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D&D 5E Your Adventuring Party Names

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Company of the Bloodoath. We actually swore a bloodoath to hunt down and kill and ancient red dragon who had bullyied and made us pay a magic item tax to live on evening. Spent a year and a half going on quest after quest to prepare for the battle.


We modeled a 'buddy cop' team in the style of Acq. Inc and called them the APA: the Arcane Protection Agency.

We're also wrestling nerds. :3

My lot called themselves Tyrant's Bane, having captured the Black Spider and killed Venomfang and then going on to kill Strahd.

Since then they have had two PC deaths and been banned from Neverwinter for nearly dropping a floating island directly on top of the city and then getting gobby about paying for repairs.

Yet to prove the bane of an *actual* tyrant in the political sense, though...


My players' party name hailing all the way from the Akorros in the Republic of Darokin is Company-4-Hire, although recently the team has been torn apart.
One member has been lost, one has died, half of them are assisting the Harpers in a Sundering/Tyranny of Dragons storyline mesh, while the other half (including a cleric) are making their way to the Glantrian Principalities to consult with the wizards hoping to find a way to bring back their companions stranded in Toril. Things are very messy right now for Company-4-Hire.


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Throughout the years we've had a fair few good and awful names.

Heroes of Might-be Magic
Fellowship of the Bling
Skull and Crossbows
The Seaquesters

Come to think of it, my gaming group might have a problem with puns.


Duncan T
Finally had time to update the Adventuring Party Name Generator with last ideas from this thread.

A sample of recently generated names

Order of the Golden Bridge
Circle of the Flying Sharks
Eight Flames and a Mastadon
Flying Spears
Companions of the Frosty Octopus
Questers of the Indigo Iguana
Children of the Happy Horses
Companions of the Burgundy Flames
Agents of the Sleeping Hero
Two Badgers and a Elk
Flaming Skulls
Djovial Djinns
Heroes of the Fell Ogre
Turtles of War


We had many over the years, but only two come to mind as memorable:
The Bar Burners: From a tavern brawl that got out of hand.
Motley Crew: everyone was half-something and no two alike.


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Was a founding member of the 'Free Companions'. As time went on, we called ourselves the 'Freak Companions' and it started to be used more overtly.

We hope that strangers took it as how our company was formed, like, by freak of circumstance.

..But deep down we all know it was because of the parties' makeup (we were all freaks).


We had a group called Warforged First due to our tendency to send the warforged fighter into the fray first.

Last group was called Venture Inc.


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The long running group I play in is Phineas's Phreaks and Phantastical Beasts. P3B for short.
We travel the world looking for strange new acts for our 2 (soon to be 3) wildly successful carnivals and occasionally accidentally stop wars, cause dynasties to fall and prevent Armageddon from happening.
We are a Tiefling, Gnome, Dragonborn and Goliath.

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Duncan T
I've updated the Adventure Party Name generator to include settlement names and also the latest names from this thread and some from a thread on reddit.

It appears to be my most viewed generator on EN World so any more names that should be considered?

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Steeliest of the dragons
The Stormriders
The Knights of Noloknyr
Those Damned Elves (all elfin party who were declared local folk heroes to the commoners and outlaws/irritations for a tyrannical baron)
The Riders of WHEEEEEE!
...and <drumroll> The Steel Dragons [of Daenfrii].

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