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Caldwell County Schools is a PK12 graded school district serving Caldwell County, North Carolina. Its 26 schools serve 12,811 students as of the 2010–2011 school year.

Caldwell County Schools
Caldwell County, North Carolina
United States
District information
SuperintendentDonald W. Phipps
Budget$ 109,180,000
NCES District ID3700580[1]
Students and staff
Teachers872.39 (on FTE basis)
Staff844.83 (on FTE basis)
Student–teacher ratio14.68:1
Other information


While some subscription and church schools existed in the area before Caldwell County was founded, the history of public education really begins in July, 1841, just a few months after the county was established. The first Superintendents of Common Schools were appointed that year.

School building commenced and eventually the county had as many as eight high schools. In 1977, school consolidation plans reduced the number to three main high schools.[2]

Student demographicsEdit

For the 2010–2011 school year, Caldwell County Schools had a total population of 12,811 students and 872.39 teachers on a (FTE) basis. This produced a student-teacher ratio of 14.68:1.[1] The same year, out of the student total, the gender ratio was 50% male to 50% female. The demographic group makeup was: White, 82%; Hispanic, 8%; Black, 6%; Asian/Pacific Islander, 1%; and American Indian, 0% (two or more races: 4%).[3] For the same school year, 54.79% of the students received free and reduced-cost lunches.[4]


The primary governing body of Caldwell County Schools follows a council–manager government format with a seven-member Board of Education appointing a Superintendent to run the day-to-day operations of the system. The school system currently resides in the North Carolina State Board of Education's Seventh District.[5]

Board of EducationEdit

The seven members of the Board of Education generally meet on the second Monday of each month.

The current members of the board are:

  • Darrell Pennell (Chair)
  • Duane Knight (Vice-Chair)
  • Teresa Branch
  • Dottie Darsie
  • Ann Edwards
  • Tim Hawkins
  • Joe Sims [6]


The current superintendent of the Caldwell County Schools system is Dr. Donald W. Phipps. He was previously superintendent of Beaufort County Schools (North Carolina). [7]

Member schoolsEdit

Caldwell County Schools has 26 schools ranging from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Those 26 schools are separated into six high schools, four middle schools, four combined elementary/middle schools, and twelve elementary schools.[8][9]

High schoolsEdit

Middle schoolsEdit

  • Gamewell Middle School (Lenoir)
  • Granite Falls Middle School (Granite Falls)
  • Hudson Middle School (Hudson)
  • William Lenoir Middle School (Lenoir)

Combined elementary and middle schoolsEdit

  • Collettsville School – grades K–8 (Collettsville)
  • Happy Valley School – grades K–8 (Lenoir)
  • Kings Creek School – grades K–8 (Lenoir)
  • Oak Hill School – grades K–8 (Lenoir)

Elementary schoolsEdit

  • Baton Elementary School (Granite Falls)
  • Davenport A+ School – grades K–5 (Lenoir)
  • Dudley Shoals Elementary School (Granite Falls)
  • Gamewell Elementary School (Lenoir)
  • Granite Falls Elementary School (Granite Falls)
  • Horizons Elementary School – alternative school, grades K–5 (Lenoir)
  • Hudson Elementary School (Hudson)
  • Lower Creek Elementary School (Lenoir)
  • Sawmills Elementary School (Granite Falls)
  • Valmead Elementary School (Lenoir)
  • West Lenoir Elementary School (Lenoir)
  • Whitnel Elementary School (Lenoir)


According to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, for the 2012–2013 school year:[10]

  • Hibriten is a 3A school in the Northwestern Conference.
  • South Caldwell is a 4A school in the Northwestern Conference.
  • West Caldwell is a 2A school in the Catawba Valley Conference.
  • Gateway High, the early college, and the middle college do not have athletic teams.

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