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Path #19

Path of Life - The Way of the Child

Qualities: fames, glory, vitality, entertainment and creativity, childlike attitudes, spirituality, innocence, pride, connection between mind body and soul, heart and happiness.

Description: This path links FOUNDATION with SPLENDOR on a creative journey of fulfillment, success and spirituality. Known as the path of the Solar Child, it brings ecstasy and a complete surrender to the dance of life. Vitality and freedom rule. Charismatic leaders, who rely on joyous persuasion rather than coercion, walk here, making others happy with their own happiness. Laughter is their flag. But you must remember that the energy comes from on high, not from yourself alone.

Affirmation: I am a child of light, an ambassador to the divine. I open my heart to shine forth God’s love.

Psalms 119: 153-160 “Great are Thy compassions, O Lord.”
Astrological Aspect: The star Sun, ruler of Leo

Card: The SUN represents the central gravitational pull of our solar system. Everything revolves around it. This card evokes a childlike innocence that is also powerfully charged with the potential for growth.

Challenges: Arrogance, egoism, demanding, controlling and overly dramatic. 
An unhealthy need for recognition and fame.

Hebrew Letter: ר Resh means "head." It signifies the top dog, the leader of all the planets. The head, our brain, rules our body, interpreting all the sensory stimuli that connect us to the outside world.