Our Lady of Heliopolis Co-Cathedral

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Our Lady of Heliopolis Co-Cathedral
Baselik church.jpg
AffiliationRoman Catholic
PatronMary, mother of Jesus
LocationHeliopolis, Cairo
Geographic coordinates30°05′37″N 31°19′31″E / 30.0936°N 31.3252°E / 30.0936; 31.3252Coordinates: 30°05′37″N 31°19′31″E / 30.0936°N 31.3252°E / 30.0936; 31.3252
Architect(s)Alexandre Marcel
StyleByzantine Revival
Funded byÉdouard Empain
Direction of façadeSouthwest

Our Lady of Heliopolis Co-Cathedral,[1] also known as the Latin Cathedral of Our Lady of Heliopolis, or the Basilica of the Holy Virgin,[2] is a Roman Catholic church building, located on Al-Ahram Square in the Heliopolis neighbourhood of Cairo, Egypt.[3]

Alexandre Marcel designed the cathedral in a Byzantine Revival style, based on the Hagia Sophia. It was completed in 1913.[4] A crypt within the cathedral houses the remains of its financer, Édouard Empain, and his family.[2][5]

A co-cathedral since 2008,[citation needed] it follows the Roman Rite under the jurisdiction of the Apostolic Vicariate of Alexandria of Egypt (Vicariatus Apostolicus Alexandrinus). In 2014 members of various Christian denominations gathered at the site to pray for the country's future after the events in the Arab spring.[6]

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