The Magic Camp soundtrack features mostly pop-electro productions, but also a few old-timey toe-tappers. Directed by Vampire Academy filmmaker Mark Waters, the Disney+ family film uses music to engage with the core demographic, and to thematically complement the playful nature of the abracadabra storyline. Magic Camp released in August 2020 to the streaming platform as an exclusive after the original delayed cinematic release set for August 2018 was canceled.

Magic Camp stars Adam DeVine as Andy Tuckerman, an accomplished magician who's tasked with mentoring kids at The Institute of Magic in Las Vegas. During the five-week course, he's paired with renowned magician Kristina Darkwood (Gillian Jacobs), who just so happens to be his former partner, both professionally and romantically. As a character, Andy compares to School of Rock's Dewey Finn (Jack Black), someone with obvious talent that needs to reconnect with others to stay motivated. In this case, Andy finds inspiration from students who prove to be not only skilled but also highly-focused on the big prize. Magic Camp's score was composed by Rolfe Kent (Sideways).

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Importantly, Magic Camp doesn't overwhelm the audience with music and thus distract from what's actually taking place. Instead, the collective tracks often kick in after the dialogue establishes the general mood of the scene. The soundtrack doesn't include music from big-name pop stars of 2020 pop culture, though it does spotlight a classic from iconic blues singer Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Here's every featured song in Magic Camp on Disney+.

"Some Magic" - LÒNIS

"Magic" - Matty Del Rio

"I Can't Wait" - Lindsey Lee feat. Cassio Monroe

"Floyd's Tornado" - Bruce Witkin

"The Magic Clap" - The Coup

"No Papers" - Darius Jerae

"Bom Bom" - Sam and the Womp

"Know Your Name" - Mary Lambert

"I'll Take You" (Jenaux Remix) - Mstr Rogers

"Take It Now" - SOFI

"I Put a Spell on You" - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

"Stomp Clap" - 7kingZ

"Shake It Up" - Hael

"Pine Apple Rag" - Ken Caulkins

"Some Kinda Wonderful" - Betty Who

"Elvis" - Chancellor Warhol

"La La La" - Addie Hamilton

"All About You" - Brice Fox

"Magic" - Mystery Skulls feat. Nile Rodgers and Brandy

"Good Time Good Life" - Erin Bowman

"Do You Believe in Magic?" - Chloe Adams

Adam DeVine as Andy Tuckerman in Magic Camp on Disney+

"Some Magic" gets things rolling during the opening credits sequence, as the track plays over clips of well-known magicians. To stay on brand, Disney then goes with "Magic" for a cab sequence that reminds Andy about his now-famous ex, Kristina. "I Can't Wait" then provides a little narrative spunk once Theo arrives at The Institute of Magic, which is not to be confused with "band camp," at least according to him.

When Kristina welcome her students, Disney scores the moment with "I Can't Wait." A bit later, "I'll Take You" plays when Andy inspires Ruth's interest in hawks. "Take It Now" can be heard when Andy's students prepare for the big show, and "I Put a Spell on You" (previously covered by Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus) provides some nostalgia as the backdrop to a black and white flashback moment about Andy and Kristina's backstory.

"Stomp Clap" plays during a standout sequence when Andy and his squad make their presence known at lunchtime (with new threads). After being trolled by Kristina, Andy takes the kids shopping as "Shake It Up" encapsulates the primary message. The big show features a variety of fun songs, including "Some Kinda Wonderful," "Elvis," "La La La," and "Magic." Afterwards, "Good Time Good Life" plays when Andy receives some important career news. Magic Camp on Disney+ ends where it starts with "Some Magic."

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