Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers condemns European Super League

A Leeds United player wears a T-shirt against European Super League (Photo by CLIVE BRUNSKILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has condemned the European Super League proposal which is currently dominating world news.

It is now time for all players and managers to follow suit in denouncing the disgusting plans – not just the ‘other 14′ clubs’ bosses. And, thankfully, admired Manchester City gaffer, Pep Guardiola, also censured the owners of the sides who intend to create the breakaway league.

Guardiola will have won many more plaudits for his integrity, which seems to accompany his footballing nous. This is the most significant quote from the Spaniard:

“…sport, is not a sport when the relationship between effort and reward does not exist”

Via Manchester City official Twitter

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers denounces ESL

Leicester have an important Midlands derby coming up on Thursday versus West Bromwich Albion, yet talk in Rodgers’ pre-match press conference was always going to be dominated by the disgusting Super League situation. Evidently the Northern Irishman, who is often subtle and measured in any criticism whatsoever, is as dismayed and upset as the rest of us. Most of whom grew up loving and worshipping the biggest sport on the planet.

First of all, Rodgers stated that he came to Leicester to disrupt the “market” – presumably meaning big six dominance – and that this type of ESL manoeuvre is about money. In addition, he said profits should not define the entitled group at the top, or others like LCFC who broke their monopolisation in recent years. Rodgers shall also gain many admirers for these comments, I also commend him.

Furthermore, the Foxes chief asserts that progressing on merit is the only way, and that “we all” must do what we can to protect the game. Clearly, Rodgers says, fair rewards for every club has been forgotten. Along with claiming the ESL idea is an attack on people’s right to support their teams. This information comes from BBC Sport.