 40 YEARS HANDICAP HURDLE (3) Winner £6,045 (7 run) 2m 3f 1yds 1 11111U An Tailliur (13) Jonjo O’Neill 5 11-12 (BF)...Jonjo O’Neill Jr 125 2 561-5F Grisbi De Berce (174) A King 5 11-12.................J J Burke 125 3 1211-P Dargiannini (47) P Nicholls 6 11-10 (BF).............G Sheehan 123 4 1-5531 Opening Bid (20) (H) C Down 6 11-5......................H Cobden 118 5 37-412 Guernesey (8) P Hobbs 5 11-4 (D)..........Sean Houlihan (3) 117 6 -41111 Molliana (14) (P,T) N Mulholland 6 10-9 (CD).......................... .................................................................................S Twiston-Davies 108 7 118 Mister Allegro (12) A Honeyball 3 10-2.... B Godfrey (5) 119 BETTING: 4 Dargiannini, 9-2 Guernesey, Grisbi De Berce, 5 Molliana, An Tailliur, 7 Opening Bid, Mister Allegro. 2020: CALVA D’AUGE 5 12 0, Angus Cheleda(7) 14-1 (P Nicholls), 16 ran. AN TAILLIUR, did not finish, 3-1fav (11-4, K Brogan) Close up when stumbled and unseated rider 1st, in a race won by Art Approval (10-11) at Cheltenham 2m 5f cond hcp hdl 0-125 (3) gd, 20 ran 5m 09.35s. GRISBI DE BERCE, did not finish, 6-1 (11-7, Thomas Bellamy) Held up in rear, headway home turn, not much room and hung right before 2 out, 3rd when mistake 2 out, close up and still yet to be ridden when fell last, in a race won by Thahab Ifraj (10-4) at Market Rasen 2m 3f hcp hdl 0-125 (3) gd in Jun, 8 ran 4m 43.90s. DARGIANNINI, did not finish, 10-3fav (10-10, G Sheehan) Mid-division, hit 4 out, mistake 3 out, soon ridden, pulled up after 2 out, in a race won by Orbys Legend (11-0) at Chepstow 2m 3f hcp hdl Grade 3 (1) gd in Oct, 17 ran 4m 45.31s. OPENING BID 5-1 (11-12, T Scudamore) Tracked leading pair, not fluent 2nd, went 2nd approaching and hit 4 out, led last, went clear run -in, stayed on well, won at Warwick 2m hcp hdl 0-115 (4) gd beating Nazwa (10-0) by 2 1/2l, 8 ran 3m 51.90s. GUERNESEY 11-4 (11-12, Sean Houlihan) In touch, headway 3 out, ridden and joined winner next, ran on, lost final stride, 2nd of 7, shd behind Getalead (11-7) at Warwick 2m 3f cond hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gs 4m 42.86s. MOLLIANA 7-2fav (10-13, Sam Twiston-Davies) Towards rear, effort and headway home turn, pushed along and went 3rd before omitted 2 out, ridden and stayed on strongly to lead over 110 yards out on run-in, won at Taunton 2m 3f (4) gf beating Electric Annie (10-3) by 1 3/4l, 10 ran 4m 39.41s. MISTER ALLEGRO 12-1 (10-12, Rex Dingle) Led, went right and hit 3rd, wandered and headed 2 out, lost 2nd between last two, weakened quickly and soon behind, 8th of 9, 24l behind Knight Salute (10-12) at Cheltenham 2m 3yo hdl Grd 2 (1) gd 3m 59.46s. 2.55 MIKE TRICKEY AND GEOFF WHITE MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE (5) Winner £4,139 (7 run) 2m 5f 150yds 1 5/PP-P Robaddan (25) (T) B Pauling 7 11-12...........Luca Morgan (5) 98 2 3/5P-P Duc Kauto (28) (T) C Tizzard 8 11-6.......................H Cobden 92 3 4800P- Go Pharisee Flyer (261) W Greatrex 5 11-2.... G Sheehan 88 4 7-5531 Marilyn Monroe (7) (B) A Honeyball 8 11-2 (C)................ ........................................................................................ B Godfrey (5) 81 5 421654 Kiera Royale (18) (H,T) D Rees 10 11-0............. B R Jones 86 6 0P2-PP Gorcombe’s Rascal (23) J Frost 8 10-2....M Kendrick 74 7 PP/645 Mister Robbo (14) (P) D Faulkner 10 10-1...........R Patrick 73 BETTING: 6-4 Marilyn Monroe, 3 Kiera Royale, 6 Robaddan, 8 Duc Kauto, Go Pharisee Flyer, 12 Gorcombe’s Rascal, 14 Mister Robbo. 2020: DE BARLEY BASKET 7 11 7, David Bass 9-4 JtFav (B Pauling), 10 ran. 3.25 SHORT RUN PRESS - THE PROPER BOOK BINDERS HANDICAP HURDLE (5) Winner £3,431 (14 run) 2m 3f 1yds 1 -36211 Norley (7) (T) B Pauling 6 12-1 (D)................Luca Morgan (5) 102 2 31-342 Independence B Barr 5 11-12........................L Williams (3) 99 3 5-0251 Akkapenko (12) (P,T) D Burchell 7 11-6................. C Ring (3) 93 4 54P5 Dellboy Trotter (12) Tracey Leeson 5 11-5...C Ward (5) 92 5 003822 Kendelu (29) (V) N Hawke 6 11-5....................... K Buckley (5) 92 6 165622 Alramz (35) Mrs S Gardner 5 11-3 (BF,D)..........Lucy Gardner 90 7 70P325 Rebel Royal (16) (B) B Case 8 11-1..........Mr J Andrews (5) 88 8 6-3342 Alberic (16) (B,T) P Hobbs 4 10-13......................... B R Jones 87 9 63-940 Whataboutwalt (23) Claire Harris 5 10-11....D Prichard (5) 84 10 414-2F Poet’s Reflection (29) Miss L Blackford 6 10-11 (CD)... ................................................................................Sean Houlihan (3) 84 11 -71262 Masterdream (28) (B,T) N Mulholland 4 10-10................... .................................................................................S Twiston-Davies 84 12P06594 Nachi Falls (29) N Hawke 8 10-5 (D)...............T Buckley (5) 78 13 05-87 Eairsidh (30) A Stronge 6 10-2.................................D Noonan 75 14 3/7-36 Serveontime (156) (P,T) Mrs H Nelmes 10 10-2....A Johns 75 BETTING: 15-8 Norley, 5 Akkapenko, 7 Alramz, 8 Alberic, 10 Masterdream, Kendelu, 12 Poet’s Reflection, 14 Independence, Rebel Royal, 25 Others. 2020: SEHAYLI 7 11 0, Kevin Brogan(7) 6-4 Fav (J Farrelly), 16 ran. 2.17 READ KEVIN BLAKE ON ATTHERACES.COM NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE (4) Winner £3,594 (13 run) 2m 4f 1 2315-P Blame The Game (25) C Gordon 6 12-0............. T Cannon 122 2 225P-F Buckhorn George (15) C Tizzard 6 11-13 (D)................ ............................................................................................. B J Powell 121 3 1/2P5- Foxboro (265) R Walford 6 11-12.............Tabitha Worsley (5) 120 4 9124-8 Get Your Own (26) A Hales 6 11-12..................H Bannister 120 5 8/532- Star Academy (316) V Williams 7 11-11 (BF).....C Deutsch 119 6 343- Seven No Trumps (249) (T * ) D Skelton 6 11-7 (BF)............ ...............................................................................................H Skelton 115 7 02012- Confirmation Bias (221) P Nicholls 6 11-7...Bryony Frost 115 8 2/62P- Lamanver Storm (293) T Lacey 6 11-6.........S Sheppard 114 9 2040-3 Silent Assistant (24) (P * ) E Lavelle 7 11-5......T Bellamy 113 10 364P-2 Honorary Colonel (28) P Hobbs 5 11-4....T J O’Brien 112 11 00-9P6 You Say Nothing (25) (H) Christian Williams 6 11-4........... ............................................................................................. J Tudor (3) 112 12 V91-42 Dorking Lad (11) (B * ) G L Moore 6 11-4 (BF).. Jamie Moore 112 13 355-52 Animal (16) Miss Suzy Smith 5 10-12.................... C Hammond 106 BETTING: 9-2 Dorking Lad, 5 Seven No Trumps, 6 Star Academy, 7 Confirmation Bias, 8 Get Your Own, 10 Blame The Game, Honorary Colonel, 12 Others. 2.47 FOLLOW ATTHERACES ON TWITTER MARES’ MAIDEN HURDLE (4) Winner £4,084 (11 run) 2m 3f 110yds 1 31-53 Doyen La Lutte (15) D Pipe 5 11-0..............T Scudamore — 2 Flaherty G L Moore 6 11-0.................................Jamie Moore — 3 PP- Highland Glory (215) D Skelton 5 11-0............H Skelton — 4 2/24-P Simply Supreme (25) N Gifford 6 11-0....Tabitha Worsley (5) — 5 P/13-6 So Socksy (15) Ben Clarke 7 11-0 (D)..............L Murtagh (3) — 6 162- Speech Bubble (257) Noel Williams 6 11-0...........C Brace — 7 31- The Real Jet (341) A Irvine 5 11-0......................Page Fuller — 8 122-5 The Trampolinist (121) Suzi Best 6 11-0.....N Scholfield — 9 1- Whisky Express (255) H Fry 5 11-0....................S Bowen — 10 22- Harry’s Hottie (207) H Whittington 4 10-13......... D Jacob — 11 Russian Rumour J Portman 4 10-13.............H Bannister — BETTING: 9-4 Doyen La Lutte, 3 Whisky Express, 4 Speech Bubble, 8 Harry’s Hottie, 10 Highland Glory, 14 Flaherty, 16 The Trampolinist, 20 Russian Rumour, 25 Others. DOYEN LA LUTTE 16-1 (10-9, Fergus Gillard) Held up towards rear, headway 5th, led after 2 out, soon hung left, headed last, swerved left and held in 3rd towards finish, 3rd of 14, 1 3/4l behind Shirocco’s Dream (10-12) at Exeter 2m 2f mrs nov hdl (4) gs 4m 38.40s. FLAHERTY Mahler mare out of Atomic Winner. HIGHLAND GLORY, did not finish, (11-1, B W Harvey) Pr, 4th 1/2way, wknd twrds rr when mstk 4out, no ex & pu bef 3out, in a race won by Gentle And Kind (11-11) at Tipperary 3m ire ptp in Apr, 15 ran 00.00s. SIMPLY SUPREME, did not finish, 33-1 (10-11, J M Davies) Never closer than middivision, behind and struggling after 4th, tailed off and pulled up after 3 out, in a race won by Blackjack Magic (11-4) at Lingfield 2m 3f mdn hdl (4) sft in Oct, 9 ran 5m 10.50s. SO SOCKSY 66-1 (10-9, Lorcan Williams) Prominent, every chance 3 out, weakened from 2 out, 6th of 14, 20l behind Shirocco’s Dream (10-12) at Exeter 2m 2f mrs nov hdl (4) gs 4m 38.40s. SPEECH BUBBLE 40-1 (11-0, C Brace) Held up towards rear, headway 3f out, chasing leaders over 2f out, went 2nd inside final 2f, one pace and well held when switched right inside final furlong, 2nd of 16, 2 1/4l behind Flirtatious Girl (11-0) at Sandown 2m N H flat lst (1) sft in Mar 4m 13.00s. THE REAL JET (11-1, Mr J W Hendrick) Ld/disp on inner, wo from 7th, jnd aftr 4out, 2l adv bef last, ko best flat, won at Moig South 3m ire ptp hvy in Dec, 5 ran. THE TRAMPOLINIST 11-1 (11-0, T Scudamore) Held up in rear, some headway before 2 out, soon outpaced and beaten, 5th of 10, 21l behind Heartbreaker (10-10) at Worcester 2m mdn hdle (4) gd in Jul 3m 58.65s. WHISKY EXPRESS 5-1 (11-0, S Bowen) Held up, headway into midfield end of back straight, close up when ridden entering home straight, ran on strongly under pressure to lead inside final furlong, stayed on well, won at Taunton 2m mrs NH flat (4-7yo) (5) sft in Mar beating The Kicking Queen (11-0) by 2l, 12 ran 4m 20.16s. HARRY’S HOTTIE (11-11, Mr B O’Neill) Tr ldr in 2nd, 5l 2nd from 7th, disp well aftr 4out, drpd to 3rd 3out, went 2nd early flat, no ch with v easy wnr, 2nd of 3, 15l behind Happy D’ex (11-11) at Dromahane 3m ire ptp gs in May. RUSSIAN RUMOUR 20-1 (8-13, Alex Jary) Towards rear, headway 4f out, pushed along and no impression from over 1f out, 6th of 13, 8l behind Cloud Thunder (9-10) at Newbury 2m app hcp (5) hvy in Oct (flat) 3m 47.49s. 3.17 FREE REPLAYS ON ATTHERACES.COM HANDICAP CHASE (5) Winner £2,505 (9 run) 2m 1 P2-414 Go As You Please (36) (B * ) P Webber 8 11-12 (D 3 )............ ..........................................................................................R McLernon 103 2 43363- Finnegan’s Garden (228) A Irvine 12 11-8 (CD 2 )............ ............................................................................................Page Fuller 99 3 6344/P King Cnut (16) C Hobson 7 11-6..............Tabitha Worsley (5) 97 4 6U-88F Guguss Collonges (25) G L Moore 5 11-1...Jamie Moore 92 5 5-P892 Ivilnoble (24) (B) D F Davis 8 11-1......... B Ffrench Davis (7) 92 6 1PP-58 Gallic Geordie (173) S Drinkwater 8 10-3 (CD)...R T Dunne 80 7 VP05- Spectaculardisplay (220) (T * ) D Bridgwater 5 10-3... ....................................................................................... M Bastyan (3) 80 8 63-2P7 Valentine’s Turf (40) (P) Christian Williams 6 10-2.......... ............................................................................................. J Tudor (3) 79 9 662PP- Midnight Owle (216) (T) C Dyson 11 10-0...C Leonard (5) 72 BETTING: 5-2 Guguss Collonges, 4 Go As You Please, 9-2 Ivilnoble, 6 Valentine’s Turf, Finnegan’s Garden, 10 Gallic Geordie, 16 Spectaculardisplay, 20 King Cnut, 33 Others. GARRY OWEN PA 12.55 Jay Jay Reilly Earth Company 1.25 Famoso Famoso 1.55 Roque It Catch The Cuban 2.25 Guernesey (nap) Opening Bid 2.55 Kiera Royale Marilyn Monroe 3.25 Norley norley GARRY OWEN PA 12.15 Manintheshadows Manintheshadows 12.45 Hoot At Midnight Hoot At Midnight 1.15 Celestial Force Celestial Force 1.45 Green Planet Green Planet 2.17 Dorking Lad (nb) Seven No Trumps 2.47 Whisky Express Whisky Express 3.17 Go As You Please Ivilnoble RACING RESULTS GARRY’S DOUBLE: GUERNESEY (NAP, 2.25 Taunton) & Dorking Lad (2.17 Lingfield). DUNDALK Going: Standard 2.00: 1, DOITFORANDREW (W M Lordan) 15-2; 2, Together Aclaim 5-6 Fav; 3, Hernes Hill 17-2. 9 ran. 1¼l, 1¼l. (A Slattery). Tote: Win €8.60; Pl €1.90, €1.02, €1.80. Exacta: €27.30. Trifecta: €152.10. CSF: E € 14.66. 2.30: 1, AMPESON (R Whelan) 10-3 Fav; 2, Hell Left Loose 10-1; 3, Beleaguerment 10-1. 14 ran. nk, 1½l. (P J F Murphy). Tote: Win €4.80; Pl €1.50, €3.00, €3.20. Exacta: €54.10. Tricast: €325.80. Trifecta: €1005.60. CSF: €36.47. NR: Pimstrel. 3.00: 1, JOUPE (R P Cleary) 15-2; 2, Amazing One 16-1; 3, Tony The Gent 14-1. Also: 9-4 Fav Mullacash Buzz. 14 ran. 2½l, 2¼l. (Peter Lawlor). Tote: Win €8.50; Pl €2.50, €4.70, €3.00. Exacta: €122.40. Tricast: €1672.55. Trifecta: €927.60. CSF: €114.98. NR: Kendred Soul. 3.30: 1, MARSA (B M Coen) 2-1 Fav; 2, Obtain 12-1; 3, Satin Snake 6-1. 13 ran. ½l, 1l. (E Lynam). Tote: Win €3.00; Pl €1.20, €3.70, €2.60. Exacta: €22.10. Tricast: €137.73. Trifecta: €133.80. CSF: €28.02. 4.00: 1, EGLISH (C J MacRedmond) 5-1; 2, Collective Power 9-2; 3, No Speed Limit 7-2. Also: 2-1 Fav Roxette. 12 ran. 1½l, ¾l. (A McGuinness). Tote: Win €6.00; Pl €1.70, €1.80, €1.50. Exacta: €26.70. Tricast: €92.00. Trifecta: €105.70. CSF: €26.03. NR: Hathiq. 4.30: 1, ANNECHERIE (W J Lee) 7-1; 2, Kalu Pande 100-1; 3, Kalanoura 50-1. Also: 10-11 Fav Futurum Regem. 14 ran. 1l, nk. (S Lavery). Tote: Win €9.80; Pl €2.70, €17.30, €12.10. Exacta: €693.70. Tricast: €28013.96. Trifecta: Not won. CSF: €594.88. NR: Lady Of Luxury, Tenth Amendment, Secret Wizard. 5.00: 1, DANCES WITH STARS (H J Horgan) 15-8; 2, Seattle Creek 8-15 Fav; 3, Don’t Be Angry 10-1. 14 ran. 1½l, ½l. (J P O’Brien). Tote: Win €3.10; Pl €1.10, €1.10, €2.00. Exacta: €4.90. Trifecta: €16.80. CSF: €3.37. NR: It’s Possible, Katelyn’s Dream, Rockonmolly. 5.30: 1, SUMMIT STAR (G F Carroll) 7-1; 2, Old Tom Higgins 12-1; 3, French Company 16-1. Also: 15-8 Fav Dammit. 14 ran. 1¾l, 3l. (S Lavery). Tote: Win €8.10; Pl €4.50, €2.20, €4.20. Exacta: €129.50. Tricast: €1321.40. Trifecta: €1395.40. CSF: €89.45. NR: Ben Alexander, Bora Bora, Dr Patrick. Placepot: €398.30. HEREFORD Going: Good-good to firm in places 12.30: 1, LE CHIFFRE D’OR (H Cobden) 2-11 Fav; 2, If I Say 22-1; 3, Mojito Royale 33-1. 6 ran. 11l, nk. (P Nicholls). Tote: Win £1.19; Pl £1.10, £4.20. Exacta: £4.70. Trifecta: £23.70. CSF: £6.84. NR: Angus De Bull. 1.00: 1, MERRY MISTRESS (T Bellamy) 3-1 Fav; 2, Kazontherazz 12-1; 3, With Pleasure 9-1. 11 ran. 5½l, 5l. (David Dennis). Tote: Win £4.00; Pl £1.60, £3.70, £2.90. Exacta: £36.50. Tricast: £293.31. Trifecta: £326.20. CSF: £38.61. 1.35: 1, BEN BUIE (S Bowen) 6-1; 2, Richie Valentine 22-1; 3, Judex Lefou 11-2. Also: 2-1 Fav Loup De Maulde. 7 ran. 2l, 4½l. (M Keighley). Tote: Win £7.20; Pl £3.10, £7.40. Exacta: £127.50. Tricast: £761.62. Trifecta: £412.40. CSF: £93.80. NR: Blueberg. 2.10: 1, BALLINTUBBER BOY (S Twiston-Davies) 5-2; 2, Earcomesbob 40-1; 3, Junior Massini 200- 1. Also: 3-10 Fav Grace A Vous Enki. 4 ran. 24l, 15l. (N Twiston-Davies). Tote: Win £3.50; Exacta: £19.70. Trifecta: £51.00. CSF: £30.53. 2.40: 1, RUNASIMI RIVER (T Doggrell) 12-1; 2, Josie Abbing 13-8; 3, Golden Emblem 7-1. Also: evens Fav Nikap. 4 ran. 2½l, 3l. (N Mulholland). Tote: Win £13.00; Exacta: £32.90. Trifecta: £71.50. CSF: £31.46. 3.10: 1, WICK GREEN (Mr P Mason) 12-1; 2, Champagne Noir 4-6 Fav; 3, Marilyn Monroe 13-8. 4 ran. 1¼l, 33l. (J Mason). Tote: Win £13.00; Exacta: £22.40. Trifecta: £29.60. CSF: £21.87. NR: Staple Head. 3.40: 1, LALLYGAG (H Cobden) 2-7 Fav; 2, Zucayan 7-2; 3, Sorellina Royale 6-1. 6 ran. 5l, 16l. (P Nicholls). Tote: Win £1.29; Pl £1.10, £1.50. Exacta: £2.10. Trifecta: £3.10. CSF: £1.94. NR: Hauraki Gulf, King Arise, Parisian Princesse. Placepot: £3,044.60. Quadpot: £865.00. KEMPTON Going: Standard to slow 4.45: 1, DANCING REEL (J Mitchell) 16-1; 2, Jade Country 6-1; 3, Fourth Time Lucky 11-4. Also: 2-1 Fav Testing Faith. 13 ran. ½l, 1¼l. (R Teal). Tote: Win £18.40; Pl £4.70, £2.10, £1.40. Exacta: £140.90. Trifecta: £755.10. CSF: £107.59. NR: Wadacre Grace. 5.15: 1, SOUND ANGELA (Jefferson Smith) 9-4; 2, Al Qareem 8-1; 3, Cuban Beat 7-4 Fav. 14 ran. 1¾l, 1¾l. (R Varian). Tote: Win £3.25; Pl £1.30, £2.70, £1.30. Exacta: £25.00. Trifecta: £69.10. CSF: £21.07. 5.45: 1, HARRY THREE (A Kirby) 1-8 Fav; 2, Roamin In Gloamin 12-1; 3, You Go Girl 8-1. 11 ran. 1¼l, 1¾l. (C Cox). Tote: Win £1.13; Pl £1.10, £2.40, £1.90. Exacta: £4.80. Trifecta: £14.80. CSF: £3.94. NR: Duly Amazed. 6.15: 1, MASTER RICHARD (R Scott) 15-2; 2, They Don’t Know 18-1; 3, Blue Collar Lad 11-1. Also: 3-1 Fav Tropical Talent. 13 ran. 2¾l, 3½l. (Mrs A Duffield). Tote: Win £9.20; Pl £5.10, £4.00, £3.00. Exacta: £170.30. Tricast: £1541.48. Trifecta: £1519.20. CSF: £133.44. NR: Muveran. 6.45: 1, GREEN POWER (D Keenan) 50-1; 2, Le Reveur 13-2; 3, Bearwith 9-4 Fav. 12 ran. 1¾l, nk. (J Gallagher). Tote: Win £51.00; Pl £10.50, £2.10, £1.20. Exacta: £384.10. Tricast: £1082.62. Trifecta: £2789.30. CSF: £361.25. NR: Always Fearless, Semser. 7.15: 1, MADAME TANTZY (Georgia Dobie) 80-1; 2, Misty Grey 13-2; 3, Caspian Queen 40-1. Also: 7-4 Fav Kenzai Warrior. 10 ran. 1½l, nk. (E J-Houghton). Tote: Win £81.00; Pl £8.70, £2.20, £8.10. Exacta: £547.40. Trifecta: £4634.40. CSF: £534.71. 7.45: 1, LOWER STREET (M Dwyer) 6-1; 2, Pretty Sweet 11-4 Fav; 3, La Hulotte 10-3. 8 ran. nk, shd. (D M Simcock). Tote: Win £7.00; Pl £2.00, £1.10, £1.90. Exacta: £26.60. Tricast: £63.79. Trifecta: £91.30. CSF: £22.51. 8.15: 1, NAVAL COMMANDER (D Probert) 10-3; 2, Aced It 9-4 Fav; 3, Protected Guest 5-1. 7 ran. shd, 3¼l. (R Brisland). Tote: Win £4.34; Pl £2.20, £1.50. Exacta: £12.70. Tricast: £34.99. Trifecta: £45.90. CSF: £10.88. NR: Crown Power. Jackpot: Not won, pool of £53,238.52 carried over to Lingfield. Placepot: £153.60. Quadpot: £64.90. WETHERBY Going: Good-good to firm in places 12.45: 1, TROOPER TURNBULL (C O’Farrell) 6-5 Fav; 2, Away At Dawn 7-4; 4 ran. 3l. (R Dobbin). Tote: Win £2.20; Exacta: £3.40. Trifecta: £3.10. CSF: £3.66. 1.15: 1, SKYCUTTER (T Dowson) 5-6 Fav; 2, Patient Dream 9-2; 3, Tarseem 7-2. 9 ran. 6½l, 12l. (P Kirby). Tote: Win £1.84; Pl £1.10, £1.60, £1.50. Exacta: £5.30. Trifecta: £15.30. CSF: £5.80. NR: Liberated Lad, Moulins Clermont, Poetria. 1.45: 1, OSCAR ROBERTSON (J J Burke) 6-5 Fav; 2, Victory Echo 16-1; 5 ran. 96l. (T R George). Tote: Win £2.20; Pl £1.10, £5.60. Exacta: £17.00. Trifecta: £14.30. CSF: £15.45. NR: Cheque En Blanc, Da Vinci Hand, Grange Ranger. 2.20: 1, EAST STREET (R Mania) 11-8 Fav; 2, Kinondo Kwetu 3-1; 3, William Cody 10-3. 8 ran. ½l, 10l. (Sue Smith). Tote: Win £2.38; Pl £1.10, £1.20, £1.30. Exacta: £6.30. Trifecta: £16.30. CSF: £5.78. NR: Parisencore, Rory And Me. 2.50: 1, DARLING DU LARGE (J J Burke) 2-1; 2, Cedar Hill evens Fav; 2 ran. 4¼l. (T R George). Tote: Win £2.50; NR: Antunes, High Up In The Air, Some Reign. Some Reign| Rule 4 applies to All Bets, deduct 25p in the pound. 3.20: 1, SHIGHNESS (B Garritty) 22-1; 2, Peerless Beauty 4-5 Fav; 3, Darsi’s Darling 16-1. 10 ran. ½l, 3¾l. (M Hammond). Tote: Win £30.00; Pl £4.20, £1.10, £3.40. Exacta: £72.80. Trifecta: £1303.90. CSF: £40.42. NR: Betty Getaway, Countess Olivia, Dillarchie, Walk Of No Shame. Placepot: £13.70. Quadpot: £5.80.

Page 60 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 RECORD RACING GOLF 2.05 Wolverhampton Sky Racing. GARRY OWEN PA 2.05 Strike Me A Pose Strike Me A Pose 2.35 Tantastic cAPla Spirit 3.05 The Rutland Rebel Garden Paradise 3.35 Aasser Aasser 4.05 Silent Speech Silent Speech 4.35 Saleymm Summa Peto 5.05 Inexplicable Sea Of Charm 5.35 Can Can Girl Can Can Girl BETWAY AMATEUR JOCKEYS’ HANDICAP (6) Winner £2,566 (13 run) 6f 20yds 1 (4) 514399 Youllovemewheniwin (24) (P) R Teal 3 11-0 (CD). ................................................................ Miss Megan Jordan (5) 65 2 (7) 630119 Queen Of Burgundy (23) Joseph Parr 5 11-0 (BF,D 2 ). ................................................................................Mr W Pettis (5) 65 3 (12)336393 Matamua (17) (V) S & E Crisford 3 11-0...Miss Becky Smith 65 4 (3) 454850 Dan De Light (44) (E) T Easterby 3 11-0 (C)...... Doubtful 65 5 (8) 623248 Steelriver (29) M Herrington 11 11-0 (CD 4 ).. Mr P Millman 65 6 (6) 896990 Inaam (28) J Butler 8 10-13 (C 4 )............ Mr M S Johnson (5) 64 7 (2) 416086 Mabdaa (16) A Brittain 3 10-12......................Mr M Ennis (3) 63 8 (9) 842126 Voltaic (12) (V * ) A Carroll 5 10-12 (D)..... Miss S Bowen (3) 63 9 (5) 909960 Royal Advice (20) (V * ) K Dalgleish 3 10-11 (D 2 )................ .............................................................................Mr E Cagney (5) 62 10 (13)737643 Come On Girl (23) M Appleby 4 10-10 (D 3 )....................... .........................................................................Miss S Brotherton 61 11 (1) 333155 Heer’s Sadie (37) J Feilden 3 10-8 (D)........ Mr R Birkett 59 12 (10)245582 Strike Me A Pose (16) (P) A Watson 3 10-8.................. ..............................................................................Ms B Hampson 59 13 (11)164490 Gigi’s Beach (115) (P) F O’Brien 4 10-6 (D)....................... ....................................................................Miss Fern O’Brien (5) 57 BETTING: 4 Matamua, 9-2 Queen Of Burgundy, 6 Come On Girl, 7 Strike Me A Pose, 8 Youllovemewheniwin, 10 Heer’s Sadie, 12 Voltaic, Mabdaa, 14 Others. BETYOURWAY AT BETWAY HANDICAP (6) 2.35 Winner £2,700 (11 run) 5f 21yds 1 (5) 455585 Smokey (21) C Wallis 4 9-6 (CD 2 )............................L Morris 65 2 (6) 255893 Capla Spirit (23) (B) G Kelleway 4 9-6 (CD)......R Havlin 65 3 (8) 9427 It’s Wonderful (12) A Carroll 4 9-6.....................R Tate 65 4 (4) 611643 Portelet Bay (43) (T * ,V) P Evans 3 9-5............. A Kirby 64 5 (1) 9-9565 Grandfather Tom (29) (V) R Cowell 6 9-5 (D 7 )........... ....................................................................................Rossa Ryan 64 6 (9) 25-509 Tom Tulliver (29) (B) J Unett 4 9-5 (D 2 )..........D Probert 64 7 (3) 2-4584 Amasova (22) Alice Haynes 3 9-3..........................K O’Neill 62 8 (10) 461649 You’re Cool (189) (T,V) D Shaw 9 9-3 (CD 6 )....J Peate (7) 62 9 (7) 937052 Tantastic (17) J Wainwright 3 9-3.....................B McHugh 62 10 (11) 244551 Admirable Lad (72) (B) C Banham 3 9-2 (CD)....J Haynes 61 11 (2) 219378 Red Alert (19) A Carroll 7 9-2..............................A Mullen 61 BETTING: 7-2 Admirable Lad, 5 Amasova, 6 Portelet Bay, 7 Capla Spirit, 8 Tantastic, Grandfather Tom, 10 Smokey, 12 Red Alert, 16 Others. BETWAY HANDICAP (4) 3.05 Winner £4,590 (8 run) 1m 5f 219yds 1 (8) 2-2313 Garden Paradise (139) J Tate 4 9-12............. A Kirby 80 2 (6) 571336 Chipiron (16) I Furtado 5 9-11 (CD).......Elle-May Croot (7) 79 3 (1) 421818 Lopes Dancer (23) W Bethell 9 9-9 (C,D)....................... ......................................................................... Joanna Mason (3) 77 4 (5) 142472 The Rutland Rebel (P) M Hammond 5 9-5 (CD)...... ...................................................................................B Garritty (3) 73 5 (7) -63955 Niblawi (27) A West 9 9-4.........................................R Havlin 72 6 (3) 34125- Champagne Terri (V * ) A Keatley 5 9-3....C Murtagh (3) 71 7 (2) 133567 Crimson King (15) (V) M Appleby 5 9-1...... F Larson (7) 69 8 (4) 793139 Rushmore (29) C Banham 3 8-11.......................J Haynes 71 BETTING: 5-2 Garden Paradise, 5 Chipiron, 6 Champagne Terri, The Rutland Rebel, Crimson King, 7 Lopes Dancer, 8 Rushmore, 16 Niblawi. GARDEN PARADISE 10-3 (10-0, L Morris) Prominent early, held up, closed 4f out, ridden 3f out, outpaced 2f out, well held over 1f out, went 3rd inside final furlong, 3rd of 5, 7l behind Percy’s Pride (9-1) at Ascot 1m 4f flls hcp 0-95 (3) gs in Jul 2m 37.26s. CHIPIRON 9-2 (9-7, Elle-May Croot) Towards rear, headway when ridden over 2f out, held every chance over 1f out, no extra close home, 6th of 9, 4 1/2l behind Victoriano (8-9) at Newcastle 2m hcp 0-80 (4) 3m 40.77s. LOPES DANCER 33-1 (9-10, J Fanning) Towards rear, ridden well over 2f out, no impression, 8th of 11, 16l behind Bollin Neil (9-0) at Redcar 1m 6f hcp 0-75 (5) sft 3m 12.62s. THE RUTLAND REBEL 14-1 (10-0, C O’Farrell) Mid division, ridden 2f out, switched right entering final furlong, kept on strongly final 100 yards, not reach winner, 2nd of 11, 1l behind Flint Hill (10-1) at Pontefract 2m 1f hcp 0-70 (5) gf in Sep 5m 04.90s. NIBLAWI 33-1 (9-1, Jack Mitchell) In touch, ridden 2f out, headway approaching final furlong, never nearer, 5th of 9, 11l behind Going Gone (9-5) at Newmarket 1m 4f hcp 0-90 (3) gd in Oct 2m 35.16s. CHAMPAGNE TERRI 6-1 (8-5, Jack Quinlan) Tracked leaders on inside, pushed along and outpaced over 2f out, ridden and weakened over 1f out, 5th of 8, 12l behind Future Investment (10-0) at Chester 2m hcp 0-90 (3) gs in Aug ‘20 4m 06.64s. CRIMSON KING 25-1 (9-3, Frederick Larson) Held up towards rear, headway on outside 1f out, not trouble leaders, 7th of 13, 4l behind La Hulotte (9-3) at Kempton 1m 3f hcp 0-70 (5) pol 2m 25.92s. RUSHMORE 11-2 (9-12, Joey Haynes) Tracked leader 3f, chased leaders, ridden and weakened inside final 2f, last of 9, 12l behind Liberated Lad (9-5) at Kempton 1m 4f hcp 0-70 (5) pol in Oct 2m 38.58s. PLAY CORAL RACING-SUPER-SERIES FOR FREE MAIDEN 3.35 STAKES (DIV 1) (5) (2-Y-O) Winner £3,510 (11 run) 7f 36yds 1 (4) 2 Aasser (17) K Burke 9-5...............................................C Lee — 2 (1) 6 Applaud Now (36) C Cox 9-5.............................. A Kirby — 3 (9) 85 Benjamin Bear (27) A King 9-5.................Rossa Ryan — 4 (8) Checkandchallenge W Knight 9-5.......D Probert — 5 (6) 809 Golden Shot (21) Sir M Prescott 9-5.................L Morris — 6 (7) 74 Gun Dog (39) A Carroll 9-5.....................................A Mullen — 7 (3) Manaslu K Ryan 9-5..................................................S Gray — 8 (11) Mickey Free T Dascombe 9-5........................Jane Elliott — 9 (10) 90 Sirius White (17) H Spiller 9-5.....Elisha Whittington (5) — 10 (2) 72 Sir Winston (13) R Varian 9-5..............................A Atzeni — 11 (5) 06 Total Lockdown (54) J Butler 9-5......... K Shoemark — BETTING: 2 Sir Winston, 9-4 Aasser, 8 Benjamin Bear, 10 Applaud Now, Manaslu, 12 Mickey Free, Total Lockdown, 16 Gun Dog, 20 Others. AASSER 17-2 (9-5, C Lee) Raced wide tracked leaders, ridden to chase winner 2f out, no impression final furlong, 2nd of 12, 1l behind Anatomic (9-5) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo mdn stks (5) 1m 29.79s. APPLAUD NOW 12-1 (9-0, A Kirby) Dwelt towards rear, headway 2f out, pushed along and no impression final furlong, 6th of 13, 11l behind Claymore (9-0) at Newmarket 7f 2yo nov stk (4) sft in Oct 1m 27.64s. BENJAMIN BEAR 14-1 (9-2, Louis Steward) Midfield, ridden over 2f out, kept on, 5th of 12, 4l behind Last Hoorah (9-9) at Kempton 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Oct 1m 28.57s. CHECKANDCHALLENGE Fast Company colt out of Likeable. GOLDEN SHOT 250-1 (9-3, L Morris) Always in rear, last of 9, 16l behind Manaafith (9-5) at Chelmsford City 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol 1m 24.67s. GUN DOG 16-1 (9-5, W J Lee) Soon led, headed over 1f out, soon no extra, 4th of 11, 8l behind Pearle D’or (9-5) at Naas 6f mdn stks in Oct 1m 15.32s. MANASLU Starspangledbanner gelding out of Dark Seductress. MICKEY FREE Showcasing gelding out of Dubai Bounty. SIRIUS WHITE 200-1 (9-5, Darragh Keenan) Tracked leaders, pushed along and lost place from over 2f out, 10th of 11, 9l behind Dark Swansong (9-5) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo mdn stks (5) 1m 30.23s. SIR WINSTON 9-2 (9-2, David Egan) Mid-division, closer tracking leaders halfway, ridden and and stayed on inside final furlong, went 2nd inside final 100 yards, no chance with winner, 2nd of 14, 1 1/4l behind Honky Tonk Man (9-4) at Newcastle 7f 2yo nov stks (5) 1m 28.46s. TOTAL LOCKDOWN 150-1 (9-5, Ray Dawson) Tracked leader until over 4f out, tracked leaders, pushed along 2f out, ridden and weakened inside final furlong, 6th of 12, 6l behind Al Mubhir (9-5) at Newmarket 7f 2yo mdn (4) gd in Oct 1m 29.79s. Going: Standard. Course: Left-handed, very tight Tapeta track of 1m, with a 330yd run-in. Races over 6f and 7f start on separate chutes. DRAW: Little effect. Top Trainers: David Evans 76-694 (11.0%), Mark Johnston 64-511 (12.5%), Michael Appleby 63-629 (10.0%), Tom Dascombe 57-375 (15.2%), Tony Carroll 55-550 (10.0%). Top Jockeys: Luke Morris 130-1162 (11.2%), Adam Kirby 84- 401 (20.9%), David Probert 79-727 (10.9%), Rossa Ryan 62-339 (18.3%), Cam Hardie 57-685 (8.3%). 4.05 PLAY CORAL RACING-SUPER-SERIES FOR FREE MAIDEN STAKES (DIV 2) (5) (2-Y-O) Winner £3,510 (10 run) 7f 36yds 1 (2) 45 Aussie Banker (17) R Hughes 9-5.................D Probert — 2 (6) 7 Badr (61) K Ryan 9-5.....................................................S Gray — 3 (4) 88 Eagle’s Way (24) Sir M Prescott 9-5....................L Morris — 4 (8) 54 King Of War (132) R Charlton 9-5............... K Shoemark — 5 (10) 4 Macchiavello (41) K Burke 9-5 (BF)........Rossa Ryan — 6 (5) 94 Midnight Train (17) C Cox 9-5........................... A Kirby — 7 (1) 96 Pangloss (35) A King 9-5....................................R Hornby — 8 (3) 2 Silent Speech (27) C Appleby 9-5........... James Doyle — 9 (7) Stockpyle W Muir & C Grassick 9-5..................M Dwyer — 10 (9) 7 The Writer (21) J Ferguson 9-5.................. S Mooney (7) — BETTING: Evens Silent Speech, 3 Macchiavello, 8 King Of War, 10 Aussie Banker, 14 Pangloss, 16 Stockpyle, Midnight Train, 25 Badr, 50 Others. AUSSIE BANKER 12-1 (9-5, David Probert) In touch, ridden and headway over 1f out, stayed on towards finish, 5th of 11, 2 1/2l behind Dark Swansong (9-5) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo mdn stks (5) 1m 30.23s. BADR 22-1 (9-0, T Eaves) Ran green in 5th, pushed along after halfway, behind over 2f out, never on terms, 7th of 8, 14l behind Educator (9-0) at Haydock 1m 2yo nov stk (4) gf in Sep 1m 39.87s. EAGLE’S WAY 80-1 (9-5, Ryan Tate) Always towards rear, 8th of 11, 8l behind Tangled Words (9-5) at Kempton 7f 2yo mdn stks (4) pol 1m 27.03s. KING OF WAR 6-1 (9-5, Rob Hornby) Held up in rear, pushed along 3f out, ridden and ran green, drifted left 2f out, one pace, 4th of 7, 5l behind Wings Of War (9-5) at Nottingham 6f 2yo mdn (5) gf in Jul 1m 12.35s. MACCHIAVELLO 5-6fav (9-5, Rossa Ryan) Raced keenly and signs of greenness first part of the race, led, ridden when headed just over 1f out, stayed on one paced inside final furlong, 4th of 9, 1l behind Sezaam (9-5) at Redcar 6f 2yo nov stk (5) gs in Oct 1m 14.02s. MIDNIGHT TRAIN 4-1 (9-5, A Kirby) Close up, pushed along over 2f out, kept on same pace, 4th of 12, 9l behind Anatomic (9-5) at Wolverhampton 7f 2yo mdn stks (5) 1m 29.79s. PANGLOSS 66-1 (9-2, M Harley) Mid-division on inside, pushed along and unable to quicken 2f out, switched right and ridden over 1f out, stayed on inside final furlong, not pace to threaten, 6th of 8, 1 3/4l behind Upton Park (9-2) at Wolverhampton 1m 1f 2yo nov stks (5) in Oct 1m 50.77s. SILENT SPEECH 11-4 (9-0, James Doyle) Dwelt and hampered start, tracked leaders, pushed along to lead approaching final furlong, headed inside final furlong, stayed on, 2nd of 12, nk behind Filistine (9-0) at Newmarket 7f 2yo nov stk (4) gd in Oct 1m 27.56s. STOCKPYLE Oasis Dream colt out of La Pyle. THE WRITER 16-1 (9-3, Daniel Muscutt) Mid division, green throughout, ridden and weakened 3f out, 7th of 9, 15l behind Manaafith (9-5) at Chelmsford City 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol 1m 24.67s. MANSIONBET BEATEN BY A HEAD HANDICAP (3) 4.35 Winner £6,019 (8 run) 1m 142yds 1 (5) 037024 On A Session (45) T D Barron 5 10-1 (BF)......C Beasley 92 2 (6) 103971 Summa Peto (17) K Dalgleish 3 9-9 (CD 2 )........J Fanning 89 3 (1) 2-1364 Lequinto (232) A Carroll 4 9-7 (C 2 )......................D Probert 84 4 (8) 841 Saleymm (14) (T) S & E Crisford 3 9-7.......... James Doyle 87 5 (3) 4-5218 Apex King (17) D Loughnane 7 9-6................Rossa Ryan 83 6 (4) 523098 Golden Force (22) (P) C Fellowes 5 9-4 (CD 2 ).............. ..................................................................................... S Donohoe 81 7 (2) 292225 Urban War (65) (B * ) A Murphy 3 9-3............ K Shoemark 83 8 (7) 143452 Giuseppe Cassioli (14) W Muir & C Grassick 4 9-1 (CD). ..........................................................................................M Dwyer 78 BETTING: 13-8 Saleymm, 9-2 On A Session, 5 Summa Peto, 7 Giuseppe Cassioli, 10 Urban War, Lequinto, 14 Apex King, Golden Force. ON A SESSION 4-1fav (9-6, Connor Beasley) Tracked leaders, pushed along 2f out, headway 1f out, no extra close home, 4th of 11, 1/2l behind Zip (9-0) at Musselburgh 7f hcp 0-100 (2) sft in Oct 1m 31.45s. SUMMA PETO 10-3 (9-9, Callum Rodriguez) Led 2f, tracked leaders, ridden to lead again inside final furlong, ran on, won at Wolverhampton 1m 1f hcp 0-90 (3) beating One Last Dance (8-3) by shd, 8 ran 2m 00.22s. LEQUINTO 10-3 (9-7, David Probert) Led early, chased leaders on inside, switched right over 2f out, hung left and unable to quicken from over 1f out, weakened into 4th towards finish, 4th of 9, 2 1/2l behind King’s Knight (9-3) at Lingfield 7f hcp 0-85 (4) pol in Apr 1m 24.12s. SALEYMM 6-4fav (9-2, James Doyle) Made all, clear over 1f out, pushed along and ran on strongly final furlong, unchallenged, won at Chelmsford City 7f nov stk (4) pol beating Nizaaka (8-11) by 7l, 8 ran 1m 22.81s. APEX KING 22-1 (9-7, Rossa Ryan) Keen wide and headway to lead after 2f, ridden and headed over 2f out, soon weakened, tailed off, last of 8, 41l behind Summa Peto (9-9) at Wolverhampton 1m 1f hcp 0-90 (3) 2m 00.22s. GOLDEN FORCE 14-1 (9-3, S Donohoe) Tracked leader, raced freely, niggled along 2f out and soon lost place, rallied briefly when not clear run inside final furlong, soon held, 8th of 9, 7l behind Mobadra (9-2) at Kempton 7f hcp 0-95 (3) pol 1m 24.72s. URBAN WAR 9-2 (9-5, Stefano Cherchi) Mid-division, ridden 3f out, kept on one pace, 5th of 11, 3 1/2l behind Ugo Gregory (9-5) at Beverley 7f hcp 0-85 (4) gd in Sep 1m 31.64s. GIUSEPPE CASSIOLI 9-1 (9-4, M Dwyer) Chased leaders on inside went 2nd over 1f out, ridden and ran on inside final furlong, not pace to challenge, 2nd of 11, 3/4l behind Excel Power (9-10) at Chelmsford City 1m hcp 0-85 (4) pol 1m 36.34s. MANSIONBET BEST ODDS GUARANTEED HANDICAP (6) 5.05 Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1m 142yds 1 (12) 144245 Well Prepared (40) (T) M Loughnane 4 9-7...D Probert 55 2 (5) 063693 Al Gaiya (23) (T) Brian O’Rourke 4 9-6............Rossa Ryan 54 3 (1) 126630 Beau Geste (24) A Carroll 5 9-5 (CD 3 )... Mollie Phillips (5) 53 4 (2) 056460 No Diggity (22) J Butler 5 9-4 (C)................. K Shoemark 52 5 (3) 810704 Dubai Elegance (16) (P) D Shaw 7 9-4 (C 2 ).. J Gormley 52 6 (6) 650651 Inexplicable (24) (T,V) A Brittain 4 9-4 (CD).... C Hardie 52 7 (9) 258034 Million Reasons (23) (V) P Evans 3 9-3........ A Kirby 54 8 (8) 395686 Power Player (20) R Carr 5 9-3..................JP Sullivan 51 9 (4) 932355 Debated (16) (H) Phillip Makin 3 9-3.........................R Scott 54 10 (10)-36760 Capricious (37) C Banham 3 9-3......................J Haynes 54 11 (11)239083 Sea Of Charm (17) H Dunlop 3 9-3.............G Rooke (3) 54 12 (7) 090533 Trevie Fountain (38) (P * ) R Carr 4 9-2 (C 2 )................... ...................................................................................H Russell (3) 50 13 (13)379605 Extracuricular (22) R Bandey 3 9-2.........R Hornby 53 BETTING: 5 Inexplicable, 11-2 Well Prepared, 6 Sea Of Charm, 8 Power Player, Debated, 10 Million Reasons, No Diggity, Beau Geste, 12 Others. READ KATIE WALSH ON BETWAY INSIDER HANDICAP (6) 5.35 Winner £2,700 (12 run) 1m 4f 51yds 1 (2) 593800 Avarice (28) J Butler 4 9-9........................................ A Kirby 64 2 (9) -55009 Top Drop (12) B Leavy 4 9-9.................................K O’Neill 64 3 (10) 701-46 King Charles (12) (B) B J Llewellyn 4 9-9 (D)................. ....................................................................... Jordan Williams (7) 64 4 (4) 3736-8 Astroman Harry Eustace 4 9-9 (C)..........................R Tate 64 5 (6) 5614 Victory Star (29) M Johnston 4 9-9.....O Stammers (5) 64 6 (8) 009-68 The Throstles (168) K Frost 6 9-7 (C 5 ).....G Rooke (3) 62 7 (1) 855251 Can Can Girl (13) (B) D Brown 3 9-5 (D)........J Fanning 65 8 (3) 604127 Paddyplex (24) K Dalgleish 8 9-5........................ S James 60 9 (11) 2-1420 Mr Carbonator (13) P Kirby 6 9-3 (C,D)......... D Swift 58 10 (12) 37090 Mercian Hymn (29) Sir M Todd 3 9-2..............D Probert 62 11 (7) 0-637 A Legacy (29) R Beckett 3 9-2..............................R Hornby 62 12 (5) 3-6300 The Sedberghian (12) A Brittain 3 9-2 (C)... C Hardie 62 BETTING: 3 Can Can Girl, 11-2 Paddyplex, 6 Victory Star, 7 King Charles, 8 Avarice, Astroman, 10 A Legacy, 16 The Throstles, Top Drop, Mr Carbonator, 20 Others. Helping hand made Bob strip game back to basics and freed up mind to rekindle love for sport in superb end to season BOB MacINTYRE insists simplicity has rocketed him back to peak form and cemented his belief he can always compete with the elite. The 25-year-old is on a high after becoming the first Scot to clinch a top-10 Race to Dubai finish since Paul Lawrie in 2012 thanks to his sparkling show at last week’s DP World Tour Championship. Only two-and-a-half weeks ago he was at his lowest ebb after a disastrous Portugal Masters, wondering what was happening with his game after an 82 on Sunday. The Oban ace wasn’t even sure if he’d go to the Middle East after that nightmare. But MacIntyre stripped it all back to basics, cleared his head and found the key to finish the season in ninth spot. He said: “It shows I can still compete. It was a massive confidence boost and a massive relief almost. “You’ve not lost your game completely, you’re actually better right now than you have been in the last two years. “Portugal was obviously the lowest of the lows for me. It’s the worst I’ve ever felt coming away from a tournament. Go to Dubai, or come home and just throw in the towel for the year? “I spoke to a lot of people, went to the airport and was feeling horrific. Then we got to Dubai and we put everything aside. “Obviously I’d just started working with Stuart (Morgan) and we’ve been working hard on certain things. “Even he said, ‘Look Bob, just let’s shut everything out. Speak to the people you need to speak to and, other than that, just go back to simple life. Throw stuff out the window. Let’s go back to playing golf because you love to play golf ’. “It’s amazing how simple I made things. I was just turning up, doing a little bit of practice, playing, disappearing, and doing it over and over again. It just frees the mind. “I was just playing golf, which is what I love doing. That’s probably the calmest I’ve been on a course in a year-and-a-half and the best attitude I’ve had. “If I can have a good attitude every week, who knows what I can do? It’s amazing how simple it is to have a good attitude on a course. It’s just little things we say to ourselves before by craig swan we hit every shot or before I get to a shot. I don’t know what it’s about, psychologists know. It tests different parts of the brain. I’m not the brightest but it works.” MacIntyre’s display on the Earth Course ensured an excellent 2021 would be recalled for the right reasons. It has been a valuable year for experience with trips to the US adding to impressive appearances at all four Majors, all of which he feels has been vital in his development. MacIntyre, who made the WGC-Matchplay last 16 at Dustin Johnson’s expense, said: “The biggest thing I’ve learned this year is I can compete at the top table of world golf. The Matchplay was the biggest reason for that. “At The Open I felt like I had a chance to win it on Sunday. At the Masters I felt like I had a great chance of finishing in the top five coming down the last four holes. “It didn’t quite happen but we were thereabouts. I had the most birdies of anyone there that week. There’s so much to take from this year but knowing I can compete at the top table is probably the biggest thing. “Overall my game is far better than it was last year or the year before. “That’s the funny thing about it. I haven’t played as much on the European Tour this year as previous years but my game is far better than it was two years ago when I had my highest year on the rankings. “I’m learning every time I go out and there’s been some great work done over the past two weeks.” MacIntyre is determined not to waste a positive moment and will head to South Africa for the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek next month. He said: “It’s one of my favourite places in the world and I’m playing great. The scoring is always difficult there, which suits me perfectly. “I just want to keep playing. I’d have loved to have played this week and next week but I need time off. “My body needs to recover and I need to spend time with family. Leopard Creek is a great one to throw in there. If I took a longer time off, I’d probably throw the clubs away for three or four weeks and that’s too long. “When you are playing as good as I am, I don’t want to do that and let something go that’s sitting right.” It’s am-dram for Murphy after rant Shaun Murphy has been engulfed by a huge backlash to his boot out the amateurs rant at the UK Championship. The 2005 world champion lost 6-5 to Si Jiahui in York on Tuesday then said the teenager – in the draw of 128 as a top-up player – and fellow amateur players shouldn’t be in pro events. He raged: “I don’t know snooker why we allow amateurs to compete in pro tournaments. This is our livelihood, our living.” Most people in the game were opposed to his view, not least supremo Barry Hearn who said: “When I first put Shaun in the European Super League when 13 or 14, he was an amateur. Everyone needs a chance.” Last night Stephen Hendry lost 6-1 to Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, only the fourth in history to make five tons in a best-of-11 match. The Thai potter lived up to billing as he sank three centuries in 28 minutes. Ross Muir lost 6-2 to Mark Selby as Ronnie O’Sullivan beat Michael White 6-3.

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK MAGIC FOR MACINTYRE SIMPLY’S THE BEST SAYING DUBAI BYE IN STYLE Bob puts on a show around Earth Course after Morgan, far left, helps to simplify game Page 61 LEE’S TAKEN SIN OUT CITY boxing LEE McGREGOR admits there’s no pool parties in Las Vegas this time – but he’s ready to jump in at the deep end after watching ring king Terence Crawford make a splash. The Edinburgh ace has spent the last few weeks training in Sin City with Josh Taylor as the pair gear up for blockbuster bouts. McGregor will defend his European bantamweight title against Armenian Narek Abgaryan in Manchester on December 18 while Taylor faces Jack Catterall in the new year. The duo were last in Vegas when Taylor was crowned undisputed light welterweight champion and partied in the aftermath. It’s all business this time as they’ve got to work in the famous Top Rank gym off the Strip, where legend Crawford did his hard yards before smashing Shawn Porter last weekend. McGregor said: “The last time I had no voice from the fight the night before! “It’s different this time – no pool parties. But I’m ALL BUSINESSMcGregor soaking up the experience and still enjoying it. There will be no celebration parties. It’s strictly business.” McGregor has taken the British, Commonwealth and European straps inside just 11 fights and is looking to move up to world level. Pound-for-pound star Naoya Inoue rules the division and is the longterm target. But a rematch with Scottish rival Kash Farooq is now set for early 2022, with McGregor having signed a co-promotion deal with Probellum and Eadie Hearn’s Matchroom. The 24-year-old said: “I’m fully focused on Abgaryan. But it’s no secret that the Farooq rematch is likely if we both come through our next fights.” Michael Gannon calls made for probe That’s probably the calmest I’ve been in a year-anda-half and the best attitude I’ve had bob macintyreON HIS NEW routine WHILE OUT ON THE COURSE easy decision Thompson Top talent Thompson staying a Warrior GLASGOW WARRIORS have agreed a contract extension with Ross Thompson through to at least the summer of 2024. The highly-rated 22-year-old has enjoyed a brilliant breakthrough year since making his debut off the bench against Edinburgh in January. Stand-off Thompson won his first Scotland cap against Tonga last month and has now scored 135 rugby points from his 19 appearances in Glasgow colours. Thompson said: “It was a pretty easy decision. I’ve really enjoyed my time with Glasgow, getting to know the boys and playing for this club. “I’m just looking to kick on and build now. I really enjoyed being in the Scotland environment and that’s definitely something I want to experience more of. “But my primary focus is giving my all for Glasgow and helping this club challenge at the top of the table.” Boss Danny Wilson said: “Ross is an outstanding individual who has really impressed us. “We’re pleased he has committed himself to the club for the future.” CRICKET SCOTLAND were branded “institutionally racist” as Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh opened up. Haq is Scotland’s all-time leading wicket-taker but failed to play again after a race-related tweet during the 2015 World Cup. He wrote “always tougher when you’re in the minority! #colour #race” after he was not selected to play against Sri Lanka. On Sky, he said: “I was treated like a criminal. I was on the next flight home, that shows how tough it can be. I felt isolated and I felt I was right but I was told by the organisation to delete the tweet and apologise. I never did – why should I apologise for something I believe in? “Three months later, a white player complained about being left out of a squad and they did a massive U-turn within a day. There were different rules for him and me. “A lot of people have asked me if I think Cricket Scotland are institutionally racist – I think they are. An investigation would show they are.” Sheikh, 37, said: “I cricket was 25 and had scored backto-back centuries for my country. No other 25- year-olds had delivered those kind of results. I was dropped from the team for two bad performances. “I tried to get back in and it wasn’t happening so I spoke out in the Press. What followed was no one spoke to me for years and I never played for my country again after the age of 25.” A Cricket Scotland statement read: “Cricket Scotland operates a zerotolerance policy to all forms of racism and discrimination and condemns racism in all its forms. We won’t discuss individual cases at this stage but we would re-iterate that any allegations of racism or other forms of harassment – whether recent or historic incidents – that come out of that consultation, or that are reported separately to Cricket Scotland, will be thoroughly and properly investigated and dealt with. “We would encourage everyone to engage with those processes.”

Page 62 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCHDAY FIVE ROAR OF THE SAME City stars celebrate another win after Jesus nets clincher POCH SPLICE PSG had a holy trinity, City ruin PSG gaffer’s audition for United gig Manchester City had Jesus. And it was Gabriel of that ilk who reclaimed bragging rights for Pep Guardiola’s side as his another PSG head – this time produce match-winning man city..............2 belonging to Achraf Hakimi – moments. strike avenged the defeat in psg.......................1 intervened. There was an element of Paris earlier in the Champions by ANDY DUNN Predictably, PSG were happy fortune about the PSG opener League qualifying campaign. to operate almost exclusively just after half-time but all Mauricio Pochettino is the sound right when you say Pep on the counter-attack. members of the super-talented favourite to take over on the red could ‘only’ muster EIGHT subs. And it was not until shortly trinity were involved, Mbappe side of Manchester but if this But that was four fewer than before half-time that they converting through Ederson’s was an audition then he came Pochettino had at his disposal threatened on the breakaway, legs after an unfortunate up short as PSG’s super stars and when the players absent Kylian Mbappe spooning a great ricochet off Kyle Walker. were outclassed. are of the calibre of Kevin de opportunity into the stands But England right-back Jesus said: “I contribute to my Bruyne, Jack Grealish and Phil after being released by Neymar. Walker brushed it off and his team. That is what I want to do Foden, the effect will be felt. When news filtered through surge into the box and every game – come on to the Yet Guardiola does have that RB Leipzig were battering cushioned volley eventually fell pitch and help.” players to step up to the Bruges in Belgium, this contest, to Raheem Sterling who stabbed No one will want to draw the creative plate – talents such essentially, became something in the equaliser. Premier League champions as Riyad Mahrez. of an exhibition match, albeit a Walker is in the form of his when the draw is made after the The Algerian was City’s hotly-contested one. life and Bernardo Silva is in final round of games. deepest source of danger in the Pochettino’s PSG do not work equally good nick, his clever PSG are also through to the first half for the purists. as hard as his Spurs side did. pass setting up Jesus for the last 16 but this was a significant Not long after Rodri’s effort Well, maybe eight of them do. winner. Jesus added: “Thanks win for City, especially as they had been headed off the line, a But the other three are to Bernardo ( for the goal). I were not at full strength. Although it still does not trademark Mahrez curler was booked for the top corner until indulged because they are who they are and because they can know his quality so that is why I wait. I finished well.” Smash-hit Reds all systems Thiago THIAGO scored a sublime second-half opener as recordbreaking Liverpool swept aside Porto – even as Jurgen Klopp rested half his team. Victory meant the Reds have won their opening five group games for the first time and set a new club record with 15 points, beating their previous best of 14. And it was delivered by liverpool............2 porto...................0 forgotten man Thiago, who has struggled with injury since arriving just over a year ago. The Spain midfielder fired in from 30 yards in the 52nd minute – before Mo Salah added a second 18 minutes later as he danced past defenders to smash in his 17th goal of the season. Klopp – who gave a Champions League debut to Tyler Morton, 19 – said: “Thiago’s goal, wow! “So many good things happened, players got minutes, rhythm, confidence, nobody got hurt. Jordan Henderson played, Andrew Robertson came on and the right players could get rested.” YA DANCERJubilant Salah Inter are Edin for a knockout party INTER MILAN booked their place in the knockout stages as Edin Dzeko’s second-half double sealed a 2-0 win over Shakhtar. The Italians dominated from the off with two goals disallowed by VAR before finally breaking the deadlock on the hour. Arriving late, the Bosnian striker rattled in from the edge of the box before nodding home at the back post just moments later. Real Madrid sealed their slot in the last 16 and also secured Inter’s progress with a 3-0 win away to Sheriff Tiraspol that kept them top of Group D. David Alaba and Tony Kroos netted before the break with Karim Benzema adding a killer third. In Group C, runaway group winners Ajax took their lead to six points with a 2-1 win at Besiktas. The Turks took the lead AT THE DOUBLE Dzeko when Ajax defender Noussair Mazraoui was judged to have handled. Rachid Ghezzal lashed in the penalty but Besiktas failed to build on that goal and Sebastian Haller fired in a quickfire double Sporting Lisbon will join Ajax in the last 16 after beating Dortmund 3-1. Pedro Goncalves slid in a cool finish in 30 minutes then followed it up with a rocket. Pedro Porro added a third before Marco Reus’ consolation strike. results & fixTURES CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GROUP A MAN CITY...........2 PSG......................1 Sterling 63 Mbappe 50 Jesus 77 HT: 0-0 BRUGGE.............0 RB LEIPZIG.........5 HT: 0-4 Nkunku 12, 90 Forsberg 17(pen), 45 Silva 26 GROUP B LIVERPOOL.......2 PORTO................0 Thiago 52 HT: 0-0 Salah 70 ATL MADRID......0 AC MILAN............1 HT: 0-0 Messias 87 GROUP C SPORTING..........3 B DORTMUND....1 Goncalves 30, 39 Reus 90 Porro 81 HT: 2-0 BESIKTAS...........1 AJAX....................2 Ghezzal 22 (pen) Haller 54, 69 HT: 1-0 GROUP D INTER MILAN.....2 SHAKHTAR.........0 Dzeko 31, 39 HT: 2-0 SHERIFF.............0 REAL MADRID...3 HT: 0-2 Alaba 30 Kroos 45 Benzema 56 SPFL PREMIERSHIP ROSS CO............1 HIBS.....................0 Spittal 73 HT: 0-0 Europa League Group C – Spartak Moscow 2, Napoli 1. Championship – Barnsley 0, Swansea 2; Bristol City 1, Stoke 0; Blackburn 4, Peterborough 0; Cardiff 0, Hull 1; Fulham 0, Derby 0; Millwall 1, Bournemouth 1; QPR 1, Huddersfield 0. Highland League – Buckie Th 4, Nairn 1; Keith 1, Formartine 2. fOOTBALL TODAY (8.0 unless stated) Europa League Group A – Brondby v Lyon, Rangers v Sparta Prague; Group B – Monaco v Real Sociedad, PSV v Sturm Graz; Group C – Leicester v Legia Warsaw; Group D – Frankfurt v Antwerp, Olympiacos v Fenerbahce; Group E – Galatasaray v Marseille (5.45), Lok Moscow v Lazio (5.45); Group F – Midtjylland v Braga (5.45), Red Star v Ludogorets (5.45); Group G – Bayer Leverkusen v Celtic (5.45), Betis v Ferencvaros (5.45); Group H – D Zagreb v Genk (5.45), Rapid Vienna v West Ham (5.45). Conference League Group A – HJK v Alashkert(5.45), M Tel-Aviv v LASK; Group B – Flora v Partizan (3.30), Anorthosis v Gent; Group C – Bodo/Glimt v Sofia, Roma v Zorya; Group D – Jablonec v AZ, Randers v Cluj; Group E – M Haifa v Berlin (5.45), Slavia v Feyenoord (5.45); Group F – Lincoln v Copenhagen (5.45), Bratislava v PAOK (5.45); Group G – Mura v Spurs (5.45) Rennes v Vitesse (5.45); Group H – Kairat Almaty v Basel (3.30), Qarabag v Omonia (5.45). Red Devils forced to wait for Mauricio Manchester United will his willingness to leave PSG have to wait until the immediately. summer before appointing United sounded out PSG Mauricio Pochettino as their about the prospect of new manager. taking Pochettino midway United have made PSG through the current season boss Pochettino their No.1 but the inquiry was met target to succeed Ole with a firm refusal to talk. Gunnar Solskjaer at Old They are likely to press Trafford but have seen the ahead with appointing an first approach rejected. interim boss, with former Although the Red Devils Barcelona chief Ernesto initially declared their Valverde the favourite. intention to appoint an Ex-Borussia Dortmund interim boss until the end of head coach Lucien Favre the season, they moved for and Ralf Rangnick bare also Pochettino after learning of on the shortlist.

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 SCOTLAND MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Craig: We have nothing to fear in play-offs if we go on front foot like we did against the Danes ROAD TO QATAR Play iT agaiN Gordon says a repeat display of one against Danes would boost bid as, far left, goalie promotes foodbank collection Page 63 SCOTLAND THE BRAVE Craig gordon reckons Scotland’s victory over denmark proves they have nothing to fear in the World Cup play-offs. Steve Clarke’s seeded national team will discover who they’ll face in the semi-finals when the draw is made in Zurich at 4pm tomorrow. Austria – who Scotland beat in Group F – Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine are their potential opponents. Scotland will also have a better idea of who they could lock horns with should they progress, with Italy, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and Wales the other seeded nations. But after beating Denmark – ranked ninth in the world – 2-0 in their final group match having secured second spot, Hearts keeper Gordon insists Scotland won’t be short of belief. The 38-year-old said: “Denmark were missing a few players and probably weren’t at full strength. “But it was probably about McPake: Griffiths can still have a go at Qatar hero JAMES McPAKE believes that a revitalised Leigh Griffiths can make his mark for Dundee – and Scotland. The Celtic striker has struggled for form and fitness since joining the Dark Blues on a season-long loan at the end of August. The 31-year-old has just one goal in seven matches in his second stint at Dens. He’s been By alaN MaRSHall us and our performance. We managed to take the game to the opposition. No matter who it is in the play-offs, we have to do those same things again. “If we can do that, we give ourselves a great chance as we put together some great moves in the Denmark game and were unlucky not to score a few more. “That would have been fantastic but it was a good allround performance on both sides of the game. “Some of the counter attacks were also great when we had the chance.” Asked who he’d like to get in the semis, Gordon said: “I don’t mind. It’s going to be difficult. “All the teams have done well and got there through the Nations League or finished second in their group. They’ve all had good runs. “We need to win the first game, so let’s concentrate on that. We will try to win that and then see what happens.” Scotland will be at Hampden hampered by a niggling ankle injury but had an injection during the international break, which has allowed him to put in a power of work in training. McPake has chatted with both Griffiths and Hoops boss Ange Postecoglou. And he insists the frontman – who has 22 caps – still has plenty to offer club and country, for the semi-final while a draw will determine which sides will be at home for the final. After playing in front of a raucous National Stadium in crucial wins over the Danes and Israel, Gordon – now capped 64 times – knows how important that could be. He said: “Those two matches, the atmosphere was incredible. “Hampden is such a good place to play when it’s full. It can be difficult when it’s empty to create pressure against the other team. “But when it’s like that, you hear players talking about it and it was a factor. “If we can fill Hampden and have everyone pulling in the right direction... but that’s what it has been during this campaign from players, fans, the atmosphere around the national team has been so CONFIDENT Poland boss Paulo Sousa joined the Czechs in insisting his dream draw tomorrow would be Scotland. And he’s even looking to the final already. He said: “In the first match I would like to play away against Scotland. Then after that we want to play Sweden.” with Scotland involved in World Cup play-offs come March. McPake said: “Leigh had an injection as his ankle had been hampering him, there is no doubt about that. “He hadn’t played for a while before he came here and we asked a lot of him coming in. “But I’ve been really pleased with his work rate. He’s been positive. Everyone is fighting for the same thing. That makes a huge difference and hopefully we can continue to progress.” The youngsters have lit up the national squad and Gordon insists this group is among the strongest he has played with. The goalie, who earned his first cap in 2004, said: “This current squad will be close to the top. It has a bit of everything. “You have the togetherness e v er y on e has shown to get through difficult situations and games, but also the ability to pass the ball and create chances. “We are a really good team at the moment. “It’s always difficult to pit different teams against each other as it’s different eras and different styles of play. “But certainly at the moment it’s very enjoyable to be part of training well and shown a real hunger to work hard. “I’ve had talks with him. I also had a conversation with Ange and he spoke very highly about Leigh. So if he can get fit, there are big games coming up not just for Dundee but for Scotland. “He’s only 31 and that left foot still works. We know from the data he can still hit high speeds.” and hopefully that can continue. It’s a really good mix of ages, although I am the oldest by a considerable distance.” Indeed, Gordon is old enough to be the dad of starlets Billy Gilmour and Nathan Patterson. “I try not to think about that too much but it is true!” added the keeper. “Hopefully I still manage to hold my own in training and keep a few of their shots out.” Gordon, involved in contract talks with Hearts, has no plans to hang up his boots just yet. Told Italy legend Gianluigi Buffon is still playing for Parma at 43, Gordon added: “That would mean I’ve five years left. “A five-year contract? I don’t know if they’ll be parting with one of them.” ● Craig Gordon was helping to promote Hearts’ foodbank drive. Fans can drop off nonperishable items at Tynecastle ahead of Saturday’s St Mirren visit. Online donations at hmfckickback.co.uk/index. php?/clents/donations/ SHoW oF FaiTH McPake NoRWicH STaR Gilmour Billy’s key to keeping up Canaries NEW gaffer Dean Smith admits Billy Gilmour will be crucial to keeping Norwich in the Premier League. The Scotland midfielder was bafflingly overlooked on a regular basis by axed manager Daniel Farke as the German boss dragged the Canaries to the bottom. But Gilmour, on loan from Chelsea, was handed an immediate recall on Saturday and repaid Smith’s faith with a man-of-thematch display in a 2-1 win over Southampton. The City gaffer said: “Billy will be vital to staying up. “When you have a player of that talent on loan, you want to get the best out of him. We want to utilise the strengths he has. He’s a wonderful player.” clUB PRioRiTy Palmer Palmer: The door is still open to me LIAM PALMER says he’s been assured he still has a future for Scotland despite turning down a chance to join Steve Clarke’s squad. Sheffield Wednesday defender Palmer has not figured for the national side since March’s home win over the Faroe Islands. Clarke wanted to call him up for World Cup qualifiers against Denmark, Moldova and Austria in September but Palmer opted to stay with his club where he was negotiating a new contract. He said: “My priority at the time was to get this deal sorted, be available and prioritise Wednesday. “It’s a decision I made with Steve Clarke and the door is still open there. That’s how we left it.”

Page 64 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 Accies hail ‘model pro’ as Temps bows out by MicHael Baillie DAVID TEMPLETON has decided to hang up his boots but will stay on at Hamilton to continue his role as Under-14s coach. Accies last night confirmed the retiral of former Rangers and Hearts winger Templeton, 32, who has been hampered by injuries this season. Club chairman Allan Maitland said: “David is a model professional who scored some important goals for the club and created many lasting memories for our support. “As we look to nurture and develop the next wave of talent, we are delighted to have him involved. This will allow him to pass on his knowledge and expertise.” Manager Stuart Taylor admits Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie at West of Scotland League Auchinleck Talbot will be a difficult one. The Accies gaffer said: “Auchinleck carry a huge support. It’ll be their cup final. It’s going to be noisy, a fiery atmosphere and we’re looking forward to it.” McGlynn just hopes reunion isn’t Sheer joy by alaN MaRSHall JOHN McGLyNN is looking forward to pitting his wits against Paul Sheerin – 30 years after coaching the Falkirk boss as a kid. Raith will try to build on their 11-game unbeaten run when they travel to the League One side in the third round of the Scottish Cup on Saturday. And boss McGlynn needs no introduction to former Aberdeen and St Johnstone midfielder Sheerin – after revealing how he first crossed paths with the 47-year-old at Edinburgh boys’ club Lothian United. McGlynn said: “I know Paul very well, I used to coach him when he was 16. “It’s a good job for Paul, a big job – as he knows – and it’s a tricky tie. “Falkirk are a massive club. It’s away from home, though the good thing is we’ve been winning games away from home. “But it’s a tricky Scottish Cup tie nonetheless. “We’ll go there in good spirits and be confident.” StatS Pack Ross coUntY aSH MayNaRD-BReweR 6 HaRRy claRKe 7 JacK BalDwiN 7 alex iacoviTTi 7 coNNoR RaNDall 6 JoSePH HUNgBo 7 JoRDaN TillSoN 7 HaRRy PaToN 6 RegaN cHaRleS-cooK 7 RoSS callacHaN 6 JoRDaN wHiTe 6 SUBS: David Cancola (Tillson 62) 5, Blair Spittal (Regan-Cook 72) 5, Keith Watson (White 81) 3. hibs MaTT Macey 6 PaUl HaNloN 6 DaRReN McgRegoR 6 PaUl McgiNN 6 JoSH Doig 7 Joe Newell 6 JoSH caMPBell 7 JaKe Doyle-HayeS 6 cHRiS caDDeN 7 MaRTiN Boyle 7 KeviN NiSBeT 6 SUBS: Christian Doidge (Nisbet 67) 5, Scott Allan (Campbell 76) 4, Jamie Gullan (Doig 81) 2. possession RoSS coUNTy man of the match HiBS 41% 59% 5 SHoTS oN TaRgeT 4 5 SHoTS oFF TaRgeT 2 6 coRNeRS 3 10 FoUlS 11 2 yellow caRDS 1 0 ReD caRDS 2 JOSEPH HUNGBO The Watford loanee continues to impress in County colours. The winger was a constant thorn in Hibs’ side, working Josh Doig and Paul Hanlon hard on the flank. He should have made it 2-0 late on but that didn’t tarnish a display of energy, guile and invention. PREMIERSHIP LIVE FROM Hampden heaven to hell in the Highlands, Hibs’ mood shift was sharp and severe last night. A bizarre and fortuitous Blair Spittal goal sank the Edinburgh side in their fifth straight league defeat as the fireworks they produced at the National Stadium fizzled out in Dingwall’s drizzle. County’s game in hand was cashed in, earning them a second win of the campaign and taking the bottom-of-thetable side to within a point of nearest foes Dundee. Chances of recovery for the Easter Road club were dashed by a senseless red card for Christian Doidge late on. And Martin Boyle followed after full-time for raging at ref Gavin Duncan. Hibs headed north without suspended centre-half Ryan Porteous, the only absentee from Sunday’s monumental Premier Sports Cup semi-final victory over Rangers. They also travelled up the A9 with a burning sense of grievance. That was sparked on two fronts – the fixture pile-up looming through December and the SPFL’s award of just 17,500 tickets for next month’s final against Celtic at Hampden. Those concerns were set to one side, though, given the pressing need for Premiership recovery for Jack Ross’ side. County’s issue in the build-up to last night, far from being fixture overload, had been a lack of matches. The 4-2 Rangers defeat on November 7 was the Staggies’ only 90 minutes in almost a month since battering Dundee 5-1 at Dens Park to break a run of 10 winless league games. There was little of worth from both sides in the opening 12 minutes before Sunday’s hattrick man Boyle burst away on the right. The Australia international’s pace took him surging away from Connor Randall and his cross was perfectly hung up for pal Kevin Nisbet. Square on goal, the Scotland striker’s downward header went straight into the arms of goalie Ashley Maynard-Brewer. A couple of minutes later, Chris Cadden found space to the right of the box and a similarly dangerous delivery found Nisbet powering another header at goal, this time wide of the right-hand post. Those chances were warning DeligHTeD Malky Mackay Hibees follow up Hampden heroics with a Dingwall horror show as they crash to County and two players see red HIGH & the home outfit taking the RoSS coUNTy..........1 HiBS.........0 initiative – and having a penalty alaSDaiR FRaSeR aT THe gloBal eNeRgy STaDiUM claim waved away. Staggies manager Malky enough for the home side but minutes from the break, saw Mackay was certainly convinced they reacted well. Cadden gave the ball zipped about at pace to an award was due as Harry away a handball 30 yards out on slice the Staggies open. Paton’s forward ball was flicked the left and Joseph Hungbo Boyle found Cadden on the into the box by White before whipped in a terrific free-kick. right and the latter’s low, swept Hungbo went down after Josh Jordan White, meeting it eight pass was struck first time by Doig’s bump from behind. yards out, should have scored Paul Hanlon against the outside Boyle also found space for a with his head but glanced just of a post from 14 yards. low drive from the edge of the wide of the left upright. Most of Hibs’ best play did box, which Charlton loanee The game was crying out for a bit of guile and composure. Hibs maybe sensed it as their best move of the first half, 11 come down the right with County’s Randall, a right-back at leftback, up against it frequently. The second half opened with Maynard-Brewer was sharply down to smother. Hibs also had to work hard defensively at times against the Gaffer Jack sees red at whistler Gav FRoM BacK Page gesturing in the referee’s face. Both stand to miss the home clash with St Johnstone on Saturday. And a raging Ross said: “As things stand we will be without two of them, although that might change. “I have not looked closely enough at Christian’s yet so if we have been harshly dealt with, then I’ll protect the player. “At the time I thought it was harsh. I was told it was for violent conduct and from my position I can’t see how that was the case. “But the ref was a lot closer than me so I will look at it again. “Martin’s one is an interesting one because it’s down to something he said. “The referee has told me it was directed at him personally but Martin has told me he said it was about his performance. “To me, that’s two different things and the reaction should be different. “At the moment I’m not sure how that pans out, especially

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 65 MaTT’S iN Hibs keeper Macey can’t keep out goal and, right, Boyle is off after Doidge, below right SIGH for a corner beyond the far post by the stretching Matt Macey. County have rued their luck at times this term but the bizarre 73rd-minute breakthrough held a healthy dose of the stuff. Substitute Spittal’s first touch was a low cross from the left that went through a cluster of legs and deceived Macey before nestling fifth highest scorers in the league, with widemen Hungbo and Regan Charles-Cook always lively. Toward the hour mark, Boyle’s explosive pace again caused trouble for the home team before Josh Campbell’s lay-off found Nisbet drilling a shot low but again straight at Maynard-Brewer. Doidge, back fit for the first time since August, added to his substitute minutes against Rangers as a 67thminute replacement for the mostly ineffective Nisbet. It was County who threatened next, though, with Hungbo’s drive from sharp right of the box pushed from how it’s looked at it. It’s difficult then to say how one person is right and how one is wrong. We will need to look at that in the morning.” Ross, though, admitted there was uncertainty over the reds. He added: “I asked the ref why he sent Christian off and he said violent conduct, which I was surprised about from what I saw in the far corner of the net. Just moments FaR FRoM SUbSTaNDaRD Staggies’ Spittal from my position. But I need to look at it more closely. “If we have not been harshly dealt with then we can’t show that ill-discipline. “Where were are in terms of league form and the number of games we have, I need everyone available. Potentially we could be without two important players.” Opposite number Malky PReMieRSHiP P W D L F A PtS rAngerS 13 9 3 1 29 13 30 ceLtic 13 8 2 3 30 9 26 heArtS 14 6 6 2 23 14 24 DunDee utD 14 7 3 4 14 13 24 motherWeLL 14 6 3 5 19 21 21 St mirren 14 3 7 4 16 22 16 hibS 12 4 3 5 15 16 15 AberDeen 14 4 3 7 15 19 15 St johnStone 13 3 5 5 8 12 14 LivingSton 13 3 4 6 11 17 13 DunDee 13 2 4 7 11 27 10 roSS county 13 2 3 8 18 26 9 after the restart, Hungbo should have tucked away a second but curled his attempt high over the bar. With six minutes left Doidge copped a straight red card for a studs-up challenge on David Cancola. It was tense towards the end but victory was huge for County. To make things worse for Hibs, Boyle was shown a red after the final whistle for gesticulating at the referee. as two of his players get card reality Mackay feels Ross County have shown they can compete with any team in the Premiership. He said: “We have been playing reasonably well. The game we didn’t play well in this season was at Easter Road. We let ourselves down that day. “So it was great to show here we can go toe to toe with one of the best teams in the country.” FiRST-TeaM FigHT Lamie Lamie lays down claim with strike MOTHERWELL ace Ricki Lamie hopes a goalscoring return to the starting line-up has laid down a marker for a run in the side. The defender made his first start since September in the 2-0 win over Hearts. Lamie notched Well’s second goal to clinch the three points and move the Steelmen just three points behind the Jambos. The 28-year-old said: “It’s been frustrating the last wee while not playing as many minutes as I’d have hoped. “But I’ve kept my levels up, kept my professionalism up and I’m good enough to be playing. “Hopefully I’ve put a marker down in the last few games I have featured. “I’ve a couple of goals this season, a couple of assists with getting on the end of things. “It’s just a matter of trying to keep that up.” SHoRT Deal Solomon-Otabor Callum adds Viv & vigour to his Saints CALLUM DAVIDSON has snapped up free agent Viv Solomon-Otabor on a deal until January. The St Johnstone boss dipped into the transfer market as injuries piled up at McDiarmid Park. And the ex-Birmingham attacker, 25, goes straight into the depleted squad for Saturday’s Hibs clash. Davidson said: “It was important to get someone after the injuries to David Wotherspoon, Stevie May and Glenn Middleton. “Viv is someone I have known about for a while. I have seen him play and have watched videos. A friend down south alerted me to him being available and we’re glad to get it done. “Viv can play right across the front three, so hopefully he’ll be a good addition.” THUMbS UP Manager Courts is pleased with his United side we’ll hold court with teams above TAM CoURTS has insisted by ScoTT bURNS Dundee United’s one and good place. I was keen on only priority is trying to Saturday for us to get hang on to the coattails back to winning ways of the Premiership for a number of reasons. pacesetters until January. “There were positives He is adamant it is far in the Hearts and St too early to start talking Johnstone games but we about European qualification. didn’t win. To maintain the United are flying high progress we have this year, and sit fourth, level on we want to be hanging on points with third-placed to the coattails of the Hearts, after last weekend’s teams above us. win over Aberdeen. “We have no divine right Courts has been to be up pushing at the top delighted with the way his but we have shown we are players have performed an exciting team and on and is looking for them to our day we are capable of keep that going when they taking points off anyone.” go to Ross County United have already this weekend. beaten Ross County this The Tannadice gaffer season and Courts is said: “What we are finding hoping for another with the league is that three points. anybody can beat anybody. The United head coach “We are a team that are added: “This weekend at doing well just now. Ross County, it is going to “We have had a strong be an interesting game. start and it is clear we are “For the first 45 minutes going into games with a at Tannadice we were plan and with players excellent and we got our who are in good form. noses in front. “We also know over the “The second half, Ross winter period we could get County would have felt injuries and suspensions aggrieved that they left and there will be different with nothing because it factors that come in. was a game of two halves. “If we can get ourselves “They had a really strong in a position between now second half and were and the January window unlucky not to take and we are still on the coat something. We know we tails of the top teams, then are in for a game this naturally we might change weekend. They are a our aspirations a little bit. decent footballing side.” “We are just targeting The Highlanders may be 16 points a quarter and at the bottom end of the maximising points table but he knows that especially at home, then Malky Mackay’s team have we will just be fine. more quality than their “I am excited to hear the points’ tally shows. players are enjoying the Courts said: “If you look way we are playing.” at their performance levels The United boss knew they probably aren’t last week’s win over getting the points for what Aberdeen was vital to they are putting in. We maintain momentum. know we will have to be at He said: “We are in a our best if we want to win.” all laST NigHT’S eURoPeaN acTioN see page 62

Page 66 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 bayer leverkusen v c e lt i c We need you with us, Bren tells fans leicesTeR v legia BRENDAN RODGERS has appealed to Leicester fans to be “for us rather than against us”. The FA Cup winners were booed in Saturday’s 3-0 home defeat by Chelsea. The Foxes finished fifth the last two seasons but are sitting 12th after one point from three games. They now face a crunch Europa League home tie with Legia Warsaw tonight. A victory is needed to keep alive hopes of topping Group C to progress to the last 16 automatically. Asked if he had a message Rallying call Rodgers for the fans, Rodgers said: “These players have given so much in the last couple of years and given some great joy to the supporters. “Bring that incredible passion and support and really encourage the team. “That will always give us a chance. We need them for us rather than against us.” Conte: only way is to work this out ns MURa v ToTTenhaM ANTONIO CONTE insists hard work is all it takes to prove critics wrong. The Italian left England in 2018 after being shown the door by Chelsea despite winning the Premier League plus FA Cup in his two years in charge. He returned as successor to Nuno Espirito Santo at a Tottenham team charged with underperforming and failing at the final hurdle. He sees tonight’s Europa Conference League tie with NS Mura as a chance to improve the fitness of his stars in a bid to get them shown The DooR Nuno punching their weight at the business end of the season. Conte said: “I have won trophies in the past but this is a new situation and you have to prove yourself again. “We have to be focused and work hard to improve. “I don’t see another way to reach our target. There is only this way.” Let’s bring Moyes as crowd cannot RaPiD vienna v wesT haM DAVID MOYES admits it will feel like West Ham are back in lockdown tonight as he challenged his side to seal top spot in Group H. The Hammers need a win on the road at Rapid Vienna to finish top of their Europa League section and avoid a play-off with a team dropping out of the Champions League. No fans are allowed in the stadium due to a national lockdown in Austria, which followed a UEFA ban on away fans. Moyes knows it will feel like a throwback to empty eMPTy Feeling Moyes houses at the height of the pandemic but backed his boys to get the job done. He said: “It’s a challenge. It’s a situation we hoped we’d never see again, that we wouldn’t be back in. “When it first happened it felt awkward. The voices, shouting, screaming. I hope we’re able to deal with it.” CAMERON CARTER-VICKERS admits it’s taken two months for the climate change at Celtic to move from net zero to something much more acceptable. A 4-0 Europa League home defeat to Bayer Leverkusen in September became the benchmark for early season woes as the Hoops racked up a fifth loss in eight games and sat pointless in Group G after two rounds of fixtures. Fast forward to tonight’s clash in the BayArena and Ange Postecoglou’s side are back in the qualification hunt after back-to-back wins over Ferencvaros. Defensive issues also appear to be remedied, having conceded only six goals in a nine-game unbeaten run since that painful previous meeting with the Bundesliga cracks. Sorry September feels like a lifetime ago as far as Carter-Vickers is concerned. He said: “It was a couple of months ago now and we have improved since then as a team, both attacking wise and defensively. “We are in a different kind of mood now as a squad. We are confident we can go there and play our football – and try to get a result. “It will be a good game and a real test for us. But with our recent run of results, I’m confident we can go there and get something. “Obviously overall we have had a tough group with Betis, Leverkusen and Ferencvaros. But at this stage we have six points and we’re still in with a shout of getting through to the knockout rounds in the Europa League so that’s what we’re going to try to do.” If Celtic can emerge from this test with at least a point, it will set up a December 9 shoot-out for second place with Betis who sit one point in front as they host the Hungarians tonight. It’s a proposition on-loan Tottenham defender Carter-Vickers has underlined as a priority. He said: “100 per cent, that’s the aim. As long as we can still qualify, that’s what we want to do. “We know if we can get something in Germany then it sets up a big game back at home against Betis. We would go into that one confident as well. “The big European nights at home are really good. To be fair, not just the European nights, I think all the games are good. “The stadium is always full for the league games as well as the European ones. “The atmosphere is incredible for every game. I look forward to them all.” And one note of encouragement for the 23-year-old comes in the shape of stats showing a Leverkusen side sitting fourth in the Bundesliga have shipped 11 goals in six home league games. Carter- Vickers If we can get something in Germany it sets up a big game back home with Betis CAMERON CARTER- VICKERS on squad’s PusH FoR KnoCKouT sTaGEs by goRDon PaRKs is equally aware of the attacking threats that will come his way but he’s adamant Celtic’s approach will be to take the game to the Germans. He said: “Leverkusen are a top side. They have great attacking players, quick attacking players who play in a top league in the Bundesliga. “We know it’ll be a test for us but we just have to go there, try to impose our style on the game and see what happens.” Celtic are already guaranteed European football beyond Christmas as they have the Conference League as security if they exit the Europa. But Carter-Vickers isn’t ready to consider the fallback option. He said: “It’s good to know we have that but while we can still qualify for the Europa League, that’s what we want to do. We want to aim as high as we can and at the moment we can still do it, so that’s what we want.” The Spurs man has been a consistent and impressive performer at the back for Postecoglou since making the temporary switch from London on deadline day and he hasn’t ruled out a permanent stay in Glasgow. Carter-Vickers, as yet, has had no conversations with new Tottenham boss Antonio Conte, below, and he conceded a long-term future with the Hoops could be on the horizon. He added: “It’s something that I’m open to but I haven’t given it much thought at this stage, to be fair. “I still have plenty of games left in this season and that is my focus. “I have really enjoyed it. The staff and the players have been really good with me and that’s helped me. “It’s still early days but for me personally – and as a team – we’ve got to keep going and keep the consistency. “For me at the moment, I’m here at Celtic, I’m a Celtic player, so my focus is more on impressing the manager here and trying to get results for Celtic. Anything further than that I haven’t really given much thought to. “I feel like I have adapted to the Scottish Premiership. That is partly down to the coaches and the players here making me feel so welcome from the beginning. “The coach has put in a system that is easy to adapt to and play in. That’s helpful. “Last season I was at Bournemouth and we got to the play-offs in the Championship. “The year before that I was at Luton. When I went there in January we were at the bottom and we managed to stay up. “So I have had a few good ones and a few where I’ve learned something but this is definitely one where I’m learning a lot. I’m enjoying my football.”

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK TONIGHT, 5.45PM, BT SPORT 3 LEGENDS OF THE FALL leaDiNg MaN James McCarthy and Carter-Vickers, far left, watch star Kyogo Furuhashi put in hard yards on eve of clash Cam: Keeping the Europa dream alive in Germany will show how far we’ve come since 4-0 loss to Bayer at start of our autumn tests MIdweek Mr bet builder Page 67 Fixit Gio’s Sparta start needs some goals A MUST-WIN Europa tie is a baptism of fire for Giovanni van Bronckhorst as he takes the Rangers reins after Sunday’s shambolic semi-final loss to Hibs. But the bookies are backing the Dutchman to get off to a flying start with Gers just 3/4 at McBookie to beat Sparta Prague at Ibrox. Punters might be a bit wary of backing the league champions after watching them crash 3-1 at Hampden. But Sparta are in even worse form, losing 4-0 at Synot on the same day to make it one win in four. I’m going for goals in this one, with Rangers needing a two-goal winning margin to book their spot in the knockout rounds. Over 2.5 strikes is 19/20 at Unibet while both teams to score appeals at 13/15 with SBK. Joe Aribo looks good Combining BTTS in Leverkusen with over 0.5 first-half goals and over 2.5 match goals pays 106/100. McBookie offers anytime card and scorer markets for all SPFL Bet Builders. Check out the site today. ToUgH leSSoN Amine Adli laps up No.4 for Bayer at Parkhead and, below, Carter- Vickers ships penalty for third goal value for a goal tonight at 19/5 with Unibet. It’s no surprise to see Leverkusen as short as 40/85 with McBookie to beat Celtic in Germany after their 4-0 win in Glasgow. But Bayer have lost form since that game while the Hoops are beginning to hit top gear, so this clash could be a lot closer. Both teams to score is 8/13 with McBookie while over 2.5 goals is also poor value at a best 4/7 with Quinnbet. So I’m backing over 1.5 first-half goals instead at 27/20 with SportNation. Moussa Diaby scored twice in Leverkusen’s last Euro outing against Real Betis and looks the best bet for a goal here at 7/4 with McBookie. Super singles Over 2.5 goals at Ibrox (19/20, Unibet). Diaby any time scorer (7/4, McBookie)

Page 68 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 bayer leverkusen v celtic BHOYS MUST STAY HUNGRY fRoM bacK Page the park stays motivated to keep on top of performance at all levels of his club. The Aussie believes there’s simply no other option across the board at a huge side as demanding as Celtic. Postecoglou said: “Well you’ve got no choice. “Unfortunately or fortunately, whatever way you want to put it, when you join this football club, that’s what you are signing up for. “You are not just signing up to play for a club that has great standing and has great support. You are signing up to be just that – to be hungry for success. “If you are not, you won’t last here. “Not if you are a player, or a manager or a member of staff here.” The 56-year-old is desperate to get his hands on silverware having taken over in the summer. And his new-look squad are hungry to get back into the winners’ circle after the club ended last term without any trophies. But immediately before that, the Parkhead club put together an incredible run of 12 straight domestic trophy triumphs for an unprecedented quadruple Treble as they managed to relentlessly maintain the highest standards. And Postecoglou said: “That’s the expectation. “You have got to walk around here – whether you have been here for a couple of months or for 10 years – and approach every game as if we haven’t had success for a long time. “That’s the demands and that’s how you stay on top of your game always.” Postecoglou also insists it would be pointless being shy and safe on the road against Bayer Leverkusen tonight as that will tell him nothing. The Hoops manager believes that negativity only breeds inferiority – and he would rather learn the hard way trying to be positive. Postecoglou said: “You’ll MeaSURiNg UP Seoane learn absolutely nothing if you go out there and shy away from it. “We can go and be conservative, try to hold on, try to survive. “But if we do that then we’ll learn nothing. “All you learn is that you’re inferior and you don’t believe you can be any better. “The only way we’ll learn anything in this game is if we go out there and take the game to them. “That may be a painful lesson for us all but ultimately it’s a better way for us to find out. “It may not be a painful lesson, it may show that we’re making a hell of a lot of progress. “I’d rather go there and find out about ourselves than just go there and try to survive. “That’s not the way that you develop or grow as a team. “If we want to get to these levels, then we’ve got to use these games as a measuring stick. “And the only way to get measured is to go out and put yourself out there.” With Real Betis a point clear in second spot, Celtic may need a positive result against Gerardo Seoane’s side to still stand a chance of getting out of Group G and into the Europa League knockouts. Postecoglou said: “There are also consequences on the result. “I’m sure we’ll have some bright spots. I still believe we can take the game to them. “But there are going to be moments when our concentration is going to have to be at the highest possible level.” caM: Show how faR we’ve coMe see pages 66&67 We are playing a Champions League side in their own backyard... but we have to see how we measure up against it. We must believe in ourselves, go out there & take game to them give ’eM whaT foUR Celts boss Postecoglou wants revenge for 4-0 Bayer drubbing SayS aNge PoSTecogloU

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK TONIGHT, 5.45PM, BT SPORT 3 Page 69 by CRAIG SWAN ANGE POSTECOGLOU is adamant Celtic will leave nothing behind as they aim to make history. The Parkhead boss is aware his troops face a mammoth challenge against Bayer Leverkusen to keep alive their hopes of reaching the Europa League knockout stages. Celtic have already lost by four goals to the Bundesliga team on their own patch on the second evening of the Group G campaign. In Postecoglou’s opinion, his squad are basically facing a Champions League outfit in their backyard. With history also against the Hoops, having never won in 12 visits to Germany, the size of the task needs little outlining. But so long as his team are true to themselves and their values, Postecoglou will be undaunted. It might be big but this is a challenge he wants tackled head on. And the message to the group is simple – leave nothing behind in the effort. Postecoglou said: “Spot on and that’s the only way you can measure it. “If we fall short, at least we’ll know we’ve given it all and we’ll know where we need to improve. “But if you go out there sort of trying to just have selfpreservation or playing safe or not going out with the intention of leaving everything out there, you’ll never really know. “That’s what we’ll do in every game – take on the challenge – and hopefully we can be successful and move on from there. “It’ll be challenging. They are a good side, they have picked up their form in the league. “We have obviously played against them once and we know they are a side that are very quick on transition with quality players throughout their team. “We are going to have to put our best foot forward to match them. It’s a challenge for us to try to impose our game on them. “We are playing one of the top teams in Europe. To all intents and purposes they’re a Champions League side and we are playing SKIN IN THE GAME Christie them in their backyard, so that can’t be underestimated. “But we have to go there and see how we measure up.” Celtic will have to be in peak form to succeed but, despite the heavy scoreline, there were signs at Parkhead in the first meeting to offer some optimism. Although Joe Hart was beaten four times, Bayer counterpart Lukas Hradecky could have suffered the same fate had he not performed heroics due to the chances the home side created in Glasgow’s east end. Postecoglou acknowledged both angles – attacking and defensive – when it was put to him his team caused Leverkusen problems as he said: “Yes we did but we also conceded four goals. “We have to make sure that we are concentrating all of the time and are well disciplined. They are a team that will wait on any mistakes we make and punish us. “When the first game was at 0-0 in the first 20-odd minutes, we probably created the better chances. But then we made a mistake, they scored and we lost composure for a little bit. “It’s always a battle away from home in Europe and especially this one. It’s important we have our concentration levels and discipline when we have the ball and, if we make mistakes, we don’t let the opposition punish us.” Asked if Bayer would be facing he is planning to add to his collection. Christie left Parkhead for a £2.5million fee, which could rise to £4m with add-ons, this summer. He said: “I have already promised a lot of people that there will be a set of Cherries on me if we get promoted. I’ve not decided a different Celtic team now to the one from back in September, Postecoglou added: “I don’t think so. “We are obviously more settled now. Before that game Kyogo Furuhashi had been out for a month and that was his first game back. Callum McGregor had been out for three weeks and it was his first game back. “We were going through a very unsettled period and we are definitely more settled. But the fabric, the core of the side and the way we want to play, won’t be that different. “Irrespective, it is still a massive challenge. There’s no doubt results help with belief and our confidence but I’ve tried to make sure the attitude doesn’t change. “Even when we were going through a rocky spell, the way we train, the way we conduct ourselves, you can’t just be dependent on results. “We have got to believe in ourselves, go out and take a game to opponents. Work hard every day in training. “That is the key to being successful. If you just wait for things to go well for you, you are where – maybe on my heart! I have told the boys already, ‘Any suggestions let me know and I’ll add them to the list’.” As for the number of tattoos he has, Christie added: “I’ve no idea! I’m not going to count but there are a lot more hidden. “A lot is just nonsense! It going to miss opportunities. “We’re settled, the team have belief but in terms of approach and our daily interaction with each other, it’s still the same. “It’s the focus being on the best team we can be.” Postecoglou has confirmed Stephen Welsh will be available for the tie after sustaining a facial knock against St Johnstone five days ago but Tom Rogic, Carl Starfelt and Giorgos Giakoumakis are still sidelined. He said: “Welshy has trained OK. He got a decent whack on his cheekbone but he’s all good. “Tommy is the closest of the three but probably the weekend is more likely. Carl’s a couple of days behind him, so he might be midweek next week. “Giakoumakis’ knee is still giving some problems after that knock, so we are going to get that looked at again. “He’s definitely out. It’s nothing too serious but it’s something that is concerning him.” Christie plans to tattoo Cherries on heart RYAN CHRISTIE has pledged to get a tattoo of a bunch of Cherries if promoted to the Premier League with Bournemouth. The ex-Celtic playmaker already has an eclectic collection of body ink from Latin phrases to bananas. But with his club being nicknamed the Cherries, NICE TO BEAT YOU Florian Wirtz nets at Parkhead two months ago and, right, old Bhoy Jeremie Frimpong chats to Nir Bitton It’s vital if we make mistakes we don’t let the opposition punish us ANGE POSTECOGLOU TELLS HOOPS PLAYERS TO FOCUS started with there being a reason behind them and then my want for tattoos outgrew that. It’s a bit of the weird and wonderful. “The Latin quote was the first one. That is the only one that has semi got a good reason behind it because my dad loves his Roman history.” It’s cup to us to deal with the squeeze on fixtures CELTIC boss Ange Postecoglou understands Jack Ross’ frustrations about scheduling around next month’s Premier Sports Cup Final. But the Aussie admits he’s struggling to see an alternative due to his side’s packed programme. Postecoglou is also adamant his team will be finely tuned for the Hampden showpiece when it comes around on December 19. Hibs gaffer Ross has hit out at the brutal fixture demands around the clash and believes the log-jammed list could hurt the quality of the big match. The Easter Road club face Dundee on the Tuesday before the Sunday showdown but Celtic also have a pile-up with a game against Ross County the following night in the Highlands coming in the midst of 12 games in a 39-day spell. Asked if he could understand Ross’ concerns, Postecoglou said: “I absolutely do. “And ideally you’d love to have a seven-day break. “But the reality of it is, when you’re in multiple competitions like we are, we are going to be in Europe post-Christmas so we are going to have midweek games in the second half of the season. “I don’t know where else they could put a game. I’m sure they probably looked at it. “Ultimately for us as a club, the history suggests that when you sign up, you are going to play 50 or 60 games a year because that’s the expectations and you want to do well in all tournaments. “From our perspective, it’s about making sure that with the games we have got, we put our best foot forward, play the best football we can. “And, when it gets around to the final, we’ll make sure we’re well prepared so we don’t want to let an opportunity go by.” Ross has also expressed fears over the welfare of players and the potential for additional injuries during such heavy schedules. Postecoglou added: “That’s part of a worldwide issue. How much do you want players to play and still expect maximum levels? You have that extra load, which makes it even more challenging for our players.”

MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK Page 70 Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 LEVErKUsEN v CELtIC WE’LL PUT THE SQUEEZE ON ANGEBALL By goRDon PaRKS BAYER LEVERKUSEN boss Gerardo Seoane insists he’s aiming to dump Celtic out of the Europa League tonight by discovering an antidote to Angeball. Ange Postecoglou’s side will attempt to keep their Group G qualification hopes alive by claiming at least a point against the Bundesliga giants who put four past them without reply in Glasgow. Despite admitting the Hoops have been transformed since that defeat two months ago, Seoane is convinced soaking up pressure and hitting back with the sucker punch could be the answer to Celtic’s attack at all costs philosophy. He said: “Celtic have to go out and attack because in the last two games they need to get results. “That could mean we have more space. We have to make sure we are organised and defend well – but also have possession so we can control the game. “They have shown in recent games they are keen to play on the front foot all the time. But every team needs a balance of attack and defence. “Every coach has their own way of doing things and you can clearly see the way Celtic are approaching their games. “They are good in attack, so we will need to keep it lUc aWay Alario scored in Glasgow but is a doubt for matchday five far tighter than we did in Glasgow. They are definitely better organised in defence and also in their pressing.” Leverkusen will be without key Dutch defenders Timothy Fosu-Mensah and Mitchel Bakker as well as Austrian midfielder Julian Baumgartlinger. There are also doubts over winger Karim Bellarabi, Chilean midfielder Charles Aranguiz and Argentina international Lucas Alario. It is an injury list that has disrupted Bayer’s league form and Seoane insists it’s far from ideal going in against a side whose 4-0 defeat in their last meeting wasn’t a fair reflection of proceedings. He said: “In Glasgow we deserved to win but it wasn’t really a four-goal difference between the two teams. “We were very determined in our finishing and took our chances. Celtic produced good moves but didn’t score. “One thing that has changed is we’ve had to adapt our approach. We’ve faced many challenges since then, both in personnel and on the pitch. “But it’s positive for us to find solutions to those challenges. “Obviously we want to get players back as soon as possible and we have to act with the medical department in making decisions. “But we will field the best team we can and also try to produce the best performance we can. “I don’t think it’s good to hold back and hold on to what you’ve got. We want to play on the front foot, take more chances and improve all over.” Chris is a good pal Amine and he’ll be fine BAYER winger Amine Adli is backing ex-Toulouse teammate and Celtic comeback man Christopher Jullien to return better than ever. The French defender has been out of action for almost a year after a freak injury at Celtic Park left him with a serious knee injury. Jullien is recovering well and in recent weeks has been stepping up his rehab in a bid to kickstart his Hoops career under gaffer Ange Postecoglou. French wideman Adli is confident his former Ligue 1 pal will come back stronger from his setback. He said: “I know Chris from Toulouse. When I was young Bayer gaffer rejects all out attack tactic I trained with the professional squad sometimes when he was there. “He is a good defender, good with his head – better than me for sure! “He is a really good guy, good with the young players at the club. “When I was training with the first team in Toulouse he Celtic need results.. that means we could have more space on the pitch Gerardo Seoane plAns to HIt on tHE CoUntER helped me every time. He is a good professional. “I hope he will be back playing soon. “And I’m sure he will be back stronger and better than he was in the past. “We speak together on social media so he knows what I think about him.” gordon Parks PUlling leVeR Seoane wants his Bayer men to remain in control cloSe To ReTURn Jullien bootroom DO Dundee United have the squad capable of qualifying for Europe? QUICK QUIZ 1 In which country did Giovanni van Bronckhorst last manage? 2 How many teams entered this year’s Women’s FA Cup? 3 How many Grand Nationals did Red Rum win? 4 Which cricketer finished with more Test runs for England – Kevin Pietersen or Geoffrey Boycott? 5 Name the France star who won best goalkeeper at World Cup 1998. 6 Which English League Two club play at Brisbane Road? 7 What age is Ange Postecoglou? 8 In which two disciplines has Rebecca Romero won Olympic medals? 9 What record did Pernille Harder set when she moved from Wolfsburg to Chelsea last year? 10 What was boxer Carl Froch’s nickname? 2020: Former Argentina player and manager Diego Maradona died aged 60. Tv sport FOOTBALL: Europa League – Leverkusen v Celtic (BT Sport 3, 5.15pm), Rapid Vienna v West Ham (BT Sport 1, 5.15pm), Galatasaray v Marseille (BT Sport ESPN, 5.30pm), Leicester v Legia (BT Sport 2, 7.45pm), Rangers v Sparta Prague (BT Sport 3, 7.45pm). Conference Lge – Mura v Spurs (BT Sport 2, 5.15pm), Roma v Zorya (BT Sport ESPN, 7.45pm). MLS – Colorado v Portland (FreeSports, 9.30pm). GOLF: European Tour – Joburg Open (Sky Sports Golf, 10am; Sky Sports Main Event, 11.30am). Ladies European Tour – Andalucia Costa Del Sol Open De Espana Femenino (Sky Sports Golf/Sky Sports Main Event, 3pm). SNOOKER: UK Championship (Eurosport 2, 2.30pm & 7.30pm). GOT A STORY? dAIlY pOll ON THIS dAY Tweet us at @Record_Sport Or email us sport@dailyrecord.co.uk ANSWERS: 1 China 2 418 3 Three (1973, 1974 and 1977) 4 Pietersen (8181 v 8114) 5 Fabien Barthez 6 Leyton Orient 7 56 8 Rowing and track cycling 9 World record transfer fee 10 The Cobra.

Daily RecoRD RD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK RANGERS v SPARTA PRAGUE Page 71 FiRST TaSTe Sparta Prague train at Ibrox last night as Vrba gears his side up FIGHT NIGHT SPARTA PRAGUE ace David Pavelka: There won’t be bad blood between the sides Pavelka reckons there’s no bad blood with Rangers but the Czech outfit will be up for a fight at Ibrox. as we’re only here for football but we expect a battle The first clash between the two was marred by shocking scenes as school kids racially abused Gers players on the back of a stadium ban for bad behaviour and the Light Blues’ ill-tempered clash with rivals Slavia last season when Glen Kamara was the victim of vile slurs from a fellow pro. Czech officials have warned fans to be on their guard in Glasgow but Pavelka insists there’s no undercurrent. cZech oUT He said: “I feel nothing but a healthy Kamara sports rivalry against Rangers. We’re sees red in here for football, that’s the only thing we Prague, left, and can influence. David “We assume that Rangers will want Hancko to show aggressive football, similar to nods home the game at the Letna (Sparta’s home). his winner “We will want to continue and add by Michael gaNNoN as they would be roughed up even more worse. Slovacko showed us that it’s bad the performance we had in the home ambitions here – to stay in Europe for by Rangers. if we think we can just play nice football. game with Lyon, for example. the spring.” He said: “A similar match awaits us so “Of course, there will be changes in “We feel we’re not far away, it is up to Sparta boss Pavel Vrba is looking for hopefully we will learn. the line-up compared to the weekend. us. We have it in our hands.” a reaction but he’s not expecting big “We have lost two (league) matches But let’s see if there are any surprises.” Pavelka insists Sparta’s youthful side changes from Rangers under new boss in 15 so I believe that we will not give Defender David Hancko reckons the won’t buckle in the Ibrox atmosphere. Gio van Bronckhorst. such a performance twice in a row. four-goal thumping at the weekend was The Czechs are feeling the heat after a He said: “A tough opponent is waiting “To advance from the group, we need just the boot up the backside the Czech 4-0 hammering to Synot Slovacko left for us. That they changed the coach to pick up three points in the two side needed. them toiling in fourth in the table. doesn’t change anything. remaining matches. We would He said: ”I believe that each of us will But he said: “Our young players “The main things is the players that like us to get them as quickly grasp it right – it will give us a kick up have had enough, the atmosphere Rangers have at their disposal. as possible. the a**. Everyone must help encourage won’t hit them. “We have information that the “We fell against Slovacko the team. “On the contrary, they are looking new coach has already spoken about in personal battles in all “We know that a victory would help forward to it, they already know it from tactics after the weekend match. ranks and in key positions. us to get out of this group and stay in previous big matches. I’m not expecting “So we take this match as a guide “We will certainly fight Europe. So we definitely want to play a problem with that. to where Rangers want to go.” after the defeat because if aggressively, completely forget about “We come here believing we can Vrba has warned his we approach the game in Sunday’s match and show that it was achieve a result. We did not manage the side they can’t afford the same way then it just a one-time mistake. league match at the weekend but we a repeat of the will turn out the “We will have to be compact, fight and coNFiDeNT evaluated and it must not happen again. weekend whipping Pavelka same against leave everything there. Then we can “We want to fulfil our goals and our Rangers – if not manage to win.” BoTTle aTTacK Payet Gers sweat on tickets after Lyon Covid spike by gaViN BeRRy RANGERS are seeking clarity from Lyon over the away allocation for their final Europa League clash as travelling supporters face an anxious wait. It was thought the Ibrox side would receive around 3000 tickets for the Group A clash on December 9 but the club are still awaiting confirmation of this. That’s left fans frustrated as they look to make plans but it comes at a time when Covid-19 infections have skyrocketed in France. A Rangers statement read: “We’re still awaiting confirmation of our away allocation. We appreciated frustrations at the lack of clarity on this fixture and appreciate the impact it can have on travel plans. “We greatly value our travelling support and have requested that we receive clarity as soon as possible.” Europe is battling a fifth wave of coronavirus building up to the festive period and France has seen rising cases despite being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. Austria has gone back into full lockdown and there have been protests in Holland over restrictions. Lyon must play domestic games at the Groupama Stadium behind closed doors until further notice after a fan – handed a sixmonth suspended jail sentence – hit Marseille’s Dimitri Payet with a bottle on Sunday. The culprit was banned for five years after the game was abandoned. Weston stakes a treble claim IBROX kid Tony Weston sent a message to Giovanni van Bronckhorst with a UEFA Youth League hat-trick. Rangers Under-19s beat Septemvri Sofia 4-2 in the first leg of a second-round clash, with the Lowland League’s top scorer hitting the opener. Simeon Alexandrov and Martin Stoychev hit back before Cole McKinnon and two more Weston strikes capped a fine afternoon.

Page 72 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 Sparta: Our diplomats can keep tie in Czech by alan marshall SPARTA PRAGUE officials have put Czech diplomats in the UK on high alert for their powderkeg Europa League clash tonight. It comes after Sparta claimed they were bombarded with “disgusting threats” following their controversial first meeting in September. Rangers will introduce boss Gio van Bronckhorst for his first game in charge in the penultimate match in the Europa League group stage, with the sides both on four points. But there is lingering bad blood between the clubs and UEFA will take the unusual precaution of assigning their own special security officer to the match while Sparta have urged their fans to keep a low profile in Glasgow. Rangers star Glen Kamara, who was racially abused by Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela last season, was booed by a crowd of AGONY Boyle fires past Gers’ McGregor for Hibs at Hampden rangers v sparta prague MORE AT Da PRAGUE BOOS Kamara mostly schookids when Sparta won 1-0 in Group A. UEFA only allowed kids into that game following a sanction for previous racist abuse. But the governing body took no action when they investigated the booing of Kamara in Prague. Now Sparta, who are also taking their own security staff to Glasgow, have put Czech diplomats in the UK on alert for the return. Sparta communications director Ondrej Kasik said: “We are approaching this match in a much different way to our normal European away matches. “That was made clear to us just a few hours after the first game when our club’s email and social media networks were flooded with threats and disgusting content. So we are in constant contact with Czech diplomatic representatives in Great Britain and they will help us.” SILENCE IS beyond Christmas and tee up ALLAN McGREGOR has never been a man to pay much attention to the world outside the Rangers dressing room. Even if it’s just a few yards away on the touchline The Ibrox keeper famously keeps his own thoughts under wraps so he was never going to voice an opinion on someone else’s take. Connor Goldson’s admission after Sunday’s Premier Sports Cup semi-final slump against Hibs about some of the Light Blues losing their hunger sparked outrage among a section of the support. It’s not a claim that’s likely to ever be levelled at McGregor, mind you, but he certainly wasn’t going to get involved in McGregor isn’t interested in Connor’s ‘hunger’ comments as keeper eyes Sparta clean sheet by Michael Gannon a slanging match with his vice captain on the eve of tonight’s crucial Europa League clash with Sparta Prague. When the comments were put to him, the 39-year-old did the opposite of what he usually does on the pitch. He dived right out of the way. McGregor said: “I never saw it. As you probably well know, I don’t read newspapers or listen to things so I haven’t heard what he’s said. This is about Thursday’s game. That didn’t happen. It’s nothing to do with tomorrow.” Whether or not that’s a feeling shared behind closed doors will only be known by the men involved. Either way, McGregor won’t want to dwell on a miserable afternoon at Hampden. Goldson’s been slaughtered for his comments but Gers fans will fear he had a point. The team have lacked something at times this season. It might be a spark, it might be the hunger. They look like a side who used up so much energy climbing the mountain last season, they’ve decided to catch their breath and stand around admiring the view. In fairness, for all the mood has become darker around Govan, with some iffy displays and Steven Gerrard jumping ship, the scene doesn’t exactly look bleak. Rangers are four points clear at the top of the table and a two-goal victory tonight would guarantee European football another Europa League knockout stages jaunt. There’s also a new manager with Gio van Bronckhorst now the main man – and he’s looking to get off to a flier. The Dutchman has the backing of the whole support, who worshipped him as a player and have been impressed with the start he’s made to his managerial career, ending Feyenoord’s 18-year wait for the title before his short Covid-hit spell in China. The new gaffer will bring his own ideas but he’ll need some of the trusted lieutenants to help him out in the short term. It’s incredible to think McGregor was just coming through the system when van

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK ilyRecord.CO.UK TONIGHT, 8PM, BT SPORT 3 GOLDSON what they need. Rangers have a Bronckhorst was a player at Ibrox. The game has gone full circle and now the keeper is a key component at the club as he approaches 40. Van Bronckhorst won’t need to pull the shot-stopper to one side and ask him to play a leading role in the new regime. He does that anyway. McGregor is never a man for big answers. Or any answers. And it’s the same when he was asked about his role in the next phase. It’ll be business as usual. McGregor said: “I don’t think it changes. I’m still the same person so I just need to keep on doing what I’m doing. “Outwith playing games and around training I don’t think anything changes really.” Some things might need to change in the short term for the side, though. They can’t keep giving away goals of a start in particular. Gers allowed Aberdeen, Motherwell, St Mirren, Ross County and Brondby in recent weeks to get a leg up but they managed to bounce back. They were at it again at Hampden against Hibs. But this time they were made to pay. It’s one thing gifting a start, it’s another chucking in three before you get going. Van Bronckhorst might have been sold on the move with a vision of the club being top of the table, in a semi-final and in the hunt in Europe. Shuffling uncomfortably in his seat at Hampden, he must have wondered if he’d overlooked EARLY SLIPS Sparta’s David Hancko laps up his winner against Gers, left, and Goldson is gutted at Hampden something in the home report. It’s probably a tougher job than van Bronckhorst might have expected – but he has been backed to build something special at Ibrox. His old Holland team-mate Nigel de Jong is convinced the appointment is a match made in heaven. And former Manchester City midfielder de Jong also reckons his old pal will install some Dutch courage at Ibrox again. He said: “Gio will bring the Dutch attitude to Rangers – always attacking, going forward in every aspect of the game. “He’ll also have excellent man management skills. “As a young manager he understands the transition from player to boss, he’ll understand dick quits iraq role FORMER Rangers boss Dick Advocaat could retire for a fifth time at the age of 74 after quitting as Iraq boss after just three months. The Dutch manager was hired by the Middle East country to salvage their qualifying campaign for next year’s World Cup and he took charge on six occasions, with Iraq’s home games played in Qatar. But he failed to guide them to a single win and walked away from his 24th managerial role for what looks certain to be the last time. Advocaat said: “The expectations were high and unfortunately we were unable to meet them. I’ll take a break before deciding the next step.” He was supposed to quit football after leaving Feyenoord last season, which was the fourth time Advocaat announced he was retiring from the game. But he was tempted back to manage Iraq in August. good one. “He also knows the club as a former player and that’s very important. It’ll be good for their fanbase and he’ll need their support. He’ll be a success. “In the management world it’s not that easy to get a job but eventually he got the right one. “Patience is key. I’m pleased for him and interested in seeing how he’ll get on. It’s fantastic seeing him going to Rangers after Stevie G went to Aston Villa. “It’s a great opportunity for him to excel in Europe. He’s a young coach but he had some good experience at Feyenoord. “He doesn’t have a great deal of experience but it’s a good step up, going to a club with a great set-up and legacy left by Steven.” Page 73 Hotline GORDON PARKS ANSWERS YOUR CALLS GIO VAN BRONCKHORST has barely got his feet under his desk at Ibrox but the Rangers boss needs to get down to business sharpish. Sparta Prague are in town tonight but Celtic fans have taken a glance at the fixture list and they reckon the Light Blues gaffer is in for a tough start on his return to Scotland. Kevin Kean, Inchinnan, said: “GVB has a daunting bedding-in period. A first experience on Livingston’s plastic pitch, Easter Road, Tynecastle, Pittodrie and Parkhead are coming up in the next six weeks. The four-point lead will evaporate long before the Celtic game.” Tam Williamson, Lanarkshire, said: “The only way that GVB can make Rangers hungry again is to close down the Ibrox staff canteen.” Gers fans are still fizzing about Sunday’s Premier Sports Cup defeat to Hibs and the post-match soundbites from Connor Goldson. Robert Robertson, Barnsley, said: “If players choose to make stupid comments to the media about games being lost at half-time, then he deserves all the flak coming his way. James Tavernier, excellent last season but a country mile off it this, should have been man enough to face the cameras after the game.” Raymond Davidson emailed: “For Goldson to slag off his team-mates was disgraceful as he was the culprit as the worst Rangers player. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be at Rangers anymore.” Some Rangers supporters have told Celts to cool their jets. George Wilson, West Sussex, said: “Just a reminder to caller Gordon Ashley who says Rangers can’t win in front of their own supporters, we are four quote of the day ‘The only way that Giovanni van Bronckhorst can make Rangers hungry again is to close down Ibrox staff canteen’ points clear at the top of the league, are unbeaten in the league at Ibrox since the season before last and have beaten his beloved Celtic this season in front of over 50,000 of our own supporters Ian McKendrick emailed: “Can I remind Mr Ashley that Celtic haven’t won anything yet and just scraped past St Johnstone.” On to Celtic and some advice for Ange Postecoglou. David Bryce, Troon, said: “If Ange goes toe to toe with Leverkusen we’ll get absolutely thrashed again. We simply do not have the players to carry out this approach. He needs to adapt tactically and show he is not a one-trick pony. “The great coaches always adapt and find ways to grind out results. Ange must take note.” Record Sport’s Chris Sutton is on pundit duty for BT Sport tonight – but he will be locked out of Ibrox. Martin Leggat emailed: “Another disgraceful decision from Ibrox. Chris Sutton once more not allowed to do his work for BT Sport from the home of Rangers. It says more about their own fear of their own fans’ treatment of an ex-Celtic player.” Meanwhile, the row over giving cop Bernard Higgins a gig at Parkhead rumbles on. Kevin Lord, Edinburgh, said: “If the Celtic board crumbles in their appointment of staff, due to fans who obviously do not relish being called to task over bigotry and violence complaining, they have no right to be in control of any law-abiding company.” Lastly, Dundee owner John Nelms wants to finally get hold of Dens Park but United fans aren’t convinced. Kenny Goff emailed: “The only reason Nelms wants to buy Dens is to sell it on for multi-millions for housing. John Bennett would be a right mug to sell it for the price being said but I can imagine it as a car and coach park for the big matches over the road.” HAVE YOUR SAY ON THE BIGGEST ISSUES IN SPORT AND EMAIL: hotline@dailyrecord.co.uk

Page 74 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 rangers v sparta prague JOHN’S mates’ MAJOR fears FROM BACK PAGE discharged from hospital yesterday after suffering a major scare at the Madejski Stadium. Fleck hit the deck in the 72nd minute with no one near him and needed more than 10 minutes of urgent medical attention. The midfielder was stretchered off and taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital but Blades chiefs said he was conscious when he left the ground and had comprehensive tests before being allowed to return home yesterday to recuperate. United won the match 1-0 but goalscorer Jayden Bogle admitted the squad were left shaken up by the incident, with memories still fresh of Denmark playmaker Christian Eriksen collapsing on the pitch during the Euros. The Inter Milan star recovered after being diagnosed with a heart issue. It is unknown what caused Fleck’s collapse. Bogle insisted he is just relieved his Blades pal is back out of hospital after the side were left holding their breath in Berkshire. He said: “Yes, you fear the worst definitely – especially when it happened so quickly. “It is horrible when you see something like that happen on the pitch. “The main thing is that he is OK and he is stable. You don’t expect things like that to happen. “You just go out there expecting to play a normal football match. “You don’t think about something like that going into games. But they can happen. It was hard to switch your focus back on to the game. “Obviously you don’t relieved Goalscorer Bogle want something like that to happen and after it did, you have to focus on the game and finish the game for him.” Boss Slavisa Jokanovic admitted Fleck’s sudden collapse was traumatic for everyone but he’s hopeful the playmaker is already on the road to recovery with no lasting effects. Jokanovic said: “The experience we all had was so dramatic and horrible, you hope that John will return as soon as possible in good shape and to his normal life, playing football like he did before. “We send him the best regarding support to his friends and family.” Sheffield United last night confirmed Fleck had been allowed to return home while Scotland squad stars such as skipper Andy Robertson posted their support for the star on social media. The club said: “Sheffield United are grateful to report John Fleck has been discharged from hospital and will return to Sheffield. “He was conscious when he was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and was communicative with club and medical personnel, as well as his family. After comprehensive medical examinations and staying in hospital overnight for observation, he has been allowed home.” Ex-Ger Dorrans is ready to lead Pars by example GRAHAM DORRANS thanked his new gaffer for keeping the faith after being handed the armband at Dunfermline. The former Rangers midfielder has been made captain by John Hughes after the manager helped lift Pars off the bottom of the Championship with a 3-0 win over Ayr. It is the first time the 34-year-old’s been named permanent skipper at any club and he has vowed to lead by example. He said: “It’s nice to hear the compliments about me from the gaffer. “It’s always an honour when the manager comes and asks you to do that. If I can give experience to the younger boys coming through, then great.” I’ve only had two days to work with the guys but they know things are going to change ...not just on the pitch but also the way we behave as a team GVB gives his blueprint on what he aims to achieve now he is in the Ibrox hotseat blue better be ready Giovanni discusses Sunday’s disaster against Hibs, right, and says he is looking for much better in his reign at the club gio deal Van Bronckhorst has been up the famous marble staircase and down to business in preparation for Sparta who beat them last time out, above right, in Prague

Daily RecoRD Thursday, November 25, 2021 MoRe aT DailyRecoRD.co.UK TONIGHT, 8PM, BT SPORT 3 Page 75 Step by step the players will understand the way I work and the way I want to play giovanni van bronckhorst on his ibrox plans by KeiTH jacKSoN THINGS are going to change. Giovanni van Bronckhorst could hardly have sent out a clearer message yesterday after spending two days hammering the same thing home to his Rangers players behind the closed gates of Auchenhowie. This is not just the start of a working relationship with a new boss after three-and-a-half years of life according to Steven Gerrard. This is a moment for recalibration. An improved mindset is required given the gloomy, half-hearted mood music that surrounded Sunday’s rock-bottom semi-final defeat to Hibs. A fresh sense of hunger too. And, judging by what van Bronckhorst was saying yesterday, an on the spot overhaul of the way they go about the business of winning football matches too. The Dutchman is clearly expecting instant and obvious results when he sends his side out to face Sparta Prague tonight in what is shaping up to be a winner-takes-all Europa League showdown. Van Bronckhorst said: “It’s been a very short time. I’ve only trained with the players for two days. But they can already sense the things I want to change and what is needed to become successful again. “It’s not only on the pitch but also the way we behave as a team, the way we have to be prepared mentally. You can’t do everything in two days. I will need more time. But step by step I’m sure the players will understand the way I work and also the way I want to play.” Given the staleness that has settled over the blue side of Glasgow this season, van Bronckhorst’s manifesto is likely to be a crowd-pleaser. The former player will be welcomed back like some long lost son by a sell-out crowd when he takes his seat in the home dugout. But it’s the players van Bronckhorst really must get on board at a time when one or two of them appear to be of a mind to down tools. Connor Goldson’s admission that this team may have lost its appetite for success, having won just a single trophy from the last available 10, has heightened the suspicion that Rangers are experiencing some kind of internal crisis – even if they are one game away from the knockout stages of Europe and sit four points clear at the top of the domestic pile. Van Bronckhorst had better hope they are ready to learn and willing to pay attention. He went on: “I have a certain way of working and there are certain things I expect from my players. I don’t know how previous managers worked, Gerrard worked in a certain way and I’ll work in a certain way. “But I demand that we are playing as a team and that we do everything we can to play as a team, whether it’s defending or attacking. “The players have their tasks on the pitch and they know that because we’ve talked a lot about that over the last couple of days. “So now they need to execute that and make sure we’re ready for Prague.” Tactically too, expect tweaks. Van Bronckhorst may be a true believer in the 4-3-3 formation but his preferred version is different from the one Gerrard rolled out at Rangers over the last three-and-a-half campaigns. While the previous manager liked to talk about deploying all manner of “No.10s”, van Bronckhorst has a reputation for encouraging his wingers to operate the old-fashioned way – on the wing. He said: “I’m here as the new manager. I have certain ways of playing against different systems but you will see a team on Thursday in the system I like to play and also the best system to play against Prague. “I’m a different coach with different ideas and different ways of playing, so you will definitely see some changes.” He’ll also be looking for signs that his new players are on message. Asked yesterday if he wants to see this missing “hunger” return to the collective belly of his squad, he nodded and said: “Yes, of course, because we need that in every game. You have to have that to achieve something. “It’s a home game, a special game in Europe, which are great nights at Ibrox. Of course, with the support of all the fans in the stadium we have to create an atmosphere and an environment in which we play well and win.” Goldson’s brutally honest post- Hampden assessment, though, continues to echo around this camp. It’s hard to imagine those words will not have been playing heavily on the mind of the new man in charge. He added: “Obviously the team wasn’t happy and wasn’t in a good place on Sunday. It was quite an emotional game for the club, going out of the cup. After the game the most important thing is to look forward. “As a player, you need to work hard to keep the hunger, to keep the desire. You have to work hard and that’s what I demand from day one. “So far it’s been really good. The most important thing is to want to be a better player, a better team in the coming days, weeks, months, years.” GIO’S HOLDING OUT FOR ZERO FRoM BacK Page vast improvement from his leaky defence to shut out the away side – and set up a result that will shut up their racist supporters. Sparta’s ground was shut down by UEFA after home fans aimed monkey chants at Monaco players during a Champions League qualifier, only for the governing body to allow 10,000 schoolkids to attend the first group match against Rangers in September. And that game was marred by constant jeering of Ibrox star Glen Kamara, who had been subjected to vile racist abuse during a previous Euro tie with Sparta’s rivals Slavia Prague. The bad blood looks sure to create a powderkeg atmosphere for this winner-takes-all clash but van Bronckhorst has warned his new players not to be distracted from their aim of securing second place in Group A. He said: “We’ve seen a lot of circumstances in the stands, not only in the games we played against Prague but you can see it in football. “It’s definitely a thing we want to get rid of but we also know it’s hard to get rid of. It’s still there. “We have to be focused on the match and make sure we are performing well on the pitch. We have to be fully focused on the thing we want to do and that’s win against Prague.” But after running the rule over his new team for the first time in Sunday’s Hampden thrashing off Hibs, van Bronckhorst is acutely aware Gers will need to tighten up at the back to stand any chance of keeping Sparta at bay. And he insisted that his priority target is to oversee a first clean sheet in all competitions since a 2-0 win over the group’s bottom side Brondby at Ibrox last month. He said: “We must make sure we are defensively much more focused, much more compact. “For me, the defending part of the game is for everyone, so we trained olD gaFFeR Advocaat tactically the last few days to make sure we are well prepared for Prague. “The first thing you want to do, not only in Europe but in every game, is to be defensively solid – to keep the zero – and try to win the game by scoring goals. “That’s the match’s main objective. To defend really well and to make sure we keep the zero.” Tonight’s tie will see the former Feyenoord boss take a bow in front of a packed Ibrox for the first time since his playing days under Dick Advocaat more than 20 years ago. He said: “I’m looking forward to my first game back in the stadium. “It will bring back many good memories of my time as a player and I can’t wait to feel the atmosphere again in the stadium. “But I’m old enough to separate my emotions into the focus I need to perform with the team. “Before the game there might be mixed feelings but once the whistle goes I will be fully focused on my task – to guide the team to victory. “I think they are ready. This is a new start for them as well with me coming in as the new manager. “Of course, they are disappointed from the result at the weekend but all we do is look positively at this next game. “The players worked hard – they look very fresh and sharp and that is what we’ll need against Sparta Prague. “We are very well prepared for the game and we’ll go for a good result at home because we want to still be in Europe after Christmas. That’s our main objective.” al iSN’T HUNgRy To geT iNVolVeD see pages 72&73

dailyrecord.co.uk facebook.com/TheScottishDailyRecord @Record_Sport ROSS COunty...1 HIBS.....0 Jack sees red over Thursday, November 25, 2021 whistler Fleck’s mates feared worst JOHN Fleck’s Sheffield United team-mates admitted they were in a state of shock and feared the worst when the Scotland star collapsed in by michael gannon the clash with Reading on Tuesday night. Thankfully the 30-year-old was TURN TO PAGE 74 by alasdair fraser JACK ROSS could look to appeal both of last night’s red cards after controversy flared in the Highlands. The Hibs boss placed the blame for his side’s costly fifth consecutive league defeat at the feet of referee Gavin Duncan. Christian Doidge was sent off for a clash with Ross County’s David Cancola, then Martin Boyle walked after the final whistle for TURN TO PAGE 64 ross’ rage Jack fumes at ref Gavin EUROPA LEAGUE CRUNCH NIGHT ANGE’S HUNGER GAMES newspapers support recycling The recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2016 was 62.8% PASSION FOR SUCCESS Postecoglou by craig swan ANGE POSTECOGLOU is adamant Celtic can’t survive without hunger and drive. And the inspired manager insists no member of staff at Parkhead can afford to lose their passion for success or they won’t last at the club. Rangers defender Connor Goldson has been criticised for suggesting his team may have lost some of their hunger. Postecoglou says it’s imperative every single individual at Celtic on and off turn to page 68 GIO WILL BE HOLDING OUT FOR A ZERO Back to basics for new boss NEW Rangers manager Gio van Bronckhorst has demanded a zero tolerance approach to tonight’s Europa League grudge match with Sparta Prague. The Dutchman will take by keith jackson charge of his side for the first time knowing a two-goal win over the Czechs will clinch a place in the knockout stages. Van Bronckhorst wants a TURN TO PAGE 75 dugout debut New Gers boss van Bronckhorst Published by Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd (0141 309 3000) One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA and printed at Reach Printing Services in Glasgow, Oldham, Watford and Interpress Belfast. Registered at the Post office as a Newspaper © Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd, 2021. A Reach plc newspaper. ★★

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 solutions funday tHURsday, November 18 SU-DOKU 1 2 3 4 7 2 6 8 9 1 3 5 3 1 6 8 9 7 5 2 4 7 4 1 2 6 8 9 5 3 6 1 5 8 2 3 7 9 4 1 4 9 2 8 7 5 3 6 3 7 2 4 5 8 9 6 1 6 4 7 2 3 8 5 1 9 4 7 6 9 5 2 1 8 3 8 6 4 3 9 5 7 2 1 8 1 9 5 3 2 6 7 4 4 8 7 1 2 5 9 6 3 5 6 3 4 7 1 9 2 8 2 9 5 6 3 4 1 8 7 3 9 6 8 5 2 7 5 1 3 4 9 2 4 8 7 1 6 8 2 9 7 4 6 5 3 1 6 8 5 3 9 4 1 7 2 7 3 4 9 5 1 8 6 2 2 7 3 6 1 5 4 8 9 4 1 8 5 9 6 9 6 3 1 2 7 2 5 7 3 4 8 2 3 8 5 9 1 7 4 6 3 1 2 8 6 4 9 7 5 5 9 1 4 7 6 3 2 8 9 8 5 1 3 7 6 4 2 1 2 3 7 5 9 6 8 7 2 1 4 4 5 9 8 6 3 SPOT THE DIFFERENCE QUICKSTART ACROSS: 7 Origin; 8 Docile; 10 Expanse; 11 Tribe; 12 Tray; 13 Giant; 17 Bleak; 18 Pare; 22 Round; 23 Launder; 24 Cosset; 25 Relief. DOWN: 1 Honesty; 2 Display; 3 Fiend; 4 Fortune; 5 Rigid; 6 Sever; 9 Veritable; 14 Gladden; 15 Maudlin; 16 Petrify; 19 Prick; 20 Guise; 21 Quiet. CODEBREAKER 1=V, 2=L, 3=G, 4=E, 5=W, 6=J, 7=H, 8=D, 9=I, 10=B, 11=O, 12=N, 13=S, 14=F, 15=Y, 16=X, 17=T, 18=R, 19=K, 20=U, 21=M, 22=Q, 23=Z, 24=P, 25=A, 26=C. ARROW WORD FUTOSHIKI 5 2 4 3 1 1 4 2 5 3 4 3 1 2 5 2 5 3 1 4 3 1 5 4 2 KILLER SU-DOKU 6 7 8 5 3 1 2 4 9 4 3 5 9 2 6 8 1 7 1 2 9 4 7 8 6 5 3 3 8 6 2 5 7 4 9 1 7 4 1 6 9 3 5 8 2 WORDWHEEL CALCIFIED 30-sec BRAIN TEASER 65, 119, 272 NINER ORGANISED 9 5 2 8 1 4 3 7 6 5 6 7 1 4 2 9 3 8 SUMMIT UP 64 8 9 3 7 6 5 1 2 4 2 1 4 3 8 9 7 6 5 SPLIT DECISION C L U M P A M E L O U N I O N MIRROR IMAGE D S C NUMBER FIT I H 8 7 4 6 5 4 1 2 1 4 5 0 8 4 2 3 5 2 0 3 4 5 7 1 1 8 7 4 1 9 7 5 4 2 4 5 6 6 4 5 2 9 8 1 2 4 5 8 7 8 6 5 4 8 9 8 7 2 4 8 4 2 4 2 6 5 1 2 4 7 5 6 3 8 4 9 7 6 5 4 2 6 4 2 4 7 1 0 8 4 6 1 3 4 3 7 3 5 8 7 5 1 2 0 0 8 1 4 6 9 C WORDSEARCH K L G U C R F C Y Y N B U M P S E C C U A Y R Z C L C C Q B Q A B I K S I B A G E L H G V L P A R S F N T L G R E E D Y B Q S E Y Y T E K U Q U H J V Y Y M Y P E O O E B G Y M D N K E T E V S P M L Z U D D P K W L D I K O S R K B E L R M Y L K U A P N Y B Y B Y L L I S L C K L Y P T R S N H H C Q D A I R J D D U R I I Z A M Z K M T S V M B R S O L G I P V E S S M A A S V E N J E P M P D K Y N W E J Y O A O I B I R Y J H L V F T N A E M W J R U E F B M A P H S E N A T E C H A K A T N T O T A L U L E N G T H Y A W N O O D D C A T T O R N A D O S E T S N E I C E E P S B E L T S N E A R L I E S T A O R G A N I S I N G E D I V I N E L M K G A P D A D S P L A S H E S I E L A T E R O O A R S D A V E A N C E S T O R S U U H A T E T H E M U R G E E L S E M A E R A A D A P T E N D S M E N T I E T E Y E D O O R S A S K S D A Y M E T T MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK EXTRA PUZZLES QUICKSTART Across 1 Instant (9) 8 Vessel (3) 9 Suggestion (11) 11 Thrash (7) 12 Later (5) 13 Awake (6) 15 Put aside (6) 17 Weird (5) 18 Terrible (7) 20 Brackets (11) 22 Tree (3) 23 List (9) Boost your brain power with our 30-second test. Start with the number on the left and follow the instructions. Beginners should aim to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds. Intermediates should finish their own puzzle and the Beginner’s Challenge. Genius players have 30 seconds to complete their own plus the Intermediate. Good luck! Down 2 Silent (3) 3 Condescend (5) 4 Diminished (6) 5 Inscription (7) 6 Pedantic (11) 7 Mediate (9) 10 Picture-taking (11) 11 Dealer (9) 14 Guided (7) 16 Flag (6) 19 Moral (5) 21 Stray (3) 30-SEC BRAIN TEASER BEGINNER 12 x3 +29 7/13 of this +37 3/8 of this -21 + 1/2 Squared -14 of this INTERMEDIATE 127 ADVANCED 275 -84 x3 -57 codebreaker The number in each square corresponds to a letter. You have to work out the words in the grid, using the three letters provided. Fill in these known letters first, then use your skill and judgement to work out the remainder. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 5/6 of this 8 4 15 21 25 18 12 6 25 16 14 17 23 12 4 25 16 5 18 17 14 16 5 3 23 5 16 6 13 5 9 13 15 9 13 +87 5 15 24 18 17 6 17 23 7 14 2 17 1 20 10 14 11 21 Y I N 17 7 22 25 20 16 23 6 15 14 3 19 25 5 23 13 6 21 3 20 17 8 5 23 15 25 21 1 23 26 17 7 23 24 15 20 21 11 11 16 5 11 5 5 12 24 13 3 5 26 23 15 3 24 2 5 3 23 23 9 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ WORD WHEEL You have 10 mins to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each must use the hub letter and at least 3 others. Letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. There is at least one 9-letter word to be found. How you rate: 15 words: good 20 words: very good 25 or more: excellent. 2/3 of this T C P C I O I M L -47 2/3 of this +107 60% of this -127 x7 +114 85% of this -276 x7 -267 x6 Page 1 ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER Attention – do you have a Will or a Power of Attorney in place? Freephone 0800 049 9688 email: info@ilawsscotland.co.uk www.ilawsscotland.co.uk

Page 2 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 EXTRAPUZZLES DOUBLE TROUBLE SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Can you spot six differences between these two pictures? kids SUDOKU 1 SUDOKU EASY 3 1 7 4 6 7 2 8 8 2 1 8 5 7 2 6 6 3 8 2 4 2 9 1 5 2 7 5 4 1 1 5 4 9 5 6 WORDSEARCH Can you find all the listed UK universities in the grid? Answers may run horizontally, vertically or diagonally, backwards or forwards. K N Y H A B E R Y S T W Y T H M G Z G T A X W D S J D A W U R A L R K U W V E D B I B W M V O H A E R O Q R L E E D S I N X G R S T O M B M S W B X L L X Y N U G E Y Y W W E E C T O O Y W A D O X Q L L A L A O C Y U S H B Y W E F P Z S R N N T N T M X O X A L F T F D K I N A G G X E S O R A U D I E L B O A F H T T V G W C G F Y Q P X O S V S D Y M F I T F N E Q R X C I I J F Y A W C Y E Q D N C R C R Q T A D F D K S I J R B S T A N D R E W S Z B ABERYSTWYTH BANGOR BATH BELFAST BRISTOL CARDIFF DERBY DURHAM EXETER GLASGOW LEEDS LINCOLN MILTON KEYNES OXFORD PLYMOUTH ST ANDREWS WARWICK YORK SUMMIT UP If the number in each triangle is the sum of the two below, what is the top number? 8 13 23 5 10 93 46 47 23 24 5 13 8 SPLIT DECISION 11 Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. B U L V S J H I C E I N N E O L E H E S E T X O R T G K F R P E S U T A R 3 Y I S W H 2 SUDOKU MEDIUM 3 SUDOKU HARD 7 6 3 8 1 2 7 9 6 6 9 7 5 9 9 6 7 1 4 5 2 7 3 4 4 3 1 9 5 1 2 2 NINER 5 8 7 9 6 8 2 7 6 9 3 6 1 2 5 2 3 2 5 9 2 1 6 7 9 8 Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 9841 gives an aquatic mammal 5237899 gives a big cat 567518 gives a reptile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a simple Will is only £48 inc vat Power of Attorney is only £240 (inc vat and £81 registration fee. total £321)

Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Page 3 the big one ARROW WORD The arrows show the direction in which the answer to each clue should be placed. NUMBER FIT All of the listed numbers fit into the grid and there’s only one way to do it. One number has been provided to get you started. Donate Martial art Rebroadcast TV show Blush Gigantic Prong of a fork Walk softly Popular dog name Thorough Predict A male sheep Stadium Short-term worker _ Izzard, pictured Extreme anxiety Broad Spanish dance Mythical figure Informed Climbs down Foolish person 7 4 8 7 5 4 1 4 Sink Paddle Aussie marsupial Not alfresco Lyric poem Talk wildly Scottish river Giant Rub out Pictures Single Rabbit _ Friel, pictured Midge _, 'Vienna' singer Wears away Alarms Employ European language Waterway Free Gourmet Perfect Medium's ritual Piece of writing Row Fish Charms Golf peg Have a wash Glance over quickly 4 digits 2044 3154 4560 4685 5272 9781 5 digits 43650 45789 57405 94542 6 digits 478631 517904 706171 809685 7 digits 1652150 2834917 4575210 8754781 8 digits 34610575 45721690 58511893 74875414 79874512 97875120 KILLER SU-DOKU Normal Sudoku rules apply, plus, the digits in each inner shape (marked by dots) must add up to the number in the top corner of the shape. Posed Concept Insect Antelope Pointed beard 15 8 7 15 12 13 15 Indian dress Toy 17 7 9 11 10 14 21 _ Jones, TV presenter Leaf of a book Cloth edge Heroic 14 10 Leg bone Prank Small vegetable 14 13 20 13 Modify 5 12 23 9 18 8 Building extension Royal Falsehood 11 6 13 14 14 Elbow room 14 MIRROR IMAGE ORIGINAL A Which of the shapes A-D is an exact mirror image of the original? B C D FUTOSHIKI Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. 3 Attention – do you have a Will or a Power of Attorney in place? Freephone 0800 049 9688 email: info@ilawsscotland.co.uk www.ilawsscotland.co.uk

Page 4 MORE AT DailyRecord.CO.UK Daily Record Thursday, November 25, 2021 coffeE break corner NINER Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 6835871 gives edible nut parts 2421 gives inedible parts of a fruit 18891 gives baby plants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SUMMIT UP If the number in each triangle is the sum of the two below, what is the top number? 7 22 ANSWERS sudoku 10 12 17 13 WORDSQUARE WORD LADDER Using the central letter and at least three others, how many words can you find? Plurals, proper nouns and hyphenated words are not allowed, and there is at least one nine-letter word. Target: 25 - good; 35 - very good; 40 or more - excellent Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word – and move from the word at the top of the box to the word at the bottom using the exact number of rungs. NINER SPRINKLED SUMMIT up 110 WORDSQUARE ENIGMATIC EVENS 1937, 5712, 3621, 2864 WORD LADDER One possible solution is: Back, Bank, Band, Bend, Rend, Read, Road. cartoons 3 51 110 29 30 9 59 4 6 7 3 2 2 9 4 5 7 7 4 6 3 5 4 3 1 5 3 8 7 9 6 8 5 A E G T C I N M I B A C K EVENS Insert any digit from 1 to 9 in the squares so that the numbers in each row and column add up to the given totals. No digits may be repeated within a row or column, and only even numbers may be placed in grey squares. EASY 8 4 7 6 8 6 5 2 9 9 4 1 5 2 1 3 2 4 6 9 8 2 1 2 4 R O A D 11 30 12 14 9 3 8 4 9 6 9 8 20 15 12 20 medium 2 8 1 3 4 5 8 7 2 5 6 wee thinker Across 1 Creature all over mother (5) 4 Cook has only a big ape (7) 8 Land or return to madness (7) 9 Victory omen about poison (5) 10 American uncle is almost identical (3) 11 Temp’s beer brewed for thirty days (9) 13 About to moan about new trickster (3,3) 14 Pride’s displayed by creepy-crawly (6) 17 Trial meant to use evidence (9) 19 Creature in embassy (3) 21 Satan lived badly (5) 23 Surface is unacceptable to team (7) 24 Student deserved to be educated (7) 25 Somehow poses as lawmen (5) Down 1 Entices to break rules (5) 2 Weapons of smart, mean design (9) 3 Forgetfulness is a mean condition (7) answers 2 8 6 5 9 4 1 7 4 3 6 5 1 2 6 3 8 5 4 9 7 3 9 7 1 8 2 EASY 5 6 7 4 9 8 3 1 2 7 4 5 9 8 3 7 2 5 8 6 1 2 3 1 9 6 4 1 7 3 8 5 6 2 9 4 4 2 7 6 3 9 5 8 1 3 1 5 7 4 2 9 6 8 4 2 5 3 1 6 7 7 8 5 9 3 1 6 8 4 9 3 7 2 5 9 1 2 6 MEDIUM 4 8 4 6 9 2 3 1 8 5 7 1 9 5 7 8 4 6 2 3 9 4 6 3 1 8 5 7 2 9 7 8 6 2 1 5 5 9 3 8 2 7 4 2 6 8 1 9 4 3 4 6 3 5 1 7 quickie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 4 German to knock father for drink (6) 5 Heard appraisal of entertainment (5) 6 Man of splendour (3) 7 Marred arrangement with one enthusiast (7) 12 Terrible costumes for vices (3,6) 13 Cat lied about fort (7) 15 Spit out best chance to refuel (3,4) 16 Next moment (6) 18 Everyone at home is very tired (3,2) 20 Reportedly regarded as part of play (5) 22 Through in deviation (3) Across 1 Picturesque (6) 7 A second self (5,3) 8 Pieces (4) 10 Small cupboard (6) 11 Deny any connection with (6) 14 Blokes (3) 16 Quotes (5) 17 Chafes (4) 19 As yet (2,3) 21 Place of safety or refuge (5) 22 Exhausted or dissipated (5) 23 Untidy state (4) 26 Strong alloy (5) 28 Thin stick (3) 29 Edible seed (6) 30 Occurring at a good time (6) 31 Portent (4) 32 Ribbed cotton fabric (8) 33 Indian stringed instruments (6) Down 1 Association football (6) 2 Sounds (6) 3 Set of actors (4) 4 Aquatic bird (7) 5 Warehouse (5) 6 Naming words (5) 8 Explosive device (4) 9 Number (3) 12 Male teacher’s title (3) 13 Sheds tears (5) 15 Form a layer over (5) 18 Unify (5) 19 Opposite of happy (3) 20 Gave food to (3) 21 Fish type (7) 22 Fast aircraft (3) 23 Instant (6) 24 Paradise (4) 25 Needle (6) 26 Loose (5) 27 Admission (5) 28 Raised edge (3) 30 Playthings (4) YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS wee thinker ACROSS: 1 Concur, 5 Lapdog, 8 Sightsee, 9 Toss, 10 Igor, 11 Rhetoric, 12 Hassle, 14 Ravage, 16 Prepared, 19 Nice, 21 Hair, 22 Ancestor, 23 Ideals, 24 Lender. DOWN: 2 Owing, 3 Coheres, 4 Reserve, 5 Liege, 6 Patio, 7 Ousting, 13 Air raid, 14 Radical, 15 Venison, 17 Parka, 18 Reads, 20 Close. QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Valid; 6 Screw; 9 Natural; 10 Bossy; 11 Macho; 12 Aesop; 13 Abridge; 15 Bet; 17 Rail; 18 Danish; 19 Poser; 20 Seesaw; 22 Foam; 24 Err; 25 Cleanse; 26 Gazes; 27 Bites; 28 Might; 29 Nonagon; 30 Level; 31 Began. DOWN: 2 Amoeba; 3 Instil; 4 Day; 5 Puree; 6 Samovar; 7 Clap; 8 Echoes; 12 Aglow; 13 Arise; 14 River; 15 Bison; 16 Thyme; 18 Deals; 19 Parasol; 21 Ermine; 22 Famine; 23 Asthma; 25 Cedar; 26 Gene; 28 Mob. a simple Will is only £48 inc vat Power of Attorney is only £240 (inc vat and £81 registration fee. total £321)