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What is your favorite story? EDIT: or...[What are some of the stories you really like?]


Whether it's a game, a book, a movie, a TV show, or whatever, what is your favorite story?

I'm taking the easy out and saying Star Wars.

That's 1 - 6 (and the two CLONE WARS cartoons (not the CGI Clone Wars stuff)).

(I know... The prequels, too?!? Yep. They're part of George's story.)

Your turn!

I like this thread.

And in no particular order...

  1. Lords of the Rings (both books and movies versions)
  2. The Count of Monte Cristo (the book, definitely NOT the movie)
  3. Treasure Island (the book, definitely NOT the movie)
  4. Innocence by Dean Koontz
  5. The Odd Thomas books also by Dean Koontz (takes a while getting used to but I warmed up pretty quickly). The movie is actually pretty good here.
  6. Anything else by Dean Koontz - I'm a Dean Koontz book-snob


  1. See #1 above
  2. Blazing Saddles
  3. Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail
  4. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  5. Spaceballs (All hail dark helmet!)

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

can't select one... but can list many favorites, lol

(this will be really long... just doing this off the top of my head, which will be missing a lot of stuff... I'd have to put more work in for a more complete list...)

(still under construction... I'll have to look up more movies/games/books/etc ... as I can't remember them off the top of my head...)

(some of these aren't nessarily my favorites... lol. Most are, but some aren't, but including them anyways, for if anyone is interested in checking them out, and for just what I've seen, and also, some of these aren't really or are hardly as literature/stories too... meh)



01. Shadowgate
02. Maniac Mansion
03. Final Fantasy 1+2
04. Little Nemo
05. Mega Man (1 to ?)
06. Crystalis
07. Willow
08. Zelda (1+2)
09. Super Mario Bros (1-3)
10. Metroid (1)
11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1+2)
12. Fester's Quest


01. Breath of Fire 1+2
02. Lufia 1+2
03. Final Fantasy 5+6
04. OgreBattle: March of the Black Queen (?/?)
05. Zelda: A Link to the Past (3 or 4)
06. Super Mario World
07. Super Metroid (3)
08. Killer Insinct (1)
09. Street Fighter 2
10. Mortal Kombat (1-3, 3:Ultimate)
11. Secret of Mana
12. Chrono Trigger
13. Mega Man X (1-3)
14. 7th Saga
15. Secret of Evermore
16. the Gaia series (Soul Blazer:1/3, Illusion of Gaia:2/3, Terranigma:3/3)
17. Jurassic Park
18. EVO: Search for Eden
19. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Death Valley Rally (game was unique/hard due to the road runner's speed and actual use of physics with its speed: inertia: doesn't stop right away: skids forward a bit, lol)
20. Star Fox


01. Zelda: Link's Awakening (3 or 4)
02. Metroid Returns (2)


01. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (5)
02. Zelda: Minora's Mask (6)


01. Breath of Fire 3+4
02. Parasite Eve (1)
03. Final Fantasy 7+8
04. OgreBattle: Tactics Ogre (?/?)
05. Metal Gear Solid

Computer (Apple/PC):

01. Might and Magic (4+5)
02. Wizards and Warriors (2000, heuristic park)
03. Diablo 1+2
04. Star Craft (1)
05. Warcraft (1+2)
06. Heroes of Might and Magic 3
07. Pharaoh
08. Civilization (1-4)
09. Fall From Heaven 1 (mod for Civ4:BTS-xpac)
10. Fall From Heaven 2 (mod for Civ4:BTS-xpac)
11. Think Quick
12. Oregon Train
13. Amazon Trail
14. Myst
15. Riven
16. TES: Morrowind
17. Alpha Centauri
18. Outpost
19. Fallout (1+2)
20. The Dig
21. 7th Guest
22. Colonization
23. Sim City, Sim City 2000, Sim City 3000
24. Sim Life
25. Sim Ant


01. Mortal Kombat (1-3, 3:Ultimate)
02. Street Fighter: Third Strike
03. Killer Instinct (1)
04. The King of Dragons
05. Slaughter House
06. Tekken (1-3)


01. Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan)
02. Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series (J.R.R. Tolkien)
03. Wizard of Earthsea (Ursula K. Le Guin)
04. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)
05. Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)
06. the Adventure series (by Willard Price)
07. The Great Brain (F. Scott Fitsgerald)
08. Where the Red Fern Grows (Wilson Rawls)
09. The Foundation series (Asimov)
10. The Dune series (Frank Herbert)
11. the Ender series (Orson Scott Card)
12. Jurassic Park+World (Michael Crighton)
13. Andromeda Strain (Michael Crighton)
14. The Terminal Man (Michael Crighton)
15. Sphere (michael crighton)
16. The Bhagavad Gita (religion)
17. Bible (religion)
18. The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)
19. Arthurian series (Mary Stewart)
20. The 'I' Inside (Alan Dean Foster)
21. Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne)
22. Call of the Wild (Jack London)
23. Down River (Will Hobbs)
24. True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (AVI)
25. The Man Who Was Poe (AVI)
26. Something Upstairs (AVI)
27. Nothing But the Truth (AVI)
28. Never Cry Wolf (Farley Mowat)
29. In the Shadow of the Gargoyle (Neil Gaiman)
30. The Art of War (Sun Tzu)
31. Johnny Tremain (Esther Forbes, most historically accurate)
32. The Black Pearl (Scott O'Dell)
33. Lord of the Flies (William Golding)
34. The Egypt Game (Zilpha Keatley Snyder)
35. The Time Machine (H. G. Wells)
36. the US Constitution (legal)
37. Romeo and Juliet (William Shakesphere)
38. Hamlet (William Shakesphere)
39. MacBeth (William Shakesphere)
40. Esop's Fables
41. The Brothers' Grimm


00. (none, I think)

Movies/Tv-Films (american, asian/martial-arts but NOT anime, live-actor, animated):

001. Gladiator (2000, Russel Crow)
002. Underworld (1-5, only 1st was good though, Kate Beckinsale)
003. Resident Evil (1-6, only 1+2 were good though, Mila Jovovich)
004. Silent Hill (1+2, 1 was good but 2 not that good)
005. Star Wars (1-6)
006. Ultra Violet (2006, Mila Jovovich)
007. Equilibrium (2002, gun martial arts / senshi, really good movie)
008. Braveheart (1995, Mel Gibson)
009. Last of Mohicans (1992)
010. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001, a sci-fi pinocio story, done really really well)
011. I, Frankenstein (2014)
012. The Butterfly Effect (2004)
013. The Goonies (1985)
014. Flight of the Navigator (1986)
015. Hulk (2003)
016. Open Range (2003)
017. Batteries Not Included (1, as 2 sucked)
018. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
019. Kiss of the Dragon (2001, Jet Li)
020. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)
021. Terminator (1-3, Salvation)
022. Red (1 only, as 2 sucked)
023. Congo (1995, Michael Crighton)
024. Jurassic Park (1+2)
025. The 13th Warrior (1999, Michael Crighton's 'Eaters of the Dead' book/story as a movie)
026. I, Robot (2004)
027. Aeon Flux (2005, made by MTV surprisingly, but its a really good sci-fi movie)
028. Mortal Kombat (1 only, as the others sucked)
029. Street Fighter (1994 only, as the others sucked)
030. Flight of Dragons (1982)
031. The Pistol (about 'Pistol' Pete meravich, the white michael jordan who died young/short-nba-career from drugs, a story about this basketball player)
032. Field of Dreams (1989)
033. Lara Croft Tomb Raider (1, as 2 wasn't as good)
034. Fracture (2007, best court movie)
035. Annie (1982, the original, not the remake which sucked)
036. The Sandlot (1, as 2 wasn't as good)
037. Home Alone (1, as the rest weren't as good and just redundent/boring after 1 as well)
038. The Secret of the Nimh (1, as 2 sucked)
039. The Land Before Time (1, as the rest sucked)
040. Stealth (2005)
041. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
042. Short Circuit (1+2)
043. The Little Indian in the Cupboard (1995)
044. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 only: the original, as the rest sucked)
045. The Rocketeer (1991, epic movie)
046. The Patriot (2000, most historically accurate)
047. The Pirates of the Carribean (1, only 1st was good, the rest got too weird for me and weren't very good as well, and were also redudent/boring after seeing jack sparrow personality for first time in first movie)
048. Undisputed (2-4, as 1st didn't have: character: yuri bokya --- actor: Scott Adkins, lol)
049. The One (2001, Jet Li)
050. Ong Bak (1-3, Tony Jaa)
051. The Protector (2005, Tony Jaa)
052. Legend of the Red Dragon (US) (1994, Jet Li)
053. Iron Monkey: Unmask the Legend (2001, Jet Li)
054. Frozen (2013, disney animated/cartoon film)
055. Tangled (2010, disney animated/cartoon film)
056. Aladdin (1992, disney animated/cartoon film)
057. Little Mermaid (1989, disney animated/cartoon film)
058. Lion King (1994, disney animated/cartoon film)
059. An American Tail (disney animated/cartoon film)
060. Jumanji
061. Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory (original)
062. October Sky
063. The Ring (1 only, as 2 sucked)
064. Dawn of the Dead
065. Shawn of the Dead
066. 28 Days/Weeks Later (1+2)
067. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
068. Dragon Heart
069. Pete's Dragon (original animated/cartoon film)
070. The Sword in the Stone (disney animated/cartoon film)
071. Robin Hood (disney animated/cartoon film)
072. Bend It Like Beckem (girl soccer movie)
073. Mr. Holland Opus (about deaf child of a musician)
074. Search for Bobby Fisher (1993, chess movie)
075. The Count of Monte Christo (2002)
076. Unfaithful (2002)
077. Original Sin (2001)
078. King Arthur (2004)
079. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
080. the rurouni kenshin series (live actors)
081. Never Back Down (1 only, as rest sucked)
082. Warrior (2011 -- the more I watch it, the better it gets each time, lol. It actually has a really deep story and etc stuff going on that I didn't realize/appreciate when I first saw it my first time. Tony is just badass in it, this is how real fights happen: the faster you win, the better you're as a fighter, lol. Fans/Spectators obviously don't like, but the best fights are the ones that are over the fastest... hehe. And Tony portrays this in it, hehe)
083. Good Will Hunting (Robin Williams)
084. Patch Adams (Robin Williams)
085. The Fugitive (1993)
086. Indiana Jones (only the original 3, as the new-remake: crystal skull whatever, sucked)
087. The Phantom (1996 --- I think I'm like literally the only one who ever saw this and thus also knows of it, lol)
088. Dark Kingdom / Ring of the Nibelungs (2004, kristanna loken, so fkn hot as Brunhilde, done so so so well!)
089. The Grudge (1, as 2 sucked)
090. Cinderella (2015, really good)
091. Stardust (2007, really good)
092. Divergent (1 only, as all the others sucked)
093. Lady and the Tramp (disney)
094. White Fang (only 1, as 2 sucked)
095. Helen of Troy (4 part film/movie, Sienna Guillory as Helen, oo lala!)
096. Oblivion (2013, Tom Cruise)
097. The Mummy (1+2)
098. The Scorpion King (2002, The Mummy 3)
099. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
100. Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
101. Bridge to Tarabithia (2007)
102. Blade (1+2 only, as 3 sucked)
103. Queen of the Damned (2002)
104. Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990, really really good, disney)
105. The Never Ending Story (1984)
106. The Wizard (1989, boy who's a wiz at arcade games, runs away to compete in arcade championship)
107. The 3 Musketeers (1993)
108. The 3 Ninjas (1992)
109. Ninja Assassin (2009)
110. The Last Samurai (2003, Tom Cruise, really really good)
111. The Warrior's Way (2010)
112. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)
113. Rambo (all, except the remake/new one)
114. Die Hard: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
115. the Aliens series (1-4: Alien:1979, Aliens:1986, Alien 3: 1992, and Alien Resurrection:1997)
116. The Mothman Prophesies (2002)
117. Twelve Monkeys (1995, epic sci-fi time-travel movie, that seems to be lost/forgotten now, sighs)
118. From Paris With Love (2010)
119. James Bond: Casino Royale (2006, the rest of the bond films suck)
120. the Matrix trilogy
121. Colombiana (2011, same girl as in Guardians of the Galaxy, she's a really good and sexy actress: Zoe Saldana)
122. the 'mexico' trilogy (El Mariachi:1992, Desperado:1995, Once Upon a Time in Mexico:2003)
123. Machete (2010, and sequel: Machete Kills: 2013)
124. The Mask of Zorro (1998: this was very good, but its sequel wasn't: The Legend of Zorro:2005)
125. Star Trek (2009)
126. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
127. Wild Wild West (1999, I didn't find it actually that bad, though it certainly wasn't good, but it was decent, however I mainly like it just for the fanservice/hot-girls, lol)
128. The 5th Element (1997, not very good, but we're introduced to a young, beautiful, and nearly naked Mila Jovovich with pink hair, lol, whom will be our Resident Evil kickass Alice, hehe)
129. Total Recall (2012, omg Kate Beckinsale is psycho-badess sexy in her role in this movie, most epic cat fight ever between her and jessica biel, as well as her vs the male protagonist too, whereas, in Underworld, she's the sexy cool-badass, lol)
130. Miracle (2004, ice hockey movie, really good, true story/history)
131. 300 (2006, awesome, but its sequel sucked)
132. the Batman trilogy (Batmen Begins, The Dark Knight, Batman Rises)
133. Sin City (this was epic! but don't see it 4 times in the theatre in same day, lol, as even with its greatness, it gets boring on the 4th viewing of it, lol lol lol. It's sequel sucked though)
134. Kick Ass (2010, as sequel sucked)
135. Kill Bill (1+2)
136. V for Vendetta (2005)
137. Dare Devil (I didn't like it too much, but it's decent and the fight scenes/choreography is good too)
138. The Watchmen (I didn't like it too much, but it's not bad, the fight scenes/choreography is good too)
139. The Karate Kid (1-3, the original trilogy with Ralph machio and pat mugiagi, not the one with the girl karate kid and not the remake with will smith's boy and jacie chan)
140. Serenity (2005, movie of the syfy's Firefly tv series, this movie is really good!)
141. Evil Dead: Army of Darkness (the first two films were boring for me, but I love Army of Darkness)
142. Firestarter (1, and sequel: Firestarter Rekindled)
143. Elvira Mistress of the Dark (1988)
144. Shawshank Redemption (1994)
145. Cool Hand Luke (1967, Joy Harmon car wash, oo lala)
146. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009, this is actually a pretty good vampire movie)
147. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016, I actually really like it and thought it was good)
148. The Transporter (1+2 only, as 3 sucked)
149. Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000, most historically accurate film)
150. Drive (2011, epic!)
151. Eragon (2006)
152. How to Train your Dragon (1+2, disney)
153. Conspiracy Theory (1997, mel gibson, epic/classic)
154. 17 Again (2009)
155. Catwoman (2004, halley barry)
156. Unbreakable (2000)
157. The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)
158. Sucker Punch (2011)
159. Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)
160. Back to the Future (1+2 only, as 3 sucked)
161. Stay Alive (2006)
162. Rocky (1-4, and epic rocky remake: rocky 6, but not creed and not rocky 5)
163. Million Dollar Baby (2004, clint eastward, morgan freeman, girl boxing movie)
164. Cinderella Man (2005, Russel Crow, boxing movie)
165. The Fountain (2006, I liked it, but its not for most people)
166. The Village (2004)
167. Lady in the Water (2006)
168. Signs (2002)
169. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
170. Cool World (1992)
171. The Negotiator (1998)
172. Coach Carter (2005)
173. John Wick (2014, and sequel: 2017)
174. John Carter (2012)
175. Man of Steel (2013, I loved the warrior chick, "a good death is its own reward" and the evolution/trained/bred speech too, fkn sexy girl!, the super-human speed combat/fight choreography was awesome!)
176. Man on Fire (2004, dakota fanning was epic, she made this movie)
177. I Am Sam (2001, dakota fanning was epic, she made this movie)
178. Crank (1+2: 2006, and sequel: 2009, though the sequel wasn't quite as good)
179. The Punisher (2004, fkn epic, whereas the sequel was crap)
180. Spawn (1997)
181. The Avengers (2012)
182. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
183. Anaconda (1997, I actually really liked this one, and it had Ice Cube + Jennifer Lopez, hehe)
184. Life (2017)
185. Major Payne (1995)
186. G.I. Jane (1997)
187. Apollo 13 (1995)
188. Dante's Peak (1997)
189. Radio (2003)
190. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012, this was good, but its sequel sucked)
191. Willow (1988)
192. Dredd (2012)
193. Blood: The Last Vampire (2009, the movie sucked, but the fight choreography was awesome)
194. Hitman (2007, but its sequel sucked)
195. The Time Machine (2002, really good movie)
196. Maleficent (2014, disney, live-actors)
197. Hearts In Atlantis (2001)
198. Down Periscope (1996)
199. Beauty and the Beast (1991, disney, animated, not the new live-actor one)
200. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996, disney, animated, Esmeralda is disney's sexiest and biggest-breasted girl, hehe, oo lala)
201. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, but it's sequel Corpse Bride sucked)
202. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966, disney, cartoon/animated film/movie)
203. Beetlejuice (1988)
204. Batman (1989)
205. Mars Attacks (1996)
206: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
207. Caroline (2009)
208. Cutthroat Island (1995, really good female pirate movie)
209. Hook (1991, but the sequel/s sucked)
210. Peter Pan (1953, disney, animated, the original)
211. Doomsday (2008)
212. Water World (1995, I actually liked the movie)
213. A League of their Own (1992, tom hanks, historical: women baseball during WW2)
214. The Terminal (2004, tom hanks)
215. Gods of Egypt (2016)
216. Iron Will (1994, wolf/husky dog sled movie)
217. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
218. A Sound of Thunder (2005, sci-fi/time-travel movie)
219. Minority Report (2002, really good sci-fi movie)
220. A Time To Kill (1996)
221. A Knight's Tale (2001, heath ledger)
222. Iron Man (2008, the first, as the rest sucked)
223. Knight and Day (2010, tom cruise)
224. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003, disney, animated/cartoon movie)
225. Shoot 'Em Up (2007, fkn epic, loves this movie, hehe)
226. Pinocchio (1940, disney, animated/cartoon film/movie)
227. The Substitute (1996, Tom Berenger)
228. The Substitute 2: School's Out (1998, Treat Williams)
229. The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (1999, Treat Williams)
230. The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an Option (2001, Treat Williams)
231. Seabiscuit (2003, historical racing horse movie)
232. Bloodsport (1988, one of the first movies that really introduced and opened-up the MA/fighting genre to US)
233. The Crow (1994, really good movie)
234. Shallow Hal (2001)
235. Selena (1997)
236. Good Morning Vietnam (1987, Robin Williams, very funny)
237. After the Sunset (2004)
238. Domino (2005, Kiera Knightly, really good movie!)
239. The Accountant (2016, good movie)
240. Salt (2010, Angelina Jolie, really good movie)
241. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006, Will Smith, really good movie)
242. King Kong (2005, really good movie)
243. Casino Royale (2006, the only good bond movie, lol)
244. Deja Vu (2006, Danzel Washington, really good sci-fi time-travel movie, I think it's time travel... been a long time since i saw it)
245. Need for Speed (2014)
246. A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
247. Beauty and the Beast (1991, old/original disney animated/cartoon film/movie)
248. The Borne Legacy (2012, the only 'borne' movie that is good, as it's totally different from them and with a different actor, lol)

Tv Shows/Series (cartoons-animated and live-actors, and also includes educational/science/etc shows too):

001. He-Man
002. GI-Joe
003. Gargoyles (1+2)
004. Pirates of Dark Water
005. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
006. Transformers
007. Captain Planet
008. Power Rangers
009. VR Troopers
010. Doug
011. Rugrats
012. Hercules (Kevin Sorbo)
013. Xena: Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless)
014. SeaQuest DSV
015. Star Trek (Kirk)
016. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Picard)
017. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Cisco)
018. Star Trek: Voyager (Janeway)
019. Red Planet (disney cartoon, uber short/incomplete series, like a lot of american cartoons back then, sighs)
020. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
021. Secret World of Alex Mack (you got to watch this clip, a young teenage Jessica Alba!!!!!: ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WREDQvgbLIo --- not that pretty/sexy back then, especially with that 80s/90s hair/clothes lol, but man did this ugly duckling turn into a smoking hot swan, lol. The main character isn't jessica alba - she only made a few appearances:minor character)
022. Goof Troop
023. Inspector Gadget
024. Tail Spin
025. Looney Tunes
026. Double Dare (Nickoldeon)
027. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Nickolodeon)
028. Hidden/Lost Temple (don't know exact name of it, Nickolodeon)
029. American Gladiators
030. Camp ??? (Nickolodeon, not sure on exact name of it either - too lazy to look it up, has 'Ug' camp leader in it)
031. Wild and Crazy Kids (Nickolodeon)
032. Van Hellsing (Syfy)
033. Helix (Syfy)
034. Defiance (Syfy)
035. Dark Matter (Syfy)
036. Killjoys (syfy)
037. Young Riders
038. Matlock
039. Murder She Wrote
040. MacGuyver
041. Lost
042. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (a football team is teleported back in time, lol)
043. Exo-Squad
044. Chip-n-Dale Rescue Rangers
045. Voltron
046. Thunder Cats
047. Ren and Stimpy
048. The Simpsons
049. Rin Tin Tin the Canine Cop
050. Knight Rider
051. Baywatch (only for pamela anderson, lol)
052. Flipper
053. Earth 2 (unfortunately, this never got many episodes/incomplete, sighs)
054. The 12 Monkeys series (Syfy)
055. Zorro
056. The Magicians (Syfy, has a very good/interesting story/world, but it does have a lot of porno/adult/etc type of content in it, which takes a bit away from its interesting/good story/world, sighs)
057. Arrow (Oliver McQueen)
058. The Addams Family
059. The Munsters
060. The Twilight Zone
061. Golden Girls (these were some funny grannies, lol)
062. Pawn Stars (History)
063. Shipping Wars (FYI)
064. Duck Dynasty
065. Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet)
066. Myth Busters
067. Fox News (and Fox Business News)
068. C-Span (not much anymore, but here and there, sometimes it got something to watch, but its rare now)
069. Top Shot (Military History)
070. Big History
071. Dual Survival (not that good anymore, as it was Cody that really made the show good, and runner up, Joe)
072. The Legend of Mick Dodge
073. Dude You're Screwed
074. I shouldn't Be Alive
075. Destroyed In Seconds
076. Naked and Afraid (it's actually a good show, but lots of guys also like watching it for the naked female bottoms of the sexy ladies... not all are though... lol)
077. Bar Rescue (Spike)
078. Kitchen Nightmares (FYI)
079. Face Off (Syfy)
080. Uncut and Untamed (Animal Planet)
081. Forged In Fire (History)
082. The Shannara Chronicles
083. Jeopardy (game show)
084. Wheel of Fortune (game show)
085. Family Feud (game show)
086. Who Wants to be a Millionaire (game show, back when it was all the craze, amusing how it then disappeared from our interest)
087. House (medical/doctor tv show-series)
088. Mork and Mindy
089. I Love Lucy
090. Batman: The Animated Series (really good, cause it's dark: 90s cartoon, best joker, hehe)
091. Batman Beyond (not as good as 'Batman: The Animated Series', but still really good for a more-modern new batman tv-series)
092. Batman (1960s: the live-actor tv series with Adam West and the 'pow' popups)
093. Vikings (history channel)
094. Eek the Cat
095. The incredible Tick
096. Mists of Avalon
097. Knightfall (history channel)
098. Animaniacs (cartoon, "heelllloooo, nurse!")
099. Pinky and the Brain (cartoon)
100. Bugs Bunny (cartoon)
101. Road Runner and Wild E. Coyote (cartoon)
102. Yogi Bear (cartoon)
103. Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (cartoon)
104. Gilligan's Island


01. Claymore

Anime (series and/or films):

01. Dragon Ball (and DB Z, DB GT)
02. Code Geass
03. Full Metal Alchemist (and FMA: Brotherhood)
04. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
05. Claymore
06. Shingeki no Kyojin (JP) / Attack on Titan (US)
07. Blood+
08. One Piece
09. Naruto (and Naruto Shippuden)
10. Bleach
11. Trinity Blood
12. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
13. Vanadies and Lord Marksman
14. Rideback
15. Spice and Wolf
16. Wolf's Rain
17. Ikkitousen (and DD, GG, XX)
18. Tenjou Tenge
19. Highschool of the Dead
20. Fairy Tail
21. Afro Samurai (1+2)
22. Asobi Ni Iku Yo (JP) / Cat Planet Cuties (US)
23. Black Lagoon
24. Date A Live
25. Death Note
26. Chuu Bra
27. B-Gata H-Kei
28. Devil May Cry
29. Eureka Seven
30. Freezing
31. Gai-Rei: Zero
32. Gantz
33. Girls Bravo
34. Grenadier
35. Gunslinger Girl
36. Hajimeta No Gal
37. Hellsing (and Ultimate)
38. Highschool DxD (and Born and New)
39. Hundred
40. Jyu Oh Sei (JP) / Planet of the Beast King (US)
41. Berserk (old/original, and new: 2016+2017, but haven't watched the ova movies yet)
42. Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon
43. Kuragehime
44. Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver (2005)
45. Medaka Box (and Abnormal)
46. Noien
47. Oda Nobuna no Yabou
48. My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
49. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
50. Rosario to Vampire
51. Rurouni Kenshin (both the long series and the 4-part origin ova films, but hadn't watched the Inferno ovas yet)
52. S-CRY-ED
53. Samurai Champloo
54. Seiken No Blacksmith (JP) / The Sacred Blacksmith (US)
55. Seirei no Moribito
56. Kenichi
57. Shinmai Maou no Testament
58. Soul Eater
59. Sword of the Stranger
60. Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (JP) / Birdy the Mighty: Decode (US)
61. The Big O
62. Soul Taker
63. Tokko
64. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
65. Witchblade
66. Chobits
67. Darker than Black
68. Elfen Lied (make sure you spell 'LIED', as there's a hentai with nearly the same name: Elfen Laid - ya, whoopsy, so be careful!)
69. Full Metal Panic
70. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
71. Grappler Baki
72. MAR (marchen awakens romance)
73. Mushishi
74. Shikabane Hime
75. Solty Rei
76. Desert Punk


01. Within Temptation
02. Evervescence
03. Epica
04. Nightwish (back with Tarja only)
05. Eminem
06. Luca Turilli
07. Kelly Clarkson
08. Pink
09. Claymore



Have you seen Skin Trade?


Tony Jaa (from Ong-Bak)
Dolph Lundgren (actually not sucking too bad in this movie)
Michael Jai White (from Black Dynamite)
Ron Perlman (Hellboy)
Peter Weller (the original Robocop)


...and have you see the Aeon Flux cartoon, as opposed to the movie??? I bet you'd like it more than the movie.


nope, I've really not seen that many of the asian MA films... usually just watch their awesome MA/fight-choreography scenes, as their story/lines usually aren't very good and/or I don't understand/like as it gets too into asian philosophy type of stuff... lol.

hmm... I might check on the cartoon of Aeon Flux (if/for it has fanservice... otherwise... I'd probably not be interested... but maybe I'll like it anyways/without-the-fanservice, we'll see... I'll get around to trying to watch it at some point)

Did you know Dolph Lundgren has like a 180 IQ?? Who'd a thought?



All the movies you list are on my 'damn good movies' list.

I can't read Koontz, though. I've tried. I think Stephen King subliminally programmed me to not be able to get into Koontz's books...

Like in The Stand, there is a guard named Koontz. The main character in this part of the book says, "man, I hate Koontz. Koontz is the worst."

Robot Chicken had a little King and Koontz short:


I have seen Odd Thomas, and it was pretty good.

Anton did good! (Just like he did in EVERYTHING ELSE HE STARRED IN! May he rest in peace.)

@ KV:

looked at the aeon flux cartoon... not really interested in it... might just scan for fanservice though lol... it's graphics remind me of that 'korgoth' rated-r cartoon... forgot where it was from/who-tv-station-channel made it... meh


Dolph Lundgren has like a 180 IQ

He-Man is a smart fellow!

Has anyone seen Showdown in Little Tokyo?

That's Brandon Lee (son of Bruce) and Dolph Lundgren, and it's a little better than Skin Trade.


aeon flux cartoon

I don't think it has any fan-service, HK.

It's just really weird...

It used to come on MTV in the middle of the night, after Beavis & Butthead.

omg... thanks for that 'beavis and butthead' comment... it just reminded me of 'ren and stimpy'... have to add/edit my big post.. lol
(I'll never ever forget the 'flying butt pliers'... that made me laugh soooo hard... when I first saw it... I had so much water/tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at it, back when I was watching the show on tv as teenager)

ah, okay, thanks for saving me the trouble/time... on the aeon flux cartoon.


It took me forever to find the original, uncut Ren & Stimpy episodes...

Cow & Chicken reminded me of Ren & Stimpy sometimes, especially the I.M. Weasel bits.

ya, it (ren and stimpy) is hard to find now... it was aired on tv... uncensored for the most part, but they didn't show the few more adult episodes on tv however (the beach/bikini one and maybe another episode too), if I remember right

OMG... how'd I forgot about 'the simpsons'... that was epic/classic cartoon pre-2000, lol, and then it died off into near non-existence...

we need more people posting their lists here... I'm the only one with a (very significant) list... I'm interested what what others like... sighs....



You want a list, do you???

(I'll be back in about an hour.)

yep, I'd love it, to see what others like, possibly discuss, and/or for me having some new movies/etc to see/try/read/etc too, (and maybe for some I've forgotten about/left off of my list), hehe :D


my list is ever growing, so keep refreshing/checking it... as I remember and add more to it, lol.


wow... totally forgot about the matrix... that's sad... laughs.... (this is why I need lists/records, as my brain is pathetic, totally forgetting about the matrix... lol)



  • the works of Douglas Adams

    • The Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy (all 5 novels, plus the short story)
    • Two Complete Novels: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency & The Long, Dark Tea-time of the Soul
    • Last Chance to See (non-fiction)
    • The Salmon of Doubt
  • the works of Tolkien

    • The Hobbit
    • The Lord of the Rings
    • The Silmarillion
    • everything Chistopher Tolkien has published
  • the works of Robert Asprin

    • Myth Adventures Series
    • Phule series
  • the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    • all the Sherlock Holmes BEFORE he killed Sherlock off
  • the works of Christopher Moore (absurdist fiction)

    • everything this guy has written entertains the hell out of me
  • the works of Stephen King

    • out of 60+ books, only 4 or 5 weren't worth reading
  • the works of Joe Hill (each of these is EXCELLENT in its own right)

    • Horns
    • Heart-shaped Box
    • NOS4A2
    • The Fireman
    • Locke & Key (graphic novels) [VERY GOOD STUFF!]
  • the works of Koji Suzuki

    • Ring, Spiral, Loop, and Birthday
    • The Promenade of the Gods
    • Dark Water
    • Edge (very good one -- π is now solvable, and there are inter-dimensional rifts!)
  • (some of) the works of Thomas Harris

    • Hannibal
    • Hannibal rising
  • the works of Poe

    • everything
  • the works of Theodore Geisel

    • Fox in Socks
    • Green Eggs & Ham
  • graphic novels by Frank Miller

    • Dark Knight
    • 300
    • Daredevil
    • Robocop
    • Ronin
    • Bad-Boy
    • Robocop VS The Terminator
    • The SIN CITY collection
  • graphic novels by Neil Gaiman

    • The Sandman
    • The Sandman Overture
    • everything else he's done (and I haven't even read his actual books yet...)
  • graphic novels by Kevin Smith

    • Daredevil: Visionaries
    • Green Arrow: Quiver
    • Green Hornet (based on his screenplay)
    • Chasing Dogma
    • Bluntman & Chronic
    • all the Jay and Silent Bob comics...
    • Batman: Cataclysm
    • Batman: The Widening Gyre
  • graphic novels by Mark Millar

    • KICK-ASS
    • KICK-ASS 2
    • HIT-GIRL
    • KICK-ASS 3
  • graphic novels by Rob Zombie

    • Bigfoot
    • The Nail
    • El Superbeasto


The Princess Bride
Forrest Gump
The Flashman Series
anything by Jules Verne
any classic concerning King Arthur
pretty much anything by Alan Dean Foster (even Splinter of the Mind's Eye)
Lewis Black books (the guy can yell at me in print! and it's hilarious)
George Carlin books
David Cross books
a few of the old Dave Barry books
Robert E. Howard's Conan
The Monkey's Paw
The Lottery
graphic novels by Alan Moore (Watchmen, From Hell, Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta)
the works of Howard Pyle (Robin Hood and King Arthur)
T.H.White's King Arthur books
Twain, of course
Robert Louis Stevenson books


  • anything, and everything (especially concerning history or outer-space)

Cosmos by Carl Sagan is my current bed-time favorite.

I'll do movies next, then television.

I don't think a list of my favorite songs will fit on the internet.

ah, cool, awesome, thanks for the list! (also it just reminded me of 'The Magicians' tv series/shows on syfy, lol)

(still looking over your list, after I add in 'The Magicians' to my list, lol)

omg... how'd I forget... Batman... 300... and Sin City .... HK shakes his head in shame/disgust (thanks for your list, reminding me of these)

and Neil Gaiman book: In the Shadow of the Gargoyle

If you're into sports stuff especially, but still great regardless...

There is a book by Rick Reilly called "Sports From Hell" and, to this day, it is the only book I have ever read that has made me laugh out loud...

The premise of the book is that Rick Reilly identifies the world's dumbest sports based on hilarious criteria and then participated in them. The book is a result of his experiences. The sport discussed below was the WSC (World Sauna Championships). And, yes, it is a real thing!

"You'd be amazed at how much fun it is to watch a grown man come apart like a $9 sweater. A Belarusian started out sane, just sitting there. Every 30 seconds a pitiless stream of water came out from a ceiling shower in the center of the sauna and splashed on the molten-hot rocks, creating a 100% humidity level in the room that would melt gold. About two minutes in our man started rocking a little. At three his eyes started blinking oddly. At four he began twitching. At five his eyes got huge. At six he started swallowing each breath like a gulp of scorching soup. Then he started glancing around wildly, as if to say to the others, Are you mad? Don't you see what's happening? They've locked us in a Crock-Pot! He started wiping his eyes and mouth. He moved his hands out toward his thighs to rub them, then realized that's not allowed and did so anyway, crazily, as though he were covered in lice. The judges flagged him once, then twice. Then he lurched for the door, and he was out. Sanity and cool air whooshed back into his brain, and suddenly he was normal and smiling again."

laughs.. when I was in high school in my physics class, we had the static electricity ball (like when you put your hands on it, your hair sticks out), well, I would have my arm as close to it as possible (this makes the most powerful current -- I tested distances, and the closer my arm got, the stronger/more painful, the current), and see how long I could endure it... let's just say... there starts to be biological reactions... I was getting like eggsima popping up on my arm... and then I felt like vomiting... that's when I decided it was enough, lol. I didn't want to vomit in class, lol.

I've done the electric shock arcades, where you hold the two metal rods... it was easy to win them (highest level, no problem), hehe.

I wish the old olympic bloopers were still around... sighs... I miss it... sighs...

the judge/measuring-official who got impaled by a javelin (one of them messed up, either the thrower wasn't suppose to throw or the judge/measuring-official wasn't suppose to be on the field, lol), the gym beam event-thing when the (female or male, can't remember which it was... I think it was a girl though) who ran really fast and when to jump on the spring board to get up on the beam accidentally kinda had a too forward or low angle or too much speed off of the spring board, and just splatted into a sideways U around the beam, lol. But the best was a male high pole vaulter who... came down on his pole way just after realizing it and while way up in the air, right on his... genitals... (make sure you have the pole move out of the way when you release it, lol)

A few main things.

  1. Quest for Camelot
  2. Digimon
  3. YuGiOh
  4. Pokemon
  5. The parts of the Bible with Jesus in it (You have got to admit, believer or not, the parts where Jesus tells off the Pharisees are epic!)

For me...
Several listed above...
Several listed are "no"...
several not listed...
Ancient Aliens... there is something going on there that does not add up when you take the aliens out of the equations...

I'm an alien.

Seriously. I am.



Great show!


What did ALF always want to eat?

(Behave yourselves! There are ladies present!)

Pop Quiz #2... What was the creature's real name?


That's easy, too!

Gordon Shumway!

October Movies

Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Ash VS The Army of Darkness
Ash VS The Evil Dead (TV Show)
Drag Me To Hell

Last House on the Left (original)
The Hills Have Eyes (original)
Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
The People Under the Stairs
The Serpent and the Rainbow
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Scream (1 -4)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake with Jessica Biel)

Leprechaun (original, with Jennifer Aniston)

The RIng (1 & 2)

The Grudge (1 & 2)

Idle Hands

Trick 'R Treat

Tales From the Darkside: The Movie

The Twilight Zone: The Movie

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Terrors
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Zombie Strippers!

Dead Alive

All of Romero's DEAD movies

Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
The World's End

28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Descent
Wolf Creek
Pan's Labyrinth
The Day of the Woman

Grindhouse: Planet Terror / Death Proof
From Dusk 'Til Dawn
The Faculty

House (movie, not show with doctor)
House II: The Second Story

Gremlins 1 is listed as HORROR

Psycho (original)
American Psycho (totally different movie)

Gone Girl (that movie is scary!)

Jason X
Freddy VS Jason

Hatchet II
Hatchet III

Feast 2
Feast 3 (groan...)

Fraggle Rock (giant in backyard is scary!)

Golden Girls (TV show) (very scary, but Rose and old lady funny!!!)

Addams Family (show and movies)

Munsters (show)

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (show)

Cabin Fever
Hostel II

Dawn of the Dead (remake)

Saw (part one)
Dead Silence
Insidious 2

Wrong Turn

Poltergeist (original)
Cabin in the Woods

IT (original, made for TV)
The Shining (original)
Pet Sematary
Maximum Overdrive
The Mist
Carrie (original and the remake)
Cat's Eye
The Green Mile
Creepshow 1 & 2
The Dead Zone (original)
Silver Bullet
Secret Window

House of 1000 Corpses
The Devil's Rejects
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
Halloween (remake)
Halloween II (remake)
The Lords of Salem

Wow, you guys pretty much covered all mine and then some!
You all have excellent taste ^.^
Here are a few I didn't see on here...

Shawshank redemption
Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
Black Mirror (Netflix)
The Walking Dead

Way of Kings series (BSanderson)
Misery (SKing)
Dark Tower series (SKing)
Hater series (DMoody)
Arabian nights, 1001 stories

Anime (I love symbolic shorts)
10 centimeters per second
Robot Carnival


Nice additions, Amochure!

You say true, and I say thank ya'. (If you could but just dig it.)



Did you go watch The Dark Tower?


Modern Family - about the only thing I watch on TV nowadays
The Simpsons
Phines and Ferb - It is a kids cartoon, but excellent
Gravity Falls - Ditto
Babylon 5
Dr Who (fourth Doctor) - although the production are far, far higher, I find the modern ones too full of plot holes and other annoyances, though I do still watch them


The Fifth Element
The Original Stars Trilogy - not seen the most recent ones


The Dune series
Works of Asimov
Works of Douglas Adams
ETA: DiscWorld series


Ratchet and Clank - the remake not so much
Morrowind and Skyrim
Civilisation - I found Civ I cheap many years ago (£3), started it up and the graphics were awful because computers had come on so much, but it was still a great game; later got IV, V and VI and played them all to death
Emperor: Battle for Dune - had to buy this three times as the Atreides disc keeps getting damaged

what is your favorite story?

Obviously you people can't have that many favourites. By its definition, a favourite is one (or some) that is (are) better than all the rest. To have read that many books and watched even more movies & TV shows, not to mention the games played, beggars belief. When did you have time to eat, sleep, study, work? (did some of those games/TV shows even have a story?)

I have read quite a few books & plays, watched a few movies and TV and played a few games, but I would only be able to say that over the last 60 years, I would only count a few of them my favourites.

The Famous Five & Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton.
Sherlock Holmes (most of) by Arthur Conan Doyle.
J R R Tolkien's Hobbit & Lord of the Rings.
Ethel Barrett's Holy War.
Ben Hur by Lew Wallace.
The Man from Snowy River by A B (Banjo) Patterson.
The Loaded Dog by Henry Lawson.
The Play by C J Dennis.

Age of Empires (Rise of Rome & The Conquerors) Especially the historical campaigns.

TV & Movies...
Nothing outstanding enough to be classed a favourite




My son watched Phineas and Ferb (or however it's spelled), and I enjoyed it as well.

I've never heard of Gravity Falls... I'll have to look that up.

I like the rest of your shows list, too. Along with the films.

Asimov is cool (can't believe I left him off my list). In fact, I was too young when I read Foundation. I need to go back and read those again.

I have the first few Dune books, but The Wheel of Time and DiscWorld books are ahead of them on the 'to read' list.

I've watched my friend play all of those games to death, so much so I need not even play, but I played a little Ratchet & Clank recently (when I rediscovered my PS2, along with boxes and boxes of games my son never even played).

Oops, I forgot DiscWorld, I will add to my list. Wheelof Time... not so much.


(did some of those games/TV shows even have a story?)

Sadly, no.

Some of the books didn't either.

I've never heard of Blyton. I'll have to check those out.

The Man from Snowy River is good stuff!

I left True Grit off of my book list, by the way (and it's in the top 100).

^.^ yea, I watched the movie. I guess I was expecting more; hoping they would have all the book content.
So from the book perspective, the movie was disappointing.
Looking at it from a single movie perspective, it was okay. They could have done SO much more... but it was okay.


I wish we had radio dramatizations in America...

We got all three Star Wars adaptations on National Public Radio back in the day, but I have to search for all the good BBC Radio dramas.

I've found all the Douglas Adams stuff (Hitchhiker's and Dirk Gently) that the internet knows about, numerous iterations of Sherlock Holmes, a couple of different versions of The Hobbit and LOTR, but that's about it.

What should I add to my 'need to listen to' list?

I would add "All the light we cannot see" (pick up book on CD)
If you enjoy strong emotions from a book.

After I read it, I felt like crying for 3 days, but I also felt inspired for a week.
uh, so good!


So from the book perspective, the movie was disappointing.

Yeah... I watched all the online stuff, so I knew they left almost everything good out, changed things around for no reason , and generally rushed through what they did keep... So, going in with low expectations, I wasn't let down until the

SPOILERMansion Demon attacked Jake. It was pretty much 'bleh' from there on, but still better than half of the King adaptations.

I should have went to watch IT instead, but I like the book and the old movie just as much as I like the Dark Tower books, so I'll just wait until IT 1 and IT 2 are on home video and complain about them when that time comes.

NOTE: The ethnicity of Roland didn't bother me one bit, unlike everyone else at the showing I attended.

Honestly, it wasn't old Clint Eastwood, so it didn't really matter. The dude did good, though. Not as good as Denzel Washington in the new Magnificent Seven, but close.

@Amochure I googled 5 centimeters a second. Google says it's ten, the rest of the websites say it's 5. I watched the first episode by the way. Fantastic!

Haha, yea, I agree with your points. The acting was golden, so no complaint there. That Idris Elba is a fantastic actor.

SPOILER Were people complaining about his ethnicity? That is strange. I don't recall there being a description of Roland's skin color in the book. I imagined Roland as being on the darker side anyway, especially after spending the first two or three books in the desert and not complaining once about sunburn.

But yea, so much potential, for fans and profit. Roland's back story could have been prequels. Everyone would have benefited from at least 3 or 4 movies. Ah well. I guess the books are just too big to be crammed into a movie.

Oh, haha! It is 5cm/sec >.<
I'm a ditz sometimes.
Maybe gravity is a bit stronger where I'm from, or the cherry blossoms are just heavier, and more arrow dynamic.
I am so glad I could recommend something you enjoyed!

I love the story, the music, and the background art of 5cm.
When I lived in Japan, I heard that "One More Chance" song at least once a day, every day for three years. Never got old, lol.

I really love hand drawn animation with all it's sexy imperfections like Royal Space Force and Akira and and when coupled with powerful symbolism like in Robot Carnival, its just... emotional ='{

A more recent hand drawn anime is Driver.
The art is sublime, but the story isn't worth the DVD it is saved on, lol.

Im so excited about my RPG story. I might be finished in about five more years, you guys ready?

I'm ready now!!

groans... How'd I forgot ash/evil-dead movies... ARGH!

and I'm surprised someone knew/watched Firestarter... hehe. The "Hot" Kiss was epic, hehe. I thought Sonya Blade in mortal kombat owned the death kiss, but nope it's the firestarter girl, hehe. (forgot to add fire starter to my list.. off to add in these two now, lol)

omg... I just remembered... Elvira Mistress of the Dark... how can this movie be forgotten by all of us.... it's a classic, lol.

@ R2T1:

easy with the books: be a loser and sit in a classroom during lunch and read, throughout k-12 grades, lol. And when have time, read all day on weekends/summer vacation. All of those books read were before college, but at that point my book-worm-ness stopped, as I've not read since. Oh, and so amusingly, I read through some of my classes too... for some reason, reading a book was the exception to not paying attention in class, lol. Never once did a teacher tell me stop reading, laughs. So amusing, hehe.

(I've always had a really really high reading/comprehension level, like 5 grades higher than I was in, I read a lot of the harder more grown up books when I was still very young, and this is all thanks to Nintendo Power magazines and my love of gaming, lol. As I hated reading when really young kiddie, but games and nintendo power changed that, lol. My analytical ability at reading is really high, it made even my business law class easy, a lot of my analysis of the cases were spot on with the judges' decisions... which really shocked me. I'm really good at understanding stories/written stuff, be they literature stories or law cases, my analyzing is top rate)

gaming: easy, games were and still are to a lesser degree now, my life, hehe.

movies: you've no idea how much money the theatres has gotten from me... I've been seeing movies for a long time, though there's very few good ones now... the literary quality has really been in decline since the writer's strike in 2000.

some of my games, don't have too much of a story, but only some of them.

when you've seen as much as I have, it's really hard to pick a few favorites, let alone a single favorite. And also it's just me too, I just can't select one nor even a few.

Though, if I had to pick one... it'd still be (but it's still arbitrary choice, as many others are just as good too): The Butterfly Effect
(this is only for movies, not every media format, anime/manga wins absolutely for literature, and beats the Butterfly Effect, easily, that's how superior japan is in literature and intellect to americans)

for anime/manga, while I can't say its the very best, it's still my personal favorite (despite many rival contenders):

Claymore (take star wars, christianity, beowolf, and mary shelley's frankenstein, and combine them into one story, and you got Claymore. That's how deep/complex Claymore is, hehe)

for books, this is actually easy: The Foundation series, The Dune series, The Ender series, and Wheel of Time series, as these are absolute godly genius works of literature and understanding of humanity and existence/world/universe/etc.

just because it's so epic, hehe. The "HOT" kiss:

part of epic scene from firestarter Rekindled (2/sequel): ht.tps://vimeo.com/19435454
(hard to find vids and if there are any, they get taken down usually)

(both Firestarter and Firestarter Rekindled are really good movies)

Good one hegemonkhan, I loved Butterfly Effect.

I get the feeling you are the kind of person I could talk to for days before we remembered to eat or sleep.

Have you read "All the light we cannot see?"

nope. sorry. hadn't read that.

I've read many more books, but I'd have to get them out of storage... and then put them back in storage, too much of a pain... so my book list remains incomplete, as I can't remember them all off-hand, and don't want to get the books out, just so I can add them into my list post. Maybe... I will, but not anytime soon... lol. Until then, maybe some more remembering of the books I've read will come to me... lol.

(any good book / a book that I like, I have to have it as a physical paper back book, as hard back is too expensive, and I actually like the look of paper back better than that of hard back strangely, but of course the problem with paper back is that it falls apart and/or rots/deteriorates, sighs)

There's an infinite number of books, aside from the really good/common ones, most books aren't going to be familiar/read by others, as there's just so many books that one can read... lol

lol lol lol

upon re-reading this post of mine and and specifically reading my 'I have to own the physical book' line, I jsut remembered, another really good movie:

Conspiracy Theory (1997, mel gibson, this was such a classic/good movie... that is being forgotten now... like 'The Fugitive' movie)
(if you've seen/remember this movie, you'll understand the direct connection of it with my line above, lol)

(anyways, got to add this movie to my list, hehe. Can't believe I forgot about it... grrr)

@ Amochure:

"I get the feeling you are the kind of person I could talk to for days before we remembered to eat or sleep (Amochure)"

anytime, laughs. I love to discuss this type of stuff, hehe :D maybe we can become good friends! :D

that's how superior japan is in literature and intellect to americans

^not so sure about that... that's an awfully generalized comment, don't you think?

no, it's a very informed statement (please do refer to my massive references of american and japanese literature in my big list post above, and please provide your surely extensive references of american and japanese literature to back up your one-lined post, as I don't have any way of responding to it). Only american book authors have any literary quality and intelligence, american movie and tv writers are dildo dodo-bird dumb-f' retards compared to the japanese intellectual and literary genius writers of manga/anime. Its insulting watching such stupid movies and tv shows of america, they make me want to vomit.

(yes, there's a very few/rare exceptions: a few movies and tv shows, but again, these are extremely few/rare exceptions, which have nothing to do with american vs japanese literature and intelligence of their works, and these american exceptions only equal japanese manga/anime, at best, they never surpass it)

I'll leave you to your opinion.

HK, it is possible you get to see all US cultural output living in America, but only the better products of Japanese culture make it to the US. Thus you see the good and the bad of the US but only the good from Japan, and this could be biasing your perception.



Pixie beat me to the punch, and he phrased it better than I did.

I enjoy a LOT of Japanese stuff, but I've found just as much bad stuff from there as I have in the good, old USA.

British stuff is usually smarter than American stuff, too.

...except for the British stuff that isn't.

The grass is just greener over there, I think.

^same goes for education

no, it's a very informed statement of fact (please do refer to my massive references of american and japanese literature in my big list post above, and please provide your surely extensive references of american and japanese literature to back up your empty opinionated posts, as I don't have any way of responding to them).

Examples of (empty, horrendously flawed, and uninformed) opinions:

"^not so sure about that... that's an awfully generalized comment, don't you think? (XanMag)"

"HK, it is possible you get to see all US cultural output living in America, but only the better products of Japanese culture make it to the US. Thus you see the good and the bad of the US but only the good from Japan, and this could be biasing your perception. (Pixie)"

"Pixie beat me to the punch, and he phrased it better than I did (KV)"

"I enjoy a LOT of Japanese stuff, but I've found just as much bad stuff from there as I have in the good, old USA. British stuff is usually smarter than American stuff, too. ...except for the British stuff that isn't. The grass is just greener over there, I think (KV)"

"^same goes for education (XanMag)"



Some Japanese art is 'smarter' than its American counterpart, and vice-versa.

Numbers of references don't matter in cases of comparing media with other media. Use statistics.

It's one thing to challenge others to find good American media, (which they did above, if you paid attention), and another thing to actually back up statements with statistics.


HK listed more American stuff than Japanese, if you examine his lists.

I think he just means Japanese art is generally smarter -- more well presented, if you will -- than its American counterpart.

...which is not untrue, depending upon the material you're comparing.


Everyone knows HK and I just enjoy a friendly debate harmless banter, right?


The Matrix Trilogy (on the whole) is pretty much just Greek mythology, mixed with DBZ fight scenes, with the story line from LOOP by Koji Suzuki.

So it's 2/3 Japanese.


I would have thrown in the New Testament, but that was too easy.


I like The Matrix trilogy!


A lot of our stuff is cleverly disguised as stupid, too.

Take South Park, for instance. It's totally stupid on numerous levels, but it's really just making fun of how stupid the world is. (Plus, Stan will teach us a thing or two about morals most of the time.)

Or Beavis & Butthead... That was Mike Judge's commentary on society, and society just went, "uh... huh-huh-huh... That is COOL!"
(It hurt his feelings.)

Jay and Silent Bob movies usually cause me to whip out the dictionary at least once, too, but they are stupid as all get-out on the surface.

Stupid just sells in America. (Not as much as sex sells, of course, but it's probably pretty close.)

chuckles, not sure what we're debating KV with the first half of your post, lol. That's an accurate description of the american scene (evidence/reference: Merchants of Cool)

everything has exceptions, exceptions are in everything, thus they're completely meaningless for any type of basis/discussion/etc

of course I've seen more american content, I'm an american, living in america my entire life, lol

The only japanese I get is via the internet, like for any foreign content, unless you got a lot of money (and even then, some content jsut ins't made available outside of a country, sadly).

and yep, I don't know a thing of japanese language, except for a few words/phrases from manga/anime, which is again not knowing any japanese language at all

translations... is by definition is problematic, as they're just not the same language at all, and thus its really not technically possible to truly translate at all. language is from centuries of culture and society and etc, and from learning/hearing it as a baby in the womb, being born into that language.

but we do the best we can... it's all we can do.... the only way to know a language is to be born into it, even those who seemingly have learned to be expert/fluent in a foreign language, still doesn't know all of its intricasies as someone born into it. You can't make up for learning/hearing it from a baby in the womb to a child's age of capable of being taught it non-naturally.

some translations (and dubs even) are very good, some are even better than the japanese/original, and some are worse/horrendous as well.

there's some really good translators out there, which can still do a horrible job at the content they're translating, as well as do a great job.

there's some really bad/poor translators out there too, which can get lucky and do a really great translation of content, as well as doing a really horrible job as well.

my point, is that translations have nothing to do with america vs japan discussion, it's irrelevant.

@ kmnevil54:

indeed, quantity is completely meaningless, when its about the absolute of truth/falsity. I never said anything about quantity in my posts, so I'm confused why you're bringing it up.

the point is that I have nothing to respond to from the others' posts, they've got no material, no substance, no references, no evidence, nothing, except just hollow and/or nonsensical one-to-a-few-line opinion/spam posts. They provided zero support for their baseless or nonsensical comments.

I'm awaiting for something that I can respond to, sighs.

I can and will easily provide numerous example proofs (I have a lot of references/empirical evidence as seen in my big list post to work with), soon as I get the chance, but I've got nothing to respond to, and am not going to waste my time, until I've got something to discuss and for them to try to debate me on, from them, sighs. I'm just waiting on them. I don't make empty comments like have been done by them towards me.

actually... why don't I just help them out, and get this going hopefully:

trial 1: detective wit

HK's japanese contender (anime/manga): Death Note
Others' american contender (comics/movies/tv-shows-films-series): ???

trial 2: ultimate relationship/romantic-couple depiction and wit:

HK's japanese contender (anime/manga): Spice and Wolf
Others' american contender (comics/movies/tv-shows-films-series): ???

trial 3: time-travel

HK's japanese contender (game): 7th Saga in US (Elnard in JP)
Others' american contender (any media, as this handicap won't help you, HK grins): ???

trial 4: most realistic depiction of sci-fi/futuristic world

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Others' american contender (any media, as this handicap won't help you, HK grins): ???

trial 5: most witty and accurate court case

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig (season 2): Trial (episode 10)
Others' american contender (any media, including even a real court case, as this handicap won't help you, HK grins): ???

trial 6: whatever sci-fi equivalent exists in american content of my japanese selection

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Code Geass
Others' american contender (any media, as this handicap won't help you, HK grins): ??

trial 7: whatever sci-fi/science + fantasy equivalent exists in american content of my japanese selection

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Full Metal Alchemist (not Brotherhood)
Others' american contender (any media, as this handicap won't help you, HK grins): ??

trial 8: star wars + christianity + beowolf + mary shelley's frankenstein

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Claymore
Others' american contender (any media, including all 4 of those very ones, as Claymore surpasses each of them, hehe): ??

trial 9: biology and other genius stuff (can't describe briefly all of it, too much)

HK's japanese contender (manga/anime): Blood+
Others' american contender (any media): ??

trial 10: sci-fi concepts and biology

HK's japanese contender (game): Parasite Eve (1)
Others' american contender (any media): ??

trial 11: human relationships and very grown-up intellectual/sophiscated concepts involved, as well as uber insightful wisdom

HK's japanese contender (game): Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
Others' american contender (any media): ??

and many more... but that's a start for now...


if you want instead to do these trials by the worst contenders, instead of the best contenders:

pick/find your worst japanese crap: ???
and I'll easily pick/find even worse american crap (lol): ???

A lot of our stuff is cleverly disguised as stupid, too.

Take South Park, for instance. It's totally stupid on numerous levels, but it's really just making fun of how stupid the world is. (Plus, Stan will teach us a thing or two about morals most of the time.)

Or Beavis & Butthead... That was Mike Judge's commentary on society, and society just went, "uh... huh-huh-huh... That is COOL!"
(It hurt his feelings.)

Jay and Silent Bob movies usually cause me to whip out the dictionary at least once, too, but they are stupid as all get-out on the surface.

Stupid just sells in America. (Not as much as sex sells, of course, but it's probably pretty close.)

--- KV

no, that's just stupid. stupid is stupid. making fun of (parodying) american stupidity by (HK Edit: BEING) the same american stupidity, that's just sad (being an american, I'm ashamed and terrified, of how stupid my fellow americans are, it's really getting scary now)... and definately not any sort of intellectual literary genius. Recognizing this 'sublime' parodying of how stupid we are stupid, took 0.00000000000000000000000000000001 current/voltage of brain power. That's not intellectual literary genius at work.


Hot damn, HK!

I removed all of my empty comments from that post before you submitted your second to last post, so no one knows what you responded to. (Sorry about that!)

Are you only talking about anime/manga and video games?

I thought you were saying EVERYTHING Japanese is smarter/faster/stronger/better.

only american book writers provide high quality literature and intellect, all other american media is inferior to japanese (see my previous post, as this is just a repeat from it --- though I do edit my posts a lot --- so it might have been a later edit if it wasn't in the post when you looked at it, a quite possible situation)

I'm talking about any american media (EXCEPT BOOKS) vs japanese manga/anime (as this is all I know of japan content, lol)

HK, I think there is something in that (ETA: couple of posts back!). Having a dumb character is really just cheap comedy, and is all too common. Joey in Friends is a great example, or Coach in Cheers, but there are plenty more.

Unfortunately, I can't participate with american sit-coms as I never really watched any of them... no idea if they have good wit or not. I've seen enough american comedy however, and it's all utter filth, (actually like 99.9999% of comedy is flat out pornography: degradation of women as sexual objects and jokes, as the males' trophies/conquests/prizes and/or the males' amusement/enjoyment).

(of course we've got/had an exception: Robin Williams, my god, don't ever listen to him do direct comedy... and hide the kids... he goes into adult/r-content, you'll have a heart attack from constant laughter, but this is a specific person, not american content, lol. And it's HIS content, no american writer could ever match his wit, Robin Williams was a 'savant/genius' at wit, which unfortunately, he could never turn off however, and I really do think that it is this, which finally he couldn't put up with anymore, and ended this suffering finally once and forever with his suicide)

I've no interest in watching sit-coms, but if you want (and/or can find) scenes that you thought were good/witty/intellectual, you can provide them, and we can compare it to scenes in anime/manga, and see whether american content is inferior to japanese or not.

@ KV and others:

yes, the Matrix trilogy, is one of those very few/rare exceptions of great literary and intellectual american media. (as it actually uses the science of Philosophy: philosophical concepts/thought-experiments/problems/etc, lol. Philosophy really should be a REQUIRED course, sighs. Seriously, if you take just an intro phil class, you'll go: yep that was used in the matrix, yep that too was used in the matrix, yep that too was used in the matrix... man... the matrix seems to be like plagerizing this philosophy book, lol)

an indirect proof that american media is inferior to japanese media:

it's not easy in naming an equivalent american movie to that of the Matrix trilogy's quality of literature and intellect, because there just isn't many others. Which indirectly states that american media sucks. There's only a very very few (at most, can be counted on one hand, if not less than 5 fingers, lol), whereas there's tons of media equal to and superior to the Matrix trilogy within japanese media.


yes, the Matrix trilogy, is one of those very few/rare exceptions of great literary and intellectual american media

But there isn't one original thing in the entire trilogy... as you point out.

How is plagiarism great and intellectual?


Cheers and Friends are both great!

Other good shows:

3rd Rock from the Sun

Married... With Children

  • actually like 99.9999% of [american] comedy is flat out pornography: degradation of women as sexual objects and jokes
    Wrong. I hope this was an attempt at "make a point through exaggeration" rather than a factual reference because that's not even close to accurate.


It's ALL fan-service, in some form or fashion.

well, all human invention goes to ancient countries (as does humans themselves), everything comes from (ultimately) an origin/single point.

All american/western content goes to shakesphere and shakesphere goes to the greeks (and probably the greeks go to some ancient civilization, known or unknown, and then this traces back to the origin/single point of humanity's beginning, thus merging with the eastern content)

same with the asian/eastern content... which I don't know... for pretend example: all eastern content traces to china (and probably the chinese go to some ancient civilization, known or unknown, and then this traces back to the origin/single point of humanity's beginning, thus merging with the western content)

okay... media/society is degrading... comedy is extremely pornographic now and becoming more and more so (technically, it's not even comedy anymore, anyways).

It is factual. You're not making any sense. Comedy is so grotesquely pornographic, and ever becoming even more so every year, which is why I hate comedy. It's so abusive to women, it's sickening.


Remember that time Coach was in night-school, and the song helped him learn?

Albania, Albania...
You border on the Adriatic.

I've gotten that correct on quite a few tests, thanks to that episode of Cheers.

I forgot 3rd Rock from the Sun. So funny!


I got Moonlighting for my mom last Christmas.

Man... That's worse than I remember, but I still enjoy the banter. (Poor Cybill Shepherd. Bruce Willis literally stole the show!)

@ XanMag:

it's against site policy for my infinite number of exhibits of pornographic comedy, proving you wrong again and again and again.

I can post comedy/media from 20-30 years ago, as it's not pornographic.

this is a direct historical degradation of humanity, our media/comedy HAS become extremely pornographic, and is becoming ever more so even more extreme with every year.

this is not debatable, except for the insane. There's direct observation of numerous numerous extreme pornographic comedy, yet here you are saying there's not. That's not rational of you. You're rejecting reality.

1 out of 10,000 or 1 out of 100,000 comedies are degrading to women? Hm... interesting.

And... now I'm done as I feel like I'm being trolled.



Did you see that sky today?

Talk about blue! *


That reminds me!

The Emperor's New Groove was pretty funny.


Does anyone have a favorite Quest game?

Yes. X2 of course. Haha.

EDIT: Hmm... in all seriousness, that's a tough question. Spondre was pretty clever. The Victorian Detective Series are well crafted, Jacqueline Jungle Queen is good, Ye Olde Barbershop is funny... I guess it depends on the genre. Too many to name a specific one!

Why is it harder for me to pick a favorite here as opposed to a movie or book? Weird.


I was going to play X2, but I heard bad things about the author...

Spondre is trying to ring a bell...

Is that Jay's game?

I like Beavis and Butthead, and I like Mike Judge, and I like South Park, and I like Dumb and Dumber, Etc.

It's totally fine to be stupid for humor. It's just a craft that you have to do well, mixed with psychological relief. South Park knows the power of psychology, them killing Kenny every episode. And look at Dumb and Dumber, it might be stupid, but the plot and its jokes are very well crafted!

Family Guy was one of the best things I have ever seen back in its first 3 seasons, before it decayed. Not only was I 12 when it came out (it's secret target audience), but the humor was masterful, the best of its time! But as I said, it decayed massively, and it turned into gross out humor, and things that should be never be seen by man.

I also miss classic Ren and Stimpy. That show was random, but sometimes really funny, sometimes really suspenseful, and sometimes it was so weird that you just couldn't stop watching! My favorite episode was when they got rich selling weiner's! (Weird as it sounds)

And while I'm at it, I'll mention Bobobo, Bobobobo. Fist of the North Star parody. It came very close to coming to the original's glory. Not fully, but close. FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR

Special mention goes to old Naruto, old Dragon Ball, and other old Shonen anime!


My favorite episode was when they got rich selling weiner's!

That was a great one!

Family Guy was one of the best things I have ever seen back in its first 3 seasons

If you're not up on your 1980s commercials, you missed 90% of the jokes, too!

Did you see the South Park where Cartman went to stop Family Guy from being made? It was hilarious when they revealed how Family Guy is actually written!

Dumb and Dumber is almost too dumb for me. (Almost.)

The sequels DEFINITELY are.

Speaking of dumb...

The Waterboy is dumb, and I love it!

High five, K.V.! *Does the hand thing.

I like Eiken for its plot, and romance.

I know Eiken is known as one of those taboo High School Girl romance animes, but the show really isn't is bad as people say it is. I have only watched a few clips on Youtube, but it seems fine to me.
It's funny. The gag boobs do their job and actually contribute to the jokes, and the infamous "there's a dick-shaped popsicle or object in every one of their mouths every 5 seconds" is grossly overstated, and only happens to that one girl because... reasons known only to her. Also no one is ever forced into doing something they don't want too, from what I've seen. Also there is that one scene where the red head totally sinks that guy into her breasts, but it's supposed tone is romantic and heartwarming, cause she's consoling him. And it's a romance scene.



You're fun!

What about The Fairly Odd-Parents?

I loved that show when I was younger! Not now, though.

So, I've been reading about the Fridge Logic on Thomas the Tank Engine on TV tropes. Apparently, everyone is a slave, and they are all conscious for every single thing that happens to them, including having repairs/surgery done, and having multiple accidents. (With no physical pain, of course.) Of course I already knew most of this, I'm just glad other people agree.


It also mentions trains being ripped apart while alive, but considering that the show is based in real life, and people wait for a vehicle/engine to "die" before they scrap it, that should not be the case. As I said, people do not scrap things until they are dead.

Every train on Thomas the Tank Engine probably has PTSD from various different things, however.

Again, to correct what XanMag incorectly said/thinks/believes:

especially american media/comedy has completely degraded into pornography, this is patently evident by looking at the history of media/comedy, and especially of present day media/comedy, wantonly and shamelessly pornography. Comedy is dead, open and extreme pornography has replaced it, and it's only getting more and more gratutious and extreme with every year upon year.

Eiken .... it's pornography... it is parodying it, but that doesn't excuse it out from being pornography. As pornography, I did enjoy it.

not sure what plot or romance eiken has... HK is shocked... maybe I just had a harder time NOT focusing on the pornography of it..

though, this is my point of japanese comedy vs american comedy, american comedy has strong rape humor and degradation of women as sex objects. the women are just their as eye candy and trophies/prizes for the males. whereas with japanese comedy, first of all, like 99% of all male characters are gentleman/chivalrous, looking away when the female openly flaunts/flirts/teases herself to the male. This is done so much, it's cliche to japanese comedy, and we finally cheer when the male isn't chivalrous, just because we're so sick of it. For all of the fanservice in japanese manga/anime, none of it is forced, it's all done by the females' own initiative, and the males, 99% of the time chivalrously turn away and/or turn them down. The complete opposite of american comedy, where the female's role is to be eye candy for the male viewers and as a trophy/prize for the male character within it.

japanese fanservice is playful and its done by the females' own initiative, and the males are gentleman/chivalrous despite it being the females' own initiative towards them. The females are teasing/abusing the males. Rarely, is it the other way around, and even when it is, it's usually playful and not forceful/abusive towards the female. This is the complete opposite of american fanservice and comedy.

anyways, does anyone want to engage in trying to prove american content isn't inferior to japanese content? (this means actual content and analysis to support your claim... so that I can then have something to respond to with my content and analysis)

I tried to get it started by providing some help, but that meant I chose the japanese content first.

if it's easier, you can choose your american content, and I'll provide japanese content to prove that it is inferior to it

or, is no one interested in doing so ?? I guess no one has content/support for their claims that american media isn't inferior to japanese. okay, then it has been decided as settled, japanese is superior to american. No one has brought any substance to the contrary.

back to just listing media... i guess, sighs...


The Muppet Show

I did not know your definition of pornography was so big... anyway, I said I never watched all of Eiken either...

Maybe I watched all the plot parts, and HK watched all the porn parts. Like some sort of Twilight Zone conundrum.

Married with Children (as previously mentioned)
NFL football (TV only - live, it sucks)
Soccer (National level not Local (especially in the US))
I Love Lucy (old but classic)
Three Stooges
Step Brothers (did we just become best friends?)
A Knight's Tale
School of Rock (one of my favorites!)

Star Trek- Sci-Fi
And the Twilight Zone - Horror/Sci-Fi
Golden Girls - Horror/Comedy
I love Lucy - Horror/Comedy
Will and Grace - Drama/Comedy

(Actually School of Rock is also one of my favorites! I love movies with Jack Black as the protagonist!)

(I actually have had 2 written works of mine published, completely by accident and/or chance.
The first one was in second grade. One of my stories was picked, I don't know if they like it, or it was just random, to be published in a collection of stories other elementary students. I (mom) didn't order the book, because 1. I have seen an earlier copy of the book, I don't like the stories. and 2. I already have the story at home... somewhere, if mom or someone didn't throw it away. I only liked my story anyways.
And the second one is just Sean Neely... ...Um, that second play in the Fringe Festival, after if it was revised. I had no part in coming up with the story, I just helped revising some of the more... unsavory parts. Google is your friend.
And I'm 20 years old.)

Wow, this is a fun thread. So many interesting opinions!

Here is one I would like to add. I propose that any story written after 1965 can be, in some form or fashion, aligned with, or contrived from, the plot of an episode from Twilight Zone.

It is my humble opinion that Rod Sterling was the greatest story teller of the 20th century.

Yes, there will be more great stories we've seen down the road, but as Sir Newton once said, seeing further can be done much easier by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Speaking of standing on shoulders, it was Disney that inspired Tezuka to create Astro Boy in the first place, marking the advent of anime.


What is it that makes great works, great? To be considered entertaining is no doubt flattering enough, but I ask, what more significant apex of achievement is there for a work of literature than to inspire?


There's no way you can stop

(Hey, Moe! Nyuck-nyuck-nyuck!)

I really, really didn't want to like Step-brothers the first time I watched it, but it won me over halfway through.

I enjoy it from beginning to end now, though.

Let's not forget about Bugs Bunny and the gang, either!


Oh, you! ^.^


Jack Black is freaking awesome!!!

...but I can't watch Nacho Libre.

I just can't do it.

It's worse than Napoleon Dynamite, in my opinion.

I believe they were written by the same person, too...

I do like the Napoleon Dynamite guy (John Heder?) in Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell, though. That movie is hilarious.

"Golden Girls - horror/comedy"

Funny shit there. That was an underrated and very funny show.


Twilight Zone!!!

Woot! Woot!

I forgot all about Hitchcock, too!!!

I'd like to know how many of Rod Sterling's stories were original ideas at the time. If just 20% were original stories, he was pretty damned impressive.

Of course, original... how do you define that!?!

At the time, my daughter was 12, we binge watched a huge chunk of those on Netflix. I was surprised she liked them.

Edit: to clarify - at the time that we watched them circa 2015, my daughter was 12. She was not 12 when they were originally aired. ;)


The Golden Girls is funny, but Maude scares me, XM.

Estelle Getty was funny, even in STOP! Or My Mom Will Shoot!

Rhue McClanahan (sp?) was okay on Mama's Family sometimes...

...but I love Betty White to death!

Ever seen her stand up? She's surprisingly raunchy!

Who do you think would win in a fight?

The Golden Girls or the cast of 227?

horror/comedy: lmao!
I loved Golden Girls!

That is a good question. I know he was an avid fan of pulp fiction (the novels, not the Tarantino movie, lmao) when he was young. So his stories easily could have been a culmination of stories that inspired him but were lost to time and memory.
At least he can take creative credit for putting all the stories together in a TV show, lol.

Can't say I know 227.



lol K.V.

Dorothy was tough, but 227 girls were much younger (except Pearl).
I'd put my bets on 227, with Dorothy being the last GG to go down.

I LOVED Night Court!!




I believe you are correct, Amochure!

Except Rose would be the last GG standing, I think...

You see: she was the toughest gal in the fruit-mashing competition, back in St. Olaf!

(I almost said 'back in Hanover', but that's where Woody lived before he got hired on at Cheers.)

Dan Fielding and Bull Shannon = awesome

...and when Gomez Addams (Harry's dad) showed up sometimes, those episodes were priceless!

♪♫♬ Always look on the bright side of life ♬♫♪

Haha, or Blanch would just seduce them all and it would end in a huge orgy.

"I'm feeling MUCH better now" priceless indeed!

So I Googled Rob Serling, and saw he made Planet of the Apes...
Gilmore Girls- written and directed by Rob Serling, and Alfred Hitchcock

Not many people say this, but Aeon Flux and Stripperella are underrated. Most early MTV cartoons are underrated. Take Clone High for instance. Interest fing plotline, but cancelled on its first season due to low ratings. Same with Clerks.

I grew up with Daria. Was not supposed to, but I watched it and enjoyed it.

Also, I was looking for this one movie from either 1969, or the 70's, where this one astronaut lady went to a different planet. (I thought it was Stripperella, but totally different...) She tries to escape. Some sex stuff happens. She ends up escaping at the end, I assume. It ends on a cliff hanger where she falls in love with the planets' female empress, and also a male 'angel', a man with wings, and they fly off while the old city gets blown up.... Um, yeah....)

Let's do the time-warp again.
Let's do the time-warp again.
It's just a jump to the left.
And then a step to the right.
Put your hands on your hips.
You bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane.
Let's do the time-warp again.
Let's do the time-warp again.

Also, did you know that movie has a plot? You have to see it at least 4 times like I did, but it's there!
So this couple, Brad and Janet, go to a friends' wedding. Then they drive home. Then a storm makes their car stop. So they stop at a mansion for help. Some crap happens as they spot Transelvanians, aliens from a different planet from a far off galaxy, doing a local dance, "The Time Warp"! Then they meet Doctor Frankenfurter, who is insane. Doctor Frankenfurter builds a man. A gay song happens. Then Doctor Frankenfurter tries to sleep with Brad and Janet, but only Janet consents. Janet gets horney because Brad never made love to her. Brad goes insane. Some stuff happens. Then Frankenfurter traps/mind manipulates everyone to have an orgy in a swimming pool. Then 2 Transylvanian police show up, who were apparently working as spys, being Dr. F's servants, who arrest and kill Dr. Frankenfurter for rape and just all around being a pervert, even by Transylvanian standards. They also kill his man/monster. The mind manipulation thing is broken. Then Brad and Janet go out, and the entire mansion rockets away into OuterSpace, because apparently it's a rocket. Commence end credits.

Night Court was an early favorite.

Call me juvenile (or worse) but I absolutely love Impractical Jokers.

I watched all of eiken (2 episodes), not jsut the porn parts (well all of it is porn, lol). It's only softcore porn, but porn is porn. Yes, I guess some of the scenes are done in a sweet/romantic way, but it's still (a parody of) softcore porn. but.. porn is porn.

american comedy is openly extreme porn, whereas almost all of manga/anime is softcore porn at best/worst/whatever. though, there's been some more recent anime that's been pushing into hentai territory (right at the boundary without crossing that line), yet while trying to stay as anime classified. most anime is jsut playful fanservice, which is tame compared to the more softcore porn playfulness and/or parodying.

there's much more actual romantic anime out there, with less or same fanservice as eiken. If you see these, there's nothing romantic about eiken, as these are actual romantic animes, unlike eiken (as a bit of sweetness within the scenes, doesn't really count, as being romantic, not for me anyways). Sekerei has more tender and sweet moments (as well as a story plot --- though the anime leaves the plot unfinished --- don't know about the manga) then eiken, easily. It's hard to judge, but I'd say they're roughly equal in terms of the fanservice/softcore porn... more or less.... Sekerei does have way more sweetness/tenderness than eiken, it does have some really sweet/cute/adorable/tearful-happy scenes (with the kid plant girl, thankfully, lol --- staying away from "that other" type of stuff)... buried amongst the majority of fanservice scenes with the adult girls. But, I'm not talking about sekerei, in terms of the romantic anime, there's some really good romantic anime out there, without and without fanservice.

(I know you said, you don't need more anime, but if you're interested in more romantic anime, I got some that I really liked, though they might cater more to my male type of 'romance', which is probably different than a girls. No, I'm not talking about fanservice, lol. I do mean actual romance, yes at least this guy, does have a concept of romance, not sure about other guys though, as I'm different from most guys)

@ Amochure:

What is it that makes great works, great? To be considered entertaining is no doubt flattering enough, but I ask, what more significant apex of achievement is there for a work of literature than to inspire? (amochure)

to think and challenge one to think beyond their normal level of thought, advanced scientific concepts (including the science of humans, our behaviorisms, relationships, and etc): "intellectual/sophisticated" literary genius: japanese media (games, anime, manga) and american books. This is done found in (some examples) Dune, Foundation, Ender, Wheel of Time, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (this tackles the ultimate question of: violence/war/"why do we fight", and but you got to be really smart, cause it deals with really advanced concepts, beyond the intellectual ability of most people), Attack on titan, Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, Full Metal Alchemist, Death note, Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, Claymore, mary shelley's frankenstein, beowolf, chriistianity, bhavadia gita (can't spell), etc etc etc. Something that actually makes you think, that actually engages you with advanced scientific topics, and brainless mindless filth for the stupids of humanity.

everything is plagerism/copying/imitation/"monkey see monkey do", as we just use and build-upon what others have already discovered/created/done. true unique-ness/originality doesn't exist.

kenichi's master explains it (copying) best (its about martial arts, but applies to all of human creations/endeavers):

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtbXJOip5uo (3:00 to 3:30=end)

and/or we jsut plagerize a book or a professors' lecture, claiming we're intellect... when no such actual critical thought / intelligence took place / exists:

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIdsjNGCGz4 (another one of the few/rare movies with intellect/genius)

this is what happens when actual intelligence meets a tape recording airhead.


All in the Family

Sanford and Sons

My goodness... this is bringing back great memories!

Aeon Flux was awesome, badass sexy girl, love it, hehe! And also had a good sci-fi story/plot as well!

sadly, most is underrated/unknown... as it's all about the same format of blockbusters over and over... sighs. Action movies are all the same to me now... they're all identical to each other. I need more than jsut action, especially the same cliched action done over and over again. Give me a story and plot, a new original and engaging/challenging story/plot! "CGI is a dime a dozen now"... I don't care about graphics, I don't care about action... it's about story/plot, originality/novelty, and intellectual engagement.

especially looking at gaming... there's so many really good games, that never get noticed and the company dies out... sighs...

it's all about marketing (and the wealth-to-advertise and stock stores with just their games) monopoly/power.


"I'm feeling MUCH better now" priceless indeed!

You said it!

Just as good as: "Tish?!? Was that French???"

I grew up with Daria. Was not supposed to, but I watched it and enjoyed it.

Diarrhea, cha-cha-cha!


Rocky Horror Picture Show...


I won't judge you for liking it, if you won't judge me for not liking it. Deal?

Never head of Impractical Jokers.

Hidden camera shows, though... They're hit or miss. (Just like Spade with no Farley.)







Run, Ronnie, Run!


My Stepmother is an Alien

Harry and the Hendersons

@hegemonkhan I'm guessing you've never seen Legend of the Overfiend. Or much Hentai apparently. I've never seen any Hentai, but I watch this guy, Bennet The Sage, Anime Abandon, who reviews old, old anime...


Rocky Horror Picture Show...

I don't think you are supposed to watch those parts. Unless you mean Tim Curry.
But fine, deal.
(I like Tim Curry...)


Hell yeah!

Reverend Jim, Latka, Archie Bunker, Meathead, Esther, and Grady!

Harlem Nights

Black Dynamite


Mork & Mindy

The Cosby Show


Empty Nest

Northern Exposure (sometimes)

kenichi's master explains it (copying) best (its about martial arts, but applies to all of human creations/endeavers):

Just saying his name, you remind me of Metropolis....

I too, like Black Dynamite. The Boondocks, too.

@ jnmevil54:

wow, that was even more incorrect than all of Xanmag's comments:

... ~ "HK must not have seen much hentai (jnmevil54)" ... uh huh... you just keep thinking that like XanMag and his false notions...

devil emoji of HK (not as code knowledgeable as KV on how to do this stuff, he has surpassed me in many code areas already)

@ KV:

wow, you seen/know-of Harry and the Hendersons !!!!

I really need to watch it again... I remember really liking it... though I doubt I'd still find it good... I doubt it would age well...

Oh well. C'est la ville...

It is my humble opinion that Rod Sterling was the greatest story teller of the 20th century.

That, and apparently Alfred Hitchcock...


Agreed. There will always be more bad than good, but I think even the junk serves a purpose.
It helps raise the base of the pyramid of literary awesome. The crap on the large bottom, the best being the fewest at the top.
Wouldn't you say?

Posting this here.
(I actually have had 2 written works of mine published, completely by accident and/or chance.
The first one was in second grade. One of my stories was picked, I don't know if they like it, or it was just random, to be published in a collection of stories other elementary students. I (mom) didn't order the book, because 1. I have seen an earlier copy of the book, I don't like the stories. and 2. I already have the story at home... somewhere, if mom or someone didn't throw it away. I only liked my story anyways. It was about a girl who found/caught a magician's hat. Then they became friends. That was it. But it was better than the other stories, I believe.
And the second one is just Sean Neely... ...Um, that second play in the Fringe Festival, after if it was revised. I had no part in coming up with the story, I just helped revising some of the more... unsavory parts. Google is your friend.
And I'm 20 years old.)


I like Tim Curry, too.

IT, Clue, Oscar...

But, you see, I had never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a girl I once knew insisted I go watch it with her.

We have an old theatre here, and they show cult-following flicks quite frequently. The Big Lebowski is what they are currently showing, I think...

Anyway, she was all like, "you like the butler on Clue! He's in this! So is Meatloaf! Let's go!!!"

So, we went.

10 minutes into the movie, people in the crowd, whom I'd noticed were dressed strangely from the beginning, began to gather in front of the screen and act the movie out while it went on behind them.

I didn't make it very long after that.

Do you like the Mad Max movies, HK?

That newest one is pretty crazy!

...and Aeon Flux is in it...


Have you seen Hancock?

legend of the overfiend... aye... I might know what you're talking about... HK looks the other way and whistles innocently...

Boondooks wasn't bad... not great but not bad.

only sit-com I liked:

unhappily ever after

but that was only because of Tiffany Cox, oo lala !!! (except, she tried to change her perfect body, and the surgery went horribly wrong, and we've never seen her since, HK cries. DAMMIT, when you got a perfect beautiful natural body, don't fkn change it, as the only way to go is down/worse/more-ugly. Most organisms are made perfectly, aside from genetic defects/diseases, why don't females understand this, why don't they understand that nothing is more sexy than natural, as while articial/enhanced might be sexy when clothed, ... unclothed... its very disgusting, gross, and ugly!!!! implants are so 'ew, that's so gross -- to use one of birdy* quotes' when you get the top of covering them!!!)

  • ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAtz60fB_cQ (1:20 to 1:30)

"I didn't make it very long after that."

I'm so sorry.

no, that specific genre just doesn't do it for me... and that even if the movies were well done...

ya, the new one was... stupid and perverse... ya, lets see nursing and breeding/impregnated women... if I want that... I think there's this media in japan called hentai... which I've heard does a much better quality into this type of perverse stuff... ya...

fury..something (can't spell) -- never realized it was the same girl... as in Aeon Flux...

she/fury-something was pretty cool/badass in mad max, obviously as the protagonist... but it's jsut not my thing... me likes her much better as Aeon Flux, hehe :D

yes, I saw hancock... it was pretty cool in that it was an anti-hero movie, and had a pretty cool story/plot/twist (err, was about to spoil, if you've seen it, you know what I mean), but it wasn't otherwise that great of a movie... not bad but not good, only decent

though, him punching the bully into the stratopshere was awesome! justice/vengence/revenge is a very wonderful/important thing/value! hehe :D

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apjfUcb1PgY (look at his shin/ankle/foot hitting the wall: broken! justice/vengence/revenge at its best, you have the absolute legal/lawful right to defend yourself, you have no legal/lawful right to abuse/attack/hurt the innocent. I want to give the fat boy a medal of honor/valor! for all the victims in the world of criminals, we salute you! Atten....tion!)

if anyone likes the 'Men In Black' movies, you might be interested in this (though its completely different, of course, but it does have the same feel as men in black, which I've otherwise not encountered with anything else within media):

Birdy the Mighty: Decode (1+2) // this is the newer/better-graphics one (there's an older/old-school one, which I've not seen)
// or in japanese:
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (1+2) // this is the newer/better-graphics one (there's an older/old-school one, which I've not seen)


My best friend in school was the same size as the bigger kid.

He never even looked at anyone sideways, but the little bullies always went straight for the biggest guy in the room.

I taught him how to Tennessee Jack those bullies.

(You know... Where you grab them by their shirt, pull it over their head, and show them that you COULD really hurt them, were you on their level, or if you were simply inclined to do so.)

Osmosis Jones


I'm so sorry.

It's cool, jmne...

It could have been The Big Lebowski... with a bunch of "Dudes" hanging out in nothing but their boxer shorts and bathrobes!


Men in Black... yep!

Osmosis Jones... yep!!!

The Neverending Story

The Goonies

Erik the Viking



That 70s Show

Forbidden Kingdom

The A-Team (the show and the 'recent' movie)

I didn't really like the forbidden kingdom that much, the martial arts is good, but there jsut wasn't really any story/plot to it, for me anyways.

The "recent" A-Team movie actually wasn't bad... but in this day and age, the basic action show it is, is just ordinary and boring.

the only funny part was having the black guy who hates flying/jumping-out (is the same/real "mr. t", or is it jsut someone else playing as him?), being tricked into it... that was a bit of a funny scene/setup that they did on him.

I never really saw the tv series... no miama vice, and no etc time time period action shows....

ya, goonies, it's a classic... though now... it feels too short... when I first saw it, it felt like there was more/longer content/film of it... lol

never ending story... its too old now... I don't remember anything about it.... I should try to find and watch it again (but it gets harder and harder to find this really old stuff, sighs).

I'd really highly recommend everyone trying to find and watch:

Flight of Dragons

if you've haven't, as it really is, really good! especially for when it was done... it has some really rich (and dark) fantasy to it...

Gleok is still such a cool dark/evil dragon, hehe :D

it's still really enjoyable now, it's aged well, and is as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids.

Never Ending Story was an attempt to encourage/inspire imagination and reading, something you would appreciate HK. I think it did well and succeeded in it's mission.

Especially by using the turtle as a contrast to those that have become jaded by knowledge. Falling into a depressive point of view that when you know everything and there is no mystery to life, you inevitably conclude that nothing matters.

  • The Wonder Years
  • Dad's Army (very old, but stands the test of time)
  • Monty Python (also old, and a little patchy...)

Golden Girls (TV show) (very scary, but Rose and old lady funny!!!)

Golden Girls - Horror/Comedy

What was scary about the Golden Girls?!?

Also, I was looking for this one movie from either 1969, or the 70's, where this one astronaut lady went to a different planet. (I thought it was Stripperella, but totally different...) She tries to escape. Some sex stuff happens. She ends up escaping at the end, I assume. It ends on a cliff hanger where she falls in love with the planets' female empress, and also a male 'angel', a man with wings, and they fly off while the old city gets blown up.... Um, yeah....)

I think that is Barbarella.


... so I had to break out my pseudonym's account!

"My split personality is having an identity crisis!"
- M. Mathers, III

The Wonder Years

I used to me so mad at Winnie for playing Kevin like a fool!


Hello, Jane Fonda in space!

I shall add:

Cat Ballou

Monty Python

The Circus and all the films!

Get it, Pixie!

Dorothy is the only Golden Girl that scares me.

Bea Arthur 'sang' a song on the Star Wars Holiday Special, and it scared me when I watched it. (I was barely old enough to even form the memory, I think.)

Now that I watch it later, she's not so scary.

Norton (from The Honeymooners) as an almost-Jedi is what's almost scary when watching as an adult.

Did you know that Jackie Gleason used to have to deliver Art Carney's lines for him in some Honeymooners episodes because Carney was sloppy drunk?

The Honeymooners
Smokey and the Bandit

Chasing Amy
Jay & Silent Bob Stike Back
Clerks: The Cartoon
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Red State

American Pie 1, 2, and 3
American Wedding

Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
From Dusk 'Til Dawn
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill (The Whole, Bloody Affair)
Four Rooms
Inglourious Basterds
Django Unchained
Grindhouse: Death Proof/Planet Terror Double Feature

El Mariachi
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Sharkboy and Lava-girl
Spy Kids 1 - 4

Tokyo Zombie

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

The Prestige
Batman Begins 1 - 3

The Wolf of Wall Street


Last Action Hero
Conan 1 & 2 (the old ones)


The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (TV show)

Bubba Ho-tep
The Man With the Screaming Brain

The Departed

A Bronx Tale

Godfather 1- 3

Back to the Future trilogy

Indiana Jones 1 - 3 (okay, I'll allow 4, I guess)

The Usual Suspects

Suicide Kings

Big Fish

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
12 Monkeys
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A Clockwork Orange
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Beverly Hills Cop

Meet Wally Sparks

ROBOCOP (original)

Terminator 1 & 2 (and sometimes 3)


Ace Ventura 1 & 2

Cosmos: A Space Odyssey

The Transporter

District 9

Short Circuit 1 & 2 (possibly listed already)

Grandma's Boy

The Year One

We're the Millers
Horrible Bosses

Ted 1 & 2

40-year-old Virgin
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This is 40

Pineapple Express
Your Highness
This Is the End
The Interview

Eastbound and Down (HBO Show)
The Sopranos

Office Space

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Good Night and Good Luck

Gone Baby Gone
The Town

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?


Transformers (original cartoon and animated movie)

Are You Being Served?


Not Necessarily the News




The Outlaw Josey Wales

Rooster Cogburn

Young Guns

A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Unforgiven

Two Mules for Sister Sarah

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Support Your Local Sherriff


The Rifleman

Bonanza (most of the time, especially when Hoss's sister is there!!!)



The Puppet Masters (the sci-fi story, NOT The Puppet Master horror movie with actual puppets)


Space Truckers

Resident Evil (all the live-action movies, they're bad but good)

Quantum Leap (Pixie will probably curse me because I said this one first while he's busy working on awesome stuff for us to play with!)


Time Squad

Time Bandits

(not TimeCop though)

Fawlty Towers

A Fish Called Wanda

Look Who's Talking


All the Bruce Lee movies

All the Tony Jaa movies

The One

Kung-Fu Panda

Bulletproof Monk

Once Upon a Time in China

The Return of the Five Deadly Venoms

The Streetfighter

Sister Streetfighter

The Rundown

Romancing the Stone

Look Who's Talking

The Great Outdoors

European Vacation
Christmas Vacation
Vegas Vacation

Animal House
Neighbors (Belushi and Aykroyd)
Van Wilder

*snaps Barbarella! Thanks Pixie!

Also, K.V., why did you stay up all night? I didn't, I just have a really weird sleep pattern at the moment...


I'm working on a game and some other Quest-related stuff...

Too much to do, too much to think about...

Too many movies I like...

Fight Club


Loved Fight Club!
"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

Movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Sleeping Beauty, are closer to movies like Treasure Planet and Atlantis, than they are to movies like Tangled and Frozen. They have a higher quality. Don't get me wrong, I liked both Tangled and Frozen, it's just that by Disney's standards they felt like they overall y relied on songs and old cliches, and the writing just felt lazy!

Also, love, LOVE, LOVE the Labyrinth! David Bowie!
Original Ghostbusters was good. So was the sequel.
I LOVE the Mythbusters! Too bad it was cancelled! I like a y semi entertaining science show, though!

Oh man, how could I forget Labyrinth!?
Good one, JM! Best movie ever ^.^

Anyone here watch Flight of the Concords?
Jermaine: "Im David Bowie"



Mythbusters is awesome... but nerdy guys trying to be cool... just no, resist the temptation, you just can't do it... looking at.. Adam.

I guess all the educational/science stuff can be added to my lists as well... (I'll get around to it at some point... got to try to track down all of the various educational/etc shows I've watched... lol)

more nerdy HK-ness:

mythbusters, most outrageous acts of science, stupid science, brain hack, some of the survival shows, discovery (astrology, big-bang, and like stuff) shows, Monsters Inside Me (animal planet channel, on parasites and like-fungi/bacterii/and-coin-batteries-lol internal invaders), news (if couldn't tell HK cares about politics), Big History, history channel, military stuff, military history, HK likes 'top shot' show, and a lot more various educational/science/history/military shows... that were aired over the years, I shouldn't be alive, destroyed in seconds, anything on wolves, etc etc etc, pawn stars, shipping wars, etc etc etc

disney doesn't have the quality of old-school disney... Tangled and Frozen were good mostly because the girls were so beautiful/sexy and lovable, and Frozen with its 'liberation' theme, which really touched especially males hearts, this is also what made V for Vendetta so good, the liberation of the female protagonist by V's "torture" (and in opening her up to the truth).

oo reminded me of another movie... Catwoman (2004, halley barry --- can't spell) ... yes it's a super cheesy-girly film, but the liberation element of it, that she gets from becoming and as being catwoman, was what makes it into a movie I'm not embarrased to say that I like, but it's the only thing that I like (as it's the only good thing good) about catwomen, lol.

Heroes (before the writer strike)

agh... I forgot to add 'back to the future' to my list... HK shakes his head...

I appreciate everyone's lists... reminding me of movies/etc that I've forgotten about! thank you for your lists/contributions!

My split personality can't post again.

First post I tried today:



for those that don't know anime/manga, while the list of my anime is much shorter than my movie list...

the movies are single films, whereas anime is a series of episodes/shows, just taking 'One Piece' is like currently ~ 700 episodes (30 mins each), so while the anime list is smaller, the actual hours watched of anime probably exceed the movies hours watched.

this also means it takes longer to finish each anime, and thus less anime seen. anime/manga is almost the same as if you were reading a book.



I forgot about Steve!

I read all the Dragonball in 1/4 of the time it takes to watch it.

...of course, the show has filler on top of all the 'dramatic' pauses/grunts.

It does take about 3 weeks to watch DB - DBGT, and that's stuck in the bed the whole time with no interruptions (besides when nature calls, of course).

If I had the time, I'd read the mangas too, but I do prefer watching it, and thus its anime only, which takes up a lot of time, already. Anime is good enough for me, even if the manga is much better (its the same as a good book trying to be made into a movie... it rarely is able to be done). Most anime is good, but the manga is likely much better (some exceptions where its even the reverse). So, that's why I just watch anime, I just don't have the time and chose to watch anime over reading the mangas, and I've only read Claymore manga, as Claymore's my absolute love.

I can't watch DB now... as I've been exposed to much better and thus now the grunts and same repeated battles/format, is boring and annoying for me. When I first saw DBZ, it was one of the best anime out there at that time and it was my first anime too (the freeza saga of finally seeing SSJ goku being a hero standing up to freeza saving krillan and saving the world was really the climax of entire DB saga... afterwards it was just a slow dying, cell, majin buu, etc... would have been good, if they were done first instead of freeza, but once we saw one, we've seen them all: same format/battles). DB now, just doesn't have the glory it did originally, back then before the explosion of really good/epic anime that we've got now.

Sometimes I can post as KV, sometimes I can't...

I think it depends on how I first experience it.

If I read it first, I am very rarely impressed with the film adaptation.

The Shining
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Godfather
Lord of the Rings (but not really The Hobbit, you know? It's good, but The Hobbit it ain't)
The Princess Bride
The Mist
Carrie (the old movie is actually better, I think)
(I'm sure I forgot some.)

On the other hand, if I watch it first, I usually never get past the first chapter of the book.

Forrest Gump
Fight Club
Dragonball & Dragonball Z
(Again, forgetting stuff.)

definitely, reading the book first... usually ruins the movie experience (again, there's some few/rare exceptions where the movie is done better than the book... but again this is extremely rare).

though, as you said, in watching the movie (or anime)... it's hard to then read the book (or manga), as for at least the part of it that the movie follows... your bored as you already seen it via the movie... it's hard to be patient to get through that already seen part, to the rest of the book's contents that weren't put into the movie.

I still say that it's better to watch the movie/anime first, as it works well/quickly for deciding in whether you like it or not (that's one of the good qualities of visual media -- you tell right away if you like it or not --- whereas, written... requires much more patience to truly know whether its good or not, for you), and if you really like it, then usually you can bear through reading the book... that is covered by the movie... and then you got the reward of all that content that the movie hadn't covered.

whereas reading the book/manga first (usually) absolutely ruins the movie.

though, often you still watch the movie/anime, just to see it as a movie/anime, even if you're cringing through it... due to it being a horribly done job of the book/manga... at least I do anyways... I bear through it... and end with a huge regret... but I still like to just experience that wonderful book/manga as a movie/anime... even if it is completely butchered...

I think Dragonball Evolution may be the worst adaptation ever.

Tim Burton knew more about Batman than those guys knew about DB, and that's pretty sad. (Although, I did enjoy Michael Keaton as Batman. Ooh! Time out!)

Batman (1989)


Mr. Mom

Johnny Dangerously

What was I saying?

Oh yeah...

That live-action Dragonball movie was horrendous!

ya, the live action DB movie... I saw that (one of them anyways, I saw the american one -- I don't wanna even look it up --- it was that bad lol)... was horrible...

best live action ever done of anime/manga, example clips of it: Rurouni Kenshin

this is fkn epic... the fight/sword choreography... my god... ruruini kenshin made "real" !!!! So... fkn fast... wow...

(warning massive spoilers)


That's right!

There was a Chinese, live-action Dragonball movie a long time ago!

(It was even worse than the American one. I can't believe I forgot about that!)

I was really sort of proud of the Chinese for taking the Monkey King back!

...but then, I watched it...


I think Dragonball Evolution may be the worst adaptation ever.

The Last Airbender
Death Note: Netflix Movie
THOSE were the worst! Compared to that, that movie was a straight adaption! (I saw the movie myself, none of it made sense to me....)

The best book to movie adaption I've seen: The Old Man and the Sea. From the 1960's. But it was straight on! And they did it so well! I definitely recommend it, if you have the time!

Unrelated: HunterXHunter has a FANTASTIC musical adaptation!
I think either Death Note or Attack on Titan had a musical adaption, too, but it escapes me...


Cannibal! The Musical
Southpark: The Movie
Team America: World Police

Kentucky Fried Movie
Amazon Women on the Moon
The Onion Movie
Movie 43


The Last Airbender...

Wasn't that an M. Night Shamma-lamma-lon flick?

Was that supposed to be Avatar (Nickelodeon)?!?

I saw the first 10 minutes...

Holy crap! It WAS supposed to be Avatar!


Bill Cosby:

Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules
Sam Kinison: Have You Seen Me Lately?

Eddie Murphy:

Chis Rock:
Bring the Pain
Bigger and Blacker

Denis Leary:
Lock & Load
No Cure for Cancer

Lewis Black:
Any stand up

Ron White:
Any stand up (as long as he is alone!)

Howie Mandel On Ice

Robin Williams:
Any stand up (especially from the eighties!)

RIchard Pryor:
any stand up

George Carlin:
All but the last stand up (he was dressed like a priest -- which is fine with me, but it was just offensive with no comedy at all)

Penn & Teller:
the old HBO specials
It's No Bullsh-t

Adam Sandler:
Any stand up

The Kings of Comedy

The MTV Half-hour Comedy Hour





The Shadow

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Cool World



The Negotiator


My name is K.V., and I approve that edit.

Raising Arizona
The Big Lebowski

The Ice Harvest

Rain Man
Tropic Thunder

I don't know the last airbender at all... but the movie of it sucked...

ach... I forgot shamalan movies.... I liked some of those... brb... got some movies to add to my list, lol

Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Cool World... HK high fives KV !!! Good movies... I'm surprised someone knows of Cool World, hehe. (Who Framed Roger Rabbit is more known by people)

The Negotiator !!!! Thanks XanMag !!!! another good movie! why didn't I think of this when I thought of the Fugitive... grrr....

A very relevant line from that movie is especially true in todays times: ~ "I don't negotiate with criminals/terrorists" // can't remember if its 'criminals or terrorists'... meh.


The Jungle Book

Tarzan (old black & white)

The Other Sister

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

Switching Channels


Cannonball Run 1 & 2
Rat Race

48 HRS
Another 48 HRS


Grumpy Old Men
Grumpier Old Men
The Odd Couple
The Bad News Bears (original)

Bad(der) Santa
Santa's Slay

North By Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Meet the Feebles
Heavenly Creatures

The Shakiest Gun in the West

Pale Rider
Hang 'em High

All the Dirty Harry movies except the last one

The Producers
Silent Movie
History of the World Part One
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
To Be Or Not To Be


The Silence of the Lambs
Red Dragon
Hannibal Rising

Johnny Bravo

Samurai Jack

The Waterboy
Little Nicky
Anger Management

Now You See Me
Now You See Me 2

The Quick and the Dead

Spider-man 1 - 3 (Sam Raimi)

The Punisher (2004)

Crank 2: High Voltage

Smokin' Aces

Reno 911 The Movie



Man on Fire

did anyone see the Super Mario Bros (1993) movie ?? ... this was REALLY bad as well.. lol... even for a little kid... it was bad, lol...


Man on Fire... can't believe I forgot that... dakota fanning made this movie epic

I Am Sam, another epic movie because of dakota fanning


did anyone see the Super Mario Bros (1993) movie

That DVD ended up in my house somehow.

It's a fairly good cast, too.

So sad.

What about the Street Fighter movie?

...and the two Mortal Kombat movies?




SPAWN (the HBO cartoons AND the movie with Michael Jai White as SPAWN)

Comic book:

by Frank Miller and Todd MacFarlane

Street Fighter (1994): I actually really liked this one, I thought it was good
Mortal Kombat (1995): epic at the time, it's still got the best pump-up intro music, laughs

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAwWPadFsOA (listen to this while you work out / exercise / train... grins)

ach.. spawn... brb... I really liked this movie... I would love another spawn movie (has to be done really well though... I don't want to be disappointed)... but a new spawn movie would be awesome... especially with the cgi we've got now..


Get Shorty
Be Cool

A Night at the Roxbury

Bruce Almighty

Stranger Than Fiction

Men At Work


The Great White Hype

Mr. Woodcock

Booty Call




I can't believe I just now thought of:


I can't believe we've all forgotten this one....
(everyone is going to bang their head into something)


FRIDAY !!!! I only watched it for the 'parker' girl watering the lawn scene... though. I actually hated the show... oh ya... I liked the ending scene where it pushes fighting hand to hand instead of with a gun: I liked that moral lesson they put at the end, too

man... my movie list is long.... laughs... and very NON-human friendly due to being horizontal... but imagine how long it'd be if I did it vertical... um... no.... lol.

note that my list are all the things that I thought were good, ... it'd be a lot longer if It included all the stuff I saw that I didn't like... lol

(I've seen over 1000 movies... that's a lot more than its number suggests)

( I should count them in my list... hehe)



I beat you by 5 minutes! Bwahahaha!


note that my list are all the things that I thought were good,

Me too.

That's why I omitted Flatliners and Point Break earlier...

Super Mario Bros. was okay to me. As I've said, I have lived through worse. I don't mind if a movie goes off from its source material, just when it changes it, changes it badly, and then commences to get popular enough that I hear people in the library talking about it (shivers from someone actually wanting to see the Netflix Death Note movie).

It did what it could. I know it changed and made up a lot of things. I thought it was so bad it was good territory. I laughed here and there.

(And yes, I did hate the dinosaur evolution plotline, and that Yoshi was a velocoraptor...)


Yep, jmne... It almost had good moments.

I mean, it was leaps and bounds better than THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE.

has anyone seen: push (2009, dakota fanning as teenager) ???

(KV already mentioned 'looper', which is a bit also an obscure/not-known movie, like 'push' isn't well-known)

(was 'looper' the time travel, older and younger self, which had the 'rain man' child in it ... ??? or was this another movie... I can't think of)

(I also think there might be some disaster movie with her in it too... maybe...)

it wasn't good... dakota fanning was only epic as little girl (Man on Fire and I Am Sam) ... sighs... though she grew/is pretty sexy at least, hehe.

@ XanMag:

what were your most favorite (ignore whether scientifically accurate or not) science/biology movies ??

what were the most scientiifcally accurate science/biology movies ??

would like your perspective (and recommendations) as an actual scientist on your thoughts on science/biology movies

ooo... I just remembered that I liked that recent 'Life (2017)' movie with the evil octopus alien parasite... lol


I also think there might be some disaster movie with her in it too

The Day the Earth Stood Still?


The Cat in the Hat?


War of the Worlds!


what were the most scientiifcally accurate science/biology movies ??

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (hehehe)

maybe it was a girl that just looked like it was dakota but not... hmm... I think I was thinking of 'The day the earth stood still'... or is this the one with keenu as an alien 'judge-r of humanity' in it? there's another where like north america freezes and everyone is trying to get to mexico... forgot what it is called...


Not scientifically accurate, just listing:

Short Circuit 1 & 2

Land of the Lost


Crocodile Dundee
Kangaroo Jack

Flight of the Navigator
The Last Starfighter
War Games
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Tales from the Crypt


The Day the Earth Stood Still is Kanunu.

I think she's Tom Cruise's daughter in War of the Worlds, isn't she?


Bill & Ted 1 & 2

Johnny Mnemonic

A Scanner Darkly


The Devil's Advocate

I Love You To Death

Malcolm In The Middle


Grand Torino

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

It's a Low-down Dirty Shame

Major Payne

Full Metal Jacket

Not to sound cliche, but:

Stranger Things was FANTASTIC!

Good and (relatively accurate)Science movies:

The Martian
Dante's Peak (as cheesy as it is, there is some good science in it)
Contagion (not great but it passes the test)
Apollo 13
Medicine Man

Avoid if you have any hang-ups about accuracy in science-fiction:
Gravity (sucked from beginning to end)
Passengers (sucked from beginning to end)
The Day After Tomorrow (I like the movie but hate the science)
Terminator (actually holds up quite well - I wrote a thesis on this in college comparing it to the Bible. Pretty interesting analogy)
And forgive me for this one as I prepare to take incoming fire - The Matrix does not do well scientifically (I can enjoy the movie regardless though so something is done well)
The Core (one of the worst!) along with journey to the center of the earth

I need to watch the older sci-fi movies again to see how they hold up...
Close Encounters with The Third Kind
The Right Stuff
The Andromeda Strain
2001 A Space Odyssey
Deep Impact (I'm remembering no, but it's been a while)

I avoided those really far fetched sci-fi movies that aren't really supposed to be all sciency... like:
I am Legend (like that one)
Even Jurassic Park (which is full of scientific holes, but has some good bits too - and I like this one)

I'm sure I'll edit this as more come to mind.

Major Payne... that was a good movie... got to add to my list.. lol

(getting to XanMag's post in a sec...)

What absolutely baffles me:

HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THOSE liqiud floating steps (and the space ship too, for that matter) in Flight of the Navigator in 1986 ... where there wasn't the cgi we've got today...

my best guess... maybe a camera close up of liquid mercury or other like liquid metal...

but how'd they then get it to change shapes as seen... ARGH !!!! it's FKN MAGIC !!! how did they do it ??? !!!!!!

ooo... Apollo 13 and Dante's Peak (the good movie, whereas 'Volcano' movie was lame, except the melting scene --- which I think would be totally inaccurate... wouldn't he be like instantly melted into the lava... meh... I'll wait for XanMag to clarify on what would really happen, lol)

I completely forgot about Dante's Peak... I would never had remembered/realized that existed... I can remember 'Volcano' but had no inkling of Dante's Peak, argh... (thanks XanMag!)

strangely... I actually kinda like 'Twister (1996)', despite how cheesy it was... don't know why but it's not too bad to watch... got good/entertaining characters/roles/acters/actresses that make it enjoyable, I guess.

Twister - totally cheesy, but again, fairly scientifically accurate - although this is not well-suited for a classroom. There's not enough good science in it to really discuss.

Bingo on Volcano. That was really bad science. As far as melting... definitely everything would melt except the bones. Bones have a melting point of ~3000F and lava is usually about 2/3 that. But, a lot of factors are in play there. How hot is the lava at that point...? it would cool pretty quickly. Either way, he wouldn't melt really. Well, he'd sort of melt. And for the record, I don't recall the melting scene. =P

Of all the science movies... I'd say Contact tops my list overall, although I really enjoyed Arrival and Interstellar, too. I am at bit biased toward space movies though! =)

Another one I remember which is sort of sciency and I remember really liking was Frequency. I'll have to check that one out again.

I'm interested in what you wasn't good science/etc in the matrix, could you go into the specifics of what stuff in it?

(the matrix is mostly about the philosophical questions, not as much as the science/science-fiction, of it. It's a movie of the science of Philosophy, the thought experiments within it, and not of the science of Physics/and-the-like)

You're a biology scientist right (but also know other science fields too)? Or am I remembering wrong?

if you're a biologist, you know we (is it just humans or all organisms?) got the 'synovial' fluid in our bodies, which is the ultimate lubricant/oil in the entire universe (it's how we can go 100 years before we break down, whereas all other electronics, especially with mechanical moving parts like cars/engines/pistons, only last like 10 years, as the oils/lubricants used are inferior to the ultimate 'synovial' fluid, found within our bodies, right? (I know this from being a power lifter / science of how the body works / kinethology / etc)

also, from Parasite Eve, it proposes that if every michondria (every cell) where to generate energy at the same time, it'd produce enough energy to burst you into flame (aka "spontaneous combustion"), which sounds theasable... as our mitochondria (each individual cell) isn't producing energy all at the same time... heh. I love Parasite Eve, it's epic... so I don't care about whether it is theoretical possible or not, it is feasible from my fan-dom, lol! And Aya Brea is a sexy badass, hehe :D

(the 'spontaneous combustion' is only a small part of its science-fiction, though. It's about a much more grander biology sci-fi concept: Parasite Eve: first life, the root of all life/organisms. Which actually, I do agree with, that first life/organism most be predatory and/or michondria itself, which is a big debate in science: was first life/organism a food producer/plant or was it a predator-eater-of-others-"herbavore/carnivore/whatever". It delves into the mystery of the union of the michondria and the nucleus... a huge mystery in biology as well)

You might like to just take a look at it... and point out all of its flaws... if nothing else lol... but it's a really cool concept of science-fiction... at the very least... japanese are so smart compared to americans... (I think you can probably find youtube videos of all of the main scenes in it ... but you might still be missing some of the dialogue/line... maybe there's a traanscript of it... that'd be best to get it's full content/lines about it)

The melting scene is the only thing that I recall about it, lol. I saw it in the theatre... maybe tv version or dvd... removed the scene..
(unfortunately, all movies are vandalized in this way... a lot of really important/good scenes are removed... and no one knows it, except those who say it in the theatres... it was a huge legal issue / debate / upsetness at the vandalism but this was decades ago ... but it obviously didn't go anywhere / aka: the people and movie creators/writers lost ... all movies get vandalized now... sighs. if you're lucky, they'll have a director's cut... with all of the scenes back in it... of course you got to pay more / buy it... getting ripped off... money making scheme). Resident Evil 1+2 has a lot of removed scenes, and no one is aware of it... sighs..

the melting scene was at like the end... (I don't exactly remember very well myself... lol... it's been a long while.. lol), with the "bad guy trying to escape and he goes to jump to the next floating cement lily pad -- lol funny description I came up with lol --- or whatever and doesn't make it, falling/jumping/landing in the lava... and slowly "melting/sinking" as he floats in it...

is frequency one of those ghost/horror movies (the other was 'pulse' or something like that?) or is frequency a science movie and I'm confusing it with whatever the ghost/horror movie(s) was(were) called ?? (HK is too lazy to look it up at the moment, lol)

ooo remembered a good movie to add to my list:

Radio (2003, disney, true story, of the retarded person with football - at the time they made it, the actual person was still alive and part of the coaching staff of the team... not sure about now... more than a decade later...)



Have you ever seen [CENSORED] (I'm not suggesting it to anyone, by the way. I was subjected to it, and I wonder if I am alone in that.)

... aye.. I've heard of it only.. HK looks away and whistles innocently...
(ahem... cough... I've heard from someone else... ya... someone else... that it's not very good... ahem... cough)

(ahem... cough... that other person I know... they've seen practically all within a limited range of tolerance for them of "that / h" kinda stuff... cough... ahem... or so I heard from them... cough.... ahem)

Frequency was the one with one of the Quaids and

he spoke to his father through a ham radio. The conversation was through time as his dad had died 30ish years earlier and they had to work together to solve a crime


Have you seen Elysium, XM?


I'm pretty sure that was Orko (from He-Man), too. (On [CENSORED], I mean.)

image of Orko

lol... KV is the first one the site to get censored... laughs.. though it is probably good to not mention its name..

ah okay... it's some science movie...

there's these ghost/horror movies were they detect the "ghost world" via radio frequencies / static / ("noise") ... and thus making a bridge for them into their real world... and everyone gets killed... lol... typical horror/slasher...

@ KV:

lol... I finally just realized what in the world you were talking about... lol (HK is slow...)

ya that little blue ninja/hooded/clothed thingy... I (I mean that other person I know) had forgot about him/it... lol

I don't remember he-man very well... but I'm sure there probably was a similar cahracter like that in it... lol


Yeah, I thought it wise to remove that title. (You're welcome, kiddies!)

And ha-ha! (I couldn't explain that little dude without going into details of which you are not aware.)

there's these ghost/horror movies were they detect the "ghost world" via radio frequencies / static / ("noise")

WHITE NOISE is another one.

this is jsut me wanting to personally comment (rant/spit/urinate) upon the movie (I know you were addressing XanMag, KV):

I hated Elysium. stupid lame movie

first of all it was just a movie on the life of hollywood celebrities and the rest of us / the masses. Elysium is literally what hollywood looks like, and then there's all the slums of poor and homeless people around hollywood and LA... lol lol lol


Elysium is Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.

You're thinking about Entourage.

The Entourage movie did have ONE funny part line of dialogue, but it's pretty raunchy, so I won't post about it here. (Sorry, kiddies!)


Look, HK.

I put Orko's picture up there.

no, I'm talking about elysium

mat damon is on the garbage/labor camp/planet/place and he gets a robot arm-gun... and elysium has tube bed that heals them, and someone gets injured/sick and so mat fights his way to elyssium to save the person...

dude, matt damon... you live in elysium in real life... why don't you actually try living poor and homeless on the streets of LA surrounding you fkn mansion estate in hollywood/elysium... I hate matt damon... (except when he's within Good Will Hunting)

ah, I remember him now! (he-man was a long long long time ago... when I was a kiddie, playing with my he-man dolls, lol. I only barely remember what even he-man and skeletor looks like... and that's it... I've forgotten everything else about he-man, lol)


Oh, ha-ha!

I thought that's what you were going for at first, but you did pretty much sum up Entourage (ha-ha!).

Do you like apples?

Well, how do you like THEM apples?!?


They made toys for the first Conan movie, before it came out, but Conan caught an R rating, so they changed the hair, added some characters, and He-Man was born.

They just released the Robocop toys as Robocop toys, though.

I would like to add a series of commercials to my list:


matt damon needs a poisoned apple!

ooo... I just remembered a good movie... The Huntsman (but the sequel sucked) !!!
(it has a poisoned apple scene in it... but I was initially thinking of seven dwarves/sleep beauty? which then made me think of the Huntsman, lol... HK's got a warped mind...)

HK still has his mciro machines... those were awesome... but so easy to break... especially as you get older and try to replay with them... lol... oopsy...

'Oon' in wheeled warriors: he's the midget empty armor with a lance:


wow... there's episodes of it up on you tube... might be watching these when got the time... lol


if you don't know this show... they have a nearly identical character (Herc) to star wars 'han solo' .... I wonder which came first... lol... who stole who's character... lol

oh wow... its the same guy that did babylon 5... made wheeled warriors... that's really cool... hehe





The Hunt for Red October

Skin Deep (the comedy that glows in the dark)

American Outlaws

Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter's Dead

The Sweetest Thing



How High

Dazed and Confused

The Stoned Age

Old School

'Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter's Dead' - this sounds familar now that I'm hearing it (I've never watched it though), from long long long ago, lol.


here's another one, that NO ONE has mentioned/listed/remembered, that will put us to shame:

Cheech and Chong !!!!

the flintstone movie(s) ... I think halley barry was in one of them...


Cheech and Chong

Damn it!

I mean...

Hey, WOW, man!


Police Academy


I'm interested in what you wasn't good science/etc in the matrix, could you go into the specifics of what stuff in it?

Humans as a power source is the big thing (most of it happens in a VR where anything can happen). Humans require a lot of energy (in the form of food) to keep going. It would be far more efficient for the machines to just burn the food to produce heat. The ending heads off into nonsense territory too.

And if you want movies that bear no relationship to the book, some of the Bond movies have nothing in common with the book besides the title and the main character. The Moonraker movie bears no more resemblance to the Moonraker book than to the Casino Royal book, for example

Came to post Quantum Leap, but saw KV already did.
Loved that show.

Or, in a world/planet that is entirely machine (instead of borg cube... borg sphere/planet, lol), all of the machines' surface can be solar panels... getting energy from the sun...

and/or just have a bunch of nuclear reactors for that matter (especially as machines don't care about mutation, only possibly the heat/energy from it, but surely the machines would be made with heat/energy resistant materials that can withstand the temperates/heat/energy of nuclear plants), lol... much better energy output... and being so far in the future... wouldn't they have advanced power sources anyways... fusion... or anti-matter or whatever futuristic and unknown energy source...

literally create their own sun and contain it within a magnetic field... or again... they'd just have anti-matter or whatever super futuristic form (dark matter / dark energy, lol) of energy source...

the bigger point is that the machines need the humans, else they'd jsut eradicate them (no more humans), and thus I don't really think it's about them as an energy source (regardless of what the movie says), but more about keeping the humans under control, and thus why not have them in a virtual world and get what little resources (energy and whatever else) from them at the same time, without killing them.

I'm not sure what "ending" you're refering to (the final battle and/or the bigger point of "looping" the neo/human-city vs the matrix/machines vs mr.smith), but it's really ingenius/advanced stuff, if you're interested in it, I can explain it further... this is really high intellence stuff...


Sorry, Amochure!

(I haven't listed Twin Peaks yet, if you liked that one.)


I can't believe I forgot about Bond books and movies! Well played, sir!

The Matrix:
Human coppertops: I think this may be the only aspect of the story the Wachowskis actually came up with on their own, but I may be mistaken.

The ending: Lifted directly from the book LOOP by Koji Suzuki.

LOOP is book three in the RING trilogy, which is what the RINGU movies are based upon. (The American remake is The RIng, of course. (It's not all that good, but I LOVE Naomi Watts!!!) )

NOTE: If I'd watched those movies first, I never would have read the books. The books approach the story "scientifically". (You guys have to take into account that I was stuck in the bed for three years. I was reading, watching, and learning anything I could get my hands on!)

The movies (RINGU & The Ring) are COMPLETELY different. It's almost like the movie-makers never read anything but the back cover of the book...

LOOP was released in Japan in 1998, by the way. One year before the first Matrix film was released.

Peruse this plot synopsis:

I'm not saying the RING trilogy is a great read.

It's okay, I guess, but EDGE is the Suzuki novel I enjoyed the most.

I still enjoy The Matrix. I even like bits and pieces of the second one.

The Animatrix is what I'd be more inclined to watch again, though. (A couple of the stories are pretty cool.)


The machines are the corporations.

The energy is our time/money.

The Matrix is the ego.

We're slaves.

The deepest (true) matrix story, its genius:

to evolve/grow (and thus continue/survive/thrive forever), the machines require human ingenuity/creativity, generating new code (the machines still require coding / coding is machines) for the machines. Thus, they keep humans alive and controlled, via the matrix, but the real purpose of the matrix is to discover/create humans with advanced/powerful brains that will generate/create new code for them, a powerful human brain recognizes the matrix is just that, a matrix - a virtual world, and can thus manipulate/control/alter/warp the matrix as it is a created structure with rules/parameters and etc which can be adjusted/changed, and these super/genius brain-ed humans are known as a 'virus', and these "neo's" are the 'viruses'. A 'neo' manipulates and controls the matrix (new code is being generated by 'neo'), as well as infecting the security/anti-virus protection software known as 'mr. anderson', causing 'mr. anderson' to realize/recognize the matrix as well, wanting to escape to the real world, to exact security over the real/entire world (think of tron movie with cue), which would be the doom/death/extinction of the machines (and of the humans too), and thus the machine joins with neo to cleanse its infected security system ('mr. anderson') and gaining all of neo's knowledge (new code) for itself (machines), and this is entire process is intentionally looped over and over, producing more new code for the machines' evolution and continuance. Perpetual growth/evolution for the machines. Lastly, 'Love' is used as the tool to create "neo's", to push/stimulate humans beyond normal brain power, generating new code for the machines. And humans have the matrix, it's not any different than the real world, so the humans have a great deal out of it too, while ensuring their own continuance as well as the machines. It's the PERFECT system, that the matrix founder guy and the oracle lady created (both whom neo chats with / encounters), ensuring human+machine (as humans need machines and machines need humans) existence forever.

The matrix, the Foundation series, the Dune series, and the Ender series, all tackle this mega big super grand ultimate question/challenge:

how to ensure human existence forever, how to create immortal existence, where extinction is impossible / doesn't exist. Infinite existence



Everything you just listed off is what I like about the story (along with the fight scenes, and Monica Belucci).

...but I have to agree with Pixie. Using humans for batteries is what puts me off.

(Although I admittedly never considered how much more efficient just burning the humans would be. We'd still procreate without The Matrix, of course. You could lock mankind up in "Zion", and, as long as we were provided sustenance, we'd keep on making babies!)

The ending (Neo being inserted back into the system, complete with the crucifix effect) didn't really bother me that much, but, by that point, I just really wanted the story to end.

Oh man! Good one, I loved Twin Peaks!
Couldn't understand why they cancelled it when they did.
It was just getting really good and it was the best thing on TV at the time.

80's satire is the best!
I also got what you meant about 1980s commercial jokes on Family Guy; McFarland also killed me with those 80's production screen skits like the typewriter guy.
Or like when Stewie goes to leave, dons his back pack, puts out his thumb to hitchhike, and cues the Lonely Man/Incredible Hulk theme song.
I laughed till I cried.

A lot of people like this movie (I don't though), and I don't think I've seen it mentioned yet by any of us:

Road trip (2000)

Did you know, the 'Man of Steel (2013)' movie plagerized their huge final fight scene of superman vs zod, from an anime's (Birdy the Mighty: Decode, 2008) own epic final fight scene ???

evidence (the anime company should sue them !!!):

(massive spoilers for both movie and anime)


full final scene of the anime:

(massive spoilers)


if you're interested in it

Why didn't you like EuroTrip?

I was living in London at the time on my own Eurotrip, which made it one of my favorite movies at the time.

Keen observation with the Superman/Birdy scene; but Im sure you already know, HK, that American entertainment has been copying/inspired by anime for a long time (AND vice versa). (Timba the white lion/Lion King, Inception/Paprika, Chronicle/Akira, even Netflix Stranger Things has aspects of Elfenlied)

Anime even copies other anime. Here is a Naruto scene copying Cowboy Beebop (both awesome anime!)


On the other side of the coin, aside from anime being inspired by American Disney animation, one of the best anime, Ghost in the shell, was inspired by the Hollywood movie, Blade Runner. So there is that.

So much awesome in all of these stories though! I think a lot of these copied scenes are more like salutes or fan tributes than thievery. Except for Lion King, that was blatant Copyright infringement, lol.

...but then again, the premise for Timba the white lion was basically Hamlet, stolen from Shakespear, so I guess it's all relative.

I hate (most/american) comedy, as it's not comedy, it's just pornography.

if anyone is interested here's the two cool fight scenes from the really good/awesome movie, 'Serenity (2005, a movie version of the 'Firefly' syfy tv series):

(the actress in it, does a really good job... lots of really good acting and lines... the funniest is at near the beginning of the show, running from from the mauraders in the small flying speeder vehicle, and after wards the doctor asks her if she's okay, and she replies... I swallowed a fly.... I laughed so hard... lol)

(massive spoilers)

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXCaF68sDPU (better quality/HD)

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuKpvyO3-qE (cuts off before the axe pic/frame scene)
ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUBx-geW0Tg (better quality/HD, and has the axe frame/pic scene)

that pic/frame of her standing with the bloody axes and dead bodies surrounding her, is epic.

River Tam is fkn badass !! :D


I didn't like Road Trip that much either. It had one or two funny parts, if I remember correctly.

I liked Euro-Trip a little more than Road Trip...

I don't know what comedies HK is watching, but I think I'd like to see some of them!

Comedies like that which I know of:
Zack and Miri


I sometimes forget that kids may be reading these!

wow... I never knew the naruto and cowboy bebop were same, thanks for pointing that out, hehe. awesome fight choreography/combo, definitely, hehe.

I find japanese anime comedy funny... it actually makes me laugh, and I like never laugh... lol

(if you want to see some scenes that I find funny -- I do have a bit of a niche/different taste in what I find funny though... let me know)

here's one american comedy movie that I liked:

17 Again (2009), ht.tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0974661/

Is this thread going to go on forever? Or will it need a new thread group?

It's an infinite shart shard... :)


It's an infinite shart shard... :)


@ XanMag (and who-ever/anyone else):

there's a really good old SNES RPG game that is all about biology/evolution (some accurate/educational and some fiction too), which you might want to take a look at:

EVO: Search for Eden (read about on 'gamefaqs.com' and/or watch let's play videos on youtube if they're up)

it's actually a really cool idea for a RPG (the leveling system is "evolution", improve/evolve jaws = more damage)

if you want to get young kids into science and especially biology (and teaching evolution), it's a really cool and fun and educational game to do so, hehe.

(it got me interested in biology, lol)

this might be the longest (most post) thread on the site... lol....

I need help with identifying/naming a movie I can't remember the name (and year) of...

does anyone remember the name of this movie (I can't remember it that well, so I won't have much helpful info for you to try to know what one I'm asking about), I think it came out sometime between 2000 and 2010, and might have been made by an european company, but not sure, and it was I think kind of a sci-fi + future distopia world, and really violent... the world is like a desert world with medieval castles and society, in the future dystopia world, and somewhat has scenes like in evil dead army of darkness ... I can't remember what it was called though. Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about, and the name (and year) of it?

I think the movie starts off in like present day and they take a bath (or might be attacked/fought and soaking in bath to get blood off -- can't remember that well) and get teleported/time-travel to the world...


EVO: Search for Eden

I remember that game. It was pretty cool. (I was a Mr. Wizard fan, though. (Science is fun!))

Mr. Wizard
Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Bob's Burgers!

...or, wait, I think that's Archer..



The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Spellbreaker (or, as I like to call it: The Blorple Game)
Zork Trilogy
Zork Zero
The Lurking Horror
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels

Commodore 64:

The Hobbit


The Hobbit: The True Story


Tower of the Elephant (Conan)
Conan Kill Everything
Pogomon GO!
Lost Pig (silly, but enjoyable)

NOTE: I haven't played many of the Quest games on my 'to play' list, but I'm getting to them. (I've been too busy posting on this thread!)

These are the games I've played so far and very much enjoyed.

What Once Was
Xanadu - The World's Only Hope (I haven't completed this yet, but it's good stuff!)
Deeper (I haven't finished this one either, but it is quite enjoyable.)
Into the Dragon's Den
The Bony King of Nowhere
Hunt the Wumpus 2.0

@K.V. Deeper has changed since I last played it. Now, I actually know what I'm doing... and everything is red....

Also, I think The Pixie is using my talking to figure out things about his game...

I wonder what he will do with Pokemon...?

No wonder he was doing it for free... I just assumed he did it for fun...
The Pixie is smart, anyhow.

A lot of interesting stuff has been shared by now. Though, do I have time for all of them haha, I doubt it.



>Deeper has changed since I last played it.

Pixie hasn't updated Deeper since: 28 Mar 2017.

(There may be a new, unpublished revision I don't know about, of course.)

> Now, I actually know what I'm doing.


I wish I knew what I was doing half the time! (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

>The Pixie is smart, anyhow.

I agree, The Pixie is very wise.


>do I have time for all of them haha, I doubt it.

I know!

You have to start at a young age. That's the trick.

I must have a few of his games confused, then...



After playing so many games, it's hard to differentiate sometimes. (If you think that's true now, just wait until you're 40!)

Family Ties
Bosom Buddies
Perfect Strangers
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Home Improvement (Tim Allen, sitcom), ht.tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Improvement_(TV_series)

a good science movie that is pretty well grounded in science (some sci-fi, but certainly possible in the coming years, sooner rather than later), and which is really awesome (sadly few seem to have seen it... no idea why, lol):

Stealth (2005), ht.tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0382992/

it's 'top gun', but with AI/drone fighter jet (UCAV: un-man'ed combat aeriel vehicle), but with a really good story and plot, and a little extra theme within it too.

would love for XanMag/Others to watch and see what he/they thinks, if it's actually well-grounded in science or not, hehe :D


Home Improvement!!!

Aargh! I can't believe I forgot that!

Curse you, HK!!!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Dexter's Laboratory

Dinosaurs (maybe not... I was young the last time I was this one)



Saved by the Bell

Dinosaurs! that was a good/funny tv-'cartoonish' (costumes or something lol) show/series... I saw/watched it too, when young... lol


the flintstones
the jetsons

the brady bunch ...

I wasn't into all of these 70s/80s/90s shows though.... too many of them...

especially all of the girl shows....

Dawson's Creek
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Charmed (still airing... lol)

etc etc etc (I don't know them, lol. other girl shows like Dawson's Creek)

I Love Lucy

Leave it to Beaver


Charlie's Angels (2000, and any sequels...)

Maverick (1994, mel gibson, gambling/western something movie lol, it actually wasn't that bad... for its time)

What Women Want (2000, mel gibson, not very good movie, jsut listing some mel gibson movies)

Apocalypto (2006, mel gibson, not very good movie, except the prank scene of him eating the animal's testicles...)

10,000 BC (2008, not that good of a movie: primitive hunter-gatherers vs egypt civilization, lol)

Pathfinder (2007, historical: viking vs native americans, unfortunately not well done, sighs)

The Saya Saga (Blood+, old/new Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood C):

(I LOVE Blood+ / Saya Saga, one of my all time favorite stories)

(Blood+ is The Saya Saga and is a masterpiece/superbly done, whereas Blood C and old/new Blood: The Last Vampire, are off-shoots and are very crappy, but they got good fight choreography scenes)

the awesome fight choreography scenes in Blood: the Last Vampire (2009):

(warning: violence/blood/gore)

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfwjs_0_il8 (I love how she kicks up/out her katana, that's awesome!)

and the uber hardcore/intense fight scene in Blood C:

(warning: violence/blood/gore, very hardcore/intense fight)


now... that's a THUNDER CAT! hehe :D



Maverick is great!

Apocalypto was pretty cool to watch, too.

You wouldn't know a vampire if it ran up to you and bit you -- --- --------- -------- ----. (Trying to be family friendly)


Rocky & Bullwinkle (the old cartoon)

there's lots of those:

yogi bear


animaniacs ("Helloooooo nurse!" -- actual line said by one of the maniacs whenever encountered the nurse, as she was sexy-drawn, hehe)

alvin and chipmunks

bugs bunny

road runner and wile e. coyote (my favorite, I liked the coyote with all of his inventions/traps, etc)

chip n dale rescue rangers

tail spin

goof troop



woody the wood pecker

power puff girls

pop eye the sailor man !!!

peanuts! charlie brown!

movie: Space Jam

barney the friendly dinosaur


sesame street

kim possible

ben 10

rocky & bullwinkle (was a pretty good cartoon, I watched it too, hehe)

smurfs !!!!!

the incredible tick

movie: The Incredibles

finally... I edited my big list post... it's now numbered and human-friendly vertical... lol

*h.k.'s list of things is steadily nearing infinity...


Very nice, HK!

listHK = http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/general/topic/wxc3xmfxm0geci-hj1wrma/what-is-your-favorite-story-edit-or-what-are-some-of-the-stories-you-really#5ae50bca-9b67-44ab-8f82-0100e51da8cc
foreach (item, listHK) {
  if (item = "141. Evil Dead: Army of Darkness (the first two films were boring for me, but I love Army of Darkness)") {
    msg ("I'm watching this one right now!  (I prefer the director's cut with the open ending.<br/><br/>Have you seen the show on STARZ (ASH vs EVIL DEAD)?)")

@ jmnevil54

those are just the things that I consider as being decent-good to good-great-epic, "my favorites" only.

my list would be much much longer if it was everything that I saw/read/etc.... (I've seen over 1,000 movies, and while the number doesn't seem like a lot, it's a lot of movies, as can be seen, my movie list is still only under 200 movies, but look how many, that actually is, how big/long it is, lol, now try to imagine 1,000+ movies)

@ KV:


some of disney's least known/seen movies:

Titan: A.E. (2000)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

omg... how'd I forgot to add tim burton's movies... to my list...

Is Titan AE the Giant Robot?
No, it's not.

Anyways, Iron Giant was one of my favorite movies growing up!
(I also like Treasure Planet).

no, titan AE is a sci-fi disney animated movie... like I said, it's not well known/seen (more so than Atlantis)

ht.tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120913/ (Titan AE)

omg... Thank You jnmevil54 !!!!

your treasure island just reminded me of another movie that I really liked...

Cutthroat Island (1995, really good female pirate movie), ht.tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112760/

I think I found the movie I was looking for...

Doomsday (2008)


Last time I counted (I made Bash! script to link the movies by director, actor, producer, etc.), I had 1,067 DVDs.

I have added a few to the collection since then...

NOTE: I have not had cable or satellite programming for about 10 years. I have spent less money on my DVD collection than I would have spent on either of those, and I have too much good stuff to watch in a year.

Plus, I've got a projector/DVD player thing, so I can watch a slightly smaller version of a drive-in movie in the comfort of my own home or backyard. (It's pretty cool when you're watching older movies, but not so much for the newer flicks. Dragon Ball Z on the projector IS pretty nifty, though!)

Dear John (sitcom)



I think ASH vs EVIL DEAD's first episode can be watched for free online, but it's more akin to the first two films.

Ash VS The Army of Darkness stands alone in that series. It's straight-up comedy. (The first two are just campy terror pictures, but I think they're two of the best campy terror pictures ever made.)

You might like Bubba Ho-tep, HK...

Bruce Campbell is Elvis in a nursing home.
JFK is there, too. He's been dyed black, and they stole part of his brain.

There's also a super-silly, soul-sucking zombie. (An Egyptian zombie, not on of the Romero-style undead.)

There's not much eye candy, though.

The guy who made PHANTASM made it.

Remember PHANTASM? With the silver ball floating around?

...and has anyone seen the CUBE movies? Where the people are trapped in a cube filled with life-threatening trials?

I know they're the origin/backstory of Ash becoming Ask and etc story/plot stuff, but they're just too boring and old for me (maybe if I had seen them when they first came out, it'd be different... maybe... and that's a slim chance of it, lol)

that description doesn't interest me that much, so I don't think I'll try it.

I don't think I've seen Phantasm either... nor these Cube movies...

The Lawn Mower Man
Edward Scissor Hands
the Hellraiser movies (human pin-cushion, and the puzzle box)

Every time someone says Ash, I think of Ash Ketchum.

Speaking of Pokémon...
This is Harley.
This is also Harley.

Harley is my favorite anime and fictional character! He has been since I was 12, maybe earlier. I love him!

...not romantic, just, you know, fan-girl...

Everything you need to know about Harley is in that YouTube video. Long hair, camp, flamboyant, loves Cacturne, (gay), and he has just the best plot line in not just the Advanced series, but the entire Pokémon series, excluding the major battles Ash has like the Elite Four or with major rivals!


Don't spend any money on Phantasm or Cube, HK. Trust me. They're almost fun to watch and make fun of, but that's about it.

Well... Cube is almost a good idea...


(where the dude and his mom are were-cats or something)

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

@ jmnevil54:

I don't know pokemon at all (aside from the names of two of them: 'pikachu' and 'mew', lol), so what is this harley character like? why do you like him? (I see you really love pokemon... lol)

before there was "cool bad boy" sasuke (naruto), that girls are crazy for/over...

there was an even more cool and bad boy... Heero Yuy (mobile suit gundam wing), that drove girls crazy... (and guys too... I mean heero was awesome/badass... not sexy, lol). I don't know why girls were crazy over him... he ripped up relena's birthday invitation in front of her face in front of everyone... and as he passed by her, wipes her tear away and whispers into her ear... "I'll kill you."

(most clips get taken down... and its an old anime too, so there's hardly any clips left of it on youtube and else where, sadly, but here's some that remain, to show some of Heero's awesome-ness)

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npDP5JPecTQ (2:40 to end, but you may want to watch all of it, and/or best the entire anime series: ~ 50 episodes of 30 mins each, lol)

Heero Yuy is the most awesome, cool, badass (and for girls: sexy) character of all time. You got to watch the anime series though to understand it, as it's too hard to explain all of the things that make Heero so awesome and badass, lol.

(also, his english dub is done by a really good-voiced actor, and girls find it really sexy, and guys, a very cool/good voice for him)




ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtQkoecIzng (heero's laugh)
ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOjEXZ5joao (Heero's villianous/evil laugh, I never realized it was such a good villian's laugh, it was jsut a good laugh until this clip pointed out how evil it sounds, lol)

unfortunately, they took down the vid of Heero's epic speech... sighs, but you can read (but not as good as watching/hearing) it here:


ht.tp://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/set/8812/gundam/speeches.htm (many/some of the epic quotes here)

“Earth the planet in the solar system that miraculously gave birth to life. In the year After Colony 195, with the development of the colonies people now live in new surroundings. Thanks to plentiful natural resources and cultivated technological abilities. However, this new world is nothing but an imitation of humankind’s motherland the Earth. But why were the colonies made in the first place? I hear the main purpose was technological development to improve the lives of human kind on Earth. Did human kind start asking too much from this imitation world? The self-sustained way of life is more stable than life on Earth especially since it lacks the risk of natural disasters.

It appeared that this unlimited growth was guaranteeing the eternal existence of human kind. Perhaps there was an age where people dreamed of the possibilities in the outer space; where they could start from scratch. However it’s unthinkable that the colonies or that humankind will ever forget the Earth.

What did technological development in the colonies bring to the Earth? The kind of technology the Earth wants most: military power. Destruction is part of human nature that can never be gotten rid of; and now the colonies are developing a militaristic disposition. The colonies cannot forget the Earth.

The Earth has great beauty. The animals known as humans have acquired such strength that they even think about controlling this planet for themselves. From the point of view of a planets life the life of a living thing lasts no more than an instant. But in the end, it is only themselves that humans can think of. Nothing changes. The time spent by humans in outer space has been a complete waste. The ideal is just a dream.

This false pacifism. This false living space. Outer space is nothing but a breeding ground for even more battles in the future. Wars throughout history have claimed many lives. Although human kind has never been able to forget the sorrow that has been caused by the wars, they have not stopped fighting. The blood and tears they shed in battle are merely ceremonial. One can’t speak of history without referring to the wars in each era as important events. I’m sure the pale pep talks of fighting for peace have been repeated numerous times in the past. The colonies say they need armaments to maintain peace. It’s no different from on Earth. The colonies think they have joined the big boys. I guess they believe that the bloodshed would lead to higher morale [to further unite the colonies.]

So why do people fight anyway? Perhaps the meaning of human existence lies within their will to fight. People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle. And it’s also a fact that the ones who are actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.” - Heero Yuy

and then the nazi teacher censors/ends it, as the stupid students can't handle advanced science topics, like the ultimate question of human's war/violent nature:

“Okay, that’s enough, Duo Maxwell! [HK: Heero is using Duo's identity as his fake student identity] Let’s avoid that subject. It’s making your classmates uncomfortable. Personally, I don’t feel it was an appropriate subject for your greeting speech.”

and another epic quote:

~ "The heartbeat of humanity: war -> peace -> revolution -> war -> peace -> revolution -> and on and on")

~ "War leads directly to peace" (and peace leads directly to war, as both: 'revolution' is war, and 'war' is war)

But, this is an old show now... Sasuke (Naruto) has taken Heero's place, as Naruto is the current popular anime of today.

But, Sasuke is nothing compared to Heero Yuy, no one is, hehe.

I don't think Naruto has been popular since Shippuden. Even if it's remnants still haunt the internet.

I loved classic Naruto by the way. But my favorite Naruto characters were Kakashi and Naruto himself, and Naruto's first (I think) teacher. And Orochimaru.
It's very sad how Naruto fell so much. I thought it was going to climb, and instead it fell... Well, at least now I know why the Nine-tailed fox attacked the village.

A lot of reasons! Everything mentioned above! He's so awesome! Plus, my autism may have something to do with it.
He competes in Pokémon contests, and he is May's rival. He's so spazzy, he's REALLY fun to watch when he's tormenting and making plans to torture May, or just about anything really! Also he was bullied in school, and now he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Though I don't think they did it intentionally, but nonetheless he is so narcissistic it interferes with his everyday functioning, and relationships with people.)
That, and he's gay and sexy. And he's on Pokémon. That's all I'll say about that.
Basically he's the Hisoka of Pokémon.

(Also, has anyone figured out why people not just love, but LOVE Hisoka? He's practicality a pedophile (only reason he isn't is because he loves strong opponents, so he's a pansexual that's attracted to everyone)!

I mean, I like him too, and I've spent a lot of time watching videos of him on YouTube, but there has got to be a point where you think "He's a kid diddler, I should not like that"!)

chuckles... in the japanese of mobile suit gundam wing, it's more hinted at them being gay... but these hinting scenes were taken out of the english dub (thank goodness, as I'm not gay and thus not into gay stuff, lol)

so, maybe you should try watching mobile suit gundam wing, as they got really cool, awesome/badass characters, and a really good story/plot (if you're into military/combat/violence/war stuff and advanced topics) --- I'm just using this japanese gay factoid to try to get you to watch mobile suit gundam wing, lol. I'd recommend you watch its dub... but if you were to watch it... you'd probably watch the japanese for the gay hinting scenes... meh. The english dub is done really well... though! (you can jsut pretend that heero, or whichever gundam pilot you like best, is bi: gay and hetero, so you can be with him, and the other gundam pilots... lol --- I don't even want to think about who would like who, lol. That's for gay people or girls who're into gay people... lol. Being into gay people is kinda pointless as they're not interested in girls, you want to go after bi people, as then they'll also be interested in you, lol. Same for guys, you don't want to go after lesbians, you want to go after bi girls, so they'll like/want you too, hehe)

I never heard of 'Hisoka', which anime/manga/whatever is this character from?


I've tried Gundam Series before. They really bore me.

ah, okay... I heard/"know" of Hunter x Hunter... as in its name/title only... obviously not its characters, as I'd have recognized hisoka.

I tried watching some other gundams... but didn't like them.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is the best of them... you might like this... ya, a lot is boring if you're not into the mecha and military/war/etc stuff, but there is quite some drama/romance/relationship stuff in it...

heero + relena (romantic relationship, they love each other, and both heero and relena are amazing, relena is really an awesome character too, but might not seem like it at first... but as you watch more, you'll see, how awesome she is, hehe)
heero + duo (rivals/friends)
wufei + sally (interesting relationship... wufei sees women as weak, in traditional damsel in distress roles, where the men take risks/sacrifice themselves to protect and keep women safe, whereas she's more strong-willed and independent.. so kinda polar opposites)
wufei + treize (respectful of each other, rivals/enemies)
trowa + quatre (friends, respectful of each other)

you might find treize and/or zechs sexy too (these are the two main "bad guys")

and then there's my favorite girl...

Dorothy Catalonia, hehe (well relena is sexy/awesome too... argh... HK chooses both of them! muwahaha!), but you're not into girls, lol. Maybe you could pretend she's a guy, or a guy version of her, lol.

I don't know...

If you haven't watched Hunter X Hunter, you need to drop everything and go watch the first ten episodes. The most tension/action/drama in a Shonen series, that I have ever seen!

Would you prefer the 1999 Hunter X Hunter (older animation) or the 2011 Hunter X Hunter (updated animation)? Never mind it doesn't matter. They both equally stray from the source manga, but they're both equally good adaptations.
At the very least, you should see Hisoka from both versions, and see who you like best. (The older Hisoka has green hair, lol!)
And fine, I'll try watching Gundam, if you try watching Hunter X Hunter. Deal?

agh... ya, I heard hunter X hunter is good... but... agh.. I'll see... and you don't have to watch gundam wing (and its ~50 episodes too, a pretty long anime series), I just love it myself, so, it's up to you if you want to try it or not. I think it's good, but I have a very unique niche different than what most poeple like, and gundam in general is definately not for everyone.

When I have the time... I'll watch a few episodes of hunter x hunter (the newer version as it's hard to watch older versions, usually for me, as get spoiled and used to, new/modern graphics and etc stuff) ... just busy now with school work and all that stuff.

oh that's hisoka ?! I just looked at your link of a picture of him.

I actually seen/watched the fight with him and that fast little green-clothing kid (gon? or something like that) who beat him

(HK loves watching all the awesome fights, especially the chick/female fights, hehe)

The only anime I have really properly watch is Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was good.

I could never stand NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion), of what little of it I've seen anyways, but the final fight is epic (brutal though):

(massive spoiler)

asuka vs the angel eva's, ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AY27gLWhtM

Actually, Hisoka won the fight. Gon has never once beat Hisoka in a fight.
You got the rest right, though.

The manga is actually ongoing though. Depending on how things turn out, we may see Gon kill Hisoka, we may see Hisoka kill Gon, we may see someone else kill Hisoka. (As I said, Hisoka is a pansexual pedophilic serial killer. Hunter X Hunter is not your typical Shonen series!)

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

oops... I thought gon won the fight... I'm getting old... I can't remember who won the battle I watched... lol...
(or maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention... ya that's it... I'm not getting old... nope... ya, I just wasn't paying attention)

ya, I've heard lots of people complain about manga/anime hunter x hunter... taking forever to get new chapters/episodes...

unfortunately some manga/anime is like that... they go on hiatus and like a year later is only one more chapter/episode... or whatever... every month... every week... it varies... more seasons of anime or not... (depends on how well it does for them)...

Claymore anime will never get more seasons... and there's many others as well, where the manga does well (or not), but the anime doesn't and so they don't complete the story via anime... even when the manga is completed... they jsut stop with a single season of anime... even though it needs more... sighs.

I'm not exactly into pansexuality and/or pedophilia (not into character psychological behaviorisms)... but I'll try hunter x hunter when I get the time to do so ... as the fights do look cool...

you don't have to try gundam wing if you don't want... I just try to push stuff I like and/or think is great/epic... ignorantly thinking that everyone else will like-it/think-so-as-well, too, lol.


I like this story: Paul Revere

has anyone seen the new blade runner (I hadn't got around to seeing it yet) ??

if you have (and you've seen the original), then how does it compare to the original?

I've also not seen 'American Assassin' yet, is it any good? worth seeing or not?

Back to Anime, anyone seen Attack on Titans? My daughter is a big fan, is it worth watching?

yes, it's very good, but violent/brutal survivalism ("kill/win or be-killed/lose"). There's NO fanservice either.
(it's already listed in my big list post, as #6 in the anime section/category, near the top of this thread)


currently only 2 seasons are out (25 episodes for first season, 1 episodes for second season)

(season 3 is coming... at some point... but it'll be a bit of a wait)

Attack on Titan is fantastic! It's one of my favorite anime!

It's definitely not for everyone though! Cannibalism, murder and death (at least those who aren't in the main 3 cast), rape, overthrowing an old kingdom, etc.! (All for plot reasons and/or character development.)

I don't want to spoil it. Watch it yourself!

@hegemonkhan, I consider (not technically) naked Titans (also, the female Titan) and Levi dressed in an apron with an obsession over cleaning, to be fan service.

there's no rape in the anime, but there's an incident involving sex slavery traffic'ing (which would have involved rape), but it was routed... but this is a huge spoiler... so I've probably already said too much, lol.

the gluteous maximus is a muscle... big deal... seeing giant's buns... lol. Though lots of people do like the biggest muscle (butts), and the female's titan's butt is hot, and so is she, even without most skin covering her body, hehe. Those eyes and face and hair, so sexy, hehe.

(the titans are asexual, literally no sexual genitilia, so can't be fanservice/pornography by definition, lol)

there really isn't any fanservice at all, just like Claymore (my fav)... hehe

Unrelated, I couldn't watch Toppa Tengan Gurren Lagann after

they killed Kamina. Kamina was fantastic, and was the life of the show! I tried watching a few episodes, but it wasn't the same! It just sucked without Kamina screaming things for moral support.

I think the rape of that one girl's mother counts. Unfortunatly, I forgot who.... I think Mikasa's mom was raped.

not in the anime... (so much for not spoiling... jmnevil54... sighs, oh well, Pixie probably won't even watch it... meh)

yes, if Mikasa's mother wasn't killed and also if Eren didn't save Mikasa, then yes there'd be rape (whether it'd be actually shown or not in the anime is another big question), as they were going to be sold into sex slavery, which would be by definition involving rape. (Asians are extremely rare, and thus even sexier than they already are, lol, as they were nearly wiped out in the titan wars, and thus the hoodlums, tried to capture Mikasa and her mother, as had they succeeded, they'd have sold them for a huge fortune)

Levi dress in apron is fanservice... it's not even skimpy/revealing... regardless of Levi's sex (male)

HK's not seeing the fanservice...

now this apron usage is fanservice (the character's sex is female, so it's fanservice for all heterosexual males and bi+lez females):

Highschool of the Dead: Saeko Bujushima in her apron and while killing zombies, hehe :D
(probably better that I don't post a link of a vid of it, lol)

So I guess I did not see a soldier rape Mikasa's dead mother.

I saw SOMEONE'S DEAD MOTHER get raped in the anime!

no, not in the anime, mikasa's mother attacked them with a knife and got killed by the hoodlum's axe, mikasa was then punched unconscious. (maybe mikasa could have been pedo-raped while unconscious and/or her dead mother necro-raped, but none of this was hinted at, at all, in the anime). next scene is eren knocking on the door (we don't know how much time passed, which certainly makes it possible for rape to have occurred, but again the anime doesn't even hint at it), and directly and indirectly saving mikasa.

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMpU3pp2zqs (here is the scene)

I don't think mikasa was raped... from all the details of this scene, it points to her not being raped. The hoodlum says he "does NOT fancy her"... and all the other details too. Her "coldness" is from being orphaned (having witnessed both her parents' murder), and not having any reason to live: coldness = emptiness = dead = no purpose/motivation, which is a re-occuring theme, as it is a hopeless/brutal/"cruel"-world, throughout the story, mikasa feeling the same again when she (believed) lost eren to a titan (she'd was told by armin, seeing eren get devoured/killed), and had given up when she ran out of air and was helpless on the ground when the one titan approached her and then the abnormal titan behind her, but then she thought of eren and loving him, decided that fighting to live, was the best way to preserve eren's memories, and got her purpose/motivation back... but that abnormal titan was eren, coming to save her (again, now as a titan), hehe.

well, I did watch the dub... so maybe it's different in the japanese... now, I'm going to watch that episode in japanese, and see... if it's different, lol...

hmm... there might be some mentioning of rape... maybe or Ymir (Jaws titan) before she became a titan, when she was the church's figurehead girl or some other time, Ymir was a poor, nobody girl and then woman, she could have had been mentioned as being raped...

or maybe you're thinking of historia... but she's just a bastard daughter of the royal line... but maybe her concubine mother was raped, and it wasn't consensual (or intentionally by her mother for wealth/status/good-life)... it'd just be a mentioning though...

there might be someone mentioned as getting raped that I can't recall... but I don't think there was any suggestive scene of it... I'd think I'd remember if there was...

now, in Hellsing Ultimate, Sera's dead mother is necro-raped in front of her (and Alucard as a kid gets gay pedo-raped by the priest he served)... but it's hard to mix up Hellsing Ultimate and Attack On Titan...

and Annie certainly was never raped... she rapes (combat-wise) everyone, especially men, laughs.

am I missing any girl... well there is potato girl... but she's too 'ninja' to ever get raped... lol. you can't catch her, she's (always eating) the gingerbread wo-man!

any other girls I'm missing... no not the science lady... she'd freak out any guy trying to rape her, and send then running scared, lol

not other girls are there... hmm... eren's mother was eaten-raped by the smiling titan... eren's father's first wife (theorized)

maybe in the flashback of the royal family and/or eren's father... but I don't think so....

really the most likely mentioning of someone being raped... wouldn't be a mother, but Ymir (Jaws titan)...

hmm.. what other mothers are there... hm...


Hey, jmne,

Seen this?


HK just found out about youtube vids of 'reactions' to movies/anime/tv-shows/etc ... so... addictive... watching other people react for reals or pretend... lol.

Yeah, I've read that. And I grumbled to myself that at least Discord doesn't have the originality my game has...
Also, I recently found out about Pokémon Showdown....
I don't get to use a real computer for play too often, only a few times a week, which is at the library and my grandparent's house. And I reserve those for school work and this website, and YouTube.
Edit: Oh, no need to worry. It's just a bot on the Pokémon Go server. I'm fine.



I didn't know if it would be worth playing or not, but I thought you might like to check it out.

(If I found a well-made Dragonball text adventure, you guys wouldn't hear from me for a week!)

I'm reading about HK watching other people watching things on YouTube. (And you're reading about me reading about HK watching other people watching things on YouTube.)

"If I found a well-made Dragonball text adventure, you guys wouldn't hear from me for a week!"

Please, God, please... let KV find a good Dragonball text adventure...
Obviously, KV, I'm just kidding. I couldn't resist the free jab



Guess how many fingers I'm holding up right now!

How'd I forget to add 'Batman: The Animated Series', argh!!!! My favorite villain is actually Clayface, as he was cool and had a good back-story/tragic-past, and good moral lesson (especially pertaining to/for females) too.

Good call. Batman: The Animated Series was excellent.

It's intro hooked me immediately (and I still find it really cool even now), and wasn't disappointed, hehe

Batman Beyond was good too for a more-modern new batman tv series, but not as good as 'Batman: The animated series'

(just remembered Batman Beyond, lol --- added to list)

ach... I got to add the 'pow' batman tv series with adam west... I liked that tv-series too... it was cool at the time, especially with all of the 'pows' and etc popups ... hehe. Though Robin was annoying as ever... maybe one of the most non-realized non-mentioned best things of the Batman trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), is that finally Robin wasn't annoyingly lame character... laughs.


Spider-Man: The Animated Series (on Fox in the nineties) was pretty good, too. Especially when Venom or Carnage showed up.

The X-Men animated series was also watchable. (It was even good at times (Phoenix saga).)

ya, all/most of the 90s cartoon series of the comics were good... the (Dark) Phoenix Saga was really cool (I never read comics, to this day), and the movie, 'X-Men: The Last Stand', attempt at it... was horrendous... sighs...

Though, I don't like them (characters) as much as Batman (my fav character). Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, etc... don't compare to Batman. Wolverine is cool (though now he's getting boring of a character, too many movies and etc on him), and I like Psylocke but only due to in video games... she's sexy, lol. I don't know much of comics though...

favorite/loved comic characters:

Batman, Hulk, Wolverine, (I'll have to look up all of them, to list any more that I might have --- of the ones I know, anyways)

worst/hated comic characters:

Xavier (X-Men), Superman, Cyclops (x-men), (I'll have to look up all of them, to list any more that I might have --- of the ones I know, anyways)


Yep. I agree.

Batman is definitely the bad-ass.


One more day 'til Halloween!

This message has been brought to you by Silver Shamrock!

Too old...

When it came out, Tim Burton's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' movie was so cool, combining everyone's two favorite holidays:
christmas and halloween (I can never spell this right: cheated by looking at KV's post above, lol).

Well... you do got 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' (old disney cartoon/animated film/movie), which is somewhat similar idea, but without adding halloween to christmas.


The Grinch is great (except for the part when all the Hoos down in Hooville are singing Hoo songs! Bah humbug!!!).

(NOT the Grinch movie with Ace Ventura! That was BAD!!!)


Die Hard
Santa's Slay
The Ref
Bad Santa
Christmas Vacation
Silent Night, Deadly Night
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
The Ice Harvest
Jingle All the Way
Fred Claus


Currently watching Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, which will end my month-long terror-picture marathon.

Currently watching Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 2. LOVE IT!

Didn't watch the Gundam HK suggested, but I watched the first episode of this:
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 01 Mobile Suit Gundam Rising

So many Gundam series. And what can I say, I like old Japanese action cartoons!

Have you watched Hunter X Hunter yet?

not yet... been busy with school...

symester being over is getting near... about mid december... but as always, school work/projects/tests-exam are piled on at the end...

I'll definitely get around to watching some hunter x hunter anime on winter break

I really recommend though, 'Mobile Suit Gundam Wing', it's the best Gundam (regardless of the fact that I've not watched any other gundams, laughs). You really get to know all of the main characters and some minor-major characters too. They're all very unique personalities and etc.

most recently, I finally watched the new Berserk anime series, (but I still got to go back and watch the new movies as well), and it was awesome... lots complain of the graphics... it was different... but after awhile you get used to it, at least I did anyways. But, it's different, and thus lots of people complain, especially those who've seen the original/old berserk anime series and its movies.

though, be warned, Berserk is only for mature audiences, can't understate that enough, lol. Guts is really awesome in it and the music is incredible (along with the sound effects... the clangs/clanging -- indeed, Guts' dragon slayer sword is a huge slab of iron, laughs)!

I've watched some other anime too. I've been watching anime again... after a long hiatus...

It's the beginning of November, what world do you live in?

our summer vacation was from may to july: ~3 months

symester is from aug to dec: ~4 months

winter break is from dec to jan: ~ 1 month


Oh, sorry. I thought you said it was mid December now.

I wish it was mid dec... laughs... symester over... sighs... can't wait... lol (only 1 month off... sighs)

if you've not seen new Berserk (anime/movies), here's its most beautiful music:


(I can listen to this forever without getting tired of it, lol)


I just got back from Thor: Ragnarok.

It was really good!

(I began to grow weary of comic book movies about two years ago, but this and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 were both very entertaining.)

gah... I forgot... this really good movie:

Domino (2005) // ht.tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421054/

... adding to list

and ya, need to see Thor: Ragnarok, finally a movie out for me to see... lol


Concerning Thor: Ragnarok:


Don't expect Ragnarok to be happening.

laughs... I doubt they even know what ragnarok is... laughs

(both guardians of the galaxy were lame/boring/horrible for me, sighs. Only good thing about GotG 1 was that music it used, lol)

HK edit:

saw Thor: Ragnarok yesterday (mon, nov. 6)... it sucked... sighs.


Forgot this one:

WKRP in Cincinnatti (TV show)


Didn't like Thor: Ragnarok?

Bad suggestion. Sorry about that. That took your time, effort, and movie ticket money, too...

Do note that I did put it right next to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in that post, and I warned about about the lack of Ragnarok. (I still feel guilty, though. I said "really good", when I should have said "packed with the type of comic-book-movie banter and action that I enjoy". I shall choose my words less lightly next time when the movie is in theaters!)

This brings another show to mind:

Different Strokes

don't worry, I was seeing it due to me, not due to you, lol. I was already going to see it, I didn't go see it because of you, lol.

Most stuff I see, disappoints me, but I still go see it anyways, lol. I'm very hard to please, in terms of movies, lol. I have a narrow niche, which is rarely satisfied.

from my list...

I like ~300 movies, out of seeing ~1,000 movies:

2/3 of the movies I see, I think are utter crap, or at best, watchable (so-so/decent/non-horrendous-but-not-good/average/"run-of-the-mill")

1/3 of the movies I see, I find as good, lol.

And... those ~1,000 movies I've seen, are ONLY the movies that I think I might enjoy... I can tell right away with most movies, in whether they're worth trying to see them or not (most movies get completely ignored by me --- especially all the comedy movies that everyone else loves --- I don't --- I hate them lol, as I know I'll not like them).

I would be immediately fired as a movie critic:

movie 1: sucks
movie 2: sucks
movie 3: sucks
movie 4: sucks
movie 5: okay
movie 6: sucks
movie 7: sucks
movie 8: sucks
movie 9: sucks
movie 10: good
movie 11: sucks
etc etc etc


I would not follow all movie critics/reviewers of giving every movie 4-5/5 stars and always praise-worthy reviews/quotes, as is seen/done, lol. Movie/Game so-called "critics/reviewers" are bought and paid for by them, which is why all you see is high scores/reviews of every single movie/game, it's just paid for avertising, fraudulently tricking all the stupid poeple, that they're legit critics/reviewers, when they're so not.

you like never see "this movie is more puke-worthy than my dog's dino-sized-pile of poop dumps", nor critics/reviewers giving it: 0-2/5 stars, lol.

I'm different from everyone else

everyone else: loves guardians of the galaxy (1+2) and thor (1+2)

HK: hates them... thor 1 had a few funny scenes (him getting run/knocked over, again and again, by the girl driving the car, lol)... but otherwise, the movie was completely unimpressive/crappy for me, sighs. There was nothing impressive/good about guardians of the galaxy for me. Uber boring/lame plot that I've seen billions of time, and it was really pathetically done too... I don't understand how people, don't see crap, as crap... Some millenial was so hyped up about seeing GoG1... and gushed about it after seeing it... and I'm like .... did we see the same shit? what in the world was good about Gog1 ??!!! It's like he just loved it, because that was the hype, that it'd be a good movie and everyone will love it, and thus he and everyone must love it... just because they are hyped up, that it is to be good and loved... okay... right...

Seriously, Serenity's 'space crew/gang' is (and is done) so much better than GoG's laughable 'space crew/gang'.... sighs.

They have the exact same character roles... GoG just did such a lack-luster pitiful job of their characters, compared to every other same space-crew type of movie... sighs.

Gamora: 'dime a dozen' character role and not done well at all (not her fault as she is really good actress, movie writers/producers of having so simplistic/boring character design for her as Gamora, sighs)... pfft. My planet was taken over, and we're forced to serve them... and that's it... that's my stupid lame character.... laughs... pathetic

Drax: 'dime a dozen' muscle character role, my parents were killed, revenge, and that's it... ya... that's some character design... pfft

Groot: again, your basic muscle character... and tree-plant-characters/dryads/"ents (Hobbit/LotR)" aren't anything new... pfft

rocket: I was some sick-fk's gene-spliced "lab rat / human-racoon guinee pig" experiment, and I'm obviously traumatized by it... boo hoo hoo.... that me, Rocket! ...wow... that was... anti-climatic... such pathetic empty character design... HK shakes his head.

no character with any note-worthy personality nor development nor background/history, what-so-ever... sighs.... so bland and boring... what exactly was good about these utterly lame character designs?

Star Lord: again, a "dime-a-dozen"... and again, nothing special about him at all... being a god entity's son ... oh wow... how creative... sighs... and then you get GoG2, where you get introduced to it... and it makes it even more pathetic, when you see just what this "god entity" is... pitiful... really crappy writers... sighs... There was some interest with Star Lord's mysterious origins/powers... (as I came into this totally blind --- never read comics, never even heard/knew of 'GoG', lol)... of how he could use the infinity gems/stones... (I did know valuely of these from x-men/capcom fighing games)... but their reveal of it in GoG2 was so... disappointing... really crappy writers... it was a joke... they killed and completely disappointed all the mystery of star lord, sighs. if you're going to reveal it, make it epic... but nope... it was total crap...

Star Lord: an even more pathetic clone of jango fett (star wars, the dad who got his head cut off by the samual jackson jedi whatever his name, or in the older movies, fell into and eaten by the sand-lion pit on tatooie when luke was freeing leia and han solo from jaba the hutt, not his son: boba fett, who was very impressive, for a non-jedi character)

anyways... I can rant at how stupid GoG was... forever... lol

If you like GoG... then watch Serenity... it'll be glorious for you! (well probably not, as I got different tastes... but it should be... lol)

I think the writers on GoG (movie) had a pretty tough challenge. They've got to make the characters feel familiar to people who've read them before, without slowing the action down to give too much background. Introducing an ensemble cast is hard if you don't have a lot of time to do it. Doing justice to an existing character is really tough. Both at the same time… I think most writers would have trouble with that.

I think it was pretty well done, but maybe doesn't deserve the amount of hype it got. If they'd done it as a series, where there's more time to have a plot focusing on each character, I think it might have a bit more depth to it.

Serenity… I'll probably be crucified for saying I wasn't impressed. I think it's pretty decent on its own, but it felt like a massive tone shift from the series. To me it feels like it doesn't quite fit, and that bugs me too much to really enjoy it.

I've never seen the series, but can certainly understand if it doesn't match up, though that is really tough to do (actually like 100% impossible) to condense a long series into a movie (or even a bunch of movies, lol). Stand alone though Serenity is good, it's got some flaws (the big plot has been done a dozen times, nothing special, and it wasn't explored that much or well, done quickly, but all of the build-up and rest of the movie was good, along with the already mentioned excellent character development), but I was really surprised at how well they developed the characters, especially for someone who came into it totally blind (my friend recommended it to me, never even heard of it myself, lol). Serenity did an excellent job with its characters, and kept the action and interest going with the plot at the same time, whereas GoG completely failed to do the same thing. I guess the writers of Serenity were/are amazing, as this is such a hard feat to pull of, as seen by GoG's stupendous failure at it. HK wolf-grin smiles.

The dynamics between the Malcolm (captain), River Tam (bio weapon), Jayne (muscle), Kaylee (mechanic), and Simon (doctor) was really good, along with the relationship between Hoban (pilot) and Zoe (2nd in command, I guess, lol) and Malcolm (captain).

And the assassin/operative (the bad guy, the black actor guy) was awesome character design.

brilliant work by writers/director with these two scenes, they completely develop this awesome character design, you know/understand exactly what/who he is, as a character:


two scenes to fully develop/introduce a very interesting/frightening character, whereas GoG couldn't do so for its entire movie.


Uncle Buck

Saw Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok, both sucked, sighs.

How good was Wonder? (I haven't seen it, as I'm not really that interested, as I've seen some of these types of movies, and I don't like Owen Wilson, lol)

what are some movies coming out in the new year (2018) that people are interested in seeing?


I fell asleep during Justice League. (Damned Cyborg.)

I'm waiting until Wonder is at the library, but I do like Broke-nose Wilson (Owen) more than I like Luke Wilson (which isn't saying much).

I don't even have a clue what stories are up to be redone poorly and released in 2018, besides Solo. That's the only Star Wars I'm even almost looking forward to, and that's just because Opie directed it.

The one funny thing about Justice League... the camera angle is constantly an 'up shot of Diana's panties', except there's not anything to see, as it's either doesn't get a good angle, or if it does, she's got full panties covering herself, anyways. I think the camera man has a crush on the actress that plays diana, whatever her name.

Disney's 'star wars' is a huge pile of dino dudu ... I doubt this one will actually be good... but I'll see it anyways in the hopes it'll be good... "hope springs eternally"... or whatever the saying is... lol. They don't understand anything about star wars, that makes it such a good story/movies, sighs.

They don't understand anything about star wars, that makes it such a good story/movies, sighs.

So like Lucas then, with Phantom Menace.


The Darth Maul fight was pretty cool.

...and Ewan McGregor did a good job, I thought.

Those are the pleasant things I can say about Phantom Menace.

no, all three new movies (and the old 3 movies) is the greatness of the star wars story. Phantom Menace (1/6), Attack of the Clones (2/6), and Revenge of the Sith (3/6) were all good, though obviously a bit different from the old 3 movies, but they did a good job, as well as the 3 old movies (A New Hope: 4/6, The Empire Strikes Back: 5/6, Return of the Jedi: 6/6) too. I don't understand what was bad about Phantom Menace... in fact, it's the most important movie of the series, with Qui Gon Jinn, discovering the foretold prophesized chosen one, Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader, to balance out the force, by Anakin eliminating light and dark (sith) jedi and their tyranny of the world, and combining/embracing/learning both light and dark, the true power of the force, bringing balance to the world once and for all, finally ending the light and dark (sith) jedi's tyranny over the world. Qui Gon Jinn recognized the light jedi's evil, tyranny, and hypocracy/lies/deception, and thus why he stayed independent of the evil corrupt tyrannical jedi council controlling the world, just as the Emperor (Sith Lord Darth Sideus as Palpatine) had with his Empire. Qui Gon Jinn understood the force the most, its true nature and its full power, the light and dark together, balance.





I like all six Star Wars films, and the two Clone Wars cartoons (not the CGI show, the actual cartoons that look like Samurai Jack).

They are all a part of the same soap opera. ...or space opera, as George likes to call it.

I want to like Rogue One, but it just messes everything up worse than Leia remembering a mother who died while giving birth to her. (She must have been strong in the force back then... Ahem.)

I don't mind flaws or plot-holes, mind you. They are to be expected, as far as I'm concerned.

Also, if it's fiction, especially science-fiction, I'm not in it for realism. (I.e., I enjoy Hot Tub Time-Machine, Jason X, and My Stepmother is an Alien.)

Ah, got side-tracked...

Irvin Kershner knew how to direct a Star Wars movie.

Lucas knows how to write them.

Jim Henson's crew knew how to bring the aliens to the screen.

Industrial Light & Magic brought the special-effects thunder.

The actors were on top of it (mostly).

The stars aligned during the making of the original trilogy.

The prequels were still Star Wars, but they didn't have the old vibe.

The new movies don't even know about the vibe, I don't think...

I'll keep watching them, though. I'll just wait until someone has the DVD and borrow it.

I thought Rogue One was worth the watch. The blind dude was cool, and Vader in the hallway...

Well, we've been waiting on Vader to do that forever, right?

laughs, ya, Jar-Jar was annoying... I guess he was suppose to be comedic relief... but... he was just annoying and it/he doesn't fit in the star wars world... sighs. Jar-Jar's comedic antics were so out of place... really... why am I seeing this in star wars... sighs...


I remember my dad complaining about Threepio. (This was before the Ewoks, who may have well have been singing Christmas songs about hula hoops, as far as my old man was concerned. )

My kid liked Jar-Jar.

...and I admit it: I laughed when Qui-Gon grabbed his tongue the first time I watched it.

I actually see Jar-Jar as more of a one off character. Everyone complains about him, but he really was not in much of the movie, the other movies and Star Wars franchises not withstanding.

Check out this theory that Jar Jar is actually a Jedi, and was hiding the whole time. It actually makes a lot of sense! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8yy3q9f84EA
(You should see the scene where Jar Jar mind controls the giant fish monster!)

Evil/Darth Jar Jar moments
The video quality isn't that good, but at least it shows Jar Jar actually knows how to work on a podracer (and break it), and also shows his mind tricks.

Ewoks too... ughh... threepio too... ughh... (though if their intent was to create a hated character, threepio was a huge success)

I forgot Qui-Gon grabbing Jar-Jar's tongue (I can't remember most un-important scenes, it's been too long as I only saw it in the theatre and hadn't seen it played on tv hardly at all), that's definitely funny. Jar-Jar's antics just don't belong in Star Wars. I can understand that race being the way they are, and thus the comedic antics/relief... but the movie had too many Jar-jar scenes of his antics... Jar-Jar's 'luck stat' is godly... as to whether he's got force powers or just normal/racial skills or just plain luck, he's a minor character as comedic relief and not as a major plot twist role character, he's not some uber secret master jedi in hiding... let's not encourage insanity/madness...

Episode 1 felt like it was written for kids, with Jar-Jar as mentioned, but also Anikin as a kid, and the pod racing just felt like something inserted to pad it out and to justify marketing racing games. Episodes 2 and 3 were not so bad, as Anikin was older, and Jar-Jar almost absent, but then you had Anikin suddenly flip to the darkness... It was too much to fast.

Part of the magic of the original trilogy was, I think, that it was so different to anything that had come before. The effects were realistic in a way that had not been seen before besides 2001, and yet, unlike 2001 the effects were incidental to the actual story (2001 looks more like a showcase for special effects with a plot added later). This would only apply to those of us old enough to watch it on first release, of course.

By the way, given the force is inherited, it is interesting that in the Star Wars universe it is present at all. There are two types of force users, the Sith who kill each other and the Jedi who do not have families. How does it pass from one generation to the next?

true, but that's the time period, Anakin is a kid, lol. Thus it's going to involve more 'kid elements', which actually has a very deeper context as this time period was more innocent (due to the 'bliss of ignorance veil' of what was actually going on in the world: aka, "The Phantom Menace", aka the current fight over controlling/ruling the world between the light and dark jedi), as it involves a kid, that Qui Gon as to raise as a jedi, as he carries out his duties in the volatile world. This is about the discovery of the chosen one, the which the entire star wars movie saga (1-6/6) is about. The prophesy time line: Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader. The star wars saga (1/6 movies: the prophecy time: anakin skywalker / darth vader) is entirely based upon the Phantom Menace, it set the entire star wars story, it's the most important movie of star wars, establishing the backstory, character, and role of the long prophesized chosen one, anakin skywalker / darth vader, who'll bring balance to the force and world, once and for all. The Phantom Menace was superbly done, it was the best of all 6 movies. Everything you need to know about who Anakin is and will become, everything you need to know to understand anakin / darth vader, is found/established in within The Phantom Menace.

Jar-Jar was in all the (new: 1-3/6) movies unfortunately... more/less time/scenes (I'd have to go back and watch them, it's been too long: I didn't even remember him being in Phantom Menace).

Personally, I hated teenage Anakin in The Clone Wars, it was such a joke portrayal of who Anakin is, as they just did stereotypes of what they perceive a teenager to be like... sighs. Teenage Anakin was portrayed as a pansy, no this is not anakin, argh!. This, along with his "descent to the darkside and stupidity of the 'high ground' ending of the battle between him and obi... HK vomits" is what they got so very wrong about Anakin, sighs. What a joke (gag/vomit), sighs.

George wrote Episode I for his grandkids (I think).

...and Tween Annie was much more entertaining than Emo Ren (in my opinion).

By the way, given the force is inherited, it is interesting that in the Star Wars universe it is present at all. There are two types of force users, the Sith who kill each other and the Jedi who do not have families. How does it pass from one generation to the next?

The Force seems to be choosing people at birth. It's not hereditary.

It's the Midi-chlorians, you see... They're like, not quite the Force, but they...

Well, the Force is made up of energy that the Midi-chlorians...

(Well, I hope someone sees, because I don't.)

(Star Wars: Midi-chlorians / Force) and (Science/Sci-Fi: Mitochondria / Parasite Eve) and (Claymore: Yoma Virus) and (etc) are all the same universal theory of first life. You really need to play/read Parasite Eve (1), it's a really good portrayal of Mitochondria as 'first life'. Cells are nothing without the nucleus, and the nucleus is nothing without energy, and that energy comes from mitochondria, the first organism, creating its own energy, and also energy to power the nucleus and thus creaction of all other living-cells/organisms. Mitochondria, is Parasite Eve, first life, the origin of all life, past and present. Mitochondria (and DNA, especially its DNA) is truly the 'god particle of life'

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoXXa7tJaV8 (all cinematics, WARNING: nudity, violence/gore, pregnancy/birth)
ht.tps://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/198265-parasite-eve/faqs/72450 (text dump)

The force is in all creatures. It's just that only a few individuals can learn to use the force well enough to become a Jedi or a Sith (or some third thing). Midi-chlorians are mainly in the blood, I think, but everywhere in the body. Midi-chlorians, the force, energy, they are all the same thing.

Personally, I hated teenage Anakin in The Clone Wars, it was such a joke portrayal of who Anakin is, as they just did stereotypes of what they perceive a teenager to be like... sighs. Teenage Anakin was portrayed as a pansy, no this is not anakin, argh!. This, along with his "descent to the darkside and stupidity of the 'high ground' ending of the battle between him and obi... HK vomits" is what they got so very wrong about Anakin, sighs. What a joke (gag/vomit), sighs.

Thinking about it... yes.

seriously, teenage anakin and padme, felt like, like 'twilight' movies (not that I've actually seen them, lol), but even worse... lol. So, sappy/barf and unrealistic... teenage anakin was like more girly and emotionally sappy than even padme (though isn't there like a pretty big age difference... like maybe at least 5 years, of padme being older? let's say kid anakin was like maybe 7 or so, while padme was like a teenager, let's say maybe 14 or more/less. So teenage anakin was maybe let's say 15-16-ish, maybe he could be 18... but he seems more around 16 ish, meh, which would make padme in the 20s), this is not Anakin, nor a teenage anakin. And what's up with padme, being a teenager, liking a little kid anakin... talk about a pedophile... pedophile padme, lol. That's a good nick name or title for her, laughs...

I didn't/don't have any interest in this movie (I didn't/don't like it), but most people loved it:

Cruel Intentions (1999)

but, this movie seems to have been forgotten now...


If you really pay attention to Vader at any given point, he acts pretty much just like Anakin (or vice-versa, actually). He just sounds all bad-ass, like James Earl Jones, when he does it.

Plus, dude never had a dad, so he acts a little girly. (It's not uncommon.)


Annie is 9 in Phantom Menace.

ATOC is 10 years later, so he's 19.

(Padme is no pedophile. She just likes 'em young.)


Cruel Intentions


I just made my son watch that (along with numerous John Hughes films) so he'd understand the jokes in Not Another Teen Movie.

K.V. Do you have another son, or did you show your 7+ year old son "Not Another Teen Movie"?


I only have the one, but he is over 18.

...but he's watched stuff like that his entire life.

I don't believe curse words can hurt anyone. I taught him that some people think that some words are bad, but I also explained that we mean the same thing when we say "darn" as we do we when we say "damn".

Then, I pointed out that we shouldn't say "bad words" in mixed company, so as to not be assholes.

socially, it's bad ettiquette, but words are just words, words don't cause physical harm to people unless you yell loudly in their ears (but strangely this is not a crime/assualt even though it is, as it is causing physical harm to your ear drums, a body part, and damages your ability to hear). technically, the only "bad word" is 'damn' as you're 'cursing/wishing/desiring/calling-for malice/harm upon them'. No other profane/bad word is actually a "bad word". But, there is all of the sexual/profane langauge... which while not "bad" is socially bad ettiquette in public, and also see below as well ...

However, in the U.S., it is against the law as it's "public indecency", and you can be arrested, as it's also a "causing public disturbance" which is an arrest'able crime too, as people/parents/guardians have the right for their young children (and themselves too, the adults, if they don't like hearing such words either) to not hear such "profane" words.

anakin had men/"fathers" (adult males) in his life:

uncle, qui gon jinn, obi won, jedi council, palpatine / darth sideus, padme, etc ... maybe they're all lousy parents/teachers... or they tried and anakin just was/became that way...

also, look at how grown up anakin was as a kid... he was very mature (he still looks more like he's 6-7 than 9... lol)... then upon becoming a teenager, he becomes less mature and grown up? um no... that doesn't happen. once you grow up / mature, it's irreversible.

but really, it's nothing story/plot wise... its just bad writers/directors, in giving him that incorrect teenage character/behavior/personality.

how old was padme, when we first see her / when she first meets kid anakin, ??? and she is a pedophile, as anakin is underage, unless he's 18+, but she WAS interested in him as a kid, though that doesn't mean she actually acted on it, but that still makes her a pedophile mentally, even if not legally/criminally a pedophile (if she got romantic with him before he was 18: statuatory rape: anyone with someone underage, regardless of their age, be they older, younger, or the same age as their victim, is rape. For example, if two 14 year olds both consensually get romantic with each other, both are pedophile rapists, both guilty of statuatory rape, which is pedophile rape).


K.V., what are you doing?
I thought Padme was 9 like him...


I don't know what happened to that post.

She was 14 in Phantom Menace.

...and I'm pretty sure neither of then had any sexual fantasies until Episode II.

padme definitely had a crush on kid anakin, at first sight --- she probably felt/saw/knew of the force in him and/or heard of him being the chosen one, lol, let's hope she kept it private, until he got older (legally, in the U.S, it'd be at 18), lol. I believe you directly see it, she goes right up to him with a big smile on her face... upon first seeing him, when they arrive back from tatooii, having just found and brought back kid anakin, from there.

oops... that was not it... that was a later encounter with her...

hmm... here's the first time they met (it's been so long since I seen it, can see from my previous post how wrong I was, lol):


laughs... after/as he asks if she's an angel, she then has a huge smile on her face and crush on him... so, I was at least right about that... somewhat, lol.

how to pick up girls in star wars:

call her (or ask if she's) an angel and say she's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, lol.

really.. though... angels in star wars... with the force and midi-clorians.... that's so out of place.... lol

even a planet of angels.... it's still out of place... lol....

maybe "angel's" are just the female twileks... lol:

Aayla Secura twilek jedi (oh la la, lol): ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j75d8yaaQ4M


GRR... I stopped watching the cartoon clone wars too early... never knew they had Aayla in it... DOH! All I saw was Ahsoka... argh!
(her "top" is a bit smaller than the actress in movie... but meh... it's still pretty good, as most star war girls are flat, lol)

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anyone seen star wars movie? good, bad, average? thoughts on it?


I'm scared of it.

I like BRICK and LOOPER, though, so it may be good. (Still probably waiting for it on home video.)

The problem (or one of the problems), I think, is that they're just churning out movies.

"Hey, we're going to make [this many] Star Wars movies. The release dates will be [pretend list of release dates here]. Now, go make them!

"What? No one has written them? Well, that's easy! Just go pay some random people to write something, damn it! The fans deserve nothing less!"

What happened to someone having an idea, the idea becoming a story, and the story becoming a movie?

both of disney's star wars movies have been as good as Super Mario Bros movie, though I'll go see this movie anyways... just was wondering if anyone has seen it yet and what they thought of it.

even sucky movies usually have good trailers... this 3rd disney star wars movie's trailer was sucky....

don't worry KV... disney got a 'han solo' movie up next after this one... and then another star wars movie after that... disney will continue star wars well into 2030, won't our grandchildren be lucky!!!


both of disney's star wars movies have been as good as Super Mario Bros movie


I actually own Super Mario Bros on DVD (although I'm not pretending it doesn't suck). It's on the same shelf as Hitman, Street Fighter and the first two Mortal Kombat movies.

Opie directed Solo... So, it's probably at least watchable.

The only movie I've seen our young Han Solo in is Hail Caesar!, and I didn't enjoy that movie very much, but I guess he did okay, all things considered.

I thought Hitman (1), Street Fighter (the one with guile as van damn, 199X, I think), and Mortal Kombat (1) were really good. Well, Street Fighter wasn't as good as Mortal Kombat and Hitman, but they came out later. Mortal Kombat and Jurassic Park (and Terminator 2) were the big movies when I was a young teenager, lol. And Mortal Kombat was really cool, as it was fresh during the pizza arcade quarter spunge back during that time... lol.

Too bad they never made a Killer Instinct movie...


I forgot all about Killer Instinct!

Wasn't that the one where you morphed into animals?

no, mortal kombat (3 and 3-Ultimate) had the 'animality' finishers.

(just look up killer instinct or watch youtube vid of it, no reason for me to post link, lol)

and, I know other fighting games had animal moves/transformations... but can't think of them...

but nothing to do with killer instinct, well Orchid has one move where you turn into a golden big-cat (not sure what species, lol), a charging-dash move that goes through projectiles to hit opponent. But that's it with animals, aside from Riptor being a dinosaur (raptor) character and Sabrewulf being a werewolf character.


There was a Super Nintendo game where you turned into animals...

Be right back.

Bloody Roar.

ah, yes, I thought all characters were animals in Bloody Roar (oops), but they start as 'human' and you can change into their more powerful animal form.

Star Wars and new Jumanji sucked, sighs.


I thought they might. Especially Jumanji.

Is 'downsizing' movie any good? anyone who've seen it

For what it is worth, I've talked to several people who have seen the Jumanji movie and they loved it. Two of them actually went back and saw it again... am going to see it this afternoon and will report back.

EDIT: Solid B-. It’s pretty funny and Good family fun, despite the PG-13 rating.

for me (Jumanji):

it just wasn't that funny (oh my gosh, a female in a male's body, not very novel and thus nor the jokes of it --- hadn't seen actor jack black in a long time --- he's getting old in the years/age, sighs. Amusingly, they didn't have a guy in a female's body, laughs), boring CGI/action/scenes, zero plot/story, horrible 'mission/stage' game design idea too for the 'jumanji game' they get sucked into... sighs. Lame villian and conflict. The original Jumanji was so much better, unlike this crap lazy 'reboot'. It's just like the new karate kid with jackie chan and will smith's son, they tried to reboot, and only made a crap new version, out of a good old version... FAIL for both new Jumanji and new karate kid.

Jumanji and Star Wars: F-



They got your ticket money.

That's all they care about.


The Karate Kid(2010) makes The Next Karate Kid seem like a good movie.


Speaking of Hollywood nepotism the Smiths, have been exposed to After Earth?

(If not, don't do it! Just watch the Honest Trailer. Trust me.)

I've seen 'After Earth' (the one where they crash land on earth and his son has to battle the xenomorph/monster, and it's ability to sniff/sense 'fear'). Yep, it sucked.

pre-2000, movie tickets were like $(6-8) for an adult

now, they can be like $(16-20) for the 'imax/3d/etc' crap, or for the normal theatre/screening, it's like $13, a doubling of the ticket price from pre-2000.

they had like the theatre CEO guy on tv/news, and he said that due to all the competition, it's about the 'premium' ("lavish" reclining seats, clean-ness, and etc) crap... and 'hence' the $(13-20) ticket price...

UM NO, declining customers, is because of (1) competition, and (2) the ticket price is "TOO DAMN HIGH!", the ticket price has doubled since pre-2000, whereas, people's salaries have not (of those few even lucky enough to have decent jobs, or any non-minimum wage job, for that matter)

movie theatres are going out of business (their "change" to the seating is because less people are going to the theatres, they have less seats, bs'ing that it's about 'reclining comfort', and even with like 50% less seating, they still got like only have of those seats filled), they're just milking as much money out of us as they can, before they disappear.

I've been a movie theatre customer for my entire life... they've gotten so much money from me... sighs.

hollywood now gets more of its money from overseas customers/viewers, americans (non-millenials) aren't impressed with most of hollywood's post 2000 (especially post 2010) movies, and millenials don't know/realize (and/or are too stupid to be able to know/realize) that the crap movies they watch, are crap movies, as all they know are these crap movies.



I'm an old movie junkie, too.

That damned, new-fangled 3D is what the theaters near me blame their price increases on. The had to have the screens installed along with all the projecting and sound equipment. (I'm not saying you're incorrect, HK. I'm just adding on to their pile of BS.)

And why does a bottle of Dasani cost $6? An "inconvenience" fee?

Oh, no...

This is the age of euphemisms, so they call that a "convenience" fee (because, sadly, if you repeat something often enough, people do f---ing believe it!).

Did you know they pop popcorn, fill up unused garbage bags with it, tie the bags up, toss them in a popcorn room, then reheat that crap in front of everyone weeks (or months) later to make you think it's freshly popped?

Seriously, when's the last time you actually saw the popcorn being popped?

(I know numerous people who've worked there.)

I'm in Mississippi, so we're behind on everything (including pricing sometimes).

I remember the first time I bought a DVD with the THEATER BUCKS included.

A movie ticket was $6.50 down here at the time.

The THEATER BUCKS were worth $6.00 - $17.50, depending on your local theater's pricing.

I knew right then: I'd be waiting for a lot of stuff to be released on home video.

ya, we get a $1.50 'surcharge' for them 're-doing their seating'... I think they've more then re-couped their costs from 're-doing their seating'... yet the $1.50 'surcharge' remains, and this is on top of their $(13-20) tickets.

I never get food there... they get enough money from my movie tickets... and really the only food I like is the nachos, laughs.

ya, the cost of bottled water is absurd... let's see $6 for bottled water or free from a facet...

though, bottled water might be expensive, as it is actually from a water treatment plant (it's the only way they can trick/sneak/sell water to people), and no it's NOT from a 'mountain spring'... lol. The water treatment plant is not a beautiful waterfall mountain spring. Maybe plastic costs some money too... but everything is made out of plastic... and it's not absurdly priced.

"I'm in Mississippi..."

Isn't it circa 1987 down there? =)

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


'97, damn it!

We wear white, Guess denim breeches, cotton Girbaud shirts with tiny horizontal stripes, and Member's Only jackets at the moment.

And you should SEE how small pagers are nowadays! They can fit into your watch pocket!

Crap! I need to hurry up and finish before I lose this AOL connection!!!

I actually could go catch a new movie for 8.50 during the matinee in 2D...

...and I don't drink that Dasani or eat the food either. (Although nachos sound VERY tempting right now!)

Have you watched the Frontline thing on Nestle jacking water from different American towns, HK? Not paying anything and ruining the community's water supply for years? (I think it was a Frontline.)

nope, hadn't seen that. I don't ever watch frontline. I live in california, so having our water f'ed by everyone (our state and local government, environmentalists, farms/agriculture, water wars with washington, oregon, texas, new mexico, arizona, utah, etc), is quite old/common news for us, sighs. Huge water bills, restricted water usage, on top of the other gov utilities (electricity and etc) monopolies, cost of living, taxes, cost of housing, cost of food, and etc... Everyone is leaving california, only the tech millionaires, rich lawyers, and the homeless remain living in california.


Are you a tech millionaire or a rich lawyer?

Can't be homeless...

You just wasted 30 bucks at the movies.


You know I'm just joshing ya', right HK?

I have seen fresh popcorn being popped at least twice.

Then again, I live in Indiana, and I usually go to the AMC theatre, on my birthday and one other random day of the year.

Is After Earth the one with Will Smith and his son?

Did they even get home anyway? They can't reproduce otherwise...

What if the movie turned into a Bible adaptation? (With the incest.)

'97, damn it!

Coincidentally I was born that year.
Happy Birthday to me. I guess.












There aren't any AMC theaters around here, but just reading about their food on their site made my stomach growl!


After Earth was one of the most terrible movies I've ever seen, and that is REALLY saying something!

What happened at the end?

Little, untalented Smith finally grew a pair, stopped being scared, and defeated the monster. Then sent out the beacon.

They were rescued.

The Smith boys then went back home.

Will signed on to do Suicide Squad.

Jaden then became a rapper, dropping two mix-tapes, and one official release. (I haven't heard any of this, but it HAS to be better than watching him suck at acting, right?)

Will Smith has entertained me since Rock the House came out on cassette.

He's only been in one or two bad movies...

He just tried to help one of his son's become an actor...

I don't hold that against anyone.

The premise of it (of earth becoming hostile to humans, after colonizing other planets, and of the 'fear' sensing of the creatures and humans suppressing their fears to be warriors) had potential, but the movie was crap. And while the premise had potential, it's not that original however... Riddick against the creatures in the Riddick movie series (instead of fear and suppressing fear, darkness and being able to see in the dark/furyon-super-humn-abilities-etc) and Aliens/Predator/Starship-Troopers/etc-etc-etc

Invader Zim, Batman Beyond, Spongebob Square pants, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The Powderpuff Girls, YuGiOh, Pokémon, Digimon, and The Secret Show are some of my favorite cartoons. The Secret Show is an underated gem! (Although, it was supposed to be...)


So, I was at my local library yesterday and grabbed a few DVDs.

Hacksaw Ridge

This is a damned good movie!

5 stars!

Underworld: Blood Lines

This one was pretty damned good, as well.

The last couple of Underworld flicks weren't so great, but I enjoyed this one throughout.

4 stars

Baby Driver

Holy crap!

This was freaking cool (and funny (and I liked the soundtrack))!!!

5 stars


I also grabbed The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, because David Attenborough is awesome and so is nature.

(Just wanted to say Attenborough rocks.)

I only liked the first Underworld (it had a really good story/plot), and the second Underworld (Underworld: Evolution) was okay, but it had so much more potential (as the story/plot set in Underworld 1 was so good/unique, sighs).. huge disappointment, but it was okay to watch despite how much better it could (and SHOULD) have been, sighs.

All the other Underworlds sucked, except I did love the fight/combat scenes in the Underworld with Selene's daughter (Underworld 4: awakening), as we got to see godly Selene's abilities in it against the humans (lol) was awesome, and then her daughter ripping bodies apart, but the movie itself was total crap.

The Last (at least for now) Underworld (Underworld: Blood Ties) was okay with the action, but I really hated/didn't-like it (as it sucked: again no/crappy story/plot), as I didn't like Selene becoming this undead/ghost/shade character (so lame) and I thought it was stupid with how they tried to explain the screw-up of taking out ("missing of") her hybrid husband (michael) from all of the Underworld series... the hybridization was (half of) main (and cool) plot of the series: "half vampire, half werewolf, but stronger than both" and seeing him in his fight against victor, in underworld 1. The other half of the main plot is Selene, becoming godly from taking in their (vampire and lycan) founder, corvinius blood, which again was horrible done in underworld 2, sighs.

If you liked Baby Driver, if you've not seen it, then you need to see:

Drive (2011) --- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780504/


I love how it was done (really good camera and etc work, kinda like M. Shamalan's in a way/feel to it)... very little dialogue in the movie, but lots of action/body-language ("action speaks louder than words"), as the main character is really shy/quiet and bland guy... except... he's hiding a very dark side... it's cool to see its reveal... hehe... "he might speak softly... but he carries a big stick --- don't get on his bad side"

Also, while story/plot wise not a great movie at all, it has such a funny and well-done character:

Drive Angry (2011, lol both care out in the same year, haha, never realized that): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1502404/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

be warned that the show (rated R) is violent, along with sex/nudity (and the 'having sex while blowing guys heads off' scene, which was also done in the 'Shoot Em Up' movie too) too.

the 'devil's marshal/accountant/lawyer/bounty-hunter whatever for tracking down fugitive souls that escaped from hell', so well done and so funny/comedic scenes with him... I loved how well done this character was by them!

plot: nickolas cage escapes from hell to get vengence on the guy(s) that killed his daughter (I think, or was it his girlfriend, meh, can't remember and too lazy to look up), and the devil sends his 'soul lawyer/accountant/marshal' to bring cage back, but while he's trying to get nicholoas cage back, he's not fond of all the bad people nicolas cage is after either, so he ends up helping cage a bit too, as he encounters the bad people ("sinners who're going to be going to hell soon") -- giving them the fast track to hell (kills them), and/or as they get in his way with bringing nicolas cage back to hell.

let me see if I can find some clips of it/him... here it is... this is just one of my favorite scenes... golden... so well done...


and some other scenes too:

ht.tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxYmi_coUSM (warning: violence)

there's some more really good scenes... too, but some of them... got the sex/nudity parts... so no links of them... lol


Does Shyamalan do camera work? (I thought he just wrote crappy endings.)


Have you seen Rush?

That was a pretty cool racing flick, too.

no, hadn't seen 'rush'.

Ah, 'rush' was that historical racing movie that came out (now) long ago, I remember it being advertised, but I never saw it.

I’m really enjoying ‘Knightfall’ on the History Channel.

ya, it's (Knightfall) done really well (hey, finally something we agree on and both like, laughs), I was surprised. I thought it wouldn't be that great, but they gave it a really great story, plot, intrigue, and characters and their relationships/dynamics (it is R-rated though: sex, violence, torture --- not for kids, but great for adults/teens).

It seems the only cable tv stations with a budget for new content is: the history channel (Vikings and Knightfall) and the SyFy channel (previously was 'sci-fi' but its modern day with retarded spellings, GRR, sighs) (Van Hellsing, Magicians, Helix, Defiance, 12 Monkeys, Killjoys, Dark Matter, etc). Also, Spike tv station does have the Shannara Chronicles too.

All other cable tv stations just show very old re-runs, and/or lame/boring court/lawyer/crime retardation shows and/or lame sit-coms, sighs.

All new content is done via or on online 'tv' companies: pay per view, netflix, hulu, etc

and there's no cartoons for kids anymore... (all is online and we got anime from japan)... ya, there's still nickolodean, disney, and the cartoon network... but the quality of the shows is lame/modern/retarded... sighs. The 90s especially had great (and lots) content/shows, sighs.

Actually I'm 50% sure SyFy means "Science Fiction and Fantasy."

But I do remember when it was "Sci Fi."

never realized that the 'Fy' could stand for fantasy... but you still got the incorrect-ness of the 'Sy' as there's no 'y' in 'science (fiction)', but you do ask and explore 'why' in 'science', lol.

though, I never knew it now includes 'fantasy'.... I thought it was always and just 'science fiction', though really 'science fiction' and 'fantasy' have no meaning what-so--ever, as they're the most broadest and ambigious words/categories/genres probably of all time. What is 'science fiction' ??? Anything/Everything! What is 'fantasy' ??? Anything/Everything! 'Science Fiction' and 'Fantasy' is like the same as 'thing' and 'stuff', lol. Also, 'Science Fiction' is 'Fantasy', and, 'Fantasy' is 'Science Fiction' (as "magic" is "fictional or not yet understood science", and if you bring up 'elves, orcs, dwarves' etc as not being 'science fiction', you'd be wrong, as they're fictional species, and species, aka biology/evolution/mutation/etc, is science as well, and thus fictional science, as there's no actual 'elf, orc, dwarf' species in our world/reality)


As far as the genres actually go, I always thought it was something like this:

Science-fiction: fiction which is based on science. A scientist could watch or read the story and say, "that is plausible. I shall experiment tomorrow (or in the future, once we've got the technology)!"

Fantasy: fiction (excluding legend or myth (i.e., The Bible, Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, etc.)) which includes magical creatures or beings or is based upon magic

edited my previous post, giving some explanations of how they're really the same thing and also rather meaningless too.

if you want to get more specific with separating fantasy-magic from mythos (for me 'legends' and mythos' are the same) / religions / philosophies / spiritualities, that's fine... just more detailed/specific/greater/sub categorization.

obviously 'science fiction' has a LOT of sub-categorization too.. lol

again... fantasy and science fiction are extremely broad... you need more categorization within them... lol...



I was editing mine at the same time!

I posted, then re-read yours, and I thought, 'man! I guess I didn't even read the whole thing the first time!'

...but, yes. I do believe the categories are meaningless on TV.

The book stores seem to still go by whether or not the tale includes magic, though, thankfully.

well... due to Tolkien... fantasy usually means magic and fictional species/races (elves, dwarves, orcs, etc or whatever other custom races thought up or used from other folklore/mythos/religions: demons/yoma, angels / valkyries, undead, ghouls, genies/jinns/efreets, banshees, sirens, nymphs, dryads, and of course the human universal shared concept of dragons --- lol almost forgot them haha, etc etc etc, hybrids aka mostly greek but some other mythos too of beastiality spawn: centaurs, minotaurs, harpies, gorgons/lamias/nagas, mermaids, satyrs/fawns, etc etc etc)

though, there's also the separated "magical" magic categorization: harry potter like stuff (witches, wizards, etc like stuff)

all ancient (and also for a very very very long time actually until actually quite recently/modernly in the time line of humanity) stuff is about one thing and one thing only:

the greatest "magic/mystery" of that time... (and for a long long long time too)


try to imagine NOT having the knowledge we do now of cells.... and try to explain/understand REPRODUCTION (of both plants and animals/people), and you got all of the ancient (and to medieval and a bit more/further beyond) religions/mythos understood fully/completely/entirely, lol.

they were trying to understand reproduction as best as they could at that time, "creationism"... aka explaining reproduction... how does the plant grow from the ground/earth and rain, how do animals and people create babies (or rather not 'create', as they couldn't know this, but rather where/how do they happen -- not the act of how to do it lol, but how it is done/works)... etc etc etc.

universally across humanity:

all male gods were the 'weather/rain/heavens' gods "c..u..oming" down (and into) on top of the laying down female as all-earth goddesses below them.

all male gods were the 'weather/rain/heavens' gods "c..u..oming" down (and into) on top of the laying down female as all-earth goddesses below them.

Danaë became pregnant after a "golden shower"!

there's some exceptions indeed, but for most of humanity (across all peoples) males were the weather/heavens/sky/rain gods and females were of-or-related-to-the-earth goddesses: Plants 'pop' out of the earth, and the rain from the sky/heavens makes it happen. Babies or eggs 'pop' out of females, and the male's... "rain" makes it happen... as can be seen, for them, this is a connection to help them understand reproduction (of plants and animals/people) as best they could until we finally discovered about cells and how reproduction actually works. Male = Rain/Sky/Weather/Heavens. Female = Earth. This is how they understood reproduction of plants and animals/people.


Water sports...

She was nasty!

HK can never understand water sports... shudders.... there's a reason why paris and london had their entire massive populations dying off pre-sanitation/sewers/catacombs ... there's a reason waste (urine/feces/etc) is to be revulsive... deadly infection, survival



I'd like to thank the internet for bringing water sports to my attention, too.

(Not really. F--k you for that, internet! F--k you and the bytes you rode in on!)

(Almost LOL-ing but trying to keep it in.)

"though, there's also the separated "magical" magic categorization: harry potter like stuff (witches, wizards, etc like stuff)"

I thought Harry Potter was fantasy. That, and "teenagers in High School British Fiction."

there's two main types of fantasy:

  1. "tolkien" type: magical medieval world with fictional races (orcs-dwarves-elves-etc, warcraft, skyrim, etc)
  2. "harry potter" type: magical medieval world but with/focusing on "wizardry": wizards, witches, spells, magic staffs, etc-like stuff (harry-potter like stuff... for some reason I can't think of older examples of this type of "magical/wizardry" stuff... when I should, as there's a lot more of it, long before there ever was harry potter... wicked witches... disney... wizard of oz, etc etc etc witches and wizards and magical spell staffs)

I've only encountered two scenes where 'water sport' content didn't make me want to vomit, because of how well they were done and the context of them:

  1. Kung Fu Hustle movie: the 'ugly duckling' gets peed on by bullies, but he'll become the 'beautiful swan' legendary martial artist hero at the end of the movie, lol.

  2. Prison School anime... Hana scenes... it cuts away from showing the guy (can't think of his anme at moment -- main character) peeing on hana, and shows the ... "blessed and sweaty" girl... drinking from a water fountain... to symbolize it.

what HK hates the most... sometimes there's some really good "stuff" ... but they got to ruin it and put in water-content and/or worse scat content, ruining that stuff... sighs... which completely makes it off-limits for me, eww ewww ewww eww!! ... argh!

HK has no idea what jmnevil54 is loling about... sighs. HK is dense, but guessing, I guess something KV said is funny to you? HK is so dense and lost, having no idea what jmnevil is lol'ing about, sighs.

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