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My Style • 22/09/2014

Sharon Mundia as Brand Ambassador for Store 66!

By: Sharon Mundia

I’ve been dying to share this secret with you for ages now and I’m so excited that I can finally let the cat out of the bag!!

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I first got the call from the Store 66 team saying that they wanted to have me on board as a Brand Ambassador. In my journey as a blogger, I’ve been approached to work with a good number of brands and along the way, I’ve had to turn down some incredible offers simply because I didn’t think that the brand was a good fit. Over time, I begun to create a mental list of the sort of qualities I’d look out for in each brand I’d want to be associated with and Store 66 is a perfect fit! 

The announcement was officially made this past Saturday at an event held at their brand new store at Valley Arcade. I’ve got to say, I  f-r-e-a-k-e-d  out when I saw my face on the banner across the street from the shopping centre! So surreal.

If you haven’t already checked out their pieces, head over to their store already!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love and love. 

Full Look – Store 66

Photography – Emmanuel Jambo

Makeup – Makeup by Rose

Hair – Shiro Wanyoike


50 responses to “Sharon Mundia as Brand Ambassador for Store 66!”

  1. Belinda says:

    Congratulations Sharon 🙂

  2. Lyz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You deserve it i must say!!!!! 🙂 Looking fab as usual!

  3. Ida Achieng says:

    Congratulations Sharon!!

  4. Joanne.. says:

    awwww am sooo happy for you Sharon..iv followed you for a looong time n girl,u deserve this and much more!!

    love. .. <3

  5. Tasha says:

    Congratulations Sharon!

  6. Maurys says:

    This is magnificent… these images give me the desire to see you as one of the casts in a movie. That’s where my mind switched to. All The best Ma’am

  7. soila says:

    congratulations sharon

  8. mohamed snupy abdulkarim says:

    #killedit…….i think dictionaries should add a word to define ur #beauty!!! LOL anywei #WcW anyday anytime anywea…….#thisisess!! 🙂 U surely deserved it…..keep looking good angels will be getting jealous of ya 😉 :p!!!

  9. Cici_F says:

    Congratulations S!! I don’t think there was anyone else better suited for the job than you! Bravo!!
    I fell in looooove with Store 66 from the moment I saw the gorgeous gold heels..I knew they’re worth every penny!
    Plan for the weekend check — visit new store at Valley Arcade!

  10. Congratulations girl! That first pic is everything! Lawd! Looking so pretty. xx

  11. Sash says:

    Congratulations Sharon 🙂

  12. Angela Wambui says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! the pictures are beautiful

  13. irene says:

    congrats Sharon….will definitely visit the new store at valley arcade

  14. Lillyanna Nimmoh Nyandia says:

    Congratulation hun, you deserve it.

  15. Kanyaa Muthengi says:

    I am so proud of you..keep doing this one thing you are great at…it will usher you to greater things…… Hats off!!!

  16. Wow…. The shoes and top say fashionista, somehow Beyoncé kept popping after the first picture. Amazing.

    Congratulations gal 🙂 so
    http://www.wanjiruwangethe.blogspot. Com

  17. Peris Cassie says:

    Congrats ma’.
    We are with you all the way.

  18. victor peace, hold your peace, just for this . Whatever the dress is in the 2nd pic, am in love !!

  19. Janicce says:

    congrats mundia, luv the first pic, its so classy, da makeup is on point and hair. Luv luv da shoes for both pics.

  20. Phenominal Woman says:

    Congratulations Sharon!!!!!!!!!!

  21. M says:

    Nice, …………….. keep shinning.

  22. Valerie says:

    CONGRATS 🙂 I love your blog

  23. Gathigia Muthui says:

    Congratulations Sharon. you deserve it. love the dress

  24. Sue says:

    The first pic is lovely! Congratulations on the new venture!

  25. RUTH says:

    Congratulation Sharon.The first picture is everything.

  26. You’re soooo pretty. Congratulations Sharon!!

  27. TheReelRhee says:

    congrats!!True illustration of, blogs are made by the kinda work you turn down, not the ones you take! Happy for you..really I am!

  28. Natasha Ahere says:

    Congrats Sharon, so happy for you! It really is your year and could you look anymore beautiful?!

  29. Congratulations!!May God continue to bless you and open all those doors for you:)

  30. lovely!! love the outfit, head to toe!!

  31. arti-arte says:

    the first pic is it & congrats.

  32. maureenbandari says:

    That first pic is so boss chick! congrats Sharon. You sure deserve it all

  33. INGABIRE Assumpta says:

    I loveeeee uuu #SHARON.. U INSPIRE ME IN SO MANY WAYS.Your are not only A LOVABLE Lady but also A MOTIVATOR….

  34. Cheptoo Cece says:

    Congrats Sharon…. Everything is falling into place for you. This is your YEAR. 2014 is yours. Make the best out of it. {Ms. Chepto Cece}

  35. Cheptoo Cece says:

    Congrats Sharon…. Everything is falling into place for you. This is your YEAR. 2014 is yours. Make the best out of it.
    http://bcece-evenangle.blogspo… {Ms. Cheptoo Cece}

  36. stacia_mundia says:

    finally the news, sooo unexpected ,daem girl, moving mountains ..congrats dear love the oufits

  37. Mkhana says:

    Congratulations ma! Completely and truly excited for you! I remember finding your blog as I was in the depths of rural Ethiopia and I am glad to see your progression and your success. Wishing you all the best from here on out!

  38. kalekye says:

    way to go girl…you are your own limit…keep up and God bless.

  39. Rebecca Mwangi says:

    Congratulations!! 🙂

  40. Dhvani says:

    It’s so great to see things working out for you. I hope my blog works out like that for me too because styling and fashion? my life.

  41. Yvonne Nasi says:

    holy shit…congratulations killa!! 🙂

  42. Ooooohhh Congratulations Sharon!! 🙂

  43. shalom says:

    You are just too pretty Sharon! I looove love love this blog!!:):)

  44. RoseMary Favoured Njiru says:


  45. Wanjiku says:


    Congrats Sharon!

  46. Joan says:

    The person who did your make up on this shoot>>>> thumbs up!!! i have seen millions of pictures of you but this one stands out,,,you’re glowing! the make up is perfect!!

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