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(UK ONLY) FREE INSIDE S MAGAZINE FIGHTING TO FUND A CURE FOR MND september 26, 2021 ● £1.90 SAVE £5 * At inside today JAMES BOND IS BACK...ONLY IN THE EXPRESS *When you spend £20 or more on selected gardening tools SEE VOUCHER: 007’s classic cartoon adventure series PAGE 34 (offer valid uk only; begins with Casino Royale PAGES 24 & 25 terms & conditions apply) christmas back on David Maddox track By At last! Ministers reveal driver plan to get the country running again LETTERS will be sent to a million lorry drivers urging them to get back on the road as part of a Government plan to save Christmas. As motorists panicbuy fuel amid fears of empty supermarket shelves, ministers are also calling on the military to help end the HGV driver shortage. Up to 4,000 people will be trained as new drivers and testing will be expanded. Some 5,000 EU drivers and TURN TO PAGE 4 Smooth start for Strictly’s Wise SEE PAGE 3

SE1ST 2 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Picture: Leon Neal/Getty DERAILED: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner in Brighton yesterday Wounds reopen as rebels hit Starmer By David Williamson The National Lottery JACKPOT £4 million 13 15 31 32 36 56 bonus ball 53 THUNDERBALL 2 7 9 27 35 THUNDERball 7 The Health Lottery DRAW ON SATURDAY september 25, 2021 3 6 9 16 28 bonus ball 11 The society benefiting from all draws in the month ending September 30: Health Lottery North West INSIDE: Comment 14 Nick Ferrari 15 Jennifer Selway 31 Review 33-38 Stuart Winter 40 Letters 45 Finance 51-54 Puzzles 62,63 Plus your 12-page Sport pullout Corrections and Complaints: If we’ve published anything factually inaccurate, please contact the readers’ editor by email at or you can write to Readers’ Editor, Sunday Express, 10 Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6EN and, once verified, we’ll correct it as soon as possible. The Daily Express and Sunday Express are published by Express Newspapers, a subsidiary company of Reach PLC, which is a member of IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. We adhere to the Editors’ Code Of Practice as enforced by IPSO, which is contactable for advice at IPSO Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, EC4M 7LG; website; telephone: 0300 123 2220; email If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Go to where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A How To Complain pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. MISSING SECTIONs: If you are missing any part of your newspaper including the magazine, please email LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer was humiliated yesterday as party divisions spilled out on his first day at the helm of the annual party conference. Sir Keir had hoped to change the one-member one-vote system that had helped Jeremy Corbyn land the top job. But his plans to replace it with a system that split the vote between trade unions and affiliated organisations, party members and MPs, were scrapped just as the conference in Brighton got under way. It is Sir Keir’s first in-person conference as head of the party and leading Left-wingers did not hide their scorn. Ex-leader Mr Corbyn told a Young Labour rally that “our party’s leadership seems to be turning its back on that hope for a more equal, democratic and sustainable future”. The former shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, turned his guns on those at the top of the party when the National Executive Committee backed doubling the required threshold of support from MPs to stand in a leadership contest from 10 per cent to 20 per cent. He said: “These desperate attempts to restrict the influence of party members demonstrate an almost pathological fear of democracy amongst the Labour leadership and bureaucracy. “Defeated on their main attack on democracy they now pick away wherever they can.” Labour General Secretary David Evans faced chants of “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” when he asked members why they joined the party. Left- SOCIALISM and celebs: Sir Keir in a Q&A with Love Island’s Amy Hart wingers are heartened that Sir Keir’s attempt to scrap one-member onevote was derailed and he can expect opposition when his watered-down package of reforms is voted on today. These would make it harder for members to de select an MP and no longer allow people to pay a fee and become a “registered supporter” so they can vote in leadership contests. Mish Rahman, a member of the NEC and Momentum’s national coordinating group, said: “The central measure of Keir Starmer’s attack on democracy has comprehensively failed. The electoral college is dead.” Deputy leader Angela Rayner sought to rally the party with a pledge to boost workers’ rights and a promise to “stamp out Tory sleaze”. And Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband will today unveil plans for a 10-year investment designed to “green up” the steel industry. But the Tories sought to embarrass the leadership by highlighting a conference motion calling for an end to deportations and to “scrap Prevent and racialised state surveillance”. The motion, put forward by Sevenoaks constituency Labour Party, calls an “easy process for all UK residents to gain permanent residency” and pushes Labour to tackle the causes of crime rather than “increasing police powers within a criminal justice system that has been proven to be systemically racist”. Conservatives argue that stopping deportations would, for instance, prevent the expulsion of members of a Rochdale grooming gang. Two members, jailed in 2012, have appealed against deportation orders. Richard Holden, Conservative MP for North West Durham, said: “It beggars belief that their conference will argue for open-door immigration and stopping all deportations.” Labour was invited to comment. Surprise blackout strikes major TV channels Channel 4, More 4 and Channel 5 were briefly off air last night after a problem hit live broadcasts. The outage happened around 7.30pm due to a “technical problem”. Channel 5 HD broadcasts resumed after a brief pause, with the continued screening of the Clint Eastwood western Two Mules For Sister Sara. After half an hour Channel 4 resumed with Bettany Hughes’ Treasures. Channel 4, which froze during an advert for Bristol Motors, tweeted: “Channel 4 and More 4 are currently off air due to a technical problem. We are working to restore them as quickly as possible.” Broadcaster Nick Stylianou later tweeted that the problem was resolved. He said: “Everything’s back! Enjoy your weekends.”

Pictures: Guy Levy/BBc SE1ST Dancing favourite is back Sunday Express September 26, 2021 3 STRICTLY SUBLIME By Julia Kuttner WITH a flurry of twirls and sequins, Strictly Come Dancing was back in front of a full live audience for the first time in two years last night. Its glitzy return saw Sense And Sensibility star Greg Wise get off to a smooth start. The actor danced an American Smooth to That’s Life by Frank Sinatra with partner Karen Hauer as all 15 celebrities took to the floor for the first time. “It’s the first live show of the series and we cannot wait to get started,” presenter Tess Daly told viewers. Among the routines was another American Smooth from presenter Judi Love and partner Graziano Di Prima, a cha cha from comedian Robert Webb and Dianne Buswell, and a tango from all-male duo John Whaite and Johannes Radebe. Meanwhile, businesswoman Sara Davies and Aljaz Skorjanec refused to be drawn into the ongoing vaccine row that threatens to overshadow the show. The pair, who danced the cha cha last night and scored a paltry 17, stayed tight-lipped following reports three professional dancers refused a jab. There have been calls for the trio to be fired and claims celebrities are angry. Speaking ahead of last night’s show Sara, 37, said: “We just don’t want to talk about it.” The pair declined to say whether they have had the vaccine and Sara admitted she has been too busy to get involved in the row. She added: “You just end up down a rabbit hole, spending hours on your phone reading stuff. We just haven’t had time.” smooth operator: Actor Greg Wise and Karen Hauer. Above from left: Judi Love and Graziano Di Prima, Dianne Buswell and Robert Webb; and John Whaite and Johannes Radebe Let’s Dance: Sara and Aljaz

SE1ST 4 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 here comes tackling hgv the cavalry from PAGE one 5,500 poultry workers will be added to the current visa scheme until Christmas. With warnings that festivities could be cancelled and that the UK might “enter lockdown by default”, ministers stressed that they did not want a repeat of last year – when coronavirus restrictions forced an end to the seasonal celebrations. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “After a very difficult 18 months, I know how important this Christmas is for all of us and that’s why we’re taking these steps at the earliest opportunity to ensure preparations remain on track.” The measures include a temporary relaxation of visa restrictions to allow 5,000 lorry drivers and 5,500 poultry workers from the EU to get employment in the UK until Christmas. Meanwhile, up to 4,000 people will be trained as new HGV drivers to help tackle skills shortages and support more people to launch careers within the logistics sector. The package also includes using Ministry of Defence examiners to help increase immediate HGV testing capacity by thousands over the next 12 weeks. Additionally, 200 military personnel are to be drafted in as HGV drivers, a number which could increase tenfold to 2,000. It is not the first time Army lorry drivers have been used for a civilian emergency. Two years ago, Michael Gove put 1,600 on standby to drive a fleet of tankers amid fears of shortages after Brexit. A military source added: “We have a plan and can deliver around an initial 2,000 personnel, but no one in government has yet made a decision.” The million letters to qualified lorry drivers are designed to boost the morale of HGV drivers and point out that they make a valued contribution to the country. They will specifically thank them for their vital role supporting our economy, and to REELING: The BBC sent aptly named reporter Phil McCann out to cover the crisis. Many stations, including an Asda one in Bristol, right, closed up. Others warned they had run dry encourage those who have left the industry to return. The letters, which will arrive on doormats over the coming days, set out the steps the sector is taking to improve the industry – including increased wages, flexible working and fixed hours. Mr Shapps said: “This package of measures builds on the important work we have already done to ease this global crisis in the UK, and we continue to do everything we can to help the haulage and food industries contend with the driver shortage. “The industries must also play their part, with working conditions continuing to improve and the deserved salary increases continuing to be maintained.” The Department for Education is investing up to £10million to create Skills Bootcamps to train up to 3,000 more people to become HGV drivers. The free, short intensive courses will train drivers to be road-ready and gain a licence for HGVs. An additional 1,000 people are expected to be trained through courses accessed locally and funded by the Government’s adult education budget. Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said: “We’re committed to supporting people, no matter their background, to get the skills and training they need to get good jobs at any stage of their lives – while creating the talent pipeline businesses need for the future.” Fuel tanker drivers need additional safety qualifications, which the Government has said it will work with industry to ensure drivers can access as quickly as possible. To help ensure new drivers can be road-ready as quickly as possible, the Department for Transport will work with the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency to ensure that tests will be available as soon as possible. Yesterday, chaotic scenes around the country continued, with long queues forming for fuel, some petrol stations running dry and even a family brawl on an Esso forecourt in Chichester, West Sussex. Men were seen yelling at each other before the scene erupted into violence. The Government denied claims that the crisis has been caused by Brexit and said it is a global issue made worse by the pandemic. The UK currently has a 100,000-driver shortfall, of which 20,000 was caused by EU workers leaving the UK Hardship could tip millions into ‘default lockdown’ MILLIONS could face fuel poverty and be pushed back into “lockdown by default” by soaring energy and food prices, campaigners have warned. They fear cost-of-living rises could leave the nation’s poorest with no spare cash for transport as they face the stark choice of heating their home or buying food. Growing worry about fuel costs and threats to supplies have spurred calls for the UK to become more self-sufficient by building more nuclear stations and allowing By Tony Whitfield and David Williamson fracking – a controversial process to extract underground gas. Dennis Reed, director of campaign group Silver Voices, said: “An enormous number of people, not just older citizens but basically people on the edge of poverty everywhere, are really going to struggle. “There is a fear people could be pushed back into a self-imposed lockdown by default.” Adam Scorer of National Energy Action says an extra 500,000 households could go into fuel poverty this winter and that the situation will only get worse. He said: “There are four million households in fuel poverty in the UK – these price rises may put another 500,000 on that. “They live on a knife edge every winter. This winter is going to be even more extreme. “People are going to go into the winter dreading it, not sure how to make their current budget work and expecting it to get even worse.” Meanwhile, the Net Zero Scrutiny Group, led by Tory MP Craig Mackinlay, has warned green policies must not leave the public “poorer and colder”. It said: “We are deeply concerned about the cost of Net Zero policies, in particular the burden they may place upon our poorest constituents. “Urgent action is needed to protect consumers from rapidly rising electricity and gas bills.” warning: Dennis Reed

SE1ST driver crisis Sunday Express September 26, 2021 5 Picture: Geoff Robinson PANIC STATION: Queues in Newmarket, Suffolk, yesterday, as driver fills containers and pair fight on forecourt in Essex after Brexit. The balance has been exacerbated by low wages and a testing backlog. Last night the Government said it has already taken steps to support the industry, including streamlining the process for new drivers and increasing the number of tests. The measures have provided a rapid increase in capacity and allowed for an extra 50,000 tests to take place per year. Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “It is a top priority to ensure there are enough workers across the country’s supply chains to make sure they remain strong and resilient. We have listened to concerns from the sector and we are acting to alleviate what is a very tight labour market.” But critics, including the Confederation of British Industry, claimed the crisis with lorry drivers and shortages of labour should have been predicted earlier. The head of the CBI warned it is indicative of much wider problems in the economy. And Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith , President of the British Chambers of Commerce, said the Government had been warned about the potential labour shortage after Brexit. She welcomed the action being taken but warned it was “the equivalent of throwing a thimble of water on a bonfire”. However, MPs have said that the crisis has underlined why people voted for Brexit and warned that lorry drivers and other sectors need better pay and conditions instead of cheap labour from abroad. Dudley North Conservative MP Marco Longhi said: “I’d be reluctant to plug a gap in a cheap and cheerful way. What you’re doing is taking drivers away from a country that desperately needs them – because every country has a shortage of drivers.” Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, a former logistics manager, said the country needs to move to a “high-productivity, high-wage society, not a low-productivity, low-wage society”. The measures announced last night have been welcomed by business leaders. The Food and Drink Federation’s chief executive Ian Wright said: “This is a start but we need the Government to continue to collaborate with industry.” Elizabeth de Jong, Logistics UK’s director of policy, said: “With fantastic HGV driving opportunities available in the industry, now is the perfect time to consider returning.” ● Additional reporting by Marco Giannangeli and David Williamson opinion: page 14 financial sunday express: page 51 Government’s plan to avoid Christmas chaos ● Up to 4,000 people will be trained as new HGV drivers to help tackle skills shortages and support more people to launch careers within the logistics sector. ● Package of measures includes using MOD examiners to help increase immediate HGV testing capacity by thousands over the next 12 weeks. ● Nearly 1 million letters to be sent to drivers who currently hold an HGV driving licence, encouraging them back into the industry. ● 5,000 HGV drivers and 5,500 poultry workers added to existing visa scheme until Christmas 2021 to help food and fuel industries with driver shortages during exceptional circumstances this year.

SE1ST 6 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Harry and Meghan prove Big Apple big business trip: Meghan and Harry arrive at UN Picture: Daphne Psaledakis/Reuters THE Duke and Duchess of Sussex stunned staff at a soul food restaurant in Harlem prior to taking the stage in New York leaving an enormous tip of $25,000. Prince Harry and Meghan dined on chicken and waffles – his first taste of the famous southern dish – at landmark restaurant Melba’s before asking to see owner Melba Wilson and offering her the huge sum of roughly £18,280. They pledged it towards a quarter-of-a-million fund she has set up to provide financial relief to dozens of hourly-paid workers at the giant diner who have been impacted by the pandemic. Ms Wilson later tweeted: “It was such an honour to officially welcome Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to Melba’s! I am so thankful for their commitment to donate $25k and hope to welcome them back soon. “Thank you for dining with us! #sweetpotatopiehugs.” Harry and Meghan enjoyed their Friday dinner alone, without members of their staff or security who have shadowed them on their week-long visit to the Big Apple. They tucked into Southern fried chicken and eggnog waffles, catfish with chipotle mayo, spring rolls with rice, black-eyed peas and collard greens. A fellow diner revealed: “Harry said it was the first time he’d ever tried chicken and waffles and remarked it was delicious.” The diner added Prince Harry William’s ‘moment for hope’ on climate PRINCE William said “this is a moment for hope, not fear” as he appeared alongside Sir David Attenborough in a new trailer for their upcoming TV show. The Duke of Cambridge, 39, and the renowned naturalist will host five-part BBC documentary series The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet. It features pioneers who have been recognised for finding innovative solutions to pressing climate issues. In the short trailer, the Queen’s grandson said: “This is a moment for hope, not fear. It’s for this very reason I launched the Earthshot Prize, the most ambitious environmental prize in history. A decade of action to repair our planet.” Sir David, 95, told viewers in the clip released yesterday: “Just imagine what might be possible.” In the series, the Prince will speak with winners of his prize, a global competition he launched alongside The Royal Foundation in October last year. Taking inspiration from John F Kennedy’s Moonshot project, which advanced mankind’s achievements, the Prince named 15 finalists from across the globe earlier this month. They include a 14-year-old girl from India who designed a solarpowered ironing cart; the nation of Costa Rica, which has pioneered a project paying local citizens to restore natural ecosystems; and a Chinese By Berny Torre app that allows its citizens to hold polluters to account. Sir David and Prince William both campaign on environmental issues and last September the veteran broadcaster was invited by the Duke to attend a private viewing of Attenborough’s latest documentary at Kensington Palace. During his visit, the naturalist gave Prince George a fossilised giant tooth from an extinct shark. The documentary will air from next Sunday and each episode will focus on a different environmental issue – protecting and restoring nature, fixing the climate, combating air pollution, reviving the oceans, and tackling waste. Episodes will run in the build-up to the United Nations COP26 climate summit held in Glasgow, which begins on November 1. In addition to the TV series, produced by natural call for action: Prince William and Sir David history filmmakers Silverback Films, a Radio 4 series, Costing The Earth: Earthshot, will also be broadcast. Jason Knauf, chief executive of The Royal Foundation, said he hopes viewers and listeners will be “inspired”. “Over an unprecedented two-week period, television and radio audiences will be inspired by what we believe is some of the most innovative environmental programming that has ever been created,” he said. “The series, along with the awards ceremony, will celebrate the incredible Earthshot Prize finalists, while inspiring and challenging all of us to play our part in this decisive decade for the planet.” The awards ceremony for the inaugural Earthshot Prize at Alexandra Palace in London on October 17 will also be shown on BBC One. Charlotte Moore, BBC chief content officer, said: “In the run-up to COP26, there couldn’t be a more critical time to air this landmark series, and celebrate the amazing ingenuity of people.” The series will also feature pop singer Shakira, former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, and Brazilian football star Dani Alves. • The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet, BBC One, next Sunday, 6.05pm.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 7 tippers with $25k donation Pictures: @kylieminogue; ZapatA/MEGA From Mike Parker in LOS ANGELES also said he was already fond of collard greens and that it was a family favourite regularly made for them by Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland. Earlier the couple had visited Harlem’s PS 123 Mahalia Jackson School, where 95 per cent of students officially fall into the “economic need index” and many endure extreme poverty. Meghan read to many of them from her own book The Bench. Yesterday, the pair met Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at the United Nations. Meghan opted for a head-to-toe camel-coloured outfit with a long coat, wide-legged pants and stiletto court shoes. Harry, meanwhile, sported a smart suit and dark tie for their meeting, with the couple wearing matching black face masks and carrying black portfolio briefcases. “It was a lovely meeting,” said the Duchess as they left. The couple’s tour ended last night with an appearance on stage in Central Park. They were among presenters, celebrities and performers across the world, including Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez and Coldplay, who were taking part in the Global Citizen Live event to raise money for issues including poverty and Covid-19 “vaccine equity”. The concert was one of eight being held simultaneously around the world – including London. magenta divine: Kylie at London’s Global Citizen Live star turn: Jennifer Lopez in New York Jubilee puts Queen in the history books PRIMARY school children will receive a free book celebrating British history next year to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The gift will teach youngsters about the achievements, significant events, rich culture and heritage from the Queen’s reign over seven decades. Newly appointed Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said the book would focus on the role the Queen has played in her 70-year reign – already being dubbed the second Elizabethan Age. He said: “For 70 years, Her Majesty the Queen has played an instrumental role in the events, people and places that have helped shape the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. “From the hundreds of charities and organisations of which she is patron, to the 14 prime ministers By David Maddox POLITICAL EDITOR ensure schools present a positive view of British history. It will reach out across the different cultural divides in the UK and will celewho have served during her reign, thousands of children will be able to read about our great nation, its history and future.” The Queen is already Britain’s longest reigning monarch, making this the first Platinum Jubilee in British history. She is also close to becoming the longest reigning monarch of a sovereign state in history, with Louis XIV of France – known as the Sun King who built the Palace of Versailles – reigning for 72 years and 110 days. The book comes as the Government continues efforts to Pivotal: Thatcher and The Beatles brate different communities within the country. The publication will also be available in audio form, with plans for it to be in English, Welsh, Gaelic and Irish to ensure that every child in the four nations can read it. The book has been commissioned by the Government and is designed to celebrate the people and places of the UK and Commonwealth. It will teach children about recent and historical events, inspirational people, landmark innovations and inventions, and will include a selection of our best art, design and culture. The contents will be refined over the coming months and will cover achievements such as the construction of the Channel Tunnel, the election of Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister, and the invention of the World Wide Web. The book will also look at a diverse range of rich culture and notable names for children to explore, including famous artists, designers, fashion designers and musicians, capturing the true spirit of the last 70 years and the Queen’s reign. The idea is new to the 70th anniversary and did not feature in the silver, golden or diamond jubilees. It will also form part of a wider programme of events and activities planned for the jubilee next year. These include a concert, street parties and an extra bank holiday for the jubilee weekend itself – which will run from Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5. The Department for Education will shortly issue an invitation to tender for a contractor to see through the production of the book, including its design, printing and distribution. Opinion: Page 14

SE1ST 8 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 No time to cry? Bond’s heartbreak over spy who loved him Grief: Daniel Craig, as Bond in No Time To Die, at the tomb where Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green (inset), is buried THE opening sequence of No Time To Die is being touted as the most poignant and emotional scene yet shot for a Bond movie. In it, a misty-eyed 007, played for the final time by Daniel Craig, bids farewell to Vesper Lynd, the spy who loved him but who died in the 2006 film Casino Royale. Even before the titles roll, Bond is seen in front of a family mausoleum where the body of Lynd – who was played by Eva Green – is entombed at a hilltop cemetery. Director Cary Fukunaga decided to open From Mike Parker in los angeles No Time To Die with the harrowing scene because “we wanted to tie up a lot of the strands of the stories from Daniel’s run as Bond”. But he won’t spoil the film for fans by revealing whether they will see a rare tear rolling down the cheek of the world’s deadliest secret agent. Fans did see Bond weep into his vodka while drowning his sorrows over Vesper in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. But the depth of his misery is evident in the opening scene of No Time To Die which, says Cory, shows “just how much more raw and brutal and brooding he is”. That sequence also paves the way for Bond to pursue his latest love interest in his new adventure – psychiatrist Dr Madeleine Swann, played by French actress Léa Seydoux, 36. Léa, who joined the franchise for 2015’s Spectre, said after seeing No Time To Die: “There’s a lot of emotion in this Bond. It’s very moving. I bet you’re going to cry. When I watched it, I cried.” The tear-jerking opening sequence was filmed in the historic southern Italian town of Matera but the graveyard where Bond stands was built by the film crew to capture the stunning background views. No Time To Die – which cost £180million and has been delayed by the pandemic and an injury to Daniel that required ankle surgery – is expected to eclipse Spectre’s global box office total of £644million. Craig: I was scared 007 would ruin my career By Berny Torre DANIEL Craig has told how he thought the makers of James Bond had “got the wrong guy” when he was offered the part – and feared the role would damage his career. Daniel, 53, made a list of pros and cons before a friend warned him that not playing 007 would be the biggest regret of his life. He said that producer Barbara Broccoli, 61, had already made up her mind about casting him and revealed she later “bullied” him into returning for his fifth outing as Bond in No Time To Die, which comes out on Thursday. Looking back on his career at a Bafta event in London, Daniel said he initially expressed doubts about being cast as 007 for 2006’s Casino Royale and he told Ms Broccoli: “Thank you, flattering, but I think you’ve got the wrong guy.” He said: “Barbara had already made up her mind. I never thought DOUBTs: Daniel Craig chats at Bafta event it would come on my radar. I was like, that’s such a lot of pressure and God almighty, that’s going to be such a momentous thing. “Am I ready? I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. Look, I’m doing Munich. I’ve got, as far as I’m concerned, a really successful and satisfying career going. Why would I want to mess that up by doing this? “I don’t know where my brain was but I have some good friends. “I literally made a list of pros and cons. And the pros outweighed it. It was one of my closest friends who said, ‘This doesn’t happen to people’. He said, ‘You’re gonna regret this for the rest of your life if you don’t do this’ and like yeah, sitting in a bar going I could have been Bond. And now it’s just going to be: I was Bond, which is worse!” He told interviewer Edith Bowman that he was given the chance to “try to reinvent it a bit, try and make it fresh again – and that’s what we’ve always tried to achieve with it”. Daniel said he got into acting after sneaking into his home town’s cinema on the Wirral. “I lived in a small town and there was one cinema, a proper fleapit, and all the movies had literally been around the country five times before they got to us.” The actor said starring in 2004’s Layer Cake had an “amazingly positive” effect on his career and led to him being offered leading roles. Daniel, who previously said he’d rather “slash my wrists” than continue playing Bond after his fourth film, said it was Ms Broccoli who changed his mind. He had suffered injuries during the filming of Spectre but “someone again persuaded me to do it”. “Barbara Broccoli bullied me and I’m gonna say that right here and I’m so happy I did.” Recalling his final day on set for No Time To Die, he said: “It was the last shot and you know we were in the right place – we were in a dirty back lot in Pinewood, pretending to be in Cuba. “I was gonna say goodbye and Barbara came down and then every body came down, everybody came out of the offices, the heads of department, all the riggers. “I realised I’ve been working with these people, some of them, for nearly 30 years in the film industry. It’s just always about the team. Barbara makes an atmosphere on set where we’re a family.” BOND BACK IN EXPRESS: P24&25

SE1ST By Jon Austin crime editor POPULAR teacher Sabina Nessa had hoped to make a fresh start in a new country before she was killed, it emerged yesterday. Sabina, 28, who had recently ended a relationship, had spoken about plans to teach children in the United Arab Emirates, according to a close friend. The primary school teacher was killed on a five-minute walk from her home through a park to a bar in Kidbrooke Village, Greenwich, south-east London, just before 8.30pm on Friday, September 17. Her body was found by a dog walker the next day. Sabina’s friend said yesterday: “She just wanted to live life. She wanted to go to Dubai or the UAE and teach children there.” Last night detectives said they were “working around the clock” on the case as they issued an urgent new appeal to identify a man spotted on CCTV in Pegler Square, Kidbrooke, shortly before Sabina’s murder. They said: “He must be traced.” On Thursday, the Met Police released a 12-second clip showing Picture: MARK KEHOE TRIBUTES: Resident signs book of condolence at OneSpace centre Sunday Express September 26, 2021 9 dedicated: Sabina was loved by her pupils a balding man wearing a black hooded coat and grey jeans. He was holding an object, looking over his shoulder and pulling at his hood. Police believe he may have been trying to hide the object up his sleeve. Detectives also showed an image of a silver car they believe the man had access to. A spokesman said: “It is thought that the man is shown holding a reflective red item in the CCTV footage. Officers retain an open mind as to whether this was used in the attack on Sabina.” Sabina’s murder has led to calls for police to do more to protect women and “use all the powers they have to keep streets safe”. Yesterday, the reopened OneSpace community centre, which had been sealed off as police searched the surrounding Cator Park, where her body was discovered, opened a book of condolence. The building, where detectives believe Sabina was attacked, had remained closed until the weekend as a mark of respect, its owners said. People left emotional messages in both the condolence book and an online version. One posted: “I pray your perpetrator is caught. I didn’t know you but recently discovered you taught a friend’s child who loved you to bits.” Another said: “Dear Miss Nessa, our daughter’s beautiful teacher, who was always smiling, compassionate and caring. “We will never forget how you Murdered Sabina’s dream of a new life teaching in Dubai... helped settle Miriam into her new class and calm her anxiety and nerves. She loved you dearly and says it won’t be the same without you.” Meanwhile, mourners continued to leave flowers and candles at a vigil at the site. Sabina taught at Rushey Green Primary School in Lewisham. Head Lisa Williams said her death was “desperately sad”. She said: “We are devastated by Sabina’s death. She was a brilliant teacher; she was kind, caring and absolutely dedicated to her pupils. “She had so much life ahead of her and so much more to give and her loss is desperately sad.” Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge tweeted: “I am saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets. “My thoughts are with Sabina’s family and friends and all those who have been affected by this tragic event.” It is understood that flowers were laid on behalf of Kate, 39, at a candlelit vigil attended by more than 500 mourners on Friday night in Sabina’s memory. At the event, members of Sabina’s family wiped away tears as they told the crowd of their sorrow. Detective Chief Inspector Trevor Lawry told people gathered at the vigil in Pegler Square: “Please help us catch the person OUR GRIEF: Mourners laying candles and flowers at memorial in Pegler Square, Kidbrooke; right, CCTV image of man police are hunting for responsible for this shocking incident.” In an earlier rally at the East London Mosque, Sabina’s sister Jebina Yasmin Islam said: “We have lost an amazing, caring, beautiful sister who left this world far too early.” Sabina’s uncle, Shahin Miah, described his niece as, “a kind and open-minded person”, who was “always smiling and helping others”. He said: “We don’t want what happened to Sabina to happen to anyone else. We don’t want any other mother’s chest to be empty or filled with deep sorrow, or to see the tears in the eyes of any father.” Yesterday, victims’ commissioner for England and Wales Dame Vera Baird said police needed to do more to make the streets safe for women and girls. She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Apparently the police have been giving out rape alarms to women and giving leaflets out saying how to stay safe in a public place. “It is less, isn’t it, about giving women leaflets on keeping themselves safe in dangerous places and more about the police making the streets safe for women? “It certainly isn’t just a job for the police but look, the police do have a very key role here. “Three-quarters of women over 16 have been harassed in a public place and don’t feel safe. “They need to know that the police understand that and will use all the powers they have got to keep the streets safe.” Last week, two men aged 40 and 38 were arrested separately on suspicion of Sabina’s murder but were later released under investigation. Delegates at the Labour Party conference yesterday paid their own tribute to Sabina when they observed a minute’s silence at the gathering in Brighton.

SE1ST FORMER president 10 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 ‘Horrific’ attack left man dead POLICE are appealing for a laser-focused witnesses in what they have described as a “horrific” murder. Officers were called to an address just before 1.30am yesterday, after reports of a concern for welfare. A 30-year-old man was run onCe again... found with a number of serious injuries as police conducted a search of the EXCLUSIVE area in Tyldesley, Greater By David Maddox Manchester. political editor Emergency services attended but the man DONALD Trump is poised to run for was pronounced dead at president again in 2024 and can the scene. beat Joe Biden to the White House, Detective Chief one of his closest allies claims. Inspector Liz Hopkinson The controversial Republican is said: “This is an horrific “laser focused” on a political comeback, incident in which a man according to Jason Miller, Mr has tragically lost his life. Trump’s chief spokesman in his victorious “We understand the 2016 campaign and senior distress an incident like adviser when he lost last year. this can cause for people Mr Miller believes the former US living nearby, and we’re president would beat Mr Biden easily following a number of lines to pull off a remarkable return of inquiry to bring those to power. responsible to justice. He said: “I think President Trump “We’re keen to hear runs again in 2024. The polling right from anyone who may now shows that he is actually beating have seen or heard Joe Biden and is well ahead.” anything, or who may have And while Mr Miller noted that a CCTV in the area.” formal decision has not been made by Mr Trump, he pointed to recent rallies in places such as Alabama, where 50,000 people attended. Many allies of the ex-president thought he would give up the fight and perhaps be a kingmaker for the next Republican candidate. Indeed, Mr Miller also noted that after his defeat and failed legal challenges against the Democrat victory, the former president was “only 20 TRAGEDY: Richard Blood drive ‘legacy’ for tragic teen THE mother of a teenager found dead in a lake is backing a new blood drive in his memory. The body of Richard Okorogheye, 19, was found in Epping Forest, Essex, on April 5, 12 days after he went missing. He suffered from sickle cell anaemia, which blocks blood and oxygen flowing to vital organs and can be fatal. Richard’s mother, Evidence Joel, said the donation drive – called Bonded by Blood: A Mother’s Story – will ensure her son’s “legacy lives on”. It was set up by black health charities and community organisations Unsickle My Cells and SickleKan. Starting today, donor sessions will be held over three weekends in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. ‘The focus would be on China’ per cent” likely to run again. But Mr Trump took a six-month break, re-emerging at “about the time things were going wrong” for President Biden. Now Mr Miller is sure there will be a Trump 2024 campaign. He pointed to the unpopularity of Joe Biden, “with some of the worst ratings for a president in history”, and said many of Mr Trump’s predictions have come true and are behind the decision to run again. The adviser added: “This is why I think President Trump runs in 2024, the way he’s talked of late, the laser focus he has. “You say things on the campaign trail such as, ‘If Joe Biden is elected he’s going to push the allowed millions of undocumented illegals in the country’. Or, ‘If Biden is selected the Chinese will take control of everything in the South China Sea’. “You have your campaign trail hyperbole that you say but rarely does that become true. “In almost every example, that is kind of what we’re seeing has come true. This is why President Trump is so focused right now. [But] he hasn’t made a formal decision.” Mr Miller says the Republican nomination is there for his former boss’s taking if he wants it, with WHERE WE BELONG: Miller, right, says Mr Trump can beat Mr Biden, top left, or Kamala Harris, centre around 60 per cent of party faithful backing him. In the frame, too, is Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who has won plaudits for taking on the so-called “woke” culture and his anti-lockdown stance. He has a 13 per cent backing rate and Mr Miller predicts he will get the nomination if Mr Trump decides not to stand. The election strategist believes the 2020 US election was “legally stolen” from the Trump campaign and says he has two regrets. He believes the US Right should have had an alternative social media the election, and left it until after the count. Many of the changes allowed much wider use of postal votes due to the pandemic, leading to the Trump camp’s claims of massive fraud. “The media narrative was sour grapes and it was very difficult,” he said. “We should have challenged it before.” Mr Miller warned the same could happen against conservatives in other elections around the world, such as Hungary and Brazil. But he insisted the mid-term polls for Congress next year will be “payplatform in place after Twitter and Facebook restricted the spread of material critical of Mr Biden, particularly his son Hunter, who was linked to a financial scandal. He also admitted he “did not think [tech giants] would go there” in kicking Mr Trump off the platforms, which happened after the election. Mr Miller is visiting London to promote his new social media platform, GETTR, which is taking on Twitter and other sites. His second regret, he says, is that Mr Trump’s team did not challenge changes to the law on voting before

LOOKS TO THE FUTURE SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 11 Trump ready to Dutch rally against jab passports says ex-top aide left, in 2024, and Ivanka Trump, bottom left, is a future president back” for many Americans who feel tricked by the current White House incumbent. He added: “They were promised rainbows, they thought things would be much better without the mean tweets, but things are much worse.” However, Mr Miller believes President Biden will not attempt a second term in the White House. He said: “I don’t think it is going to be Joe Biden he [Trump] runs against. He [Biden] probably finishes his term even after how disastrous these months for the Biden presidency has been. The Afghan withdrawal was a disaster. It was a common goal but it was the way he did it. People say Trump would have withdrawn from Afghanistan too, which is true. “But it’s like saying the common objective is to cross the street but it’s not the common objective to get hit by a truck crossing the street.” He also accused the Biden administration of weakness over China. Mr Miller said illegal immigration is also a problem and suggested describing the Mexican border as “like Swiss cheese” is “generous”. There are also fears of hyper- Free speech platform takes on tech giants Donald TRUMP will have a new social media platform if he fights the next US election. Twitter and Facebook banned him indefinitely following posts that broke their rules and the January US Capitol riots. Ex-aide Jason Miller launched alternative site GETTR on Independence Day, July 4, “so people could declare their independence from big tech”. Mr Miller said: “This thing is really taking off like a rocket ship. “I would say Twitter and Facebook are our two most likely competitors as far as marketplaces.” He accused the big sites of interfering in the last election by suppressing a damaging story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, then banning Mr Trump for life after the vote. Echoing a campaign slogan inflation and the ongoing problems with the culture war. While he suggested current Vice President Kamala Harris was the Democrats’ most likely presidential candidate, he dismissed the idea that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, could make a bid with them. “I don’t think she would be elected anywhere. With anyone who is right of centre she would never get anywhere because of her Trump bashing. “Just her elitist attitude and life would make it difficult even in a Democratic Party primary. People would say, ‘No, I thought we kind of excised that from the party.’” Mr Miller added: “I’m very into the Royal Family and rules 1, 2 and 3 are ‘respect the Queen’. It’s not that complicated.” He believes a second Trump presidency would make tackling China a priority with a demand for reparations for allegedly starting the Covid pandemic. He said: “The focus would have been on China. His agenda was ending the dependence on China. That would have been the focus when he got back in. Demand reparations SOCIAL: Miller in Britain from his former boss, Mr Miller said GETTR would “make social media fun again”. It will not, he says, give space to terrorist groups such as Hamas or the Taliban, and those posting porn or racial abuse will be banned. He said people who want to express a political view “will not be cancelled” and he promises that the platform will not collect and sell people’s data. Mr Miller says he is currently trying to get South American footballers, two leading singers and other celebrities to join up on the site. He added: “If you told me 18 months ago that I would be advocating for free speech and Trump, I would say you were crazy. “But I think this last year was the single worst year for censorship in American history.” from China. That’s very much on [if he wins again]. In his postpresidency rhetoric there are much more references to the Chinese Communist Party.” But Mr Miller believes the next election will be won on a culture war, with the US divided over the Black Lives Matter movement and Democrats pushing a woke agenda. “I think it will be the Democratic overreach and crazy ideological things. Some of the things like the woke culture, critical race theory, everything is cancel culture and transgender, the lockdowns will be a factor as well as illegal immigration. “A lot of Democrats will be wiped out because of payback on Biden. “He has one of the worst numbers a president has ever had.” In the future, Mr Miller said he could see Mr Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and son, Donald Junior, making a bid for the presidency. “I think nobody could beat Donald Junior in a primary but nobody could beat Ivanka in a national election,” he said. But he added: “They are still young so they have time.” DUTCH protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against new “Covid passport” rules needed to get into bars, restaurants, theatres and other venues. Proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test yesterday became compulsory. It coincided with the lifting of almost all social distancing measures in the country, where 72 per cent of the population has received at least one vaccine dose. Face masks are still mandatory on public transport but are no longer required in schools, while the 1.5-metre social distancing rule in public was scrapped. Tiananmen vigil to defy China block A HONG Kong-based group which organises the world’s largest annual vigil in remembrance of the thousands killed in the Tiananmen Square massacre has been disbanded after facing national security charges. But Richard Tsoi, secretary of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, said yesterday: “I believe Hong Kong people will continue to commemorate June 4 as before.” Authorities froze £206,000 of the group’s assets this month after it was charged with inciting subversion under a new national security law. Man faces murder rap over body A MAN has appeared in court charged with murder days after a battered body was found at a house. Briken Quni, 42, is accused of murdering Ergys Koci, 36. His body, with multiple injuries, was found by officers at the home in Haringey, north London just after 10pm on Tuesday. A post-mortem exam carried out on Friday gave Mr Koci’s cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head. He had also suffered several stab injuries. Quni, of no fixed address, appeared at Willesden Magistrates’ Court yesterday and is due to appear at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

12 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Poll: National Insurance hike won’t heal NHS By David Williamson THREE-QUARTERS of British people do not expect the rise in National Insurance contributions to provide the extra cash needed to fund the NHS and improve social care, according to a survey. People will have to pay 1.25p in the pound more from April to help the NHS recover from the pandemic and support social care. But polling by Ipsos Mori found 76 per cent of respondents said the NHS will need “even more funding” and 74 per cent expect that social care will also require more cash. There was also deep scepticism about whether the policy will deliver improvements. Only 37 per cent think the NHS will improve and that more people will be able to access social care. Just 35 per cent say it is likely that staff shortages in social care services will be reduced or that the quality of those services will improve. And only one third [33 per cent] expect NHS staff shortages will be reduced as a result of the policy. More than half of people [55 per cent] think the tax increase is unfair for poorer people. And 45 per cent say it is unfair for young people. The Conservatives had promised not to raise National Insurance in their 2019 manifesto. Opinion is split on whether the Government should have broken this pledge. While 38 per cent supported increased taxes to provide more money for the NHS and social care, 39 per cent said they were wrong. Older voters are much more likely to support the move, with 53 per cent of 55-75 year olds backing it, compared with 31 per cent of those aged 16-54. Nearly six out of 10 [58 per cent] expect the policy to make the Conservatives less popular, with only 12 per cent expecting the Tories’ popularity to increase. NICK FERRARI: PAGE 15 SE1ST ‘pupils victims EXCLUSIVE By Lucy Johnston HEALTH EDITOR crusade GENERATION LOCKDOWN Never let them lose out MINISTERS, health chiefs and headteachers have been accused of playing “pass the parcel” with education – making children face a postcode lottery over whether they are taught in school. A former Government scientific adviser says a nationwide schools Covid policy is now needed to ensure no child misses out because regional authorities adopt different measures. Professor Robert Dingwall, who sat on two Covid advisory groups, spoke out as it emerged that more than 100,000 children were off school last week with suspected or confirmed coronavirus – the highest number during the pandemic. This is in spite of new Department for Education (DfE) guidance that schools should aim to go back to normal with “an imperative to reduce the disruption to children and young people’s education”. Schools are apparently ignoring the guidance and taking their own measures, sometimes in conjunction with health authorities and in other cases just at the behest of headteachers, to stop the virus spreading. Their actions include closing entire schools, precautionary quarantining of healthy pupils and a default to remote learning. One school set up an on-site PCR testing hub. Prof Dingwall, an expert in sociology at Nottingham Trent University, says it is time for a consistent policy to help restore children’s education and schooling. He said: “We now have a situation where all teachers will have been given the opportunity to have had a Covid vaccine. Schools should not be closing and healthy children should not be working remotely. “NHS England, Public Health England and the DfE are playing pass the parcel over who needs to take responsibility for getting children back to proper schooling. “It appears that directors of public health and headteachers are imposing their own rules, despite this Department of Education guidance. “The chief medical officer [Prof Chris Whitty] should put a stop to this and ensure that the directors of public health are accountable for making sure all children are in school unless they are unwell.” The former adviser cited the admission to MPs by Prof Whitty last week that the CORONAVIRUS: Government could do little to ensure schools complied with DfE guidance. Prof Dingwall said: “It seems that the same is true of directors of public health, who are supposed to advise schools. “While local flexibility is always desirable, it cannot be allowed to undermine central Government’s obvious desire to de-escalate the war on Covid in English classrooms.” Meanwhile, former children’s

CONFUSION IN SCHOOLS SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 13 of postcode lottery’ Picture: CJeff J Mitchell/Getty; Rob Browne/Media Wales TESTING TIMES: Swabs at Bishop Hedley High School in Merthyr Tydfil; left, pupils wearing masks at Rosshall Academy, Glasgow warned Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi never to close schools again in future lockdowns because of the severe effect on children’s welfare and education. She said: “The harms done by losing educacommissioner Anne Longfield said: “In this new term, it is vital school becomes as normal as possible and children are able to relax back to a normal experience following the very destabilising disruptions and constant changes over the past two years. “The threat of bubbles and isolation at home should not be hanging over them and this should only happen as a very last resort. “Following the vaccine rollout parents need to be reassured children can plan again and life can be as normal as possible.” Meanwhile, current children’s commissioner Dame Rachel De Souza has A PROFESSOR at one of the world’s most prestigious universities has revealed how he feared for his safety on campus after being targeted for his views on pandemic restrictions. Professor Jay Bhattacharya, who has called for focused protection rather than universal lockdowns, said he was afraid to walk openly around Stanford, where he has studied and taught for 35 years. He said that a “secret” petition CONCERNS: Anne Longfield, Prof Dingwall and Rachel de Souza calling for him to be censored for his views on masks had been circulated and his picture put on posters at the California university. The professor of medicine was one of the three authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, along with Professor Sunetra Gupta, of Oxford, and Professor Martin Kulldorff, of Harvard. It tion are immense...sitting in front of a computer is no proxy for being with a teacher.” In the first two weeks of this term, one Manchester school opted to surge test all 11 and 12-year-old pupils. Those who declined were not allowed in and children with a negative result were still required to test daily. Another school in East Riding, Yorks, worked with local public health chiefs to set up a mobile PCR testing unit to find cases at the start of the term. And heads at a secondary school in Surrey reintroduced mandatory mask wearing, Top Covid professor targeted on campus By Lucy Johnston and Tony Whitfield argues for focused protection of those most at risk. However, the approach attracted criticism, with then-Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying it was not possible to “segregate the old and the vulnerable”. Speaking to podcast Sketch Notes On A Pandemic, Prof Bhattacharya, 53, who has advised Florida governor Ron DeSantis on Covid policy, said a petition calling for him to be “censored” had been making the rounds of Stanford over his opinion that children should not be forced to wear masks. It was accompanied by posters of him around campus. Kolkata-born Prof Bhattacharya said: “I was for a few days scared to walk on campus because it seemed like targeted harassment or potentially a call to violence. I called the campus police. Basically, no action was taken. So I decided I’m not going to be intimidated.” ‘The harms being done are immense’ which DfE guidance says is “no longer advised for pupils, staff and visitors either in classrooms or in communal areas”. The school also banned group gatherings, after six PCR positive results. A primary school in Cornwall announced it would shut down last week following confirmed Covid cases “and in collaboration with Public Health England and Cornwall Council”. A letter to parents stated: “We have taken the decision to close the school for 10 days and move to online learning.” Schools across Cumbria were given advice from the county council’s director of public health that all siblings of those who test positive should also self-isolate and take a PCR. This is contrary to DfE guidance for this term, which states children under 18 are not required to self-isolate if in close contact with a positive case. DfE guidance for the autumn term states: “As Covid-19 becomes a virus that we learn to live with, there is now an imperative to reduce the disruption to children and young people’s education – particularly given that the direct clinical risks to children are extremely low, and every adult has been offered a first vaccine and the opportunity for two doses by mid-September. “Our priority is for you to deliver face-toface, high-quality education to all pupils. “The evidence is clear that being out of education causes significant harm to educational attainment, life chances, mental and physical health.” A DfE spokeswoman said: “The best place for children and young people to be is in school with their teachers and friends. “Last week more than 91 per cent were back in the classroom. “The measures in place strike a balance between managing transmission risk with enhanced ventilation, regular Covid testing, vaccinations of older students and staff, and reducing disruption to education by removing bubbles and face coverings. “If there are particularly high Covid case rates in a school or college, local directors of public health may advise they reintroduce additional temporary measures such as increased testing or face coverings. “But face-to-face education should be prioritised.” There were 31,348 new Covid cases and a further 122 deaths reported yesterday, compared with 30,144 cases and 164 deaths last Saturday. FEARS: Bhattacharya

SE1ST 14 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Now we know OPINION Call to arms for our invaluable workers THE late Princess Diana once summed up a very important but under-rated sentiment when she noted during a speech: “Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” It was that principle which was at the heart of the Government’s letter to almost a million people in this country with heavy goods vehicle licences. The letter rightly praised them for the contribution they make to this country and stressed the need for them to get behind the steering wheel now to help ensure supplies run smoothly. It also promised that the Government would work with employers to improve pay and conditions – which have not been up to standard. For too long, as a result of this country’s membership of the EU, lorry drivers and the needs of other manual labourers have been ignored. Their pay was suppressed by bringing in cheap labour from abroad and no effort was made to provide decent stop-off points for them to rest, have clean toilets and get refreshments. The same could be said in many other labour sectors. In a society where, thanks to Tony Blair, 50 per cent of school leavers were expected to go to university – whether it was the right thing for them or not – lorry drivers and other skilled labourers were sometimes under-valued. No wonder many have given up and there has been a lack of people coming to fill gaps. It is time that HGV drivers, poultry farm workers, plumbers and all Britain’s manual workforce should be praised and thanked, while school leavers are encouraged to take up such valuable jobs. This needs to be one of the long-term benefits of Brexit and is a reason why so many lorry drivers and other skilled workers supported it. Having flexibility with the visa scheme for foreign workers is important, but, as Conservative MPs have said in this paper today, we need to look at greater self-reliance, whether it is with our workforce or our energy supplies. Raiding poorer countries for cheap labour denies them the workers they themselves need to succeed but also means that those in this country who are working hard for the benefit of us all do not get the support, pay and gratitude they deserve. Queen’s vital tale One person who certainly deserves our gratitude more than anybody else is our indomitable Queen. And what a wonderful idea it is to give a book to primary school children telling them the history of her extraordinary 70-year reign, to help celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. At a time when British history is so often denigrated by some on the Left, it will be a great reminder to our children that this country continues to have an enormously positive impact on the world – and that the Queen has played a vital role in that. what Starmer is made of... jelly! By Stephen Pollard POLITICAL COMMENTATOR It’s tempting to feel sorry for Keir Starmer. Previous Labour leaders have all had the chance to use their first party conference to give voters a defining impression of them – and so to set the tone for the rest of their leadership. But Covid meant that Sir Keir didn’t even have a party conference last year – or indeed any setpiece speech with an audience. Whatever image he might want to project to voters, all they have had to go on has been his career as a lawyer and the weird pandemic version of Prime Minister’s Questions – which has given Boris Johnson the chance to define him. So this week’s Labour conference is do or die for Keir Starmer – his one chance to change voters’ impression of him as “Captain Hindsight”, as Boris Johnson has so woundingly labelled him. What he needs is something seismic, to shatter the received wisdom of him as a decent but dull lawyer without any fire in his belly or any great motivating drive. What he needs, in other words, is a brutal, unforgiving and uncompromising attack on the Left. When, last week, the Labour leader let it be known that he was planning to change the rules by which his successor would be elected – away from One Member, One Vote and back to the “electoral college” which the party had used for many years – there was widespread puzzlement. Why would Keir Starmer provoke a row with the Corbynites over something so obscure and which doesn’t affect in any way his ability to lead the party? But the row was the entire point. Sir Keir set out to have one. This year’s conference should have just one objective – to show voters the Corbynites have been sent packing and Labour is back in the hands of a mainstream leader. And that means ensuring voters see Starmer as the Hammer of the Left. It’s hardly an original tactic. Neil Kinnock was widely derided as a windbag until, at Labour’s 1985 conference, he took on Militant and attacked the “grotesque chaos” of “ Leaders hold all the aces ...and that is why Kinnock attacked the Trots ” Liverpool’s Labour council hiring taxis to scuttle round the city handing out redundancy notices to its own workers. From then on, everyone knew what he stood for. And at his first party conference in 1994, Tony Blair told delegates he was abolishing Labour’s catechism, its Clause IV commitment to nationalisation. Cue outrage from all those Blair wanted to provoke. Labour conference is often misunderstood. Because all wings of the party gather in one place, it always provides a forum for those opposed to the leadership – whoever the leader is – to shoot their mouths off. So the story often told is that the leadership is under pressure or attack. But that is to mistake making a noise for power. In reality, leaders hold all the aces at conference and are always strong if they choose to be – that’s why Kinnock attacked the Trots and it’s why Blair could always see off Brown. But if you are going to engineer a row, the worst thing you can do is collapse when the row happens. And that is what Sir Keir did yesterday, when he dropped his push to change the electoral college. So now we really do know what Keir Starmer is made of: jelly. Give him a push and he will fall over. It’s hard to think of a worse start to his week than demonstrating with clarity his lack of any backbone. Not that this is UNDER PRESSURE: Sir Keir in Brighton yesterday a surprise. Sir Keir has been in office for nearly 18 months. Even if he thinks of himself as a breath of fresh air, his actions reveal a fundamental spinelessness. Recently, Labour MP Rosie Duffield said she would not attend conference because of the intimidation she has faced over her refusal to cave in to the trans lobby. Ms Duffield asserts that, biologically, a female cannot be a male – nor vice versa. That does not mean we should not treat trans people with kindness and respect. But it means there are dangers if trans women are allowed into femaleonly spaces in all situations. What was Sir Keir’s response to one of his own MPs feeling unable to attend conference over safety issues? Not a word. It is not merely cowardly, it is dangerous. And it is also eerily reminiscent of Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to act when then-Labour MP Luciana Berger required police protection at Labour conference because she is Jewish. Sir Keir has rightly made stamping out anti-Semitism one of his pledges. But he has made appallingly slow progress – and many of those suspended from the party are being allowed back in. His bark is, over anti-Semitism, far worse than his bite. This week will define Sir Keir Starmer. But it is actions not words that count. And that is the fundamental problem.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 15 Nick Ferrari Currently, the “Shortage Occupation List” allows us to permit ballerinas to enter the country from all over the world, but not lorry drivers. Discuss... ■ DESPITE flagging viewing figures, Strictly Come Dancing is still a staple of the nation’s autumn and early winter nights. So while every individual has the right to refuse the Covid vaccination – to me the wrong decision by the way – the three professional dancers who have put the show in jeopardy by refusing to have their jabs need to get the injections or be replaced. In the close environment in which they dance with their partner celebrities (sometimes a tad too “close” by the way!) it is simply a matter of being responsible. No one has the right to increase the risk of someone else contracting the killer virus and if these precious pros don’t like it, they can fox-trot off. ■ THE Taliban had asked to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week in what is seen as an attempt to gain international recognition as the new government of Afghanistan. When they stop hunting down – and in some cases killing – their citizens who helped the allied forces, stop using public beatings as a form of criminal justice and allow females back into education, then their request can be afforded proper consideration. Endless cash is bad for the NHS’s health WE’VE all heard it so many times; one set of politicians screaming the NHS needs more money pouring into it while the other resolutely declares no one has ever spent more on it than them. However, last week the stark truth was laid bare: the NHS doesn’t need more money spent on it, in truth it needs less! Before you decide to set about me and leave me in dire need of immediate help from the National Health Service, just consider this. We already spend around £3billion a week on it without seeming ever to address the grotesque misspending and gargantuan waste of money that is allowed to occur every single day. Chances are, you last saw your doctor in person before Covid, and there appears little chance of that changing any time soon. We’re stuck with telephone consultations or some over the computer, despite the fact this has now been proven to have led to some diagnoses being fatally incompetent. Some doctors say this is because there is too much pressure and not enough cash to pay staff, and there we go again. This insane notion is that any problem in healthcare can be solved by simply chucking more taxpayers’ loot at it. But a review ordered by the Government published last week showed a tenth of prescription medicines doled out by GPs are unnecessary and have pushed the cost of drugs on the NHS to more than £9billion. That means drugs, treatments and items that are neither needed nor ever used are costing us almost one billion pounds a year! And that’s only the figure for the doctors’ surgeries – factor in the medications handed out from hospitals and the figure is sure to rise even higher. The report also revealed that on average, each of us gets 20 prescriptions a year and that figure has doubled in two decades. Funny, I thought the idea of the NHS was to make us all fitter and healthier. Instead, we are creating a nation of pillpopping zombies hooked on getting any drug they can for any ill. In fairness, some doctors point to the fact that when they try to reduce the addiction to the “pill for every ill” culture they are frequently met with refusal, or sometimes even anger, from patients. If someone has the option of just taking a pill instead of going for long walks and cutting down on the chips, it seems they’ll nearly always opt for the easy way out. But this cannot be allowed to continue. Aside from this ludicrous waste of our cash, the issue of the supply of NHS equipment is just as prescient. A couple of years ago, a report estimated around 10 to 15 per cent of that spending ■ THE wisdom of the Prime Minister choosing to dress up in a British Gas outfit looks rather questionable given energy firms are falling like flies and around seven million homes are or were supplied by firms that have gone bust or are teetering on the edge. At this rate Boris Johnson might really have to help out as an engineer, switching all of us over to what could be the only remaining supplier. While the crisis is obviously not of the Government’s making – a worldwide shortage, lack of manufacture then a virtual explosion in need – there is one area it does need to tackle. As experts predict over the next six months or so the value of the energy market in the UK could soar from £28billion to around £42billion, the Government MUST ensure customers are not ripped off by being trapped in unfair deals or exploited with unjustified price hikes. Winter is around the corner and thermostats up and down the land are about to be turned on and up. The PM must keep up the heat on all suppliers too. was unnecessary, and when you learn that walking frames, crutches, walking sticks and other items are routinely thrown away rather than being deep-cleaned and thoroughly sanitised prior to re-use, that percentage seems rather low. I’ve no doubt many of you can point to many, many ■ THE look and label design of this wine make it appear like it could break the bank. In fact, it offers tremendous value and is hugely drinkable. The Louis Latour Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir 2017 is £11.99 at Majestic. Picture: Andrew Parsons/No 10 Downing Street more examples. The amount for equipment is about £20billion, so that means we’re quite literally in this instance throwing away at least another three billion pounds. So without even trying that hard, we’ve just found the best part of £4billion in savings. Imagine how much could be wrung out if we turned the books over to successful business folk who don’t expect to be able to shake the old money tree whenever they fancy. There is no need for more cash. The NHS finances are a suitable case for treatment – and savings that people won’t even notice would free up money to improve the pay of nurses and other key staff. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Tune into Nick Ferrari at breakfast every weekday morning from 7am on LBC 97.3FM ■ REMEMBER those days BC (Before Covid that is) and something called Brexit? As both sides traded low blows and insults, one suggestion that particularly irked the Remain side was the Leave fear that the European Union was headed towards its own army, as a natural extension of its own flag and anthem. Remainers were incensed and dismissed it as “utter nonsense” and “made-up scare stories”. Wonder if they might care to rethink all of that? French President Emmanuel Macron has let it be known he would be ready to put his nation’s seat on the UN Security Council “at the disposal of the EU” if all member governments get in line and back his plan for an army. Duplicitous and equally daft. Unless you think that well-known military nations such as Finland or Malta have a lot to offer on the subject of global defence. ■ ENERGY prices are to soar, inflation is ticking up and the £20 Universal Credit boost ends next month. Financial hardship beckons for some and tightening of belts for most. How lucky is Boris Johnson then, that the Labour leader seems fixated on drugs in Scotland and people getting to university?

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 17 New mum Naomi, 51, is still queen of the catwalk ViVA versace: From left, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid and Lourdes Leon join Naomi Campbell on the runway in Milan By Tony Whitfield SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell returned to the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week – four months after welcoming a baby daughter. The model, 51, surprised fans back in May when she announced she had become a mother, writing on Instagram, “a beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother”, with reports later claiming she had employed a surrogate. Naomi wore a hot pink suit with orange top as she took to the runway alongside Gigi Hadid, 26, who wore a figurehugging black PVC dress for Friday’s Versace show. They were joined by English singer Dua Lipa, 26, who made her catwalk debut as she opened and closed the Italian couture giant’s spring-summer 2022 collection. Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, 24, strutted her stuff in a busty silver midi dress. The actress featured on this month’s cover of Vogue for a feature on “Generation America: The Models Changing an Industry”. Picture: MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Duke ‘really can’t hide’ from lawsuit From Mike Parker IN LOS ANGELES THE US lawyer leading the civil sex assault case against Prince Andrew says he feels sorry for the Queen. Powerhouse attorney David Boies, who also warns that the duke “really can’t hide” from the lawsuit, claimed: “I don’t view this as taking on the Royal Family. “I view this as taking on one particular person who engaged in conduct that I am sure the Royal Family privately disapproves of, as much as anybody else.” He added: “I sympathise very much with the Queen, in the same sense that I sympathise with any mother whose child ends up in the same kind of trouble Prince Andrew’s had.” His comments came as Andrew’s US lawyers accepted that he has been properly served with legal papers which allege the Queen’s 61-year-old second son sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre three times in 2001 when she was 17. Prince Andrew denies all the allegations. His legal team must now file a formal response to those claims to a civil court in New York by October 29 – or risk potentially forfeiting the entire case, in which Ms Giuffre, now 38, is seeking millions in damages. Mr Boies has represented the alleged former “sex slave” of Andrew’s late friend Jeffrey Epstein since 2014. In a no-holds-barred interview with The Times Magazine, he said that it “makes it harder” that the Duke of York is said to be the Queen’s favour­ ite son and likened his behaviour to an ostrich with his head in the sand, saying: “He really can’t hide from this.” Asked if he was rubbing his hands while watching Andrew’s disastrous 2019 BBC Newsnight interview on TV, the veteran lawyer admitted: “Oh yes, obviously – no question about that. “It was inexplicable to me why his advisers would permit him to do it. The interview simply drew more attention to him and to the fact that he had no credible explanation. “In addition, it put on display a level of arrogance and lack of remorse that was the opposite of what I would at least think he should have been conveying.” And he added: “It was probably the friendliest interview he could have expected. I think other interviewers might have been considerably harsher with him.” Though 80, Mr Boies still has a fearsome reputation as a US litigator IN HIS COURT: Prince Andrew’s legal team must file a formal response to claims by Virginia Giuffre, right, or risk forfeiting the case who bills wealthy clients as much as $1,850 (about £1,350) an hour and was once greeted in court by reporters humming the theme from Jaws as he prepared to speak. Andrew has strenuously denied the allegations against him and, during the infamous Newsnight interview, also insisted he has no recollection of meeting Ms Giuffre, formerly Roberts. Of his own planned tactics in court, Mr Boies said: “Generally, what is the most effective is to just patiently go through the facts.” He dismissed a claim by Andrew’s lawyers that Ms Giuffre may have signed away her right to sue the duke in a 2009 settlement with Epstein. Andrew’s team is seeking to have that document unsealed from court records but Mr Boies insisted: “It’s irrelevant. It had to do with Epstein and certain people he did certain things with in Florida.”

SE1ST 18 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 WE TAKE MND FIGHT ‘Delivering letter was a find cure to give families By Jon Coates Picture: Jonathan Buckmaster DODDIE WEIR has called on the Government to listen to the “loud and clear” message of his fellow motor neurone disease sufferers and fund targeted research to find a cure for “this horrific” condition. A delegation led by rugby league icon Rob Burrow and former footballer Stephen Darby delivered a 50-page letter signed by hundreds of MND patients to No 10 Downing Street last week. The letter called for £50million funding over five years to set up a MND Research Institute to co-ordinate and accelerate efforts to find effective treatments for the rapidly progressing terminal disease. The Sunday Express has been campaigning for targeted funding for research alongside leading MND patients, charities and neurologists. Former Scotland and British Lions rugby union star Doddie had been travelling south from his home in the Scottish Borders to crusade Fund the fight to cure MND join the delegation in Westminster when he was pinged as a close contact of someone testing positive for Covid-19. Reluctantly he returned home to start his isolation. The Downing Street delegation also included former Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Chris Johnson and campaigners Nicola Waters and Emma Moss. Doddie, 51, said: “I was really disappointed not to be in Westminster delivering the patient letter, but was so proud to see good friends Rob and Stephen do the honours, together with Emma, Nicola and Chris who are battling this brutal disease like me. “I needed to take the responsible approach and reluctantly stay behind. I was there in spirit though. “The awareness raised from these warriors making the trip to Downing Street and the incredible support we’ve had makes me feel like we are making real progress. “I hope the Government hears our message loud and clear: MND is not a lost cause. It deserves more focus, more funding and a targeted research programme. “We need to help our brilliant scientists find the treatments that are in our grasp, and give hope to people like me. “To get to this next level we need the Government’s help now – we can’t lose any more time.” Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “MND is a debilitating condition and I understand how hard it is for people and families living with it. I’m PRIDE: Rugby star Doddie was unable to make trip to No 10 due to Covid ‘ping’ LETTER OF HOPE: Delivering their message to No 10, from left, were Emma Moss with husband Terry; Chris Johnson and wife Sharon; Rob Burrow with dad Geoff and Stephen Darby; Stephen Waters; Chris James from the MND Association; Nicola Waters with Jill Douglas; and Andrew Lewer MP committed to doing all we can to fight this disease and support those living with it, which is why we are funding research and throwing our full weight behind pioneering projects to find better treatments. “I want to thank the Sunday Express and its readers for their campaigning on this important issue. “The National Institute for Health Research has invested over £10million into MND initiatives in the last five years. I encourage researchers in this area to apply for funding – your innovation is crucial and together we can do more to people living with this condition.” After delivering the letter, former Great Britain and Leeds Rhinos star Rob, 38, said: “What this will give to MND sufferers is great hope. We are on the brink of a meaningful treatment so we need to get funds to prolong life and let us find a cure.” Dad Geoff, who accompanied him to the doors of the Prime Minister’s residence, added: “I never thought myself and Rob would be outside 10 Downing Street. Let’s hope the petition makes a difference.” Stephen, 32, who was a right-back for Liverpool, Bradford City and Bolton Wanderers, said: “Although it was a special day I am hopeful it is the start of things to come. The research in the UK is amazing, but it needs more help from government.” Mum-of-two Nicola, a leading campaigner since being diagnosed two years ago, said handing over the letter, which also contained personal messages about living with the disease, was “quite emotional”. She said: “Some of the messages from the hundreds of people across the country are heartbreaking. We really must act now.” Former police chief Chris, 53, a father-of-two, added: “The creation of a virtual MND Research Institute would provide the possibility of transforming research being undertaken across the country. We have got some fantastic scientists who are all proposing to come together to

SE1ST TO DOWNING STREET Sunday Express September 26, 2021 19 special moment...we can affected by MND hope’ Sports stars have fought this disease with heroic bravery Comment By Brendan Clarke-Smith MP, below Vice-chairman, all-party parliamentary group on MND Over the years standing on the terraces at Headingley, watching Leeds Rhinos would usually involve seeing a winning team with some battling performances on the field. The heroes we’d grown up with, such as the legendary Ellery Hanley, had been replaced with new ones, such as Sinfield, Senior, Peacock, Jones-Buchanan and Burrow. But I never imagined I would be mentioning Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield in Parliament at PMQs regarding something unrelated to rugby league. All MPs want to achieve something in Parliament and we regularly receive requests to support various causes. One such approach was from a constituent asking me to do more about Motor Neurone Disease. I’ve had close friends who have lost their lives to this cruel disease so I decided to join the All-Party Parliamentary Group on MND, chaired by friend and colleague Andrew Lewer MP. I have been able to speak with so many people who have been campaigning for better treatment, reform of the welfare system, support for those suffering with the condition and their families, as well as what we hope will eventually be a cure. One success was the Scrap 6 Months campaign against rules for terminally ill people, which meant dying claimants would have to show they had six months left to live before claiming welfare. In response, the DWP has pledged to expand the criteria from six months to 12, meaning more people living with MND will be able to access the support they need quickly and easily. This campaign made a real difference and there is a genuine feeling we are gaining serious momentum with the fight against MND. It was brought to the fore when Rob Burrow, Doddie Weir and Stephen Darby spoke to the BBC about their diagnoses. Many sports stars achieve hero status on the pitch, but what they have done to raise awareness of MND has been truly heroic in the strongest sense of the word. They have faced the situation with true bravery. We hope this can bring about real progress in finding a cure. make a difference. It’s great news and offers real hope for those that have got MND, and also those yet to be diagnosed with it. I am hopeful this letter will make a difference.” The final member of the delegation was mother-of-one Emma Moss, 40, who blogs as Mummy with MND. She said: “To be here means everything as it feels like we are beginning to be listened to and heard. “It is time for MND to be cured. We need to put an end to it so people like me and the 200,000 people alive today that will get it – and as it stands die from it – have better options, have some kind of treatment. “To be told aged 37 that you are terminally ill and then to be told in the next breath that there is no treatment and no cure is ludicrous. We have the ability to cure this – all we need is the money.” Dave Setters, another leading campaigner, said: “To see everyone going into Downing Street was a big moment. “We really hope this will bring focus on the fact that we need funding for targeted research, not just background neurological research, so we can get all these things that come out of laboratories into proper testing quickly. With that we will get there in years and not decades.” Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi, director of the MND Care and Research Centre at King’s College London, said: “MND will kill one in every 300 people, so it is essential that we find a cure and targeted funding will really help with that.” Sports broadcaster Jill Douglas, chief executive of the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, added: “It is fantastic that we are finally grabbing people’s attention and getting some cut through.” She added: “We have a very clear message – we just need more targeted funding for MND research. There is a real swell of feeling among the MND community that we need to do things differently. “We have done things the same way and got the same results, so we need this real injection of funding which will lead to real change and real breakthroughs.” Andrew Lewer MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on MND, said the campaign had “grabbed everyone’s attention” and he will keep pressing the Government for more targeted funding in the runup to next month’s public spending review. He said: “It’s important now because there have been so many interesting genetic breakthroughs recently, so it’s not just a bid for more money. “Now we can actually point to clear breakthroughs in research that need that extra money to take us through to something which a few years ago seemed impossible – working towards a cure for MND.”

SE1ST 20 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Dry cleaners washed up... By Dominik Lemanski Closures and job losses as pandemic sparks huge change in work habits SCORES of dry cleaning businesses have been left in ruins after the industry lost almost half its £190million annual turnover during the pandemic. The trade’s governing body has lifted the lid on the human cost of the crisis on one of the high street’s most established industries. Almost 40 per cent, or around 2,000 of the 4,400 outlets across the country, have closed or are likely to cease trading – leading to a loss of 15,000 jobs. The lack of commuters travelling to city centre offices has devastated the traditional shirt laundering market, leaving many businesses unable to afford their rents. And the change in working habits means pre-Covid levels of trade are unlikely to return, making businesses unviable for many owners. Ron Davidson, president of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers, said: “The industry has been savagely hit by the pandemic. “We were allowed to stay open as we were judged an essential service but effectively there weren’t any customers. I would say the industry has probably lost almost half (£95million) of its turnover. “The best estimate we have is that 25 to 40 per cent of outlets will close within the year,” he said. The change in working habits and the lack of a need for formal office wear has had a huge impact. Mr Davidson added: “I think I have worn a suit three times this year. And who is wearing a tie these days? The market has moved away. “There are some success stories. People who can do domestic laundry, pillow cases, sheets and towels have increased trade. “Wedding dresses have come back as some people are getting married again but formal wear is down so much. “The shirt market has gone down by 70 per cent in most cases. “One 69-year-old owner put in £50,000 of his own money to keep his business afloat. “I have had to advise people that it is probably best to close if they cannot pay their rent or staff.” sUpEr hOt DeAL Don’t miss out! Picture: Samantha Zucchi/Insidefoto/Getty selected duvet covers £9 £6£ single lots of little wins over 400 stores nationwide search for us on Offer live until 28.09.21.All products subject to availability. Online deliverycharges may apply. more designs and sizes available! cuffED UP: Hayley and Tom in the seventh Mission: Impossible film Tom and Hayley’s mission is to remain good friends Tom Cruise and his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell will remain friends and continue to work together after it was reported the couple have split up. Tom, 59, returns as Ethan Hunt while British actress Hayley, 39, plays Grace in the seventh instalment of the spy blockbuster. It was said the pair became “fairly inseparable” after hitting it off from day one of filming. In one movie scene they are even handcuffed together. It was the Top Gun star’s first high-profile romance since his By Tony Whitfield divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, while Hayley was said to have split from her English doctor ex last year. Filming had faced delays because of the pandemic as the stars spent much of last year shooting across the UK, as well as in Rome, Venice and Norway. The now “just good friends” will reunite to promote the film ahead of its premiere next September and to film the eighth instalment of the famous franchise.

SE1ST Tracey: My chats with late husband inspired sketches By Jaymi McCann TRACEY Ullman has revealed she would speak to her late husband while making her BBC sketch show. The actress and comedian created Tracey Ullman’s Show in 2016, three years after her producer husband Allan McKeown died from prostate cancer, aged 67. She told Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4: “It meant a lot to me [for the show] to be good. And I talked to Allan all the time in my trailer, ‘What do you think of this Al, what about this sketch?’ “[He would say] ‘It’s funnier, but it’s still not funny. More energy’. And I would drive home some nights and tell him about my day. I felt he – it sounds corny – but maybe his spirit and energy was there with me.” Tracey, 61, married Allan in 1983, three months after falling in love with him on a train ride when she was 23. She explained: “It was like one of those rom-coms, where you don’t like someone. “I met him at a train station, and it was just Birmingham to London, and I went, ‘I don’t want to travel with you, you’re not a very nice person, you’re very rude.’ “And he went, ‘Shut up, I’ll buy you breakfast.’ And in an hour and 10 minutes, he just charmed the pants off me.” Ms Ullman, who lived in Los Angeles for 30 years as “women had been given a shot at comedy in the US”, added that she moved back to the UK shortly after her husband’s death because “there was more dignity to being a widow in London”. Sunday Express September 26, 2021 21 new start: Ullman, with husband Allan, inset, moved back to Britain because there was ‘more dignity being a widow in London’ We’re all scared of getting older... THE fear of getting old has rocketed in the UK, with the pandemic blamed for stoking anxiety around ageing. A study revealed 42 per cent of people are now anxious about the issue, compared with just 22 per cent five years ago. More than half of adults (52 per cent) say the Covid pandemic has made them more fearful – and 71 per cent are worried whether the existing policies are adequate to care for older people. Researchers found the top reason why the pandemic has heightened concerns about ageing is that people are more aware that older people have more underlying health issues (37 per cent). The second most common reason is the “forced isolation of older people from their families and community during lockdown” (33 per cent). The survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK found women (46 per cent) are more likely than men (36 per cent) to say they fear ageing. Yet interestingly, anxiety over ageing actually declines as people get older, according to the research. While 52 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds are worried, just 32 per cent aged over Britney in fresh court bid to break free from dad monitored: Britney By David Williamson DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR 55 have similar concerns. However, 80 per cent of those in that 55-plus group said the pandemic made them worried whether the right policies were in place. The research was carried out by Savanta ComRes for Pilgrims’ Friend Society, which runs residential care homes and retirement housing schemes. Stephen Hammersley, the Society’s chief executive, said: “The lack of confidence in policies around care for older people is concerning, particularly given the recent announcement of the Health and Social Care levy that reinforces the perception that older people are a drain on society. “The population of our country is ageing rapidly, and our care sector currently faces huge hurdles to give people the proper care they deserve when they’re older.” The charity PUBLIC DOUBTS: Caroline Abrahams BRITNEY Spears is hoping to finally break her father’s guardianship when a US judge rules on the pop star’s future this week. The Oops!...I Did It Again singer, 39, filed official court papers in Los Angeles to oust father Jamie, 69, and co-conservator Jodi Montgomery. It follows claims she was secretly recorded in her bedroom and her communications with her By James Desborough boyfriend and children were monitored by security agents hired by Jamie. Jamie became his daughter’s guardian in 2008, saying Britney had severe mental health and addiction issues. In a court filing last month he said his control had saved her from “disaster”. Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart, who has called the alleged bugging of her home is opening a new type of “household” residential home which features communal spaces and brings together people of different generations. It said the first of these new homes, Middlefields House, will be opening in Chippenham, Wilts, next month. Caroline Abrahams, of Age UK, said that while most people try not to think about getting older, events during the pandemic have “given us little choice”. She said: “Later life can be hugely enjoyable and fulfilling and for many it undoubtedly is. But we all need the assurance that if and when we do need more help, because of declining health or disabilities, it will be there for us. “At the moment the public is justified in having doubts about this, and it’s up to Government to turn this around. “It was easy for the needs of older people in care homes to be overlooked at the start of the pandemic, because there was no one in Whitehall to speak out on their behalf. “The Government could change that by establishing a ministerial or Commissioner role for England, as in other parts of the UK.” “inexcusable and disgraceful”, filed papers on Friday demanding the appointment of a temporary conservator, which ousts Jamie. Judge Brenda Penny is due to make initial decisions about Britney’s future in Los Angeles on Wednesday. But insiders have said it is unlikely she will allow Britney to regain control of her life without a series of medical evaluations. Picture: Jon Kopaloff/Getty

SE1ST 22 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 ‘Kick out bad neighbours’ NEW powers need to be introduced to make it easier for people causing misery with anti-social behaviour to be kicked out of council houses, a red wall Conservative MP has demanded. Ashford MP Lee Anderson says that problems caused by nuisance neighbours fill his inbox of complaints each week. Calling for change, he suggested that MPs are generally not focused on the problem because most of them “live in a big house in a nice street”. He lashed out at his local council in Ashfield for “foolishly moving local well-known idiots into flats or bungalows next to pensioners”. He By David Maddox POLITICAL EDITOR said: “Imagine working all your life and downsizing to a council flat or bungalow to live out the rest of your years, then the council decides to put the worst possible tenants next door.” While it is possible to throw people out for anti-social behaviour, a minimum of four months’ notice is needed in the vast majority of cases. Mr Anderson called for greater powers, saying: “It currently takes far too long for councils to evict nuisance tenants and, in many cases, the courts are far too reluctant to grant an eviction.” Picture: Anglia Press Agency smirking shooter: Jeremy Bamber, then aged 25, during his trial in October 1986 WEEK 1 ONE AMAZING DEAL A WEEK, BETTER THAN 1/2 PRICE £3.89 RRP £8 200g £1.95/100g ALL FOR £7 * *Deal includes 2 Mains (choice of Co-op Takeaway Korma, Tikka or Butternut Squash Makhani), 2 sides (choice of Co-op Takeaway Pilau Rice & Co-op Plain Naan Breads 2pk) & Cobra 4pk. WEEK 2 £4.50 EVERY WEEK! 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Offers available from 22nd September 2021 to 12th October 2021 Bamber was ‘like ageing accountant, not a killer’ JEREMY Bamber is more like an “ageing accountant” than a mass murderer, according to a crime author and journalist, who interviewed the killer in prison. David James Smith, who has also worked for the Criminal Cases Review Commission, did a face-toface interview in 2010 with the man who was convicted of murdering five members of his family in 1985. Audio of the interview features in a new Sky Crime documentary tonight, which “will help people make up their minds” on the case, Mr James Smith says. Bamber shot dead his adopted parents Nevill and June inside White House Farm, along with their adopted daughter Sheila Caffell and Sheila’s six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas Caffell. He is serving a full life term in HMP Wakefield but has always professed his innocence. “It was a weird day,” Mr James Smith said of meeting Bamber. “I thought he might make my flesh creep but it wasn’t really like that. On the face of it, he was quite human, quite recognisable as a person, like someone you might meet in a pub. “His eyes filled up with tears when I asked him what he missed about the outside world. “And yet at the same time, there is the real possibility that he carried out this appalling, clinical, callous murder of his entire family. “He reminded me of an ageing accountant, his hair slightly greying, and a little bit paunchy.” The most “surreal experience” was when the prison provided food: “We stopped for lunch and the CHAt: James Smith EXCLUSIVE By David Stephenson TV EDITOR prison had made sandwiches for us. So we went outside, and we sat down with Jeremy, a couple of prison officers and all had sandwiches with a mass murderer. It was a very odd experience.” Mr James Smith added: “My job was to draw him out and let other people make up their minds. He had strong opinions about members of his family who he said had conspired against him. “They, of course, see him as a callous, greedy killer who wanted to secure a £400,000 inheritance.” Asked if he believed what Bamber was saying, he replied: “I had no reason to disbelieve what he was saying.” Bamber is mounting a new case review, now claiming there were two gun silencers at the murder scene, not one. It was Sheila’s blood on a silencer and the weapon’s length which helped convict him, as it ruled out the possibility of her being the killer. Asked if it was now too hard to prove or disprove anything in the case, Mr James Smith said: “I think that’s probably true. The evidence bears different interpretations depending on your point of view. “But these anomalies exist and there is doubt and hope for Bamber.” He added: “Bamber turned 60 this year and he’s never going to give up. These cases have a habit of coming back over and over again.” • The Bambers: Murder At The Farm, Sky Crime and NOW, tonight at 9pm

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 23 Pictures: BBC; PA story to tell: Rear Admiral Shaw (Stephen Dillane) holds a press conference in tonight’s Vigil spend better: Sir Iain Use Brexit powers ‘to pump cash into jobs’ BREXIT has given Boris Johnson an unprecedented opportunity to use new purchasing powers to “level up” the poorest areas, a report claims. The influential Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) – chaired by former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith – has called on the Prime Minister to focus contracts with private companies in areas such as the North and Midlands. The report – entitled Spending It Better – points out that each year the Government signs off almost £300billion in private contracts. That is more than twice the annual NHS budget and more than the total expenditure on social security. But, the report adds, while Britain was in the EU it had to have an open competition for companies across Europe. In one infamous case in 2013, Derby-based Bombardier missed out on the £1.4billion contract to build Thameslink trains. German firm Siemens won the deal, leading to the loss of hundreds of jobs in the East Midlands. With Brexit achieved, the CSJ argues the awarding of contracts can be focused on areas such as the former “Red Wall” seats where Mr Johnson has appointed Michael Gove to deliver his Levelling Up agenda. Sir Iain said: “This new report makes it clear it is in the Government’s hands to ensure the hundreds of billions of pounds spent on procurement are directed towards helping British companies in Britain and ensuring those areas that most need investment receive it, rather than foreign-owned firms.” The CSJ’s chief executive Andy Cook added: “By spending better, we can drive up jobs and opportunities in places where employment is currently low. “If Brexit was about taking back control, we now have an opportunity to put that into action.” traitor role: MacFadyen By Marco Giannangeli DEFENCE EDITOR By Ruth Hughes DCI Silva leading an investigation that uncovers a conspiracy around national security after a sailor is found dead on a submarine. In a preview picture from tonight’s final episode, Stephen Dillane’s character Rear Admiral Shaw is seen holding a press conference while flanked by military officials. But will it be good news he has to report? ● Vigil, BBC One, tonight, 9pm. Real struggle to keep nuclear subs active As TV’s Vigil reaches its dramatic conclusion tonight, Royal Navy chiefs are wrestling with a drama of their own – how to keep two nuclear deterrent submarines in operation at all times. The “bombers” are Britain’s most secret defence asset, with the ability to strike enemies thousands of miles away with a payload of subsurface nuclear warheads. Based at Faslane, in western Scotland, the fleet has four 8,500-tonne Vanguard-class submarines: Vanguard, Victorious, Vengeance and Vigilant. To provide “continuous atsea deterrence”, one is on patrol at all times while a second is held in reserve. In the hit BBC drama, Rear Admiral Shaw, played by Stephen Dillane, explains why HMS Vigil can’t return to base after the death of crew member Chief Petty Officer Craig Burke, saying: “At any given moment one of these boats is out on active patrol ready to fire within 15 minutes. It has been that way for over 50 years. We’re not going to abandon it.” But problems with maintenance have created a backlog headache for Navy chiefs. Vanguard, the oldest in the fleet, has been in Viewers’ gripping Vigil for Amy SUPER submarine saga Vigil will plumb new depths of suspense tonight as millions tune in for its gripping finale. The smash-hit BBC One drama left viewers on the edge of their seats last Sunday as Matthew Doward, played by Lorne MacFadyen, left Suranne Jones’s character DCI Amy Silva, pictured right, to drown in a torpedo tube after he was revealed as a traitor. The six-part show, made by the production company behind Line Of Duty and Bodyguard, tells the story of Out of action: HMS Vanguard refit in Devonport since 2015. With costs exceeding £100million a year, the rehaul is the longest and most expensive in Royal Navy history. It won’t be completed for at least another year, because many parts are made by hand. Victorious is believed to be awaiting her own refit. Navy chiefs could decide to make it less comprehensive. That leaves Vengeance and Vigilant to shoulder the responsibility of deterring aggression from hostile nuclear powers. One of those is in need of maintenance lasting between three to 12 weeks. But this cannot happen because she is in reserve and needs to sail if a problem develops with the fourth vessel, which is on a sixmonth operational deployment. Unexpected delays in Vanguard’s refit have left senior brass crossing their fingers that no new and serious faults develop on the two remaining operational vessels. “One aspect that Vigil has reflected correctly is that commanders are only concerned with maintaining the continuous at-sea deterrent. That is the overwhelming priority for the Royal Navy submarine service,” said one senior source. “Delays with Vanguard are problematic. By the time she emerges from dry dock she will have been in refit for seven years, and that’s only if current assessments aren’t too optimistic.” As Victorious is thought to need a refit, the source added: “Of the other two, essential maintenance cannot take place on one and she may have to sail without, while we’re all hoping the fourth doesn’t develop any major faults.” It emerged last night Britain offered its nuclear subs to help protect Canada against the growing menace of Russian and Chinese influence in the Arctic, in lieu of inviting it to join the Aukus pact. That agreement – a deal between the US, the UK and Australia – caused fury in France which missed out on a multi-billion pound supply deal. Gen Sir Nick Carter, head of Britain’s Armed Forces, has confirmed the UK wants to “co- operate in terms of helping Canada do what Canada needs to do as an Arctic country”. It would mean Britain deploying nuclearpowered subs, which can patrol in the far north, alongside Canadian forces in joint exercises. A Royal Navy spokesman said: “The Royal Navy operates four Vanguard submarines, ensuring one is on patrol at all times to maintain the Continuous at Sea Deterrent. Since April 1969, a ballistic missile submarine has patrolled every day without interruption, helping to ensure that the UK and our allies remain safe.”

24 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SE1ST 007 RETURNS TO bond’s back... in the By Fergus Kelly Long before the opening bars of the James Bond theme tune became one of cinema’s most instantly familiar signatures, 007 was for your eyes only if you were an Express reader. The comic strip that first appeared in our newspapers more closely resembled his creator Ian Fleming’s original dark and brooding vision of him than many of the later films. That image would also be seen as the inspiration behind the eventual choice of Sean Connery to portray him on screen. From today, that much loved comic strip is back home where it belongs. Yet when the Daily Express first approached Fleming in 1957 about transforming his hero in such a way, the author was initially reluctant to grant his permission. “I have grave doubts about the desirability of this,” he said. “Unless the standard of these books is maintained they will lose their point, and, I think, there I am in grave danger that inflation will spoil not only the readership, but FACE TIME: John McLusky’s James Bond; above, Hoagy Carmichael; below, Connery also become something of a deathwatch beetle inside the author. “A tendency to write still further down might result. “The author would see this happening, and disgust with the operation might creep in.” Fleming’s fears proved unfounded. Beginning in 1958 with the adaptation of his first novel, Casino Royale, the quality of the strip proved such a success that it would remain in the Daily Express until 1983. As well as adapting all Fleming’s 007 novels and some of the short stories, the strip later featured novels about the world’s most famous secret agent written by the author Kingsley Amis, under the pen-name Robert Markham. It remains fondly remembered by the most fervent fans and sought after by collectors of Bond memorabilia. The strip also influenced the most recent incarnation of 007 – Daniel Craig. Academy Awardnominated writer John Logan, who co-wrote the pre-No Time to Die Bond films Skyfall and Spectre, recalled in his introduction to the collected 007 comic strips “the angular and brutally handsome James Bond of the Daily Express comic series”. He says: “Based on the original Ian Fleming novels and not the films, these comics provide a unique pre-Connery take on 007. “He is much more like Ian Fleming’s original creation: deeply human, a bit world-weary, tough to the point of nastiness and yet impossible to resist. There is barely a tuxedo or martini in sight. “Ian Fleming’s Bond is a working stiff. A man doing a demanding job at which he excels. “He’s not about the gadgets, or the quips, or even the girls. He’s about getting the job done for England, and for himself.” Fleming imagined Bond resembling the great American songwriter, singer and actor Hoagy Carmichael, and commissioned an artist to sketch out that impression. But the illustrator assigned to the strip, John McLusky, regarded Fleming’s version as “outdated” and “pre-war” in appearance. H e drew instead a much more rugged and chiseljawed Bond. McLusky’s son Graham (who is now a leading theatre lighting designer) later recalled: “My father said once, when he had submitted the first drawings of Bond, he had no idea how much of an impact they would make when blown up to enormous proportions and spread all over London on big hoardings. “This was the start of a long and interesting relationship with 007. “I can remember my father having to virtually lock himself away for hours on end in his studio to produce the volume of work necessary to keep Bond appearing daily in the newspaper.” And asked whether his father’s illustration was responsible for Connery later landing the screen role, Graham McLusky commented: “You cannot get over the uncanny resemblance, can you?” He also recounted the celebrated story of an unnamed actor one day flicking through a copy of the Daily Express while relaxing backstage during a theatre production, and coming across the comic strip. After catching sight of the profile of the fellow thespian sitting next to him, the actor told his neighbour that if the cartoons

THRILL READERS AGAIN express every week SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 25 were ever turned into a film he should audition for the title role on his looks alone. The person to whom the observation was addressed was the then unknown Sean Connery. The character of James Bond had come to Fleming chiefly as a result of his wartime experiences, yet undoubtedly owed much too to how the author saw himself. The scion of a wealthy banking family, Fleming was only eight when his father was killed on the Western Front during the First World War (Winston Churchill wrote his obituary in The Times). He was educated at Eton, but removed a term early because his housemaster disapproved of his attitude, his womanising and, for good measure, the car he drove and hair oil he wore. His subsequent enrolment at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, proved even briefer, after he contracted a sexually transmitted disease. There followed a period as a journalist working for the Reuters agency, including a stint in Moscow during which time he was once astonished to receive a personally signed apology from Stalin for not being able to attend an interview that Fleming had sought. Less surprisingly, he then went into banking. But, when war broke out again in 1939, Fleming was recruited by naval intelligence. While there he masterminded Operation Goldeneye, an Allied plan to maintain communications with British-owned Gibraltar and conduct sabotage operations were Spain to join – or be invaded by – Nazi Germany. F leming’s plan was ultimately never required, but was commemorated when he named his Jamaican holiday retreat built on the edge of a cliff GOLDEN TOUCH: Author Ian Fleming, who based Bond on “all the secret agents I met” ‘I thought By God, James Bond is the dullest name I’ve ever heard’ after it (he bought the land after attending a wartime intelligence summit on the island). It was where Fleming wrote his first Bond novel, Casino Royale, published in 1953, and all the other 007 stories until his death 11 years later, aged 56. The original manuscript was typed by his red-haired secretary, on whom Miss Moneypenny was at least partially based. He copied his character’s name from a real-life American ornithologist, a copy of whose Birds Of The West Indies the enthusiastic twitcher Fleming owned. “I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened. I wanted him to be a blunt instrument,” he later explained. “When I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought, ‘By God, [James Bond] is the dullest name I ever heard’.” He regarded Bond as “a compound of all the secret agents and commando types I met during the war” – not least his idolised elder brother Peter, who operated behind enemy lines in occupied Greece and Norway. Fleming also gave his agent the rank of lieutenant-commander – which the author also held when he left the services. Now Bond is reporting for duty once more, in the comic strips that made him a favourite with millions of newspaper readers. “We are thrilled they are going to be in the Express once again,” says Simon Ward, publishing manager at Ian Fleming Publications. Fleming himself, who was once left shaken rather than stirred at that prospect, would surely agree. • For more details on Ian Fleming’s books and the cartoon collections, see and -bond-spectre-complete-comicstrip-collection ● Images: JAMES BOND and 007 are the registered trade marks of Danjaq LLC, used under licence by Ian Fleming Publications Limited. All rights reserved. ● Cartoon strips: Casino Royale © Ian Fleming Publications Ltd 1953/The James Bond Strip © Express Newspapers Ltd 1987. ● Ian Fleming quotes from The Man With The Golden Typewriter edited by Fergus Fleming published by Bloomsbury. ● Casino Royal Illustrated by John McLusky.

SE1ST 26 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 WORK IN PROGRESS: Above, Qatar’s Lusail stadium and, below, Khalifa International Migrants are big winners of Qatar’s World Cup success... WORKERS’ conditions and human rights have improved significantly in Qatar after the Gulf state won the bid to host next year’s World Cup, says a report. This was the conclusion of the independent sports think tank Fifa Ethics and Regulation Watch (FERW), which carried out a survey among migrant workers. However, the think tank could find little evidence that Fifa itself was responsible for the improvements, which the report’s author said was a “missed opportunity” by football’s ruling body. The report found that global media focus on the emirate has had a much greater impact. Asked, “Is the World Cup helping to improve human rights and labour conditions in Qatar?”, 95 per cent of the migrant workers polled said yes. Other questions about the reforms, overseen in part by the UN’s International Labour Organisation, found a majority (53 per cent) saying their working environment and treatment had improved. However, one in six said the law needed further enforcement and one in eight said they had not felt any benefit. Robert Oulds, the report’s author, said: “We came to the project with an open mind, but aware of conflicting press reports about the situation on the ground. “Some painted a dystopian image of the emirate, while others a rose-tinted one. “We were able to identify, then verify through interviews with ordinary workers, that there had been significant legislative and regulatory improvements in recent years, with these being felt by all migrant workers, not just those working on the World Cup stadiums. “Disappointingly, we found little or no evidence that football’s governing body had been part of this Picture: Francois Nel/Getty By David Maddox POLITICAL EDITOR ‘We came with an open mind’ change, and that these improvements had been driven by three factors, namely the ruler of Qatar, the substantial body of work undertaken by NGOs such as Amnesty or the International Labour Organisation and the scrutiny of the emirate and its treatment of foreign workers by the international media.” He continued: “One area we found that did require further work was ensuring that the improvements were being fully implemented. As our survey shows, while a clear majority had felt the benefits of the changes, some had not.” Some four in 10 believed laws had not been implemented “effectively”. The report contrasts with China, which will host the Winter Olympics next year. The report’s author concludes that China has gone backwards in terms of human rights, the security crackdown in Hong Kong, forced imprisonment of the Uighurs, Tibet and threats towards Taiwan. Mr Oulds continued: “The difference between the improvements in Qatar and the worsening situation in China is stark. “In one, an existing desire to change has been turbo-charged due to the scrutiny of the international community. In the other – which prevents many NGOs from openly operating within their border, restricts the internet and blocks journalists from freely reporting – the situation for ordinary people has at best stayed the same or at worst, deteriorated. “This is why we believe improving human and worker rights must be hardwired into all future bids, with sanctions up to and including having the event removed.”

By Eugene Henderson HE ONCE worked alongside world-famous vet and author Alfred Wight, known to millions by his pen name James Herriot. But these days, life in rural England is a world away from its portrayal in those nostalgic muchloved books, says Peter Wright. The straight-talking star of hit show The Yorkshire Vet said the lockdown boom in dog ownership makes him “cringe” and he blasted the thieves now targeting family pets to make huge profits. The illegal practice of dog coursing in the countryside leaves livestock savaged and police powerless to act, he reveals. The cases are even too gory to be featured in The Yorkshire Vet. Peter still practices in the area where he once worked alongside Wight. His life among the rolling hills of North Yorkshire is captured in the popular Channel 5 show – regularly watched by two million viewers – which has just returned for its 13th season. Peter admits he is mystified by its success after initially warning producers nobody would watch it. Herriot’s beloved stories have been brought back to life in a much ‘Dogs attack and leave devastation’ Picture: Daisybeck Studios The Yorkshire Vet Peter Wright Crime casts deep shadow over life in Herriot’s rural idyll SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 27 praised revival of All Creatures Great And Small. Yet while counting his blessings, Peter, 64, says today’s world is very different to the one depicted back in the 1950s. The vet says he’s glad to see the Government stepping in to tackle the alarming rise in animal thefts fuelled by the growing price of puppies. Peter said. “It’s a strange state of affairs – they are so valuable that these callous thieves are stealing them, selling them on or even holding the animal to ransom. “They are not like a car. Losing a loved pet causes massive emotional upset. I’ve seen it thousands of times in my career – it’s horrible. “Hopefully, the measures proposed by the Government will be a deterrent. The sooner the better.” Peter also says the rise in dog ownership during the pandemic made him cringe. He said: “A lot of people were getting pets but they had not thought it through properly. They didn’t consider what would happen when they weren’t working from home, who was going to take on the job of walking the animal. “And now we see dog centres are inundated with animals that people no longer want. I do find it very sad because, ultimately, it’s the pets that suffer.” Peter also spoke about the devastating effect rural crime has on the community where he works and lives. “The biggest problem around here is dog coursing, with people in 4x4s coming down in the middle of the night. Their dogs attack livestock and leave devastation. “Last week my gate and fence were smashed by someone trying to make a getaway. These people By Lucy Johnston HEALTH EDITOR are ruthless but when I talk to the Rural Crime Team they tell me they struggle because of a lack of manpower.” Peter admits The Yorkshire Vet has not gone into great detail about rural crime but says: “We have to strike a balance between reality and entertainment. Sometimes these things are too gory.” The latest series shows what Peter describes as “the end of an era” following his departure from the county’s most famous practice – Skeldale Veterinary Centre – after almost 40 years. Former colleague Julian Norton has also moved on. Peter began his career in 1982 working with Alf Wight and Donald Sinclair at their practice in Thirsk, North Yorks. Back then there were more than 60 dairy herds in the area – today there is just one. “There just wasn’t enough large animal work, so it made sense to leave,” he explained. The father-of-two, who lives nearby with wife Lin, has moved to Grace Lane Vets in Kirkbymoorside, so he can carry on “doing what he loves”, working with livestock. “I’m relatively fit and the wife doesn’t want me under her feet, so retirement hasn’t really been an REFLECTING: Vet Peter Wright relaxes at scenic Sutton Bank, near Thirsk; left, the Channel 5 cast of All Creatures; and, far left, Peter in action as a young vet option,” he said. “If I’m honest I have the life of Riley.” Peter says he loves watching the Channel 5 reboot of All Creatures. “Back in the 70s I watched it on a small, crackly black and white TV in my student digs in Liverpool,” he said. “I’ll admit I was dubious when I heard they were bringing it back but I’ve been delighted by it. “My favourite is Sam West. His portrayal of Siegfried stands out – it’s spot on.” And he added: “I’d jump at the chance of a cameo.” • The Yorkshire Vet is on Tuesdays on Channel 5 at 8pm Bone up on cow collagen as new way to beat osteoporosis COLLAGEN from cows could offer new hope to osteoporosis sufferers. A treatment based on the bovine protein has been shown to help stimulate bone growth, counteracting devastating bone thinning conditions. Called bonebalance, it has just launched on the UK market following European regulatory classification as a Food For Special Medical Purpose for the management of bone thinning and osteoporosis. This follows trials in which it was found daily intake of the 5g powdered sachet increased bone mineral density in the spine by as much as six per cent over the course of 12 months. The once-a-day supplement is made of tiny bovine collagen fibres which are hydrolysed so they fit and are absorbed into human bone. It is believed that collagen allows bones to become stronger and more flexible, and therefore less likely to break. Available without prescription, the treatment is thought to work by stimulating bone-building cells and reducing bone-breakdown cells. Sunday Express writer and GP Dr ADVOCATE: Dr Rosemary Leonard Rosemary Leonard MBE, who sits on the board of the Royal Osteoporosis Society, said: “This is a fantastic product and the science behind it is good and promising. “I’m taking it myself as I have osteopenia [thinning bones]. “It could be a good thing to consider for those at risk, such as people with very small frames, those with osteoporosis, or a history of it, as well as menopausal women.” Current treatments – including a drug family called bisphosphonates – bind to the surface of bones. But the research, paradoxically, suggested that this could actually make them less flexible and more likely to break. Study co-author Dr Ulrich Hansen, of Imperial’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said: “If bones are too hard they are less able to absorb impact and more likely to break. Our study suggests flexibility could be just as important as density in preventing fractures.” Osteoporosis is a slow developing condition that weakens bones. More than 500,000 UK people receive hospital treatment for fractures every year as a result of it.

SE1ST 28 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Cops fall silent in memory of Matt POLICE officers across London stood in silence yesterday to remember fallen colleague Matt Ratana. The 54-year-old sergeant was shot dead at a custody centre in Croydon, south London a year ago. On the eve of today’s National Police Memorial Day, the Met Police held a minute’s silence at 11am to mark the first anniversary of his death. The loving father, who emigrated to Britain from New Zealand in 1989, had been with the force for almost 30 years. He left behind partner Su Bushby. Louis De Zoysa, 24, of Banstead, Surrey, has been charged with his murder. He is accused of discharging four bullets in a holding cell last year. Tributes to Sgt Ratana were led by Met Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick, who said a full memorial service in his honour will be held in November. “Matt has very much been in our thoughts over the last year, as we grieve for him, but also as we celebrate his life,” said Dame Cressida. “His legacy lives on with his family and friends from the Met, rugby and beyond. “When Matt was killed, Covid meant the Met was not able to mark his death with a force funeral in the way that we would have wished. “I said at the time that when restrictions were no longer in place, we would hold a full memorial service to allow us to come together in Matt’s memory.” Matt Marriott, vice chairman of East Grinstead Rugby Club in West Sussex where Sgt Ratana coached, said: “It was a year ago the president of the club and I gathered in my kitchen amongst floods ‘Sgt Ratana’s legacy lives on’ By Jon Austin CRIME EDITOR of tears as we just heard the news. It’s been a tough year as a club.” Today, Home Secretary Priti Patel will join relatives and colleagues to remember the 5,000 police officers who have died in the line of duty in the past 180 years. For this year’s National Police Memorial Day, Ms Patel will give a reading to a small congregation including senior police and family members at Lincoln Cathedral, in a service led by the National Police Chaplain, Reverend Canon David Wilbraham. The 18th annual event, set up by now-retired Kent Inspector Joe Holness following the brutal death of his colleague PC Jon Odell in 2000, will also honour the estimated 30 officers and staff who died with Covid. Speaking in a pre-recorded message, Ms Patel will tell officers: “Thank you for continuing to do your exceptionally challenging job in these exceptionally difficult times.” Widow Annie Coker is one of three relatives leading the prayers. Her late husband, Detective Constable John Coker, a father of three who died aged 53 from Covid in April last year, was in the British Transport Police based in Euston. Speaking before the event, Dame Cressida said nine of those who died from Covid were from her force. She added: “When the pandemic ends I am sure we will see it as one of the defining moments in the history of policing.” • Watch the memorial event online today from 2pm at TRIBUTE: Matt, pictured with partner Su, was shot dead

SE1ST Volcano grounds all flights HOLIDAYMAKERS trying to flee an erupting volcano found their flights grounded yesterday. La Palma airport in the Canary Islands was closed as new explosions from the Cumbre Vieja spewed red hot lava high into the air. Plumes of ash landed on the airfield, bringing operations to a halt. Last night, a spokesman for airport operator Aena said: “Cleaning tasks have started, but the situation may change at any time,” On Friday firefighters were forced to retreat and three further towns were evacuated when a new vent opened up, following last Sunday’s first eruption. The volcano has destroyed hundreds of homes on La Palma. Yesterday, residents were banned from retrieving their possessions because of the “evolution of the volcanic emergency”, local authorities said. A year of greener lifestyles Millions of us have picked up sustainable habits this year, writes Ollie Lewis. More than a fifth have tried to ensure everything is recycled, with 67 per cent of those spurred on by images of plastic on beaches and in oceans. The poll of 2,000 adults found 17 per cent have attended a local litter pick for the first time. The research was for the new eco-themed Fireman Sam series on the Cartoonito TV channel. The show’s Helen Genia said: “It is incredibly encouraging to learn about the eco-friendly changes the nation has already made this year.” Fears for stabbed teenager A BOY, 15, is fighting for his life after being stabbed. Police officers and paramedics called to the scene found the youngster with serious injuries. He was taken to hospital, where his condition was described yesterday as life-threatening. The incident happened in Upminster, east London, at about 3.25pm on Friday. The Metropolitan Police have appealed for witnesses to contact them. Picture: Karwai Tang/Getty bumps in the road: Helen George is expecting a second child Sunday Express September 26, 2021 29 Roaring Twenties are back! KITTED OUT: In party mask By Justin Stoneman THERE may be masks aplenty, but it’s unlikely Chris Whitty and his sombre colleagues at SAGE would approve. Demand for Killing Kittens upmarket sex parties has soared since lockdown, with post-pandemic freedoms helping drive a hedonism reminiscent of “the Roaring Twenties”. Killing Kittens, which organises some of the nation’s biggest adult events, says revenue was up 65 per cent compared to pre-lockdown numbers, with hundreds more guests welcomed. CEO Emma Sayle said she believed that “healthy hedonism” and the realisation from lockdown that “life was there to be lived” had caused the spike. She said: “Three months of tickets sold out in eight hours. The demand is mind-blowing.” The company boss, who counts the Duchess of Cambridge ‘Stop telling pregnant women when they can and can’t work’ says Call The Midwife actress PREGNANT Call The Midwife star Helen George says employers must stop telling expectant mothers how long they can work for. Helen, who is pregnant for a second time, is a strong advocate of bosses making it easier for women to work while pregnant. She said: “It’s about keeping women working if they want to during their pregnancy – because a lot of women are hidden away in the back room when they are pregnant. “But if you want to keep on working then you should be able to and there shouldn’t be anyone who limits that. “I am in a really strong position to be able to do that in my chosen job and this drama and I think it doesn’t happen very often. “Lots of actresses get sacked for being pregnant.” When Helen, 37, was expecting her first child, she was diagnosed with a potentially serious liver disorder called ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy). Her daughter Wren was born earlier than expected in September 2017 by caesarean section. But Helen, who has portrayed Trixie Franklin in the series since 2012, is taking extra care in this pregnancy. She says the support of her co-star and partner Jack Ashton – Wren’s father, who she has been in a relationship with since 2016 – as well as co-star Jenny Agutter, has made life on set much easier. “It’s supposed to be a Christmas Boom in upper class sex parties among her friends, says the size of the £400-a-ticket parties has also doubled, with the average gathering increasing from 200 to 400 revellers. “Lockdown has changed everything,” she said. “Covid has enforced digital lifestyles on people, but no amount of coercion will ever take away the fact we are animals. We need physical and social interaction to survive and evolve. HEDONISM: KIttens CEO Emma Sayle By Jane Oddy DAUGHTER: Wren baby but my last one was early, so we’ll see,” she revealed. “It’s OK at the minute and we are just keeping our eye on [the ICP] and I’ve got good support around me so I know where to go to if it persists. “I am lucky in that Call The Midwife is a lovely place to work and be pregnant.” Asked about Wren’s birth, she explained: “It coincided with the fact that I had to deliver her early. But even without that, I would have gone for an elective caesarean because of what I’d learned on Call The Midwife. “Working on the show means that lots of people tell you their horror stories about birth.” Defending the decision, she added: “I’m not against natural birth, I’m pro whatever you feel is right for you. “Some people may not understand why I elected to have a C-section, but it was right for me at the time. “It’s not because I’m ‘too posh to push’, it’s about what I think my body is capable of. “I’m not good with pain. I faint when I stub my toe. “Not that a C-section is the easy way out. It’s a major operation. “I have a large scar on my stomach. You can’t exercise for a long time and you need help to pick up the baby.” • Helen was speaking at the Florence Nightingale Garden at the RHS Chelsea flower show Some people want to spend their lives wrapped in cotton wool with zero risk. “But most now see life is there to be lived. Our numbers suggest we are in a new Roaring Twenties.” The mask-wearing parties first made headlines ten years ago when the elite Mayfair gatherings became the hottest ticket in town. “The biggest misconception is that everyone who attends has to strip naked and have sex,” said Emma. “There are lots of strict rules: men can’t approach women they don’t know, for example. “It’s a sexually positive atmosphere where women are in charge and control.” Live parties were banned in lockdowns, although gatherings continued online. Parties are due to start soon in New York.

SE1ST 30 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Jim blasts ‘woke’ ban on funnymen SUNDAY EXPRESS PROMOTION Jim DAVIDSON has attacked theatre bosses for using “cancel culture” to bar risque comedians. The ex-Generation Game and Big Break TV host, 67, below, said owners were “smallminded Left-wingers”. His outburst came after council chiefs axed a gig by stand-up comic Roy “Chubby” Brown, By Garry Bushell 76, at Sheffield City Hall next year. The decision sparked protests and a petition by more than 32,000 people. Davidson said: “The Sheffield City Trust chief said Roy’s material ‘did not reflect its values’. He meant his values. But who is he to dictate who people can laugh at? This has happened to Chubby, to me, and to Jimmy Jones. They are using cancel culture as a vendetta against acts they don’t like, to score political points.” Earlier this year Southampton’s council-owned Mayflower Theatre turned down a fundraising gig for a statue of comic Benny Hill, led by Davidson and Bobby Davro. Canine Cared For Please send me a Dogs Trust Canine Care Card application form (Please fill out in block capitals) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other Address If I pass away Canine Cared For If I move to a care home If I receive a life-changing diagnosis Canine Cared For Make sure your dog is cared for with a Canine Care Card You’ve always done what you can to protect your four legged friend, and that shouldn’t change when life does. With a Canine Care Card, you won’t have to worry about what’s next for them, because we will look after and rehome them at one of our 21 rehoming centres in the UK. Apply now to get your FREE Canine Care Card. E: T: 0300 304 6000 or visit: Please quote “334951”, or complete the coupon below: Please send this coupon to: FREEPOST DOGSTRUSTL (No stamp required) N.B. Service only available for residents of the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man Postcode 334951 From time to time we would like to send you exciting updates about our work, products, services and how you can support us, including fundraising activities and research by post. If you’d rather not receive these mailings, please tick here In order to communicate with you more effectively, better understand your preferences and ability to support our work, we may analyse your data. We do share your information within the Dogs Trust Group; currently Dogs Trust Worldwide, Dogs Trust Ireland and Dogs Trust Promotions. To read our full privacy policy visit A dog is for life ® © Dogs Trust 2021 Registered charity numbers: 227523 & SC037843 GET YOUR free official formula 1 sticker album plus 4 free stickers Your Sunday Express has teamed up with household name Topps to offer readers this new Official Formula 1 Sticker Album 2021 – featuring your favourite drivers and cars from a turbo-charged season – plus essential Formula 1 stats, records and quizzes to test your knowledge! The championship battle between reigning champion Lewis Hamilton and prodigious challenger Max Verstappen has been electric to watch. Throw in legendary drives from Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, memorable podiums from Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Pérez, and the rise of megastars George Russell and Lando Norris, and Formula 1 has already been packed with thrilling moments this season. Now with the long-awaited return of fans at Grand Prix around the world, you can feel the thrill of the race with this STUNNING sticker collection from Topps. HOW TO CLAIM: Take the voucher below to your any participating Co-op store and give the voucher to checkout staff. This offer is valid until stores close on Sunday September 26, 2021, or while stocks last. FREE Formula One Sticker Album Pick up from PICK UP FROM co-op today VALID UNITIL SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 To The Reader: To claim your FREE Promotional 2021 F1 Sticker Album, simply cut out this voucher and take it to your nearest participating Coop store. This offer is valid until Sunday September 26, 2021 and while stocks last. In exchange, you will receive a FREE Promotional 2021 F1 Sticker Album from Topps. Terms and Conditions: This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is subject to availability. This voucher has no cash value and no change will be given. Not valid on any other product. Copied, damaged or defaced vouchers will not be accepted. One voucher per person. One album per original voucher only. Valid until Co-op stores close on Sunday 26 September, or while stocks last. This promotion is not valid in NI or ROI. To The Retailer: Please accept this original voucher for a FREE Promotional 2021 F1 Sticker Album. Please use the 2021 Promotional F1 Sticker Album that has been delivered specifically to your store by News Wholesale. DO NOT use retail stock because this will not be credited. Dispose of this voucher once redeemed.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 31 Jennifer Selway Warm, witty and wise ■ In the last year it’s been easier to travel into outer space than to get yourself across the Channel to somewhere sunny. And recently no fewer than 14 civilians were enjoying a spot of space tourism on three different spacecraft before all landing safely. Rather them than me, I must say. And it goes to show how we always get the future wrong. I feel I’ve seen countless movies where hard-bitten, cynical types navigate the final frontier in grim cargo ships, unmoved by the majesty of space as they go about their dreary roles as galactic HGV drivers. Holidays in zero gravity played no part in our imaginings of what the future would hold. Though when you think about it the allure of long-haul tourism to out-of-theway places has always been to boldly go where no man has gone before – or at least not too many of them. In fact the future of space travel now looks to be more like an old-style package holiday with knobs on. If Elon Musk’s SpaceX doesn’t lay on a complimentary cocktail, an all-you-can-eat buffet and a folkloric evening, they’ll be missing a trick. ■ Bake Off’s Prue Leith, right, claimed that people under 35 wouldn’t be familiar with malt loaf. Try telling that to my three offspring who chomped their way through many a treacly, fruity Soreen loaf during their childhood, the thick slices (you can’t do a thin slice) topped with hefty slabs of butter. The very thought of that jaw-clamping stodge makes my mouth water. I imagine malt loaf will be flying off the supermarket shelves for a couple of weeks. ■ When Jeremiah James Colman was asked how he had made such a vast fortune from the sale of mustard he answered: “I make my money from the mustard that people throw away on the sides of their plate”...or squirt on the ceiling. One of the really tiresome things about the upper class (and especially the upper class in uniform or bow- ties) is a fondness for practical jokes, food fights and asinine pranks – all of which require cleaning up by a dedicated team of uncomplaining flunkies. I thought a lot of Prince Philip but admire him slightly less now that I know about him entertaining his grandchildren by shooting mustard to the ceiling (as revealed in last week’s BBC One documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers). Her Majesty was not best pleased and you can imagine the eye-rolling below stairs too. Oh please, not the mustard routine again... fetch the long-handled squeegee. ■ Isn’t it odd that the UN’s big climate change talking shop – COP 26 – to be held in Glasgow next month and urgently concerned with reducing the amount of CO 2 in the atmosphere, comes at a time when any number of businesses were about to fold because of a shortage of CO 2 ? Why clean living is best avoided... Picture: Simon Dawson/No 10 Downing Street ■ ■ What is it with politicians that they have to be photographed jogging? Liz Truss, the new Foreign Secretary, was seen sprinting over the Brooklyn Bridge last week, wind in her hair, smile (grimace?) on her face. It’s all in the “optics” of course, “proof” that they’re bursting with energy, fit and well equipped to tackle their tremendous workload. It’s a publicity stunt and it’s silly. Did Gladstone or Disraeli feel the need to be seen jogging? Hang on a minute. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Special Relationship between Britain and the US was hanging by a thread because of the mad dash that was America’s departure from Afghanistan. Joe Biden took 24 hours to participate in a conference call requested by Boris Johnson and everyone here was saying that Biden had gone “doolally”. Then 10 minutes later we discover that while all this was going on they’d been putting the finishing touches to a three-way submarine deal – Aukus – between the US, the UK and Australia. Now France hates us like poison. But nothing new there and I expect they’ll get over it. We never really know what’s going on. There’s a new book out about the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 called The Silent Guns Of Two Octobers: Kennedy And Khrushchev Play The Double Game. The author Theodore Voorhees argues Cleanliness, we were always led to believe, is next to godliness. That’s no longer true because being virtuous and saving the planet mean that we should wash our clothes rather less often than we do now. So says the Society of Chemical Industry magazine, urging us to wear clothes more than once (with the exception – thank heavens – of underwear). In the past, cleanliness in the clothing department took time and effort. Sheets and clothes were put in a “copper” and boiled clean. Monday was washday, so I believe. It must have been a terrible, exhausting palaver. All those heavy wet sheets to haul around. Mangles. Steam. Imagine. I get tired enough handwashing a scrap of cashmere. Cleanliness stopped being quite so virtuous when it became easier to bung something in the washing machine than go to the bother of hanging it up or folding it and putting it away. It’s also easier to put something in the wash than to attend to small marks with a brush or a damp sponge. Stella McCartney, who learnt her trade on Savile Row (where soft tweeds and Prince of Wales check don’t take kindly to being hurled around in a tub at 40 degrees), says: “If you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.” The same goes for personal cleanliness. If you have to break the ice in a basin to wash yourself it’s obviously more praiseworthy than standing under a waterfall shower with a fluffy towel awaiting, warming on a heated towel rail. When washing is a pleasure it can hardly be a virtue as well. Livia Firth, who used to be married to Colin Firth and runs a sustainability consultancy called Eco-Age, says: “One wants to be clean, obviously. I try to apply good judgment and go with the rule that when clothes smell they need to be washed.” Hmm... I tend to think clothes should be washed slightly before they start to smell. But then I don’t suppose Livia Firth has to spend that much time on public transport where far too many people, frankly, stink. Confession. During lockdowns I did find myself wearing the same thing two days’ running and nobody (as far as I know) reeled back in horror. It may have had something to do with two-metre distancing of course. And I can’t deny that I feel virtuous as I consider that less washing of my clothes means fewer microfibres and detergents leaching into our water. And less use of the washing machine and dryer is undoubtedly a good thing. Did you know that 70 per cent of the carbon emissions created during the life of a cotton T-shirt are down to washing and drying? Once you know this you feel a little glow of virtue, proving it’s semi-cleanliness that’s next to godliness. that there was never the slightest danger of a Third World War since Kennedy and Khrushchev were equally determined to avoid one. I wish someone had told my parents that. I remember overhearing their panicky conversations about what we were going to do when the nukes rained down on west London. In fact most of the world held its breath and prayed. And now it turns out we had nothing to worry about.


Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty SE1ST Review Edited by GARRY BUSHELL Sunday Express September 26, 2021 33 At 85 Engelbert Humperdinck is showing no signs of slowing down. He tells Garry Bushell why he’s... ...STILL BRITAIN’S BIGGEST EXPORT! Stage & Music PAGES 36 ● Films PAGE 37 ● TV PAGE 38

SE1ST 34 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SAVE £5 * AT Review: music HIT PARADE: Pop Svengali Gordon Mills flanked by rival stars Tom Jones and Engelbert *When you spend £20 on selected gardening equipment The #BillionSeedChallenge encourages people from all walks of life to celebrate their local green spaces by planting wildflowers. The aim is to plant one billion seeds during September and October in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow this November. Your Sunday Express has teamed up with Homebase to give readers the chance to join in – with a £5 saving when you spend £20 in store on Homebase, Spear & Jackson or Fiskars gardening hand tools until Friday October 1, 2021. PLUS Homebase have up to 50% off seeds in store, giving you even more opportunity to help plant one billion seeds during September and October with the #BillionSeedChallenge. The kings of £5 OFF WHEN YOU SPEND £20 or more on Homebase, Spear and Jackson or Fiskars gardening hand tools OFFER VALID UNTIL FRIDAY OCTOBER 1, 2021 To the customer: Simply present this voucher at the checkout of your chosen Homebase store when purchasing Homebase, Spear and Jackson or Fiskars gardening hand tools worth £20 or more. Terms and conditions: *£5 off your in-store shop worth £20 and over. Valid in-store only. Not valid for click and collect. Minimum spend £20 after other promotions have been applied. Voucher valid until store close on Friday October 1, 2021. Only one use per voucher. Only one voucher per transaction. Staff can advise on which items fall within this offer. Photocopies of voucher will not be accepted. Vouchers that have been tampered with will not be accepted. Not to be used in conjunction with other offers or vouchers. HOW TO REDEEM Present the voucher (left) at the checkout of any participating Homebase store when purchasing Homebase, Spear & Jackson or Fiskars gardening hand tools worth £20 or more. Offer ends on Friday October 1, 2021 when stores close. See voucher for full terms & conditions. ENGELBERT Humperdinck is telling me about the time he was arrested in Caracas. Slung into jail as a suspected drug trafficker, the self-styled King of Hearts gripped the bars and crooned his biggest hit, “Please release me, let me go…” He chuckles: “I made a joke, but it was horrible. They arrested my whole band at the airport, pushed them into three cars and left me standing on the kerb. They had to stop and come back for me. It was like dealing with the Keystone Cops. “It was the only time I ever got arrested. I was stopped at the Venezuelan airport by Interpol, they took me to an office at gunpoint and this policeman sat at a table with his gun pointing at me. He told me in Spanish to open my medical case; then he started taking things out of it. “I had every kind of medication, stomach pills, headache pills, antibiotics, tubes you break to revive you if you faint. He broke one, smelt it and said ‘Jesus Christ!’ “I said, ‘Oh, you do speak English.’ Then he pointed the gun at me and took me downtown and put me in a cell. This was in the 1970s and the press were there in buckets. “I was behind bars for a few hours while my pills were analysed. Of course, there was nothing illegal there. They didn’t even apologise. We got the first plane back to LA. We were in Venezuela for 19 hours.” Engelbert, 85, had only gone there because foreign musicians couldn’t work in the USA then for more than 180 days at a time. “This had been a holiday,” he says, still astounded. “After that we went to Mexico instead. But I have been back since and met the man who arrested me. I told him, ‘No guns please! You’re not going to arrest me on this tour’.” He laughs loudly down the phone from Los Angeles; maybe he needs to. It’s been a difficult year. Engelbert – born plain Arnold Dorsey – lost his beloved wife Patricia in February. “It’s not been a very pleasant time,” he says, his voice growing softer. “My darling wife passed away, she got the virus and it left her with other problems, it affected her heart and she suffered a cardiac arrest.” He’s coping he says “by just singing, ’cos that’s what she’d want me to do”. Engelbert, who endured long Covid himself, starts a US tour on Friday and kicks off his 14-date UK tour on October 31. “It’s the first time I’ve done so many shows in the UK for years,” he says. “I’m just doing a YouTube special to show people I’ve still got my voice and I’m still doing my thing.” Voice, yes; hearing not so much. We spend a comical 20 minutes not hearing each other over an array of phones at the start of our chat. “Bad sound has damaged my ears,” he says. “I have Bluetooth monitors in them on stage so I hear the band perfectly.” He’s looking forward to playing the Palladium next April. “It’s where it all began for me, early in 1967,” he recalls wistfully. “I’d just released Release Me but it wasn’t selling. Then Dickie Valentine was taken ill so I took his slot on Sunday Night At The London Palladium…” He sang Release Me and the single shot to Number One, stayed there for six weeks and sold 1.38 million copies, stopping The Beatles’ Penny Lane from reaching Number One. I first saw Engelbert perform it live at Bally’s, Las Vegas, in 1995. He was 60 then but women were still throwing underwear and room keys at him. He whisked one swooning 30-something lady on stage and asked “Is your husband here?” She said “Yes,” adding in a whisper “but I’ll be coming to see you in Denver without him...” Female fans have been offering themselves to him for decades. He is said to have had more paternity suits than HITM Enge at the Alber in 20

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 35 THE WAY IT USED TO BE: Engelbert with his late wife Patricia at the Las Vegas Walk of Fame in 2011, and getting to know dancers at the Palladium, scene of his breakthrough, in 1968 the swingers stage suits and once joked, “I see a fan’s child and my first thought is, ‘Does that child look like me?’” Back then he told me: “In this business you’re open to all manner of temptations. You have to accept that mistakes come, and go past them.” He called wife Pat “a remarkable lady” who “has tolerated me”. She was 16 when they met; he was 27 and a struggling dance band singer calling himself Gerry Dorsey. Born in Madras, India, on May 2, 1936, he was the son of a British Army engineer, the ninth of 10 children, and brought up Catholic – he still has faith. T he family moved to Leicester when he was 11. At 15 he started working in an engineering factory. He did his National Service in Mulheim, Germany, and after being demobbed, started singing in clubs, making his stage debut at Bond Street Working Men’s Club, Leicester, in 1957. “I wanted to make it, that was my dream,” he says. “To be somebody.” It took a while. Dorsey performed for £20-a-night and half-starved for years. He waited seven years before marrying Pat. “I wanted to be able to afford to keep her.” Their first home was a council flat in Hammersmith, West London, where they got by on two meals a day – porridge for breakfast, mincemeat and mash for tea. “It had no curtains, no carpets, no light shades, nothing... except love.” And eventually four children. AKER: lbert Royal t Hall 11 Showbiz manager Gordon Mills signed him up and renamed him after the 19th-century German composer of children’s opera Hansel And Gretel. Comedians loved it. They called him “Pumper Nickel”, “Thumper Dick”, “Dumper Truck”, “Hump the Chump”…but nobody forgot that name. More mega-hits followed – The Last Waltz, Spanish Eyes, There Goes My Everything… he and Tom Jones became bitter rivals in the peak-sideburn 60s and 70s. Lost royalties concern him more nowadays, however. “I’ve had 150 million sales but all of the money went into Gordon Mills’s company. If I’d had the royalties for 150 million sales I could ease up a bit.” He left Mills in 1976, losing everything he had getting out of the contract. Now Engelbert has an eight-bedroom mansion in LA, and an 1856-built Leicestershire estate with tennis courts, a putting green and its own pub. “It was a little cottage they used for cleaning brasses,” he says. “I turned it into an English pub with beer on tap, a sitting room, a room upstairs for meals, and the dartboard. I call it the Duchess of Hamilton in honour of the woman the house was built for. All the top dart-players came there and I beat them all. Eric Bristow, God rest his soul, I beat him. But he came back with a TV crew and he beat the living daylights out of me – and had it on film! I loved Eric.” He misses British comedy in LA but watches Seinfeld repeats to cheer himself up at night before he sleeps. During his many Vegas residences, the Hump befriended Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr and his idol Elvis but recalls “Sinatra wasn’t that friendly to me, he didn’t show much affection to people with big voices. He was a great artist, though, I respected him and played in his golf tournament.” He did his own 2018 TV special from Hawaii because Elvis had done one there. Now he says: “I’m thinking of recording a country album, with new numbers and maybe a couple of covers. I’m still here, making a good living. I’m back on my feet. I’ll keep doing it until God calls me.” ● Engelbert will be touring the UK from October 31, 2021. Tickets are available from BOOK OFFERS To order any of these titles call 020 3176 3832 HENRY ‘CHIPS’ CHANNON: THE DIARIES (VOLUME 1): 1918-38 BY CHIPS CHANNON PUBLISHED BY CORNERSTONE The first volume of diaries from the Conservative MP describing the antics of London society in the interwar years. Elegant and gossipy observations from a man who went everywhere and knew everybody. Whether £35 describing the scandal of the abdication crisis, or the mood in the House HARDBACK of Commons in the lead up to the Munich crisis, Chips Channon’s sense of drama and his eye for the telling detail are unmatched. HENRY ‘CHIPS’ CHANNON: THE DIARIES (VOLUME 2): 1938-43 BY CHIPS CHANNON PUBLISHED BY CORNERSTONE This second volume of the bestselling diaries of Henry ‘Chips’ Channon takes us from the heady aftermath of the Munich agreement, through the rapid unravelling of appeasement, and on to the tribulations of the early years £35 of the Second World War. It closes with a moment of hope, as Channon, HARDBACK in recording the fall of Mussolini in July 1943, reflects: ‘The war must be more than half over.’ MARY CHURCHILL’S WAR: THE WARTIME DIARIES OF CHURCHILL’S YOUNGEST DAUGHTER BY EMMA SOAMES PUBLISHED BY HODDER & STOUGHTON A unique portrait of war, and a charming coming-of-age story, from the private diaries of Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter, Mary. From air raid sirens at 10 Downing Street to seeing action with the ATS, from cocktail parties £20 with presidents and royals to accompanying her father on key diplomatic HARDBACK trips, Mary’s wartime diaries are full of colour, rich in historical insight, and a charming and intimate portrait of life alongside Winston Churchill. OH, WHAT A LOVELY CENTURY BY RODERIC FENWICK OWEN PUBLISHED BY LITTLE, BROWN Written by an upper class travel writer born in 1921, this stranger-than-fiction memoir about love, sex, war, tragedy and adventure features countless celebrities, politicians and royalty. Frequently finding himself party to crucial historical events (including experiencing Nazi Germany in 1939 and the Pentagon during the Cold War Years), and featuring a stellar cast £20 of characters from Eisenhower to Sean Connery, Oh, What a Lovely HARDBACK Century is a thoroughly entertaining read. UK Delivery is £2.99 | Orders over £20 are FREE Please note we no longer accept cheques or postal orders

36 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SE1ST Review: music with james cabooter THE LATHUMS How Beautiful Life Can Be ★★★★ Any aliens visiting Planet Earth without prior knowledge of indie music should look no further than these Wigan lads. Their debut encapsulates the finest guitar music of the past 40 years from The Housemartins and The Smiths to – whisper it – The Beatles. Forty minutes of smart, optimistic guitar pop perfection. NATALIE IMBRUGLIA Firebird ★★★ Brimming with earworms and lyrical dexterity, Nat is clearly over her decade-long bout of writer’s block. Featuring contributions from KT Tunstall and The Strokes, the Aussie delivers plenty of hooks, although none come close to Torn. On My Way is the greatest song The Pretenders never recorded. ANGELS & AIRWAVES Lifeforms ★★★ Tom DeLonge has become the go-to musician for UFO info, so no surprise he launched this album in space. The tunes are perhaps less ambitious – grown-up pop punk with token extra-terrestrial synthy elements. Timebomb and Euphoria sound like a John Carpenter film hijacked by Motley Crue. X AMBASSADORS The Beautiful Liar ★★ A sci-fi concept album about a blind girl with superpowers sounds like something The Who might dream up, but the music is nowhere near as arresting. Futuristic rocker Adrenaline comes across like a sanitised Nine Inch Nails track but props to Love Is Death, a genuinely lovely theatrical ballad. Review: stage with STEFAN KYRIAZIs ROCK OF AGES ★★★ UK tour ( Get ready to rawk as this jukebox musical romps through rock classics from We Built This City to We’re Not Gonna Take It and The Final Countdown. Nominally about plucky kids fighting corporate greed in the 1980s LA music scene, it happily embraces its own silliness, reminding us “a dream is more important than a new Foot Locker store”. Strictly Come Dancing star Kevin Clifton headlines as dissolute star Stacee Jaxx. He sings beautifully and handles the humour with ease but lacks the dangerous sexual magnetism essential for any electrifying rock god. As young lovebirds Sherrie and Drew, Rhiannon Chesterman and Luke Walsh have bags of charm and powerhouse lungs. In fact, the entire cast excels vocally, particularly a showstopping Jenny Fitzpatrick as strip club boss Justice. Meanwhile, Joe Gash’s Lonny constantly breaks the fourth wall to banter and flirt with us, complaining his back hurts because he’s “carrying the show”. He’s undeniably entertaining but the relentlessly excessive campery is increasingly tiresome, undermining any sweetness lurking at the heart of the show. A misguided directorial choice. Cheesy fun, if a little chaotic at times, the show had us all on our feet as Don’t Stop Believin’ blasted out for the feelgood finale. WAITRESS ★★★★ UK tour ( There are few slices of musical theatre sweeter or more satisfying than this adaptation of the cult 2007 film about a young baker stuck in a dead-end job and a loveless marriage in middle America and suddenly facing an unexpected pregnancy. Sara Bareilles’ pitch-perfectly playful yet poignant score beautifully turns the most ordinary of lives into something magical and universally uplifting. Lucie Jones (centre) shines as the downtrodden Jenna Hunterson who slowly rediscovers her hopes, her dreams and her own voice, until she brings the house down with the anthemic She Used To Be Mine. Goosebumps guaranteed. Former Busted star Matt Willis also brings a touching tenderness to Jenna’s awkwardly bumbling doctor and love interest Doctor Pomatter. As hilarious as it is heartwarming, I can never resist going back for one more helping of this delicious show.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 37 Review: CINEMA with DENIS MANN STAR RATINGS ★★★★★ Excellent ★★★★ Good ★★★ Worth a look ★★ Poor ★ Don’t bother HORSEPLAY Dev Patel goes into battle as medieval knight Sir Gawain CAREER HIGH Noel Gallagher at Knebworth The table is turned OASIS KNEBWORTH 1996 Cert 15 ★★★★ In cinemas now This is a four-star affair if you’re an Oasis fan. Not so much if you were never into them. But, back in 1996, most of Britain was. Millions tried to get tickets for their two gigs at Knebworth and 250,000 succeeded. Liam, Noel and the band were at the height of their powers but the fans made it a stellar event. There are some clever recreations of 1996 using actors, interspersed with real footage from 25 years ago and interviews with the stars then and now. The sheer joy of the concerts comes bursting off the screen. SPOOKY Two workers encounter an otherworldly figure THE GREEN KNIGHT Cert 15 ★★★ In cinemas and on Amazon Prime now In this sweeping take on Arthurian legend, director David Lowery has created a work of art, a sumptuous feast of images. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the performances are top-notch. But is it a hit or a myth? Dev Patel is Gawain, not yet a knight of King Arthur’s round table. On Christmas Day, everyone is a-feasting when the Green Knight, a terrifying hulk of wood and foliage with a human face, is summoned by magic. Gawain takes up a challenge to strike him and lops off his head with his sword Excalibur. But the Green Knight gets up, grabs his severed head and creaks off with laughter worthy of Brian Blessed. Our hero has been warned that next Christmas, he must travel to the Green The Many Saints Of Newark Cert 15 ★★★★ In cinemas now It was never going to be as good as The Sopranos. But, then again, what is, or ever will be? The Many Saints Of Newark takes us 30 years back in time from the start of the Mob masterwork. It’s a thrill for fans to see the teenage Tony Soprano, genially played by Michael Gandolfini, son of the late James, who bestrode the TV series like a colossus in the lead role. But this is more the story of his Chapel to face his foe, when the Green Knight must be allowed to strike the same blow in return. And so, as December 25 nears, Gawain trots off for his day of destiny on a quest that gets more bizarre with every mile. Along the way, he’s mugged in a muddy field of dead warriors, helps a nun looking for her own decapitated head, meets a talking fox and some 100ft naked women in the mountains, and is seduced by a lady in a castle who looks like his commoner girlfriend back home in Camelot. If you can hold out for the final reel, there is a satisfying conclusion. But this film is a headscratcher. For much of the 130-minute running time, I had little idea what was going on. Verily, I wearied of uncle Dickie, stylishly played by Alessandro Nivola, a monster who knows he’s a monster but desperately wants to control his demons. Tony idolises him, of course. The New Jersey of 1967 is lovingly recreated then destroyed in the Newark race riots. Spectacular violence erupts as rival gangsters fight for the city. A torture scene in a car repair shop, featuring the unconventional use of a pneumatic wheel nut remover, is particularly hard to watch. A trip to KwikFit will never be the same. In the end, I suspect both fans and first-timers will be satisfied. ‘‘ This take on Arthurian legend is a work of art with fine performances my quest well before I reached journey’s end. My reactions varied from “Wow!” and “Blimey!” to “What?” and “Huh?” through to “You’ve got to be kidding” via a suppressed snort. There was even an involuntary laugh at something that wasn’t meant to be funny. Can we take a modern message from this 14th-century tale? Does disaster stalk those who cannot follow their personal code of morality? Is chivalry due a comeback? After letting it sink in for a few days, I’m no nearer the answer. It’s simpler to glory in the fine acting, the cinematography of Andrew Droz Palermo and the amazing soundscape, which really gives you the creeps. In the end, The Green Knight is truly unforgettable. And, my lord knows, I’ve tried hard to forget it. ANDY LEA IS AWAY FLASHBACK Michael Gandolfini and Alessandro Nivola GAIA Cert 15 ★★★ Available on digital platforms from tomorrow There’s a monster in the jungle with the head of a mushroom. Well done if you resisted the temptation to say he’s not a fungi to be around. Two forestry workers are paddling their canoe when one of their drones goes offline. Naturally, they split up to go deep into the creepy woods to find it. They soon come across a “Fungus the Bogeyman” type figure and two survivalists who are battling him and Mother Nature. You can guess the rest but it’s well crafted, decently acted and quite scary. THE BALLAD OF BILLY McRAE Cert 15 ★ In cinemas now What do you suppose happens after a tough guy boss tells one of his quarry workers: “Stay away from my daughter!”? Yep, next minute, she’s jumping all over the sweaty hunk. You know nothing good can come of this. And, sure enough, nothing good happens in this film. It sounds like a Western but CONFUSEDDavid Hayman can’t save this Welsh noir it’s set in Port Talbot, South Wales, aiming for a sort of gritty Welsh noir as a story of lust, revenge and retribution ponderously unfolds. Obvious and confused, not even an actor as classy as David Hayman, playing the nasty boss, can save it.

SE1ST 38 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Review: television Mansfield-born Carly, 32, is an internationally renowned mezzo soprano who topped the classical music chart with her debut album Singing My Dreams What was your first TV memory? Watching Art Attack with Neil Buchanan after school. I can still remember the theme tune. Every week he’d do his Big Art Attack, an image on a grand scale, but you could never guess what it was until the end. Who was your first TV crush? It was Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer – I had a crush on a vampire! What was your first TV appearance? That was in Italy when I was about 20. I appeared on Miss Mondo, which was the Italian heat of Miss World. I came on and sang You Raise Me Up. My family were delighted but I think everyone else just wanted to hear the results. What is your favourite current show? I’ve been watching The Gilmore Girls all summer. There are plenty of episodes so you can binge watch. It’s sunny and funny. Nice escapism. Which TV show would you take to a desert island? The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. I love it, the cinematography, the way she dresses, the music throughout...and the humour too of course. She’s great. What TV show would you like to put out of its misery? Come Dine With Me. I used to love watching it when I was at uni, it was my go-to programme, but it’s been running for so long now that it’s lost its magic. Guiltiest TV pleasure? I love to watch Highway To Heaven. My mum got me into it. Michael Landon plays an angel. It’s really cheesy, but it always ends well and he’s easy to engage with. What are you up to at the moment? I’ve just released my new album, with celebrity guests from across all genres, including Tony Hadley, Elaine Paige, Paul Carrack and Aled Jones, who I hope to be touring with next year. ● Carly Paoli & Friends by Carly Paoli is out now GARRY BUSHELL MY TV LIFE Carly Paoli with DAVID STEPHENSON Clunes’s genius cop stalks the stalker... THE SECRET to great policing has been revealed. It involves the humble tea towel. In the superb Manhunt: The Night Stalker (ITV, Monday to Thursday). Martin Clunes’s DCI Colin Sutton and his wife Louise (Claudie Blakley) are doing the dishes (oddly no sign of a dishwasher). She washes; he dries. Within moments, Louise has come up with the name Minstead Lite as a different way of classifying burglaries by Night Stalker suspects. It’s a genius idea. And, yes, behind every great man... also applies. So the best way to come up with an idea is to simply shuffle around your own kitchen. We’ve seen a lot of true crime dramas lately. But I believe Night Stalker is the best drama that Martin Clunes has done. And I’m also including every episode of Doc Martin (ITV) because we do occasionally get a dramatic dash to hospital down a treacherous single-track lane in Cornwall. Clunes is often thought of as a comedy actor who dabbles in serious drama. These two series of Manhunt though have proved his ability to inhabit a real character who is without obvious traits and to make him absolutely believable. Indeed, he looks nothing like a hero policeman. The real DCI Colin Sutton must be beyond pleased. By the end of episode two, I was so invested in the character I was willing him on to make an arrest. Get him! Who wasn’t rooting for this detective who, let’s face it, has a brilliant eye for detail? But there’s also a clever script here that lets the actors do the work. In one moving scene between Sutton and an elderly Polish man, another victim, both barely spoke as they relayed to each other the horror of the Night Stalker’s attack. The drama again showed Sutton’s ability to work within an established team, and deal with the needle that comes with this. Not easy, especially when the existing boss is having briefings in his own house to “save his back”! He’d narrowed down the suspect to a “black, motorcycling, TV satellite installer”. And what did they talk about when Sutton finally confronted Delroy Grant, the notorious rapist? Rather improbably, cricket. “What do you think about England’s prospects in South Africa,” wondered the prisoner. Sutton thought they were surprisingly good. Ever the canny detective as moments later, a now relaxed Grant revealed he’d “always worn gloves” to a policewoman. Batfa for Mr Clunes – and a knighthood for Sutton, please. The tone was somewhat frothier in Endeavour (ITV, Sunday) as they investigated a naturist resort. As you can imagine, it was done with the utmost decorum and decency. Well, it was 1971. Thursday and Endeavour even STEPHENSON’S ROCKET If you could make sense of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show (BBC1&2, Sunday & Monday) coverage, then please accept this cheap rosette. Personally, what I saw should be buried deep in a compost heap because there was enough hot air on display to make it combust for decades. There is a trend to get D-List celebrities (too many to mention) to talk about how much they love their huge city gardens. We’re so pleased for them, but we really don’t care. Please find another audience to annoy, and bring back Alan Titchmarsh. Immediately! interviewed a window cleaner. Thankfully, they didn’t extract his confessions, or that would have been ridiculous. As it was, the naturists revealed nothing more than a few flimsy alibis. Writer Russell Lewis penned one of his wittiest scripts as he sent Thursday off to a sex shop in Soho, to visit the “dirty squad”. Again, a subject handled with great delicacy. We also learned some more scraps from Endeavour’s past when his stepmother turned up in Oxford. Where’d she spring from? They didn’t get on but she did reveal Morse was the son of a “private hire driver” – what shame! – who had once transported the Aga Khan. Well, well. Review: television TASTE TEST: It’s good to have Prue and Paul back on Bake Off manhunt Martin Clunes’s Colin Sutton doesn’t look like a hero.... but clearly is Didn’t the young Morse do well? The final episode tonight is called Terminus. Let’s hope it’s all centred on Oxford bus conductors – and nothing more diabolical. An increasing sign that things are improving in the world was the triumphant return of The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4, Tuesday). It’s always reassuring to have something back on the screens exactly as you recalled it. To change the Bake Off would be like having a vegan Victoria Sandwich. Hang on... Yes, we do now have a vegan baker, Freya, who was actually very good though I will leave the tasting to Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. Speaking of whom, we have a “new Prue”. She’s contestant Maggie, who Paul mistakenly called Prue when he first met her. Former midwife Maggie is a super smiley woman of a certain age. Indeed, she’s more jolly hockey sticks than Clare Balding at a nail-biting equestrian event. Elsewhere we had a dazzling range of contestants but of wildly varying abilities. Indeed, some were rubbish which, by my reckoning, is far more entertaining than a baker who knows what they’re doing. Hollywood even asked contestant Chigs, “Do you enjoy baking…?” Well, he had only been doing it for a year. How long do you need? Congratulations too on the return of my favourite showstopper – “defying gravity”. Someone has a wicked sense of humour.

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SE1ST 40 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 winter’s wildlife with stuart winter STopover A wagtail lands for a drink in Israel Aquilegia IN THE Wagtails off on African odyssey Shrill bird calls ring out over a grassy paddock before fading on the morning breeze. The dawn wake-up call musters a flock of yellow wagtails to set off on the next leg of a perilous journey from pastoral England deep into Africa. Feeding at the feet of ponies one moment, the wagtails will soon be foraging around gazelle and goat herds. Bird sound experts describe the flight note of the yellow wagtail as sounding something like the word sweet, but for me there is nothing sugary about the distinctive whistles that are an integral part of nature’s autumn soundtrack. Up to 40,000 adult British yellow wagtails and at least three times that number of juveniles are presently heading from our shores to wintering grounds that remain steeped in mystique. While a handful of ringed birds have been recovered in the Gambia, Senegal and Nigeria, much has yet ‘‘ Thousands make the journey to Africa but it is steeped in mystique to be discovered about the wagtail’s movements. That said, something the yellow wagtail has been able to illustrate is the evolution of a complex “super species” in action. The small squadron of yellow wagtails I watched alighting from the horse field in the heart of the Home Counties were of the British type flavissima, identifiable by the males’ sunshine yellow heads. Across the North Sea, the blue-headed or flava form prevails in the Low Countries, as do other types throughout Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and into Asia, each with distinctive head markings. At least 12 different types are recognised and those found in the Far East and Alaska have recently been accepted as a full species. One of the best places to be thrilled by the variety of yellow wagtails is Israel during migration time, when vast numbers head through the Middle East into Eurasia. Arguably, the most beautiful is the blackheaded or feldegg type. On my last visit to Israel, I was lucky enough to photograph one of the scarcest and, some might say, most dazzling forms, which is known as xanthophrys. The males have a black head and striking yellow eyebrows. Follow STUART on twitter: @birderman What a lovely time of the year it is to be outdoors. It’s not too hot and the beautiful September light casts a golden glow. The trees are heavy with fruit, the roses laden with hips, and late-performing plants such as cannas continue to unfurl their luxuriant leaves. It’s also a busy time with much to do in the garden. Now is an ideal time to plant herbaceous material as the ground is warm and pliable with at least another month for plants to settle in before lying dormant over the winter. If trees and shrubs are the big “furniture” pieces of our plots, then herbaceous plants are the soft furnishings – like cushions, throws, candles and ‘‘ By choosing wisely you can enjoy flowers from spring to the winter pictures – and they unify the scheme and introduce colour, interest, scent and character. We are so lucky in these islands to be able to grow a vast array of this group of plants that enjoy our often damp climate. By choosing wisely, you can enjoy flowers from spring to autumn, and even a few in winter. So if your garden has been looking a bit bare this year, think about planting a few hardworking, longflowering robust perennials this autumn. For spring flowers, try some aquilegia, or columbine. It’s a cottage garden staple, instantly recognisable by its distinctive flower head of petals and long spurs, often in contrasting colours such as Aquilegia canadensis or the ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS

SE1ST garden soft blue and white combo of ‘Bluebird’. Its fresh green foliage emerges in spring and flowers blossom shortly thereafter. Grow it in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in sun or dappled shade. Alchemilla mollis has pretty apple-green kidney-shaped scalloped leaves and sprays of small yellow flowers. It’s superb for really dry areas – water in until it gets established, then it will find its own way in life. What I also love about this plant is that you can cut back all the dead foliage and then get brand new leaves and some flowers all over again in late summer. Low to the ground, it edges paths and borders beautifully and when it rains, pearlescent drops of water perch on the leaves. Salvias are long flowering, and one of the easiest is S. nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ which will produce endless spikes of dreamy blue flowers in summer. It’s very easy to grow in a sunny spot with Sunday Express September 26, 2021 41 Sorry, Diarmuid cannot reply personally with DIARMUID GAVIN Blooming PLANT of the week marvels Autumn is the perfect time to plant perennials to add colour to your garden HELLEBORUS NIGER SALVIA CARADONNA well-drained soil. Keep deadheading it to get the maximum out of this plant. There are tonnes of other salvias and many of them come with pretty bicoloured flowers. However, many of these are tender so if you want to keep things simple, choose hardy varieties – another excellent one is ‘Mainacht’. Hardy geraniums are a big family with many different growth habits – sprawling, scrambling, ground cover, neat or Geranium Rozanne bushy varieties – and a good range of petal colours from white to all shades of pink and blue. ‘Rozanne’ is one of the most popular these days and is still flowering her socks off in my garden. Growing to over a foot tall, it’s great for injecting volume into the borders. For early flowers next year get planting some hellebores and they won’t let you down. Helleborus niger, the Christmas rose, is usually the first of its type to come into bloom. Its common moniker is confusing as it is neither a member of the rose family and is rarely in bloom at Christmas time, though you can get forced varieties to perform early. Unlike most hellebores, which have shy, nodding flowers that hide their beauty, this species tends to hold its beautiful white, bowl-shaped flowers more upright. Plant near the house where you will be able to admire them from indoors without having to venture out in the bad weather of late winter/early spring. Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie’ Crocosmia are valuable for their swordlike foliage and late-summer flowering presence in bright reds and oranges. ‘Lucifer’ is one of the most popular varieties with its devilishly scarlet flowers and looks great in a ‘hot’ or tropical border. However, I have a soft spot for Emily McKenzie – overall she is quite compact but her flowers are large and in a sizzling orange with red markings at the throat. Grow in full sun in well- drained soil. In colder regions, mulch the corms in winter to protect them. Jobs for the week ■■Autumn’s here and the leaves are beginning to fall. Collect them and add to your compost heap. Or just collect in bags punctured with a few holes. ■■It’s a great month for planting, the soil is still warm and will allow roots to settle in. So take a visit to your local garden centre and treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted. ■■Fed up with your lawn? It’s also a good time to roll out new turf. Prepare ground well by removing all weeds, and rake to a fine tilth before laying new turf. Reduce mowing frequency on existing lawns. ■■Lift tender corms and plants A little Merboy comes to peep, And wakens Rupert from his sleep. Cries he, “That island isn’t mine, But I have heard the fruit is fine!” such as gladioli, canna and dahlia before the winter frosts. In milder places you might get away with leaving them in situ under a layer of mulch. ■■Any houseplants that you took outdoors for their summer holidays can be put back indoors now. Some of them may be carrying unwanted guests – check fresh growth for aphids and remove by hand. ■■Clean out veg beds of old material and plant out spring cabbages and winter lettuces. Raise pumpkins onto bricks to keep them dry and to help them ripen for Halloween. ■■It’s a good time to clean up the greenhouse for winter. Rupert Rupert And The Secret Boat episode 23 The rocking of the boat at last makes Rupert stir and gaze about in bewilderment. “Come on, sleepyhead,” calls a cheerful voice. “Why, who? – what? – w-where are we?” says Rupert huskily. “Gracious. You’re a Merboy, aren’t you? Where have you come from?” “I’m always here,” laughs the Merboy. “Where have you come from and why are you snoozing in my lagoon?” “Your lagoon?” says Rupert. “Oh dear, we’ve had a terrible journey. Are those islands yours too?” To order the New Rupert Bear Soft Toy (30cm - Rainbow Designs) at £14.99 please call 01872 562315: or order on UK P&P £4.95

SE1ST 42 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SHOP BUY ANY FOUR PAIRS AND £SAVE!! Italian Designer Readers Megadeal! £14.96 ONLY WAS £31.96 SAVE £17.00 Precision engineering meets Italian style with these stylish designer reading glasses. Featuring high-grade engineered spring hinges, a premium paint finish, quality lenses and ultra-lite frames, here’s your chance to buy 4 pairs at an amazing price! There’s a choice of 6 different strengths (diopters) - please state your requirement when placing your order. Pick any mix from three high-fashion frame R51-3 - Bright Blue R51-3T - Blue R51-Z - Red colours; bright blue, blue and red. Megadeal - SAVE £17.00 !! Buy any 4 pairs of reading glasses £14.96 (+£3 P+P) CALL US ON 0871 664 3484 OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK If you prefer to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers please tick here . To see how your data is processed please refer to Reach’s Privacy Policy: www. This offer is provided by Rowalk Holdings Limited Reg. 07249151 12 Capital Business Park, Manor Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1GW. Offer subject to availability. For queries on refunds please contact Rowalk Holdings Limited. Calls cost 12p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. Please see Supplier’s Terms and Conditions for further details The Olympic medallist tells Amy Packer how plasma injections left him pain free for the first time in decades Colin Jackson is in high spirits. After years of searing agony from his knees, he finally has a spring in his step again. “I’m pain free in the mornings,” he exclaims. “I get out of bed and just think, ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I do this years ago?’” Since March, the former world champion hurdler and 1988 Olympic silver medallist has been having his own blood plasma injected back into his knees every six weeks in preparation for a stem cell transplant later this year. He already feels like a younger man. “It has made a huge, huge difference,” Colin, 54, says. “The blood plasma injections are the most important part of the whole treatment because it kickstarts the healing process. “I live in quite a hilly place just outside Cardiff and what a difference it has made to walking up and down those hills. It reminds me of what life was like 20 or 30 years ago when I didn’t have these issues. It’s amazing.” Colin’s athletics career left him with an impressive medals cabinet but severe damage to his kneecaps, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, which seven operations have failed to remedy. He was struggling getting in and out of the bath, his knees would seize up on long car journeys and every morning was filled with pain. Now, slowly but surely, Colin is seeing the benefits of the plasma transfusions, which he has been having at a clinic on London’s Harley Street. “It’s been a steady build,” he says. “I feel like [the cartilage] is growing back. My knees are really stable, which has allowed me to train my quad muscles more. “Then your knees feel better because they’re better supported, which allows everything to improve.” The treatment is not without discomfort though. “They take my blood, remove all the red blood cells and inject the plasma back into my knees,” he explains. “I’ve had all four sessions I needed to prepare my knees for the stem cell transplant and they build up the concentration each time.” Rather than painful, Colin described the process as “awkward, because of course you get a lot of liquid injected in your knees that wasn’t there before and your knees are already quite full of liquid! It takes about five in GOO days for the inflammation to go down. “You have to take it easy for the first 48 hours and you can’t take any anti-inflammatory painkillers as that would make the treatment less effective, so you just have to muscle through the pain. Then things kick in and I do feel a lot better.” Now Colin is waiting for the final stage of treatment – the stem cell transplant itself. “I have to be out of action for about 10 days and at the moment I can’t do that because of my work schedule, but the majority of the preparation has been done, so it will happen very soon,” he says. It’s by no means a simple process. “They go in with a drill and take bone marrow from my femur to harvest the stem cells,” he says. “I’ll be unconscious for that though, thankwhat can i do about... low libido There are a number of reasons why your libido may dip, GP Dr Rhianna McClymont, of Livi (, says. “Any contraception that contains additional hormones, like the combined contraceptive pill and hormonal coil, can affect the natural balance of your own hormones and therefore affect libido,” she says. “It CHAMPION Celebrating more wins in 1999 PEAK HEALTH Competing in the 1988 Olympics may resolve within a few months but if you notice changes in your libido that are ongoing, chat to a GP.” Meanwhile, other medications can also have an effect. “SSRIs, which are used to treat depression, often reduce your libido, as do corticosteroids, blood pressure medications — particularly diuretics — and antipsychotic drugs.” Meanwhile, psychologist Beatrice Lindeh says maintaining other forms of physical intimacy is key. “Keeping up with other physical intimacy, like hugging, showering together or just lying naked in bed with your partner, can be enough for a while, and will keep you feeling close until your libido returns,” she adds.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 43 D HEALTH with amy packer COLIN JACKSON retail therapies Revolutionary fully. I know it will be painful and I don’t want to rush my recovery, so I’m waiting for a time when I’ve got nothing on at all. “I don’t want the pressure of knowing I have to be better for work in a few days’ time.” He doesn’t want to leave it too long though. “It’s exciting because I’ve been told that within three months I’ll be at the peak of my recovery and the max of what I’ll be able to do,” he says. “I’d love to be able to go snowboarding once again.” This isn’t the first time he has suffered with a health issue more commonly associated with ageing. In good news treatment has made me feel 30 years younger 2006, three years after he retired from athletics a blood test diagnosed Colin with high cholesterol. “Even though I was relatively young, slim and feeling healthy, I wanted to get a benchmark of my general health so I went for a full MoT,” explains Colin. “I never expected them to say my cholesterol was high but it was 6.1 when it shouldn’t be over five. It was such a shock. “I went home and my mother broke the news that a lot of the family suffer from high cholesterol. Both she and Walking to stay healthy Think you need to walk 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy? You could be in for a pleasant surprise. Research shows that adults who take 6,000 to 8,000 steps a day will still dramatically reduce their risk of premature death. One study in women in their 70s who took 4,500 steps a day reduced their risk of premature death by 40%, compared to those who took 2,700 steps or less. Meanwhile, a recent Japanese study showed that adults over 40 who did 8,000 steps a day reduced their risk of premature death by 49%. my uncle have it.” Looking back, Colin admits he might have let things go a little too much after years of focusing on being in peak condition. “I remember thinking, ‘‘ It’s exciting and I’d love to be able to snowboard once again ‘I’ve done 30 years of this, I’m not doing it any more’. I’d hated the fact I had to keep fit all the time and so it was a bit of rebellion. “I used to eat cake like it was going out of fashion,” admits Colin, who is supporting Benecol’s Uncover Your Cholesterol campaign, which aims to encourage people to reconsider their diet and lifestyle by self help highlighting the fact that even the outwardly fit and healthy can be at risk of high cholesterol. “It wasn’t like I needed to lose weight. I’m slight, as are my mother and uncle, but I still have to make sure I keep moving and cut back on dietary fats to keep my cholesterol at a healthy level. “I’m in my fifties now so I really have to make sure I’ve got a real grip on what I’m doing every single day to get the right balance and avoid needing statins.” ■For ■ more information and advice about looking after your cholesterol levels, go to For removing ticks The number of tick bites in the UK is highest during autumn and spring. “If you’re bitten by a tick, use tweezers or a specially designed tick-removal tool to remove it from your skin,” advises Dr Hemal Shah of Livi. “Grasp the tick as closely as possible to the skin and pull up, with a steady pressure. Never twist or jerk it as this can risk leaving mouth parts behind.” Clean the wound with antiseptic and call your GP as soon as possible, especially if a circular red rash develops around the bite. ■Can’t ■ persuade your pre-schooler to keep their mitts or gnashers clean? Maybe their favourite CBeebies character can. The Hey Duggee Toothbrushing and Handwashing Timer (£19.99; plays songs from the hit show to keep them entertained while they perform their ablutions. Be warned though, it’s quite the earworm. ■If ■ your energy levels have plummeted with the changing season, give yourself a boost without the caffeine hit with Higher Nature’s Energy and Focus (£4.95; The effervescent tablets become a natural lemon and lime flavoured drink containing vitamin B5, B3, B6 and B12, as well as choline and theanine to reduce tiredness. ■A ■ healthier alternative to potato crisps, Boundless Activated Chips (£1.80; Amazon) are made using the ancient supergrain sorghum, which is soaked and sprouted before cooking to make it easier for the body to digest and access the nutrients, including potassium and iron. Available in Chipotle & Lime or Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar flavours. ■If ■ you suffer from hayfever or asthma it can be helpful to know the quality of the air you breathe. Airthings View Plus (£259; allows you to track the pollen levels and particle pollution in the air of your home, so you can act to improve the quality when needed.

PLUS FREE UK P&P ON ALL UK ORDERS OF £40 OR MORE INSPIRED BY THE HIVE Four Manuka Doctor Products You’ll Never Want To Be Without 435 REVIEWS Hand Wash Anti-bacterial hand-wash made with moisturising Manuka honey. ONLY £7.50 250 REVIEWS Hand Cream Anti-bacterial hand cream with Manuka honey & Shea Butter. ONLY £7.50 145 REVIEWS High Strength Vitamin D Vitamin D contributes to normal immune system function. 2 30 Capsules ONLY £7.00 34 REVIEWS Vitamin D Spray Manuka Honey & Propolis spray with added Vitamin D. 500 M.E.D ONLY £9.00 “This is the brand of Manuka Honey I trust” Dr Hilary Jones GP & Health Professional, recommends the Manuka Doctor brand Don’t get stung in fake honey trap It is estimated that up to half of all honey sold as ‘Manuka’ honey may be fake. 1 Here are five simple questions you can ask which will help you avoid the fake honey trap. 1. Is it from New Zealand? New Zealand bans imported honey, so if a honey has come from New Zealand, it must have been made there. All pots of genuine Manuka Honey adhere to strict government standards which prove it is made from the Manuka bush. 2. Was it packed in New Zealand? Only buy Manuka honey which is marked ‘New Zealand Made’. This means it has been sealed into a jar in New Zealand, keeping it safe from adulteration elsewhere. 3. What is its MGO rating – and where is it tested? Manuka honey contains Methylglyoxal – or MGO. The MGO rating shows the amount in the pot based on milligrams per kilogram. So a 100 MGO honey will have 100 milligrams of MGO per Kg. INDEPENDENTLY NZ CERTIFIED GENUINE MANUKA 4. What does the label say? The label should refer to ‘monofloral’ or ‘multifloral’ honey. If it says ‘blend’, it is likely a mix of cheap Asian and European honeys. 5. Is it traceable? Check that the brand you’re buying can trace its jars. All Manuka Doctor honey carries the Hive to Home promise. — LOOK OUT FOR THESE 4 SURE SIGNS OF GENUINE MANUKA HONEY — “Pleasant silky taste... wonderful honey filling.” Kriszta K, Verified Buyer All natural colours and flavourings. ONLY £3.00 Genuine Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey is independently certified in New Zealand and fully traceable from ‘hive to home’. It is also Halal and Kosher certified. Tried, tested and loved by you! “I absolutely love my Manuka Doctor honey! Great size for a great price! It’s a must-have in your kitchen. I use it for my teas and beauty treatments ... it’s amazing!” Miss S, Verified Buyer TRACEABLE FROM HIVE to HOME MANUKA DOCTOR NEWS IN BRIEF TRY TODAY Squeezy Manuka honey with Lemon Our Squeezable Manuka uses exactly the same 100 MGO New Zealand Manuka as our jars, packed inside a light and squeezable bottle with non-drip spout. This new Lemon version adds a subtle citrus hint which perfectly matches the honey’s sweetness. CUSTOMER SERVICE Buy from Manuka Doctor with confidence Manuka Doctor has been recognised by Trading Standards. The Trusted Trader logo signifies that our business has been checked, vetted and monitored to ensure a high level of customer service and that our customers can buy with confidence. SEASONAL ESSENTIALS Sweet success at Honey awards At this year’s London Honey Awards, Manuka Doctor beat hundreds of honeys from around the world as a panel of experts judged our special 1100 MGO Manuka honey a winner in the quality category. Manuka Offers ON ALL UK FREE P&P ORDERS OVER £40 — EASY ONLINE ORDERING ANYTIME — “I am 76 years of age and couldn’t do without my Manuka honey.” CHRISTINE M. MULTIFLORAL 55 MGO MANUKA HONEY 500g WAS £60 SAVE 75% Only £15.00 “I buy it for myself and my family” CAROL F. MONOFLORAL 100 MGO SQUEEZABLE MANUKA HONEY WITH LEMON 483g WAS £75 SAVE 70% Only £22.50 “Great value for money, excellent quality and taste.” BRIAN S. MONOFLORAL 220 MGO MANUKA HONEY 500g WAS £95 SAVE 70% Only £28.50 1. and 2. Vitamin D helps contribute to the normal function of the immune system. — PHONE ORDERS 9-5 MONDAY-FRIDAY — Call 01455 89 59 59 Please send to: Manuka Doctor UK Ltd, Unit 21, Waterfield Way, Sketchley Lane Ind Est, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 3ER I enclose a cheque payable to Manuka Doctor UK Ltd. Please write your name and address on the back of the cheque. £ Name Address Tel Email Postcode Item Price Qty Total Hand Wash 500ml £7.50 Hand Cream 500ml £7.50 Vitamin D Supplements 30 Capsules £7.00 Vitamin D Spray 500 M.E.D 20ml £9.00 Immune Defence Syrup 200ml £15.00 55 MGO Manuka Honey 500g £15.00 100 MGO Squeezable Manuka Honey with Lemon 483g £22.50 220 MGO Manuka Honey 500g £28.50 Manuka Middles 100g £3.00 Bee Pollen 120g £5.00 Add £5.00 for UK P&P or FREE ON UK ORDERS OVER £40 GRAND TOTAL Tick here to receive more special offers from Manuka Doctor UK Ltd By ticking this box you give us consent to contact you with special offers from Manuka Doctor UK Ltd. Products and delivery dates are subject to availability. Your contract for supply of goods is with Manuka Doctor UK Ltd. Cheques/postal orders must be made out in GB Pounds Sterling (£). Full terms and conditions are available on our website or upon request. Offer must end at midnight on 17th October 2021. T&Cs: Privacy policy: Sunday Express 26.09.21

SE1ST on this day... LETTERS Write Sunday Express September 26, 2021 45 to: The Editor, Sunday Express, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP Email: Fax: 0871 434 7300 Please include your name, address and daytime telephone number WITH SHAUN WALLACE September 26, 1933 George “Machine Gun” Kelly was arrested by the FBI. The man dubbed Public Enemy Number One surrendered in Memphis unarmed and without a fight. He reportedly told agents “Don’t shoot, G-Men!” as he gave himself up, popularising the term for the FBI (“G” stood for government). Born George Barnes in 1895, for most of his career he was a small-time crook. He worked as a bootlegger during prohibition, changing his surname to escape the attention of the authorities. In 1928 he was jailed for smuggling alcohol and on his release in Kansas he met and later married Kathryn Thorne. She was an experienced criminal. Until that point Kelly had little interest in weapons. Thorne bought him his first automatic weapon, made him learn to shoot and popularised the “Machine Gun” nickname among her underworld contacts. It was this move to the 1580: Sir Francis Drake completes his voyage around the world. 1888: Poet TS Eliot is born. 1969: Beatles album Abbey Road is released. Also on this day big league that proved his undoing. In 1933, he and an accomplice burst into the home of oil tycoon Charles Urschel. They kidnapped him at gunpoint and held him for more than a week at a Texas farmhouse. He was released when the family paid a $200,000 ransom. But Urschel was no fool and, despite being blindfolded, recalled key details about his location. This included the times of day an aircraft flew overhead. Investigators from the new FBI swiftly isolated the hideout. The trail led back to Kelly and both he and his wife were arrested and later jailed for life. Kathryn was released after 25 years but George would never be free again. In 1934 he was transferred to Alcatraz, where he gained a reputation for boasting about crimes he had never committed. His nickname behind bars was “Pop- gun Kelly” and he became an altar boy in the chapel. He also wrote remorseful letters to his victim Urschel, who never replied. Kelly moved to Leavenworth prison in 1951 and died from a heart attack three years later. Question: Which former trans-Atlantic liner, now permanently moored in Long Beach, California, was launched on this day in 1934? Last week I asked: On September 19, 1881, President James Garfield died after being shot by Charles Guiteau. He is one of four US Presidents assassinated, along with Kennedy, Lincoln and William McKinley. UK interests count too We are becoming a safe harbour for anyone who wants to be in this country illegally. Despite the worthless comments from the Home Secretary, yet another group of migrants have stepped on to our shores (“Record number of Channel migrants”, September 19). The article by Tony Whitfield and Matthew Davies states we have seen the numbers almost double from 8,420 last year to 15,116 this year to date. In addition we have rapists and serial people traffickers claiming their human rights will be violated if they are deported back to their country of origin. Boris Johnson is looking to level things up (“Boris bid to level up the world”, September 19). Well he needs to take a good hard look at the UK first, which has a crumbling infrastructure, a fractured judicial system and a catastrophic border control system. Shuffling the government deckchairs around needs to deliver results. Wake up Boris Johnson – the general election is looming. Peter Rushton, Chorley, Lancashire Priti poor state of affairs Home Secretary Priti Patel should be replaced as soon as possible because she is not up to the job. She is always going on about how well she is controlling the cross-Channel migrant problem when in fact the situation is getting worse by the day. At the moment there is a “taxi service” being run, picking up these migrants. While the UK provides this taxi service, migrants will still come, knowing that they will be successful in reaching the UK. This has to stop now. Peter Roulston, Loughborough, Leicestershire Risky trip defies logic Please would somebody explain to me why migrants who come over here by sea are sent back, then they come for a second time and are then granted status? What is the point of making the hazardous journey twice? Sending them back is presumably telling them they shouldn’t have come in the first place, so why are they granted status the second time around? Surely that is inviting all of them to have another go at getting into the country. Where is the sense of it all? Gaynor Richardson, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire All part of the plan, PM? Boris Johnson’s mainly unpopular policies may just be “a cunning plan”. Those of us who have suffered under a MAJOR ISSUE: Migrants coming to UK Labour-led government over the years will be aware that its administrations usually end in the UK’s near bankruptcy. Should the unthinkable happen and Labour gets back into power, the population will realise their mistake and Labour could vanish into obscurity. Michael Carter, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire Tread carefully, Boris If the PM wants a quick election he should take heed from Theresa May’s disastrous election when she lost her majority. With the triple lock gone, free TV licences gone, energy prices rising, National Insurance increases and Brexit not fully completed, there’s enough there to put the brakes on as he’s not guaranteed a majority. Anthony Cartwright, Chelmsford, Essex A breath of fresh air What a joy to see Nadine Dorries brought into Boris Johnson’s Cabinet (“Downing St releases snap of Cabinet after PM’s brutal reshuffle”, September 19). Nadine will be a huge breath of fresh air. As the new Culture Secretary I can’t wait to see her take the battle to Channel 4 and the BBC. None of the publicly funded broadcasters would survive in the real world so it’s time to put the public interest first and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Geoffrey Brooking, Havant, Hampshire Cruel blow for musicians The decision by English Touring Opera to drop 14 musicians for its spring 2022 tour is nothing short of disgusting (“‘Too white’ player says free lessons is answer...”, Jacob’s weekly wisdom ‘There is no hope without fear, and no fear without hope.’ Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) Jacob Rees-Mogg says: “Ultimately hope conquers fear and it is Jeeves’s favourite philosopher who reminds us of this essential point.” September 19). The reason given was to “increase diversity”. Bearing in mind the funding is from the Arts Council, should it not have been consulted? Was enough respect given to these musicians who, during the pandemic had to take out loans and sell instruments to live? Of course there should be a diverse group in any situation but not at the expense of these hard-working and, in some cases, long-time employees. Maria Stewart, Weymouth, Dorset Taxpayers cop it again Our council already has an adult service care charge shown separately on the annual bill, which we understand will go up 5 per cent next year, so David Jones’s idea (Letters, September 19) isn’t new. No doubt it will continue to go up year after year, so in effect we have a double whammy with National Insurance going up too. This insurance will show separately on payslips so no doubt this will increase over time. Time will tell if the money is used wisely but don’t hold your breath. Anne Jones, Stalybridge, Cheshire Stars target top season It is great that the Premier League is showcasing some of the best footballing talent currently gracing the game. Romelu Lukaku has rejoined Chelsea and one of the sport’s greatest ever players, Cristiano Ronaldo, is also back at Manchester United and looks sharp. It promises to be an exciting title race, and with fans back in the stadiums it makes for an even better atmosphere, especially on the European nights in the Champions League and Europa League. Let’s hope that fans are able to keep attending games and that football is not forced to be played behind closed doors as it was during the lockdowns. James Whittingham, Felixstowe, Suffolk All our love to Julia Best wishes to Julia Bradbury (“I’m fighting breast cancer, says Julia”, September 19) for a speedy recovery. I shall be thinking and praying for her and her family. Please, Sunday Express, keep us updated on her recovery. Jean Firmin, Maldon, Essex Has the Penny dropped? Penny Lancaster still has a superb pair of legs (“Still a fan of Hot Legs, Rod?”, September 19). But looking at the picture of them together they look at odds. Wouldn’t it look more tasteful if she wore lower-heeled shoes than those massive heels that dwarf Rod and make him look almost childlike? Annette Hale, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset Telephone vote results Last week we revealed Priti Patel had warned police chiefs there must be no more “tea and chit chat” with Extinction Rebellion protesters and we asked: Should courts be tough on protesters? YES: 98% NO: 2%


SE1ST Travel Edited by NIGEL THOMPSON @TravelEdNigel Sunday Express September 26, 2021 47 email twitter @TravelEdNigel @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler @LissamanVicky online A taste of la dolce vita October is the best time to visit Italy. The country has now dropped its quarantine rule and opened its doors for fully vaccinated British travellers. With cooler weather and fewer crowds, it’s a great option for a romantic autumn break, says Jane Memmler DAZZLING Beautiful Bellagio on Lake Como TOP SPOT Villa del Balbianello LOCAL George Clooney Lake Como Some places get better with age and Lake Como is one. Throw in movie heartthrob George Clooney, who has owned Villa Oleandra in the tiny town of Laglio for 20 years, and you know you’re onto something unquestionably romantic. It is old, understated European glamour at its best. The shoreline is dotted with centuries-old villages and historic villas surrounded by lush gardens. Como Town is a joy to wander around, its labyrinthine streets lined with tiny trattorias and boutiques. From the busy port, ferries run like taxis, delivering tourists and locals to the dozens of little hamlets. Don’t miss the magnificent Villa del Balbianello, dating back to the 17th century and set in stupendous gardens. Modern day adventurers will love the exhibition dedicated to the villa’s previous owner, Guido Monzino, who led the first Italian expedition to climb Mount Everest. Stop off for cocktails at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This palazzo’s lemon facade with burnt orange awnings is an uplifting statement property. A short hop across the water is the bustling town of Bellagio, packed with shops selling porcini mushrooms and leather, while next door is the Villa Carlotta with incredible gardens. ■ ■ Seven nights at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como from £1,925pp, B&B. Flights from Stansted. TURN TO PAGE 48 Want to swap WFH for some sunshine? TUI is now selling workation-ready breaks at more than 50 selected four and five-star all-inclusive hotels in Greece, the Canaries, Morocco and Jamaica. Packages start from £1,049 per person for a fortnight, £1,349 for three weeks and £1,799 for a month. Cruise news by NIGEL THOMPSON The Queen of Disco will be sharing the love on board Norwegian Prima when she debuts in Amsterdam in August 2022. Tony Award-nominated Summer: The Donna Summer Musical will be the 142,000 gross tonnage ship’s Broadway-style immersive headliner – telling the story of the late star’s incredible life. The three-story theatre also transforms into a high-energy nightclub so passengers can boogie the night away to dance floor smashes such as Love to Love You Baby, Love’s Unkind and I Feel Love. Other innovations on 3,215 passenger Prima – under construction near Venice – will include a go-kart track that goes through the funnel, a freefall dry slide where riders plunge 10 decks, TRIBUTE Donna Summer escape rooms and live gameshows The Price is Right and Supermarket Sweep. Norwegian line chief Harry Sommer said: “We’re not just elevating the guest experience, we’re giving it an adrenaline rush and multisensory overload.” After her Northern Europe launch, which includes a visit to Southampton, Prima will head to Galveston, Texas, for winter voyages to the Caribbean. Like to plan ahead? easyJet holidays has put its winter 2022 packages on sale for trips all the way through to March 2023. More than 20 short haul destinations are on offer, with seven night beach packages starting from £339 per person and three night city breaks from £219. en/holidays

TRAVEL 5 River Nile Cruise & Stay Price includes: ● Return fl ights from various UK airport ● 7 nights’ 5* all-inclusive stay in Hurghada ● 7 nights 5* full-board cruise This unique Egyptian adventure of a lifetime lets you explore the hidden treasures of Egypt while you cruise on the legendary River Nile. This 14-night package starts with a pre-stay in Hurghada at an award-winning luxury five-star all-inclusive resort. You will then be transferred to the port where you will embark on 5* Cruise on a full board basis. Once your unforgettable voyage has ended you will then be transferred back to the award-winning five-star allinclusive resort where you will continue your holiday. 4 Deluxe Jersey Break Generous hospitality and passionate service. Standing proud on St Brelade’s Bay beachfront St Brelade’s Bay Hotel, is one of Jersey’s best-loved hotels. Off ering all the charm and nostalgia of a bygone era, but with all the modern comfort and amenities. Facilities include, two swimming pools, luscious gardens and a magnifi cent Spa and Health Club. The Hotel is steeped in history and has been welcoming guests for many years. Loved by locals and cherished by guests St Brelade’s Bay Hotel is a friendly place that guarantees everyone a warm welcome. ● Return fl ights from various UK airport ● 3 nights’ B&B stay at the 4-star St Brelades Bay Hotel ● Includes one traditional afternoon tea per person, per stay BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE Fully Flexible booking policy - COVID Cancellation Protection If you are not able to travel as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, you can transfer your holiday to a later date with no amendment fees. Your money is 100% Protected under our ATOL Bond - Your money is safe and secure. Your money is 100% protected by ATOL. Dedicated contacts, EXCLUSIVELY for Reach customers - Our Express Travel Customers benefi t from having a dedicated, fast-response email address, as well as exclusive telephone contact numbers that ensure your queries are handled by a person and not a machine. CALL US ON 0800 082 2172 OR VISIT JETLINEHOLIDAYS.COM OCT ’21 - MAY ’22 FROM £499 PER PERSON DATES LONDON MANCHESTER October £599pp £649pp November £649pp £599pp December £499pp £499pp January 22 £549pp £599pp February 22 £499pp £499pp March 22 £549pp £549pp April 22 £499pp £549pp May 22 £549pp £599pp *Regional airports available at a supplement, please call our sales staff for more information. SEP ’21 - JUL ’22 FROM £199 PER PERSON DATES LONDON MANCHESTER October £199pp CALL US November £199pp £199pp December £199pp £199pp January 22 £199pp CALL US February 22 £199pp £199pp March 22 £199pp £199pp April 22 £269pp £269pp May 22 £329pp £329pp June 22 £429pp £429pp *Regional airports available at a supplement, please call our sales staff for more information. *Terms, conditions & limitations apply. Prices are subject to availability and change. Offer and prices can be withdrawn at anytime without any notice. Prices are per person based on two sharing a room. Book with confidence we provide financial protection for your money when you book with us. The Jetline Holidays terms and conditions apply. ATOL protected 6153 - all flight-inclusive packages are ATOL protected. Calls cost 7pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. SE1ST 48 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Travel CONTINUED FROM PAGE 47 Deals of the week by NIGEL THOMPSON America holidays open up in November and Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Maldives are off the UK red list. Here’s our pick of the trips… USA New York City from £639pp: three nights on room-only at the four-star The New Yorker A Wyndham Hotel in Midtown West comes with Virgin Atlantic flights from Heathrow between December 1-15 and a free room upgrade. Book by October 15. Orlando from £499pp: A week’s roomonly at the three-star Ramada by Wyndham Kissimmee Gateway hotel departs from Heathrow on selected dates in January, including 23kg luggage. Las Vegas from £652pp: Jet away from Heathrow on November 18 to hit The Strip on a four-night room-only stay at the four-star Park MGM Las Vegas resort. TURKEY Marmaris from £539pp: Fly from Edinburgh on October 5 for a week on all-inclusive at the four-star+ Green Nature Diamond Hotel, includes 22kg luggage and transfers. Kemer from £593pp: A seven-night half-term all-inclusive stay at the fourstar Sherwood Greenwood Resort is based on a family of four sharing and departing from Manchester on October 24, with transfers. Saves £100. EGYPT Sharm El Sheikh from £647pp: Christmas week on all-inclusive at the four-star Sharm Plaza Hotel comes with flights from Gatwick on December 22, 20kg luggage and transfers. Price based on a family of four sharing. MALDIVES North Male Atoll from £1,099pp: Save 50% on a seven-night stay at the five-star all-inclusive Eriyadu Island Resort Maldives. Depart from Heathrow on October 3, includes room upgrade and speedboat transfers. SRI LANKA Kalutara from £1,299pp: Book by October 31 to save up to £650pp on a seven-night halfboard stay in during November at the five-star Anantara Kalutara Resort and Spa. Departs from Heathrow and comes with transfers. Prices correct at time of publication and based on two sharing unless stated otherwise. ROMANTIC Vista of vineyards and cypress trees Tuscany It’s difficult NOT to be seduced by the beautiful Tuscany immortalised in the elegant film version of EM Forster’s A Room With A View. The wild poppy fields, the rolling green hills, Cypress trees piercing the early morning mist, ancient terracotta villages balancing on hilltops and medieval towns, it is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Florence has long inspired painters, musicians and inventors. Wandering through it is like being in a painting. It has majestic Renaissance buildings, secluded alleyways and, of course, the beautiful Arno river overlooked by the magnificent Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Give over a day to explore the Uffizi, with its collection of Renaissance art. Out of town, the medieval, walled hilltop town of San Gimignano will transport you to another era. Known for its 13 towers, you’ll wander past tiny houses with impressive doors. Siena is another gem, which hosts the Palio di Siena horse race twice yearly around the ancient piazza. ■ ■ CV Villas has seven nights at Il Piccolo Fienile, in Montelupo Fiorentino from £619pp, (four sharing). Flights from Stansted. MESMERIC A sunset over the city of Ostuni Puglia Many overlook the heel of Italy but they’re missing a trick. There’s so much to see. From Lecce with its tiny streets largely devoid of cars and lined with honey-coloured buildings, stopping at tiny bars and exploring baroque churches. Ostuni is whitewashed with houses sitting cheek by jowl connected by archways. The distinctive trulli, the typical circular houses with conical roofs, are in abundance in the Murgia region, particularly Alberobello. October will still be swimming weather so make the most of Puglia’s pristine white beaches. Nearby is the ancient city of Matera where you’ll find the iconic Sassi, or cave dwellings carved out of tufa limestone. ■ ■ British Airways Holidays offers seven nights at the Agriturismo Masseria San Leonardo from £479pp, B&B. Flights from Heathrow. holidays

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 49 email twitter @TravelEdNigel @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler @LissamanVicky online Shore fire winner SUBLIME Positano on the Amalfi Coast HISTORIC Temple of Vespasian and Titus in Rome ALLURING Rock formations and Tyrrhenian Sea in Capri Rome In terms of world capitals, the Eternal City does not disappoint. It’s a journey through thousands of years of history as you pass countless majestic landmarks. Crazy traffic and the constant buzz of Vespa scooters does not detract from the monumental grandeur of your surroundings. Glorious palazzi, incredible fountains, vast piazzas and, at just 0.2 square miles, the world’s smallest country – Vatican City. Wander under Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and possibly attend an audience with Pope Francis in St Peter’s Square if you time it right. Despite its age, there’s a buzz to the city. No more so than the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, Rome’s exclusive shopping strip. Take time out for a picnic and a row on the lake in the grounds of Villa Borghese and don’t miss exploring the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, the extraordinary amphitheatre. Rome’s lively Trastevere neighbourhood comes alive at night with traditional restaurants, particularly pizzerias. ■Three ■ nights at Hotel de la Ville, Rome from £1,085pp, B&B. Flights from Manchester. Capri The only way to get to Capri is by boat. You’ll dock at a harbour rammed with million-dollar yachts which has long welcomed the jet set, artists, intellectuals and mere mortals like us. Even Lenin was rather keen on it. So was Jackie Onassis who was regularly spotted in her signature big sunglasses. The villages are pristine; with gelato-coloured buildings and endless restaurants and coffee shops. It is also home to the Blue Amalfi Coast Taking to the winding, precipitous roads along the impossibly romantic Amalfi Coast is not only a test of driving skills, but patience. Italians, who know the road, will thunder along at breakneck speeds. It’s best seen from a passenger seat. The dazzling blues, the bright green of the hillsides, the gleaming white cliffs – this road is a beauty. The towns dotted at regular intervals are enchanting, from Sorrento with its main square and elegant Renaissance and Baroque architecture to the glorious front cover-worthy town of Positano with its brightly coloured houses in peach, terracotta and bright yellows tumbling down to the water. Ravello, set high on the cliffs, is home to elegant villas, a stupendous cathedral and the town’s crowning glory, Villa Rufolo, a 13th century masterpiece with cloisters and Turkish baths. The Amalfi Coast is also the place to pick up ceramics. ■ ■ Citalia offers three nights at Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento from £1,335pp, B&B. Flights from Gatwick. FRANCE SWITZERLAND Milan Pisa Como TUSCANY Florence Rome Naples Capri AMALFI COAST MORE INFO Italian tourism: AUSTRIA SLOVENIA PUGLIA Lecce Grotto, once used as a temple. Glide into the sea cave, a mysterious world, where the sun reflecting through a crevice causes the water to ‘glow’. Back on terra firma, Capri has a beautiful lighthouse, worth the hike up for expansive views. There’s a funicular from the Marina Grande Port to Capri Town where most head straight to Piazzetta, the busiest square in Italy. Buy a coffee and while away the hours watching the passeggiata (leisurely stroll) of beautiful people. ■ ■ Seven nights at the Villa Sanfelice in Capri from £860pp, B&B. Flights from Luton or Bristol. Hotel of the week by maryam qaiser The Dilly, London WHERE AND WHY: In the heart of Piccadilly, just a stone’s throw from the shops of Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street, this heritage hotel has been welcoming guests since 1908 when it opened as The Piccadilly Hotel. After recent renovations and a rebrand the grand Edwardian building has a new name, but has retained period features such as the rich oak panelling and picture windows. Our contemporary room had a stunningly large bathroom with toiletries by Floris, and treats of fudge and chocolates made us feel welcome. ON THE MENU: For a pre-dinner drink, The Balcony, overlooking the lobby, is the place to be. It’s also where we heard the sound of the ceremonial Edwardian gong signalling the change from day to night. Dinner at award-winning Madhu’s in the hotel’s Grade II-listed Oak Room was a gourmet delight. We kicked off with starters of chilli and garlic prawns and palak patta chaat, followed by masaledar kuku (Madhu’s signature chicken dish) and boozi bafu (spring lamb chop on the bone) for mains. We rounded things off with carroty gajar ka halwa served with ice cream and biscuits topped with petals. And the sunset paradise mocktail is a must. Starters cost from £9, mains from £11, and desserts from £6. The Terrace, with its elegant arches and slanted glass ceiling, was where we enjoyed a fantastic buffet breakfast of fruit, hot dishes, smoked salmon, olives, cheeses, yogurts and pastries. It also offers a Peter Rabbit-themed tea in the afternoons. WHILE YOU’RE THERE: Strictly fans can book a smooth, latin or ballroom dance class at The Dilly’s own in-house dance studio. Or take a dip in the pool, one of the largest in London, and there’s also a wellness centre if you fancy a facial or massage treatment. Hotel bikes are on hand for hire for a spot of exploring. There are also weekly walking tours including a behind-the-scenes peek at the Floris’ flagship store in Jermyn Street. WAKE UP CALL: Doubles from £320 a night, room only.

Super-Tough Penstemons That Will Grow Anywhere Penstemon ‘Ice Cream Collection’ 9 Jumbo Plug Plants £29.97 ONLY£9.99 “Plants have grown on well and I am pleased with them” Penstemon ‘Sweet Cherry’ HURRY OFFER ENDS OCTOBER 10TH Extremely long flowering period Superb drought resistance Undemanding and easy to grow Penstemon ‘Ice Cream Collection’ Including three fantastic varieties, these popular hardy perennials deserve a prime spot in the garden. Eye catching tubular flowers appear in summer above a flush of glossy, semi-evergreen foliage. The long-lasting blooms of Penstemon ‘Ice Cream Collection’ continue well into autumn, long after other plants have run out of steam. Undemanding and easy to grow, Penstemons tolerate almost any position in the garden, regardless of rain or drought, and even resist slug damage. Height: 80cm (31”). Spread: 45cm (18”). Penstemon ‘Blackberry’ - Luxurious, rich purple, tubular blooms. Penstemon ‘Sweet Cherry’ - The bright red, bell-shaped flowers are beautifully accented with pure white throats. Penstemon ‘Strawberries & Cream’ - White trumpet shaped flowers with delicately speckled pink throats. Despatching from September. SPECIAL BONUS OFFER Coreopsis Golden Joy Enjoy the wonderful golden yellow blooms of this compact Coreopsis even sooner than usual with our Garden Ready plants. We despatch these packs of 15 tough super-size plants at the perfect time for planting out, usually before blooms form, which helps them establish quicker for better root growth and then a longer, stronger display of flowers. 24 Plug Plants £35.96 £8.99 Penstemon ‘Blackberry’ Penstemon ‘Strawberries & Cream’ MAXICROP Plant Treatment Give your plants the best possible start in life with a Maxicrop Treatment by our trained staff prior to despatch. 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SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 51 FINANCIAL EDITED BY GEOFF HO Pub chain hit by £144m loss as revenues plummet Pub giant JD Wetherspoon is tipped to say it has fallen deeper into the red, owing to the pandemic, when it unveils its full-year results tomorrow. According to the consensus forecast from City analysts, Wetherspoon will report a pre-tax loss of £144.5million for the 12 months to July 24, compared to a £105.4million loss for the same period the previous year. Revenues are expected to have tumbled by a third to £796million. The loss will be the largest in Wetherspoon’s history. The annual loss it posted last year was its first since it listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1992. Like other leisure groups, Wetherspoon’s business has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, more recently, shortages of supplies. In August, it was forced to apologise to customers when a number of its pubs ran out of Coors, Carling and four other beer brands, while earlier this month it was hit by a bread shortage which impacted 13 dishes on its breakfast menu. The pub sector has been struggling with a shortage of workers and the HGV driver crisis which is causing supply chain problems across a number of sectors. On Thursday Wetherspoon cut the price of all its food and drink by 7.5 per cent to highlight how the hospitality sector would benefit from a permanent reduction in VAT, which will rise from 5 per cent to 12.5 per cent next month. LOSS: Wetherspoon’s financial and supply troubles are no small beer Lego gives children of Covid a £109m leg-up Lego’s charitable arm is donating £109million to help children whose education has been disrupted by the pandemic and to improve access to vaccines and health supplies. Just over half of the money will go to charities such as BRAC and Right To Play, to help them address the lost learning time estimated to have affected 90 per cent of children worldwide. The remainder will be given to Unicef, which will use it to support access to vaccines and health supplies for the vulnerable around the world. The Lego Foundation’s chairman of the governing board, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, said: “It’s our responsibility to invest in children.” Britain won’t fully recover until 2022 Britain’s economy will not return to its pre-pandemic size until the second quarter of 2022 due to staff shortages, the HGV driver crisis, flagging demand, and rising costs, economists warn. Gross domestic product was on track to return to its 2019 peak by the end of this year, but with the economy stalling, Britain is now likely to join Italy as the last of the G7 nations to recover from coronavirus. The UK suffered the biggest drop in output out of the G7. Economists say that with the UK still grappling with Covid-19, along with subdued consumer demand, rising energy and fuel costs, staff shortages and the ongoing HGV driver crisis leading to shortages of food, goods and raw materials, full year GDP is now likely to come in at 7 per cent for 2021, rather than the 7.6 per cent forecast in July. Martin Beck, senior economic adviser By Geoff Ho to the EY ITEM Club think tank, said: “We were bullish in our last forecast in July, we had full-year growth at 7.6 per cent, but that will probably be knocked back down. Hopefully that will be offset by stronger growth next year. “But that said, we’ll still see a strong recovery this year because the hole we were in last year was so deep.” IHS Markit chief business economist Chris Williamson said: “The risks are tilting in that direction (of lower-thanexpected growth). Most people have downgraded their fourth quarter forecasts because of the loss of economic momentum. Supply constraints could subdue growth for some time.” This week data from the Office for National Statistics is expected to confirm that the economy grew by 4.8 in the second quarter. It will also see the end of furlough and the other Government support schemes that have protected incomes. More than 1.5 million people are still on furlough and its end is expected to see an upturn in the unemployment rate, which has been falling since December and currently sits at 4.6 per cent. Pantheon Macroeconomics chief UK economist Samuel Tombs said: “We expect the unemployment rate to rise to about 5 per cent in the fourth quarter and underemployment to increase sharply.” Last week the Bank of England raised the prospect of interest rates being hiked in order to combat rising inflation, which is tipped to exceed four per cent in the fourth quarter and stay there for some time. It is believed that Governor Andrew Bailey may use a speech tomorrow to give hints about the timing of what would be the first rate hike since July 2018.

SE1ST 52 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Deregulating Britain’s energy market may have increased competition and lowered prices, but it also sowed the seeds of doom. Soaring gas prices have hit the pockets of energy suppliers who have not insured themselves against wholesale market price fluctuations or hedged their risks. As a result of these calamitous conditions, six firms went bust this month and many more are now scrambling to COMMENT GARDENING secure the bailout funds they need to survive. In the words of one energy industry executive, the problem stems from the fact that under Britain’s deregulated regime, “any idiot with a credit card” used to be able to set up as a challenger supplier, regardless of qualifications, experience, or financial backing. The fact firms have been able to offer absurdly low prices when wholesale costs were lower and allowed to operate DWARF EVERGREEN Patio Azalea A GEOFF HO without hedging risks shows there are gaps in Ofgem’s licensing regime, which was toughened up earlier this year. These gaps need to be closed, otherwise the next time there is a spike in the energy market, more suppliers could go under. As a start, suppliers should be forced to hedge all risks and maintain strong cash reserves It’s the least that needs to be done if consumers are to have any confidence in the market. ● This premium range of dwarf evergreen Japanese Azalea are ideal for gardens of any size, growing to a compact height of only 60-90cm. A mass of brightly coloured flowers will smother the sturdy stems in April and May against a backdrop of small, dark green leaves, which are retained throughout the year. 9cm pot grown plants supplied. A. Dwarf Azalea Lilac £7.99 B. Dwarf Azalea Red £7.99 C. Dwarf Azalea Orange £7.99 D. 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Daytime tel no ..............................................................................Date .................................... Name on Card........................................................Signature ................................................ TO ORDER CALL 0871 664 1469 OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK/6499 QUOTING EX6499 Post to: Express Garden, Dwarf Patio Azalea Offer (EX6499), 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9FG. If you prefer to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here. To see how your data is processed please refer to Express’s Privacy Policy: This offer is provided by J Parker Dutch Bulbs Ltd, 14 Hadfield Street, Manchester, M16 9FG. Company is registered in England No. 1467306. Offer subject to availability. For queries on refunds or product information please contact J Parker Dutch Bulbs Ltd. on 0161 848 1101. Calls cost 12p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. Please note delivery to England, Scotland and Wales only. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. All prices include postage and packaging. Next back in fashion with £290m profit Fashion giant Next is set to announce that first-half profits and revenues have surpassed pre-pandemic levels, thanks to its booming online division and the reopening of stores. At its half-year results on Wednesday, Next is expected to say that it made a net profit of around £290million, compared with an £11.5million loss for the same period last year. For the corresponding period in 2016, the high street stalwart made a profit of £266.9million. According to analysts’ forecasts, Next will report first-half revenues of £2.2billion, an increase of 69 per cent on 2019 levels. Prior to the global coronavirus outbreak, Next notched up half-year revenues of £2.06billion. Shore Capital’s head of research, Clive Black, said Next has also benefited from a number of its traditional competitors falling by the wayside. Boxpark lifts lid on growth plan Boxpark, the food and urban leisure operator, is stepping up its high street expansion with plans to add 10 more sites around the country, writes Maisha Frost. It has secured backing from Lloyds Banking Group’s private equity arm, LDC, and is on track to generate revenues of £18million plus this year. Founder and Chief Executive Roger Wade opened the first Boxpark, a pop-up food and independent retail mall made of shipping containers, in East London, a decade ago. He said it was eyeing sites in Bristol and Manchester in the first wave of new growth. Just 26 stocks with dividends that beat inflation on FTSE Hard-pressed savers only have 26 shares in the entire FTSE 350 that they can turn to for inflation-beating dividends, according to research. Inflation has surged since August 2020 and the consumer price index (CPI) currently sits at 3.2 per cent, its highest level in nearly a decade. With interest rates at record lows, high-yielding or dividend-paying shares are popular with investors. But Bowmore Asset Management found that there are only 26 stocks in the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 – which together account for the 350 largest shares available on the London Stock Exchange – that can sustain CPI By Geoff Ho “There is every reason to believe Next has made gains, particularly as a lot of capacity has come out of the market with the collapse of people such as Debenhams and Arcadia. Next has been a strong performer.” This month, Next signed a deal with US fashion giant Gap to keep the brand going in the UK. It formed a joint venture with Gap that will see Next sell the US brand’s clothes in the UK and Ireland in its stores and online. Earlier this year, Gap announced that it wanted to pull out of the UK, Ireland, France and Italy. Elsewhere, on Thursday online fashion giant Boohoo will unveil its halfyear results which are expected to show that its US and UK sales have continued to surge. NET GAINS: England fans at a Boxpark inflation-beating dividend payments. That list includes blue chips such as mining giant Rio Tinto, investment bank Investec, tobacco manufacturers Imperial Brands and British American Tobacco, insurer Aviva and consumer goods giant Unilever. The firms identified generate net profits equal to 150 per cent of the dividends they pay out, which is a sign of their financial strength and the sustainability of shareholder payouts. Charles Incledon, client director for Bowmore, commented: “With inflation climbing, high-dividend shares are only going to become more important.”

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 53 By Harvey Jones B ritons continue to blow fortunes on nursing home care in later life and the new health and social care levy raid will be wasted money, unless the Government radically overhauls our broken adult social care system. Without reform, campaigners say Boris Johnson’s 1.25 per cent National Insurance hike will be throwing good money after bad. Those at the sharp end of the care system face confusion and uncertainty on top of the heartbreak that inevitably comes when a loved one can no longer cope at home. They also face the shock of seeing a lifetime of savings being depleted by care fees, often in a matter of weeks. That is what happened to Ian Blagden, whose beloved wife Sheila is being charged nursing home fees of an incredible £1,176 a week after going into care six weeks ago. That works out at more than £60,000 a year – although Sheila’s money will have run out long before then. STRIPPING ASSETS Ian, 72, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, exhausted himself caring for Sheila after she had a breakdown almost five years ago. Sheila, 78, requires constant professional support and Ian has now witnessed our social care system’s failings at first hand. His verdict: “It’s a farce.” His wife has only been in a nursing home for a few weeks but already her lifetime savings are being eaten up by the cost. Her state pension and workplace savings give her an income of just £350 a month, yet her nursing home fees are more than three times that sum. Sheila had some savings and received an inheritance of £36,000 a few years ago but that has already nearly disappeared on fees. Under current rules, local authorities will only contribute to care costs once your total assets fall below £23,250 in England, known as the upper capital limit. They will only cover the full cost of care once your assets fall below £14,250. The means test takes into account the value of your home, forcing around 20,000 families to sell their properties each year to meet fees. trapped BY THE TEST If a couple jointly own their home, or have dependents who live there, its value is not included in the local authority means test for residential care. That is the case with Ian and Sheila, which means the local council will not take it into account as long as Ian lives there. However this still leaves him stuck in the home for life. He could not downsize from the three-bedroom home or take out an equity release scheme to raise funds. “As soon as any money is released the council will want my wife’s share so I am basically trapped until the day she or I die,” Ian said. NO CLARITY Since Sheila went into the home, Ian has been waiting to receive clarity from his local authority about what happens next, and ideally something in writing. “I’ve heard nothing which ‘Sheila is being charged nursing home fees of £1,176 a week after going into care six weeks ago’ Care tax raid ‘just a sticking plaster’ on a broken system just adds to the feeling of uncertainty about what support we are going to get,” he said. Sheila will reach the upper capital limit in only four weeks and Ian has just contacted social services for a financial assessment. “Right now, I feel like I’m left in a loop,” he added. Ian, a retired aircraft supplier quality engineer, wants to speak out because many people do not realise the problems that lie in wait. “At some point in our lives we are all going to confront this system. We don’t realise how bad it is until we come up against it.” He said Boris Johnson’s overhaul will do little to help: “It’s just a sticking plaster.” ripped apart The new health and social care levy is designed to raise £36billion for the NHS and care system over the next three years. More than 25 million mostly lower-paid workers will foot the bill, as will retirees who work to generate extra earnings after state pension age. Rachael Crook, chief executive of home care specialist, said the reforms do nothing to address the carer shortage caused by poor pay and conditions. “We need a coherent long-term plan for social care to ensure those we love most can live the lives they deserve in the homes they love,” she said. Otherwise hundreds of thousands of families will continue to see their lives “ripped apart” by the care crisis, she added. legacy of loss The Government will set a cap of £86,000 on personal care costs but this will not come into force until October 2023. Any money spent on care fees before that date will not count towards the cap. Even after that date, it will be of limited use. The cap will not apply to daily living costs such as accommodation and food, so families could still spend hundreds of thousands of pounds. Matthew Connell, the Personal Finance Society’s director of policy and public affairs, said this destroys the motivation to save for later life: “Too many families whose loved ones had spent a lifetime carefully saving to pass on a legacy see the cash quickly disappear to pay for care.” Today, Ian and Sheila Blagden are facing that dismal prospect. Tomorrow, it could be any of us. FARCE: Ian Blagden hit out at social care failings

SE1ST 54 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Banking on a US giant five-minute guide to... JP MORGAN chase’S CURRENT ACCOUNT By Harvey Jones US banking giant JP Morgan Chase is looking to establish a foothold in the UK by launching a new current account stuffed with benefits and rewards. Chase is the largest consumer bank in the US, used by more than 60 million households, which gives it the financial clout to be a big hit over here, too. It has spent three years and tens of millions of pounds on the launch of the digital-only bank, simply known as Chase. Has the cost and expense been worth it? Chase is a fee-free current account that combines cashback rewards on everyday debit card spending, plus interest on your savings. Customers can also use their card overseas without paying a fee, including for cash withdrawals. It is only available by app at but does offer UK-based customer support. Unlike many current accounts, new customers do not need to dump their existing bank, pay in a regular monthly sum or set up direct debits. Chase has “an awful lot going for it” according to Hargreaves Lansdown personal finance analyst Sarah Coles. She said: “It offers 1 per cent cashback on all your purchases, which is streets ahead of the competition, especially since it is not capped. The downside is that it only lasts for one year.” Chase also has an attractive headline BENEFITS: Chase is US’s biggest bank savings rate. “You can round up your spending to the nearest £1 and that money goes into a separate pot, which pays 5 per cent,” Coles added. This is great for building an accidental savings habit, Coles said: “It pays more than NatWest Digital Saver’s 3.4 per cent, which is the best regular savings account linked to a current account.” Once again, that rate lasts for just one year, though. If you are tempted, first check out Nationwide FlexDirect, Coles said: “It pays 2 per cent for 12 months on everything in your current account up to £1,500, whereas Chase only pays interest on its round-up account.” Nationwide also offers a £100 bonus for new switchers but you must switch your existing account and transfer at least two active direct debits. Chase does not offer an overdraft, Coles said: “First Direct is good here, charging zero interest on the first £250.” Britons are notoriously slow to switch bank and new entrants have found it difficult to make a profit when everyone expects free banking, but JP Morgan has the scale and commitment to succeed, Coles added. As with every UK-registered bank, the first £85,000 of your money will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Another US banking giant, Goldman Sachs, entered the savings market three years ago offering a market-beating 1.5 per cent with easy access on its Marcus account. Anna Bowes, co-founder of, said that this proved so popular it was swamped with money from savers and was forced to cut its rates. Today, Marcus pays a solid but unspectacular 0.5 per cent, which is inflated by a 12-month bonus of 0.1 per cent. Bowes said Chase’s round-up savings rate risks being small change: “The publicity Chase gets will be far greater than the interest its customers earn.” BANKING AND BORROWING Online Branch Telephone Post CURRENT ACCOUNTS In-Credit Interest Provider Account % AER Nationwide Monzo Monzo Bank of Scotland FlexDirect Premium Plus Classic Account with Vantage 2.0% variable 1.5% variable 1.0% variable 0.6% variable CREDIT CARDS Balance Transfer Provider Card 0% Period Fee Rep APR Sainsbury's Bank Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card Balance Transfer Credit Card 27 months 27 months 1.00% 1.20% 21.9% variable 21.9% variable Virgin Money Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card Balance Transfer Credit Card 27 months 27 months 1.20% 1.20% 23.9% variable 25.9% variable Purchase LOANS Provider Card 0% Period Rep APR Sainsbury’s Bank Dual Offer Credit Card 21 months 20.9% variable Based on £10,000 over five years Provider Product RateSetter Personal Loan Rep APR 2.8% Total amount payable £10,729.20 Monthly repayment £178.82 Barclaycard Virgin Money Virgin Money Platinum Purchase and BT Credit Card All Round Credit Card All Round Credit Card 21 months 19 months 19 months 21.9% variable 21.9% variable 23.9% variable AA Personal Loan 3.1% £10,796.40 £179.94 Post Office Personal Loan 3.1% £10,796.40 £179.94 Natwest Personal Loan 3.4% £10,874.40 £181.24 Bank of Scotland *existing customers only Personal Loan 3.4% £10,874.40 £181.24 These products are only a selection of those available and you should take the time to compare the features and benefits of a wide range of products to find those that best suit your circumstances and requirements. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply Correct as of 24th September 2021

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SE1ST 58 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Motoring For me, a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV, is still the sensible staging post en route to giving Keep Q5 up the internal combustion engine completely and going fully charged electric. Use a PHEV properly, which means and it’s keeping it fully charged so that short journeys can be done under electric power only, and you will not only help a cheap keep the air clean where you live but you will save money. performer Greenpeace hates PHEVs and reckons they’re a con that are almost as bad as diesel or petrol vehicles. But that’s nonsense if the vehicle is used correctly. Of course, to do that you will need to have the facility to charge a car overnight which generally means having off-street parking such as a driveway. With the above thoughts in mind, here we have Audi’s latest PHEV that sits alongside the company’s e-tron branded full EVs. costs £53,495 without options I’d There’s hardly any tyre noise, the It’s the Q5 TFSI e. Full name for the suggest that you can. suspension is quiet and you can one we’re testing is... S Line 50 TFSI e The extra power comes from the barely hear the electric motor Quattro S tronic. petrol engine as both the 50 and 55 working. The ride is good and our This has a total power output from use the same 141bhp electric motor. test car is on conventional steel its 2.0-litre petrol engine and electric This is powered by a 14.1kWh battery springs. Vorsprung-spec versions motor of 295bhp, while the 55 version that will give you an electric range of come with air suspension which is has the same petrol engine but around 25 miles all the way up to likely to be even more comfortable. produces a combined power output motorway speeds, but to do that is The Q5 PHEV is available in both of 362bhp. pointless as high speeds will reduce regular and Sportback body styles Do you really need that extra your electric range considerably. but we’re testing the former. As you’d power or can you live with ‘only’ Under electric power the Q5 is expect, the quality inside the Audi is 295bhp? Since even the 50 version serenely quiet and vibration free. good and the equipment level is with COLIN GOODWIN Dydydydydydydy Plug and play impressive, too. Heated and powered seats are standard in all trim levels, as is Audi’s virtual cockpit digital instrument pack. That lithium ion battery pack robs 95 litres of boot space so the PHEV Q5 has 450 litres of luggage space with the rear seats in place. Rather more annoying is the lack of tailored storage for the charging cables. You get two of them with the car – one for a domestic socket which will email twitter @expressmotoring The Facts Audi Q5 S Line 50 TFSi e Quattro Price: £53,495 Engine: 1,984cc, fourcylinder, petrol Power: 299PS Torque: 450Nm Top speed: 148mph 0-62mph: 6.1secs Economy: 166.2mpg combined CO2: 38g/km For: Running costs, quietness. Against: Nowhere to stash cables. Sum Up: Sophisticated SUV for those not ready for a full EV. charge the battery in around six hours and another for a 7kW Type 2 home wallbox which will take a couple of hours to replenish the battery’s charge. Well made, spacious and refined to drive, the Audi Q5 plug-in hybrid might be expensive to buy, especially if you go for the most powerful version in top trim and then add loads of options. But it won’t be expensive to run, so long as you keep it charged.

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62 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 ALPHAPUZZLE ® Alphapuzzle ® tests your logic and word power. Each grid number represents a letter. Each letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter or letters – below the main grid – to start. Can you beat the Target Time? Call for an Extra Letter Clue if you get stuck. Solution next Sunday. DIFFICULTY: 10/10; TARGET TIME: 30 minutes; CLUE: Stitch found in a shell, we hear. 26 8 25 25 17 17 23 15 22 12 13 5 For extra letter clues, call: 13 13 26 8 13 23 13 22 17 8 23 1 22 12 10 17 21 13 3 17 23 8 18 12 11 17 9 8 13 22 22 11 12 1 15 17 19 23 8 13 18 14 8 12 6 14 11 5 12 22 13 23 18 17 10 17 12 24 21 17 4 8 22 3 2 13 20 13 22 1 12 1 17 22 11 14 3 22 12 18 4 8 5 23 11 16 11 14 17 23 18 12 4 14 12 12 19 5 1 11 5 14 2 5 7 22 13 23 23 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 F A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z M Alphapuzzle ® © 2021 Acorn Editorial Ltd. All words appear in Chambers Dictionary 0907 181 2603 (Deduct two minutes from Target Time for each extra letter used). Alternatively, for six extra letter clues direct to your mobile, text: SXALPHA to 64343. Texts cost £1 plus your normal network operator rate. Full solution: 0907 181 2602 Across only: 0907 181 2600 Down only: 0907 181 2601 *Calls cost 80p a minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. SP: Spoke, London W1B 2AG. Last Sunday’s solution ACROSS: Also, Everyday, Journal, Slain, Conga, Mutate, Lackey, Psyche, Baffle, Quart, Amass, Asexual, Sparsely, Deny. DOWN: Abjectly, Pass, Spurn, Chalaza, Engage, Fasts, Volume, Bewail, Resit, Sequel, Drastic, Acute, Yank (clue), Mentally. Here’s the Ultra Alphapuzzle ® – Sunday’s extra tough version of Britain’s favourite wordpower challenge. Each grid number represents a different letter. All 26 letters are used. Target time: 30 minutes Solution next Sunday. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 M 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z thinking space ©2021 Acorn Editorial Ltd THE ULTRA ALPHAPUZZLE ® 7 12 13 16 16 2 18 11 2 22 6 9 26 1 2 26 3 15 9 22 10 19 6 14 12 13 10 2 6 8 17 2 6 20 26 1 1 1 2 1 13 6 6 26 25 12 21 9 16 9 24 17 22 21 14 17 2 13 12 6 10 3 26 20 23 26 5 8 3 25 2 10 22 14 26 3 26 3 22 26 25 3 16 26 3 19 22 17 22 25 2 12 22 6 8 1 2 4 8 12 26 2 3 22 26 22 10 26 1 2 8 20 26 9 8 12 12 26 D For up to six extra clue letters call: 0907 181 2607 (Deduct three minutes from Target Time for each extra letter heard). Alternatively, for six extra clues direct to your mobile, text SXALPHAU to 64343. Texts cost £1 plus your normal network rate. Full solution: 0907 181 2611 Across only: 0907 181 2609 Down only: 0907 181 2610 *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Last Sunday’s solution ACROSS: Kingdom, Arise, Ate, Hair, Applique, Swivel, Inject, Coccyx, Tirade, Momentum, Cyst, Ten, Rouse, Tragedy. DOWN: Pathos, Comet, Woo, Bikini, Cement, Keg, Defy, Nova, Nappy, Furze, Deal, Nail, Fry, Masque, Asylum, Cad, Elect, Either. SE1ST PUZZLES A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 21 2 40 21 10 1 22 33 19 22 37 21 38 5 2 22 24 21 37 12 12 37 11 7 31 25 4 33 8 3 23 V 8 1 30 16 17 3 15 36 40 16 23 7 4 4 24 5 3 29 14 31 29 12 36 29 28 4 1 13 5 25 6 3 2 10 21 15 21 18 29 31 25 32 6 34 26 ULTIMATE ALPHABEATER Can you crack the super-tough Ultimate Alphabeater? Each grid number represents a letter – or black square. As in Alphapuzzle, every letter of the alphabet is used. But you have to complete the grid too! Use the given letters and black squares below the main grid to start. Alphabeater is ‘rotationally symmetrical’ – in other words it looks exactly the same if you turn the page upside down. Solution next Sunday. For up to six extra letters call 0907 181 2599 (Deduct five minutes from Target Time for each extra letter heard). Callers will also hear two black squares clues free of any Target Time penalty. *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390 7 7 27 28 28 29 21 5 29 38 39 19 29 26 4 8 28 30 40 15 4 15 1 21 6 33 21 8 25 20 9 29 30 34 20 3 8 28 4 32 20 37 11 7 4 10 30 7 8 9 10 18 34 17 4 40 26 6 15 34 11 31 20 6 28 37 21 5 29 11 2 35 29 19 26 12 32 32 4 30 8 25 12 31 4 39 33 27 16 2 13 33 BRAIN TEASERS 31 2 35 10 1 11 4 27 4 26 7 23 29 14 34 24 7 5 13 34 29 40 9 16 6 26 31 15 15 35 Target time: 46 minutes Stuck getting started? Try one of our helplines *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Full solution: 0907 181 2598 Across only: 0907 181 2596 Down only: 0907 181 2597 Last Sunday’s Solution: Black squares: 1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 15, 18, 20, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 37. Across: Private, School, Pretext, Bamboo, Jeered, Nudge, Patio, Frenzy, Apathy, Paprika, Squeak, Refugee. Down: Pupil, Upraise, Inexpert, Ague, Arrowhead, Taxi, Edify, Jade, Scrawnier, Bomb, Dazzling, Alcoves, Quake. ● Puzzle phone and text services SP: Spoke, London W1B 2AG *SP: Spoke - Helpline 0333 202 3390 1) ‘I’ve got the wrong meal, who ordered this salad?’ asked Jack. ‘Not me, I ordered a meat dish, which is not what I’ve been given. I’ve got your meal, Jack’, replied Joe. ‘I can’t remember my order, it was either tofu or steak, though I will only have ordered tofu if Joe ordered steak’, said Jill. ‘I have a pork pie, it’s not mine though’, said Jen. Who ordered each meal? 2) Which two words meaning ‘gloomy’ and ‘expert’ combine into one meaning ‘scowl’? 3) Find the condiments in these anagrams: a) Anyone Aims, b) Saturate Acre, c) Horrid Ashes. 8 4 2 6 4 9 1 9 4 2 7 SUDOKU 2 5 1 2 4 5 6 2 4 9 6 16 36 17 37 Alternatively, for six extra letter clues direct to your mobile, text SXBEAT to 64343 Texts cost £1 plus your usual network operator rate. Reduce Target Time by five minutes for each extra letter 4) 100 tea sets are being transported by lorry. Each tea set is in its own box. Each set consists of a teapot with a lid, a jug, and a sugar bowl. When the lorry goes over a speed bump, 71 teapots, 74 bowls, 83 jugs, and 80 lids are broken. What is the minimum number of boxes that now contain completely smashed tea sets? Answers: 1) Jack ordered tofu, Joe ordered a pork pie, Jill ordered a steak, Jen ordered a salad. 2) Grim-ace. 3) a) Mayonnaise, b) Tartare sauce, c) Horseradish. 4) 8 boxes. Fill the small squares so that every column, every row, and every 3x3 square includes all of the digits from 1 to 9 7 1 2 5 9 6 8 7 8 5 18 38 19 39 F 20 40 Level: Gentle Target: 16 minutes For extra clues call 0901 322 5600 (Calls cost 77p per call from a BT landline plus network extras, other networks and mobiles may vary) For today’s full solution call 0907 181 2606 (Calls cost 77p per minute from BT landlines plus network extras, other networks and mobiles may vary). LAST SUNDAY’S SOLUTION 2 1 8 3 4 7 9 5 6 6 3 9 2 5 8 1 7 4 4 7 5 1 9 6 3 2 8 3 9 1 7 8 4 5 6 2 7 5 2 6 3 9 8 4 1 8 6 4 5 2 1 7 3 9 1 4 6 8 7 3 2 9 5 9 2 7 4 1 5 6 8 3 5 8 3 9 6 2 4 1 7

1 A 8 Last week’s solution 2 H O 3 L D 4 W A 5 T E 6 R 7 W S A G O E R H 9 A C H E S 10 C L A R I N E T S N A M 12 O K V T T 13 H 14 A T S S F 15 B E N T H A M W L S O F T E 17 D A M E I E 18 C 19 A R N A 20 G E S Y N O R 22 M D D R 23 S H A D A 24 A N D R O M E D A A T I E R E W B 26 L O L L E 27 S T R I N G E N T E 11 16 21 25 Winners: General Knowledge Crossword, September 12: £1,000: R Artt, Barking, Essex. £50 Mystery Word Bonus: M Hughes, Haverfordwest. Skeleton Crossword, September 12: £100: G Wilson, Westhill, Inverness. £25: V Clark, Downend, Bristol; L Branch, Charminster, Dorset; J Griffin, Worcester; C Vipulis, Buxton, Derbyshire; G Meaton, Bexleyheath, Kent; J Cody, Ham Manor Park, Llantwit Major; H Roberts, Radlett, Herts; J Padden Clydebank; D McGann, Whitkirk, Leeds. £50 Mystery Word Bonus: R Millican, Thorp Arch, Wetherby. winners: Please allow 30 days to receive your prize. thinking space SE1ST PUZZLES THE SKELETON CROSSWORD – £325 in prizes There is a £100 prize for the first correct solution drawn; nine runners-up receive £25. Send your completed crossword to the address shown in the box below left. In the skeleton crossword, the black squares and clue numbers have to be filled in as well as the words. Four black squares and four clue numbers have been inserted to give you a start. The black squares form a symmetrical pattern; the top half matches the bottom, and the two sides correspond. You can fill in 12 more squares at once to correspond with those given. 13 2 Send to: Skeleton Crossword, PO Box 12578, Sutton Coldfield B73 9BT. The winners will be the first correct entries drawn after the closing date of noon on Friday. Please allow 30 days for prizes to arrive. Name: Address: Postcode: 10 17 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 63 ACROSS 1 Salute, when given to a child 4 Sailor cheers navigator’s end 6 Animal sound from a cow half-seen 9 Farewell interrupted by one playing alone 10 Sub located amidships breaks apart 11 Fool perhaps aiming third weapon 12 Beans mother turned over on excellent starter 13 A vehicle demonstration after tea 16 Material around heavy Greek cheese 20 Funny sort of pear cut and half skinned 21 Beastly cleaner getting tip reduced 22 A tree died in a Lear rewrite 23 The second person to hear sheep 24 Old tenor admitted to returning late DOWN 1 Inventor upset by some flak? 2 Titan takes beginner in sadly 3 Weak brag ending an article 4 Game chased in a French city gets consumed - it’s food... 5 ...around crêpes, food that’s decent 6 Comics the source of much annoyance, we hear 7 Great post outshining first letter 8 Result of putting some phones back on charge 13 Cops not finishing first-class drink 14 Targeted relief covering more outsiders 15 Meet with fashionable scoundrel 17 Institute adding nothing to a nest egg 18 Order to change outside early sign of contrariness 19 An insect concealed under a piece of paper £50 Mystery Word Bonus Ring 0901 322 5301 for a chance to win £50. Give the correct answer to 16 Across leaving your name and address. *Calls cost 75p plus your telephone company’s network access charge. SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390. The winner will be selected from all correct entries received by noon on Thursday. THE £1,000 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE CROSSWORD can be found inSIDE s magazine A B C D E F G H I J 1 PUB QUIZ 1. Tangled Up In Blue is the opening song on which album by Bob Dylan, released in 1975? 2. The 1982 film Blade Runner is based on which science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick? 3. Published in 2014, which bestselling novel by Emily St. John Mandel describes the end of civilisation following a swine flu pandemic? 4. Featured on the soundtrack to the 1998 film Godzilla, what was the only UK No 1 single for Jamiroquai? 5. Reese Witherspoon, right, won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as June Carter in which 2005 biopic? 6. What title is shared by a 1981 single by Dire Straits which references the seaside amusement park Spanish City, and a 1987 single by Bruce Springsteen which was released from an album of the same name? 7. Which 2016 film starred Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as colonisers of a new planet who wake up from hibernation before reaching their destination? 8. Which song by The Beatles opens with the words “I think I’m gonna be sad”? 9. Kenneth Branagh starred as Hercule Poirot in a 2017 film adaptation of which novel by Agatha Christie? 10. Which classic novel by Edith Nesbit was made into a 1970 film starring Jenny Agutter? BATTLESHIPS 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 3 4 1 1 3 1 2 2 FIND where the fleet of ships shown is hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. 2 2 1 3 1 0 5 1 2 2 3 Answers: 1 Blood On The Tracks 2 Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? 3 Station Eleven 4 Deeper Underground 5 Walk The Line 6 Tunnel Of Love 7 Passengers 8 Ticket To Ride 9 Murder On The Orient Express 10 The Railway Children. THEME: Trains 1 x Battleship 2 x Cruiser 3 x Destroyer 4 x Submarine LAST SUNDAY’S SOLUTION THE SUNDAY CRUSADER AND HIS SQUIRE The Crusader’s clues ACROSS 1 A soft-hearted man’s tree (5) 4 Tonic mixed in without penalties (9) 9 Net cast first due to dance? (5,10) 10 Contractor, being rich, spent recklessly (9) 11 A goddess in deep on arrival (5) 12 Girl fine with English entertainment (7) 13 High-up counters? Despicable! (3-4) 15 Degenerate graduates in action (7) 18 Repaired key, in a way, a little seedier (7) 20 City pact residents can’t face, by god! (5) 22 Grown slob tossed a little penny (9) 24 Ref out with pure cohort as usual (3,3,3,6) 25 Memo about account’s initial balance (9) 26 Fed ensures decent leads end a racket (5) DOWN 1 Bird no closer to cross grouses (5) 2 Childless person with a hankering aboard a vessel (7) 3 Queen, a band in Russia not half mistaken (9) 4 Spook spinning records with care making a ton (7) 5 Nervous model admitted being dull (7) 6 Tale oddly featured in Bond book (5) 7 Dividing empties, Liberal, Republican and Socialist drink (7) 8 Roman god upset about stigma not ending (9) 12 Fish catching up with a criminal (9) 14 Humorist a cowled paragon resisted (9) 16 Trainee reporter writing up elevated book material (7) 17 Indebted American talked about (7) 18 Jetty accommodating a lone leader (7) 19 An old poet not a great success (4,3) 21 Azerbaijani oddball sides with one dressing (5) 23 Fear of wedding’s centrepiece, say (5) For your chance to WIN £100 read down the letters in the highlighted squares to reveal the mystery word. TO ENTER CALL: 0904 161 1610 and leave your answer and details, or text SXCRUS followed by a space, your answer, name and address details to 88833 or send your grid containing the answer in the shaded squares to: Sunday Express Prize Crossword, September 26, PO Box 12578, Sutton Coldfield B73 9BT. Competition closes September 30 at 23:59pm. An extra day is given for postal entries during bank holidays. Name: Address: Postcode: Winner will be selected at random from all correct entry routes after the closing date. Calls cost £1.50 plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Texts cost £1.50 plus your standard network rate. SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390. Cryptic clues from our knight, and quick clues from his squire, lead to the same answers in the Crusader’s Sunday joust 1 9 10 12 15 20 24 25 2 16 ACROSS 1 ___ syrup (5) 4 Authorises (9) 9 Final, take-home (5,10) 10 Closing ring of muscle (9) 11 Celtic goddess of horses (5) 12 Japanese, ‘empty orchestra’ (7) 13 Underhand (3-4) 15 Degraded (7) 18 Mended by covering (7) 20 Capital of Ghana (5) 22 Bloomed (9) 24 Normal (3,3,3,6) 25 Residue, rest (9) 26 Ate dinner (5) 3 21 4 17 22 The Squire’s clues DOWN 1 Grumbles (5) 2 Large jug (7) 3 Incorrect (9) 4 Phantom (7) 5 Unbiased (7) 6 Name of a literary or artistic work (5) 7 Rich dark sherry (7) 8 Continuing (9) 12 Abductor (9) 14 Endured, bore (9) 16 Stiffened cotton or linen fabric (7) 17 Discussed (7) 18 Trailblazer (7) 19 Scoring hit in baseball (4,3) 21 Garlic mayonnaise (5) 23 Trepidation (5) LAST SUNDAY’S SOLUTION: Across: 1 Facet, 4 Out-and-out, 9 Upper-case letter, 10 So to speak, 11 Shred, 12 Tallies, 13 Deplore, 15 Allegro, 18 Cutlass, 20 Exalt, 22 Harboured, 24 In the altogether, 25 Mandatory, 26 Mowed. Down: 1 Fours, 2 Capital, 3 Thrashing, 4 Onagers, 5 Tweaked, 6 Needs, 7 Ontario, 8 Tiredness, 12 Trapezium, 14 Petroleum, 16 Leant on, 17 Othello, 18 Cursory, 19 Air show, 21 Theta, 23 Dared. Prize word: Halley *SP: Spoke - Helpline 0333 202 3390 5 13 18 6 11 14 26 7 19 8 23

SE1ST 64 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SPORT: BOXING TENNIS RADUCANU ready for more Hungry Emma to forego turkey EMMA RADUCANU is ready to do without her Christmas turkey as she focuses on the Australian Open title. The British teenager stunned the world at the US Open two weeks ago when she became the first qualifier in the open era to win a Grand Slam – and she aims to build on that by winning in Melbourne in January. But those who take part in Melbourne face having to cancel their Christmas at home – to stay in a hotel room Down Under. Qualifying for the tournament is expected to begin over the holiday period and end on Christmas Eve. Players in the main draw will also fly By Tony Banks to Melbourne over the festive period and then be expected to stay in a quarantine bubble ahead of build-up tournaments. Raducanu (below), who on Friday ditched coach Andrew Richardson, said: “I wasn’t aware – but whatever needs to be done to be able to play the Australian Open, then I’ll do it.” Raducanu, 18, has not yet decided where she will play next. She could be given a wild card for Indian Wells next month, and is entered for the Kremlin Cup in Moscow which starts on October 10. Amazingly, Raducanu, despite her exploits in New York and at Wimbledon, is yet to beat a player in the WTA top 10. She said: “I’m hungry. I like to challenge myself. It’s going to be extremely difficult to beat a top-10 player but I’m up for it. “Even if I lose it would be a great learning experience.” As for possibly being ranked as one of the favourites for Melbourne, she added: “After one tournament, you can’t really say I’m a favourite. I’m still so new to everything. “ fighting talk: elbir’s up first but eubank: I Fighter wants a chance RARING TO GO: Chris Eubank Jnr works up a sweat in training for his Sven Elbir fight GARDENING SCENTED SNOWFLAKE BLOOMS Edelweiss SAVE £24 Chris Eubank Jr continues his road to major world title contention against Sven Elbir on October 2 at the SSE Arena, Wembley, live and exclusive on Sky Sports. Tickets available via Fans of ‘The Sounds of Music’ will love this beautiful plant. Furry, silver-grey foliage is soft to the touch and holds an abundance of large, showy, lightly fragrant blooms from June through to September. The flowers RODX21-38LSN1 LEONTOPODIUM ‘BLOSSOM OF SNOW’ X 1 RODX21-38LSN3 LEONTOPODIUM ‘BLOSSOM OF SNOW’ X 3 have the details of large winter snowflakes, hence its name ‘Blossom of Snow’. Excellent for cutting and pest resistant. Supplied as 9cm pots, delivery in 14 days. £4.95 P&P for each order. £14 £18 TO ORDER CALL 0871 6643 487 POST TO DAILY EXPRESS OFFER, PO BOX 2020, PERSHORE WR10 9BP Please make cheques payable to Hayloft with your name, address and product code on the reverse OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK/LSN21 If you wish to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here ❏ To see how your data is processed please refer to Express’s Privacy Policy: Reg. London 141748 Express Newspapers Reg. London 141748. One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom, E14 5AP. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. POPULARITY: Jake Paul foreman hails paul BOXING legend George Foreman EXCLUSIVE says the Paul brothers have By Michael Ham and Fiaz Rafiq finally made boxing what it should always have been about – some believe their arrival on “money and popularity”. the scene may have been to Jake and Logan Paul the detriment of the sport, have taken the fight Foreman (left) insists game by storm over the nothing could be further past two years with from the truth. huge pay-per-view bouts He said: “These two against YouTube stars, MMA are the most popular guys veterans and – most notably – in boxing now. They’ve got Floyd Mayweather. And while something that every fighter

grudge rematch still looms on the horizon have no fear to avenge Saunders defeat CHRIS EUBANK JUNIOR reckons he would have only needed one more round to beat Billy Joe Saunders in their 2014 clash. And he is convinced he will avenge that points defeat in any second meeting between the two, once he has dealt with little-known German Sven Elbir on Saturday. “The rounds he won, he nicked, and I just didn’t really do enough,” said Eubank, who has been told by Saunders they can meet again for £5million. “The rounds I won, I hurt him. I won the rounds convincingly. Another round and he would have quit or I would have knocked him out. “But shoulda, woulda, coulda – he has that win over me in the history books and does it need to be avenged? I guess it does. “It was only inexperience on my part that I lost that fight. “I’d only ever gone eight rounds before and that was the question mark – how am I going to feel in the ninth, the 10th, the 12th? “So I paced myself too much early on but I got to the fifth round and thought, ‘Is this it? Is this all this guy has got? Let’s go’. “I took it to him and dominated for the rest of the fight. “Now, being a much more experienced fighter, the fire, the heat, the cooking would be done from round one, not round six.” The war of words between the pair reignited following Saunders’ defeat by Saul Alvarez in May, the Brit quitting at the end of the eighth round after suffering some serious damage to an eye. Earlier this month, Eubank said: “There was no smashed orbital bone, no broken eye socket. “If that was the truth, there would have been doctors’ reports, Tom HOPKINSON reporting pictures. The guy was driving around in his car a week later with sunglasses on. “We’re not sheep. No, he quit.” And that prompted a reply from Saunders on Twitter which said: “5m, and I will come back and spank you once again, man down.” Eubank is bang up for that and added: “Another fight between us would capture the nation’s imagination. It was a very dark atmosphere the day of the first one. “There is a lot of history, a lot of animosity and it has to be settled at some point. “With me and him, there’s a lot of pride. We have years and years of beef, so I would expect him to be a lot more resistant against me. “But when we fought seven years ago, we were at the same level and even after me not doing anything for six rounds, we had a split decision. “Since that time I have improved tenfold and he is the same fighter. That fight is an exciting fight and if it comes I will do the business.” At 31, Eubank is in as good a shape – if not the best – he has been in his career and he is convinced he still has years left in the tank. He said: “I live the life. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do things that shorten a fighter’s career. “I don’t blow up, I don’t have to cut stones every time I have a fight camp, so all that means I will be able to have longevity. “That, coupled with my new relationship with trainer Roy Jones Jnr and the things he is teaching, I have many, many more years in the game.” brothers for changing face of boxing wishes they had. That is that they’re popular. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you’re not popular it doesn’t matter. “These guys are the ones to reckon with. They are boxing right now.” Foreman, a two-time world heavyweight champion, now 72, insists a sign of the times is the social media spats between Jake and Tommy Fury in midweek, with both fighters going back and forth with offers and counter offers, played out for the world to see. But this added dimension is something that has thrown the sport into the social media mainstream – and with it huge purses on offer – which Foreman argues can only be LUCRATIVE: Logan fights Mayweather a good thing. He added: “It’s now all about what it should’ve been all about way back – money and popularity. “I think, let the good times roll. “You can’t turn back the clock and wish it was like this back then because it wasn’t. These guys are taking over boxing.” SE1ST NIGGLE: Eubank (left) fights Saunders in 2014 CRUNCH: Saunders feels the pain against Alvarez POWER: Eubank defeats James DeGale in 2019 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 65 SPORT: BOXING FORMULA ONE russian GP qualifying NUMBER ONE: Norris celebrates making history Lando gets tyre tactics right to grab shock pole Lando Norris claimed a scintillating pole position for the Russian Grand Prix. The 21-year-old British driver took advantage of the wet-dry conditions at Sochi’s Olympic Park to put his McLaren at the front of the grid ahead of Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. George Russell took a brilliant third with Lewis Hamilton only fourth. Qualifying appeared in danger of being scrapped after final practice was cancelled following a deluge of rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. But the poor weather eased in time, and after finishing fastest in Q1 and Q2 Hamilton looked destined to take pole. However, the seventime world champion hit the wall on his entry to the pits for dry rubber. He took on a new front wing, but failed to get his tyres up to temperature to challenge Norris at the top of the time charts. “It was just a mistake from myself. I’m incredibly disappointed,” said a deflated Hamilton of his pit lane prang. “Up until then I was in the groove, I was really in the zone. “I’m really sorry for all the team that are here and back at the factory because obviously that’s not what you expect from a champion. It is what it is and I will do my best tomorrow to try and rectify it.” Max Verstappen, By John Norfolk who holds a five-point championship lead over Hamilton, will start from the back of the grid after taking on his fourth engine – one more than is permitted. Given the risk of damage given the slippery conditions, Verstappen completed a mandatory single lap before parking his Red Bull. Norris’ superb lap, which makes him the youngest British polesitter in the sport’s history, comes off the back of McLaren’s first victory in nine years at the Italian Grand Prix a fortnight ago. “Oh boy,” said Norris. “It feels amazing. I don’t know what to say. It was a manic session. “You never think you are going to get a pole but I have managed to do it. “It was tough. I am going to make myself sound good. The lap before I was two seconds down and I wasn’t confident I could improve but I kept the tyres warm. I risked quite a bit and it paid off so I am a happy boy. “It is my first pole position, hopefully the first of many.” Russell delivered another fine effort to qualify third in his Williams after securing second at last month’s Belgian Grand Prix. HOW THEY LINE UP TODAY Driver Team Time 1 L Norris McLaren 1min:41.993secs 2 C Sainz Jnr Ferrari 1:42.510 3 G Russell Williams 1:42.983 4 L Hamilton Mercedes 1:44.050 5 D Ricciardo McLaren 1:44.156 6 F Alonso Alpine 1:44.204 7 V Bottas Mercedes 1:44.710 8 L Stroll Aston Martin 1:44.956 9 S Perez Red Bull 1:45.337 10 E Ocon Alpine 1:45.865

SE1ST 66 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 SPORT: RYDER CUP OUT OF FORM: McIlroy on Friday No early Rory risk for captain From Neil McLeman PADRAIG HARRINGTON said he did not want to risk “tiring out” Rory McIlroy after benching the Ulsterman for the first time in his Ryder Cup career. The four-time Major champion had played every session in his previous five Europe appearances. But the world No.15 looked horribly out of form as he lost two Ryder Cup matches in a day for the first time on Friday, without even getting to the 16th hole. Harrington said: “To push Rory out this morning and make him play five times, that would be an awful lot – risking him back out on the golf course and tiring him out. “He is very much a leader amongst his peers and I couldn’t have asked more from him during the year. “The golf didn’t go as well as he would have liked but I’m not second-guessing him for a second in terms of his leadership and what he does for my team.” SHOT OF THE DAY Tyrrell Hatton’s drive into the rough left his fellow Englishman Paul Casey 105 yards from the pin at the par-4 14th. The world No.23 hit a blind wedge shot over a huge bunker and only learned it had rolled into the cup from huge applause from the American crowd. Ref rule angers US dream team From Neil McLeman BROOKS KOEPKA and Daniel Berger swore at rules officials after failing to get relief from a bad lie in yesterday’s foursomes. Koepka (below) hurt his wrist at the recent Tour Championship and he claimed playing his team’s ball from near a drainage ditch close to the edge of a bunker on the 15th hole was potentially dangerous. But match referee David Price denied the request by ruling the drain did not interfere. Koepka said: “If I break my wrist, it’s on f***ing both of you.” Berger then called the ruling “bull****”. Koepka chopped the ball out without injury. Neil McLeman reporting from WiSCONSIN HOME HEROES HOSTS ARE CONTINUING TO CALL THOMAS TOAST Justin a giant as the American JUSTIN THOMAS wasn’t yet spraying champagne on the first tee but he was throwing beers into the crowd. And the new Captain America and Daniel Berger played along by sampling the sponsor’s product to huge applause. It is fun to be in the US Ryder Cup team again – and Thomas is the heart and soul of this new generation who threaten to taste success in this competition for years to come. It is definitely easier to enjoy the weekend sun in Wisconsin when you are winning, especially with the comeback staged by the world No.6 and his close friend Jordan Spieth in the morning foursomes. The two Major winners were three down after six holes against European rookies Viktor Hovland and Bernd Wiesberger. It was the kind of shock result that Padraig Harrington’s team desperately needed. But like on the opening day when the Americans failed to concede a short putt to Sergio Garcia, Thomas got fired up by being asked to see in a three-footer on No.8. As he walked away from the hole, he gestured with his putter to show the putt was within the length of his flat stick. Two holes later the Americans were level. And when Wiesberger cracked under the pressure on the 18th fairway by hooking his shot into water, Steve Stricker’s team held the biggest halfway lead since 1975 when they only took on Great Britain and Ireland. Thomas, who won three out of four matches with Spieth in a losing cause in 2018, said: “It’s so fun battling with each other, and I’m glad we can get a full point because we actually played a lot better on Friday (against Garcia and Jon Rahm) and ran into a bit of a buzzsaw, but we grinded it out today. “We just expect to go out and play well. Strick deserves a lot of credit thus far. He has a lot of really good players, talented players and a lot of options.” This is the first American team since 1993 to not include either Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. And previous team talisman Patrick Reed, Spieth’s partner in Gleneagles, was not selected. There are six rookies – including two chosen by Stricker – and they are not carrying the baggage from years of Ryder Cup humiliations. All of the 12 Americans contributed at least half a point in the first three sessions, none of Europe’s three debutants winning a full point. Xander Schauffele, who won his first three Ryder Cup matches, said: “It’s awesome. It’s a different feeling. The fans have been great. Our teammates have been great.” JUBILATION: Justin Thomas punches the air in delight and below, celebrates with captain Steve Stricker

SE1ST THE TUNE AT WHISTLING STRAITS OF THE USA stars earn their stripes Sunday Express September 26, 2021 67 SPORT: RYDER CUP WINNING PAIR: Sergio Garcia watches Jon Rahm line up a putt and left, the pair celebrate a rare European victory RELAXED MOOD: Casey and Hatton share a joke on the fourth fairway Feels like a cup too far for Casey and co GREAT CHIP: Sergio Garcia KOEPKA BERGER Won 3 & 1 The Americans won the first three holes and were still three up after five before the Spanish fightback began when Rahm drained a 10-foot birdie on No.6. And when Garcia chipped in from 41 yards on No.9, the match was all square. And a brilliant fairway wood from Garcia on 16 set up an eagle. MORNING FOURSOMES RAHM Johnson GARCIA Morikawa SPIETH HOVLAND CANTLAY THOMAS WIESBERGER SCHAUFFELE Won 2up Won 2 & 1 A rollercoaster match saw the two European rookies three up after six against America’s top pairing. Spieth drew the match level with a 27-foot birdie putt on the 10th but Europe still led after 13 before consecutive bogeys. Needing to win the last for a half, Wiesberger pulled his approach into water. CASEY HATTON Won 2 & 1 Again the American pairing won the first three holes but this time there was no coming back for Europe. Momentum turned on the back nine and Casey’s chip-in eagle on 14 brought Europe within one. But an immediate bogey on 15 when Hatton missed the green proved very costly. WESTWOOD fitzpatrick The English duo fought hard and were still level after eight before American class told. A Cantlay birdie from 23 feet on nine and two European bogeys saw USA go three up. Down dormie three, Westwood rolled in an 18-foot birdie putt on 16 but then pulled his tee shot down into trouble on 17. The sense that Europe have fallen off a generational cliff on the banks of Lake Michigan was personified by the fate that befell Paul Casey yesterday. The Englishman, 44, succumbed to his third defeat in three matches in the morning foursomes and was benched for the afternoon. Maybe he will pick something up in the singles today but by then it is likely to be too late. Casey, playing alongside Tyrrell Hatton, was the first domino to fall yesterday, beaten by Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa at the penultimate hole. Casey must be heartily sick of the sight of Johnson. The gunslinging Carolinan has featured in all three of his defeats, with Morikawa his ally in both foursomes matches. Having been four down at the turn, the English pair did well to take the game even that far. “Dustin and Collin are great players and they played great golf opening up with three birdies but I’m very proud of how we fought,” said Casey. “Look, I hit a couple of poor shots. I think Tyrrell felt like he hit a couple of poor shots. But what a fight. “There was one stage we didn’t think we would get them as far as we did, and then I guess we had a chance to take them all the way and make it a great battle but you tip your cap to Collin and Dustin. There’s a reason why they are as good as they are, and they are clearly very, very difficult to beat.” The what-might-have-been moment came after Casey had holed out from 108 yards at the 14th with a blind approach shot to reduce the deficit to one. He split the 15th fairway with his drive but Hatton wasted Position A with his mishit second and then missed a fourfooter for par to surrender the hole and all the momentum. Hatton looked like little boy Neil SQUIRES reporting from WISCONSIN lost after his failed approach and Casey’s wife Pollyanna ran on to the fairway to give Hatton a cuddle as he stood there forlornly. “Awww,” chorused the crowd in mock sympathy. The noise around the match was predictably one-sided with the Europeans’ misses celebrated and the odd cry of “In the water”. Casey thought his hole-out at 14 had gone over the green because he actually heard some cheers. With no travelling support, the feeling of being hemmed in on all sides for Europe at Whistling Straits has been total. Yesterday, even the holes flanked by the twinkling waters of the lake had boats flying the Stars and Stripes. On board fans watched with shades on and beer in hand. On land, the thirsty galleries took almost as much delight in seeing US assistant captain Phil Mickelson as Casey and Hatton’s defeat. Mickelson is more popular than any of the actual team. “Phil, are my calves bigger than yours?” yelled one Yank as he passed. “Unlikely,” countered Mickelson from behind his Aviators. Mickelson’s days as a Ryder Cup player are over after a record 12 appearances, one ahead of Nick Faldo and Lee Westwood. Casey (left) spoke on the eve of this Ryder Cup about how Westwood’s involvement at the age of 48 had inspired him to play in another couple of contests. Perhaps this week’s experience – and that of Westwood – will prompt him into a rethink.

SE1ST players. On the BeLL: Gabriel Jesus celebrates the winner 68 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 Express SUNDAY SPORT SE1ST raducanu’s ready to go for a slam title once again EMMA STILL HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS: See Page 64 lack of firepower for ashes is a real problem DAVID GOWER’S ENGLAND VERDICT: See Pullout Page 8 JOY AND DESPAIR: Mixed fortunes for jubilant USA hero Justin Thomas (left) and Europe’s Lee Westwood It’s turning into a Ryde old mess at Whistling Straits ANY hopes Europe had of staging a stunning fightback by grabbing control of the morning foursomes went Strait out the window yesterday. After a dull Friday which saw the Americans start the day with a commanding 6-2 lead, a shocking start saw plenty of red on the leaderboard again at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. And the hosts converted that early pressure into points as they claimed a 3-1 session win as they took control of the 43rd Ryder Cup. Thanks to that spectacular performance against Padraig Harrington’s men, there was no way the visitors could get back on terms in the afternoon pairings. Justin Thomas was the leader in chief for Steve CALL for JESUS CHELSEA Brazilian’s strike gives boss Pep new record TriumphanT pep Guardiola was not only celebrating beating Thomas Tuchel for the first time in England – but also becoming the most prolific winner in City’s managerial history. This was the 221st victory of his Etihad reign – and saw him eclipse the club’s legendary 1950s bo s Les McDowa l. And the Spaniard dedicated his By Harry Pra t after scoring latest record-busting fea to a l his cu rent and past City stars. After Gabriel Jesus won it with a 53rd-minute strike, Guardiola said: “I share it with everyone as in 221 wins, I never scored one goal. I share it with a l the club’ staff and “I cannot deny how proud we are Sunday ExprESS September 26, 2021 1 to achieve this and to close in on Les McDowall. “And to do it here agains the Champions League winners. Now we must try to do even more.” Chelsea bo s Tuchel blamed his own selections and tactics for the defeat. He said: “I wi l ask questions of myself. So maybe this is on me. Maybe they were no the very best choices today.” 0 MAN CITY 1 REPORT: PAGES 2-3 Stricker’s favourites as he and long-time pal Jordan Spieth comfortably saw off the challenge of Viktor Hovland and Bernd Wiesberger two-up. Afterwards, Thomas took to the first tee ahead of the afternoon matches throwing beers into the crowd. Thomas said: “We just expect to go out and play well. “Strick deserves a lot of credit thus far. “He has a lot of really good players, talented players and a lot of options.” Olympic champion Xander Schauffele said: “It’s awesome. It’s a different feeling. The fans have been great.” Harrington dropped Rory McIlroy for the morning session saying the Northern Irishman had to be kept fresh for today’s singles after playing – and losing – twice on Friday. RYDER CUP SPECIAL: PAGES 66-67 INSIDE TODAY: SUPER SPORTS PULLOUT Published by Express Newspapers, a subsidiary company of Reach Plc, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. 0208 612 7000. Outside UK +44(0) 208 612 7000. Printed by West Ferry Printers Ltd, Unit A&B Kimpton Road, Luton, LU2 0TA; JPIMedia Printing Ltd, Outgang Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QE; D C Thomson, 80 Kingsway East, Dundee DD4 8SL; Independent News & Media, 124-144 Royal Avenue, Belfast BT1 1EB. Bermont Impresion S.L Avenida de Alemania 12, 28821 Coslada, Madrid, Spain; Deposito Legal no. TO-394/96; T.F. Print SA, Tenerife; Westferry printers , Unit A & B , Kimpton Road, Luton LU2 OTA; EUROPRINTER SA Zone Aéropole, avenue Jean Mermoz,B 6041 GOSSELIES OLE FEELS THE HEAT SICKENER: Solskjaer makes his point Heaven to hell for United boss as late penalty is missed MAN UNITED MANCHESTER United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted he went from heaven to hell when Bruno Fernandes missed an injury-time penalty. The Portuguese star had scored 21 out of 22 spot-kicks for United, but he blazed his shot into the Stretford End just minutes after defender Kortney Hause had headed Villa ahead. Solskjaer refused to blame Fernandes – and is braced for a debate about whether Cristiano Ronaldo should take his team’s spotkicks. He 0 1 ASTON Villa By Simon Mullock said: “Sometimes it doesn’t go your way. “That’s part and parcel of what we’re doing and such a fine line between heaven and hell. Today, unfortunately, he missed. “We will be making all these assumptions now but Bruno’s been excellent, such a great penalty-taker. “Today, you’d back him with your mortgage. But this is going to be the headline, isn’t it? MATCH REPORT: PULLOUT PAGES 4-5 ABCDEFGHIJKLPQRS*TUW1234WBDS Austria €4.50, Belgium €3.80, Bulgaria BGN 8.26, Canary Islands €3.20, Cyprus Cyp €3.45, Northern Cyprus YTL 5.15, Denmark 33 DKr, Finland €6.70, France €3.80, Germany €5.10, Gibraltar £1.70, Greece €3, Italy €3.50, Luxembourg €3.40, Malta €3.50, Netherlands €4.10, Norway Nkr 42, Portugal €3.20, Spain €3.20, Switzerland SF 6.50, Turkey TL 11, USA $2.50.

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 1 On the BELL: Gabriel Jesus celebrates after scoring the winner CALL for JESUS CHELSEA Brazilian’s strike gives boss Pep new record Triumphant Pep Guardiola was not only celebrating beating Thomas Tuchel for the first time in England – but also becoming the most prolific winner in City’s managerial history. This was the 221st victory of his Etihad reign – and saw him eclipse the club’s legendary 1950s boss Les McDowall. And the Spaniard dedicated his By Harry Pratt latest record-busting feat to all his current and past City stars. After Gabriel Jesus won it with a 53rd-minute strike, Guardiola said: “I share it with everyone as in 221 wins, I never scored one goal. I share it with all the club’s staff and players. “I cannot deny how proud we are to achieve this and to close in on Les McDowall. “And to do it here against the Champions League winners. Now we must try to do even more.” Chelsea boss Tuchel blamed his own selections and tactics for the defeat. He said: “I will ask questions of myself. So maybe this is on me. Maybe they were not the very best choices today.” 0 MAN CITY 1 REPORT: PAGES 2-3 KNOW YOUR FOOTIE? MAKE YOUR PREDICTIONS IN THE WKW 8-A-SIDE LEAGUE £5 ENTRY KICK OFF AT 7:45PM THIS WEDNESDAY

SE1ST 2 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 2 football Ace Antonio piles on woe for Bielsa A WINNER from Michail Antonio in the 90th minute left Leeds still waiting for their first win of the campaign. The result will fuel the debate about second season syndrome for Marcelo Bielsa (right) and his side. Raphinha put Leeds ahead on 19 minutes. West Ham had a Tomas Soucek effort ruled out before Jarrod Bowen’s shot was deflected in off Junior Firpo – then Antonio celebrated his return from suspension with a fifth goal this term. “It’s an unbelievable feeling especially coming from a goal down against a quality side like Leeds,” said the striker. “The way they play is completely different. I’ve never run a marathon but that is SEAN DYCHE says he is not bothered if fans think his Burnley are timewasters after seeing Jamie Vardy snatch two points from his grasp. Vardy (right) had quite a day – giving Burnley the lead with an own goal then grabbing a double himself to make sure Dyche’s men didn’t take all three points home. Maxwell Cornet also scored his first goal for the Clarets, who were booed for taking their time at set-pieces. Dyche, who saw a late Chris Wood effort ruled out for offside, said: “I’m not really bothered. Everyone pays their money to go and watch and they can have their opinion. I don’t care. “I am frustrated because I thought we WINNER: Antonio scores Leeds 1 West Ham 2 By Ian Murtagh the closest thing, it was so hard. “To come away with three points is quality. The feeling is relief.” Bielsa, meanwhile, is not too discouraged. He said: “We did not deserve to lose the game. But sometimes when you try to preserve a lead, sometimes you forget what got you there in the first place.’’ RATINGS LEEDS: Meslier 8, Dallas 6, C Cresswell 7, Coope 6, Firpo 6, Phillips 6, Raphinha 8 (Roberts 69,6), Shackleton 5 (Summerville 90), Klich 6, James 5 (Harrison 46,6), Rodrigo 7. WEST HAM: Fabianski 7, Coufal 6, Zouma 7, Ogbonna 7, A Cresswell 6, Soucek 5, Rice 7, Bowen 7 (Dawson 90), Fornals 6 (Vlasic 78, 6), Benrahma 8, Antonio 7 (Yarmolenko 90). MAN OF THE MATCH: ILLAN MESLIER – Desperately unfortunate to finish on losing side after pulling off a string of fine saves. REF: K Friend ATT: 36,417 Dyche feels sore after Vardy brace Leicester 2 Burnley 2 By Dave Armitage deserved the points.” Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers was booed by Leicester fans when he replaced Ademola Lookman with the dropped James Maddison late on. He said: “That’s the first time in my time here, but I’d never judge fans on airing their feelings.” RATINGS LEICESTER: Schmeichel 6, Pereira 6 (Castagne 46, 6), Soyuncu 7, Vestergaard 7, Bertrand 7, Tielemans 7, Ndidi 7, Soumare 7 (Iheanacho 63, 7), Lookman 7 (Maddison 78, 6), Barnes 7, Vardy 8. BURNLEY: Pope 7, Lowton 7, Tarkowski 6, Mee 7, Taylor 7, McNeil 6 (Lennon 87), Westwood 7, Brownhill 6, Cornet 7 (Gudmundsson 45, 6), Vydra 7 (Barnes 75, 5). MAN OF THE MATCH: JAMIE VARDY – Veteran striker made amends for his own goal with two cracking strikes. REF: C Kavanagh ATT: 31,650 chelsea 0 manchester city 1 Nobody beats Pep Guardiola four times in a row – not even magical Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. That was the message here after his Manchester City gained sweet revenge for their Champions League final heartache by becoming the first side to beat Tuchel’s Blues this term. A fine second-half finish from Gabriel Jesus was all that separated the sides – and ensured Guardiola got one over his German rival for the first time on these shores. Not that Guardiola was bothered about that. He was far more interested in praising his team as they moved above the Londoners into second place. Guardiola, whose side face Paris Saint-Germain this week, said: ‘‘We are at the Kings of the Champions League and we won it. “The guys were outstanding. In this stadium, against this opponent, they make me so proud. “Chelsea beat us the previous times because they’re exceptional.” Tuchel, who faces a midweek trip to Juventus, was equally gracious. He said: “City deserved this win. They were stronger, sharper and I felt we lacked belief. “We could not escape. We defended very well but we were not at our best today.” Some billed this a potential early title decider. A bit early perhaps – but whoever won would be making a statement of intent to the rest of those competing for the top. Seven of those who played CHAMPS four-Ce with Pep ‘so proud’ as he ends his Harry PRATT reporting FROM stamford bridge SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP JOY BOY: Scorer Sharp celebrates CLINCHER: Gabriel Jesus scores the City winner as (below) Jack Grealish starred in the European Cup final were retained by each manager. That meant a second league start this season for Timo Werner, and he almost set up Romelu Lukaku for an opener, then had a goal-bound effort deflected wide himself. Jack Grealish and Phil Foden were the major threats at the Sheff Utd 1 Derby 0 By Liz Byrne other end and, gradually, City began to take a grip. That coincided with Reece James hobbling off – after one too may bruising challenges with fellow Three Lion Grealish. Chelsea hero Antonio Rudiger headed over Rodri’s on-target drive before the best chance of the half Last-gasp goal means more pain for Wayne Billy Sharp scored a last-minute penalty to rub salt into the considerable wounds of 10-man Derby. Theys were on the brink of picking up a battling point after playing with a man short for over half an hour, following keeper Kelle Roos’ red card for fouling Sharp outside the box. Sheffield United had poured forward without making the breakthrough – only for Derby defender Curtis Davies to handle Conor Hourihane’s cross. Sharp stepped up to take the penalty – after missing last week at Hull – and fired past Ryan Allsop. Derby’s woeful luck continued deep into added time when a Tom Lawrence effort hit the post. It rounded off a torrid week for the Rams who went into administration on Wednesday, triggering a 12-point deduction which sent them bottom with minus two points. They face a possible further nine-point penalty for breaching EFL financial regulations. Boss Wayne Rooney said: “It’s been a very tough week for the club – the players, the fans, the staff. The players are the ones who have to go out there and try and perform during this difficult period. “I felt we had the best chances throughout the game and the red card changed things.”

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 3 football 3 LAY DOWN A SIGNIFICANT TITLE MARKER guardiola Tuchel hoodoo LEVELLER: Yoane Wissa strikes to earn Brentford a deserved point Salah reaches ton but battling Bees spoil the Kop party fell to Jesus, who slammed over from close range. The expected half-time Tuchel shuffle never came, ensuring the second period resumed where the first finished – with City on top. And the seemingly inevitable breakthrough arrived in the 53rd minute following a short corner. Silva is left fuming Fulham boss Marco Silva insisted City’s equaliser in this Ashton Gate thriller should have been disallowed. Silva was adamant that City substitute Kasey Palmer was “clearly offside” when volleying a 79th minute equaliser following a brilliant Paulo Gazzaniga save from Chris Martin. “It wasn’t a difficult As Joao Cancelo’s pile-driver was blocked there appeared no apparent danger, until Jesus spun on a sixpence and directed an 18-yard shot inside the near post. The hugely influential Grealish almost put the contest to bed four minutes later, with a curler tipped wide by Edouard Mendy. Bristol C 1 Fulham 1 By Express Reporter decision,” said Silva. “I have seen a replay, but I knew at the time from the bench that it was offside.” Aleksandar Mitrovic, who had headed Fulham into a 50th-minute lead, squandered three golden chances to win the match in the closing moments. GOAL: Solanke RATINGS CHELSEA: Mendy 7, Azpilicueta 6, Christensen 6, Rudiger 7, James 6 (Silva 29, 6), Kante (Havertz 60, 6), Jorginho 7 (Loftus-Cheek 76, 6), Kovacic 6, Alonso 5, Lukaku 5, Werner 6. MAN CITY: Ederson 7, Walker 7, Dias 6, Laporte 7, Cancelo 7, De Bruyne 6 (Mahrez 80, 6), Rodri 7, Foden 7 (Fernandinho 84), Jesus 7, Silva 7, Grealish 8 (Sterling 84). MAN OF THE MATCH: JACK GREALISH – City’s £100million man was pivotal. Involved everywhere REFEREE: M Oliver Ryan king of assists TWO brilliant Ryan Christie assists, for Philip Billing and Dominic Solanke, helped Bournemouth to the top of the table. Boss Scott Parker said: “Two lovely assists – a nice bit of class. I’m pleased with him. “We’re undefeated and that’s no mean feat in this division. ‘‘They made us fight in the second MATCH FACTS Chelsea City 0.................Shots on Target.................4 1................. Shots off Target.................5 4.......................Corners..................... 13 12........................Fouls....................... 10 40%.............. Possession..............60% 395............... Total Passes................595 B’mouth 2 Luton 1 By Express Reporter half but I thought we were fantastic.” Luton pulled one back through Reece Burke, but they wasted chances and boss Nathan Jones said: “We had the best chances of the game. We put it over from two or three yards and you can’t do that at this level.’’ BRENTFORD proved they are well capable of going toe-to-toe with the Premier League’s elite, as Thomas Frank’s side played their part in a six-goal thriller. Ethan Pinnock put the Bees ahead, with Diogo Jota levelling before the interval. And after the break four more players were on target – with Mo Salah, Vitaly Janelt, Curtis Jones and Yoane Wissa scoring. Salah’s goal was a historymaker. The Egyptian became the third-fastest player to reach 100 goals for Liverpool in 150 games, two behind Roger Hunt and one behind Jack Parkinson. He is also now the 10th highest scorer in the Reds’ history. But while the point Liverpool picked up moved them a point clear at the top of the league, this still felt like it was Brentford’s day. Never once did a side which is playing its first season of Premier League football look overawed by their illustrious visitors. And they fully deserved the point earned by substitute Wissa’s late strike. The game exploded into life early on when a lovely ball from Jota released Salah. He reached it ahead of David Raya and poked his effort goalwards but Kristoffer Ajer slid in to clear his lines and the angle was too tight for Sadio Mane. Ivan Toney and Frank Onyeka went close at the other end. Then Toney’s clever header set up Bryan Mbeumo, who clipped over Alisson before Joel Matip cleared off the line. Brentford took the lead with a brilliantly worked free-kick that ended with Pinnock scoring at the back post. It wasn’t a huge surprise when Liverpool levelled matters soon after. Van Dijk outmuscled Toney, with whom he was enjoying a proper battle, and his header fell SCORER: Curtis Jones Brentford.................... 3 Liverpool..................... 3 From TOM HOPKINSON at the Brentford Community Stadium to Trent Alexander-Arnold, who found Salah down the right. Salah fed Jordan Henderson and his cross picked out Jota, who scored with a good header. Any fears that the break might take the sting out of the game were misplaced, with the second half picking up where the first had left off. And soon Magic Mo had turned the scoreline on its head, prodding home Fabinho’s delicious pass. It was initially ruled out for offside but VAR overturned it. Lesser sides would have crumbled then but Frank’s men were never going to and, when Ajer crossed, Pontus Janssen was unlucky to smash the loose ball against the bar but Janelt headed the rebound home at the second attempt. All done? No chance, because then it was Jones’s turn to fire home from just outside the box, his effort taking a deflection off Ajer and to leave Raya, who made two fabulous saves, with no chance. Liverpool should then have put the game to bed but Salah and the unusually quiet Mane both fired good chances over from close range before Wissa made them pay with his late leveller. RATINGS BRENTFORD: Raya 8, Ajer 7, Jansson 7, Pinnock 8 (Zanka 42, 6), Canos 7, Norgaard 7 (Wissa 77, 6), Onyeka 7 (Baptiste 67, 6), Janelt 8, Henry 7, Mbeumo 8, Toney 8. LIVERPOOL: Alisson 6, Alexander-Arnold 7, Matip 7, Van Dijk 7, Robertson 7, Henderson 7, Fabinho 7, Jones 7 (Firmino 66, 6), Salah 8, Jota 8, Mane 6. MAN OF THE MATCH: MO SALAH – Impressive performances all over but landmark gets him the nod. REFEREE: S Attwell

SE1ST 4 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 4 FOOTBALL SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP Preston foiled by loan star Mat BIRMINGHAM boss Lee Bowyer praised keeper Matija Sarkic after his heroics ensured his side kept a clean sheet. The on-loan Wolves stopper first tipped Josh Earl’s low effort behind. And then Sarkic denied Emil Riis Jakobsen when the Dane looked destined to score. Bowyer (above) said: “It takes time to adjust to a new club, especially for a goalkeeper. “He’s doing that and it’s good to see.” The result means Blues have won just once at home this season and marked Preston’s fourth consecutive draw in the league. Troy Deeney hit the woodwork for Birmingham early on. And City also wasted the best chance of the second half when Maxime Colin was denied by Daniel Iversen. North End boss Frankie McAvoy said: “I don’t think either side did enough to win the game. “We both lacked that bit of quality in the final third.” Ben’s treble fires up Rovers HOT Chile striker Ben Brereton-Diaz warmed up for his upcoming World Cup trip to South America with a first-ever career hat-trick. It brings his tally to seven goals in his nine games this B’mingham 0 Preston 0 By Aaron Sutcliffe B’burn 5 Cardiff 1 By Lindsay Sutton season. Both his first-half strikes came after Sam Gallagher had put Rovers ahead. Sean Morrison headed a consolation goal in Cardiff’s third defeat in a row, wrapped up by Diaz (left) with a 90th-minute penalty after sub Reda Khadra was felled by keeper Dillon Phillips. manchester uTD 0 aston villa 1 FIRST KORT Bruno bruised by spot Where YOU set your OWN salary! No CVs. No job adverts. No discrimination. MATCH FACTS Man United A Villa 4.................Shots on Target..................3 24............... Shots off Target..................4 5.......................Corners........................5 9.........................Fouls.........................13 60%............... Possession...............40% 402............... Total Passes.................266 HEAD BOY: Kortney Hause heads home Aston Villa’s late winner at Old Trafford EXCLUSIVE READER OFFER - LIMITED PLACES 50% OFF JOINING FEE INCLUDES 12 MONTHS FULL MEMBERSHIP Use code: paymehappy SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP LEVELLER: Lowe Lowe fluke puts his new boss on a high NEW Forest boss Steve Cooper hailed his players for their attitude, character and enthusiasm but admitted he is looking for more quality. A fluke equaliser from Max Lowe made sure of a first home point of the season from Cooper’s first match in charge. Cooper said: “It was the biggest crowd of the season, the atmosphere has whetted my appetite and the noise made the hairs on the back Nottm Forest 1 Millwall 1 By Janine Self of my head stand up. I’m only interested in positives as it’s positives which will give you progress. “We showed good character to come back. We want to be winning these games at home.” Matt Smith’s first-half header was cancelled out by Lowe’s mis-hit cross from long range. At that stage Lewis Grabban and Millwall keeper Bartosz Bialkowski had both received treatment for a clunking collision which saw the Forest striker depart in the first half-hour. Millwall have now drawn six out of their nine games this season and boss Gary Rowett said: “It was a very fortunate goal. “I had Max when I was at Derby and he was a lot more accurate than that. It was the moment which changed the game.”

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 5 FOOTBALL 5 WORRIES FOR OLE AFTER RARE LOSS TO SMITH SIDE THE DEEPEST flop in visitors’ Hause party BRUNO FERNANDES has scored more penalties for Manchester United than any other player. With Cristiano Ronaldo around, it might be a while before he adds to his tally. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s prayers were answered in injury time, when referee Mike Riley saw Kortney Hause handle Edinson Cavani’s header. Perhaps it was the lingering presence of Ronaldo that spooked him but Fernandes’ blasted effort was closer to Row Z than Emiliano Martinez’s goal. So Villa travelled back down the M6 with their first win over United for almost 12 years thanks to Hause’s searing header just a few minutes earlier. London-born Hause was only playing because Axel Tuanzebe was ineligible to face the club that has loaned him to Villa. But while 3,000 travelling fans serenaded Dean Smith’s men at the final whistle, the pressure on Solskjaer cranked up another notch. The United boss moaned that Ollie Watkins was offside and fouling David de Gea when Hause scored. He said: “The linesman did well, he reported it or called it in to VAR but they turned the decision down. “So bad decisions again. “What I also didn’t enjoy was the way they (Villa’s players) crowded the referee and the penalty spot and tried to affect Bruno. “It clearly worked for them but that’s not great to see.” Solskjaer now goes into Wednesday’s Champions League clash at Villarreal with a defensive crisis on his hands. Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire both limped off with injuries, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka is suspended. Royals hero Hal hailed Alen Halilovic showed he is the man for a crisis with a lucky goal to seal the Royals’ third straight win. But Middlesbrough boss Neil Warnock was furious at referee Peter Bankes over a late red card for Matt Crooks’ challenge on keeper Luke Southwood. Veljko Paunovic’s Reading are injury-stricken and facing a points deduction but Croatian winger Halilovic, 25, eased Reading 1 M’brough 0 By Hector Nunns Simon MULLOCK reporting FROM OLD TRAFFORD He will also be worried about his team’s lack of creativity. Ronaldo had scored four goals in three appearances but never had a sniff. Maguire’s header was kept out by a flying save from Martinez and Paul Pogba lifted a shot over the angle in the second half. Villa, in contrast, should have taken the lead when John McGinn’s pass inside Shaw enabled Matty Cash to cross to the far post only for Matt Targett to blaze over from inside the six-yard box. De Gea redeemed himself by stretching out a leg to block MAN UNITED: De Gea 6; Wan-Bissaka 6, Varane 6, Maguire 6 (Lindelof 66, 5), Shaw 5 (Dalot 34, 5); McTominay 5 (Cavani 81), Fred 5; Greenwood 6, Fernandes 5, Pogba 6; Ronaldo 5 ASTON VILLA: Martinez 7; Konsa 7, Hause 7, Mings 6; Cash 6, Luiz 7, McGinn 8, Ramsey 5 (Archer 86), Target 6; Ings 5 (Buendia 78), Watkins 5 MAN OF THE MATCH: JOHN McGINN – Never took a backward step in midfield battle and got Villa on front foot REFEREE: M Dean ATTENDANCE: 72,922 their woes despite mis-hitting his shot when teed up by John Swift in the 55th minute. Paunovic said: “We have to stay focused on performances on the field. I don’t want distractions.” Warnock fumed: “It is the worst group of referees in the Championship that I have ever seen in 42 years managing.” RATINGS Watkins’ shot after a poor clearance straight at the forward. Watkins was thwarted by De Gea again after a thrilling charge from the halfway line. Villa scored when Hause left substitute Cavani standing and met Douglas Luiz’s corner with a meaty header that flew in. Boss Smith said: “We’ve been close in the last couple of years here but we were aggressive and brave against their front four and I thought we deserved it. People will say it’s a big win but it was also a big performance.” LUCK: Halilovic OH NO: Fernandes blasts his penalty kick high after Hause had handled in the box (below) Super Mario’s a sparkler Michael O’NeiLl hailed superb strikes by Mario Vrancic and Nick Powell that kept up Stoke’s bright start as Hull’s goal crisis deepened. Bosnia international Vrancic provided an explosive first-half finish and former Manchester United midfielder Powell hammered home a 25-yard free-kick in the second half to seal the points and keep Stoke in fifth place in the Championship. Potters DISMAY: Solskjaer (right) after the defeat DEJECTION: United’s Bruno Fernandes (left) after missing his late spot-kick Stoke 2 Hull 0 By Andy Moore boss O’Neill said: “We were a bit lethargic at the start and sometimes you need a spark. “We got that with the brilliant goal by Mario. “Nick is always a goal threat. He had some good moments in the game and it was a brilliant free-kick.” Hull boss Grant McCann admitted: “We are just not clinical enough.” Kabak shocker as Toffees march on Ozan Kabak made a nightmare return to Merseyside after his loan spell at Liverpool. Norwich brought the defender back to the Premier League but at Goodison Park he was on the wrong end of a VAR decision which produced an Everton penalty stuck away by Andros Townsend (above). And Kabak could have been sent off for a late challenge on Demarai Gray. The Toffees, missing Richarlison and Dominic Calvert- Lewin, sealed the win when Abdoulaye Doucoure was set up by Gray. It’s now 16 Premier League defeats on the spin for Norwich, denied by two excellent saves from England keeper Jordan Pickford, and boss Daniel Farke NOT even the presence of Ant and Dec could help Steve Bruce find a way out of the dangerous jungle inhabited by managers of Newcastle. The natives of the Toon Army are still restless but this result neither moves him nearer to being voted out or staying. For a long time, it looked as if Bruce might win over some floaters with his club’s first victory of the season thanks to a blistering first-half goal from Sean Longstaff. But then the icy cool Ismaila Sarr (above) came alive and equalised. It could have been worse for the Magpies boss as Josh King had a winner ruled out for offside FINE FINISH: Doucoure Everton 2 Norwich 0 By John Richardson said: “It’s not a situation where we will dance on the table and it’s not a situation where we wave the white flag.” It’s Everton’s best start at home since 1989-90 but manager Rafa Benitez maintained: “It’s not about records, I like to win games. I’m pleased that the players are giving everything.” RATINGS EVERTON: Pickford 8; Godfrey 7, Mina 7, Keane 6, Digne 6; Allan 6, Doucore 7; Townsend 7 (Gordon 75, 6), Gray 7 (Davies 82), Iwobi 6 (Dobbin 89); Rondon 6. NORWICH: Krul 6; Kabak 6 (Rashika 69), Hanley 6, Gibson 6; Aarons 7, Lees-Melou 6, Normann 8 (Tzolis 69, 6), McLean 7, Williams 7 (Giannoulls 86); Sargent 6, Pukki 6 MAN OF THE MATCH: abdoulaye doucoure – Typical high-intensity, box-to-box performance capped by a smartly-taken goal REF: D Coote ATT: 38,821 Still a jungle out there for Bruce Watford 1 Newcastle 1 By Graham Thomas three minutes from the end of a helterskelter match and Bruce said: “That was painful. It’s hugely frustrating because we played well enough to win three games in this league.” Hornets boss Xisco Munoz said: “I am a little disappointed with the performance. We need to be more consistent than this.” RATINGS WATFORD: Foster 6; Femenia 6 (Ngakia 67, 6), Cathcart 6, Troost- Ekong 6, Rose 6; Sissoko 7, Kucka 6 (Pedro 64, 7), Cleverley 6 (Tufan 46, 6); Sarr 8, Dennis 6 (Etebo 75, 6), King 6 NEWCASTLE: Darlow 7; Manquillo 6, Fernandez 7, Clark 6, Ritchie 6; Hayden 6, Longstaff 7; Willock 7(Gayle 83), Almiron 6 (Murphy 79), Saint-Maximin 7; Joelinton 6 MAN OF THE MATCH: ISMAILA SARR – Powerful, slippery, a goal threat and a foul magnet REF: J Gillett ATT: 20,650

SE1ST 6 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 6 FOOTBALL SKY BET LEAGUE ONE Wigan top thanks to Wyke and Lang Wigan remain top of League One after goals from Charlie Wyke and Callum Lang helped the Latics beat Cheltenham 2-0 at the DW Stadium. Wyke put the ball on a plate for Lang, who finished nicely inside the area and the favour was returned straight after half-time when Lang set Wyke up. A six-goal thriller entertained the 4,000 fans in attendance as 10-man Morecambe drew 3-3 with Accrington. Burton made it seven consecutive SKY BET LEAGUE TWO games without a win after losing 2-1 at home to Lincoln. Cambridge and Fleetwood could not be separated after the two sides drew 2-2 at the Abbey Stadium and it was the same scoreline between Portsmouth and Charlton at The Valley, after a late Josh Davison goal for Charlton. Ronan Curtis put the visitors in front, before Sean Clare (above) levelled for the Addicks. Marcus Harness restored Pompey’s lead but Davison levelled it. Garrity’s winner so vital as top six slip Ben Garrity fired Port Vale into the thick of the promotion race on a day when none of the top six won. Vale climbed into fourth place courtesy of midfielder Garrity’s strike in a 1-0 win over Scunthorpe. Forest Green remain four points clear at the top despite a 0-0 draw with Tranmere, who had Calum MacDonald sent off. Orient were also held to a goalless draw by lowly Mansfield. The Stags too were left hanging on at the death following Tyrese Sinclair’s 85th-minute red card. Stevenage’s first clean sheet in nine attempts ensured they left Harrogate with a point courtesy of another 0-0 draw. Ashley Eastham’s stoppage-time strike denied Northampton victory at Salford as they were pegged back to draw 2-2. Paul Lewis headed the visitors in front, but saw Matty Lund (above) level before substitute Mitch Pinnock looked to have won it 17 minutes from time, until Eastham struck. arsenal v tottenham today, 4.30pm out of Lloris chasing Devine: It’s all about pressure By David Sneyd John Devine’s loyalties may lie with Arsenal in the North London derby but that doesn’t mean he can’t sympathise with the pressure Spurs boss Nuno Espirito Santo finds himself under. The former Gunners right-back (below) starred in the FA Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup finals of 1980 and made 111 appearances for the club. Espirito Santo finds himself in a tricky position today, Spurs having lost to Chelsea and Crystal Palace in their most recent Premier League outings. Spurs were top prior to the international break with a 100 per cent record. Arsenal were rooted to the bottom. But a Gunners win will put the rivals level on points. Devine said: “The attitude in that second half against Chelsea was outrageously bad and going off that showing, you have to fancy Arsenal. “Santo has only just started really and was doing well before the international break. “From my experience of these games, they are emotional and the atmosphere is incredible, so it will be who handles that pressure best.” ●Hugo Lloris was talking after putting Year 8 students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy through their paces with a series of goalkeeping drills, skills, and tactics. The session was hosted by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the Club’s charitable arm dedicated to creating life–changing opportunities for people across its local community. PLAYING FOR KEEPS: Hugo Lloris in training and (below) Spurs dejection during Chelsea defeat HUGO LLORIS says last Sunday’s defeat to Chelsea laid bare the gap between the two sides. Spurs head to bitter rivals Arsenal today still reeling from a perfect table-topping start to the season being destroyed by consecutive 3-0 defeats to Crystal Palace and Thomas Tuchel’s Blues. But, while conceding they were rubbish against Palace and thoroughly outclassed by the Stamford Bridge side, Lloris insists nobody inside Nuno Espirito Santo’s camp is panicking. And the Spurs skipper reckons pundits who ripped into Harry Kane and Co after last Sunday’s second-half collapse against Tuchel’s Champions League winners should stay calm too. Ahead of the North London derby, Lloris said: “After three games, it was too early and now after five, it’s still too early. The truth is at the end of the season. “Obviously, people are watching and analysing every game – that’s normal. But as a group of players, as a team, it’s too early. We need time. “We cannot forget that it’s a new process with a new manager, with new ideas – and it takes time to reach a certain level. “Chelsea were too good for us. They’ve won many trophies together, their confidence is high. “When they feel it’s the right moment, they press the button and it’s like a machine. We have to recognise, at this moment, they are a much better team than us.” The same does not apply to JUST £5.49 A BOTTLE ON 12 CRAFT WINES Plus 2 FREE wine glasses worth £18, and FREE delivery! Luxury Craft Wine Selection 12 CRAFT WINES WAS £136.38 NOW £65.88 Plus FREE WINE GLASSES AND DELIVERY! To order, visit or call 0343 224 1001 quoting VE2218 Terms and Conditions: Please allow between 1-3 working days for delivery, however 85% of orders are arriving next working day. Also available as an all-red or all-white case. New customers only. UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over to buy alcohol. Strictly one case per customer. 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SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 7 FOOTBALL 7 keeper hugo expects a massive improvement our league! a step up after Chelsea pain Harry PRATT reporting Arsenal, of course. But then neither did it apply to Palace before then-league leaders Tottenham’s disastrous thumping at Selhurst Park. French stopper Lloris went on: “After three wins, we were very pleased to take nine points – but there was a lot to improve. “The defeat against Palace was a bad one because we didn’t recognise the team – and finished with this feeling of, wow, lots of regrets! “It’s like you go there without playing and that’s something we don’t want to feel again.” Certainly, Lloris is aware that, if they want to keep the snipers quiet, taking out bitter rivals Arsenal today – for the first time in 16 league visits to the Emirates – would be a massive boost. Reminded that none of the current side has tasted a Premier League triumph on enemy soil – the last one for Spurs came in 2010-11 – he confirmed it is high time they set that record straight. Lloris, who joined the club in 2012, went on: “I remember some draws, some defeats. There was a League Cup win. But it’s true I am still looking for a league win, and, obviously, it’s not good enough. “The result is the only important thing. A derby is not even about the league – it’s about pride, it’s for the fans. We know what it means.” SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP Shayne blasts clincher BUOYANT Blackpool boss Neil Critchley is sure there is much more to come from his confident team. Northern Ireland international striker Shayne Lavery’s sweet 32nd-minute strike did the trick as the Seasiders made it three league wins in their last four outings. And if it had not been for a string of top saves from Barnsley keeper Brad Collins, then the Lancashire hosts could have won by hatful. “We’ve improve, but I still I think we’ve got more Blackpool 1 Barnsley 0 By Neil Goulding to come,” said Critchley after his side’s battling win. Victory was extra sweet for Blackpool as it was their first league win over the South Yorkshire side since August 2013. But the visitors could have easily taken a point on their travels if they had not wasted two glorious chances at the death. Defender Michal Helik headed wide and then skipper Cauley Woodrow rifled a shot inches wide. arteta bringing guns to a battle MIKEL ARTETA can sense Arsenal’s fighting qualities of yesteryear are coming to the fore once more. Of course, nobody is saying the Spaniard’s class of 2021 begins to compare to Arsene Wenger’s notorious warriors of the late 90s and early 2000s. Arteta is the first to accept it will take considerably more than a couple of vital, backto-back 1-0 league wins over fellow strugglers Norwich and Burnley for that to happen. However, as the 18th anniversary of Martin Keown’s infamous brawl with Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy coincides with today’s North London derby, he does believe his Gunners’ willingness to battle for every ball and point is bubbling nicely. The Arsenal boss said: “I think every time we are on the pitch we have to do it for ourselves. “We know that is the basic principle to JOY: Piroe with hero Downes By Harry Pratt compete in any game in the Premier League and to get the results. “And, hopefully, afterwards other people will be convinced that we are able to do this. We’ve done it in the past, since I’ve been here and in previous years with other managers. “And we have kept that belief that we are able to do it now.” Not that Arteta expects Bukayo Saka and Co to take that to the sort of levels witnessed during the club’s ugly heyday for explosive red-card dust-ups, which were such a feature of those glory-laden times under Wenger. Yet there are clearly elements to that Old Trafford war in September 2003 – when all hell broke lose at the final whistle after a savage, bruising stalemate – that impress the ex-Arsenal, Everton and Rangers Downes spur for Swans Russell Martin hailed his midfield maestro Flynn Downes after the midfielder orchestrated Swansea’s first home victory of the season. Joel Piroe sank the Terriers with his sixth goal of the season to end a run of four games without a win. But Martin singled out Swans’ man-of-the-match Downes for laying the foundations of a longawaited triumph at the Stadium. “Flynn was incredible,” he said. “It’s really difficult to single people out but he FIGHT FOR THE WIN: Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta playmaker. Arteta, who side can overtake Spurs in the table with a 2-0 victory at the Emirates, added with a grin: “It’s another generation of fantastic players that created a history in those clashes. I didn’t experience it but it was phenomenal to watch from the outside.” Swansea 1 Huddersfield 0 By James Candy does the dirty work really well, which sometimes goes unsung. It’s his willingness to learn, his attitude and attention to detail. “He enables people to do their roles brilliantly, he plays with no ego at all and knows exactly what his role in the team is.” Huddersfield boss Carlos Corberan admitted Swansea were better individually, adding: “The mentality in the first half was not good enough.” sOUThampton v wolves today, 2pm SILKY SKILLS: Jimenez in the loss to Brentford Jimenez is ready to find net gains RAUL Jimenez has reassured Wolves fans that it’s only a matter of time before he hits the goal trail again. The Mexico international, 30, has failed to fire so far this season and hasn’t found the net in five outings. Jimenez is returning from a horrific injury after he fractured his skull in a clash with Arsenal’s David Luiz at the Emirates last December. He has been given the all-clear to return – although he is wearing a protective cover on his head – and it’s taken time for him to hit the heights. But Jimenez believes once he breaks his own drought, the goals will start to flow. He said: “We’re not too far away. We’ve had five games so far and played well in four. “There’s been one bad episode against Brentford. That’s football. “It’s true, we haven’t scored many goals. We have to finish. But we’re still confident. We know we will have the opportunity.” And ahead of facing Southampton today, he added: “I’m confident I can still do my job and if I score one, I think I’ll go on a run. “When I last played there I scored twice. I’ve done it before and I feel I can do it again. “I’ll be ready. We feel we can score goals. Honestly, we’re not too far away.” Snub tip for Prowsey Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl believes being snubbed by England will inspire James Ward-Prowse to new heights. Ward-Prowse (right) is set to play in his 101st successive Premier League game when Saints host Wolves tomorrow. But he was left out of Gareth Southgate’s squad for the Euros and has so far been unable to fight his way back into contention. Hasenhuttl said: “It is tough for Prowsey but he has to keep on going. “He is still able to learn things and get even better. This is what he has to do.” C PALACE v Brighton tomorrow, 8pm Lamptey to light up Graham Potter is still tipping Tariq Lamptey to go to the very top – but will stick the Brighton ace on the bench tomorrow. The England Under-21s wingback (right) is finally fully fit after injuries ended his previous season early. Potter said: “The sky’s the limit for him. “He’s only played By Neil Moxley By Alex Crook By Harry Pratt 45 minutes and it’s important not to look too far ahead. “It’s about staying focused and not getting carried away.” Meanwhile, Palace boss Patrick Vieira wants some fire from his side tomorrow night. He said: “I think the passion is needed.”

SE1ST 8 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 8 SPORT RUGBY LEAGUE EXCLUSIVE Harry’s in a hurry to join greats HARRY NEWMAN is determined to help his Leeds team-mates stand alongside the club’s legends. The golden greats, including Rob Burrow and Kev Sinfield, famously twice won the Grand Final from fifth spot in the table – the only time the title has gone to a side so low in the play-off rankings. But the Rhinos SHOP Binoculars MICRO ZOOM New from Sunagor - The World's smallest zoom binoculars. Just when you thought binoculars couldn’t get any smaller, Sunagor have launched their new 9-45x21 “Micro Zoom” Binoculars which are the world’s smallest Computer designed, they offer a staggering 9 to 45 times magnification - power normally found only in much bigger binoculars The Sunagor “Micro Zoom” binoculars have a smart metallic black and silver finish. They measure just 9cm x 9cm and weigh approximately 265g so you can easily slip them into a pocket or handbag and take them with you anywhere, be it sporting £ sightseeing or on holiday Highest quality BAK-4 prisms and fully-coated lenses guarantee bright, crisp, high contrast viewing and there is even an eye-piece adjustment to suit your own eyesight. Fold-down rubber eye-cups make them suitable for spectacle wearers Complete with pouch case, neckstrap, dustcaps, polishing cloth and 10 year guarantee PRICE P&P QTY TOTAL MICRO ZOOM £79.99 £4.99 I enclose a cheque for £ made payable to Trans-World Trading Offer SX150. Please write your name and address on the back of your cheque. Or please debit my… Visa MasterCard Maestro card Card no By Julie Stott have now got another magical triumph, from fifth, in their sights. They upset Wigan 8-0 in Thursday’s opening play-off game and will face champions St Helens away in Friday’s semi-final. And centre Newman (left) is convinced they can go all the way to Old Trafford and to Valid from Exp date Security code their first title since 2017. He said: “What Leeds did in the past, winning it from fifth twice, is great but it is about us now – we are just focusing on ourselves. “Saints away will be a tough game but we will prepare well, train hard and recover well. “When you get to a semi-final it is about who wants it more, who does the little things right.” Mind games spur for Rovers JORDAN ABDULL has revealed the mind games that helped Hull KR clinch a sensational semi-final spot. Underdogs Rovers won their play-off clash with Warrington 19-0 to book a showdown By Julie Stott with Catalans on Thursday. Half-back and Man of Steel contender Abdull (right) praised coach Tony Smith for giving them the belief to defy the odds. He said: “He gives you confidence. He’s pretty good at playing a couple of mind games. “Credit to him because he knows how to get the best out of you.” Iss no (if Maestro) Mr Mrs Ms First name .......................................................................... Initials ................................................... Surname ............................................................................ Address ........................................................... .................................. Postcode .............................. Daytime tel no .............................................................................................................................. Signature ....................................................................... ...................................................... Date ................................................... CALL US ON 0871 664 1467 * OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK/SUNAGOR SUNDAY EXPRESS OFFER SX150, 24 NORTHWAYS PARADE, COLLEGE CRESCENT, LONDON, NW3 5DN This offer is provided to you by Trans-World Trading. Reg. 775811 Trans-World Trading, 24 Northways Parade, College Crescent, London, NW3 5DN. For customer enquiries please call 0207 722 2976. Offer subject to availability. Please allow 14 days for delivery. If not fully satisfied, please return within 14 days for a refund/replacement. *Calls cost 12p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. ✁ CRICKET: Pressure on Root Down Under Gower fears Ashes hiding on the cards Joe ROOT will be feeling the heat regardless of which England team eventually travels Down Under to face the furnace-like pressure of an Ashes tour. That’s the view of former England captain David Gower, who fears that if Root doesn’t score heavily then England are on a hiding to nothing against the Aussies on home turf. They haven’t won a match, let alone a series, in Australia since 2010/11. On that tour, Andrew Strauss’ side had six batsmen averaging more than 40 as the hosts were thumped by a team operating at the peak of their powers. That’s not an accusation you could level at the current team, with only Joe Root of England’s likely top six with an average above 40. The Yorkshireman is streets ahead of his team-mates. But if Australia can stop his prolific run in 2021, then Gower believes that England are in big trouble. “There are gaps in our Test team,” said the former England captain. “If you say that our best XI includes Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer, and one definitely won’t go and the other is very unlikely to, then we’re already missing two key players. “If we have everyone else available then I would still favour Australia, especially on their home turf. “One of the big things we’re going to struggle with is getting runs on the board, especially if Joe Root gets less than 150 every time TRAGEDY: Dean Berta Vinales Richard REPORTING WORRIED: David Gower Teen rider Dean killed in crash WORLD Superbike action was abandoned at Jerez yesterday after teenager Dean Berta Vinales was killed in a crash. Vinales, 15, was involved in a multi-rider crash in the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship race at the Spanish track. The race was stopped and he was treated trackside for severe head injuries. Vinales, a cousin of MotoGP star Maverick EDWARDS he bats. In any team at any level, if you have four of the top six having reasonably or very good days then you should be all right. “But we haven’t got a top three that averages 40. You don’t win an Ashes series Down Under with that lack of firepower.” Despite Australia’s own batting struggles they can rely on Steve Smith, David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne – who all average over, or close to, 50. On a more basic note, though, there is still some uncertainty over whether the tour will go ahead at all. Australia’s strict Covid restrictions and the government’s reluctance to bend the rules for England’s families has already led to speculation that some players could boycott the tour entirely. Gower says he would understand if some England players decided not to travel. He said: “It’s a very different equation for those who have concerns about their families and their children.” ■ David Gower is ambassador for The Cricketer magazine celebrating its centenary year throughout 2021 ( SUPERBIKES Vinales, was taken to the medical centre where it was confirmed he had died. A statement said: “Despite the best efforts of the circuit medical staff it is announced that Berta Vinales has succumbed to his injuries.” This was the rookie season for Vinales, who rode for the team run by Maverick’s father Angel. His RUN MACHINE: But Joe Root will need to perform for England to have any hope of success best result was fourth at Magny-Cours in France earlier this month. Taz Mackenzie moved ●to within five points of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship lead after his first superbike win at Oulton Park yesterday. He is now five points adrift of team-mate Jason O’Halloran, who crashed out with three laps to go. ZOE BURN

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 9 SPORT 9 RUGBY UNION: England boss Eddie’s United front jones counts on whizz kids Adam HATHAWAY REPORTS Eddie Jones revealed he took a leaf out of the former Baby-Faced Assassin’s book when he revamped his England squad and got down with the kids last week. The England boss is mates with Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and he visited Manchester United’s training ground in August and saw the Reds in action when they stayed at one of England’s bases, Pennyhill Park in Bagshot, during pre-season. As a player Solskjaer, 48, was given the nickname for his boyish looks – and Jones’ new group certainly has a fresh-faced look about it. Out went seasoned players such as Mako Vunipola, George Ford and Jamie George as Jones named eight uncapped players and 10 who made their debuts in the summer as part of a 45-man training group for a three-day camp in Teddington starting today. Among those, Leicester full-back Freddie Steward, 20, and Sale prop Bevan Rodd – 21 and yet to play a Test – are tipped to make it to the 2023 World Cup in France. And Jones admits he is impressed by United’s youth policy, which has churned out players like Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. He said: “We’ve drawn a line in the sand. We’ve got two years until the next World Cup and if we kept the same team it would be too old by that time. “We know that, so we’ve needed to refresh the team. We’ve tried to do that in a systematic way, where the players earn their caps. “Certainly I like what Ole’s done at Man United in getting back to the netball England Netball has axed its planned three-test series in Australia next month due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus restrictions. The Vitality Roses are currently in New Zealand having completed a series victory last week, but said talks aimed at securing the continuation of the tour had proved unsuccessful. England Netball blamed ‘‘the implications of Government regulations relating to travel and quarantine.’’ HIGH HOPES: Jones could pin his hopes on Bevan Rodd and Freddie Steward (right) REVAMP: Eddie Jones Balsamo rules the world ELISA BALSAMO won gold in the elite women’s race at the Road Cycling World Championships in Belgium. In an exciting conclusion the Italian took the lead with 1,000 metres to go and went on to beat Holland’s threetime world champion Marianne Vos in a sprint finish. Katarzyna Niewiadoma of Poland finished third. Balsamo (right) said: “This is a dream for me CYCLING after this long season – without my team, this jersey was not possible.” Lizzie Deignan was the first Brit to cross the line in 14th with Anna Henderson following her in 25th. Deignan said: “I just felt completely out of speed. I was strong enough and fit enough but those circuits they were so fast.” DNA of the club, which is about producing young players. “But a national team is different from a club team. A national team is about picking the right players at the right time – and that’s what we’ve got to get right.” Steward and Co might be new kids on the block but Jones’ new assistant, Richard Cockerill, has been around the block more than once. The former hooker joins Aussie Anthony Seibold, South African Matt Proudfoot and former rugby league star Martin Gleeson as Jones’ henchmen. And Jones revealed Cockerill’s colleagues got a taste of what the ex-England hooker is about when they saw a video of him eyeballing fearsome All Black front-rower Norm Hewitt before a Test match in 1997. Cockerill was carpeted by team-mate Martin Johnson for poking the bear before the game. And Jones added: “He has got a fine record. Ten years at Leicester as a coach, three or four years at Edinburgh, he has won trophies at Leicester and he has been everything from driver of the bus to director of rugby at Leicester. “He has got a good spectrum of experience and he is a proud Englishman. “When we introduced him at the coaches’ meeting, one of the others got up a clip of him and the Haka when he went up to big Norman Hewitt and fronted him. “I can’t repeat what Johnson said to him.” RUGBY UNION Jordie Barrett kicked a winning penalty two minutes from time as New Zealand beat South Africa 19-17 in Queensland to clinch the Rugby Championship. In the 100th Test between the teams, New Zealand’s Will Jordan and South Africa’s Sbu Nkosi each scored an early try before the kickers took over. Barrett and Springboks flyhalf Handre Pollard scored four penalties each. Australia beat Argentina 27-8 in the other match. GALLAGHER PREMIERSHIP SUPER SHOW: Ali Crossdale scores his second It’s double bubble for debutant Ali BOSS Lee Blackett watched new boy Ali Crossdale burn up the Bears on his Wasps debut – and predicted the only way is up for the flyer. Crossdale, 23, who arrived from Saracens in the summer and was in Eddie Jones’ shadow squad during the Six Nations, scored twice in the first half when he left Bears for dead. Blackett said: “You saw how fast he is. He is someone who has got that ability to beat people with out-andout pace. ‘‘I think it was only his third Premiership start or appearance at full-back and he is still young. There is plenty more to come.” Wasps had skipper LONDON IRISH v SALE TODAY, 3pm Brad Shields sent off with 12 minutes left but held on thanks to rock-solid defence now overseen by Matt Everard. They also lost Malkai Fekitoa with a dislocated shoulder at half-time but had the guts to see it out and run away at the end. Bristol lost hooker Harry Thacker, centre Alapati Leiua and fullback Charles Piutau prematurely to injury but were their own worst enemies. Boss Pat Lam fumed: “We created opportunities but we were not good enough to take them. We turned the ball over too many times.’’ Hot Radwan on a roll ADAM RADWAN will report for England duty today after another try-scoring performance as NEWCASTLE beat BATH 20-13. The wing (right), who scored a hat-trick on his England debut against Canada, scored a great solo effort that left Bath floundering. England prospects Louis Lynagh and Alex Dombrandt scored tries in front of Eddie Jones as HARLEQUINS enjoyed a 35-29 victory over WORCESTER. George Furbank kicked a last-minute penalty to send last season’s runners-up EXETER to a second defeat in the opening two weeks of the new campaign as they lost 26-24 at home to NORTHAMPTON. Sanderson a spoiler Sale boss Alex Sanderson has urged his Sharks to ruin London Irish’s housewarming party in today’s clash in Brentford. Irish can finally have a full crowd at their new Community Stadium near Kew Bridge. Sanderson said: “They have threats and they are at the Wasps 44 Bristol 8 By Adam Hathaway By Adam Hathaway new stadium and I am sure they want to make a mark there. “Any win down there at the start of the season is a good one.” Sanderson (left) has USA fly-half AJ McGinty back from international duty while the hosts have an unchanged pack.

SE1ST 10 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 P W D L F A GD Pts Liverpool 6 4 2 0 15 4 11 14 Man City 6 4 1 1 12 1 11 13 Chelsea 6 4 1 1 12 2 10 13 Man Utd 6 4 1 1 13 5 8 13 Everton 6 4 1 1 12 7 5 13 Brighton 5 4 0 1 7 4 3 12 West Ham 6 3 2 1 13 8 5 11 Aston Villa 6 3 1 2 9 7 2 10 Brentford 6 2 3 1 8 5 3 9 Tottenham 5 3 0 2 3 6 -3 9 Watford 6 2 1 3 7 9 -2 7 Leicester 6 2 1 3 7 10 -3 7 Arsenal 5 2 0 3 2 9 -7 6 Crystal Pal 5 1 2 2 5 8 -3 5 Southamptn 5 0 4 1 4 6 -2 4 Wolves 5 1 0 4 2 5 -3 3 Newcastle 6 0 3 3 7 14 -7 3 Leeds 6 0 3 3 6 14 -8 3 Burnley 6 0 2 4 5 11 -6 2 Norwich 6 0 0 6 2 16 -14 0 Brentford 3 Liverpool 3 Pinnock 27 Jota 31 Janelt 63 Salah 54 Wissa 82 Jones 67; HT: 1-1 Chelsea 0 Man City 1 Gabriel Jesus 53 HT: 0-0 Everton 2 Norwich 0 Townsend 29 (pen) Doucoure 77 HT: 1-0 Att: 38,821 Leeds 1 West Ham 2 Raphinha 19 HT: 1-0 Att: 36,417 Leicester 2 Burnley 2 Vardy 37, 85 HT: 1-2 Att: 31,650 Firpo 67 (og) Antonio 90 Vardy 12 (og) Cornet 40 Man Utd 0 Aston Villa 1 Hause 88 HT: 0-0 Att: 72,922 Watford 1 Newcastle 1 Sarr 72 Longstaff 23 HT: 0-1 Att: 20,650 best of this week today 3pm unless stated Premier League: Arsenal v Tottenham (4.30pm); Southampton v Wolves (2pm). cinch Scottish Premiership: Celtic v Dundee Utd; Hibernian v St Johnstone; St Mirren v Aberdeen (Noon). tomorrow 7.45pm unless stated Premier League: Crystal Palace v Brighton (8pm). Tuesday 7.45pm unless stated UEFA Champions League - Group A: PSG v Man City (8pm); Leipzig v Brugge (8pm). Group B: AC Milan v Ath Madrid (8pm); FC Porto v Liverpool (8pm). Sky Bet Championship: Cardiff v West Brom; Huddersfield v Blackburn; Hull v Blackpool; M’brough v Sheff Utd; Preston v Stoke; QPR v Birmingham. Wednesday 7.45pm unless stated UEFA Champions League - Group F: Atalanta v Y Boys (5.45pm); Man Utd v Villarreal (8pm). Group H: Juventus v Chelsea (8pm); Z St P’burg v Malmo (5.45pm). Sky Bet Championship: Barnsley v Nottm Forest; Derby v Reading; Fulham v Swansea; Luton v Coventry; Millwall v Bristol City; Peterborough v Bournemouth. Thursday 7.45pm unless stated EUROPA LEAGUE - Group C: L Warsaw v Leicester (5.45pm); Napoli v S Moscow (5.45pm). Group H: Genk v D Zagreb (8pm); West Ham v R Vienna (8pm). UEFA Europa Conference League Group G Tottenham v Mura (8pm); Vitesse v Rennes (8pm). Friday 7.45pm unless stated Sky Bet Championship: Stoke v West Brom. VANARAMA NATIONAl P W D L F A Pts Dag & Red 8 6 1 1 22 10 19 Chesterfield 8 5 3 0 16 6 18 Grimsby 7 5 2 0 14 6 17 Boreham W 8 5 2 1 12 8 17 FC Halifax 8 5 1 2 15 8 16 Notts Cnty 8 4 3 1 15 8 15 Wrexham 8 3 3 2 11 10 12 Solihull M 8 3 3 2 14 15 12 Stockport 8 3 2 3 6 10 11 Bromley 6 3 1 2 12 9 10 Yeovil 6 3 0 3 8 7 9 Altrincham 5 3 0 2 7 6 9 Wealdstone 8 2 3 3 9 11 9 Eastleigh 7 2 2 3 11 14 8 Weymouth 8 2 2 4 12 16 8 Torquay 8 2 2 4 11 18 8 Maidenhead 7 2 1 4 9 12 7 Woking 5 2 0 3 10 8 6 Southend 7 1 2 4 6 10 5 Barnet 8 1 2 5 10 20 5 King’s Lynn 6 1 1 4 6 10 4 Aldershot 8 1 1 6 9 15 4 Dover 8 0 3 5 4 12 -9 P W D L F A GD Pts Bournemouth 9 6 3 0 16 7 9 21 West Brom 9 5 4 0 16 8 8 19 Coventry 9 6 1 2 12 6 6 19 Fulham 9 5 2 2 19 8 11 17 Stoke 9 5 2 2 13 10 3 17 Blackburn 9 4 4 1 16 9 7 16 Huddersfield 9 4 1 4 13 12 1 13 Bristol City 9 3 4 2 11 10 1 13 Reading 9 4 1 4 16 18 -2 13 QPR 9 3 3 3 17 14 3 12 Sheff Utd 9 3 3 3 13 12 1 12 Birmingham 9 3 3 3 10 10 0 12 Cardiff 9 3 2 4 12 14 -2 11 Blackpool 9 3 2 4 8 12 -4 11 Preston 9 2 4 3 9 11 -2 10 Luton 9 2 4 3 13 16 -3 10 Swansea 9 2 4 3 8 11 -3 10 Middlesbro 9 2 3 4 9 11 -2 9 Millwall 9 1 6 2 9 11 -2 9 Barnsley 9 1 5 3 6 10 -4 8 Peterboro 9 2 1 6 10 20 -10 7 Nott’m Forest 9 1 2 6 8 13 -5 5 Hull 9 1 2 6 5 14 -9 5 Derby 9 2 4 3 6 8 -2 -2 Bournemouth 2 Luton 1 Billing 17 Burke 64 Solanke 31 HT: 2-0 Att: 9,737 Birmingham 0 Preston 0 HT: 0-0 Blackburn 5 Cardiff 1 Gallagher 24 Morrison 58 Brereton 32, 45, 90 (pen) Dolan 53 HT: 3-0 Att: 11,670 Blackpool 1 Barnsley 0 Lavery 32 HT: 1-0 Att: 12,698 Bristol City 1 Fulham 1 Palmer 79 Mitrovic 50 HT: 0-0 Att: 19,326 N ForEST 1 Millwall 1 Lowe 52 Smith 32 HT: 0-1 Att: 25,589 Reading 1 Middlesbro 0 Halilovic 55 HT: 0-0 Sheff Utd 1 Derby 0 Sharp 90 (pen) HT: 0-0 Att: 27,905 Stoke 2 Hull 0 Vrancic 35 Powell 58 HT: 1-0 Att: 20,124 Swansea 1 HuddersfiELd 0 Piroe 18 HT: 1-0 Att: 17,091 1-2-X CHECK FRIDAY’S RESULTS COVENTRY PETERBOROUGH 3 0 WEST BROM QUEEN’S PARK RANGERS 2 1 P W D L F A GD Pts Wigan 8 6 1 1 14 5 9 19 Sunderland 8 6 1 1 13 7 6 19 MK Dons 9 5 3 1 17 10 7 18 Plymouth 9 5 3 1 14 7 7 18 Rotherham 9 4 2 3 11 9 2 14 Wycombe 8 4 2 2 10 8 2 14 Accrington 9 4 1 4 11 14 -3 13 AFC W’don 9 3 3 3 16 15 1 12 Bolton 9 3 3 3 14 13 1 12 Portsmouth 9 3 3 3 9 8 1 12 Sheff Wed 8 3 3 2 7 6 1 12 Cambridge Utd 8 3 3 2 12 12 0 12 Oxford Utd 9 3 3 3 10 10 0 12 Cheltenham 9 3 3 3 11 13 -2 12 Burton Albion 9 3 3 3 7 10 -3 12 Morecambe 9 3 2 4 15 14 1 11 Lincoln City 9 3 2 4 12 11 1 11 Fleetwood 8 2 3 3 13 13 0 9 Gillingham 9 1 5 3 9 13 -4 8 Shrewsbury 9 2 2 5 6 12 -6 8 Ipswich 8 1 4 3 12 16 -4 7 Charlton 9 1 3 5 9 13 -4 6 Crewe 9 1 3 5 6 12 -6 6 Doncaster 8 1 1 6 4 11 -7 4 Burton 1 Lincoln 2 Shaughnessy 86 Fiorini 10 Scully 50 HT: 0-1 Att: 3,359 Cambridge 2 Fleetwood 2 May 35 Hill 2 Tracey 51 Lane 76 HT: 1-1 Att: 4,429 Charlton 2 Portsmouth 2 Clare 47 Curtis 6 Davison 87 Harness 72 HT: 0-1 Att: 16,378 Ipswich 1 Sheff Wed 1 Chaplin 90 Adeniran 27 HT: 0-1 Att: 21,338 MK Dons 1 Wycombe 0 Parrott 40 (pen) HT: 1-0 Att: 9,355 Morecambe 3 Accrington 3 Stockton 15, 81 Bishop 19 (pen), 68 Phillips 27 Butcher 21 HT: 2-2 Att: 4,142 Oxford Utd 1 Gillingham 1 Taylor 5 MacDonald 30 HT: 1-1 Att: 6,664 Plymouth 2 Doncaster 1 Jephcott 68 (pen) Hiwula 54 Grant 90 (pen) HT: 0-0 Att: 11,003 Rotherham 1 Crewe 1 Rathbone 54 HT: 0-0 Att: 8,747 Porter 90 (pen) Shrewsbury 2 AFC W’don 1 Leahy 41 Mebude 32 Udoh 67 HT: 1-1 Sunderland 1 Bolton 0 Winchester 17 HT: 1-0 Wigan 2 Cheltenham 0 Lang 8 Wyke 47 HT: 1-0 Att: 8,867 FRIDAY’S RESULT BARROW 2 NEWPORT 1 NO FT 1 SUN 2 3 3 1 4 1A 5 3 6 SUN 7 3 8 2 9 1 10 1 11 1 12 3 13 3 14 1 15 1 16 1 17 1A 18 3 19 3 20 3 21 1 22 3 23 3 24 1 25 1 26 1 27 1 28 1 29 2 30 2 31 3 32 2 33 1A 34 3 35 1A 36 1 37 2 38 1A 39 SUN 40 1A 41 1 42 SUN 43 1 44 SUN 45 2 46 2 47 1 48 SUN 49 1 vanarama NorTH P W D L F A Pts AFC Fylde 7 6 1 0 16 6 19 Brackley 8 6 1 1 10 5 19 Curzon Ashton 7 5 1 1 14 6 16 Spennymoor 7 5 0 2 17 9 15 Gateshead 7 4 2 1 16 10 14 Alfreton Town 8 4 0 4 12 10 12 Kidderminster 7 3 2 2 12 8 11 Kettering 7 3 2 2 9 7 11 Leamington 7 3 1 3 8 9 10 Chorley 5 3 0 2 14 5 9 York 6 3 0 3 11 12 9 Boston Utd 6 3 0 3 7 8 9 Blyth Spartans 7 2 3 2 8 11 9 Chester FC 7 2 2 3 13 16 8 Farsley Celtic 7 1 3 3 7 17 6 Guiseley 7 1 2 4 7 12 5 Darlington 6 1 1 4 10 12 4 AFC Telford 5 1 1 3 4 7 4 Bradford PA 6 1 1 4 5 9 4 Gloucester 7 1 1 5 8 20 4 Southport 6 0 3 3 9 12 3 Hereford FC 6 0 3 3 3 9 3 vanarama south P W D L F A Pts Dartford 7 6 1 0 21 4 19 Maidstone Utd 7 5 2 0 16 7 17 Dulwich 6 3 2 1 14 6 11 Chippenham 6 3 2 1 9 5 11 Concord 7 3 2 2 10 11 11 St Albans 6 3 1 2 13 9 10 Oxford City 7 2 4 1 15 12 10 Hampton & Rich 7 2 3 2 13 7 9 Eastbourne 7 2 3 2 18 16 9 Havant & W 6 3 0 3 8 6 9 Bath City 7 3 0 4 10 14 9 Tonbridge 6 2 2 2 9 10 8 Dorking 7 2 2 3 11 13 8 Chelmsford 7 2 2 3 8 10 8 Ebbsfleet 5 2 1 2 9 7 7 Hungerford 5 2 1 2 9 9 7 Braintree 6 1 3 2 9 14 6 Slough 6 1 2 3 6 10 5 Hemel Hemps 7 1 1 5 8 21 4 Welling 6 1 1 4 5 21 4 Billericay 6 0 1 5 7 16 1 SPORT IN BRIEF Cycling Women’s Elite Road Race (Antwerp - Leuven - 157.7km) Final Positions: 1 Elisa Balsamo (Ita) 3hrs 52mins 27secs, 2 Marianne Vos (Ned) at same time, 3 Kasia Niewiadoma (Pol) at 1sec, 4 Kata Blanka Vas (Hun), 5 Arelnis Sierra Candilla (Cub) at same time. Darts PDC European Tour, Gibraltar Trophy, Gibraltar, 2nd rd: T Evetts (Eng) bt D van Duijvenbode (Ned) 6-5, B Dolan (NIrl) bt M King (Eng) 6-1, D Noppert (Ned) bt A Harrysson (Swe) 6-2, D Heta (Aus) bt A Hunt (Eng) 6-3, M Suljovic (Aut) bt K Huybrechts (Bel) 6-5, S Whitlock (Aus) bt M Smith (Eng) 6-2, J Wade (Eng) bt B Krcmar (Cro) 6-5, K Ratajski (Pol) bt R Searle (Eng) 6-3. Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership: Bath 13, Newcastle 20; Exeter 24, Northampton 26; Harlequins 35, Worcester 29; Wasps 44, Bristol 8. P W D L F A GD Pts Forest Green 9 6 2 1 18 8 10 20 Leyton Orient 9 4 4 1 16 7 9 16 Harrogate Town 9 4 4 1 15 11 4 16 Port Vale 9 4 3 2 10 6 4 15 Northampton 9 4 3 2 9 7 2 15 Exeter 9 3 5 1 12 6 6 14 Hartlepool 9 4 2 3 9 7 2 14 Crawley Town 9 4 2 3 12 13 -1 14 Swindon 9 3 4 2 9 7 2 13 Barrow 9 3 3 3 13 11 2 12 Rochdale 9 3 3 3 12 11 1 12 Bradford 9 3 3 3 12 11 1 12 Tranmere 9 3 3 3 4 3 1 12 Sutton Utd 8 3 2 3 10 8 2 11 Newport 9 3 2 4 10 13 -3 11 Colchester 8 2 4 2 7 7 0 10 Carlisle 9 2 4 3 9 13 -4 10 Bristol Rovers 9 3 1 5 8 14 -6 10 Salford City 9 2 3 4 9 10 -1 9 Mansfield 9 2 3 4 10 14 -4 9 Stevenage 9 2 3 4 7 13 -6 9 Walsall 9 2 2 5 9 13 -4 8 Scunthorpe 9 1 4 4 6 14 -8 7 Oldham 9 2 1 6 5 14 -9 7 Crawley 2 Bradford 1 Ferry 39 Cooke 81 Tsaroulla 73 HT: 1-0 Forest Gn 0 Tranmere 0 HT: 0-0 Harrogate 0 Stevenage 0 HT: 0-0 Att: 1,667 Hartlepool 1 Exeter 1 Molyneux 25 Nombe 41 HT: 1-1 Att: 5,194 L Orient 0 Mansfield 0 HT: 0-0 Rochdale 0 Oldham 1 keillor-Dunn 59 HT: 0-0 Att: 5,234 Salford 2 Northamptn 2 Lund 24 Lewis 16 Eastham 90 Pinnock 77 HT: 1-1 Att: 2,037 Scunthorpe 0 Port Vale 1 Garrity 44 HT: 0-1 Sutton Utd 4 Carlisle 0 Whelan 4 (og) Alessandra 5 Smith 37, 70 Ajiboye 81 HT: 2-0 Swindon 0 Colchester 0 HT: 0-0 Att: 8,436 Walsall 1 Bristol R 2 Phillips 32 Taylor 79 Spence 90 HT: 1-0 Att: 5,434 The Championship: Ampthill 21, Coventry 19; Doncaster 36, London Scottish 7; Hartpury RFC 37, Cornish Pirates 18; Jersey Reds 40, Bedford 28; Richmond 27, Nottingham 24. Guinness PRO14: Benetton Treviso 22, Stormers 18; Edinburgh 26, Scarlets 22; Leinster 31, Blue Bulls 3. SSE National League 1: Birmingham Moseley 22, Chinnor 29; Bishop’s Stortford 26, Taunton Titans 22; Blackheath 16, Caldy 18; Cinderford 41, Cambridge 26; Darlington Mowden Park 17, Rosslyn Park 28; Old Elthamians P, Tonbridge Juddians P; Rams 29, Leeds Tykes 11; Sale FC 38, Plymouth Albion 27. The Rugby Championship: Australia 27, Argentina 8; New Zealand 19, South Africa 17. P W D L B F A Pts New Zealand.... 5 5 0 0 4 189 73 24 Australia........... 5 3 0 2 1 128 146 13 South Africa..... 5 2 0 3 3 121 99 11 Argentina......... 5 0 0 5 0 43 163 0 SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP Dundee.................. 0 Rangers.................. 1 Hearts................... 3 Livingston...............0 Motherwell........... 2 Ross County............ 1 P W D L F A Pts Rangers 7 5 1 1 12 5 16 Hearts 7 4 3 0 12 5 15 Motherwell 7 4 2 1 11 7 14 Hibernian 6 3 3 0 12 6 12 Dundee Utd 6 3 1 2 3 4 10 Celtic 6 3 0 3 16 4 9 Aberdeen 6 2 2 2 6 6 8 St Johnstone 6 1 3 2 3 4 6 St Mirren 6 0 4 2 5 12 4 Livingston 7 1 1 5 3 12 4 Ross County 7 0 3 4 6 15 3 Dundee 7 0 3 4 4 13 3 CHAMPIONSHIP Ayr........................ 0 Morton...................0 Dunfermline.......... 0 Hamilton.................0 Inverness CT.......... 2 Queen of South....... 1 P W D L F A Pts Inverness 7 6 1 0 9 2 19 Kilmarnock 7 5 1 1 8 1 16 Arbroath 7 4 2 1 14 4 14 Partick 6 3 0 3 11 10 9 Ayr 7 2 2 3 7 8 8 Raith 5 2 1 2 7 6 7 Queen of Sth 7 2 0 5 8 12 6 Morton 7 1 2 4 5 10 5 Hamilton 7 1 2 4 6 14 5 Dunfermline 6 0 3 3 3 11 3 LEAGUE 1 Cove Rangers.......... 1 Airdrieonians.........0 Dumbarton............. 1 Alloa...................... 1 East Fife................ 0 Clyde......................2 Montrose............... 2 Falkirk....................2 Queen’s Park.......... 3 Peterhead...............2 P W D L F A Pts Queen’s Park 8 4 4 0 13 6 16 Dumbarton 8 4 2 2 16 11 14 Cove Rangers 8 4 2 2 13 9 14 Montrose 8 3 3 2 12 9 12 Alloa 8 3 2 3 11 9 11 Falkirk 8 3 2 3 11 10 11 Airdrieonians 8 3 2 3 11 11 11 Clyde 8 3 2 3 12 15 11 Peterhead 8 2 0 6 10 15 6 East Fife 8 1 1 6 7 21 4 LEAGUE 2 Annan Athletic....... 1 Edinburgh City........3 Forfar................... 3 Albion..................... 1 Kelty Hearts........... 1 Stranraer...............0 Stenhousemuir....... 1 Elgin.......................2 Stirling................. 4 Cowdenbeath...........0 P W D L F A Pts Kelty Hearts 8 6 2 0 17 5 20 Stirling 8 5 1 2 15 9 16 Annan Ath 8 5 0 3 14 9 15 Forfar 8 3 4 1 12 7 13 Edinburgh City 8 4 1 3 9 8 13 Elgin 8 2 3 3 9 11 9 Stranraer 8 2 2 4 6 11 8 Albion 8 2 1 5 8 15 7 Stenhousemr 8 1 2 5 7 14 5 Cowdenbth 8 1 2 5 8 16 5 WELSH PREM P W D L F A Pts The New Saints 6 5 1 0 15 6 16 Flint Town 6 4 0 2 14 5 12 Bala Town 6 3 3 0 10 4 12 Caernarfon 6 3 1 2 11 8 10 Barry Town 6 3 1 2 10 8 10 Connah’s Quay 6 2 2 2 5 4 8 Cardiff Met Uni 6 2 2 2 5 9 8 Penybont 6 1 4 1 10 8 7 Newtown 6 2 1 3 11 11 7 Aberystwyth 6 2 0 4 4 6 6 Haverfordwest 6 1 1 4 6 12 4 Cefn Druids 6 0 0 6 1 21 0 National League 2 North: Blaydon 17, Rotherham Titans 50; Bournville 66, Wharfedale 13; Fylde 80, Harrogate 26; Hull 31, Chester 10; Hull Ionians 31, Huddersfield 17; Luctonians 22, Loughborough Students 28; Sheffield Tigers 16, Sedgley Park 32; Stourbridge 30, Tynedale 5. National League 2 South: Barnes 46, Westcliff 12; Barnstaple 17, Guernsey 27; Dings Crusaders 33, Bury St Edmunds 27; Henley 28, Clifton 27; Hinckley 7, Redruth 41; Leicester Lions 27, Esher 21; Old Albanians 13, Worthing 22; Rochford Hundred 20, Canterbury 19. Tennent’s Scottish Premiership: Aberdeen Grammar 39, Jed-Forest 56; Edinburgh Aca 42, Hawick 29; GHA 0, Marr 22; Glasgow Hawks 43, Musselburgh 19. Golf PURE Insurance Ch’ship, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Monterey Peninsula, California, USA (USA unless stated, Par 72) First Round: 66 S Appleby (Aus), A Cejka (Ger), 67 K. J. Choi (Kor), T Lehman, 68 G Day, L Mize, other results Vanarama National League: Aldershot 0, FC Halifax 1; Altrincham 1, Notts Cnty 0; Barnet 3, Weymouth 1; Boreham Wood 2, Yeovil 1; Chesterfid 2, Torquay 2; Dag & Red 5, Solihull Moors 1; Dover 0, Bromley 1; Eastleigh 3, Woking 2; King’s Lynn 0, Wealdstone 1; Maidenhead Utd 1, Grimsby 1; Stockport County 2, Wrexham 1. Vanarama National League North: AFC Fylde 2, K’minster 1; AFC Telford 0, Brackley 2; Boston Utd 2, Guiseley 1; Chester FC 5, Blyth Spartans 1; Curzon Ashton 2, Bradford P A 1; Darlington 1, York 2; Farsley Celtic 0, Alfreton Tn 3; Gateshead 3, Gloucester 0; Hereford FC 1, Leamington 1; Kettering 1, Spennymoor Town 2; Southport P, Chorley P. Vanarama National League South: Bath City 0, Maidstone Utd 3; Billericay 2, Hemel Hempstead 3; Chelmsford 0, Dulwich 2; Concord Rangers 0, Chippenham 3; Eastbourne Borough 6, Braintree Tn 0; Hungerford Town 1, Slough 1; Oxford City 1, Hampton & Richmond 1; St Albans 1, Havant and W 0; Tonbridge Angels 3, Dorking Wanderers 1; Welling 0, Dartford 6. Danske Bank Irish Premiership: Cliftonville 1, Warrenpoint Town 0; Coleraine 3, Ballymena Utd 0; Glenavon 0, Linfield 0; Glentoran 0, Crusaders 3; Larne 0, Carrick 0; Portadown 1, Dungannon Swifts 4. The Southern Premier South: Gosport Borough 3, Tiverton Town 2; Harrow Borough 2, Dorchester Town 0; Hendon 3, Wimborne Town 1; Kings Langley 3, Poole Town 0; Merthyr Town 2, Farnborough 3; Met Police 1, Hayes & Yeading Utd 1; Salisbury FC 4, Swindon Supermarine 2; Taunton Town 3, Walton Casuals 0; Truro City 4, Chesham Utd 1; Weston-S-Mare 1, Hartley Wintney 3; Yate Town 4, Beaconsfield Town 0. Northern Ireland Championship 1: Annagh Utd 0, H & W Welders 1; Ballinamallard Utd 0, Loughgall 0; Knockbreda 3, Dergview 2; Newry 1, Dundela 1; Queen’s University 0, Institute 1. William Hill Scottish Cup 1st round replay: Boness Utd A, Wick Academy A; Buckie Thistle 4, Cumbernauld Colts 1; Cumnock 1, Formartine United 5; Dalbeattie Star 3, Newtongrange Star 2; Edinburgh Univ 0, Lothian Thistle 3; Haddington Ath 1, Deveronvale 1; Haddington win 5-3 on penalties. Breedon Highland League: Brechin 4, Forres Mechanics 1; Fraserburgh 7, Strathspey Thistle 0; Huntly 3, Fort William 0; Inverurie Loco Works 2, Brora 1; Keith 3, Turriff United 0; Rothes 4, Clachnacuddin 1. Geosonic Lowland League: Bonnyrigg Rose 3, East Kilbride 1; Civil Service Strollers 2, Gretna 2008 1; East Stirling 0, Broomhill 1; Gala Fairydean 2, Rangers B 1; Spartans 2, Berwick 1. FA Trophy 1st Qfying Rnd: Pontefract Collieries 4, Yorkshire Amateur 2; Widnes 1, Brighouse Town 0; City of Liverpool 0, Stockton Town 0; Dunston 3, Worksop Town 2; Sporting Khalsa 6, Dereham Town 5; Stamford 0, Daventry Town 1; Bedford Town 1, St Neots Town 0; Kempston Rovers 2, Newcastle Town 2; Hastings Utd 3, AFC Dunstable 0; Welwyn Garden City 3, Hythe Town 3; Ramsgate 5, Sutton Common Rovers 0; Hashtag United P, Chipstead P; Stowmarket Town 1, Great Wakering Rovers 1; Great Wakering Rovers win 3-4 on penalties. The Isthmian Premier Division: Bishop’s Stortford 7, Leatherhead 0; Bognor Regis Town 2, Wingate & Finchley 2; Bowers & Pitsea 1, Horsham 0; Cheshunt 1, Carshalton Ath 3; Cray Wanderers 0, Brightlingsea Regent 2; Folkestone Invicta 3, Potters Bar Town 3; Haringey Borough 5, East Thurrock Utd 1; Kingstonian 4, Merstham 1; Lewes 1, Hornchurch 3; Margate 2, Enfield Town 1; Worthing 1, Corinthian Casuals 0. The Northern Premier Division: Bamber Bridge 2, Matlock Town 4; Buxton 2, Morpeth Town 2; Gainsborough Trinity 1, Radcliffe 1; Grantham Town 1, Scarborough Athletic 2; Lancaster City 3, Ashton Utd 2; Nantwich Town 0, Basford Utd 1; South Shields 3, Warrington Town 2; Stafford Rangers 1, Atherton Collieries 1; Stalybridge Celtic 5, FC Utd of Manchester 2; Whitby Tn 1, Hyde Utd 0; Witton 1, Mickleover 0. The Northern First Division West: Bootle 5, Ramsbottom Utd 0; Colne 2, Glossop North End 0; Kidsgrove Ath 1, Prescot Cables 2; Market Drayton Town 1, Mossley 7; Warrington Rylands 1, Marine 4; Workington 2, 1874 Northwich 2; Clitheroe 0, Leek Town 2. The Southern Premier Central: AFC Rushden & Diamonds 2, Hitchin Town 1; Alvechurch 1, Biggleswade Town 0; Banbury Utd 5, St Ives Town 1; Bromsgrove Sporting 1, Royston Town 2; Leiston 2, Hednesford Town 1; Lowestoft Town 2, Stratford Town 0; Nuneaton Borough 2, Coalville Town 3; Redditch Utd 0, Peterborough Sports 1; Rushall Olympic 2, Barwell 0; Stourbridge 1, Needham Market 1. Southern Div One East: North Leigh 1, Barton Rovers 2. E Toledo (Mex), K Triplett. Arkansas Championship Presented by P&G, Pinnacle Country Club, Rogers, Arkansas, USA (USA unless stated, Par 71) First Round: 63 Eun-Hee Ji (Kor), K Kirk (Aus), A-Lim Kim (Kor), 64 S Burnham, 65 N Hataoka (Jpn), P Anannarukarn (Tha), A Ashok (Ind), L Weaver, K Spilkova (Cze). TENNIS WTA J&T Banka Ostrava Open 2021, Ostrava, Czech Republic, Semi-finals: (4) M Sakkari (Gre) bt (1) I Swiatek (Pol) 6-4 7-5, A Kontaveit (Est) bt (2) P Kvitova (Cze) 6-0 6-4. ATP Astana Open, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, Semi-finals: J Duckworth (Aus) bt (8) I Ivashka (Blr) 6-3 7-6 (7-4), S Woo Kwon (Kor) bt (2) A Bublik (Kaz) 3-6 7-5 6-3. ATP Moselle Open, Metz, France, Semi-finals: (1) H Hurkacz (Pol) bt P Gojowczyk (Ger) 6-4 7-6 (7-4), (2) P Carreno-Busta (Spa) bt (3) G Monfils (Fra) 7-5 7-6 (10-8).

SE1ST Sunday Express September 26, 2021 11 RACING 11 JAMIE’S BIG STORY FFOS LAS The scout: 2.10 Reelemin, 2.40 Axopar, 3.10 Lamorna Cove, 3.45 Nadein (nap), 4.15 Fitzrovia, 4.50 Light Of Thunder, 5.20 Handytalk, 5.50 Coast (nb). 2.10 CHESTER: Good-good to firm in places 2.00—MAHAGONI (Morgan Cole, 5‐4 fav) 1; Point Lynas (11‐4 2nd fav) 2; Bolton Abbey (4‐1) 3. 7 ran. (Sir M Prescott). Non-runner: Beluga Gold. 2.35—ROUNDHAY PARK (F McManoman, 16‐1) 1; Ffion (85‐40 fav) 2; Legal Reform (8‐1) 3. 9 ran. (N Tinkler). Non-runners: Gometra Ginty, Lincoln Park, National League. 3.10—FLAMING RIB (P-L Jamin, 9‐4 fav) 1; Navello (11‐2) 2; Dora Penny (5‐1) 3. 7 ran. (T Dascombe). 3.45—MR EXCELLENCY (F Norton, 11‐4 2nd fav) 1; Lawn Ranger (8‐1) 2; Satono Japan (6‐1) 3. 7 ran. (M Johnston; 5-2 fav Baryshnikov). 4.20—MUJTABA (D O’Neill, 1‐4 fav) 1; Ciotog (18‐1) 2; Shomoukh (10‐1) 3. 7 ran. (W Haggas). Non-runner: Enfranchise. 4.55—GOLDEN MELODY (P Hanagan, 8‐1) 1; No Nay Bella (20‐1) 2; Libby Ami (5‐2 2nd fav) 3. 8 ran. (T Easterby; 7-4 fav Bookmark). Non-runners: Amy Beach, Nushafreen. 5.25—SOPHAR SOGOOD (J F Egan, 9‐1) 1; Auriferous (13‐8 fav) 2; Casting Vote (50‐1) 3. 10 ran. (J Butler). Placepot: £50.60 Quadpot: £15.40 HAYDOCK: Good to firm 1.00—KICK ON GIRL (David Egan, 4‐1) 1; Iconic Look (17‐2) 2; Terra Mitica (2‐1 2nd fav) 3. 6 ran. (G Scott; 13-8 fav Smiling Jayne). 1.30—EDUCATOR (C Fallon, evens fav) 1; Asean Legend (11‐2) 2; Savvy Victory (4‐1 2nd fav) 3. 8 ran. (W Haggas). Non-runner: Deauville Legend. (SSR) CAZOO NURSERY 2YO £3,240 (Class 5) 1m (11 declared) 1 (4) L547 ALDBOURNE (59) A Balding 9-9..........................O Murphy 72 2 (9) 588L2 SINGLE MINDED (12) S Kirk 9-9...................S Osborne(5) 73 3 (5) 564114 HOLLOW STEEL (40) (F) (T) A Haynes 9-6....... K O’Neill 74 4 (10) 32743 MEZZANOTTE (12) (T) Sir M Prescott 9-6............... R Tate 75 5 (11) 7882 BUXTED REEL (13) I Williams 9-6......................D Costello 74 6 (3) 64245 MILLIE LOU (66) R Hannon 9-6...........................S M Levey 76 7 (2) 44937 SHOWMEDEMONEY (22) A Watson 9-4................ H Doyle 75 8 (6) 936 HAUNTED DREAM (44) (T) E Dunlop 9-4.......D Muscutt 75 9 (8) L07 REELEMIN (23) H Morrison 9-2............................ R Hornby ★77 10 (7) 79763 CEPHALUS (13) C Hills 9-0................................T Marquand 74 11 (1) 686 AWESOME LAWSON (23) C Cox 9-0.....................H Crouch 74 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 3, 4, 7. Forecast: 4 Buxted Reel, 11-2 Single Minded, 6 Cephalus, Aldbourne, 8 Mezzanotte, 10 Showmedemoney, Haunted Dream, 12 Others. 2.40 MAIDEN STAKES (GBB RACE) 2YO £3,510 (5) 7f 80yds (11) 1 (6) ARDANCE (T) D Menuisier 9-5.....................T Greatrex(3) — 2 (2) 52 AXOPAR (24) (T) J Ferguson 9-5.......................D Muscutt 78 3 (10) L BEARING BOB (19) M Loughnane 9-5...................P Prince 31 4 (8) COPPERPLATE R Hughes 9-5.............................G Rooke(3) — 5 (9) L4 LAND OF EAGLES (22) (T) A West 9-5.............S M Levey 69 6 (3) 0 MY NAME’S HOWARD (4) R Harris 9-5...............T Whelan 53 7 (4) RED VINEYARD M & S Grassick 9-5......................... H Doyle — 8 (7) UPTON PARK A Balding 9-5....................................O Murphy — 9 (1) KADIMA IMPERIAL H Main 9-0............................. R Hornby — 10 (5) 3 LADYPACKSAPUNCH (15) R Hughes 9-0......T Marquand ★79 11 (11) SUMMEREYES (T) E Dunlop 9-0...................S Osborne(5) — CHEEK PIECES: No. 2. Forecast: 9-4 Axopar, 5-2 Ladypacksapunch, 5 Upton Park, 6 Land Of Eagles, 14 Red Vineyard, Ardance, Summereyes, 20 Copperplate, Kadima Imperial, 66 Others. 3.10 BIG SHOCK: Bedouin’s Story (second right) wins the Cambridgeshire WWW.STARSPORTS.BET HANDICAP £3,240 (5) 7f 80yds (10) 1 (3) 44-2276 BLACKCASTLE STORM (96) (D) R Hughes 4 10-0............. ......................................................................................T Heard(5) 75 2 (9) 482L33 ONARAGGATIP (3) B Millman 3 9-12...................R Coakley 74 3 (6) 164301 PORT NOIR (8) (D) R Stephens 4 9-12................D Keenan 73 4 (2) 242L10 BOUNTY PURSUIT (27) (D) M Blake 9 9-7........................... ................................................................................T Greatrex(3) 73 5 (4) 321631 INCORRIGIBLE (13) (D) R Hannon 3 9-7............... H Doyle 71 6 (5) 4-6L715 LAMORNA COVE (30) (D) (T) D Menuisier 3 9-3............... .........................................................................................O Murphy 74 7 (10) 324842 VOLTAIC (6) A Carroll 5 9-2..................................G Downing ★76 8 (8) 7LL55L SIGLO SIX (17) (D) S Lycett 5 9-2......................D Costello 74 9 (1) 340347 HOPE PROBE (46) (D) C Mason 3 9-0.........M Phillips(5) 74 10 (7) 694223 DIAMOND COTTAGE (27) M Saunders 4 8-8.......... R Tate 73 VISOR: Nos. 2, 9 TONGUE STRAP: No. 3 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 1, 10. Forecast: 9-2 Port Noir, 5 Incorrigible, Diamond Cottage, 6 Lamorna Cove, 8 Voltaic, Onaraggatip, Blackcastle Storm, 10 Bounty Pursuit, 12 Others. 3.45 £4,590 HANDICAP (4) 2m (5) 1 (4) 212315 COGITAL (14) (D) B J Llewellyn 6 9-11........J Williams(7) 79 2 (1) 236115 BE MY SEA (30) (D) A Carroll 10 9-10......Mollie Phillips(5) 80 3 (3) 6321 NADEIN (41) R Charlton 3 9-7.................................. H Doyle 72 4 (2) 216/8-13 OLYMPIC HONOUR (9) (C&D) E Williams 5 9-4.T Whelan 78 5 (5) 122232 DAMNED ELUSIVE (31) A Balding 3 9-2.............O Murphy ★81 Forecast: 11-10 Nadein, 4 Damned Elusive, 6 Olympic Honour, Be My Sea, Cogital. 4.15 DOWNLOAD THE STAR SPORTS APP HANDICAP £3,240 (5) 1m (11) 1 (4) 122651 TAKEONEFORTHETEAM (33) (D) M Loughnane 6 9-12.... ............................................................................................ H Doyle 73 2 (10) 702491 BRAINS (15) (D,F) J Osborne 5 9-11............S Osborne(5) ★78 3 (6) 1L04LL SIR PLATO (14) (C&D) B Millman 7 9-11.............R Coakley 75 4 (9) 3-4564L CANAL ROCKS (53) (D) B J Llewellyn 5 9-7..J Williams(7) 75 5 (2) 6L635L CLARENDON CROSS (29) R Hannon 3 9-7.......S M Levey 73 6 (1) 66U406 LATENT HEAT (9) (D) A Carroll 5 9-6....................... R Tate 74 7 (8) 05-7985 HIT THE SILK (49) Mrs N Evans 8 9-5................. C Bishop 66 8 (11) 8012L6 FITZROVIA (18) (D) E De Giles 6 9-5....................T Whelan 76 9 (5) 054853 LENNY’S SPIRIT (14) (T) E Dunlop 3 9-4.....T Marquand 77 10 (3) 067-3 MELAKAZ (30) R Stephens 3 9-1..........................D Keenan 73 11 (7) 571214 HURRICANE HELEN (6) (C&D) B Millman 3 9-1...........O Murphy 72 BLINKERS: Nos. 2, 5 VISOR: Nos. 3, 9 TONGUE STRAP: No. 7. Forecast: 11-4 Brains, 4 Hurricane Helen, 11-2 Takeonefortheteam, 7 Lenny’s Spirit, 8 Fitzrovia, 10 Melakaz, 12 Sir Plato, 14 Latent Heat, 16 Others. 4.50 EPSOM RACING RESULTS +++ RACING RESULTS +++ RACING RESULTS 2.05—NUGGET (P J McDonald, 5‐2 jt fav) 1; Afaak (6‐1) 2; Latest Generation (13‐2) 3. 6 ran. (R Hannon; 5-2 jtfav Noble Dynasty). Non-runner: Young Fire. 2.40—MONDAMMEJ (C Hardie, 4‐1 jt fav) 1; Copper Knight (5‐1) 2; Royal Crusade (6‐1) 3. 10 ran. (A Brittain; 4-1 jtfav Jawwaal). 3.15—MOUNT MOGAN (L Morris, 4‐1 jt 2nd fav) 1; Call Me Ginger (2‐1 fav) 2; Wentworth Falls (15‐2) 3. 6 ran. (E Walker). Non-runner: Al Simmo. 3.50—SUMMER’S KNIGHT (L Morris, 9‐5 fav) 1; Cardano (17‐2) 2; Alright Sunshine (7‐2) 3. 5 ran. (Sir M Prescott). Non-runner: Solent Gateway. 4.25—PRIDE OF PRIORY (C Fallon, 10‐11 jt fav) 1; Fairmac (10‐11 jt fav) 2; 2 ran. (W Haggas). Non-runner: Glentaneous. Placepot: £68.90 Quadpot: £13.70 MARKET RASEN: Good 2.10—HASEEFAH (T Cannon, 4‐1) 1; Mulberry Hill (11‐8 fav) 2; Dazzling Glory (7‐4 2nd fav) 3. 6 ran. (A King). 2.45—ADDOSH (C Gethings, 5‐1) 1; Scots Gold (3‐1 2nd fav) 2; Caramelised (5‐6 fav) 3. 7 ran. (S Edmunds). Non-runner: Sacre Pierre. 3.20—RAILWAY MUICE (N Scholfield, 7‐1) 1; Maxi Jazz (10‐1) 2; Trumps Benefit (9‐1) 3. 10 ran. (S Humphrey; 4-1 fav Vinnie’s Getaway). 3.55—BUSTER THOMAS (T Bellamy, 7‐2 fav) 1; Gortroe Joe (6‐1) 2; Prince Escalus (5‐1) 3. 8 ran. (E Lavelle). 4.30—VALENTINO DANCER (P Brennan, 7‐2 2nd fav) 1; Hang In There (5‐2 fav) 2; COUNTRY LIVING GROUP HANDICAP £2,700 (6) 1m 2f (14) 1 (10) 0-6LL74 ARCTIC VICTORY (7) (D) B J Llewellyn 4 10-0.... J Williams(7) 61 2 (1) 355242 PARIKARMA (22) (T) E Dunlop 4 9-12...........T Marquand 71 3 (14) 8/641 SUNSHINE FUN (12) J Osborne 4 9-12.......S Osborne(5) 69 4 (5) 51-L060 FIRST CHARGE (80) (D) M Loughnane 4 9-12.......R Hornby 66 5 (11) 81-8L53 ELEGANT LOVE (19) (D) A Carroll 5 9-10....M Phillips(5) 69 6 (6) 328676 RED DEREK (15) (D) L Williamson 5 9-9............... H Doyle 65 7 (12) 54894 CHIFA (9) E De Giles 4 9-7.......................................T Whelan 70 8 (8) 57663 LIGHT OF THUNDER (19) C Cox 3 9-6.................H Crouch 68 9 (13) 830212 MY BOY CHARLES (17) (D) A Wintle 3 9-5.....T Heard(5) 69 10 (9) 65-7344 WOW WILLIAM (19) Sir M Todd 3 9-5................... C Bishop 70 11 (7) 4L4483 BAILEYS WARRIOR (53) D Faulkner 3 9-3......D Muscutt 70 12 (2) L7L060 HAMARON (19) (D) P Evans 4 9-1............Gina Mangan(5) 70 13 (3) 43-6322 SPIRIT LEVEL (31) A Balding 3 8-9.....................O Murphy 68 14 (4) 907-L32 BERYL BURTON (20) (F) (T) J Berry 3 8-3......................... .........................................................................F McManoman(3) ★72 VISOR: No. 12 TONGUE STRAP: No. 1 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 6, 10. Forecast: 11-2 Spirit Level, 6 My Boy Charles, Parikarma, 7 Sunshine Fun, Light Of Thunder, 8 Elegant Love, 12 Wow William, Beryl Burton, 14 Others. 5.20 CAZOO SEARCH DRIVE SMILE HANDICAP £3,240 (5) 5f (11) 1 (9) 22L513 HANDYTALK (17) (C,D) B Millman 8 9-9............O Murphy 76 2 (5) 463565 SPUROFTHEMOMENT (29) (D) C Hills 4 9-9....................... ....................................................................................T Marquand 79 3 (8) 217314 HOLBACHE (43) (D) A Carroll 3 9-9..........Mollie Phillips(5) 77 4 (10) 13-5L27 SECRETFACT (106) (D) M Saunders 8 9-9.............. R Tate 77 5 (7) 245234 THE DALEY EXPRESS (11) (C,D) R Harris 7 9-9.... T Whelan 79 6 (1) 152563 MISTER BLUEBIRD (16) (D,F) H Main 3 9-8........ H Doyle 79 7 (4) 356189 SYMBOL OF HOPE (29) (D) G Harris 3 9-5........ C Bishop 77 8 (11) 421145 BRANDY STATION (20) (C&D) L Williamson 6 8-12........... ............................................................................... Z Wheatley(7) ★81 9 (2) 652240 RED WALLS (14) (D) L Williamson 3 8-11......G Ashton(5) 76 10 (3) 330542 I’M WATCHING YOU (12) R Harris 4 8-9............ R Hornby 80 11 (6) 2524-48 EDGE OF THE BAY (53) C Mason 4 8-5......G Mangan(5) 79 TONGUE STRAP: No. 2 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 5, 6, 8. Forecast: 11-4 I’m Watching You, 11-2 Handytalk, 7 Mister Bluebird, 8 Holbache, Secretfact, 10 Spurofthemoment, Symbol of Hope, The Daley Express, 14 Others. 5.50 FILLIES’ RESTRICTED NOVICE STAKES 2YO £3,510 (5) 6f (9) 1 (1) 722341 LIL GUFF (13) (D,F) D & C Kubler 9-3.................... H Doyle 80 2 (6) 8L CAPE CORNWALL ROSE (13) Sir M Todd 9-0.... C Bishop 66 3 (9) 2 COAST (19) M Meade 8-12.......................................O Murphy 84 4 (5) AGAPANTHER H Main 8-10............................................ R Tate — 5 (7) 32 CHEPCHIK (17) C Hills 8-10................................T Marquand ★89 6 (3) 2247 MACON BELLE (12) E De Giles 8-10......................T Whelan 88 7 (2) 38 MISS ANACO (22) B Millman 8-10......................... K O’Neill 72 8 (8) NOTRE MAISON W Kittow 8-10............................... R Hornby — 9 (4) ON THE BORDER B Millman 8-10.......Ellie Mackenzie(5) — Forecast: 13-8 Chepchik, 9-4 Coast, 3 Lil Guff, 8 Macon Belle, 25 Agapanther, 33 Notre Maison, On The Border, 50 Miss Anaco, 66 Cape Cornwall Rose. The scout: 1.50 Galileo Glass, 2.20 Goldspur (trb), 2.50 Patient Dream, 3.25 Arctic Emperor, 3.55 Neptune Seas, 4.25 Danville, 5.00 Sadiqaa. JASON HEAVEY: 3.55 FANGORN (nap). 1.50 Blakeney Point (12‐1) 3. 6 ran. (F O’Brien). Non-runners: Ingleby Hollow, Scarlet Dragon 5.00—G’DAY AUSSIE (L Edwards, 17‐2) 1; Grand Enterprise (9‐2 2nd fav) 2; Low Profile (13‐2) 3. 12 ran. (Dave Roberts; 7-2 fav The Raven’s Return). Non-runner: Near Kettering. 5.35—HILLFINCH (Mr James Turner, 4‐1 2nd fav) 1; Switch Partner (9‐2) 2; Feel Like De Baune (18‐1) 3. 8 ran. (S Edmunds; 6-4 fav Ultimate Fame). Placepot: £307.30 Quadpot: £27.50 NEWMARKET: Good to firm 1.15—MISS CAROL ANN (A Atzeni, 10‐3 2nd fav) 1; Oheka (11‐10 fav) 2; Flamenco Fan (18‐1) 3. 8 ran. (R Varian). Non-runners: Alwajd, Eurythmic, Stellar Queen. 1.50—ROYAL PATRONAGE (J Hart, 7‐2) 1; Coroebus (85‐40 jt fav) 2; Unconquerable (33‐1) 3. 7 ran. (M Johnston; 85-40 jtfav Masekela). 2.25—TENEBRISM (R L Moore, 14‐1) 1; Flotus (11‐1) 2; Sandrine (3‐1 2nd fav) 3. 12 ran. (A P O’Brien (IRE) ; 13-8 fav Sacred Bridge). Non-runner: Velocidad. 3.00—PERFECT POWER (C Soumillon, 11‐4 fav) 1; Castle Star (12‐1) 2; Armor (9‐1) 3. 10 ran. (R Fahey). 3.40—BEDOUIN’S STORY (J P Spencer, 40‐1) 1; Anmaat (11‐2 jt fav) 2; Ametist (22‐1) 3; Zozimus (100‐1) 4. 26 ran. (S bin Suroor; 11-2 jtfav Chichester). Non-runners: Breath Caught, Dance Jupiter, Data Protection, Epic Endeavour, Glentaneous, Hartswood, Majestic Dawn, Plantadream, Raise You, Spirit Dancer, You’re Hired. (RTV) JOHN SUTCLIFFE NURSERY 2YO £4,752 (Class 4) 7f 3yds (8 declared) 1 (6) 3723 SOVEREIGN PRINCE (18) C Appleby 9-7...............W Buick 82 2 (2) 51L3 SAFRA (42) (D) S & E Crisford 9-3........................A Atzeni 88 3 (8) 421 DEVASBOY (20) (D,F) (T) M Johnston 9-2.......J Fanning 85 4 (5) 442 WATCHYA (24) C Cox 9-2..............................................J Fahy ★90 5 (3) 925 GALIAC (16) M & S Grassick 9-1...............................M Dwyer 89 6 (4) 6L5121 GALILEO GLASS (22) Darryll Holland 9-1.......... J Watson 86 7 (1) 726106 DARK TULIP (16) R Hannon 8-10......................Rossa Ryan 85 8 (7) 6555 TRAIL HAWK (15) B Meehan 8-8.........................D Probert 86 CHEEK PIECES: No. 1. Forecast: 3 Sovereign Prince, 7-2 Devasboy, 5 Watchya, Galileo Glass, 6 Safra, 8 Galiac, 14 Dark Tulip, 25 Trail Hawk. 2020: No corresponding race. 2.20 EBF CONDITIONS STAKES (GBB RACE) 2YO £9,793 (2) 1m 113yds (5) 1 (4) 1 BERKSHIRE REBEL (28) (F) A Balding 9-1......D Probert 93 2 (1) 1 GOLDSPUR (11) C Appleby 9-1..................................W Buick 106 3 (3) 311456 MR MCCANN (38) T Dascombe 9-1.................R Kingscote 107 4 (5) 1634 AUSTRIAN THEORY (36) (T) M Johnston 8-12................... .........................................................................................J Fanning ★112 5 (2) 1 MERLIN’S LADY (48) (T) K Ryan 8-10..................A Atzeni 89 Forecast: Evens Goldspur, 9-2 Austrian Theory, 5 Berkshire Rebel, Merlin’s Lady, 10 Mr Mccann. JAMIE SPENCER proved the perfect match for Bedouin’s Story, the 40-1 winner of yesterday’s bet365 Cambridgeshire at 2.50 4.15—SIAMSA (P Dobbs, 9‐1) 1; Thanks Monica (evens fav) 2; Bint Elmalek (11‐1) 3. 9 ran. (R Hannon). Non-runners: Indy Moon, Rose’s Girl. 4.50—PERFECT NEWS (T Marquand, 6‐1) 1; Eidikos (13‐2) 2; Ana Gold (16‐1) 3. 11 ran. (W Haggas; 7-2 fav Outside World). Nonrunners: Piffle, Tinderbox. 5.24—JUMBY (W Buick, 5‐2 fav) 1; The Attorney (4‐1 jt 2nd fav) 2; Corvair (6‐1) 3. 8 ran. (E J-Houghton). Jackpot: Not won. Pool of £3,625.18 carried over. Placepot: £39.30 Quadpot: £25.20 RIPON: Good-good to firm in places 2.20—RAINBOW COLOURS (J Fanning, 5‐2 jt fav) 1; Proclivity (5‐2 jt fav) 2; Raydoun (13‐2) 3. 7 ran. (M Johnston). 2.55—YOUNG WINSTON (Joanna Mason, 13‐2) 1; Bazalgette (11‐1) 2; Heights Of Aran (11‐4 fav) 3. 11 ran. (E Bethell). Non-runners: Claim To Fame, Never No Trouble. 3.30—MARK’S CHOICE (D Costello, 15‐8 fav) 1; Van Gerwen (22‐1) 2; Roydmoor (10‐1) 3. 12 ran. (S England). 4.05—JUSTANOTHERBOTTLE (K Stott, 7‐2 jt fav) 1; Bossipop (8‐1) 2; Regional (7‐2 jt fav) 3. 8 ran. (K Ryan). 4.40—DREAMS UNWIND (J Fanning, 3‐1) 1; Zhang Fei (15‐8 fav) 2; Innse Gall (11‐4 2nd fav) 3. 7 ran. (M Johnston). Non-runners: Alghazaal, Eastern Sheriff. 5.15—ARTEMISIA LOMI (K Stott, 8‐11 fav) 1; Hoopmalassie (7‐1) 2; Paramaribo (12‐1) 3. 7 ran. (W Haggas). 5.50—SINGE ANGLAIS (A Jary, 9‐4 fav) 1; GO EPSOM HANDICAP £7,731 (3) 1m 2f 17yds (8) 1 (2) 31-2331 GREATGADIAN (72) R Varian 3 9-7.......................A Atzeni 93 2 (6) 3157LL DATA PROTECTION (36) (C,D) M & S Grassick 6 9-7........ ......................................................................................L Edmunds ★99 3 (7) 418-613 CHAMPAGNE PIAFF (22) (D) G L Moore 3 9-3........T P Queally 95 4 (3) 4-14141 PATIENT DREAM (27) (C&D) R Beckett 3 9-3.......R Ryan 95 5 (8) 41-L743 ALPINE MISTRAL (11) (D) S L Keightley 4 9-2.................... .......................................................................Josephine Gordon 96 6 (1) 41L393 RIVAL (16) (D,F) A Balding 3 8-11........................D Probert 97 7 (4) 33-L841 KNOWING (17) (C&D,F) J Fanshawe 5 8-8......... H Turner 98 8 (5) 201161 ARENAS DEL TIEMPO (26) (C&D) S Dow 3 8-5.......J Duern(3) 96 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 2, 5 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 5. Forecast: 11-4 Greatgadian, 4 Arenas Del Tiempo, Patient Dream, 9-2 Knowing, 7 Champagne Piaff, 12 Rival, 14 Alpine Mistral, 20 Data Protection. 3.25 APPRENTICES’ DERBY HANDICAP £4,752 (4) 1m 4f 6yds (7) 1 (3) 116242 ACED IT (17) (D) C Poulton 5 10-3...............C Howarth(7) 87 2 (2) 5-L63L3 BYRON FLYER (17) (D) I Williams 10 10-3.....B Sanderson ★90 3 (5) 462296 SARVAN (45) (F) G Scott 4 10-0...........................S Cherchi 89 4 (6) 211124 ARCTIC EMPEROR (28) A Watson 3 9-10...... Joanna Mason 84 5 (1) 413151 BERRAHRI (17) (C&D) J Best 10 9-3......................M Ghiani 87 6 (4) 3-225 GOING GONE (129) J Boyle 3 9-1...............Georgia Dobie 82 7 (7) 4-5535 KINDERFRAU (15) B Johnson 3 8-7............................W Cox 82 VISOR: No. 2 TONGUE STRAP: No. 1 CHEEK PIECES: No. 3. Forecast: 11-4 Berrahri, 3 Aced It, 4 Arctic Emperor, 6 Byron Flyer, 8 Sarvan, 10 Kinderfrau, Going Gone. 3.55 SHANLY HOMES HANDICAP 3YO £4,752 (4) 1m 113yds (8) 1 (4) 341 NEPTUNE SEAS (54) (F) C Appleby 9-7...............W Buick 90 2 (8) 61L2L6 CUBAN DANCER (22) (T) M Johnston 9-5.......J Fanning 97 3 (2) 4615-75 CALCUTTA CUP (46) A Balding 9-2....................D Probert 86 4 (1) 425712 TORONADO GREY (13) G L Moore 9-0............T P Queally 94 5 (3) 800646 LARADO (31) M Appleby 8-12................................ T Ladd(3) 96 6 (6) 356248 FANGORN (8) M Channon 8-10..........................Rossa Ryan ★98 7 (5) 524-355 MUMMY’S BOY (17) C Hills 8-6...............................M Ghiani 93 8 (7) 2-2763 MODEL ACTRESS (17) R Hannon 8-6....................A Atzeni 94 BLINKERS: No. 5. Forecast: 11-8 Neptune Seas, 4 Toronado Grey, 11-2 Model Actress, 8 Calcutta Cup, 10 Fangorn, 12 Mummy’s Boy, 14 Cuban Dancer, 20 Larado. 4.25 HEADLEY NOVICE STAKES £4,320 (5) 1m 2f 17yds (7) 1 (6) 65 CHESS PLAYER (19) B Pauling 6 9-7...............S Hitchcott 66 2 (5) L7 FIRST FURLOUGH (17) G Harris 4 9-7..............C Brace(3) 31 3 (2) 8 ALJASRA UNITED (76) H Kobeissi 3 9-2........... J Haynes 44 4 (4) 4-62 DANVILLE (19) (F) E J-Houghton 3 9-2................W Buick ★86 5 (1) 4 VIRGO (16) C Fellowes 3 9-2...............................C Shepherd 66 6 (7) 62 ARRANGE (24) Joseph Parr 3 8-11......................D Probert 70 7 (3) 004377 PIROUETTE QUEEN (11) D Elsworth 3 8-11.......... H Turner 82 BLINKERS: No. 7. Forecast: 4-7 Danville, 9-2 Pirouette Queen, 6 Virgo, 8 Arrange, 20 Aljasra United, 50 Chess Player, 100 First Furlough. 5.00 By Chris Goulding Newmarket. Winning trainer Saeed bin Suroor said: “Jamie was the right jockey on VISIT SURREY HANDICAP £4,752 (4) 7f 3yds (9) 1 (5) 523621 MARLAY PARK (17) (C&D) J Boyle 3 9-7....... P Cosgrave 84 2 (6) 931531 SIR OLIVER (26) (C&D,F) C Dwyer 4 9-7.... S Cherchi(3) 86 3 (4) 73-8731 SADIQAA (8) (D) C Cox 3 9-6......................................J Fahy ★89 4 (9) 363211 EPSOM FAITHFULL (25) (D) P Phelan 4 9-6....................... ......................................................................... R Clutterbuck(5) 87 5 (2) 12L663 GEORGE MORLAND (17) (D) H Candy 3 9-4....D Probert 84 6 (8) 525412 GOSNAY GOLD (17) (C&D,F) M & S Grassick 3 9-1............. ......................................................................................L Edmunds 84 7 (7) 3L1166 OTAGO (26) (C&D) J Boyle 4 9-0........................C Bennett 88 8 (1) 1L0466 DESERT LAND (30) J Boyle 5 8-9..........................W Buick 83 9 (3) 424422 ALEZAN (16) (D) E J-Houghton 4 8-7.Georgia Dobie(3) 87 VISOR: No. 8 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 3. Forecast: 7-2 Epsom Faithfull, 4 Marlay Park, 5 Sadiqaa, 6 Sir Oliver, 7 Gosnay Gold, 8 Alezan, 10 George Morland, 12 Otago, 20 Desert Land. Luxembourg moved to the head of the ❑market for next year’s Cazoo Derby after he ran away with the Alan Smurfit Memorial Beresford Stakes at the Curragh. Trained by Aidan O’Brien, Luxembourg was completing a big-race double for connections as Tenebrism had landed the Cheveley Park Stakes at Newmarket just moments before. Nearly A Gonna (4‐1) 2; Iconic Knight (17‐2) 3. 6 ran. (N Tinkler). Placepot: £12.10 Quadpot: £4.70 CHELMSFORD CITY: Standard 5.05—HANOVERIAN KING (J Haynes, 33‐1) 1; Wiff Waff (17‐2) 2; Global Acclamation (3‐1 jt fav) 3. 13 ran. (S Pearce; 3-1 jtfav Queen Of Burgundy). Non-runners: Bartat, River Chorus. 5.30—ELUSIF (Grace McEntee, 18‐1) 1; Mrs Dibble (7‐2 fav) 2; Arlo’s Sunshine (20‐1) 3. 14 ran. (P McEntee). Non-runner: Split Elevens. 6.00—LISDARRAGH (H Burns, 12‐1) 1; Blazer Two (25‐1) 2; Jenson Benson (15‐8 fav) 3. 14 ran. (D Coakley). Non-runner: Star Of Epsom. 6.30—ARCLIGHT (R Tate, 7‐2 2nd fav) 1; Damascus Finish (6‐1) 2; Persian Royal (5‐4 fav) 3. 9 ran. (Sir M Prescott). Non-runner: Sirius White. 7.00—ROULSTON SCAR (R Coakley, 8‐11 fav) 1; May Sonic (15‐8 2nd fav) 2; Prince Of Abington (13‐2) 3. 3 ran. (S & E Crisford). 7.30—OPEN WIDE (J Haynes, 17‐2) 1; Ahlawi (6‐1) 2; Lion Ring (4‐1 2nd fav) 3. 9 ran. (A Perrett; 11-4 fav Nigel Nott). Non-runner: Crimson Sand. 8.00—CHARGING THUNDER (J Watson, 4‐1) 1; Heath Rise (11‐8 fav) 2; Mushirif (2‐1 2nd fav) 3. 4 ran. (D O’Meara). Non-runners: Amalfi Bay, The Vegas Raider. 5.50—LA ROCA DEL FUEGO (T Heard, 5-6 fav) 1; Jorvik Prince (13-2) 2. 6 ran. (G Deacon). Placepot: £125.90 Quadpot: £14.00 the right horse as he always misses the break and jumps off last.” Spencer’s trademark style of riding is to come from a mile off the pace and and put his mount’s head in front in the dying strides. This was replicated on Bedouin’s Story but Bin Suroor said he was concerned when Spencer required the guile of Harry Houdini to get out of jail. “When I saw him stuck with this big wall of horses in front of him, I thought he won’t be able to do anything,” said Bin Suroor. “But when I saw the gap open, I thought he will come through. It was a good result.” ❑ CHRISTOPHE SOUMILLION is not lacking confidence about celebrating a third victory in next Sunday’s Arc de Triomphe when partners red-hot favourite Tarnawa at Longchamp. “I believe I can win the race again,” said Soumillon (above) after partnering Perfect Power to victory in yesterday’s Middle Park Stakes at Newmarket. “She’s a great mare,” he added. “I was really lucky to ride her twice last year at Longchamp and win both times. “Her trainer Dermot Weld is probably one of the greatest trainers in the world and I’m sure he’s focused on the Arc for her 100% this season.” REDHOTBOOKIEBASHER SUPERBWINNERSMONTHAFTERMONTH FROMMYWELCONECTEDCONTACTS BIGWINNINGDAY>LINEDUPTODAY Cal09061749389 Lineupdatesat 10amand4pmdaily Linesupdatedat10am&4pmdaily.Calswilcost£1.50perminuteplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccess charge.SP:Spoke.Helpdesk03332023390.BookieBashermaycontactyoubySMSwithofers-Tooptinto receivingadviceandinformationtextBBYESsendto84902(networkchargeonlyapplies)

SE1ST 12 Sunday Express September 26, 2021 COMMENT 12 Neil Squires Email Neil at Wenger’s World Cup masterplan may give football a better future The Ryder Cup reaches its conclusion today at wonderful Whistling Straits. In two years Europe and the United States will do it all over again in Rome. There is no outcry over the indecent haste, merely pleasure at the Ryder Cup calendar’s return to normal. Three years between contests, after last year’s Covid-induced cancellation, has felt like way too long. Another biennial event, the Ashes, is fast approaching on the horizon this winter. It doesn’t feel like overkill for England and Australia to meet on the cricket field so regularly. Football though is BLUEPRINT: Arsene Wenger is charged with developing the game globally up in arms over Arsene Wenger’s and FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s proposals to shorten the World Cup’s four-yearly cycle. Because that is what we are attuned to, the instinctive reaction is to recoil. But why exactly? The prevailing argument seems to be that as it has always taken place every four years it must continue to take place every four years. The greatest sporting event of all, the Olympic Games, moves to the same rhythm but it only does so because Baron de Coubertin copied the blueprint of the original Ancient Greek Games. Just because the Ancient Greeks did it one way does not mean modern-day sport has to adhere slavishly to the same thinking. Athletes competed naked back in the day. That tradition has not been maintained. Four years is actually an awfully long time between World Cups for a footballer. Professionals are at their peak in their 20s. They have a decade at the top. That gives them two, or possibly three, World Cups to aim for. Throw in the vagaries of qualification, injury and selection and the window is a perilously small one. Alfredo Di Stefano never played in one, neither did Bernd Schuster, George Best (below) or Ryan Giggs. The football world was the poorer for it. The idea of sport at the elite level is for the very best to compete against the very best. Spread the love and stage a World Cup every two years and the chance for those players to do so doubles. So does the chance for the rest of us to watch. Wenger, it has been argued, would never have countenanced such a change when he was Arsenal manager and that much is true. He, like every club representative, would have had a vested interest in retaining the status quo. But that does not mean the plan is bad for the game as a whole. In his new role as FIFA’s head of global football development he also has vested interests – developing the game across the world. A two-yearly World Cup SUPPORTER: FIFA president Gianni Infantino is pushing the proposals increases staging opportunities as well as playing chances. As things stand, it may be a generation before aspiring nations like Australia and China get to host a tournament. More World Cups mean more countries become World Cup hosts. Maybe even England again, if the storming of Wembley at the Euros final is airbrushed from history. Sport has learned that it is more flexible than it thought after Covid. Because of the impact of the virus England’s players are currently in a four-year cycle that features two Euros, one World Cup and a fallow summer. The Wenger plan is no different in terms of commitment, only tournament make-up. It would involve two World Cups, one Euros and one summer off. It would be demanding on the players, yes, but the majority would embrace the change – especially with Wenger’s requirement for a 25-day stand-down period after each World Cup. The pinnacle of the game is where they want to be. If they are handed the chance of more shots at glory on the biggest stage, most would take it. It is true that the status of a World Cup is enhanced by its rarity value. Christmas would not be Christmas if it was every month. But two years is not every month. The time span works for athletics and its world championships, which was a four-yearly event until 1991. Inevitably a shake-up on such a scale would ruffle the feathers of the clubs but Wenger’s carrot of compressing the current international windows to reduce the number of interruptions to the league programme would be of benefit to them. Even if the forces of conservatism defeat Wenger’s big idea, two more substantial chunks of international football a season rather than five would surely be an improvement on the current fragmented system. It should at least be given a fair hearing. Wenger, the unlikely revolutionary, may just have hit upon a better future for football. GOOD WEEK chris woakes The climax to the county championship season was a mini-classic with Warwickshire pipping Lancashire to the title on the final day. For Woakes (below), a Brummie to his core, to be centre stage when they took their first title since 2012 seemed especially fitting. He was the sole survivor from that side. Until the last two games of the season, he had played no red ball cricket for his county for three years. But cometh the hour and cometh the England all-rounder with 12 wickets, including three in Somerset’s second innings, as Lancashire’s dramatic one-wicket win against Hampshire the day before was rendered obsolete. The championship still has a pulse. BAD WEEK andrew richardson Emma Raducanu’s decision to dump the coach who guided her to the US Open title showed that behind her charm there lies a ruthless edge. She wants someone with high-level WTA experience going forward and Richardson, 47, does not measure up, apparently. For Richardson (right), a former British Davis Cup player and best man at Tim Henman’s wedding, it is a big blow given Raducanu’s potential. The US Open will not be the last of her lucrative wins. Perhaps, though, it did not come as much of a surprise to Richardson – who previously coached the 18-year-old at Bromley Tennis Centre – given that she dropped Andy Murray’s father-in-law Nigel Sears as her coach after her run at Wimbledon.

26 September 2021 Patricia Hodge ‘I wish I could have saved my husband from dementia’ Sleep on it Master the perfect power nap Prints charming Embrace retro fabrics and tailored pieces this autumn

Contents 26 September 2021 16 The things they say... “There is no limit to the power of loving” John Morton (1420-1500) 30 38 PHOTOs: PA Images Fashion 4 Get this! Don’t miss this week’s must-haves 8 Get knitted Wise up to classic cardigans this autumn 10 Look sharp Tailor the season’s hottest colours to suit your style Lifestyle 30 Food Serve traditional treats on bone china for the perfect English tea 37 Wine Jamie Goode samples choice Portuguese wines 38 Interiors Create an oasis of calm with pale woods, earth tones and dainty florals 40 Victoria’s best Make washing day fun with Victoria Gray’s pick of cool laundry accessories 42 Gardens Alan Titchmarsh’s tips on how to make your garden greener People 16 Patricia Hodge The acclaimed actress on why, at 74, she has no plans to retire 29 Life as I know it With Katya Jones Regulars 7 First look Get the hottest tickets in town 20-23 Beauty How to halt pigmentation and salvage sun-damaged skin, plus the latest beauty must-haves 24 Health Making the most of naps to boost your wellbeing 27 Agony aunt By Jane O’Gorman and Dr Rosemary Leonard 44 Books Charlotte Heathcote rounds up some recent best-sellers 47 Travel Embracing the culture in Barcelona 48 Fiction A short story by Catherine Cooper 51-67 Switch on Your essential guide to this week’s TV and radio 68 Mindy Hammond With a feline killing machine on the prowl, Mindy fears for the birds 69 Stars Astrologer Russell Grant predicts your week 70 The £1,000 crossword Pit your wits against our prize puzzle Editor-in-chief Caroline Waterston (maternity) Acting editor-in-chief Karen Cross Acting deputy editors-in-chief Rowan Erlam, Lizzie Smith Acting celebrity & entertainment director Lisa Jarvis Acting deputy celebrity & entertainment director Jenny Kyte Celebrity editor Sarah Morton TV editor Jenny Rodger Entertainment editor Clare Fisher Features & lifestyle director Emma Jones Deputy features & lifestyle director Michelle Garnett Lifestyle editor Victoria Gray Health & real life editor Susanna Galton Fashion & beauty director Michelle Darlow Fashion editors Lauren Goodwin-Grafton, Harriet Wheeler Beauty director Lynne Hyland Beauty editor Laura Mulley Creative director Polly Brown Art editor Lauren Richards-Ozzati Deputy art editors Chloe Reeves, Louise Robinson Acting deputy art editor Alexandra Hurst Picture editors Sal Jackson, Abby Wells, Sarah White Senior picture researchers Jeanne Terblanche, Lina Darton Production director Jennie Wignall Chief sub editor Becky Ward Deputy chief sub editors Melanie Hancill, Sam Kistamah Group image quality manager Simon Spann Senior studio manager Lee Edwards S Magazine, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP Follow us on Twitter @DailyExpress and on or email On the cover: Blouse Sister Jane £69 Trousers LPA at Resolve £153 To see more photos from the archives for your area, visit Memory Lane

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Reviews STEREOPHONICS Kelly Jones and the lads are back with another belter of a single – Hanging On Your Hinges – ahead of a new album and tour next year. The album, Oochya!, isn’t out until March, but you can grab tickets for the arena shows now, with stops including Manchester, London, Bournemouth and Liverpool. For details, go to MUSIC 1 Love, Hope, Help! A Day In The Life and War Child Presents Heroes Charity War Child has released four albums to support its life-saving work, helping children whose lives have been torn apart by war. Whether you’re a fan of rock bands such as Muse, Radiohead and Oasis or pop acts like Coldplay and George Michael, there’ll be one to suit you. All albums are out now digitally and available to pre-order on vinyl. For details, go to EVENT Back To The Future The Musical Adelphi Theatre, London Whether you’re a fan of the hit 80s film or are new to the classic time travel adventure, there’s lots to like in this high-energy stage production – the set alone is spectacular. PODCAST THEATRE There are plenty of laughs as Marty McFly tries to find his way back to 1985 after being transported back 30 years in his scientist pal Doc Brown’s time machine. This musical will keep a smile on your face long after you’ve left the theatre. Details at The Fault Line: Dying For A Fight This factual series, made by the people behind the acclaimed Bush, Blair and Iraq series, looks into how Portland in the US became a hotbed for political violence and extremism. Host Sergio Olmos starts by looking at the 2019 death of a prominent member of Portland’s anti-fascist movement, 23-year-old Sean Kealiher, who was killed in a hit and run that’s still unsolved. Featuring exclusive interviews, it’s a sobering listen. PHOTOS: Sean Ebsworth Barnes, Scarlet Page THEATRE Little Women The Musical Park Theatre, London (from 11 November) Having been transformed into two hit films, Louisa May Alcott’s literary classic is now returning to the stage. This all-singing, all-dancing version is back in London for the first time in six years. Empowering, heartwarming and devastatingly sad, the show follows the March sisters as second-eldest sibling Jo struggles to find her place in the world. It’s the perfect pre-Christmas treat. For details, go to S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 7

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‘I’m so fortunate to have a job I love with no retirement age’ Legendary actress Patricia Hodge on staying positive and her beauty secrets Patricia Hodge has been entertaining the nation for 40 years, dazzling us with her red hair, delicate features and cut-glass accent. And she’s worked with some of the biggest names in film, theatre and TV – from Dame Judi Dench to Hugh Grant. Her big break came in the long-running TV series Rumpole Of The Bailey, then she went on to star in The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil, Waking The Dead and A Very English Scandal to name a few. One of her most popular roles came aged 65, when she landed the part of Miranda Hart’s pushy posh mum Penny in the hit BBC comedy series In Miranda, with Miranda (Hart) Miranda. Millions will never forget her giddy catchphrase: “Such fun!” Patricial was widowed in 2016 when her music publisher husband Peter – with whom she has two grown-up sons, Alexander and Edward – lost his battle with dementia. Now, 74, Patricia, an OBE, is back on the box in the iconic Yorkshire vet series All Creatures Great And Small, having taken over the role of pooch-mad Mrs Pumphrey after Dame Diana Rigg’s death last year. Here, Patricia talks about staying positive, her scary lockdown moment and keeping busy… Patricia, it’s so lovely to see you joining the cast of All Creatures Great & Small… Well, I’ve been a big fan of it – how can you not be? This last series was absolutely enchanting. And I knew Margaretta Scott, who played Mrs Pumphrey in the original series (1978-1990). So when it came to my role in it, they never wanted me to step straight into Diana’s shoes, but to do whatever felt right and what it meant to me. They say you should never work with children or animals, but you’re working closely with a very regal-looking Pekinese known as Tricki Woo… I have worked with children before and they are absolutely delightful – though I did once work with one who was an absolute little monster. I’ve never really formed a bond with a dog before, but the one who plays Tricki Woo – Derek in real life - is a really special animal. He has the most amazing disposition. As posh Mrs Pumphrey in All Creatures Great & Small What’s happening with Mrs Pumphrey this series? Everything is driven by Tricki Woo, you understand. He’s the reason for her to keep going to see the vets. But Mrs Pumphrey loves to look after people and is generous with it. How have you been throughout the lockdowns? It’s been unbelievably difficult for everybody, but I didn’t spend every day thinking, “This is so difficult.” When it first happened we all thought, “No, it can’t be,” and then after a while it was like, “Wow, this is really serious.” It was hard for anyone living alone. How did you cope? I’ve always thought there’s no point in exercising a lot of energy over something you can do nothing about. So for me it was all about keeping going and staying active, because I knew I had a big professional theatre engagement, Private Lives, coming up. What did you do to stay active? When the pool was open, I swam a lot. I like to swim every day. I did a three mile walk every day and I read a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally have had time for. I even discovered things With Dennis Waterman in The Life & Loves Of A She-Devil 16 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

INTERVIEW In 2002 with her sons Alexander and Edward on YouTube, which was a revelation – things that I’ve never really had time to look at, like amazing archive footage and old films. I was obsessed with that for a while. Did you and your family all manage to stay clear of the virus throughout? I was absolutely fine. Deeply unfortunately, having been the most careful young person I know, my older son (Alexander) got it. He was poorly. He’d had one jab, but not the second one. He was not well for about eight days, but he came through. Did you ever worry that the pandemic might bring your amazing career – and many others’ in stage and TV – to an abrupt end? No, I didn’t allow myself to think like that. It would have been a bit too depressing, really. I had no way of knowing if it would all be OK, but I kept the flame of hope alive and believed that we would eventually do Private Lives, which was supposed to be on last September. It’s been knocked on by an entire year. Just having a goal to aim for was enough. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 17

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INTERVIEW With beloved husband Peter WORDS: Angela Hagan PHOTOS: CAMERA PRESS/Alisa Connan, CAMERA PRESS/Clara Molden/Telegraph, Getty Images, Mirrorpix, Rex/Shutterstock Do you think you will ever retire? No, not really. I mean, I think it’s such a fortunate thing to have a job that you love, which doesn’t have a retirement age – except for when you really can’t do it any more, or when it no longer requires your services. You seem such a strong, positive person. How do you keep that going? Well, I keep swimming wildly – holding on and trying to keep my head above water, because I wouldn’t like to go under! And you look amazing – hardly a wrinkle in sight! Care to reveal any beauty secrets? Well, no, the only the only thing I will say is that I am extremely pale-skinned because I’m a redhead. My eyelashes are white and my skin burns like mad. This means I have to be very good [in the sun]. I watch my skin all the time and check it. I did have a dermatologist who said years ago, while pointing at the freckles on my arms, “You do realise that is damage to the skin?” I thought it was just a natural part of my inner make-up. So I keep out of the sun, I’m never in it. I’ve always been very pale, when I was younger I was almost anaemic-looking. I can’t tell you the number of times I was put on iron pills and iron medicine, because they thought I was extremely anaemic. In fact, it was just my colouring! Nowadays, people love having red hair, but when I was young, I felt like an alien being. Do you have any regrets in life? I wish I could say sorry to my husband, because I couldn’t save him from his dementia. Losing Peter after 40 years together must have been very tough for you and your sons Alexander and Edward… Peter was such a strong and dependable figure in the boys’ lives, so we live with great sadness in our hearts, but you just have to get on with life. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from your extraordinary career? You never know what’s around the corner. You can think things are sewn up and they’re not. I’ve done television things that you know we’re bound to be running for 10 years and they lasted one season. And then similarly, you do things for a bit of fun and suddenly you’ve got three, four years work out of it. You can never ever predict. Patricia stars in All Creatures Great & Small on Thursdays, 9pm, Channel 5, and the stage show Private Lives is touring the country S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 19

Laura Mulley Brighten up For more on Dr Stefanie Williams and her Eudelo clinics, visit Has summer left its mark on your skin? Here’s how to salvage sun damage and put a halt to pesky pigmentation for a clearer, more even complexion For many of us, this summer hasn’t been our usual affair – jumpers on in July, pre-flight excitement punctuated with swabs stuck up our nose. But for some, there’s one guaranteed summer occurrence that’s about as welcome as a swarm of wasps at a picnic: hyperpigmentation. Age spots, sun spots, liver spots – whatever you call them, pigmentation is often just the thing spoiling your post-summer glow. Defined as an area of skin where the cells have produced more melanin, making it look darker than the surrounding area, pigmentation is often either caused or reactivated by sun exposure, hence why you may notice it more at this time of year. But there are different types, with different treatment methods. Here’s how to send those pesky dark spots packing… What type of pigmentation do I have? The two most common types are chronic sun damage, which shows itself as mottled, freckly pigmentation spread over a wide area, and melasma, which is larger patches with an indistinct border, usually on the face. “We’re not completely sure what causes melasma, but hormones play a role,” explains cosmetic dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, which is why it’s not uncommon for women to develop melasma during pregnancy and menopause. “It can also be triggered by sun exposure,” she says. Solar lentigines, also known as sun spots or age spots, are another type. These are brown or black spots that can appear on the hands, chest and face, and are also a result of sun exposure. Finally, there’s post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which are marks left from healed scars, acne spots or other skin conditions, such as eczema. What products will help? As with most skin concerns, skincare prescribed by a doctor will be the most effective, on all types of pigmentation. This typically contains a combination of hydroquinone, steroids and tretinoin (a vitamin A derivative). If seeing a specialist isn’t an option, the dermatologistto-your-doorstep services like Dermatica and Skin+Me can give you access to prescription-only ingredients after a short online consultation. What about off-the-shelf creams? With over-the-counter skincare, look out for arbutin, kojic acid and azelaic acid in the ingredients list, advises Dr Stefanie. And a good vitamin C serum is great for general maintenance. “Use a vitamin C serum in the morning, then something more specifically anti-pigment in the evening,” she says. Glycolic acid, tranexamic acid, niacinamide and retinoids are also well-known skin brighteners. What clinic treatments are available? Laser, IPL (intense pulse light) and AFT (advanced fluorescent technology) are popular anti-pigmentation treatments. Laser is one wavelength, IPL is a range of wavelengths and AFT is a hybrid of the two. But make sure you know what type of pigmentation you have before booking. “Lasers, IPL and AFT are very effective on solar lentigines and mottled sun damage, but I don’t advise light treatment on melasma,” warns Dr Stefanie. “It can seem to give a good result, then after a few months it can be worse than ever.” Chemical peels can also help, but ensure you’re going to a reputable practitioner who offers solid aftercare advice to avoid the risk of developing post-inflammatory pigmentation from skin shedding that may follow. Expect laser treatments to start from about £200 and chemical peels from £150. So what if I have melasma? For this type of pigmentation, Dr Stefanie advises topical products, prescription strength if you can. Also look out for a new tranexamic acid oral medication coming soon, which has seen impressive results. Are there any gadgets I can use at home? The LYMA Laser is a new device that promises to deliver medical-grade laser technology safely at home. Our tester reported noticeable results on a facial sun spot after trialling this daily for two months. But it costs an eye-watering £2,000, and you’ll need to be sure you can commit to using it daily for up to six months, as that’s when you can expect to see optimum results. Any other tips? Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. “The key with pigmentation is maintenance,” explains Dr Stefanie. “That’s the most common mistake people make – they do a treatment then they think it’s done. What works well is to start with a clinic or a prescription treatment for three months, then maintain with shop-bought skincare.” I’m already planning next summer’s holiday. What can I do to prevent pigmentation from coming back? “Sun protection goes above everything,” Dr Stefanie stresses. “But even with protection, dark spots can still appear. Use your skincare while you’re away, and the more you can stay in the shade the better. Antioxidant supplements like Heliocare Oral Capsules, £27 for 60, are also good to add to your routine before you go away.” 20

BEAUTY Skin revitalising serums Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum, £75 Contains tranexamic and glycolic acids to even skin tone and give a gentle exfoliating action – 84% of testers saw a reduction in the look of their pigmentation in just two weeks. Wild Science Lab Root + Fruit Light Switch Hyperpigmentation Serum, £30 This has azelaic and tranexamic acids combined with soothing natural extracts for glow and hydration. The INKEY List Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment, £14.99 An overnight serum that can be applied all over the face or dabbed directly onto darker patches. Words: Laura Mulley photo: getty S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 21

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Beauty counter Edited by Lynne Hyland Dynamic duo CBD and manuka honey are superstars in their own right for treating skin inflammation, dryness and blemishes, but now they’ve finally come together like two A-listers finding their soulmate. Award-winning US brand Cannuka is the first to unite this power pair and, having hit on the optimised way for them to work together, it’s bringing its best-sellers here. You’ll find the dream team for healthier, glowing skin in its Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser, £29, Harmonizing Face Cream, £49, Calming Eye Balm, £35, Hydrating Lip Balm, £8, and Healing Skin Balm, £49, all at New scentsation Is it a robot? No, it’s a male fragrance – and a very high-tech one at that. Paco Rabanne is out to reboot the beauty universe with Phantom, £76 at Boots, which is guaranteed to appeal to men who love a gadget. The scent is a citrus and vetiver blend, programmed for sex appeal, and it’s housed in the first ever connected fragrance bottle. Tap a phone on the top, and it’ll connect to a whole Phantom Universe with personalised playlists, interactive games and curated filters. The future looks – and smells – amazing. Staying power I love the idea of budge-proof liquid lipstick but the reality can be drying, harsh and unflattering. Not so with Max Factor Colour Elixir Soft Matte, £9.99 at Superdrug, which blots down to a lightweight finish. Any blending residue on my finger works a treat as a cheek stain. STYLING: LAURA MULLEY PHOTOS: PIXELEYES S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 23

Sleep talking It’s official – taking 40 winks can improve your mood and energy levels. But only if you snooze like a pro! There are only so many hours in the day, but you should use yours productively by taking a nap. Yep, that’s right. Sleeping in the afternoon is far from lazy – it’s smart. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a daytime doze can increase productivity and rejuvenate you. Consider it an interval, allowing you to put on a fab finale. Dr Verena Senn, neurobiologist and head of sleep research at Emma The Sleep Company is also a big fan of naps. She says, “Research has shown that naps help to ‘reboot’ your brain by allowing your body to enter the early, restorative stages of sleep. This improves your memory, learning, reaction time and logistical reasoning. It also lets you approach the rest of your day from a fresh perspective. “Naps are so effective that even athletes such as 24 Usain Bolt praise them. He’s been known to take naps in the hours leading up to competitions, including before his record-breaking 100 metres in 2009.” Dr Senn continues, “However, western nations are predominantly set to a monophasic sleep schedule, which means all our sleep comes in one sitting.” But now some companies, such as Google, provide office nap pods for staff, while Ben & Jerry’s has nap rooms. And with more of Nap fan Usain Bolt Sleep expert Dr Verena Senn us working from home, it’s easier than ever to adopt an afternoon kip. So how do you ensure you go about it the right way? Dr Senn explains… RULE 1: Restrict your nap to 20 minutes “Ten to 20 minutes is the perfect length of time to rest. It gives your body time to enter the first stages of restorative sleep without falling into a deep sleep. “The first two stages of sleep – NREM or non-REM sleep – are the lightest. That’s when your heart rate, temperature and brain activity slowly decrease. During the third stage of sleep, at around 30 minutes, your heart rate, temperature and brain activity will begin to reach their lowest points. If you wake at this stage you can feel groggy and confused.” RULE 2: Nap in the early afternoon “Most studies tell us that naps are best taken in the early and midafternoon, which is when you are most likely to experience a natural decline in your energy and your alertness. “If your naps take you into the later part of the afternoon, you run the risk of impacting the sleep you would usually get at night. Oversleeping during the day can make it much more difficult to rest at night.”

HEALTH Your bed is the best place for a snooze RULE 3: Be picky about your nap environment “Many people struggle with falling asleep for a short time, especially if they know they have to be up within 20 minutes. Find the perfect environment for your nap. It may seem obvious but the best place to rest at any point in the day is your bed. It’s the only piece of furniture built specifically to be slept on. “Many people may nap on their sofa but it doesn’t offer the same support for your back, neck and head as a mattress, meaning you’re more likely to wake up with aching pains and a sore neck. Meditate, listen to relaxing sounds or put earplugs in to block out distracting sounds.” ‘Napping has become a lifesaver for me’ Writer Josie Copson gives her verdict on afternoon naps after a week-long trial Back in my student days, napping was as important to me as Super Noodles. Then adulthood took a grip and my two-for-one blue VK alcopops were replaced by herbal teas. But now I’ve switched from office worker to home-based employee due to the pandemic, I have a new opportunity to embrace the nap. RULE 4: Keep to a schedule “Try to stick to a regular nap schedule. After keeping to the same routine for several weeks, our bodies learn when ‘sleeping time’ is coming and begin to produce hormones and neurotransmitters to prepare you to rest.” Day 1: I lower the bedroom blind, put on a Spotify napping playlist and shut my eyes. I can’t shake the feeling someone might be messaging me with a work emergency. Then my dad comes home early, shouting, “Alright, Jos!” When I tell him he’s disturbed my nap, he laughs and I feel judged. The shame ruins any chance of nodding off. Day 2: I’ve lost my first day jitters and remind myself if anyone has a work query, it’s likely they can wait. I don’t know whether it’s my new Primark loungewear or the fact I’ve been for a run that morning, but I’m out like a light. My alarm startles me but I know I can’t snooze it because a) if you nap for too long it can have a negative impact and b) I may face a disciplinary. Back at my desk, I yawn my way through my emails but after half an hour I feel refreshed. Proceed with caution when changing sleep patterns RULE 5: Do what works for you “It’s vital that you assess whether your body will be able to manage such a shift in sleep patterns by introducing a siesta into your day. Changing too much too quickly could have implications for both your physical and mental health. Proceed with caution and stick to a routine to avoid deprivation.” The rest of the week: Enjoying lunchtime naps for a whole week feels like I’ve had access to a secret weapon that nobody knew about. And it’s become a lifesaver on the days where I’ve pushed myself in my marathon training. I don’t think I’ll be taking a siesta every day now the experiment is over as I like to occasionally use my lunch hour to do important things, like watching Molly- Mae’s YouTube videos or buying jam doughnuts from Greggs. But I know the naps are there if I need an afternoon boost once more. My verdict: I will listen to my body from now on and if I think afternoon sleep is what it needs, who am I to deprive it? Words: Josie Copson PHOTOS: GETTY S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 25


Jane O’Gorman Our agony aunt gets to the heart of your relationship problems I’ve always helped her – now she blanks me My oldest friend has a very short memory. When we were younger, I paid for her drinks. I started work at 18, whereas she carried on studying and was always broke. Money was tight when she married, so a gang of us organised her wedding. I helped her get a post at my firm and looked after her children when her husband left her and she took a second job. Lover says I remind him of his gran I’ve been dating a much younger man. I thought he liked me for myself and I’ve been buying trendier clothes and bragging to my friends about our “deep emotional connection” and sizzling sex life. Recently, however, he cut me to the core by announcing he likes being with me because I remind him of his late grandmother. Now I feel such an idiot. I know my friends – they’ll be laughing their heads off. How can I ever show my face in public again? Sex matters My new partner is keen for us to go away together and share a bed, but I’ve not had sex since my husband died in 2017. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel bad about “cheating” on the father of my children. My husband was a wonderful lover and we enjoyed a fantastic physical relationship right to the end. But what if I freeze in the arms of my new man? I’m terrified of looking – and feeling – foolish. Now she’s married to a rich man and I struggle to get her on the phone. Her social media posts look like boasts and I can’t respect the fact she’s become so materialistic. Surely I’m entitled to seek her out, if only to remind her of all I’ve done? Sadly, if you expect gratitude and acknowledgement from your friend, you’ll continue to be disappointed. She has a new life If your boyfriend’s grandmother was a strong, accomplished woman, then I suspect he was complimenting you. Why give up on an enjoyable relationship just because you suspect your friends are sniggering? I bet they’re more envious than you imagine. Hold your head high and enjoy the moment. As long as you and your guy are kind and mutually respectful, then this time is yours. They throw me out at mealtimes Tell your new partner how you feel so you can take things slowly. Explain this is a new chapter and you’re feeling a little self-conscious, guilty and rusty. If he’s a kind, decent person, he’ll empathise. He’s probably feeling nervous, too. Trust your instincts. If things don’t seem right with your new partner, don’t allow yourself to be put under pressure. Would it help to talk things through with a friend? Check out for reassurance. and clearly wishes to leave the past behind. Presumably, she thanked you at the time for the drinks and the effort you put into her wedding. Do you expect her to grovel or be eternally in your debt? Accept the two of you had your best times when you were younger. This is a new era. You’re not doing yourself any good by looking back with expectation and anger in your heart. I am never invited to stay for a meal at my son and daughterin-law’s place. It doesn’t matter what time I visit, I’m only ever offered a cup of tea and a biscuit. More than once, my son has said, “You’ll have to go now, mum, we’re about to eat.” Yet they don’t hold back when they come to me for Sunday roasts. Dare I query this? Are they on a limited budget? Offer to contribute a dish next time, so you can all bond and eat together. Sadly, if they can’t be bothered to lay an extra place, explain to your son how hurt you feel. Being dismissed is insulting, especially as you make such an effort for them. Don’t allow this JANE O’GORMAN’S ADVICE LINES Do you have a sexual or emotional problem? Need to improve your relationship or sex life? Call these new phonelines for Jane O’Gorman’s friendly, expert advice. NEW! Super sex ✆ 0905 789 3410* NEW! Brilliant orgasms ✆ 0905 789 3411* NEW! Is that kinky? ✆ 0905 789 3412* NEW! Erection problems? ✆ 0905 789 3413* NEW! Turn on your man ✆ 0905 789 3414* NEW! Turn on your woman ✆ 0905 789 3415* NEW! Stressed out ✆ 0905 789 3416* NEW! Staying together ✆ 0905 789 3417* NEW! Hate your body? ✆ 0905 789 3418* NEW! Jealousy hell ✆ 0905 789 3419* * Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge and last approximately four minutes. Contact Jane at S Magazine, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP or email Jane regrets that she cannot reply personally to your letters Doctor, doctor Dr Rosemary Leonard MBE is a GP with many years’ experience working in London’s top teaching hospitals I have several red and swollen insect bites on my leg, which I thought were infected, but my GP says it’s just a reaction. How can you tell the difference? The chemicals in an insect bite can trigger the immune system to produce histamine, which causes inflammation, redness, swelling and itching, usually within a few hours. A secondary bacterial infection to make you bitter. Keep playing host to them for as long as you can afford to – and enjoy it. But don’t be taken for granted. tends to be sore and painful and starts several days after the bite. If a bite becomes inflamed, take an antihistamine tablet and apply hydrocortisone cream. Get medical advice if the swelling continues. Contact Dr Leonard at S Magazine, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP, or email dr.leonard@ Dr Leonard regrets that she cannot reply personally to letters. Read her column every Tuesday in the Daily Express S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 27

SAVE £170 plus FREE Car Kit ‘Simply the Best! Great all round package. Deals with a very hairy dog with ease.’ Sue T., Yotpo verified buyer Versatile Extra tough, the Gtech K9 System gives you two lightweight, cordless vacuums that are specially designed to deal with the joys of living with pets or busy households. With no settings to change, the AirRAM K9 can easily move between all floor surfaces around the home and the Multi K9 handheld vacuum comes with attachments that help you tackle the other areas of your home, from stairs and upholstery to those hard to reach places. Enhanced Powered Brush Head The powered rotating brush bar is great for picking up pet hair from carpets or hard floor surfaces. Combined with the unique AirLOC technology, designed to work deep down in carpets and between tiles and floorboards, the Gtech AirRAM K9 effortlessly picks up large debris from the surface as you push forwards, and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust. With a combined runtime of up to 60 minutes* you can clean from the floor up to the ceiling. Stronger & Fresher With aluminium strengthening where it’s needed most, the AirRAM K9 and Multi K9 are designed to deal with the added strain of pet hair and other tricky challenges. We’ve added lightly scented cartridges to these vacuums to leave rooms smelling fresh and to add to your cleaning satisfaction. Despite being extra tough, the K9 System is still a lightweight partnership, with the AirRAM K9 weighing just 3.3kg and the Multi K9 coming in at 1.5kg**. after 90,000 reviews Both vacuums include scented cartridges Get the Gtech K9 System, normally £419.98 for just £249.98 Visit, go to the checkout and add the code CG36 Tracked free delivery and 2-year warranty Your product will be delivered to your home by award winning courier DPD. You will receive a text enabling you to track your delivery, which will be within a 1 hour slot. Your product will automatically be registered for Gtech’s 2-year warranty and you’ll enjoy the support of our UK head office customer service line, email service, web chat and self service web portal. FREE Car Accessory Kit *Runtimes quoted may vary depending on surfaces cleaned. ** Weight = 1.5kg when used with nozzle. Weight varies according to the attachment being used. Offer only available directly from Gtech until 17.10.2021 or while stocks last. This promotional code is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. See for full details. CPN5157

Life as I know it Words: Kirsty Hatcher photo: GETTY Strictly Come Dancing’s professional dancer, 32, on the bravest thing she’s ever done and making clothes for her co-stars Not a lot of people know this but I’m very good at... sewing and making things. I love upcycling and repurposing. The first thing I did was make his and hers jackets for Janette [Manrara] and Aljaž [Škorjanec] for their wedding. They loved them and still wear them now. I also made one for Alex Scott and some of my other Strictly friends. I’m also good at DIY and I build all my furniture myself – I even own a saw! My best friend is… there are a few of them because I moved countries. I still have my two best friends from school back home in Russia. That’s the type of friendship that, no matter how long you’ve not seen each other, you just know they’re there for you no matter what. In the UK, I have Joanne Clifton and Sasha Latoya, who are my besties, and then on Strictly I’m probably closest with Janette. We all have a tight girl gang. We have a WhatsApp group without the boys! My nickname is… Kit Kat or Crazy Kat. The best day of my life so far is… there have been quite a few! My life has been in sections and chapters, so I feel like I’ve had a few memories in each that have been really special. When you’re competing and you win a world championship or make the final for the first time, those things are ‘My family always has my back’ so special. Then with Strictly and winning the Glitterball [with actor Joe McFadden in 2017], that was amazing. But then the best day of my life could be yet to come. I’m the type of person who loves making every experience the best ever. The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… probably doing Gangnam Style on national television with Ed Balls! We didn’t know what the outcome was going to be and it could have gone horrifically bad, but you have to take that risk. It paid off in the end. My perfect evening is… a gathering with my girlfriends with cheese, biscuits and a glass of gin and tonic. We’ll watch a movie with face masks on and have a chat. The best thing my parents taught me is… hard work and discipline. Being naturally talented is one thing but you’ve got to work hard. My family are so close and I’ve always felt that feeling of safety and like they have my back. My greatest weakness is… food. I turned vegetarian in September and I find it really easy and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t gone vegan yet, I love cheese too much, but we’ll see how I get on. It used to be shopping, but I’m not addicted to that any more. I made a Katya Jones pledge to not buy anything and I ended up doing it for 14 months. It was actually really easy and completely changed my mentality about shopping. My first kiss was… when I was a teenager. It was back in Russia with one of the dancers at my dance club. He was my first boyfriend. Katya is an ambassador for National Numeracy, a charity which helps children and adults to get on with numbers so they can fulfil their potential at work, home and school. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 29

Deliciously Bring out the silverware and your prettiest china for these teatime treats dainty 30 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

FOOD Indulgent devil’s food chocolate cake Serves 10-12 For the sponges 200g plain flour 240g caster sugar, sifted 1 1 /4 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/4 tsp cream of tartar 45g cocoa powder 140g soft butter (with a little extra for greasing) 200ml of milk 2 eggs For the chocolate icing 120g soft butter 340g icing sugar, sifted 340g cocoa powder, sifted 4 drops of vanilla essence A few drops of milk To decorate A large handful of berries (strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackberries) 1. Preheat the oven to 220ºC/200ºC fan/ gas mark 7. 2. Grease 2 x 20cm cake tins and line with parchment paper. 3. To make the sponges, mix together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. 4. Add the softened butter and the milk (a little at a time) and use a hand mixer on a medium speed setting to beat until smooth. 5. Add the eggs one at a time and beat in (with the hand mixer on a high speed setting) for one minute. 6. Pour the mixture into the prepared cake tins and bake for 20-25 minutes. Test the sponge is cooked by inserting a skewer into the centre. If it comes out clean, it’s ready. 7. Once the sponges are cooked, allow them to cool in their tins for a couple of minutes, then turn them out on to a cooling rack to cool completely. 8. To make the butter icing, cream together the butter, icing sugar and cocoa powder. 9. Add the vanilla essence and a few drops of milk and beat this mixture together until you get a spreadable consistency. 10. On a cake stand, sandwich the sponges together with half of the butter icing, then spread the rest on top. Decorate with the berries. Classic scones Makes 8-10 scones 350g self-raising flour, plus more for dusting 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 85g butter, cut into cubes 2 tbsp caster sugar 175ml milk 1 beaten egg, to glaze Strawberry jam and clotted cream 1. Preheat the oven to 220ºC /200ºC fan/gas mark 7. 2. Add the self-raising flour to a large bowl with the salt and the baking powder. Mix to combine. 3. Add the butter cubes, then rub in with your fingers until the mix looks like fine crumbs. Stir in the caster sugar. 4. Make a well in the centre of the mix and stir in the milk. Stir until the mixture is even and the dough comes together. 5. Turn the dough out on to a floured surface and shape into a rough round about 4cm thick. 6. With a 5cm cutter, cut out the scones. Press what’s left of the dough back into a round until you have 8-10 scones. 7. Brush the tops with a beaten egg, then carefully arrange on a baking tray. Bake for 10-15 mins until risen and golden on the top. 8. Eat just warm or cold on the day of baking, generously topped with jam and clotted cream. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 31

360 o ALL ROUND ELASTICATED WAISTBAND 100% SOFT DENIM COTTON Stonewash Denim IN 3 Colours Light Stonewash Denim SAVE up to £18! EVERYDAY COMFORT YOU’LL LOVE TO WEAR! PULL-ON DENIM JEANS ALL SIZES £15 per 10 TO 22 pair +p&p JUST with offer Comfort and quality are guaranteed with our all-round elasticated waist Pull-on Denim Jeans. Featuring two front pockets and waist tie cord, these jeans are fashioned in 100% denim cotton and are available in three colours – Light Stonewash Denim, Black Denim or Stonewash Denim. In sizes 10 to 22 and three leg lengths ORDER ONLINE SAVE UP TO £18! Order Style LT214 3 Leg lengths; 25”, 27” and 29” THE IDEAL PAIRING... 25” 27”, 29”; take advantage of this special offer to all readers of this publication – order now and buy two pairs for just £15 per pair, saving up to £18 off the usual price – any size, any colour. Fashioned in 100% Cotton. Machine washable. Size Price for Offer price YOU One Pair for Two Pairs SAVE 10, 12 £19 £30 £8 14, 16 £22 £30 £14 18, 20, 22 £24 £30 £18 LADIES LIGHTWEIGHT SLIP-ON CASUALS LIGHTWEIGHT FLEXISOLE • MEMORY FOAM INSOLE FOR DAY LONG COMFORT The perfect lightweight slip-on casual, they’re great for country walks or just around the house. With breathable fabric upper to keep feet feeling cool and fresh, the memory foam insole and lightweight flexisole provide day-long comfort. 3 GREAT COLOURS – Navy, Grey and Black, and sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Upper/Lining/Sock: Textile. BREATHABLE Sole: man-made. ALL SIZES FABRIC Order Style Uppers ONLY LJ752 PAIR £10PER +p&p Sizes 3-8 Available in 3 colours NAVY BLACK GREY Black Denim 3 LEG LENGTHS 25”, 27”, 29” SHOP AT HOME DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR FREE RETURNS ORDER TODAY! ONLINE, BY PHONE OR POST Send completed coupon to: Chums Ltd., (Dept.38SEM21), PO Box 50, Prescot, Merseyside L34 9GX. Please send me item(s) indicated (PLEASE USE BLOCK LETTERS) ORDER STYLE COLOUR SIZE LEG LENGTH QTY PRICE Order style Sub Total LT214 Pull on Denim Jeans UK Mainland P&P £5.85 LJ752 Ladies Slip-on Casual Shoe TOTAL I enclose Cheques/POs made payable to Chums Ltd for £ Please write your address (inc. post code) on reverse of cheque. Or charge my MasterCard/Visa/Maestro Account No. Chums offer you FREE RETURNS and complete satisfaction if you want an exchange or your money back. Goods usually delivered within 7 days. ORDER ONLINE NOW - IT’S FAST, SAFE & EASY And enter media code 38SEM21 Now accepted IMPORTANT - YOU MUST ENTER MEDIA CODE ON OUR WEBSITE TO BENEFIT FROM THIS PROMOTIONAL OFFER Our friendly UK Customer Service Staff are waiting to take your order. TEL: 08715 267 165 Calls cost 13p per minute plus your network access charge Send cheques/POs or Mastercard/Visa/Maestro cards details to Chums Ltd., (Dept. 38SEM21), PO Box 50,Prescot, Merseyside L34 9GX. Please tick: MasterCard Visa Maestro Start Expiry Card Date: / Date / issue no: (Maestro cards only) Name: Mrs/Miss/Ms Address Post Code Tel. Email. MEDIA CODE 38SEM21 We think you’d enjoy some of the latest products and selected offers by post from other trusted retailers, charities, . finance, travel, FMCG and utility companies. If you would prefer not to receive these by post, please tick this box To learn more about our trusted partners and how we use your data, see our privacy policy at or ask for a copy when you call us. From time to time Chums would like to send you our latest catalogues, special offers and promotions by post that we think you’d appreciate as a valued customer. If you would prefer not to receive these, please tick this box Chums Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 1561474

FOOD perfect cucumber sandwiches Serves 4 1/2 cucumber, plus a couple of extra slices for decoration Salt and freshly milled pepper Cream cheese Chives Squeeze of lemon 12 slices of soft white bread Edible flower (optional) 1. Slice the cucumber thinly. Place the slices in a colander and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Mix together (gently) and allow to drain of its excess moisture for half an hour. Once drained, pat dry with a paper towel. 2. In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese, chives and lemon juice. Season with freshly milled pepper. 3. Butter one side of a slice of bread and remove the crusts. Spread with the cream cheese mix and layer with the slices of cucumber. Butter both sides of a second slice of bread and place on top. Add another layer of cream cheese and cucumber and top with a third slice of buttered bread. 4. Cut the sandwiches in half and decorate with a piece of cucumber and an edible flower, if you like. Reader offer NutriBullet Baby Making your own fresh, delicious, and all-natural baby food couldn’t be easier. The NutriBullet Baby is perfect for all stages of development – you can choose to make your fresh baby food pureed or chunkier. Complete 18 piece kit – Power Base, Cross Blade, Batch Bowl, Single Cup & Lid, Tip-Proof Tray, six Storage Cups with six Date Lids. To order for £69.99 plus £3.99 UK mainland P&P, call 0871 664 3474 and quote SM132. Calls cost 12p per minute plus your network access charge. Rose Eton mess Serves 4 6 shop-bought meringue nests 500ml double cream 4 tbsp rosewater 300g strawberries, halved 300g redcurrants Rose petals to decorate (optional) 1. Break up the meringue nests into varying bite-sized pieces. Tip into a bowl. 2. Whip the cream until it is thick and holds its shape. Add the rosewater and whisk to combine. 3. Fold the meringue pieces through the cream. 4. Spoon the meringue mixture into teacups and tumble the strawberries and redcurrants over the top. 5. Decorate with a rose petal, if you like. Recipes devised and styled by Victoria Gray PhotoS: Clive Shalice S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 33

HALF PRICE 100% Cotton Brown Stripe Casual classic £13 Was from £27 NOW FROM .50 ONLY + FREE DELIVERY Stripe Navy Walk into the weekend in style in our 100% Cotton Polo Shirt. Soft and breathable, this timeless classic is available in two stiking striped designs. A versatile all-year round staple and great value at half price! 100% Cotton. Length: 64cm (25") approx. COLOURS: Stripe Navy, Brown Stripe ITEM REF: 9JB525X SIZE: WAS: NOW: SAVE: 10/12, 14/16, 18/20 £27 £13.50 £13.50 22/24, 26/28 £30 £15.00 £15.00 POST FREE to: Freepost Damart, Bowling Green Mills, Lime Street, Bingley, BD97 1AD Your details: IMPORTANT Without this information we cannot process your order. Offer code: 13796 ORDER TODAY - Please quote Item Reference 9JB525X and Offer Code 13796 Click on the 'Quick Order' icon when you visit or call 0871 423 4353 Calls cost 13p per minute plus your network access charges. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms: ................ First Name: ............................................. Surname: ............................................................................. Address: .......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Postcode: ................................................. Daytime Tel No (if applicable): .......................................................................................... D.O.B: DD/MM/YYYY Email: ............................................................................................................................................ Sign up now to get updates on the progress of your order and exclusive offers direct to your inbox. ITEM REF QTY COLOUR SIZE PRICE 9JB525X 9JB525X 9JB525X Terms and conditions apply. This offer is subject to stock availability. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer and to cancel your order. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. Reference to the FREE Delivery TOTAL £3.99 WAS price is to the standard Autumn/Winter 2021 price. All prices were correct as at 28/08/21. Prices may have changed since this date and you may wish to check the savings available on our website before you order. Delivery is free when you quote Item Reference 9JB525X and Offer Code 13796. You are responsible for return postage costs. Can we stay in touch? We would like to keep you up to date with our new collections and latest offers so you don’t miss out. Please tick if you would prefer not to receive these: By Post ¨ By Email ¨. We would also like you to be able to take advantage of some of the products and offers our trusted partners send by post. If you would prefer not to receive these, please tick box ¨. We respect your privacy. To opt-out at any time or to learn more about how your data may be used by us and our trusted partners to send you relevant, tailored offers simply call us on 0800 0859314 or see our privacy policy at Payment Options: (A) Damart Personal Account: This allows you to send no money now and take up to 28 days to pay for the items in full or to pay by monthly instalments upon receipt of a statement. If you pay in full you will not incur any interest, however if you do not pay the full amount it will cost you more. Representative APR 37.7% variable. Available to UK customers over 18 years old, subject to status and affordability. We’ll check your details with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. Our checks confi rm your name, address and date of birth, to prevent fraud and tell us how you and others in your household have managed payments in the past. We’ll share information about your account with these agencies, to help prevent fraud and maintain up-to-date records. For more details on how we use your personal information and for full Terms and Conditions call 0330 1234083 or visit (B) Pay now by cheque (payable to ‘Damart’) or; (C) by payment card, online or by phone. Credit is provided by Damartex UK Limited trading as Damart, Bowling Green Mills, Bingley. BD97 1AD. Registered in England no. 00852773. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Culinary delights Edited by Victoria Gray Mixed blessings A new line of limited-edition bottled cocktails has been made exclusively in collaboration with top mixologist Maxim Schulte. The LAIBA Special Edition #01 ( can be delivered to your door in a beautiful box with six 90ml bottles – three each of Oriental Reviver and Pina Colada Old Fashioned. Priced at £59. Holy macaroni! M&S cafés are serving up a comforting new Mac & Cheese Toastie. It’s a mouthwatering combo of pasta tumbled in a cheddar, pecorino, Emmental and mozzarella cheesy sauce, sandwiched between thick slices of the finest M&S sourdough bread smothered in mustard and onion butter. Priced at £5.25, available in-store. Hot stuff Relish brand Hawkshead has released its new Scotch Bonnet Sauce. Packed with fresh chillies and tomatoes, it makes a fiery alternative to ketchup or can be used as a marinade for prawns or smothered over chicken wings. At £3.25 for a 270g jar, it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is gluten-free. See The daily grind The Breville Barista Max VCF126 coffee machine, priced at £349, features a built-in coffee grinder so you can start your day with the freshest of brews. For cappuccino lovers there’s also an integrated steam pipe for frothing milk. Available from Currys. Let them eat cake Suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians, these gluten, wheat and milk-free Rumble In The Crumble Apple Slices are handmade in the Lake District by master bakers We Love Cake. Available from Waitrose, they cost £1.80 for a pack of four. Chocs in the post Chocolate pioneer Russell & Atwell ( has launched a range of fresh luxury chocolates. They come in recycled glass jars, priced from £30 for a twin pack. The chocs keep in the fridge for up to six weeks and the jars can be replenished via letterbox-friendly, biodegradable refill packs (£12.90 for a twin pack). Simply order using the handy QR code on the label. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 35

WINE Jamie Goode Our wine expert raises a glass to seven fruity numbers from Portugal Portugal is one of the first wine countries I fell in love with. Back then, the quality could be a bit patchy, but there were enough interesting wines to hold my attention and I adored the rich scenery and authentic food. Now, things have improved substantially and Portugal has a diverse range of wines, with most bottles over-delivering on quality considering their often modest prices. Here are seven worth checking out… Esporão Monte Velho Branco Alentejano 2020 £7.95, The Wine Society, 13% alcohol This deliciously intense and expressive dry white has bright pear and yellow plum fruit and a hint of peachiness. A lemony acidity keeps things fresh. Estrada Douro White 2019 £8, Co-op, 13% alcohol A blend of local varieties, this Douro is pure, fine and mellow with a good acidity supporting the citrus and white peaches. There’s lots of fruit here. Marks & Spencer Classics Vinho Verde 2020 £7, Marks & Spencer, 10% alcohol A zippy and lively vinho verde from northern Portugal. This is an excellent example of its type, with zesty citrus fruit and just a touch of spritz. It’s relatively low in alcohol, too. Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2020 £8.99, Waitrose, 12% alcohol Lively aromas of fresh lime, fine herbs and a touch of melon form the basis of this modern take on a non-spritzy vinho verde. In the mouth, it is focused, offering some acidity and a gently tapering lemony finish. Morrisons The Best Douro 2019 £7.50, Morrisons, 13.5% alcohol An exceptionally drinkable and delicious mid-weight red full of fabulous floral cherry fruit aromatics. Bright, supple and juicy in the mouth, there’s also a slight herbal hint and a touch of pepper. It has a stony, mineral streak on the finish. Altano Naturalmente Organic Douro Tinto 2019 £11.80, Tanners, 14% alcohol An organic blend of local varieties, this Douro is full of the beautiful floral aromatics of sweet black cherries and blackberries, with some notes of olives and fine green herbs. The palate is fresh and focused, with excellent tannins and acidity, supple black fruits and subtle hints of tar. Porta 6 Lisboa 2019 £7.50, Tesco, 13.5% alcohol Massively drinkable, it’s easy to see why this sweetly fruited red tipple has become so popular. It has broad appeal, with the toothsome berry flavours offsetting the sour cherries on the finish. SAVE 50% ON 12 STUNNING WINES WHEN YOU JOIN WINEBANK Normally worth £131.88, these 12 hand-made wines from around the world are yours for just £65.88, complete with free express delivery direct to your door! This offer acts as the ideal introduction to our WineBank service. Only £5.49 a bottle! Luxury Reader Selection | NOW £65.88 (was £131.88) Call 0343 224 1001 quoting VE2037 or visit T&C's apply: New customers only. UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over. One case per customer. Not to be combined with any other promotion. By redeeming this offer you agree to try the Virgin Wines WineBank. WineBank uses monthly top-ups to save for your wine and rewards you with £1 for every £5 you deposit, plus free delivery on all wine purchases. Your default monthly payment is £25. There’s no obligation to buy any more wine. You can cancel your membership at any time and withdraw any funds you’ve added. Images for illustration purposes only. For full T&C's, visit S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 37

Natural choice Create a calm and peaceful home with pale wood, gentle earth shades, textured ceramics and dainty florals Cosy up in Loaf’s new comfy Banoffee love seat, seen here in Poached Pear laundered linen, which is priced at £1,295. The oak and marble Marmo coffee table is £575 and the Marbler side table costs £245. The Bobble hand-knotted rug is priced from £245. GET THE LOOK Ariane wooden mirror The Grey Works £125 Strawberry Thief cushion Wanderlust & Found £39.05 Green is synonymous with the Arts & Crafts movement and these Castello bowls and bottles, from £7, make a lovely group. Fill them with plants or just admire their charming shapes. Get them at All Garden Trading. Bronte rug Shimu £209 Set of six twisted candles Rockett St George £28 Vintage wooden shelf unit Scaramanga £325 38 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

INTERIORS Dried everlasting flowers look beautiful with this scheme, teaming perfectly with the traditional hurricane lantern against calming Light Moss green walls, £15 a litre, matt emulsion. The Indi sideboard, £499, adds a country feel. All from Dunelm. Rebecca Udall’s Cabbage Crockery leaf design tableware is crafted from earthenware by an artisan manufacturer in Portugal. It’s priced from £48 for a box of four side plates. The Gabriella Murano water glass costs £40. Dunelm’s new A/W collection is inspired by the work of iconic textile designer William Morris. This pretty floral Meadow Ditsy duvet set is priced from £22. It features a dainty pattern in soft blues and pinks and is reversible. The chunky knit throw is £15, the Indi bedside table is £169, the Churchgate Langton ceiling light is £65, and the Churchgate floral prints are £30 for the pair. Written and Compiled by: Victoria Gray S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 39

Victoria Gray’s best Housekeeping caddy B&M Stores £6 Laundry duster Matalan £4 Laundry liquid The National Trust Shop £7 Washing wonders Make doing the laundry a joy with these stylish essentials Black wire storage baskets House of Flora £99 40 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

INTERIORS Hanging drying rack George & Willy £180.03 Laundry tin Kitchen craft £19.95 Wooden laundry plaque Melody Maison £2.95 Bee and Flower Peg Bag Mosney Mill £15.95 Extending Clothes dryer Cuckooland £145 Kashmir Organic Utility Basket Braided Rug Company £24 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 41

Alan Titchmarsh By composting kitchen waste, you’re making good use of nutrients PHOTO: getty Start a compost heap to make your own, free soil-enricher There’s no such thing as garden waste, says Alan – with a bit of ingenuity, everything can be recycled Our grandparents got rid of prunings and clippings on the bonfire, but these days that’s considered very unfriendly – both to the neighbours and the environment. Fortunately there are several much better ways to dispose of your garden waste. Heaps of fun Because it recycles them into free soil-improver, a compost heap or bin is by far the best way to deal with lawn mowings, soft hedge clippings, annual weeds, old bedding plants and the like. You can also add fallen leaves and kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings (although not food waste or meat, which attracts pests and scavengers). Build up your compost in layers, adding a little soil or manure (fresh works best) every six inches or so. When your compost heap or bin is full, cover it with a lid or a piece of old carpet and leave for six months to a year, until the ingredients have rotted down into what looks like fibrous soil. You now have fine garden compost, which you Special worms are used in a wormery to break down material Don’t throw it all away can use to improve soil when preparing new beds, putting in new plants or digging over the vegetable patch. The worms that turn A worm bin is a small container used to house worms, which are regularly fed by spreading thin layers of kitchen scraps, shredded paper and leafy waste (but no meat or woody material) inside. The worms, which are different from common earthworms, digest the waste and convert it into a rich compost that is ideal for adding to veg beds or large outdoor plant tubs, plus a liquid that makes excellent natural plant feed. Just be careful not to overload it. Bin there, done that If you don’t have enough room for a compost heap, or you produce more garden waste than you can cope with, make use of your local council’s green bin scheme. Most local authorities now offer a dedicated bin for garden and appropriate food waste. You may have to request one and/or pay a small fee, but then all your clippings will be taken away and composted without you having to lift a finger (although someone else gets the benefit of the compost). 42 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

GARDENING What to do in the garden this week Create a new compost bin or heap using old bedding plants and the tops of perennials you cut back when starting to tidy up the garden. Pile up any existing compost on vacant ground in your vegetable patch, so it’s ready to dig in when you have time. Cut off any aubergines and peppers that are big enough to use. Don’t wait for them to reach full size, as they won’t grow any larger at this time of year. Pull out old cucumber and melon plants as soon as you’ve cut the last of the crop, since they won’t have time to grow any more this late in the season. Watch the progress of autumn cauliflowers and cabbages, then use them as soon as they’re ready – don’t let them spoil. Start using early varieties of leeks and Brussels sprouts as soon as they are big enough. Here’s a tip If you’re not yet a regular, get to know your council waste recycling site, otherwise known as the tip. Here they’ll take green garden waste and most other materials, provided you separate them and throw them in the right skip. They’re usually open on Saturdays and Sundays – check online to see what your nearest one accepts and when it’s open, as there are some variations. Glorious mud… and more If you’re doing a big gardening job that will produce a lot of waste all at once, consider a hippobag. Available from garden centres and DIY stores, these giant- sized nylon bags open out into mini-skips. Fill one, make a phone call and a grab lorry will come and take it away. It’s not cheap, but it’s very easy. Reuse, not refuse Before you dispose of anything, even in the greenest way possible, think whether you can reuse it. Twigs and dropped prunings, for example, dry out well and can be used for lighting a barbecue or wood burner. Old Build up your compost heap in layers plastic sacks are ideal for collecting manure from local stables, taking rubbish to the tip or lining hanging baskets after being cut up. All sorts of things – unwanted building materials such as surplus patio slabs, perhaps a shed or greenhouse you are taking down, or unwanted plants you need to dig out – can find eager new owners via the internet, thanks to sites such as And best of all, the recipient collects! Reader offer Plant of the week Flower power We have brought together six popular varieties of dwarf rockery Narcissi, growing to only 20-35cm in height. Perfect for garden borders, rockeries or patio containers, the pretty flowers bloom in March and April and will really light up your garden. In the collection you will receive 20 each of Tete-a-Tete, Minnow, Pueblo, Sundisc, Marinette and Canaliculatus. Buy 20 of one variety for £7.99. Top quality 8-10cm bulbs supplied. Buy the complete 120 Dwarf Rockery Collection for only £21.94 and save £26 off RRP. Order online at EXP687, call 0871 664 1469, or send a cheque made payable to “Express Newspapers” to Express Offer EXP687, 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 9FG. Free delivery within 28 days. All prices include P&P. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 43

WORDS: TYTYTY PHOTO: Tytytytyt Top fives Fiction 1. Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney (Faber & Faber, £16.99) 2. Empire Of The Vampire by Jay Kristoff (HarperCollins, £16.99) 3. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman (Penguin, £8.99) 4. Find You First by Linwood Barclay (HQ, £8.99) 5. Piranesi by Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury, £8.99) Non-fiction 1. Together by Jamie Oliver (Michael Joseph, £26) 2. Comfort Mob by Ben Lebus (Hodder & Stoughton, £18.99) 3. Pinch Of Nom Food Planner: Quick & Easy by Kay Featherstone, Kate Allinson & Laura Davis (Bluebird, £10.99) 4. Jane’s Patisserie by Jane Dunn (Ebury, £20) 5. Too Many Reasons To Live by Rob Burrow (Macmillan, £20) Children’s 1. An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley (Heinemann, £9.99) 2. You Are A Champion by Marcus Rashford & Carl Anka (Macmillan Children’s, £9.99) 3. Megamonster by David Walliams & Tony Ross (HarperCollins, £14.99) 4. They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera (S&S Children’s, £7.99) 5. Macbeth by William Shakespeare (OUP, £7.50) Charlotte Heathcote Open season Candid new offerings with a hard – and frequently hilarious – take on life, the universe and everything… This Much Is True **** by Miriam Margolyes (John Murray, £20) The ebullient Miriam Margolyes has never been afraid to speak her mind – and that’s definitely the case in her no-holds-barred memoir. Now 80, Margolyes claims to be quiet and boring at home but it’s hard to believe. Nothing is off limits as she spills the beans about everything from her sexual experiences to bodily functions. “I lack the filter others possess and out of my potty mouth pop filthy sexual anecdotes, verbal and physical flatulence on a grand scale,” the actress declares. She’s enjoyed a stellar career, appearing as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, Lady Whiteadder in Blackadder and Mrs Manson Mingott in Martin Scorsese’s The Age Of Innocence (for which she won a BAFTA). She has also made a string of highly praised documentaries, including The Real Marigold Hotel and Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure. Her reminiscences range from the mildly surprising to the downright astonishing. She modelled for renowned artist Augustus John as a teenager, was the first person to swear on national TV (on University Challenge in 1963), mooned at Warren Beatty on the set of the film Reds and was ordered to “be quiet” by the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception. Margolyes was devoted to her parents. Her father was a buttoned-up doctor who looked like Charlie Chaplin, while her free-spirited mother, a successful student landlord in Oxford, did the housework in the nude. But she writes poignantly of her regret about telling them she was gay. She worries to this day that her revelation caused her mother’s first stroke. Margolyes’ autobiography isn’t for readers who are easily shocked, but it’s blisteringly honest and hugely entertaining. Lovingly dedicated to Heather, her partner of 53 years, it’s a story of love, friendship and extraordinary adventures. 44 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

BOOKS Did I Say That Out Loud? **** by Fi Glover & Jane Garvey (Trapeze, £16.99) Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are two of the nation’s best-loved radio broadcasters. Glover presents The Listening Project on BBC Radio 4, while Garvey was the first voice on Radio 5 Live when it launched in 1994 and she also hosted Woman’s Hour for 14 years. For the last four years, the forthright pair have presented Fortunately… With Fi And Jane, an award-winning podcast where they chew the fat on everything from bingo wings to dodgy boilers. Now they have recreated the podcast in book form, taking it in turns to write a chapter to which the other responds. No subjects are off the table as they discuss the hierarchy of radio presenters (apparently breakfast hosts are top of the pile), poke fun at Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness empire and reveal the trials and tribulations of parenting teenagers. Among all the mirth, Glover and Garvey are smart and perceptive with a dry sense of humour and a knack of hitting the nail squarely on the head. The two women clearly get on like a house on fire, bouncing ideas off each other and agreeing that they don’t have all the answers by a long chalk. Highlights include Fi Glover’s hilarious account of her trip to a medical spa, complete with coconut mouthwashes and meals eaten in total silence, and Garvey’s insistence that Christmas is a hereditary disease, passed down the maternal line and fraught with unwanted responsibilities. Subtitled Notes On The Chuff Of Life, this book inevitably lacks the spontaneity of the pair’s podcast but nonetheless it’s wise, laugh-outloud funny and, just like the authors themselves, it never preaches. Emma Lee-Potter Shades of darkness Chilling tales of murder, mystery and suspense in paperback Girl A by Abigail Dean (HarperCollins, £8.99) Compelling and heartbreaking, Girl A is a beautifully crafted story about the devastating after-effects of trauma. Lex Gracie is “Girl A”, raised in a “house of horrors” by abusive parents. Now an adult, she has spent years trying to forget her past. But when her mother dies in prison, Lex is made executor of the will. In this assured debut, she is forced to confront her past as she contacts her estranged siblings to decide what to do with their childhood home. Mernie Gilmore The Last House On Needless Street by Catriona Ward (Viper, £8.99) Eleven years ago, six-year-old Lulu vanished while on holiday with her parents and sister Dee. Recluse Ted was a suspect – but he had an alibi. Dee is convinced he took her sister and rents the house next door so she can spy on him, vowing revenge if she discovers the girl who lives with him is Lulu. Unsettling yet deeply moving, this chilling masterclass in suspense enthrals. Jon Coates To buy these books see Express Bookshop on page 69 Special offer for Express readers Slough House by Mick Herron (John Murray, £8.99) After a blunder by two Russian secret service assassins left a British citizen dead, MI5 chief Diana Taverner mounts a counteroffensive. But to fund it, she has to strike a deal with unscrupulous ex-politician Peter Judd. Meanwhile, a series of fatal accidents make the Slough House misfits fear they’ll be targeted next, and a new populist movement is taking hold of London’s streets. This is Mick Herron’s best novel yet and an absolute tour-de-force. Jon Coates The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jónasson (Penguin, £8.99) Una takes a job in a tiny coastal village, teaching two girls in a community of 10. But the villagers are unfriendly, the weather bleak and she struggles with isolation. She thinks she’s losing her mind after hearing ghostly singing in her creaky loft bedroom. Then a girl dies and Una fears a villager has blood on their hands. This haunting psychological novel is tinged with the supernatural. Jon Coates Get 25% off Under The Hairdryer: Fergie – The Untold Tales by John Richardson. Out on October 7, pre-order now for £15 (rrp £20) at Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably Britain’s greatest football manager. In the year he marks his 80th birthday, this new book gives insights into what makes him tick, how he operates and how he’s changed the footballing landscape. Journalist John Richardson, who covered every season of Fergie’s time at Manchester United, tells of working with him and talks to those who know him best – players, colleagues and the man who coined the “hairdryer” phrase, Mark Hughes. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 45

Parc Gúell overlooks the Spanish city TRAVEL Edited by Emma Jones Where to stay For a family-friendly hotel with a sophisticated vibe, try Hilton Diagonal Mar at Platja de Llevant beach. The Executive Panorama Suites connect with twin rooms, giving you oodles of space and sweeping views of the beach. Hilton caters brilliantly for younger guests, with locally inspired kids’ menus, kiddie-sized bathrobes and slippers, treasure hunts and more. The popular Purobeach club, open in summer around the outdoor pool, boasts spa treatments, music and food. If you prefer a self-catering option, check out the Casagrand, just around the corner from the chic shopping district of Passeig de Gràcia. It offers luxurious apartments sleeping up to nine guests, with access to five-star hotel facilities, including room service and a spectacular pool. The penthouse suite has a A spacious Hilton room with sea views fabulous terrace with awe-inspiring views. Do check before you travel, though, as some facilities may be closed due to Covid restrictions. Visit and Soak up some culture A top spot for architecture, Barcelona’s big draw is the incredible creations of modernist designer Gaudí. Parc Güell, with its fairy-tale feel, fully immerses visitors in his work. You’re greeted at the gates by el drac, a brightly coloured salamander that is a taster of Gaudí’s mosaic work found throughout the park. You can even visit the Gaudí House Museum, where he used to live. La Sagrada Familia is Gaudí’s largest legacy Gaudí’s most famous work in the city is La Sagrada Familia – the unfinished but stunning church that is due for completion in 2026, the centenary of his death. Find time to visit the Picasso Museum too, an extensive collection of the legendary artist’s work. It’s free to enter on Thursday afternoons and the first Sunday of the month. Meanwhile, history buffs will enjoy seeing a glimpse of Barcelona’s Roman past in the layout of streets in the Barri Gòtic, or Gothic Quarter. Viva España Head to Barcelona and immerse yourself in amazing architecture, beautiful beaches and quiet retreats A shopper’s paradise, Las Ramblas Words: Tricia Martin photos: Getty Getting around When you’ve had your fill of culture, head to one of the city’s fabulous beaches to chill. Barceloneta is the most traditional beach, while Nova Icaria, with 400m of golden sands, is one of the most peaceful. And from Sant Sebastià Beach you get a view of the whole coastline. Pop into a Barcelona Turisme office (there are several branches) to sign up for a walking tour and to buy venue tickets. Purchase a Hola Barcelona travel card for 2-5 days’ use on the Metro, buses, tram, Explore the city’s wide, sandy beaches funicular and railways. This will cover your airport transfers and visits to attractions such as Tibidabo amusement park and FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. See Best bites No visit to Barcelona is complete without a stroll along Las Ramblas, the famous boulevard that runs through the centre of the city. The busy market bordering it, Mercado de la Boqueria, is a great place to lunch like a local. Tapas is popular and we kicked off with gambas pil pil (juicy prawns in garlicky oil) before trying an array of classic dishes. In the Barri Gòtic you’ll find Can Culleretes, Barcelona’s oldest restaurant, on C/Quintana. And if you have a taste for tapas, then be sure to seek out Cal Pep in Plaça de les Olles and El Xampanyet in C/Montcada. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 47

The sitter A portrait can reveal more about the artist than the subject Short story by Catherine Cooper © Catherine Cooper 2021 images: getty The temperature dips as soon as I step inside the thick walls of the chateau away from the blistering heat of the sun. Since I arrived in France I’ve driven past many chateaux – some beautifully restored and almost perfect in every way, others dilapidated and tumbledown but still retaining a hint of their former glory. But this is the first time I’ve been inside one that isn’t open to the general public. This chateau is neither pristine nor a near ruin, but somewhere between the two – lived in, but not perfect. “Thank you for coming, Laura,” the man says as he closes the door behind me. He is smartly dressed but nondescript looking – aged around 50 or so. “Will you come with me to the studio please? Then we can get started. I don’t like to waste time unnecessarily.” “Female sitter with long brown hair needed by artist,” the advert on the local Facebook group for anglophones had said. “No nudity. Top rates paid.” It was posted by someone called Robert with a profile image depicting a paintbrush. I follow him along the flagstoned, barewalled corridor, my shoes making a clackclack sound which makes me self-conscious. At the end we reach a large, light room with a wall of French doors overlooking a garden which has seen better days. The ceiling is high, with a glittering chandelier hanging from the middle of an elaborate rose. In the centre of the polished wooden floor is a wooden chair, and opposite it, an easel. One wall is almost entirely taken up with a painting of a woman in period dress – I’d guess from sometime around the 1800s. Robert indicates a door in the corner of the room. “If you go through there, you’ll find the things I’d like you to wear for the sitting, please. Please wear your hair down loose, like you did in the photo you sent me. Thank you. I will wait here.” He turns away and starts fiddling with his easel and paints. I go into the next room where there is a tight-bodiced dress on a dressmaker’s dummy, an elaborate hat with feathers on a stand and a ridiculously high, though admittedly beautiful, pair of boots laced with ribbons. I remove the dress, which actually turns out to be a skirt and top, from the dummy and find there’s a large, hooped petticoat underneath. I assume I’m expected to wear that too and am thankful for the coolness inside the building. The top is lacy and off-the-shoulder and the skirt is enormous and ruched at the base. They are clearly not original – the top is stretchy and the skirt fastens with a zip, but they fit perfectly. As do the boots. I try and fail to remember if I sent my measurements. I release my hair, put the hat on and look in the mirror. I smile. I look ridiculous, but somehow the outfit suits me. It is tricky to walk in the boots as the leather is stiff and the heels are so high. I teeter over to the door, back into the room which Robert called the studio and sit down on the chair. He is still fiddling with something on his easel and doesn’t look up. “I’ll sit here, shall I?” I ask, already relieved to be off my feet. 48 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

fiction He looks up. “Thank you. Yes please. If you could keep your back straight, angle your knees slightly toward the fireplace and direct your gaze at the other wall… yes, that’s it, like that. Thank you.” Having positioned myself as he asked, it occurs to me I haven’t asked exactly how long the job would take. The hourly rate was so exceptional I got overexcited and simply said “yes” before someone else snapped it up. I haven’t found much work since I arrived in France from Ireland six months ago on a whim after splitting up with a boyfriend, so I could definitely use the money. This pose isn’t the most comfortable of positions, but I resolve to be as amenable as possible. The room is silent but for the gentle sounds as he mixes colours on the palette and the rasp of his brush on the canvas. I stare at the huge painting of the woman on the wall and realise that she’s wearing exactly the same dress as I am now. She’s also styled her long, dark hair the same way he asked me to, loose down my back. Robert doesn’t seem interested in conversation, but after about half an hour of silence I can’t bear any more so I venture, “Who is the woman in the picture?” He shrugs. “No one. Just a sitter.” We fall silent again. Because of the way he has asked me to angle my head I can’t help but gaze at the painting. As I stare at it, I realise it’s not just what she’s wearing which is familiar, but also her face. Perhaps she looks like me? Is that what it is? Maybe Robert has a type. But as I continue to look, I realise it’s not that. Her face is actually nothing like mine – much narrower, with a wider nose and fuller lips. I wonder which of us is better looking. Which of us does Robert think is more beautiful? Does he even care? Perhaps we are just bodies in a costume to him and he’s not bothered what we look like. Given that I am wearing exactly the same dress as the woman in the painting, I imagine it is the costumes he is most interested in. In spite of the chill in the chateau, I’m hot under my layers of skirts and my neck is stiff from the way I am twisting my head. But I don’t want to complain as he is paying so well that I definitely want to be asked back. The other painting is enormous – depending on his process, this could potentially be weeks of work for me. But at the same time, I could really do with a break to stretch out my aching body and maybe take the hat off for a while. I figure the best way in to asking for one is to start a conversation, even if he is unwilling. “She looks familiar,” I say. “What’s her name? I think I’ve met her.” He shrugs again. “I don’t remember. Lucy maybe. Something like that.” We lapse into silence again as I continue to stare at the painting. The more I look, the more I see that she is nothing like me. But I recognise her. I’m sure I do. I’m too hot, bored and aching and Robert is annoying me, excellent rate of pay or not. ‘The room is silent but for the rasp of brush on the canvas’ He hasn’t even offered me a glass of water. I’m determined to continue the conversation just so I can find a natural way in to asking for the break, which I’m sure I deserve by now. “I’m sure I know her. Is she French? English?” “Italian,” he says. I feel a leap of joy as he engages in the conversation. It might have only been one word, but at least he’s spoken to me with something that hasn’t been an instruction. “I couldn’t help notice that I’m wearing the same dress as she is in the picture. Does the dress mean something to you? Or are you interested in the fashion of the period?” He doesn’t answer and carries on painting as if I haven’t spoken. I try a different tack. “I like her smile. She looks friendly. What is she like?” Robert sighs. “A nice enough woman. Easily pleased. Maybe too easily pleased.” I’m not sure what he means by that but I don’t ask. “Does she not sit for you any more?” I persist, wondering if she gave up because she was never offered a break. “No. She had too many other things she wanted to do. And she talked too much,” he adds, pointedly. As I continue to look at the painting I suddenly remember why she seems familiar. Her picture was in the paper and on the news. She went missing. A few weeks ago. My face grows hot and a bead of sweat runs down my back. “Other things? Like what?” I ask, trying to keep my voice steady. “Where is she now?” He sighs again. “She’s still here. But she’s silent now. Shall we get on? I would so like another one just like her to add to my collection. I’ve locked the doors, in case you’re wondering. Now, could you turn your head back towards the wall? Thank you.” Catherine Cooper’s new novel The Chateau (HarperFiction, £7.99) is out now. Available from Amazon and all good bookshops S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 49

GARDENING THE MOST ICONIC OF THE INSECT EATING PLANTS AND ONE OF THE LARGEST TRAPS AVAILABLE “Introducing... The ‘Venus Fly Trap’! Arguably the most iconic of the insect eating plants, the jawed traps spring shut when triggered by a passing insect and begin the process of digesting the victim to release its valuable nutrients. This is a variety which can grow traps over 2.5cm (1in) and is one of the largest plants that we have seen offered for sale, so you don’t have to wait years to get a substantial number of traps. The Venus flytrap attracts insects by releasing a scent which mimics those emitted by fruits and flowers and in addition, the lobes of each trap secrete a sweet mucous which act as an attractant along with red colouring which intensifies in bright summer sun, fooling the insect into thinking that it is a flower. A real carnivorous plant - captures and eats insects. Toothed jaws spring shut when triggered by its prey. Easy to grow and ideal for a bright, sunny windowsill. Supplied as a large, multi-crowned, established plant in a 12cm pot. Venus Fly Trap Established plant in a 12cm pot ITEM 800155 NOW £14.99 LIMITED STOCK DONT MISS OUT! SPECIAL BONUS OFFER ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ Established plant in a 14cm pot ITEM CODE 800126 If there is one houseplant that has inspired generation after generation of indoor gardeners, then it has to be the ever popular (and easy to grow) Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera Deliciosa. ONLY £9.99 - SAVE £3 ONLY £14.99 A large plant in a 12cm pot - Great size! Beautiful yet deadly traps catch passing insects! “Endless waves of gorgeous flowers in shades of golden yellow, violet, mauve, berry purple and white!” CALL US ON 08716 643 490 QUOTE RSXM193 OR VISIT WWW.YOUGARDEN.COM/RSXM193 Please add £6.99 P&P to your order. If you would like to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here . Reg. London 141748 Express Newspapers Reg. London 141748. One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom, E14 5AP. To see how your data is processed please refer to Express’s Privacy Policy: Despatched within 7 working days. Offer subject to availability and if oversubscribed, we reserve the right to send a suitable alternative. Contract for supply of goods is with YouGarden Ltd, Eventus House, Market Deeping, PE6 8FD. Images show mature plants. IMPORTANT: Following Brexit there are a number of changes that prevent us from trading in N. Ireland. For further details and full terms please visit Calls cost 12p per minute plus your network’s access charge. UK delivery only and surcharges may apply to outlying areas. Customer Service: Call 0333 210 0099 or email Offer closes 31st October 2021.

What to watch Don’t miss our pick of the biggest and best programmes on television this week Hitmen: Reloaded Wednesday, 9pm, Sky Comedy There’s trouble afoot for misfit contract killers Jamie and Fran (Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins) in this new series of the comedy. They reconnect with former school pal Kat (Katherine Parkinson), who is now a wealthy lifestyle guru. But when Kat and Jamie bond, Fran becomes jealous. COMEDY Hollington Drive Wednesday, 9pm, ITV This thrilling series centres on sisters Theresa and Helen (Anna Maxwell Martin and Rachael Stirling), whose lives are thrown into turmoil when a child goes missing. As well as the mystery of the missing child, viewers are soon left wondering about the hideous codependent relationship between the two siblings, and the secrets in their past. DRAMA DOCUMENTARY The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker Thursday, 9pm, ITV To accompany the drama Manhunt, starring Martin Clunes, here’s a documentary about Operation Minstead, which saw the capture of a serial rapist who’d been terrorising people for over 17 years. Presenter Susanna Reid interviews senior investigating officers Colin Sutton and Simon Morgan about the operation, as she explores the real story of the long hunt for the Night Stalker, as well as the 17-day stakeout that led to his eventual arrest. NEW Strictly: It Takes Two Monday, 6.30pm, BBC Two “Keeeeep dancing” all week with the return of the nightly Strictly fan show. The contestants and pro dancers come on here to talk about how their training is going and share any pre-dance nerves – and to have a bit of a laugh while they’re at it! The show welcomes a new presenting duo this year, with dancer Janette Manrara replacing Zoe Ball as Rylan Clark-Neal’s hosting partner. ENTERTAINMENT TR AVEL Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! Monday, 9pm, ITV With a TV Choice award and a clutch of nominations under their belts, TV’s chattiest foodies are back with an exploration of the Greek islands. Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are on a mission to prove that Greece is home to some of the best dishes in Europe – while bickering and bantering in equal measure, of course. S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 51

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 7.35 Match of the Day (R) 9.00 The Andrew Marr Show 10.00 Politics England 10.30 Homes Under the Hammer (R) 11.00 LIVE Great Manchester Run 1.00pm BBC News; Weather 1.15 Songs of Praise 1.50 Points of View TV opinions. 2.05 Lifeline An appeal. 2.15 Escape to the Country (R) 3.00 Money for Nothing (R) 3.30 Serengeti II The great river crossing begins. Last in series. 4.30 Global Citizen Live Highlights: Music Festival for the Planet 5.35 BBC News; Regional News 6.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Best of 2021 Highlights of the famous horticultural event. 6.20am Countryfile (R) 7.15 Golf: Ryder Cup Highlights (R) 9.15 Landward (R) 9.45 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 11.15 The Hairy Bikers Go North (R) 12.15pm LIVE MOTD: Women’s Super League. Manchester United v Chelsea. 2.40 Cycling World Championships Coverage of the men’s road race at the UCI Road World Championships in Belgium, which saw Julian Alaphilippe claim the title last year. 5.00 Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop Jay and his workshop make furniture for a ex-forces serviceman. (R) 6.00 Saving Lives at Sea In Trearddur Bay, the crew battle through gale force winds to try to save a surfer. (R) 6.00am CITV 9.25 ITV News 9.30 Cornwall and Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury (R) 10.00 Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh 11.55 All Around Britain. Ria Hebden and Alex Beresford visit Cardiff. 12.55pm Love Your Garden (R) 2.00 ITV News; Weather 2.10 Diamonds Are Forever (1971/ PG) James Bond spy adventure, starring Sean Connery. ★★ 4.30 Dickinson’s Biggest and Best Deals David Dickinson shares his favourite moments. 5.30 The Cube Friends Stefan and Faruk, and brothers Tayif and Mo take part in the show. (R) 6.30 ITV News; Weather 6.45 Regional News; Weather 6.10am Mike & Molly (R) 6.50 The King of Queens (R) 8.05 Frasier (R) 9.30 Sunday Brunch. Gyles Brandreth talks about his autobiography, and Jo Hartley chats about the film Sweetheart. 12.30pm The Simpsons (R) 3.30 The Great British Bake Off Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas welcome 12 new contestants into the tent, baking mini rolls, a teatime classic and a cake that expresses their creativity. (R) 5.00 Channel 4 News Including sport and weather reports. 5.30 Formula 1: Russian Grand Prix Highlights Steve Jones, David Coulthard, Lee McKenzie and Mark Webber present a chance to see the 15th round of the season at the Sochi Autodrom. 7.00 Countryfile (39/52) Matt Baker and Helen Skelton present the One Man And His Dog sheepdog trials from Penryhn castle in Gwynedd, North Wales. Helen also goes in search of the area’s wildlife. 8.00 Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce presents the show from the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Items brought in to be valued include rare Russian jewels and a collection of dolls’ house crockery. 9.00 Vigil Amy is trapped and running out of time. On land, Kirsten chases down the traitor’s accomplice. When the traitor on Vigil puts their plans into action, the crew are forced to fight for their lives. Conclusion of the crime drama, starring Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie. Last in series. 7.00 Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve Simon looks back on wildlife stories he has encountered. (R) 8.00 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing (5/6) Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse fish for wild carp in Mid Wales. 8.30 Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer (5/6) Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin visit the Cairngorms, exploring the ancient Caledonian woodlands of Abernethy National Nature Reserve on a mission to find a very rare flower. 9.00 The Last Mountain The story of climber Tom Ballard, who died during an expedition to Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat mountain in February 2019, following his sister Kate on a pilgrimage to the site to say goodbye to her brother. 7.00 Family Fortunes Gino D’Acampo hosts as the Collards of Barry Island go up against the Mitchell family of Croydon, trying to guess the most popular responses to surveys posed to 100 people for a chance to win a £30,000 jackpot prize. 8.00 Endeavour The team is called to investigate the violent and peculiar murder of an Oxford college don, but when Thursday makes an unexpected discovery, Morse’s suitability to work on the case is compromised and he is side-lined. Meanwhile, things at home become quite tense for Thursday and Win when they receive disturbing news from abroad. Inspector Morse prequel, with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam. Last in the series. 8.00 Lost Treasure Tombs of the Ancient Maya (1/2) Archaeologists search for evidence of the Maya civilisation and what became of it, making use of revolutionary new technology to analyse a 1200-year-old temple. The first episode examines one of the most magnificent royal burials ever found in Palenque, Mexico. 9.00 Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (5/6) The recruits are split into two teams and challenged to transport boats across boggy terrain, as well as performing an open water rescue exercise. Alexandra Burke struggles with a race up a cliff, and Wes Nelson undergoes interrogation by the directing staff, while messages from home put the whole team on an emotional knife edge. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News 10.30 Match of the Day 2 Mark Chapman reviews the day’s action, featuring Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur at Emirates Stadium, and Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers at St Mary’s Stadium. 11.30pm The Women’s Football Show Highlights of the weekend’s games in the Super League. 12.05am Tonight with Target. Jorja Smith, Unknown T, and Enny perform live in the studio, as Target is joined by Zeze Millz and Young T & Bugsey for a chat. 12.55 FILM True Story (2015/15) Fact-based drama, starring Jonah Hill. ★★★ 2.25 Weather for the Week Ahead 2.30-6.00am BBC News 10.50 Live at the Apollo Leading performers on the stand-up circuit share their light-hearted views on modern life in this show recorded before a packed house at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. (R) 11.20pm Golf: Ryder Cup Highlights Eilidh Barbour presents action from day three of the prestigious team event between USA and Europe, with the decisive singles matches taking place at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. With commentary by Andrew Cotter, Ken Brown, Iona Stephen and Ned Michaels. 1.20am FILM Southside with You (2016/12) Biographical drama, starring Tika Sumpter. ★★★ 2.35 Question Time (R) 3.35 Holby City (R) 4.15-6.30am This Is BBC Two 10.00 ITV News; Weather 10.20 Being James Bond Daniel Craig reflects on his time as 007 in conversation with producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli in the lead-up to his final performance as Bond in No Time To Die. (R) 11.15pm Goodwood Revival Highlights Classic cars take to Goodwood Motor Circuit. 12.10am Manhunt The Night Stalker. DCI Colin Sutton is asked to review the police investigation into a serial rapist terrorising southeast London. Martin Clunes stars. (R) 1.00 Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Motorsport UK (R) 4.05 ITV Nightscreen 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point. Coin-drop quiz. (R) 10.00 Foxy’s Fearless 48 Hours with Rob Delaney The first in a series in which Jason Fox sets celebrities daring challenges. First up is actor and comedian Rob Delaney, who starts by jumping off a viaduct. 10.55 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown With Roisin Conaty and Lucy Beaumont. (R) 12.00m’t Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 12.55 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 1.45 FILM Capernaum (2018/15) Drama, starring Zain Al Rafeea. ★★★★ 3.50 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Just Me (R) 4.05 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (R) 5.00 Location, Location, Location (R) 5.50-6.00am Food Unwrapped (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! Children’s shows. 10.00 SpongeBob SquarePants (R) 10.25 Entertainment News on 5 10.30 NFL End Zone NFL action. 10.55 Cruising with Jane McDonald 11.10 Friends Four episodes. (R) 1.10pm George Clarke’s Build a New House in the Country (R) 2.10 Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms with Mark Millar (R) 3.10 Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout Last in series. (R) 4.10 10 Ways the Victorians Changed Britain (R) 5.40 All Creatures Great and Small Drama, with Nicholas Ralph. (R) 6.35 5 News Weekend Headlines. 6.40 10 Mistakes That Sank the Titanic Documentary. (R) 8.00 Million Pound Motorhomes (3/4) Chef James Martin goes for a day out in his luxurious Hymer vehicle, while Michael and Ruth visit the Southern Motorhome & Campervan Show. Trudi and Adam run a motorhome rentals company and have decided to double their fleet and spend more than half a million pounds on a new vehicle. 9.00 Rich House, Poor House Kim and Dave have risked everything by converting a field in Northumberland into an organic farm, growing fruit and vegetables, and raising pigs and other animals, but rarely have time off. They and their children swap lives and homes with millionaire businesswoman Ampika, who lives just outside the city of Manchester. (R) 10.00 The Da Vinci Code (2006/12) An academic falsely accused of murder uncovers a conspiracy to conceal an ancient secret. Thriller based on Dan Brown’s novel, starring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Ian McKellen. ★★★ 1.00am The Live Casino Show 3.00 Violent Child, Desperate Parents. Parents being physically abused by their children. (R) 3.50 The Great Gardening Challenge. Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin host a horticultural competition. (R) 4.50 Wildlife SOS. The work of a wildlife sanctuary. (R) 5.15 Great Artists (R) 5.40 Milkshake! Monkey’s Amazing Adventures (R) 5.45 Peppa Pig Double bill. 5.55-6.00am Peppa Pig (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 6.25 You’ve Been Framed! 6.50 Love Bites 8.50 Dress to Impress 11.55 Family Fortunes 12.55pm Celebrity Catchphrase 1.55 You’ve Been Framed! Top 100 Senior Moments 3.00 You’ve Been Framed! Attacks 4.00 FILM Robots (2005/U) Animated adventure. ★★★ 5.45 Minions and Monsters 5.55 FILM Despicable Me 3 (2017/U) Animation, with the voice of Steve Carell. ★★★ 7.40 FILM Pitch Perfect 2 (2015/12) Comedy, with Anna Kendrick. ★★★★ 10.00 NEW Karaoke Club: Drag Edition Singing contest. 11.00 Family Guy 12.00m’t American Dad! 12.55 Plebs 2.00 Iain Stirling’s CelebAbility 2.40 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.05 FYI Extra 3.20-3.30am Nightscreen BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm Classic Quartets at the BBC Classical music performances, beginning with string quartets. 8.00 Dame Fanny Waterman: A Lifetime in Music The renowned pianist reflects on her life and career. 8.30 Leeds International Piano Competition 2021 Highlights from the finals of the 2021 Leeds International Piano Competition. 10.00 How to Build a Nuclear Submarine The construction of HMS Astute, the Royal Navy’s biggest and most powerful attack submarine, which is able to circumnavigate the globe without surfacing. 11.00 Seven Ages of Starlight 12.30am Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream 1.30 Classic Quartets at the BBC 2.30-3.30am How to Build a Nuclear Submarine ITV3 6.00am Emmerdale Omnibus 9.30 George and Mildred 10.00 FILM Carry On Up the Jungle (1970/PG) Comedy, starring Sid James. ★★ 11.45 FILM Charade (1963/PG) Romantic thriller, with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. ★★★★★ 2.00pm Agatha Christie’s Poirot 6.00 Agatha Christie’s Poirot Agatha Christie whodunit with David Suchet. 8.00 Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen Profile of Kate Middleton. 9.00 The Queen: Inside the Crown How the Queen has mastered the art of being a monarch over her reign. 10.00 Vera A physiotherapist is murdered at a luxury country retreat. 12.05am Coronation Street Omnibus 2.50 Emmerdale Omnibus 5.30 George and Mildred. Yootha Joyce stars. 5.55-6.00am Nightscreen Drama Endeavour 8pm, ITV Strictly speaking, Endeavour isn’t meant to be working on this latest case, in which an Oxford don has met a particularly violent end. For reasons that’ll make sense when you watch, he’s been sidelined. But you know what he’s like: he can never resist pursuing a lead. Which is unfortunate, given what happens next. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 The Bill 11.00 Mansfield Park. Drama. 6.10pm Last of the Summer Wine Truly finds a woman for Clegg. 6.50 Bleak House The notorious lawsuit finally draws to a close. 8.00 Call the Midwife Shelagh organises a ballroom dance to raise money for the maternity home, and Sister Hilda is determined to make sure a dying patient gets one last dance. 9.20 Broken As events of the night send shockwaves through the community, Father Michael must process his own guilt. Sean Bean stars. 10.40 Rebus A prostitute is found buried at a local landmark – awakening memories of a case Rebus investigated 20 years earlier. 12.10am Trial & Retribution 2.20 Lovejoy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping SUNDAY September 26 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 7.00pm The Seven 7.15 Sportscene. Highlights of today’s Scottish Premiership matches. 8.30 The Mountain. The Ski Patrol receives avalanche training. 9.00 Scots in China. Part two of two. Neil Oliver looks at what the future holds for China. 10.00 Still Game. The open road proves a nightmare for Victor when Jack forces him to drive a car. Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill star. 10.30 David Wilson’s Crime Files. The criminologist explores how police and prosecutors build a murder case when no body has been found, looking at the disappearance of Arlene Fraser in 1998. 11.00pm-12.00m’t Seven Days BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 10.00-10.30am The Sunday Show 5.50-6.00pm Reporting Scotland 11.30 Sportscene 12.45am The Women’s Football Show 1.20 Tonight with Target 2.10 Weather for the Week Ahead 2.15-6.00am BBC News BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 10.00-10.30am Politics Wales. With James Williams. 3.00-3.30pm Hidden Wales with Will Millard. Wales’ hidden history of the Second World War. 5.50-6.00pm BBC Wales Today BBC Two Wales As BBC Two except: 5.00pm NEW Inside Culture. 5.30 Take a Hike 6.00 Scrum V. A review of the opening United Rugby Championship matches. 6.45-7.00pm Nature’s Weirdest Events. Chris Packham investigates unusual natural events. STV As ITV except: 6.45-7.00pm STV News ITV Wales As ITV except: 6.45-7.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales. Headlines; Weather S4C 6.00am Cyw 8.50 Penblwyddi Cyw 9.00 Llwybrau’r Eirth 10.00 Ffit Cymru 11.00 Mamwlad Gyda Ffion Hague 11.30 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol 12.00noon Yr Wythnos 12.30 Dan Do 1.00 Rygbi Pawb 1.45 Dudley 2.45 Straeon Tafarn 3.15 Teithiau Tramor Iolo 3.45 Eisteddfod AmGen: Cwt Cerdd 4.45 Triathlon Cymru 5.15 Ffermio 5.45 Pobol y Cwm Omnibws 7.15 Newyddion a Chwaraeon 7.30 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol. Nigel Owens meets the Christian Surfers. 8.00 Am Dro! Walks in Aberystwyth, Tregarth, Merthyr Tydfil and Llanrwst. 9.00 Drych: Jason Mohammad – Trelai, Y Terfysg A Fi. Jason Mohammad looks back on the riots in Ely in 1991. 10.00 Clwb Rygbi. Dragons v Ospreys. Delayed full-match coverage of the clash from the opening round of fixtures in the United Rugby Championship, from Rodney Parade. 11.45pm-12.15am Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 NEW Defenders UK. Trading Standards Officers investigate a driving school. 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer (R) 12.15pm Bargain Hunt. From Brackley. 1.00 BBC News; Regional News 1.45 Doctors Rob and Karen are stunned by some news. 2.15 Unbeatable Quiz show. 3.00 Escape to the Country Jules Hudson helps a couple find a new home in Derbyshire. 3.45 Garden Rescue (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Experts go in search of a profit in Kent. 5.15 Pointless Low-scoring quiz. 6.00 BBC News; Regional News 6.30am Bargain Hunt (R) 7.15 Antiques Road Trip (R) 8.00 Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics Live Conference 2021 1.00 Eggheads Weekday quiz. (R) 1.30 Golf: Ryder Cup Highlights Action from day three. (R) 3.30 Equestrian World Eventing Championships Highlights Action from the competition held in Avenches, Switzerland. 5.15 Flog It! From Surrey. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Featuring Yasmine Akram, Cariad Lloyd, Geoff Norcott and Dennis Taylor. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two News and gossip from the first weekend of the competition. 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories The criminal barrister examines more real-life cases. 3.00 Winning Combination Return of the numbers-based quiz, hosted by Omid Djalili. 4.00 Tipping Point Coin-drop quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Neil, Bev, Bertie and Linda take part in the quiz. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.00am Countdown (R) 6.40 Cheers (R) 7.40 The King of Queens (R) 9.05 Frasier (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun In Valencia. 4.00 Chateau DIY Transforming caves under a chateau into a wine venue and event space. 5.00 Four in a Bed The competition begins at B&B at No 3 in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch A selection of motorhome enthusiasts explore Britain’s luxury campsites. 6.00 The Simpsons Animation. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Peri realises that she may have a stalker. (R) 7.00 The One Show Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott host. 7.35 NHS: Wait or Pay? – Panorama Victoria Derbyshire talks to people on the NHS waiting list for hospital treatment, which has hit a record high of 5.61 million. 8.05 EastEnders Bobby plans a special surprise for Dana. 8.30 The Goes Wrong Show (1/5) Robert takes charge of the first show of the second series, putting on a period drama. When the usual mishaps occur, he becomes determined to start over. 9.00 Silent Witness (7/10) Part one of two. A tricky murder case leads Jack and Nikki into the world of underground boxing, while a talented forensic ecologist proves to be just what the team needs. 7.00 Take a Hike (11/15) The first of five countryside in the Highlands and Islands. 7.30 Mastermind Specialist subjects include Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals and the animated series, The Simpsons. 8.00 Only Connect First-round losers the Godyns and the Woolgatherers get a second chance to progress in the quiz. 8.30 University Challenge The first-round matches continue with the University of Dundee going up against the Royal Northern College of Music. 9.00 Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League (4/4) The impact of the appointment of Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager in 1996, when he introduced modern coaching techniques and lifestyle and dietary improvements. 7.00 Emmerdale Chloe is lonely and evasive, Leyla is confused and Paddy is feeling uneasy. 7.30 Coronation Street David reports Daniel to the school for assaulting Max. 8.00 Beyond the Line: North Wales Traffic Cops (2/4) A look at how officers deal with issues surrounding young drivers, who account for a quarter of all casualties. 8.30 Coronation Street David covers for Max, Imran refuses to play any part in Harvey’s appeal, and James learns of his parents’ deal with Grace. 9.00 Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix head off around Greece to immerse themselves in the culinary traditions and spectacular landscape of the nation. 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Jamie Oliver: Together The chef prepares a taco night inspired by his travels in Mexico, featuring slowcooked pork belly served in handmade masa harina flour tacos with chunks of roasted pineapple and hot red pepper sauce, cheesy black beans cooked in a splash of tequila, green salsa, and a citrusy red cabbage slaw. 9.00 24 Hours in Police Custody (1/6) Police officers search for a man in Luton who disguises himself as a delivery driver to force his way into people’s homes. However, when the police investigation fails to make headway, the family of one of the victims launch a campaign for information on social media. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News 10.35 RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (1/10) Matt Lucas joins the first round of the drag queen competition as a guest judge, and must decide which of the 12 contestants will be dropping out straight away. 11.50pm NEW The Apprentice Australia With two undercover advisers in their midst, the celebrities must create selfie-inspired artworks to sell at auction for charity. The team with the highest profit will win. The losing team must face Lord Sugar and someone will be fired. 1.05am The Graham Norton Show. With Daniel Craig. (R) 1.55 Weather for the Week Ahead 2.00-6.00am BBC News 10.00 Alma’s Not Normal (3/6) Alma discovers Bolton Acting School and decides to join up, and also arranges another family meeting between Lin and Joan at an upmarket restaurant. 10.30 Newsnight With Emily Maitlis. 11.15pm A Killing in Tiger Bay With three of the men sentenced to life in prison, the families begin a campaign to have their convictions overturned. It soon attracts worldwide attention and begins to unearth some disturbing facts about the case. Meanwhile, the real killer is still at large and one of the accused faces a threat to his own life. (R) 12.15am Countryfile (R) 1.15 Saving Lives at Sea (R) 2.15 When Ruby Wax Met (R) 3.15-6.30am This Is BBC Two 10.15 ITV News; Weather 10.45 Regional News; Weather 11.00pm Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport As travel becomes ever more complicated, airport staff struggle to uphold the new Covid-19 quarantine laws, and one passenger adamantly refuses to comply with the new rules. (R) 11.30 Manhunt The Night Stalker. Colin presents his review findings to DCS Hamish Campbell and suggests a strategy called ‘Minstead Lite’, but Hamish wants Colin to stay on to see this new approach through. Fact-based drama, starring Martin Clunes. (R) 12.25am All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite. Hard-hitting action. 1.15 Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Lingo (R) 4.05 ITV Nightscreen 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point (R) 10.00 First Dates A DJ who has learned some new things about her sexuality after a recent holiday to Ibiza now has to get to grips with London’s same-sex dating scene. 11.05pm The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle Double bill. Amanda and Myrtle embark on a disastrous mini break; Myrtle embarks on her bucket list. (R) 12.05am Sex Actually with Alice Levine. What sex means for modern Brits. (R) 1.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 1.55 Undercover Boss USA (R) 2.45 24 Hours in A&E (R) 3.40 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 4.30 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Rhiw Goch (On the Red Hill) (R) 4.40 Location, Location, Location (R) 5.35-6.00am Beat the Chef (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 12.15pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops. The working life of officers patrolling Britain’s roads. (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm. 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm. 2.15 The Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For (2019/PG) Drama, starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Documentary series. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Toadie keeps trying to get Melanie back. (R) 6.00 Home and Away Justin and John struggle to agree. (R) 6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. 7.00 Traffic Cops A woman is suspected of drink-driving at 10am, while Andy Swift goes on the trail of a driver who has allegedly failed to stop after a collision. (R); 5 News Update 8.00 Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders (2/8) Officer Matt Turner brings a car to a stop in the middle of the motorway, coming across an unexpected haul as well as a surprising passenger who stops him in his tracks. Followed by 5 News Update 9.00 D-Day: Invasion Part one of two. The events of June 6, 1944, when more than 150,000 troops took part in the largest amphibious invasion in history with the aim of liberating Europe from Germany. With expert commentary from Max Hastings and Onyeka Nubia. 10.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts A 72-yearold man is rushed into hospital suffering from severe chest pains, while Dr Hughes treats a man who has fallen from a ladder while cutting hedges. (R) 11.05pm Britain’s Tiniest Teenager The challenges faced by primordial dwarves Liam, Finn and Alex as they make new friends, endure medical procedures and make their way in life. (R) 12.05am A&E After Dark. A patient is brought in for treatment to a split eyebrow. (R) 1.00 LIVE NFL: Monday Night Football. Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles (kick-off 1.15am). 4.30 Britain’s Greatest Bridges (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10-6.00am House Doctor: double bill (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.15am Love Bites 7.20 Ellen DeGeneres 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.35 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 Ellen DeGeneres 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! 5.30 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Superstore Double bill of fun. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Family Guy Animated antics. 9.30 American Dad! Cartoon capers. 10.00 Karaoke Club: Drag Edition 11.00 Family Guy 11.30 American Dad! 12.00m’t Bob’s Burgers 12.55 Superstore 1.45 Don’t Hate the Playaz 2.40 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.05 FYI Extra 3.20 Nightscreen 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys Michael Portillo explores York, Leeds and Bradford. 7.30 The Joy of Painting Bob Ross paints an autumnal landscape. 8.00 Secrets of the Museum A Star Wars costume is missing its head. 9.00 Inside America’s Treasure House: The Met Friends rally round to save the Met. Last in series. 10.00 Masterspy of Moscow: George Blake – Storyville Documentary charting the life of Soviet agent George Blake, who was sentenced to 42 years in jail but escaped five years into his term. 11.30 Secret Agent Selection: WW2 12.30am Art of America 1.30 Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Inside America’s Treasure House: The Met 3.00-4.00am Secrets of the Museum ITV3 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.40 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May. Pop faces hostility. 6.55 Wycliffe A student is shot. 8.00 Lewis A college quiz weekend leads to murder. Alan Davies guests. 10.00 Blue Murder Pete pressures Janine for a divorce as she grapples with the case of a murdered childminder in which the only witness is an autistic youngster. 11.35 Wycliffe. Mystery drama series. 12.45am The Darling Buds of May 1.50 Man About the House 2.20 Nightscreen 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama The Goes Wrong Show 8.30pm, BBC One If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, you’ll no doubt be delighted to hear there’s a Downtonstyle family drama going out this very evening on BBC One. You might be somewhat less thrilled, mind you, to discover it’s the work of the notoriously calamitous Cornley Drama Society, launching this new series of theirs. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 7.30am A Place to Call Home 8.30 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather. Sharon becomes broody. 6.00 Bread Aveline gets engaged to Oswald. Comedy, with Melanie Hill. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Classic comedy. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Clegg and Truly reminisce about Compo. 8.00 The Brokenwood Mysteries Mike, Kristin, and the team look into the murder of a farmer’s market owner. Detective drama, starring Neill Rea. 10.00 New Tricks Pullman agrees to reinvestigate the case of a teenager who was abducted and left to die. 11.20 Bad Girls 12.35am Waking the Dead 2.30-4.00am Bad Girls MONDAY September 27 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 2.00pm Sign Zone: Disclosure: On a Cliff Edge 2.30 Sign Zone: Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs 3.00 Sign Zone: The Generation Frame 4.00 This Is BBC Scotland 7.00 Sportscene: SWPL Highlights. Action from the latest fixtures. 7.30 Landward. How the staycation summer affected parts of rural Scotland. 8.00 Born to Be Wild. Theresa releases a hedgehog and its newborns into the wild. Last in series. 9.00 The Nine 10.00 River City. Jessie attempts to be peacemaker between Alex and Karen. 11.00 Scot Squad 11.30pm-12.00m’t Scary Adult Things BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 6.30-7.00pm Reporting Scotland 7.35-8.05 Disclosure: Priced Out. Chris Clements reports on Scotland’s housing emergency. 10.35 The Scotts 11.05 NHS: Wait or Pay? – Panorama 11.35 Sportscene: SWPL Highlights 12.05am The Edit 12.20 NEW RuPaul’s Drag Race UK 1.35 NEW The Apprentice Australia 2.50 Weather for the Week Ahead 2.55-6.00am BBC News BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 6.30-7.00pm BBC Wales Today. The day’s headlines; Weather STV As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm STV News; Weather 6.00-6.30 STV News at Six; Weather 10.45 STV News 10.50 Scotland Tonight 11.20 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport 11.50 Manhunt The Night Stalker 12.40-3.00am Home Shopping ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 10.45 ITV News Cymru Wales 11.00-11.30pm Sharp End S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05 Wil ac Aeron: Taith yr Alban 12.30 Heno 1.00 Darn Bach o Hanes 1.30 Llefydd Sanctaidd 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 47 Copa: Her Huw Jack Brassington 4.00 Awr Fawr: Blociau Rhif 4.05 Jambori 4.15 Rapsgaliwn 4.30 Pablo 4.45 Patrol Pawennau 5.00 Stwnsh: Dennis a Dannedd 5.10 Bwystfil 5.20 Y Brodyr Adrenalini 5.30 Sgorio 5.55 Ffeil 6.00 Y Sioe Fwyd 6.30 Garejis: Dan y Bonet 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm. Dani progresses through labour with no sign of the midwife. 8.25 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer. Elin Fflur chats to author Caryl Lewis. 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 Ffermio. Agricultural issues. 9.30 Cegin Bryn: Y Dosbarth Meistr. Colin Owen from Pentir asks for tips for vegetarian cooking. 10.00 Ceffylau Cymru 10.30 Bois y Rhondda 11.00-11.35pm Cymry ar Gynfas

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Defenders UK 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15pm Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News; Regional News 1.45 Doctors Harriet confronts Rob. 2.15 Unbeatable General knowledge quiz, hosted by Jason Manford. 3.00 Escape to the Country Nick Chapman helps a couple from Surrey find a new home. 3.45 Garden Rescue Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers attend a garden near Chester. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Serhat Ahmet and Catherine Southon tour the East Midlands. 5.15 Pointless Low-scoring quiz. 6.00 BBC News; Regional News 6.30am Bargain Hunt (R) 7.05 Antiques Road Trip (R) 7.50 Shop Well for Less? (R) 8.50 Lifeline 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics Live Conference 2021 1.00 Head Hunters Quiz show. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge A portrait-painting challenge. (R) 3.15 An Island Parish: Anguilla (R) 3.45 Curiosity Gameshow. (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above Exploring Oxfordshire. (R) 5.15 Flog It! Paul Martin and the team are in Sheffield. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Yasmine Akram. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Weekday fanzine, with Rylan Clark-Neal. 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories The barrister tells the story of six-year-old Stanley Metcalfe. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz, hosted by Omid Djalili. 4.00 Tipping Point Quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh presents as Geoff, Natalie, Ofure and Jullien take part. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.00am Countdown (R) 6.40 Cheers (R) 7.40 The King of Queens (R) 9.05 Frasier (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun A couple search for a home in Cyprus. 4.00 Chateau DIY Edward sets out to rebuild the pool house. 5.00 Four in a Bed At the Bull Hotel in Buckinghamshire. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch The campers’ pitch up at Park Foot Holiday Park in Penrith. 6.00 The Simpsons Lisa discovers Bart’s demented twin. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Timmy takes drastic measures to cover his tracks. (R) 7.00 The One Show Another mix of nationwide reports and live studio-based chat. 7.30 EastEnders Whitney is offered a fantastic singing opportunity, and Jean heads off to court on drug charges. 7.50 Holby City Fletch confronts Jeni about what she did to Evie, but she tries to sweettalk her way out of trouble. 8.30 My Family Janey needs some driving experience as she practises for her test, but a disastrous road trip with Nick leaves her with only one option – to get into a car with Ben. (R) 9.00 Silent Witness (8/10) Part two of two. The team investigate a second death that brings them back to the same underground boxing ring, while Jack is torn between his brother and his family’s safety. 7.00 Take a Hike Opera singer Tony leads a musical hike along Cromarty’s coastal path, in the second Highlands and Islands walk. Narrated by Rhod Gilbert. 7.30 Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales Iolo Williams heads for the Elan Valley in search of cuckoos, finds red squirrels in a conifer plantation and looks for golden plover, one of the rarest breeding birds in Wales. (R) 8.00 Saving Lives at Sea (6/10) In St Agnes, the crew is involved in a race against time to rescue two young men. 9.00 A House Through Time The final episode opens at the outbreak of the Second World War, with the house home to the Woods. Father John serves as an ARP warden, and son Geoffrey joins the Merchant Navy. Last in series. 7.00 Emmerdale Leyla fears Liam is hiding something, and she is thrown by his mood. 7.30 Wonders of Scotland with David Hayman The actor embarks on a journey into Speyside and the Cairngorms, where he fulfils a childhood dream aboard a restored steam train and feeds Nordic reindeer. 8.00 Love Your Garden The team create a cross between a woodland glade and a forest school for care worker Carl, and transform a back garden into a magical slice of nature. 9.00 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera A selection of extraordinary eyewitness footage, including the dramatic moment a man in danger of being swept over a steep waterfall is rescued from a fast-flowing icy river. 7.00 Channel 4 News Headlines. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off It’s crunch time for the bakers as biscuit week arrives and they are asked to produce their take on filled brandy snaps, followed by a jammy childhood favourite in the technical challenge. In the showstopper, they have to come up with an interactive toy made entirely from biscuit. 9.30 Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain (3/3) The final part of the documentary follows the girls’ attempts to carve out solo careers, while also raising families – difficult for anyone, but virtually impossible for an ex-Spice Girl. Victoria juggled home life and new career as interest in the Beckham brand grew more, while Mel B moved to LA as a single mum. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News 10.35 Back to Life (5&6/6) Double bill. Miri’s nerves are on edge as a result of recent events, and her stress levels are exacerbated when Janice reminds her that her driving test is today; with a return to prison on the cards, Miri wants to spend her last morning of freedom with Billyonly for an unexpected family member to come along. 11.35pm Question of Sport With Eddie Hearn, Katharine Merry, Alex Yee and Laura Collett. (R) 12.05am Ambulance. A child with a dislocated knee kicks off another busy night shift. (R) 1.05 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.10-6.00am BBC News. Headlines. 10.00 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse fish for wild carp in Mid Wales, spending their first day at an ancient glacial lake where Bob tries out new gear he is keen to use and hopes will make a difference to his fishing. (R) 10.30 Newsnight With Emily Maitlis. 11.15pm NFL This Week Action from the third week of fixtures, including Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears, and Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 12.05am Lambing Life – Our Lives (R) 12.35 Ambulance (R) 1.35 A Killing in Tiger Bay (R) 2.35-6.30am This Is BBC Two 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 On Assignment Robert Moore investigates why so many US veterans struggle on their return to civilian life, and Rageh Omaar explores Iceland’s relationship with its beautiful but deadly volcanoes. 11.15pm Junk and Disorderly Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove head to an automotive show in Chippenham. (R) 12.10am Manhunt The Night Stalker. The Force Tasking Group have to come to a decision about funding Colin’s high stakes gamble. (R) 1.00 Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 ITV Nightscreen 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point. Coin-drop quiz. (R) 10.30 Gogglebox The critics share their opinions on what they have been watching during the week, with cameras capturing their instant reactions. (R) 11.35pm Taskmaster Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell compete. (R) 12.35am Foxy’s Fearless 48 Hours with Rob Delaney. Jason Fox sets celebrities daring challenges designed to push boundaries. (R) 1.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. An Irish pub hampered by family feuds. (R) 2.15 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Cindy (R) 2.30 The Handmaid’s Tale (R) 3.35 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 4.30 Location, Location, Location (R) 5.25 Beat the Chef (R) 5.50-6.00am Jamie’s Comfort Food Bites (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 12.15pm 5 News 12.20 Traffic Cops. (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm. 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm. 2.15 Killer Mother: Switched at Birth (2020/PG) Drama, starring Lindsay Hartley. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun New arrivals Chris and Gary start looking for work. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Terese insists on visiting Julie in prison and Paul opens up to David. (R) 6.00 Home and Away After souring his relationship with Cash, Tane hits it off with his sister. (R) 6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors Dr Crosse sees Tina, who recently had a fall and suffered a head injury, and has experienced memory loss. Dr Amir Syed is visited by Malcolm, who has become unsteady on his feet. Followed by 5 News Update 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet (4/12) Two brothers are worried about their cow, which is foaming at the mouth, and ask for Peter’s help to get to the bottom of the issue. Peter also has a daunting visit to a farm. Followed by 5 News Update 9.00 D-Day: Victory Part two of two. Documentary looking at the events of June 6, 1944 from 7.30am onward, when British and Canadian forces landed with the Americans pinned down on Omaha Beach. 10.00 Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack Programme exploring the rising number of assaults on police officers, revealing what they face in the line of duty, and the emotional toll these incidents take. 11.05pm FILM Timecop (1994/15) A federal agent goes back in time to track down a corrupt politician who has the power to manipulate history. Sci-fi adventure, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. ★★★ 1.00am The uk Live Casino Show 3.00 Inside King’s Cross: The Railway. A passenger falls between a platform and a train. (R) 3.50 The Great Gardening Challenge (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10 House Doctor (R) 5.35 Fireman Sam (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Love Bites 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Superstore Double bill of fun. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Family Guy Double bill of fun. 10.00 Karaoke Club: Drag Edition Vinegar Strokes joins the contest. 11.00 Family Guy. Animation. 11.30 American Dad! 12.25am Bob’s Burgers 1.25 Superstore 2.15 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.10 FYI Extra 3.25 Nightscreen 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys From Sheffield to Nantwich. 7.30 The Joy of Painting Bob Ross captures a hidden swamp surrounded by birds and moss-clad trees. 8.00 The Good Life Barbara and Tom’s work disturbs the neighbours. 8.30 Porridge Tension mounts. 9.00 Kim Philby – His Most Intimate Betrayal Double bill. Ben Macintyre examines the life and career of the Soviet double agent; Philby is summoned back to London in 1951 and faces interrogation, but evades detection for the next 12 years thanks to the help of his friend Nicholas Elliot. 11.00 The Princess Spy: Timewatch. Documentary. 11.50 Secret Agent Selection: WW2 1.50am Great British Railway Journeys 2.20-3.20am Inside America’s Treasure House: The Met ITV3 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.35 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May. Pop rescues a pilot. 6.55 Wycliffe An amateur flautist apparently commits suicide. 8.00 Midsomer Murders A fitness fanatic dies after being electrocuted. 10.00 Blue Murder detective Janine Lewis suffers a close shave when a colleague is murdered just metres away from where she is standing. 11.35 Wycliffe. Drama. 12.40am The Darling Buds of May 1.45 Man About the House 2.15 Nightscreen 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama Holby City 7.50pm, BBC One Remember what Donna said last week about evil Jeni Sinclaire? “I swear, if the police do not lock her up,” she vowed, “I will kill her myself.” Well, it looks as though the Holby constabulary have had other matters to attend to, because guess who swans into work tonight as per normal? Over to you then, Ms Jackson… F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather. Comedy. 6.00 Bread Aveline brings home her ‘unsuitable’ fiance, Oswald. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Classic comedy. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Lenny and his assistant Cliff return. 8.00 The Last Detective Dangerous Davies (Peter Davison) investigates the death of a stock-car driver. 9.35 New Tricks The squad is called investigates a barrister’s death. 10.55 Bad Girls Relations begin to turn sour between Karen and Jim. 12.05am Waking the Dead 2.10 Lovejoy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping TUEsDAY September 28 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 7.00pm Roaming in the Wild 7.30 Island Medics 8.00 The Storm That Saved a City. The transformation of Glasgow in the wake of the devastating storm that hit Scotland in January 1968. 9.00 The Nine 10.00 This Is Our Land. Young Scots in the countryside share their hopes regarding climate change. 11.00pm-12.00m’t Scots in China BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 6.30pm Reporting Scotland 7.00 River City. Jessie attempts to be peacemaker between Alex and Karen. 8.00 EastEnders. Whitney is offered a fantastic singing opportunity. 8.20-9.00pm Holby City. Fletch confronts Jeni about what she did to Evie. BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 6.30-7.00pm BBC Wales Today 8.30-9.00pm NEW The Crash Detectives. A crash on the M4 closes the motorway in both directions. BBC Two Wales As BBC Two except: 1.45pm Welsh First Minister’s Questions 2.35 Eggheads 3.05 A to Z of TV Gardening 3.30 The Big Painting Challenge 4.30 Curiosity 5.15-6.00pm Glorious Gardens from Above STV As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm STV News; Weather 6.00-6.30 STV News at Six; Weather 10.30 STV News 10.40 Scotland Tonight 11.05 On Assignment. Why so many US veterans struggle on their return to civilian life. 11.40 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 12.30am Manhunt The Night Stalker 1.20-3.00am Home Shopping ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales 10.45 Fishlock’s Choice. The story of Swansea. 11.10 On Assignment 11.45pm-12.10am Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05 Caru Siopa 12.30 Heno 1.00 Ar y Lein 1.30 Ffermio 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Noson Lawen 2021 4.00 Awr Fawr: Sali Mali 4.05 Stiw 4.20 Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd 4.30 Octonots 4.45 Ahoi! 5.00 Stwnsh: Byd Rwtsh Dai Potsh 5.15 Cer I Greu 5.35 Un Cwestiwn 5.55 Ffeil 6.00 Wil ac Aeron: Taith yr Alban 6.30 Rownd a Rownd 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm. Lois is apprehensive about meeting Mathew following Eifion’s warning. 8.25 Rownd a Rownd. Sophie finally shares her big news. 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 Cynefin. The rich history of Cardiff. 10.00 Heliwr 11.10-11.45pm Pobl a’u Gerddi

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Defenders UK 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer (R) 12.15pm Bargain Hunt. From Malvern. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Regional News 1.45 Doctors Rob seeks help as he feels he faces a bleak future. 2.15 Unbeatable Quiz show. 3.00 Escape to the Country (R) 3.45 Garden Rescue A garden in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Serhat Ahmet hears of a woman who went to fight on the front line. 5.15 Pointless Low-scoring quiz. 6.00 BBC News; Regional News 6.55 Party Political Broadcast By the Labour Party. 6.30am Escape to the Country (R) 7.15 Antiques Road Trip (R) 8.00 Weatherman Walking: The Welsh Coast (R) 8.30 Beechgrove (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 11.30 Politics Live Conference 2021 1.00pm Head Hunters Quiz. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge (R) 3.15 An Island Parish: Anguilla (R) 3.45 Curiosity A duo from Loch Lomond compete. (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above Exploring Northumberland. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Hampshire. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Light-hearted quiz. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Janette Manrara finds out about training. 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Detective Bob Taylor talks about the death of a mother-of-two. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz. 4.00 Tipping Point Coin-drop quiz. 5.00 The Chase Contestants Jill, Jack, Pippa and Peter take part. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.25 Party Political Broadcast By the Labour Party. 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.00am Countdown (R) 6.40 Cheers (R) 7.40 The King of Queens (R) 9.05 Frasier (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun Searching for an apartment in La Cala de Mijas, southern Spain. 4.00 Chateau DIY Metal-detecting enthusiast Lee goes on the hunt for artefacts at Chateau Mareuil. 5.00 Four in a Bed The rivals stay at the Chequers Inn in Battle. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch The campers visit Burns Farm Campsite. 6.00 The Simpsons Cartoon. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Shaq wants to find out who his dad is. (R) 7.00 The One Show Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott present the magazine show. 7.30 The Girl with the Colourful Leg – Our Lives Documentary following amputee Bernadette Hagans from Belfast as she takes part in a national magazine fashion shoot and competes in the final of Miss Northern Ireland 2021. 8.00 The Repair Shop The team takes on two well-loved dolls, a beaten-up 1950s drum kit with magical memories, a painted German toy box, and the oldest ever item to enter the barn. (R) 9.00 28 Up: Millennium Generation (1/3) Catching up every seven years with people from across the UK. Injury has forced Sanchez to give up football, while Gemma is struggling to find work. 7.00 Take a Hike (13/15) Tattoo shop manager Katrina leads the group around Loch Long. 7.30 Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales Iolo Williams continues his exploration of the Cambrian mountains, heading to the Tywi forest to track goshawks, nesting curlew and the Welsh clearwing moth. (R) 8.00 Your Home Made Perfect Architects Lizzie Fraher and Julian McIntosh compete using virtual reality to remodel a London home for mother and son Jacqueline and Jamie. Presented by Angela Scanlon. 9.00 Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop Jules and Jackie come to the workshop to tell Jay Blades about their 12-year-old son Henry, who saved Jules’s life when the pair were on a countryside run. Last in series. 7.00 Emmerdale April’s struggles weigh heavy on Marlon. 7.30 Coronation Street It is the day of Kelly’s sentencing, and Kevin rages at Sabeen. 8.00 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport A passenger has an entourage of armed police officers waiting for him, while a propeller plane arrives from the Isle of Man. 8.30 Coronation Street Toyah is perturbed to realise Imran lied to her, Rita is furious with Audrey, and Jack reveals that Corey has been promoted to County’s first team. 9.00 Hollington Drive (1/4) Grief tears through a street when a 10-year-old boy is declared missing, and secrets begin to surface in the wake of the tragedy. Drama, starring Anna Maxwell Martin. 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Location, Location, Location Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are house-hunting in South London with couples at different stages of their lives, including Jess and Zac who are searching in a popular area, and post-lockdown have realised more space indoors to work from home. 9.00 Grand Designs Kevin McCloud meets Dan and Nina, who want to build a sleek, unique family house. But the plot they have bought, near an estuary in West Sussex, is dominated by a swampy pond that they are unable to fill in. Instead, they plan to make it central to their design, turning the pond into a diodiverse waterscape, and then floating their house above it. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News 10.35 Gossip Girl (6/10) Obie’s mother pays a visit, causing Zoya to question his upbringing. Julien takes her brand to the next level, while Aki and Max come together to support Audrey. Last in series. 11.35pm Hayley Goes… Hayley Pearce meets the people going to extreme lengths to get the perfect face, body and life, to explore what effect the ‘perfect pandemic’ is having on people. 12.05am Shop Well for Less? Joanna Page and Melanie Sykes help a Gloucester family stop spending on store cards and credit. (R) 1.05 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.10-6.00am BBC News. Headlines. 10.00 Mock the Week Dara O Briain hosts as Maisie Adam, Angela Barnes, Ed Gamble, Glenn Moore and Ahir Shah join regular Hugh Dennis to take a comic look at the news. (R) 10.30 Newsnight With Emily Maitlis. 11.15pm FILM Boy Erased (2018/15) Premiere. A preacher’s son is forced to participate in a churchsupported gay conversion programme after being outed to his parents. Drama based on the book by Garrard Conley, starring Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman, and Joel Edgerton, who also wrote the screenplay and directed. ★★★★ 1.05am A House Through Time (R) 2.05 Celebrity MasterChef (R) 3.05-6.30am This Is BBC Two 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 Peston Political magazine show presented by Robert Peston, featuring major interviews with MPs, topical guests and cultural figures. 11.40pm Beat the Chasers Contestants from across the UK take on the six experts. (R) 12.35am Manhunt The Night Stalker. As the search for the rapist continues, the team are losing morale, and it seems unlikely Minstead Man will appear again after such a close call. Last in series. (R) 1.25 Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 ITV Nightscreen 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point. Coin-drop quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. (R) 10.00 Sex Actually with Alice Levine Alice explores the world of bondage, domination and sadomasochism, meeting people whose appetite to play with power and pain is about much more than just whips, chains and latex. 11.05pm 24 Hours in Police Custody Police officers search for the man behind a series of brutal assaults. (R) 12.05am The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice (R) 1.05 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back (R) 2.00 FILM The Gift (2015/15) Thriller, starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman. ★★★★ 3.45 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Go Home Polish (R) 4.10 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 5.05-6.00am Location, Location, Location (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 12.15pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops. Documentary. (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm. 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm. 2.15 Secrets That Kill (2020/12) Thriller, starring Jillian Murray and Carolyn McCormick. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun A football-themed event. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Terese is baffled to hear that Jesse has handed in his resignation. (R) 6.00 Home and Away Tane regrets hooking up with a cop’s sister, and there’s exciting news. (R) 6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. 7.00 The Gadget Show (1/12) Craig Charles, Jon Bentley, Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley return with more tech advice and reviews. Tonight, Jon puts three budget phones to the test. Followed by 5 News 8.00 Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo (6/6) This final part of Michael’s adventure begins on Hope’s Nose, a headland outside Torquay on the English Rivera, where he embraces as many experiences as he can. Followed by 5 News Update 9.00 This Week on the Farm (3/7) Rob and Dave Nicholson head to an auction in search of a Swiss Valais Blacknose tup – a breed dubbed ‘the cutest sheep in the world’. At Cannon Hall Farm shire horse Lottie requires a life-saving operation 10.00 Lost Boy: The Killing of James Bulger The definitive story of the abduction and murder of James Bulger, which shocked the nation in 1993, and continues to resonate to this day. With access to his mother Denise Fergus, his brothers, the police and others closely involved in the case. (R) 12.00m’t Rochdale Groomers: Crimes That Shook Britain Examining the child sex abuse ring. 1.00 The Live Casino Show 3.00 Inside King’s Cross: The Railway (R) 3.50 The Great Gardening Challenge (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10 House Doctor (R) 5.35 Fireman Sam (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Love Bites 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 You’ve Been Framed! Presents Top 100 Shockers 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 You’ve Been Framed! 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Top 100 Senior Moments. Clips of giddy grandparents. 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Superstore Double bill of fun. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Family Guy Double bill of fun. 10.00 Karaoke Club: Drag Edition 11.00 Family Guy 11.30 American Dad! 12.25am Bob’s Burgers 1.25 Superstore 2.15 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.10 FYI Extra 3.25-3.30am Nightscreen BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm LIVE Women’s FA Cup Football Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur (kick-off 7.15pm). At Meadow Park. 9.30 Tornado: The 100mph Steam Engine A new A1 class steam engine tries to achieve 100mph. 10.00 The Blob: A Genius without a Brain An organism that challenges the concept of intelligent life. 10.50 Premium Bond with Mark Gatiss and Matthew Sweet Mark Gatiss and Matthew Sweet ponder the 007s seen on screen since Dr No in 1962. To date, six actors have taken on the role of Bond, and the pair consider which one is the best. 11.45 Secret Agent Selection: WW2. The SOE finishing school. 12.45am Arcadia 2.05 Tornado: The 100mph Steam Engine 2.35-3.35am Kim Philby – His Most Intimate Betrayal ITV3 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.40 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May. The Larkins are taken hostage. 6.55 Wycliffe An ancient Cornish custom ends in a brutal murder. 8.00 Agatha Christie’s Marple The sleuth encounters dark magic in the Caribbean. Julia McKenzie stars. 10.00 Blue Murder The discovery of a child’s body presents Janine with a particularly tough case. 11.35 Wycliffe. Mystery drama. 12.45am The Darling Buds of May 1.50 Man About the House 2.20 Nightscreen 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama 28 Up: Millennium Generation 9pm, BBC One Pictured here, we have Gemma, Gemma, Gemma and Gemma. Yes, quite – it’s the same person, but the photos were taken seven years apart. Gemma is one of 14 people this series first met in the year 2000 and has been catching up with at seven-year intervals ever since. Tonight’s is the first of two updates. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather. Comedy. 6.00 Bread Grandad has a fall and Adrian takes up art in a big way. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Leclerc and Rene plot to blow up Lt Gruber’s bedroom. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Glenda is interested in her neighbours. 8.00 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries A famous cricketer is murdered. 10.00 New Tricks The unsolvedcrime squad re-examines an assault case that left the victim in a coma. 11.20 Bad Girls 12.35am Waking the Dead. Crime drama. 2.30 The Casual Vacancy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping WEdnesDAY September 29 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 7.00pm The Storm That Saved a City 8.00 Viva Variety. Three performers who made their mark on TV talent shows. 8.30 Hidden Lives. Feminist Vonny Leclerc learns about the modern incarnation of cheerleading. 9.00 The Nine 10.00 Two Doors Down. Everyone is encouraged to reveal their hidden talents. 10.30 Debate Night. The big issues. 11.30pm-12.00m’t David Wilson’s Crime Files BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 2.15pm Politics Scotland 3.00-3.45 Unbeatable 6.30 Reporting Scotland 6.55-7.00 Party Political Broadcast by the Scottish Labour Party 12.05-1.05am Debate Night BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 6.30pm BBC Wales Today 6.55-7.00 Party Election Broadcast by the Welsh Labour Party 7.30-8.00 Betty Campbell: Statue for a Heroine 10.30 BBC Wales Live 11.05pm-12.05am Gossip Girl 1.05-6.00am BBC News BBC Two Wales As BBC Two except: 3.15pm An Island Parish: Anguilla 4.15 Curiosity 5.00 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.45-6.00 Flog It! 10.00-10.30pm The Crash Detectives STV As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm STV News; Weather 6.00-6.25 STV News at Six; Weather 10.30 STV News 10.40 Scotland Tonight 11.05 Peston 12.00m’t Junk and Disorderly 12.50am Manhunt The Night Stalker 1.40-3.00am Home Shopping ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather 6.00-6.25 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather 10.30- 10.45pm ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather S4C 6.00am Cyw 11.00 Dysgu Gyda Cyw: Olobobs 11.05 Heini 11.20 Teulu Ni 11.30 Loti Borloti 11.45 Do Re Mi Dona 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05 Dau Gi Bach 12.30 Heno 1.00 Ceffylau Cymru 1.30 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Cynefin 4.00 Awr Fawr: Caru Canu 4.05 Sam Tan 4.15 Cei Bach 4.30 Pablo 4.45 Sbarc 5.00 Stwnsh: Rhyfeddodau Chwilengoch a Cath Ddu 5.25 Boom! 5.35 Potsh 5.55 Ffeil 6.00 Straeon Tafarn 6.25 Darllediad Gwleidyddol 6.30 Bois y Rhondda 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm 8.25 Y Byd yn ei Le. Guto Harri discusses hot topics of the week. 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 Catrin a’r Cor-ona! Catrin Angharad discusses how music has been a comfort in the past year. 10.00 Am Dro! 11.00pm-12.05am Hewlfa Drysor

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Defenders UK 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15pm Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News; Regional News 1.45 Doctors Bear and Luca go undercover, while Jimmi offers a grieving mother advice. 2.15 Unbeatable Quiz show. 3.00 Escape to the Country Nicki Chapman helps an artist to find a property in Hampshire. (R) 3.45 Garden Rescue The team head to Rotherham. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Antiques expert Serhat Ahmet is on the hunt once again for ceramics. 5.15 Pointless Low-scoring quiz. 6.00 BBC News; Regional News 6.30am Escape to the Country (R) 7.15 Antiques Road Trip (R) 8.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 (R) 9.00 BBC News 10.00 News 12.15pm Politics Live 1.00 Head Hunters Quiz show. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge (R) 3.15 An Island Parish: Anguilla (R) 3.45 Curiosity Gameshow. (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above At Bodnant Garden. (R) 5.15 Flog It! Paul Martin presents from the Oxford Union. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Yasmine Akram, Cariad Lloyd, Geoff Norcott and Dennis Taylor take part. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Janette Manrara presents the show. 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Robert Rinder examines the shocking cases of Michael Hoolickin and Matthew Falder. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz show, hosted by Omid Djalili. 4.00 Tipping Point Coin-drop quiz. 5.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh presents as Lesley, Ellie, Rob and James take part in the quiz. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.00am Countdown (R) 6.40 Cheers (R) 7.40 The King of Queens (R) 9.05 Frasier (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun A woman seeks a home in Umbria, Italy. 4.00 Chateau DIY Lydia and Gary hope to find a chateau. 5.00 Four in a Bed At Hastings House in St Leonards-on-Sea. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch Motorhome enthusiasts explore the Lake District to find the perfect pitch. 6.00 The Simpsons Animation. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Nancy confronts Charlie over fears of him having underage sex with Ella. (R) 7.00 The One Show Alex Scott and Harry Judd host the live show featuring a mixture of chat and stories of interest. 7.35 EastEnders Sheree feels hurt, prompting her to make a big decision. Bernie is wary of Rainie, worries she is back on drugs, and Whitney waits for an important call. 8.00 Shop Well for Less? Alex Jones and Steph McGovern help families change the way they shop. In this edition, they meet a couple in Evesham, Worcestershire, who have eight children. (R) 9.00 Ambulance (1/6) Cameras follow the staff of North West Ambulance Service as they care for the people of Lancashire, with a deadly second wave of Covid-19 sweeping across the UK. 7.00 Take a Hike 40-year-old Cathy has planned a walk from the town of Tobermory. 7.30 Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales Iolo Williams searches for a golden eagle. The species became extinct in Wales centuries ago, but an escaped bird has been living in the mountains for 10 years. (R) 8.00 The Hairy Bikers Go North The duo are on the Yorkshire coast, cooking moules mariniere with chips, a salad, and a beer and miso chicken with grilled aubergine. 9.00 Don’t Exclude Me (1/2) With school exclusions at their highest in a decade, behavioural expert Marie Gentles visits Milton Hall Primary School in Southend to help the establishment manage their most challenging pupils. 7.00 Emmerdale Paddy feels trapped, and Al is suspicious. 7.30 Air Pollution: What You Need to Know – Tonight Since 2010 we have failed to meet national legal limits of air pollution in the UK. Joe Crowley investigates what is being done to tackle the problem. 8.00 Emmerdale Harriet is left thoughtful, and Chas fights her overwhelming sadness. 8.30 The Martin Lewis Money Show: Live With rates on the rise, Martin Lewis delves into the world of savings, giving tips and hints to help you decide where best to put your cash. 9.00 The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker Susanna Reid interviews senior officers from Operation Minstead to tell the real story of the 17-year hunt for the serial rapist. 7.00 Channel 4 News Headlines. 8.00 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back The comedian is joined by comedian Sara Pascoe as he explores some of the dubious practices of the gambling industry. Joe opens a betting shop aimed at kids with the help of street artist Foka Wolf, gets thrown out of a casino with an honest advert for his own VIP club and looks at the effects of online gambling. 9.00 Taskmaster (2/10) Greg Davies sets tasks to a team of celebs comprising Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell. The contenders compete against each other but, for the first time this series, they must also show off some teamwork as they’re faced with a mountain to climb. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News The latest headlines, in-depth interviews and a look at the day’s leading sports stories. 10.35 Question Time Fiona Bruce presents the debate, inviting a panel of politicians and other guests to answer questions from a virtual audience on subjects that have made the headlines over the past week. 11.35pm Newscast; Weather Adam Fleming, Laura Kuenssberg and Chris Mason present their weekly round-up from Westminster, delivering their usual mix of serious analysis and light-hearted gossip about the biggest stories in politics. 12.10-6.00am BBC News. The latest news headlines. 10.00 QI Sandi Toksvig looks at sideshows, stunts and scavenger hunts, with Alan Davies, Gyles Brandreth, Rosie Jones and Nish Kumar. 10.30 Newsnight Headlines. 11.15pm Alison’s Last Mountain In 1995, climber Alison Hargreaves, the first woman to reach the summit of Everest alone and without oxygen, was swept to her death while descending from the summit of the world’s second highest mountain, K2. Her husband and their children visit her final resting place. (R) 12.30am Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League. The title race between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United in 1994-95. (R) 1.30 Strictly Come Dancing (R) 3.55-6.15am This Is BBC Two 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix head off around Greece to immerse themselves in the traditions and spectacular landscape of the nation. (R) 11.50pm Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up Paul puts questions, scenarios and dilemmas to Howard Donald, Arlene Phillips, Omid Djalili and Sally Lindsay, who find out how the British public see them.. (R) 12.30am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Air Pollution: What You Need to Know – Tonight (R) 3.40 ITV Nightscreen 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point. Quiz (R) 10.00 Highlife Docu-ality series following the lives of a group of ambitious, glamourous, young British Nigerians and Ghanaians – Toni, Kamille, Tomi, Chiefer, Bernicia, Cuppy, Kiddwaya and Irene – who are all chasing their own idea of success. 11.05pm Gogglebox TV critiques. (R) 12.05am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. The chef tries to change the fortunes of a restaurant just north of Manhattan, which is struggling to attract customers. (R) 1.00 Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (R) 1.50 Taskmaster (R) 2.45 The Handmaid’s Tale (R) 3.55 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 4.45 Location, Location, Location (R) 5.40-6.00am Kirstie’s Quick and Easy Craft ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 12.15pm 5 News 12.20 Traffic Cops (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm. 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm. 2.15 Deadly Vows: Abducted in the Aisle (2020/PG) Thriller, starring Brittany Underwood. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Katie-Louise organises a charity auction to be played out live on the radio. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Harlow regrets a decision regarding Paul. (R) 6.00 Home and Away John tries to persuade Justin and Leah to stick with their original plans. (R) 6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. 7.00 Yorkshire Tea vs PG Tips: Battle of the Brews A look at two of Britain’s leading producers of tea – the traditional favourite PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea, which topped the tea sales charts for the first time in 2019. (R) Followed by 5 News Update 8.00 The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys (1/6) Return of the globe-trotting documentary, beginning with a coast-to-coast journey through the Australian outback. Followed by 5 News Update 9.00 All Creatures Great and Small (3/6) The fate of a struggling young widow causes difficulties for James and Helen’s burgeoning romance. Meanwhile, Siegfried has a scheme to whip Tristan into shape. Nicholas Ralph stars. 10.00 Ambulance: Code Red Critical care paramedic Rob and doctor Adam fight to save the life of a boy who has been stabbed in the street. (R) 11.05pm Police UK: Armed & Deadly An officer reveals how he ended up on trial for murder after a fatal shooting, and a surveillance operator who prevented one of the most audacious robbery plots. (R) 12.05am 999: Criminals Caught on Camera. Footage of the shopkeeper who fought back against a robber armed with a knife. (R) 1.00 The Live Casino Show 3.00 Inside King’s Cross: The Railway (R) 3.50 The Great Gardening Challenge (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10 House Doctor (R) 5.35 Fireman Sam (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Love Bites 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Catchphrase Celebrity Special 7.00 Superstore Double bill. An attempted robbery causes headaches for the employees; a body is found. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Hell’s Kitchen Cooking series. 10.00 Karaoke Club: Drag Edition The semi-final of the singing contest. 11.00 Family Guy 12.00m’t American Dad! 12.55 Bob’s Burgers 1.50 Superstore 2.40 The Stand Up Sketch Show 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys Liverpool and Wales. 7.30 The Joy of Painting American artist Bob Ross captures a very distant view of a snow-covered mountain. 8.00 Looking for Mr Bond: 007 at the BBC The BBC reveals files on the world’s most famous secret agent. 9.00 FILM Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011/15) A former intelligence operative is brought out of retirement to uncover a Soviet mole in a highranking position in MI6. Cold War thriller, starring Gary Oldman. ★★★★★ 11.00 Mark Kermode: Secrets of Cinema: Spies. Documentary. 12.00m’t Secret Agent Selection: WW2 1.00 Motherland 1.30 Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Looking for Mr Bond: 007 at the BBC 3.00-4.00am Kim Philby – His Most Intimate Betrayal ITV3 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.40 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.55 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May. Ma Larkin wins a trip to Paris. 6.55 Wycliffe The discovery of a body at a ramshackle farm alerts Wycliffe to the fact that a murderer is at large. 8.00 Vera A surgeon is murdered and his two daughters are abducted. 10.00 Blue Murder Janine investigates when a man newly released from prison is strangled. 11.35 Wycliffe. Drama. 12.45am The Darling Buds of May 1.50 Man About the House 2.15 Nightscreen 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker 9pm, ITV Last week’s ITV drama Manhunt: The Night Stalker, with Martin Clunes, was based on a harrowing true story. Examining the facts behind it is Susanna Reid, hearing from the officers who finally, after 17 years, caught the culprit. Among them is ex-Met detective Colin Sutton, the man Clunes portrayed. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather. Comedy. 6.00 Bread Billy manages to upset Adrian in the middle of a poetry recital. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Rene opens the safe. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Hobbo searches for his real mother. 8.00 Dalziel & Pascoe Dalziel attends a police conference in Amsterdam. 10.00 New Tricks An abduction case is reopened when a body identified at the time as that of a missing woman turns out to be someone else. 11.20 Bad Girls 12.35am Waking the Dead. Crime drama. 2.35 The Casual Vacancy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping thursDAY September 30 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 7.00pm The Mart. Two young farmers go head to head when they step into the ring at the Rare Breed sale. 7.30 Fish Town. The Boy John sets out from Peterhead harbour in search of whitefish. 8.00 Roaming in the Wild. An adventure from the Moffat Hills down to the border itself. 8.30 Landward. Dougie Vipond sets out to climb Ben Nevis. 9.00 The Nine 10.00 The Scotts. Henry has an accident at work and is ordered to rest at home. 10.30 Best of Chewin’ the Fat. Comedy sketch show. 11.00pm-12.00m’t Model Scots BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 11.15am Bargain Hunt 12.00noon-1.00pm Scottish First Minister’s Questions. With Kirsten Campbell. 6.30-7.00pm Reporting Scotland 8.00-9.00pm Our Planet Now – Scotland Climate Change Special. How Scotland’s innovators and experts are tackling the world’s climate emergency. BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 6.30-7.00pm BBC Wales Today. The day’s headlines; Weather STV As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm STV News; Weather 6.00-6.30 STV News at Six; Weather 7.30-8.00 Scotland Tonight. Current affairs show. 10.30 STV News 10.45 Air Pollution: What You Need to Know – Tonight 11.15 Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! Culinary adventure with Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix. 12.20am Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up 12.55-3.00am Home Shopping ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Cymru Wales S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05 Pysgod i Bawb 12.30 Heno 1.00 Teithiau Tramor Iolo 1.30 Triathlon Cymru 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Am Dro! 4.00 Awr Fawr: Tomos a’i Ffrindiau 4.10 Sblij a Sbloj 4.20 Oli Wyn 4.30 Digbi Draig 4.45 Deian a Loli 5.00 Stwnsh: Y Doniolis 5.10 Ar Goll yn Oz 5.30 Mabinogi-ogi a Mwy 5.55 Ffeil 6.00 Lowri Morgan: Her 333 6.30 Rownd a Rownd 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno. Magazine. 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm. Hywel goes behind Rhys’ back in a bid to save his business. 8.25 Rownd a Rownd. Arthur tries to find a way to make some money. 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 Bois y Rhondda. The boys go on a roadtrip. 9.30 Rygbi Pawb. Rugby union magazine show. 10.15 Welsh Whisperer – Ni’n Teithio Nawr 10.45- 11.50pm Ffrindiau Ffon ar Wyliau. Entertainment show in which someone gets a free holiday – with a twist.

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Defenders UK 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer (R) 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News; Regional News 1.45 Unbeatable Quiz. Last in series. 2.30 The Repair Shop A pocketsized racing car is restored. (R) 3.00 Escape to the Country Alistair Appleton helps an Essex family find a home in Shropshire. (R) 3.45 Garden Rescue The designers create a Provence-inspired garden in Alton, Hampshire. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Serhat Ahmet and Catherine Southon start the final lap of their race. 5.15 Pointless Low-scoring quiz. 6.00 BBC News; Regional News 6.15am Homes Under the Hammer (R) 7.15 Antiques Road Trip (R) 8.00 Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer (R) 8.30 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics UK 1.00 Head Hunters Quiz. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge The final comes from Chatham’s historic dockyards. (R) 3.15 An Island Parish: Anguilla (R) 3.45 Curiosity Gameshow. (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above The Scottish Borders. (R) 5.15 Flog It! In Manchester. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Light-hearted quiz. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories A look at the case of Clare Wood who was killed by her abusive ex partner in 2009. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz show, hosted by Omid Djalili. 4.00 Tipping Point Coin-drop quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.00am Countdown (R) 6.40 Cheers (R) 7.40 The King of Queens (R) 9.05 Frasier (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun Featuring a retirement property in Malaga. 4.00 Chateau DIY Ben and Billie push to install the jacuzzi bath. 5.00 Four in a Bed The rivals reunite to discuss their feedback. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch The holiday enthusiasts visit their fifth Lake District campsite. 6.00 The Simpsons Animation. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks A worried Nancy discovers that Charlie and Ella plan on having sex. (R) 7.00 The One Show Harry Judd co-hosts the usual mix of celebrity guests and stories. 7.35 Question of Sport (5/36) With Christine Ohuruogu, John McGinn, Jamie Laing and Siobhan-Marie O’Connor. 8.05 EastEnders A fed-up Tiffany is shocked by the arrival of a surprise visitor, and Suki offers Honey a harsh warning. 8.30 Richard Osman’s House of Games Night Ed Gamble, Sian Gibson, Dara O Briain and Sindhu Vee test their skills in a variety of trivia-based games. 9.00 Would I Lie to You? Material from the comedy panel show, not originally shown in the series 14 episodes. (R) 9.30 The Cleaner (4/6) Wicky arrives at a stately home to clean up the aftermath of a burglary that has gone wrong. 7.00 Take a Hike (15/15) The Highlands and Islands finale. 7.30 MOTDx Jermaine Jenas and the rest of the team are back to look at the lifestyle and culture that surrounds the Premier League and those involved in it. 8.00 Inside Culture (2/7) Mary Beard meets former US Secretary of State, First Lady, senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 8.30 Gardeners’ World With autumn approaching, Monty Don is preparing the borders for the change of seasons and looking ahead to spring. 9.30 The North Water (4/5) Drax has a daring opportunity to escape, but must convince Cavendish to help him. Otto’s vision comes to life as Sumner hunts a bear, but he strays too far into icy oblivion. 7.00 Emmerdale Al uses blackmail to get what he wants, Harriet opens up to Dawn, and Tracy and Frankie arrive back home. 7.30 Coronation Street Gail convinces David and Sarah to stage an intervention to get to the bottom of Audrey’s problem. 8.00 Simply Raymond Blanc The chef shares a collection of simple, rustic recipes that can be put together easily. (R) 8.30 Coronation Street Imran tells Toyah that he spent the night of the trial at Sabeen’s house but nothing happened. Tim and Kevin accost County’s manager outside the ground. 9.00 Grantchester (5/8) As the day of Leonard’s trial dawns, Will and Geordie are called upon to investigate an audacious robbery from a bank security van in Cambridge. 7.00 Channel 4 News Including sport and weather reports. 7.30 Unreported World Guillermo Galdos reports on the families in Mexico in the midst of a diabetes crisis, where the deadly combination of Covid and sugar is sending people to early graves. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice Jo Brand chews over biscuit week, with guests Nick Grimshaw and Darren Harriot. Tom Allen casts a cheeky eye over the bakes brought along to the studio. 9.00 Gogglebox The armchair critics share their opinions on what they have been watching during the week, with cameras capturing their instant reactions and the lively discussions that are prompted by the week’s biggest and best shows. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News 10.35 The Graham Norton Show (2/22) The host catches up with guests Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Greg Davies, Dave Grohl and Kadeena Cox. Plus, music from Jack Savoretti and Nile Rodgers. 11.25pm FILM Invictus (2009/12) Following his election as president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela finds himself the leader of a racially and economically divided nation, and seeks a means to unite the people. The country’s entry in the 1995 Rugby World Cup provides a perfect opportunity. Fact-based drama, with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. ★★★ 1.30am Weather for the Week Ahead 1.35-6.00am BBC News 10.30 Newsnight The day’s important national and international news stories, presented by Faisal Islam. 11.05pm Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League The impact of the appointment of Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager in 1996, when he introduced modern coaching techniques and lifestyle and dietary improvements. It is not long before Alex Ferguson felt the imminent threat of a new rival intent on destroying the legacy he was building at Manchester United. (R) 12.05am Sign Zone: NHS: Wait or Pay? – Panorama (R) 12.35 When Ruby Wax Met. Featuring Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and the Spice Girls. (R) 1.35 Celebrity MasterChef (R) 3.05-6.10am This Is BBC Two 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 Rocky III (1982/PG) World heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa settles down into a life of luxury – but a cloud appears on the horizon in the shape of ambitious contender Clubber Lang, whose brutal fighting style represents a serious threat to his title. Drama, starring Sylvester Stallone and Mr T. ★★★ 12.30am Home Shopping 3.00 Rolling in It. Stephen Mulhern hosts a game show featuring a giant arcade machine. (R) 3.50 Time to Unwind on ITV 5.05-6.00am Winning Combination. Quiz show, hosted by Omid Djalili (R) 10.00 The Last Leg Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by celebrity guests for a comic review of the significant moments of the past seven days. 11.05pm First Dates An international DJ who has learned some new things about her sexuality after a recent holiday to Ibiza now has to get to grips with London’s same-sex dating scene. (R) 12.10am FILM Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013/15) Comedy sequel, starring Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. ★★★★ 2.10 FILM Super Troopers 2 (2018/15) Premiere. Comedy, starring Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan. ★★ 3.50-6.00am Come Dine with Me. A series of evenings in the Welsh valleys (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 12.15pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops. Tackling young offenders. (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm. 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm. 2.15 Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder (2020/PG) Mystery drama, starring Lacey Chabert. ★★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Cabaret star Mark films a video for his show. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours An upset Amy seeks out support from Levi. (R) 6.00 Home and Away Logan is standoffish about his past. (R) 6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. 7.00 The Thames with Tony Robinson (6/8) The actor and presenter starts the latest leg of his journey in Beckton, where he discovers how a new super-sewer is being built. Followed by 5 News Update 8.00 The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres (3/4) The poet, comedian and songwriter heads to north Gloucestershire and the village of Toddington, where she hops aboard one of the locomotives of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway. Followed by 5 News Update 9.00 Lighthouses: Building the Impossible (3/3) Rob Bell explores the wild and beautiful south coast of Ireland to reveal why Fastnet is regarded as one of the most stunning rock lighthouses ever built. 10.00 1981: The 30 Greatest Hits Madness frontman Suggs counts down the 30 biggest and best songs from three years of the decade, and revisits some of the most talked about events. He begins with 1981, when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, and aerobics fever took over with Olivia Newton John’s Physical. (R) 12.55am Entertainment News on 5 1.00 The Live Casino Show 3.00 Cocaine: Teen Dealers (R) 3.50 The Great Gardening Challenge (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10 House Doctor (R) 5.35 Fireman Sam (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Love Bites 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 9.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.30 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites. Dating show. 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Catchphrase Celebrity Special 7.00 Superstore Double bill of fun. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Hell’s Kitchen Culinary contest. 10.00 Karaoke Club: Drag Edition 11.00 Family Guy: double bill 12.00m’t American Dad! 12.55 Bob’s Burgers: double bill 1.50 Superstore 2.40 The Emily Atack Show 3.20 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm ... Sings Bond Performances of 007 theme tunes, including Adele’s Skyfall and Tom Jones’s Thunderball. 8.00 TOTP: 1991 Double bill. With Oceanic, Sonia, Zoe, Utah Saints and Kylie Minogue; with Bizarre Inc, Sabrina Johnston, Cliff Richard and Rozalla. 9.00 Shirley Bassey at the BBC A compilation of archive performances by the world-famous Welsh singer. 10.00 Diamonds Are Forever: The Don Black Songbook Lyricist Don Black shares some fascinating insights into his life’s work with Michael Grade, in between performances of his songs at The Royal Festival Hall. 11.30 The Old Grey Whistle Test: Billy Joel in Concert. A 1978 performance. 12.15am Classic Albums: Carly Simon – No Secrets 1.15 TOTP: 1991 2.15-3.15am ... Sings Bond ITV3 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.40 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 A Touch of Frost 5.50 The Darling Buds of May 6.55 Wycliffe A ritual killing in a church points to the work of a satanic cult. 8.00 Doc Martin Double bill. First episode of the comedy drama, starring Martin Clunes; the medic delivers bad news to a former teacher. 10.05 Blue Murder An engraved hip flask found beside human remains in a lake leads Janine to a once-successful architect living in an institution. 11.35 Wycliffe 12.50am The Darling Buds of May 1.55 Man About the House 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama Richard Osman’s House Of Games Night 8.30pm, BBC One The first series of this spin-off was such a hit that someone clever at the BBC came up with an ingenious idea, “Hey, how about we do another?!” they cried. So here it is. Competing for Richard’s magnificently tasteless prizes are comedians Ed Gamble, Dara Ó Briain and Sindhu Vee, plus Car Share star Sian Gibson. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather. Comedy. 6.00 Bread Billy ends up at home. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Rene is reunited with his childhood sweetheart. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Howard vows to row the Atlantic. 8.00 Father Brown The clerical sleuth encounters a voodoo priest. 9.00 Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Hetty tries to expose an arsonist. 10.00 New Tricks Honor Blackman and Stephen Tompkinson guest star. 11.20 Bad Girls 12.35am Waking the Dead. Crime drama. 2.35 The Casual Vacancy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping friDAY October 1 Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 12.00noon This Is BBC Scotland 7.00pm The Seven 8.00 FILM Tommy’s Honour (2016/PG) Golfing drama, starring Sam Neill. ★★★★ 9.45 Stevens & McCarthy. Comedy sketch show, starring Louise McCarthy and Gayle Telfer Stevens. 10.00 Still Game. Jack and Victor decide to spend their funeral fund. 10.30 NEW A View from the Terrace. A look at Scottish football. 11.30pm-12.00m’t Up for It BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 11.15am-12.15pm Homes Under the Hammer 6.30-7.00pm Reporting Scotland 7.35-8.05 Landward. Dougie Vipond sets out to climb Ben Nevis. 11.25 Question of Sport. Light-hearted quiz. 11.55 A View from the Terrace 12.55am Weather for the Week Ahead 1.00-6.00am BBC News BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 6.30-7.00pm BBC Wales Today. The day’s headlines; Weather BBC Two Wales As BBC Two except: 7.30-9.30pm LIVE Scrum V. Scarlets v Lions (kick-off 7.35pm). 11.05 MOTDx. Discussion. 11.35pm-12.05am Mock the Week STV As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm STV News; Weather 6.00-6.30 STV News at Six; Weather 10.30-10.45pm STV News ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Cymru Wales S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05 Arfordir Cymru: Llyn 12.30 Heno 1.00 Garejis: Dan y Bonet 1.30 Bois y Rhondda 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Llanw 4.00 Awr Fawr: Timpo 4.10 Halibalw 4.20 Sigldigwt 4.35 Blero yn Mynd i Ocido 4.45 Byd Tad-Cu 5.00 Stwnsh: Dennis a Dannedd 5.10 Oi! Osgar 5.15 Crwbanod Ninja 5.40 Rygbi Pawb Stwnsh 5.55 Ffeil 6.00 Pobl a’u Gerddi 6.30 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno. Magazine. 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer: Max Boyce. Elin Fflur is joined by Max Boyce for a discussion of Wales’ beaches. 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 Noson Lawen 2021. Sian Edwards introduces a line-up of artists from Conwy. 10.00 Gwely a Brecwast Maggi Noggi. The staff at the Bed and Breakfast prepare for a very special visit. Last in series. 10.30-11.35pm Eisteddfod AmGen: Cwt Cerdd. Huw Foulkes looks at the classical scene with Rhian Williams, Leah Marian Jones, Beti George, Trystan Llyr, Steffan Lloyd Owen, Mari Wyn Williams and Rhiannon Pritchard.

BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 F’VIEW 1 • SKY 101 • virgin 101 • F’SAT 101 F’VIEW 2 • SKY 102 • virgin 102 • F’SAT 102 F’VIEW 3 • SKY 103 • virgin 103 • F’SAT 103 F’VIEW 4 • SKY 104 • virgin 104 • F’SAT 104 6.00am Breakfast 10.00 Saturday Kitchen 11.30 Nadiya’s Family Favourites (R) 12.00noon Football Focus. With Alex Scott. 1.00 BBC News; Weather 1.15 London Marathon: We Run Together 1.45 Escape to the Country (R) 2.45 Money for Nothing Items reclaimed from a tip. (R) 3.15 Garden Rescue Makeover show, with Charlie Dimmock. (R) 4.00 Final Score A round-up of this afternoon’s football results. 5.10 BBC News; Regional News 5.30 A Question of Sport Quiz, with Paddy McGuinness. (R) 6.00 The Hit List Music-based quiz show, hosted by Marvin and Rochelle Humes. 6.40am The Dengineers (R) 7.10 Ricky Wilson’s Art Jam (R) 7.30 Blue Peter (R) 8.00 Deadly 60 8.30 Supersized Earth (R) 9.30 Landward (R) 10.00 Hugh’s Wild West (R) 11.00 Serengeti. Documentary. (R) 12.00noon The Hairy Bikers Go North (R) 1.00 Take a Hike People showcase their countryside walks. (R) 3.30 A House Through Time Documentary charting British history as seen through the lives of successive inhabitants of a house over the years. (R) 4.30 Flog It! People are invited to try to make money out of their antiques by taking a risk and selling them at auction (R) 5.15 Super League Highlights. 6.15 To Be Announced 6.00am CITV 9.25 ITV News 9.30 James Martin’s Saturday Morning. The TV chef hosts a weekend chat show. 11.40 Ainsley’s Good Mood Food 12.40pm James Martin’s American Adventure (R) 1.10 Simply Raymond Blanc (R) 1.35 ITV News; Weather 1.45 Live and Let Die (1973/PG) James Bond spy adventure, starring Roger Moore. ★★★★ 4.00 You’ve Been Framed! 5.00 Family Fortunes Gameshow, hosted by Gino D’Acampo. (R) 6.00 ITV News; Weather 6.20 Regional News; Weather 6.30 Celebrity Catchphrase Stephen Mulhern hosts a celebrity special of the gameshow. 6.05am The King of Queens (R) 6.50 Mike & Molly (R) 7.30 Frasier (R) 8.50 The Simpsons (R) 11.50 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 12.50pm Four in a Bed (R) 3.30 A Place in the Sun Mandy and Paul from Sussex search for a new home in the Spanish town of Dolores. (R) 4.30 George Clarke’s Old House, New Home George helps a couple redesign their Edwardian home in Wirral and tackles an 1850s country house in Surrey that has accrued some bizarre additions over the years. (R) 5.30 Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It Phil Spencer returns to Northamptonshire to catch up with Sarah and Ian. (R) 6.30 Channel 4 News Headlines. 6.45 Strictly Come Dancing Pro-celebrity contest in which sets of partners battle it out on the dance floor to convince judges and viewers they can trip the light fantastic. 9.00 Blankety Blank Comedy quiz show with celebrity guests. 9.30 Casualty Hospital drama with the staff of Holby’s accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients. 7.00 Meet the Moose Family: Natural World The nature documentary tells the story of a mother moose bringing up her calf in the wilds of the Canadian rockies. Many challenges lie ahead for the mother and son, not least from the threat of the hungry bears and wolves that live nearby. Film-maker Hugo Kitching sets out to follow the duo through the four seasons, although things take an unexpected turn later in the year with the discovery of a third moose. (R) 8.00 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021 9.00 The Spice Girls at the BBC A compilation of archive footage of the all-girl ensemble who took the pop world by storm in the mid-1990s performing at the BBC. 7.30 The Cube Contestants try to complete a series of difficult challenges, ranging from agility tests to skill trials, under pressure to hold their nerve as friends, family and the studio audience watch their every move. The further they go in the competition, the more money they win, up to a jackpot of £250,000. Gameshow, hosted by Phillip Schofield. 8.30 Beat the Chasers Contestants from across the UK take on a team of Chasers, hoping to win big money. Bradley Walsh hosts. 9.30 Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up Comedy chat and gameshow in which Paul puts questions, scenarios and dilemmas to celebrity guests, who must arrange themselves from best to worst correctly. 7.00 Bettany Hughes’ Treasures of the World (5/5) The historian visits a dig in Istanbul containing artefacts from multiple eras, and follows in the footsteps of one of her heroes, Byzantine empress Theodora. Last in series. 8.00 Britain’s Forgotten Wars with Tony Robinson (2/6) The civil war that raged after the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1992, as UN forces struggled to maintain order in the newly created nation of Bosnia under impossible circumstances. 9.00 Rocketman (2019/15) Premiere. Elton John enters an addiction rehab session, and recounts his life in a flashback, covering his days as Reginald Dwight growing up in 1950s Britain and beyond. Biopic, starring Taron Egerton. ★★★★ 10.10 BBC News; Weather 10.30 Match of the Day Gary Lineker presents highlights of the latest Premier League matches, including Manchester United v Everton and Chelsea v Southampton. 11.50pm Tonight with Target DJ Target presents a showcase of black musical talent. 12.40am The NFL Show. Dan Walker is joined by Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell to present highlights of Thursday night’s game. Plus, a look at the stories shaping the American football world, as the leading sides in the NFL continue their bids to succeed Philadelphia Eagles as Super Bowl-winners. 1.20 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.25-6.00am BBC News 10.00 Later – with Jools Holland Extended edition of the music programme, featuring performances by well-known and up-and-coming artists. 10.45 Last Man Standing: Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie and Tupac (2021/18) In a follow-up to his 2002 documentary Biggie & Tupac, film-maker Nick Broomfield revisits Los Angeles in search of new evidence of Suge Knight’s involvement in the deaths of rap superstars Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG. ★★★ 12.25am To Be Announced 1.55- 6.20am This Is BBC Two. Previews. 10.15 ITV News; Weather 10.35 The Silence of the Lambs (1991/18) Trainee FBI agent Clarice Starling is sent to interview an imprisoned psychopath with a taste for eating his victims. The inmate offers to help catch a serial killer who is holding a politician’s daughter hostage - but to learn what he knows, Clarice has to engage in his dangerous mind games. Jonathan Demme’s Thriller, with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. ★★★★★ 12.45am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 The Void. Gameshow. (R) 4.05 Unwind With ITV 5.10-6.00am Winning Combination. Quiz. (R) 11.20pm Elton Jon: The Red Piano 1.20am The Last Leg. Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by celebrity guests for a comic review of the significant moments of the past seven days. (R) 2.20 24 Hours in A&E. St George’s resident doctors help a man who suffered cardiac arrest following a road accident, and a passionate equestrian who was injured after she was thrown from her horse. (R) 3.15 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Pompeii. Tam gets the tube home alone, plugging in his earphones and reliving his Halloween night out via his phone. Short drama, written and directed by Harry Lighton, Marco Alessi and Matthew Jacobs Morgan. (R) 3.25-6.00am Hollyoaks Omnibus (R) ★★★★★ brilliant ★★★★ very good ★★★ good ★★ average ★ bad

Channel 5 F’VIEW 5 • SKY 105 • virgin 105 • F’SAT 105 6.00am Milkshake! Children’s shows. 10.00 SpongeBob SquarePants Animated double bill. (R) 10.25 Entertainment News on 5 Showbiz news and gossip. 10.30 Friends Six episodes. Chandler falls for Joey’s latest date; Chandler gets to know Joey’s girlfriend; Chandler is racked with guilt for kissing Joey’s girlfriend; Chandler makes up for kissing Kathy; things start looking up for the gang as Monica gets a career opportunity that is too good to turn down; Ross embarks on a long-distance relationship, Chandler sets Rachel up with one of his workmates. (R) 1.30pm To Be Announced 5.25 5 News Weekend Headlines. 5.30 All Creatures Great and Small The fate of a struggling young widow causes difficulties for James and Helen’s burgeoning romance. Meanwhile, Siegfried has another scheme to whip Tristan into shape, and a visit from Tricki Woo causes chaos at Skeldale House. Drama, starring Nicholas Ralph. 6.30 To Be Announced 7.30 To Be Announced 9.30 To Be Announced 1.00am The Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Cocaine: Can’t Stop Using. A look at how smuggling is feeding the UK’s drug habits and a consequent addiction epidemic, weighing up the cost to the general population and public resources. (R) 4.00 The Great Gardening Challenge: The Final. The competition reaches its climax with just two pairs of professional garden designers competing in the final. Hosted by Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin. Last in series. (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS. The work of dedicated volunteers treating sick, injured and orphaned animals at a wildlife sanctuary. (R) 5.10 Great Artists (R) 5.40 Monkey’s Amazing Adventures (R) 5.45-6.00am Peppa Pig (R) ITV2 F’VIEW 6 • SKY 118 • virgin 115 • F’SAT 113 6.00am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 6.25 Love Bites 8.20 Secret Crush 9.20 Dress to Impress 11.20 Australian Ninja Warrior 1.00pm Catchphrase Celebrity Special 2.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 2.30 FILM Robots (2005/U) Animation, with the voice of Ewan McGregor. ★★★ 4.20 FILM Shark Tale (2004/U) Animation, voiced by Will Smith. ★★ 6.10 FILM Despicable Me 3 (2017/U) Animated sequel, featuring the voice of Steve Carell. ★★★ 8.00 FILM Pitch Perfect 2 (2015/12) Comedy, with Anna Kendrick. ★★★ 10.15 Family Guy Double bill. 11.15 Family Guy 11.45 American Dad! 12.40am The Stand Up Sketch Show 1.40 Don’t Hate the Playaz 2.40 Iain Stirling’s CelebAbility 3.20 Unwind With ITV 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping BBC Four F’VIEW 9 • SKY 116 • virgin 107 • F’SAT 107 7.00pm Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream The rise of one of the great cities of the world. 8.00 Brazil with Michael Palin The actor travels around Brazil, which has an abundance of natural resources. 9.00 FILM The Truth (2019/PG) Premiere. A movie star is reunited with her daughter after publishing her memoirs, leading to a series of revelations. Drama, starring Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche. ★★★★ 10.45 United Skates – Storyville Exploring the campaign to save the US’s last standing roller rinks from closure, and the subculture that has grown up around these venues. 12.05am How to Get Ahead: At Medieval Court 1.05 Motherland 1.35 Brazil with Michael Palin 2.35-3.35am Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream ITV3 6.00am George and Mildred 7.00 Coronation Street Omnibus 9.55 FILM Carry On Up the Jungle (1970/PG) Comedy, starring Sid James and Frankie Howerd. ★★ 11.50 Wycliffe 12.55pm Agatha Christie’s Poirot 2.55 Midsomer Murders. A woman is stabbed to death in a churchyard; a fitness fanatic is electrocuted. 7.00 Midsomer Murders The bodies of a senior citizen and a doctor are found beside a river – but then the prime suspect is also discovered dead. 9.00 Vera Delving into the past of an extreme sports fan who has plunged from a cliff in a ball of flames, Vera uncovers a lifetime of bullying and an unexpected story of rough justice. 11.00 Agatha Christie’s Marple 1.00am Belgravia 2.00 George and Mildred 2.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama Rocketman 9pm, Channel 4 Taron Egerton is excellent as Elton John in director Dexter Fletcher noholds-barred biopic. It chronicles the musician’s unhappy youth and early days in the music biz, before superstardom takes its toll in a haze of drink and drugs. Jamie Bell plays Elton’s longtime friend and writing partner Bernie Taupin. F’VIEW 10 • SKY 119 • virgin 117 • F’SAT 115 F’VIEW 20 • SKY 143 • virgin 130 • F’SAT 158 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Birds of a Feather 11.00 Sharpe 1.00pm One Foot in the Grave: triple bill 3.00 Rosemary & Thyme: triple bill 6.00 The Brokenwood Mysteries Mike, Kristin, and the team look into the murder of a farmer’s market owner, who staggers into the crowd with a garden tool embedded into her back. 8.00 Hetty Wainthropp Investigates An arsonist terrorises a housing estate, and Hetty goes undercover in a quilt-making circle in her search for the culprit. Patricia Routledge stars. 9.00 Silent Witness Nikki and the Lyell team investigate a suspicious death from 20 years previously after a skeleton is found in a concrete pillar in a multi-storey car park. Emilia Fox stars. 11.20 Ashes to Ashes 1.40am Trial & Retribution 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping saturDAY 2 October Scotland & Wales BBC Scotland 7.00pm The Seven 7.15 The Edit. The best of the week’s entertainment news. 7.30 Sportscene Saturday. Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights of the latest Scottish Premiership matches, including Dundee United v Ross County, Hearts v Motherwell, and St Johnstone v Dundee. 8.30 Born to Be Wild. Documentary following life for staff and the animals they care for at the SSPCA’s wildlife rescue centre. 9.30 Scot Squad. Spoof documentary following the work of the first unified Scottish police force. 10.00 Best of Chewin’ the Fat. Highlights of the comedy sketch show, starring Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Karen Dunbar, Mark Cox, Paul Riley and Julie Wilson Nimmo. 10.30 Two Doors Down. Comedy exploring the best and worst of suburban family life. Starring Arabella Weir, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson and Elaine C Smith. 11.00pm- 12.00m’t TRNSMT. Coverage of the festival from Glasgow Green. BBC One Scotland As BBC One except: 4.00-5.10pm Sportscene Results 5.20-5.30pm Reporting Scotland; Weather BBC One Wales As BBC One except: 5.20-5.30pm BBC Wales Today. The day’s headlines. BBC Two Wales As BBC Two except: 4.15-4.30pm Flog It! Double bill. 4.45-5.15pm Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales STV As ITV except: 6.15-6.30pm STV News ITV Wales As ITV except: 1.10-1.35pm Newsweek Wales. The week’s events. 6.15-6.30pm ITV News Cymru Wales S4C 6.00am Cyw 8.00 Bernard 8.05 Y Doniolis 8.15 Ar Goll yn Oz 8.35 Cath-Od 8.45 Byd Rwtsh Dai Potsh 8.55 Chwarter Call 9.10 Mabinogi-ogi a Mwy 9.35 Dreigiau: Gwarchodwyr Berc 10.00 Trysorau’r Teulu 11.00 Codi Hwyl 11.30 Dau Gi Bach 12.00noon Ffermio 12.30 Sgorio 3.00 Am Dro! 4.00 Priodas Pum Mil 5.00 Clwb Rygbi. A look back at this weekend’s rugby action in the United Rugby Championship. 7.15 Newyddion a Chwaraeon 7.30 C’mon Midffild. Comedy drama following life with the Bryncoch football team. 8.30 Corau Rhys Meirion. Rhys Meirion discovers how choral singing can enrich people’s lives in different ways. 10.35 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer. Elin Fflur chats to some of Wales’ best-known people in their gardens, finding out about their careers and the sort of person they are at home. 11.05pm-12.10am Noson Lawen. All-singing, all-dancing entertainment show guided by a guest presenter.

radiofor the week 26 September - 2 October SUNDAY Radio 1 5.00am Get Set With Radio 1. 6.00 Radio 1’s Chillout Anthems. 7.00 Adele Roberts. 10.00 Radio 1 Anthems. 11.02 Dean McCullough. 1.00pm Matt And Mollie. 4.00 Radio 1’s Life Hacks. 6.00 The Official Chart. 7.00 Radio 1’s Chillest Show With Sian Eleri. 9.00 Rock Show With Daniel P Carter. 11.00 BBC Introducing On Radio 1. 12.00m’t Radio 1’s Future Soul With Victoria Jane. 1.30 Radio 1’s UK R&B Mix. 2.00 Decompression Session. 3.00 Chill Mix. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1 Dance. Radio 2 5.00am Tracks Of My Years. 6.00 Good Morning Sunday. 9.00 Sunday Love Songs. 11.00 The Michael Ball Show. 1.00pm Elaine Paige On Sunday. 3.00 Sounds Of The 70s With Johnnie Walker. 5.00 Paul O’Grady. 7.00 The Global Citizen Music Festival Highlights. 9.00 The Sounds Of 2003 10.00 Dr Rangan Chatterjee. With Bryony Gordon. 12.00m’t OJ Borg. 2.30 One Hit Wonders With OJ Borg. 3.00 Pick Of The Pops. 4.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz. Radio 3 7.00am Breakfast. 9.00 Sunday Morning. 12.00noon Private Passions. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 The Early Music Show. 3.00 Choral Evensong. 4.00 Jazz Record Requests. 5.00 The Listening Service. 5.30 Words And Music. 6.45 Sunday Feature: How To Re-Build A City. The redevelopment of Coventry. 7.30 Drama On 3: This Little Relic. 9.00 Record Review Extra. 11.30 Slow Radio: Dunwich Dynamo. 12.00m’t Classical Fix. 12.30-6.30am Through The Night. Radio 4 5.30am News Briefing. 5.43 Bells On Sunday. 5.45 Profile. 6.00 News Headlines. 6.05 Something Understood. 6.35 Natural Histories. 6.57 Weather. 7.00 News. 7.10 Sunday. 7.54 Radio 4 Appeal. 7.57 Weather. 8.00 News. 8.10 Sunday Worship. 8.48 A Point Of View. 8.58 Tweet Of The Day. 9.00 Broadcasting House. 10.00 The Archers. 11.00 Desert Island Discs. 11.45 Just One Thing With Michael Mosley. 12.00noon News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Just A Minute. 12.32 The Food Programme. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World This Weekend. 1.30 The Listening Project. 2.00 Gardeners’ Question Time. 2.45 Green Originals. 3.00 Drama: The Good Earth. 4.00 Open Book. 4.30 Contains Strong Language Live From Coventry. 5.00 File On 4. 5.40 Profile. 5.54 Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.15 Pick Of The Week. 7.00 The Archers. There’s a huge shock for Kirsty and Brian attempts to plan for the future. 7.15 Powerhouse. Jessica Fostekew’s award-nominated stand-up show about big strong strength. 7.45 Miss Bessemer Saves The Train. New series. By Roy Apps. 8.00 More Or Less. 8.30 Last Word. The lives of famous and less well-known people who have recently died. 9.00 Money Box. The latest from the world of personal finance. 9.25 Radio 4 Appeal. On behalf of The Social Mobility Foundation. 9.30 The Untold. Grace Dent introduces the story of a child who refuses to go to school. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The Westminster Hour. With Carolyn Quinn. 11.00 The Film Programme. 11.30 Something Understood. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.15 Thinking Allowed. 12.45 Bells On Sunday. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00-5.20am As BBC World Service. Radio 5 Live 5.00am The Sports Desk. 5.30 5 Live Sport. 6.00 5 Live Science. 7.00 Sunday Breakfast. 10.00 Laura Whitmore’s Sunday Session. 12.00noon 5 Live Sport. 2.00 5 Live Sport. 4.00 5 Live Sport. 4.30 5 Live Sport. 6.20 The Ryder Cup. Live commentary. 11.00 Chris Latchem. 1.00-5.00am Dotun Adebayo. Classic FM 7.00am Aled Jones. 10.00 Bill Turnbull. 1.00pm Catherine Bott. 4.00 John Humphrys. 7.00 Smooth Classics. 9.00 Moira Stuart Meets — Richard Osman. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton. Radio Scotland 6.00am Out Of Doors. 6.30 Clever About Cash. 7.00 Our Story. 7.30 New Every Sunday. 8.00 Sunday Morning. 10.00 The Sunday Show. 12.00noon Off The Ball. 2.00 Sportsound. 5.00 Your Requests With Gary Innes. 7.00 Classics Unwrapped. 9.00 Jazz Nights. 11.00 Iain Anderson. 1.00-6.00am As BBC Radio 5 Live. MONday Radio 1 5.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast With Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 12.45pm Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick And Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds With Clara Amfo. 7.00 Radio 1’s Hottest Records. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists With Jack Saunders. 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist With Sian Eleri. 11.00 Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Show. 1.00am Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Mix. 2.00 Get Set With Radio 1. 3.00 Radio 1’s Workout Anthems. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1 Dance. Radio 2 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. Jo chats to Michelin-starred chef Paul Ainsworth about seasonal produce. 9.00 The Blues Show With Cerys Matthews. New and classic blues tracks. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. The DJ introduces a mix of soulful tunes. 12.00m’t OJ Borg. Music and chat. 3.00 Pick Of The Pops. 4.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz. Radio 3 6.30am Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00noon Composer Of The Week: Wagner. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.30 New Generation Artists. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert. 10.00 Music Matters. 10.45 The Essay: Postcards From Coventry. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30-6.30am Through The Night. Radio 4 5.30am News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet Of The Day. 6.00 Today. 9.00 Start The Week. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 Landscapes Of The Mind. 11.30 Loose Ends. 12.00noon News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me At The Museum. 12.18 You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.45 Poison. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: United Kingdoms. 3.00 Brain Of Britain. 3.30 The Food Programme. 4.00 History On The Edge. 4.30 Beyond Belief. 5.00 PM. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 Just A Minute. 7.00 The Archers. Tracy struggles to keep her cool. 7.15 Front Row. Arts programme. 7.45 Will Self Takes The Waters. Will Self ponders the origins of people’s insatiable thirst for bottled waters. 8.00 This Union: Two Kingdoms. Allan Little explores why Scotland’s union with England might now unravel. Last in series. 8.30 Analysis. New series. Peter Pomerantsev examines how a society can survive without a common identity. 9.00 Electric Ride UK. Peter Curran continues his electric car journey. 9.30 Start The Week. Colm Tóibín discusses the life and work of writer Thomas Mann. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. News round-up with Ritula Shah. 10.45 Book At Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. By Sally Rooney. 11.00 Lights Out. 11.30 Mastertapes. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.30 Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20-5.30am Shipping Forecast. Radio 5 Live 5.00am Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Naga Munchetty. 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport: The Monday Night Club. 8.00 5 Live Sport. Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion. (Kick-off 8.00pm) 10.00 5 Live Sport. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00-5.00am Dotun Adebayo. Classic FM 6.00am More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00noon Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics At Seven. Relaxing sounds. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert With John Suchet. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton. Radio Scotland 6.00am Good Morning Scotland. 9.00 Mornings. 12.00noon Lunchtime Live. 1.30 The Afternoon Show With Janice Forsyth. 4.00 Drivetime. 6.00 Get It On With Bryan Burnett. 8.00 Vic Galloway. 10.00 Iain Anderson. 12.00m’t-6.00am As Radio 5 Live. The Sounds of 2003 9pm Radio 2, Sunday Claudia Winkleman continues her nostalgic look at the music, media, news, triumphs, tragedies and trivia of the noughties. She moves onto 2003, the year of Love Actually and Finding Nemo, as well as the Black Eyed Peas and the White Stripes. Drama: Trust 2.15pm Radio 4, Tuesday Julie Hesmondhalgh stars in a new run of Jonathan Hall’s drama set in an inner-city academy in Salford. It’s March 2020 and school head Yvette Miller tries to keep the Academy Trust and the staff informed and happy during the pandemic. Charlotte And Lillian 11.30am Radio 4, Friday Miriam Margolyes and Helen Monks return in Kat Sommers and Holly Walsh’s comedy. Lillian has joined a book group, but is having difficulty completing this month’s selection, so social media influencer Charlotte suggests she rents the film instead. TUESday Radio 1 5.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast With Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 11.00 Radio 1’s Live Lounge. A unique performance. 11.20 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 12.45pm Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick And Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds With Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists With Jack Saunders. 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist With Sian Eleri. 11.00 Annie Nightingale Presents. 1.00am Radio 1’s Indie Anthems. 2.00 Radio 1’s Chillout Anthems. 3.00 Radio 1’s Classical Movie Mixtape. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1 Dance. Radio 2 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. Sara plays the biggest and best tunes to get listeners dancing. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. Movie critic James King offers his latest film choices. 9.00 The Jazz Show With Jamie Cullum. The world of jazz. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. The DJ introduces a mix of soulful tunes. 12.00m’t OJ Borg. 3.00 TBA. 4.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz. Radio 3 6.30am Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00noon Composer Of The Week: Wagner. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. Works by Rachmaninov, Scriabin and Brahms. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: Postcards From Coventry. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30-6.30am Through The Night. Radio 4 5.30am News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet Of The Day. 6.00 Today. 9.00 The Life Scientific. 9.30 One To One. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 Electric Ride UK. 11.30 Art Of Now: Hong Kong. 12.00noon News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me At The Museum. 12.18 Call You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.45 TBA. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Trust. 3.00 The Kitchen Cabinet. 3.30 Costing The Earth. 4.00 The Hidden History Of The Window. 4.30 Great Lives. 5.00 PM. Presented by Evan Davis. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The Birthday Cake Game. 7.00 The Archers. Lynda goes into battle. 7.15 Front Row. Arts programme. 7.45 Will Self Takes The Waters. Will Self explores how Buxton rose to prominence as a spa town in the 18th and 19th centuries. 8.00 File On 4. Issues of major concern. 8.40 In Touch. News for people who are blind or partially sighted. 9.00 Inside Health. New series. James Gallagher investigates processed vegan and vegetarian foods. 9.30 The Life Scientific. The work of scientists whose research is changing the world. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. Presented by Ritula Shah. 10.45 Book At Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. By Sally Rooney. 11.00 Fortunately. 11.30 Mastertapes. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.30 Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20-5.30am Shipping Forecast. Radio 5 Live 5.00am Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Naga Munchetty. 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport. 8.00 5 Live Sport. Paris Saint-Germain v Manchester City. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00-5.00am Dotun Adebayo. Classic FM 6.00am More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00noon Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics At Seven. Relaxing Sounds. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert With John Suchet. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton. Radio Scotland 6.00am Good Morning Scotland. 9.00 Mornings. 12.00noon Lunchtime Live. 1.30 The Afternoon Show With Janice Forsyth. 4.00 Drivetime. 6.00 Get It On With Bryan Burnett. 8.00 Another Country With Ricky Ross. Showcasing new and classic country music. 10.00 Roddy Hart. 12.00m’t-6.00am As Radio 5 Live.

Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 3 Radio 4 FM: 97.6-99.8 MHz FM: 88-90.2 MHz FM: 90.2-92.4 MHz FM: 92.4-94.6 MHz, LW: 198 KHz Radio 5 LIVE CLASSIC FM Radio SCOTLAND AM: 693 & 909 KHz FM: 99.9-101.9 MHz FM: 92.5–94.7 MHz WEDNESday Radio 1 5.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast With Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 12.45pm Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick And Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds With Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists With Jack Saunders. 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist With Sian Eleri. 11.00 Benji B. 1.00am Radio 1 Dance Presents. 2.00 The Radio 1 Interview. 2.15 The YUNGBLUD Podcast. 2.30 Radio 1 Playlists. 3.00 Radio 1’s Festival Anthems. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1 Dance. Radio 2 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. Music and guests. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. Music and chat. 9.00 The Folk Show With Mark Radcliffe. Traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic music. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. The DJ introduces a mix of soulful tunes. 12.00m’t OJ Borg. 3.00 Sounds Of The 90s With Fearne Cotton. 4.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz. Radio 3 6.30am Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00noon Composer Of The Week: Wagner. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.00 Choral Evensong. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: Postcards From Coventry. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30-6.30am Through The Night. Radio 4 5.30am News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet Of The Day. 6.00 Today. 9.00 More Or Less. 9.30 Four Thought. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 This Union: Two Kingdoms. 11.30 What’s Funny About. 12.00noon News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me At The Museum. 12.18 You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.45 TBA. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Trust. 3.00 Money Box Live. 3.30 Inside Health. 4.00 Thinking Allowed. 4.30 The Media Show. 5.00 PM. Presented by Evan Davis. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The Cold Swedish Winter. 7.00 The Archers. Chelsea makes a big decision. 7.15 Front Row. Arts programme. 7.45 Will Self Takes The Waters. Will Self tells the story of popular Swedish mineral water, Ramlosa. 8.00 Bringing Up Britain. Anjula Mutada asks if separating the sexes for education a good idea. 8.45 Four Thought. A thought-provoking talk. 9.00 Costing The Earth. The future of a family farm on the frontline of climate change in Bangladesh. 9.30 The Media Show. The latest news from the fastchanging media world. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. Presented by Razia Iqbal. 10.45 Book At Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. By Sally Rooney. 11.00 Njambi McGrath: Becoming Njambi. 11.15 Rhys James Is. The comedian reads a letter. 11.30 Mastertapes. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.30 Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20-5.30am Shipping Forecast. Radio 5 Live 5.00am Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Naga Munchetty. 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport. 8.00 5 Live Sport. Manchester United v Villarreal. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00-5.00am Dotun Adebayo. Classic FM 6.00am More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00noon Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics At Seven. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert With John Suchet. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton. Radio Scotland 6.00am Good Morning Scotland. 9.00 Mornings. 12.00noon Lunchtime Live. 1.30 The Afternoon Show With Grant Stott. 4.00 Drivetime. 6.00 Get It On With Bryan Burnett. Music request show. 8.00 The Quay Sessions With Roddy Hart. 10.00 The Simon Neil Experience. 12.00m’t-6.00am As Radio 5 Live. THURsday FRIday SATURday Radio 1 5.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast With Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 11.00 Radio 1’s Live Lounge. 11.20 Rickie, Melvin And Charlie. 12.45pm Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick And Jordan. Huge hits and the best new music. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds With Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Indie Show With Jack Saunders. 10.00 BBC Introducing Dance. 11.00 Radio 1’s Residency. 1.00am Radio 1’s Dance Anthems With Charlie Hedges. 2.00 Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents. 3.00 Radio 1’s Motivate Me Mix. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1 Dance. Radio 2 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. Music and chat. 9.00 The Country Show With Bob Harris. A personal selection of fine tracks. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. The DJ introduces a mix of soulful tunes. 12.00m’t OJ Borg. 3.00 Sounds Of The 90s With Fearne Cotton. 4.00 A Dance Through The Decades. 4.30-6.30am Vanessa Feltz. Radio 3 6.30am Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00noon Composer Of The Week: Wagner. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 5.00 In Tune. Music and arts news. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: Postcards From Coventry. 11.00 Night Tracks. 11.30 Unclassified. 12.30-6.30am Through The Night. Radio 4 5.30am News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet Of The Day. 6.00 Today. 9.00 In Our Time. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 From Our Own Correspondent. 11.30 The Dreams We Live Inside. 12.00noon News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me At The Museum. 12.18 You And Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.45 TBA. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Cov. 3.00 Ramblings. 3.27 Radio 4 Appeal. 3.30 Open Book. 4.00 The Film Programme. 4.30 BBC Inside Science. 5.00 PM. News headlines, with Evan Davis. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The Break. 7.00 The Archers. Robert fears he may have overstepped the mark. 7.15 Front Row. Arts programme. 7.45 Will Self Takes The Waters. Will Self explores the science behind mineral water. 8.00 The Briefing Room. David Aaronovitch discusses big issues in the news. 8.30 Landscapes Of The Mind. Landscape architect James Corner reflects on urban green space and mental health. 9.00 BBC Inside Science. The latest scientific research. 9.30 In Our Time. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Anne Bronte’s novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. News round-up, with Razia Iqbal. 10.45 Book At Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. By Sally Rooney. 11.00 What On Earth? With Count Binface. 11.30 Mastertapes. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.30 Book Of The Week: History Of The World In 100 Animals. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20-5.30am Shipping Forecast. Radio 5 Live 5.00am Wake Up To Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Adrian Chiles. 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00-5.00am Dotun Adebayo. Classic FM 6.00am More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00noon Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics At Seven. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert With John Suchet. Works by Khachaturian, Mozart, Brahms, Vivaldi and Stanford. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton. Radio Scotland 6.00am Good Morning Scotland. 9.00 Mornings. 12.00noon Lunchtime Live. 1.30 The Afternoon Show With Grant Stott. 4.00 Drivetime. 6.00 Get It On With Bryan Burnett. 8.00 Travelling Folk. 10.00 Natasha Raskin Sharp. 12.00m’t-6.00am As Radio 5 Live. Radio 1 5.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast With Arielle Free. 6.33 Radio 1’s Best New Pop. 7.00 Vick And Jordan. 10.00 Radio 1 Anthems. 11.02 Dean McCullough. 12.45pm Newsbeat. 1.00 Matt And Mollie. 3.00 Radio 1’s Party Anthems With Matt And Mollie. 4.00 The Official Chart Show With Scott Mills. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Danny Howard. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Dance With Sarah Story. 10.00 Pete Tong. 12.00m’t Radio 1’s Essential Mix. 2.00 Radio 1 Dance Presents. 3.00 Danny Howard. 4.00-5.00am Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents. Radio 2 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Scott Mills. 12.00noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The Afternoon. 4.15 Steve Wright In The Afternoon — Serious Jockin’. 5.00 Sara Cox. 7.00 Tony Blackburn’s Golden Hour. 8.00 Sounds Of The 80s With Gary Davies. Gary celebrates 40 years of OMD’s classic Architecture & Morality album. 10.00 Sounds Of The 90s With Fearne Cotton. A nostalgia-drenched celebration of the best music and pop culture from the decade. 11.00 Sounds Of The 90s With Fearne Cotton. A nostalgia-drenched celebration of the best music and pop culture from the decade. 12.00m’t TBA. 1.00 The Craig Charles House Party. 2.30 The Craig Charles House Party Mixtape. 3.00 TBA. 4.00-5.00am Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco. Radio 3 6.30am Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00noon Composer Of The Week: Wagner. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.30 The Listening Service. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert. 10.00 The Verb. With Ian McMillan. 10.45 The Essay: Postcards From Coventry. 11.00 Late Junction. 1.00-7.00am Through The Night. 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Last in series. 7.45 It Ain’t Me You’re Looking For: Bob Dylan At 80. Sean Latham examines different kinds of endings in Dylan’s songs. Last in series. 8.00 Archive On 4: The Black Panthers. The history of the black militant group. 9.00 GF Newman’s The Corrupted. By GF Newman. 9.45 Scottish Shorts. Still Life by Margaret Kirk. Last in series. 10.00 News. 10.15 Bringing Up Britain. 11.00 Brain Of Britain. 11.30 Contains Strong Language Live From Coventry. 12.00m’t News And Weather. 12.15 Green Originals. 12.30 New Frequencies. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20-5.30am Shipping Forecast. Radio 5 Live 5.00am 5 Live Boxing. 6.00 Saturday Breakfast. 9.00 Scott Mills And Chris Stark. 11.00 Fighting Talk. 12.00 5 Live Sport 5.00pm Sports Report. 6.00 6-0-6. 8.00 TBA 11.30 Chris Latchem. 1.00-5.00am Hayley Hassall. 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Susan Hellard c/o ARENA Mindy Hammond Every week in S Magazine With a sleek feline killing machine on the prowl, our columnist could only watch and fear for the birds. But her feathered friends had their own agenda Illustration by Susan Hellard People may change as they grow older, and some pets become more sedate. But our old cat Twiglet really takes the biscuit. Not only has she abandoned her vagabond existence for a more luxurious lifestyle in the kitchen, she’s completely changed her hunting habits, too. Not long ago, every small furry or feathered creature within a five-mile radius quaked in terror at her approach. Although a bowl of food was put out for her every evening, it would often go untouched and the reason for her lack of appetite became apparent only when the remains of a mouse, or a small collection of feathers, was found on the lawn. Twiggy was a nocturnal killing machine, dozing in the sunshine during the day and prowling like a panther by night, enjoying the thrill of the chase and savouring her kill. But these day she sleeps 90% of the time and when not snoozing, drinks from the dogs’ water bowl, nips outside to relieve herself and chomps on veteran cat food. Her teeth are probably fewer in number now, which might explain her preference for ready-made food, but other recent changes in her habits have truly shocked us. I’d already noticed her leaving half her evening meal and happily sharing the bowl with any one of our band of hedgehogs during the night. But while at the sink, cleaning a particularly high pile of pots and pans after the Sunday roast, I watched astonished as a blackbird hopped on to the well, just yards from where Twiggy was eating. She glanced at the bird, but instead of fleeing for his life, the cheeky creature stood his ground and stared back at her. I think Twiggy was as shocked as I was. Had I been closer, I suspect I would’ve seen her eyebrows raised, as she turned to take a step towards the small bird, who clearly had a death wish. But he was no fool. The second she moved, he hopped twice and flew off into the trees. Twiggy resumed her meal with a shrug and I went back to the washing up. A scrubbed baking tray later, I noticed something small and brown out of the corner of my eye and this time when I looked at the wall of the well, I saw a slightly fluffy brown bird. Clearly, this was a youngster, and I feared for his safety with a killer just inches from him. But he wasn’t alone. Daddy blackbird hadn’t flown for his life from the enemy. He’d dashed home to collect his son in time for supper. The pair of them waited, completely relaxed on the wall, until they actually began to intimidate Twiggy. She would stop eating and half turn towards them, then turn back, nervously, to her dinner, clearly conscious of their eyes on her. Could she sense this was a vengeful and angry bird waiting to show his son how to take on a cat? Whatever their agenda, the intimidation worked, as I watched Twiglet scurry back through the catflap and take refuge in the safety of her basket. The very second the tip of her tail disappeared through the door, daddy blackbird fluttered down from the well and hopped joyously over to her bowl, closely followed by his far less agile child. He tucked into her cat food like a bear in a honey pot, only stopping occasionally to encourage his son to have a try. “What on Earth?” I said, as I looked from the hungry birds to the cat and back again. I might have been less surprised if Twiggy ate wet, tinned food, but hers consists of little round, hard pellets. The birds were swallowing them whole, completely ignoring the enormous “insect-infused suet ball” designed for their benefit and dangling from a tree branch six feet above them. So I’m guessing that by next year the blackbirds will have devoured so much cat food they’ll be the size of turkeys and no longer able to fly. Perhaps, secretly, Twiggy is biding her time, and hopes one day to pounce on the dinner eating her dinner. Unless, of course, I’m washing up at the time and ready to defend all obese blackbirds. She may be a little more sedate, but I’m sure there’s killer in the old cat still… 68 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

Russell Grant What does this week hold for you? Gemini 22 may - 21 jun Your attention will turn to community affairs as the gap between the less well-off and the more advantaged seems to widen. There will be a concerted effort to give people a chance to be treated fairly. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3903* Scorpio 24 Oct - 22 Nov Sudden disagreements could put a block on group activities. You know you can work successfully as a team, and you’re certain that you’ll do so again once you overcome these current problems. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3908* PHOTO: getty Will Smith, 25 September 1968, Libra Cancer 22 Jun - 23 Jul You will be asked to attend a meeting on behalf of a community group. Everyone will be waiting for the outcome and the pressure is on for you to perform well, but big ideas need careful planning. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3904* Sagittarius 23 Nov - 21 Dec “Sociable” describes your experience with friends this week. This is a really good time to capitalise on your natural zest for new projects, and your enthusiasm will be contagious to those around you. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3909* Leo 24 Jul - 23 Aug People working on behalf of the community shouldn’t be subjected to abuse, verbal or physical. Whether voluntary or in the course of your employment, no one deserves this treatment, so stand your ground. Aries 21 Mar - 20 apr People will be campaigning against plans for your community. If you feel strongly about this issue, you’ll do your bit to rally support. There’s a competitive feel to your career and social environments. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3901* Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3905* Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan You hate to admit it when you are feeling restless and fidgety. Others won’t notice this so much if you are often on the move or if you can keep yourself busy with a wide variety of activities. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3910* Aquarius 21 Jan - 19 Feb A pushy colleague or relative will try to make decisions for you. Although you don’t want to make waves, it’s time to let them know you have a mind of your own and can make your own choices. Taurus 21 APR - 21 May Everyone needs time to relax and enjoy life. Voluntary and community groups are starting to provide more facilities to have fun while mixing and mingling. Be sure to make the most of these. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3902* Great reads We offer a mail-order service for any book in print and available in the UK, including those in this issue. Call with your card on 020 3176 3832. There is a UK p&p charge of £2.99 per order. Free delivery on orders over £20 (applies to UK only). Cheques and postal orders are no longer accepted. Virgo 24 Aug - 23 Sept Issues will be addressed as people try to correct past mistakes. It will be important to share your opinions when asked. Welcome funding could be received following a successful pilot scheme. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3906* Libra 24 Sept - 23 Oct A problem hasn’t changed, even though it has been going on for some time. If you feel strongly about this matter, gather people to campaign for something to be done. Your expertise will be highly valued. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3907* Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3911* Pisces 20 FEB - 20 Mar There’s a cloud of suspicion hovering over a close friendship. Someone hasn’t been entirely honest with you. A heart to heart will help to resolve this issue so you can get back to being good friends. Call one of my dedicated astrologers for a more in-depth reading on ✆ 0905 789 3912* *For Russell’s starline: Calls to starlines cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of six minutes duration. The service is for entertainment only. SP: Spoke 0333 202 3390

£1,000 Crossword Post your solution to Competition 16072 Sunday Express General Knowledge (£1,000) Crossword, PO Box 12577, Sutton Coldfield B73 9BS, to arrive by 23:59 on Friday. Spellings and definitions are taken from the Collins English Dictionary (13th edition out now, price £40). For full terms, go to Name _______________________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Winners will be announced in the Sunday Afternoon section of Sunday’s newspaper in two weeks SOLUTION FOR 19 september B A C K W A T E R N A Z A R E T H A O X U E U I R R A C C O O N S C H U M A C H E R R O L H R A H A E G R O U N D N U T B A T C H L O P E T I T R L R O O L I T E G E O R D I E O R H L X B S L O N G S H O R E I I U K L E A I I T I N E R A R Y S T V F C B S D E T R O I T P H O B I A C I E C I R G E A R B O T H Y A S S E R T I V E A R E L O R G P P B A B Y B O O M E R B A G G A G E M E A M O D R R L A W R E N C E T I D E M A R K S WIN £50 MYSTERY WORD BONUS Call 0907 181 2738 for a chance to win £50. Give the answer to 34 Across, leaving your name and address. Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge and last no longer than two minutes. Usual Express rules apply. For full terms go to comptc. The winner will be chosen from all correct entries received by 23:59 on Saturday. The editor’s decision is final. SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390. ACROSS 1 To do decorative needlework (9) 6 In ancient Greece and Rome, a god of wine identified with Dionysus (7) 10 An indirect reference; oblique or obscure mention (8) 11 Flexible armour made from small metal rings (5,4) 12 An agreement between opposing armies to suspend hostilities in order to discuss peace terms; truce (9) 13 Inflammations of the sebaceous gland of eyelids (5) 15 A member of the nobility (4) 16 and 6 Down Australian cricketer whose Test batting average was 99.94 (3,7) 17 Francis _, English Renaissance dramatist who wrote The Knight Of The Burning Pestle (8) 18 International radiotelephone distress signal (6) 21 A male horse or pony under the age of four (4) 23 1st Earl of_, title of Anthony Eden, prime minister of the UK 1955-57 (4) 25 Aquatic reptile with a flattened shell and flipperlike limbs (6) 27 A binding agreement (8) 28 An artificial language based on Esperanto (3) 29 Small, semiaquatic amphibian with a long, slender body and tail and short legs (4) 31 A structural framework of wood or metal, used to support a roof, bridge, etc (5) 32 An arctic or subarctic grouse (9) 34 Person who works at a beach or pool (9) 35 A large, wolflike breed of dog often used as a guard, guide or police dog (8) 36 A Man For All _, 1966 film about the final years of Sir Thomas More (7) 37 Shaking or trembling, as from cold or fear (9) DOWN 2 Weekly music magazine founded in 1926 and merged with NME at the end of 2000 (6,5) 3 _ Oyl, cartoon character created by E. C. Segar in 1919 (5) 4 _ fever, acute viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes (6) 5 See 14 Down 6 See 16 Across 7 A place where the dead or their ashes are buried (8) 8 A business’s ability to pay all debts (8) 9 A Japanese dish of fried wheat noodles (8) 14 and 5 Down English writer best known for his epistolary novels, including Pamela (1740) (6,10) 15 A large black-and-white bearlike mammal (5) 19 Characteristic mode of pronunciation of a person or group (6) 20 A reduction in value, status, importance, etc (11) 21 In architecture, long sequences of evenlyspaced columns (10) 22 Spotted game fish, mostly of fresh water in northern regions (5) 24 Putting or storing in a secret place, as for safekeeping (8) 25 The aquatic larvae of frogs, toads, etc (8) 26 Knightly contests in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (8) 28 Richard _, journalist who cofounded Private Eye and was the founding editor of The Oldie (7) 30 A Japanese plant, the green pungent root of which is used to make a condiment (6) 33 Speed, especially in an action; swiftness or rapidity (5) 70 S MAGAZINE ★ 26 SEPTEMBER 2021


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