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In My Pocket

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Watch In My Pocket (2011) Online - In My Pocket Movie is released on in Theater. This In My Pocket is telling: A harrowing journey down the dark spiral of drug addiction. As Stephen Jameson's carefully constructed life slowly falls apart.... Many actors and actriss are starring this In My Pocket movie, such as Gregory Smith, Zack Ward, Shantel VanSanten, Brendan Sexton III, Jamie McShane,

The producers (Saeid Esmaeilian, Christopher Kemp Fredie, R. Kenneth Harkness, David Lisle Johnson, Seth William Meier, Rudy J. Renda, ) made this In My Pocket (2011) with Company.

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One Night Surprise

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Watch One Night Surprise (2013) Online - One Night Surprise Movie is released on 9 August 2013 in Theater. This One Night Surprise is telling: After her birthday party, ad executive Michelle finds herself caught between cheerful Tony, dreamy Bill, youthful Jeb, and rich Tiger. Overwhelmed with stress, another complication quietly forms in her life.. Many actors and actriss are starring this One Night Surprise movie, such as Bingbing Fan, Aarif Rahman, Daniel Henney, Jinfu Jiang, Pace Wu,

The producers (Eva Jin, Sylvia Liu, ) made this One Night Surprise (2013) with Company.

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Watch Frozen (2010) Online - Frozen Movie is released on 25 March 2010 in Theater. This Frozen is telling: Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death. Many actors and actriss are starring this Frozen movie, such as Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers, Ed Ackerman, Rileah Vanderbilt,

The producers (Peter Block, Amanda Essick, Michael Hogan, Jason Richard Miller, Cory Neal, John Penotti, Don Schain, Mark Ward, Tim Williams, ) made this Frozen (2010) with Anchor Bay Company.

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An Easter Bunny Puppy

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Watch An Easter Bunny Puppy (2013) Online - An Easter Bunny Puppy Movie is released on in Theater. This An Easter Bunny Puppy is telling: . Many actors and actriss are starring this An Easter Bunny Puppy movie, such as Kristine DeBell, Strider Ellis, Jason Faunt, Lisa London, Chris Petrovski,

The producers (Marco Colombo, David DeCoteau, ) made this An Easter Bunny Puppy (2013) with FUN FAMILY FEATURES. LLC Company.

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Let Me In

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Watch Let Me In (2010) Online - Let Me In Movie is released on 1 October 2010 in Theater. This Let Me In is telling: A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Let Me In movie, such as Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloë Grace Moretz, Richard Jenkins, Cara Buono, Elias Koteas,

The producers (Tobin Armbrust, Alexander Yves Brunner, Guy East, Philip Elway, Donna Gigliotti, Jillian Longnecker, Fredrik Malmberg, Andy Mayson, Carl Molinder, John Nordling, Simon Oakes, John Ptak, Vicki Dee Rock, Marc Schipper, Nigel Sinclair, Robert Kessel, ) made this Let Me In (2010) with Overture Films Company.

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Geography Club

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Watch Geography Club (2013) Online - Geography Club Movie is released on 15 November 2013 in Theater. This Geography Club is telling: At Goodkind High School, a group of students of varying sexual orientation form an after-school club a as a discrete way to share their feelings and experiences.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Geography Club movie, such as Scott Bakula, Ana Gasteyer, Marin Hinkle, Meaghan Martin, Alex Newell,

The producers (Anthony Bretti, Joe Dain, Stephen Harrison, Michael Huffington, Bryan Leder, Frederick Levy, John S. Schwartz, ) made this Geography Club (2013) with Company.

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Watch Trespass (2011) Online - Trespass Movie is released on 21 October 2011 in Theater. This Trespass is telling: As they're held for ransom, a husband and wife's predicament grows more dire amid the discovery of betrayal and deception.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Trespass movie, such as Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Ben Mendelsohn, Liana Liberato, Cam Gigandet,

The producers (René Besson, Boaz Davidson, Danny Dimbort, Matthew F. Leonetti Jr., Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, David Winkler, Irwin Winkler, ) made this Trespass (2011) with Millennium Entertainment Company.

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Fair Game

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Watch Fair Game (2010) Online - Fair Game Movie is released on 15 October 2010 in Theater. This Fair Game is telling: CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Fair Game movie, such as Naomi Watts, Sonya Davison, Vanessa Chong, Anand Tiwari, Stephanie Chai,

The producers (Mohamed Khalaf Al-Mazrouei, David Bartis, Jez Butterworth, Gerry Robert Byrne, Wesam Seif Elislam, Kerry Foster, Sean Gesell, Bruce Wayne Gillies, Akiva Goldsman, Anadil Hossain, Doug Liman, Bill Pohlad, David Sigal, Mari-Jo Winkler, Kim H. Winther, Janet Zucker, Jerry Zucker, ) made this Fair Game (2010) with Company.

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) Online - The Sorcerer's Apprentice Movie is released on 14 July 2010 in Theater. This The Sorcerer's Apprentice is telling: Master sorcerer Balthazar Blake must find and train Merlin's descendant to defeat dark sorceress Morgana le Fey.. Many actors and actriss are starring this The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie, such as Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, Teresa Palmer, Toby Kebbell,

The producers (Jerry Bruckheimer, Nicolas Cage, Todd Garner, Norman Golightly, Chad Oman, Pat Sandston, Mike Stenson, Barry H. Waldman, Ben Haber, Brigham Taylor, ) made this The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) with Company.

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White Lies

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Watch White Lies (2013) Online - White Lies Movie is released on in Theater. This White Lies is telling: A medicine woman - a giver of life - is asked to hide a secret which may protect one life but which will destroy another.. Many actors and actriss are starring this White Lies movie, such as Whirimako Black, Rachel House, Antonia Prebble, Nancy Brunning, Te Waimarie Kessell,

The producers (John Barnett, Rosa Bosch, Chris Hampson, Catherine Madigan, ) made this White Lies (2013) with Company.

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The Cold Light of Day

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Watch The Cold Light of Day (2012) Online - The Cold Light of Day Movie is released on 7 September 2012 in Theater. This The Cold Light of Day is telling: After his family is kidnapped during their sailing trip in Spain, a young Wall Street trader is confronted by the people responsible: intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious briefcase. |. Many actors and actriss are starring this The Cold Light of Day movie, such as Henry Cavill, Verónica Echegui, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, Joseph Mawle,

The producers (Garrett Basch, Mark Canton, José Luis Escolar, Marc D. Evans, Trevor Macy, Kevin Mann, Jesús Martínez Asencio, Matthew Perniciaro, Javier Sánchez, Scott Wiper, Steven Zaillian, ) made this The Cold Light of Day (2012) with Lionsgate Fi lms Company.

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Cheery Point

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Watch Cheery Point (2013) Online - Cheery Point Movie is released on 26 March 2013 in Theater. This Cheery Point is telling: In a dystopian future where pain and emotion have been suppressed by a government-issued drug called Torpase.... Many actors and actriss are starring this Cheery Point movie, such as Tommy Martin, Amy Hunt, Richard Hackel, Louie Lawless, Kyle Dal Santo,

The producers (Andrew Bennett, Kenneth Stevenson, ) made this Cheery Point (2013) with Company.

Online Streaming MacGruber (2010) Watch Online Free


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Watch MacGruber (2010) Online - MacGruber Movie is released on 21 May 2010 in Theater. This MacGruber is telling: Ex-special operative MacGruber is called back into action to take down his archenemy, Dieter Von Cunth, who's in possession of a nuclear warhead and bent on destroying Washington, D.C.. Many actors and actriss are starring this MacGruber movie, such as Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe,

The producers (Erin David, John Goldwyn, Ken Halsband, Ryan Kavanaugh, Patty Long, Hilary Marx, Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels, Akiva Schaffer, Benjamin Silverman, Tucker Tooley, ) made this MacGruber (2010) with Universal/Rogue Pictures Company.

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Charlie St. Cloud

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Watch Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Online - Charlie St. Cloud Movie is released on 30 July 2010 in Theater. This Charlie St. Cloud is telling: Charlie St. Cloud has been given the gift of seeing his deceased brother, but when a new love interest is in trouble he must choose between saving a life or continuing to see his brother everyday.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Charlie St. Cloud movie, such as Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, Amanda Crew, Augustus Prew, Donal Logue,

The producers (Michael Fottrell, Ryan Kavanaugh, Jared LeBoff, Marc Platt, Ben Sherwood, Adam Siegel, ) made this Charlie St. Cloud (2010) with Universal Pictures Company.

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Watch Bluebird (2013) Online - Bluebird Movie is released on in Theater. This Bluebird is telling: In the frozen woods of an isolated Maine logging town, one woman's tragic mistake shatters the balance of the community.... Many actors and actriss are starring this Bluebird movie, such as Amy Morton, John Slattery, Louisa Krause, Emily Meade, Margo Martindale,

The producers (Allison Rose Carter, Garrett P. Fennelly, Julia Godzinskaya, Laura Heberton, David Hinojosa, Kyle Martin, Lizzie Nastro, Andrew Neel, Brad Payne, Michael Sackler, Alexander Schepsman, Susan Shopmaker, Christine Vachon, Erika Wasserman, Emily Wiedemann, ) made this Bluebird (2013) with Company.

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The Back-up Plan

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Watch The Back-up Plan (2010) Online - The Back-up Plan Movie is released on 23 April 2010 in Theater. This The Back-up Plan is telling: A romantic comedy centered on a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, only to meet the man of her dreams on the very same day.. Many actors and actriss are starring this The Back-up Plan movie, such as Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin, Michaela Watkins, Eric Christian Olsen, Anthony Anderson,

The producers (Todd Black, David J. Bloomfield, Jason Blumenthal, Christine Coggins, Lance Johnson, Rodney Liber, Steve Tisch, ) made this The Back-up Plan (2010) with CBS Films Company.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Watch A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Online - A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie is released on 30 April 2010 in Theater. This A Nightmare on Elm Street is telling: A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.. Many actors and actriss are starring this A Nightmare on Elm Street movie, such as Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker,

The producers (Michael Bay, Richard Brener, Mike Drake, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller, Walter Hamada, Erik Holmberg, Michael Lynne, Dave Neustadter, John Rickard, Robert Shaye, ) made this A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) with Warner Bros. Pictures Company.

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Watch Adore (2013) Online - Adore Movie is released on 3 April 2013 in Theater. This Adore is telling: A pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other's sons.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Adore movie, such as Robin Wright, Naomi Watts, Xavier Samuel, Ben Mendelsohn, James Frecheville,

The producers (Dominique Besnehard, Francis Boespflug, Philippe Carcassonne, Sidonie Dumas, Michel Feller, Barbara Gibbs, Troy Lum, Andrew Mason, Naomi Watts, ) made this Adore (2013) with Exclusive Media Company.

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Vanishing on 7th Street

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Watch Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) Online - Vanishing on 7th Street Movie is released on 5 February 2011 in Theater. This Vanishing on 7th Street is telling: The population of Detroit has almost completely disappeared, but a few remain. As daylight disappears they realize that the Dark is coming for them.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Vanishing on 7th Street movie, such as Hayden Christensen, John Leguizamo, Thandie Newton, Jacob Latimore, Taylor Groothuis,

The producers (Tove Christensen, Peter D. Graves, Elayne Herrick, Evan Herrick, Michael Herrick, Norton Herrick, Pamela Hirsch, Ken Hirsh, Riva Marker, Nic Marshall, Lawrence Mattis, Kelly McCormick, Peter Pastorelli, Nick Quested, Celine Rattray, Joe Surace, Joy Goodwin, ) made this Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) with Magnet Releasing Company.

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Watch Metro (2013) Online - Metro Movie is released on 21 February 2013 in Theater. This Metro is telling: Terror strikes the underground train system in Moscow in the form of a flood from a collapsed tunnel. |. Many actors and actriss are starring this Metro movie, such as Sergey Puskepalis, Anatoliy Belyy, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksey Bardukov, Kseniya Berezina,

The producers (Sergey Kozlov, Igor Tolstunov, ) made this Metro (2013) with Company.

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Soul Surfer

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Watch Soul Surfer (2011) Online - Soul Surfer Movie is released on 8 April 2011 in Theater. This Soul Surfer is telling: Teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton overcomes the odds and her own fears of returning to the water after losing her left arm in a shark attack.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Soul Surfer movie, such as AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Lorraine Nicholson, Kevin Sorbo,

The producers (Ronald Bass, David Brookwell, Rob Deege, Ricardo S. Galindez, Becky Hamilton, Noah Hamilton, Dutch Hofstetter, Tiffany Hofstetter, Dominic Ianno, Joey Paul Jensen, Laurie Koris, Christina Lambert, Sean McNamara, Corey Schwartz, Douglas Schwartz, Susie Singer Carter, Jennifer Smolka, David Tice, Roy Tjioe, Shelley Trotter, Bess Wiley, David Zelon, ) made this Soul Surfer (2011) with TriStar/FilmDistrict Company.

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Red Tails

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Watch Red Tails (2012) Online - Red Tails Movie is released on 20 January 2012 in Theater. This Red Tails is telling: A crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, are called into duty under the guidance of Col. A.J. Bullard.. Many actors and actriss are starring this Red Tails movie, such as Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds,

The producers (Chas. Floyd Johnson, Ales Komárek, George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Katka Silna, Diego Zanco, ) made this Red Tails (2012) with Company.

Watch Film [REC]³ Génesis (2012) Movie with Full HD Format

[REC]³ Génesis

Watch [REC]³ Génesis (2012) Online - [REC]³ Génesis Movie is released on 30 March 2012 in Theater. This [REC]³ Génesis is telling: A couple's wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness.. Many actors and actriss are starring this [REC]³ Génesis movie, such as Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín, Ismael Martínez, Àlex Monner, Borja Glez. Santaolalla,

The producers (Jaume Balagueró, Carlos Fernández, Julio Fernández, Alberto Marini, Elisa Salinas, Eckehardt Von Damm, ) made this [REC]³ Génesis (2012) with Magnet Releasing Company.

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Kung Fu and Titties

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Watch Kung Fu and Titties (2013) Online - Kung Fu and Titties Movie is released on in Theater. This Kung Fu and Titties is telling: Richard Titties, an out-of-shape martial arts wannabe, is shot into an alternate dimension after his girlfriend Cynthia is kidnapped.... Many actors and actriss are starring this Kung Fu and Titties movie, such as Bronson Pinchot, Jeanine Hill, Shawn C. Phillips, Christopher Stadulis, Seregon O'Dassey,

The producers (Robert A. Chapnick, Robin Corneby, Evan Goldstein, Kevin Kolack, Liz Krov, John Archer Lundgren, E. Joseph McConnell, Shane McConnell, Randy Molnar, Alice Ray, Mike Reineke, ) made this Kung Fu and Titties (2013) with Company.

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Frankenstein's Army

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Watch Frankenstein's Army (2013) Online - Frankenstein's Army Movie is released on in Theater. This Frankenstein's Army is telling: Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab.... Many actors and actriss are starring this Frankenstein's Army movie, such as Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, Robert Gwilym, Alexander Mercury, Luke Newberry,

The producers (Badie Ali, Hamza Ali, Malik B. Ali, Nate Bolotin, Todd Brown, Nick Jongerius, Daniel Koefoed, Pavel Muller, Greg Newman, Richard Raaphorst, Nick Spicer, Aram Tertzakian, ) made this Frankenstein's Army (2013) with MPI Media Group Company.