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Has anyone noticed how relatively young people die almost over nite after simple illnesses?
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Science is supposed to be defi nite—open or shut.
Many people, moreover, suppose science to be defi nite—open or shut.
Interviewees from both movements unequivocally acknowledge a de˜nite role of bread riots in subsequent democratic openings.
In principle, these choices can be in˜nite and change over time.
The restriction of indefi nite noun phrases to singleton indefi nites and the cancellation of scalar implicatures rendered sentences more informative in underinformative contexts, producing incorrect—although principled—interpretations.
The stars were all out just like it was an ordinary nite.
Our noses wuz the pillers uv fire by nite, and our breath the piller uv smoke by day.
There wuz a jubilee the nite it arriv.
He hadn't minded it so much at first, that first nite.
Everybody wears there tin derby to bed at nite.
The nite before we went over four more artilery runners came up.
We cler new groun all day den burn brush and pile logs at nite.
I got my supper with three fellers that nite that done their cookin that way.
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