Hetalia Chronology

Original (2007/10/30)
Translation: jammerlea, lost-hitsu

■Hetalia Chronology■

It’s all a bit chaotic so I made a timeline.

Year Important Nations Events
Hundred Years War
1410, July 25 Teutonic Knights
Battle of Tannenburg Polish-Swedish Wars
1453, May Byzantine Empire
Ottoman Turks
The Fall of Constantinople
Ottoman Turks siege Constantinople (Capitol of Byzantine Empire), which falls.
1455-1485 France
War of the Roses
14th Century-16th Century Italy Renaissance *Chibitalia*
The beginning of the Italian Renaissance. Becomes larger by the day.
14th Century-16th Century Italy
Holy Roman Empire
Italian Political Measures *Chibitalia*
Holy Roman Empire was spending too much time preoccupied with Italy until his own home fell to ruins.
1520-1523 Denmark
Swedish War of Liberation¦“Running Away with Su-san”
Sweden was independent after this war. Denmark made Norway his henchman and together they formed a personal union under the name Denmark-Norway.
1521(1494-1544(1559) Holy Roman Empire (Austria), France Italian Wars *Chibitalia*
France (Valois) and Holy Roman Empire (Hapsburg) dispute in war over the right to control Italy.
1529 Austria
Turkey, France
The First Siege of Vienna
Even though Turkey and France joined hands and attacked Austria from both sides, the resistance was so strong that they had to withdraw in the end. Almost all of Hungary was under Turkish rule at that time.
1559 Italy
Declaration of the End of the Italian Wars
“Boss Spain’s control of Southern Italy”
Spain officially receives Sicily, Sardonia, Milan and Naples,
weakening North and South Italy.
1561-1567 Spain
South Italy
Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars
“Boss Spain’s control of Southern Italy”
Spain was dispatched when Turkey invaded South Italy.
1568-1648 Netherlands
Netherlands War of Independence
Netherlands achieves independence from Spain
After this Netherlands and Belgium split up.
At the expense of the war, Spain’s living conditions are poor. At the expense of the war, Spain’s living conditions are poor. But just as he is about to lose, France invaded and lost territory.
1621-1629 Sweden
Polish-Swedish Wars
1618-1648 Holy Roman Empire The Thirty Years War
The Holy Roman Empire was devastated from this.
1655-1660 Sweden
Polish-Swedish Wars (The Swedish Deluge)
From this war on, Poland started to collapse.
1683 Austria
The Second Siege of Vienna
Turkey still didn’t give up on the plans to advance into Europe and wants to rewoke old quarrels, but was ultimately forced to retreat under joined European forces.
1740-1748 Austria
War of the Austrian Succession
Summary of the War of Austrian Succession
In order to pick a fight with Austria, Prussia conquered and annexed Silesia.
1756-1763 Austria
Seven Years War
Russia and France join forces with Austria in his attempt to retake Silesia, an act historically known as Diplomatic revolution.
1769 Italy The Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte
(Originally in Italian his name was Napoleone di Buonaparte.)
1772 Prussia, Austria, Russia The First Partition of Poland
1774 France
Marie Antoinette goes to France to marry.
1775 – 1783 America
American Revolutionary War “Cleaning out the Storage”
America’s independence from England
1789, July 14th-1794 France French Revolution
1793 Prussia
The Second Partition of Poland
Lithuanian-born Kosciuszko appears.
1795 Prussia, Austria, Russia The Third Partition of Poland
Poland vanishes.
1796 France
Thanks to Napoleon, France finally makes their hated enemy Austria surrender.
During this time, Napoleon is the supreme commander of the Italian campaign.
18th Century, Second Half England Industrial Revolution
The English world turns into factories.
1803-1815 France Napoleonic Wars
In these wars, France conquered almost all of Europe save for Britain and Turkey.
1814-1815 European Nations Congress of Vienna
What to do with the chaos that Europe was left in after Napoleonic wars?
1815, November England, Prussia, Austria, Russia Quadruple Alliance Established
←These four nations establish the Quadruple Alliance. Later, as France was added, it became the Quintuple Alliance.
1821-1829 Greece Greek War of Independence
Thanks to the help of England and France, Greece defeats the joined Turkish and Egyptian forces. Greece becomes independent.
1896 France
European Nations
First holding of the Olympic Games
“France and the Olympia Romance”
The first holding was in Athens, Greece.
1901-1923 Japan
Anglo-Japanese Alliance
“The Anglo-Japanese Alliance between two lonely people”
“Ghost Culture of England and Japan”
It was a win-win alliance.
1914-1918 The World
The Axis Powers
The Allies
World War I *Hetalia Chapter 1*
What at first looked like a small conflict grew with more and more nations joining here and there into a world war.
1929, October 24th America Worldwide Financial Crisis
“Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series”
“Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Part 2”
“Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Part 3”(Worldwide Financial Crisis)
“Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Epilogue”

America’s reckless production of goods leads to the collapse of prices and the stock markets crash one after another, which causes a world-wide depression. In the midst of the chaos, Russia with his kol kol kol is the only one without severely damaged economy.
1929-1933 Russia Construction of the White Sea Canal“To your heart’s content, Russia!”
Russia constructs the White Sea Canal. But he can’t use it, and even now is still an annoyance for the inhabitants.
1938, March 13th Germany

The Austrian Anschluss
“The Austrian Anschluss”
“Comic Diary 7”
A kind of aristocratic comic
1939-1945 The World World War II
1947, July America The Roswell Incident “Assault☆The neighbor’s Roswell Incident”
A UFO appears in an American village!
It is said that spies from all over the world were searching for the lost UFO, a very mysterious case. By the way, in Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series, you can see their older colleague Fucking.
1956 England
Franco-British Union Proposal “Dream United Kingdom”
The incident where France proposed something thoroughly unbelievable – that France and Britain would become one country. In the end it didn’t happen…
Modern Times “Happy Birthday!”
“It’s my first appearance and all I get are some scribbles!”
“3 Korea Practice Strips”
“Korea Jokes”
“China and Shinatty-chan”
“Let’s go take a look at Estonia”