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Are there any famous smart people who sucked in high school or anything?

you know how Micheal Jordan got cut while trying out for his high school basketball team his freshman year?

well, is there anyone like that in the intelligence world?

Because I could assume that there are some people out there who have what it takes to be very smart (Like Micheal Jordan with basketball) but need to practice or work on it.

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    Albert Einstein failed math in middle school and is arguably the smartest man to walk the planet.

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    Famous Smart People

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    George Bush - he was a C student throughout his high school years, somehow got into Yale because that's where his father went and was a B-C student. And now look, he's the suckiest president of the most populous, richest country (well at least we used to be) in the world.

    John Jacob Astor - america's first millionaire. HS Drop out. He died on the titanic, though.

    Ann Bieler - she founded Antie Ann's pretzels and is a multi-milllionaire.

    Charles Dickens - famous author. He dropped out in elementary school.

    Thomas Edison - inventor. He was dyslexic and had a problem in school. I think he also dropped out before high school.

    Benjamin Franklin had less than 2 years of formal education. Now he's on the $100 bill and one of america's founding fathers.

    There's a whole list here:

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    Einstein wasn't a very strong student in the non-Mathematic course work. Apparently the traditional school setting didn't work very well for him.

    "He was very good at the sciences. But, because the 19th-century German education system was very harsh and regimented, he didn't really develop his non-mathematical skills (such as history, languages, music and geography). In fact, it was his mother, not his school, who encouraged him to study the violin - and he did quite well at that as well."

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    Of course there had to be some twit who needed to slam Bush. Get a life.

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    Sir Newton was next to nothing during his undergraduate years.

    During graduate school, it was evrything (i.e. The Principia)

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