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The location of Belarus
An enlargeable map of the Republic of Belarus

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Communications in Belarus[edit]

Conservation in Belarus[edit]

National parks of Belarus[edit]

World Heritage Sites in Belarus[edit]

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Economy of Belarus[edit]

Companies of Belarus[edit]

Automotive companies of Belarus[edit]

Motor vehicle manufacturers of Belarus[edit]

Trade unions of Belarus[edit]

Education in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian schoolteachers[edit]

Universities in Belarus[edit]

Fauna of Belarus[edit]

Geography of Belarus[edit]

Amusement parks in Belarus[edit]

Craters of Belarus[edit]

Lakes of Belarus[edit]

Rivers of Belarus[edit]

Subdivisions of Belarus[edit]

Provinces of Belarus[edit]

Brest Province[edit]
Homieĺ Voblasć[edit]

Towns in Belarus[edit]


Villages in Belarus[edit]

Healthcare in Belarus[edit]

History of Belarus[edit]

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History of Belarus
Coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (16th century) Coat of arms of the Belarusian lands of the Russian Empire (1882) Coat of arms of Belarusian People's Republic (1918) and Republic of Belarus (1991–95) Coat of arms of Soviet Belarus (1981–91) Coat of arms of Belarus (since 1995)
Middle ages
Early Modern
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Archaeological sites in Belarus[edit]

Battles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania[edit]

Battles of the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War[edit]

Battles of the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)[edit]

Chernobyl disaster[edit]

East Slavic history[edit]

East Slavic manuscripts[edit]

Kievan Rus[edit]

Battles of Kievan Rus[edit]
Rulers of Kievan Rus[edit]

East Slavic history stubs[edit]

Elections in Belarus[edit]

Maps of the history of Belarus[edit]

Maps of Kievan Rus[edit]

Maps of the Soviet Union[edit]

Maps of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]

Military history of Belarus during World War II[edit]

Polish–Lithuanian Union[edit]

Belarusian rulers[edit]


Ruthenian nobility[edit]

Uprisings of Belarus[edit]

Years in Belarus[edit]

2006 in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian history stubs[edit]

Images of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian law[edit]

Law enforcement in Belarus[edit]

Maps of Belarus[edit]

Old maps of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian media[edit]

Belarusian journalists[edit]

Newspapers published in Belarus[edit]

See also List of newspapers in Belarus

Radio stations in Belarus[edit]

Military of Belarus[edit]

Organizations based in Belarus[edit]

Youth organizations based in Belarus[edit]

Scouting in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian people[edit]

Belarusian people by occupation[edit]

Belarusian singers[edit]

Belarusian bishops[edit]

Belarusian cosmonauts[edit]

Belarusian mathematicians[edit]

Belarusian sculptors[edit]

Belarus born people[edit]

Belarusian Jews[edit]

People of Belarusian descent[edit]

Belarusian Americans[edit]

Belarusian Australians[edit]

Belarusian Russians[edit]

Belarusian Ukrainians[edit]

Belarusian Canadians[edit]

Belarusian Polish people[edit]

Belarusian Uruguayans[edit]

Belarusian nobility[edit]






Belarusian saints[edit]

Belarusian people stubs[edit]

Politics of Belarus[edit]

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politics and government of
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Foreign relations of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian diplomats[edit]

Political parties in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian politicians[edit]

Belarusian revolutionaries[edit]

Presidents of Belarus[edit]

Prime Ministers of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian politics stubs[edit]

Religion in Belarus[edit]

Cemeteries in Belarus[edit]

Science and technology in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian scientists[edit]

Belarusian historians[edit]

Belarusian society[edit]

Awards and decorations of Belarus[edit]

Sport in Belarus[edit]

Athletics in Belarus[edit]

Belarus at the European Championships in Athletics[edit]

Sports festivals hosted in Belarus[edit]

Football in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian football competitions[edit]

Belarusian football managers[edit]

Belarusian footballers[edit]

Belarusian football clubs[edit]

Defunct Belarusian football clubs[edit]
FC MTZ-RIPO managers

Football venues in Belarus[edit]

Footballers in Belarus by club[edit]

FC MTZ-RIPO players[edit]

Handball in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian handball clubs[edit]

Ice hockey in Belarus[edit]

Belarusian ice hockey players[edit]

Belarus at the Olympics[edit]

Olympic competitors for Belarus[edit]

Olympic tennis players of Belarus[edit]
Olympic weightlifters of Belarus[edit]

Belarusian sportspeople[edit]

Belarusian sportspeople in doping cases[edit]

Belarusian archers[edit]

Belarusian athletes[edit]

Belarusian basketball players[edit]

Belarusian boxers[edit]

Belarusian canoers[edit]

Belarusian chess players[edit]

Belarusian figure skaters[edit]

Belarusian freestyle skiers[edit]

Belarusian gymnasts[edit]

Belarusian handball players[edit]

Belarusian martial artists[edit]

Belarusian judoka[edit]
Belarusian kickboxers[edit]
Belarusian mixed martial artists[edit]

Belarusian rowers[edit]

Belarusian sport shooters[edit]

Belarusian speed skaters[edit]

Belarusian sport wrestlers[edit]

Belarusian swimmers[edit]

Belarusian tennis players[edit]

Belarusian volleyball coaches[edit]

Belarusian weightlifters[edit]

Sports venues in Belarus[edit]

Transport in Belarus[edit]

Airlines of Belarus[edit]

Airports in Belarus[edit]

Rail transport in Belarus[edit]

Minsk Metro[edit]

Railway stations in Belarus[edit]

Roads in Belarus[edit]

Belarus stubs[edit]

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