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[Chorus: Phife Dawg]
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Well, I'm gone (Go on then!)

[Verse 2: Phife Dawg]
Can I kick it? To my Tribe that flows in layers
Right now, Phife is a poem sayer
At times, I'm a studio conveyor
Mr. Dinkins, would you please be my mayor?
You'll be doing us a really big favor

Boy this track really has a lot of flavor
When it comes to rhythms, Quest is your savior
Follow us for the funky behavior
Make a note on the rhythm we gave ya
Feel free, drop your pants, check your ha-ir
Do you like the garments that we wear?
I instruct you to be the obeyer
A rhythm recipe that you'll savor
Doesn't matter if you're minor or major
Yes, the Tribe of the game we're the player
As you inhale like a breath of fresh air
(Can I kick it?)


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Can I Kick It?” was the third single from A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.

The original version contains samples from Lou Reed’s 1972 classic “Walk on the Wild Side,” “Spinning Wheel” by Dr. Lonnie Smith and “Sunshower" by ‘70s pop group Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. The numerous remixes sample everything from Baby Huey to Ian Dury.

Peep the J Cole’s Remix to this classic for the 25th anniversary of their debut album. The group also made their first television appearance together in over 15 years on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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The single (which featured the b-side “If The Papes Come”) received 4 out of 5 “records” from The Source Magazine in their January 1991 issue. A 4 record rating is defined as: “Slammin'! definite satisfaction.”

Source Editor Rob “Reef” Tewlow wrote:

For those who sleep on the Tribe—get with the program! For those who have already followed their funky path of rhythm—the new single wins. This is the type of jam you only need to hear once and you’ll quickly realize it slams…Yet another dope single from one of the best albums of 1990.

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If Q’s father said hip-hop reminded him of be-bop, this must’ve been the song he made the observation based on. Here we have Tribe working within the constricts of a tight verse structure, while pushing the limits of it the way Mingus and Monk would fuck with a standard.

In a few hundred years, when lit professors are teaching fat tomes filled with 19th Century rhymes to bored sophomores, these lines will wake them up and realize the beauty that was early 90’s hip hop. Q sets the structure of these lyrics in a naturally perfect manner. Lines are built on one anchor sound and repeat until the stanza is fully formed, the theme realized. Then they seamlessly shift to a completely different anchor sound to build a new stanza upon . Fife then picks up on the pattern and follows it perfectly, adding his own color.


Can I kick it? To my Tribe that flows in layers
Right now, Phife is a poem sayer #RIPPHIFEDAWG


Feel free, drop your pants, jack your yay-ha.

Meaning drop your pants and jack off, because you feel free.


RIP Phife Dawg


I thought the last 4 lines of this song was the dopest. RIPThePhifer.








Can I Kick It? solidified A Tribe Called Quest’s message….respect