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Antoine Aureche
Birth nameAntoine Aureche
Born (1981-12-04) 4 December 1981 (age 39)
Annecy, France
GenresElectropop, Classical music, Progressive rock
InstrumentsVocals, keyboards, guitar
LabelsUrgence Disk (CH)

Antoine Aureche aka Valfeu (born 4 December 1981) is a French musician: guitarist, singer, composer, electro producer and video maker. He is mainly known for his duet with Desireless, French pop star of the 80s ("Voyage, Voyage"). His work is a bridge between different worlds: from classical music to electro & pop, through progressive, symphonic, dark & experimental music.


Influenced by bands such as King Crimson, Gentle Giant and Robert Wyatt, he created at the end of the 90s his first band, Thork, and produced a first album (Urdoxa, 2000).

In 2006, Antoine Aureche created his acoustic project TAT, which allowed him to sign with the Swiss label Urgence Disk Records and to produce three albums (Quinta Essentia, 2006, Le Sperme De Tous Les Métaux, 2007, and Testament, 2010). The purpose of TAT is experimental: to make a musical alchemy. Through this project, TAT collaborated with several underground artists such as Le Chiffre, Vx69 of Punish Yourself, Laurie Lipton & Laurent Courau from the Adobe Of Chaos.

In 2008, Antoine created Operation Of The Sun, which allowed him to play a music which he had never played up to now: dancefloor electro music. Antoine produced a retrofuturistic debut album, Solar Squirrels Exodus, in 2009, and Désir Parabolique in 2011. This project led him to collaborate with new artists, such as Greta Gratos & The Eternal Afflict.

In 2011, Antoine also met Desireless, and decided to create with her a new duet called Desireless & Operation of the sun. This project, like a bridge between pop and underground music, was supported by many collaborators such as Solar Fake, The Eternal Afflict, Oil 10, BAK XIII, Psyche. Since then, Antoine plays guitars and sings in concert with Desireless all over Europe (shows in Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, Belgium, Switzerland & France), from festivals (Wave Gotik Treffen, Montereau Confluences, W-Festival) to 80's shows (the duet has shared the top line of posters with Peter Hook of Joy Division, Front 242, Anne Clark, Human League, Thomas Anders of Modern Talking, Lio, Sabrina, Samantha Fox, Sandra).

In 2016, the duo Desireless & Operation of the Sun created a musical theater show, including a puppet, in tribute to the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire, for the Apollinaire Museum in Belgium. The project was titled "Guillaume" at the beginning (2015), then it becomes an album now available on all music plateforms (2017), titled "Desireless chante Apollinaire featuring Valfeu".

In 2018, Antoine started using a new pseudonym: Valfeu. As Valfeu, he released an electronic symphony, Faust, based on Goethe's tragedy. He worked on it with Sue Denim of Robots In Disguise, Desireless, Cheerleader 69, Titend & Music for the space.

In February 2019, TAT evolutes and becomes Tat Resurrectio. With Tat Resurrectio, Antoine plays a new neo-folk show (featuring Le Chiffre, Nevah & Diabolus in Viola) as supporting act for Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance. The city of Lyon (France) recognizes him as an official artist of the program "40 ans de Musiques Actuelles à Lyon".

Hohner endorsement[edit]

Antoine Aureche was endorsed by Hohner in 2014 and he plays the G3T Hohner guitar.

Discography (with Thork)[edit]

  • Urdoxa (2000) (as composer, singer and guitarist)
  • Weila (2004) (as composer only)

Discography (as TAT)[edit]

Discography (as Operation of the Sun)[edit]

Discography (with Desireless)[edit]

  • L'Oeuf Du Dragon (EP/digital, 2012) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Remixes Draconiques (EP/digital remixes, 2012) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • L'Oeuf Du Dragon (EP/CD, 2013) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Noun (LP/CD, 2014) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Nexus (LP/digital remixes, 2014) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Un Seul Peuple (LP/CD, 2014) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • 2011-2015 (LP/digital best of, 2015) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Guillaume (LP/CD, 2015) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)
  • Desireless chante Apollinaire (LP/digital, 2017) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)

Discography (as Valfeu)[edit]

  • Faust (LP/digital, 2018) (as composer, singer, guitarist and electro producer)


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