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Last map update: 02/27/2021 at 11:25:02 am EST
02/27/2021 16:25:02 UTC
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State of North Carolina Precipitation Summary

Caldwell County, NC Rainfall Data (Units in Inches)
Last update: 2021-02-27 11:02:02 EST
Location Name 15 Min. 30 Min. 1 Hr. 3 Hr. 6 Hr. 12 Hr. 24 Hr.
Bailey Camp (bcpn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
Buffalo Creek (NC) near Headwaters (bufn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
Globe (glbn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
King's Creek (kngn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
Mulberry Creek at Collettsville (mubn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
Near Mulberry (muln7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
Wilson Creek (NC) near Edgemont (egmn7)
Tabular Data (UTC) | Tabular Data (EST)
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