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Catechism of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Discussion of the topics or questions, not necessarily answers yet, about what a newly baptized need to learn about the coptic orthodox church.

February 14th – Saint Valentine ?

No Saint Valentine is not in the Coptic Synaxarium, but Saint Valentine war martyred for Christianity in the 3rd C.

Happy Valentine day !
Is it ok in our Coptic church to wish others “Happy Valentine day ” ?
We know our church is Not close minded. In addition, Valentine day which has become commercial was initially inspired by the life and martyrdom of Saint Valentine martyred in the 3rd C for preaching Christianity. He was a bishop of Rome and performed Christian marriages.
For more about the life of Saint Valentine from the Orthodox point of view, you may read the following link. Another question is why Saint Valentine is not in our Coptic Synaxarium (life of saints and history of Coptic church), given his life and martyrdom was before churches split into Oriental, Eastern, and Catholic. The following link has one answer.

Is Saint Valentine commemorated in the Catholic church ? To answer, do check the Wikipedia (not the most trusted source by just a start)


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