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Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd is well known especially in Canada. Born on 1st July 1952, in Canada, Dan became a successful actor who also appeared in “Not Ready for Prime Time players” on the Canadian television. Dan Aykroyd was born in Ottawa in Canada. His father was a civil engineer who also worked under Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as his policy adviser. His mother worked as a secretary.

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Until the age of 17, Dan Aykroyd attended a catholic church. Later, he went to St. Patrick’s high schools. He studied Criminology and also Sociology at Carleton University but dropped out in the middle of the session before completing his degree. It was during this time Dan started working as a comedian at various Canadian nightclubs in Toronto. His work as a comedian encouraged him to move forward with his talent and become a big name in the entertainment industry.

Start of his journey:

The first experience that Dan Aykroyd gained on screen was at the age of 17 when he was cast as a member of “The Hart and Lorne terrific hour”, a short-lived Canadian comedy show. Dan Aykroyd went through some pretty tough time on his way to success. “Saturday Night Live” a widely watched late night comedy show hired Dan as a writer for their show and paid him $278 a week only. But before the series premier, he became a part of the cast in the show. The show was a success. His work, acting and mimicking made him famous.

Later he also appeared in several TV shows including “Coneheads”, “Two wild and crazy guys”. In 1977, Dan Aykroyd became well known for his performance and eccentric talent. In the same year, he was awarded was an Emmy Award for SNL, and later also received another two nominations, one of his writing and other for his acting. His work in SNL was ranked fifth by “Rolling Stone Magazine” in its 2015’s February edition.

Work on large screen:

Dan Aykroyd also starred in a number of movies in Hollywood. Around 1980’s, three movies with Dan Aykroyd starring in it were released. The first one, “1941” with the director Steven Spielberg was a slight disappointment. But the other two, “The blues brothers (1980)” and “Neighbors (1981)” were box office hit.

Dan Aykroyd work as a film writer gained worldwide appreciation when his script became the famous “Ghostbusters” movie. Released in 1984, filled with fantasy elements, the movie soon became a mega blockbuster on the screen. The film nearly earned $300 million at that time. With such a huge success of the film, Columbia Pictures pursued Dan Aykroyd to write the script for its sequel. But working under studio’s pressure crumbled his talent. The “Ghostbusters 2” was released in 1989 but was inferior to the original.

Personal life:

Although Dan Aykroyd is a Canadian citizen, he is a permanent resident in the United States. Dan was briefly indulged in a love relationship with actress Carrie Fisher. In 1980 he also proposed her on the set of “The Blues Brother”. Later on, their engagement became dead after Carrie Fisher patched back with her former boyfriend.

Later he married actress Donna Dixon. He and his wife have three children, all daughters. Dan Aykroyd biography stated that he has an estimated net worth of $135 million.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 1 Jul, 1952
Age: 67 yrs
Citizenship: Canada
Birth Place: Ottawa
residence: Sydenham
Education: Carleton University
Lisgar Collegiate Institute
Gender: Male
Description: Canadian film actor and comedian
Spouse: Donna Dixon [M. 1983]
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