Although the Twilight actress met Dylan Meyer years ago on a movie set, they didn’t begin a romantic relationship until August 2019. The pair have been together since, going Instagram-official shortly after as Meyer shared several adorable photos of the couple together.

Earlier today, an insider shared with celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi that a popular actress who had been featured in a movie franchise was engaged to her significant other. Fans have discovered it is none other than Spencer star Kristen Stewart, after a photo of the actress's surprise engagement was posted on Reddit.

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Kristen Stewart Is Engaged!

As per the insider on Reddit, the actress allegedly proposed to Dylan in public.

The images shared see Kristen applauding her girlfriend-turned-fiancée as she excitedly throws her hands in the air. The actress and her screenwriter fiancé were dressed casually for the occasion, and although there is no ring in sight, we can expect Dylan to break the news soon!

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer
Via: DeuxMoi

Another photo sees Kristen carrying Dylan over her shoulders as she laughs enthusiastically.

Stewart had discussed her dream of proposing to Meyer at length during a 2019 interview with Howard Stern. Just four months after starting a relationship with the writer, the actress knew she wanted to marry her and said she "can’t f***ing wait" to propose to her.

"Good things happen fast," the actress revealed to Stern during their interview.

She also recounted the first time she told Meyer that she loved her, saying it was a sudden moment and she hadn't decided on it or anything.

"The first time I told her that I love her, we were sitting in this random bar…" the actress said, adding they’d been only dating for two weeks, but her feelings were "obvious" anyway.

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"It wasn’t like a thing…" she said.

Kristen Stewart has changed a lot since her Twilight days and fans admire her for being open about her love life and her aspirations. The actress will be next seen in Spencer, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain's biopic of Lady Diana, which is an internal imagining of Diana's story.

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