Beatrice of Hungary, Dauphine of Viennois

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Beatrice of Hungary (1290 – 1343 or 1354) was a Dauphine of Viennois by marriage to John II of Viennois.


She was the elder daughter and the second of three children of Charles Martel of Anjou and Klementia of Habsburg.[1] She was a member of the Capetian House of Anjou. Beatrice was thus maternal granddaughter of Rudolf I of Germany and sister of Charles I of Hungary and Clementia of Hungary.

When Beatrice was just six years old, in 1296, at Naples, she was married to John II of Viennois, who was ten years her senior.[1] The couple had two sons:

When her husband died in 1319, Beatrice became a nun at Cîteaux. She remained here until 1340, when she transferred to the Saint-Just-de-Claix Abbey [fr]. Her son founded for her the convent of Saint-Just dans le Royannais.

Beatrice died in 1343 (or 1354). She died in the convent which her sons had founded for her.



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