Euphemia of Kiev

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Euphemia of Kiev
BornKiev, Kievan Rus'
(now Ukraine)
Died4 April 1139
SpouseColoman, King of Hungary (divorced)
HouseRurik dynasty
FatherVladimir II Monomakh
MotherUnknown (Vladimir's second wife)

Evfimija Vladimirovna (Ukrainian: Євфимія Володимирівна, Russian: Евфимия Владимировна), known as Euphemia of Kiev (fl. 1112–died 4 April 1139) was Queen Consort of Hungary by marriage to Coloman, King of Hungary.

Euphemia was the daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir II of Kiev and his second wife, whose name and ancestry are unknown. She was married to King Coloman of Hungary around 1112. However, her husband, who had been suffering from a serious disease, caught her in adultery and immediately sent her back to Kiev. Euphemia gave birth to her son, Boris (1113 – 1155/1156), in her father's court, but the son was never recognised by King Coloman. Afterwards, she lived in a monastery near Kiev till her death.


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Euphemia of Kiev
Born: ? Died: 1139
Royal titles
Preceded by
Felicia of Sicily
Queen consort of Hungary
c. 1112–c. 1113
Succeeded by
Unnamed daughter of Robert I of Capua